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  1. December 9, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Adam Wallace Thank you. Appreciate that comment. Have a wonderful day. Peace and love to you and yours~. Very nice video! Could you please lead with things that should not be combined with the veggies, etc. For those who are on meds, this is vital info that they need before they get excited about taking the juice. Ditto for people who have sodium issues, in case they are trying to reduce their sodium via meds. Thanks so much!. Granny smith is the preferred apple, it has the right tartness and higher nutritional content than some others, gerson therapy uses this apple, and jay kordich always speaks of the granny smith as well, but please know ANY organic apple will do!! so yes, get your juice on w any of them, I have multiple kinds in my fridge right now, I just consistently find the granny smith works best. Also make sure you soak the apples, bc the FDA now makes the organic apples be sprayed w toxins on the outside, so if it is bought at a supermarket or health food store, make sure you soak it in a solution to remove the toxins. Thanks!.
    Sounds like a great juice. How much would you recommend for a serving and what would you recommend as far as how much of each veg/fruit I sure would appreciate your input..
    ok. im gonna go get some of this. show your face more boi like u did in tumeric vid. u would get more watches if people saw that face. white boi has got it going on. come juice for me. lol. I just had a fabulous kale lime aid, and now I feel energized like crazy! Apple, kale, lime, lemon, and maybe a carrot or two to bulk it up. Yum!. Very good information brother. you keep these videos coming. ive got a sick kid and these videos are helping me. Good on you brother, and keep these coming. Im going to go get some kale today. your videos are really informative. thanks brother..

    Vegetable Juice Recipes | The Juice Nut
  2. December 21, 2015
    Cancer Healing- Members of the cruciferous family seems to be rich in anti-oxidants and are in the first line of defense against cancer. Cabbage is one of... i1
    Juicing | What are the Health Benefits of Juicing?
  3. December 16, 2015
    Stem Cellular Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer: Juice Beauty proprietary blend of fruit stem cells, apple buds, grape buds & lemon bark. Organic juices of Pyrus Malus... i2
    Anti-Aging Skincare: 4 Superstar Treatments Worth A Doctor...
  4. December 12, 2015
    Green Vegetable Juice Recipes. Delicious, Enzyme-Rich Green Drinks for Greater Health and Vitality. Fresh green drinks should be a mainstay in your diet no matter... i3
    Anti-Aging Juice Recipes | The Juice Nut
  5. December 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    To aid w the gas, and bloating, that occurs w the initial detoxing with the cabbage add just a bit of fennel with the cabbage, and it will help with this. Have a great day guys!!! Thanks for watching.. +#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations i currently have ulcers in my stomach and the first 2 days of cabbage juice i felt alot of stinging in my stomach now im on day 4 and the pain has gone and i feel more energy and feel awake.i really hope this stuff works but how i have been feeling the last 2 days im almost pain free and i feel a energy that i never had. i also take it with carrot and the videos peace.anymore tips with cabbage juice.. Thanks for the video. I have been suffering from gerd gastritis multiple errosive deodentis, was infected by hpriol. I am 30 yrs old male from Bahrain. Pls advice drinking raw juice of cabbage with carrot good for gastritis and deodenal ulcers How many days juice need to drink what is thr quality and has any side effects Pls advice since I have stomach burning sensation all day. .
    +riswan h Thank you for your kind comment. ~The key to longevity is to detox the liver, and alkalize the body~ Sickness and dis~ease only is present in an inflamed acidic condition in the body, and this leads to ailments. We need to work to decrease the inflammation, and things like cabbage definitely will help with this, in my opinion... For ulcers you may want to look into getting some aloe, this really helped a friend of mine who suffered from ulcers all her life, until she detoxed her body and alkalized her system. So maybe in addition to your juice regime, you could also look into Aloe Vera. Let me know if you need more help, I will respond as soon as I can. You can also "like" my page on Facebook, and there is additional health advice, and tips here:

    do u have 2 drink it 3 times or u can just have one glass of jucie empty stomach in the morning can you mix it with lemon or apple vinegar!!! and can you also drink green tea through out the day!!!! and if you have 2 drink 3 times a day than how much cabbage you need to use each day!!!!.

    Hey brother,Thanks for the information, I really need your advice, I have been juicing cabbage for straight 12 days mixing it with carrots and apples, I have colitis in both small and large intestines and still I don't feel that I have completely eradicated this illness though I started eating wheat again and there was no pain, thanks to cabbage, Can you please tell me how much time will it take to completely cure my illness, should I stop taking wheat until and unless I am completely cured.Please help what should I do..

    +David Simons I would not recommend to drink it straight, it might be very potent...Combine it with some apples to taste or something sweet. Thanks~.
    +Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations Okay, thanks for replying back with an answer. I appreciate it. And, I will try that. (:. I just bought a couple of beautiful organic dark green leafy cabbages so thanks very much for this great advice brother.. Thank you so much for your information. But After i drink cabbage juice i feel little bit dizziness.. is it normal.
    +Debra Andersohn That is wonderful to read. Thank you for that. Do keep me posted on the progress please~ .
    Awesome video!! The whole audio/visual aspect is so soothing! My family and I are about to embark on our first juicing journey. We are all extremely overweight so the information on video is truly appreciated!! Do you have a specific cabbage recipe for weight loss Thanks in advance!.
    Alright there! Have you heard the talk about - batama weight loss adept (should be on google have a look) Ive heard some great things about it and my work buddy got excellent results with it..

    Quick question - we have some chinese cabbage in the garden right now and wondering if this variety will work same as the others.

    Chinese cabbage aka bok choy, how awesome. stay tuned bc there are different benefits w that one, basically it is very close in nutrients but slightly different, the chinese variety tends to be superior for the heart, as well as other things, That is a great variety and it will do all the stuff listed and more...Will do a video on this very very soon.

    +Caroline5765 I will email you tomorrow. I'm a bit busy tonight helping a lady I juice for who has cancer, but I will email you as soon as I can and ask more feedback on some ideas I have. Would like your feedback and any other ideas u may have for videos to help others. Thanks for all your support. I appreciate you..
    had 90 percent of large bowel removed due to colon cancer, when i juice vegetables it seriously gives me gas, any tips please.
    +kanda kumar Our bodies have an amazing ability to compensate for various parts in which have been modified and reversed, this being wrote, and you may know some or all of what I am typing, but i am going to type it all out anyway in hopes that maybe something written helps. But 18 months is still fairly young, for your other organs being able to fully compensate for the missing large bowel that was removed, your others will eventually begin absorbing nutrients and this will make up for the large protion of the bowel that was removed. So keep pressing in. Fennel needs to be your VERY best friend. It is one of the best things for gas, and elimination of it(or helping to decrease it), and it only takes a little bit to get the job done (DONT over do the fennel) Just add a bit to all your juices. Also dont start a juicing program w tons of greens, start to gradually incorporate these in, and always include a sliver of ginger, fennel, possibly even turmeric, and only drink about 4 ounces at a time, and then do this four or five times a day, and increase as days, and weeks go by...You will notice a better Dapoxetine rate, and you will notice less gas as each day passes( in my opinion, please know all of this info is not intended to treat/diagnose/bla i am not a doctor, and also do not claim to know everything, as the glorious fruits and veggies we are still discovering what all they can do for the body) Dont eat dairy, meat, all the things in which they tell you to eat for "protein" for your condition, bc these things in the end will mess a person up, and they are VERY difficult to digest, and your body simply wont absorb the nutrients out of them, bc they have mostly been cooked out. This will wreak more havoc on your body if you consume low vibratory foods, I cant stress enough to avoid coffee(unless the gerson stye, haha), sugar, processed foods, microwaved foods ( i am assuming you know this, but just wanted to state it anyway. Start to detox the body gently, w fresh juices, start slow, then build and you will notice less and less gas w this. Also there are many other things in which you can do specifically for gas, and I would be glad to elaborate more if you want me to. I will just stop here, and let you respond, but will check back on this thread later to check in w you. Start taking black cumin seed oil, also many essential oils can benefit your condition as well, and I wouldnt mind doing a video specifically on this if you request it, it might just take a few days to get it done... Peace....
    +kanda kumar Also it would help if I knew if you took any meds NO JUDGEMENT w me man, so just list it all out if you want to and the comment can either be deleted if you dont feel comfortable leaving it up, or you can private message me. I am just slower to respond on private messages, bc they dont alert me when people leave them( my issue w being uneducated w how this works) Also do you have any other medical conditions How is your health now How often do you juice now, and how is your diet.

