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  1. December 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thank you Dr. Axe for yet another helpful lesson. I want to also thank you for your amazingly wonderful website. The information is seemingly endless, and free to anyone who wants to learn. You're just the VERY BEST and we love you for it!. Doesn't bentonite clay contain lead, mercury, arsenic and other toxins The clay doesn't stick in the colon and cause problems I've heard this before with an African tribe that smokes clay and eats it like jerky..
    Hi Dr Axe. Ive been exposed to significant amount of pharmaceutics for over 8 years and i would like to know how much bentonite i should use to slowly but safety and effectively remove these toxins I have the liquid. I feel like a 60 year old trapped in a 33 year old body due to this stuff. I'm to young for this. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. Thank you for your time..

    I have been taking Redmond Clay for two months in pill form three capsules a day. The clay helps with my digestion. If I use clay for my acne, how do I mix the powder and water.

    Love all your videos your one of the best here on YouTube with honest helpful tips to help all 🙏💕💕💕 please keep the videos coming .
    Anthonia Farfalli sign up for his emails they are very helpful and equal to his YouTube videos I promise u will loved them💜💜💜.
    my girlfriend got me to put this stuff on my face yesterday and i was very skeptical. ive had eczema on my face for years and my skin has looked strait nasty. i put it on my face for 20 minutes and before i took it off she was like its going to look great. i was like "whatever babe". i washed it off and i then stared at my skin for the next 5 minutes in awe. this stuff is amazing, my skin looks so healthy and clear..
    Some people have said that there is aluminium in the clay which apparently is bad for you, what do you make of this Dr Axe.
    I've been driving bentonite clay for almost a week, and it's actually helped me sleep "throughout" the night, though it doesn't help me fall 😴 asleep. :) just sharing..
    Thank you so much for presenting a clean and concise explanation that I could share with my family. I've known about the benefits of Bentonite clay for ages but had little dependable information to pass onto my family of PHD's and then I saw your video and felt like saying "see people!!! I told you so", but I didn't... I just shared it with them and know everyone wants some of my Bentonite Clay. Yay! Thank you Dr. Axe!!!. CAN SOME ONE RECOMMEND A REPUTABLE TRUSTED BRAND AND COMPANY WERE I CAN GET GOOD CALCIUM BENTONITE CLAY THANKS!.
    +The Kelsey Experience​ Make sure you drink plenty of water through out day. You'll feel a tad dehydrated nothing crazy. Just to cover yourself. You're welcome. :).
    It would be great to her about the different types of Bentonite Clay. I have tried various kinds, and have fond the liquid form to be easier to consume. But are they all created equal.
    Great video, thank you! Clay masks are great for everyone. It pulls dirt, oils and toxins from the skin and increases circulation. The VERY BEST way to address skin issues like eczema and psoriasis is to drink clay. The skin is the back up system to the liver and skin problems often point to an overtaxed liver. Drinking clay, as Dr. Axe points out, will absorb allergens, parasites and toxins in the gut, such that they bypass the liver, thereby easing the work of the liver..
    🌿👍🌿👍🌿👍🌿👍🌿👍🌿👍🌿👍U always bring us such great info dr. Axe!!! Thank u so much! I do use clay for masks & internal. Great medicinal stuff!!🌿👍🌿.
    Thank you for this information. Periodically, I have been applying Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay to my face and have reaped the benefits. Therefore, I want my internal system to benefit as well. I want to begin drinking clay but do not know the best brand. Do you recommend a specific clay brand I am currently using Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay..
    Thanks for this, I was watching a nature program where animals would eat clay as part of their diet, clearly they know something we are only now understanding..
    I got my Bentonite Clay but was worried after I red someone saying that it has dangerously high levels of arsenic and could cause kidney failure, brain and nerve damage, and cancer! anyone know if this is true.
    I've never heard that. I heard could better your kidneys cause it helps take the toxins out. which is what kidneys do.. When taking internally, would you recommend 1/2 tsp for children I just made your toothpaste with this clay and my family love it! So, I have a bunch left :) Thank you for your videos!. Many animals do this. many tribal peoples have also been using minerals either ingested or topically.
    Hi Dr Josh. I have been taking one teaspoon of charcoal for a while. Do you think Clay is better I hope you answer me. Thanks.

    +squamoza In my experience, and studies, charcoal isn't to be used for long term usage, but Betonite can be. I use a product by "Sonnes" and have used it for decades..
    Is it safe to take bentonite clay for an extended period of time If not, for how long can you take it for.
    I take this and food grade Diatomaceous Earth together. They're both amazing. I cured my Hasimotos. :) I took the Diatomaceous Earth for 3 months with incredible benefits. I added sodium bentonite clay water about a month ago. I feel better and better. I have 50# of DE & 20 of the clay. It cured all digestive issues, any muscle aches, among other things. I no longer take supplements or pills. :).

    You are a WEALTH of information. I truly praise God for the knowledge you are sharing for people like me! I cannot say thank you enough!!!!!!.
    hi doc, thanks for the video! i have a question tho, i take ativan and have for 12 yrs so i am highly dependant on it and i dont want to suffer any withdrawals. I am gonna be weaning pretty soon tho. Will the clay pull the ativan out of my system and make me have withdrawal symptoms thank you. After taking bentonite clay, I have had weird symptoms in my sides, I can only attribute it to kidney pain. I have pain and numbness and twitching in my sides just where my kidneys would be. And salt cravings now. It seems to be reactive to my diet. All I'm saying is, why did this happen I really think that the bentonite clay was the catalyst for my kidneys to become very weak. I'm really sad that it didn't work for me. Do you have any suggestions.
    How about calcium stones Someone also said it helped them with a recluse spider bite. Any thoughts on those two things Thanks! :).
    I wouldn't suggest keeping it in your mouth for long periods, especially if you have metal fillings..
    Dr Axe, How do you take the power if you have benotine Clay in powered form Do you mix it with water, or do you eat the teaspoon.

    I used this with great results six or seven years ago. Thanks for the reminder - I'm feeling kind of lousy during this hot and humid weather so I am going to start using it again..

    Clay is great for the skin, but beware of drinking it if you have problems with kidneys or kidney stones..

    Since I've been using it I noticed increased energy, less hot flashes and less body odor during the hot flash, I don't use a scale at home so I don't know my weight but I think it is making me lose inches because my pants are looser, yet I've been exercising less..

    I appreciate the information. I recommend integrating or inserting text on the screen or and possibly a few photos at different points to reinforce the information and make it more interesting..
    This dude knows his stuff although I dislike when people call clay (dirt) it is not soil dirt or sand it is taken from deposits it has been used for a while now for facial masks to soak up oils bacteria and other toxins.. ive had a Funky stomach for a while...just feels like butterflys...should i try this for a couple days to see if it bids up the Junk thanks in advance.
    Thanks for this valuable information Dr. Axe. Good thing I ordered a pound of Bentonite 3 days ago! You're videos really have helped a lot. .

    Hi Dr.Axe. I have Hemochromatosis and wondering if the iron in the clay will adsorb iron or absorb it..

    Hi, Dr. Axe. Thank you for your video! I am interested in taking Bentonite Clay with Psyllium to do a cleanse. Do you have thoughts about this Thank you!.
    if I'm going to have these cravings for chalk, white dirt, ice and cornstarch, I might as well eat this! Thanks!. What if you don't want to drink it Can you take the powder in a capsule (making your own) and if so how many a day If I have to drink it how much water to 1tsp. I have chronic constipation, will this exacerbate this problem I must always use something because of meds I take..
    can you please tell me if sodium or calcium bentonite clay is best for helping to remove toxins Thanks in advance..

    +Dennis Shumaker Thanks Dennis. That is very interesting. I'm trying to get my head around the statement that the small difference in the two molecular shapes could actually result in a 20 times surface coverage difference. I will definitely look more into it. I've recently bought sodium bentonite. I've taken it once 3 days ago, just before bedtime. On excretion the following day. i noticed the distinct creamy coloring on my stool. No constipation as suggested by some due to taking it. In fact i had a very enjoyable no 2. Smooth as hell. Lol. I didn't feel any different as such but could be cause I've only taken it once..

    Bentonite Clay is great for binding to toxins in the stomach. But, what I really could use is a list of supplements that bind to toxins at the cellular level with a detailed explanation of which toxins the compounds bind... I do have a small list of R+ Lipoic acid, EGCG, Toocpherols and etc and etc but have limited information on any latest research.. What is at the top of my list is if Ubiquinol can be used in place of Idebenone getting through the blood brain barrier or are there any other cheaper supplements equal to Idebenone's ability to protect the brain AT THE CELLULAR LEVEL from introduced toxins.
    I forgot about bentonite clay. I used it as a facial and in my shampoo for a while. I'm moving to a remote area that may expose me to more parasites than usual, I will be following this routine.. Hello Dr Axe. Your videos are always informative, thanks. Do you have any suggestions as how to get rid or help with Fibroids Mine are rather large and I am under the care of a gyne consultancy team in UK. I'd rather avoid surgery if at all possible but at present planning with the team to have surgery in a few months time. Any suggestions would be appreciated if only to help with the subsequent post op recovery. .
    Was wondering if you knew why clay is listed in most remineralizing toothpaste Just bought some & was trying to figure out what each ingredient was used for..

    +Ashley Hall Clay has been reported to remineralize teeth and bones. It also kills bacteria in the mouth and polishes the teeth..

    And another thing. Barley has gluten. Sorry to point that out but I think I will research something else to support the spleen...

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  2. January 2, 2016
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  3. December 23, 2015
    Rate your experience with CALCIUM on WebMD including its effectiveness, uses, side effects, interactions, safety and satisfaction. i2
    QUERCETIN: Rate your experience including uses, side...
  4. December 19, 2015
    Liquid Coconut Premium Oil from Nature's Way. Great for cooking. Natural energy with 93% MCTs i3
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  5. December 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    How to Reverse Hair Loss: In this video I go over the 6 compounds that you should be consuming to balance your hormones and keep your hair full and healthy. > How to Reverse Hair Loss: 6 Secrets for Reversing Hair Loss #naturalremedies #naturalcures #health #healthyliving .
    Don't we all know that feeling we have when our hair starts to fall out, and we are left with almost nothing in the front I have started to see that feeling and I have become desperate. I have tried so many hair growth shampoos and I then decided to try Maxelder hair loss shampoo & argan oil out. ( you can find in here w…..nyarganoil…..c ) It was worth a shot. My hair is priceless. I did not notice any effects after the first shower. It took about 10 showers to finally notice a difference. And I loved the difference it made I am very satisfied customer.. I have been using Maxelder hair loss shampoo and argan oil (w..nyarganoil…..c ) for a few days now and I love the way it makes my scalp feel! It has a cooling effect and makes my scalp feel clean and invigorated! I like the fact that it has pure argan oil in it, to make my scalp healthier, my hair thicker and stronger and hopefully help prevent future hair loss I have noticed that my hair does look and feel fuller after using this special hair regeneration oil.. +brittney thomas Turn Up Your Speakers & Watch This Short Video To Discover.. >> what are some good supplements to buy and take I'm confused with all the supplements that are out there. fuck hair i wanna be bold with high dht to enjoy my manhood, sorry mate i dont wanna look like you.
    There are some important things you need to do is drinking at least 2 - 3 liters of water and eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruits. You can keep hair healthier, cleaner and softer with argan life shampoo and apply it three times a week.The product made difference on my hair..

    I begin to use it after my friend’s recommend. The results made me happy. I suggest this if you have hair problems..

    Also, regarding external factors. You can get a SHOWER FILTER is you live in a place with hard water..

    Thank you so much Dr Josh for the sharing these secrets but i still believe it's necessary to get a full hair loss reverse such as Jared Gates's or some few others highly recommended by experts programs in order to reverse hair loss. Thank you again!.
    +Michael Frasier You're right here's the link i got from his official Facebook page Anyway, I know it's really frustrating to lose hair as it can affect your looking but all is possible with a strong determination. Good luck bro.
    Dr. Josh im a 27 yo F. I have a hormone imbalance. An i know its the cause of my thinning hair. The pumpkin oil sounds good. But i heard that was for men. Any advice on that.
    +Veronica Banks I also tried GrowTheHair.Com and i got great results.I also recommend this website to all who have hair loss problem.... .Hi there....I have been using the dermo biotin shampoo for a couple weeks now and don 't plan on stopping! My hair is noticeably thicker and feels stronger... I have had less breakage. It smells good and lathers great...
    Has anyone here tried this and found that it worked Not everyone who has DHT in their system has pattern baldness..
    +marce11o DHT is not the prime cause of baldness. In most cases it is genetically inherited traits and long term healthy diet can only save the hair loss problem. Only half of the advice listed may help but it isn't good enough. Start eating very healthy and eliminate all the junk food if you noticed your hair loss early.. Hi Dr. Axe. I really appreciate you posted this vid. Excellent job, VERY helpful and informative! One thing that I did research was Saw Palmetto. In your vid I think you said take 1500mg/day and I thought to myself that seems like a lot. So after doing some futher research I have found it might be better to purchase Saw Palmetto that is "standardized". To buy it 85-95 standardized for fatty acids and sterols, that way you know exactly what your getting when you buy the product! If you buy the whole berry it contains only about 1-2% of the bioactive fatty acids and sterols which is very very low. So if you're buying the whole berry capsules you're really not getting much of the bioactive or important ingredient (Serenoa repens) to make a therapeutic difference. Your thoughts Rick.
    Do you have any tips to INCREASE hair loss I want to lose hair faster. I really dig that bald look. But not that shaven headed number 1 all over look. I want a little bit at the sides and a possibly a comb over - like Bobby Charlton..
    +Pugger haha - reminds me of a bloke down the gym who tells me about the magic of "test" how he feels 21 again and his missus loves it. "One shot a week" he insists it's the best. Probably wise of you to take time off every half of the year..
    +Albert Neville Yeah test shot a week is good. Your dick will forever work like you were 16-20 years old. Rock hard errections and high libido..
    I've used ARGAN RAIN products for about a year, I’ve regrow hair, I can say I have lost no more and it stop my loss, I tried other brands but my scalp broke out, so this has been the only thing that helped, also it leaves your hair in great condition, so perhaps no conditioner is needed for use with this product, smells good sulfate, alcohol, dye and salt free.. Why is it only Americans that do not realize that HERB has an H at the front! I heard an American in England arguing with English and Australian academics that it should be pronounced ERB! He was shot down in flames.. It is because of the linguistic conservatism in American English. Until the 16th century, the word “herb” was still spelled as “erb” and was pronounced without the h sound. In the 17th century the first Americans took their contemporary English to the New World, after which the h sound is added later in nineteenth century, possibly under the French influence. Since Americans no longer learned their English in Britain, they do not follow the new rule..
    Its refreshing to hear good advice without the try to sell you all kinds of crap thing! Thanks dr Axe!.
    Learn how one medical researcher and former hair-loss sufferer is helping both men and women to Regarding Dr. Axe's advice to use biotin-rich shampoo: "...Biotin cannot be readily absorbed through neither the hair or the skin...companies who promise hair and skin improvement through superficial application of biotin produce inefficient products." This raises a question on Dr. Axe's qualifications, and the quality and scientific depth in some of his advises. My advice would be to consult a doctor who does not promote his own business.. why is it there are so many experts saying you are full of shit.. most of what you say has no science base.. Hey.. i just kept reporting these dumb fake bot replies. Does that work to get them deleted or something.
    just take them on an empty stomach all at once with plenty water. and i mean plenty water. zinc and rhodiola can make you feel nauseous for 15 minutes if you dont drink enough. atleast that is my experience..

