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  1. December 31, 2015

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    +gronhox2 No, there is no need for PCT because this is a natural anabolic. If you want to get more info about PCT, we recommend you to read this article:

    DePaul :: Brand Resources :: Graphic Identity Standards...
  2. December 30, 2015
    Facts and warnings to consumers about being deceived by dishonest HGH suppliers who make dishonest claims about IGF, Amino Acids, HGH and growth hormone supplements. i1 | Max Life Is Proud To Offer Antler...
  3. December 19, 2015
    how can igf-1 protocol boost my igf-1 levels? 100% all natural & steroid free; improved anabolic activity & muscle cell growth; igf-1 levels can lead to improved anti... i2
    IGF-1 - the Body's Main Growth Factor of Youth and Anti-Aging
  4. December 29, 2015
    Most adults that I know tend to have too much fat, decreased muscle mass and decreased energy. That adds up to decreased quality of life. An anti-aging hormone could... i3
    Ageing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. December 22, 2015

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    Hi there...*I gained I was 5.8’ I used Growth Sinerama Wmx supplement for 90 days and I have grown to 2.5 inches. No more special shoes to wear, Best thing I have ever done.... Yes, Dr. Hertoghe has an accent because he is from Antwerp and is a physician with an office in Brussels, Belgium. Dr. Thierry Hertoghe devotes his life to the promotion of a better, patient-oriented and evidence-based medicine. Thanks for liking our channel... Check out our latest videos from the the AMMG 2012 Conferences.

    Top 7 Anti Aging Foods: You Are What You Eat
  6. December 24, 2015
    Without any exaggeration we can say that the GenF20 Plus is the most successful HGH stimulator. The combination of the GenF20 Plus and the previously mentioned Oral... i5
    Anti-Aging Medicine: Current Therapies from the Science of...
  7. December 21, 2015
    Numerous studies show that maintaining an optimal count of IGF-1 forestalls many of the typical signs of aging. i6
    How to Increase IGF-1 Levels | eHow
  8. December 20, 2015
    BENEFITS OF ANTLER VELVET MAX; Helps increase white blood cell production; Helps restoration of immune tissue; Helps to preserve healthy bone density i7
    IGF 1 HGH
  9. December 25, 2015

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    Ageing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  10. December 23, 2015
    The First HONEST Site about IGF-1 So you've heard about IGF-1... you may be here for any number of reasons: You want to build muscle and burn fat safely i9
    Life extension - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  11. December 26, 2015
    Background. Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) shares a high degree of structural and functional homology with insulin and is a potent mitogen supporting... i10
    HGH - Human Growth Hormone :: Advice HGH
  12. January 1, 2016
    Ageing (British English) or aging (American English) is the process of becoming older. In the narrow sense, the term refers to biological ageing of human beings... i11
    Renuva Generator | Renuva Anti-Aging System | Hormone...
  13. January 2, 2016

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    Effect of IGF-I on Hair Growth Is Related to the Anti...
  14. December 28, 2015
    IGF 1 HGH What's the Difference Between IGF-1 and HGH? There is a distinct different between IGF-1 (or Insulin-like Growth Factor) and HGH (or human growth hormone). i13
    IGF-1 - Banned by Baseball for a REASON - It WORKS!IGF-1
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  16. January 5, 2016

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    IGF-1 Levels. | MESO-Rx Forum
  17. October 28, 2015
    I have been reading many articles on HGH replacement and IGF-1 levels. Some of them refer to IGF-1 in... 1-29; TB-500; Anti... i1
    IGF-1 pathway: How to increase HGH by using Deer antler...
  18. January 13, 2016
    Anti-Aging Supplements > Now IGF-1 + LipoSpray... IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) A Polypeptide Compound Produced From HGH... i2
    HGH and Anti Aging, Human Growth Hormone
  19. January 23, 2016
    IGF-1, the powerhouse... has long been praised for its anti-aging properties.The reason it is often regarded this way is because of... IGF-1 Levels Clinical Study... i3
    IGF-1 - Velsulin
  20. November 22, 2015