    Alkaline and Acid Forming Foods -
  6. December 19, 2015
    Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods The general guidelines for the anti-aging diet are: keep your calorie consumption and saturated fat intake down; eat plenty of wholegrain... i5
    Aloe Vera Juice Ingested as an Anti Aging Skin Care...
  7. December 17, 2015
    Fruit Juice Recipes; Vegetable Juice Recipes; Anti-Aging Juice Recipes; Detox & Cleansing Juice Recipes; Immune System Booster Juice Recipes; Weight Loss Juice Recipes i6
    Green Vegetable Juice Recipes for Greater Health!
  8. December 10, 2015
    REFERENCES. 1. Rahman K. Studies on free radicals, antioxidants, and co-factors. Clinical Interventions in Aging. 2007: 2(2); 219-236. 2. Rahman, p 221. i7
    name covered: The Best 32 Anti Aging Foods - Diet Bit - A Bit Of...
  9. December 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Juicing helps the body digest and access the enzymes and vital nutrients better. Instead of the stomach focusing on breaking down our food, our stomach can instead use those nutrients quickly..
    I'm sure this juice tastes great! Just keep in mind there is a lot of sugar in fruit juices. Each apple has about 22g sugar! If you are trying to loose weight it would be a better idea to do more greens for a healthier juice. Ie: spinach, cabbage, fennel, kale, swiss chard, anything green. Of course you sacrifice flavor, but you can easily spice green juice up with ginger, radishes, cilantro, etc.. Buen zumo colega...pero se te ha olvidado añadir en el vídeo los 20 minutos restantes en que te pasas desmontando, limpiando y montando de nuevo la puta licuadora!. 2 raisedbywolvves yes but if u miss the flesh of the fruit, you will miss lot of vitamine and the real soul of the fruit, I enjoy the smartier efficiency..
    Jack wouldnt be happy to see how hard your forcing the fruit into that juicer!!!!!...slow and easy for more juice and less your vids
    Is it really neccesary to juice the fruit, can't you just eat the fruit and save the trouble of juicing it and cleaning up the juicer. you cant eat or juice apple pips, they contain mercury, i would wash them first and tie youre hair back .
    LOL you're so funny! You can juice and eat apple pips. They don't contain mercury! LOL but small amounts of Arsenic, but you would have to eat about 400 apples with pips before it would affect you. How do you know she didn't wash them Why comment on her hair not being tied...really! who cares but you! LOL. Good video!.
    2 raisedbywolvves Great point! Juicing is a much more efficient way to consume all the nutrients in these fruits. Thanks for the comment!. To average people who want to burn pounds but can't get started. Go google Fat Blast Blueprint right away.. for a better result,th water content will totally saperate. we dont hv to push to much inside the machine,,just follow the process in it,try it!.
    I have been juicing for 3 weeks now. This inspires me more to juice for wellness. Thanks for sharing..
    Pprovide your body with more of what it requires to fight back the aging process, and you save time and money by consuming more nutrients from fresh sources.. A revolutionary anti aging skin care product (Levela Anti-Aging) gives you a FREE SAMPLE if you are from United States. Enter this link in your browser and get your FREE SAMPLE ! bit․ly/lavelaantiagingfreesample. Hey there, have you heard about "BellyFATtack" Just google it. On there you can find a good free video presentation by a well established medical professional revealing the best way to eliminate fat. This made it easier for Bianca to reduce her stomach fat. I hope it will help you as well.... Hi there, have you tried Bellyfattack yet Just search on Google. On there you will discover a beneficial free video by an established certified dietitian talking about the best way to get rid of unwanted fat. It helped Andre to burn his abdominal fat. I hope it will work for you also....
    Hey there, have you heard about BellyFATtack" yet Just copy \'n\' paste to the browser to take a look at this web page. On there you will find a beneficial free video presentation by an established medical professional talking on how to get rid of excess weight. This made it possible for Melody to reduce her belly fat. Why not give this a shot. I hope it helps you as well....

    Juicing | What are the Health Benefits of Juicing?
  10. December 8, 2015
    Discover the health benefits of juicing and why you should incorporate it into your diet. i9
    6 Simple Ingredients for Homemade Anti-Aging Face Cream
  11. December 7, 2015
    Describes how organic beauty products are more skin friendly, beneficial and actually do the job of a beauty aid. Why chemical laden cosmetics and beauty creams for... i10
    Juice Beauty STEM CELLULAR Anti-Wrinkle Solutions Kit Ulta...
  12. December 11, 2015
    These seven superfoods will help activate anti-aging responses in your body, from synthesizing collagen and elastin for firmer skin to creating new brain cells. i11
    Nutritive Anti Aging Renewal Serum Facial Treatment
  13. December 13, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Anti-Aging Nutrition and Fitness Strategies
  14. December 20, 2015
    A SECRET OF ANTI-AGING By Stephanie Relfe & Michael Relfe. Herbal Elixers of Life (click here) Anti aging is possible. The body is designed to heal and repair itself... i13
    Organic x Benefits - Beauty Archives
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  16. November 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Start your anti aging regimen by drinking fresh vegetable...
  17. January 5, 2016
    Checkmate Pictures Presents : Reverse Aging Now: Your anti-aging information source: Anti-Aging Juice : All recipes presented here have been kitchen tested by the... i1
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  18. December 26, 2015
    Start your anti aging regimen by drinking fresh vegetable juices on a daily basis. Many notice results in as little as one week. And obviously the longer you drink... i2
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  19. October 29, 2015
    These seven superfoods will help activate anti-aging responses in your body, from synthesizing collagen and elastin for firmer skin to creating new brain cells. i3
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  20. December 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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  21. January 3, 2016
    3 Juice Recipes for Antiaging Benefits!... aging. beside this its also helps you to use natural anti aging... of the vegetable recipes include carrots as one... i5
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  22. November 26, 2015
    Green Vegetable Juice Recipes. Delicious, Enzyme-Rich Green Drinks for Greater Health and Vitality. Fresh green drinks should be a mainstay in your diet no matter... i6
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  23. December 22, 2015
    This is a fantastic fruit juice, bursting with flavour and chock full of anti-oxidants, which will help you to feel and look younger! For an anti-aging... i7
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  24. November 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Very nice & usefull videoss... your blender is very nice... which brand is this... i want to buy...

    The Wrinkle Cleanse | Juice Lady Cherie
  25. December 19, 2015
    ... 8 Items That May Slow The Aging... fruits and vegetables... Sunscreen Anti Aging Foods Anti Aging Anti Aging Pomegranate Juice Health Post50... i9
    Eliminate Your Wrinkles Through Juicing | Anti Aging Skin Care
  26. December 18, 2015
    Juice cleansing is the most cost effective anti aging skin care technique that you can use in your body sculpting goals. Juicing is simply a liquid only detox i10
    7 Anti Aging Foods - Best Superfoods to Fight Aging - ELLE
  27. November 1, 2015
    Here are some juicing recipes to help reverse aging or... You will certainly need a different kind of juicer if you are planning to juice some of the vegetables and... i11
    Juicing for Anti Aging and Skin Health - Juicing Hacks
  28. December 4, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Great video Drew, and thank you for the details and descriptions of the fruits below. I never knew that about cucumbers, I'm going to hit those hard try to heal some acne scars and overall skin and hair regeneration. I do all raw and juice for about a year now and the hardest thing I deal with trying to help others is that don't think healing or rejuvenation is possible. on the west medicine driven evil has lied to everyone about things being genetic and not cure able. You know why people like that. Cause it's easy to say oh well I was born with it, guess I'll just accept it and do the best I can. Thanks for the vids when I was really sick i learned how to juice from you and now following the holy spirit I'm full of life! .
    I am skin obsessed and only recently have been beginning to open to explore just HOW the skin equation really adds up :) Thank you. .
    I want better skin. First time EVER I publicly proclaim, because stress has been getting the better of this part of me. No shame in truth. First step to any lasting change and healing... vulnerability101 :).
    I suppose one could blend the avocado through the juice, probably would taste great Must try that for lunch.

    One precaution with the avocado face mask, if you have crazy dog like I do he will want to lick your face straight from the get go...not so cool :D.
    "Then all of a sudden they have this saggy skin they have to deal with" Ain't no body got time fo dat.
    Hi Drew, I use blending instead of juicing, any major difference Been following ur recipe but i do blending instead. Thinking about starting juicing, with so many juicer available, would your recommend slow juicer over centrifugal one..
    Um... There's BETA CAROTENE in the carrots. Is the kale really necessary Not to mention it's expensive. And NO - I'm not a juicer. .
    Hi Drew! can you please do something for hair loss A juice recipe or a topical that I can use Thanks a lot!.
    Of course! It sounds like you need some more folic acid. I would suggest you juicing some more greens and lemon.
    Avocado is WONDERFUL. I use it to it in my hair also, almost the same way you do for your face... Thanks Drew!.

