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December 29, 2015

Comments about this video:

I know this is an older vlog but your haircolor here is AMAZING! My stylist always gets mine too warm. Do you know what color this is Thank you for keeping us updated with our skincare. Lots of Love.
thank you so much Brianna for sharing your tips, i learnt a lot from your skin care videos, but i do have a question... how is it ok to use the vit c serum in the day when i was always told to ONLY be used at night i don't know i'm confused. and one more question: after applying the retin-a on my skin can i apply a serum and then the moisturizer i'd be soooo thankful if you could answer my questions!!.
I finally was able to purchase the obagi clear and blender. Just received it yesterday. I also bought the Elta moisturizer and it is wonderful. I am having this balling up effect after I use my day moisturizer which is CeraVe. Why does it do that It's not dead skin but looks like that. Please help. it was doing that before I started the Obagi..

Thank you for this video Brianna ~ I also love Retin A ~ I used it as a teen for severe acne and now want it for fine lines and will be starting it again soon! Btw ~ I subbed please do the same to stay connected! #stayblessed :)).
I have really bad dark circles and bags under my eyes which i am so depressed about that I don't ever want to take off my sunglasses can you tell me what i can use to diminish or get rid of themDesperate in Maine.
+Sarah Morgan Revision teamine is made for very dark works and we carry it on ;)).
You are very thorough, thanks for all your videos. They are helping answer every question I have had about skin care, I'll try to use the advice you've been so kind to compile in all your videos.. I am 21 and very on top of my skin care. I mix up between using dermalogica and priori (aha range) in aus. I use a glycolic face mask once a week and always use night creams etc. For my age am I'm over doing it You mention using serums before moisturizing could you recommend anything I have combination dry skin and now that I am on top of my regime rarely breakout..
hi ive been useing obaji for over a year. ive had 2 deep blue peels carried out at the clinic also over the year. i have not got the results on around my eyes at all. having watched your videos i would like your help please. if you were in the uk i would have come over for a consultaion. but sadley you not in uk. if i send you some pic of my face.would you beable to help me please.ive got a blue peel on my face at morment wateing for that to peel of then i want to change products from obaji to something else..
Thank you for all of your great info. I'm 51 yrs old and would like to start using some of these awesome products. What few products would you suggest I start with since I can't afford them all at once. Thank you for answering me so quickly. I'm watching another one of your videos right now about layering skin care. :). What products do you recommend for women age 40 with extreme sensitive acne skin. Some sagging no wrinkles.. Hey! What do you recommend in a serum for under eye circles and or that purple/ blue hues Thank you for your time..
hello Bri! I'm 35 and just started taking my anti aging skin care routine seriously. Could you please make a video for total beginners. I really don't know where to start, what exactly to buy, where to go to get that retina..

+MsGalagramma I was thinking of doing a beginner video...I will try to squeeze that in real soon! And we sell the retin-a / tretinoin on my site at ;)).
+Brianna Stanko thank you! you have lots of info on your channel. If you do a video for beginners it'd be fantastic. I'm buying clarins, shiseido, el but probably a professional line will be a good switch.. Hey girl would love to know what colors you used from the Naked pallette I'm obsessed with your eye look!!! . Thanks for answering my question about lytera. My dermatologist just had me cycle off hydroquinone for a while and started me on lytera. I was not familiar with it.. Hi, Your videos very helpful for me!!!! How should I combine Retin A and Obagi moisturizer Thank you so much!. Brianna I really love u, everytime U talk about skincare I stop everything I do to listen, I started using obagi again after u talked about it. Thank u very much for ur time with us and for everything u tought us to do. .
A video on Retinoids please. I would like to know how to use them and what is the best quality one over the counter Thanks! :).
Hi Brianna, I'm going to be purchasing, from PremierLook, the Obagi Clear, the Tretinoin-0.025%, and the Vitamin C-25%, but I have to wait until the end of the month. I'm hoping that some day you will offer Paypal as a form of payment. I love your channel and I think you are gorgeous! Thank you!!!. I just found your channel. I have sensitive skin and rosacea. Will these products work on my skin without making me feel like its on fire .
Thanks so much! I didn't know neocutis has a new body lotion. I will give either one a try. Have a wonderful weekend! .
I love your videos about skincare, one of my obsessions. Could you answer a skincare Q. about my daughter skin She is 13 and is getting blackheads all over her nose,what should we do a little worried about her! . Hey Brianna! I have oily skin. Lately, my skin has been very dehydrated! What are some good products you recommend. You look so beyond beautiful in this video!! Your skin is perfect. Such great information as usual. Thanks for sharing the information with us. Love you! xo Nadine. Ok~Thanks Brianna, I sent you an email and look forward to hearing from you, I know you're busy with work, UTube', family etc. Appreciate your time and advice! . HI brianna one last question can one use BLENDER #5 by itself on one face or do you have to mix it with other products.
what would you recommend after using refissa do i need a moisturizer after applying refissa whats the lowest i should start with brianna thank you .

Great video!!! What strength should I start with Refissa I'm using Paula Choice Resist retinol serum. Can you please do a review on the new Foundation Estée Lauder... Love your videos!!! Xoxoxo 😄👍.

Can you help me Im 36 and I have oily skin. My forehead is normal maybe dry but around my nose, cheeks and chin are all oily. I hate my pores and my skin here lately looks so lifeless and dull. I just used the last bit of my moisturizer and toner. So now would be the perfect time for me to try something new. I have never done serums, due to being unsure of which one to use. I have had cystic acne for well over 10 years but for the past year the cystic acne disappeared, now I only break out around that time of month. Is there anything that you would recommend for me to try.

Can you help me Im 36 and I have oily skin. My forehead is normal maybe dry but around my nose, cheeks and chin are all oily. I hate my pores and my skin here lately looks so lifeless and dull. I just used the last bit of my moisturizer and toner. So now would be the perfect time for me to try something new. I have never done serums, due to being unsure of which one to use. I have had cystic acne for well over 10 years but for the past year the cystic acne disappeared, now I only break out around that time of month. Is there anything that you would recommend for me to try.
Question, how old are you I like taking advise but like to see how much younger you look from your actual age. I don't want to guess!! Thanks .
Hello I'm 23, I'm starting to notice fine lines around my eyes I also have really bad dark circles. I want to start taking care of my skin, not just my under eyes. what would you recommend for a beginner. I tried so many different products of course from stores, but I feel like they don't really help they just make my skin worse. Please let me know what to do and thank you!.
+Muna Orra Thank you! I link everything I am wearing in each video in the description box ;) XO Bri.
I love the skincare but I can't stop looking at your whole look:hair, makeup, necklace, shirt, you have it going on today! Xoxo.

Hi there Miss Brianna, I purchased the obagi retina 0.05%, and I am up to 2 nights a week, but I add a few drops of antioxidant serum to it, then put it on. After, I apply a few serums that have good things like niacinamide, and peptides, and then after that, a moisturizer. So far no irritation. BUT, am I reducing the effectiveness of the retin-a by doing this Adding all these other things in layers to my face when using retin-a Also, You said we should not use alpha hydroxy acids when using retin-a, but you also said that you do. I want to, because I have a bunch of glycolic acid serums, and pads, and I don't know what to do with them all! I am dying to put them on my skin. What is the best method of application while using retin-a You said you use your glycolic lotion 2 to 3 times a week. Is that at the same day as you use your retin-a I really would love to hear from you on these questions. Thank you, from another subscriber that needs your expertise!.

Bri, you are a great "right to the point" teacher and your videos are fun and easy to watch! I am very thankful for all that you do to help us. Thanks a bunch for taking time out of your busy day to answer my questions! This is really going to help me, as I have not been waiting to let the retin-a do it's work. Have a wonderful week Miss Brianna!.

Great great video!!!! With so many products out it's sometimes hard to know what to put on our faces. Surprisingly I use them all except#6. So of to the internet I must go! .
What a fantastic video so we all get to have beautiful skin like you!!! Really love your hair in this video Brianna!!! 😍😍😍 Sissi .
Hi there! I had a few questions.. When is it best to use the glycolic cleanser, the vitamin c serum and the retin-a products By this I mean, in the morning or at night And in what combination and how often Thank you !!.
+Luisa Gonzalez Hi! Gycolics cleanser in the morning, never glycolics and retin-a at the same time. Vitamin c in the morning too :).
Hi Brianna : quick question since I LOVE and have purchased products from you!!! Just read some stuff on Perricone MD SubD neck firming cream ! (Also saw a TV ad). Do you recommend this ! Can you recommend something specifically for the neck areathanks! Elle DFW.
Hi Linda, just got your email too and replied but I HIGHLY recommend the Revision Nectifirm for the neck is SO good and it works unlike anything I have seen. People go crazy for it! I would fur sure suggest that for you for the anti aging and firming of the neck :)) Have a great weekend! XO Bri. +Brianna Stanko I have to say I am actually seeing results with Nectifirm. My crepey neck is definitely improving after a little over w week..
Great info! I don't switch it up like I should I heard about your skin can get used to a product. Thanks!.
You look pretty on all of your videos, you do a great job with makeup and eyes :). Love your necklace, who is it by . Hi Brianna, I started using Retin a 0.50, I didnt't have any major irritation. I was using it every night for 10 days and then I found some reviews from people that it destroyed their skin, that it caused enlarged pores allover their face, even on there chicks. So, I'm confused now, I stoped using it. Can it really enlarge the pores Should I continue using it Than you.. I have never seen or heard of that happening and I have literally seen hundreds of people that use I wouldnt stop ;)) XO Bri. +Brianna Stanko Thank you for your answer! I really enjoy your videos and you are a beauiful woman with good energy :).

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December 20, 2015
Top Six Cruelty-Free Anti-Aging Creams. Posted by Guest... You should look for a sunscreen that has a SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or higher. The following. i1
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December 26, 2015
When it comes to African-American skin and aging, the old adage "Black... Here, we've rounded up our top fifteen favorite anti-aging products on shelves today. i2
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December 28, 2015

Comments about this video:
...Helloo..I loved Maxelder argan cream! Very gentle,, doesn 't have annoying smell. None of my wrinkles had disappeared of course, but overall it's a great night moisturizer. You can find it in w…nyarganoil ….c.. Hey why dont you do a video on a moisturiser you do like and would recommend, so maybe us old ladys/ mums could try lol. . Hi, it was nice your sister was back on your channel but the only downside i will say is, first what does an old lady/ mum smell like, im not old but i am a mum and trust me i dont smell like a moisturiser. The second thing is you talk about the cream and all its benefits, such as anti wrinkle, later on you will proberly see the benefits, and plumping skin, then at the end of your video you say this moisturiser is not your thing tho, very confusing video, mix feeling. .

Puristics Totally Ageless Daily Anti-Aging Lotion SPF 15, 1.7 fl oz.

December 24, 2015
With Pro-Retinol from nature, this daily moisturizer works in the core of each wrinkle to plump, fill and smooth even pronounced. i5
Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Moisturizer SPF 15 - Garnier

December 21, 2015
Anti-Wrinkles Revitalift Age Protection Day Lotion SPF 30... Hydration Hydrafresh Hydrafresh Moisturizer Normal to Dry Skin SPF 15. i6
Facial Skin Care: Anti Aging Creams & Cleansers | L'Oreal Paris

December 30, 2015
Powerful anti-aging cream for the delicate skin around the eyes. Let Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 shield your most vulnerable skin with eye-specific sun care. i7
La Prairie Anti-Aging Eye Cream Suncreen SPF 15, 15 mL

December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:

any way to add a comment underneath the video that lists when you use each product (a.m. or p..m.) & how frequently there are so msny skin care products it can be overwhelming to determine what to do first..
I also use Retin. Can't live without it but if you're considering getting pregnant don't use it..
+Ana Luiza Clinician Complex is not available in my country. It seems interesting but if it is cosmetic I don't believe in in it..

Brianna, Thank you for this awesome video... I ordered the ,Clinicians Complex Tissue Growth Factor 30ML... And I LOVE it! It's so luscious and feels amazing on my skin. I'm planning on ordering the clinicians Complex hypotonic serum too. Thanks for all the awesome videos you offer. Love the segments with your sister. Toni P.s. Hautelook is my favorite shopping site too! The best app on my phone. Lol.

thank you so much I am taking all of your recommendations im 27 and now researching how to balance my skin scare after years of wearing makeup I need some of these products in my life asap.

Hope you can really answer this.!!!!How long does it take to see results using retin-A at night once a week .
Hi! I started using retin a, almost a month ago. I have normal skin type, but now my skin is super oily. Should I change to a gel base instead of cream . Will Retin - A help with forehead lines and deep crows feet I have Lyme disease and don't think my doctor would approve of any kind of injections as Botox has aggravated the illness in many Lyme patients. Thanks, Elaine.
Hi Brianna, Love your videos, thank you for sharing!! Does the Obagi Tretinoin/Retin-A help with broken capillaries :o).
Hello Brianna! You are magnificent. You are my skin care mentor! I appreciate all you teach us! What is your skin care regime for AM and PM How do you recommend using these products in regime on daily basis Could you do a video on this.
+Christine Frandrup Awe thank you! I have many skincare routine videos if you scroll through my videos ;)) Big hugs! XO.
Also these products are backed by science growth hormones send the message to our cells to repair and regenerate...
Can you use all this at once Like do you put them all on at night or rotate these products I am so going to try these I'm 48 and I really need to start using some good products thanks!.

+SheRam Yes you rotate them...serums before moisturizer. Alternating days...they are wonderful ;) XOXO.
Can I asked you something about this product How long that your skin looks different and have better skin What're the product help your skinand How'swork I really want to know. Thank you.. hi, i'm 25 and under my eyes i have dark circles. under my eyes were the dark circle appear, were the skin is sensitive, it looks like for the last 2 years i have lost that tissue that makes it look fuller and healthy and now it looks more drained and unhealthy. what can i use to rebuilt that tissue that i've lost . Start taking collagen internally. As well as Vitamin C. Use an eye cream with collagen and peptides.. Hi Brianna, I recently purchased Obagi Retin-A 0.05% cream from your website. Will I get the same benefit if I mix Retin-A with my moisturizer and apply it after my serum Or should I use it directly on my dry skin to get the benefit and take my chance with possible skin irritation Your expert advice will be greatly appreciated..
To get the retinA I need a prescription Or can I just buy it from your links You said we wanted to get it from a Dr....

Hi Brianna just love you and all the infor you bring us here on you tube! Please don't ever stop making videos ! Quick I never used a retinol or retinA product before ! Honestly I don't used much of anything and I know I should ! I'm 52 yrs old ! I just now bought a vitamin c serum!!! From skin medica ! Where do I start ! Should I first buy something over the counter and slowly ease my way into some kind of retinol or should, I just buy the 0.25% least amount of retin A from obagi ! So confused HELP LOL .

I have a question, is it possible you could take the hyaluronic acid, vitamin C with ester and your favorite face cream add those three products together and wouldn't it work together or does it have to measured out correctly, to be beneficial to the skin .
Question, I'm a guy and of color, medium to lighter brown complexion with a bit of hyper-pigmentation especially on the side of my face, would the "Obagi Tretinoin" be of help in my case and do you recommend any other products that may be of help as well. Hi Brianna fantastic video. I hope you could make some recommendations for me please I am 34 years normal/combo skin. I am just thinking about looking after first signs of aging now. Want to try refissa perhaps.ore worryingly due to a big amount of Weight loss I am struggling with a bit of loose skin on my neck giving me the look slightly of a saggy chin. Sounds worse than it is I promise! But being quite conscience of it, is there anything you could recommend Thanks doll xxx.
Hi Beautiful !! I meet Dr Obagi when I was in my early 20ths at he's Chula Vista California office my older cousin used to work for him, So I star using he's creams, I was so young !! I remember he give me, Accutene whoww my face turn so beautiful, So now he is very expensive for me, And I used Dr. Nowak creams, but they also selling Skin Medica, but TNS Essential Serum I star used for the last 2 week and I got pimples..Ohh Noooo I don't know what to do I 'm so clean, my face look's ugly now What should I do Please help me !!!.
How do you use them all together First layer, second layer, etc. Are there any you shouldn't mix together And what about the eyes Are all of them safe to use around the eyes . Hello Brianna- I am new to your videos and I only wish I would have found you sooner! I have spent so much money and I feel like I am only getting older looking!! (I am 39) I recently finally sought after the help of a dermatologist. It seems like I got one thing right because he put me on the Tretinion cream. (low dose) but he also put me on DCL glycolic cream and that was it None of the other stuff you mentioned. My question is 1) do you think the glycolic cream is good to add to the routine you have here. If so, where would you add it At night After Tretinoin cream Before Tissue growth factor cream It seems like I am missing a tissue growth cream and also a Hyaluronic cream Also last question, have you ever considered doing a "budget skincare video" or are there no good ones out there thanks so much for your response!!.
Hi Brianna, I have tried SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum and loved it, but its pricey. How is Clinicians Complex Tissue Growth Factor in comparison Thanks!!!.

+Krista Krom Hi Krista! Its very good but not as potent as the Tns serum. Have you tried the Neocutis Bio Serum Its a little less then the TNS and still very potent as well ;).
my skin is very sentive would this work for me I'm 63 years old & trying to mantain what i have what are the 2 best i can start with that work well together and by the way the info you give was amazing. + Briana Stanko can i use the retina cream, i have very dry senditive skin plz let me know. Thankyou.. +Anusis Aman You can. We carry one called Renova, its the lowest strength and made for sensitive skin and if you start slow like one night a week you should be fine ;)) XOXO. I have prescription Retin-A in a tube from a dermatologist... should I get the Obagi instead I am 21 but concerned about aging and moisturizing since I have dry skin except in the T zone. I actually use the cheapy Pond's cream as my day cream since it's super thick, combined with Neutragena SPF 50 in the morning. Is this okay to do or should I get a different moisturizer that combines the SPF Also, I do the same thing at night except applying the Retin-A and no SPF.... Brianna, I just discovered your youtube channel and think you have amazing looking skin and was overwhelmed with the amount of products you use. You look great though. So, your website sells all these prescription facial products...I was just wondering how are we able to purchase your products without a prescription . Thank you so much for your fast response! So informative and your skin is beautiful.. You are! Can I use the renova on my neck, also I will be going to your site for the renova:))). Thank you!!!. Hi Brianna. I am so thankful for your video. My concern, as is others, is very dark circles, some dryness & irritation around my eyes. Could you please recommend a eye product I'm 43 and African American, so fortunately my skin is soft and supple with only one wrinkle on my forehead and very little large pores around my cheeks 😂😂... Thank god for that. And thanks for this great video. . +sensleep Thank you! I would use the Neocutis Lumiere RICHE eye cream. It made for very dry under eyes and will help fade dark circles with continued use as well ;)). I just received a tube of Refissa and I love it! I have only been using it for a few days and I see such an amazing difference..
Between the NEOCUTIS Hyalis 1% Hyaluronate Refining Serum and the pure marine collagen which one would be better .

