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January 16, 2016

Comments about this video:
Thank you for the skincare routine Angie. I loved Maxelder argan cream! Very gentle, doesn't have annoying smell. None of my wrinkles had disappeared of course, but overall it 's a great night moisturizer. You can find it in w…nyarganoil ….c. +April Fitzgibbon I get compliments from friends and relatives that tell me I look younger and I never got them before. This is amazing highly recommend. +April Fitzgibbon The cream is hydrating but not too thick or oily. I’ve noticed my eyes don’t look so tired in the morning and I have a natural glow..
Do u feel that by using all these it dilutes your retin a How long do u wait in between I am going to start retin a and watched your video on easing into it. I have super sensitive skin and also get excema on my face here and there from too much abrasion. You can see the improvement in your skin from 3 years ago. I'm currently 53..
Have you tried Elta MD sunscreen I just started using Eltamd UV Clear SPF 46 and I really like it. These are the ingredients: Ingredients Zinc Oxide 9.0%, Octinoxate 7.5%., Purified Water, Cyclomethicone, Niacinamide, Octyldodecyl Neopentanoate, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Polyisobutene, PEG-7 Trimethylolpropane Coconut Ether, Sodium Hyaluronate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lactic Acid, Oleth-3 Phosphate, Phenoxyethanol, Butylene Glycol, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Triethoxycaprylylsilane.. +Lydia Rodriguez I have tried UV Clear and it's okay. I love that is has niacinamide, but I wish it didn't have octinoxate, plus it's VERY shiny on me so I can't wear it without makeup.. Maxelder argan cream ( you can get online w nyarganoil c) very good at reducing signs of wrinkles and evening out skin tone. I have used the more expensive brands and they are no better than argan cream they just cost more.. Hey Angie I have watched your morning & evening skin care routines and many more! Actually watched the M & E last summer on drugstore brands and have been using almost everything that you recommended. My question is do you think I would have a better result from the Rodan & Fields reverse aging products. A friend is a representative and I have considered making the change. What are your thoughts.
Hi, I 'm form Japan. I saw your another video you mentioned that you put retina cream on the face for about 15 minutes and wash away, Am I correct BTW. how much amount of retina cream in order to apply on the whole face. Thank you !.

Hi Angie..maybe you can consider using Retin A 0.025% on your neck...Love your videos and keep on watching them again and again..Learn so much from you :x.

You are so informative about what anti aging ingredients to look for in products. I'm so happy I have come across your videos because now I can look for these things in beauty products. I'm going to be 30 next year so I'm trying to be preventive and start now with the anti aging. Great video!!!.
Hi! Love your videos!! Just checking... Am I missing any eye cream or serum specifically for under eyes really need help. try Unique E vitamin E oil on your lips just google it I tried to copy and paste the link for you here but it didn't about moisturizing for your lips wow!! put 1/4 of a pump on your lips before bed and you wake up with baby soft lips!! I can't get enough of it! you'll LOVE it! :).
Hi Angie! Thanks so much for making your detailed discoveries/education public! I have a couple of things I'd love to chat with you about privately. Would that be possible I'm just getting into skin responsibility following a bad incident with Benzoyl Peroxide. Could I email you, or find a place to send you my email that is private. According to Paula's Choice's ingredient dictionary witch hazel is a "poor" ingredient to use on your face. Do you think there is any truth to this I am interested in your opinion. Thanks. :). hello again, i have a tube of retin a cream, and a tube of the gel, same strength, do you think i could rotate the cream and the gel.
+Rc C I'd just put one in the fridge while you use the other, then when the first one's finished get the other out and start using it. Retin-A will deteriorate with exposure to light and air so best to keep one sealed..

Where is the link that you mentioned in the video for the retin A without prescription I can't find it in the description box :( thanks.
I heard you cant put all the serums and moisturizers on when you use the retin a at night, is that not true I ordered some retin a and wondering how to use.. I have been using the paula" choice line for years and gonna start the retin a when it arrives in the mail..Kind of scared how my face will act.
Hello angie :D +HotandFlashy I hope you are ok! I wrote you some questions in your facebook inbox wishing you have the time to see those :) also I wrote to DermTv TO ASK this.: is Retin A better than glycolic acid with glycolic acid you build collagen Im just doing what my dermatologist tells me to do but i just wanted to know :).

I've been using retin a and I took my kids swimming I used exuvience for my sunscreen and also wore sunglasses and a hat and also kept my face covered but when I got home I did feel some burning is there anything I can do or put on to ease the burn and how long should I wait or should I wait to reapply retin a.

