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  • December 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +rose gutsy I made this video a year before the cheek filler was on the market.. so I hadn't had it done yet. I liked the cheek filler and would recommend it but it is pricey!. Thanks a lot for your reply regarding PC Retinol 1%! It's extreply helpful information! I'm so happy I discovered your channel! Learning so much from you!. I used to have a pillow top mattress but switched to a rock hard mattress. Within a couple of weeks I realized I wasn't sleeping soundly, couldn't get more than five hours of sleep at a time (because it was so uncomfortable) and became ultra exhausted. When I'd lay down I'd notice I'd wake up a bit to turn over & the shoulder I was laying on would be hurting. I started mattress shopping & a gentleman who was helping me at Sears told me they used to think sleeping on a hard mattress was good for your back, but that is not true. Is there a possibility your mattress is too hard (even though you'll continue to sleep on your back I thought it might help to get a different mattress.) I checked out a Beauty Rest pillow top at Sears recently (hint: the mattresses contain TWO 'hardnesses; in each mattress to save room on the sales floor (one side is softer and one side is harder!) On the Beauty Rests I tried if you're standing at the bottom of the mattress & facing forward looking towards the top of the mattress the LEFT side is the softer side. I didn't know they did this and if the sales person had not been around to tell me I might have overlooked certain mattresses by 'trying' the 'wrong' side - for me.) To compensate the rock hard mattress I currently have while I'm waiting for delivery of the new mattress I went to Target and bought a Fieldcrest Luxury Memory Fiber Mattress Topper. BECAUSE my current mattress is like sleeping on a rock I did put a fluffy comforter down first underneath it to add some softness but the topper is really nice and I would recommend it. Just thought I'd share that with you and everyone because getting a good, sound, restful nights sleep changes everything. Thanks so much for your tips. I'm 49 & have never done anything to my skin & without your reviews I'd be awash in a sea of confusion between makeup & beauty products (ordering Retin-a in the.05% & the Paula's Choice product & the Vit C serum you reviewed above.) Thanks so much, again. It is a joy to watch your videos & take notes..
    Hi Angie, If you could please review this new product, I just heard about called: Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Duo. hand cream. Much of the time we focus on the face, which is great, but neglect the hands, which discloses aging immediately. Thanks so much..

    Hi Angie, you look great!! I heard about you from my Mom, who is in her 50's and looks great! I am 34 yrs old, and oh man, I should've listen to my mom when she told me to take care of my skin! I am desperately looking for products and things to do so my skin doesn't age too fast. I have been researching about those derma rollers. Have you ever used one I hear all positive reviews. Thanks again!! .

    Did you try Clinical Retinol 1% from Paula's Choice Would it be differetn from Retin A you can get by the dermatologist as producents are different Which one would work best you think.

    Maxelder Argan Cream goes on smooth, absorbs quickly and helps with the wrinkles with no odor and no irritation. There ya go! Try it if you want erase wrinkles w nyarganoil—c.
    So you're saying that you didn't apply the tretinoin around or under your eyes, however, it diminished some of the puffiness under your eyes anyway As well as you said that you placed it on other parts of your face and that the skin cells communicate to get to the parts of your face that you didn't apply it to, can that be true.
    hi angie just watch your video again can you go to your doctor and do the LIQUID NITROGEN on my face when using RETIN-A THANKS.

    Aloha Angie! I'm 67 and loving your commitment to anti-aging. Everything you post has helped me more than you know. I haven't been as diligent as I should have been the last 15 years. After 16 years of Hawaii living, my skin shows it (and I rarely "sat out" in the sun). My hands are looking better with just a few weeks of "remembering to splash a few drops of serum" on them. Thanks again for everything you are doing for us who are in our Hot and Flashy years and Beyond!.

    Like minded ladies should also check out the gorgeous Peta and her Renew Me face aerobics... Her amazing facial exercises really help define and lift your facial muscles and smooth the skin💋.
    Good evening! I am 55 years old with combination skin is very oily in the T and the rest of the face is very dry, with fine wrinkles, spots Figmntzih and dark circles under the eyes.. I saw your video and I'm very confused... I have to buy new products, but did not know what... I would be happy if you could recommend a nurturing and cleaning preparations skin day and night. From Nsinc great. I really enjoyed seeing the Srtoniic... Hi Angie - just discovered your videos! Love them! I am going to try Retin A again, I think I went too fast like you did and just gave up! Great tips!.
    This is what an adult can deliver, a tutorial to the point, clean, no giggling or wasting our time. Thank you for being efficient. I so dislike the tutorials from younger people that yap all the video and giggle and just waste our time..

    You said Botox has worn off, I think your eyes look great in this video. No botox needed. I've only watched about 10-15 vid so far, Im a new sub, looked for foundation for mature skin. Nice information. But if you haven't done a video on cleansing comparisons, would be good, I find my pores get clogged yet cleansers dry out your skin too much, so flakey and blemishes. Or they do nothing, pores still clogged..
    I might be a guy, but your information is so helpful and much appreciated. You look wonderful and seem so practical and down to earth! Thank you and keep up the good work! .
    I have been looking for a you tube channel exactly like yours and I found it!!! I LOVE your videos =D They are super informative and I like your personality! How much do you spend in juvederm use I want to try that. Also can you do a review on GREAT LAKES GELATIN, COLLAGEN HYDROLYSATE I have read great reviews on amazon and other bloggers sites (for wrinkles). thank you!!.
    Damn girl, lookin good!! I'm 32 and have inherited thin dry skin. I have crows feet and wrinkles on my forehead. I'm german (blonde hair blue eyes) and traveled to the tropical areas a lot when younger... Sigh.. Such good experiences, but have already had basil cell skin cancer. I like the way you look. People get too carried away in my opinion and they look very strange to me, with the surgeries and fillers. If I look like you in 15 years, I've succeeded. Made appt. for Retin-A prescription today :-). One of the most useful videos I have seen. Good tips and a time-saver! Thank you. You look gorgeous. For the ladies out there who asked where to get Retinol A I'd like to say that in USA you could ask your dermatologist for a prescription. In many other parts of the world, however you don't need a prescription to buy it and it costs a LOT less that in USA. . IMO Botox is worthless. I tried it once after using Dysport a couple of times many months prior and saw no improvement with Botox. Dysport works almost immediately and lasts 6 months or so. Great when you have an event come up unexpectedly for the weekend. I think if you switched over to Dysport, your results would last a lot longer than 3 months, and it's bit cheaper too. I'm not affiliated with any provider or drug company, so it's just my personal experience..
    Hey, Angie, thanks so much for putting yourself out there for all of us "Flashy" types to learn what's up as we grow older.I look so forward to all your videos! You said in you video that you're planning on just using a glycol acid mask once or twice a month, instead of daily. Which one would you recommend Thanks again for all you do to help all of US!.

    Angie, I love your videos and I just wanted to thank you for going through all these different things for ladies our age to see if it works or not. I have learned so much from you and using some of the products that have worked for you. I am now on the retin A from obagi and I am doing the once a week for a while. It's working fine so far. I was also a sun tanning fool when I was younger. So I am now having the damage I did show up on my face. Again, thank you so much for all your great tips and advice. .
    Great ideas, will implement immediately, I'm 62 and late getting in the game, however, better late than never... thanx for all your research... xoxo.
    Hey Angie! Have you tried the Micro Needling/Dermal Rollers yet I purchased one on Amazon and have used it a couple of months. Nothing show stopping yet, but it might be a great segment for your "show"! Keep the awesome videos coming! Because of you I have def ramped up my anti aging routine and just received a prescription for Retin A. Thanks for all your research and time you've put in. Hope the snow isn't holding you down up there in New England!! Susan, age 48 from central Missouri.
    I am confused, you said you got an eyelid lift from using retin a but you don't use it directly on your lids I know you said cells communicate, but, still. can you please clarify THanks.
    the part where you say that skin communicates and cells communicate with each other is very interesting. I have always worried about not putting Retin A near my eyes, but you said that it still gets there. Interesting. As for wearing sunscreen under make up, I don't know if I am putting too much sunscreen, but whenever I put sunscreen under my make up. Any suggestion Your videos are great .
    Hi Angie. I was hoping you could help me with something. I don't know if you remember me, but I've been using tretinoin cream for a month now~.025% Well, I'm having issues with flaking skin, which I expected, but nothing seems to help to alleviate it. First, I am slowly easing into it and am only using it 2x a week right now. I use the Olay pro x system which I feel does a good job on cleaning my skin, but it doesn't take off the flaking skin. Help.
    Would you ever consider a PRP facelift also called Vampire Facelift Just curious because it is supposed to be natural. Thanks.
    Hi Angie, I want to add my thanks for your informative videos. I'm already interested but you make it fun! I was very excited to learn that liquid nitrogen works with dark spots. I will definitely be trying that soon... On retinol; I have tried Roc before and noticed no difference at all. Perhaps the Neutrogena will work better. Thanks again. Charlie.
    Hi Angie, Have been in bed with flu and found your web page,it was worth being ill,I live in Australia and Iam 66 years old, love your video,s on all the supjects and product you share...I understand most people think Aussi live in the sun will Iam not a sun bunny,up until my 50s all I ever used was sunblock and a tub of $2 moisturiser for the last 5 years I have been useing THE DR LEWINN'S range...There is so much hippo about what women should and should,nt be useing on there skin its hard to know what is best at the least cost...Thats why I love your site, your a tell it as it is kind of girl...One thing us Aussi women is stuck with is the HIGH cost of skin care and make - up about 3 times as much as our friends in US Thanks again for putting it all out there..Glen.
    +Glen Marlow Welcome Glen, and I'm glad you found me, but hope you're feeling much better now! xo ~a.. hey you look good - Im of mixed colour and nitrogen was used on my hyper pigmentation- it damaged my skin extremely - it scarred and i still have the scars- i use vit c, tretinoin, glycolic, sunblocks as well as peels - my skin is improving - big up on those. Love all you tricks tips and ideas...your honest realistic approach to anti aging is wonderful. You look fabulous. A warm hello from canada👍.
    These are good tips but sleeping on your back makes you more likely to have a stroke and sleep paralysis. .
    Very informative. Going to try the back sleep..I'm 53 and I don't have much wrinkles..I have been using ponds since I was 14 years's a very old cream but they have bought it back and have made differnt ones for other things such as a discoloration in skin, but I prefer my green top jar. So for my age I still. Look good well at least I've been told..but going to look into one of those things uve posted here..thank u so much for this info..I will def look into retin a first. Been struggling with some foundation issues due to aging skin & stumbled upon your best/worst foundations video. I have been so intrigued I didn't realize how much time has gone by after watching 10+ videos! Love your honesty! Thank you for sharing :).
    Wrinkles in the chest area can also appear from being dehydrated. Drink really good, clean water without chlorine or fluoride (not distilled) and you'll see a difference. A lot of our skin aging happens because as we age our skin doesn't hold onto water as well. .

    Retin A, Vitamin C e Aha our 3 best friend! thanks to remind of sleeping on the back... I try sometimes, but it's tough...Ok, I will consider as a new year's resolution. happy New Year Angie!.
    I am 35 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! Please keep them up! :) If I look half as amazing as you do at 51, I will be extremely happy!. +Michelle Wojciechowski guessing you are addressing to Angie +HotandFlashy...just because I'm 61 ahahahah have anice day!.
    Hi Angie! Love your anti aging advice. I live in Honolulu so the sun is always with us. Loved it in the past but try to avoid it more now. Your skin care recommendations are on the mark. Thanks from Hot in The Tropics.
    Great video and your skin looks fantastic! I have Retin-A however I have not used it for a while. I have been using a glycolic cream in its place and a sunscreen with vitamin C and the combination has been great. Your videos are very informative and when I go back to using Retin-A after I run out of my supply of glycolic I will go in more slowly. I dont want to use the glyolic and Retin-A together. . Retin-A has been my skin bf for more than 18 years. It works well. I use it more frequently every two years to have a new and better skin turn over. I use it sparingly as my pimple cream,too.Want to do Juvederm or LifetStyle lift next year, though.Thanks for your thorough search and research. I dread my slowly-getting-there aging look but I am happy that there are now many cosmetics, procedures and tools that helps...and there's you, our beauty angel!. I buy my RetinA (same as the tube displayed in this video) online from a pharmacy in Mexico and it's about $8-10 per tube with shipping. Agree that it's 65 year old skin is wrinkle free, thanks to this stuff. . can you give me the name of the website please,I've been. searching for so long on how to get it with out a doctor prescription. Of my family members have had skin cancer so I have to be careful. Anyway, she said that insurance doesn't cover it bc they consider it cosmetic. I'm in the process of working w my ins co now. If they dont pay its ok, but I thought I should still try. They have paid for my tags to be removed by another dr. Not worried, itll all work out :) thanks for getting back to me and for asking!. Love your videos, I found a pillow that's supposed to help you sleep on your back. I may give it a shot now. :) Also, I'm going to retry Retina using your method to slowly introduce it. Thanks!!.
    Have you ever tried a derma roller I have one being sent to me, I'm curious if you have any experience with them..
    It's a bummer, we do everything possible to look pretty! You look great! Thank you for your tips Angy.
    Holy shit your 50 you look great I though you were in your 40's early hope I look that great at 50 .
    You are the best at reviews and explaining things in full detail more than any you tuber thanks Angie. P.S. you look FANTASTIC.