Hmmmmm that's a hard one cause they both do pretty much similar things so it's up to you. I have used both and both are amazing :)).

Hi Brianna I got the clinicians complex Tissue Growth Factor. I have been using Retin A 0.1% for over 25 years, but am using the growth Factor every other night, I think is too soon to see results, bu OMG what a cream, or is it a cream a gel a cloud, the texture is incredible and a have had mi encounter with La Prairie and la Mer and other expensives products but never any thing like this.I am in love with this cream..Thank you!!!!!!.
Brianna, I've just discovered your channel and am enjoying a total marathon. Ok, I am really trying to take excellent care of my neck. I've started to see some aging and am not happy. I have the Nectifirm and love it. I swear I am seeing a difference. Can retin a be used on the neck or should it be I have received a script from my MD for Retin - a micro.. I've not started yet and am concerned about sensitivity because I have red hair and fair skin. Is there benefit to just using retin a even twice a week Thank you! Love your channel:) . +Bonnie W Hi Bonnie and thank you so much!! Yes there is for sure a benefit to using retin-a even twice a week! Also, with you being sensitive you should be using the renova. It is on my site, Its a retin-a made specifically for more sensitive skin and you start out with one night a week. Do that for 4 weeks and then go to 2 nights a week and so forth like that ;) But for sure look into the Renova ;)) XOXO Bri. Thank you!! Always serums before creams. And like the retin-a that is just at night and only like 2 nights a week to start. So you pretty much use most of these day or night with the retin-a JUST at night ;)) XO Bri.
Thank you for your quick response. Would the Neocutis Bio Cream RICHE the only item you would recommend.

+Liza Conway Sure :) I would say that and the Neocutis Hyalis for sure! You would want to use the Neocutis Hyalis first then put the Neocutis Bio Cream Riche on top ;)).
Hi Brianna, I just watched your video and love your recommendations. I just wanted to ask, I am using a prescription strength bleaching cream (due to sun spots) and am over 40. I have naturally dry skin and with the bleaching cream/tretinoin use my skin is super dry. Will these products work well given my dryness. +Liza Conway Hi Liza, yes they will! The Neocutis Bio Cream RICHE is amazing for super dry skin, I would recommend that for you over just the regular Bio Cream but yes these all are hydrating ;)). Hi Brianna is Gloria againg please explain to me the difference between Skin Medica TNS essential serum and clinicials complex tissue Growth Factor witch I already order. Should both be used Thanks a lots, by the way your skin looks great!!.
Hi Gloria, ok well the Skinmedica is a much stronger! It is a serum and serums will get deeper into the skin then anything else, so the skinmedica will absorb deeper in the skin then you can use the tissue growth factor on top of that :)) XOXO.

Yes all the time. I sell it on my site premier look. It's one of our top selling's amazing stuff.
+Brianna Stanko Fantastic! I'll look for it on your site. Thanks so much! :) .

Glycolic Acid Anti-Aging Face Cream 15% | Dermatologist Dr...

December 19, 2015
Extra-Comfort Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 15: Clarins' anti-aging foundation moisturizes and deeply nourishes skin with organic Argan oil and an. i9
Extra-Comfort Anti-Aging Foundation SPF 15, Liquid and Cream...

December 25, 2015
Aug 28, 2012... I was thinking of using Neutrogena Health Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream, SPF 15... So if you have an SPF of 15 and you use half of what you should. i10
At What Age Should I Use Anti-Aging Products? - FutureDerm

December 23, 2015
Apr 22, 2011... Start a prevention regimen in your twenties or early thirties. Here, we've rounded up our top fifteen favorite anti-aging products on shelves today. i11
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January 1, 2016

Comments about this video:

+Andrea Pangburn I had never heard of Paula's Choice until they reached out to me either and I simply shared the products that I kept using after trying everything they sent me. I think you should always question any recommendation and take them for what they are. What works for one person may not work for another and you should never blindly trust anyone's recommendation. Take what I said and what you read or hear elsewhere and apply it to what works for you :).

+Fien Louise Makeup (Fien Lousberg) I emailed them about that and they said it's only US :( Sowy, I had no idea..
Been using maxelder argan cream for a few months and will continue to use. I LOVE it. Smells OK (as in doesn't have a smell), and does help wrinkles over time. It also helps reduce my redness. Skin feels nice and soft. I happen to have really sensitive skin and this has never irritated it. Lastly, I swear this has helped with my hormonal adult acne, as it seems to calm my skin. Try it you will see difference w.…nyarganoil….c. +debbiedelight7 Thank you! I believe the products and lot of water have been a huge factor in what it is today :). Paula's Choice has ALOT of cancer causing ingredients-go read their ingredients on each of their products. There are so many PEG's and even butylene glycol-all are no-no's. Be careful with what you put on your face. You may think this brand is good, but in the long run these ingredients will harm you. I looked into their brand long ago and decided against due to the ingredients they use. I will stick to Skinceuticals ferulic-C and refissa. I recommend you do the same ;-).
+Lisaisaduck Its cool. I understand. They have to tell you any time a state or something thinks something..
It does help to be proactive I've been proactive since late 20's I'm 33 and I've still haven't gotten any wrinkles. Knocking on wood!! 😘. Flawless Liz, great video. I have some great products I use, but have heard great things about Paula's Choice for quite some years now. I am looking for a really good cleanser and toner. Will check out their site. Thank you again gorgeous! ♥. +Moira Stride You'll have to let me know what you decide on! I recommend the toner for sure! It's amazing!. would you say you noticed any improvements after starting these productsi ask because your skin has always looked great. so I just to know if they brought anything new to your skins appearance thanks. Hi Liz, I got to use the moisturizer with retinal in it, last night and this morning I had new skin. Thank you.😊.
This is great information. I have dry skin as well and it gets tough in the winter. I might have to try Paula's choice. Thanks for sharing!.
I loved this video, you were very thorough. But I'm still stuck on the fact that you are 29! Although that is not old I would of seriously thought 20 or maaaaaybe 21!!! #skingoals.
This video is so helpful my skin becomes very dry in winters will try to get it I am not sure whether they will deliver in India or not I can c on the website thnx Liz u r sooooo adorable loads of love and hugs to u muaaaaaahhhhh.

Very informative video, we need to take care of our skin at all age...that lipstick looks fabulous on you, what color is it... also, the white shoes with the sliver toe in your last video, what's the 411 on them. I really love them. Besos....
Just ordered the Resist Intensive Repair Cream! I really hope it does wonders to my extremely dry and sometimes flaky skin :).
Thx for the tips girl!!!! You face always looks flawless and will look into this. I need a new nighttime routine.

2 MissLizHeart Your skin is looking amazing! I have not heard of this company, but I love how you tried it for a while before sharing. I am right there with you on the anti-aging routine. I turned 31 recently and I am always trying to find products my skin likes. If you have any fine lines, do you see a difference after using the retinol xoxo Vanessa...Your Ecuadorian snapchat buddy! ;).

Great video 💕 Your make up Look and your hair is so pretty 😍 Do you know if this products are available in Germany or do they ship to Germany ( sorry for my bad English 😂😑) Can you make a video how to applie fake lashes .

Love this skin care routine,really helps me because my skin is getting dry specially during winter time.Thanks missLiz for sharing. Love you. 😊😉👍🏻❤️.

Please be careful using retinol on your eyes. Retinol thins out your skin because it is a chemical exfoliant and the skin around your eyes is very thin already, it does not need any extra thinning..
Thanks for sharing your reviews. I started trying Paula's Choice this year as well. Some products have been hit or miss for me. I do love the products they have for those of us with body acne. I'm still trying to find ones suitable for my skin. Might try them again after I finish up my Mario Badescu products..
Thanks for sharing! :) I'm not sure if you've mentioned this before but what sunscreen do you usually use.

+xoBeautyJunkie I use any sunscreen that I get from The Sephora 100mpoint perks lol I don't really ave a favorite yet..
I get so excited every time you post a new video! You have beautiful skin. 29 has never looked better because honestly you look 23. 💖💖💖. +Vanessa T Thanks girl, honestly this is he best my skin has ever looked! My only regret is not starting to use a moisturizer sooner!.
+Molly Mae Beauty Best compliment ever! I've worked hard to keep it bright and youthful, thank You :).
+Iman Mohamed I always incorporate reviews on the products I use in my videos it helps people understand why i use them and why I love them. When I watch routine videos I don't really find them helpful if people don't explain why they love them. Hope that makes sense! :D. +qa for the past year I was using SK11, I am now using the Estée Lauder night repair combined with the Cream that contains retinol in it. Retinol helps with fine lines :).
Your still a baby, you have gorgeous skin!! Your smart being proactive about your skin it's better to prevent than trying to fix!! 😘.

+Sweetpea That is exactly my feelings! I'm terrified of needles so I'm hoping to avoid things like botox when I'm older :D.
Great video as always Liz!!! I really want to try this brand out. I have acne prone skin and can't seem to find something to help... :(.
+Celeste Carlon Try doing the live chat with them(it's free of cost) and they can guide you in showing you were to start :).

Okay, this is crazy. This morning (12h ago) I woke up and had a mail whit a Christmas calendar and they have 25% off of Paula's choice today. I'm in need of a few new products since I've been starting to notice fine lines over my face. All day it's been in the back of my head to try to find something about the products and now when I opened YouTube this was the first I saw listed under the channels I follow 😂 Just had to tell you because it made me smile because it was the EXACT thing I was looking for!.

+alexandramerlina Hahah that's what I call Serendipity! Thank Did you decided what you want tot try! Try their live chat or their phone consultation so they can recommend things specifically of you!.
You did such an awesome job explaining things in this video!! :) I really want to try Paula's Choice... And girl, you look like you're 21!. I normally go with my gut on things and Liz my gut is saying, "no" to these products. I don't know why but I wouldn't use them. Just a really strong feeling. Sorry.. Okay. I am a Christian and by the Spirit I'm just hearing that overtime this regimen will increase aging and do more damage than good. Some things are only revealed through time and maybe they haven't experimented on the long term affects. It's not to say that they'll develop a better formula but, maybe they should test it longer. Remember Halle Berry in Catwoman and Sharon Stone made those cosmetics that messed up people's faces after long term use. LOL. It's not funny but that's the best example I could think of...just like the other tuber are way too pretty naturally to have a product dry you out in the end or cause wrinkles and stuff. Sometimes Mother Nature and the old fashion stuff is the best (tried and true)stuff. Whew! Sorry, that was really long.. +Debra Kimberly LOL I loved that example! Thank you for taking the time to explain everything. I've yet to find anything that keeps my skin hydrated that is all natural but I am open to recommendations, always :D.
Do you prefer these products over the Chanel and SK-II products you've shown in your previous videos.

+MissLizHeart Thanks!!! 😊 You've always had great skin, but I've seen such a huge difference since the last time I saw one of your videos a few months ago. It has a natural glow to it. Thanks for making awesome videos!.

+Yaneisi Iglesias Thank you!! I honestly this it's the effect of the vitamin C! I'm getting it for everyone in my family LOL.
+Pramila Thakuri I'm glad to hear that! Intense hydration is the key to diminishing fine lines :):.
How crazy watching this coz after the last video of you that I watch I was thinking to ask you about making a skincare routine but I check that you just have 4 months ago so I was thinking your not gonna do it right now so I am so happy to see this I've heard allot about Paula's choice and how good the product is. You have a beautiful skin Liz ❤️😘👍😱.
+Joselyn Scoggins Thanks hun! It's require a lot of extra care! You might've noticed in my last video that I was very close to running out of everything so since it was time to replenish everything I decided to try all new products. I stand behind the products I'm currently using 100% :D. +Marsha Balderrama I can't wait to hear your thoughts! Remember to use sunscreen in the day time, your skin will be extremely sensitive while your face adjust to the retinol :). Paulas Choice are the worse product I have ever tried they gave me acné and peel my face even the cleansers! they say are the same as expensive brands (even better) but I have never had such a terrible experience with a product like with their products they wanted me to give a store credit but I had to refuse I was so scared!. +Maggie Lee Hi hun, I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience. Everyone's skin will react differently to certain products. It's important to always do a patch test :). +Symphony Taylor I agree with +AyoHoneydipp Sunscreen is the way to go at your age along with a moisturizer and lip balm :). Great video, I just started using retinol and got a lot of dryness around my nose area so I stopped using it. But I'll give it another try now that I know I have to build up my tolerance for it..
Thank you! I learned the hard way! I was using refissa and my entire face dried up. I jumped into it too quickly so this one is helping me build up the tolerance. Give it a week and try using it only at night for the first few days 👌🏽.

Resist Anti-Aging Collection - Paula's Choice

December 18, 2015
Neutrogena Healthy Skin(R) Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF 15 is a daily moisturizing cream clinically proven to start to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and . i13
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream, SPF 15, 1.4 Ounce

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November 14, 2015

Comments about this video:
Странно ну почему ты думаешь что какой либо крем должен всем нравится подходить или работать На мне крем от ламер не работает вообще вазелин какойто!! А этот лапрери работает и избавляет от морщинок!! Я тебе советую если есть аллергия то оправь назад!! А глаза щипит практически все кремики для глаз. .
А почему он должен или не должен всем нравится, прости не поняла твою мысль. Тестирую его сейчас, по другому не понять. Мне до сих пор попадались наверное такие, которые не щипят глазки. Воспаление было первые 2 нанесения, сейчас вроде нет. Пользуюсь внимательно, очень надеюсь, что не придётся отсылать назад..
Скорее всего у него очень активная формула,у меня подобная реакция было на Kanebo,вот вроде и кожа после него неплохая,но у меня так болели глаза и краснела слизистая,хотя он туда не попадал. Вот тебе и люкс..А я эксперименты проводила. Перешла на аптечную косметику-не помогло(пользовалась около года!) ,потом попробовала корейскую-все мои прыщи(постоянно были на щеке) пропали.Эффект на лицо. Потом стало проблематично заказывать и я перешла на люкс-все мои прыщи вернулись. Бросила все вернулась к Корее.. Лена, посмотрела твое видео и решила дать ещё один шанс пробнику для глаз от Ла Прери, и Всё так же ,у меня от этого крема появляются больше морщин вокруг глаз, вот такой парадокс и эта уже вторая попытка после 2-3 дневного применения. Хочу заметить, что у меня очень тонкая кожа около глаз и может быть из за этого такой эффект, но Бенефианс от Шисейдо тоже не подошел. ((( . С уходом для глаз всегда так, у меня по крайней мере, много что вызывает покраснение или отек. А некоторые продукты вообще ни о чем, например, сейчас пару недель пользуюсь, очень многими блогерами любимым, кремом для глаз от shiseido benefiance wrinkleresist24, сложилось у меня мнение о нем, что ничего он не делает, морщинки не убирает, лифтинга ноль, очень жирный что только на ночь, да и на утро все равно жирные веки, не впитывается, короче фигня полная. Плохо, что в России назад продукт не отправишь, и деньги в итоге на ветер..
Спасибо за видео!!!! Нравится мне как Вы рассказывайте, всё доступно, понятно, по домашнему, как к хорошей знакомой в гости зашла!Тоже не знала, что можно вернуть косметику! .
Здравствуйте Лена, очень понравились ваши брови в этом видео) Я могу вам посоветовать марку: MARIA GALLAND. Очень хорошая марка, именно сосредоточено на уходе за лицом, крема шикарные, аллергии никакой не вызывали, хотя кожа очень капризная. Эффект от кремов достаточно заметный, в общем посмотрите, может вам что-то понравится).
La prairie - это крем №1 для меня. Эффект просто шикарный. Кожа полностью разглаживается, светлеет. Но на все нужно время, чтобы увидеть эффект. Да, цена очень-очень...Можно зайти на сайт этой швейцарской фирмы и почитать про нее и производстве..
Спасибо большое, я поэтому и выписала себе его, т к несколько девушек, которые пользуются только люксом его посоветовали. .
Лена, это реально, что в Дуглас можно отправить косметику обратно, даже если этой косметикой вы уже пользовались.
Да-да, принимают назад! Этим я наношу сейчас только на мешки под глазами, так как с века всё ползет в глаза и ужасно жгёт глаза. Но надо сказать морщины действительно стали намного меньше. Поэтому вот пользуюсь еще. Эх, когда я уже найду идеальный крем для глаз, без жжений и т д. +Helena Becker Попробуй от Еstee Lauder.,я пришлю тебе ссылку в одноклассниках,он самый самый из трех десятков тех,что я перепробовала,и никаких мучений и эффект ты увидишь уже через неделю реальный,а этот зря ты оставила,пожалей свои красивые глазки,обменяй лучше на другой,еще не поздно.
Ну да, поглядев на цену кремика невольно вырвался мат :))) Леночка, Вы только не подумайте, я не в обиду) Сама очень хочу попробовать купить! Просто диву даешься иногда как на нас, желающих становится краше и краше эти компании зелень косят!) .

Тоже пробывала этот крем и тоже не подошел. Было очень жалко так как стоит он дорого. На сайте так же много негативных отзывов на этот крем... .
Перейдите на мой инстаграм. Там оставила интересный пост. Мне потом подарили этот же, но он другой, для меня лучше подошел!.