Thank you so much! I am following your routine and getting more Retin A - I am 47 Y.O and really appreciate this! You are a goddess angel to share this with women, thank you so much. Heaven sent :) Beautiful inside and out :).

what would be a good product I can use with retinol(vit a) other than the Rx is there a serum or moisturizer! as u I have been researching and researchers for months to get a effective skin care regimen started its so overwhelming!!! have found same info as u so I don't feel so alone and video was great. any recommendations would be helpful thank you!.
I just started using renova at 0.02%. In your Day and night routine and auralux venom ,vibrant skin stem cellactiv, please tell me what you think.
Thank you for the skincare routine Angie. I appreciate your reviews. Also, I purchased the Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Serum & Cream (both were on sale...yay) and will give them a try when I finish what I'm currently using. I love your videos..
I've been using retin a for acne and blackheads mostly for about 4 months. I am at 3 times a week now. started out slow because of dry patches. I knows it the % thst the middle one is so it's not the 0.05. I forgot what it is as I'm not home now to read. I feel like it's not working at all. not helping with blackheads and I'm actually getting random blackheads here and there now and cystic pimples a few at a time where I can't even lay on my side of my face because it hurts so much. they're healed at the time but I'm wondering if I should stick it out or just give up on it since it's been 4 months and I don't see a change with the blackheads. Any thoughts.
In Europe where I live one tube in the pharmacy is 12 eur (aprox. 14 dollars). Tretinoin is really expensive if bought in USA by a person. xo, Janice.
I wish my mum was as vigilante as you. She doesn't do anything and its so upsetting seeing her going old and her beauty fading. I have tried buying her clinique serums and sunscreens but I dont have much money. Thank you for recommending certain ingredients like Retin A, this will help me greatly.. Angie can you tell me another comparable product to the olay regenerist serum and cream that is non animal tested that you have tried. Maybe a second runner up.. Hi Angie, Have you tried Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Toner This has no alcohol and is extremely gentle on sensitive skin. It has NEVER caused me any irritation, even when my skin is irritated! I also really LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Skin Recovery Cleanser. It's very gentle, has a creamy texture, but rinses completely clean with no residue. I've been using this cleanser for years and wouldn't be without it. .
+Michelle Kelly I only have used the newer formulation so I'm not a good judge lol, I do love it though. You know how great their return policy is so if you don't like it don't hesitate to send it back. Sorry I'm not more help :/.
+veronica justice Thanks! I did order a small bottle to try it. Hopefully, I will love it just as much. I also really love the Moisture Boost cleanser. I alternate the two. I use the S.R. cleanser at night and the Moisture Boost in the morning. It's sounds weird to say you love a product, but I really do LOVE Paula's Choice cleansers. It's one of the first products I ever tried, and that was 10 years ago!! I've been buying the cleansers ever since!! They really are that good!! She has a lot of great products! I am definitely a P.C. fan!! : ) .
10 bucks for, the name brand goes for well over 200. I pay over 100 for trentinoin. The U.S. Is a joke..
+Rita Gelischanow RETAVIT cream.025% 20grams is 34.63shekel, same amount in a gel is 16.47shekel. RETAVIT in a 0.05 strength gel is 36.30. LOCACID comes in a lotion 15ml for 15.29shekel and in a cream 30grams for 24.60shekel. You can also get AIROL which is 0.05% lotion 100ml for 43.75shekels. I usually don't get that one because I prefer the tubes. There is also RETIN A cream in 0.05% for 30grams at 25.58shekels. Now remember the prices I gave you are at the MOST that can be charged in the pharmacy (Israeli law prevents charging more then the government will allow) so the creams you get may be cheaper. Best for relatives to request TRETINOIN at whatever strength you would like and then their Kupat Holim will give them the brand that is in their Kupa. the US dollar isnt great against the Shekel right now about 3.9shekels for a US$ . Thank you Lea so much, I will send this information to my family, was pleaser to to meat you ! Rita. Woe, I come back to your channel and you look 10 years younger! Please, what did you start using recently Anything new . I'm a new subscriber and really enjoying your knowledgeable videos on skincare! I'm 34 and want to start taking care of my skin with anti-aging products, but I also have combination skin so hopefully these products won't make my oily T-zone any worse.. A lot of the products you're using gave parabens, you should be careful because they've been linked to cancer.. I have another tip for you. Everything I rub on my face I do so with latex gloves to minimize the friction between my hands and my skin. I feel the diffence and think I see it to because afterwards my face doesn't look too worked on. Maybe you can try it or ask your derm what she thinks about it. I think it really helps because access rubbing is not good for the elasticity of your skin.. ok you are 52! i'm sticking to your channel because i looked at you and had you at 35. well done!!!. Have you every purchase Serious Skincare items from HSN Such as the SSC Beauty Book VIII if so what was the results. Your skin must be dry Mine is very oily and I can't imagine putting so many creams on my face morning and night..
Ha ha ha "whoop whoop" you are funny! You make my day! I literally wake up and start watching your videos! .
Question, why do you use a different facial clenser and moisterizer in am/pm And, to clarify do you only use the timeless products in am (both the C and the 3000) You dont use that at pm as well Im trying to get this straight. Went out and got all the stuff then saw the video for pm and it is completely different I dont even know what a clarisonic is and dont care to get that. Is that really necessary.
Omg again you look so beautiful. Loving your makeup here. Also I think those cheek fillers look incredible. Just gorgeous!!.