    Hi Drew! The changes in my skin are the second thing I noticed (after increase in energy) when I started juicing. I had a rash on my left arm like goosebumps that would not go away and also a scar on my face from an extraction impliment used on me during a facial at a spa. I can't tell you how many different products I tried to get rid of the scar. If someone would have clued me in on the skin benefits to juicing I would have started a long time ago!! The rash on my arm went away after a couple weeks also. Stop wasting all your money on expensive creams and serums ladies...and start juicing!!!!!! I'm starting to share my juicing story with co-workers and getting them jazzed about juicing! Still hoping to get my mom on the bandwagon...she really needs it...healthwise that is. Thanks Drew.

    Thanks for the info I have two chronic health conditions and am also over weight. I am working on living the best life possible. I will greatly benefit from the juicer. Thankyou .
    Also watch what you are putting ON your skin in terms of creams etc... if you can pronounce it- it shouldn't be going on you skin. :D. That looks delish ,Been having avocado with my morning meal or in th eve with tomatos.emmm.
    Thank you for your great recipes. Next month I am doing your 5 day juice cleanse. I bought a Hamilton Beach juicer. I love your videos. Thanks.

    That is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing that with us Toni. Keep me posted on your journey. you got this!.

    Thanks for the video! But I really have to say I do not really like the taste of the juice. Anything I can add to make it taste better.
    Haha, luv it! I need all d help I can get for my poor skin. After all d chemotherapy n hypothyroidism, it is dull, harsh, ashy, n blahhhhh!.
    Hey, thanks for this video dude, I've just got into juicing and my first juicer is on the way, I got the Hurom juicer and I'm looking to juice a lot. I eat salads everyday and would love to change things up a bit through the introduction of juice. Cheers,.
    Thanks for all your great advise Drew, I"m a new fitlifer and I have been juicing for two months and have seen great results in my over all health, It has helped with my high blood pressure diabetes and cholesterol. I just started my first five day juice cleanse on Saturday and I love to hear you say were in this together. Feeling motivated to continue on this journey..
    Hello :) my name is Artur, i'm now studying in Lyon, France, i really wanted to have a juicer to be able to juice with all kind of vegetables, but i'm a student, so for this moment i just make all citrus juices, one day i'll buy that kind of juicer, one day... :) Thank you for your investigation in this project, i have a real pleasure to look your videos and receive this living energy from you, Viva All Vegetables and Fruits!.
    Thanks heaps for sharing this amazing video. Do we have to make & drink this juice everyday or just 2-3 times a week Also, is it ok to add some more ingredients such as Zucchini, Parsley, Spinach, Apple, Kiwi fruit and coconut oil and ginger . hi Drew can you recommend a substitute for KALE becuse in my country Kale doesn't grow. Almost every recipe includes kale, please help. Can I eat the avocado after I use it on my face Jk :) Come on Drew! When am going to win the juicer . Not at all. It will help out with the hormonal balance. Speaking of hormonal balance you should add in some Maca powder . Hello Drew :) Great video and I can't wait to try this juice! Was wondering if there is a substitute for Kale, I live in Malaysia and Kale isn't available in the market, so any suggestions . Yes guys all these are great alternatives, parsley is also very powerful. The greener the better methinks :) .

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  29. December 1, 2015
    Spring Chicken: A Vegetable Anti Aging Juice Recipe | See more about Anti Aging, Juice Recipes and Vegetables. i13
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  30. December 15, 2015
    Juicing Has Helped Me Get Young Again. by James (Clarksville, TN USA) I am probably rather young to talk about juicing for anti-aging, but... i14
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  31. November 25, 2015
    If you are wasting your money on anti aging skin care products, then check out these six best fruit juice recipes to fight aging skin in long run. i15
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  32. December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Love all of the info. After becoming vegan, I feel so much better. I would like to eat more raw foods and juice though.. Sarah I have sent two codes to you (this one and the one about acne) and have not received a voucher yet. But maybe they are limited countity only Btw i thumped up befrore watching this is how much i appreciate this information!!! .
    We had some issues with our vouchers and our team is working on them you should have them today!.

    What is the number that I can text the code word to I still did not get a voucher for the last video..
    Hello Malia! You can my cell 719-440-0528 or email...and I will look into your voucher code...we've issued quite a few in the last few days but no worries I'll make a note to check in the morning or send a quick email to our team member who is handling the vouchers as we have so many different codes ;)...I hope you enjoyed the show!. You should write a book! What you say makes so much sense. What you have been going thru - and you still are so positive! It is amazing and motivating sarah!. Thank you so much...truly...I love and am passionate about my work, what I do, and have a tremendous desire to share the truth with all of you..Okay question before I forget I read an article today that said too much/many tomatoes due to the high acidity could cause breakouts. Just wanted your thoughts on that. And thank you Lori for being such a loyal listener already...the shows are long, I know and it is our teams goal to break them into shorter are such a blessing..hugs to you! Sarah. Oh no that's what I was afraid of. I love tomatoes! Especially bruschetta and sauces. I really need to clean up my act! I'm going to work on finding some alkali foods. Thanks so much.

    Start your anti aging regimen by drinking fresh vegetable...
  33. December 27, 2015
    Checkmate Pictures Presents : Reverse Aging Now: Your anti-aging information source: Anti-Aging Juice : All recipes presented here have been kitchen tested by the... i17
    Anti Aging Juice Recipes | Just Juice
  34. December 28, 2015
    Start your anti aging regimen by drinking fresh vegetable juices on a daily basis. Many notice results in as little as one week. And obviously the longer you drink... i18
    Juicing Recipes to Help Reverse Aging | Anti- Aging Juice...
  35. December 2, 2015
    These seven superfoods will help activate anti-aging responses in your body, from synthesizing collagen and elastin for firmer skin to creating new brain cells. i19
    Spring Chicken: A Vegetable Anti Aging Juice Recipe...
  36. November 4, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    3 Juice Recipes for Antiaging Benefits! | TATA HARPER...
  37. December 8, 2015
    3 Juice Recipes for Antiaging Benefits!... aging. beside this its also helps you to use natural anti aging... of the vegetable recipes include carrots as one... i21
    Anti-Aging: 8 Items That May Slow The Aging Process
  38. October 18, 2015
    Green Vegetable Juice Recipes. Delicious, Enzyme-Rich Green Drinks for Greater Health and Vitality. Fresh green drinks should be a mainstay in your diet no matter... i22
    Reverse Aging Now - Reverse aging through an anti-aging...
  39. October 15, 2015
    This is a fantastic fruit juice, bursting with flavour and chock full of anti-oxidants, which will help you to feel and look younger! For an anti-aging... i23
    7 Nutrition-Rich Juice Recipes -
  40. October 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I hope you come where I live and try our organic food, we love it so much if you plan to make a trip to morocco here's my number 00212604589142 , I would like to help you, this isn't a business set up but is just a little help. whatsapp ME....
    awww what a welcome! Yes I am back. Just ordered a load of studio kit too - so there'll be some vid tutorials coming up very soon.
    Great video. When I lived abroad I used to have the most amazing juices but I've got out of the habit. Time to invest in a nice juicer I think. .
    Does eating too much beetroot have side effects I had i big beet and i ended up passing urine with a beet color..
    It happens yup. It's not a bad thing though - it's not harmful :-) (watch out for pink poop too!).
    glad to see a new video from you! So you did stay in the UK, fighting the wheater and cold. :) cool! . I put my juices and smoothies in wineglasses or cozy teacups depending on the flavuor. ;) My family likes most of the raw smoothies and juices I make, even if they´re not really into it. :) .
    +Star Khechara Awesome, thank you :) I remember stumbling on your channel through a vid about oranges/calcium, now it's much better setting/camera, love it keep em coming :).