Welcome to Anti-Aging Products

January 5, 2016
Browse Olay Anti-Aging products and discover the best skin care products for you. i1
The Top 8 Anti-Aging Products Under $20: Skin Care:

December 9, 2015
Anti Aging Creams: reviews the best anti-aging creams available today. i2
Anti Aging Products | Olay

January 17, 2016
Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products reviewed. From creams and serums to masks. Weekly Anti Aging tips. Independent reviews only. i3
Anti-Aging Products - Category Anti-Aging

December 12, 2015

Comments about this video:
...Hiii guys..Maxelder argan cream product is the ONLY eye care product that does not irritate my eyelids. As far as a wrinkle remover I give it a bit of a lower ranking for me personally....However,for those of us with very sensitive eyes and eyelids,,, I strongly recommend this product for every day moisturizing of that area of the skin. You can get it at here w….nyarganoil…...c.. i'm so jealous that it worked well for you! it was ok in my experience, but i found that i couldn't use it with another product otherwise my skin would break out. i will keep using it every other night since i do have the whole tube to use and it was decent enough for my skin. p.s. you have great skin!. 2 surferdrew7686 Second, TRETINOIN is prescribed for many things, such as acne, skin discolorations, and fine lines/wrinkles. It comes in brands such as Retin A Micro, Renova, Avita, ect. Because of the FDA, drugstore products are required to use only small amounts of tretinoin because of its' overall potency, thus why they call it Retinol and not Retin A. . First, retinol isn't even an ingredient, the actual ingredient is tretinoin (topical v A). If you would look at any brand of tretinoin you would see that.... Would love for you to try the night cream and let us know how it is. Does this contain antioxidants too Great review Dylan! You are soo right-there is no miracle in a tube LOL ♥ jan. *** You mention some false info... Retin-A is a brand just like Renova is a brand. The active ingredient is Retinol. Just fyi.
I thought you weren't supposed to use retinol in the day because it makes your skin sun-sensitive... :S I just bought the night version..
2 surferdrew7686 Tretinoin is an amazing ingredient in whatever brand you choose. It's basically a miracle drug because of it's overall effectiveness in treating a wide rangs of skin conditions. Iv'e taken many classes on anti aging products/skin conditions, and have talked for many hours with my dermatologists and cosmetic surgeon on all types of anti aging products. This is something I know a little about..
I just bought this yesterday while I was out for boxing day, and the box said that I'd have to use it for at least 8 weeks before the wrinkles begins to disappear.

2 Catalina031 The night cream is just like the day cream, but without the SPF. The same ingredients and everything. However since I am a product junkie, I will try it soon. haha. I'm posting a video today about what I use at night now, so maybe you will find that helpful :) Thank you for watching and commenting :).
Crazy! I just watched some of your old videos and then this one. It's crazy how you "grew up" in 20 minutes! haha.
2 19674438 You never really know what the future holds, I guess I'll find out in about 2 years :p haha. Thank you for watching! :).
I read the comment about your career maybe a DermatologistBut a lawyer yes it's good, take over your dad's business the way to go.As always great info you give. THANKS.
I have used ultra organic argan oil treatment for at least 2 years and I believe that it really works. Obviously I wouldn't continue to use if it didn't. ..arganlife....

hi there.. thanks for the review..but i have a questionnn!!! I know you're a boy and all..but would you say this moisturizer is good to wear under foundation or is it too oily or creamy or anything.. Ive been using the OLAY total effects...and my skin used ot be dry...OLAY made my skin oily :( and i dont want a moisturizer that will still make my nose area oily...i ABSOLUTELY hate it!! id appreciate it if you replied! THANK YOUS! .
Retin-A is not prescribed for anti aging benefits. The retinol concentration is too high in it and is prescribed for severe acne. As for Renova, the concentration of retinol is lower therefore can be used for anti aging benefits. Just fyi.
2 blueydleprechaun Yeah, sometimes I go back and look at my past videos. It scares me to think of how much Iv'e changed haha. Oh well, I believe it's for the good :) Thank you for watching and commenting! .
2 tjport1980 I'm not sure actually haha. I have always wanted to be a lawyer, however ultimately I will have to take over my dad's business. haha Maybe a dermatologist would best suit me Who knows haha But thank you! :).
I tried that crean & another cream from them & it burned my face. I used both for 5 days & my face was flaking, sore & it hurt a lot. I don't need wrinkle cream but I wanted it to pervent wrinkles. .

2 HotMissa If you have oily skin then I would recommend a very light lotion. The Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer for Combination skin is very light, but also has an SPF. Also, the Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion is very light, and absorbes very quickly. But it has 10% glycolic acid as a chemical exfoliant (I'll have a video on it tomorrow). When I had acne, I swore by the Clinique Moisturizing Gel. However it is a tad pricey. Thank you for watching! :).
Dylan, My skin leans more to the oily side. What moisturizer do you recommend Stay sweet .
FYI, Products with Retinol in them (at least with a certain percentage) are forbidden in Switzerland, and docters tell you not to use too long etc. if a doctor actually perscribes it (Mostly they perscribe it, if you have a bad rash and so forth)... Know why Because it increases the chance of getting livercancer... Shouldn't say anything, since i'm a smoker... still, thought some of you would like to know....
Skin care companies would like everyone to give their products a try to show why they are worth buying. Have you ever seen a beauty product section set-up in your local shopping plaza offering free samples Well you must check out this website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) Have a look here

Life extension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

November 29, 2015
ANTI-AGING EYE BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 15 LA PRAIRIE SWITZERLAND- avobenzone, octinoxate and octisalate cream Temmentec Ag. Disclaimer: Most OTC drugs are not reviewed and... i5
Anti Aging Skin Products - Good Housekeeping

December 11, 2015
Life extension science, also known as anti-aging medicine, indefinite life extension, experimental gerontology, and biomedical gerontology, is the study of slowing... i6
15 Effective Homemade Anti-Aging Product Recipes - Women's...

November 28, 2015
Learn more about How to select anti-aging skin care products at i7
Fraud, Injunction Bids In Anti-Aging Products Suit Nixed...

January 1, 2016

Comments about this video:
Retinol is awesome and so is natural lemon juice mixed with sugar for an exfoliation! It gets rid of sun spots gradually- amazing!!.
Retinol's included in the produts you mentioned, do not compare to a prescription grade retinol such as a Tretinoin. Sccasteneda just did a video… EXACTLY like this… she went to the dermatologist and she happened to recommend all the same Neutrogena products :/ How coincidental. .

+Carah Amelie never said it was. You guys must have very similar skin types since those products work so well on both of you. :).

When I visited my dermatologist for acne, he recommended Neutrogena as well. He also recommended ROC. It's not a coincidence, doctors trust the brand and tell their patients..
This video was extremely helpful thank you!!I have used maxelder argan cream ( i get it from w…nyarganoil….c ) for 6 weeks & I can really tell the difference. I am in my early forties and have crows feet on the sides of my eyes and furrow lines across my forehead. But this product really works & now my skin looks like 8-10 years younger.. U and another guru name scatenada I believe that's her name, talk bout the same 3 products and how the lady dermatologist how great skin and recommended these products. I was really excited bout trying the products but this sounds like something sponsored to get people to buy their products. I am not saying the products won't work but ur stories are so similar. .
we both mention in the video that Neutrogena asked us to try the products and also sent us to a dermatologist. So yes, it is sponsored by neutrogena and we both made it clear. But if you listen to our skin journeys with this product they are very different! .
Carah, should I wear sunscreen every day eventhough I live in Germany and the sun is not shining And do you have a sun screen for the face you can recommand . yes you should wear sunscreen everyday!! even if its not sunny outside. any moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15... summer my derm said up to 30 is great. Hey carah! Do you still use the aveeno moisturizer with these Or have you switched to the neutrogena for day. THese have enough moisture for me so I am not using Aveeno at the moment... but i might add it into my routine again soon. You are adorable!! I am so happy I found your channel!! Congrats on your second child, just had my second last March. Sending love from a fellow Oregonian ;). YOU SHOULD NOT USE RETINOL PRODUCTS WHILE PREGNANT ITS THE SAME AS ACUTANE BUT TOPICAL please thumb this up so she can see.
its not the same as Accutane.. if it was my doctor and derm wouldn't say it was okay. Accutane is EXTREMELY dangerous for pregnant woman..

+Carah Amelie i have prescription retin-a and my doctor told me that you can not use it when you're pregnant because it is the mirror image of vitamin a, just like accutane. retinol is definitely less potent than prescription but it is in the same family. great video though I want to try these products and you look gorgeous .
Scastenada had the exact story you have. I feel silly, because I totally bought it, because of her... Now that I know it's sponsored, you both didn't really come across this, you were paid to "show it"... Kind of sad :(. So is it best to use eye cream at night since you said you use it at night and why only 4 times a week I'm 18 :).
Kinda shocked the derm suggested you use this since your pregnant... Retinol isn't an advised treatment. Even during nursing it's a no, no. I would suggest going a more organic/natural rout. You can have a fabulous anti age routine while you're on this stage of life but it's all about adjusting it till your done carrying baby/nursing. Heck there are organic and natural products you need to hold off on during this time. Try oils at night and gentle serum then SPF (max 30) during the day. Hope this helped shed some light! A derm who's paid to promote a product doesn't impress me... .

So tired of all the beauty gurus talking about these products from neutrogena. Just like we were all tired of the Michael todd phase when every guru coincidentally used Michael todd. .
I just wanted to put this out there for people in the same situation as me :) I'm only 18 years old, but I was told to use certain anti aging products due to my severe acne. The retinol in them is supposed to help reduce the acne itself and scaring from it as well. I've been doing this for over a year now and the difference in my skin is absolutely incredible!.
I know that u are expecting, I am also so are these pregnant safe Retinol is one thing I know for sure are not safe to use while pregnant. I was just a moisturizer that contained it and my obgyn said stop using it immediately. Our skin is an organ and the things we use travel through ur placenta to the baby! .
I am almost 45 and just bought the program.. Was on sale at Ulta.. Last night 4 days in, and I have a little peeling and the Nitrogenia make removers actually burned last night.. I am sure it's because of the eye cream etal... Wish I had started at your age!! I do love the sun on my face though!! 🌼🌞🌝. I live by the Estee Lauder products, they are expensive on the initial purchase but they last me ages! so it works out okay plus it's helped out my oily skin issue as well :). There are hundreds of legitimate articles(easily accessible via the internet) that warn pregnant woman about anti aging products, retin a, and salicylic acid. Everything you put on your skin is getting absorbed- which can affect the baby. They say to use caution with these products. My estetician said these were ok to use, but my gyno and derm said absolutely not. Why risk it Besides, your skin looks beautiful to me- you don't need that stuff .
omg! thank you so much for doing this video! no joke right before i started watching this i was on sephora's website looking at all the anti aging skin care products and holy crap, all the stuff including face wash, toner, eye cream, face cream, etc ran from anywhere to $300 or more together i was like OMG!!!! I am 27 going on 28 and i been noticing little lines on my neck, under my eyes and i been FREAKING OUT! i am a single mom of 2 and cant afford this expensive anti aging stuff... and yes i really thought that expensive products were the only ones that worked! i will be forsure looking into getting this stuff your using because your skin is gorgeous !!.
i love neutrogena stuff. i wish there was a wider product line available over here. i always stock up when i am in the states.. great video...I have been on the hunt to an anti aging regimen...and so far you are the third person I am subscribed to that has recommend this...I am definitely gonna go and buy some...thanks again.
I love neutrogena products...I just turned thirty I've been using the aveeno anti aging good. However, my boyfriend asked me what I want for Xmas and I def want the expensive stuff. The only thing that bothers me with this vid is that u said u dont want to spend a tons of money to get the high end products. When I think u can and should since you do buy high end makeup products :) anyways I love all it vids...I recommend u all the time to my friends and fan. Congrats on baby #2.

Thanks for posting this video I really love this brand and will be looking for these to give them a try..

Wow you have the exact same story like sccastaneda, about that her dermatologist looked so young and that she recomended the neutrogena products..

It's great to hear you mention the importance of sunscreen. I'm 30 and have been wearing sunscreen everyday (yes, everyday!) since I was in high school. Just the other night an acquaintance told my husband that he thought I was 21. Couldn't believe it when I said that I was 30! It happens a lot :-) Sunscreen is SO important. Great video :-).
Just remembered WAYY back when you went to the dermatologist on your vlog and you said that you would be doing a video!!!.
I'm probably about 10 years older than you and I wish I had started 10 years ago!! The first place I noticed aging on my skin was my hands so don't forget to take care of those too. I'm at the stage where no-one can really see any difference in my skin but me, doesn't stop you feeling old though! :).

Another good idea is when you put sunscreen on is to remember your ears. I had a neighbour who had to have part of his ear removed due to skin cancer caused by the sun. He spent a lot of time in the sun and 30 yrs ago people weren't sun smart. It's one area most people forget to add sunscreen to..
Why are people complaining about "finding out" Neutrogena asked her to try the products! She says that at the beginning of the video!! Its not an elaborate secret haha. Will defo try these out, on the hunt for a new moisturiser. Thanks Cara :-) . My dermatologist said the exact same thing to me! But the weird thing is I don't drive. lol! . I have sun freckles!!! Now I wanna go buy this so they'll slough off! I played softball in the sun for over 10 years so I do have sun damage! It's good to hear that we have similar sun damage as well! . It just sucks, when you have breakout prone oily skin. I also have dry patches on my cheeks. I need anti-aging products, since I am older than you but I am afraid I will breakout. I can't just put a greasy cream on my face, and hope for the best. :(. OMG Carah I am actually struggling to see youtube reviews on those for last two weeks, really wanted to start using them as I am already 30+, thanks so much for this video. I read somewhere that salicylic acid has anti-aging properties. I started using products with salicylic acid in them when I was around 20 (because at the time I had acne, and that was the only thing that cleared it up). I've been using salicylic acid pretty much every day since then. Now I'm 37 and without makeup, I look like I'm 22. People are always shocked when I tell them my age.. Hey carah, I'm young, but I was born with freakles should I do anything to help my skin Please reply very curious. :) . Carah, have you still been using these products Curious how they are doing now as I'm looking for anti-aging products to begin using. .
What the...! Before I even watch this video I was just thinking about anti-aging this evening. I was thinking I need to start taking better care of my skin and thought of your "get ready for bed with me" video. I thought I need to go watch that again because Carah has a really thorough night-time routine. Anyway, you don't really need to know this but I just thought it was funny to see this video on my feed. :).
This is the first video I am watching from your channel,I really like your energy. I was using regular body lotion on my face a cocoa butter one.I did notice that it made my skin soft but super oily. My husband noticed it right away and said body lotions clog your pores if you use them on your face. So what sunscreen do you recommend for facial use. I used my body sunscreen on my face too, but now i'm looking for one specifically for face. What sunscreens do you recommend for my face.
There are hundreds of legitimate articles(easily accessible via the internet) that warn pregnant woman about anti aging products, retin a, and salicylic acid. Everything you put on your skin is getting absorbed- which can affect the baby. They say to use caution with these products. My estetician said these were ok to use, but my gyno and derm said absolutely not. Why risk it Besides, your skin looks beautiful to me- you don't need that stuff .

I AGREE, I work in the emergency department and all the doctors I work with said NO! The products are still being absorbed in your system via skin and not 100% safe. Wouldn't risk it especially being in a daily and nightly routine thats the difference. One or two doctors may say its ok but Im sure the label even says to have caution... .

It's annoying that so many people gave you grief about Neutrogena's derm that you saw. You made it very clear that they contacted you and asked you to do this. Obviously they want you to use their products and if they're working for you, why not Maybe people are just made they weren't asked to do it. Haters gonna hate! Lol good video Carah and thanks for the info! 😄.
I'm def. going to try these products out, but it would've been a lot helpful if you and Sonia would've posted before and after pictures! :). This was so helpful!! I'm only 23 and I'm never sure if I should be using certain products or not since I'm not that old. I have sensitive skin and neutrogena has been one of the only drug store make up lines that doesn't break me out so I'll have to try their anti aging line for sure! Thanks for the info! Ps you should do a meet up in Portland or even Bend! ;-). Thank you for the information!Hi guys! I'm going to start a VLOG!! We have a 1 year old little girl and we travel around the world!!! Please subscribe and give us some support! I'm uploading the 123 tag and 12 month postpartum + belly shot today!!! Please follow our travels!!.
My skin is dry in the winter And I'm prone to break outs. I've had a baby who is 3months now and my skin is just getting bad again. Do u think I should use these products I'm 28. I'm scared to try anything new as I tend to always break out. But I'm keen to try these. .

How to select anti-aging skin care products | American...

January 22, 2016
Learn more about How to select anti-aging skin care products at i9
Best Anti-Aging - The #1 Blog For Independent Anti-Aging...

December 16, 2015
Shop NeoStrata Anti-Aging Starter: Normal Skin. Care for aging skin with high-performance ingredients that address the visible signs of photo aging and... i10
Anti-Aging Creams 2016 - Reviewed and Ranked

December 29, 2015
Law360, New York (January 15, 2016, 8:34 PM ET)   A New York federal judge on Friday trimmed away the majority of claims lodged by a proposed class alleging G.M... i11
15 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products -

October 24, 2015

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hi cheryl, i just ordered the mad hippie vit c serum that you use, ce ferulic combo i used in the past was from skinceuticals but the price is you use the clarisonic what is your opinion on pharmaceutical versus over the counter skincare products i read that pharma products goes deeper into the dermis where as the over the counter just gets to only the epidermis... pharma is fda approved/ over the counter products are not. take care and keep those vids coming. namaste.
+Roxane Nakamura Hey Girl!! I'm thinking about trying another round of Obagi Nu Derm as an end-of-summer brightener for my skin! But I do use the Vitamin C twice daily as a way of keeping melasmas and sun damage from occuring. Keep in mind that hydroquinone can thin the skin after prolonged use, so we never want to "stay" on Obagi, I know some people do but my dermatologist warned me about that. Take care!!.
i've heard the same thing about thinning of the skin...check out brianna stanko on UT, she works for a dermatologist and also has great advice about skincare...TGIF .
I think a lot of it is really in your genes. I'm going to be 49 and show no signs of aging in my skin...only thing I've ever used is Oil of Olay. Now telling my joints Im still young is a whole other story lol. I may try some of these anyway....

I have!! twice (slight marionette lines around my mouth). My suggestions: Find someone who is highly recommended to do it and stay AWAY from lip fillers (IMO, they just do not look natural). Thanks for watching =).
Wow girl,super great anti-aging favorites,love it.Also,check this website- anti aging creams for 2014;Anti-aging foods-promogranate,avocado,watermelon,berries,cinnamon,coconut,cucumber,yogurt,broccoli,sweet potato,green tea & white tea,red grapes & red wine;Anti-aging tips-get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night,exercise at least 150 minutes each week,consume high levels of antioxidants daily,balance & optimize your hormones,eat at least 9 servings of fruits 7 vegetables a day,have a blessed week,take care,hugs & kisses.
I am also very impressed with Acure products-interesting-I have tried almost all of the products in the line except for the ones you just reviewed!! So now I will have to try those, too!!.

How to select anti-aging skin care products | American...

November 6, 2015
Our 7 Favorite New Anti-Aging Products... Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15 Your daily moisturizer should contain sunscreen. i13
Anti aging spf 15 Skin Care Products | Bizrate

December 13, 2015
15 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt /.pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or view presentation slides online. i14
Elite Serum - Will it Work For You & Turn Back Years?