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    'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life - Yahoo News
  21. November 7, 2015
    ... anti aging and bodybuilding... (that comes naturally with aging). IGF-1 significantly increases muscle... It is because HGH causes IGF levels to rise in... i5
    'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life
  22. November 21, 2015
    Home / Lifestyle / Anti-Aging / IGF-1:... IGF-1: Killer or Savior?... One recent study found that higher levels of IGF-1 are inversely associated with testicular... i6
    Testosterone Opposes IGF-1 Feedback in Older Men
  23. December 21, 2015
    ... Studies showing that injected HGH provides anti-aging benefits do not... IGF-1 Max is one of the first IGF-1... (or Insulin Like Growth Factor-1)... i7
    IGF-1+ Deer Antler Velvet Anti-aging Spray One Month Supply!
  24. December 2, 2015

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    Win a Months supply of Rewind IGF-1 on our website (the link is above) simply by registering your details. .

    DHEA and IGF-1 - HGH Talk | HGH, Anti Aging, and other...
  25. November 11, 2015
    Normal Hormone Levels... Rather than focus on what is considered normal for age we in anti-aging and functional medicine aim... (insulin-like growth factor #1)... i9
    VesPro Life Sciences : IGF-1 Max Anti Aging Supplement
  26. January 17, 2016
    IGF and Amino Acids and their effect on serum HGH... Amino Acids and their effect on serum HGH... HGH & Anti Aging i10
    Hormone Levels- Normal IGF-1, Estrogen, Testosterone...
  27. December 20, 2015
    ... the original idea behind IGF-1 supplements was to provide the general public with all the benefits of the elevated levels of IGF-1... as an anti-aging agent; IGF... i11
    IGF-1 Anti Aging
  28. November 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thank you very much, you explained it better than the Professor, we have some other excerpts from our TV show at IGF-1 is NOT orally active AT ALL! Like any long-chain peptide, it simply can't survive denaturing in the gut. This is the same reason testosterone is not taken orally. It only works if alkyl or methyl groups are added, in order to survive the gut and 1st past liver metabolism (which consequently raises liver values). Why spread misinformation. +Justin B misinformation is always widespread. How else would the media be able to sway the masses with such propaganda. Asian culture has used this substance for over 3,000 years. Screw the AMA.. Well in that case you have to stop drinking milk as is growth hormone lol eggs as well meet to the list goes on. Bobby..Thank you for your response..Not quite sure of what you are referring to in reference to milk or which segment of this video you are commenting on, none the less. We appreciate your feedback and participation..Oh and by the way. A Check is in the mail.
    The IGF1 idea causing more cancer is a problem, especially if you are doing paleo type diet, scary..
    Buy the book" The Arginine Solution' or go to the the Glossary of the book are hundreds of Studies aka Citations. Your pub med link was interesting but it was not even a page. it alluded to NO trials. here is another video link Interesting video on IGF-1 supplements. Shows a possibly harmful effect that many people may overlook.. +Emily Newman Thank you for your response, These supplements and prescription drugs have their place..bottom line.. abuse anything and you will probably not like the overall results.. he did say that they are immortal.. bad use of words..I believe he is referring to the fact that our immune systems cannot defeat most cancers without help.. +Greg Arnold i take 200mg of test c a week an igf1lr3 from time to time, an i use ghrp2 an cjc with dac, i dont use steroids, as they give me harsh side effects, an i find i get better results from just using peptides an more safer as far as side effects.
    IGF-1 LR3 greatly boosts muscle mass by inducing an increase in number of new muscle cells in the MUSCLE WHERE ITS INJECTED! So think of it as muscle cell proliferation, or even the splitting of the cell so 1 becomes 2… That’s why it is perfect on cycle when you get increased muscle cell growth too. But why is IGF better than HGH The reason being is HGH causes IGF levels to rise in the liver first, then then the muscle, Whereas IGF-LR3 causes localized IGF levels to rocket. Igf1-lr3 is the long acting version of Igf-1, Taking its active potential up towards 20 hours, But along with its ability to stimulate the growth of satellite muscle cells and helping them to mature into new muscle fibers it holds the ability to increase the uptake of many supplements we currently use, And it can cause the enhanced recovery of testicle size, and prevent muscle loss even in PCT. Plus another reason its so