    is it true that dht decreases if testosterone increases if yes, can i have any sources for this theory please, thanks :).
    The Feudal System for Bald Guys: Men with Norwood levels between 0 and 1 will be considered nobility and be given free money by the government Men with Norwood levels between 1 and 2 will be serfs who work the fields for low pay Men with Norwood levels between 2 and 3 will be put in concentration camps and be forced to do hard labor for their entire lives, and then be systematically exterminated once they reach NW4..
    How much zinc should i take in a day. I'hv been told that too much zinc is bad. but how much is too much . I had been suffering from hair loss. I bought Argan rain product and I am using for 2 months. I started to see a huge difference with my hair (lots of fine hair growing out especially at the temple area). I am so happy, I gained my hair again and you can have same happiness with Argan rain professional hair care product..
    +Gerold Paserta baldness is the biggest problem for all men so i do everything not to loss my hair....
    Thanks for the video doctor. You mentioned saw palmetto and pumpkin seed oil - are those for oral consumption, or topical application on the scalp. I keep what hair I have left short so I don't have to shampoo my hair but maybe once a week. I give it a very thorough rinse every morning in the shower with just plain water. I read that sodium laureth sulfate, which an ingredient in almost all shampoos, is damaging to the hair and follicles. Sodium laureth sulfate is a detergent which strips all the oil off your hair and scalp.. Hello Dr. Axe, so i have experienced female pattern baldness. For the past month i have been using all of your prescribed supplements and i have notice really good hair growth. Question... i know u stated to stay away from grains and sugar. So does this mean that i could never ever have any form of grains or sugar in my diet Or is it ok if i consume a little amount of grains and sugar in my diet When i say little am talking about one day out of the week. Please let me know thank u!. For the most part Yes i do. But I no longer take the saw palmetto because i feel that using the pumpkin seed is enough.and i am STILL no longer losing hair. Actually my hair is growing like crazy! Even though my hair loss has stopped, i will continue using all of the other products since they contain so many essential nutrients that i do miss in my diet.. i breast feeding. i have hypo thyroid and i'm loosing lot of my hair Can i take saw palmetto herbs if not what do you suggest thanks by the way i like your channel. it's very informative and helpful. Dr Axe, would an alternative to item #6 be possible I'm a vegan (which has encouraged me to rule out almost all bread) and I would like to avoid a fish product if possible. Of course I will follow the other 5 ingredients as well but would maybe Flax seed be acceptable as a substitute for Fish oil.
    dr. josh axe TRUTH IS I FOUND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT MPB. CURED MINE THROUGH FIXING EATING HABITS, AND CORRECTING MINERAL IMBALANCES, AND DETOXING. Also, dht gets stuck in the skin because the skin becomes calcified over the yrs from chlorides like fluoride and chlorine. with not enough iodine absorbing into the spots that chlorine and fluoride fill up in our cells, they harden, no linger allowing the flow of nutrients in and out of the cells. the sodium outside the cells and potassium inside are no longer transporting nutrients and waste in and out of the cells, and this happens on the scalps as well as everywhere in the body. water and dry fasting can allow the bodys innate ability to heal, to and clean the lymphatic system which is like a speate and just as important flow of liquid like solution all over the body next to the blood carrying wastes out pof blood and out through eliminatory channels., once this is clean and no longer showing signs of autoimmune response, is when it started growing back.. it tokok some ime but is nearing no sign I had ever experienced loss... aalas, back to previous talk... meaning removing calcified spots and transporting minerals around the body, eating dead cells and the entire immune system is eating by day 3-10. a new one follos, no longer disabled by antibodies and viruses. it knows what cells to attack, unlike the sick and tricked last team of immune fighters.. BY WATER FASTING AND REVERSING THE AUTOIMMUNE RESPONSE FROM THE LUMPHATIC SYSTEM BEING OVERLY ACIDIC, AND IT TOOK ABOUT 2-3 MONTHS OF EXTREME DETOXING TO ALLOW MY BPDY TIME TPO REVERSE THE DAMEAGE DONE.. SINCERELY TRULLY, DETOXINBG THE SHIT OUT OF THE BODY IS WHAT REVERSED MY 10 Y BATTLE WITH EXTREME HAIR LOSS.. GOOD LUVCK TO EVERYONE OUT THERE BUT THE TRUTH TO CORRECTING HAIUR LOSS IS FOUND IN FASTING AND DETOXING THE BODY''ALSO, PLANTS ARE THE ONLY PROTEIN WE CAN DIGEST. THERE ARE A TON OF SUBRACTION CATEGORIES ON WHAT I DID BUT I DID ITmsm, apple cider vinegar, no sugars, fixing insulin sensitivities, improving bodys ability to burn ketones for fuel and less glucose. clean distilled water. CHLORELLA... CHLORELLA IS IMPORTANT.. do your own research before you criticize mine.. good day.
    +Scarry Soni It's not about 2 months bro, about a year... you ruined your body in a lo t of years... the time to recovery is more than 2 months. I want to start doing this but I've been using Rogain and I don't know if should I stop using the Rogain to start doing this but I heard if I stop using the Rogain hair lose increase !!! I don't know what to do, please advise !.
    In my pic. here it was Thanksgiving 2014 and I was just waking up to realize I had been steadily and quickly losing my hair. I texted with friends and spoke to Dr. found I had severe Vit. D3 deficiency, at same time found out I had breast cancer(about 3 days after this pic.) which probably did not help my overall health, today I am doing great(need to do new pic.)I started out taking 7,000 Vit D3 per day, with 5,000 Biotin started to see hair growth immediately... Normal hair growth is 1/2 inch per month mine has been growing at just about 1 inch per month. Right now I had reduced the Vit. D3 to 5,000IU and Biotin I have increased to 10,000... Because of this video I am going to do some research and will see about taking the Saw Palmetto, Ashwaganda, and Rhodiola... Think I will go see Dr. and get labs done on hormone levels and see what is going on there as well to maximize things... :).
    Hey Dr Axe, 2 questions: 1. When you say Ashwagandha do you mean the roots or leaves/stem And 2. Does Krill oil suffice for omega-3.
    Dear Dr. John Axe and other youtubers reading this, searching for a cure for hair loss. After wacthing this video I decided to give it a try, as I have been searching for a natural solution to my growing hair loss problem. I'm not 35 and started losing my hair around 27-28. I tried Silica pills, 6 months of "Kirkland" generic Minoxidil scalp treatment, 6 months of Priorin, and Nuskin's hair loss scalp solution. None of these products did anything for me. I saw NO possitive difference in hair growth. I've seriously considered getting a hair transplant, but with the amount of coverage needed, I wouldn't be able to cover it all, and I understand that you lose about 10% of the transplanted hairs due to whatever reasons. They fall out. I was excited to try out your solution and I have read elsewhere and heard about this DHT stuff being the cause of hair loss. So I bought ALL the products you recommended from Amazon, producer "Swanson" and have now slavishly followed the recommended doses on the back of the bottles. I also used Nuskin's scalp treatment in conjunction with this and natural oils specifically put together for men (containing pumpkin seed oil). My treatment time so far is around 2,5 months and I see absolutely ZERO results. I almost finished the bottle of 250 Sawpalm capsules. My daily dose is(values pr capsule): - 3 x Saw Palmetto 540 mg (no daily value established) - 1 x Omega 3 fish oil, 180 mg EPA/120 mg DHA (no daily dose established) - 1 x Ashwagandha 570 mg (no daily dose established) - 1 x Pantothenic Acid 500 mg (5000% of daily dose) - 1 x Zinc 30 mg (200% of daily dose) - 1 x Biotin (1677% of daily recommended dose) - 1 x dose of Essential fatty oils Again I see absolutely ZERO results and I followed this dosage every day. I haven't been sick or had a cold, though..

    Dr. Axe, I found your video of great help. On the other hand, I've read DHT is very important for the right functioning of the body in many other processes. My question is: Is it safe to take the amount of saw palmetto that you recommend.

    Hey Dr. Axe, I have been taking Extra Strength Hair, Skin,& Nails with Biotin. I was wondering IF there's a product with all the things you say people need in the right amounts, in one product IF SO what is it and how much per month does it cost Thanks in Adavance. My Avatar is me 1 year ago ,before I noticed the thinning. D. Neal Linville.
    I just started using the Saw Palmetto a couple weeks ago. How long should it be until I can expect to see the receding spot grow back to the way it was.
    hello dr'josh axe I'm taking cystiphane ( BIORGA) tablets pass 2 month and I want to know is that tablets help for my heir loss thanks. Health & Personal Care
  6. December 21, 2015
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  7. December 24, 2015
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  8. December 28, 2015
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  9. December 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +yerupalle jaya Hey Jaya!New video coming soon!I was out of station...went to Dehradun and Musoori :).

    +Harshita Singh As far as I know Tomatoes are mild and easy on skin...they're ok on my slightly oily sensitive skin!.

    don't wast money on high and expensive skincare brand used only home made skincare products they really works .

    +Gurpreet Kaur That's great! Will surely be putting up more DIYs...look out for the next DIYFriday!.
    I tried washing my face with besan and haldi mix n it made my skin look good, the only concern that i have is, does it remove the make up properly, or should i use some make up remover first jab tak face wash na use karo na to lagta hi nai k saaf hui skin!!. +ANAMIKA ATROLIYA OMG same pinch...I have been using the besan and haldi mix too,along with some other ingrediants...making my next DIY video on that :)...but I always remove my makeup using a combination of Extra virgin olive oil and rose water (I have a DIY makeup remover video too :) )...I never trust a face wash to remove it! Pehele mere saath bhi aisa hi tha...a face wash needed to lather for me to feel clean...but since I haven't used a lathering face wash for over 6 months now,I don't feel that any more.Sab aadat ki baat hai :).

    Nature's Way Liquid Coconut Premium Oil 20 fl oz Liquid...
  10. January 1, 2016
    Sugar Free; Sodium Free; Dietary Supplement; Same Formula; Packaged in High Quality, Shatterproof Bottle; TwinLab Liquid Potassium + Magnesium is a gentle oral liquid... i9
    LIQUICALCIUM 6 PLUS: Best Natural Anti Aging Supplements...
  11. December 22, 2015
    SweetLeaf Liquid Stevia is a natural, convenient and healthy sweetener. It contains no calories or carbohydrates and may be used in tea, coffee, smoothies, protein... i10
  12. December 27, 2015
    Atlanta, GA USA | Posted on 7/8/2010: Watch out for the side effects of Lipo 6! I was very disappointed with Lipo 6, because it produced stripped red rashes on my skin. i11
    Nutrex Research Labs, Lipo 6, Maximum Strength, 120 Liqui...
  13. December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +Eric Berg Hopefully by now you know about vitamin K2. You didn't when this video was made. Check out Kate's book Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox - How a little-known vitamin could save your life. Your arteries won't calcify if you get enough K2. Reading the book we learn why we're all deficient in K2..

    Sir with all the radiation affecting my teeth and bones now (I live in San Francisco), what can I take I'm female no children 52 and I used to do a lot of weight lifting, i m small boned, and I stopped drinking dairy milk when Fukushima happened. I try not to eat GMO, I drink SILK unsweetened coconut milk is this milk good Please this is shocking info. As I've been taking caltrate with d3. Thank you.
    Please I can't afford high priced supplements. But please if its same price as what I've been buying send me info..
    +Eric Berg ~ I'm vegan. Have been all my life and my calcium levels are normal (2.51) but my vitamin D is severely low (5nmol/L) therefore I am supplementing, taking extremely high doses of 25,000 IU a day with no added supplementation of vit K, F, A or even calcium, as my intake of these nutrients is more than sufficient..

