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  • January 22, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Thx, great info Mernie! I highly recommend Maxelder argan cream … I use it twice a day and I love the way it makes my skin feel like it’s refreshed… I feel that it has helped my facial skin to stay younger looking … My mom even stated that she thinks I look younger than my twin sister. I was upset when. I’m sure if you try it you will like it!! you can find it at w..…nyarganoil.….c.
    If you really want to try excellent anti-aging skin care, then you should try Dr. Hauschka - it is super expensive but worth every penny. For example try the "firming mask" - I apply a very thin layer underneath my regular day cream and all the fine lines disappear. Thank God I don't have deep wrinkles yet. Plus it is not tested on animals like most other cosmetics..
    Oh my goodness your dog sitting in the chair is adorable, what is his/her name I was listening to you and looking at that cutie.. lol. I am guilty as charged on the Chanel front. I have used it for years, in fact I was trying to think of something else I've used and felt as good on my skin. I have tried the Olay products in hopes that I may save some money but I actually do see a difference when I don't use high end skin care. It could also been that I have both sensitive and dry skin. I suppose this isn't much help, but we all have our splurges. I find that skin care lasts a long time so it seems cost effective in the end. Lately I have started using some Estee Lauder for daytime and the ultra high end cream that was $300 or 350 is now around $75 as I think it didn't sell very well. It's the Revitalizing Supreme in the gold jar and it is wonderful. I don't own a LV bag yet though so as I said we all have our things, this comment was probably very unhelpful. Sorry=[.
    That was an interesting study. My retin A, sunscreen, and tarte maracuja oil are my favorite anti-aging products..
    Thx, great info! I'm always on the look for not that expensive eye & face serums, yea should have started in my 20's : ( Found to check out some that I haven't, keep them coming!!!. Thank you for the great information. I recently bought some Boots #7 after a recommendation from a friend. . Aw dog! Anyway my mom's fav anti aging cream is one called Monsia and it's apparently expensive but worth it. It's like a kit with cleanser, toner and night/day cream so you have this regime to follow. Just leaving it out there in case someones interested!. I have a question. I'm 23 years old and I've been looking at olay products for awhile. I have dry akin but not overly dry. I don't have wrinkles but I do need to start preventing them. Do you think the definity line would be good to use. i love to try more olay products and so as oiher brands as well. bt my problem is here in india, there r som limited products. or ty hv launched afew yet.i too hv dry skin. hope there will b mor in future. good job love ur vids..
    I also recommend that any woman over 35 try Reclaim by Victoria Principal, the starter kit is only 19.95. It's a whole skincare system with cleanser, eye serum, moisturizer, the most awesome products I have ever used on my skin. If you don't want to be a club member, just cancel the automatic membership and keep the starter system. .
    Sorry-I get my hair professionally colored and I don't have the formula. I know she uses Aveda color..
    2 VictoriasRoses Hi Becki! I'm glad this video was helpful. It's interesting that the really expensive brands aren't the only way to go for skin care. Sometimes they're great, but sometimes it's just a lot of hype. Thanks for still watching-you were one of my first 20 subscribers!.
    2 hhjjhh09 It's from Target (their brand) and every time I wear I get a rash. I've heard from a few people that they have the same problem. :(. Great video! I am also a firm believer in science and think that I will follow the list. Thanks again for your research!. I just want to tell you that you look absolutely beautiful with this hair style and don't change it.By the way,I love watching your videos:)All the best to you!!!. 2 haulsandreviews Personally, I think I like the Regenerist moisturizer better than the definity. I'll probably go back to it once I finish it up. I really like the one with SPF 50 for summer.. Hi Marnie! I am a new subbie; I found you through Nur and YOU ROCK! I saw the same article and sent it to my mom. I have been using the Boots N7 Beauty Serum and I like it. As for peels, I have had it 2 my estetician. At first I was scared too. But it made a difference in my skin. Before that, I had tried out the AVON ANEW CLINICAL glycolic peel pads. I like them and I still use them once in a while. Now not everybody shold get a glycolic peel. You should check with a professional first XOXO.
    Hi Marnie, Did you ever learn about other products that satisfy this need I wonder if any of the Neutrogena sunscreen and/or moisturizers would work. Thanks for all you do!.
    2 arethavillebrun Yay! I'm glad it's working for you, and I like getting the feedback from people with different skin types than mine. Glad it's working out for you..
    2 Palettagirl I love it too and always get so many compliments when I wear it. It's a really old Target brand shirt..

