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  1. January 22, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Program Pascasarjana Universitas Udayana - Profil
  2. January 25, 2016
    The idea of staying young and healthy is a universal quest of mankind. Dr. Wimpie Pangkahila, chairman of Udayana University's Center for the Study of Anti-Aging... i1
    Sekolah anti aging udayana -
  3. January 16, 2016
    The Andrology and Sexology Center for Study of Anti-Aging Medicine at Udayana University Bali Indonesia on i2
    Healthy Aging melalui SemNas Anti-aging Medicine | HMKU FK...
  4. January 18, 2016
    Saya mau banget masuk S2 biomedik anti aging di universitas udayana. Bagaimana cara mendaftar ? berkas dikirim paling lambat kapan untuk kuliah 2011 ? i3
    Anti-Aging Medicine Udayana -
  5. January 21, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I am more motivated to take care of my skin. I will try harder to carry water around with me, as much as I take my iPhone around and drink more water!.
    Hi Brianna, I love your channel! So many helpful tips! I'm turning 32and started to notice fine lines under my eyes. Would you recommend retinol A products for my age I'm currently using a Vitamin C serum and anti aging serum. Moisturizer and sunscreen as my routine..

    hi grt video and tips thx again hunn i have bht a retin a cream/retnol frm ebay how can i tell if its reall or fake i do use it now and then but not sure if its the real thing. dose any 1 else buy these creams frm ebay.

    Vitamin pills do not work. I will never give up sugar. I look good btw - I balance out the damage caused by sugar with other things..
    I always mean to carry around a big bottle of water with me! I really do need to start! I'm def going to pick up that Sesame seed oil too : ) Love uuuu XOXO. what are your thoughts on rodan and fields i tried it for 60 days and returned it today, because i was using retin a before that and thats cheaper.
    atis furlic acid and what does it do you look great im will be forty in a couple of months not looking forward to it n i have sagging skin near mymouth area what is good for firming or elasticity.

    +Brianna Stanko This is the latest in anti-aging study. We are closer to being able to take a pill or tablet that can actually turn off the main switch that ages us while making us younger. You might find this interesting. What I find interesting was transfusing the blood of younger mice made the older mice's organs (including the hippocampus) and tissues younger. There have been rumors about celebrities "donating" blood and getting a younger person's blood in return. I don't know how true these rumors are but they don't look any older to me lol..
    I lOve all Your video's on anti aging they are my favorites! what are the best neck treatment/creams You would recommend most of us neglect our neck area, what do You think about the laser treatments that tighten the neck area thank You for sharing 😊. I love your advise particularly about the eye area and how to treat it differently. I recently bought this anti aging device (the Tripollar Stop) and mainly bought it for getting rid of eye wrinkles. I've been combining the treatment (which is basically like a warm massage that boosts collagen production and increases the lost elasticity) with an anti eye wrinkle cream and finally I'm starting to loose those horrid crows feet lines. If anyone else wants to look into it, radio frequency devices have really hit the anti aging market lately, there are a few types, some can be painful but the one I used isnt at all painful just a warm sensation you can get them from stop2pose online. Keep up the great work Brianna! .
    I just discovered your channel and subscribed immediately! Omg!! You're FLAWLESS! I'm so so happy I found a channel like this! Thank you so much for sharing your secrets with us! I hope I'll find some information about how we can take care of the under the eye area.. I have fine lines and looks so thin :/ Much love!.
    Hi, your lashes look amazing along with your skin. Are you blessed with these lashes or extensions Do tell... Thanks!. Can you please listed the entire products you are using in this video. I couldn't catch it. I'm hearing impaired. Many thanks. Love your videos!!! Have you ever tried the baby quasar Or TCA peels or microneedling If so, would love to hear about your experiences!!!.
    Amazing video Brianna, I am totally obsessed with your anti-aging tips. Could you please recommend the best undereye makeup which doesn´t crease I have some fine lines in that area and my concealer tends to crease, and it makes me look a lot older than I actually am. Also do you still recommend dermarolling Thanks! xoxo.

    You look gorgeous Brianna, so any tips you are offering I am taking. Got my pen and paper here taking notes! Hugs and Happy Holidays.