    The Wrinkle Cleanse | Juice Lady Cherie
  41. November 19, 2015
    ... 8 Items That May Slow The Aging... fruits and vegetables... Sunscreen Anti Aging Foods Anti Aging Anti Aging Pomegranate Juice Health Post50... i25
    Eliminate Your Wrinkles Through Juicing | Anti Aging Skin Care
  42. January 17, 2016
    Juice cleansing is the most cost effective anti aging skin care technique that you can use in your body sculpting goals. Juicing is simply a liquid only detox i26
    7 Anti Aging Foods - Best Superfoods to Fight Aging - ELLE
  43. November 11, 2015
    Here are some juicing recipes to help reverse aging or... You will certainly need a different kind of juicer if you are planning to juice some of the vegetables and... i27
    Juicing for Anti Aging and Skin Health - Juicing Hacks
  44. October 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I have a good short story to share :) After my Mother had a stroke my Dad and I put all our energy into jucing and my mom was always into healthy eating and she has recoverd so well her desire to walk again to speak to sing just inspire me, and my mothers faith in God, but Dr's gave us no info on how to eat healthy, just pills, there is an antibiotic givin to my mother to fight an infection in her blood and she couldn't tolerate at all it made her very sick, jucing and blending smoothies have healed her from that infection, she was type 2 diabetic and no longer is and i coulden't believe it myself i called the doctor and got a copy of the blood work, just wanted to share this hope it helps someone else. And wondering whats good for short term memory loss, i heard bluberries. Thanks!. +NANCY That's fantastic. Thanks for sharing this story. For mental issues you need to be very pro-active and comprehensive. A basic`whole food daily vitamin is key like Source of Life Liquid Gold. Then you need vitamin K2 for your brain, it's key (Life Extension Super K, one capsule per day is what one leading expert gives his own wife). You should supplement but also get some natural K2 along with healthy fats in grassfed ghee, Kelly butter, grassfed meats and other forms. Selenium, about 300 to 400 mg daily is great for that and a host of other issues. Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil capsules. Other good fats (never vegetable oils, the real stuff like grassfed ghee, coconut oil, avocadoes, and grassfed animal fats). Lots of people forget lecithin, it's extremely important for brain health and the best way to get it is in non-GMO sunflower Lecithin (never soy). Extra vitamin C is always important for tissue growth. Make sure she's getting the macronutrients as well, healthy proteins are a must and go great with the blending. Hydrolyzed whey protein is an easily assimilated form. Iodine supplements (nascent iodine) can increase your i.q. by ten points. If she feels "foggy" she really needs to check her thyroid as well... go for natural T3 and iodine if that's out of whack which is very common. You REALLY must get on it as soon as mental dysfunction appears, you can correct it but have to get on it immediately. Once it becomes dementia, Alzheimer's or other issues it's hard to do anything, but all of the above WILL reverse and prevent problems if she does it immediately. And yes, blueberries and antioxidants are good and important too, some of the other things like K2 are even more crucial. Daily blueberries alone will do next to nothing. Good luck!.
    I’ve only been using maxelder argan cream for about a week, and my skin looks nice… I’m using it as a preventative measure for no wrinkles so I haven’t seen major results because I don’t have wrinkles yet… It doesn’t dry my skin out and there is no weird residue on my face the next morning. It’s a decent product. Highly recommend w..…nyarganoil….c.

    Great information and recipes. I have been juicing for a few weeks now, adding maca powder and cacao powder to my juices. I am going to add tumeric also..
    Omg so near and yet so far i always knew natural is always better but did not know how, thanks God for networking maad I have a condition call Scleroderma that thin make you feel sick on a daily basis. I started juicing for 2 months now unfortunately I broke my juicer wow. I have to blend now until then but now I sure i can use coconut water instead. From what I had learned I need to start from the bottom over hear lol. Detox first there's still hope from anti aging yea problems right now I'm taking 6 different medications i need to get off Amen. I love juicing but my last machine broke down on me and haven't been able to get a new one, my last one I had for five years.. I want to have an ageless life - be happy with life and family, keep my mind active, free of pain, at my ideal weight, be vibrant and full of energy. I am excited to eat foods to help my body. I am going to purchase the book and get started to healthy eating to feel vibrant..
    You said to avoid sugar. Sugar bad. Then you said you love ginger with honey. I admit it's a monosaccharide, but it is sugar, isnt' it.
    The survey, everyone said all the right answers, but, am I wrong No one mentioned clean nutritional foods. Am I,wrong .
    I'm 45 but often mistaken for being in my 20's. Although I've never had kids and my grandmother looked young, I know there are much that we can control. I think there was times in my life where I felt like I was speeding aging process and times where I slowed it down. I agree a lot has to do with what we do to our bodies. Sleep food exercise and any substances as well as not baking in the sun and having as learning how to minimize stress. I did felt the best when I ate mostly organic veggies and did regular exercise and maintained a grateful attitude and stayed active, play and laugh..

    I was told that the blender oxidyzes the veggie juice which is not good. So if you add coconut to the juice I would suggest that you pour just a small part of the juice into the blender to blend it with coconut and then pour it back with the rest of the juice. I eat coconuts every day and I do the same thing with the pulp of the coconut. I blend it with a small quantity of coconut water and then add it to the rest without blending anymore..

    +Edward Snowden Meh. Blending and juicing are both good at making nutrients more bioavailable and giving your digestive system tons of nutrients with little work. Don't worry about blending and juicing, they're both wonderful and fine in combination too. If you're drinking that stuff right away it's unbelievably healthy. Cheers..

    "What do you think it means to have a vibrant life" "My wife can answer that one." 3:05 I think that was a pun.
    im from the philippines,,what type of juicer are you been sick lately,but now im changing my diet from meat to raw food(fruit and vegetable) and slowly i notice the joint pain is now almost gone,thanks to fit for life..!. Don't know how many times people have posted to stop using music in the background but yet you still do it over and over. you can't slow down your aging process & speed up your metabolism. that's like having your cake & getting to eat it. aging is in no small part attributable to the body's metabolism, why do you think animals w/ typically faster heart rates than ours (like the mouse) age & die more quickly than we do why do you think animals w/ typically slower heart rates (like the tortoise) age & die more slowly than we do b/c their bodies are consuming & using energy 2 different rates than ours, & therefore age & die 2 different rates than we do. this is considered pretty basic shit when it comes to biology & medicine.
    i mean, you don't get the luxury of putting your body through enough work for a lifetime in 50 years & expect it to last you 100, that makes no sense.

    Aloha Drew, I've been following you for a while now & I've copied down about 6 of your juice recipes...made them for my son GaryCena who is 50 years old & a special needs boy, who doesn't like new things added to his diet. He does love your juices, however, and I'm beginning to see some wonderful changes in his attitude/ demure. My client just passed on, & his juicer was given to me in gratification of caring for him. So every time we make one of your juice recipes, it reminds me of my friend who makes your program much more real. Okole maluna! (That's bottoms up in Hawaiian) lol...Lesley Hu-Masumoto.
    Is it ok to juice a cucumber without peeling off the skin first I buy organic from Whole Foods, but isn't there a pesticides issue Thanks for your help. . I feel that alit of stuff said about gluten intolerance.clean ur system out.slowly try some of this stuff that was giving u problems before.highly overrated this gluten free everything.I want to live and I don't want to suck life out of my life.(moderation-the key word- no abuse). I want my pork and I'll eat it.just not everyday not every week and not a size fit for a kingdom. Small portions. . WOW!! I will be so beautiful when I star this particular juicing recipe You just get better and better. I give you 100% score.
    +Honey BooBoo lol, yes so true about the yellow tinting...I tried a turmeric and honey mask a few weeks ago and thought I had succeeded in getting all the yellow off and I failed to go into natural light before going out and my husband was like "why are you so yellow looking" LMAO...Fail. I heard coconut oil works, I just purchased some and will try the mask again :).
    I have wanted a juicer for so long and can't afford to get one, I could truly use one to build my immune system. I would just love a juicer to make me feel alot better. I would love this but it's just that I can't afford it. To many reasons I need this and to many reasons why I can't get it😢.
    Hi Cheri, this is actually my first time replying to a post, but I have gotten into juicing this past week (5/18/15). I know you made this post over 4 months ago but if you still haven't gotten a juicer, I recommend you go to Wal-Mart. They have a good selection and I think one of the least expensive ones was $30. I was compelled to reply because this juicing is probably one of the best decisions I made..
    Thank you Katrina, I ended up getting a Nutri Bullet which makes smoothies. It's thee best gift my honey could of bought me cause I love it so very much!!!!! I mean this thing chops nuts into powder!!! I make everything... It's so awesome!!! Thank you for letting me know, I really do appreciate you doing that. It's so sweet!! Ppl usually don't care to take the time out to help and I am grateful for that.. What is the best juicing machine out there I have wanted one for the longest time, but I am not sure what to look for.. +Leo Lady Yes I absolutely love mine! Thank you for sharing. My friends and family were like you are crazy to spend that much on a blender, but I see it as an investment to my health. I love it. But I also want to add a juicer to my arsenal. Like the slow pressed juicer but I do not what brand is a good quality one..
    Drew, I'm pretty sure that you already know this but I just have to tell you that you are awesome..