potent is because of the decreased binding of Long R3 IGF-1 to all known IGF binding proteins. These binding proteins normally inhibit the biological actions of IGF.. not so with the long acting version IGF-3LT3. By the way, have you been Craving cheese Recent test at the University of Pennsylvania, “Rats that were given IGF-1 and did nothing were bigger and stronger than rats that weren’t given IGF-1 but exercised. And the rats that were given IGF-1 and exercised were the biggest, strongest rats in the house. The positive effects of IGF-1 on the rats continued for months after the rats stopped getting the supplemental hormone, whereas the exercising rats immediately lost size and strength as soon as they stopped exercising.” As I was alluding to...IGF-1 actually expedites recovery time. ..especially when related to surgeries or serious injury....the faster the Muscle can recover from a workout the more new muscle can be synthesized..the University of Texas which specializes in severe burn victim treatments has done extensive HUMAN ( not Rat ) trials on the best and safest muscle synthesis ‘cocktails’ and has come to the conclusion that EAA’s and carbs create 400 % more muscle synthesis than ANYTHING else including anabolic steroids..there are multiple reasons why what you are taking are working..could be your workout ethic is great.. could be your physiological makeup responds better than the next person. Fact is IGF-1-LR3 will cause even greater elevations in Igf and the potential for more muscle growth and fat loss. IGF-1 forces nutrients into the muscle, it increases the uptake of amino acids!!! Creatine, and other supplements, in particular collagen. its unique ability to drain fat cells and supply muscle cells with vital nutrients. No matter how anyone explains it, it is a complicated process that works it’s magic in a number of ways..and we have not even mentioned how it effects the pituitary gland. .
    Any possibility of you sharing a link to any of these studies in reference to Anti oxidants. Too many aminos can put protein in your urine which could conceivably be a sign of severe stress on kidney function, I just watched an interesting live podcast about micronutrients & some of the blood tests available to let a person know where his or her body is in regards to any nutrition. one fellow had a deficiency in potassium (electrolytes) and something else that was diagnosed as mental fatigue. If a person has insurance they should request a micronutrient blood test, Otherwise it could cost over $ 500. There is an interesting test for about $ 100 that can tell the condition your Telemeres is in...Sad part of that test...a person may find out they only have 15 minutes to live. or visit Wait a minute people. Didn't this dude say cancer cells are immortal Doesn't immortal mean CAN"T DIE If cancer cell can't die why are cancer doctors treating cancer. How do they expect to kill the cancer cells if this dude is telling us cancer cells are immortal Something stinks to high heaven.... Oh crap. You are right. normal cells go thru a process called apoptosis that is normal cell death, but I never heard of cancer going thru that process. Thanks for correcting me. Love Jenn.
    +Jennifer Griffin Technically Immortal, doesn't mean they cn't be killed, if they were left alone and actually fed they would maybe be ind of immortal..
    Someone is giving you bad information. it is not clear or certain what causes the different cancers but the video is designed to make people think about the ramifications of abuse of any substance..too much food makes you fat...too much alcohol ruins the liver, too much anti-inflammatory substance( IBUPROFEN-Aspirin-Naproxin) causes your kidneys to shut down,Statin drugs has been linked to Dementia.
    The media will always exploit and darken the truth with big brother always mindful and watching. Free press has been dead for decades..
    nothing pisses me off more than someone trying to sell you something they don't know shit about.. Repair is one of the most important mechanisms in body building. You rip your body apart in a great work out, now you need it to repair with rest and food right That's one of the greatest benefits of steroids is that you repair so fast, and you can continue to push yourself with less worry of an injury, and you can build muscle faster because you are being repaired more efficiently. The athletes using this were repairing faster, which allowed to to reach their genetic limits, and cut down on downtime from whatever injuries they had. So yeah I consider this to be an unfair advantage for sports..
    +Daniel H I am not against steroid use in moderation.. but even anti inflamatory over the counter pills like Ibuphrophen (Sp), aspirin or Naproxen can be very harmful to your kidneys, they kill pain and allow more workouts.