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  • December 20, 2015

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  • December 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I’ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. Great product!!.
    This is Sarah Chapman, she is one of the UK's leading, most in demand facialist, she has her own range of best selling products for sale in Space NK & QVC, this lady knows what she is doing belive me! On her own site there are lots of videos for anyone interested..
    For all your foreverliving aloe vera products order in Oman call me my what's up is 0096892121432 lamia. What is this anti ageing facial exactly called so I can find out if it's available where I live to get this done often. .
    One fact was stuck in my head all the way while I watched this video, Dr. Sarah a skincare speialist, she is absolutely incredibly beautiful woman (she has gorgeous face) and I am very sad that I can't meet her in person :(.

    the heat and light boost circulation, which brings more blood and nutrients to the skin, causing temporary Erythema (redness) it will subside within a matter of 10min. .
    its about guiding your client step by step through the treatment (it can be scary for some) Most Facials come with a 20min facial massage and that is the part where the therapist shuts her mouth and you get to relax. .
    Not good to push things into the skin that have larger molecules than can actually soak into the skin...
    hi just like to know, do you remove the eye make-up with the initial cleanse or do you remove it before you begin the cleanse. who can tell me what lypmp massage brings to your skin and what about deep tissue...facials... .
    Interesting and loved seeing the ultra sound and the sound wave light effects. But we need to talk about you recommending only 15 SPF especially when someone already has hyperpigmantation-probably need a little more 20-30 and should wear a hat. There is no proof that sunscreens stop brown spots, melasma, or Roscea-Devra CEO Etsis Hats. Much Aloha .
    it's nice but the woman might want also to invest in a nicer looking top. She looks like she's going to try out to play Heidi. Really, wonderful facial, great advice... but how about a nice top also. one of the reasons she reason she is communicating to inform everyone whats going on, steps being tooking place and the purposes. Informing not only the client but viewers also. Some clients even complain when their esthetician is less comunicative. Even when their in a deep sleep! By far this was the best inspiring video i seen by far. Esthetician graduate oct 4 2012 from bsob -ae.
    2 dyrufzx yes i mean it this acne made me very sad Listen It was my unforgotable days when i use a effective acne removal method and still there is no mark in my face. all that changed to my acne free face is describing insdie this video. Have a look >>>

    Skin product companies desire as many people as possible to try their products to show how good they are. Have you ever noticed a cosmetics area set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products Well you must check out this website that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) You can get them here

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  • November 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Great video, as usual, I hope to look so Gorgeous when I will be 50, I have asked you a couple of times about Retinol, here in Germany where I live, you just can get 0,3 over the counter and you need prescription for something higher. I would like to try the 1% from Paula's Choice, Have you tried p.s: by the way I do not know why people call you a liar, when you are so open about procedures, and for me you Channel is one of the ones that I enjoy the most!!!!..
    +farfallaAroma I use the 1% and mix it with the 1% booster. As with any retinol product, start slowly-just use a few nights a week and build up a tolerance. Make sure to use a heavier moisturizer as it dries your skin. I use a moisturizing serum before I use the Retin A or Retinol. Cheers..
    +HotandFlashy I LOVE Paula's Choice Products!! I've been using them for many years and they've really helped my skin. The retinol products are especially great, as are her H. Acid and Vit C products..
    I have got to laugh at the competitive spirit that breaks out among aging women! I had no idea people were saying snarky things to you, Angie, I guess I don't often read the comments. I am not sure what the genesis of the criticism is, but it might just be jealousy because you do look fantastic. Not sure why we can't just support one another and share. I thank you for sharing your research and all you have learned with us for these few years. I have benefitted a lot from it, both in terms of finding out from you what is likely to work and what will probably be a total fail, and also just hearing about things I never would have before. As your appearance has improved, so has mine!. I noticed the "haters " on most beauty channels. Young and old. I've seen it the most on those channels then all other topics. I don't get it we are on here to share beauty. Crazy..
    I agree, no one should be rude. But it's OK to ask questions and wonder- that is human nature. I would assume the same thing. That's why this video is so good. It really answers a lot of questions for me. I'm at that point where I'm thinking of extra interventions (45+). But now, I might stretch that out a bit. The emphasis on good skin care has opened my eyes! haha! I didn't intend on that being a pun!.

    Hey girl! I recently found you and have been binge watching all your videos. I have learned so much from you and appreciate all the time you have taken to share your research findings. I have started with using Retinol and the vitamin C. I have been having breakouts like crazy and trying to figure out what is causing it. I really love your channel!! xoxo Chelsea.

    +Chelsea Garay If you're having breakouts, slow down. It's frustrating, but just try one thing at a time until you figure out what is triggering them. You have to give each new product a week, maybe even two. Otherwise there's no way of telling which product is causing a problem. Skin is an organ, it grows and changes slowly even if it can react quickly to something it doesn't like. You have to give it time to adjust to anything new that you introduce in your skin care routine. Retina A is a good example of something that has to be introduced very slowing, at a very low concentration if you want to achieve the kind of results that Angie has. Hope this helps and best of luck. I can throw in another vote for Paula's Choice products. I've tried everything and they are the best..

    +Addie Wagenknecht Yes, it is I am not promoting anyone's channel but if you have a chance to look up Brianna Stanko's YouTube channel you should. That way you can see that they are legit. I have ordered from then three times now. They are great..
    Hey Angie. Thanks for these videos! You look fabulous, that's for sure. I found your channel a couple of months ago when I myself started vlogging. I loved your early videos and then I saw the video of you telling about Juviderm (or sth like that) and I was a bit disappointed. I stayed anyway and I'm glad I did. Both thumbs up :)! Anyway, I'm very interested in this Retin-A, could anyone give me a straight link to that video I will search for it by myself later but if someone has it on liked videos or in favorites or something... I'd be happy :).
    I love you Angie, and the pic 3 years ago with Botox, to me, shows more hooded eyes. As I recall, you once said you had once made the mistake of having your Botox injected in places which created more hooded eyes. Could this have been the case of your pic 3 years ago I do agree, all-in-all, your skin looks much better 3 years later..
    Aha, I see, well then, this is most encouraging. I halsl continue to use my Retina! Thanks again. Have you ever considered doing home TCA peels I do them, pretty regularly and find they help with discoloration and fine lines, plus they are quite cheep. . Good for you Angie!! You're beautiful 🌺. I have learned so much about skin care and makeup from you. You reignited my passion for beauty products 2 years ago! Thank you 😘. This is the same with me about two years ago. I used to be careful with my skin then 4 kids and a 50 hour a week job came along... My mother in law is almost 80 and has not aged a bit and it is because of her relentless skin care routine. Never goes to bed without cleansing and moisturizing even at 2 a.m. after movie night.. +Survivormj Ah yes, the relentless skin care routine. Good job, mom. My mum is in her early 70s and her skin is way better than mine - all she has ever done is slather on the Nivea, nothing else. It works.. You do look younger than you did three years ago, for sure. I'm in my 50's as well and use some of the same procedures and products that you do. I haven't tried Retinol as of yet but I have had one round of IPL and get 40cc of botox twice a year (it lasts forever on me). Thank you for your channel..
    I loved what you said! Do you have any advice for anti aging methods for someone who has very sensitive and dry skin I am 46, my skins not bad but I want to help it, just not sure what's out there for my type of skin. I had an allergic reaction to an alphadroxy (sp) cream once, not good. My whole face was pink, swollen and extremely itchy!.
    Also Kathy, if you want to try a mild less expensive Retinol product, have a look at the Neutrogena anti-wrinkle serum with retinol. It's very mild and very reasonably priced compared to the others that have been mentioned. Good luck.. Hi, Angie. What are your thoughts on hormone therapy I read that estrogen is supposed to help the skin look younger. I guess that would make sense as when we're younger we have more of it! Thanks! I really look forward to and enjoy your videos ;-).
    +joni4taz Just be very careful if you have cancer in the family. I did hormone patches after a hysterectomy for about 5 years. Then my new doctor said she wanted me off the patch due to my family history. 6 months later I was discovered with breast cancer. It’s not worth it to look younger..

    Thank you for your input, and I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I'm surprised Angie hasn't weighed in on this. She's usually good about answering questions..
    ..Hello there!!...I’ ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. Great product!!...
    +Donna Ackah I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin..
    +Donna Ackah However, having been on this for many months, I'm very happy to report that this product works - and works as promised..
    I really wish Retin-A would've helped with scars. I also wish I had all those gadgets you could use at home. I'd love to try it all..
    There's no such thing as anti-aging procedures because procedures do not reverse aging or keep skin from aging. Procedures change the way a person looks so they don't look as old.. I've been using your skin care routine almost to the T for the last couple months and am starting to see great results. I added a few things, essential oils, avocado oil, and a few other carrier oils, and raw honey. But other then that everything your doing I'm doing ( not the fillers or Botox) and the results are awesome. I'm almost 40 but have neglected my skin especially this last year. I'm so glad I found your channel!.
    +Rania Treadwell They seem to irritate my skin. For example, the IT CC Cream irritated my skin, and I think it was due to the citrus oils and eucalyptus oil. However, I know it doesn't irritate other people's skin. I'm just hesitant about them due to my personal experience..
    Wow! I can't believe how cruel and insensitive people can be! Compared to three years ago, you can definitely see the difference!! Even if it were all due to fillers or surgical, what does it matter to others Anyway, thanks for all your research and findings, which in turn you relay to us so that we may try things that have worked for you. Those people with negative comments are just "haters, lol!! Looking good Ms. Angie!!.
    Another super vid. I've been confused about the Retin A vs Botox & fillers etc. for a while so thx for the explanation. Would you do another IPL I'm in the investigative phase atm & these vids are so helpful. ^_^.

    I see that your nose was much longer in your older videos. Also, your face was hanging on sides of your mouth in the before picture. Unless you are injecting fillers in that hanging part. The hanging part on sides of your mouth will not go away without fillers. The fillers look good there, but you should admit to getting the fillers. I think that your channel is great and I trust your skin care tips, but you should disclose everything that you have done..

    omg, I was confused your face did look very botoxed and the title seemed misleading. Your forehead looks quite botoxed. You look quite plastic especially in the cheeks which is fine, you look nice with or without all the interventions. I am having nice results with detoxing the liver and kidneys, it really helps a great deal. I think you look very nice but I would be careful once too much is done we end up looking matronly and Stephord wives like. I cannot believe you just said you have no filler and no botox in your face (rt at 8 min in the video). I think we should keep it real :). If you do not see yourself any diff than 3 years ago, perhaps you should take a good look. I think that botox and fillers deliver artificial results and this is the reason I will try to avoid these options, for as long as I can and i hope the future holds something much more natural. IPL is nice, however burning the skin ( that is in essence what they do) is not such a good idea in the long run. SO, I say all this because I am a bit turned off by dishonesty/ for some strange odd reason. I see a lot of girls in here are not or maybe unable to discern the diff. I think its ok to say I have botox and fillers in my face, and its also ok to be discrete about it, but comming on utube and misleading the naive women/girls is down rt uncool. I work with doctors in the cosmetic field and I do know when I see any of the dermal fillers on someones face. That being said, I have a word of advice with respect to the irritation on your skin/ No sure if it is a mild rosacea, but I would recommend looking into neurotoxins/ ie: metal toxicity and doing a nice cleanse you have very nice skin naturally and this condition can subside with a cleanse and maybe a liver detox as well.
    I don't understand viewers who screech that YouTubers must be fibbing about how effective skincare is, or what surgeries they've had. If a YouTuber has already said, "Yeah, I have had Botox," what are they going to hide They've admitted they had it! If you read about their skincare and see their consistency with using it, that should also help you realize that these people are being honest. It's a little absurd..
    How much of a contribution do you feel L ascorbic acid has made in your transformation How long have you been using it I recently ordered and received the powder so I could make my own. I add coconut oil, olive oil, and witch hazel, as well as hyaluronic acid to mine. I have no idea what I'm doing, I just know these oils have been suggested, and since I cannot use them straight (I have oily skin already), I wanted to incorporate them in my routine. I also purchase a large aloe leaf and liquify that to use as my last step before moisturizer morning and night. I didn't want to add that in my LA because I feel I'm already putting too many things in it now. lol You look gorgeous! I'm definitely going to follow your videos, as I recently started having hooded eyes and they are terrible!!! Ugh!.
    Thanks so much for taking the time and being so open about your journey. I love your videos and feel like my skin is better since I've started watching and upping my anti aging skincare! If nothing else I now apply sunscreen daily!! Keep making these and have a wonderful 2016! Your looking great! Vicki. Angie, I love watching your videos and you look amazing! you are so informative and honest! I would love to have a channel but haven't worked up to it. Anyway, I would like to start using Retin A again but have concerns about the safety of the ingredients. Any thoughts I just had botox and ended up with droopy eye lids. So upset and afraid to do it again!. Thanks for the video Angie. My only comment is that research shows that injectables, lasers and fillers can and do stimulate collagen production causing you to need less and less the more you do. I'm not trying to be picky but saying that the procedure is completely worn off may not be truly accurate. Anyway I enjoy your channel and happy 2016.. +Mia 0615 I thought about that, too, but the reality is, its a different outcome for everyone who undergoes the procedures mentioned. Lifestyles, metabolism, diet and exercise all have an effect on the longevity of the fillers. Finding that balance and what works for our own is the key to more realistic expectations.. Mia 0615 She said that the effects had "almost" completely (this means "not completely") worn off. Also, in order for the "research" claim to be relevant, it must apply to women who have stopped using injectables for six to 18 months. If what your saying is true, then one botox injection could provide a lifetime of collagen...Is that true. I am also the same age as you, and am also fighting the aging process. I am so glad to have found a woman my age, as honest and transparent about what you are doing to stay as beautiful as you are. I have also been using retin-A and finally because of your informative videos recently tried botox in my elevens. I just wanted to say...Thank you so much and you have a new subscriber :). Of course there is a huge difference in your lighting. Either way, before or after, you are breathtakingly beautiful, have a great sense of humor, are brave (to put yourself out there for possible criticism) and are of great value to those of us who struggle with skin care in our fifties. I just wish you could realize just how beautiful you are, inside and out. Self confidence is a wonderful beautifier. Keep up the great work and don't let the critics get you down.. +Eunyoung Kim If you mean nasolabial, it looks unnatural and now most injectors won't do it. I can always spot a celeb who has it. It looks like they inserted a cord under their skin. Newer techniques add filler to upper face to lift it and to fill out gaunt areas of face which will lift the area around the mouth.. I gotta be honest, Angie. I love you and your videos up until you repeatedly denied having eye lid surgery. If you are going do a "full disclosure" video, you should truly be open and honest. You have claimed in your previous comments that retinol has lifted your eye lids, but I find that hard to believe. Perhaps you can do a demonstration of how you apply retinol to your eye lids for lift. That would probably put the doubts to rest.. +Carolina Torres.. Please know I'm not trying to be snobby, but it's not necessary to include the up before until in your sentence.. Hey there! I was just watching a few of her older vids because I've just started using retin a and one that might be helpful to you is her PM skin care routine posted on (or around) Jan 26th of 2015. In that vid she goes thru the products and has a screen onset of her applying them as well. As she mentions, she doesn't put the retin a on her eyelids, but she follows with her olay serum and that she does put on her eyelids. I bet at least a little bit of the retin a transfers up to her eyelids and in combination with the olay serum, helps tighten her lids, yet isn't drying to that sensitive area. Hope that helps! ;-).
    Excellent video! You look amazing, and i am more focused on skincare because of you and your videos. I am 53 as well. Thank you for all you do in the name of sharing anti-aging secrets with the rest of the world!.