    Hi Brianna.. I'm so glad I came across your channel, u are amazing.. My mum is 52years old and she has wrinkles on her face, dark circle, and a dry skin also her hands are soo dry and wrinkly. Please I need to know a complete face regime she can using.. And the best hand cream for her. I want Something not too hard for the face but can work well. Thank uu so much. Would really appreciate It if u reply please.thanks. .

    +FIGARO WEAR Thank you! There are many ways she can can email me at bristanko2 to figure out ;) XOXO.

    +Brianna Stanko hey brianna, thanx for this helpful in formation ,, i want to ask you about this product is it good sorry for my bad english.
    Hi, Bri I Loved that you included lots of everyday things in this anti-aging segment !! It really is a multilevel task to keep your self looking younger ;-) one thing if haven't tried is the sesame oil... I will pick some up for sure. You're looking Amazing as alway !! xo Stacy. You look amazing!! Ah I'm 27 and you look younger than me! lol. Love your channel and your tips!! Thank you so much xoxoxo.
    loved these tips!!! i have to try the sesame oil - i have it in my pantry and will pull it out!! xoxo :).
    Love theses video. Thank you. I am loving my skinceutials skincare. Love the neocutis also. I love the fact that I can get great medical grade skincare without making a long trip to the dermatologist and bypass all the sales pressure. 😊. Would love a video on the glo minerals blushes, swatches Thanks. . Oh yay, so glad you are loving everything too! Medical grade skincare is the best! ;)) Oh Glo Minerals makes AMAZING makeup, I love a lot of their products! ;)) XO Bri. Great Video! Didn't know about the sesame Oil, Good to know. I need a Great Miracle Eye Cream Please! Hereditary Dark under eye circles, fine lines, wrinkles, eye area very thin skin, I am in my 50's, Yikes. The rest of my face is actually very good, its my eye area that really needs help. Suggestions Please.. Thanks for sharing this with us, very helpful info..
    Excellent video, I am adding some things to my winter skin care and you gave wonderful tips and suggestions. Thank you so much, Brianna!!!.

    ok i feel like a dummy i just sawthe post before you said hitting 35 you look 25 im sooo jealous lol you know what you are doing... i love your videos so what should you use retinol and vit c and hyaluronic acid so many products what to use ahhhh... have you had any botox fillers or any other work done bc your FLAWLESS! GO PLAY THAT BEYONCE SONG GIRL!!!!.
    Lol thank you!! Ido get botox, just a little around my eyes ;) So for hyaluronic acid, right now I am using the skinceuticals hydrating b5 gel and I LOVE it!!! And the vitamin c Im using is the skinceuticals c e ferulic and its amazing as well! Best, best products!! And yes a retinol or tretinoin at night :)).
    you look flawless so beautiful even without makeup your hubby is such a lucky man you are ageless...i was considering botox for the number 11 i can't get rid of but i'm afraid of needles how was it does it hurt when you mean around your eyes do you mean where where crow feet happen what brand derma roller you use bc the younker one u wrote in the description box is red and the one u used was green thanks i was watching this clarisa patterson and to do facial exercises im looking into but she denys any botox or filler at over 50 what do you think given you have had it her face does not look like it moves my friend who is esthetician says she had to have botox and filler, i just don't want to expect to have results like her from exercises facial alone bc that would be unrealistic what is your opinion, i just can't stand it if someone lies and deceives their subbies hey we all need help i would do it too bc sometime creams exercises food etc does not overcome the forces of gravity on earth. she said i was being neg. for asking about if she had work done and she uses a size 5.0 mm dermaroller that is scary and every 2-3 days if you look at her dermaroller video..i mean im not expert but it does look like her skin is so taught it does not budge as my friend says that is what botox does she does not have one wrinkle im going to be 40 in aug and have tons more sagging jowls and wrinkles crows feet number 11 and when smiling lines ;( let me know what you think i trust your opinion.

    Hello I am going to be 46 Fri and would love to know where to purchase the products you mention in this video. I have never used a retinol or vit C. I feel my face needs some serious products lately. Love your videos. .

