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  1. December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    any way to add a comment underneath the video that lists when you use each product (a.m. or p..m.) & how frequently there are so msny skin care products it can be overwhelming to determine what to do first..
    I also use Retin. Can't live without it but if you're considering getting pregnant don't use it..
    +Ana Luiza Clinician Complex is not available in my country. It seems interesting but if it is cosmetic I don't believe in in it.. Brianna, Thank you for this awesome video... I ordered the ,Clinicians Complex Tissue Growth Factor 30ML... And I LOVE it! It's so luscious and feels amazing on my skin. I'm planning on ordering the clinicians Complex hypotonic serum too. Thanks for all the awesome videos you offer. Love the segments with your sister. Toni P.s. Hautelook is my favorite shopping site too! The best app on my phone. Lol. thank you so much I am taking all of your recommendations im 27 and now researching how to balance my skin scare after years of wearing makeup I need some of these products in my life asap. Hope you can really answer this.!!!!How long does it take to see results using retin-A at night once a week .
    Hi! I started using retin a, almost a month ago. I have normal skin type, but now my skin is super oily. Should I change to a gel base instead of cream .
    Will Retin - A help with forehead lines and deep crows feet I have Lyme disease and don't think my doctor would approve of any kind of injections as Botox has aggravated the illness in many Lyme patients. Thanks, Elaine.
    Hi Brianna, Love your videos, thank you for sharing!! Does the Obagi Tretinoin/Retin-A help with broken capillaries :o).
    Hello Brianna! You are magnificent. You are my skin care mentor! I appreciate all you teach us! What is your skin care regime for AM and PM How do you recommend using these products in regime on daily basis Could you do a video on this.
    +Christine Frandrup Awe thank you! I have many skincare routine videos if you scroll through my videos ;)) Big hugs! XO.

    Also these products are backed by science growth hormones send the message to our cells to repair and regenerate...

    Can you use all this at once Like do you put them all on at night or rotate these products I am so going to try these I'm 48 and I really need to start using some good products thanks!.
    +SheRam Yes you rotate them...serums before moisturizer. Alternating days...they are wonderful ;) XOXO. Can I asked you something about this product How long that your skin looks different and have better skin What're the product help your skinand How'swork I really want to know. Thank you.. hi, i'm 25 and under my eyes i have dark circles. under my eyes were the dark circle appear, were the skin is sensitive, it looks like for the last 2 years i have lost that tissue that makes it look fuller and healthy and now it looks more drained and unhealthy. what can i use to rebuilt that tissue that i've lost . Start taking collagen internally. As well as Vitamin C. Use an eye cream with collagen and peptides..
    Hi Brianna, I recently purchased Obagi Retin-A 0.05% cream from your website. Will I get the same benefit if I mix Retin-A with my moisturizer and apply it after my serum Or should I use it directly on my dry skin to get the benefit and take my chance with possible skin irritation Your expert advice will be greatly appreciated..

    To get the retinA I need a prescription Or can I just buy it from your links You said we wanted to get it from a Dr....
    Hi Brianna just love you and all the infor you bring us here on you tube! Please don't ever stop making videos ! Quick I never used a retinol or retinA product before ! Honestly I don't used much of anything and I know I should ! I'm 52 yrs old ! I just now bought a vitamin c serum!!! From skin medica ! Where do I start ! Should I first buy something over the counter and slowly ease my way into some kind of retinol or should, I just buy the 0.25% least amount of retin A from obagi ! So confused HELP LOL .
    I have a question, is it possible you could take the hyaluronic acid, vitamin C with ester and your favorite face cream add those three products together and wouldn't it work together or does it have to measured out correctly, to be beneficial to the skin .
    Question, I'm a guy and of color, medium to lighter brown complexion with a bit of hyper-pigmentation especially on the side of my face, would the "Obagi Tretinoin" be of help in my case and do you recommend any other products that may be of help as well. Hi Brianna fantastic video. I hope you could make some recommendations for me please I am 34 years normal/combo skin. I am just thinking about looking after first signs of aging now. Want to try refissa perhaps.ore worryingly due to a big amount of Weight loss I am struggling with a bit of loose skin on my neck giving me the look slightly of a saggy chin. Sounds worse than it is I promise! But being quite conscience of it, is there anything you could recommend Thanks doll xxx. Hi Beautiful !! I meet Dr Obagi when I was in my early 20ths at he's Chula Vista California office my older cousin used to work for him, So I star using he's creams, I was so young !! I remember he give me, Accutene whoww my face turn so beautiful, So now he is very expensive for me, And I used Dr. Nowak creams, but they also selling Skin Medica, but TNS Essential Serum I star used for the last 2 week and I got pimples..Ohh Noooo I don't know what to do I 'm so clean, my face look's ugly now What should I do Please help me !!!.
    How do you use them all together First layer, second layer, etc. Are there any you shouldn't mix together And what about the eyes Are all of them safe to use around the eyes .

    Hello Brianna- I am new to your videos and I only wish I would have found you sooner! I have spent so much money and I feel like I am only getting older looking!! (I am 39) I recently finally sought after the help of a dermatologist. It seems like I got one thing right because he put me on the Tretinion cream. (low dose) but he also put me on DCL glycolic cream and that was it None of the other stuff you mentioned. My question is 1) do you think the glycolic cream is good to add to the routine you have here. If so, where would you add it At night After Tretinoin cream Before Tissue growth factor cream It seems like I am missing a tissue growth cream and also a Hyaluronic cream Also last question, have you ever considered doing a "budget skincare video" or are there no good ones out there thanks so much for your response!!.

    Hi Brianna, I have tried SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum and loved it, but its pricey. How is Clinicians Complex Tissue Growth Factor in comparison Thanks!!!.

    +Krista Krom Hi Krista! Its very good but not as potent as the Tns serum. Have you tried the Neocutis Bio Serum Its a little less then the TNS and still very potent as well ;).

    my skin is very sentive would this work for me I'm 63 years old & trying to mantain what i have what are the 2 best i can start with that work well together and by the way the info you give was amazing.

    + Briana Stanko can i use the retina cream, i have very dry senditive skin plz let me know. Thankyou..
    +Anusis Aman You can. We carry one called Renova, its the lowest strength and made for sensitive skin and if you start slow like one night a week you should be fine ;)) XOXO.
    I have prescription Retin-A in a tube from a dermatologist... should I get the Obagi instead I am 21 but concerned about aging and moisturizing since I have dry skin except in the T zone. I actually use the cheapy Pond's cream as my day cream since it's super thick, combined with Neutragena SPF 50 in the morning. Is this okay to do or should I get a different moisturizer that combines the SPF Also, I do the same thing at night except applying the Retin-A and no SPF....
    Brianna, I just discovered your youtube channel and think you have amazing looking skin and was overwhelmed with the amount of products you use. You look great though. So, your website sells all these prescription facial products...I was just wondering how are we able to purchase your products without a prescription . Thank you so much for your fast response! So informative and your skin is beautiful.. You are! Can I use the renova on my neck, also I will be going to your site for the renova:))). Thank you!!!. Hi Brianna. I am so thankful for your video. My concern, as is others, is very dark circles, some dryness & irritation around my eyes. Could you please recommend a eye product I'm 43 and African American, so fortunately my skin is soft and supple with only one wrinkle on my forehead and very little large pores around my cheeks 😂😂... Thank god for that. And thanks for this great video. .
    +sensleep Thank you! I would use the Neocutis Lumiere RICHE eye cream. It made for very dry under eyes and will help fade dark circles with continued use as well ;)).

    I just received a tube of Refissa and I love it! I have only been using it for a few days and I see such an amazing difference..

    Between the NEOCUTIS Hyalis 1% Hyaluronate Refining Serum and the pure marine collagen which one would be better .

    Hmmmmm that's a hard one cause they both do pretty much similar things so it's up to you. I have used both and both are amazing :)).
    Hi Brianna I got the clinicians complex Tissue Growth Factor. I have been using Retin A 0.1% for over 25 years, but am using the growth Factor every other night, I think is too soon to see results, bu OMG what a cream, or is it a cream a gel a cloud, the texture is incredible and a have had mi encounter with La Prairie and la Mer and other expensives products but never any thing like this.I am in love with this cream..Thank you!!!!!!. Brianna, I've just discovered your channel and am enjoying a total marathon. Ok, I am really trying to take excellent care of my neck. I've started to see some aging and am not happy. I have the Nectifirm and love it. I swear I am seeing a difference. Can retin a be used on the neck or should it be I have received a script from my MD for Retin - a micro.. I've not started yet and am concerned about sensitivity because I have red hair and fair skin. Is there benefit to just using retin a even twice a week Thank you! Love your channel:) .
    +Bonnie W Hi Bonnie and thank you so much!! Yes there is for sure a benefit to using retin-a even twice a week! Also, with you being sensitive you should be using the renova. It is on my site, Its a retin-a made specifically for more sensitive skin and you start out with one night a week. Do that for 4 weeks and then go to 2 nights a week and so forth like that ;) But for sure look into the Renova ;)) XOXO Bri.
    Thank you!! Always serums before creams. And like the retin-a that is just at night and only like 2 nights a week to start. So you pretty much use most of these day or night with the retin-a JUST at night ;)) XO Bri.
    Thank you for your quick response. Would the Neocutis Bio Cream RICHE the only item you would recommend.