    Hi Angie! Thanks for the great information! I think I need to try Retin A. I do use Retinol (when I remember). Happy New Year! Take care, God bless...Kathy.
    You may consider prescription Renova or Refissa which I believe I bought without a prescription. Look up retinol and renova on the Paula's Choice web site and you will feel more knowledgeable. Start any retinoid product once every third night and slowly move to every other night..
    Thank you for your honesty.. I don't understand why people think you lie about it what would be the point I am getting retinol. Because of what it did for your eyes.. I have puffy lids. I'm thinking about the cheek stuff. Are you going to get it again I think yours still look great. Plus I believe you said the stuff (hylaronic acid was it I know I spelled it wrong) they inject actually stimulates collagen. Another great video..

    Great video. I'm glad you framed things this way. I always see the "anti-aging" advertisements and I wonder what the are talking about since nothing you put on your skin can cause an effect deeply or permanently. have a super day:-).

    Absolutely LOVE your channel, great videos, I find them very informative! I share your channel with many of my clients who are into anti-aging like we are!! Thanks for the time you put into each video and for your experimenting! You look gorgeous, the best you've looked since starting your channel! :D.

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    Comments about this video:

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    Comments about this video:

    Hi Brianna! I have a question with regards to vitamin c serum... If I use a retinoid or AHA can I use the vitamin c with this.

    +Brianna Stanko Thank you, thank you! So happy I found your channel. I have been researching products like crazy. My husband is a physician and got me the refinity aha line but I need to step it up now because my skin is getting used to the cream..

    thank you so much Brianna for sharing your tips, i learnt a lot from your skin care videos, but i do have a question... how is it ok to use the vit c serum in the day when i was always told to ONLY be used at night i don't know i'm confused. and one more question: after applying the retin-a on my skin can i apply a serum and then the moisturizer i'd be soooo thankful if you could answer my questions!!.
    Thanks for your kind information providing us. Can Retin A 0.5 cream use under eyes or around the eyes.
    Do you use the serums n retin a at the same time One after the other And then vitamin C Wondering how much the skin an absorb. Thanks so much!.

    Thank you for this video Brianna ~ I also love Retin A ~ I used it as a teen for severe acne and now want it for fine lines and will be starting it again soon! Btw ~ I subbed please do the same to stay connected! #stayblessed :)).
    You are very thorough, thanks for all your videos. They are helping answer every question I have had about skin care, I'll try to use the advice you've been so kind to compile in all your videos..
    I am 21 and very on top of my skin care. I mix up between using dermalogica and priori (aha range) in aus. I use a glycolic face mask once a week and always use night creams etc. For my age am I'm over doing it You mention using serums before moisturizing could you recommend anything I have combination dry skin and now that I am on top of my regime rarely breakout..

    I know this is an older vlog but your haircolor here is AMAZING! My stylist always gets mine too warm. Do you know what color this is Thank you for keeping us updated with our skincare. Lots of Love.
    hi ive been useing obaji for over a year. ive had 2 deep blue peels carried out at the clinic also over the year. i have not got the results on around my eyes at all. having watched your videos i would like your help please. if you were in the uk i would have come over for a consultaion. but sadley you not in uk. if i send you some pic of my face.would you beable to help me please.ive got a blue peel on my face at morment wateing for that to peel of then i want to change products from obaji to something else..
    What products do you recommend for women age 40 with extreme sensitive acne skin. Some sagging no wrinkles..

    I finally was able to purchase the obagi clear and blender. Just received it yesterday. I also bought the Elta moisturizer and it is wonderful. I am having this balling up effect after I use my day moisturizer which is CeraVe. Why does it do that It's not dead skin but looks like that. Please help. it was doing that before I started the Obagi..
    Hey! What do you recommend in a serum for under eye circles and or that purple/ blue hues Thank you for your time.. hello Bri! I'm 35 and just started taking my anti aging skin care routine seriously. Could you please make a video for total beginners. I really don't know where to start, what exactly to buy, where to go to get that retina.. +MsGalagramma I was thinking of doing a beginner video...I will try to squeeze that in real soon! And we sell the retin-a / tretinoin on my site at ;)).
    +Brianna Stanko thank you! you have lots of info on your channel. If you do a video for beginners it'd be fantastic. I'm buying clarins, shiseido, el but probably a professional line will be a good switch..

    Hey girl would love to know what colors you used from the Naked pallette I'm obsessed with your eye look!!! .
    Thanks for answering my question about lytera. My dermatologist just had me cycle off hydroquinone for a while and started me on lytera. I was not familiar with it..
    Hi, Your videos very helpful for me!!!! How should I combine Retin A and Obagi moisturizer Thank you so much!.

    Brianna I really love u, everytime U talk about skincare I stop everything I do to listen, I started using obagi again after u talked about it. Thank u very much for ur time with us and for everything u tought us to do. .

    A video on Retinoids please. I would like to know how to use them and what is the best quality one over the counter Thanks! :).

    Hi Brianna, I'm going to be purchasing, from PremierLook, the Obagi Clear, the Tretinoin-0.025%, and the Vitamin C-25%, but I have to wait until the end of the month. I'm hoping that some day you will offer Paypal as a form of payment. I love your channel and I think you are gorgeous! Thank you!!!.
    I just found your channel. I have sensitive skin and rosacea. Will these products work on my skin without making me feel like its on fire . Thanks so much! I didn't know neocutis has a new body lotion. I will give either one a try. Have a wonderful weekend! . I love your videos about skincare, one of my obsessions. Could you answer a skincare Q. about my daughter skin She is 13 and is getting blackheads all over her nose,what should we do a little worried about her! . You look so beyond beautiful in this video!! Your skin is perfect. Such great information as usual. Thanks for sharing the information with us. Love you! xo Nadine. Ok~Thanks Brianna, I sent you an email and look forward to hearing from you, I know you're busy with work, UTube', family etc. Appreciate your time and advice! . HI brianna one last question can one use BLENDER #5 by itself on one face or do you have to mix it with other products. Great video!!! What strength should I start with Refissa I'm using Paula Choice Resist retinol serum. Can you please do a review on the new Foundation Estée Lauder... Love your videos!!! Xoxoxo 😄👍. Can you help me Im 36 and I have oily skin. My forehead is normal maybe dry but around my nose, cheeks and chin are all oily. I hate my pores and my skin here lately looks so lifeless and dull. I just used the last bit of my moisturizer and toner. So now would be the perfect time for me to try something new. I have never done serums, due to being unsure of which one to use. I have had cystic acne for well over 10 years but for the past year the cystic acne disappeared, now I only break out around that time of month. Is there anything that you would recommend for me to try. I have really bad dark circles and bags under my eyes which i am so depressed about that I don't ever want to take off my sunglasses can you tell me what i can use to diminish or get rid of themDesperate in Maine.
    +Sarah Morgan Revision teamine is made for very dark works and we carry it on ;)).
    what would you recommend after using refissa do i need a moisturizer after applying refissa whats the lowest i should start with brianna thank you .
    Can you help me Im 36 and I have oily skin. My forehead is normal maybe dry but around my nose, cheeks and chin are all oily. I hate my pores and my skin here lately looks so lifeless and dull. I just used the last bit of my moisturizer and toner. So now would be the perfect time for me to try something new. I have never done serums, due to being unsure of which one to use. I have had cystic acne for well over 10 years but for the past year the cystic acne disappeared, now I only break out around that time of month. Is there anything that you would recommend for me to try.

    Thank you for all of your great info. I'm 51 yrs old and would like to start using some of these awesome products. What few products would you suggest I start with since I can't afford them all at once.

    Thank you for answering me so quickly. I'm watching another one of your videos right now about layering skin care. :).

    Hey Brianna! I have oily skin. Lately, my skin has been very dehydrated! What are some good products you recommend.
    Question, how old are you I like taking advise but like to see how much younger you look from your actual age. I don't want to guess!! Thanks .
    Great great video!!!! With so many products out it's sometimes hard to know what to put on our faces. Surprisingly I use them all except#6. So of to the internet I must go! .

    I love the skincare but I can't stop looking at your whole look:hair, makeup, necklace, shirt, you have it going on today! Xoxo.

    I love your videos!!!:) So I finally ordered through and used your promo code. I ordered the Obagi Nu-Derm Tretinoin Cream 0.025% But did NOT get Obagi. I got Rouse Point tretinoin 0.025% I feel a little deceived. My receipt says Obagi but the product I received isn't Obagi:( Anyway it was a Christmas gift for my hubby and I. So I wrapped it up anyway. I would prefer not to go through the process of sending it back..any recommendation Thanks!!.
    Hi Laura! So what you got is correct...that is the Obagi one. Obagi doesnt put their label on the.025% strength. They only put their label on the.05% and the.1%. If you go to you will see a pic of the tretinoin.025% just like the one you got ;)) Merry Christmas and enjoy your products! ;)) XO Bri. Oh ok good to know!! I can't wait to start using it! I'm excited to get some of the other products you've recommended. Merry Christmas!!!. Loved the video - so informative and you can definitely tell that you take great care of your skin. I'm 27 - do you think I should start retin-a now And how often Also, I heard that the most important thing for eyes in your twenties is a moisturizing eye cream - do you find that it is true I try to take the absolute best care of my skin and really want to prevent aging! Thank you so much love!. Hi Pamela and thank you!! Yes at your age a retin-a is perfect! I started in my mid twenties too :) A good eye cream is crucial at any age really, they make a difference for sure. My two faves are the Neocutis Lumiere and the Skinmedica Tns eye repair :)) Xo Bri.
    +Brianna Stanko Thank you love! I am using a Colbert MD eye cream right now for night time and will try one of the ones you recommended once I finish this. Thanks for your help! :).
    Just placed my first order with Premierlook :) and the 15% code is a real treat, thanks a lot ! Would you know anyone reliable offering personal shopping for beauty stuff and ships outside the US . +Brianna Stanko Hi Bri, I'm looking for some Clé de Peau stuff but none of the department stores ships CDP to Germany which is crazy as it's a Shiseido brand :(. +Muna Orra Thank you! I link everything I am wearing in each video in the description box ;) XO Bri.
    Thanks a lot for these informations. You really look great! I subscribe of course ;) Big kisses from Paris, France Nacera, .
    Thank you for all the helpful info.! OMG I can't stop staring at your eyes! Your eyelashes are to die for! :).