Hi Angie! I bought the vitamin c that you use and then read that I shouldn't use it because of the vitamin e. Do you have an alternative for combination/oily skin.

I've watched both videos, and I also use CeraVe, although the cleanser for oily skin. I love that brand, especially since I'm allergic to fragrance. The Retin A has done an amazing job for your skin! I found the info on the witch hazel toner to be really interesting. I didn't realize that the problem was with the distillation, and always thought it was the witch hazel. Unfortunately, the ingredient list for the one you use contains grapefruit seed extract, and my sensitive skin can't handle that. Story of my life! I also read that the tannins inhibit blood flow to the skin, and they might do tests to see if it relieves varicose veins. Sign me up, lol..

Hi Angie, I love all your videos. I wanted to let you know that I found the Thayer's Cucumber Witch Hazel on Amazon for as little as $5.87 to 7.96. Thanks for all the research, time, and effort you put into keeping us informed on all the great beauty products for us mature women. Love and peace... :).
What a great, easy to follow routine, I really like the way you teach, and you also have quite a calming effect, better than a cup of chamomile tea. I have had problems with retinol on my neck, one time application will turn it red and excoriated that lasts many days. Several that I have tried does this, even though I put on plenty of moisturizers first, and even mixed it with moisturizers. I finally found a great retinol from serious skin care found on the home shopping network. It is nano encapsulated, meaning it is in microscopic particles in the solution, and it is time released. They also added retinyl palmitate a weaker cousin of retinol. All this makes for a retinol that is non irritating, I even put it under my eyes and on upper eyelids with no problem. I have extremely sensitive skin too! It is called Serious Skin Care A defiance A Force XR, time released nanoencapsulated retinol serum concentrate. There is glycerin and lecithin and a small amount of glycolic acid, green tea, but there are parabens at the end of the list. I bought the 0.5% retin-a from the site you put up and used your discount code! Thanks for that. I will start using it maybe tonight! and put that retinol on my neck. It never irritates my neck. I wish I could give you a discount code! If the 0.5 is too strong, would it do any good to go to 0.25% Maybe it will just help me get used to it. I used retin-a in my teens and twenties for acne only off and on because it was so irritating and made me uglier than ever. I am worried about all the flaking that will occur and how I am going to cover it with makeup. Did you have a lot of flaking when you used the retin-a at first How to deal with that I used to use scrubs, but they just brought up more flaking. Thank you for all of your time, Angie!.
I do a lot of the same steps...minus the retinol. I am slowly going to re incorporate it. I did start making my own vitamin C serum that I add vitamin E, and organic glycerin to. I make it anywhere from 15% to 20%. It feels the same on my skin as the Timeless I bought and used a full bottle of. I did like that, but this is more economical for me. I've heard when it oxidizes ( turns yellow) that it doesn't work anymore. I make a double recipe and it has never turned yellow yet before I use all up. I make a batch about every 3 or 4 weeks. I do keep mine in a dark bottle with a dropper and it is kept in my dark medicine cabinet. I too am using the Olay Reginerist Crème, but as soon as it is used up I'm moving on to something new. Still researching on that. I do have the Kirkland wipes, but I have been using them to spot clean my makeup brushes...I think I will try using them as you do before washing my face. Right now my favorite gentle face wash is the Olay crème cleanser. I'm on my second tube of it and it's gentle and leaves my skin moisturized and soft. No tightness, which I hate. It does seem like we do a lot for our skin...but the days of washing and drying are long behind us. And it makes such a difference in our maturing skin. :).
+Ann4U2000 It looks like we all come across the same lovely people... haha! I also saw Uppiesbeads' video on the Vitamin C & have tried making the serum myself, but the destilled water smelled SO bad that I couldn't stomach it. :( I made it twice and stopped. I don't know why it smelled bad, I bought it in the Pharmacy, so it should have been all right. The serum was also too sticky for me. I didn't like that either, however Gorgeously Green has some solution for that. She uses Aloe Vera instead of the Glycerin, - if I remember well. Check her channel too, she is also very knowledgeable. xxx.