    Ginger is also a anti parasitic, cayenne helps with pain like headaches also with some diabetics nerve pain and can help heal ulcers, vitamin a is good for the skin because it helps repair dna!.

    Thank you,It's new to me and I am willing to give it a try,Any idea how to get my kids to drink this....

    Hi there, I was wondering, do u ever share the exact amount of ingredients that u use Bcz my juices are nit coming out tasting well at all, is it because I do not know how much of each ingredient to put in Please help..

    Hi Drew, it's obvious youre a juicer but what about using the same ingredience in smoothes and would the benefits be the same Great video!.
    My secret is GREEN TEA, 3cups a day. Save the tea bags and open them mix it with honey and a facial scrub or for body.Also use it as a toner plus obviously vitamins and good food (this is the cheapest way and it works )now your methods are amazing but not everybody is willing to use it religiously. . Means I can focus in lectures as im anemic really hard for me to stay switched on, this is why I want to start a healthy diet! You are a great role model for me, keep up the great work!!. even when it comes to taking care of yourself, the nay sayers arrive en masse,to throw their venom into the mix, like what they've been doing works at all. keep up the good work, those other fools will finally get it, when they are straining their food or breathing through a tube unfortunately. in life, I believe that the only thing that matters is the quality your living, not possessions, money, or ego. You have inspired me to get back into juicing! Thank you so much for the inspiration :) I was curious where I could learn more about your story and about what lifestyle ("diet") you follow! Thanks! xo. I use a vitamin to blend my smoothies, never tried a juicer. Your turmeric elixir looks amazing! I regularly consume a daily turmeric, lemon, and honey tea upon awakening. This turmeric is a miracle food. .
    I am a sugar slug... Just this new year, so far, I've replaced sugar with honey. Yeah me! Thanks again!.
    This is my first time discovering your video. Your information is very accurate and well balanced. I am so glad I found your video clips. I will be following them. Thank you. .
    My doctor say i have a slow metabolism, hormone problems i think cortisol disorder along with type 2 diabetes. Do u have any recipes that can help me please thanks..
    Hi Drew, I've been suffering from alot of pain in joints and muscles in the recent years and I read in health book that red peppers make joint pains worse, is there any truth in this, as peppers were my all time veg and I miss cooking with them...I suprised to see you juicing them... Wow. Who are you Where did you come from Awesome information and great energy! Thank you for existing! .
    My 43rd birthday is tomorrow. I would love to be ageless of course. But I also have 4 kids and I have started juicing and blending because I feel so much better. I don't have any physical problems and have always been very active and go to the gym religiously. But as Im getting older I have pains and Im tired alot. But when I juice I feel energetic and happy. Coffee doesn't make me smile and sing to the radio. Juice Does. I LOVE it and Im trying to get my whole family on board with me. My kds ages are 9,10,11,15 yrs old. I want them to know the difference in there bodies when they feed it with natural whole fruits and vege's. Thanks for the supportive video's! Christine.

    Love this channel. Just discovered it. Have been juicing and lost 54 lbs since 2011. Love it. I'm just recently trying to eat a whole food diet. Weaning off of dairy, grain, and sugar and I do great for breakfast and lunch. But when it comes to dinner and desserts...I'm falling short and end up feeding my family the same old reliables cuz that's what they like and I end up eating it too so I'm not getting anywhere. I'm trying to find ways to make dinners that would be satisfying for the family and me too. .
    That seriously is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You rock! Let the team and I know if there is anything we can do for you. . The way I do it, is to make a protein and veggie that they (we) all would like, then I make either a pasta or potato side for the guys, and either go without a starch, or make a plain baked (or sweet) potato for me. Only takes about 3 minutes in the microwave :) At least for me, that's the easiest way. Dessert would be mixed fruit with walnuts. . I am soo glad I found you I subscribed after two minutes of watching cause I really need this to be my lifestyle...Thank you soooo much...Love Staycee!!!. Just learned about juicing I bought my first juicer last week I had a nutribullet but the texture of the smoothie would not sit well in my stomach. I made a green juice and wow! I felt rejuvenated and had so much energy I was shocked the only thing is all the pulp that is left over I feel bad for throwing it away it seems like a waste is there anything I can do with all that pulp what do you do with yours Thanks in advance! . You can make a ton of cool stuff with the pulp. I love adding them into my scrambles in the morning or making pulp burgers out of them. .
    Just discovered you a few days ago. I was looking for juice recipes and someone to follow. Its over whelming how many juicers there are out there but after doing some research you are the style that I prefer. I appreciate that you do all of this for free and I am glad to join the FitLifers!! Hooah!!.
    Why should we avoid roasted and caramelized foods I use ghee to caramelize my onions and peppers at times..

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  48. November 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I think many nutrients esp. green juices are absorbed directly from the mouth, thus the amazing results we see from this lifestyle..."Generally, if a substance is easily dissolved in saliva, the only remaining step is the diffusion into the subepithelial capillaries." You're looking fab! Our bodies definitely know what they are doing...I'm going to make my smoothie now, yum ☀!.

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  52. December 12, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    3 Juice Recipes for Antiaging Benefits! | TATA HARPER...
  53. November 17, 2015
    3 Juice Recipes for Antiaging Benefits!... aging. beside this its also helps you to use natural anti aging... of the vegetable recipes include carrots as one... i37
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  56. January 7, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Thanks for this. I tried putting Kale in my Breville juicer but nothing came out, what speed are you using for this.

    The Wrinkle Cleanse | Juice Lady Cherie
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    Juice cleansing is the most cost effective anti aging skin care technique that you can use in your body sculpting goals. Juicing is simply a liquid only detox i42
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  60. December 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Thank you for sharing your story. We are excited you will be checking out our videos on our YouTube channel. A plant based diet is huge for healthy life. Thanks for subscribing and your positive feedback. It means a lot. .
    Im so happy you subbed me,i jus love your videos,I'm a raw vegan going 5 years now & its helped me so much ,i was diagnosed with sle lupus in 2011..and soon went raw vagan...& I'm so happy to connect with others that are also on the journey of whole fresh foods!!I deff Subbed to your awesome amazing channel!!.
    I may try the apple! If it don't work...I love red grapes are high in resertval. Girl u so remind me add my friend that lives in Oceanside California!!! Another odd but interesting smoothie is spinach frozen bananas water and cinnamon and of course the sweetener of your choice such as dates my raw vegan friend made that recipe it lowered my cholesterol and my back pain started going away! I love your big vitamix! I got one but long one...but yours its easier to get stuff on the bottom right now I'm using a spatula.

    Is celery the same as celeriac root! I did this with celeriac root,ginger and onion and it tasted like heaven.It must be the best drink ever.

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  64. January 9, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    As I am a vegan, this video is pretty much spot on when it comes to antioxidants and the health benefits of the fruit category. On an even higher note, berries in itself are extremely beneficial in our daily consumption (Blackberries are my favorite fruit). Thank you, Corrina, for spreading the health to others who may not have the experience or knowledge of this type of information.. We are praising most fermented food for their probiotic value. Well, this is fermented grape juice, which could be considered a probiotic as well, as long as you don't get sloshed. ;=) Half a glass of red wine in the evening was the family docs advice for most grannies of old.. Love this video!:) Thank you!I've been taking Maxelder argan cream ( you can find it in here w….nyarganoil….c) for a week now and I'm already feeling a difference. My skins feels supple and moist and I see a noticeable change in my complextion. I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin. Wish I explored this months ago.
    Thanks Corrina, where can we get the table you talk about The stuff about spices is really interesting..
    Crystal clear picture of beautiful berries Huge like! Also for the beautiful background, the informational value of the video, and all the professionalism included..
    Wow! I watch her ASMR videos and I love her whisper voice!! It's so cool to hear her without whisper voice! Love this vid.

    You talk of "high levels of sugar" in red wine. Where did you hear that Fermentation consumes sugar, dear, and if there was a high level left in a mature red wine, you would surely taste it!.