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  • November 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +wildflowerr1 Thank you! No, I haven't gotten any peels, but I'm scheduled to get Fraxel Dual Laser in January… I'll be showing how it goes so wish me luck!.
    +craftywoman Hey guys thank you for watching the Ageless Body System. Our Ageless Body System works on Men and Women of any age. Our goal is to preserve our youth. The Ageless Body System is the Answer to all of your problems or concerns. here is the website >>>
    I want ao look as great as you. Have you done a video on your skin care regime I would love to know.. +Marilyn Elaine Of course! Here's my latest update which has links to the full AM and PM routines: You're eyelids look fantastic! Did you have something done to improve the "hoodedness". THE best filler for the cheeks is voluma. It is fairly new, but it should last two years. I used it and I love it!.
    So glad I found your site! I'm enjoying all of the great detail in your videos. You have a new fan:).
    Excellent video! Just one question though, if you have a dental appointment soon, does the Juvederm restrict mouth movement. I think you're beautiful just as you are. Me, I have great skin and am thankful, but my eyelids! Oh my gosh. Droopy and saggy and I don't think any of these things would help me I'm not a fan of Botox or fillers. It hurts and I didn't like the results. As you say, though...the key is the doctor performing the procedure..
    Hi Angie! I love all your videos! You may have answered this question elsewhere but I couldn't find it. Could you tell me how long your fillers lasted.

    great vid!! I feel like u held my hand thru the whole process. thanks for covering so much and the pics. ive been considering getting wrk a nurse and im getting sick of residents wondering why im mad at them. the corners of my mouth go down ! ;).
    I went in for a consultation for Botox and Juvederm, and the doctor had me wait so long that I decided to leave. Will probably not go back if that is some type of indication of how they operate. I am really concerned now about the Botox because you mentioned they hit the veins. I take blood thinner medication so that would cause some worry for mr. I really did like the idea of the Juvederm and think that would help me out. I think you made a good choice and you look really, really good!!.
    +Alma Bayomi Have you considered just using Rodan and Fields There is no need more needles or poisons.. R+F will do so much more for you...

    Your results are fantastic. Very natural. I'm a bit afraid to wind up with a droopy eye, but I'm still interested in hearing more. Thanks for the honest review. .
    So helpful. I appreciate how thorough you are, walking us through your experience. I'm glad you shared the amount of product your doctor used. I've thought about fillers but, like you, I don't want to lose all definition between my nose and cheeks. The tips on how to minimize (and cover) bruising were nice as well. Thanks!.
    +Laura Averett Why don't you just use Rodan and Fields Accute care Same as a filler, minus the needle.. No need to freeze the nerves in your face...
    I have had botox but am considering juvederm for the same reason you got it.Thank you so much for the great information!I subscribed 😘.
    +Its_Alicynxo Why don't you just use Rodan and Fields Accute care Same as a filler, minus the needle.. No need to freeze the nerves in your face...
    you look great, I am 43 and used a bitox a few times, my eyes and skin looks fresher and I do not feel my eyes are tired all the time. I would consider files in the future for sure, I have a philosophy everyday routine its a very important as much as a good quality sleep, clean eating and exercises. I do not believe in expensive creams but being systematic and care about the skin everyday plus better to safe money for a little bit help as a botox or facials etc. keep your good work up ! xxx.
    +Malgorzata Matukiewicz Have you thought about using Rodan and Fields Accute care instead of Botox It's a strip with Hyloronic acid and peptides that you put on your wrinkles while you sleep... No need for needle or nerve parallelization..

    i learned so much. I'm 48 yrs old and i have sort of sunken under-eyes and i look old so i am thinking of having dermal fillers done on me. Thank you for the info. :).
    Gorgeous ! Im so afraid to try it and love it and not be able afford the would be depressing not to keep doing something that made me feels so much better about my appearance..ALSO it's SO expensive... even at the" rock bottom price" () of $350 you mentioned. This video was done in 2014 it's now almost 2016 so the prices are crazy here in Annapolis,MD for this kind of treatment. *sigh**. Did you get any side effects from Botox I'm going next week for my first time just for my # 11's. I'm nervous I might feel sick or have a pounding headache for a week or two. I am going to my Dermatologist that I trust 100%. Just nervous about side effects..
    Wow, you really did get bruising where you had Botox injected. I had nothing, but my lip bruised a little bit..

    Thanks for the tips! I have been using Juvederm for my upper lip lines (did it three times in four years as it lasts long for me) but the last time I bruised and am not wanting to have a repeat performance as I will be flying to see my man in Europe six days after it. So I appreciated the advice in what to do prior to my treatment and if I do bruise, what to do afterward as well. Also, for the first time I have read not to go in the sun purposely for two weeks afterward even with sun screen which I hadn't been told before. Any opinion on this.
    +americanwomanFL Have you tried Accute care from Rodan and Fields It's a filler using a strip instead of a needle....
    You look great, I will recommend this video to people who ask me what my secret is. Shhhh... I am not as courageous as you to tell! ;) On another note, hope you and your followers ignore the wacko comments. Isn't it a shame that people have to be such bullies.
    Just got botox at the crow feet and some filler in lip and around mouth, very subtle, i am 34 y,,i stayed home in the afternoon 😀. +Kelly De Rycke How did that go Have you ever considered using Accute care instead It's a strip as apposed to a needle.
    I like you, your bright and intelligent and your voice isn't annoying and you do not babble. I will subscribe..
    You look awesome. I'm of the same belief that less is more-especially the first time one goes in for the procedure.. Hi, HotandFlashy! I'm a new subscriber - love your videos and detailed tips - keep up the great work! Do you ever post on food, health, fitness .
    Thank you for the tips on covering bruises. Very helpful! They are so hard to camouflage! MalissaT..

    Thank you so much for the information, I am 54 and on a very limited budget after having broken my back, I would love to regain some of my confidence. I recently moved from Weymouth ,Ma to Little rock. Keep up the good work. Any suggestions for someone such as my self on limited income .

    +Charlotte Starr Feel free to send me an email Iglitter07082 Or a Facebook request I'll give you some more info about what it is .

    Thanks so much for your wonderful review. I'm 42 and considering fillers in the next few weeks..
    +Peruvian Do you know what Rodan and Feilds is They have a filler using a strip instead of a Needle... You are GORGEOUS! I really appreciate you sharing and explaining to us thinking of doing this. It's so helpful to have info from someone experienced and not 20 years old. You are an eloquent speaker :-). +Sherry Cooper NAZARIO I am 23 years old... But I can most certainly explain a MUCH better proccess to get better results with out a needle... I may be young, but my studies are significant.. I want to be sure that you know how helpful your videos are for me. I have not bothered at all with taking care of my skin until I hit 53.. +Yvette Kopp Do you know what Rodan and Fields is There really is no need for needles to take care of your skin... I can help you with a cheaper and more efficient alternative..
    thanks for sharing!!you are so beautiful.i wonder is it the Juvederm voluma gone in this one yearthanks.

    Good video just wish it was 10 minutes shorter cuz my attention span is not that long lol. Good info thanks.

    Hooked on these videos! Such a pleasant personality and pretty lady! Looking forward to being 50 now!.
    Thank you very much for creating such an informative video detailing your experience with Juvederm from beginning to end! I believe this is an extremely useful video for anyone considering Juvederm. Sincerely, Dr. Christian Ford, Cohasset, MA. Lady, you look amazing. I've watched a few of your videos and enjoyed them a lot, very down to earth and realistic.. I had my lips made fuller and it's expensive. Bruises lasted for 2 weeks and I'm not on thinners. Unfortunately we have to keep going back for fillers because we can't stop aging. I decided that although this made me look younger, I settled with mother nature to do her course :). Thanks for the video and information..
    Great video, thank you for sharing your experience... You look great! I'm about your age and had Botox done as well however last time asked to leave free the area below the eyes as I think it enhance under eye bags or maybe just my perception of it Do you know about Radiese and threads for face lifting Which treatment is less aggressive for the skin Thanks.

    I think you look great, and definitely do not look your age! I honestly would've never guessed your age right, if I had to guess. I've been considering doing both, Botox and Juviderm, but have yet to take the chance. I read a story from a dermatology nurse (she was also the wife of the dermatologist as well) who suffered thru having half of her face eaten off from a filler so that's definitely put the breaks on for me jumping into it! Thankfully she's recovered now, but she went thru a nightmare. I'm so thankful for her bravery of coming forward and speaking up and making people aware of her story because it most certainly can happen! As for you, you look absolutely beautiful and thank you for showing us the good side of using a filler and Botox. Blessings and peace to you : ).

    BOTOX Kills! only insecure people get this toxic mess. Listen to me, you dont need this junk to help you, your better without it. The people who died from taking BOTOX wished they heard the "Real Truth," about it..

    Yes, I think you are right about only one syringe of Juviderm. Two would have been too much. I saw the retin a videos and I noticed a difference from those videos to this video..

    "Facial facelift": the new buzzwords for anti-aging packages
  • November 29, 2015
    Find information about Anti-Aging. Research cost, doctors, recovery and more on i13
    Anti Aging Procedures - Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center
  • November 14, 2015
    Information on the anti-aging procedures I've done and results i14
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  • January 5, 2016
    Estrella Aesthetics is a full service medical aesthetic center located in Corona, CA with surgical & non-surgical experts on body & facial rejuvenation. i15
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  • January 9, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +kuldeep kaur I didn't experience any tightening. Results will remain longer if you use vitamin C serum and sunscreen every day.. What do you do for a lot of medium deep lines all over your face that isn't juvederm or botex or one of the other fillers. +Sharial Good-swan I don't have those wrinkles yet, but I suppose I'll have to figure something out soon enough... I use Retin-A now and it helps a lot with overall firmness and wrinkle reduction. I have lots of videos on it if you go to my channel you can find them there.. The info was great, however I'd rather hear your 'um's' than have a seizure from all the flashes! lol! Hot and 'flashy' is right haha!. did you prep using the retin a for weeks before the photo facial or I see this is in the begging of your videos were you using retin A at that time.
    +HotandFlashy After watching your video and caught up on your update skin routine, I've decided to get dedicated and I ordered all of your same serums last night but I did use an Amazon go but ordered Timeless brands. Is the mostest, LOL, thing you love about the Olay Regeneration the Niacinamide I was trying to find a little cheaper route there being a single mama. But I do wanna be a pretty single mama!.
    Thank you for your video. It was very informative. I am going to an IPL demonstration on Wednesday and am hoping that this is something that will be beneficial to me. I'm 56 and spent alot of my younger years in the sun so I have alot of sun damage...not very much on my face, but alot on my hands, arms and legs. If the price is right, I was going to try to do it first on my legs. Have you had this procedure done on anything other than your face Also, I know prices differ from state to state, but can you give me a ball park figure of how much the treatments run Thanks so much!. +Kathy Hutchins HI Kathy~ I've only done my face. I think it was $600 for the package of 4 treatments. Good luck with it! xo.
    Thankyou for sharing. Im booked in for IPL to remove sun damage (dark blotchy patches ) on my face. Due to our harsh Australian sun and my unprotected exposure in my youth. After watching your video I am more confident that this will be the right treatment for me. And hopefully I wont need to use such heavy makeup in my twilight years. So any young people reading this heed my advise and always use sunscreen and or foundations with the heighest sun protection avaliable, even on cloudy days..
    IPL is not a laser. Please do not be confused. IPL uses a broad spectrum of visible light to treat 3 specific targets/ chromophore i.e.: pigment, vascular, water. IPL ( or even better BBL) is a no downtime procedure. NOT ALL light based systems work well, actually, many are plain, underpowered tonka toys. You need to research the equipment being used by brand. Stay clear of cheap devices made in Isreal and China. They do not have the same safety components. Some great systems can get better results in a single treatment than others can in 3-6 treatments. Now, a laser only see ONE target and takes an MD to treat you because of rick of complication and after care. Stay clear of Co2 unless you plan on taking a few weeks off work and dont care if you like like a tomato face for up to 3 months. (crazy) You are better off with erbium. Co2 is less efficient in the vaporization of tissue ( resurfacing) so it leaves 12 x more heat in the dermis causing heat damage and a high risk of hypo pigmentation or nasty white patches. AGAIN IPL and Laser are NOT the same. You should not call an IPL a laser..
    +Jay Friesen very great words...But Co2 is not only laser machine, also has 808nm diode laser machine which is professional for hair removal, 1064nm/532nm Nd yag laser machine which is for tattoo removal or pigmentation removal...Besides, there has SHR super hair removal machine which is very similar with Laser machine, but also can do skin rejuvanation, pigmentation removal, Acne removal, vascular removal....
    Pretty lady...before & after. Some improvement. IPL did not do a great job. There are better lasers on the market:-). Hey nice video and very very thanks for that. I am confused between laser and IPL. I saw beautiful results on Colaz beauty salon website for lasers. But I'm also thinking about IPL. Can anyone tell me the difference. +BeautifyYourself IPL isn't a laser, it's intense pulsed light. IPL is supposed to treat mainly redness in the skin and some surface brown spots with no down time. Lasers are much more diverse and have many more uses with different more dramatic results and varying levels of down-time depending on which one you choose.. +BeautifyYourself Only for hair removal, laser machine is much better than IPL, as the wavelength of laser machine is single that can penetrate deeper so that the treatment effect is better....
    Excellent video. Honest and informative. I did watch the other videos that followed and couldn't help but wonder if you have become addicted to treatments. I see you have procedures on a regular basis. I have often wondered if this happens frequently to people who have had plastic surgery..
    thinking of getting the laser photo facial are Your happY with all 4 treatments and would You do it again Or no .
    Does the IPL laser treatment help with fine wrinkles around the eyes Does it help with age spots Are you really over 50 What other types of laser treatments are there I'm considering a treatment, but I don't know where to even begin. Thanks for your video..
    Was the treatment effective for removing broken capillaries My M.D. wants 600.00 to use his laser and my capillaries are not bad at all. I'm trying to find an alternative. I have seen some use high frequency or electrocautery with instantaneous results. Any thoughts. +wigwamman1 I have a suggestion re: capillaries. Try a supplement called DGL which is licorice root. Specifically, Deglycyrrhized licorice, also called DGL, is a substance that is refined from the root of the licorice plant and used primarily in herbal remedies, including those for soothing ulcers. However, it was my belief that facial redness and inflamed capillaries might have a connection to digestion issues [that can come to your attention at age 50+]. You may not believe this but this herb reduced my redness by about 90% and shrunk my so-called broken capillaries overnight.. Lol I love the title of your channel "hot and flashy" clever and cute. I'm considering this photo facial thing I'm 28 not sure if it matters if we start in our late 20's Btw You look very good for your age :). I went in for IPL and pleasantly my skin was in such good condition they suggested only having a few problem areas done. So this is what I did. I am super happy with the results. It is such a good idea to keep aware of any changes to your skin and face! and BONUS it did look so much nicer!!! ^_^ .
    "It didn't hurt that much.." "It feels like a rubber band being snapped on your skin.." Apparently your pain tolerance is higher than mine lol. I remember my big brother snapping rubber bands on my arms as a kid and it HURT. I would NOT want to feel that on my face lol. .
    Hi, So would you recommend more than one treatment cause I read in your comments you didn't feel the 3 and 4 treatments did anything I am 42, and have some brown spots in the same area as you I want gone. So this will help with that I have seen some other laser treatments the CO2 or something and I can't do that right now because I saw its like a 2 week down time ( watched a video of it omgosh her face was gross for like over a week ). But you think atleast 2 treatments of the IPL helps with the brown spots ..
    +Laura Whildin If I were to do it again, I'd just do the first treatment… it really made the biggest difference. The CO2 is much more aggressive and completely removes the surface of the skin, so that's why the down time is so long..