    You can get 100 times better results with Essential Amino Acids and 7 grams of L-arginine than by using anabolic steroids...and you will not get any of the Side effects...Google LYLE ALZADO and see what taking steroids got him. Steroid abuse kills...Simple, Cut And Dry.
    +Greg Arnold are you serious You mentioned an article and yet provided no citation. "but that the University of Texas or Texas A&M claim that High doses of the Essential Amino Acids in conjuction with L-Arginine and L-Citruline create more Lean muscle synthesis than ANY Steroid." Can you actually substantiate these wild claims I'm not interested in appeals to authority fallacies. Only research.. yeah that's like same with Alpha GPC, if you take more than 2-3 month cycle your feeding cancer cells in your body as well, since it does trigger HGH response in your body.
    +HomasterX how do you like aplha GPC..cannot find Notropic I have found is Caffeine and L -Theanine.. one without the other will either give you the jitters or relax the hell out of you. Definately stimulates my brain..better than cannibis for mind stimulation..

    stupid that will happen only if u have cancer already in your body then it will grow ,but if u don't your amunity will be stronger to prevent cancer ,so its good if u don't have cancer ,,,,,.

    lmao use more than 50mg of igf1 and you will "activate" cancer that is inside you!! hahah that's some pretty bold shit..

    I didn't watch the whole thing, so I don't know if he touched on this, but IGF-1 DOES NOT work orally. .

    GO VEGAN TO STAY HEALTHY AND YOUNG MORE THAN REPUTABLE SOURCES: Dr. John McDougall MD, Dr. Douglas Graham, Dr. Neil Bernard MD - chairman for physician for responsible medicine, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. caldwell esselstyn - head of the clevland clinic for heart disease, T. Colin Campell - nutrition scientist, Allona Pulde MD + Mathew Lederman MD.
    Clinical trials at major universities claim using Small doses of IGF-1 for catalyst purposes can be beneficial in the battle against premature aging..
    chris,i do not believe i made a statement Pro or Con,i collect info from the experts, the Doctors involved in the clinical trials, the scientist that have won Nobel prizes studying the good the bad and the Ugly, as a TV producer it is my responsibility to offer up as much info from the real players so that people can be their own judges, I am 65 and believe me I want to believe that all of these natural substances work. but I do not want to hurt anyone leaving out the facts, trust me, more times than not I get depressed when I hear or find any downside to discoveries that seemed great initially only to be proven to be harmful.
    What are your qualifications to make such statements. Reason why I ask is because you seem very sure of your findings. . chris, i have made it clear on previous comments that I am not the oracle, I simply raise the questions and get a responee.
    Please visit, there are quite a few pages and videos with testimonials referencing how IGF-1 works in the body..I have personally witnessed rapid healing of a broken collar bone(my 20 year old sons) 21 days, and an amazing recovery form a cervical neck surgery (My wifes) requiring bone marrow fusion ( 28 days), Both drank high doses, 2 times a day of the Jump Start Formula which contained 3500 mg of the Essential amino acids, 4600 mg of L-Arginine, 800 mg of Collagen, 200 mg of Hyaluronic Acid and too many other ingredients to list here.. all of which have been known to stimulate the pituitary gland into releasing IGF-1, Working on downloading their MRI CDs to the keepUsYoung website.
    Cancer cells will grow only if you have them or if you are genetically proned have a family history of certain cancers so this is BS too and they don`t know how much use provokes cancer growth.Cancer cells can be surgically or medically reduced or removed..
    Cancer cells are NOT immortal! This must have been made by the US government who likes you to believe cancer is always a killer. .