    I have read and research many sources that state that our bodies are in a natural alkaline state and we should have a body of an average ph of about 7.5-8. I have also done research that a low ph cause cancer. My Vitim D, according to my blood work, is low says my v-D is about 33...don't know what that is. You say.
    why do you talk about calcium which nobody takes, all knows that carbonate are crap, or are I the only one who knows that lol I sleep well with my calcium hydroxyapatite, try that ! of course with vitamin C ;-). Buyer beware... this guy claims to be a nutritional expert, but does not answer any questions related to nutrition.. BLOOD PH TOWARD 7 ALKALINITY KEY DISEASE IS CAUSED BY ANAEROBISM WHICH HIGH GRADE CORAL CALCIUM FIXES CALCIUM CITRATE AND CARBONATE ARE NOT ABSORBED CORRECTLY AND THROW THE BODY OUT OF BALANCE. Does it matter how much you take in, such as small doses compared to large doses Does vitamin f make calcium carbonate less harmful Or should it be avoided at all costs I am taking Soylent 1.4v and I am stressed now that I could be doing more harm than good. .
    great information pretty sure some people who have the wrong information would argue that calcium carbonate is actually good for the body results cannot be argued w/.

    Well you tell me which calcium not to eat, which SHOULD I consume then Is it possible to dissolve eggshells to calcium citrate and consume that.

    +27POP27 Yes, he told us which calcium is not suitable for us; he also DID tell us which calcium is good to consume: calcium from plant-base sources (such as greens, almonds or other nuts, sea kelp) and fermented milk sources (such as cheese, yogurt, kefir.) This info started at 6:55. You probably missed it because you were listening for recommendation of which type of calcium supplements (the manufactured form) to use, which he did not say.. because the best way to get calcium is from eating whole foods. ;).

    too much spinach and/or asparagus can cause gout...too much cheese, especially with all the antibiotics, etc inside causes cervical infections in women....
    What this guy is saying might be true, don't really know. But I am taking Calcium Citrate w/magnesium and D3 which test have been done on which does not cause calcification in the arteries. Calcium carbonate is used for indigestion and really shouldn't be used as a bone builder. Calcium Citrate is different type of calcium and when combined with magnesium and d3 it becomes a bone builder and preventive of osteoporosis. Read up on it and find out for yourselves before listening to hype from this guy. By the way this is old news and if you read up on it, most of what he says has been disputed by researchers and those in the medical field..
    Just be careful because I once read a study about taking calcium supplements and how doing so might lead to fecal impactions which are no fun to remove believe me. .
    Im hearing that ground organic egg shells are a good source of minerals. Can anyone shed light on this.
    OMG I just seen doctor about my blood work and they put me on Calcium 500mg (CA carb-1.25gm) twice a day tabs.. I been on them for week and I feel like I'm getting sick to my stomach... thank you so much for this video.. it going save my life be cut I would of keep taking it.
    +toniapx Hello! My name is Val.If you are interested about coral calcium please send me an email, and I will provide you with all information.Thank you. valeggers2 . I have found a natural source for calcium from plants in a shake mix which is called Simply Young Longevity Calcium Shake. I am happy to share the link as this product is all Organic or wild crafted, non GMO, gluten free, vegan, chemical and pesticide free with no excipients, fillers or other nasty things we find in other products..
    Calcium carbonate caused calcification in the tiny veins of my Mom's legs making it painful and swollen. Her legs became normal when she stopped taking it..
    calcium hydroxyapatite doesn't cause these problems. Always combine it with magnesium, phosphorous vitamin D and K2.
    I agree about calcium carbonate being bad but i'm almost certain your wrong regarding Alkaline blood PH. As we get older our PH goes down not up. Which is one reason why we get cancer and other disease. Is from our blood being to acidic,.

    have you heard a home made Ca supplement from chicken eggshell (lots of YouTube video) any way what do you think about eating eggshell as source of Ca.
    Magnesium is needed for the body to transport and utilize calcium correctly. The above ratio is wrong. Its closer to the reverse. Your body has massive needs for calcium. . "Vitamin F is an outdated term for two essential fatty acids: omega-3 and omega-6" (just googled it). Is that the "vitamin" you are talking about Omega EFAs.
    So far I have thrown my Vitmain c and calcium away.. Basically dont buy and fucking vitamins and minerals unless organic from real shit.. I am buying my products from either, Dr. Merola from youtube, Dr. Eric Berg, or Dr. Joel Wallach from youngevity dot com.
    What about calcium from ground up egg shells I have heard that it is a bio-available form of calcium.. i want to know more about calcium, and may be you know about that so i wanna hangout with you on google+. I dont think he is attacking them I think he is telling us about Calcium carbonate which is just rock.. Dr Berg, I have been told that I have three arteries blocked with calcium ( Calcified Plaques) I have been taking 1000 iu of vitamin D daily for many years and years ago I stopped taking calcium but continued with Vit D. Can you please tell me how do I reverse this blockages Would vitamin K2 and vitamin F help at all.
    most doctors support 2000-4000 international units the sun vitamin...hopefully you are ABSOLUTELY right on vit d...they say vit d3 is very anabolic....
    so many health experts recommend alkalization, and others suggest the opposite. nutrition is so controversial and confusing.. Dr.Berg you are AMAZING! Thank you for clearing so many things up...everything you are saying makes so much sense. .
    calcium carbonate is bad but what about other types of calcium supplements like calcium lactobionate, calcium glubionate and calcium citrate. I wanna know, Is there any calcium supplement good and safe for health.
    Hi Dr. Berg, In some of your videos you talk about how whole wheat is horrible for weight loss because it has been genetically modified. What about almond flour, brown rice flour, flax seed flour, or other alternatives for people who like to home make wraps, tortillas, pancakes, cookies and things like that Can any of these flours be substituted, or are all grain based flours out of the question .
    Dr.Berg, I have a query that should i take calcium tablets ( cipcal 500) as i am training in gym. and cannot lift heavy weights as i feel my bones are week would you suggest it or some other remedy. please reply.. :-).
    i am only 21yrs and i want to find out if i can use tre-en-en Cal-Mag nutritional supplement and carotenoid complex,and what are some of the side effects in case i stopped using them. Depends, if you go to my book on and look at the vitamins video - I show you how to identify synthetics from plant based vitamins on the label. Great video. Have you heard of Intramax which is formulated by Dr. Richard Drucker. I am taking this now which is expensive but a very good Organic Carbon Bond vitamin and minerals in a liquid. On their website, they have an audio that talks about calcium and the different types to avoid too. I will check out the video on Vit. D and I love your weight loss drink recipe.. Hey doc what about calcium from egg shells. I've seen people crush egg shells and use it as a calcium supplement. (after they clean them and boil them for a few minutes to kill bacteria) Would that be a good source of Ca or no Some soak them in lemon juice overnight....
    Have you seen Skinnimaker Diet (do a google search for it) It is a quick and easy way for you to shed pounds fast..
    Hi Dr. Berg- Would you please make a video about bulimia and what kind vitamins someone can take in order to help to achieve the cure of it Thank you. .
    great video, that's what I have been telling people for years now...don't take Calcium carbonate!!...get you calcium from greens!!.
    if you people hope to get ripped prompt without spending a single another minute in the gym, then you have to look at this online video SIXPP.COM Ideas are not immaculately conceived..

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  14. December 25, 2015
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  20. November 11, 2015

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    Great info! Don't forget that calcium also need a little magnesium to be properly absorbed, these two minerals are like siblings..
    the thing is doctors don't do this. if you have high bp they just start writing you a prescription for it. they don't try to get to the root of the problem..
    Don't take Calcium Carbonate or any form of Coral Calcium. I take Calcium Citrate, balanced with Magnesium citrate. It is very important to get your Vitamin D levels checked if you have low Calcium, be careful about taking both Calcium and Vitamin D..
    +bracken pops Calcium carbonate is in your drinking water, we humans have been consuming it for thousands of years. It's perfectly safe if you take calcium carbonate with magnesium or vitamin C. Vitamin C aids in the Dapoxetine of calcium(and iron) and is in calcium citrate..
    +Jeff Lebowski Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is not in Calcium citrate, as citric acid is. Calcium carbonate is in alot of drinking water but in very small amounts. Not in the same ball park as supplements..

    My mother is struggling with Hyperparathyroidism. Her calcium level is around 12, just below. I am a vegetarian and am trying to help her with a diet which will decrease calcium and calcium uptake in the body. I understand foods high Oxalic Acid can help decrease the uptake of calcium. Is there a diet consisting of foods low in calcium and high in Oxalic Acid that I can put my mother on which will help decrease her calcium and the side effects of Hyperparathyroidism I would love to help her with diet so her symptoms can decrease. She might need surgery but we will not know that for several weeks..
    You Can Reverse High Blood Pressure Naturally By Following a Simple Plan of Diet For More Information on this Plan: Search Google for: "Hibloderox Remedy". How do you find out what is causing the calcium deficiency I went on a gluten free diet and then became calcium deficient, why was this. hi Dr. Iwant to know the relation between gastric acidity and calcium Dapoxetine munthir from Iraq .
    You must know that acidic media helps calcium Dapoxetine as it helps it's bind to plasma albumin 😄 so more acidic media = More calcium Dapoxetine. In addition to your knowledge HCL Secretion helps Ca Dapoxetine as it keeps it ionised and Dissolved 😄.. hope that helps you Dr.Hadeel from Egypt.
    Thanks for all your videos - I use them to learn about medicine and practice medical interpreting here in the UK. Gracias..
    Thank you Dr Osborne for this enlightening video on Calcium what it does, and what happens when we have a deficiency. The symptoms you describe than can be alleviated with calcium supplementation are treated by most doctors with their prescription pad-which can lead to more complications. Thank you for educating us so that we can help ourselves and not depend on erroneous diagnosis-the only solution being pharmaceuticals..
    with the chemtrails, i somewhere heard that because of this chemicals in the air and stratosphere, there is more UV-B comming trough to earth, strangly enough... This UV-B is much more harmfull to people than they think... So, walking in the sun is indeed BAD, if the sun is to high... BE AWARE, LOOK UP ! STAND UP ! Stop Chemtrails... I'm into Functional Medicine... Thanks 4 the info !.
    if you or someone can comment: signs of deficiency of ca leg cramps and high blood pressure. i though that was for magnesium deficiency. does that apply to both so how does one know which or was it just said wrong, if anything inappropriate systemic calcifications like in arteries raise blood pressure....
    This is very interesting, I had no idea that calcium played a role in hormone communications in the body.. If you checked Mg level via blood test, I learned it is useless. If you take Mg via supplement, make sure it is a well-absorbed Mg like Mg Citrate, Mg Glycinate. If you want to get from food, rice bran and spinach has lots of Mg. .
    it would be hypotension. Calcium is required to contract cardiac muscles. Lack of calcium would hinder that..
    great vid, thanks! Q: when one feels a slight "brain buzz" (excitation of neurons, comparable to say, the effect of glutamate), is that an indication of calcium deficiency in itself, or does even a non-deficient person "feel" the excitatory effect calcium supplementation in your experience this effect is even present when drinking calcium rich mineral water. a co-worker of mine even gets a headache from calcium. -> symptom of deficiency.
    You are Magnesium deficient! Over 90 % are. If anything cramps, twitches and will not relax in the body, Magnesium supplements should be used. Blood tests are absolutely useless in regard to Magnesium; 1 % is in the blood, 59 % is in the bones and 40 % in the organs. Magnesium and Vitamin D works together..
    your sympton description for Magnesium and Calcium deficiency sound the same...wrt Hypertension..and since CAlcium and Magnesium work contrary to each can this be... .
    Meat or any other animal by-product, causes Metabolic Acidosis. Metabolic acidosis is a condition in which there is too much acid in the body fluids.Then the body sucks calcium from your bones which causes Osterioperosis. Tofu, also called bean curd, is a food made by coagulating soy milk and then pressing the resulting curds into soft white blocks. Calcium content = 43% .
    Wow. Fine film clip. My brother had been a fat. He transformed his body from 284lbs of pure fat into 207lbs of absolute lean muscle mass. That shit was ridiculous! I just joined personally coz I wanna beef up. He used the Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)....
    Hello dr. Thats what I am searching for.. I have the same symptoms since last 5 years. Thanks for.such a needed video..if it is possible to give advice on this. I am very depressed by these symptoms. Whether I should consult to physicians or an orthopadic physician.
    Heartburn is a very distinct Magnesium deficiency symptom. Try 500-600 mg Magnesium per day. But start with 200-300 mg, because higher doses very often cause loose stools. The ideal is to take Magnesium 3-5 times per day, that way it is easier for the body to absorb it. Magnesium Malate, Mg Lactate, Mg Glycinate are great; Mg Citrate can cause loose stools. The more deficient you are in Mg, the more important it is to begin with a lower dose and slowly raise it to around 600-700 mg. .
    Guys, completely cure your high blood pressure doesn't have to be hard (I used to think it did). I'll give you some advice right now. Look for remedy called Hibloderox Remedy (just google it). Seriously, I finally eliminated my pain & embarrassment caused by high blood pressure for good by using Hibloderox Remedy..

    Calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D are normal- I still experience muscle cramps and twitching- what could this be .
    drink 1-2 full glasses of water. you could also try chewable DGL, or something called "Acid Soothe" from Enzymedica.. I am a little worried about my calcium intake at the momment, after haveing a hysterectomy in 2010 i was on, calcichew-d3 twice a day, until it dropped to once a day, and now i have a problem with, my nails not growing hoe they used to, and also weak wrists. should i see my GP or just eat more calcium thanks..
    If you want to get rid of fat quickly, you should search google for "Blistering Fat Loss". That might help you get the body you deserve..