    From reading the comments I'm understanding that IPL worked on broken capillaries at first, but then they came back..

    Thanks for the video. I think I'm going to try this IPL for some age spots that I have. Unless you think I should save my money and get Laser.

    oops should have read the comments, I thought this was a new one. Interesting that your best results were after one. I had my chest and backs of hands IPL'd (only once) and loved the results. I'll keep your experience in mind. The Fraxel and Pixel will be more painful...sorry to say. If you try it, let us know if you feel it's worth it. Thanks Angie..

    hi. I would love to know what was the IPL machine that was used I saw some fabulous pictures inside an office. They used Palomar's Photorejuvenation Process.
    Hello found it helpful, but i didn't think you had much redness - but i did at least see the results and how the treatment went as i need it done badly, and really appreciate watching you show your face and how it felt after cheers from australia . Hi! I'm checking into what I want to have done for wrinkles, brown spots and evening out my skin tone. I had the CO2 back in 2002. Since it's been a while since you had the IPL, do you think it's lasted I'd like something that last several years but don't want to do the CO2 again. Went to four different places. Pro fractional, Vipeel, BBL and Picosure were all recommended which left me totally confused as to which I wanted to have done. Any suggestions. +Liz Bebereia I'm trying to figure out the same thing, so I'm not sure how much help I'll be. CO2 is the big one (I'm kind of afraid of it). How was the CO2 Did it make a big difference & how long did the results last On the IPL, my results have lasted but I think it's because I use vitamin c serum and retin-a and sunscreen daily but the results weren't dramatic to start with. I was going to get the fractional laser this spring but when I talked to my dermatologist about it she said I don't need it yet (I was so disappointed). Now it's summer so it's off the table until fall but in the mean time I've been also considering a TCA peel or the pixel laser. It's so confusing. I've been spending lots of time on Real Self looking at the satisfaction scores for all of the above... but still confused. Sorry I'm not much help..
    The CO2 lasted for years. However, as the years went on I noticed I had a lot of pigmentation loss and brown spots. It was a pretty intense procedure. My whole face was scabbed over for a few weeks and then red. Broke out a lot. But overall for the first several years I was very happy with it. I grew up in Southern California at the beach and rarely wore sunscreen. I don't want to lose anymore pigmentation but I do want to lose the brown spots. I'll have to do a little more investigating. In the mean time I've checked out a lot of your videos and I'm trying some of the products you use. Thanks for your tips and information. I'll be watching! Liz.

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience Angie, awesome video and I can't wait to see the results after all 4!.

    Hi hotandflashy, I'm having IPL done next week and alittle bit nervous about it because I had a lazer treatment done about ten years ago which I think was IPL, not sure, and it hurt a lot. Both for Rosacea. I was satisfied enough with one treatment because I didn't want to go through it three times. But now that I saw your video, I'm wondering if the treatment for Rosacea is different. I also want to do laser genesis which helps tighten the skin and helps Rosacea too, but doesn't hurt. The IPL may work better for the Rosacea though. Did you finish all your IPL treatments.
    +rachelsmename I did finish all 4 treatments, but only because I got her to put numbing gel on for the 3rd and 4th treatment. Without the numbing gel, I wasn't going back... surprising how much it hurt!!. Technology has come A LONG way in the last 10 years. Just 4 years ago they had to rub ice on your face during the treatment and it was like a metal rod thingie... I just had it done yesterday without ice and it wasn't as painful!! HotandFlashy, i didn't know there was an option of numbing treatment LOL.. Love your videos!!!. hi, love your videos. Hope this is not offensive, but have you had a face lift I ask because your skin and face looks amazing. Thanks . Hi Angie honey, New subbie here, Thanks for your great videos! They are extremely helpful. I know that this is an older video, but you look simply amazing!!! Your skin is GORGEOUS. I underwent Fraxel yesterday. That's some intense stuff 【ツ】. Thanks so much for subbing! So, it hurt Check back in when you're all healed up and let us know if it was worth it.... at this period in time were you using retin- a tretinoins if no what year did you start using RETIN-A TRETINOINS. I didn't start the retin-a until after I finished with the IPL. I've been using tretinoin for 1 year..
    when you were using {ROC} eye cream did you see results and if so how long were you using the product.
    Hi Meg~ I think I paid $600 for 4 IPL treatments, so that price seems high for just one treatment. I was definitely much happier after the first one than after the 4th... most of the small brown spots came off with the 1st... it didn't work on the bigger spots or the broken capillaries. Easiest way to get rid of bigger brown spots is liquid nitrogen from your derm..
    Hey Jan I had this done a couple times ,but now I use vit c serum and make it myself, I have good results with both to make vit c watch uppiesbeads59 let me if if u try it. I enjoy your vidios..
    I was going to suggest that you go for 1 and see how you like it. I was happiest after the 1st treatment and wish I had not gone back for the other 3. For me, it didn't do anything for skin tone, and I can't speak to acne scars. But overall, it was a waste of money for me, wish I had the money back to put into a real laser treatment (pixel or fraxel). Good luck. ~angie. I'll be having my final IPL treatment next week and I'll post an updated review after that... so I can let you know what I thought of the whole package. Keep doing that research!!. hi, i am very interested in getting an ipl but as i was researching i came across a lot of stories on treatment after an ipl. Patients were having a decrease of fat lost on their skin, which cause the skin to sag and not as plump have you have that problem thanks!. Thanks Sandra! I'm adding a Vit C into my routine right after I finish the IPL, so hopefully it'll be good. ~angie. Never tried IPL but looks like you are getting nice results! I think Vit. C, tretinoin & AHA have done more good for my skin over time than anything else I have used. Solar lentigines can be stubborn but can go away with time & good products. Thanks for sharing this! . I hear you! As soon as menopause starts (even a little) everything goes double-time. Best to keep smiling and laughing!!.

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    Comments about this video:

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    If anti-aging dentistry can take years off our smiles, then that's an affirmative! Are sleep apnea, systemic, & anti-aging dentistry areas of concentration (opportunity) replacing the 'cosmetic dentistry' trend of the recent past.

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    Comments about this video:
    2 krazylegz16 I jam ust lucky to be petite. I do have to watch what I eat. I try to walk a few days a week too to keep my heart healthy. I used to do pilates but it has been at least a year since I participated. New Years resolution maybe! Stacie xo. 2 dinah13 Thanks Dinah! I reeally need the under eye area done the most. That was why I went to this dr in the first place. But I think I am holding out for a fat transfer there, since it is supposed to be permanent. We'll see... Stacie xo. The artefill filler looks like it works great. When I saw the title of your video, then saw your face, I could tell the nasal labial area looked different on you. The doctor did a beautiful job. You look very fresh. I wish insurance covered that or I had the money to do it. I see nothings wrong with tweaking things a bit hear and there. Thanks so much for sharing. You look great, Stacie!. Yay! You look lovely, if I could afford it I would do it too! I see absolutely nothing wrong with these procedures.. 2 AkForgetMeNot65 I agree, we just need little tweeks to get ourselves looking good. No, it did not hust at all. It's just tiny little injections. Stacie xo.
    2 Rockysmom1234 I agree. I bet they may come out with a permanent filler one day. Until then, I believe the artefill lasts the longest. You first have to have an allergy test for it. They check to see that you don't have a reaction to it on your forearm. Then you wait 2 weeks to a month before the procedure. Well worth the wait! Stacie xo.

    Looks great and I support 100% A very good gift to yourself!! I also love the think sleeve. I think I picked mine up from Target also. Love the outfit!!.
    Stacie you look fantastic, so natural and refreshed. I just love that you were honest and shared with us. I see nothing wrong with it, in fact I am at the point I would love to get it done. I'm getting ready to turn 50 in July and no matter what I do with my makeup now, I look so tired from the lines. Love, love, love your outfit too!!. 2 IndulgeWithMakeup I have been going back and watching my older videos too! Definitely a difference! Yeah!! Thanks for watching! Stacie xo. 2 tsnyc1 Thanks! Isn't it funny how we all love the torn up jeans the most! LOL! These were under $50 at American Eagle. Stacie xo. THANK YOU so much for sharing! I don't know why more people aren't up front about what they have had done. I would LOVE to do this and more. If I had the money, I'd have a whole team of plastic surgeons on retainer! :) BTW, you look fantastic...the doctor did a great job. You don't look "done"...just refreshed. Did it hurt. Hi Stacie, yes...I can see why you shared cause everyone would be asking you what have you done because you look like a took a loooong vacation and look so well rested. He did a great job, and it shows in a good way. I would like do the fillers someday too.... You look great! It's nice to see a result that looks so natural. I'd do it, too, if I had the extra money. Maybe someday... Hello, I just subscribed. Thanks for the info on the fillers. I have been getting botox for a while and I love it. I'm also looking into fillers as well. I've never heard of artefill but will research it too. Looking forward to catching up on your videos.. it looks very natural, I will be doing mine next year soon :) thanks for sharing, you are looking fabulous !.
    2 deewaipio Thanks! I wish I was well rested!! We will be in Hawaii in March. That is when I am sure I will be saying that I am well rested!! Haha!! Stacie xo .
    Oh my goodness, Stacie you look so AWESOME!! I am so jealous! I would do the "laugh lines" in a heart beat but it's so expensive I will have to start saving up!! I am so glad you shared that with us I am all for it you look so much younger & refreshed!! LOVE the outfit right up my alley! I got one of those tops from Target in Med, and it is about the size for Brooke! I will have to go get the large I love those type of sleeves, too! So happy for you I know you feel so beautiful!! Lisa.
    wow you look great! i love it...btw u want to u work out lol u look really good! im so muuch younger and my bod is no where near urs :( luv ya vids xoxo.
    i think you're fantastic for sharing this with us because not many people are comfortable with this. i live next door to a plastic surgeon clinic as well as laser eye surgeon. i'm going to be 34 in a few weeks and i do plan to have my skin touched up a bit when my skin starts to trouble me. i want to get laser eye surgery first because i'm very insecure wearing reading glasses. you look stunning in this video as always. :].
    He did a beautiful job with the filler. I noticed the nasal labial folds immediately, only from working a plastic surgeon's office not because you needed it. You looked beautiful before but I definitely see a difference. I'm considering Botox for my glabella. I'm planning on going for a consult in the new year. Love your AE jeans. You have such a great figure! I have a QVC addiction too, also inherited from my mom;-).