Anti-Aging Regimen - Stemology Skincare

January 17, 2016
Stemology's complete anti-aging stem cell based facial regimen can give you younger looking skin with a natural glow. i1
Anti Aging Regimen -

January 21, 2016
A 03 value Neostrata skin active, an advanced, comprehensive anti-aging regimen, targets all the visible signs of aging with state of the art technologies. i2
TrueScience | LifeVantage US

January 23, 2016
Reverse the effects of time and improve texture with our most advanced anti-aging regimen. This regimen includes: Skin Enhancing Cleanser 10% - Use AM and PM i3
SkinCeuticals Anti-Aging Regimen - DermStore

January 14, 2016

Comments about this video:
i don't get why people hate the fact that it's so many steps and products. IT WORKS SO WHO CARES. . +Patricia Blomeley-Maddigan My skincare routine changes every now and then depending on climate and skin condition. I can try and do an updated skincare routine soon :). I really love your videos,I received maxelder argan cream and have used it for several days. As I was driving home I wondered why my skin felt tight. It was this cream! It's amazing! It also moisturizes effectively. I washed my face and could feel the cream still on my face. Highly recommend w...nyarganoil...c. +Jillian Sharpe Having a great experience with this cream so far and will continue to use it daily.... +Kristen Wong It actually came with the moisturizer. So Im not sure if u can get it separately...try amazon or ebay. I've read other comments where viewers aren't impressed with the amount of products used to clean your face. At one point i was indeed overwhelmed with the amount of products, but this year since being sick of on the west products I changed everything to Korean and Japanese products. I now use about 10 products, most of them are cheap - only a few are expensive. In all honesty I've been so happy with the results and even though 10 products may seem a lot and a waste of time for you - it was worth it to me. I now have better skin than before despite having a healthy balanced diet :). I'm using: 1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera Toner 2. Cure Natural Aqua Gel (once a week) 3. SK II Skin Treatment Essence 4. SK II Skin Lotion 5. Clean It Zero (once a day after work) 6. Ladykin Vanpir Dark (before bed) 7. Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch (use every alternate day before bed) 8. Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask (1-2 times a week before bed) 9. Innisfree Bija Trouble Spot Essence (for pimples every night before bed) 10. Too Cool for School Eye Contour Roll-on (every morning to get rid of dark circles under my eyes, and at night when I don't use the eye patch) At other times I don't use the Honey Mask but other masks so I mix it around. Best results for skincare is a healthy diet and drink lots of water...just be patient for the results to show however the products I listed may not suit your skin type to just do a bit of research before buying any of them. I hope that help :) .
That is ridiculous routine of skincare, way too long you would have to start taking it off at mid afternoon 😂😂.

Just for anyone that wants to save $..Got the regular size Luna for $20 on eBay. Enter key words electric sonic silicone facial cleansing brush.. It's made in China after all, it's is the exact same product but they can't advertise it as Foreo, but it is..
I really love your videos, they are always very informative. But I read some where that is better if you put just a little cream before you go to sleep, because the skin during the night is resting and breathing. .
Hi, thanks for sharing~! Btw, what did you use to keep your hair up on 0:03 It looks very convenient..
I have super oily acne prone skin; Mia probably has dry skin. I know if I follow these skin care steps my face would clog up and explode with pimples and zits. I have to find a good anti aging skincare routine suitable for oily acne prone skin. Because I have tried it all and the only regiment that keeps my face clear and neat is just makeup removal, foam cleanser, delicate exfoliation, moisturizing rice toner and snail slime gel. (Most products from Korea). If anyone has suggestions let me know! I've heard Korean serums are great and would like to incorporate one to my routine but I don't know which is suitable for oily skin.. You look lovely but too many steps and too many products for me. Please no more then three steps…..wash, tone, moisturize. . Can you share where to get the O HUI massager tool I can't seem to find it but it looks so sleek and handy!. and wake up 90 yrs old with all wrinkles...! now that would be a nightmare isn't it after all that painstaking procedures :). What is the background music in the beginning (around 1:00) It seems too familiar, from an Asian drama. I can't think of it at the moment and it's bothering me! >. you can ask any dermatologist, they don't understand why people use such a large number of products on their face it almost confuses your skin and Dosent know what to absorb or or soak in focuse on 1 astringent face wash eye cream and moisturizer I like to use the Neutrogena naturals face wash and moisturizer because together they work so well and I remeber using a different h with face wash with the moisturizer and it not working as well, I love your YouTube channel but this is too much!.
That's the asian skincare routine for you. It has worked for many people though - when I first got into asian skincare, I admit, I thought it was too much as well. Then I slowly build up my routine and products have been adding up. I have about 5-6 steps: double cleansing (cleansing oil/gentle cleansing foam), toner, serum, cream and the occasional mask/scrub once or twice a week. My skin as of right now is the best it has ever been. I almost only use asian skincare on my face though because I found a lot of lightweight products that add water-based moisture to my oily skin. My skincare routine used to be the same as yours + acne medication but nothing seemed to help. Thanks to years of bad skin I have some really visible acne scarring, but at least my breakouts are under control. I'm lucky I have a good routine now..