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    Glucosamine sulfate a great supplement for your joint health.
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  41. December 23, 2015
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  44. December 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Dick Johnson The issue is not the "presence" but the "concentration" of sulfur containing amino acids, which is higher in animal foods compared to plant foods, and is believed to cause this acidosis mechanism that results in calcium leaching from our bones to help neutralize the acidity, thereby increasing the risk of fractures and other bone problems over time..
    Funny how this study: say the opposite. "Neither whole body calcium balance is, nor are bone status indicators, negatively affected by the increased acid load" "The majority of epidemiological studies have shown that long-term high-protein intake increases bone mineral density and reduces bone fracture incidence" Their summary says: On the basis of recent findings, consuming protein (including that from meat) higher than current Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein is beneficial to calcium utilization and bone health. Thank you.
    The article I found says "the MAJORITY of epidemiological studies have shown that long-term high-protein intake increases bone mineral density and reduces bone fracture incidence" so this article has used a lot of studies and based its results on that. It seems more like your study was the one based on the few that say the opposite..
    +Dick Johnson The article to which you link, written by a USDA employee, does assert that high animal protein intake increases bone mineral density. However, that does not appear to be the academic scientific consensus, notwithstanding some articles like the one you found. A broad array of clinical epidemiological studies have found a strong, positive association between animal protein intake and risk of bone fractures. Please see the multiple, peer-reviewed papers we cite, which are listed with links on our website here (make sure to click the "sources" tab): Among other large peer-reviewed studies we cited, researchers from Yale University’s School of Medicine looked back across a broad array of thirty-four prior published studies across sixteen countries, and they found these studies over time showed “a strong, positive association” between dietary animal protein and female bone fracture rates. In multiple, international, multi-centric studies, Yale researchers found that the association between animal protein and fractures existed in the majority of studies, and not in the minority as your article implies. Based on the extensive amount of information available from reputable, prestigious institutions, subject to intense scientific and academic scrutiny like the Harvard School of Public Health, explain (currently) on their website: "The body needs protein to build healthy bones. But as your body digests protein, it releases acids into the bloodstream, WHICH THE BODY NEUTRALIZES BY DRAWING CALCIUM FROM THE BONES. Following a high-protein diet for a few weeks probably won’t have much effect on bone strength. Doing it for a long time, though, could weaken bone.” [Emphasis added]. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the nutritional and epidemiological data available with regards to plant-based diets, as well as the increased morbidity and mortality (including cardiovascular and cancer risk) associated with animal protein. It has led institutions like Kaiser Permanente, the largest HMO in the USA to urge their physicians to recommend a plant based diet to their patients (see; and has led the Chairman of Harvard's Dept. of Nutrition to recommend that you "Pick the best protein packages by emphasizing plant sources of protein rather than animal sources"; and has even led the current president of the American College of Cardiology (Dr. Kim A. Williams) to follow a vegan diet and recommend such diet to his patients (see This is without even considering the incredibly important environmental and ethical implications of consuming animal products the environmental devastation that is caused by the livestock industry, and the needless cruelty and suffering that is inflicted unnecessarily upon billions of animals..

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    Comments about this video:
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    Comments about this video:

    How dumb and ignorant you are, thank God my dad is a doctor here in México, I understand all this USA doctor says, but again ignorant and stupid people envy great minds.

    Go to this website that is where you can buy Garcinia Cambogia pills from. I have lost 27 pounds in 1 month since I have been taking the pills everyday. name covered's Recommendation on Vitamins.
    New Vitamin-Mineral Complex For Men! Contains 13 vitamins and 9 minerals! Check this out plz!.
    Why would you not recommend myKind Organics, Nature's Plus Organics, or Country Life RealFood Organics multi-vitamins You are suggesting synthetic vitamins that the body is NOT able to utilize to any effective long term degree. The vitamins you recommend are completely inadequate. (Go vegan.).

    Get all you vitamins and more at www.myvitabin.comAs name covered said why do we need vitaminsFood gives you all your nutrients but these days food doesn't have all the componential nutrients and hence needs to be added with vitaminsLearn more on our website....
    My vitamin routine as diabetic, that recover from Graves eye thyroid disease is, vitamin C 1000mg, lutein25mg & zeaxanthin5mg, vitamin B50 complex.. Whatsoever is one word that spelled either way gets the point across and is final... What a dick to even respond with that. You must have been the most popular in high school showing what a real dick you really are..!! Did I spell dick ok. Jerk.
    I wasn't criticizing your spelling you fucking retard, I was talking about your idiotic opinion of name covered. You're a follower, you're unable to form an original opinion on a person and just dickride the bandwagon everyone else hopped on..
    Woow, how ignorant people are in the USA, I'm a Mexican engineer, knuckles dad is a doctor and I found ask the comments here ex-girlfriend extremely stupid. this shameless dude doesn't care about your health. isolated concentrated vitamins are extremely harmful. all he worries about is money.
    You really are a fucking moron, did I spell that right scumbag or scum bag whichever fits over your fucking head I am not a followers or Oz never was never will be you rubber I don't jump on anyone's band wagon because there are assholes like you that offer the dumbest opinions. You need not try to be friend me or anyone else to stop you from going out on a ledge and take the plunge ASSWIPE do mankind a favor and buss the fuck off cunt...!be sure and take your tampon out....
    Everyone should look to this response as a prime example of what not to do. It's OK if you are on the playground, under 12, or have a neurological disease. If you want to be taken seriously, be included in intellectual conversation on an adult level, develop the methods of debate and critical thinking, rise above pejorative, hyperbole, and insult in your responses. Peabrain.. Well, name covered's presentation was rather simplified and somewhat misleading. I take about 20 different supplements per day. Do I really need to take that many Yes, in fact, I do. There are important, specialized supplements that most people have never heard of. I am 70 years old and I have used my eyes a lot during my lifetime. In particular, I have five technical books in print, averaging about 500 pages each, with one in a third edition and another in a second edition. I do not wear glasses, not even reading glasses. Unless I live to be extremely old, I do not expect to ever have to wear glasses, as I take multiple vision supplements that are known to be effective..
    +tpr42345 Hi, tpr42345 Could you please take the time to list the supplements you take I'm trying to help my dad who is 68. The more important ones would be what do you take for your eyes. Thanks.
    +blakeesmith84, I agree 100% with you on vegan sources for any vitamins as possible. There are alot of exclusive stores around that sell mostly vitamins, you'll find the newest bs too but if you know what you should be doing I think they are much better than any big box or pharmacy offerings.. +Ulysses M. Steak = animal cruelty and humans were not design by nature to eat meat, maybe the most is fish eggs and milk, fruits and vegetables..
    Hey snack bar look into this guy and open your eyes don't be a closed mined dip wad all your life....

    B complex is what most of us is lacking, try taking it for 3 months, 100 mg twice a day, every part of your body will improve from the tip of your hair to the tip of your toe, i promise you..
    hey hey! Have you thought about - Kasteshas Amazing Hair Growth (do a search on google) Ive heard some decent things about it and my cooworker got great results with it.. Read this blog about a product by Nature Made being offered on Amazon. "Contains "Magnesium Oxide" which is one of the least bioavailable types of magnesium for your body - only 4-5%. This is more suited for a laxative than a good way to for your body to supplement needed magnesium. Other forms are much more efficiently absorbed in to your system - like magnesium citrate or malate with a bioavailability rating of 30% or more. They also use a lower bioavailable form of calcium - calcium carbonate (more like an antacid - think Tums). Look for something with calcium citrate.". Hello.. i need help.. i accidentally buy a centrum silver with lutein for aduls 50+... i am 24 yrs old. Is it ok if i take this vitamins... tnx . OH Michael mommy really did a number on you. Get help dude before you hurt yourself or someone else. Your response proves that you have a need to be recognized anyway you can do to the lack of nursing from the breast and a mother who put you in the closet one to manny times...!!!.
    Why would you listen to a cardiovascular surgeon about vitamins. He does not know. He's a surgeon. He is not educated in anything but surgery and in school how to prescribed toxic drugs and 70% of doctors FAIL that part of school and how to prescribe and all the prescription does is lessen symptoms of one thing and destroys other parts of your body..

    Never said anything about what you eat but there are 10 to avoid. I am talking about minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. They are essential just to survive..
    Richard: "Obnoxious" doesn't reach where you are. I notice you substantiate nothing...but choose, instead, to rudely and childishly insult others in the discussion. You wouldn't happen to be a liberal, would you California, perhaps Narcissistic Personality Disorder ( sure...has your mother had you checked). This video should be pulled or at the very least a disclaimer put on it. Those Vitamins and Minerals need to be from a plant source..
    When name covered mentions the vitamin D, he means vit D3 Plus what is the 3rd vitamin called that he's mentioning; he's going way to fast for me.

    If you are diligent you can get vitamins from food, but not minerals. What name covered outlines is a bit shy on necessary nutrients, he only mentions about 20 essential nutrients. Actually there are 90 essential nutrients in total, you must have, including trace minerals. Message me for more info. I work with a nutritional doctor who has been nominated for a Nobel Prize for his works in nutrition and supporting the body to overcome disease..

    Hey ivolisic you need to be more informed about this guy. He has recommended more crap that does not work or is down right bullshit. Wake the fuck up moron. Quit believing all the shit yoU hear and look into it before you open your big mouth, more doctors have ruined people's lives because of the almighty buck flu shots alone put more people in the hospital those that don't get them look it up asshole👿.

    Stupid ignorant, I always get my vaccines and nothing ever had happened to me, you very stupid, envy runs thru your veins.

    I might be getting enough vitamin A and C but I don't know if I ever get Vitamin E. Do any of you know what food has Vitamin E thanks.

    +Lisa Sc Holla(: Have you thought about the Ripped Muscle Factor (just google it) Ive heard some unbelievable stuff about it and my buddy build lots of insane muscle fast:).
    I just had blood work done my endocrine doctor said my vitamin D is low and to take 1000iu. Is this enough My complaint was my bones aching., my magnesium levels were checked also ,they were good. In Sept 14 I had thyroid cancer I'm 68 & just want to stay healthy. Any feedback would be appreciated. I might mention I did the radioactive iodine therapy. . Come and read my book, 'Eat sugar and lose fat' by Michael Paic. Like the war on truth, I tell you what you need to know about nutrition, no BS.. Here is a great Omega 3 vitamin. One of the best ones I found so far. Everybody has the priceless ability to get stronger but few actually use it. Just Google Ready Set Ripped and discover how to utilize your gift.. Carlson's Lemon flavor Fish Oil - liquid form is very good. Liquid is absorbed the best, but you must use bottle within 3 months as it will go rancid. It is beneficial to always eat a meal small or large when taking vitamins etc. I take a Tablespoon once a day as opposed to the suggested amount of a teaspoon..
    If you don't want to go all the way out to the health food store to pick these up, has a ton of supplements like these for cheap. They arrive in 3-4 days and have sales all the time. They ship just about anywhere. I have a code that'll get you $10 off. :) Here you go, hope it helps: CLG358..
    I always thought that vitamins in bottles are synthetic unlike what organic foods can give you. .
    NO i need to watch and so do u as well as everyone else to see what a fraud dr's are when it comes to nutrition. Go ahead and listen to OZ, monitor yourself and then see how many vitamins and minerals get raised by taking these products. OZ is schooled in medicine ONLY, NOT nutrition. What u need to do is stop being a Smart Asss and do your research. This video is helping no one is my point but rather hurting them b/c most of these vitamins have wheat and soy in them. As i said. " Terrible advice". .

    Unless they say otherwise, 98% of the supplements available today are produced IN plants, not BY plants - including the ones in this video. Want to ingest irradiated lamb's wool Then keep taking Vitamin D as cholecalciferol. Want to ingest activated charcoal reacted with cyanide Then keep taking Vitamin B12 as cobalamin or cyanocobalamin. The list goes on and on and on. Send me a message if you want to escape the pharmaceutical companies and get back to organic, non-GMO, raw whole-food supplements..

    What do you think about Lifepak Nano. They say they are the best and also very expensive Is it true.
    He fails to mention he is talking about D3 not just vitamin D (2), there is a difference. Vitamin D (2) is the form of D that is found in fortified foods like milk, juices or cereals and D3 is the form that is synthesized by the skin when it's exposed to the sun or (ultraviolet light/UVB). D2 (ergocalciferol) can be found, in some plants/fungus. D3 (cholecalciferol) is the sunlight form, and can also be obtained from animals that manufactured it through their skin, like that in fish liver. Since the body can produce this it's actually considered a hormone and not a vitamin. D regulates calcium and phosphorus in the body..
    Well those vitamins are synthetic, why not take plant based vitamins which are better check them out here:

    OMG, we have lost our ability to observe nature. Name one animal in the wild ,living naturally that needs to take vitamins. If it doesnt past the nature test then you dont need it. The problem with humans is we eat so much dead cooked food ,with no light energy and its so poisonous our bodies have to De-mineralize itself to combat the poison. LOOK AT NATURE animals eat living food with high vibrational frequencies and they always seek the most pure water. So eat raw food and pure water with less 1 part per million solids in it. Its the law of the universe..
    hey guys my names Ryan. Not a bot at all. just letting you guys know some useful information about capsules as opposed to liquid multivitamins. Liquid multivitamins get absorbed 80-90% more efficiently then a capsule. So with capsules you really aren't getting the full affects. The product I work with is one of the healthiest liquid multivitamins in the world with 65 plant based vitamins and minerals and mangosteen which fights free radical cells that cause cancer and type 2 diabetes. This is by far the HEALTHIEST product on the market and makes me feel unbelievable. Also many other weight loss products if your looking to cut some pounds. If your interested in such a revolutionary product message me. 862 354 1816.. If you're healthy and eat well you don't need supplementation. Americans in general are well nourished, perhaps even too much. . I'm looking for a Vitamin regimen that will make me fart less and poop solid every movement, and get an erection on demand, even with an ugly fat single mom...because that's all you can find with online dating services.Oh and make my male pattern baldness go away and have hair like I did when I was 17...Is that too much to ask in a vitamin plan Oh and I don't want to actually eat healthy food or exercise...or quit coffee, drugs, or liquor for that matter.Let me know.. I've never seen this much spam in one video. Every other comment on here is trying to sell you something..
    name covered i have a bad dry cough i just can't get rid of it and keeps me up all day and my cough gaving me a very sore throat to and hate being sick .