    Hi! All the skincare I use can be purchased through That is the site I work on out of dr silvers office :)) xoxo Bri.
    I love all your videos but I expecially love all the skincare tips you have! When you recommend something I know I need to get it!!!!. Thanks! A lot of good tips! What eye cream do you recommend for firming, Especially upperlids Tried the revision one but didn't see any results. Thanks Brianna!. Thank Brianna! Is this better then the one Tammy from uppiesbeads mentioned I think it was the tns one!.
    +Maria Teresa Hey Maria, so I use the tns one too and I LOVE that one but for firming I hear that the skinceuticals is the best for that :).

    Thank you!! No I dont, but great idea! Some times in the videos they are my own eye lashes as well :) XOXO Bri.
    Brianna, I am wondering about the Retin A/Retinol. What type would you suggest and do I need to get it from a doctor.
    Hey Karen! If you never have used one before I would start with a.05% retin-a. And I would recommend the Refissa because it is more gentle on the skin. You can actually order them off my site, we are based out of the Dr's office I work at ;)) XO Bri.

    Thank you so much Jessica, I do actually have a skincare video...I actually have done many ;)) But I just did my latest skincare routine not to long ago if you back track in my videos you will see it not far back ;)) XOXO Bri.

    If the oil has been refined then the nutrients have been removed/no longer bioavailabile in the .

    Yes your right, I meant unrefined...thats what I use. I didnt catch that I said that until you just mentioned it ;).

    Hi Brianna! Your anti-aging videos are my favorite videos our yours to watch! I always learn so much. Because of you, I recently purchased the Revision Revox II and Nectifirm and I LOVE them! These are the first medical grade skin care products I've tried so far. I'm 44 and would like to try more. What Retinol cream would you suggest trying as a starter I have dry, sensitive skin. Also, can you please recommend an eye cream that isn't too out of this world expensive Thank you for making these videos! .

    Oh so good to hear Lisa!! I would either get the Refissa or the Neocutis Nouvelle Retinol. Both of these are amazing for dry sensitive skin. And start slow, like one or two nights a week to start. Well my two favorite eye creams are the Neocutis Lumiere or the Skinmedica Tns. Both will give you great results! ;)) XO Bri.
    Bri, this is outstanding!! Good "reminders" to those of us who watch you regularly. I use Citrix Vit C cleansing pads (rather than a toner) after I wash my face, then apply CE Ferulic (or Phloretin C sometimes). Is that enough Vitamin C I have been using the Obagi Nu Derm on my hands as well as face. What a great improvement! I also use the Nectifirm on my hands...hee-hee-hee. I figure, if it works on my crepey neck, it must be good for crepey hands, right . Thank you Anmette!! Yes the CE Ferulic is enough vitamin C, that is a great product! Good idea for the hands ;)) XO Bri.
    Great advice as always Brianna, I just started really using a peel on my hands and the difference is amazing, they still look like old lady hands,lol,but just not quite as much!.
    Hi Brianna! These are such good tips! I loved this video. Keep them coming...Kathy.
    I really like this type of video. I will work on getting the sesame oil. I have been using coconut oil. Is sesame better Also, your hair looks so shiny and healthy. What are you using on it.
    Sesame is best for skin..for sure try it! I have been using a bunch on my hair hahaha! Certain things I feel are working best though..I need to do a video on that!! I think I will film that coming up real soon ;)) XO Bri. Great tips, Bri!! I need to get some sesame oil now! Love that eye palette, it really makes your eyes pop! Love you!! Xo Nicole . just suubscribed how old are you the reason i ask is bc you look great I m hitting 40 n i just got to your channel and i want to know what derma roller to buy and what product to buy to put on your skin vit c serum hyaluronic acid retinol does collagen cream work or absorb into your skin have you heard of life cell have you tried it it really had a lot of hype I haven never heard of derma roller and i heard thinner diameter needles are better.20 mm dia are better please help thank im starting to see wrinkles and sagging now hitting forty yuck what helps sagging skin products that work.