January 3, 2016
46 matches. ($5.45 - $175.00) Find great deals on the latest styles of Anti aging spf 15. Compare prices & save money on Skin Care Products. i15
Anti-Aging Products | Olay

December 24, 2015

Comments about this video:

Thank you so much Origins!! I gotta say, I am LOVING all the products so far! Excited to share with everyone on what I think very soon! :).
Facial care companies want individuals to try their new products to show why they are worth buying. Have you ever seen the skin care area set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free samples Well I discovered a website that will send free test products to your home, its the secret trick to free skincare products :) Have a look here
With the Plantscription Anti-Aging Cream, I find that using the smallest amount you need to cover your skin is ideal. I'm an oily skin type, but actually use the standard formulation of the product; I just apply it very sparingly and get great moisture and smoothness out of it without any residue. That's how I teach my clients to use the product. Disclaimer: I am employed in the Origins brand, but I happen to be a fan in my own right :) Please feel free to reach out with product questions!.

So glad you received your package! Can't wait to hear more of what you think of the products! Best, Origins Team. .

Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 -

November 27, 2015
GHR 15 Anti Aging Supplements are used and recommended by Doctors worldwide. Facts, information and real life testimonials inside. i17
Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray 15.5 oz...

November 1, 2015
The Top 8 Anti-Aging Products Under $20 These moisturizers, serums, de-puffing eye treatments, and more pack lots of punch at prices that won't knock you out. i18
Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 -

November 4, 2015
13 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products From creams to serums and powders, these are the anti-aging skin care products our readers say are so worth the investment i19
Welcome to Anti-Aging Products

November 18, 2015

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The Top 8 Anti-Aging Products Under $20: Skin Care:

January 24, 2016
Anti Aging Creams: reviews the best anti-aging creams available today. i21
Anti Aging Products | Olay

October 27, 2015
Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products reviewed. From creams and serums to masks. Weekly Anti Aging tips. Independent reviews only. i22
Anti-Aging Products - Category Anti-Aging

December 10, 2015
Welcome to We research and collect reviews on a wide range of anti-aging products. We analyze this data and present only the most... i23
Life extension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

December 21, 2015

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..Hii anyone.I 've been taking Maxelder argan cream ( you can find it in here w….nyarganoil….c) for a week now and I'm already feeling a difference.... My skins feels supple and moist and I see a noticeable change in my complextion. I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin. Wish I explored this months ago..
good review. i really liked how honest you were. i also bought it, and although it wasn't the "miracle cream" for my skin that i'd hope it'd be, i think i'll keep using it since i do have the whole tube left (i've used it for about 2 weeks so far). for me, it was more of a moisturizer than anything else.. Lol "the reject skin or something" love it! I just bought this and am using it for the first time tonight! Looking forward to the results! :).
Awesome review, it was really thorough and helpful! If you are interested in reviewing a natural anti-aging cream that is safe for acne-prone skin, email media (at) naturacel (dot) com..

Anti Aging Skin Products - Good Housekeeping

November 17, 2015
Life extension science, also known as anti-aging medicine, indefinite life extension, experimental gerontology, and biomedical gerontology, is the study of slowing... i25
15 Effective Homemade Anti-Aging Product Recipes - Women's...

January 25, 2016
Learn more about How to select anti-aging skin care products at i26
Fraud, Injunction Bids In Anti-Aging Products Suit Nixed...

January 20, 2016
Law360, New York (January 15, 2016, 8:34 PM ET)   A New York federal judge on Friday trimmed away the majority of claims lodged by a proposed class alleging G.M... i27
How to select anti-aging skin care products | American...

November 20, 2015

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Best Anti-Aging - The #1 Blog For Independent Anti-Aging...

November 10, 2015
Shop NeoStrata Anti-Aging Starter: Normal Skin. Care for aging skin with high-performance ingredients that address the visible signs of photo aging and... i29
Anti-Aging Creams 2016 - Reviewed and Ranked

November 8, 2015
Law360, New York (January 15, 2016, 8:34 PM ET)   A New York federal judge on Friday trimmed away the majority of claims lodged by a proposed class alleging G.M... i30
15 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products -

November 22, 2015
Anti-Aging Products. Related Items. Dietary Supplements; Miracle Health Claims;... The agency has not approved any such products for anti-aging or any other purpose. i31
How to select anti-aging skin care products | American...

January 8, 2016

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Maxelder argan cream has been the best anti-wrinkle cream that I've found yet I've tried expensive products and regular store products and this is the best. I've seen great results and have received a lot of compliments on how great my skin looks. I love Maxelder argan cream and how it both looks and feels on my skin. Recommended! w nyarganoil c.

Anti aging spf 15 Skin Care Products | Bizrate

October 29, 2015
15 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt /.pptx), PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or view presentation slides online. i33
Elite Serum - Will it Work For You & Turn Back Years?

December 14, 2015
46 matches. ($5.45 - $175.00) Find great deals on the latest styles of Anti aging spf 15. Compare prices & save money on Skin Care Products. i34
Anti-Aging Products | Olay

January 7, 2016
15 Effective Homemade Anti-Aging Product Recipes... Here is our collection of 15 wonderful DIY anti-aging products that will... This anti-aging serum works much... i35
Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 -

January 16, 2016

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Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray 15.5 oz...

November 11, 2015
The Top 8 Anti-Aging Products Under $20 These moisturizers, serums, de-puffing eye treatments, and more pack lots of punch at prices that won't knock you out. i37
Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 -

October 31, 2015
13 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products From creams to serums and powders, these are the anti-aging skin care products our readers say are so worth the investment i38
Welcome to Anti-Aging Products

November 5, 2015
Browse Olay Anti-Aging products and discover the best skin care products for you. i39
The Top 8 Anti-Aging Products Under $20: Skin Care:

December 7, 2015

Comments about this video:

I am never without my antioxidants...I layer them and eat them...LOL...Great video...I always layer and use my antioxidants in the morning...ALWAYS....

+uppiesbeads59 Hi! I actually am one of your subscribers, and I would like to know what antioxidants you use in the A.M. Thank you very much!.
I'm so thrilled that I ordered the CE ferulic a couple of weeks ago from your site!! (I love it!) What would you recommend for a sunscreen once I run out of the Obagi NuDerm one I was also thinking of ordering the Journee and the AOX Do you think those are good choices for me Thanks, Bri:) xoxo Melody. +Brianna Stanko +Annette Barletta You gals will probably get a chance to mix your journee with foundation before me (since I just ordered the journee yesterday) If it works out, that would be nice I love saving steps in my routine:). This is great. I love this type of info. How does the AOX eye gel lay I have very oily lids. Does it dry down nicely Thanks a bunch ;)) Have a great weekend.. Great information and very important. I love the Ole Henricksen vitamin C serum, but I've been trying others, I may need to add the C E Ferulic to my "to try" list. Thanks for the info. xoxo.
+MsKristinn321 The Timeless brand C E Ferulic is fantastic and very very reasonably priced too. They actually guarantee that their serum will be good for at least 3 months (no oxidization). They also make the product right before they send it to you so it's not sitting on shelves waiting for someone to make an order..

I've been using my C serum before my SPF for years. It boosts the effectiveness of the spf and is the best for protecting my skin. So many people tell others to use their vitamin C at night and I'm so glad you explained why it's better to use it in the morning. Thanks for a great video!!!.

+debbick1 Thanks my friend! I never heard such a thing...putting on a vitamin c at night...never heard that! Hahaha So glad you liked it! XOXO Bri.

Holy Crap...everyone's frightened now. I have been using a vitamin C 20 percent serum that has with ferulic acid, vitamin E and Hyaluronic acid. I think I'm covered .

Brianna what do you recommend for increasing the collagen or thickness under the eye area I'm starting to experience thinner skin in that area, which seems to cause a wrinkling effect sometimes under concealer, especially if not adequately moisturized. Any tips to regain that youthful look Thanks for the tips will be adding an antioxidant serum to my routine before makeup! - Nan.
Yes updated skincare routine! I bit the bullet and went to the med spa near me and got hooked up with some SkinCeuticals. What a difference in 1 week. Most excellent video Bri!! May the anti-aging Force be with you! Love puppers tail floating by...I do love my Skinceuticals. Only wish the products were available when I was younger. Yes, please, please do updated video on summer routine!!. Oh sorry, I forgot to thank you for preventing me from causing unnecessary damage to my skin! Thank you, thank you Brianna!. Hello! Love your Video!!! One think I wonder about is if I can use the hydraquinon from obagi and still tan safely with spf. I just love you, Brianna but no more raw hotdogs! Just can't! Are any of them more pleasantly scented. Yes please do an updated skin care video!!!!!! You've offered us so much info. And now I love all you're suggestions. Now I need to know which products to buy that are specific to my needs. Could you help me with that May I email you. wow, I just read a study from 2006 that says it (Infra red) can help in the remodeling of photoaged skin, but then I also read another from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology from 2009 that states IR and heat can cause skin aging like UV radiation, that it can cause inflammatory changes and oxidative dna damage. I will stay away from those infrared devices, stick to retin a and use those wonderful antioxidants like vitamin c on my skin..
I have psoriasis. Evil Dermie says moderate to severe. It is everywhere from my scalp to my legs. Even in my belly button. I go in a tanning bed and a red light therapy bed to help with it. So is the red light bed infrared radiation Sigh. I hate the stupid blotches so much!.
If you can afford a water ionizer and drink at least 1 gallon of the the alkaline ionized water will cure your psoriasis. Drs will not tell you this, put I promise its true. I have have had family members with severe cases and with in a few months GONE!.
'This is great and so helpful! We always hear that antioxidants are vital for skin health but nobody ever explains HOW or WHY they function on the skin. Thank you so much for keeping the information flowing!.

Yes pls do... i want to start to invest in skincuticals mainly. So i wana see what u r using for summer....

Girl, are you kidding me You're talking about "scientific facts" and don't know the difference between "then" and "than"! Give me a break ;).

No amount of makeup can hide bad skin...thanks for sharing this important info to keep our skin looking its best as long as we can...thanks!!!.
Thank you for sharing! And yes, please do an updated skin routine for summer. I have acne-proned skin so if you can give advice that would be helpful. Thanks again. . Hey Brianna, I am so confused! I thought infrared light was good for the skin, I have a led face mask that contains red led and infrared led lights, it's supposed to be anti aging. What are your thought I don't want to be harming my skin..
Very helpful and fascinating. I LOVE the Skinceuticals vitamin c serum!!! Been using it about a month and it really is fantastic! Now I love it even more 😘.

+Ms Shauna Mahoney Exactly how I felt hahahaha!! Thanks Shauna! Have a great weekend :)) XO Bri.

Am I going crazy Do you have a lovely blond dog Did I see her/he walk by a few times You have such beautiful eyes and skin...:).
+Brianna Stanko Well how sweet is that! My dog has a starring role in every video I do!!! Thank you for all you do Brianna. I know it's not easy. :). Hi Brianna, I'm ordering the AOX+Eye Gel - Should I use this under/over my "regular" eye cream, instead of my regular eye cream Thanks for your help!. Hi Lisa! I use it alone during the day then my eye cream at night! It's awesome stuff! :)) XO Bri . Skinceuticals is the bomb when it comes to serums. Heading over to Premier to replenish my products. Would love to see an updated skincare video. XO.
I'm sorry if this has been asked already, but do I need to use the CE ferulic at night too Right now I'm using it in the morning only. Thanks !! Your skincare videos along with you and sister's monthly faves are my most watched :D Also I would love to hear about your updated skincare..
+Adelle Trotta Thank you Adelle! No, you only need to use that in the morning ;) That stuff is great isnt it ;)) XOXO Bri.
This info is too late for me, the damage has been done but I am passing it along to my daughter! Thank you for sharing will help a lot of people..

I've never really understood what antioxidants do, but now I do. You did such a great job of explaining this. xox. Swoozie.
+swoozebird Thank you! Yay, so glad you liked this...alot of people dont understand it...I didnt fully understand it until that meeting so glad you enjoyed it too ;)) XO Bri. My skin has improved Dramatically in the past few weeks of discovering "better" Skincare that you mention, instead of over the counter products I've been using for Years! I've even purchased Retin A, and can't believe it's not the same as Retinol! Thank you for mentioning these - a few more I have to try! Yes, I would Love to see your updated skincare routine, now that Spring is here! Oh and also wanted to get your opinion on those Skin Oils, like Tarte's Pure Maracuja oil, Josie Maran's oil...are they good for anti-aging, or just Hype.
+Lisa Rose Thank you so much Lisa! So glad you are loving everything you have been makes such a difference. The oils are just for moisture. They are not super anti aging or anything but they just can moisturize the skin. Have a great weekend! XO Bri.
Brianna, thank you for this. Well my wallet is not happy about this since I dropped too much money yesterday at Sephora already. I wanted to thank you also for your lash curler suggestion, hands down the BEST I've ever used..
+Mrs. M.Bee Hahaha thank you doll! Oh yay so glad you got that curler too...its amazing! ;)) XO Bri.

Would love to see an updated summer skin care routine...they are my favorite! When you use the AOX+ eye gel do you still use a regular eye cream or just that Also AM & PM or just once Thanks for sharing:) XOXOX .
+Liz Hunt Will do! For the aox I use that in the morning alone, no other eye products and then at night I use my eye cream ;)) XO Bri. My skin reacts badly to Vitamin C serum - I get acne cysts. What anti-oxidant is there without Vitamin C.
Can you use the SkinCeuticals AOX+ Eye Gel under the Skin Medica TNS Eye Cream or should I use the SkinCeuticals morning and the TNS in the evening.
+Barbara Reeves HI Barbara! Yes you can use the AOX first and then the eye cream, alot of women do that actually. I do it both ways, some mornings both and some mornings just the AOX ;) XO Bri. Yes please do an updated skincare routine, and what kind of lotions would you recommend for dry skin. Ok thank you :) are you going to do more declutter inn videos I really want to see foundations, mascaras, eyeliners, and highlighters lol. Thanks for this very important information about antioxidants. You are the best Brianna! Love your videos!. I am loving the Skinceutical products! OMG, the CE Ferulic has made such a difference in my skin. So many people have noticed the difference and asked what I'm using - it's unbelievable. I have been using Neocutis Eye Cream at night which I love for dark circles, lines and puffiness. Could I also add the Skinceuticals eye cream or does it do the same thing Thanks for the info. xo Lois.

Anti Aging Products | Olay

December 27, 2015
Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products reviewed. From creams and serums to masks. Weekly Anti Aging tips. Independent reviews only. i41
Anti-Aging Products - Category Anti-Aging

January 10, 2016
Welcome to We research and collect reviews on a wide range of anti-aging products. We analyze this data and present only the most... i42
Life extension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

December 25, 2015
ANTI-AGING EYE BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 15 LA PRAIRIE SWITZERLAND- avobenzone, octinoxate and octisalate cream Temmentec Ag. Disclaimer: Most OTC drugs are not reviewed and... i43
Anti Aging Skin Products - Good Housekeeping

January 4, 2016

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*I've used Maxelder argan cream for several months, old friends can't believe I'm not showing more wrinkles. I bought from w…nyarganoil..c *.
Good timely diet + Plenty of Water intake + Yoga + Meditation - Smoking - Worrying (what about me what about me) + staying happy and content = Healthy Body and Happy You (off course fewer wrinkles and slower aging) No need to worry about all those creams/ drugs/ medicines and what not. Your body is really smart and knows how to take care of itself... you you just take care of its basic needs and leave the rest to your body..
I totally agree with bjdaoust, we reduce aging at the cellular level and there is only company I know that makes products that do that. I uploaded a video about these products its unbelievable. .

Seems like a well balanced report. We do have to be careful with these types of products since some have only been around for a short while. Do you have any thoughts the NuSkin ageLOC Galvanic Spa Thanks for the video..
Hello there! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Natoxoran Secrets (do a google search), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you thought about natural botox alternative called Natoxoran Secrets I have heard some great things about it and my work buddy completely get rid of her wrinkles naturally using it.. My eyelids got really irritated and damaged by using Ultra lift eye cream from Garnier. Completely removed the protective barrier of the skin on my eyelids. This caused an eyelid infection ( my GP gave me some antibacterial gel to treat the eyelid infection) and eczema on my eyelids, especially on my upper left eyelid. . young skin comes from a young pink liver. Botox makes your liver older which will eventually make you look haggard.. Are we not trying to deal with the surface of the skin According to research, we can reduce aging at the cellular level. You can find some of the research available through the dot org site "What is Antioxidant" - we will all age, just how graceful do you want it to be.
I saw and interesting article about botox and anti wrinkle creams over at\nuvie found out stuff about botox I hadn't even considered.

You want business but do not know where to start Where is the challenge Where is the opportunity Where is the solution for that I would like to introduce you to business opportunities for anti-aging products Nuskin.1 of American. NOT TAKE CASH INVESTING and not lose too much time.But It can give you a very good level of financial IF YOU REALLY desire ENRICH WHY DO NOT YOU START NOW Please contact me for assistance. Email thuanhnuskin2 .

15 Effective Homemade Anti-Aging Product Recipes - Women's...

January 18, 2016
Learn more about How to select anti-aging skin care products at i45
Fraud, Injunction Bids In Anti-Aging Products Suit Nixed...

December 23, 2015
Law360, New York (January 15, 2016, 8:34 PM ET)   A New York federal judge on Friday trimmed away the majority of claims lodged by a proposed class alleging G.M... i46
How to select anti-aging skin care products | American...

November 25, 2015
Learn more about How to select anti-aging skin care products at i47
Best Anti-Aging - The #1 Blog For Independent Anti-Aging...

December 17, 2015

Comments about this video:

+DarkSeraphGurl yes but the younger you start using it, the better it works for you in the long run..
I have used Maxelder argan cream ( w…nyarganoil….c ) for a couple of months now and I have noticed that my pores are much smaller, the crows feet around my eyes are gone, my skin tone looks great, and any pimples that pop up go away within 2 days. ...Hellooo guys...Maxelder argan cream is like magic for your skin. from the first use,,, you will notice a big difference. your skin will be glowing and will look healthier. Suggest w nyarganoil—c... +mallory1712 I'm 16 but I have wrinkles under my eyes, I think it is because of make-up but I'm not sure, Anyways Should I use this cream or do you think I'm too young to use it I need an answer asap... please reply to this comment..
what the hell! i got that same cream here in canada $40!! geez makes me want to cross the boarder you said it was like $12.99/$13 that is sooo cheap!....