    Stacie You look wonderful !! I can really tell a difference. I have always thought you were beautiful and I admire you for coming out and just saying what you had done. I would give anything if I could afford to do that but I say if you can then do it !! AND It is almost time you get to wear your diamond ring !! I bet you are looking forward to that too !! Merry Christmas !! Remember the pictures...xo Susie .
    2 debweth Thanks! Do your research on good facial plastic surgeons in your area. Don't let just anybody do this for you. I don't think anybody should be allowed to do this, except for the doctor. Not his staff. Just my 2 cents on that one. Stacie xo. You look like you're in your 20's !!! You look so pretty ,you're face is so clear and young looking ! Really like those distressed jeans and your sketcher's, look so comfy..tks for sharing ,very nice ! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
    You look great and I can see a difference I'm a big Juvaderm user I have been for 5 years I just recently subscribed to you and I love your videos !.
    It looks fantastic. My time is coming and when it arrives, I'll be having the same thing done. I'm all for it and see no big deal in it at all. Great decision!!. Good for you Stacie! I've had a couple of procedures done and have never looked back and have been nothing but happy with my results. I have yet to have anything done to my face, but have been considering it. What has held me back is how quick the fillers go away, but if they have one that last fives years I'm looking into it again! Thank you, Julie xoxo.
    Stacie, your adorable! I the outfit looks great on you! (Oh, no judging going on at all here!) I have reciently become addicted to QVC...not good when you work at home! Happy Holidays :).

    You look fantastic :) If and when I feel that I want to do it, I shall :) After the past few weeks of flu, I could use it now! lol... ps.. package went out today (just catching up with everything now!) Hope your folks are doing better! oxox Care.

    I think you look great! Like you said there's nothing wrong with having these kinds of treatments. Take care! .
    2 Mrsblessed101 Thanks so much!! I looked for more shirts at Target yesterday and they didn't have them. I will now be searching different Targets. Haha!! Stacie xo. 2 1marielvis Thanks Marielvis! I was ignorant too until I did my research as was educated my the doctor. Stay warm!! Stacie xo. 2 TheClaudiaCouture Thanks Nicky!! I keep looking in the mirror to be sure it hasn't gone away! haha!! Stacie xo. 2 go24jeffgordon Wouldn't that be nice if insurance covered this stuff!! Thanks for the compliments! Stacie xo. Oh Stacie, You alway's look fabulous, but now glowing and it's about what makes you happy ! Your very blessed to have been able to do this, I have wanted to do "Something" since I turned 45 and that was 3 yrs ago ! I'm overdue I have gone and had my moles sundamage checked but never needed to have any removed, but if I do I'm going all the way ! I love QVC, I live in Vermont so not to much good shopping, So everthing is online or I drive out of here about 1hr to where the shopping is ~Mary~. thanks for sharing Stacie, that was very interesting, i love hearing about botox and things as i too am growing older all the time, lol, you look great! love your outfit of the day!. 2 TheBakingViolet Thanks for noticing! I guess the holiday season makes me more upbeat. Or the improved look of my aging face!! Stacie xo. you look lovely>>>> actually i can tell... i watched some of your older videos and there is a diffrence already... you look great... good for you and thanks for sharing!!!. 2 ilovesoaps22 Isn't it funny how those dumb little wrinkles bother us!! I am so glad they have figured out this stuff to help us! haha!! Stacie xo. 2 Mystikk89 I know, isn't it funny how people point the finger quite often at people that have had work done to themselves. If it's done well it should look different in a good way, not screaming at you. No reason to hide! I knew people would appreciate knowing. Thanks for the compliment! Stacie xo.
    2 bekka128 I have been using Actifim around my eyes these past few days as well as the Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream. Also the Lancome undereye concealer. Hope that helps! Stacie xo.

    2 MemomMon Thanks so much!! Honesty is best! I wanted to tell just in case others may have been considering something like this. Be sure to find a good doctor. Do your research!! Stacie xo.

    I was actually going to comment on your video that I watched yesterday and ask what you had done different but I thought you had done something differently with your make up. So wow, looks so natural..

    2 ChicaBooda That is exactly the look I want to go for "refreshed"! I would rather say what's going on so people don't wonder. This plastic surgeon is a sculptor. All he does is the face. It did not hurt at all. Just a few injections. They ice the areas first and he does some crazy pinching and shaking of the skin as he does it so it is an easy experience. Stacie xo.

    2 LovesmyViolet Yes Mary, I agree with you and so far this has made me very happy!! QVC is a great thing! Except that they sort of convince you that everything they show is "the best!" Stay warm in Vermont! Stacie xo.

    OH WOW !! you really do look great can def see a difference well done for sharing your secrets !! LOL. Love the jeans on you too you look lovely !! Luv Nicky XX.
    2 oceansblue08 Thanks!! I just want to be up front so people don't start to talk about me. Haha!! Stacie xo.
    2 MommyLuvsMakeup Yeah, I am so glad someone noticed!! I keep getting in my husband's face and asking him if he sees a difference!! haha!! As long as you go to a skilled surgeon I highly recommend these procedures!! Let me know if you do it!! GO QVC!! Stacie xo.
    2 cinlowil Thanks so much!! Start a piggy bank now so that when you actually need something done you can just go and do it. haha! Stacie xo.
    i watch qvc all the time too but the bad thing is I buy way to much from there hehe. BTW I can totally see the difference in the smile line area it looks smoother and more youthful. He did a great job! Take Care, mary.

    Hi Stacey!!! Thanks for being so honest about the filler. I know how important it is to find a good doctor. Since I live in the same area as you - can you share with me your doctors name...Thanks so very much.

    Is there a certain eye cream you use your eyes (and whole face!) look great and id like to pick up an eye cream for wrinkles..any recommendations from low end to high up for it all! thanks!.

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  • November 1, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Most places offer a numbing agent they can put on your face before the procedure to keep you from having any pain. Just remember to ask for it when you get there..
    I had my IPL two weeks ago and it was performed by a Physicians Assistant and I am so pleased with my results. My brown spots have disappeared and it has also helped with collagen rejuvination. It is an awsome treatment. .
    I had my first IPL treatment today, and I may be a baby but it freaking HURT!!! I researched and read about it feeling like rubber bands snapping the face, but it's really more akin to hot oil splashing on your face. the results are great but be prepared! .
    I'd like to know how much is the price per session and if one session cover al of the infected facial areas I want to do the treatment but I do have to do my research for cost effectiveness and professional work. and thank you for sharing the video with those that need encouragement and insight on laser therapy..
    does it hurt like a fraxel treatment It feels like someone getting a hot iron and pressing it against your face, then again and again, it is torture! That is after the multiple injections of painkiller...they must want it awful bad !.
    My advice to anyone considering IPL is it is critical that you consult a Dermatologist. Be aware that some "clinics" have inferior equipment and inadequately trained staff. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH & DON'T BE LEAD BY YOUTUBE INFOMERCIALS. really good information! I was thinking about doing it, but not sure, I am originally from the south and do have some discoloration from the sun as well. . Thank you for posting. I have moderate rosecea and am supposed to have a consultation with a dermatologist about IPL treatment(s) to remove afew spiderveins on my nose and even out my skin tone. Your post has calmed my nerves. Thank you for doing this!.
    Hi Stacie Thanks for sharing. I love your honesty in telling us and showing us the procedures you are having and what is helping your skin. I have learned in watching other videos that some people are not completely honest. They have flawless skin, they review expensive products but come to find out later that they had some cosmetic procedures done to give them the flawless face, not so much the pricey products. Good skincare helps but it won't do what a procedure can do first. Thank You!.
    I had the co2 fraxel and that hurt pretty bad to me, even with numbing cream. When I had the IPL done there was freezing cold air blowing on my face the whole time. I did not find IPL to be painful at all.. How is the IPL after a yearhow is your collage i see alot of people complain about loosing fat and collagen on the face did it happen to you thanks. How is the IPL after a year I hear that one has to do multiple sessions, but my main question is... how is your collage; people complain about loosing fat and collagen on the face.

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  • November 17, 2015
    Anti-Aging Surgical Procedures. A lot of women are in search of the miracle cure to age gracefully and look younger. For many of them, surgical procedures may be an... i37
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    Beauty Talk: Do Anti-Aging Neck Creams or Treatments Work It's one of our most frequently asked questions—can you target treat wrinkles or sagging neck skin While there are certainly options to treat signs of aging on the neck, Paula's Choice staffer Mercedes explains why "neck creams" aren't what they seem (+ she'll share tips on what really works). More Info/Articles: • Anti-Aging Shouldn't Stop at Your Face: Do you have a beauty question you'd like to pose to the Paula's Choice Research Team Post it below and next week, another member of the team will answer via video. Whether you're confused about skin-care products or ingredients, have a makeup mishap or hair-care conundrum, we'll have the answers—so you'll be even more beautifully informed. #paulaschoice #beautytalk #skincare .

    Do cellulite/toning/stretch mark removing creams for the body actually work or are they marketing gimmicks.

    Hi +Kirby Koo! Oh, we wish they worked! Unfortunately, these are just marketing gimmicks. Check out our article on this topic for more:
    My dermatologist told me never to put retinol on my neck only on the face because the neck doesn't have a mean to flush it out like the face does. Now, who should I believe . Would love a video about layering on skincare products!!!! Especially with using Retin A at the same time. Also would like to know if it's okay go use bha products as well as retina Please answer :). Which Paula's Choice products are safe to use during pregnancy and which are not and why Thanks!. Hi Melissa! You can read all about this in our article on the topic:
    Thank you for the info! I've had a deep horizontal wrinkle across my neck since teen years because I had very low self esteem and walked around everywhere with my head down. Glad to know my hunch was right that no cream would fix that. However, in my early 50's now I do have discoloration patches on the sides of my neck from sun exposure (probably from the car) and am keeping at them with a hydroquinone as well as AHA's and for sure sunscreen! .

    Hello PC Team!!!! I have a question! How long product last on skin after I applied it (how long each product work exfoliants, retinol PC 1%, creams and serums ) Can I wash my face after a few hours Or I need to apply it againThanks a lot!.
    How are skin care targeted for men different than those targeted for women Is there a difference between men and women's skin Thank you..
    +leftyla kinda, but men and women need the same ingredients (moisturizing ingredients, antioxidants, BHA/AHA, retinol and spf). men's skin care is a marketing thing - the packaging is different, there's a lot more perfume in them etc.

    Hi! I struggle with eczema and right now I am dealing with rough dry patches on my face. I have a couple questions- is there any safe exfoliating scrub or device to use with eczema Second, is there any makeup that is good at covering this rough and dry texture Thanks!!!! .
    Hi Adriana! A mild BHA is best for this, such as a 1% BHA Lotion (you can even mix it with your moisturizer to bugger it further). A physical scrub or tool is likely to abrasive for the sensitivity of eczema. Using a daily mild routine of gentle BHA + spot treating with intense moisture (for example, many of our customers with this concern use our Clinical Body Butter to do so), and then over time the areas will begin smooth!.

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    Hii there...I've only used Maxelder argan cream for a few days and I love it This cream makes the skin around my eyes look refreshed and smooth. It is not oily and it doesn't burn my eyes in any way unlike other creams that I've tried in the past. It also helps with my puffiness. I highly recommend this wrinkles cream w.…nyarganoil….c... Cool IDEA but nothing stated. specifically... EAT THOSE FOODS< MIX UP & PUT ON YOUR FACE>>> and then they show a pic of cucumber on eyes with some white SOMETHING rubbed on the face... NOT VERY INFORMATIVE... Sorry guys... this one's a thumbs down. +Ezekiel David I recommend because i tried thisanti-aging program and i got great results...Recommended... ===================================================.

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  • January 4, 2016

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    Gosh, I can't tell you the amount of money I've spent on skincare over the years. It's a lot. And each one that didn't work really stung. I think the very very best thing you can do for your skin is find out what works for you. Unfortunately that can take some effort and spending some money. I love Obagi NuDerm, but it certainly is not for everyone. I think you are a good example of this If a product is harming your skin that is very bad! lol. The Skin Medica is so expensive! I have always thought the Origins did really well with your skin. I really enjoyed this Crystal and really appreciate you filming this. Love you lots! Melissa.
    +Melissa55 Hey Melissa! I know the Obagi blender works well for you, that's great! So many love it. You're obviously using what works for you because your skin is amazing! xo.
    Hey Crystal! Girl I'm 42 in less than a month and I need to amp up my skincare! I'd love to know what works for you. Right now I'm using Cerave products and while I don't think they "do" anything they are just nice basic hydrating products I can count on. I am considering Paula's Choice new retinol product and a vitamin C serum as well. I have hyper pigmentation galore and really want to get rid of it but not have to spend my retirement doing it, lol! I'm like you, of something works miracles I will pay a steep price tag for it but not if its just ok..