    +Liza Conway Sure :) I would say that and the Neocutis Hyalis for sure! You would want to use the Neocutis Hyalis first then put the Neocutis Bio Cream Riche on top ;)).
    Hi Brianna, I just watched your video and love your recommendations. I just wanted to ask, I am using a prescription strength bleaching cream (due to sun spots) and am over 40. I have naturally dry skin and with the bleaching cream/tretinoin use my skin is super dry. Will these products work well given my dryness. +Liza Conway Hi Liza, yes they will! The Neocutis Bio Cream RICHE is amazing for super dry skin, I would recommend that for you over just the regular Bio Cream but yes these all are hydrating ;)).
    Hi Brianna is Gloria againg please explain to me the difference between Skin Medica TNS essential serum and clinicials complex tissue Growth Factor witch I already order. Should both be used Thanks a lots, by the way your skin looks great!!.
    Hi Gloria, ok well the Skinmedica is a much stronger! It is a serum and serums will get deeper into the skin then anything else, so the skinmedica will absorb deeper in the skin then you can use the tissue growth factor on top of that :)) XOXO. Yes all the time. I sell it on my site premier look. It's one of our top selling's amazing stuff. +Brianna Stanko Fantastic! I'll look for it on your site. Thanks so much! :) .

    9 best anti-ageing night creams | Fashion & Beauty | Extras | The...
  2. January 1, 2016
    Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Night is a good, fragrance-free moisturizer with retinol for normal to dry skin. The retinol is packaged to keep it stable, the. i1
    Neutrogena - Healthy Skin Night Cream: Reviews - Paula's Choice
  3. December 27, 2015
    May 5, 2014... Find the best night cream for your skin and your budget with the help... apply your strongest, most powerful anti-aging ingredients because you. i2
    10 Best Night Creams For Every Budget | - Prevention
  4. December 30, 2015
    Check out exclusive offers on Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Night Cream at DermStore. Order now and get free samples. Shipping is free! i3
    Glytone Antioxidant Anti-Aging Night Cream - DermStore
  5. December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I wish people would stop using white lettering in video's. Half of it ends up being unreadable and disappears in the background. Thanks for the video. Would have been better if it was spoken..

    Awesome-I need to make this asap!!! So glad I found your channel. I have watched a couple of your videos and love ya already ;) .
    I like the way this is presented and the background music-i understand how to make things better this way-perfect:). +Jessica Dean Aww, you'll hear me again soon, in a few weeks there will be some changes for the summer and I'll be doing more general vlogging :). +UpLiftingHome Yes, use the vanilla with alcohol, it's only a small amount so should not cause any irritation and it helps to preserve the cream :). You always have the most intriguing recipes! I have organic red palm oil - I wonder if that would make a difference.
    +joyfuldenay Red palm oil is much more liquid and it's red so while it is very good for the skin, it can stain skin and clothes..

    Best Skin Care Products & Facial Products |
  6. December 24, 2015
    Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream for Anti-Aging by Garnier. Anti-aging night cream with Pro-Retinol to fight wrinkles and improve skin's elasticity. i5
    Ultra Lift Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream - Anti-Aging - Garnier
  7. December 21, 2015
    Walmart offers free pickup for most orders placed online - for many items as soon as today! Tell us where you are and we'll show you which Walmart stores and. i6
    Neutrogena Cream Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, 1.4 oz...
  8. December 23, 2015
    A night cream with Peptide Complex that acts in the DEJ protecting the skin against exogenous oxidative stressors & reducing fine line and wrinkles. i7
    Anti-Aging Night Cream | Glytone
  9. December 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thank you for this video when using this cream I cannot apply make up, because it is too oily, any suggestions is there any special cream for oily skin. I have used Maxelder argan cream ( w…nyarganoil….c ) for a couple of months now and I have noticed that my pores are much smaller, the crows feet around my eyes are gone, my skin tone looks great, and any pimples that pop up go away within 2 days.
    I love maxelder argan cream. I have combo acne prone skin & it doesn't break me out. It has smoothed out my wrinkles & my skin feels plump. Try it you will see difference w...nyarganoil…c.
    I have seen that avocado oil in the store... but I was afraid to buy it as the container wasn't tinted. Do you think the lack of tint would have affected the composition of the oil.
    Avocado oil are used for cooking so sometimes it comes in a clear container. It will work for skin care because the oil is rich in fatty acids for a rich moisturer..
    ...Hii anyone....My skin feels so light and fluffy and all thanks to the the maxelder argan cream.. ( you can find it w...nyarganoil…c ) at I use it during the night time before I go to bed.... My skin feels refreshed then ever.. I have an overly sensitive skin and it is a perfect product for me…... I have been using this pro duct for the past 2 years, I have tried using other wrinkle creams not hing works as well for me,just try Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treat ment . If you want to see a miracle, you can visit the Argan life products’ web site.. Hello. I suppose this video is quite old so is why I tried asking question, but have gotten no replies, that or that u are busy. It's ok. :) But thought I write again give it a shot. After adding cooled off shea butter (for the night eye cream), I stirred and stirred, never solidified... attempted then adding vitamin e oil, very yucky. I bought the exact same products/brand as yours, attempted this 4 different times, all wasted. So I am wondering if anybody else had the same problem with this recipe. Thank u. Bella..
    +niceyylovee Thank u :) Trial/error. We all do what works for us. I'm glad works for so many though. :).
    I have been using this product for the past 2 years, I have tried using other wrinkle creams not hing works as well for me,just try Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treat ment . If you want to see a miracle, you can visit the argan life pro ducts’ web site.. I provided link to where I purchased things on my blog which is linked in this video info box. I mentioned that in the video :).
    I grasp my pearls when you said your age!! 29! Mama you look 19, lovely video, Thanks for the Information!.
    +Valentina Dele You can use this instead. "100% Organic Hand Poured Beeswax, Premium cosmetic grade" Amazon sells it. It is used for...Premium Beeswax...Great for body lotion, lip balm, skin care products, craft and hobby uses You get 5 Bars - 1oz each. Perfect for smaller jobs Cosmetic safe and tested.Triple filtered, highest quality Beeswax available by Beeswax. can we use drops from Vit E capsules and mix it into any moisturizer if we dont have vit E creme if so, how many drops do you suggest thanks lisa!. These are great and even better because you put safety precautions and a science background. Finally! You are the only the 2nd beauty channel that does either one of those. I'm so distressed when I see these young people telling their millions of subs nonsense that is just ridiculous and could cause allergies..
    Hello. Thank you for this tutorial. I tried making the night cream exactly to your instructions, but after 20 minutes, the mix never solidified. And became a big mess. I am sure you probably don't have an answer for me why. But I tried and still liquidy and messy. :(.
    You have dandruff. Everyone has had it. It's dry fugues scalp. I'm not Lisa but I hope I can help a little. Head n shoulders shampoo do not work. That has bad ingredients. I have experience from it. Have you tried tea tree oil Before you shampoo your hair, add the shampoo amount on your hand and add 1-3 drops of tea tree oil. And wash your hair and let it sit for 5 min and rinse. I heard that tea rinse helps and apply cider vinegar hair rinse helps too. There's remedies you can do but unless you want to buy a dandruff shampoo. +jackygo89 thank you for the advice...i will try the tea tree oil and tea rinse and apple cider vinegar rinse.
    Realy helpful tips. I always believe in DIYs. Thank u for sharing this. Definitely going to try this ^^ .

    I think that depends on what you eat. I heard that if you drink lemon water and add 1-4 of Apple cider vinegar to your drink it helps with bloating. Have you heard of face massage Either using your hands or a asian spoon. That's what I do..
    Can I add some of the ingredient from your other eye gel into here to get the best of both world Also, can I skip the Primrose Oil Thank you. My coconut oil here is in a liquid state so it cannot stay a solid(i also dun have any butters) so can i add beeswax to help keep its shape.
    +Lisa Pullano hi, can I use vitamin E oil instead of vitamin E cream and will this work with coconut oil instead of sheabutter Thank you!.
    I don't have vitamin e cream either. I use vitamin e oil. I think it's better cause you know that's 100% vitamin e..
    hi. I love the idea of naturals ingredients for my skin. I actually tried to make this both creams, however I used coconut oil instead of Shea butter as you also recommended but I am not getting the same consistency. mine turned out liquify and the the creams dont solidify its like the ingredients did not combined :-(. can you please give an idea why thanks.
    +firecrackerbeli i made the cream once again and i had to add almost 3 times de amount of shea butter to get it to the consistancy she is saying, and it looks good but now im thinking since it has so much of shea the other ingredients wont be as active i dont know :( i know !!! crab!! sorry.
    +Ingrid's So what I ended up trying that sort of worked (only did the night cream) is to put the oil in the refrigerator before adding the vitamin E moisturizing cream. That sort of worked but the consistency turned out looking a little like rice pudding but once I put it on my eyes it's fine. Also, I am going to try to do the day one but I read online that if you use beeswax pastilles it helps oils not to liquify in hotter weather. I'll update whenever I get around to trying that..
    A lot of eye creams are just simply a very thick moisturizer. Some are more specialized and have retinols and other anti-aging ingredients, but I think for just an all purpose eye cream this is probably better than spending upwards of $30 for a thick moisturizer..
    I have the same problem with Bella Rina. Lisa Pullano hasn't answer her question and we can clearly see tha the answer button has been removed..The night cream is super oily and not creamy at all..
    +Maria Plastourgou Did you add some type of moisturizer cream to your mixture after your oils solidified One quick way to get your oils to solidify is to place it in the freezer for about 30 mins to an hour. The oils will become solid and no longer in a liquid state. You don't want the oil to freeze, just to become slightly solid and soft at touch. After that take the oils out of the freezer and whip until it is smooth. Then add your facial cream to the mixture. As long as you are not using coconut oil, the oils should remain in a creamy state.. Yes but it is still oily when I put it to my eyes. It is extremely oily. I have to take it off with a napkin..
    Dont know if its a myth or what, but primrose oil is forbidden in pregnancy due to its properties to soften the cervix and hence bring on the labour. .
    Could i use vitamin E capsules instead of the cream Also since I have coconut oil already do I need to get Shea butter instead Does it work much better Please let me know. And Thank you 😊 for ur tips. .
    If I were to make these creams AND the eye gel, when would I use the creams and when the eye gel Love these Recipes!! Thank you!.
    For the second cream u use the same amount of shea butter as the first one and thanks 4 this diy very helpful =). super helpful :D :D i'm gonna try the eye gel and day eye cream :D but i'm gonna add the primrose oil :D do you think that's ok.
    I was wondering what you suggest using in diy shave cream/cosmetics to help preserve & control bacteria .