+DarkSeraphGurl everyone should have an anti aging step in their skin care routine. It's prevention..
Hi Mallory! I know this video is pretty old... But I wanted to comment anyways, and ask you if you would like to try a "newer" anti-aging cream... that works SOOOO well!! I would love to send you a bottle and have you do a before and after vlog! . Honey, you look like you're about 22 years old... what are you doing reviewing an anti-wrinkle cream Why should we listen to you on its effectiveness OF COURSE you're not going to see any difference you have no wrinkles you're too young! . i used this for about 1-2 weeks, and i do agree with what she says: it helps for that first week, corrects redness after the first week, but nothing major. the first week that i used it, though, irritated my skin, but that was because i used the product with another moisturizer too. when i used it by itself, then it worked fairly well, because i noticed that when i looked at my face the next day my skin had a more even tone. however, don't expect miracles with this cream (at least in the first couple of weeks). i actually prefer to use different products, but i will end up using the neutrogena cream 1) i have it and 2) it'll make my other, more expensive products last longer.
If you liked this one, you should try the Rapid Wrinkle Repair (it comes in a silver bottle). I use that now, and it is amazing! But definitely just use it once a day, and at night use a very emolient moisturizer..
I've used this product for years now!!! Have tried several different products and always go back to this one.. I use Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment around the eye and lip area as well as stretch marks I purchase it from w/arganlife/net.
I am sorry I do not speak spanish. Can you comment again in English so I can better assist your comment.

LOL!! 50!! That's hysterical! Your like not even 1/2 that are you But you have to admit, you would really look great if you were 50, lol.
EU MORO NO BRASIL E ESTOU USANDO OS PRODUTOS DA NEUTROGENA AMU TODOS ELES PRINCIPALMENTE OS ANTIRUGAS HEATHY SKY. Facial care companies want people to try their products to demonstrate how good they are. Have you ever noticed a beauty product section set-up in your local shopping centre offering free samples Well i just found a website that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) Have a look here You're welcome! Btw, I really enjoy your videos, they are always very informative and you have a great personality :).
I think I need to try that, I've noticed lately I'm starting to get some "wrinkles" around my mouth. Ugh! I hate getting old!.
This is actually Portuguese not Spanish... I speak Spanish and I know a little Portuguese. She is just stating that she uses Neutrogena and loves all Neutrogena products especially the one you are talking about on this video. Hope this helps.. If you desire to burn up fat fast, you should do a google search "Lean Body Maximizer". They will help you get the body you deserve.. My skin is very sensitive and dry also, so I do think it would work for you. Definitely start using it once every other day and work your way up.. I am the same age and I am not sure. I have heard that it isn't good and it is good and preventative. Just as long as you use only one retinol treatmeant I think its fine. I have been meaning to do more research on this.. I have to say why would you at 24 be using a anti wrinkle cream!! Doesn't make sense to me!! And your skin looks great!! I think it would be better if used on someone with wrinkles .

Anti-Aging Creams 2016 - Reviewed and Ranked

November 24, 2015
Law360, New York (January 15, 2016, 8:34 PM ET)   A New York federal judge on Friday trimmed away the majority of claims lodged by a proposed class alleging G.M... i49
15 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products -

December 4, 2015
Anti-Aging Products. Related Items. Dietary Supplements; Miracle Health Claims;... The agency has not approved any such products for anti-aging or any other purpose. i50
How to select anti-aging skin care products | American...

December 8, 2015
Our 7 Favorite New Anti-Aging Products... Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion SPF 15 Your daily moisturizer should contain sunscreen. i51
Anti aging spf 15 Skin Care Products | Bizrate

December 22, 2015

Comments about this video:
I like the Lumene vitamin C bright now day cream and night cream. They recommend the firming skin care for 40-60 age range, so I went with the one in my age range. I have really good genetics and my skin not only doesn't usually have too many problems other than being super oily, it also is extremely youthful. It runs in the family to look almost twenty years younger than you actually are after a certain age. I get mistaken for being just out of high school most of the time, but I'm in my thirties. Even still, can't hurt to use stuff with a little anti-aging stuff, if at least to help those genetics along. After using the night cream for a while I noticed my skin felt much nicer than it was before. And when I started using the day cream it just got even better.. +Milla Lehtimäki proud finn here too! It's always bit weird and exciting to see someone from totally other side of the world trying something from our country. :).
I just checked, and this is a cruelty free brand. My buying choices are now guided by CF stance. So I'm really happy when I find an effective CF brand. 💗 Sharon.

Yesssss!! No one EVER talks about Lumene and I LOVE their products! Their CC cream is fantastic as well..
I absolutely love the Lumene brand. I initially bought it because I am half Finnish. love their dry skin cocktail. also their bb cream is my favorite. Thanks for your honest review. I had been using Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C BB cream with SPF 20, shade 01 light for the last year. It is a 1.7 oz, squeeze tube and I really love it. My skin is light/medium and their 01 light works perfectly for me. I'm afraid they don't have too many options, and their lightest may prove to be a miss for most ladies with fair complexion..
I dont know if Lumene sells their make up everywhere but the translucent powder is AMAZING! I recommend trying out their make up if you get a chance. ps. im finnish and it's great to finally see something from finland on youtube ♡.
I JUST watched a YouTuber showing this product and I was like ehh that was sponsored and did not help me and then I scrolled down and seen your review! thanks for being honest and I probably will buy some of these products!.
Love this line. Started using it when my face was rebelling and acting out. I believe you can also get it at Walgreens and sometimes they have buy one get half off specials which is when I get it because it is not cheap. But you do get a good amount so it does last. I use the brightening line that helps with hyper pigmentation..
I'm so pumped up seeing you use Lumene products! I live in Finland and here Lumene is basically what everyone starts out with when it comes to beauty products. If there's one more thing I'd love you to try, it's their Blueberry Waterproof Mascara. It is a ridiculous mascara, because it does not come off no matter what you do to it (obviously if you use a waterproof makeup remover it will do the trick), but otherwise it's really one of those few mascaras that are technically bulletproof. For me Lumene, assumably because of its main location in Finland, is one of those few companies that actually understands dry skin and what you do with it. The air here in the Winter is so dry I'll literally have to apply Nivea on my face to prevent it from chapping, so having cleansers that don't dry you up is super important.. Have you tried the Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex Just recently got it from Sephora and it is nice, but I just started venturing out with cremes so don't have much to compare it with. I did try the Lumene Day and Night cremes just before I got the Lotus one and the only negative I have for it is it didn't last. It almost seemed like it went bad after a few weeks. It seemed to get oilier over time, almost like the ingredients were separating.. I use the BB cream and I like it. I have to mix in a little bit of serum because my skin is weird. But it stays decently and has pretty good coverage..
I may just have to check them out as I do have both sensitive and combination skin. The only moisturizer that I've found that I can wear right now is from Sephora..

this brand is so grandma to me, probably because it's been around my whole life. btw you pronounce it Lu-men-ehh, no stress on any syllable. oh Finnish. (torilla tavataan!).
As always, loved the review! I checked out the website & they had a whole tutorial on exactly where to put that V-serum. You can always tell when a company wants you to be successful & happy with their product. You definitely sold me. :) *Runs to CVS Take care Sabrina.
yeayy Lumene 😄 we've had that brand in scandinavia for YEARS! soo lovely they've decided to expand their market 😍 do you have their makeup there as well if so, could you please please do a review on the makeup as well maybe for frugal fridays!😍 I always baught their makeup when I was younger but haven't for many years, so I don't know what the quality is today. The only item I have is an eyebrow pencil which I love 😊 have an awesome weekend Z! 💓 and thank you for this video 😍 love!.
I've looked at these products before and never taken the plunge. Thanks for the review! For the first time ever I just purchased a serum that I actually thought was worth the money and made a huge difference. It's the Origins Original Skin. I also got the accompanying face mask. This stuff is magic. I've been using a sample they sent me of both for a week now and holy crap have I seen a huge difference in the texture and radiance of my skin. Added bonus, the smell is divine. Definitely check it out.. Do you think this line would work for dry, sensitive skin I have to be very careful about the creams/serums I purchase because fragrance + my face = no go. That's why I've tended to stick with the Boots No. 7 line since they offer hypoallergenic options..
I love Lumene makeup as well! Especially the CC cream, it's affordable but just perfect and the whole brand is so great for my supersensitive skin..
I just bought the face wash..night creme. and the v shaping serum. I also bought the BB cream for the face. I will let you know how that works.. Appreciate the review! Never heard of that brand but can't wait to try some of their products. And super excited that I can grab it from cvs 😉. Lumene in general is a great brand! You should try some of their make up. The loose powder is amazing!.
Thank you, thank you do much for this video! I know I had asked before. I'm so exited to try the products especially if I can find them at CVS! I live in a budget & so very expensive products are not an option a lot if the times. Thank you!!.
Great video, Zabrena! I used to work in surgery for a plastic surgeon. I have always made skin care #1 because it is as you said, if you don't have a good foundation/canvas, no amount of makeup will help cover or look good - especially up close and personal. I'm intrigued by this line. I've seen it before but now I need to try it. As for what I'm using now, I wname between my Mary Kay Time Wise cleanser, Bobbi Brown Hydrating face cream and Bobbi Brown Eye cream, Philosophy Purity Made Simple or my WEN cleansing conditioner on my Clarisonic. I did try Origins and gave it a good 5 months, but for me, it just didn't perform like my "old stand-bys". Anyway, that's what I've been using. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to head to Ulta and check these out. Thanks for all you do, my friend! Love and many hugs! XOXO.
I've been intrigued with this brand. Thanks for the reviews. I've been on the fence about their line of BB CREAMS. Anyone try them yet.

Zabrena, I always love to hear your reviews. You are thorough and give both the pros and cons of each product which I really appreciate. Love your channel! Thank you for all the hard work you put into your shows!!!.
You should definitely try the Vitamin C line from Lumene. Also since you say you have oily skin you must try the bright now vitamin c shine control cream-gel. Smells a lot like oranges but really works to keep the oil away.. Their BB cream is amazing. Better than $40 high end stuff. It's my favorite. light weight and yet gives the most coverage of all the ones I've tried. I have yet to find one better!!!. I've been using this brand for about a year, I love it! love the video and super happy they contacted you. xoxo #snapchatluv.
Hi zabrina. I really love this product. I've used their day cream n night cream. I still need to use their other products you've used..
Walgreens Studio 35 Alpha hydroxy cream. It is only $8.99 and worth 5 times the price. Smooths skin, decreases excess pigmentation and helps control breakouts. I highly recommend it.. Does anyone have any good recommendations for discoloration/acne scars Or maybe some home remedies I've tried almost everything and nothing has worked..
+ladyflimflam PHILOSOPHY TURBO C BOOSTER. Mix with your dilutant directly 1 usage directly before applying. ^time with premixing > increase oxidation of vitamin C.
Lumene is one of my favourite brand from the "drugstore"... Their makeup products are great to, I'm pale and their foundations are some of my all time favourites 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.
I just got the time freeze v-shaping serum yesterday, bought it without looking up reviews so this video got me all excited to try it out 👌🏻.

I've noticed your skin has been looking great! does it help with redness and acne scaring those are my two biggest issues..

+kristiekat Hi hun! Thank you so much! Funny you mention the redness - I have noticed myself not having to use my green concealer as much lately. I can't speak to the acne scarring, but I feel like it has helped with the redness!.

I bought the clarity MD based on your recommendations. So far so good, but I wasn't expecting a miracle I have bad skin. I already l love lumene products for antiaging. But in ending how do you incorporate this routine in with the clarity MD one. I was using lancome genefique, which I highly recommend. But I can't figure out how to use the clarity MD in conjunction with my lancome serums. Any suggestion would be really appreciated. 😊 oh and lumenes bb creams are awesome .
+Heidi Crowley Hi Heidi! I have been using the Clarity MD wash and serum in the AM, with the Lumene day moisturizer over it and then at night I've been skipping the Clarity MD wash and just applying the clarifying serum after I wash my face. :).
+macshadowcombos thanks so much. I've been trug the clarity MD am and pm in hopes of kicking my acnes butt faster. I didn't know you coul d put anything over it, so thanks again 😘.
+macshadowcombos Thanks!! I am going to give it a try!! Also...I tied the fall trend you mentioned in your last video...white nails! ;). +QnB Bakies Thank you! :) I feel like it's really affordable for the results you get though... the eye serum I was using before (Kinerase) trying this one is $80 :/ It really works too but man, what a price tag!.
*on the V shaping serum!!! lol. Fingers slipped on my tablet before! But thank you for all the information. 😊.

Elite Serum - Will it Work For You & Turn Back Years?

December 20, 2015
46 matches. ($5.45 - $175.00) Find great deals on the latest styles of Anti aging spf 15. Compare prices & save money on Skin Care Products. i53
Anti-Aging Products | Olay

December 5, 2015

Comments about this video:

I found Maxelder Argan Cream to be a pretty effective ( Official website w nyarganoil-c) natural beauty product. Using this once or twice regularly has improved the overall texture of my skin & look of my face It’s less dry and the wrinkles around my nose, mouth, and eyes have started to vanish slowly. Having a great experience with this cream so far and will continue to use it daily..
Yeahhh Queenie, BUT About ONE year OLD video can't guide you properly as Cellulite Removal methods are now up-to-date, natural, and fast. It takes only 28 days to Remove All Cellulite problem of your whole body..
Big surprise waiting at the end. So watch the FULL video. Here is the SECRET Video

Thank you so much for this review/ you tell us exactly what we need to know !!! You have a great bone structure BTW :) thanks.
Great review, it was very informative! If you are interested in reviewing a natural anti-aging cream that is safe for acne prone skin, email media (at) naturacel (dot) com..

Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 -

October 23, 2015

Comments about this video:
Sunscreen is my number one and I also like one by Neutrogena. For a serum I am loving the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Serum. Light weight and doesn't add too much moisture to my combo oily skin :) . +Miss Kel I've been wondering about the Clinique serum thanks for the feedback! I think I will give it a go:).
Totally agree with you on sunscreen Kiki!!! A GREAT YTer with wonderful anti aging information is Hot and Flashy…Angie. She also uses retin A and gives great info on glycolic acid and vitamin C use……very powerful products for anti aging. I use the Paulas Choice Resist AHA 5% treatment (glycol acid) at night with Cerave night cream….then the Timelesss Vitamin C and ferulic acid in the morning along with sunscreen and regenerist micro sculpting creme from Olay. Angie gives lots of scientific eveidence to back these products. Love to hear what everyone is using though…Great video!! .
+Susan M Thanks for letting me know what products you use I'm going to have to check them out! I love Angie's channel too she's great!!:).
Hi, Kiki! Great recommendations! I have been getting into oils a lot lately, too. I've been trying oil cleansing at night. This is the first week, so we'll see how it goes! .
+The Sweet Life Me too! What oils do you like How are you using them Can't wait to hear from you.. +KikiintheMiddle I started with castor oil and grapeseed oil. It's a bit drying, though, so I cut back a lot on the castor oil. I massage it into my face at night for about a minute, then lay a hot washcloth over my face. I let it cool (this feels really good!), then wipe the oil off. I heard that castor oil can increase hair thickness and growth, so I take a qtip and put a tiny amount on my eyebrows and at the base of my eyelashes. .

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hair Spray 15.5 oz...

November 2, 2015

Comments about this video:
..Hii everyone....I've been taking Maxelder argan cream ( you can find it in here w….nyarganoil….c) for a week now and I'm already feeling a difference. My skins feels supple and moist and I see a noticeable change in my complextion. I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin. Wish I explored this months ago. +Elizabeth Battiste Maxelder argan cream is a great product. I use it reduce my wrinkles and moisture my skin..
I’m in my early thirties but I have some fine lines and mild discolouration in some parts of my face.I purchased many expensive anti-aging products but they only worked a little or not at all. I tried Maxelder argan cream ( i get it in here w nyarganoil—-c ) and noticed a difference after 2 weeks of using the product Loved the ingredients and the texture and I love how it makes my skin look youthful and glowing. So far I’m very impressed!.
Believing that cream can stop you aging is one of the most stupid things you can do. Genetics are at work here. You will age, you will get old and you will die. How you live your life is another matter, but trying to stay young is like pissing against the wind! Eat well, exercise, don't smoke or drink and keep people that are a drag out of your life, this will help but always remember, the clock is ticking and you will age, you will get old (if you're lucky) and you will die. Welcome to reality! Save your money, forget the cream!. Im so agree with u. I have auntie who already used expensive anti aging skin care since she was 20+, and now she is 59 yo. She looks old. And same with people without using expensive skincare.. Anti-aging treatments aid in reducing wrinkles and grey spots. These kinds of spots are usually a direct result of deficiency of vitamins and minerals inside dermis along with pores and skin. For me the best anti aging remedy is Niacinamide cream because it helps me to retain moisture in skin..

Anti-Aging Eye Cream SPF 15 -

December 2, 2015

Comments about this video:

..Hii..Maxelder Argan Cream (w nyarganoil c) is very nice light face cream. My face just soaks this up and looks brighter and more youthful. I love how this feels on my skin..