    Program Magister Ilmu Biomedik - Universitas Udayana
  6. January 19, 2016
    Here are the top 25 Aesthetic & Anti Aging profiles on LinkedIn. Get all the articles, experts, jobs, and insights you need. i5
    UNUD | Udayana University
  7. January 27, 2016
    Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Udayana kini mempunyai Centre for Study of Anti-Aging Medicine (CSAAM) yang didirikan Pebruari 2006 lalu, dan merupakan lembaga... i6
    Andrology and Sexology Center for Study of Anti-Aging Medicine
  8. January 15, 2016
    Seminar Nasional tahun ini mengangkat topik mengenai Anti-aging Medicine... Himpunan Mahasiswa Kedokteran Umum Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Udayana. i7
    Top 11 Anti Aging Medicine Specialist profiles | LinkedIn
  9. January 26, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    +Michelle Stephanie It works very well to moisturize, minimize fine lines & wrinkles, & does not irritate my sensitive skin..

    fish and dairy are poison. Sure fish has omega-3 AND A TON OF MERCURY. eat FLAX for your omega-3. cheaper, better, no mercury..

    milk is no no no no good for you. its got 135 milligrams of pus perk up, steroids, antibiotics, bovine growth hormone, and is meant for baby cows not people. Also, grains are not good for you, they are dealt with pesticides now that cause more damage than anything..
    Hate the computer digital narrated. stopped watching at Whey Protein. It's a garbage way to get protein.. How can Salmon and it's omega 3 fats protect the skin when there is NO omega 3 in skin Omega 6 is found in skin not omega 3. Omega 6 known as linoleic acid is almost always processed. Processing ruins it. Heating also ruins it. If you are interested in getting your skin youthful, in preventing cancer, in preventing heart disease, in improving hormone regulation, in keeping your brain and nervous system in good shape among other advantages take a teaspoon or two of organic cold pressed sunflower oil daily. I take a half teaspoon 2-3 times a day straight up. Use it in salad dressings instead of the usual processed oils found in bottled dressings. Omega 6 is found in every cell and is responsible for vital bodily functions. It is essential which means it must be obtained from food, which means proper foods is vital to proper health.. yea, Im gonna have to go with no on the oats. Oats don't promote health, sorry. You can promote healthy cholesterol by sticking to RAW foods. They (grains)only keep you full. Stick to raw organic fruits and vegetables. And dairy God no! But some of the other items are cool like blue berries..
    Am young but started noticing some wrinkles on my face of lately. guess i will have to try out your suggestion.
    +laura marieta Laura drink plenty of water up to seven big glasses per day ,its probably the best anti aging product in the world ,. corn contains high levels of pestacides unless it is organic corn salmon contains mercury and radiation green juices are better and avacado for fat.
    Try soaking or fermenting at best all your seeds, nuts and grains to remove phytates, phytic acid, and other anti nutrients by predigesting via various methods for super health! This is the hidden secret that most don't know about, you can repair the dentine layer in your teeth (pre cavity weakness) with high enough minerals in your body. Look up how to do this, its slightly different per item. This greatly improves the mineral availability of foods..

    Lot of discussion about ageing and anti-ageing, living long etc etc.. but one question.. Is ageing a disease please check this:
    Been using Freezage Anti Ageing Cream Hypo-allergenic product for a few days and I haven't aged a bit since I started. It seems like I found the fountain of youth, It's my little secret..
    Oh my gosh. I don't like your background music. Try to change it. Very distracting. #justsaying.
    For me some other foods right there Do not put makeup Get a lot of sleep Be always happy The makeup and sleep is not on me I don't sleep at the afternoon..I sleep 11 when it weekends and wake up early everyday I always put makeup on myself even tho we are not going anywhere.
    These foods accelerate aging. I guess we need people lying to the stupid to help kill them off faster. Always focus on the positive with a taoist twist..

    im 24 iv been eating like this since i was 16. i guess this could be one reason why i still look 16 hehe ^^.