    Oh my gosh, I had to stop the video to write this comment right after you said that you're about to be 29 because I was thinking to myself "pfff, yeah, because everyone 20 years old has lots of under eye lines"! Well shoot girl, you definitely put me in my place (figuratively speaking) because you do not look 29! What is the rest of your routine Do you also use rice milk products in your routine as well, including homemade facial soap The reason I'm asking is because a lot of Asian women have the most beautiful skin of all nationalities (in my opinion anyway) and I've heard and read that rice milk plays a big part in the flawless skin that Asian women are known for! If you do use it, how is it used Sorry for all the questions but your skin is just flawless and absolutely BEAUTIFUL so I'm all ears and can't wait to hear what your total routine is from start to finish! Thank you : ).
    Great video, I'm going to try this...Where do you buy the little color containers for the cream.
    +Stella Marie Hey Stella she mentions that in the video to check out the description bar her blog tells you where she gets all her items from. It's a direct link leading you to it..

    Plz, i have a question to treat Wrinkles under eyes ( or anywhere ) and prevent other wrinkles, which is it better to use. AHA or Vitamin E, which one is more effective, i'm only 23, nd i have some wrinkles under my eyes ,nd dark circles mostly because i 've never slept early /enough hours since i was 19. and thank you so much.BTW, u don't look ur age at all ( u look younger )..

    Im not lisa but please dont use aha near your eyes. It is an acid and might damage your cornea. Im 22 and has little lines in the inner corner of my eyes. I find that happen when my eyes are dry and i rub my eyes too much. U can use a moisturizing eye cream, or use your favorite oil to dab underneath your eyes to moisturizes it and it will go away after a week. I use rosehip oil, argan oil, seabuckthorn oil. Anything that deosnt break u out. I use just pure oil, no oil blend with eo bc i donf want the, to travel to my eye..
    Thank you for the tip Lisa, you look amazing. Can I double to amount of products and use this on my entire face or is it just for eyes. . It's meant for under eye. But I personally have used it like around my nose and side of my lips cause it was super dry. And it works for me.. +holydove89 In replacement of the avocado oil! +Alondra Barrera Yeah I would suggest jojoba oil as it is similar to the sebum or skin naturally produces..
    I've been doing this ever since she made that video and I still do it. The eye cream that I made It is in a container that has a lid. So after your done using it close the lid. Or over the time it can dry a bit. I leave it in the bathroom. I think it depends if what temperature your house is. If your house is too warm or hot then I'd leave it in the fridge. The eye cream diy should look solid. Yet a bit greasy. But if it looks like it's melting then in the fridge..

    Yep, just make sure you patch test it beforehand like she mentioned. And don't use it more often than you should of course..
    What tips do you have for an extremely dark upper lip I noticed that this is a common issue with darker skinned/African American/Black individuals. I don't always want to resort to makeup.. Make a lemon and brown sugar scrub for your lips. Lemon is a natural lightener and the organic brown sugar helps scrub the dead dry skin away.
    Hi Lisa! I love this video:) where the heck did you get your adorable make up bags I want to go get one!!! Emily.

    I am 13 and I have redness under my eyes as well as dry skin and wrinkles, its so annoying because when I put concealer on to cover up my eye bags and red skin it cracks from my dry skin and I have about 2 to 3 fine lines under my eyes I'm starting to get really self conscious about it please can anyone help!! .

    Best Anti Wrinkle Creams - Anti Aging Night Creams for Your Face
  10. December 29, 2015
    Aug 17, 2015... A night cream skeptic test-drives five popular remedies that promise anti-aging benefits overnight. i9
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  11. December 28, 2015
    Anti-Aging Night Cream is a highly restorative nighttime moisturizer that neutralizes the effects of daily pollution and helps delay pre-mature skin aging. i10
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  12. December 19, 2015
    Buy Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Night Formula with free shipping on orders over $35, low prices & product reviews | i11
    Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream, Night Formula...
  13. December 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Anti-Aging Night Cream | Moisturizer - La Prairie
  14. December 25, 2015
    Get smoother, firmer, younger-looking skin while you sleep. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream . i13
    Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream - Olay
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  16. November 3, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I found Maxelder Argan Cream to be a pretty effective ( Official website w nyarganoil-c) natural beauty product. Using this once or twice regularly has improved the overall texture of my skin & look of my face It’s less dry and the wrinkles around my nose, mouth, and eyes have started to vanish slowly. Having a great experience with this cream so far and will continue to use it daily.. Yeahhh Queenie, BUT About ONE year OLD video can't guide you properly as Cellulite Removal methods are now up-to-date, natural, and fast. It takes only 28 days to Remove All Cellulite problem of your whole body.. Big surprise waiting at the end. So watch the FULL video. Here is the SECRET Video Thank you so much for this review/ you tell us exactly what we need to know !!! You have a great bone structure BTW :) thanks. Great review, it was very informative! If you are interested in reviewing a natural anti-aging cream that is safe for acne prone skin, email media (at) naturacel (dot) com..

    Night Cream & Anti Aging Night Cream | Sephora
  17. October 27, 2015
    Shop night creams at Sephora. Find overnight restorative treatments to help nourish and repair the skin, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated. i1 anti aging night cream
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  19. December 3, 2015
    This anti aging night cream recipe helps to reduce the signs of aging naturally with ingredients like coconut water, evening primrose & rosehip seed oil. i3
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  20. January 23, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    ..Hii friends...Maxelder argan cream ( w nyarganoil—c ) has helped make my face feel fresh and firm -not tight The biggest difference I’ve noticed was when I put my makeup on my fine lines/ dark spots are gone. i just had a facial yesterday and was told to keep using this cream as it is excellent for the skin and this product is pure... Hey nice song but it was too loud and distracting. Next time you might wanna turn the volume down a little, at least while you're speaking. Thanks for the review. Did you find any difference after using it for a few more weeks until the product was over. : La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex...
  21. November 7, 2015
    Buy AVON's ANEW Platinum Anti Aging Night Cream with patented Paxillium Technology to restore youthful contours and reduce sagging skin in only 2 weeks. i5
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  22. October 26, 2015
    Find the best night cream for your skin and your budget with the help of! i6
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  23. November 15, 2015
    This anti aging night cream recipe helps to reduce the signs of aging naturally with ingredients like coconut water, evening primrose & rosehip seed oil. i7
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  24. December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Not only is Nerium AD awesome but there is a 30day money back guarantee, so you can try it risk free. You can also become a brand partner and earn with their great compensation package, or just tell your friends about it and if 3 of them order with the auto ship, they not only save $30.00 a bottle but you get yours free..

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  25. November 18, 2015
    Q. Is NightSkin surgical? A. No. NightSkin is a completely non-invasive anti-aging cream that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dull skin tones while... i9
    Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer...
  26. November 30, 2015
    Shop USDA Certified Organic Night Cream Online from Honey Girl Organics, Hawaii. It is Skin Cream for use in night time that keeps skin hydrated and refreshed. i10
    Night Cream | Latest |
  27. December 27, 2015
    Parvait Night is a luxurious regenerating anti-wrinkle night cream for normal to dry skin. Pharmaceutical grade placenta extract has been shown to be very effective... i11
    anti aging night cream - Xtend Life Natural
  28. December 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Tienes alguna recomendacion de facial sunscreens que pueda comprar O tienes algun video hablando de la importsncia de usar protectpr solar. Hola! Esta semana me llega el que compre, tan pronto lo tenga, lo usare y daré mi opinión respecto a el, te invito a que me sigas en Instagram, me encuentras como PinkTomatoBN el link directo esta en la caja de información de este vídeo y todos mis vídeos, para que estemos en contacto :) Lindo inicio de semana... La crema parece una pasada, seguro que está estupenda, pero lo que muestras al final de los capullos de seda... guau, nunca había oído eso!.
    Gina sos una genia y súper buena... Generosa... Baaaaaaaahhhhh una súper... Adoro tus vídeos....