    The supplements I use are Now Vitamin D3 with 5000ui as I'm deficient and always indoors. Supposedly it helps with mood. I also take fish oil (Barlean's) with high DHA - EPA potency for optimum brain function. 640 - 850 to be exact, and with no traces of metals; sardines, anchovies - smaller fish are less exposed to metals unlike larger fish such as cod which live longer lives. A multivitamin from only natural sources (Nature's Way) for daily energy needs. And finally, zinc for good skin. So glad I've found this, confirmed my own long term research. I'll check back in about a year or so. :).

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  53. October 27, 2015
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  54. January 18, 2016
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    Glucosamine sulfate a great supplement for your joint health.
  55. December 2, 2015
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  56. December 13, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Best Price anti aging liqui calcium 6 plus Best Price...
  57. October 26, 2015
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  58. December 20, 2015
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  59. January 6, 2016
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  60. January 17, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    My 6 TIPS for how to build MUSCLE: Learn my tips here >How To Build Muscle #fitness #getfit #burst #muscle .
    i always preform better when i have a pre-workout shake instead of post workout and saw better results that way also, this all occurred in high school while taking weight training 1, 2, 3, and power lifting class. and wrestling..
    Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your valuable information. Your food & Health related videos are really awesome & are very beneficial. One more great thing about your recommendations is that they are all based on natural & organic things. Its always a pleasure to know & follow your recommendations. Sir, what's your opinion about the artificial supplements such as creatine monohydrate, L-glutamine & BCAA's etc. used in muscle buiilding If you are able to come up with a video based on these artificial supplements then that would be a really great thing...:). I've been working out for like 4 months now using only dumbbells and I've seen no results what's up I'm male and I'm 18 and ppl always think like I'm 15 I look young some give me some advice plz.
    +Tushar Baluni Great question! It depends on the type of whey protein. Conventional, processed, grain-fed whey protein isolate can cause acne and is harmful to health, but organic, raw, grass-fed, A2, fermented whey protein, such as my healing protein ( is very beneficial for health and contains healthy probiotics for digestion and skin health. I would encourage you to check out my video on the 4 steps to cure acne forever:

    So it’s two grams of protein per kg for us metric system guys, right So 80kg bodyweight makes 160g of protein still.
    hey Dr, Josh, I am wondering if that would be a good idea to have to take CLA before working out instead of snacks because I more want to use my fat as the energy of working out..
    Hi, I'm 16 years old 5ft7 weighing about 125lb, I am trying to bulk up. I have been relying on eating 200grams of oats and 200grams of brown rice a day along with milk, eggs, chicken, coconut oil, avacado, nuts, seeds.. What would you recommend to get over 3000 calories but with less carbs as it seems to give me the headaches- is this the grains.
    +Taintedshadez im using potatatoes instead of grains, got less headaches now but have to eat a lot of potatoes and loads of olive oil/butter.
    I'm dairy sensitive and have been dairy-free for the past 4 years. I usually use Plant Fusion for protein shakes. Is this a good alternative to whey protein.

    saw a guy on John Kohlers website who dead lifts 3 times his weight eating only fruits and veggies no dairy no protein powders but for my son since he is a teen growing and working out i will add some extra protein.
    +E Kohath Protein intake is very important for overall health and strength. Check out my article on the importance of protein in a healthy diet:

    Vitamins/Minerals - Biogenesis AntiAging
  61. December 4, 2015
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  62. December 3, 2015
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  63. November 12, 2015
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  64. November 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Bryson Melody name covered always provides good tips to help everyone stay healthy and fit. In this next, he provides a food checklist for foods that improve everyone's health: OWN ~ Tiara.
    Tell it like it is. Been avoid this stuff for years now. Also is it just me or did he only show 4 items.

    +Headbanger's Kitchen Aren't we all I'm always lamenting my (inevitable) advancing age... :-(.

    all these stuff are in the supermarket, from bread to snacks, from canned food to sweets. why is it the government not banning these food products..
    Yes, there is a lot of crap food out there on the shelves. Yes big Agra does have a lot of pull with government. However, it is not the governments place or job to tell you what you can and cannot eat. You are intelligent freethinking individuals you need to make your own decision. Stop looking at government as if it were your daddy. Sometimes people need to freedom to do even stupid things.. I'm surprised at how surprised Ruth is. So cheesy, acting so surprised when really, the majority of people know these ingredients are unhealthy. Common knowledge..
    +Xavier Ortiz you forget this was years ago, before internet was in every household and people could easily get this information. it's not like these were talked about in the newspaper or magazines frequently. either she was acting to get the audiences attention on it, or she really didn't know, either way, not a bad thing..

    He has not idea what he is talking about when it comes to fat. Saturated fat is good for us, and vegetable oils are terrible for us. He is right about trans fats. He is also wrong about eating grains. He needs to read the Primal Blueprint..

    It is amazing the lies people will believe after hearing them enough. The body needs saturated fat. The brain liver the endocrine system they all need saturated fat to function properly. Ancill Keys and sure does have a lot of blood on his hands..

    Canola oil is NOT healthy for us. It comes from rapeseed. Grown in Canada. It is SO TOXIC that the BUGS AND BIRDS DO NOT TOUCH IT!! It used to be used in the industry as a lubricant for machines..
    +christoc99 He's saying he's respected because he has no Turk culture in him, he's basically a white washed crock doctor peddling bullshit arguments to insecure women about what they should or shouldnt eat. He knows shit but he chooses to give bullshit info to make money from women..
    just wondering this animals cows Exedra they're eating everyday Green from where they get fats just saying 😅.
    my doctor (attran), said you were a fake, I don't believe him. you are right. what the hell is going on here!! just saying.
    Ruth by putting that oil on your feet and hands you are taking it into the body...and we know you do not want this...Blessing.
    Back in the 1950's 60's Mothers put corn syrup in baby bottles with water.In the 1980's I was still given that advice to give my children corn syrup.I never took that advice....
    So you noticed that, too I could swear that on his TV show a few months ago, he said Canola Oil is BAD for you! (My apologies to any Canadians who happen to be reading this.).

    Studies have proven that sugar and HFCS have the exact same effect on the body. Studies also have proven that aspartame is not unhealthy..

    Olive oil is told to be healthy to cook in not real sure if this is fact or fiction name covered may know that one but fod of today is nothing to what it was when I was a kid I rember my Pop saying in the 1990 how bread was to thin and doei these days what ever happened to good plain food without all the preservitive to make it last a day or two extra,it is a shame the kids of today dont get to really taste good food and we have higher range of intolrance to foods like never before whats in the dirt they grow in.

    Canola oil is a healthy oil in its original form but, 90% of canola in this country is a gmo. Search for non-gmo canola or choose olive, coconut and flaxseed oil instead..
    +Candice Gaudet name covered doesn't look young or handsome...he looks like an old witch...he's in his 50s and could easily pass for 65..
    +Inge Bowman facts change every day. The goopy white stuff he didn't name was Crisco shortening made originally by Procter and a gun lube over 100 years ago. In order to expand their brand they started a small organization called the American Heart Association of which Oz is a member. Now he says it isn't healthy and he is certainly correct. But 100 years ago this gun lubricant, was touted by his organization as HEALTHY. If vegetable oils are so healthy, why was heart disease almost unknown 100 years ago, when we all ate butter and bacon fat and lard.
    Hahahhhhh... everything is America is glitz... and about money... this guy's name is Oz that should have been very clear from the beginning... wizard of oz a fake behind the curtain wow... yeah... he got very enrich... with all that money from his fake science... . (Yes) to cow, chicken, turkey, lamb, deer, moose, elk, giraffe... clean! (No) to rhino, elephant, camels, horses, pigs, goat, rabbits... unclean! (Yes) to fish that have fins and scales! salmon, flounder, trout, etc. (No) to catfish and shellfish... like shrimp, crabs, clams, oysters, lobsters, ell, etc. (Yes) to chicken, turkey, quail, and duck! (No) to fowls... bats, black birds, cormorants, eagle, falcon, sea gulls, hawk, herons, hoopoes, kites, nighthawks, ostriches, owls, pelicans, storks, water hens, and vultures! (Yes) to bugs like the ants, cricket, locus, grasshopper, etc. (No) to lizards, roaches, snails, snakes, spiders, scorpions, etc. (Yes) to Soy Milk, Soy Meat, Ice cream, cheese! (No) to paw like cats, dog, ferret, fox, lion, tiger, rat, monkey, etc. (Yes) to fish with cheese! Wine with Cheese! White Wine with Seafood, Red Wine with Meat! (No) to cheese with meat! Cheese Burgers, Pepperoni Pizza, and Lasagna! (Yes) to Fruits, Water, and Wine! (No) to City Water, Soda Pop, and the Blood of Any Animal!.
    canola oil is a fancy name for rapseed oil which is a cheaper oil (toxic oil) used in art oil painting )Just dolly fish is a fancy name for cat fish.

    Everything is right, until he gets to the fats. Lard from healthy animals is actually healthy. Same for butter. Coconut oil is also great. All are saturated fats. Trans-fats are bad, as are most vegetable oils. The only exceptions I know of are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and Flax Seed, but the latter is very delicate..

    +kaunas888 you need to eat those in moderation, they are still fats and will need to pass through your body. as long as you exercise regularly you can burn those saturated fat away. unfortunately most people do not exercise after consuming large amount of saturated fat and that is the problems come..
    +Mohit Manuja Yes. They aren't delicate like the vegetable oils name covered mentions, meaning you can cook with them at high temperatures without damaging their molecular structure. Frying with saturated fat is a healthy cooking method.. Doctors can't make a living unless you're sick. Why would they want you to know how to stay healthy Duh!. Saturated fat is good for you and can be good in without oxidizing like the liquid oils. Coconut oil, lard, butter, beef tallow, and the prized French duck fat are all good fats to cook in. I don't know why he is saying that saturated fats are bad they are not, it is just the trans fats that are bad and the liquid oils like canola, vegetable, and yes even olive oil that are not so good for cooking. But if you don't wanna use solid fats for cooking then olive oil is the best of the liquid fats. You can also buy spectrum brand not hydrogenated vegetable shortening which is make from refined Palm oil which is another solid fat with a similar saturated fat content to lard..
    You should not put it n your skin it is like eating it your skin is have holes so it will get in to your system..
    I put my Olive Oil inside my Fridge and after a few days it sort of froze...Am I getting the wrong kind of Olive oil.
    +christoc99 no it will fog up and thicken. Put it back in the dark pantry and you'll be fine. Should be cooking with butter and bacon fat for the healthiest most stable cooking fat..

    Makes me laugh when people poo poo what name covered says thinkin they know better...when you are a renound heart surgeon and have seen first hand what saturated fats do to the vessels of your body, i might listen to you.
    Ruth first had Doctor OZ on her show. Who remembers when that was. He is from NY. He O magazine is in NY. That her Doctor. I watch his show too. .
    I just remember the one million dollar pie which contains corn syrup (3/4 C). I still have the recipe here but I transformed it into a healthier one. This recipe won the Million dollar prise in the Pillsbury Bakeoff contest in 2006. Ruth Show ! Things are changing !!!!!!!!.
    name covered said that the hydrogenated oil that looked like Cisco was good for your skin but not good for you... Please understand that your skin is the largest organ in the body. If it's not good for you, it should not be used on your skin either. If you want a good, natural, healthy oil to use on your skin, try coconut oil- antibacterial, exfoliant and moisturizing.. +Abdulla Al Jassim problem with carbs is most are gmo and have pesticides herbicides. If the plant is grown traditionally with heirloom seeds and no chemicals carbs are not so bad. Why do you think there is a gluten intolerance epidemic on our hands all the sudden.
    No fats that are thick at room temp. So why is Coconut oil the New Rage .. Who knows SMH unreal....

    Animal fats are not 100% saturated. This is myth!! The only fats that are highly saturated are coconut oil and cacao butter and they ain't animal. Butter is highly saturated however it's about 40% unsaturated. Beef fat is 50% saturated, 45% monounsaturated and 3/5% polyunsaturated. Lard is 55% Monounsaturated, 10/15% polyunsaturated and the rest is saturated. Goose/duck fat is only 30% saturated. Chicken fat is highly unsaturated. Oils like flax, canola, hemp, etc..ARE NOT HEALTHY AT ALL. The more the unsaturated the oil/fat is the more it's not too good for us. OVVIOUSLY this does not mean have your food swimming in coconut oil or beef fat or cacao butter!! .
    +mokugin81 of course the best fats are animal fats. Vegetable shorting...Crisco... was a gun lube one hundred years ago.. He thinks he knows it all!! He gets so into it were he looses himself!! He don't look healthy at all!! It's like taking heavy weight classes from some one whos a light weight!! No sense!! But America let's continue being stupid!! . You should also add that the good oils are usually the ones that are called "cold pressed" or "extra virgin". Cheap vegetable oil used for deep frying is also not very healthy even though it is liquid. And people should also learn about the names for simple sugars (in opposition to complex sugars in whole-grain bread or fruit) are these are added to (convenience) food in combinations, sometimes as much as five, in frozen pizza, e.g. Three of the names I know apart from sugar are fructose (i.e. the corn syrup in this case), malto-dextrose, maltose..
    whether it is or not they are still both bad for you. and that is not from name covered, it is from my own research, which I do a lot of.
    What high fructose corn syrup blocks lectin which tells your body that youre full see you learn something everyday .
    +Braden Smith-Nickel That's with everything you eat that delivers energy. With fructose it is like I said..