+Amanda Rae On the second day of taking Maxelder Argan Cream I felt much better with the results I got. Absolutely worth for price.
+Amanda Rae I get compliments from friends and relatives that tell me I look younger and I never got them before. This is amazing highly recommend. Absolutely LOVED this video topic and the products you shared. Looking gorgeous as always. Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving with your loved ones. xoxoxo.
Thank you so much Cynthia! Wishing you the same, I hope you and the family had a beautiful holiday xo.
I thought I was the only person on the planet who didn't like the Clarisonic! My skin had the exact same reaction as yours. I ordered the brush you suggested. 30 bucks makes it worth a shot! I am very interested in the micro needling device. Just not sure how to work it in with my retinA and other products. I am definitely going to read up on it. The volume loss under my eyes is really bumming me out! You look gorgeous! I agree with everyone else, this background is elegant and soothing.. I've been very impressed with Algenist products since they launched. Haven't tried the Bio Phase Peel yet. I totally need to buy a silk pillow case! Thanks for the links.. I love it! It's another great product. It's amazing for removing and lightening dark spots, fading scars and fine lines.. Hi Jenn, WOW I love your background it looks so elegant great job:) Thank you so much for sharing this video with us, I truly appreciate it. I have been looking for a good product for my face. We all should take care of our face especially if we are using makeup. I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful week. Take care My Friend - Debi.
This video was bomb! I love skincare and I was also looking for some great new products! xoxo! BTW, beautiful as always!.
+Jenn Marie research zelens I haven't tried all their products but the ones I have are great, it is a British brand! You can google their website! Xoxo. Great video. I am an anti aging junkie, so I'll definitely incorporate so of these in my routine. Btw you always look so flawless and elegant :). +joanna silva Yes I am using the Algenist Eye Balm at night and the Kiehl's Avocado one in the day.. Loved the video! Thanks for this good info. I use Retin A. Do you think the peel(s) would be a good extra step or too much. I have sensitive skin so I would wait a day in between use, but if you have built a good tolerance to the retin a and your not flaking and/or peeling any longer then you should be fine.. Yes. Not right on my eye, but all around it. I forgot to mention what a big believer I am in facial message for anti-aging and the spin brush feels so good just like a massage.. good evening Jenn wow that was some great information very much enjoyed i was thrilled that the products you talked about were tested you had me then i am all about skincare that works as you said it is sad to purchase and to find that it does not work i do realize that a product may work for 1 an not the other but tried and tested i am willing to spend the money to test on my skin thanks so much for your recommendations xx Stephanie.
+dvoted4life Yes I hate being excited about something and then being let down. I agree different strokes for different folks because I have tried a few things that others swear by and it just didn't work out for me. I have learned over the years to save my receipts for sure when it comes to beauty products. XOXO I am so glad you appreciated this video..
I need to give the needling a try again. I guess maybe it has to do with the brand or maybe I'm not doing it correctly..
I am loving the results I'm seeing. My advice would be to stick with it and use a good serum in conjunction with it..
+Jenn Marie thank you. first time I used it I applied my usual apple cider vinegar toner, biggggg mistakeeee lollll. I was already red which is normal, but my face turned a bright red, I looked like a tomato on fire, and the stinging and burning from the toner was a whole other battle lol.

Welcome to Anti-Aging Products

January 9, 2016

Comments about this video:

I am more motivated to take care of my skin. I will try harder to carry water around with me, as much as I take my iPhone around and drink more water!.
Hi Brianna, I love your channel! So many helpful tips! I'm turning 32and started to notice fine lines under my eyes. Would you recommend retinol A products for my age I'm currently using a Vitamin C serum and anti aging serum. Moisturizer and sunscreen as my routine..
hi grt video and tips thx again hunn i have bht a retin a cream/retnol frm ebay how can i tell if its reall or fake i do use it now and then but not sure if its the real thing. dose any 1 else buy these creams frm ebay.
Vitamin pills do not work. I will never give up sugar. I look good btw - I balance out the damage caused by sugar with other things.. I always mean to carry around a big bottle of water with me! I really do need to start! I'm def going to pick up that Sesame seed oil too : ) Love uuuu XOXO. what are your thoughts on rodan and fields i tried it for 60 days and returned it today, because i was using retin a before that and thats cheaper. atis furlic acid and what does it do you look great im will be forty in a couple of months not looking forward to it n i have sagging skin near mymouth area what is good for firming or elasticity.
+Brianna Stanko This is the latest in anti-aging study. We are closer to being able to take a pill or tablet that can actually turn off the main switch that ages us while making us younger. You might find this interesting. What I find interesting was transfusing the blood of younger mice made the older mice's organs (including the hippocampus) and tissues younger. There have been rumors about celebrities "donating" blood and getting a younger person's blood in return. I don't know how true these rumors are but they don't look any older to me lol..
I lOve all Your video's on anti aging they are my favorites! what are the best neck treatment/creams You would recommend most of us neglect our neck area, what do You think about the laser treatments that tighten the neck area thank You for sharing 😊. I love your advise particularly about the eye area and how to treat it differently. I recently bought this anti aging device (the Tripollar Stop) and mainly bought it for getting rid of eye wrinkles. I've been combining the treatment (which is basically like a warm massage that boosts collagen production and increases the lost elasticity) with an anti eye wrinkle cream and finally I'm starting to loose those horrid crows feet lines. If anyone else wants to look into it, radio frequency devices have really hit the anti aging market lately, there are a few types, some can be painful but the one I used isnt at all painful just a warm sensation you can get them from stop2pose online. Keep up the great work Brianna! .
I just discovered your channel and subscribed immediately! Omg!! You're FLAWLESS! I'm so so happy I found a channel like this! Thank you so much for sharing your secrets with us! I hope I'll find some information about how we can take care of the under the eye area.. I have fine lines and looks so thin :/ Much love!.
Hi, your lashes look amazing along with your skin. Are you blessed with these lashes or extensions Do tell... Thanks!. Can you please listed the entire products you are using in this video. I couldn't catch it. I'm hearing impaired. Many thanks. Love your videos!!! Have you ever tried the baby quasar Or TCA peels or microneedling If so, would love to hear about your experiences!!!.
Amazing video Brianna, I am totally obsessed with your anti-aging tips. Could you please recommend the best undereye makeup which doesn´t crease I have some fine lines in that area and my concealer tends to crease, and it makes me look a lot older than I actually am. Also do you still recommend dermarolling Thanks! xoxo.
You look gorgeous Brianna, so any tips you are offering I am taking. Got my pen and paper here taking notes! Hugs and Happy Holidays. Hi Brianna.. I'm so glad I came across your channel, u are amazing.. My mum is 52years old and she has wrinkles on her face, dark circle, and a dry skin also her hands are soo dry and wrinkly. Please I need to know a complete face regime she can using.. And the best hand cream for her. I want Something not too hard for the face but can work well. Thank uu so much. Would really appreciate It if u reply please.thanks. . +FIGARO WEAR Thank you! There are many ways she can can email me at bristanko2 to figure out ;) XOXO.
+Brianna Stanko hey brianna, thanx for this helpful in formation ,, i want to ask you about this product is it good sorry for my bad english.
Hi, Bri I Loved that you included lots of everyday things in this anti-aging segment !! It really is a multilevel task to keep your self looking younger ;-) one thing if haven't tried is the sesame oil... I will pick some up for sure. You're looking Amazing as alway !! xo Stacy.
You look amazing!! Ah I'm 27 and you look younger than me! lol. Love your channel and your tips!! Thank you so much xoxoxo.
loved these tips!!! i have to try the sesame oil - i have it in my pantry and will pull it out!! xoxo :).
Love theses video. Thank you. I am loving my skinceutials skincare. Love the neocutis also. I love the fact that I can get great medical grade skincare without making a long trip to the dermatologist and bypass all the sales pressure. 😊. Would love a video on the glo minerals blushes, swatches Thanks. .
Oh yay, so glad you are loving everything too! Medical grade skincare is the best! ;)) Oh Glo Minerals makes AMAZING makeup, I love a lot of their products! ;)) XO Bri.
ok i feel like a dummy i just sawthe post before you said hitting 35 you look 25 im sooo jealous lol you know what you are doing... i love your videos so what should you use retinol and vit c and hyaluronic acid so many products what to use ahhhh... have you had any botox fillers or any other work done bc your FLAWLESS! GO PLAY THAT BEYONCE SONG GIRL!!!!.
Lol thank you!! Ido get botox, just a little around my eyes ;) So for hyaluronic acid, right now I am using the skinceuticals hydrating b5 gel and I LOVE it!!! And the vitamin c Im using is the skinceuticals c e ferulic and its amazing as well! Best, best products!! And yes a retinol or tretinoin at night :)). you look flawless so beautiful even without makeup your hubby is such a lucky man you are ageless...i was considering botox for the number 11 i can't get rid of but i'm afraid of needles how was it does it hurt when you mean around your eyes do you mean where where crow feet happen what brand derma roller you use bc the younker one u wrote in the description box is red and the one u used was green thanks i was watching this clarisa patterson and to do facial exercises im looking into but she denys any botox or filler at over 50 what do you think given you have had it her face does not look like it moves my friend who is esthetician says she had to have botox and filler, i just don't want to expect to have results like her from exercises facial alone bc that would be unrealistic what is your opinion, i just can't stand it if someone lies and deceives their subbies hey we all need help i would do it too bc sometime creams exercises food etc does not overcome the forces of gravity on earth. she said i was being neg. for asking about if she had work done and she uses a size 5.0 mm dermaroller that is scary and every 2-3 days if you look at her dermaroller video..i mean im not expert but it does look like her skin is so taught it does not budge as my friend says that is what botox does she does not have one wrinkle im going to be 40 in aug and have tons more sagging jowls and wrinkles crows feet number 11 and when smiling lines ;( let me know what you think i trust your opinion. Hello I am going to be 46 Fri and would love to know where to purchase the products you mention in this video. I have never used a retinol or vit C. I feel my face needs some serious products lately. Love your videos. .
Hi! All the skincare I use can be purchased through That is the site I work on out of dr silvers office :)) xoxo Bri.

I love all your videos but I expecially love all the skincare tips you have! When you recommend something I know I need to get it!!!!.

Thanks! A lot of good tips! What eye cream do you recommend for firming, Especially upperlids Tried the revision one but didn't see any results. Thanks Brianna!.

Thank Brianna! Is this better then the one Tammy from uppiesbeads mentioned I think it was the tns one!.

+Maria Teresa Hey Maria, so I use the tns one too and I LOVE that one but for firming I hear that the skinceuticals is the best for that :).

Thank you!! No I dont, but great idea! Some times in the videos they are my own eye lashes as well :) XOXO Bri.

Brianna, I am wondering about the Retin A/Retinol. What type would you suggest and do I need to get it from a doctor.
Hey Karen! If you never have used one before I would start with a.05% retin-a. And I would recommend the Refissa because it is more gentle on the skin. You can actually order them off my site, we are based out of the Dr's office I work at ;)) XO Bri. Thank you so much Jessica, I do actually have a skincare video...I actually have done many ;)) But I just did my latest skincare routine not to long ago if you back track in my videos you will see it not far back ;)) XOXO Bri.
If the oil has been refined then the nutrients have been removed/no longer bioavailabile in the .
Yes your right, I meant unrefined...thats what I use. I didnt catch that I said that until you just mentioned it ;).
Hi Brianna! Your anti-aging videos are my favorite videos our yours to watch! I always learn so much. Because of you, I recently purchased the Revision Revox II and Nectifirm and I LOVE them! These are the first medical grade skin care products I've tried so far. I'm 44 and would like to try more. What Retinol cream would you suggest trying as a starter I have dry, sensitive skin. Also, can you please recommend an eye cream that isn't too out of this world expensive Thank you for making these videos! .
Oh so good to hear Lisa!! I would either get the Refissa or the Neocutis Nouvelle Retinol. Both of these are amazing for dry sensitive skin. And start slow, like one or two nights a week to start. Well my two favorite eye creams are the Neocutis Lumiere or the Skinmedica Tns. Both will give you great results! ;)) XO Bri. Bri, this is outstanding!! Good "reminders" to those of us who watch you regularly. I use Citrix Vit C cleansing pads (rather than a toner) after I wash my face, then apply CE Ferulic (or Phloretin C sometimes). Is that enough Vitamin C I have been using the Obagi Nu Derm on my hands as well as face. What a great improvement! I also use the Nectifirm on my hands...hee-hee-hee. I figure, if it works on my crepey neck, it must be good for crepey hands, right .
Thank you Anmette!! Yes the CE Ferulic is enough vitamin C, that is a great product! Good idea for the hands ;)) XO Bri.

Great advice as always Brianna, I just started really using a peel on my hands and the difference is amazing, they still look like old lady hands,lol,but just not quite as much!.

Hi Brianna! These are such good tips! I loved this video. Keep them coming...Kathy.

I really like this type of video. I will work on getting the sesame oil. I have been using coconut oil. Is sesame better Also, your hair looks so shiny and healthy. What are you using on it.
Sesame is best for skin..for sure try it! I have been using a bunch on my hair hahaha! Certain things I feel are working best though..I need to do a video on that!! I think I will film that coming up real soon ;)) XO Bri. Great tips, Bri!! I need to get some sesame oil now! Love that eye palette, it really makes your eyes pop! Love you!! Xo Nicole .
just suubscribed how old are you the reason i ask is bc you look great I m hitting 40 n i just got to your channel and i want to know what derma roller to buy and what product to buy to put on your skin vit c serum hyaluronic acid retinol does collagen cream work or absorb into your skin have you heard of life cell have you tried it it really had a lot of hype I haven never heard of derma roller and i heard thinner diameter needles are better.20 mm dia are better please help thank im starting to see wrinkles and sagging now hitting forty yuck what helps sagging skin products that work.
Hey Susan, I am actually trying to get something in the works with Dr Silver on a video like that ;)) Hopefully we can get our schedules in line to do that soon! XOXO Bri. Thank you for the Tips...:) :) Your eyelashes are the bomb...You look gorgeous today..;) Hugs...hugs....

The Top 8 Anti-Aging Products Under $20: Skin Care:

November 7, 2015

Comments about this video:
Hi Brianna, i just subscribed when i saw your retin a video :-), question.. After applying retin a, can i also use a serum and moisturizer If so, how long should i wait, thanks. +Eva Montes Thanks Eva! Yes you can use a serum then moisturizer after retin-a Just wait 30 min after applying te retin-a ;)) XOXO. Hey, since you're using hydroquinine from Obagi I wonder if it has faded effect on small flat moles Do you have any experience with it if so, what works best at removing small flat moles I have some small ones on my face that I could imagine to whiten... Thank you !.
I use Obagi NuDerm with retin A and just started using the TNS essential serum but I use it all together every night! I haven't had any peeling or anything but is it too much if not, when should I layer in the TNS and vitamin C with the Obagi NuDerm system thanks. love your videos.

+Wendy Jaillett Hi Wendy! I wouldnt use the tns at night and for sure no vitamin c at night. those you can add in the morning ok but thats it ;)).
+mimi watler its all linked in the description box if you open it up...its all on
Thank you for your recommendations, Brianna. It is too bad that they are all so expensive. Some of them cost more than $250! :(.
Also you said in your video that you started out using the Obagi New Derm System. Could you please be more specific with the name of this system so that I can look it up. I have sun damage and aging skin. Thank you so much!. Brianna, how would you compare Skinceuticals B5 Gel to the Neocutis Hyalis I'm wondering if the products are similar. I've only used the Skinceuticals B5 Gel in the past and am new to the Neocutis line. Would love your thoughts! Thank you! 😍.
+MorganCultura They are similar as in they are both deeply hydrating and are both hyaluronic acid serums. The hyalis is a little thinner in consistency where as the b5 gel is thicker and a little more like a serum/gel. The hyalis is lighter ;)) Hope this helps...both are amazing and I have used both for a while now ;)) XOXO.
Hey Brianna you seem very knowledgeable on skin care! Would you please do you a video on intolerant skin I've been exhausted trying to find products for my skin.. more exhausted is probably my bank account. Thanks!.
I love your videos. Very informative. I have been using Retina + the obagiNur + the obagi vitamin c 20% for 3 years now. I love my skin and how it improved. Ca you please tell me good anti aging skincare for hands. My hands looks old and they are getting darker..

Hi Brianna, Have you ever tried Voluma cheek filler If so, a video about your experience from beginning to finish would be great. Thanks!!!.
+Martha Juarez The blender is used to be mixed with Tretinoin (Retin A) to make it more effective. I was confused at first too and then my dermatologist explained that it is designed to be sued with REtin A as a separate step from the the Clear.. That thumbnail hehe! You truly love your skin care! That is a crazy high end routine but it shows its apparently working. ❤️❤️❤️ ️Sissi . I was wondering if you have ever tried the Image Skin Care Line If so, please let me know what you think about it. Thanks so much!. you have great skin and eyes.. do you recommend or have vids on skincare for men (of course ill search your vids) thanks!. +S Torres The idea that any of these products are just for women is completely ludicrous, the industry markets it that way because that has been their primary target until recently. Ive looked over a few products geared towards men and they either have the same ingredients, but more expensive or less product, etc. You are generally paying for the packaging I think in many cases. I would recommend Skinceuticals or Skinmedica products since they are both scientifically designed skincare and they are not geared towards either sex. They have a variety of products geared towards different skincare needs, so you should be able to find a system that fits your needs :). lOveeeee this video thank You Brianna for sharing/posting updated skincare. what's Your thoughts on lasers that tighten the skin/neck area we talk a lot about our face but never about the neck what do You recommend to treat the neck area I tried samples of the revision neck treatment cream i didn't care for it just want Your professional opinion, thank You 😊. What do you think about the radical line like the radical advanced peptide antioxidant serum and radical anti-aging restorative moisture .
Loved this video!! I'm an aesthetician so love these kind of videos... Adore the TNS serum!!! You look gorgeous as usual....

obagi clear and exfoderm how should i use it. my question is after which product should i apply Obagi clear and exfoderm ,should i use it before Neocutis Journee and after skin medica vitamin C+E complex.if you can answer my question i will be really apreciate when i saw your video i got very impress so i ordered all your products that you showed in this video..
Another great video from you! Look forward to seeing when you post one. My pocketbook doesn't however!! Sending you an email.❤️.
I would love to order everything you recommend, but I can't. So what are the main products you recommend for someone on a very tight budget .
Hi Brianna. I was watching a video of yours and you spoke highly of a very expensive foundation. I can't remember the name of the product and which video it was. Would you happen to remember I know it's a lot to ask given the numerous videos you have. But thank you in advance..
+Brianna Stanko Thank you for responding so quickly. I remember it was over 100.00. This is probably the one. Going to give it a try. Love watching you videos..
I loved this so much! I'm taking notes! When you apply your skincare do you take it down on to your neck aswell or would you use something separate xoxoxo Shaz. Hi, can you please suggest a simple regimen. If I would only buy one cleanser, one serum, etc, what should I start with for my day and night routine I am 39, I have normal to dry skin, it used to be oily, but now it feels dry. I get some acne here and now, I also have some scars (hyper pigmentation). I hope you can help. Thanks, Marie..
One more question..I saw your video using the derma roller, but if I were to buy a few products after using that roller for under eye crepiness, fine lines & wrinkles by laugh area & even lip lines Thanks.
Hey Brianna! I would love to hear your recommendation for a facial moisturizer that does not contain fetal cells like the neocutis one. Thank u so much. .
Hi Briana I just watched several of your skin videos and they were amazing. I've been waiting to go to a med spa to get recommendations for the best skincare products for my skin. But unfortunately I don't have much faith in the ones locally. I tried Obagi years ago and it didn't really make a difference in my skin. My skin is dry and combination at times. I have very large pores always, and texture issues. I have tried everything at sephora to no avail. I'm 49 and I need to get my skin looking less dull or more youthful appearing. Any recommendations would be so, so appreciated. Thank you .
Hi Brianna thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I use the skin medica line through my medical spa and I love it. I have started to look into treatments to up my results and was curious on your opinion. I am getting Laser Genesis soon. I will be getting 6 tx with microdermabrasion. I'm so excited. It's pricey so I wanted your thought. Is it worth it . Hi Bri. Great video. I have to get the sesame oil. I bet it makes your skin feel fabulous!! When should I use the Retin A. I cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream and night cream. Not sure where to incorporate the retin. Thanks for all your help..
What concentration of topical niacinamide would you recommend My pharmacy compounds a 4% niacinamide cream - is that an appropriate concentration to use for anti-aging purposes.