    I was recently diagnosed with psoriasis so this is fantastic for me to see because I need a lot of anti-oxidants in my food right now! Thank you so much for the info xxx.
    Gojo berries purchased in Chinatown are a lot cheaper, are they just as good as the himalayan ones. Good, informational video. Only thing I would do differently is separate the selling of Matcha tea from the rest of the clip - it gives it a less scientific character.. I'm glad to see you pointed out that the reason red wine is healthy, is because it's made from grapes. I stopped consuming alcohol more than 10 years ago, occasionally I eat fresh grapes and I eat raisins year round. I eat most of those healthy things you mentioned on a regular basis. I've tried raw cranberries, I wouldn't describe their taste as bitter, but rather more sauer than lemons. Allthough that mini mixer looks like an awesome Japanese gadget, from what I've heard when it comes to tradional Japanese tea consumption is that they want to be able to see the in-tact leaf in their cup, guess this is the modern way. Allthough I like green tea too, the last few months I've made most of my tea from fresh home-grown mint leaves and dried cloves sometimes I add basil..
    No, I believe that fresh fruit has much more antioxidants since heat is not involved.. In addition, alcohol is something we should avoid since it puts much pressure to our liver.
    Oh man pretty good info except the whole "brain is made.of fats thing" the brain can actually only use carbohydrates as nutrients due to the fact that nerves can only use carbs for energy and fats don't actually pass through the blood brain barrier.. We are all getting old, get over it people! Your going to get wrinkles and die eventually, just accept it and enjoy your life!. Cacao and cocoa mean the same thing. Cacao is not going to have a chocolate flavour unless it has been roasted. It has a very sweet flavour when it's eaten fresh but it only turns into a cocoa or a chocolate flavour after roasting it. I saw the process done on a farm when I was on an excursion in Dominican Republic. I tasted it when it came right off the tree and I tasted it after they roasted their older seeds that were finished from sweating, fermenting, in the sun for several days. If your facts are true, why are your cacao seeds a dark brown colour The ones I saw were almost very white.. I definitely had the same thoughts about red wine. Just because something has one good ingredient in it does not make it healthy for you. In fact it can still be very unhealthy rather then healthy. Alcohol messes up our body by stopping our intestines from to function properly. It prevents our small intestines to absorb the nutrients and the water content into our bloodstream. By the time it goes through our large intestines it is suppose to become a dry stool but instead it remains liquified called diarrhea. So there is nothing healthy about alcohol, in this case red wine..

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  68. November 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Does it matter when you drink it I'll drink it in the morning..but I just drank it to try it out. +michael devecchio No, it doesn't have to be drank in the morning, but I'd recommend drinking it on an empty stomach..
    +Michael Devecchio Drink morning and or night on an empty stomach! If you drink it warm at night, it helps to relieve you upon rising. The same if you drink it warm in the morning. Do not microwave...heat on top of the stove. Literally, if you do this every day for a month, no exercise, I can guarantee you will lose 5 pounds. On the other hand, if you eat clean, get at least 30 minutes of exercise in at least 4 times per week, I can guarantee you 10'pounds in a month! Coming soon, "How I lost 20 pounds in 2 months!" I will give away a 1month supply to 1 or 2 subscribers! Must be subscribed to win! Also, the bottle lemon juice is just fine. I have been using natural lemons and bottle when I am out. I have done this over 20 years. The apple cider must be BRAGG'S. It helps in cleaning the colon and liver much better. You can actually see mucus in your urine and stool if there is any present. It's worth it! Trust me! I don't get paid to say this. It's all true!I will also show pics!❤️.
    Beware that daily consumption of acidic foods or drinks, such as lemon juice and vinegar, may lead to the erosion of the enamel on your teeth. Use a straw when drinking.. +Lee Hayward I don't know if you did it ahead of time but you should always shake the vinegar bottle to ensure that you're getting the "mother" that is settled on the bottom..
    Hello, I have recently lost a 94lbs. Can you give me some tips on what I can do to start building muscle I have alot of lose skin. thanks and I am going to start incorporating apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in the mornings..

    +TaRRa Moore Congrats on losing 94 pounds, that's quite an accomplishment! To help you with building lean muscle I recommend that you download a copy of my free e-book: "The 3 Keys To Building Muscle" at:
    +fernando torrera Sorry to point out, Fernando, that your wording is confusing. If I may be so bold, it would be clearer (no pun intended) as, 'The vinegar should look cloudy, and not be clear. The cloudiness is the 'mother,' just so the peeps know. :-) Cheers.. sorry to tell you but concentrated lemon juice is not at all the same things as the juice from a lemon...why do you think it's so cheap compared to buying the lemons themselves.
    He shook up the lemon juice but not the Apple cider vinegar!!! Strange, if anything,shake up the apple cider with the mother in it or its all for nothin..

    I don't see what everyone is freakin out about in the comments I use bottle lemon juice and it works just fine and same thing with apple cidar vinegar I use regular store brand and it works just fine, not everybody has the money to buy all organic/fresh fruit all of the time..just sayin .

    +maggy mayfield Amen! Thank you for caring enough to share the word of God! 🙏 You just never know who needs to hear his word! God bless you!!!.

    Haha he went from reccomending us to use a "raw organic" apple cider vinager to him using a lemon juice that has chemicals that helps it preserve and last long lol.

    +Yissel Herrera Actually, Yissel, I'd recommend Cayenne pepper, as well as, Apple cider vinegar. :-).
    I developed a mouth full of ulcers, had a biopsy taken which proved to be inconclusive and very expensive. Doctor and dentist prescribed steroids to rinse in mouth 4 times a day for 2 minutes. I decided to take lemon and ACV in water 3 times a day. Result so far ulcers cleared and feeling so much better, my Immune system breaking down was mentioned as a possible cause. Whatever caused my ulcers I am certain apple cider vinegar is helping to cure me.. hmm...that experiment is irrelevant, if you apply a thin coat of olive oil, or any oil on one half of apple it will still keep it fresh, same goes with Vaseline. For the simple reason that it cuts of the air from reaching the surface of apple hence avoiding the oxidization. That does not mean we should be eating vaseline or driking olive oil. Use simple logic.. what is that about pouri g it on the apple what does it prove you're not an apple you can pickle eggs..or onions ..many things does that mean swallowing formelyn is good for you it preserves dead bodies..we're still alive at least at the writing of this and you were alive when making your video ha ha you're crazy.
    Hey Lee, I suffer from acid reflux, do you think drinking apple cider vinegar and lemon juice in the morning would make it worse.

    2 Gladiator1972 I've heard that just drinking a tsp of acv in 8oz of what everyday up to 3x a day can help with acid reflex. And help with much more. I add a slice of lemon in my water for taste because acv & water alone does not taste to well😣. Good luck have a good day.
    Other than it costs 10 times as much what is the benefit of the health food apple cider over the cheap stuff.
    Interesting video, I wonder what is your opinion on those individuals using water with lemon and cayenne pepper.

    +Ilieknoodles Oh, thanks you for explanationing me, not good English...I am froms Borat-region (Baluchistan)!!!!!.
    I really don't get it, suggesting to get the finest apple cider vinegar (the real deal, organic), and then bootlegged concentrated lemon juice. I only used that lemon juice to wash meat and poultry.. they used to give british sailors lime juice which is why they call them limeys the germans never got scurvy cos they ate saurkraut which is why they call them krauts ..alcohol pickles as well just get pissed.
    +Jason _ yes it will break the fast cause your body have to break it down ;) drink it the time you break your fast..
    +Lee Hayward can i eat wat i usually eat in the morning after i drink this or should i wait for al lil to consume any food . look under side effects of apple cider vinrgar and lemon juice if you really want to get freaked out thevstomach pain and stomach cramps and headaches wee killing me I looked this up quit taking theis and all 3 stopped but ruining the enamel of yyour teeth is a biggie especially when you start having to pay hundreds of dollars to a dentist. Lemon juice on an avocado works as well. It also works to add lemon or lime juice to mashed avocados and then freeze it in a zip lock bag - press down on it so it's not real thick so when you use it you can break it up easily (I use in a shake sometimes - it reduces blood sugar when using it with fruit)..
    I just started this regimen and also plan to mix up some toner for use on my skin and scalp. Thanks Lee..
    What do you think of the Bragg's Apple cider vinegar It's also Organic and has the "mother" with it..
    Your body has a PH balance all of its own. The acid goes up during digestion, then returns to its own natural Ph state. Trying to alkalize your body, knocking out it of balance will kill you..

    Concentrated lemon juice is not the same thing as using a real lemon! The ingredients from that same bottle that you are using are as follows: water, concentrated lemon juice, sodium bisulphite, contains sulphites. Sulphites are never a good thing to ingest. An electric citrus juicer is less than $20 and makes squeezing your own fast and simple, literally less than 5 minutes. I juice 2 or 3 lemons than add water for a day or two's supply because I drink lemon water all the time..
    It tastes like shit. I can't stand the flavor of the apple vinegar. But somehow I got addicted to it :( .
    Lee i take glutamine and bcaa upon waking is that ok to take them at the same time with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice.
    Was reading the body can use ACV for fuel and making glucose, helps break up and burn more fat as well, its the acetic acid in it that allows that. Organic or not both contain acetic acid. Always start with small doses, to much to fast can cause a faster detox, and that's usually not so pleasant..
    Hi Steve. Is it better to also Use enamel protectant toothpaste If its a recommendation for a daily use Thank you .

    Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits but it does not make the body alkaline. This mixture may have its benefits, but it does not alkalise the body. Test your own PH before and after. I did. Listen to Dr. Gabriel Cousein's talk on how to rebuild HCL acid in the body. Sooo many experts on you tube....

    I'm sure this drink is okay for you but it's not some magical potion that will make you healthy...don't believe all the beneficial claims.

    That was a cool experiment at the end! I've been drinking and using acv regularly for a couple weeks now and it is magic! Thanks for the video so other people are aware..

    Being as acidic as they are, i would stray far away from vinegar and juice in plastic bottles!!! BPH found in most plastic and aluminium, tin can linings have been found to cause obesity along with MANY other nasty effects on the body..

    Really great video! Thanks for sharing~ And another tip is to buy 'real lemons' juice them (I usually buy 4 or 5) and then I store the juice in a mason jar in the fridge so it's fresh and not concentrate and tastes a whole lot better and it is much healthier. Takes minutes to do really..

    I had some kind of flu or something a week or so ago, and on a whim drank this madness; and it kicked the shit right outta whatever was bothering me. The only thing that makes me question 'drinking this everyday' is the anti-bacterial elements, unless your gut bacteria is strong enough to not be wiped out by it daily... .

    +learrus It actually kills your bad bacteria and its technically a pre-biotic for the good bacteria, many people drink this including myself to help with candida overgrowth..

    I didn't notice any negative effects from it, other than it stinks like hell; other than that; it had a good impact on my system, cleared out what was ailing me, that's for sure... I bet mixing an some onion and garlic and letting it sit in the dark for a few days would really make it have some kick... .
    What do you guys think about this concoction: Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, ginger, turmeric, and cayenne pepper. Once a morning. Any thoughts What should I add. I just made a APPLE CIDAR VINEGAR OATMEAL recipe video. Actually tastes really good! Check it out .
    Thank you for the great info, Very Appreciated. Its all about paying it forward. Have a blessed day..

    How about using the vinegar mixed with lemon juice in tomato juice (or V8 juice) instead of water I've made a fancy tomato juice concoction in the past by mixing it with some lemon juice, black pepper, and Perrins worchester sauce and it's pretty good so all I would need to add would be some apple cider vinegar. .
    Using lemon juice concentrate instead of real, fresh lemons is NOT the same! You get absolutely no health benefits from concentrated, processed lemon 'juice'. You're an idiot. You shouldn't be posting videos of this nature if you are this ill informed. It's like saying, "...Instead of fresh organic meat purchased directly from a cattleman's herd...I just use heavily processed hamburger already pressed into patties from my local Krogers, it's the same stuff..." that's about how stupid your 'lemon juice' statement was...Typical meathead jock.... Lemon concentrate its NOT the same as fresh lemons. So if you are putting out a "healthy" detox drink use all natural. Your using super organic extra natural apple cider vinegar but then you use lemon concentrate Umm NO. Thats like if someone showers n then puts on same dirty underwear. . +GhostsFootball if u rarely use lemons, u need to increase your usage. Very good thing to integrate into ur day to day. Love ya ;).

    3 Juice Recipes for Antiaging Benefits! | TATA HARPER...
  69. January 6, 2016
    3 Juice Recipes for Antiaging Benefits!... aging. beside this its also helps you to use natural anti aging... of the vegetable recipes include carrots as one... i53
    Anti-Aging: 8 Items That May Slow The Aging Process
  70. December 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    SO TIRED OF CLAIMS ONE FOOD IS THE ANSWER - IT'S BOLOGNA PEOPLE! In Part 3 of What's in Your Produce learn the real #healthbenefits of #Daikon raddish PLUS the best #antioxidant food! BTW did you know #daikon can increase your hunger - yikes!.
    Love blueberries I put them frequently in my daily protein smoothies. Great tip!.. Michelle :). +KS girl I know we hear SO MUCH about #blueberries as if they are the answer for everything but man when you look at the level of #antioxidants they deliver as far as a food you can actually eat - they are IT! Low in calories, not overly sugary and I do the same thing place them in my #proteinshakes otherwise it'd be impossible to eat the amount you need lol. #blueberrybenefits #juicingbenefits #daikonraddish #healthysnacks.

    Reverse Aging Now - Reverse aging through an anti-aging...
  71. October 23, 2015

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    7 Nutrition-Rich Juice Recipes -
  72. October 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Hi there, have you discovered Lean Body Stagger (search for it on google) You will discover the crimes we commit against ourselves. With "Lean Body Stagger", you will discover how to burn up fat fast..
    I love juice feasting I do one every month for 3 days, the next one I am going to do is March 25th if anyone would like to join me just let me know ;o) .

    green juice diet recipes are the best to detox your body, I lost almost 10 pounds when I was on a diet like this one .
    Have you ever heard of the Zippy Fat Loss I wanted something to help me regain into shape quickly and Zippy Fat Loss did exactly that! Give it a look on Google, it�s a very good product.

    The Wrinkle Cleanse | Juice Lady Cherie
  73. December 20, 2015

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    Eliminate Your Wrinkles Through Juicing | Anti Aging Skin Care
  74. January 4, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Great video! You may want to pour the hot water into a glass measuring cup first and then add it slowly to the juicer (less momentum). :).
    Hi, thx for the video :) Do u think i can do the same thing with a spoon of apple cider vinegar i just love it for some reason ! Thank u :).
    Hey Drew love Saturday Strategy! My Husband and I started juicing every day last week. We absolutely love it. But we do it with a twist. I noticed most the green veggies don't have that much juice. So I get out the juicer and use it for fruit ,throw that juice in the blender and pile in the kale and spinach and blend away. We love it ! . Here's what I did to get healthy -NOTHING! I did nothing for so long and just watched myself get heavier and my health go downhill. I watched Drew's videos and it looked like something I could do but still I did nothing. I watched my quality of life go downhill and saw how people now look at me. I got fed up with it. Then I took the most important step- I did SOMETHING! I juiced for a week felt tons better. I fell off on vacation but I am back on. its tough mentally but I'm not alone your help.. I too use lemon in the morning, it is very much part of my routine. I have also started skin brushing and massage, to help improve my lymphatic system to get rid of waste. It definitely is helping, my muscles feel less painful. Thanks for all the inspirational videos, my weekly dose of drew is the best thing I do each week, keeps me on the straight and narrow..
    Hi, Drew. I'm from Spain and here we're very fond of oranges. I drink an orange juice for breakfast every morning and, after watching your video and learn all the benefits of lemon, I will add half a lemon to my oranges in my morning juice from now on.
    I just wanted to add that I love to eat vegetables, but juicing them is a bit different. The reason I want to juice them is because I know I don't eat enough of them, and sometimes only eat one or two meals a day (not intentionally) but am still overweight, so I thought that juicing them would help me get more calories and nutrients..
    Wow! I had no idea that lemon had all of these health benefits. I have a swallowing problem and need to take my meds and supplements with some type of hot liquid so instead of tea I will try the lemon water. Just wanted to let you know that since I started juicing almost a month ago I now crave fresh juice. I was one of those who never ate anything green because of my swallowing problem and I'm feeling much better. Thanks for all of your great tips, they're helping me to start feeling better..
    A pharmacist told me that he recommended taking your vitamins at night time before bed because the vitamins would stay in your body longer and be better absorbed while sleeping. What I started doing was taking spirulina, stinging nettle capsules, fish oil and a multi vitamin before going to bed and I would wake up glowing and feeling great. One question: Does adding really hot water to lemon kill any of the nutritional properties of it.
    When ever i feel like something chewy to chew on I will chew on seaweed. I soak the organic seaweed in a cup filled with room temperature water. Let it soak for an hour or so and wah'lah! Its fun to chew on and doesn't have much taste! Its great for regulating blood sugar, great for your digestive system and ocean vegetables are one of nature’s richest sources of vegetable protein..