    Greek yogurt The video makers are so incompetent. The birthplace of the yogurt is Bulgaria and it comes up with the help from the so called bacteria ,, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus''.So ,the best yogurt of course is the Bulgarian..
    I loathe computer generated voices. They suck. As for the list corn oil is rocket fuel for cancer, and cholesterol does not clog arteries. That is cause by excess simple carbs such as watermelon....
    whey proteine wtf is he talking about that is chemical unhealthy stuff and what about yoghurt that isnt healthy as you think too .
    i would like to know who writes/films fantechtv. i clicked on about, nothing comes up. i like to know the sources of what i read or watch. can you tell me about this channel thanks. Too much Whey Protein isn't good!..Coffee does get too bad a rep, but all the caffeine really isn't that good for you. Remember people, don't eat too much of any type of food, then most of these are good.. Instead of the "greek yogurt" for probiotics- it would be better to just eat cultured vegetables as they are packed w/ natural probiotics, enzymes and have NO lactose. Also a vegan option. Love the coffee, red wine and dark chocolate suggestions! ha ha Regarding "Corn:" they should mention to avoid the GMO corn.. seriously whey protein and red wine red wine is full of sugar and sugar breaks the collagen and makes you age and look much older than you really are.
    Greek yogurt is NOT meant to be eaten with sugars of any kind, but PLAIN, like it's eaten in Europe and everywhere in the world except America. Only plain yogurt can give all the nutrients that our bodies need. Plain liquid yogurt is even better for body's health, but it's NOT FOUND ANYWHERE to be bought in North America. Only in Europe. What a shame!.
    Comments about video; "20 anti-aging foods' From Website; BeyondLongevityUntoImmortality I eat this week 1/4 wedge of a lettuce head at 7am,11am,5pm,i didn't eat a lettuce leaf on a sub from the deli. with this lettuce are red grapes and watermelon., next week is to be 1/3 package of baby leaf spinach for the 3 main meals with watermelon and 1 small can of crushed pineapple., that's 3 small cans every day. I'am a vegan. The fact that anyone suggest you should eat Fish, which is a living animal, proves they do not know what they're talking about..
    Greek yogurt, whey protein, salmon and trout - These are the products of a cruel food industry; all are related to the Animal Holocaust. Avoid consuming them even at the risk of diminishing your prospects to die at the age of 101!.
    I shouldn't answer you, rascal, murderer, part of the Animal Holocaust, but I must tell you who you are!. +Kim W I'm delighted to hear about your good news. It's true : we can do so heal so much with the right foods. Keep it up! :).
    They left out two of the HIGHEST rated SUPREME foods for total health improvement and maintenance; that's chaga and ganoderma. Chaga is the King of ALL the mushrooms and herbs. Ganoderma is right up there with Chaga. I'm surprised you all don't know about these. You all are missing out on truly Divine substances. The absolute BEST brand source people are buying is that Iaso brand. I use their wonderful detox tea and lost a LOT of weight with it. People, if you don't do anything else try them out. You won't be disappointed. Let me know if you need their info. I'd be happy to help..