    +princesadeDios Jesus Hola! Creo te refieres a los números de los distribuidores en Colombia de Pink Tomato. Los números no hay cambiado. Usa las redes sociales del distribuidor que quieres contactar, todas ella son muy activas. Los capullos de ceda aun no están disponibles en Colombia, en un par mas de semanas mas lo estarán. Gracias por tu interés en Pink Tomato..
    Hola Gina he tratado de comunicarme contigo,a los números que diste pero parece que cambiaste de nú fascinan todos tus consejos,,soy también esteticista y me gustaría saber como consigo tus cremas,se ven muy interesantes.DIOS te bendiga y ojala te pudieras comunicar conmigo.gracias. Gina hola tienes alguna recomendacion para rosacea E estado por un mes con antibioticos y no veo ningun resultado, ademas los antibioticos me estan afectado mi estomago, me da un dolor horrible en la boca del estomago, espero me contestes, gracias. Att. Una paisana . Hola! Cuanto los siento :( De mi linea te recomiendo la mascarilla de flores de lavanda orgánica y la crema de coco y lavanda, de nuevo; valga la redundancia, la lavanda ayuda con la dermatitis y rosácea. Pon las a prueba, también te sugiero usar la esponja natural con carbón Konjac. Visita mi pagina, el link de conexión esta en la caja de información de todos mis vídeos. Lindo inicio de semana :) . Gina, simplemente eres la mejor!! Muchas gracias por tus vídeos y recomendaciones, son de mucha utilidad. .
    +Gina Morano me encantan tus videos son muy instructibos tanto para la salud como para la belleza::).

    Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer...
  29. November 5, 2015
    Anti-Aging Night Cream is a highly restorative nighttime moisturizer that neutralizes the effects of daily pollution and helps delay pre-mature skin aging. La Prairie i13
    anti aging night cream | eBay
  30. November 23, 2015 : La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex, 1.7 Ounce : Facial Night Treatments : Beauty i14
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  31. January 12, 2016
    A classic night cream from a long established producer of quality anti aging creams. The cream contains all the essential oils in the formula that may be used by both... i15
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  32. December 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Nice video!Good report, thanks,I am using Maxelder argan cream My drowsy skin freshened up and stretched. Works brisk and gives you the best results. This cream makes my skin look amazing. It works great in both oily and dry areas to balance out your skin. It is perfect, I Love it. Check it w...nyarganoil…c.

    Good report, thanks, I was able to try this one first for free: It works wonderful on my eyes..

    +Como Cortar Cabello (iNirien) The revitol has the best anti aging creams and other products that really works i use it for years and i find it so effective try it >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    asian people do skincare from a really young age and i find that a lot of asian women look very youthful..idk why americans feel like that anti-aging and other skincare is something you should do after you already have wrinkly and damaged skin. prevention is key!.
    So... the dermatologist who recommended Skin Medica and Olay products just happen to sell those products in her office and is in the Olay Research committee Real legit....
    Lol I know. Thank goodness I watched till the end and didn't just run to cvs and buy that cream..
    I’ve been using TruVisage for over 7 months and it has done wonders for erasing fine lines and wrinkles. It’s taken at least 5 years off my face :3 They will send you a free sample, it's worth trying GIRLS!! You will see a big difference believe me :) -

    She would want retinol on a desert island What a silly woman, retinol makes your skin sensitive to the sun and gives you sunburn which in turn gives you wrinkles by damaging your skin, hahaha. .
    You want business but do not know where to start Where is the challenge Where is the opportunity Where is the solution for that I would like to introduce you to business opportunities for anti-aging products Nuskin.1 of American. NOT TAKE CASH INVESTING and not lose too much time.But It can give you a very good level of financial IF YOU REALLY desire ENRICH WHY DO NOT YOU START NOW Please contact me for assistance. Email thuanhnuskin2 .
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  33. December 24, 2015
    Before crawling under the sheets every night, you likely end your anti-aging skin care routine with a night cream in the high hopes of waking up to wrinkle-free... i17
    18 Best Night Creams - TotalBeauty
  34. January 5, 2016
    This anti aging night cream recipe helps to reduce the signs of aging naturally with ingredients like coconut water, evening primrose & rosehip seed oil. i18
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  35. November 9, 2015
    Find great deals on eBay for anti aging night cream anti aging day cream. Shop with confidence. i19 : La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex...
  36. October 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    What brand of frankincence did you use and where did you buy it I just ordered some from ebay for $6 an ounce..
    Hi there! Hey just an FYI you should try Rosehip seed oil. LOVE IT:)! It reverses sun damage and has huge amounts of vit A and C in it...GREAR for anti aging. Emily.
    Where do you get Frankincense Did you comparison shop for the best price and how much can one expect to pay for a bottle the size of yours...or an ounce worth.

    Anti Aging Night Cream Recipe - Soap Deli News
  37. October 28, 2015
    Find the best night cream for your skin and your budget with the help of! i21
    Anti-Aging Night Cream - FREE SKIN CARE GUIDE
  38. December 23, 2015
    This anti aging night cream recipe helps to reduce the signs of aging naturally with ingredients like coconut water, evening primrose & rosehip seed oil. i22
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  39. November 11, 2015
    Vichy LiftActiv Night Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Care. This anti-aging Vichy night cream contains a sugar molecule shown to rev up the production of collagen and elastin... i23
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  40. November 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer...
  41. December 12, 2015
    Shop USDA Certified Organic Night Cream Online from Honey Girl Organics, Hawaii. It is Skin Cream for use in night time that keeps skin hydrated and refreshed. i25
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  42. November 26, 2015
    Parvait Night is a luxurious regenerating anti-wrinkle night cream for normal to dry skin. Pharmaceutical grade placenta extract has been shown to be very effective... i26
    anti aging night cream - Xtend Life Natural
  43. November 28, 2015
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  44. January 24, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    i have been to the dead sea and if you put your hands into the water you will experience what you are talking about. It may not seem right but it is extremely healing and medicinal for the entire body. If i lived there Id be there all the time. Burts Bees products are nice for a suggestion..

    anti aging night cream | eBay
  45. January 17, 2016 : La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex, 1.7 Ounce : Facial Night Treatments : Beauty i29
    Best Anti Aging Night Creams | eBay
  46. January 2, 2016
    A classic night cream from a long established producer of quality anti aging creams. The cream contains all the essential oils in the formula that may be used by both... i30
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  47. December 17, 2015
    Shop night creams at Sephora. Find overnight restorative treatments to help nourish and repair the skin, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated. i31 anti aging night cream
  48. December 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    ..Hii anyone.I 've been taking Maxelder argan cream ( you can find it in here w….nyarganoil….c) for a week now and I'm already feeling a difference.... My skins feels supple and moist and I see a noticeable change in my complextion. I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin. Wish I explored this months ago..
    good review. i really liked how honest you were. i also bought it, and although it wasn't the "miracle cream" for my skin that i'd hope it'd be, i think i'll keep using it since i do have the whole tube left (i've used it for about 2 weeks so far). for me, it was more of a moisturizer than anything else..
    Lol "the reject skin or something" love it! I just bought this and am using it for the first time tonight! Looking forward to the results! :). Awesome review, it was really thorough and helpful! If you are interested in reviewing a natural anti-aging cream that is safe for acne-prone skin, email media (at) naturacel (dot) com..

    18 Best Night Creams - TotalBeauty
  49. December 2, 2015
    This anti aging night cream recipe helps to reduce the signs of aging naturally with ingredients like coconut water, evening primrose & rosehip seed oil. i33
    Anti Aging Night Cream |
  50. January 16, 2016
    Find great deals on eBay for anti aging night cream anti aging day cream. Shop with confidence. i34 : La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex...
  51. December 15, 2015
    Buy AVON's ANEW Platinum Anti Aging Night Cream with patented Paxillium Technology to restore youthful contours and reduce sagging skin in only 2 weeks. i35
    Anti Aging Night Cream Recipe - Soap Deli News
  52. December 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Anti-Aging Night Cream - FREE SKIN CARE GUIDE
  53. December 8, 2015
    This anti aging night cream recipe helps to reduce the signs of aging naturally with ingredients like coconut water, evening primrose & rosehip seed oil. i37
    Anti Aging Night Cream | AVON
  54. January 8, 2016
    Vichy LiftActiv Night Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Care. This anti-aging Vichy night cream contains a sugar molecule shown to rev up the production of collagen and elastin... i38
    Spa Spices - Parvati - Anti-Aging Night Cream
  55. December 30, 2015
    Q. Is NightSkin surgical? A. No. NightSkin is a completely non-invasive anti-aging cream that helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dull skin tones while... i39
    Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer...
  56. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    There's a song, "Mars Needs Women". Mars doesn't NEED women, but it sure would make it better. Eyes don't NEED eye cream, but it sure makes us feel better :).. OMG. And if you take out the "g," the name "Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream" spells "Are Men Necessary" - Nathan :). I just love watching Paula! I hope this cream will be available in Europe because I will be trying it for sure. I LOVED this video! I too was SHOCKED when I saw that Miss Paula herself had created an EYE CREAM of all things, hahahahaha...But this video really helped me understand why she did it and I am so excited to try it! I love using PC products on my clients as they often request that I use them as well so I know my clients are going to be over the moon about this new item! xoxo.
    +Jennifer Dernai-Garavaglia Thanks for the feedback! All of us, Paula included, walked around for a good week or so with our jaws open when we knew we were moving ahead with formulating an eye cream. We hope you find it exceeds your expectations! -Bryan.
    Love it! It is a totally understandable decision to do something that customers require. If anyone wants an eye cream or needs one will buy an eye cream! Why not from you I am the perfect example for who this one seems to be made :) till now, I use the clinical Moisturizer or a Hyaluronic serum + oil + petrolatum since the amount of skin recovery moisturizer would be sooo high to give me the same effect (to moisturize up to 10 hours)..I'm really looking forward to something more occlusive!. Paula, you are extremely charming! I love Paula's Choice and Beautypedia! I was wasting so much money on badly formulated products before I discovered y'all. My wallet thanks you :). Not needing a special eye product makes sense *BUT* For many of us, it is not so much that we're seeking a product specifically for eyes because we think it will contain certain ingredients. Rather its the assurance it can unequivocally be used for the eye area because it does NOT contain certain ingredients. PLEASE HELP Can you advise ingredients, particularly those beneficial for some peoples skin (opposed to known skin irritants) that when used, should be kept away from under the eye From the eyelids.
    +Chrissy2blovely We love this tube, but admittedly it's very similar in design to the Vitamin C Spot Treatment tube. We plan to remedy this in the future! -Bryan.