    Good one, the Feds are responsible for a lot of very bad things including carcinogeics also allowing Monsanto to produce GMOs without enough safety testing .
    Than you for the response,Everyone has cancer cells that lay dormant until stimulated, believe me I was hoping for a more favorable answer to the effects of Telemerase on Anti-Aging, are you aware of the bad effects Anti inflamatories like aspirin and ibuprophen have on your kidneys I am looking for responsible facts, whether I agree or not,and who wants to have anything surgically or chemically removed, Trust me you co not want Any cancers. but at least you are interested in the truth. For that,I thank you.. First, igf 1 does not cause cancer. igf 1 is actually necessary to fight off cancer and other diseases. Research it a bit. maybe if you take tons and tons of the stuff, then it might cause negative effects, otherwise it is safe and actually healthy. Igf 1 is highest among babies and kids as they grow into adults, yet how many babies do you see with cancer. +Young Strength Zach is right about IGF-1 inducing cancerous cell growth. There is a litany of information on the subject from lab testing on mice and cell cultures, as well as studies done on people correlating increased tumorigenesis with elevated levels of IGF. Google 'IGF cancer' and you can find the studies. That being said, bigconan may be right in that only taking extreme amounts would actually elicit cancer, but on this one I think it may be better to be safe than sorry. cheers .

    Anti Aging Igf-1 Levels | Deer Antler Extracts
  29. October 26, 2015
    ... (insulin-like growth factor-1)... of GH and IGF-1 levels with aging... like growth factor-I with mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer in the... i13
    IGF-1 Levels. | MESO-Rx Forum
  30. December 10, 2015
    I have been reading many articles on HGH replacement and IGF-1 levels. Some of them refer to IGF-1 in... 1-29; TB-500; Anti... i14
    IGF-1 pathway: How to increase HGH by using Deer antler...
  31. December 11, 2015
    Anti-Aging Supplements > Now IGF-1 + LipoSpray... IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) A Polypeptide Compound Produced From HGH... i15
    HGH and Anti Aging, Human Growth Hormone
  32. December 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    No dairy for 24 hours and almost no acne at all!!!!! You literally saved my life, I have tried so many over the counter topical treatments and nothing has ever worked. Thank you so much! . i avoided milk /cheese for 1 mnth n my spots went n face felt so smooth.. i started eatin it again n it came bak..
    +Mami Yankee lol you sound just like me. I figure out how to do things then I end up going back to what I was doing.