    S2 Antiaging Universitas Udayana -
  10. January 20, 2016
    How To anti aging udayana bali Coupon Codes As outlined by Pond's Institute, by concentrating on these 7 signals regarding skin color growing older, they i9
    First Masters Program in Anti-Aging Medicine | Worldhealth...
  11. January 28, 2016
    reproductive medicine, anti aging medicine and combined degree clinical medicine i10
    The Anti-Aging Revolution! - IFPA
  12. January 23, 2016
    Skin daily, basis your healthy related affected after hell, subjects skincare for aging acne prone skin staying to 1. Dental siwell dental and as vitamin k supplement... i11
    Chairman's Report 2009 - WAAAM World Anti-Aging Academy of...
  13. January 17, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    ..Hello anyon e..Maxelder argan cream is a fab cream…My wrinkle formation has reduced drastically and I dont look older to my age any more.. I love the way I look and now just get loaded with compliments all the time. It has made this possible… Suggest everyone w...nyarganoil…c.
    Well you can reduce wrinkles if you take this anti aging pill I have had good results since I have been taking the pills..
    Maxelder argan cream is like magic for your skin. from the first use, you will notice a big difference. your skin will be glowing and will look healthier. Suggest w nyarganoil—c.
    Best Anti-Aging Tip is 'Meditation'. Proven by those who meditate, they all look much younger. I, myself meditate for over 25 years and in my 53, people say I look 35... of course I do yoga and I am vegetarian for 27 years. I never smoked and never taken alcohol in my life. No matter what products you use, and what kind of diet you have, if you don't connect with your 'higher self' it won't work. Because, soul is a source of energy and it is timeless, always full of joy... It is Love itself and energy of Love is forever young. It slows clock down when you live in that vibrational frequency. You can control your thoughts and emotions. Meditate to connect to your soul to be always happy, relaxed, stress free... Balance your 'trinity' - Body / Mind / Soul. Love and Light! PS: And It is Free!. this is a big scam and they keep sending it and charging you and it does not work. Please make them accountable name covered. Go to this website that is where you can buy Phytocermides from. I have reduced my wrinkles since I have I have been taking the pills.. Brenda I ordered my bottle from the same website. I have a lot less wrinkles since I have been taking the pills every night before I go to bed.. eat and drink clean work out and be positive and happy. see positive in all that happens.surround self with lovely caring ppl. b good person and accept what God has done in your life. There is a hidden wisdom in everything. find true faith and be good with this. I follow everything and look yen yrs younger. everyone thinks I'm ten or more yrs younger. stay blessed. Happy Holidays.. Eat organic, be happy, give lots of love. I am a great grandmother and this photo is not that old I have recent on my page. I do not smoke, I do not eat meat. I take care of my health. Love his shows. TCM is based on the 2 manifestations of qi (Yin and Yang). If those 2 manifestations are in balance, then our health is excellent. Where and what is the qi qi is the mitochondrial energy status of each cell's metabolism. Every function in the human body is controlled by 2 opposite manifestations of the same qi energy (a) excitatory and (b) inhibitory. Just like the pH in between acidic and alkaline mediums whereas Yin is basic and Yang acid. Yin is reductive and antioxidant (cold) where Yan is oxidative and energy producer and consumming. In our brains we have Gaba and serotonin (Yin) while epinephrine and dopamine (Yang) play opposites. In a case of vitamins and/or minerals deficiency our body (as proposed in the Triage Theory) a compensatory process based on a self cannibalistic appropriation of vitamins from the manufacture of non vital proteins are removed and reassigned to more essential ones involved directly in our short term survival and reproduction (perpetuation of the species). What is the limiting or inhibitory force capable of inhibiting the Triage effect (a) the immune system's ability to destroy malfunctioning cell mutations (NKs, T cells) (b) our own cell's apoptotic self program or suicidal process. If those 2 systems (qi by nature) are overwhelmed by a strong Triage effect (self cannibalistic appropriation of nutrients needed to support them) then chances are that fatal diseases like cancer find the conditions needed to develop. Years before cancer could be detectable, a steady increase of cell apoptosis, weakening immune system and mal nutrition are likely to precede unchecked. In Physics we have the E-M force (for example), it is the same energy (electron) manifesting itself in two completely opposite ways. Taking this very simple to understand example, it's easy to understand that the energy (qi) comes in the magnitude of the frequency while the intensity of it is the result of the power of the source itself. In the particular case when health is compromised by X factors the frequency of the qi begins to fluctuate followed by a slow decreasing in its intensity. Depression, anxiety, fatigue are the first symptoms of the Triage, then sleep disturbances, brain fog and even allergies follow behind..