    $64 an ounce for a cream Shea butter, silicone and glycerin based cream is not earth shattering. The price is just insulting!.

    Yay! I've been waiting for this day. I cannot wait to try it. This video cracked me up haha Thank you Paula! You are the best :).

    Appreciate your candor and humor. Yes, many of us just "have to" have an eye cream, so why not make a good one Good for you and good for us who get to use it. Hope you won't have to tolerate a bunch of naysayers who think you're just in for the money now! Those of us who love you products know what you're doing. And thanks..
    I' m glad you developed an eye cream. I have extremely oily skin so I look for oil-free/mattifying products for my face but my eye area is dry so I need a moisturizing eye product. Look forward to trying this product.. Hi Guys! Random question! My Dermatologist said that I should use a toner to restore the ph of my skin...ONLY for that purpose! Now my question is,do all toners really do that I mean can A toner truly help ty. +RoccoBuzz That is truly dated information! In the days when bar soap was the predominant cleanser, toners were used to restore skin's pH. The soap was alkaline, the toner was acidic (skin's normal pH is acidic). Nowadays, a good water soluble cleanser won't throw off skin's pH at all, and bst toners can go WAY beyond those of 20, 30 years ago. -Bryan.
    +Paula's Choice Skincare Thank you Bryan! You and your team are always such a huge help,I really respect and appreciate it! :))))).

    hi paulas choice i want to ask you somethink, i cant remember in which video i saw it,but in one video you told that "if air gets in the cream,the cream gets uneffectiv "or something like that,can you explain this to me and what kind of creams happens this...thanks (sorry for my enligsh).
    +Hagerrt Schmittu Yes! Long-term exposure of oils to light and air causes them to turn rancid. -Bryan. +Paula's Choice Skincare​ Ok thanks one more question: Is there any product that really reduce dark circles.I mean not puffines or wrinkles, but really dark circles i have them since i was a kid.and also i am healthy and 20. But they are so dark..
    Looking forward to giving this a try. I have oily skin and the lighter formulations for my face were not enough for my eye area being over 65. Happy not to have to leave the brand for this purpose. Would like to see PC formulate an eye cream with physical sunscreen as well..
    +charli319 We are working on an eye cream with a physical sunscreen and hope to launch it in the first half of 2016!.
    +Alex chang Not greater, but definitely a different mix. It absolutely has a greater amount emollients than our facial moisturizers. -Bryan.
    +powderwood Its thick, rich (yet non-greasy) texture is PERFECT for dry winter weather! During the day, be sure to follow with an SPF rated product around your eyes. -Bryan.
    I am so going online and ordering this. I just love PC products and the entire team, Bryan and Nathan are AWESOME and of course the queen herself!.
    +MyCrownstar Thanks for the feedback! Hope you enjoy the eye cream; do let us know what you think (even if you don't like it)! -Bryan.
    +aslbyweller Please feel free to share your concerns or questions about the eye cream with us; we're happy to help! -Bryan. Not everything in the resist line has retinol in it. For example the resist serum with vitamin C has no retinol in it as well. I'm surprized by the fact that PC developed an eyecream. The explanation for this feels a bit strange. I thought all PC products are well formulated and yet there are more and more extra products in the line (boosters, more serums, extra retinol products). I wonder if PC is creating the demand now, knowing that fans will buy it, instead of making sure that good skincare is just that: good skincare.. I think PC is adding products that are still well formulated but geared toward increased customization based on need and personal preference. I believe that's why the line is expanding.. I'm so happy there's an eye cream from PC! I wonder if you have any tips on how to get rid of the white dots that form in the under-eye area Are they clogged pores Thanks!.
    +Michelle Chan Sounds like you may have a skin condition known as milia. Check out our article for more info on how to treat it: -Desiree.

    This is off topic but i use the aha 10% weekly more often. My Skin has no problem even if i use it every day. Is it damaging for my skin if i use it that often.

    +floddelflidflad It isn't damaging for your skin to use this 10% AHA treatment more than once per week as long as you're liking the results and are protecting your skin every day with a broad spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater. -Bryan.

    I thought the resist line was supposed to feature retinol as an ingredient But I don't see retinol listed in the ingredient listing for this product..
    +AvidAnimalLover Some of the Resist products contain retinol, but most do not. Retinol is but one great anti-aging ingredient; your skin needs several, not to mention that if every Resist product contained retinol it would be overkill for anyone's skin! -Bryan The Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream does not contain retinol, a decision that was intentional. -Bryan.
    +Paula's Choice Skincare Sorry for the misunderstanding, that makes sense. thank you for clarifying..
    Thank you to Paula and her team!!! Can't wait to order... Will this be available in South Africa 🇿🇦. +Vicki Simpson Yes, it will be available in South Africa but at this point we do not know when; the goal would be for them to begin retailing it within the next 2 to 3 months. -Bryan. I have blepharitis and my eyes get dry so quick even with skin recovery serum on, could this be more moisturizing for my eye skin than that serum!.
    +Skyler Presley Yes, but you can also pair this rich eye cream with one of our serums (such as the Skin Recovery serum) for even more moisture + anti-aging benefits. -Bryan.
    Any thoughts on PHA (polyhydroxy acid) or low strength BHA in an eye cream formula to aid in hydration and enhance anti-ageing benefits of other ingredients Also a non-irritating lip 'plumper' with hyaluronic acid.
    +jonop37 PHA, when properly formulated, is fine as an exfoliant, either on its own or used in tandem with a BHA exfoliant (I'm not aware of any products combining BHA and PHA). We're not fans of most lip plumpers because the ones that work (albeit temporarily) do so with irritating ingredients. You could try our Resist Hyaluronic Acid Booster on your lips and see if you like the results. Although we don't position it as a lip plumper or make claims of that nature, the ingredients should support some degree of plumping and smoothing (but it will be temporary). Follow a thin layer of this booster with lip balm each night. -Bryan.

    I have a question about moisturizer. If my skin is not dry do I/should I still use one I am finding that the C serum is enough to keep my skin from drying out, but now seeing the eye cream I'm wondering if I need to be using a moisturizer at all. Especially around the eye area. Thanks for your candor Paula! :).
    +Julie Quates A moisturizer is something we do recommend for everyone, but the key is choosing one for your skin type and concerns. "Moisturizer" does not have to mean creams or lotions! Your skin may do great with a lightweight gel or liquid. Such products can deliver the brilliant ingredients everyone's skin needs without the extra emollients some skin types can do without. From our line, you may want to consider Skin Balancing Invisible Finish Moisture Gel. This can be applied around the eyes, too, but if you find your skin is or becomes drier in this area, the Resist Anti-Aging Eye Cream would be perfect! -Bryan. +Paula's Choice Skincare thank you so much for the reply. I'll be ordering again soon and will pick up one of your suggestions. :). Thank you so much for explaining your desicion to include an eye cream...and thank you for telling us again we don't really need it. I have taken your advice and used your products for years, my skin is beautifull because of it...but I still will buy the eye cream. What a treat!. +Birdie R Thanks for your feedback and for understanding the logic of why we're finally offering an eye cream. Hope you enjoy it! -Bryan.

    Night Cream | Latest |
  57. November 21, 2015
    Parvait Night is a luxurious regenerating anti-wrinkle night cream for normal to dry skin. Pharmaceutical grade placenta extract has been shown to be very effective... i41
    anti aging night cream - Xtend Life Natural
  58. December 21, 2015
    Buy AVON's ANEW Platinum Anti Aging Night Cream with patented Paxillium Technology to restore youthful contours and reduce sagging skin in only 2 weeks. i42
    Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer...
  59. October 24, 2015
    Anti-Aging Night Cream is a highly restorative nighttime moisturizer that neutralizes the effects of daily pollution and helps delay pre-mature skin aging. La Prairie i43
    anti aging night cream | eBay
  60. January 21, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Lovely video hun, i subscribed to support, i uploaded a fall/winter haul, please check it out when ever you can and maybe subscribe :).
    I love maxelder argan cream cream! I actually use it all over my face and neck. My skin feels perfectly moisturized without feeling greasy or dry. The skin firming formula totally works as I've noticed the fine lines on my forehead disappear. Affordable and effective; doesn't get any better than that! Highly recommend w nyarganoil—-c.

    ..HI ALL...Maxelder Argan Cream (w nyarganoil—c ) is thick,, cool and my skin just eats it up!! My face already looks younger!!! Better than any expensive department store creams....