    Hello I am a new subbie!! I am so happy that I found your are so natural, beautiful and funny (in a good way) this video thank you for sharing Veronica.
    2 4evryoung58 I don't know exactly how much older you are than me, but even if it's just by a few years I'm interested in finding out how the products are working for you. Shiseido is a great company but way too pricey for me. Any other products that you really like.
    Dear MsGoldgirl, thank you so much for the tips. You have really helped me. This was the information I was looking for, and you being budget conscious was a big plus. Sometimes you are just doing what you think you should and you end up being a kind spirit on someone else's path; I would like you to know that your were that helpful to me. And I would also like to reciprocate. I think that if you look for "skin care routine for flawless... By kandee Johnson" (You Tube - another sweet girl) you m.
    This video was suggested to me even though I'm still in my teens and not in need of anti-aging products yet. I watched it nevertheless and thought it was very informative! You remind me of my stepmom - which is a huge compliment because she's beautiful and lovely. You're the same age, and you both still look like you're in your 20s! My dad is in his 40s and I think people think he's a cradle robber sometimes based on how she looks, haha. You two are proof that anti-aging products can work! : ). Running out to get these products, been looking at olay for quite some time. I think you are so pretty and your skin looks to be great. . this video was really helpful. I was wondering if you have any advice as to WHEN you should start using anti aging products. I have tried to look up other videos on this topic but there aren't many that are helpful.. Knowing you are female and a matte finish 'MIGHT' not be important, but it is very important to me. It is very, very hard to find a product that has a matte finish and is helpful to an aging face. I do have professional chemical peels every four weeks, and have never used any of the products you mentioned. However, if anyone/you can tell me if you know of a great moisturizer that leaves a matte finish on the face. I am male and cannot/will not wear make-up. Thanks,.
    I agree with Sunscreen, and be educated when it comes to anti aging products, many anti aging products actually put you on an endless cycle to needing them and actually dry your skin, they put tons of fillers like silicones and marketing hype..

    I hope u can help I have two white spots on my nose like where my sunglass cover what in the heck r they no matter what kind make up cover up I use they stand out hope u can help.
    2 MsGoldgirl thank you so much. In this case I will go to the store for find all that olay stuff especially the hydrating foaming, I am so curios to see how it works on me, cause now I am using La Mer cream at night but just make my face too oily. Thks for everything. Kiss and hugs, Oh by the way wich is your fav foundation ever (EL double wear or else). 2 sqlara You're not old-you're younger than me! Estee Lauder makes an excellent concealer that can also be used as foundation, so it's great for covering larger areas. It's called Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage and I LOVE it! I will be reviewing it soon in a video but in the meantime go check it out in person at an Estee Lauder counter. They'll even give you a free sample!.
    2 sweetdosage I'm pretty sure they tested it on humans, but for all the details I would read the article. It should be mentioned in there (I hope)..

    I'm sorry, I don't, but I'm sure there is a list of it somewhere on the internet. At least, I hope so, as I'd like to see the list again too!.
    2 veromiami Hi Veronica!! Thank you so much for subbing! I'm glad you're enjoying my videos! ~Marnie. 2 kumudvarghese I have very dry skin, and I love the Olay Regenerist Night Cream. It's in a little lavender jar. I put it all over my face and neck at night..
    If you have dry skin, some of the drugstore moisturizers use petroleum based moisturizers and then tend to actually dry the skin. I have found that Alba (at Walgreens and Walmart), carry a "Jasmine facial cream" that is REALLY moisturizing and makes the skin very soft. It is organic which is good. The only drawback is it has no sun screen, which I have to do separate under my makeup..

    2 TheLucyLil Thank you Lucy!! That is very sweet of you to say and I am very glad I helped you, even if it was in a small way..

    2 griff2020 That sounds like heaven in a box! What's in it that makes it so good Oh-thanks for subbing! :).
    2 bridgeyboo3 At Target-it's a bit pricier than regular drugstore stuff, but it's all very good quality..
    2 makeupveroefalso Absolutely Estee Lauder Double Wear. I love the coverage and I love the staying power..
    2 MacLovesMe Thank you! I have been using the Olay Definity and I love how hydrated my skin feels lately. Hope it works for you, too!.
    Hi... I use the pro x eye cream, and yes it is really really good, and not that expensive. Buying it on ebay is a way cheaper option, as it cuts the cost in half compared to purchasing in a store. Also the banana boat sunscreen for the body is good, and I use that also. just goes to prove that cheaper products can still do the job and not break the bank.

    I tried to go to the site you mentioned but it is no longer there. Do you happen to have this on your computer to print out. I would really like to read this. Thanks Karen.

    2 makeupveroefalso I went on the Olay website and yes, Olaz IS the same brand! YT disables links but it's. olaz. it. Check it out!.
    2 HollyRamblesOn Thanks-that's Bosley. He makes a few random appearances in most of my videos. He thinks this is his house and that he lets us live there. :). 2 TBSulkin Hey Trace-there really isn't a great way to make your lips look bigger. I have a few tricks in mind...outline your lips a TINY bit outside your natural lip line (not a lot, or you'll look like a hooker). Also, put a lighter color in the middle and a bit darker on the outside of your lips. You know, I should just make a video, that would be easier!.

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  • January 13, 2016

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  • January 17, 2016

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  • January 21, 2016
    Resvibrant is the latest anti-aging wrinkle cream to offer a free trial period for consumers to test the product before they decide to buy it. i11
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  • January 16, 2016

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  • January 24, 2016
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