    This man deserves the Nobel Prize! Through good eating we become intelligent and it is this intelligence that allows us, as individuals, to make the choices that lead to forgiveness, self acceptance and ultimately, contentment. Blessings to name covered, for in blessing we are blessed, and thank you Good Housekeeping, for in giving thanks we approach The Most High..
    Go on the Ketogenic lifestyle !! It will help you a lot more then pills and creams that really don't work.. I wish I could find a man as warm hearted, smart and caring as him. And looks amazing for a 53 years old man..
    Go at 22 to bed. Eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed Dont have to much sex Dont hear agressive or depressive music Dont use bad words Dont think dark Pray three times a day Sing sing sing Hygiene Laughing 15 Minutes a day drink water 2 l a day move your body rest no alcohol, coke, mars, snickers, tabbacco, drugs So all things which make fun for selfdestruction..
    Consumer beware: I recently ordered a free sample of Duplicell P199 with $10 shipping and handling charge, and my wife used it for over three weeks, but it didn't work at all. After our trail period was end, our credit card was automatically charged additional $89.95. This company doesn't want to refund your money. Consumer beware!!!. +sql2xl Thats an awful story, i order my products through piping rock for sure the best deals for various supplements.. I hear that apple stem cells, chaga and ganoderma are extremely beneficial for skin aging and internal health. So much so that they're being put in the world's highest quality anti-aging products and supplements such as that Iaso brand. All of their products are of supreme quality, very affordable and NOT mass produced. You have to special order so that tells a lot right there. I use their detox tea and lost a LOT of weight with it and QUICKLY! Very good product. Try them out. You will NOT be disappointed! Let me know if you need their info.. This guys is sold on information that is being pushed by the big pharms, 1) YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO REDUCE YOUR CHOLESTEROL!!!!! This is the biggest lie of all time. Research Stephanie Sennef's and Duane Graveline's stuff. Cholesterol is needed..., to form memories in the brain, ensure ALL cell wall integrity, is the root pathway for ALL HORMONES, and there is no good or bad cholesterol - there is only one type, and tests show that people who come into hospitals with heart attacks 75% had their cholesterol as normal and 50% has their cholesterol levels perfect. CHOLESTEROL IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE!!!!! 2) MULTIPLE HIGH QUALITY TESTS EVERYWHERE SHOWS NO BENEFIT TO OMEGA 3 especially in the area of COGNITION! And Omega3 consumption has been linked to prostate cancer in MEN! 3) Exercise yes, but not long duration cardio, it must be in intense short bursts. Long duration of low impact cardio type exercise has been linked to shorter telomeres, which SHORTEN LIFESPAN!!! do you know that the average couch potato, lives longer than the average athlete or medical physician HIITS everyone HIITS!!! . Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check them out and will get back to you! +soneelita I don't know unfortunately :/ You should probably ask your GP. There is a recommended time and type of exercise (for instance, I've been told that I shouldn't be jogging or lifting weights) for your age, gender, medical background etc. /I know what you mean :/ Same here. It's not enough but I don't have any free time because of uni.. +Colin Maharaj So...I guess I shortened my telomeres while in Paris for 2 weeks I walked 9 to 10 hours every day for 2 weeks, from 10am to 7 or 8pm. I was shocked to discover, upon my return home, that I had lost only 2 pounds (it felt like 10!); the new clothes that I had purchased right before the trip no longer fit as I had lost A LOT of inches over those 2 blissful weeks in the most pedestrian-friendly city on earth. I had walked off all the bulges, the visible (and palpable) excess around my midsection. And I slept like a baby every night, even amid blaring French police sirens...nothing like a 'walking vacation' works miracles for one's waistline. However, I can achieve my absolute peak of fitness ONLY through a balanced combination of aerobic (walking, not running) exercise & resistance training (Pilates flex bands & weights) & a minimum of 6 hours of sleep.. sports sports, active lifes egg,meat,fruits,real butter,greens,olives,omega3,good sleeps,good sex,water,no smoke no much alcohol are all for you good ways,star today and stop sugar and white breads....
    #antiagingskincare products can certainly make a difference in our appearance. Choosing the favorites among top dermatologists, plastic surgeons and their celebrity clients is most important. Thank you for this informative video. .
    One can never stop the aging process hard as humans try yes one can live longer but how long once any human gets to 85 to 90 then any human cannot expect to look and feel like you are 21 all over again truth is once any human gets to that point in life thats it that is the truth, read about it in Gods word...the bible.
    Fortunately, I love blueberries and broccoli! I like what name covered says at about 5:10: "If your heart doesn't have a reason to keep beating, it won't." True...true....
    this is good, but i think the most important factor for longevity is your genetic make up. i know a guy who has been smoking since age 14 and he is 92 years old and he doesn't know anything about these things..
    name covered is nothing more than a modern day snake oil salesman who uses modern media to sell his wares rather than a horse drawn cart..