    +Amanda Rae I get compliments from friends and relatives that tell me I look younger and I never got them before. This is amazing highly recommend.
    I always have great luck with ROC products so I might try this one out now :) great review! subscribed! . I used it last night, fine lines were gone it was a miracle. Then I took shower, then gym, then another shower by 2 (that same day) fine lines are back! Warning to avoid sun.. I thinking this is not best product for me :( Jenna, how often/consistent do you use this cream. +JANXEN with an X WHOOHOO! Thank ya & liters No, I will be sure to come over and bring many GALLONS of it for ya in my truck! HAHAHAHHAHA Let's be honest, I need it more than ya do! XoJenna.
    The fragrance is not that strong. I also have very sensitive skin and I haven't ever had a problem with this product..
    Excellent review. I bought it and don't see any difference at all. If you know of a better product with more retinol, please let me know.. Thanks.. I used Roc Retinol products a few years ago. They work well but people should not expect these products to perform miracles. The biggest benefit that i got out of them is that they minimized fine lines with continued and consistent use. I am glad that she brought up the price, because I only buy Roc with coupons.. Thank you so much for the lovely comment! You are so pretty, like I'm jealous! You have such a great channel! You truly deserve more subscribers! I subbed!:).
    hey girl! great review :) i actually have been looking for a cream like this. i have a single deep line under each of my eyes that i desperately need to soften. please let me know if you know of a good cream for that lol. ps. Your super adorable in your videos lol. keep up the good work :).

    Subscribed!! Thanks for checking out my channel and for your sweet comment. You're absolutely gorgeous too!!! .
    Really nice review. Thanks a lot for shearing! I hope you'll stop by my channel and check it out!.
    I'm dropping in lol. Loved this video! Keep up the great work and the editing was just right for this video. :).
    omg love your channel and videos! Your accent is to die for!! subbed :) i would love it if you could check my channel out and hellp me improve and get more subscribers like you !!! xxx. I absolutely love this video. I just subbed. Would you mind giving me a shout out. I'm trying to reach 100 subscribers and couldnt possibly do it without you.. Love your videos :) You don't need that wrinkle cream your face is already flawless xD. Keep up the great videos .
    Hey I wanted to let you know I am doing my very first Q&A on my channel, if you have any questions for me at all comment bellow on my last video :D.

    I will have to try this :) Maybe I can find a sample of it :) Thank you for the review.

    +AmericanAmigo I'm not sure if you can find samples of this product or not! If you can that would be awesome! Thank ya for always watching!.
    +The Beauty Addict Method Ya, I feel ya! Walmart always seems to be way cheaper than CVS but i can always get really good coupons for cvs but I still buy it at walmart, I guess im lazy sometimes!.
    Thank you for the great review, darling! I've seen this night cream around for quite some time, and I'd love to try it out! .

    Hey girl!!! You're so spunky love your videos!! Would you be up to do a collaboration I would definitely be excited to do something!!! Let me know! .
    Love your energy girlie! You are so cute!! Nice review. :) Thumbs up + subbed for sure! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! xo.
    Hey thanks so much for your lovely comment on my video :) love your vids, your beautiful! also definitely subscribing :).
    Your eyes are absolutely stunning! I've been using that exact product but its the eye cream and I love it! It's the same price as the night cream though... kinda disappointing tbh. :/. +smandabear Why thank ya! I tried that eyecream along time ago but need to try it again! I feel ya on the price gurl!!! .
    This is really took care of the details so perfectly. Loving your channel. Just subscribed! Btw you are gorgeous xx.

    HELLO LOVE BUG I HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT THANKS GIVING ! great video baby doll i def want to try this..! .

    +AmandaLee Fago Why hello love bug! HAHA I did! I ate turkey for dayssss! HAHA I hope you had a good thankgiving too! .

    Girl you are gorgeous! And oddly enough, I was actually looking to buy this product! Thank you so much for the review! :).

    Hey beautiful, thanks so much for your lovely comment and subbing to my channel, means a lot! Have subbed back and totally loving all of your videos! This is such a great review, this night cream is a great deal more expensive here in the UK and it's good to know how potent it really is before splashing out. You are so gorgeous, totally jealous of your eye colour, so mesmerising!.
    It's around the £20 mark, with the exchange rate, I know which country I'd rather be getting it from ;) So many great value for money cosmetic goods in the States, can't wait for my next trip there, one thing for sure, there's gotta be a lot of shopping ^^.
    thanks for checking out my video & subbing, i subbed back! love the fact that you did a update review, great video :).

    +Destiny Gomez Yeah, I needed to do a updated one because it was about that time! HAHA Thank ya so much Destiny!.
    I've already Subscribed! your spirit! your're so happy lol...and great video! Support me on my channel :), I'm new at this, but I'm still learning :) . Thanks for the sweet comment on my video. I love your channel as are so pretty!!!!!! Also loving your personality. Looking forward to more videos!.
    Lovely review ahah you're so funny :D I love ROC products actually when I was a teenager I had some skin allergies and my dermatologist told me just to use ROC products at some point they work! But they do anything like they always say but they do something and defen ROC products are 5 stars ! It's like everything you can get a cream that cost you 70$ and they say removes wrinkles and bla bla bla no will not remove wrinkles will just smooth fine lines ! They all say that but I said at some point they will gonna be good for something no matter if is 16$ or 70$ Loved the video :) Xoxo💖.

    +Silvia J Antonio HAHAHA Glad you thought I was funny! HAHA YES, I agree, at some point they do work! I love ROC products & they are amazing ecspecially for the price & you might as well use them cuz i think why not it cant hurt anything, right! There isnt enough retinol products at the drugstore so i like to try everythingggg I can find!!! Thanks for always watching friend! Your awesome! .
    thanks for commenting on my video! it honestly makes my day! your such a great youtuber. hope you have already subscribed to my channel! subscribed girly!.
    Great Review/Video! Ive liked and subscribed to your would mean the world to me if you subbed back..looking forward to seeing more of your videos...;).

    Thumbs up for your video! I wish you my friends a happy day...let it be pink! Subb me if you like my singing

    Love your energy! You are very bubbly! Great review! I just subscribed! Feel free to check out my channel and subscribe if you like! xx.
    +Vania Shalala Aww, Thank ya sooo much Vania! I try to be bubbly when I can! HAHA I subbed ya! .

    Best Anti Aging Night Creams | eBay
  61. October 29, 2015
    A classic night cream from a long established producer of quality anti aging creams. The cream contains all the essential oils in the formula that may be used by both... i45
    Night Cream & Anti Aging Night Cream | Sephora
  62. December 1, 2015
    Shop night creams at Sephora. Find overnight restorative treatments to help nourish and repair the skin, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated. i46 anti aging night cream
  63. December 10, 2015
    Before crawling under the sheets every night, you likely end your anti-aging skin care routine with a night cream in the high hopes of waking up to wrinkle-free... i47
    18 Best Night Creams - TotalBeauty
  64. November 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Anti Aging Night Cream |
  65. November 25, 2015
    Find great deals on eBay for anti aging night cream anti aging day cream. Shop with confidence. i49 : La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex...
  66. December 31, 2015
    Buy AVON's ANEW Platinum Anti Aging Night Cream with patented Paxillium Technology to restore youthful contours and reduce sagging skin in only 2 weeks. i50
    Anti Aging Night Cream Recipe - Soap Deli News
  67. November 19, 2015
    Find the best night cream for your skin and your budget with the help of! i51
    Anti-Aging Night Cream - FREE SKIN CARE GUIDE
  68. November 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Hi Brianna, i just subscribed when i saw your retin a video :-), question.. After applying retin a, can i also use a serum and moisturizer If so, how long should i wait, thanks. +Eva Montes Thanks Eva! Yes you can use a serum then moisturizer after retin-a Just wait 30 min after applying te retin-a ;)) XOXO. Hey, since you're using hydroquinine from Obagi I wonder if it has faded effect on small flat moles Do you have any experience with it if so, what works best at removing small flat moles I have some small ones on my face that I could imagine to whiten... Thank you !.
    +mimi watler its all linked in the description box if you open it up...its all on
    I use Obagi NuDerm with retin A and just started using the TNS essential serum but I use it all together every night! I haven't had any peeling or anything but is it too much if not, when should I layer in the TNS and vitamin C with the Obagi NuDerm system thanks. love your videos. +Wendy Jaillett Hi Wendy! I wouldnt use the tns at night and for sure no vitamin c at night. those you can add in the morning ok but thats it ;)).
    Thank you for your recommendations, Brianna. It is too bad that they are all so expensive. Some of them cost more than $250! :(.
    Also you said in your video that you started out using the Obagi New Derm System. Could you please be more specific with the name of this system so that I can look it up. I have sun damage and aging skin. Thank you so much!. Brianna, how would you compare Skinceuticals B5 Gel to the Neocutis Hyalis I'm wondering if the products are similar. I've only used the Skinceuticals B5 Gel in the past and am new to the Neocutis line. Would love your thoughts! Thank you! 😍. +MorganCultura They are similar as in they are both deeply hydrating and are both hyaluronic acid serums. The hyalis is a little thinner in consistency where as the b5 gel is thicker and a little more like a serum/gel. The hyalis is lighter ;)) Hope this helps...both are amazing and I have used both for a while now ;)) XOXO.
    Hey Brianna you seem very knowledgeable on skin care! Would you please do you a video on intolerant skin I've been exhausted trying to find products for my skin.. more exhausted is probably my bank account. Thanks!.