Are you kidding me 30000 products You need only to drink a lot of water, clean very good your face by make up and some rest in the night (8h) ! This is only a way to spend all your money in chemical rubbish and stop! Women, we don't need this! The age effect is sooooooo cool on us!.

I remember when you had 200 Subscribers and i subscribed your channel and now 200.000 Subscribers i am soo proud of you thank you for making these awesome Videos they are soo helpful I will support you forever Love you from Germany ❤️❤️.

with make up and without make up are different kind of beautiful. doesnt mean that with makeup she looks better or worse, its just different kind of beautiful.

I also wonder that too cause i THINK i saw her on a Chinese tv program talking about Hollywood celebrities in mandarin. It looked soooo much like her. x.X.
Omg I only remove my makeup, wash my face, and put argan oil on my face. I should probably start putting on other creams too bc I don't want wrinkles lol (wishful thinking). You could also use that rubber thing as a brush cleaner, just put some kind of mild soap on there and rub your brush over it :). PLEASE make more videos in Chinese! I study putonghua and I need to practice it! And as long as I watch YouTube videos in Chinese, I can trick myself into thinking that I'm not wasting my time on the internet, 'cause I'm actually studying! PLEEAAAAAASE do me this favour!. loooove chinese videos. it helps me improve my own chinese haha and it introduces me to make up names in chinese yay :D.
I challenge you to do the 3,5,15 challenge. Rules: -With in 5 days, using only 5 products, create 5 looks, each under 15 minutes. -you may not switch out products. so you can't one day say you want a lipstick, and switch out to a lip gloss. You have to us that exact lipstick again. -You can add other elements to make this harder, like add brushes as one of the products, or make each product under five dollars. -name or number each look so everyone can easily tell you their favourites! Good luck!.
Hey Mia! I really like this video. Well, I love all your videos but this one is unique because I've never heard/seen your videos in Mandarin before and your voice sounds really nice while speaking it! I wish I can speak it as fluently as you :) Please make more videos like this!.
Please do more videos in Mandarin! I love your videos even though I rarely use beauty products :) Can't wait for more videos .

you look so much prettier without make up :o you are very pretty with make up too, but without make up, you are truly stunning :o.

Do more video with chinese version. Love love xoxo... looking forward your anti acne video specially for oily congested skin. Tqtq. .
Does she have a job I've been subscribed for a long time since I've been watching youtube and her stuff never pops on my feed until her latest vid and now I'm binging lol...but that whole news looking anchor thing confused me... Is she a news anchor . good golly, I barely have enough energy to wash and moisturize at night, three to many products for me but I enjoyed watching..
Your Chinese is so good! I immigrated to the States when I was 5 and I've forgotten a lot of the language....
not linked to the video but I thought if you have not already it would help a lot of people if you mentioned that lots of dandruff shampoo's are designed so they work but once they have treated the dandruff you can't go back to other shampoos. This is because they put ingredients in the shampoo so that you have to keep buying the product or the dandruff will get much worse. . Very interesting. :) I always wondered how to get the make-up off, especially since so many products seem to be designed to stay on for a long time. 晚安好梦 :). If you do another English video, you should teach your viewers some words in the language you are using in this video. :-).
+Sarah Suo I think it would be neat if she taught perhaps one word per video, i.e. words such as "hello" or "skin care"..
I heard of a lot of anti ageing products, and i am looking for sometime, they are usually expensive, but i found a cream that delivers free trial, so i commanded one, and it works.. this is the one:, if you know some results, please tell me. it does works for me.
Mia.. you couldn't look old and ugly if you tried. None of those products can take credit for that. That's more to do with fine genetics and your sunny disposition shining through..

ANTI-AGING REGIMEN Level I - Germain Dermatology

January 22, 2016
Description This comprehensive regimen helps treat and prevent acne without over-drying, while anti-aging ingredients help reduce the appearance of early signs of... i5
Anti-Aging Minimal Skin Care Routine - WebMD

January 24, 2016
This regimen is specially customized to help moisturize and illuminate aging skin for those with combination skin. Designed by Mario Badescu Skin Care experts. i6
Green Anti-Aging Beauty Regimen - Sophie Uliano

January 27, 2016
Neck-Cessity Anti-Aging Treatment Neck And Decolletage Neck-Cessity Anti... Skin Active Comprehensive Antiaging Regimen Skin Active Comprehensive Antiaging... i7
Anti-Aging for Your Teens, 20s, and

January 15, 2016

Comments about this video:
Really informative video and it was really interesting to know what the green queen herself uses daily :) Quick question however, if l were to get just one product from Tata Harper, which one would you recommend thanks :).
I've only used Maxelder argan cream for a few days and I love it This cream makes the skin around my eyes look refreshed and smooth. It is not oily and it doesn't burn my eyes in any way unlike other creams that I've tried in the past. It also helps with my puffiness. I highly recommend this wrinkles cream w.…nyarganoil….c.