    Is it OK to just cut a lemon in half squeeze over a cup add boiling water.Or do you have to use a juicer Love getting all your information on how good lemons are for you. Thank you.
    Nice video, the first thing i noticed when on a 3 day lemon juice diet was how good my skin looked! alot clearer and less puffy, would defo recommend!.
    crushed hot lemon tea for breakfast only and also about 3 times a day,disolve a pich of sea salt on tongue and rinse it down wis glass of water every hour,eat atleast 5 carrots a day,one large meal between 3 and 4pm followed by a sucking on chewable vit c straight after,nothing to eat other than a carrot or two after 6pm, before bed drink 1 tea spoon of baking soda mixed in a large cup of water,took me alot of self discipline to stop eating junk and ummm,uumm spanking the monkey and other tings..

    Hi free im new in your Chanel and I just start jucing and ij love it! I doit most like it in the morning cause that where i get all my vitamins for the day I really wana lern more and im defenely goin to subscribe to you Chanel my jucer is really old I goit it from my mom so I realy hope to win. Thanks.
    carrot, apple, celery all day. and I love me some beet juice. I don't get as hungry when I'm juicing and my energy and endurance sky rocket, leaving me light and quick. Juice for life. .
    I've been doing a lot of what you suggest since over a year, and I feel GREAT! Usually my day does like this: wake up with lemon juice, move on to green smoothie, have a meal mid-day, and end the day with a vegetable juice. Snacks mid-day may be a piece of fruit or some nuts or dried fruit. Have lots of energy and feel great! Can't recommend this change-of-life-habits enough to everyone else. No visits to the doctor, no health issues...what a way to go. Learning a lot from watching your videos..
    Hey! I'm in my early 20s and last year I had spinal fusion surgery in my lower lumbar region. Recovery has taken me a lot longer than I would have expected, but I found that drinking an entire water bottle of water, thanking my parents, loved ones and boyfriend everyday for helping me through my health problems, and eating breakfast (I never used to before) of healthy foods has helped me become happy again. I'm very fortunate to be able to walk, and I want to continue to increase my health.
    I am trying to get into into a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine School and this is the exact reason why!!!! Food, herbs, meditation, massage and homeopathic medicine are nature's best medicine! .

    I've been using my blender for green smoothies to help me lose weight and keep my vegetarian kids nourished. It was a great first month but my kids got tired pretty quickly of trying to stomach a veggie smoothie- it turns out veggies are not so smooth that way. LOL But I've been doing 2 cups of hot water nuked in the microwave 3-4 Xs a week in the morning & I lost 3 lbs. in 10 weeks! Thanks for sharing the tip about adding lemon to clear the skin- my teenagers will appreciate this! ;) .
    Just got our new juicer yesterday. I'm excited to start juicing. Just looking up ideas first before I head to the store to pick up produce!. Hey !!! This was an awesome video. I have recently started drinking lemon juice with warm water first thing in the morning and I find that its helping me a lot.. I dont crave food much, I feel very energetic throughout the day, I feel that its clearing up my skin too... Yay !!! Thanks again for an awesome tip ! :). I am about to get married and want enter my "wife-y hood" with healthier me and as a hotter bride. I started walking to work every morning. It is up three huge hills and about 1.5 miles up. (I live in the 2nd hilliest city in the US). I also started drinking warm water with and raw apple cider vinegar I have been juicing now for three months! I would love to have this juicer because the wedding is expensive and my juicer is crappy. Drew you know this would make the best wedding present!.
    I have sensitive stomach may i drink lemon in empty stomachbut my husband starts to take it for a week now..
    Hi friend! I would recommend juicing your greens first then add in some cucumber lemon green apple and carrots ;). Hello everyone.I would like to share my experience with you all.One of my cousin have referred me to use "TR Zell"(Google it as product. I never expected that it works as a spark!! I was having a lot of problems including indigestion problem. After using these products for few days,it made a miracle.It really works!! My body started changing slowly and after few days i can feel the difference. I was too active now and i feel like i m back 2 twenties.Thanks to TR Zell for great help..
    lost a stone in under 2 weeks,eating healthy and practicing the law of attraction has transformed me 100%.

    Drew, I'm a fan, but as a health professional I think you need to check the "alkalising" effect of lemons. Surely lemons contain citric acid which is the opposite of alkali substances, so how exactly do lemons reduce your acidity.
    I am new to juicing and a very special woman that has been in my life since high school helped me with my health and juicing is what I do. I had pain all over my body and felt weak and tired of all of life. I weight close to 200 pounds and since juicing have lost 10 pounds. My morning is getting up juice my green juice and share with my kids. I want them to learn the good things out of food not bad!!! I am happier have more energy and want to learn more everyday!.
    Juicing since June (the 3 of us in our family) and we all NEED our daily juice, our body needs eat as well as fresh fruits and greens. (Eating raw since March; weight loss = 28pounds in less than 6 months - 55 pounds weight loss since I became vegetarian, and raw vegan) I drink a water lemon juice every morning (1st thing that I put in my body), it helps my body to finish the night cleanse and I am not hungry before 10am and full of energy! .

    Drew I want the juicer so bad!!! One thing implemented in my morning and night ritual is is organic apple cider vinegar with a glass of water same benefits as the lemon only easier to do..u should make a video about apple cider vinegar.
    I don't need the juicer, but I just wanted to share...since January when I first saw your videos and decided to transform my life, mainly bec. My hubby and I replaced coffee with the hot water and lemon each morning. It is so cleansing! Then we drink 16 oz of filtered water and then our morning juice. We did a 6 day juice fast in June and since, we have completely changed our diet to include only living food - fish, chicken, grass fed beef and 80% vegetables. Wow, do we feel and look different! Everyone who sees us say we look great and we FEEL great! It's not easy, but it's worth it! . I bought carrots, ginger,and oranges to make a fantastic juice and have been/walking at least every other day. I find that when I am enthusiastic about being healthy my family is as well especially my mom. I really want her to be healthy and happy, thank you for your support FitLife team!.
    You guys are amazing! Thank you for being apart of our movement. You know we really are in this together. Who has transformed from the power of juicing We would love to see your before and after pics! Help us inspire more people to create a positive change. Please send them over to crystal2
    Drew: I started drinking my fruit juices at night before bed. I have a lot of illnesses. One of those is a type of seizure disorder. When I wake up my speech is slurred and I am very unbalanced. Having some sugar from the juice helps; just found that out 2days ago.. I just started jucing a week ago and although it has not changed my figure yet. It has changed my state of mind and the choices that I make throughout the day. I'm 18 years old and I thought in order to impact other peoples lives, I have to take control of whats inside of me, before I can control the things that are outside of me (suroundings). Positive thinking goes a long way. Thank's Drew.. start with visualisations and affirmations,force yo self to be peacefull and patient no matter how peed off u feel sometimes,just never ever ever get angry,show gratitude wen u wake up and as much through out the day and b4 u go bed,just start by forceing urself to be peacefull happy and positive and b4 u know it everything will fall in place perfectly,impossible habbits would change and such miracles would happen that it would blow the skeptic in u like nothing else,peave and love all,God bless.
    You really make the best out of yourself, thank you for people like you that always helps others. You are really wonderful. I want to do juicing as well, but can I start with blender.

    Drew, youve ispired me alot, ive heard from a doctor and dietition that juicing removes most of the benifits of fruits and vegetables which is in the pulp and giving u only the fructose water, is that true Just want to mention wheat grass, my cousin just cured himself from a cancer by following a raw food and wheat grass diet, but he says that when juicing wheat grass you should use the not electric juicer (the old fashioned ones they use for mincing meat).

    Hey, I'm new to juicing and am trying to incorporate more veggies into my juices, and reduce the fruits because I LOVE sweet juices. I can handle spinach, cucumber, mint and parsley with a few pieces of fruit, and almost always ginger, but when I tried adding kale and celery it totally threw my juice out of whack and I ended up adding heaps of fruit to try and make it more palatable and still couldn't drink more than a glass. Can you recommend some newbie juices for someone with a sweet tooth.
    i recently went cold turkey and got rid of my number one addiction. Mountain Dew! I've replaced the sodas with smoothies and couldn't be happier or feel better! :).
    Hey Drew, definitely one of your best videos...really liked it..full of details that could make a difference in anyone's life. How I use the lemon is in the morning with hot water, its a great liver cleanser and I believe it makes a difference in how you start your morning. I drink it first thing in the morning and last thing at night...great way of starting of the detox of the know you the better your liver is functioning, the better you filter things and the better your skin become.

    I find that when I make a green juice of some kind and have it in the morning I am less tempted to eat or drink bad during the day. It's like I want to keep up my momentum the rest of the day with my choices of exercise and food and even those I spend my time with. At the end of the day I go to bed feeling better and having a peaceful nights sleep from the choices I made..

    7 Anti Aging Foods - Best Superfoods to Fight Aging - ELLE
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