    Great tips, name covered! There are some great aesthetic procedures that can be done to correct aging skin and maintain a more youthful appearance:
    Do NOT BUY NOVUS V facial serum..their $5 trial is bogus! You will be charged $98 after 14 days AND automatically enrolls you in their recurring purchase agreement. You will have to pay $1.95 to cancel your subscription. What a RIPOFF! My 83 year old mother fell for this SCAM. Shame on you NOVUS and shame on the name covered show for recommending this shady company!. Hi name covered send me is LifeCell so I could test it on my eyes and face for my wrinkles I appreciate you could send me a sample today thank you me sasap. . I'm 60, and in this photo I'm 60 too, but really disappointed the doctor forgot the Blue Zone here in the US. It is where I live, but we live on fruits and vegetables, are vegetarians here in Loma Linda, and drink water...lots of water. name covered is cute, but too old for women in the Blue Zones. My fiancé is 37.. name covered, looks pretty healthy to me, we will always have haters its just a part of life. He is giving out valuable information. Don't hate participate..
    the best antiaging system proabably now is the one from Not too expensive but very,very efficient,you can try it by worked by me.

    1) hypertension cause blood pressure 2) smoking 3) the diet that i love: produce, veggie, fruit with rich color 4) stress management system.
    Drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, exercise, eat well, love others, love yourself and you will live a youthful, healthy life!. Fish oil is rancid. Just type "Fish Oil Rancid" into your search engine and read all the reports on it. If you have them at home, open one of the capsule up and smell it. Fish oxidises once they are taken out of the water..
    nothing new about what he said ,but, he forgot to add that Sugar, salt,are two of the worst things you can eat,and its not just your greens that good for you..eating a bowl porridge a day will reduce your cholesterol by twenty per cent.also he forgot to add the cigarettes and alcohol!.

    Guru What a joke. With all of his Health Tips...he looks older than his age..he gets a cancer scare with a precancerous poly and calls it "dumb luck saved his life" and anyone is listening to this guy I wouldn't take advice from him if he were the last doctor on the planet. He's an example that his advice DOESN'T work. And the colonoscopy is routine. He was suppose to be doing it yearly. He should know that!.
    Actually name covered is very likeable and comes off as sincere. His advice is very conservative and correct. Finding a pollup and removing it before it becomes cancerous is extremely true. Getting a yearly colonoscopy along with lab work is only done if you have cancer concerns. Usually, getting it every 3-4 years after 50 is what is recommended if you seem healthy. YOU seem kinda bitter and its sad .
    Sardinia, Costa Rica, etc... "they have one thing in common"... no, it's not community, although it is JUST a part of life in those places (the elder are highly regarded for their knowledge and contribution to life)...what they don't do unlike the rest of us in the US is...they don't poison themselves with "modern, advanced" medicine as we do! (or send their elder to die off in an "substandard way as we do in those adult care centers.") They will choose herbal or natural medicines before they chose to use synthetics. Our bodies are 100% natural, they are not made up of synthetic drugs. Wake up people, support your body, don't burden it with the un-natural laws of modern medicine. name covered, those bags under your eyes are telling you something... if unchecked cancer is in your future. Food for thought. Oh what a really good PR team and the right connections can do...influence masses of people and steer them slightly so away from the truth so they feel good about their ill state of health and feel they are doing what they should because the famous doctor on TV says so. People went crazy over name covered's segment on Red Raspberry ketones and his expert panel. The expert on his panel...a personal trainer who trained a celebrity and because of that little fact of having trained a celebrity - made them as expert. People, the media is manipulating you. If you train a celebrity you automatically become an expert So, if I teach name covered to do a sit up, does that make me the next fitness guru People, do your own research. DO your own research, follow the money and be surprised. .
    name covered great person. But he is a Muslim. Islam is an ideology for those you don't know is keeping non believers not knowing. You know very well in Quran it says about right hand posses, you know in haddith it says about 72virgins in paradise. In Quran it also says earth is flat, beating and sexual slavery is permitted. Apostates leaving Islam is punishable by death. Please anyone tell me which religion permits this in the name of god/Allah. Only Islam. Why for 1400years, Islam caused fear, death and destruction for humanity. Do you think the real god would want people killing and cause conflict to other innocent people. Please muslims read the Quran and haddiths and compare with other religions. Christianity says to show comfort and love your enemy. God created Jesus to communicate to us, heaven is a pure holy place no sex no pain only love and peace. Because it's spirit not physical world. So we all need to pray and ask the real god to reveal us to him and relationship with him, so I ask this question today....
    Could you NOT HACK my pinterest account, please It´s the second time, I haven't money and job, so let me enjoy the pinterest in peace..
    in response to carolyn f. i'm assuming you watch name covered show a lot to be able to make such a harsh covered works long and hard to bring the information from experts and yes he does look tired at times not unhealthy i'am as so many people grateful for dr.Oz and the work he does for the health of people there should be more doctors like him!....

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    The 7th Asia Pasific Conference on Anti Aging... supported by the European Society of Preventive Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine / ESAAM, FK Udayana and... i13
    Wimpie Pangkahila | Udayana University Medical Faculty...
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