    Electromagnetic waves emitted anti aging clinic uk anti...
  65. December 28, 2015
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  66. January 25, 2016
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  67. January 3, 2016
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  68. December 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Very helpful, thank you so much! Do you also use the Retin-A on your neck and chest You mentioned your jawline getting firmer, is this why I am only using it on my face and if there is any leftover product on my hands, I do spread that on my neck. Thank You!.
    Just a note to thank you for all the helpful videos. Love your presentation, your scientific approach, and how you describe your experience. Yours is the channel I recommend to all my Baby Boomer cohorts! XO.
    As a 53 year old man I was able after viewing you presentation, to be prescribed retin-a. do you think this could firm skin under jaw on neck, whats your opinion on this, does it tighten pores like as on the nose. thank you for your excellent well done presentation, iam not not not attracted to women my age...but your a beautiful woman which is stellar and very very attractive. I hope more women would take your advice, but you were beautiful with the wrinkles..
    Thank you for your helpful reviews. They are great! I was wondering if you use a moisturizer after your retin- a application Or if you can share what your thoughts might be.

    +BOMBE CANON Yes, I use a serum and moisturizer after applying retin-a... no waiting, I just put them right on after..

    Hi so do u use the vit c serum at night as well what about a moisturizer which is a better combination Which goes first...pls explain the regime.I love ur video! so informative...doctors hardly tell u so much in detail! I live in India and have whetaish skin.can u please suggest a good vit c serum thanks....
    Because of your very informative videos, Angie, I'm onto a brand new skin regimen. I'm 67, have always enjoyed a healthy life-style, though cancer challenged twice. I lived in the bright sunny skies of Hawaii for 16 years so now trying to transform all the sun damage. After only two weeks, I am seeing nice results and my friends are saying things like, "You look so rested." or "What are you doing differently with your skin" Naturally, I tell them all about you! Thanks so much!!!.
    Hi Angie, I recently discovered your Hot & Flashy videos and really enjoy them. I have a couple of questions: (1) What is the latest on using tretonin and l'asorbic acid together in the evening (2) Do you have any videos/advice on hair loss due to post-menopausal hormonal changes (Aging is seriously not for the weak! :-() I'd be grateful for any good information - and really looking forward to your response. Thanks!.
    +E Fong I believe that most experts will say it's okay to use tretinoin and L ascorbic acid together in the evening. That said, I keep mine separated by 12 hours to keep my skin from getting too irritated. I haven't tried anything that would counteract hair loss, only things that try to make it appear fuller like volumizing mousse or shampoo…. Thank u! Re: hair loss, I've been using Phytolium 4; I think it's helpful, but I'm not very consistent. If you ever find something more convenient to use & maybe more effective/faster, pls let me know. I think I saw that you use a keratin shampoo &/or conditioner; do you find it effective for fuller/thicker hair.
    try using derma-roller. it's basically tiny needles roller which breaks the fibers of your skin and then theu heal again.. it helps absorbing the products you are using. but as you know these things only take action so slowly. so its hard to notice big changes in a short run.btw you do look way younger than your age.

    Bummer... I already bought the 0.1 obaji and it was few months ago. Can't I just mix it with my facial cream or oil, like use less than a pea size and mix it with another cream.
    Jeez I have gone down a research rabbit hole and am exhausted of all the lying, deceitful marketing, but most of all, all of the people saying the product did miracles for them. It's so disheartening all of the money spent on a placebo effect and all of the desperation to believe. Amazon reviews are absolutely useless because of the latter but also because just about all of the Vitamin C products give out free bottles for reviews which is totally corrupting of the process. Besides the higher expectations when you actually have to pay for it they will have 5 stars with like 120 reviews so it gives a false impression of product demand, plus a product will have other ingredients that will provide quick superficial results, just like a used car doing great until the warranty is up. ANYWAY, I am glad for your videos and reviews. Really, thank you. I know you are not a scientist lol and that things are still subjective but I think you are trying to do honest reviews and they are really helpful..
    I'm 26 and I'm jelous of your skin! Wow. Especially under your eyes. But I think my dark under eyes has to do with my ethnicity because I'm full Italian. And I hate my hollowed out eyes. Also I am at that age where I'm noticing some lines around my mouth when I smile and when I lift up my brows I can see wrinkles I hate it! So I'm getting Juviderm soon. I'm looking for something I can use for now though. I'm buying the derma roller and looking for something to use right after. I read a bunch of Timeless vitamin C reviews and a lot of people said it didn't work and I think people are messing with it like the Amazon sellers Just my guess so I'm researching a lot to avoid buying somethng thats pretty pricy for me. Even 25$ is pricey for me! I mean on anti aging stuff because like I said I am mid 20's. Anyway if any one has any more tips I'm all ears!.
    Oh I got those injections right were I smile. I'm Italian. You look gorgeous but they WORK. BUT I needed them. Dont smile and if u a line like a scar that's a wrinkle my dr. Said. Like by your smile lines we are supposed to have them.jenn ice you sound like me and I'm Italian. 50 and fabulous ! I also use retin A. At night do you apply the vit C serum 30 - 45 min after the retin A If not, how do you do it . Subscribe u tube basic vedio I am from the United Kingdom, i been have been watching your vedio nearly every day about product retain A cream an vitamin c serum it have done a good job on your face very younger than your age group it seen excellent. I am age 53 will purchase these product. Heh You're 50 When I turned 30 just over a year ago I (metaphorically) woke up and realized that years of using body lotion on my face and no sunblock had caused me to have serious crow's feet, and smoking and chewing gum had caused fairly deep folds above my lip. I think you and I have the same amount and types of wrinkles (now that I've been using retin a, glycolic acid and vitamin c). I would be ecstatic to have your skin at 50!!. I'm started using the vitamin c serum but my face start having those small little pimples in my face. Any suggestions of what can I use after putting the serum please. Your skin looks great!! I can notice a diff for sure. Even from past vids. As soon as you started talking I could tell. Not as read and blotchy. Very exciting!! Keep it up.. I don't see any change according to the pictures you provided. The after picture is only brighter than the before picture.. Hi Great to see good info about retin a where I can get it cos I went my gp and the doctor didn't prescribed it .
    When I was a teenager, the generic brand did not help me. It gave me more acne. I suggest Getting Retina A micro if you have acne as well. Get the lowest strength 0,04%. Use it for 6 months and you will notice a difference. Also, do not leave using it because you are going to lose the results and it may not work if you try again..

    Thank you, wish there was no wait :( My face is now in the peeling process from the Retin A. I highly recommend the Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream and La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Multi-Purpose Soothing Repairing Balm ;) Love your videos!.
    You can totally use retin-a on the undereye area all the way up to your lash line and crows feet. I did it for a year at least. Just buffer the area with a light moisturizer or mix the retin-a with it (I used Cerave PM - the niacinamide also counteracts the irritation form the retin-a) and never had an issue. That said, some are more sensitive and I agree with always working up gradually in frequency of use of retin-a..
    Hi... thank you so much for your review... I am so gonna follow you from now on... thanks... you are beautiful :) ahri from the philippines here :).
    I did not see any improvement from your pictures of before and after! Good presentation & your effort is appreciated! . I'm only 31 and accidentally came across your videos. Even though I am not in my 50's yet I am still inspired by your videos and your dedication to skin care. I am hoping since I am now taking care of my skin with the vitamin c serum, retin-a, dermaroller and hyaluronic acid supplements that my skin will improve. Hope to have skin look that good when I reach that age. Keep up the good work!.
    Excellent review and thank you! I got the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic product (plus cleanser plus sunscreen) in a package from my Dermatologist when I purchased some Clear and Brilliant laser treatments. Egads, I can't justify (in way, shape or form) buying the CE Ferulic again... the price is just ridiculous! I liked the product. Especially after the C&B laser treatments, it was GREAT. I had a hard time spreading it over my face. For this price, every additional drop is $$$ so I concentrated on my face. (Yup, did put the drops on the back of my hands so that I could at least get that benefit too.) My research on the other CE (+Ferulic acid) products came up with just what you reviewed. I had already decided on going for the Timeless product. I haven't ordered yet I don't trust for ordering these specialty products. Where did you purchase it from Thanks again for the timely review (for me!) Signed, 57 yrs old, have always lived in high UV areas and now trying to reverse some sun damage, and, well, as long as I'm at it, I'd like to look better too! :).
    Hi Angie love your videos I'm 44 so 3 months ago I started using tretinoin 0.5 which works great but only on half of my face 😳 and i don't know why-I start applying it only on one half now hopping that this half will catch on with the other 😃- I loo like a had a stroke lol .
    When using retin a, flaking and pain is caused because the instructions were not followed...when it says wait 30 minutes after washing to apply, they MEAN IT, this is serious med works most excellent, but that is after i burned my face, because i did not WAIT 30 minutes, thats like really important...not saying you did that, but just in case....

    Hey Alina should BE so lucky to look like Angie at age 50. And p.s... skin is supposed to be flat. Duh..
    I have found that the 20% C serums burn my skin. You should also try this 17% C serum made by Hydra Select. It has a slight tingle but goes away in less than a minute. Nice video, you look great in your age. I use Retin-A around the eyes, including the eyelids, and have never had problem. I've seen many doctors saying it is ok, others even recommending so. Some say you shouldn't use just because they fear some oftalmologic reaction occurs and to be sued because of that. Since your problems are mostly around the eyes, I think you should give it a try, using a lower concetration like the 0,025%. Vitamin C is not photosensitive, as soon as it is applyed on your skin, it actually acts like a natural sunblock, and also enhances the sun protection of other sunscreens. So don't worry if you ever forget to use sunscreen after applying it. :).
    +Robert Williams I never said it was a substitute, only that it doesn't sensitize the skin to the sun like other acids, on the very contrary. So there is not need to panic if by any chance you forgot to use sunscreen after applying vitamin C..

    +HotandFlashy You look amazing for your age... I am 60 and very wrinkled. It's a wee bit troubling but I have been through hell in the past 5 years and I aged over night... So life is what happens when your making other plans. Thank you for sharing your journey.
    Hi Angie- I am a new subscriber, and am really enjoying catching up on your videos! I am 44 and am so happy that you are making videos for the more mature audience. Love it!.
    +Luisa Contreras You can, but the neck skin can be more sensitive than the face, so you should start slowly and if you experience any irritation, cut back..

    Love your videos how long have you been doing them You paid $50 for large well last week small is $147 started using 2 years Ago small tube then $45 good stuff though thanks again.

    Angie, I wasn't using it anywhere near my eyes at first but then on one visit to my dermatologist, he said as long as I did not get it right up near my eye, it was fine. So I do now use it just along the edges of those crows feet and fine lines and I am noticing a bigger improvement over just when it was migrating there. Best wishes to you! You are a beautiful lady and I so enjoy your videos..

    After I saw a this video of you and the retin a...I went out and got a prescription...I'm on week three and my results are wonderful...I'm so glad I found this video.thanks for sharing.
    Hi Angie, I have discovered your channel recently, I would like to ask you when do you think you can start using vitamin c and retinol, I am 30, so I do not know if it's too early to start with retinol. Thanks a lot and kisses from Germany..
    +farfallaAroma Hi, I think 30's a great age to start! It's about that age when our bodies start producing less collagen etc. and the pre-programmed aging process starts. Just be sure to also use sunscreen every day all year round if you start using vitamin c, retinol, or AHAs. xo.
    +HotandFlashy Thanks for answering, yes I do use 50 spf all the year, I think I would buy a retinol cream to start with ;), I am obsessed with Korean skin care and want to try Bee Venom, they say is "natural botox" have you tried. vitamin C, ascorbic acid, and l-ascorbic acid, are synthetic. If you want vitamin C to actually be beneficial for you, you need to make sure it is REAL vitamin C and not synthetic. If you're not getting your vitamin c from a whole food source ( kale, broccoli, red bell peppers ect ), make sure your supplement label says Vitamin C Complex and NOT vitamin c ( as ascorbic acid ) or l-ascorbic acid. . hi there im thinking of making my own vitamin c with asorbic l,stilled water,vegetiable glycirin do you know if i can use the vitamin c i make at home aloso with with my retina a as i dont wont any damge on my face thx.
    +HotandFlashy hi hunn thx 4 yr fast reply hunn so how can i know the correct ph range any tips,ideas as i have no clue> waiting 2 here frm you as i have got all my items i just need 2 make my vitamin c with L-ascorbic,stilled water,vegetable glycrin dose taht sound ok.

    Hi. I have a question for you and was hoping you can help me. I was told to use for AM: Vitamin C first, then a brightening lotion, then moisturizer and sunscreen. Now for PM: I have Stieva-A plus the brightening lotion plus the collagen serum. My question is how should I use the pm products. thank you. .
    +Salima Sajan Without being familiar with your products, I'd say to put on the one with the thinnest consistency first and the thickest one last..
    I am using home made vitamin c serum every morning, and retin a 0.1 at night, and I like to start using hyalurotic acid soon. I also do derma roller 0.5 once a week. I am going for a summer holiday for 2 months at the Greek islands and I am going to be at the beach under the sun most of the day. Can I continue use all the products, or stop them for 2 months and just use sunscreen and moisturizer cream.
    +sapfo mitilini You should probably stop using the retin a while in Greece and cut back on the vitamin c to every 3 days. It's be fine to use hyaluronic acid. Make sure you apply the sunscreen every day and get a great hat! Have a wonderful trip… jealous!!.

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  69. November 7, 2015
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  70. October 29, 2015

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    Moringa brings a Morning Smile to us> Please read Dr.Fisher's book. This is the perfect way to give you a reason to carry on for a life time. Thank you..