    +Sara Wood Hi Sara! I've tried some PC products in the past and they didn't do anything. Some really love them but I'm just not a fan of her or her site. I've been using a Vitamin C serum for quite sometime and I really think that has helped along with AHA. I've spoken about both in past skincare update videos. I think I get brightness and a little firming from both. I've noticed the most difference in my skin with those products. However, I can also say using Origins Night A Mins has really helped as well. Nothing wrong with basic skincare like Cerave. They make a great moisturizer that I often use this time of year! :).
    Hey Crystal! I hate that the Obagi didn't work for you, but I know it is tough stuff! I JUST bought Will and I Cetaphil today because our skin has dried out so bad with the cold weather John and Brooke are fine I had major chapping and dryness around my mouth etc, I always go back to Cetaphil when things get crazy! I do have to use my Refissa or I will break out, but I back off a little I can see a big difference in your skin since the beginning, so the Origins must be your best bet! I miss the makeup, too I loved the loose powder! xoxo Lisa.
    +MissCrystal Oh Crystal, I know all too well your battle. I think your skin looks great. But I know you've talked about this before and shown close up pictures. I have the same problem with the skin aging and sagging more than others because of the break down in collagen. I'm having trouble with congested pores and excessive dryness. Anything I use for the dryness causes more clogged pores! I go around and around. I recently had a facial and the esthetician recommended oil cleansers. Which I purchased only to have more congestion and still have dry skin! I feel like I'm the only one. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you talking about similar issues. I love make up just like everyone else. But I will never have a perfect smooth canvas~ Which Origin products do you use I often use the Perfect World cleanser from Origins. But that is all I've tried in their line. Thanks for this video~ Wendy.
    +melissa pintone I like the "Old style" the creamy white face and body I did get the "Facial Cleanser" also, but prefer the regular one! :)) Lisa. Hello Crystal, wow I know that had to be a bummer spending all that money and time. I have used a brand that doesn't get a lot of attention, but works great wonders temporarily and permanently over time for anti-aging, toning, and scaring. It can range from $19.99-$40 depending on which product you purchase. It is called, DermaSilk. The company has great customer service and sent me some products to try. I truly believe they are under rated and over looked so much. They can be found at CVS pharmacy and at some Walmart locations. I am almost 43 and I already took very good care of my skin, but I feel for me their products have given extra advantage in taking away more years off of my skin and given me a smooth, radiant glow! I am not sponsored by them or paid by them at all. I only gave a great review on one of their a couple of years ago and they contacted me last year from Facebook. I only speak honestly of products that have worked for me.. A line that is hyped about in YouTube is Kate Somerville, I got several of their products and they were HORRIBLE for my skin. I cringe when people mention the line in their videos. The body shop tee tree line got my skin clear after what KS did to me, it was a fluke I found the line, I went in the body shop looking for something else and thought there was nothing to loose so I gave it a try. I don't use it anymore since I need skin care with anti aging properties, but it cleared my skin super fast. I've learn not to trust YouTube, sadly a lot of people that used to seem to do it for fun you can tell now that it's just a job/easy money.. I turned 30 and got cystic ance. The KS line has saved me. After two years I have found products from KS that have cleared my skin in 2 months. Not all her products have worked but the ones that didn't never hurt my skin. I love Kate!!.
    I am a Huge skincare products person always trying new products and My favorite go to is Principal secret. I have extra oily T-zone normal-dry cheeks and sensitive skin. Its hard to find products that work. I also like origins products as well.

    Thank you for this. A big help. I think that the YouTube beauty community does not talk about high end skincare in a " it did not work for me "..

    I use Ava Anderson it is organic and a life saver. My spots are gone and I have Rosecta which is helped tremendously. I am not a rep so o get nothing posting this. I am 40😄.
    I have the same texture and skin problems as you and. Have also got no results from TNS. I am so sick of wasting money, I am now happy with avon. Very helpful.. Hi Crystal, I appreciate your honesty. Once we become a certain age all we can really hope for is brightness and smoothness. I too had acne as a teenager and again when I was about 22, so I definitely understand what you are talking about. Several years ago I asked my dermatologist what kind of cream I could use to help my skin's firmness. He told me to just SAVE all the money I would be tempted to spend on those MIRACLE creams and spend it on the only thing that really does work...a FACE LIFT. Well, I'm 60 and I wish I had listened to him! lol I will say between Retin A and my homemade Vitamin C serum my skin has never looked better. I do get compliments on my skin now (the first time in my life). Notice I said... SKIN. The Retin A and Vit. C does nothing for firmness...I am sagging!! But I do have bright and smooth sagging skin. lol. +Dianne Buckingham Hi Dianne, thank you for sharing! I'm getting loss of firmness as well the past year or so. My Plastic Surgeon who does my filler said I'll be an early candidate for a face lift due to my scaring. You can imagine my thoughts when I heard this! No thank you, lol, so I'll be doing whatever I can to help my skin. I do use Vitamin C and AHA and I think those two products have really helped!.
    Glad you did this video Crystal :-) Always love your honest reviews on the products you've tried ! I've become a big Origins fan after your reviews. I had never tried anything from them before and now I'm using four of their products. I totally understand the quest for products to help with all the skin issues you mentioned. I have many of the same, so I totally get the expectations that would come along with the high price tag $$$ of the products you mentioned. Have a great day 🙂 xo Stacy.

    Hi Crystal😀 I too used the Obagi Nuderm system last year and was not crazy about it. It definitely lightened up my skin and faded sun spots but it was just so heavy that I was constantly battling clogged pores that I really didn't have prior to using. I stuck with it for the entire time frame, I think it was 3/4 months but then actually was counting down the days to the end😂😂. It didn't damage my skin as your experience with it did but I'd never do it again. I am still using the Obagi Blender with my Refissa at night and am actually looking around for another cream to mix with the Refissa just to get away from the ingredient in the Blender (hydroquinone) as I know you are not supposed to use it long term, I'm sure there's got to be something better😜. Great video and you look great😘😘.
    I wanted to try the TNS line but I got a sample and I could not get past the smell. Just terrible. Again great review. Have you ever tried the Juice Beauty Apple peel. Crystal what a great video! It helps to hear other's thoughts on products. Your skin looks beautiful in this video...xoxoShelliaM.
    Thank you for the honest review Crystal. I was seriously considering the Obagi, but I will think some more on it. Girl, you look great! And definitely not 52! lol I am and have been using a vitamin C in the am and Doterra Immortelle in the evening. Both are helping with evening out my skin and the slight crepiness I started to notice :0.

    +Catawba Cats Just to clarify, I'm 42 but said my skin probably looks 10 years older due to the damage and issues. I don't think I personally look 10 years older but certain areas of my skin do if that makes sense. :).

    Hi Crystal! I have had some issues with cystic acne in my 30s and THE only line of skin care that has worked for me is Image. I went to a local Plastic Surgeon who performed a total five laser treatments and provided the Image moisturizer for post-treatment application and first I thought it would brake me out. To my surprise; the Image moisturizer did NOT brake me out. I then decided to try other products from the Image line (the blue one) which is for Acne prone skin called Clear Cell. I took pictures prior to using the products and the difference is substantial. I have had friends and family members asking what I've doing to skin that looks so radiant and healthy in comparison to before. You can purchase these products at high-end spas, estheticians, or Doctors offices. I have also heard they are available on Anyway; just wanted to let you know what has been helping my skin stay blemish and breakout-free. Hugs from sunny Florida 🌴☀😊
    +DDluxe1 Thank you for the recommendation but I don't currently suffer from acne like I once did. I'll only occasionally have a break out now. I've never heard of that line and I know my doctors office does not carry it.. I do not have an issue anymore however that skincare line is what helped me overcome the hormonal acne. Now I simply use the cleanser as it is the only line that keeps me from breaking out..
    I had the same issue with NuDerm and I switched to rafissa with it when I saw Lisa's video. It really helped but I had to start slower than the instructions said. I now use just the blender with rafissa every other night. And I don't have sensitive skin so I can imagine that was tough on you! In between nights I baby my skin with moisture and a serum only. Doing that keeps my skin very clear. You look great! Thanks for sharing your feedback..
    I am 25 and never really had acne until about 23. I started getting horrible hormonal breakouts around my chin. I started taking TriSprintec which cleared up the hormonal acne, but I still have regular breakouts around my t-zone and cheeks. I've been using the Rodan & Fields Unblemish with the Spot Fading Toner and I am seeing great results so far. Prior to starting that, I was using the Sunday Riley Good Genes treatment for my hyperpigmentation and texture issues. I really noticed a difference with my discoloration and my skin looked so much more smooth. Stopped using only because I still have active breakouts. Once my skin is completely clear, I am definitely going to work it back into my routine. Side note: LOVING your S&D Lotus Tassel Necklace! I've been considering picking it up! I'm a stylist as well and I love watching your videos to see what you get!. +Chloe Sanders I'm sure the R+F Unblemish is great since their original Proactiv is so nice. I don't have enough break outs to use an entire system for it at this time. I've recently started using some Sunday Riley products that I'll talk more about in my favorites video. The Lotus Tassel was at the top of my list this year. SO pretty! :).
    Hey Crystal, I use 2 products out of the Obagi line and like them but I think I have found a Dupe for one of them, made by an Australian Company and a quarter of the price it is the product that has HydroQuinone in it No4 in the line. The one I have is Superfade face cream John Plunkett. So the only one I use now is the Blender. It has worked for me and I have sensitive skin never had so much as a pimple and I am 62. I would be very interested when you find a good line. I have fallen into many pricey traps and in Australia we cannot return. Another thing with the Australian dollar so bad it cost me way more for the Obagi which makes me look for alternatives. Thank you great video. Cheers Tricia..
    +MissCrystal thank u so much! I love the checks n balances cleanser and the night a mins. I'll have to check out the others u mentioned😺 thanks a bunch!. I feel like medical grade skincare gets a lot of hype here on Youtube, and if it works for the person who is hyping it then great. I have also used Rodan +Fields and thought it was a wast of money for me.I saw the best result with Origin and what I'm using now which is Colleen Rothschilds, but I also know my skin and will have to find something different. I can only use a skincare line for about 2 to 2/12 years then I have to change it up..
    +Emmylovesmakeup Hey Emily! I'm the same way. My skin changes and then I need to find something different or incorporate something new. It's like all of the sudden I'll see changes I don't like, lol. I do like some of Colleen's products as well!.

    Thank for sharing! I've using skin ceutical Pytho plus for fading acne spots for the past six months...I saw results in around 2-3 months, my acne hyper-pigmentation mostly faded... I think origins products really irritates my skin, the only products I liked is the balancing cleanser and the acne treatment. Other creams all burned my face!.
    +chanyounancy Thank you for sharing - I can't use all of Origins. I do like their Checks & Balances cleanser and the Night A Mins cream for night. Not a big fan of their serums. I have sensitive skin and don't find those products to irritate my skin.. Thanks for the good info. Sometimes I think it's just me, who spends money on high end things that never make any difference. The hunt continues. I have been a subscriber for about a year. I think your shin always looks flawless. I didn't realize you had so many issues when you were younger. I went back as far as I could to check out you're older videos. Your skin has improved so much that it looks flawless. Makes me want to purchase some Origins skincare.. +Rebecca Hudson Thank you for the nice compliment! The lights help hide the imperfections for sure. And makeup of course helps some. ;). I'm 64 and have used dove soap and oil of Olay since the 70s and I get many compliments on my skin. I've tried high end potions but always go back to what's tried and true for me.. Hi Crystal, I cannot tolerate the peeling of Retin A and Vitamin C makes me break out. I have found slow sucess with Deciem 1% copper isolate serum plus their Hyaluronic acid serum and Hydration Vaccine. No miracles but slow progress in increasing hydration in my skin and smaller pores and less pigmentation. Slow. I cannot emphsize enough that this is not a miracle.I have been using it four months now. And no reactions, which makes me so happy.. +Jhw Webster Vitamin C used to make me break out as well. However, I found two that have not. I first started out with Mad Hippie brand and really liked it. I'm currently trying the one from Timeless since so many rave about it. Not sure if it's any better, too early to tell. However, I do think my skin started brightening up after using it so maybe give one of those a try Peeling of Retin A is the worst! You have to go super slow. I even try to use a moisturizer with mine and only use at night for the first month or so. I've found AHA to really help diminish pores and slightly firm my skin. I use it 1-2 times per week.. Have you tried any of the Rodial line I have only used a few of them but I like them a lot and have seen a firmness and glow to my face I had not seen in a few years I am a few years older than you for some reason I thought you were in your early 30's well until now you should have kept us guessing you look really young!.
    Hi Crystal, Do you go to a skin rejuvenation clinic for any type of laser or other facial treatments for your skin concerns I've heard of something called the Halo Laser that is supposed to help with skin texture, scarring, redness, etc. It is pretty expensive, I think around $1,000 per treatment. I have similar skin issues as you and am curious what type of treatments you have tried. Thank you!.