Dear Tata, what to use for very prone to breakouts, dehydrated and aging sensitive skin. Mostly products for breakouts dries out the skin :(.
+pupilori Hi there - I'd definitely recommend our Purifying Cleanser and our Resurfacing Mask for you. Both are formulated to fight breakouts without drying out the skin, which is a really important part of effectively fighting combination skin. A great way to try them out is to use our Tata Harper Try-Me Kit to make sure that your skin agrees with the formulas, but I think you'll find that the Purifying Cleanser and Resurfacing Mask gently but effectively reduce your breakouts while promoting balanced, hydrated skin. Thanks for asking!.
This was great. Thanks so much! The results I saw from just 2 days using maxelder argan cream ( i ordered from w...nyarganoil…c ) was nothing short of amazing! At my age, I thought I would have to give in to my skin’s insistence to crinkle & wrinkle. Not so! The crinkles are gone and wrinkles have greatly diminished.
i have been using those products for 6 months, right now I have much less acnes than before:-D I love these products! They are all natural and organic! .
This was great. Thanks so much! I follow this routine at night...but have been skimping in the morning. So I'm going to give it a try each morning and I can't wait to see the night routine video!.
+Tata Harper Skincare These are going to be fantastic! You absolutely glow from the inside out. I'm looking forward to the facial massage video! I'd like to see something that explains the difference between the beautifying facial oil and the replenishing nutrient complex. Thanks!!! .
+Jennifer Shaw Hi Jennifer! A while back, we wrote a Blog post that explains the difference between our two face oils pretty well; take a look, and let us know if this answers your question! Thanks :)
+Uzma Iqbal Hi Uzma - the best products in our line for teens (and oily/combination skin in general) is the Purifying Cleanser (, which is amazing for calming imbalances and controlling oil production; our Beautifying Face Oil ( as a lightweight moisturizer which also helps to balance oiliness, and our Resurfacing Mask, which is an amazing instant-glow treatment that also helps to decongest the skin, clearing up blackheads and reducing outbreaks with Willow Bark, a natural form of salicylic acid! ( Tata, do you use sunscreen in your daily regimen I live in the Southwest Desert and am always looking for mineral facial sunscreens that won't interfere with my skin care regimen/look good under makeup. Do you have any recommendations. +Sarah Cameron Hi Sarah! On sunny days, SPF is definitely part of Tata's regimen; we recommend Suntegrity and Coola Mineral sunscreens!. Hi! I have really oily skin, can you make a video for an oily skin regime Also I would like to know which sunscreen and foundation would you recommend Thanks!.
+Kaiser Gutiérrez Lutz Hi Kaiser! Sure, we'll put an Oily Skin regimen on our list. For starters, we'd recommend our Purifying Cleanser as an oil-balancing daily wash, our Resurfacing Mask for an oil-control Mask treatment, and our Rebuilding Moisturizer, which helps the skin maintain a matte finish all day..

+Katye Proctor Freelon Hi there! We'll be sharing Tata's night-time routine soon in a separate video... it's a little bit different, and includes steps like removing makeup and a deep moisture treatment for overnight. Stay tuned!.

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic: Anti-Aging 101: Where to Start?

January 19, 2016
Anti Aging Regimen. 25 likes. Anti aging regimen smooths, firms, corrects. Toss all of your beauty creams. Finally, something that works... i9
Anti-Aging Acne Starter Kit| Murad

January 26, 2016
Anti-Aging Regimen. Clinical Results. The Full Anti-Aging Regimen Consists of:... Concentrated anti-aging serum with retinol, phospholipids, and glycolipids. i10
Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen

January 28, 2016
SkinCeuticals Anti-Aging Regimen CONCERN: Loss of elasticity and density SOLUTION: Resveratrol B E, C E Ferulic, A.G.E. Interrupter. STEPS: 1. Resveratrol B E: Once... i11
The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine for the Money

January 18, 2016

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I know but like I said - Josie Maran is a brand I admire and trust. All of her oil comes from co-ops of Moroccan women who make a living from deriving her product :) .
I’ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. Great product!!. Thank you so much for this video!I’ve only been using maxelder argan cream for about a week, and my skin looks nice… I’m using it as a preventative measure for no wrinkles so I haven’t seen major results because I don’t have wrinkles yet… It doesn’t dry my skin out and there is no weird residue on my face the next morning. It’s a decent product. Highly recommend w..…nyarganoil….c.
So I used to be addicted to the Josie Maran Argan Oil. I recently purchased their limited edition one during a sale at Sephora and it made me break out really bad :( I don't know if it was the limited edition 'scent' or what! Makes me sad lol..