    I love your videos. Very informative. I have been using Retina + the obagiNur + the obagi vitamin c 20% for 3 years now. I love my skin and how it improved. Ca you please tell me good anti aging skincare for hands. My hands looks old and they are getting darker..
    Hi Brianna, Have you ever tried Voluma cheek filler If so, a video about your experience from beginning to finish would be great. Thanks!!!. +Martha Juarez The blender is used to be mixed with Tretinoin (Retin A) to make it more effective. I was confused at first too and then my dermatologist explained that it is designed to be sued with REtin A as a separate step from the the Clear..
    That thumbnail hehe! You truly love your skin care! That is a crazy high end routine but it shows its apparently working. ❤️❤️❤️ ️Sissi .

    I was wondering if you have ever tried the Image Skin Care Line If so, please let me know what you think about it. Thanks so much!.

    you have great skin and eyes.. do you recommend or have vids on skincare for men (of course ill search your vids) thanks!.
    +S Torres The idea that any of these products are just for women is completely ludicrous, the industry markets it that way because that has been their primary target until recently. Ive looked over a few products geared towards men and they either have the same ingredients, but more expensive or less product, etc. You are generally paying for the packaging I think in many cases. I would recommend Skinceuticals or Skinmedica products since they are both scientifically designed skincare and they are not geared towards either sex. They have a variety of products geared towards different skincare needs, so you should be able to find a system that fits your needs :).
    lOveeeee this video thank You Brianna for sharing/posting updated skincare. what's Your thoughts on lasers that tighten the skin/neck area we talk a lot about our face but never about the neck what do You recommend to treat the neck area I tried samples of the revision neck treatment cream i didn't care for it just want Your professional opinion, thank You 😊.
    obagi clear and exfoderm how should i use it. my question is after which product should i apply Obagi clear and exfoderm ,should i use it before Neocutis Journee and after skin medica vitamin C+E complex.if you can answer my question i will be really apreciate when i saw your video i got very impress so i ordered all your products that you showed in this video.. Another great video from you! Look forward to seeing when you post one. My pocketbook doesn't however!! Sending you an email.❤️.
    I would love to order everything you recommend, but I can't. So what are the main products you recommend for someone on a very tight budget .
    Hi Brianna. I was watching a video of yours and you spoke highly of a very expensive foundation. I can't remember the name of the product and which video it was. Would you happen to remember I know it's a lot to ask given the numerous videos you have. But thank you in advance.. +Brianna Stanko Thank you for responding so quickly. I remember it was over 100.00. This is probably the one. Going to give it a try. Love watching you videos.. I loved this so much! I'm taking notes! When you apply your skincare do you take it down on to your neck aswell or would you use something separate xoxoxo Shaz. Hi, can you please suggest a simple regimen. If I would only buy one cleanser, one serum, etc, what should I start with for my day and night routine I am 39, I have normal to dry skin, it used to be oily, but now it feels dry. I get some acne here and now, I also have some scars (hyper pigmentation). I hope you can help. Thanks, Marie.. One more question..I saw your video using the derma roller, but if I were to buy a few products after using that roller for under eye crepiness, fine lines & wrinkles by laugh area & even lip lines Thanks. Hi Brianna: What do you recommend for sensitive skin The last retinol I tried was Peter Thomas Roth that I purchased from QVC and it was too harsh for me. My skin was very irritated and actually hurt. I have dry skin, but it is sensitive and would like to find something gentle. Which of the brands on your site do you recommend Thanks for your time. . When you say whole system do you mean all 15 products If you had to recommend a few products based on the problems I told you. What would you suggest Need all the help I can get! . What wonderful recommendations. I am very intrigued by the TNS essential serum as I am in my 50's and it sounds like a great product. However, if I want to address my sun damage (too many years of sun worshiping), should I start with the Obaji products first Or, is there any way to use the TNS essential serum with the Obaji Clear and Blender products If so, what order should be used. Thank you so much!. Awwww!!! Thx to answeer to me😃💕 so which one do u recomend more this one or the first one that you mentioned in this video. +patty Iglesias Well the Glo one can only be used a few times a week, its not a twice a day would be to much.
    Ive been over this video 3 times now, Im so interested in trying these products and even more interested in how you got into sales for these products, Id love to learn more..

    What do you think about the radical line like the radical advanced peptide antioxidant serum and radical anti-aging restorative moisture .
    Would love for you to describe the scents of products, like is it a strong smell or a slight hint of something Thanks 😀😀. Loved this video!! I'm an aesthetician so love these kind of videos... Adore the TNS serum!!! You look gorgeous as usual.... Hey Brianna! I would love to hear your recommendation for a facial moisturizer that does not contain fetal cells like the neocutis one. Thank u so much. . I found your channel via JennMarie channel. I love many YouTubers, but mist if them are in their 20's. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my twenty something girls. The makeup and curly hair videos are great. However, I have 40+ skin and I look for women over 30 for skin care tips. Thanks for your info. I'm now a new subscriber!.
    Hi Briana I just watched several of your skin videos and they were amazing. I've been waiting to go to a med spa to get recommendations for the best skincare products for my skin. But unfortunately I don't have much faith in the ones locally. I tried Obagi years ago and it didn't really make a difference in my skin. My skin is dry and combination at times. I have very large pores always, and texture issues. I have tried everything at sephora to no avail. I'm 49 and I need to get my skin looking less dull or more youthful appearing. Any recommendations would be so, so appreciated. Thank you .
    Hi Brianna thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I use the skin medica line through my medical spa and I love it. I have started to look into treatments to up my results and was curious on your opinion. I am getting Laser Genesis soon. I will be getting 6 tx with microdermabrasion. I'm so excited. It's pricey so I wanted your thought. Is it worth it .
    Loving the Refissa and I ordered the Obagi kit from you. How long do you recommend I use this before I start alternating other skincare items in. Right now I feel like anything else would be too much... I am still really flaking a lot. I can already see a difference! xoxo Thanks! Christl.
    I am familiar with all of the products that you have mentioned in this video. I also know how very expensive they are. Can you suggest any affordable products that work Many, many women can not afford these products, but would still like to be able to find something that 'really works'. maybe you can narrow the routine down to something with fewer products, that the average woman can afford. It would really help out those of us who can't afford these very expensive products. Thank you.. Hi Bri. Great video. I have to get the sesame oil. I bet it makes your skin feel fabulous!! When should I use the Retin A. I cleanse, tone, serum, eye cream and night cream. Not sure where to incorporate the retin. Thanks for all your help..
    What concentration of topical niacinamide would you recommend My pharmacy compounds a 4% niacinamide cream - is that an appropriate concentration to use for anti-aging purposes.
    Hi, you might want to check, I believe Skinmedica TNS does contain the CE serum in one chamber and the item chamber is the recovery complex with the growth serum. Double whammy if you put another CE serum after those..
    Hi Brianna, Thank you so much for all of the valuable advice that you provide in your videos! I just turned 53 the other day and there are 2 skin care issues that I can't seem to find an effective solution for... Can you recommend any NECK firming/anti-sag products as well as something for the "parenthesis" on the sides of the mouth & nose area.

    After watching several of your skin care videos today, I went by my dermatologist office and bought the Journee by Neocutis and the Lytera by SkinMedica. I have used the Lytera for brown spots before and it seems to help. If you know of something better for brown sun spots please let me know. Thanks, Pam.
    Can you use the Obagi Blender for longer periods of time I mean,should you use it for more than 3 months. Have you tried the Refine Tonic that is recommended to use after the GloTherapeutics 10% Glycolic Cleanser I use the cleanser about two times a week and am wondering what you think of the Tonic Thank you!!. Love this video very good information, you really know your stuff. Do you recommend a lighting cream for inner thighs and armpits. Hi Brianna, quick question.. I am thinking of purchasing the obagi pore therapy toner but it looks like it has menthol and benzyl alcohol in it. Does it not irritate your skin .

    Anti Aging Night Cream | AVON
  69. December 16, 2015
    Vichy LiftActiv Night Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Care. This anti-aging Vichy night cream contains a sugar molecule shown to rev up the production of collagen and elastin... i53
    Spa Spices - Parvati - Anti-Aging Night Cream
  70. November 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer...
  71. January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Hey Ankita, thnku so much fr this video..I m looking fr a good night cream fr such a long tym..I think I m gonna go with this after watching this video..was confused whether to go fr Organic harvést night cream.. also, serum is supposed to b applied twice daily or just once in the morning do answer to my query..m looking fwd to buy serum, eyecream n night cream frm this range.. thanku once again.
    nice video I like there regenerist range as my skin is dam oily I was getting pimple so started using there regenerist night cream, I would say i really felt the difference and I m with 2 bottle so I love it... I have some darkness near the eyelid and under eye so can u recommend me any nice eye creams as the eye cream from this range is not working for me..
    Ankita I wana one suggestion...actually I have normal skin type with wheatish complexion and little bit sensitive skin. pls tell me the right bb and cc cream which is available in Delhi....