    +Colleen Barry Hi there - No, I do not currently get any treatments other than the filler for my acne scaring. If I did, I would go to the same doctors office since they have a skincare center as well. They do not offer the Halo Laser so it must be too new since their office is usually up to date on very current lasers and proceeders. My doctor said I'm a great candidate for Fraxel but I've yet to get it due to price and downtime. I've had Microdermabrasion done in the past and of course chemical peels..
    Thank you for sharing this! Ive just started using the Reverse regimen from R&F. Im going to give it 6 weeks and see what happens for me..
    Glad to hear these reviews! Just got reverse and wondering when it's going to show that it's working!.
    I love your nails and if you do them at home please do a video on your nail care/manicure. I love your style!. +Oralia Wheeler-Spahn Thank you! I do have an older nail video but the lighting wasn't great. They are kind of hard to film but I'm due for an updated one.. Oh wouldn't it be great to go back in time & know how to care for & protect our skin while we were young(er)! I try to educate and help my daughter so hopefully she won't make the same mistakes I did like baking in the sun in baby oil! And if only I had back all the money I've spent on trying all kinds of skin care from high end to low end... I'm still on a search for what works for me & I'm 45. As of recently, I'm trying Timeless products & I can honestly say I noticed a difference right away so I'm very hopeful so far. I'm also trying (again) refissa and Obagi blender. I actually felt like my scarring got worse w/ retin a last time I tried it, but I feel maybe I didnt stick it out long enough & maybe it gets worse before it gets better At least, that's what I'm hoping. I don't want it to be a mistake trying it again, but I'm seeing wrinkles forming I want to treat! I'm curious to know what AHA peels you are using & like I have been trying Glotherapeutics Glycolic (10%) cleanser, but it breaks me out terribly! Every Glycolic I've tried does unfortunately, but I know I need some type of acid peel to get dead skin cells off. Your skin is looking great now btw! ;) XO Krista.
    +hairmissy Ah yes, if only we knew then what we know now. It was just the times though. No one was educated about skin back then. Add to that the type of light skin I have is just a recipe for issues all around. I just started using the Timeless Vitamin C. I wanted to see if it was any better than the Mad Hippie brand I had been using. I'm not convinced that my many years of using Retinol didn't make my acne scaring worse. It seems there are mixed thoughts on that. I used and loved Retinol for many years and then all the sudden I started seeing my acne scaring show up more. Not sure if it's due to aging or what but I never really noticed it before..

    Thank you for this video, I would like to recommend another you tuber her name Angi she recommend going to basic anti aging ingredients that are proven to reverse skin damage retinol, vit C and AHA and she did it very gradual to avoid skin irritation.

    +hessa rashed Hi - I already watch Angie. I've mentioned her in a few of my videos. I also use Vitamin C, AHA. I have a skincare background so I'm well aware of how to use products and try to avoid irritation. We all have very different skin though and could use the exact products in the exact way but they may work or not work. :).

    Crystal! I enjoyed this video. I guess I am one of the lucky ones. Never had skin problems. I am 70 now and skin is still nice. I have always moisturized my skin. Now I just use Oil of Olay. I love all the IT cosmetics. I guess being Italian helps too- lol!.

    "Facial facelift": the new buzzwords for anti-aging packages
  • December 9, 2015
    Download this beauty concept skin aging. anti-aging procedures, rejuvenation, lifting, photo now. And search more of the web's best library of royalty-free... i53
    Anti-Wrinkle Treatments | Anti-Aging Procedures | Sydney...
  • November 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I loved this video and trust your opinions very much. I love the Dr. Gross peels. I like to use the normal ones about once a week. I'm in my early thirties and always on the hunt for a good eye cream. I am going to try the Mad Hippie one when I finish my Lancôme. Thanks!.

    +LeiAut Thank you so much! For years I didn't use an eye cream because I thought they were over-priced and did nothing. Then my under eye area started getting dry. I've tried several since then but really do love the Mad Hippie and it's a good price. Let me know if you end up trying it. :).

    I go back and forth with retinol, I don't see any difference, however I don't think I've stuck with it long enough to see any results, I just a a really hard time with the peeling UGH I can't stand it. xoxoxo.
    I keep meaning to give night a mins a try! I just love my current routine so much I hate to change it up ya know lol Great rundown Crystal!! thanks! xo Kristin.
    +Kristin Gehm I think you'd really like the Night A Mins, Kristin! I know what you mean about not wanting to change what we currently love though. Although that's how things become favorites, right ;).

    I am going to break down and try Origins one day. I hear people speak of the line and they all really like it a lot. the Night a Mins got EXCELLENT reviews. Your skin really looks beautiful. The Obagi is not for everyone, that is for sure. I really believe some skins just don't like it nor the retinols/retin-a and it sounds like your skin is one of them. I truly believe the trick is to know your skin and know exactly what it needs. And yours looks really really beautiful. Thanks so much for doing this. I enjoyed it very much. Love, Melissa.
    +Melissa55 Hey Melissa! I do love Night A Mins! Something to keep in mind though since you don't like moisturizers, you may not care for it. I've found my skin can be drier as I age without one. I wish I could still use retinol products because I loved doing so years ago. Not sure what happened with that. ;) Have a great weekend! xo.
    Your skin looks beautiful, must try some of that Origins! Thanks for doing this video, very helpful..
    I also just cannot use retinol products. I use them every few years after reading that you MUST and then wake up and my normally good skin looks like crap! The last time I just said 'ENOUGH' and threw the bottle away. Whatever you are doing is working great because you look wonderful..
    I completely agree with you about not needing so many harsh products. My husband and I travel a lot so I decided this last trip to simplify things and my skin started looking so much better! Sunscreen is the most important thing in my opinion. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing. .
    At night i use 3 Times a week a glycolic acid cream from Reviva wich i highlly recommend cheap and effective, the other days i use Advanced night repair or reservatrol from skinceuticals and reviva eye cream. I have combination acne prone and very reative skin so i prefer Like u to stick with what works for me... And OF course i exfoliate and use masks. Voila, love ur videos. Kisses from Paris Joyce. That colour looks beautiful on you Crystal ! I ended up trying Origins products after your past reviews, and I'm so glad I did :-) they will be a staple in my skincare from now on... xo Stacy . +Foofie2005 I'm so happy to hear that, Stacy! Thank you for watching and for letting me know! xo. Your skin looks great Crystal! I love Mad Hippie too- great ingredients, wonderful price (I get mine from Vitacost), and funky hip chick packaging ✌️💗🌺. My skin and body do not respond well to Retin A, or Retinol products either. I am done trying. I felt it was toxic to my skin and body- my skin peeled horribly, broke out, and I just didn't feel right. Glad to have so many great choices now. Enjoy the weekend!. +Cynthia Prendergast Sorry it's not working for you either, but glad to hear you also like Mad Hippie! Thank you so much for watching!. Good minds think alike! I too have used Origins Checks + Balances as well as Night-A-Mins for many years and love it! In addition, Colleen Rothschild Radiant Cleansing Balm is at the top of my list. I've found my holy grail for eye make-up removers just this week. It's Philosophy's 'Just Release Me' which, though pricey, removes ALL my eye makeup in just a couple sweeps and leaves no traces of make-up. I highly recommend this one!. +Profswife Glad to hear the products you're enjoying! Thanks for the recommendation for the Philosophy product. I've not used their brand in years but may check it out. :).
    +Lyudmila Gilman Do you mean before makeup application Not usually. I go in stages and it depends on which foundation I might use..

    Your skin does look beautiful! Love love love Night-a-mins and Origins in general too. I used Checks and Balances for the longest time but my skin 'decided' to change :) Their Perfect World cleanser was a great alternative. .

    Hi Krystal, love your videos thank you for making them. I just would like to ask you if your eyes are asymmetrical. Xo Roseingeorgia .

    +joe Williams Probably the most odd question I've ever gotten. If you've ever watched any of my makeup tutorials you would know I mention my eye shape often. ;).

    +MissCrystal OMG. I can't believe someone would ask that. I have eye problems and actually going blind in my left one but I would be so hypersensitive to anyone asking that. You handled that well. Just wanted to say I am looking through your older vids too and especially on skin care and they have been helpful. I just ordered that Mad Hippie and have used about 3 weeks, haven't noticed yet. I just made my first CR order and looking forward to that. I think I might have to visit the origins night cream. Sounds awesome!.

    I'm really curious about the Origins skincare line. Have you ever tried their CC cream Also, have you ever done a video of just Origins products Thanks for all the information and your skin does look great!!.
    +Cathy LCW Hi Cathy! No, I've never tried their CC Cream. I do have an older video talking about Origins when I first started using them. It's probably 2+ years old, located in the Skincare Playlist if you're interested. Thanks so much for watching!.
    I'm so glad I watched this! I, too, do not wash my face every morning. My skin seems to be happy. Very rarely do I have a break out. I'm also glad to see a YouTuber keeping it simple. :) I want to try the Mad Hippie eye cream. Do you buy from them directly or from Amazon..

    +Stacey Simmons HI there! I've purchased from both. Usually I'm impatient and buy from Amazon so I can get two day free shipping since I'm a Primer Member. ;).

    I always love hearing about people's skincare routines. It is a good ways to get ideas/recommendations. I have recently discovered the Josie Maran Light Argan oil and am really liking it :) .

    +Miss Kel Glad to hear you like it! I'm still on the fence about it. It may work better for me in the winter months. :).

    Hi Crystal u look great, i m soooo with u about Retin A, i hate it, it brokes me out like crazy. I agree with u that we don t need harmful skincare to have great skin!!! I too much prefer glycolic Acid products it did wonders to m'y skin, i m 45 and look 10 years younger... Iin the morning i splash water lthen i use salicilyc acid toner ,vit c serum ,acid hyaluronic sérum, cc cream and eye cream..
    +Lyudmila Gilman Like what are my favorites I can try to put something together but honestly, I don't use them often. Not sure if you saw my Makeup Purge video, but have a lot but rarely use. :). Great video, Crystal. I have a question for you that is kind of off topic from the video! lol! i love your style and taste that is why i am asking your opinon. My husband and i recently bought a home and we are renovating the kitchen. i follow you on pinterest and notice you have pinned a lot of white kitchens. my question is if you had to redo your kitchen or if you move would you choose a white kitchen. i am stuck making a decision between dark wood or light antique white. they are two extremes, i know. i want to take the leap to white but i`m nervouse about it. what is your preference thanks for your help! Linda:-). Thank you so much, crystal for getting back to me so soon. We have to make the decision in the next few days so this really helps! For the last ten to fifteen years all my friends and family have chosen dark wood so we feel like we are taking a leap by going white but in every showroom we've visited, in every image we've viewed online we're always drawn to the light cabinets. We've got to make a decision soon, our kitchen is already gutted. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thank you so much! . +Linda Zaccagnini If you're drawn to the white, go with your gut. Good luck with the remodel! :). Hey crystal! Your skin has been looking great! I just started using night-a-mins and I love it. I've been using checks and balances for a few years because of you. Thanks for the recommendations!.
    Your skin does look great! I will check out the Mad Hippie products. I tried Paula's Choice and the products does nothing for my skin. I use the Josie Maran oil for a moisturizer and it helps with my dry patches. .

    +regisnyder Hi there! Paula's Choice products did nothing for me either. I hope you enjoy the Mad Hippie. :).

    I was thinking just this morning that I missed your videos, and here you are in my subscription box! 🎉 Loved the video; I'll have to try some of your favorites! .

    Don't worry, I see them! And I absolutely love your "what's for dinner series"! I just really like your video style, and get impatient waiting for the next one. Lol..

    I love the Origins night-a-mins too. I have gone through 3 and now I'm on my 4th. Retinol doesn't work for me either. I always fine it too harsh and most of them are very greasy. Have you tried unwrinkle peel pads I think it's better than the radical and it's cheaper :D.
    No, I've not tried them. Thought about it but there was something about the ingredients I didn't like if I recall.. Hi Crystal, This was a very informative video. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of skin care with us. I look back on my own skin care routine when I was younger and truth be told, I had none! I splashed my face with water every morning and that was that. Never moisturized, never wore sunscreen, rarely even wore makeup. I wish I had done a few things differently, one would definitely be to wear sunscreen as I have some sun damage, but all my life I have been on a mission for two things... the perfect eye cream, and the perfect bra! lol I have puffy under eyes. Is there really an eye cream out there or a treatment that really addresses that It has been my life's goal to find one. I tend to have very thin skin under the eye and a lot of the eye creams make me tear up. Any suggestions I also use the origins GinZing moisturizer in the mornings now. I occasionally put Origins night masque moisturizer on at night. I have been pretty blessed with overall good skin despite my negligence. Thanks again..
    +Lisa Norton Hi Lisa! I think we all wish we would have worn sunscreen. Times and information were just different then. I really think the Vitamin C and Glycolic have helped with that though! As for eye creams, a lot irritate me as well. The one from Mad Hippie that I mentioned does not though. One tip is keep them away from the actual eye lid. Kinerase makes a good one that I used before this one. :).
    Less is more for me, and I since I have such reactive skin I find it such a pain to try out something new. I did try out 2 oils and my skin just did not like or adapt at all to them so now I know I can't use oils. I would like to find something gentle for the aging process but I might be out of luck~ I've yet to find a sunscreen that doesn't make my skin a mess, I do have the EltaMD in my cart to purchase and one from Skincuticals not sure, but after those if they fail I will just depend on my moisturizer and makeup to help in sun care~ thanks for sharing, its always interesting to see what works for others..
    +Deb InPEI I have reactive skin as well in recent years. For the past year or so, I've used Paula's Choice Sunscreen and really enjoyed it. It's like a daily moisturizer but with a good SPF. I find I can wear it under makeup or alone and it doesn't make my skin look crazy. She has several based on skin type..

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