You should try the white packaging of the Glamglow. I am not a fan of the black on either but the white one works great at clearing out skin. Also the blue one I leave on overnight. .
There is no need to spend $50 to get a bottle of Josie Maran's argan oil. You can buy the same organic, pure, cold pressed oil at Wholefoods, or most other natural stores for less than $15. Josie Maran is disgustingly greedy, unfortunately.. I have to agree with the BM Cream Cleanser. I have a tube that I have had for at least 1 1/2 years, it is almost gone but you only need a tiny amount. It's great & a great value!.
Loved ur video it's amazing can u also make an video like what all to be use in day/night cream/Serum etc step by step 👍🏻.
Is she over 20 Then this is the exactly right time to use anti aging products! Prevent Prevent Prevent :). I have a Clarisonic but I only use it about once a week because it dries my skin out really fast! So I use my hands for cleansing.. I have that same oil! Now, I know what to do with it!! Your complexion is very clear! Thanks so much! Ms. M.
I'm 20 and I have dry skin. I hate that skincare for people under 30 is always supposed to be for acne prone oily skin..
I'm the same way about buying stuff from amazon and eBay - especially skincare! But recently I just switched from Josie maran Argan oil to's Glonatural 100% Argan oil and comes in the same dark colored eye dropper bottle (obv Josie's bottle is more quality) but the oil itself is the same! You should try it ! :) loved your video - thank you! . It's honestly almost never too young to start taking care of your skin. My mother told me at 11 "take care of your skin and stay out of the sun". I'm 63 now and can pass for late 40's. So take care of your skin ladies - I wish the technology was available 50 years ago that is out today - there are so many excellent options now and so much more research. There's options for all skin types so start early and you'll be thankful later!.
+Gypsy Laine If that's you in your picture then you definitely look young and fresh. I'm glad your skincare is working well for you. Although I would be careful about using anti-aging products at a young age, my cousin tried using anti aging creams and serums at 17 years old and it triggered a severe allergic reaction that caused her skin to produce severe cystic acne that she suffered from even though she's almost 40. She had to spend a lot of money on dermatological procedures to get of her hypertrophic and icepick scarring and hyperpigmentation from her years of cystic acne..
I can't find the firming eye cream anywhere... the only thing close is a firming eye treatment :/. The hydrating mask you can wear for ages! I always do! you can also use it as an overnight mask! :) xo.
Thank you for making this video! I am obsessed with skin care ;) I love that Josie Argan Oil it's does make such a big difference. Hope your having a great school week so far... Mine is loaded with tests :(.

Do you wear the argan oil by itself at night or under a night cream. I use the origins drink up over night mask every night because my skin is so dry. Would the oil work under it.
The green glam glow is for removing makeup not a mask, you apply it to your face when you have makeup on thats why it turns into an oil after and then you wash it all off.
Hmm, I don't think I would use it that way. Seems like a waste On the Sephora site it says to apply to clean dry skin..

Don't watch you ever before!! but your amazing! Love your happy voice and im happy about your bareminerals videos! Subscribeeeeee! 😜😃😅.
I bought the trial size set of the Bare Minerals Elixir line because of your suggestions and I am SO pleased with these products. They are so nourishing and work really great alongside my trusty Murad products. I have also bought so many other products because of your suggestions (Tarte BB Primer is one that I especially am loving right now), and am so happy with all of them! Thank you!. I want to go out and try all of these products now! Thanks for posting! Were you able to find that girls channel that you mentioned in this video . So many chemicals you're putting on your skin, scary! Try all natural skin care and you'll get even better benefits.. Great video on skincare. I just bought the Josie Moran Argan oil this past weekend and already see a difference in my skin. . Great suggestions! And it's never too young to start caring about your skin! I have my own skin care routine that I love and swear by (philosophy/Lush/Bare Minerals/L'Occitane), mostly because it's nice when your skin feels nice, but I always remember what my dermatology attendings have said- be a vampire and wear sunscreen every single day. Am still working on that one; I feel like the majority of the wrinkles I have now were from all those days jogging in the hot Texas sun saying, "I'll remember sunscreen tomorrow!" I mean, I know it's common sense, but it always bears repeating :).
I totally agree with you about splurging a little on skincare as I really do believe proactive action is better than reactive when it comes to anti-ageing! It also means that we don't have to wear as much makeup and can feel more confident in ourselves without having to pile on a lot of foundation & concealer! Great video as always Shelbey :) Much love xx.