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  71. November 15, 2015

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  72. December 17, 2015

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    Glucosamine sulfate a great supplement for your joint health.
  73. January 15, 2016

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    Thanks for sharing this video with us. Please tell us how many minutes and times we have to do this exercise.
    +Alvin Jones Thank you. Jaundice is what I was explaining which is a medical condition with yellowing of the skin or whites of the eyes, arising from excess of the pigment bilirubin and typically caused by obstruction of the bile duct, by liver disease, or by excessive breakdown of red blood cells. "In prehepatic jaundice, excess unconjugated bilirubin is produced faster than the liver is able to conjugate it for excretion." Hope that answers your question..
    If you want to heal your vision There is a Natural way to do it Simply go to Google and search for: Naturally Restore Vision by Nathan Max Click the first result (Skip the Ads). Dear Iqbal. I dont understand what you are saying about the "thing" that manifests in the eyes. Can you please explain How do you spell the word you mention BR Marie-Louise. +Iqbal Ishani Thank you very much for your reply. That help a lot. ;-) And thanks for the exercises. ;-).
    +MalouMunk Hello, the word I mentioned was Jaundices;. It's yellowish discoloration, as of the skin and whites of the eyes, that is a symptom of diseases like hepatitis. Hope that helps..
    im so blind i gotta sleep in my glasses but what i wanna know is if im doing these exercises but i also have to wear my glasses all day will stop my eyes from growing stronger . See you in some more of these clips...Love the calm...Ki Gung Is very is what I guess is the etension of it,Tai Chi Chuan.Was fortunate enough to have been in a 4 hour Ki Gung class at Doshin Ji monastary.The instructor was the then head of the Swedish Massage Institute in Manhattan NY.After class he did a demonstration of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.This man struck the floor with his palm and shook the whole room of the great hall in the monastary.One of the few times I met a master.. 2 Girlly Achieve perfect 20/20 vision naturally, without ever needing glasses, contact lenses or expensive surgeries! Go here ==> Hi - there are quite a few videos on YouTube that teach ways to exercise and strengthen the eyes. Also, check out all the supplements that can help with vision - like, astaxanthan, lutein, bilberry and Similasan's Computer Eyes drops. When using you eyes a lot watching tv, or reading or using your computer, stop every 20 or 30 minutes and do the exercises you see in this video as well as looking into the distance and just keeping your eyes closed for 20 seconds.. .

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  74. January 14, 2016

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  75. January 23, 2016

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  76. November 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +rose gutsy I made this video a year before the cheek filler was on the market.. so I hadn't had it done yet. I liked the cheek filler and would recommend it but it is pricey!. Hi Angie, lol you are to cute! I sleep on my back too. I started sleeping on my back when I noticed chest wrinkles. since I've been sleeping on my back, I have no more wrinkles. my husband always says I sleep like a mummy
    +Marsha Balderrama I found the best anti aging program on the internet all you guys should try it here is the website >>> ___.

    Did you try Clinical Retinol 1% from Paula's Choice Would it be differetn from Retin A you can get by the dermatologist as producents are different Which one would work best you think.
    I used to have a pillow top mattress but switched to a rock hard mattress. Within a couple of weeks I realized I wasn't sleeping soundly, couldn't get more than five hours of sleep at a time (because it was so uncomfortable) and became ultra exhausted. When I'd lay down I'd notice I'd wake up a bit to turn over & the shoulder I was laying on would be hurting. I started mattress shopping & a gentleman who was helping me at Sears told me they used to think sleeping on a hard mattress was good for your back, but that is not true. Is there a possibility your mattress is too hard (even though you'll continue to sleep on your back I thought it might help to get a different mattress.) I checked out a Beauty Rest pillow top at Sears recently (hint: the mattresses contain TWO 'hardnesses; in each mattress to save room on the sales floor (one side is softer and one side is harder!) On the Beauty Rests I tried if you're standing at the bottom of the mattress & facing forward looking towards the top of the mattress the LEFT side is the softer side. I didn't know they did this and if the sales person had not been around to tell me I might have overlooked certain mattresses by 'trying' the 'wrong' side - for me.) To compensate the rock hard mattress I currently have while I'm waiting for delivery of the new mattress I went to Target and bought a Fieldcrest Luxury Memory Fiber Mattress Topper. BECAUSE my current mattress is like sleeping on a rock I did put a fluffy comforter down first underneath it to add some softness but the topper is really nice and I would recommend it. Just thought I'd share that with you and everyone because getting a good, sound, restful nights sleep changes everything. Thanks so much for your tips. I'm 49 & have never done anything to my skin & without your reviews I'd be awash in a sea of confusion between makeup & beauty products (ordering Retin-a in the.05% & the Paula's Choice product & the Vit C serum you reviewed above.) Thanks so much, again. It is a joy to watch your videos & take notes.. Hi Angie, If you could please review this new product, I just heard about called: Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Duo. hand cream. Much of the time we focus on the face, which is great, but neglect the hands, which discloses aging immediately. Thanks so much..
    Hi Angie, you look great!! I heard about you from my Mom, who is in her 50's and looks great! I am 34 yrs old, and oh man, I should've listen to my mom when she told me to take care of my skin! I am desperately looking for products and things to do so my skin doesn't age too fast. I have been researching about those derma rollers. Have you ever used one I hear all positive reviews. Thanks again!! .
    Thanks a lot for your reply regarding PC Retinol 1%! It's extreply helpful information! I'm so happy I discovered your channel! Learning so much from you!.
    So you're saying that you didn't apply the tretinoin around or under your eyes, however, it diminished some of the puffiness under your eyes anyway As well as you said that you placed it on other parts of your face and that the skin cells communicate to get to the parts of your face that you didn't apply it to, can that be true.

    Aloha Angie! I'm 67 and loving your commitment to anti-aging. Everything you post has helped me more than you know. I haven't been as diligent as I should have been the last 15 years. After 16 years of Hawaii living, my skin shows it (and I rarely "sat out" in the sun). My hands are looking better with just a few weeks of "remembering to splash a few drops of serum" on them. Thanks again for everything you are doing for us who are in our Hot and Flashy years and Beyond!.
    hi angie just watch your video again can you go to your doctor and do the LIQUID NITROGEN on my face when using RETIN-A THANKS. Like minded ladies should also check out the gorgeous Peta and her Renew Me face aerobics... Her amazing facial exercises really help define and lift your facial muscles and smooth the skin💋. Good evening! I am 55 years old with combination skin is very oily in the T and the rest of the face is very dry, with fine wrinkles, spots Figmntzih and dark circles under the eyes.. I saw your video and I'm very confused... I have to buy new products, but did not know what... I would be happy if you could recommend a nurturing and cleaning preparations skin day and night. From Nsinc great. I really enjoyed seeing the Srtoniic...
    Hi Angie - just discovered your videos! Love them! I am going to try Retin A again, I think I went too fast like you did and just gave up! Great tips!.
    This is what an adult can deliver, a tutorial to the point, clean, no giggling or wasting our time. Thank you for being efficient. I so dislike the tutorials from younger people that yap all the video and giggle and just waste our time..
    You said Botox has worn off, I think your eyes look great in this video. No botox needed. I've only watched about 10-15 vid so far, Im a new sub, looked for foundation for mature skin. Nice information. But if you haven't done a video on cleansing comparisons, would be good, I find my pores get clogged yet cleansers dry out your skin too much, so flakey and blemishes. Or they do nothing, pores still clogged..

    I might be a guy, but your information is so helpful and much appreciated. You look wonderful and seem so practical and down to earth! Thank you and keep up the good work! .

    I have been looking for a you tube channel exactly like yours and I found it!!! I LOVE your videos =D They are super informative and I like your personality! How much do you spend in juvederm use I want to try that. Also can you do a review on GREAT LAKES GELATIN, COLLAGEN HYDROLYSATE I have read great reviews on amazon and other bloggers sites (for wrinkles). thank you!!.

    Hi Angie, Have been in bed with flu and found your web page,it was worth being ill,I live in Australia and Iam 66 years old, love your video,s on all the supjects and product you share...I understand most people think Aussi live in the sun will Iam not a sun bunny,up until my 50s all I ever used was sunblock and a tub of $2 moisturiser for the last 5 years I have been useing THE DR LEWINN'S range...There is so much hippo about what women should and should,nt be useing on there skin its hard to know what is best at the least cost...Thats why I love your site, your a tell it as it is kind of girl...One thing us Aussi women is stuck with is the HIGH cost of skin care and make - up about 3 times as much as our friends in US Thanks again for putting it all out there..Glen.

    +Glen Marlow Welcome Glen, and I'm glad you found me, but hope you're feeling much better now! xo ~a..
    Damn girl, lookin good!! I'm 32 and have inherited thin dry skin. I have crows feet and wrinkles on my forehead. I'm german (blonde hair blue eyes) and traveled to the tropical areas a lot when younger... Sigh.. Such good experiences, but have already had basil cell skin cancer. I like the way you look. People get too carried away in my opinion and they look very strange to me, with the surgeries and fillers. If I look like you in 15 years, I've succeeded. Made appt. for Retin-A prescription today :-).
    One of the most useful videos I have seen. Good tips and a time-saver! Thank you. You look gorgeous. For the ladies out there who asked where to get Retinol A I'd like to say that in USA you could ask your dermatologist for a prescription. In many other parts of the world, however you don't need a prescription to buy it and it costs a LOT less that in USA. .
    IMO Botox is worthless. I tried it once after using Dysport a couple of times many months prior and saw no improvement with Botox. Dysport works almost immediately and lasts 6 months or so. Great when you have an event come up unexpectedly for the weekend. I think if you switched over to Dysport, your results would last a lot longer than 3 months, and it's bit cheaper too. I'm not affiliated with any provider or drug company, so it's just my personal experience..
    Hey, Angie, thanks so much for putting yourself out there for all of us "Flashy" types to learn what's up as we grow older.I look so forward to all your videos! You said in you video that you're planning on just using a glycol acid mask once or twice a month, instead of daily. Which one would you recommend Thanks again for all you do to help all of US!.

    Angie, I love your videos and I just wanted to thank you for going through all these different things for ladies our age to see if it works or not. I have learned so much from you and using some of the products that have worked for you. I am now on the retin A from obagi and I am doing the once a week for a while. It's working fine so far. I was also a sun tanning fool when I was younger. So I am now having the damage I did show up on my face. Again, thank you so much for all your great tips and advice. .

    Great ideas, will implement immediately, I'm 62 and late getting in the game, however, better late than never... thanx for all your research... xoxo.

    Hey Angie! Have you tried the Micro Needling/Dermal Rollers yet I purchased one on Amazon and have used it a couple of months. Nothing show stopping yet, but it might be a great segment for your "show"! Keep the awesome videos coming! Because of you I have def ramped up my anti aging routine and just received a prescription for Retin A. Thanks for all your research and time you've put in. Hope the snow isn't holding you down up there in New England!! Susan, age 48 from central Missouri.
    Very informative. Going to try the back sleep..I'm 53 and I don't have much wrinkles..I have been using ponds since I was 14 years's a very old cream but they have bought it back and have made differnt ones for other things such as a discoloration in skin, but I prefer my green top jar. So for my age I still. Look good well at least I've been told..but going to look into one of those things uve posted here..thank u so much for this info..I will def look into retin a first. Would you ever consider a PRP facelift also called Vampire Facelift Just curious because it is supposed to be natural. Thanks.
    Hi Angie, I want to add my thanks for your informative videos. I'm already interested but you make it fun! I was very excited to learn that liquid nitrogen works with dark spots. I will definitely be trying that soon... On retinol; I have tried Roc before and noticed no difference at all. Perhaps the Neutrogena will work better. Thanks again. Charlie.
    hey you look good - Im of mixed colour and nitrogen was used on my hyper pigmentation- it damaged my skin extremely - it scarred and i still have the scars- i use vit c, tretinoin, glycolic, sunblocks as well as peels - my skin is improving - big up on those. Love all you tricks tips and ideas...your honest realistic approach to anti aging is wonderful. You look fabulous. A warm hello from canada👍. Retin A, Vitamin C e Aha our 3 best friend! thanks to remind of sleeping on the back... I try sometimes, but it's tough...Ok, I will consider as a new year's resolution. happy New Year Angie!. I am 35 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! Please keep them up! :) If I look half as amazing as you do at 51, I will be extremely happy!. +Michelle Wojciechowski guessing you are addressing to Angie +HotandFlashy...just because I'm 61 ahahahah have anice day!. I am confused, you said you got an eyelid lift from using retin a but you don't use it directly on your lids I know you said cells communicate, but, still. can you please clarify THanks. These are good tips but sleeping on your back makes you more likely to have a stroke and sleep paralysis. .
    the part where you say that skin communicates and cells communicate with each other is very interesting. I have always worried about not putting Retin A near my eyes, but you said that it still gets there. Interesting. As for wearing sunscreen under make up, I don't know if I am putting too much sunscreen, but whenever I put sunscreen under my make up. Any suggestion Your videos are great .