    Ankita... year back i tried olay day cream, i kind of felt some irritation on my skin... i pass the cream to my sistet thinking it is not ryt for my skin. i got the same feedback from my sister too. i heard the same from many others. Did u experience anything like that.
    +Mani Sharma Hi, I didn't face any irritation with any of these products. Maybe you're sensitive to certain ingredients.. Surely not for my age. But would recommend it to my mum, She likes Esteè lauder more though. I really loved your makeup today. Fresh and glowing :)). hey Ankita one thing I want to tell u that last night I saw a dream that I am meeting u and m feeling so happy to meet you.. I dnt know whether I will u or not but that dream moment like a magic for me....
    hi ankita..I m New mother and mostly awake at very bad dark circles...Will this make difference..I seen one red packaged Olay...very thankful to u.
    its good to knoe your experience. i got my mom the entire anti-ageing range ladt year.. she has been quite happy with the entire regime as far as skincare goes. for the anti-ageing benefit, she says it may not reverse any changes, maybe just helps to slow down the process..
    i tired it bt it din suit my skin.. gave me bad irritating rashes but it did wonders to my mums skin she is loving it....
    Even I use olay products coz my fathers works in P&G...So I have tried certain things from olay nd dey r grt!and suits my skin.
    hey Ankita u shared ur experience with olay total effects but I like this vedio bcz of u... I found that u did not use a single brand or product for long u keep changing the products to gain new experience this is good thing... I liked the vedio... thanks....

    hi ankitha... ur skin looks very dewy in this vedio, so can i know wats the product ur using for that dewy finish.

    hii ankita; I am 32 years I have very dull looking skin some sports too, pls give me some tips, somebody tolds me to do scrub everyday is that true.
    hi, your videos are very effective and i usually grasp every step and as long as i get time i do watch your videos....
    u r a life saver Ankita... i was looking for this review since a longggg time but couldn't find it anywhere.. so was skeptical about buying it... thanks a lot for such a nice review.. now i will go n buy... thanks a ton...

    Olay has been around since ages. Its a very good brand and products are worth the cost. Fragrance is its best point apart from non oily formula..
    Hey ankita nice reviewing...I will definitely try them... plz tell me wat brand u are wearing on your lips and nails..they were looking awesome..😃. Can you please please tell one best bb or cc cream available in india which is like bourjouis cc cream as I am not able to find it.. I really need it as i am going for a vacation.. I have combination skin and medium to fair skin tone. hi ankita.. i used the day cream for few days. it made my skin oily. really been searchinv fir good day night cream, nothing has topped ny list so far.i have combination skin. dry and t zone oily!!.
    Yeah! i had commented on one of ur recent videos for skincare routine and this is up :D I have oily, breakout prone skin ankita and i'm 23 years old. Can u please suggest some skincare products for me please which would help with acne :).

    U'r sooo glowing! Why don't u share ur regular skincare routine! Plsss consider dis request!.

    Hey Ankitha.. Thank u fr the video.. Can you suggest me some other skin care products for an oily skin....

    +corallista, Ive used Olay moisturizers in the past ,Although I liked how they highlighted my skin, Ive also noticed that it gets greasy.. Has it got the same effect on you .
    ankita please upload a video tutorial 4 ur makeup look in the olay video with complete product list. love how fresh n glowy ur makeup is here. thanks.
    hy di... mujhe apse ek suggestion chaiye... me bachpan se lekr last yr tk koi cream ni lagati thi... so mera skin bhut aged lgne lga h... m 17 but i look like 25... plzz suggest me a olay product or range... which i can use regularly... nd can reduce my skin age equal to my real age....

    I am just 21 I dunno if i should start using anti aging products. but my mum uses day cream i am definitely gonna get her night cream for her.. thanx for the informative video.

    +shalu suresh If you feel like your skin is losing moisture and glow because of lifestyle/any other reason, you can start by incorporating the night cream in your routine..
    Wow ankita... Thankyou so much for your kind words...I can't belive my eyes that you replied me... In many channels they don't even bother to do so but you did and rocking...ummmmhaaz didi... Love you... . Its always pleasure watching ur videos ankita and you are looking so fresh n glowy today. Currently m using innisfree products they are doing really well for me but i'll definetly try night cream from this range..
    HEY ankita i'm 19years old n i knw those products r nt recommendable for me bt i hv very dull skin.want to know tht if the night cream work on me n brighten up my skin...

    Olay serum is my favorite product from a long time, I didn't try the day nd night cremes may be I should start using them..

    Night Cream | Latest |
  72. January 11, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    All my friends were raving about this to me. I have been using very high end products and they swore this was better because it was custom made. Free bottle here I come ahahah .
    My sister has been using this for 2 months now. Her skin looks amazing! I just got the free dna assesment and free bottle! Thx! .

    I have always taken good care of my skin but this product was the icing on top. It has been my little hidden secret until now LOL! .

    anti aging night cream - Xtend Life Natural
  73. November 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    you are Gorgeous BTW!! and yes i think its fine to use if you're young. It puts a lot of moisture into your skin.

    Olay Total Effects 7-In-1 Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer...
  74. November 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    That looks like a great moisturizer for the eyes. It seems to have antioxidants also. I think Paula's Choice new eye cream has shea butter and it's $32 for half an ounce!.

    I wasn't disappointed about her making an eye cream, despite saying we didn't need one all those years! Customers asked for one. But her regular moisturizers are around $26-$32 for two ounces. I thought the price was too much for half an ounce, so decided to pass. I realize they are a business, and I love their products, but I was disappointed about it..
    +Sherry G That's a great point, Sherry! She did write that separate eye creams aren't necessary and to just find a very emollient moisturizer for the eye area..

    anti aging night cream | eBay
  75. December 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    You mentioned in another video that you derma roll sometimes. I just started using a.50 roller, but I also like to shave my face. How long do you wait between rolling and derma planing .

    Hi Sinistry, I love your Id and Profile pic btw! It's actually a good idea to shave your face the day after or days following roller use, I am not sure if you noticed but after you use the roller, depending how deep you went, you will notice more dead skin coming off and you can remove it with the razor. I wouldn't roll right after the razor though. I also use the cream and then roll my skin. its really about knowing how much your skin can take. The only error is your skin might get irritated but it heals and after it does and the skin exfoliates, it will be fresh and lovely again..
    YOu should do a combination of Glycolic cream, derma planing and derma roller on those areas. I made another video called Procedure A for that..
    Hi!! I love your videos and think you are beautiful:) do you have any suggestions to which good prescription retin a and glycolic acid acid brands And will you ever to a full makeup tutorial Please don't stop making videos 😊.
    Hi Tina thank you very much! The best Glycolic cream Brand is "Dreaming Natural Beauty"!!! I use that for this procedure and I use it every night, and I am not kidding I wake up with super smooth, plump, moist skin! I sometimes use retin A, which I also make but because it can be drying I always alternate with the Dreaming Natural Beauty Creams, and in the winter when the air is dry I use only the glycolic night cream.. BTW... you are very beautiful... and your skin is perfect ! i have people say my skin is perfect but i have white skin.. wrinkles easy... very sun damaged :( .
    Hi Morganna, how often do you derma plane your skin The problem I have with glycolic creams is that I noticed it leaves me with open pores :( do you have this problem.
    Missy this is the first time hearing this from anyone and even on the web, it should be helping to clean the pores, You can use the Bha Day cream with this method too. I don't do this very often maybe 1 time every 2 weeks or anytime I think I am noticing lines etc. because I keep my skincare very simple. I just use my glycolic creams every night and sunblock in the day, I also do the derma roller when I notice lines etc. maybe 1 time a month but what i do every day is exfoliate with the Pure Beauty Scrub about 5 mornings out of the week. :). U have the most perfect skin I have ever seen...also waiting for your foundation and concealer video...I have dry skin so kat von d foundation I have to mix with oil to make it look good Also the shaving I use small facial razors but I am findinglittle hair left behind and make my skin looks weird.
    Thank YOu Mich, but my skin is far from perfect :P, I did try those little safety razors but since they are covered with metal strips for safety I find them to be harsher than plain razors, and skin can sometimes appear weird after exfoliation if there is a layer on top that hasn't come off or is protecting the skin but shaving along with the others things I do work fabulous for me, recently I have been thinking I need to pull out the heavy artillery, DERMA ROLLER lol. its painful but I do it once in a while. :).
    imy grandma told me to NEVER start shaving... she did and was a nightmare... i never had and have facial hair but i am very light skinned so it is light baby hair type stuff still... even though i am older.. i don't want to shave can we use something else... .
    i just don't want to have to keep shaving... my grandma had to shave all the time... and so does my daughter.. her face hair is prickly and not soft anymore and thicker different type of hair... mine is still very fine and soft... so i am not sure... I have been using bamboo face buffer... and it seems to work ok... good to know that is a method too... for us scared of the razor... .

    Best Anti Aging Night Creams | eBay
  76. January 19, 2016

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    Night Cream & Anti Aging Night Cream | Sephora
  77. November 13, 2015

    Comments about this video: anti aging night cream
  78. December 6, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    18 Best Night Creams - TotalBeauty
  79. December 4, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Its still surprises me, how many people do not know about Natoxoran Secrets (do a search on google), despite the fact that lots of people completely look younger and defying their age with this anti aging cream. Thanks to my buddy who told me about Natoxoran Secrets, I finally look younger by using healthy approaches..
    Hi, Thanks for sharing this video. It's very helpful. Anti-aging test is necessary to protect your skin from damage and aging. Take free anti-aging test online 2 NaturalHealthTest(dot)com Thanks Dr. James Meschino.

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  81. 03 April 2016

    Comments about this video: : Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream...
  82. 05 April 2016. Anti-Aging Night Cream | Principal Secret® Reclaim® ( am.html) Principal Secret®'s Revolutionary Anti-Aging Night Cream infuses long-lasting moisture throughout the night for smoother more luminous skin.
  83. May 01, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream - Night | NEUTROGENA®
  84. April 30, 2016. Neostrata Anti-Wrinkle products ( /) Spending too much on face cream? The most effective and truly anti-aging remedies happen to be nature’s most simple and pure ingredients.

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