I agree about the bare minerals skin products. I use the cleanser, eye and neck cream. I also use the Active Cell Renewal Night Serum and Pure Transformation Night Treatment. I am going to to the Mix It Cleanser too. Remember to use upwards motions on your face accept for your nose. It helps push up the skin. If I have eye makeup on I use olive oil. I learned a tip from Tati to coat your lashes in it to get off all the mascara so your lashes are totally cleaned off and the olive oil nourish your lashes. I also do use a tone. I just use Witch Hazel. I get it at Wal-mart in the Pharmacy section by the rubbing alcohol. It only cost a 1.44 and it works great. I do use Josie Maran oil cleanser in the morning. I have a lot of people guess my age as early to mid thirties and I am in my mid 40's. I do have good genes but the products help a lot. .
Loved your video! I also have dry skin and at 25 I can start seeing wrinkles on my eyes! I'm definitely trying some of the products you're recommending. Do you have any recommendation for undereye dark circles I've ALWAYS had undereye dark circles and feel so insecure without makeup - so going out without makeup is a no-no! I would love to see your recommendation!. Idk how you don't have more followers. I always look forward to your videos! Thanks for this off to slather on some Josie Maran Argon oil. :) . I follow glam glow on Twitter and they have mentioned that it's totally fine to wear the thirsty mud all night or all day! I think it was designed to wear before getting on a plane. I'm sure I read that somewhere lol. Shelby, I actually sleep with the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud about every third or fourth night. It's soooo good!! .
Yes, I've heard of several people doing that. I'n not sure I could though - I would feel weird haha picky problems.
Check the description box and I listed her value sets on QVC :) Sephora also has trial kits for her argan oils. Hi Shelbey! :) How do you use the Bare Minerals Mineral Elixir Cleansing Oil to remove mascara I am waiting for this cleanser which I have just order, however I do have another cleansing oil that is supposed to be very good as well. I have tried removing my eye make up with it, but I don't feel like I get it all away. And I get the oil into my eyes leaving me half way blind for half an hour :-P Thank you for many great tips!.
I just massage it gently into my lashes. It does leave a bit of oil residue in the base but it wipes off immediately with a towel!.

+Shelbey Ashburn Thank you so much! :) I am really excited about trying this product out - hopefully it will arrive soon! I hope bareminerals will launch more skin care products, that's always needed!.
Hi i wonder if u hv tried bobby brown soothing cleansing oil. I hv super dry skin that can turn to dry patches around my mouth and cheeks too. I found that bbrown soothing cleansing oil just melts away makeup n dirt without stripping moisture from my face. I tried boscia( the green label).. and bodyshop oil cleanser that amelia liana raved about... It dried my face like a hoo...i.have nvr tried bare mineral oil cleanser. Sounds wonderful. I am a huge fan of jose maran argan oil too. Sometimes i use it on its own..sometimes i mix a few drops with my moisturiser or body cream..heaven.... Maybe try a cleaning balm rather than oil if you don't get on with oils I personally love The Body Shops cleansing oil and have no probs with it. I follow with a cream cleanser though so maybe it is drying my skin out slightly but I don't notice Lol.
Emm hmm...guess i m gonna use the bodyshop on my body instead of face. I suspect it is the fragrance that may be harmful to our .
You should try Murad skin line there very good and its created by a incredible Dr ,I'm a certificate Aesthetician soo i got a lot of knowledge on skin and yes you should always be very concerned about your skin and aging just make sure you use the right one.You skin looks really good for what i can see in your videos..
I have tried Murad before but a lot of their anti-aging products contain glycolic acid, which my skin can only handle in VERY small amounts. Any recommendations from the brand that don't contain GA.
Try the Resurgence line and the glycolic the whe use in the products the we sell its minimum, we only used the most in our treatment room. Go to any of Massage Envy and get a facial, the will tell you which one it's right for you type of skin.I lived in Las Vegas NV if was closer to you i will give a facial and i could see under the mad light exactly what you need. But I'm pretty sure you will like our Resurgence line it's all about anti-aging and the toner it's wonderful to. .
Great recommendations; I have combination skin and I am all about the oils and heavy creams. Don't forget to apply a cream to your neck and décolleté as well! Never too late to delay the aging process. I wish I would have started when I was 22! :).

I also wanted to start anti aging skin care (I'm 22 !) but my dermatologist told me it was not a good idea since your skin is going to get used to it and the product will not be as effective when your skin will really need it at the age of 30, 40 or 50. .
Was she talking about retinol/retin-A Shelbey for the most part is just mentioning hydrating products. Hydration is obviously very important to reduce aging signs. I believe you can "overdose" on retin-A though to the point where it does more harm than good. I'm not a dermatologist but I've done some amateur googling trying to understand retinoids. Just do as much research as possible and get lots of opinions. Everyone's skin is different :).

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July 06, 2016. The 10 best anti-aging creams of 2014 - Chatelaine ( ing-creams/) anti aging regimen for 30s 2016 Online purchase comes with the assurance of direct delivery of original product.

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