Hi, you might want to check, I believe Skinmedica TNS does contain the CE serum in one chamber and the item chamber is the recovery complex with the growth serum. Double whammy if you put another CE serum after those..
Hi Brianna, Thank you so much for all of the valuable advice that you provide in your videos! I just turned 53 the other day and there are 2 skin care issues that I can't seem to find an effective solution for... Can you recommend any NECK firming/anti-sag products as well as something for the "parenthesis" on the sides of the mouth & nose area. After watching several of your skin care videos today, I went by my dermatologist office and bought the Journee by Neocutis and the Lytera by SkinMedica. I have used the Lytera for brown spots before and it seems to help. If you know of something better for brown sun spots please let me know. Thanks, Pam.
Can you use the Obagi Blender for longer periods of time I mean,should you use it for more than 3 months.
Have you tried the Refine Tonic that is recommended to use after the GloTherapeutics 10% Glycolic Cleanser I use the cleanser about two times a week and am wondering what you think of the Tonic Thank you!!. Love this video very good information, you really know your stuff. Do you recommend a lighting cream for inner thighs and armpits. Hi Brianna, quick question.. I am thinking of purchasing the obagi pore therapy toner but it looks like it has menthol and benzyl alcohol in it. Does it not irritate your skin .
I am familiar with all of the products that you have mentioned in this video. I also know how very expensive they are. Can you suggest any affordable products that work Many, many women can not afford these products, but would still like to be able to find something that 'really works'. maybe you can narrow the routine down to something with fewer products, that the average woman can afford. It would really help out those of us who can't afford these very expensive products. Thank you..

Loving the Refissa and I ordered the Obagi kit from you. How long do you recommend I use this before I start alternating other skincare items in. Right now I feel like anything else would be too much... I am still really flaking a lot. I can already see a difference! xoxo Thanks! Christl.
Brianna, Thank You so much for doing these skincare videos. I've learned SO much from you! The Obagi Nu Derm along with Refissa has completely transformed my skin! My husband says my skin looks better now (im 38) than it did when we met 11 years ago! I had to stop using the clear, the blender & the refissa due to pregnancy. What would you recommend I use in place of those Until I'm able to start using them again once I'm done breastfeeding. I'm currently using cleanser, toner & moisturizer, but I want something to use after toning to "anti age" before moisturizing. Thanks so much for all of your help!.
Brianna, I´m not telling this to many people, but You are such a stunning Beauty! I found no words! I love your Channel and I think it every time I see you there...So gorgeous! I would like to order your skinproducts, but unfortunately I´m so far away from the Staates...:( Love Nicole.
+Nicole Guyaz Awe you are so sweet...thank you Nicole!! We do ship internationally as well...we have customers from all over ;)) Big hugs! XOXO. I'm loving all my products I ordered from you...Its seriously life changing to my face...;) :) UR THE BEST!!!!!!!!. What do you put on top of your Blender and retina Do you put one of you serums Also do you layer your serums, will dilution lessen the effect or you prefer to put one at a time Thanks.
Hi Brianna, Vitamin c and hyaluronic acid serum, can these be used when skin is suffering through acne.
Such a helpful info! Maybe in time, I'm gonna buy those products if my budget permits! ;) But thank you for sharing. Just a sort of stress reliever/motivation to me viewing links that improves ones personality. God bless!. Great video. It would be nice if you said something at the end of a video like this like: "if you're going to get one product I mentioned, this would be it." You clearly know your stuff so I value your opinion. I think I will start with the eye cream your husband used on his crows feet! .

Anti Aging Products | Olay

October 25, 2015

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Thx, great info Mernie! I highly recommend Maxelder argan cream … I use it twice a day and I love the way it makes my skin feel like it’s refreshed… I feel that it has helped my facial skin to stay younger looking … My mom even stated that she thinks I look younger than my twin sister. I was upset when. I’m sure if you try it you will like it!! you can find it at w..…nyarganoil.….c.
If you really want to try excellent anti-aging skin care, then you should try Dr. Hauschka - it is super expensive but worth every penny. For example try the "firming mask" - I apply a very thin layer underneath my regular day cream and all the fine lines disappear. Thank God I don't have deep wrinkles yet. Plus it is not tested on animals like most other cosmetics.. Oh my goodness your dog sitting in the chair is adorable, what is his/her name I was listening to you and looking at that cutie.. lol. I am guilty as charged on the Chanel front. I have used it for years, in fact I was trying to think of something else I've used and felt as good on my skin. I have tried the Olay products in hopes that I may save some money but I actually do see a difference when I don't use high end skin care. It could also been that I have both sensitive and dry skin. I suppose this isn't much help, but we all have our splurges. I find that skin care lasts a long time so it seems cost effective in the end. Lately I have started using some Estee Lauder for daytime and the ultra high end cream that was $300 or 350 is now around $75 as I think it didn't sell very well. It's the Revitalizing Supreme in the gold jar and it is wonderful. I don't own a LV bag yet though so as I said we all have our things, this comment was probably very unhelpful. Sorry=[.
That was an interesting study. My retin A, sunscreen, and tarte maracuja oil are my favorite anti-aging products..
Thx, great info! I'm always on the look for not that expensive eye & face serums, yea should have started in my 20's : ( Found to check out some that I haven't, keep them coming!!!.
Thank you for the great information. I recently bought some Boots #7 after a recommendation from a friend. .
Aw dog! Anyway my mom's fav anti aging cream is one called Monsia and it's apparently expensive but worth it. It's like a kit with cleanser, toner and night/day cream so you have this regime to follow. Just leaving it out there in case someones interested!. I have a question. I'm 23 years old and I've been looking at olay products for awhile. I have dry akin but not overly dry. I don't have wrinkles but I do need to start preventing them. Do you think the definity line would be good to use.
i love to try more olay products and so as oiher brands as well. bt my problem is here in india, there r som limited products. or ty hv launched afew yet.i too hv dry skin. hope there will b mor in future. good job love ur vids..

I also recommend that any woman over 35 try Reclaim by Victoria Principal, the starter kit is only 19.95. It's a whole skincare system with cleanser, eye serum, moisturizer, the most awesome products I have ever used on my skin. If you don't want to be a club member, just cancel the automatic membership and keep the starter system. .

Sorry-I get my hair professionally colored and I don't have the formula. I know she uses Aveda color..
2 VictoriasRoses Hi Becki! I'm glad this video was helpful. It's interesting that the really expensive brands aren't the only way to go for skin care. Sometimes they're great, but sometimes it's just a lot of hype. Thanks for still watching-you were one of my first 20 subscribers!.
2 hhjjhh09 It's from Target (their brand) and every time I wear I get a rash. I've heard from a few people that they have the same problem. :(.

Great video! I am also a firm believer in science and think that I will follow the list. Thanks again for your research!.
I just want to tell you that you look absolutely beautiful with this hair style and don't change it.By the way,I love watching your videos:)All the best to you!!!.
2 haulsandreviews Personally, I think I like the Regenerist moisturizer better than the definity. I'll probably go back to it once I finish it up. I really like the one with SPF 50 for summer..
Hi Marnie! I am a new subbie; I found you through Nur and YOU ROCK! I saw the same article and sent it to my mom. I have been using the Boots N7 Beauty Serum and I like it. As for peels, I have had it 2 my estetician. At first I was scared too. But it made a difference in my skin. Before that, I had tried out the AVON ANEW CLINICAL glycolic peel pads. I like them and I still use them once in a while. Now not everybody shold get a glycolic peel. You should check with a professional first XOXO.
Hi Marnie, Did you ever learn about other products that satisfy this need I wonder if any of the Neutrogena sunscreen and/or moisturizers would work. Thanks for all you do!.
2 arethavillebrun Yay! I'm glad it's working for you, and I like getting the feedback from people with different skin types than mine. Glad it's working out for you..
2 Palettagirl I love it too and always get so many compliments when I wear it. It's a really old Target brand shirt..
Hello I am a new subbie!! I am so happy that I found your are so natural, beautiful and funny (in a good way) this video thank you for sharing Veronica.
2 4evryoung58 I don't know exactly how much older you are than me, but even if it's just by a few years I'm interested in finding out how the products are working for you. Shiseido is a great company but way too pricey for me. Any other products that you really like.
Dear MsGoldgirl, thank you so much for the tips. You have really helped me. This was the information I was looking for, and you being budget conscious was a big plus. Sometimes you are just doing what you think you should and you end up being a kind spirit on someone else's path; I would like you to know that your were that helpful to me. And I would also like to reciprocate. I think that if you look for "skin care routine for flawless... By kandee Johnson" (You Tube - another sweet girl) you m. This video was suggested to me even though I'm still in my teens and not in need of anti-aging products yet. I watched it nevertheless and thought it was very informative! You remind me of my stepmom - which is a huge compliment because she's beautiful and lovely. You're the same age, and you both still look like you're in your 20s! My dad is in his 40s and I think people think he's a cradle robber sometimes based on how she looks, haha. You two are proof that anti-aging products can work! : ). Running out to get these products, been looking at olay for quite some time. I think you are so pretty and your skin looks to be great. . this video was really helpful. I was wondering if you have any advice as to WHEN you should start using anti aging products. I have tried to look up other videos on this topic but there aren't many that are helpful.. Knowing you are female and a matte finish 'MIGHT' not be important, but it is very important to me. It is very, very hard to find a product that has a matte finish and is helpful to an aging face. I do have professional chemical peels every four weeks, and have never used any of the products you mentioned. However, if anyone/you can tell me if you know of a great moisturizer that leaves a matte finish on the face. I am male and cannot/will not wear make-up. Thanks,. I agree with Sunscreen, and be educated when it comes to anti aging products, many anti aging products actually put you on an endless cycle to needing them and actually dry your skin, they put tons of fillers like silicones and marketing hype..
I hope u can help I have two white spots on my nose like where my sunglass cover what in the heck r they no matter what kind make up cover up I use they stand out hope u can help.

2 MsGoldgirl thank you so much. In this case I will go to the store for find all that olay stuff especially the hydrating foaming, I am so curios to see how it works on me, cause now I am using La Mer cream at night but just make my face too oily. Thks for everything. Kiss and hugs, Oh by the way wich is your fav foundation ever (EL double wear or else).

2 sqlara You're not old-you're younger than me! Estee Lauder makes an excellent concealer that can also be used as foundation, so it's great for covering larger areas. It's called Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage and I LOVE it! I will be reviewing it soon in a video but in the meantime go check it out in person at an Estee Lauder counter. They'll even give you a free sample!.

2 sweetdosage I'm pretty sure they tested it on humans, but for all the details I would read the article. It should be mentioned in there (I hope)..
I'm sorry, I don't, but I'm sure there is a list of it somewhere on the internet. At least, I hope so, as I'd like to see the list again too!. 2 veromiami Hi Veronica!! Thank you so much for subbing! I'm glad you're enjoying my videos! ~Marnie. 2 kumudvarghese I have very dry skin, and I love the Olay Regenerist Night Cream. It's in a little lavender jar. I put it all over my face and neck at night..
If you have dry skin, some of the drugstore moisturizers use petroleum based moisturizers and then tend to actually dry the skin. I have found that Alba (at Walgreens and Walmart), carry a "Jasmine facial cream" that is REALLY moisturizing and makes the skin very soft. It is organic which is good. The only drawback is it has no sun screen, which I have to do separate under my makeup..
2 TheLucyLil Thank you Lucy!! That is very sweet of you to say and I am very glad I helped you, even if it was in a small way.. 2 griff2020 That sounds like heaven in a box! What's in it that makes it so good Oh-thanks for subbing! :).
2 bridgeyboo3 At Target-it's a bit pricier than regular drugstore stuff, but it's all very good quality..

2 makeupveroefalso Absolutely Estee Lauder Double Wear. I love the coverage and I love the staying power..
2 MacLovesMe Thank you! I have been using the Olay Definity and I love how hydrated my skin feels lately. Hope it works for you, too!. Hi... I use the pro x eye cream, and yes it is really really good, and not that expensive. Buying it on ebay is a way cheaper option, as it cuts the cost in half compared to purchasing in a store. Also the banana boat sunscreen for the body is good, and I use that also. just goes to prove that cheaper products can still do the job and not break the bank. I tried to go to the site you mentioned but it is no longer there. Do you happen to have this on your computer to print out. I would really like to read this. Thanks Karen. 2 makeupveroefalso I went on the Olay website and yes, Olaz IS the same brand! YT disables links but it's. olaz. it. Check it out!.
2 HollyRamblesOn Thanks-that's Bosley. He makes a few random appearances in most of my videos. He thinks this is his house and that he lets us live there. :).

2 TBSulkin Hey Trace-there really isn't a great way to make your lips look bigger. I have a few tricks in mind...outline your lips a TINY bit outside your natural lip line (not a lot, or you'll look like a hooker). Also, put a lighter color in the middle and a bit darker on the outside of your lips. You know, I should just make a video, that would be easier!.

Anti-Aging Products - Category Anti-Aging

November 21, 2015

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so how many treatments will you get Do you think that this will help the rosacea I heard you say you liked the results. Thanks for showing the after. I was considering laser but I'm not sure. What kind of laser was this Can you talk about the treatment more-name of treatment, name of laser, where you went to get this. Is this person a doctor or an aesthetician.
my apologies, I just rewatched this and you have answered some of my questions. I like the board-certified part but want to know what kind of laser this is. .
My apologies that you had to watch twice me twice nobody should have to suffer through that. I'll be sure to find out what kind of laser, and if it halts the rosacea and broken blood vessels-stuff I should of researched before going in!.


Life extension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

December 28, 2015

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How do you feel about using glycolic acid to rid of dead skin cells Would it be more effective than enzymes Thanks.. Hello ! I just discovered your channel today and already watched about 90% of your videos. I learned a lot thanks to your detailed yet simplified explanations. I jumped a bit late on the skincare bandwagon as I'm already 25... I'd like to have your opinion on the yves rocher products especially their serums and toners. Your reply would be much much appreciated Have a great day.
Thanks for the tips! I think microdermabrasion is a must! I use the microdermabrasion cream for Yula Organics.
thank you for the info! i never thought of using a vitamin c serum, i just bought one from Kiss My Face, had good reviews so i am hoping it is a good one. i was trying to find a less expensive moisturizer from the drugstore, after watching this video i think i'll invest in higher quality stuff. i was using BareMineral moisturizer and it worked great, but i wanted to see if i could find a good drugstore brand so i switched to olay and started breaking out. thank you again for the info!. i find Your videos very informative, interesting and well prepared. i've got a question: do You think it is a good idea to layer different products on the skin for example at night. i am used to using different products on my t-zone and on the rest of my face, i have combination skin but on the other hand i have atopic skin so i learned to what to use and when (depending on the condition of my skin), but i am struggling because i am almost 24 and i would like to start using something anti-aging..
Good catch. :) Anyone wanting to avoid or improve hyperpigmentation needs to be very careful with botanicals in general..
2 noreen4040 I'll try to check it out, but if you have a specific tutorial or article in mind, send me a youtube message with the link and I'll tell you what I think. :).
It is a misleading name, because titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are chemicals, just of mineral origin. This is why I often recommend baby sunscreen for sensitive skin though. They tend to be zinc/titanium, and their bases are easier to tolerate in my experience..

2 luca00816 I'm a big fan of the Clarisonic. But the biggest misconception people have is that it's an exfoliating brush. It's a cleansing brush, with mild exfoliation as a consequence of the friction, but it is definitely not an exfoliating product. It's useful for me because I can use a much milder cleanser and let the brush do the work, but aside from extremely sensitive types, it's good for everyone. I have a video on how I care for mine, if you're curious. .
2 strilinga Thank you! At 24 you should focus on moisture retention and preventing sun/environmental/systemic damage (smoking, drinking, etc.). In other words, focus on prevention. Layering products is normal... So long as they are working well together and not causing problems, I wouldn't worry about it. The only things you don't want to layer are chemical exfoliants (AHA's, BHA's retinoids, etc.) to prevent over-exfoliation and irritation..
The distinction I was trying to make is whether you were talking about an average work day or, say, going to the beach or an outdoor event like a concert. For your average, predominantly indoor day, you can get away with a low-medium SPF and, if you maybe have lunch outside, a powder sunscreen. If you were actually outdoors all day during peak sun hours, you would want to apply a liquid sunscreen every 1-2 hours. Hats or dainty parasols are also encouraged. ;).

Can you use Retin-A mixed with CE Ferulic serum I'm 43. I have a friend who mixes Retin A with PCA vitamin C cream and straight vit. E and her skin looks nice. If I will be using retinols, what sunscreen do you recommend Thanks for this video!.

Thanks for such an informative video. You mentioned using sunscreen hourly for it to be effective. Would you recommend powered sunscreen I'm curious if this is a good option (ie. touch ups) on top of makeup. If not, what are your recommendations.