    Been struggling with some foundation issues due to aging skin & stumbled upon your best/worst foundations video. I have been so intrigued I didn't realize how much time has gone by after watching 10+ videos! Love your honesty! Thank you for sharing :).
    Retin-A has been my skin bf for more than 18 years. It works well. I use it more frequently every two years to have a new and better skin turn over. I use it sparingly as my pimple cream,too.Want to do Juvederm or LifetStyle lift next year, though.Thanks for your thorough search and research. I dread my slowly-getting-there aging look but I am happy that there are now many cosmetics, procedures and tools that helps...and there's you, our beauty angel!. Hi Angie! Love your anti aging advice. I live in Honolulu so the sun is always with us. Loved it in the past but try to avoid it more now. Your skin care recommendations are on the mark. Thanks from Hot in The Tropics. I buy my RetinA (same as the tube displayed in this video) online from a pharmacy in Mexico and it's about $8-10 per tube with shipping. Agree that it's 65 year old skin is wrinkle free, thanks to this stuff. . can you give me the name of the website please,I've been. searching for so long on how to get it with out a doctor prescription.
    I've had a series of 6 REACTION treatments and it did very little. I noticed a slight difference in my jowls, but really nothing for my neck and it was very expensive. I hate throwing away money like that. I rather save my money and perhaps have something a little more permanent down the road. .
    LOVE this video, the back sleeping, hmm i wake in horrible pain, due to tossing from L to R all night, However when I am on m back I can tell its a good nights sleep.. I will be like you I am sure... I just found your channel thank god, we are the same age..! ;).
    +Lori Frazer I know, when I slept on my side I tossed and turned all night with aching hips and would wake up with sore neck or shoulders... now no aches or pains!!.
    Great video and your skin looks fantastic! I have Retin-A however I have not used it for a while. I have been using a glycolic cream in its place and a sunscreen with vitamin C and the combination has been great. Your videos are very informative and when I go back to using Retin-A after I run out of my supply of glycolic I will go in more slowly. I dont want to use the glyolic and Retin-A together. .
    51!😲 I would never of guessed that! I have friends that are my age (35) and your skin knocks there's out the park I'm not kidding Ang you look amazing! Thanks for sharing all this info I'm going to get all my skin care products next week so you've given me some ideas. I started with Botox 2 years ago & I love it Xx.

    Why not use a dermapen/dermaroller, facial yoga, to deal with the wrinkles and keep the muscles active to fill in the face.
    Im on the retain A like you for the last 2 years and love the results too but, I need to find out more info from my Derm about the liquid nitrogen...thanks. Love your videos, I found a pillow that's supposed to help you sleep on your back. I may give it a shot now. :) Also, I'm going to retry Retina using your method to slowly introduce it. Thanks!!. Anti Aging Institute LiquiCalcium 6 Plus...
  77. January 21, 2016

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    Calcium Supplement Softgels - Bone Density & Blood...
  78. December 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    i am eating a lot of meat for bodybuilding. i have digestion problems. can i take probiotics to aid digestion.
    REAL doctors say, "it's a waste of time and money." but, l guess people need Ruth to tell them to read..

    I read about TMG supplements are good as a live cleaner, antioxindent/anti aging, suppoed to balance hormones and give you energy.Do you know if if has any dangers.
    Good idea to take supplements the foods do not supply it the way they used to, your body needs them and if it doesn't get them from the food it steals it from your bones! Not good!.
    I take Moringa Oleifera in place of a multi-vitamin. Moringa is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and the list goes on! This is just the leaf of the moringa tree. Totally natural!.
    Man, the pressured, rushed speech of doctors just turn me off. But I have to hand it to name covered for publicizing himself in a way that at least attempts to glorify prevention of disease instead of selling people on the fear angle of "get to your doctor if blah blah blah". He's a heart surgeon and doesn't have to give a shit if you're healthy or not; he will make money if he operates on you. "Buy supplements from large companies, they won't rip you off"...uh then how did they get big, Oz Again, I respect him for taking this angle in his career when he could have all the Big Pharma money just being blatant peddler of their toxic, side effects laden products, but this doesn't mean I think he's any wiser or very well-educated on the true algorithms of health. To get that knowledge, you have to suffer from a bad lifestyle and diet first. You have to see what an unchecked life will do to your body and mind. You have to know the consequences of laziness, of depression and self-denial. What its like to follow a night of hedonism with another night of hedonism because the morning was so brutal. I don't think Oz has this experience, and most doctors don't. They are simply drug dealers at worst, and for the ones who are somewhat enlightened and are aware of their own deficiencies, whether its a lack of personal time, true empathy for others (isn't this what most patients want anyway from their doctor) or any sort of resistance to the conventional dick-sucking of MDs this society affords docs just because of the title, a truly great doctor actually rises above the meaningless ego-turbation and learns from their own experience as a human being rather than the drug company funded education they got in a brutal manner. They do one better if they are ablt to communicate it honestly to the public they too often seem to despise. His rants may seem real elementary and targeted at a mass demographic, but what other Drs can you think of that actually are famous for this kind of advice Its a start.. My ex is a doctor and you'd have no idea how do many patients LIE about their lifestyles! His record is 72 patients in one shift and the liars only hurt themselves. You think he remembers ever the GENDER of Patient #17 when he's working on Patient #52 He still gets paid. He's a good doctor and does care, but ultimately, it's your body. If you want to keep it, be honest with your doctors. They're not psychic. His hardest patient kept cracking up while TRYING to stitch up where she slammed a car door on her face. She just found it so FUNNY! (But I finally settled down and you can't see the scar) LOL! He always said, the harder I laughed, the worse off I was..
    >>>>> Probiotics are good for our digestion. But they can also combat flu, allergies and bad breath. It's really nice to take Probiotic supplements..
    You are right and wrong. You probably shouldn't take a multivitamin because then you get lots of Iodine in you which isn't very good especially if you have acne, also vitamin B12, which isn't good for acne. Should probably take D3, omega 3, B5, B2, A, and C. Those are some of the important ones that wouldn't have bad side affects. .
    For how long you can take 5HTP And do you get back to depression when you stop it Thank you for an answering my questions!.
    Excess oral vitamin d may cause hair loss.. Most Americans do not need more calcium - they actually get too much, and it's just not going to the right areas (it's going into the arteries instead of the bones due to a lack of k complex etc.)..
    +222Lightning That particular type of hair loss may be due to the socks sort of rubbing off the hair, but the d may also have an effect. Like you, I still take vitamin d but have cut back. As far as overall health goes, I'm now getting great results with *fermented foods..

    thanks for the info about fermented foods. I will look into that...I've been trying to eat more rice and beans myself. Also I eat salads of spinach and smoothies of bananas and carrots..
    There are other things that can be done while wearing a closure or weave to stimulate hair growth like eating foods rich in natural DHT blockers and nutrients that feed the hair follicles. Some of those foods are tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, strawberries and more. Beaucoup Hair Herbal Hair Systems also work topically..
    Most manufacturers are using synthetic vitamins and hardly ANY calcium. Flax seed oil has much more omega 3 than fish oil..
    This is interesting because he spoke of advocare omega 3's on his SHOW. LOL...said OMEGAPLEX is one of the best vitamins he says he doesn't promote any company...funny..
    I really appreciate that you are taking facebook questions. Please do leave the product details in the about section and do make one supplement video for women to take for overall health (especially if possible for hair & skin health). Thanks and please do make a video after some solid research / reviews on evening primrose soft gels 500 mg benefits and for cause I used for a month or two & noticed healthy thick hair & soft glowing skin with acne scar reduction. Is it possible .

    Fake. If you realize he's reading off something behind the camera, if this wasn't an add what he wanted to say should have come from his heart not a thought out draft. -_- name covered is a fake, he gets paid to say "this really works".
    +Jay Dice All i'm saying is it wouldn't make sense for him to only "advertise" 3 vitamins if he's trying to get massive kickbacks. I've been taking these for years now and have never had any negative effects from them. I was told I was deficient in vitamin D even though I was outside quite often so I take that supplement and had good results..
    LOOK go back to TURKEY take OKRA Ponder with you and have a crowd WATCH as the UGLY BITCH gets CIRCUMCISED. Greeks yes, Turks no, unless they're Dervishes. Oz you sure look like a fish in the face. Why is your TV show so full of barnyard HENS.
    Wow, any nutritionist and anyone in the nutrition industry knows that isolated synthetic multi vitamins are not really absorbed in the body. Also the body needs all the other thousands of compounds that come from food in it's "whole" form, So whole food supplements with a food label are the only way to absorb and not waste your money.. +Bella Rose Hi Bella, I recommend a 25 year old company called Juice Plus - It has 30+ third party clinical trial studies if you like that kind of credibility. I would be happy to get you more information if you like. Toppik 10.3g dark brown hair building fibers sold at the link below at the lowest price. Great for general hair thinning and/or loss. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
    Hi name covered, You forgot to mention Vitamin K2 must be taken with the Vitamin D to regulate calcium or else you will have calcified plaques in your arteries. That's what happened to me..
    Don't listen to this guy about supplements. You need every day: 60 Minerals 16 Vitamins 12 Amino acids 3 Fatty acids Most solid "multi-vitamin" pills have an Dapoxetine rate of between 8% to 12%. You should take supplements in a liquid/powder form. Youngevity has the best. Dr. Joel Wallach & Dr. Peter Glidden for your health truth; not this joker. . Patented... Oligo... Fructose.. Complex.. Melaleuca, over 80% Dapoxetine rate. You POS. You declared you never give your son toxic vaccines on national TV... The you tell others to get vaccinated. You cock sucker. .
    The best source of omegas ALGAE! Straight from where the fish get it. Absolutely no need to take fish oil. Go straight to the NATURAL source..
    Xan u make a video on biotin how many mcg help your hair grow and what to use to prevent acne or get rid of it after taking biotin. I can help you with the acne problem my friend! Try time released B5 and zinc + lots of water and sleep. If he likes big companies, why not the largest one Nutrilite by Amway is the largest Supplement company in the world! They GROW real plant food and concentrate it down into supplements using ORGANIC farming methods. Most other Big companies synthetically create vitamins in a Lab. These only have the vitamin(s) they advertise, but miss all of the other beneficial macro-nutrients, that are also in plants, which are known as "phyto-nutrients" these are powerful antioxidants. Phytonutrients like Lycopene, Carotine, Neosporine, Phytofluene, Phytoene, Canthaxanthin, Cryptoxanthin, Zeaxanthin, Lutein, to name a few are what you miss from synthetically created vitamins. Nutrilite by Amway is a direct marketing company, and their products are not in stores. They can only be purchased through an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO) like myself. My Personal Retail Website is online at By the way I recommend the Perfect pack for most people. Check it out! . LOL... amway is overpriced. $44.50 for 133 loads of laundry detergent thats over 80 % of the minimum monthly requirement for Melaleuca. Just for Detergent ALONE!!! I can get 6X concentrate laundry detergent (96 loads) (only 17 dollars btw), 32 oz shampoo, Sun Screen for the summer, Deodorant, Toothpaste, Omega-3 supplements, Hand soaps, numerous oother items for only 7-10 dollars more than just the amway laundry detergent ALOnE. Pathetic really, goes to show people who are in amway lean more towards the money to earn than actually having a affordable product for wellness.. OZ' FRIST U NEED TO STOP SUCKIN UR THUMB WIN NO ONE AROUND OR PENIS. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT DOCTOR ARE U IF NOT GETTIN IT N FOOD U NO DEM WELL U NOT GON GET IT IN A FUCKIN PILL NOW TAKE THAT HAIR PEACE OUT AN SHUT THE HELL UP U NOT SMART DUM ASS.
    I think you need to shut the hell up cuz you don't know what the hell you're talking about you know so much why don't you put it on Facebook.


    Propecia causes PERMANENT IMPOTENCE in most men ! Merck's clinical trials are completely fraudulent ! ALso beware: Merck employees are posting fake testimonials about Propecia on youtube ! The following uploaders work for Merck: alanbauman, samlamMD, alexbigben, justjoe9073, latinlotus, SPEXX, hairlossfromsteroids If you have hairloss, just shave your head ! That's it ! Don't destroy your life by going on FINASTERlDE !!!.
    you will die without jim green though,you are not serious,you must have ta65..
    Boosting 'Glutathione' levels is also very important; since it is the body's master antioxidant! (For more info; please call 905-227-6203).

    he said it is the best program online at the moment when it comes to weight loss. If it helps, I am using it also with great results. I got a special discount on this link ->

    Antrodia Cinnamomea is a brilliant supplement that helps improve overall health. Google Peng Wei Health Limited to find out more..

    It is because of iron, I like to have protein as a food source. However Vit B12, Niacin and Biotin I add separately for the very reason you mentioned. My blood tests dictate the supplements I take. Iron overload is particulary bad for men. I read that men are okay if they give blood regularly. The iron in suppplements was really for women who are not yet menopausal.

    Cant get all u need just from regular food tho. I agree that a better diet will help u get healthier but MOST americans dont eat the way they should so u need to supplement..

    I felt depleted while on statins. The doctor took me off of statins and now I take fenugreek, coQ10 and fish oil. I was diagnosed with low T which might have had something to do with being depleted from meds. To get hormone leve.

    Supplements are not drugs, that is why they aren't regulated by the FDA. It is impossible to get everything we need from the foods we eat and even when we do eat healthy most people still cannot get everything our bodies need. So we take supplements and herbs. My grandma lived into her 90's and she took them along with a pretty healthy diet. name covered NEVER endorses products, he is probably one of the most honest Drs out there..
    so many people say results are great because losing fat with that method is very easy.has anyone heard of this program let me write down their site name for you,just copyandpaste it into your browser. GOALSUMMER2013.INFO.
    Anyone is able to effortlessly receive over 3000 usd a month simply by responding to uncomplicated surveys at home. This site shows precisely how\4f4mg.
    I love name covered but: 1000mg of Calcium 500mg of Magnesium 1000mg-1,200mg of Vitamin D There is no supplement on Earth that provides this high content. Not even one that I could find on Amazon that provides half of that with one pill and if there is, not even a horse would be able to swallow it. . copy and paste the line above into your browser - let us be your own nutritionist online,. Thanks for that information I found a fast and easy way to lose weight new discovery something I never heard before. I fyou really want to lose fat fast check this Great info. Check out Great service and wide variety of products. You can use coupon code LAF375 for a $10 discount. Good luck.
    Correction RAW milk is very healthy for you, but yes regular pasteurized milk is garbage. It lacks the proper enzymes needed to digest lactose (milk sugar), thus why people become lactose intolerant. .

    Vitamins/Minerals - Biogenesis AntiAging
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