2 noreen4040 Also, I completely agree that most vit C products on the market are a scam. There are only two that I can personally vouch for, and they're from different divisions of the same parent company (Skinceuticals and La Roche-Posay). But yes, C is extremely unstable, which is why I have doubts about trying to buffer it with water and veg glycerin. But I'll keep an open mind and look into it..
Thanks a lot for answering my question. I was diagnosed with rosacea yesterday. It seems La roche posay has 2 lines for sensitive skin (toleriane and rosaliac) so do Avene. Do you recommend any of them In your opinion what cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen would be the best for my skin condition (rosacea) There are so many options, Im so confused! :( Thank you very much!. Retinol won't help if you're still getting sun damage. Vit C will definitely help in the long term, but to break up the hyperpig in the short term, try something with kojic acid. Salicylic can also help break up pigmentation, just depends on your skin type what combination to use (salicylic can be problematic for dry skin). If you drive a long distance in the sunlight, my previous window advice applies. I think you need a higher SPF. You can apply your foundation over a higher SPF moisturizer.. hi! I just run into your video, because I'm 25 and started wondering when is the right time to start using antiaging products. I've take care of my skin: facial scrubs, astrigents, sunscreen; still, I wonder, is anything else I'm missing I do have some fine lines around my eyes and when I smile I'm starting to get some lines there, what can I do Thank you! this video is very informative :). I am so lucky to have found your channel! I have noticed some hyperpigmentation on my driving side of the cheek. I'm in my mid 30s...just started using a cleanser with glycolic and salicylic acid. A bit weary to start retinol creams (read a bit of mixed reviews). Would vitamin C help improve that.
Thanks, I would love to hear the opinion of an actual professional! I'm glad la Roche posay has a good one, I just recently started using some of their products as my skin has completely freaked out over the last couple months, I can't seem to put ANYTHING on it with out some sort of irritation. Would you recommend their sunscreens as well I usually can only wear physical blockers since my skin is extremely sensitive and breaks out frequently, but I hate the consistency of them! Thank u!.
Which of the following would you recommend Ren, Environ, vitamin C range from the body shop and I've also heard good things abouSkinceuticals but not sure if they do samples or travel size. I live in Europe and the weather here is usually cold, wet and windy. I look forward to yr reply and more vids thank you. 2 ofelia1213 Honestly I think at your age it would be a waste of money. Invest in a good quality regimen that is right for your skin type and focus on exfoliation and prevention instead. Consistency is the most important thing right now, not wonder creams.. I've never heard of SkinCeuticals knockoffs, but you're more likely to encounter fake products on ebay than an actual online store. Some etailers choose to sell products for less than the MSRP (which they aren't supposed to do to that extreme). If you're unsure, you can always call SkinCeuticals and ask if they are an authorized retailer..
They are very heavy on botanical ingredients, and definitely not for everyone. But I don't feel a need to "be careful" with the line itself, as I've used pretty much all of their products and recommended them to plenty of people who have had good results. Not every line works for everyone..
2 romeydiaz77 KMF does have some good products, but most VitC products are too diluted or buffered to be effective. You can tell a good VitC product by its color and smell. It should turn brown when oxidized over time (or should turn brown when it gets on something white, like a washcloth), and it should make your hands/skin smell slightly metallic or otherwise odd after being exposed to air for about 10 minutes. If you can't detect any color change or funny smell, it's probably not very potent.. Thank you for making this video, it definitely answered some questions of mine. I've recently started becoming interested in the vit c serums, antioxidants, etc for helping with some early anti-aging, (I'm 32). I recently purchased an enzyme cleanser and vit c serum from a line called Mario badescu in ulta.. I'm hoping it's a decent brand lol.. I'm starting to get really dry in alot of areas on my face, yet still have occasional blemishes. It's Soooooo frustrating..
I think the Toleriane line is great. I'm not really sure what the difference is between Toleriane and Rosiliac tbh, but I don't think you can go wrong between those lines. Not as familiar with Avène, but they have some similar products. The line itself isn't important. You want to avoid fragrance and botanical ingredients more than anything. LRP sunscreens should be fine, but if you don't tolerate them, try a sunscreen for babies. Baby products in general are a good alternative (not J&J though)..
2 GorgeoisPig There are numerous posts on skin care forums and reviews on Makeupalley which claim that people have had good results. I have paid a lot of money for so called stable vit c serums which have already oxidized in package. This premise is basically pure L ascorbic acid powder dissolved in distilled water with a touch of pure veg glycerin. you make very small batches weekly to make sure potency and freshness. If you are interested here is a link to a page with multiple DIY recipes. It's tough. I have that problem too. The main thing is just doing whatever you can to reduce inflammation, which I covered in the acne/hyperpigmentation/eczema video. Those tips apply to everything connected with inflammation, which is most everything. But a big one is eliminating fragrance and other topical irritants. I didn't believe it was as big of a deal as it is until I saw it for myself.. Vitamin C itself is anti-inflammatory, so there's really never a bad time to use it. However the Active C creams do contain a small amount of fragrance, which is their one downfall, sadly. But as long as your skin isn't inflamed or hypersensitive to fragrance, it should be alright. It's the last ingredient, and it's not anything I actually remember smelling in the product (assuming they haven't changed the formula since then). .
Hi! I'm assuming you mean powdered sunscreen There's a difference between "powdered sunscreen" and the so-called sunscreen in products like face powder (which won't protect you). Powdered sunscreen will have the same minerals (zinc and titanium dioxide) as a liquid sunscreen, and like a liquid sunscreen, you have to use a large amount to get the SPF rating. It's harder to get that kind of coverage with a powder, so the only reason I'd recommend one is if your skin can't handle liquid sunscreen..
I should mention the one caveat.. If you sit by a window all day, you should up your SPF and consider investing in an a good vitamin C serum. Window glass filters out UVB rays, but not UVA's (which are the kind that cause wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and premature aging in general).. Hi, I was just curious, does fresh lemon juice applied to the skin help fade sun spots / age spots Thank you :). Hi I just started using la Roche Posays vitamin c serum. I was wondering about the correct amount to apply. It doesn't specify on the tube. Also should I use it morning and night And if morning, then under my antioxidant moisturizer (has SPF 25). I'm 30 years old.
You're welcome! Glad to inspire new estheticians. Let me know if there are any industry related questions I can answer for you. I've been thinking about doing videos for other estheticians. :).

I believe so. It should function similarly to kojic acid. They interrupt melanin production, which is often (usually) triggered by inflammation (licorice extract also has anti-inflammatory properties). How dark is your skin on a scale of 1-5 If you are on the darker end, there's always a chance that any melanin-interrupting product can affect your normal skin, however the effects are temporary..
2 VeryDelightful Sorry for the delay... Vitamin C is produced naturally by the skin (and is a water soluble nutrient in the body) and is safe. Glycolic acid is derived from sugar, and should not be absorbed into the bloodstream when applied topically. I personally don't see why either would cause a problem, but generally people tend to be super paranoid and say not to use anything "chemical" at all while preg/breastfeeding. .
I bought a sample of the anti-aging caudalie products and had a bad reaction to them. I am not sure if it was just specific product (the serum) but it also broke my mom out as well. I have comb/oily skin and she has mature, normal/dry skin so be careful with those!.
You're welcome! Mario B is hit and miss. They have some good products, but then try to market the alcohol in their toners as a good thing. It's insane. Try some pure argan oil on the dry areas. I have a video about using it for my eye area, and I'm seriously in love with it. :). Wow thanks Veronica for replying so soon :) I will look into those products you recommend. I also started using trilogy for anti ageing what are yr thoughts on this band.
Now's a good time to start using antioxidants, because you're in the prevention stage. See my 10 Commandments video for more tips on how to prevent damage. :).
I'd been using SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic serum for about 8 months and SkinCeuticals Retexturizing Serum for about 4. I noticed my skin really breaking out, so was very diligent about washing my face 2x a day with gentle soap and using my serums in the morning (Ferulic) and evening (Retexturizing). My skin got worse. I spoke with the doctor at my medspa and he suggested I stop using all products on my skin - he said it was likely the vitamin E in the CE Ferulic was causing me to break out. . Is vitamin c or glycolic acid safe to use while breastfeeding If so at what percentage glycolic is safe Planning to use both but alternating between the two. Thank you..
2 noreen4040 Sounds a bit far fetched. Vit C is very unstable, and can only be absorbed in a few forms. Are there videos/blogs out there claiming to make vit c serums I'd be curious to see what you're referring to, if you care to send me a message with some links..
Hi Veronica! I just wanna say I really like yr videos. I'm 29 with oriental skin and I really want to start getting better quality facial products. My skin is combination, very dry on cheeks and nose, oily forehead and sensitive skin. I don't use exfoliates but after watching this vid I'm thinking I should. My plan is to buy travel size products to test them out for anti ageing on my skin before I buy the full size because my skin is sensitive. I was think of using the following lines. AWESOME VIDEO..GREAT INFO..THANKS...JUST SUBSCRIBED:) i do have a question, ive been wanting to try out the PREVAGE skin care line is super expensive( at least to me ) im u think is a good skin care for my age.
I hope you don't mind me adding my two cents here, but I also suffer from sensitive skin and mild rosacea. I recommend you stick to mineral sunscreens because they are the least likely to irritate your skin. Mineral sunscreens are also known as "chem-free" (misleading name) and are based on titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide..
to add to that, citrus is phototoxic, so if you have lemon juice on your skin during the day (or with any source of light), it will actually damage your skin (making it darker etc.). Thank you for your reply to my hydrogen peroxide question...I am very impressed by your videos and I wanted to ask your opinion on how to get rid of blemishes. I have very pale skin and I tend to break out on my chin area. Over the years I have noticed that even if I do clear up my skin on my chin there are always red blotches from past breakouts. I usually use a foundation to cover it up. How do I get rid of these red marks.
Hi! Yes, I really like ActiveC. For the price, I don't think there's a better vitamin C product. It's one of the few cream preparations of vitamin C that I recommend, and it comes in two formulations for different skin types. It does smell metallic (which is good vit c products should always smell kinda bad), and will stain white pillowcases, just fyi. .
Hi Veronica! Do you think "Redermic C" from LRP would be a good idea for a skin with acne/rosacea Tks!.
I just recently bought skinceutical eye gel at a med spa. It was a bit pricey, i was wondering, are the products online at dermstore the same products or are they knockoffs There about $25 cheaper..

Anti Aging Skin Products - Good Housekeeping

November 3, 2015

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i love skincare products too, i can't imagine your skincare collection...i watched your makeup collection...if you have time could you share your skincare collections xoxo rox.
I'm excited for that TNS video. Can you put together a video with skincare recommendations for ladies on a budget.
I'm seriously addicted to your channel,i need to know about that TNS before i drop that much money, can't wait for that video!!!.
+Mariel same here , if I could I would buy it all !!!! But I can't ! I still need to eat and shop lol.
I read on Beautypedia that the TNS and other growth factors can be dangerous and if you end up with skin cancer cells on your face/neck/chest it can grow more rapidly. Do you know anything about that I did have an area of pre-cancer so not sure if I dare use it..
I so love watching you I tried your I look today bummer it didn't come out the way you did it will try again tomorrow I love all those products I want them all I might have to sell my husband to get them lol just kidding I love the foundation until I looked at the price you are such a lucky ducky samples galore I'm sure looking forward to the next video have a wonderful weekend. a lot of this is really very expensive... I am new to the channel so I am wondering if that is how the whole channel is.
Even though this is a skin care video, I can't help but notice how great your hair looks. How are you making it look so amazing and healthy.
I have become addicted to the Obagi Clenziderm foaming cleanser and toner based on your recommendations a while back. Keeps breakouts non-existant and my skin so smooth. Should I try the nuderm cleanser and toner Can I alternate between the two Your skin care vids are my favorites!!!. I got my rapid lash so quickly and I love it and your videos. I also started my YT finally Im over 50 and I love how this community of women are so encouraging, please stop by. Blessings XO Stacy. Bri, can't wait for the skincare vids!! I think maybe I have been using the TNS Essential Serum wrong...yeesh. I put the Skinceuticals Ploretin and the B5 Gel, THEN the TNS. Have I been wasting the TNS Ouch. BTW, my 67 year old eyelashes are blossoming again with consistent use of the Revitalash. I go out without mascara sometimes because it looks like I have it on! Love you..
+Annette Barletta Oh yay!! Yes and when you keep using it your eyelashes will get better and better! That stuff is a miracle worker!! Yeah you really want to use the TNS serum first then the phloretin then the B5 gel ;)) Love you too!! XOXO.
How long should the TNS serum last me with once a day use Also how often should I use Latisse when I just want to maintain the length growth instead of grow them longer Thanks!!!!!!.
+Martine M The serum if used once a day will most likely last 2 to 3 months. And with Latisse its the same, every other day or even every 2 days ;) XOXO.
The TNS serum by far is the best serum I have ever used. I just started using it and am already shocked with the results!! My face is firmer plumper brighter tighter glowing and more lifted. It's so hard to describe but it looks and feels rejuvenated and healthy. I knew it would be a good product because I have never met a skinmedica product that I didn't like, but I had no idea it would be this AMAZING!! I'm obsessed AND thankful I can reorder it from PL store. Thank you, Breanna!.
+Kanita Lopez-Samayoa Thank you Kanita!! Glad you love the TNS serum really is amazing and I know people think I am crazy for always talking about it hahahaha but it really does wonders for the skin ;) Have a great Sunday! XOXO.

Bri, you look extra pretty and glowy today...Love these skincare videos! So informative and now I need to place another order, haha...oh and love, love your top, must know where it's from! Have a great weekend, xoxo!.
+Julie Spitzer Thank you Julie!! My top is from Spendid but its from last fall so probably hard to find now :/ Have a wonderful weekend too! XOXO. p.s. Bri, does TNS sell travel sizes of its Essential Serum Or even sample sizes I would gladly pay for them.. +Annette Barletta They do not...that product is only stable in the bottle it is in so they do not make any other sizes ;) XOXO.
Love your channel I've learned so much!!! Thanks to you!! Love TNS, AGE, so much more that I have ordered all because of you!!! Thank you for teaching us about all the really good, great, skin care. My skin is looking much better because of YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!.
+Shelia Dennis That is so great and I love to hear that! That is why I love doing what I do...its amazing when people get on the right skincare what it can do to our skin ;)) Thank you!! XOOX. Hi Briana I am currently on the obaji Nu derm system and retin A 0.1 and was wondering can I use protopic ointment to help with dryness and peeling Thank you.
+makeupstarish Yes you can use the TNS Serum, you will want to use it after the toner and before the Clear. I am not sure exactly what ointment that is...Dr Silver always recommends the Elta MD Melting Moisturizer its called. Its very effective for combating the dryness ;) XOXO.
Briana I love your videos! They are so informative and your passion for skin care is contagious. It really seems like you care about your viewers and ensuring we achieve optimal results. I do visit my local medical spa for chemical peels and dermabrasion on a regular basis. Skin Medica Skinceuticals, and Obagi are in my rotation as I only use medical grade skin products. I'm 33 and my esthetician recommended Skin Medica Retinol .05 strength and I began using it earlier this year. My bottle is almost empty and after watching your videos I think I would like to try a tretinoin. Would you suggest I start out with the.025 strength or the.05 since this is the strength I was using in the Retinol I know the formulas are different so your suggestion would be appreciated. Also, I just placed my first order with Premier Look last night for the Clenziderm Pore Therapy and it has already shipped this morning! Awesome service! Can't wait to place my next order!.
+Brianna Stanko thank you so much for replying! You're so accessible to your viewers unlike a lot of other channels. For me you've really set yourself apart from the rest and I value your advice. Definitely will be placing my order for the tretinoin and the next thing on my wish list is the B3 Mettacell. Renewal!.
Thanks Brianna. Ordered the TNS serum about a month ago on your recommendation and am loving it! Looking forward to the TNS video..
Lord knows I need anti-aging I am older than dirt! The Hakuhodo blush brush you recommended arrived yesterday. Cannot wait to try it. Thanks again. .

+Viki 2015 There was the same shirt on Slendid's website yet but it just didnt have the thumb holes ;) XOXO.
What is your holy grail eye cream I'm only 22 and I have severe dark circles, wrinkles, and horrible fine lines..
+Rosie Bess Well for severe dark circles a good eye cream is the Revision Teamine Eye Cream...we carry it on Its made specifically for severe dark circles ;) XOXO.

Amazing Truly Amazing Video...I love all your videos very much please do more Skin Care Routine and even Hair care...Bcs my Hair is falling like he'll my dear please please suggest me good hair care Supplements products love you Bri...Xoxi.

+Swift Swift Thank you so much!! Skincare routine is coming up and I can for sure talk about hair care and even supplements I take because I do take some that help the hair ;) XOXO.
Hey! I just discovered your channel and love your skincare videos! I have the crepiest, wrinkliest eyelids. I'm not even 40 yet 😕. Any suggestions. +Sarah Thomas Hey Sarah thank you!! Yes the Skinceuticals age eye complec is made for creppy eyelids and skin around the eye so you can use it all around the eye ;)) XOXO. Hi Brianna, I have a question.I am on my second jar of TNS essential serum and having a problem I still have a lot of product in the jar BUT only the red serum is coming out, the cream colored is not coming out. I hate to throw it out since it is such an expensive product. Have any suggestion please I am very frustrated.XO.
+Gloria Martinez Hi Gloria, that is always what happens when it gets close to the end. The red serum s always the last to run out. The red serum is the TNS serum so thats the main stuff so make sure you keep using it!! But yes thats completely normal as the red is a thicker consistence and that comes out less then the white side so that red always lasts a little longer ;) XOOX.
Thanks for all your videos! I'm addicted:)) I've learned so much from you, love all my products that I purchased from you. I had a question I know skincare can make a difference but is there any treatments or lasers that will work for firming My under eye especially 😊. +melissa pintone Thank you so much Melissa! Hm..firming around the eye area...I will have to ask Dr Silver about that one in particular...Ill get back to you ;) XOXO.
Hi Brianna, love your channel and have been watching for a few years now. I have the Obagi blender and it has turned brown. Can I still use it.

I agree completely about the Revitalash! I have used it for 3 years now and my lashes are soooo long. I had to start using it every couple of days because they got so long. Revitalash is worth the money, but it does take the full 8 weeks before you see results. Love your videos btw!! 😊👍🏻👍🏻.
+Mindy Fulmer Thank you Mindy!! Everyone that I know that uses Revitalash has become addicted hahaha...glad you love it too ;) XOXO.
I can vouch for the Elta sunscreen I absolutely love it ! I bought the tinted formulation for dry skin and OMG this shit is the bomb ! Love it and my skin loves it ! No bad smell ! Will never be without ! Thank you Brianna, for all this wealth of information ! Like I said on insta gram ! Does a bear shit in the woods ! Love you ! Keep doing what your doing ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I'm now obsessed !.
Brianna you look great as always! Quick question do you prefer or recommend the Skinmedica TNS Serum or the Neocutis Serum. +ester zav Thank you!! Both of those are great and I alternate both but yes the TNS is my ABSOLUTE fave! ;) XOXO. Is metacell renewal a night time moisturizer or can i use it in the morning as well Is it good for oily/combo skin Also breast-feeding mom could you also recommend serum for same skin type, please. Im almost out of skin ceuticals blemish and age defense and would like to try smith else. Is TNS ok while breastfeeding Thank you so much Brianna…I'm addicted to your skin care website and your channel lol.
+yasik4483 The Metacell renewal can be used during the day if you have more dry skin...for my combo oily skin I can only use it at night. and yes you can use it while breastfeeding. Tne TNS serum can be used while breast feeding as well but the Epionce Intense Defense is also a great serum for anti aging and its also good for combo skin ;) XOXO.

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06 April 2016

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