    Thank you for explaining this. everyone says to quit dairy but no one ever explains why. I quit dairy for a few months last year. I looked better but I slowly brought dairy back in and my face has been hell. But I also have pcos and an underactive thyroid so I'm sure that's got something to do with it. Moral of the story I am gonna try to go dairy free again! wish me luck :) thanks for convincing me!.
    Hey +Ameer Rosic! So it's kind of hard to believe I posted my comment 2 weeks ago considering how well my skin is doing. For 2 weeks I cut out dairy entirely- no milk, cheese, yogurt, or even butter. Additionally, I have also gone gluten free. And even though I have to give up a lot of the foods I love, I have never felt or looked better! I hardly breakout, and the tone of my skin has evened out. Thank you so much! I hope people do take their diets seriously because what you put into your body definitely effects your skin- even though so many doctors I know don't admit this. I saw a dermatologist about 3 months ago (after waiting 8 months for an appointment) and she wanted to put me on accutane even though my skin really wasn't even THAT bad. needless to say, I never took her prescription- and I am so glad I didn't. Thanks again for sharing this :) -Malak. I strongly disagree with this gentleman's etiological analysis of acne. The body needs diary on a daily basis to obtain healthy amounts of calcium and fat soluble vitamins, especially for children and adolescents.. that is a joke. ancient and current rural ppl live w/out milk most or all of the time n r PERFECTLY fine with the rest of God's foods that he have us to ORIGINALLY eat. +haffiz ismail When you take a scoop of Whey protein, you aren't just getting "Whey protein", you are getting Whey protein and 10,000 other ingredients. Some of which are harmful in higher dosages - but a lower dosages can assist in acne production.. I understand exactly what your saying but I still have 1 question, Why is it that for some people, milk has no effect whatsoever on their acne. I've been drinking milk my entire life until l i realized that it was the #1 caused for my acne about 2 years ago but I get really pissed off to see my friend who has his face clear and he drinks tons of milk and no 1 pimple comes out on his face.
    +Bmart30 They may not consume as many chemically altered foods - rich with preservatives. My mate drinks about 1 litre a day - in his wheat cereal, in muesli, with dinner and at midnight. He doesn't have one pimple - purely because all the foods he eats are healthy, fresh foods - not packed with preservatives. So instead of directly looking at when he drinks milk, pay attention to what his regular diet consists of..
    i'm lactose intollerant :(. My acne isn't bad at all just the little i have doesn't seem to go away..
    +Kara Stone Vegans can get acne... There may be food that causes acne that is in your diet - you just need to take out one every week and see if the acne clears up. If not, then you may need to wash and exfoliate every day (once a day) and then use tea tree oil (DON'T SWALLOW THIS!) - it is 100% eucalyptus oil..
    I'm allergic to dairy so i have never had it and i still have acne sooo... must be a hormone thing from being young.
    I overdrink milk, im 24 and drink 4 galons of whole milk per week and I have no acne. This problem comes when I eat fat like pork and fat beef or even sausages or ham those processed food. But not Milk.
    I can testify to this. I've cut out dairy and I have no breakouts. If I have some cheese and milk chocolate, within a day or two I get spots. Usually around my chin. I sometimes have goats cheese but this still gives me breakouts but not as bad as cow's milk. There is a definite connection, which is a shame as I love cheese. I still have oily skin though and want to make it less oily, which is what led me to this video. . +Gra Piken What do you have as an alternative to milk I'd hate to get rid of milk and not have anything closely resembling it - considering i've had it my entire life.. +EnthusiasticTaco I love cheese. I have cheese and milk very occasionally. I mostly use almond milk and dairy free margarine . I watched many videos on YouTube about Ache and that that they all say in simple wards no milk not too mush sugar and clean you face 1s after bed and 1ns before so i did those thinks and it helped me a lot :P. but I don't even drink or consume dairy. I'm lactose intolerant, so I only drink soymilk. so what's wrong with my body. God damn it. My parents told me milk was the cure to acne so I've been drinking a pint everyday. I suffered from acne since I was a teen and couldn't understand why. I thought it was just in my genes but I did some research 4 years ago and found Milk... Yes the drink that supposed to make everybody strong and healthy bones might be the leading cause. I've stood away from the drink and noticed a complete difference. It was difficult because I love milk, ice cream and cheese. I went into fitness and started drinking Whey protein "The Gain Maker" Guess what; the acne started coming back. So I began vegan protein with almond milk, more water throughout the day and limited cheese and my face has cleared. I try to give advice to people with acne to stay away from milk products but they just stare at me like I just came out of a nut house. .
    +Jay Delgado Ah so sad they give me weird looks too, people have been brainwashed into thinking that one cannot survive without dairy. When in reality we live much better. Our ancient ancestors had much stronger bones than the modern human and they consumed no dairy, so clearly dairy cannot be making our bones strong. I have actually heard it is bad for our bones because it is too acidic. Some people even think it accelerates osteoporosis..

    This is 100 percent legit. I showed this to my dermatologist. But this is hard to give up dairy cause 80 percent of the food that we eat has milk in the ingredients .
    +Lilly Seo Anything that has dairy listed as an ingredient is equally as bad as dairy itself. For me cheeses, butters, and creams have been the worst acne offenders until my skin broke out really bad, then all dairy had to go..
    I had acne for as long as I can remember, have tried everything and failed. I just recently found out what my problem was... LEAKY GUT! Fix your gut and your acne will be gone! Here's what I did. 1. Take 1.5 grams of L-Glutamine - 2x a day. 2. Take 1 tab Caprylic Acid - 2x a day 3. Take 1 Probiotic at least 20Billion cultures - 2x a day 4. Drink organic plain kefir everyday and even use it as facial mask to combat acne bacteria. Hope this helps! Please avoid dermatologists and their prescriptions/antibiotics..
    Hello, thank you so much for this awesome video! Very informative. I want to ask - what about gluten Can gluten also cause acne As well as sugar I don't know what to do.. cows were injected with growth hormone to produce more milk. that means more hormones than normal. and acne is caused by hormone imbalance. so cow milk is fine if it is from our own raised cow. but comercial milk is not good.. 3 main steps to get rid of acne: eat healthy diet and stay away from junk food, remove dairy from your life as much as possible and do not squeeze your pimples just leave them alone.. I never drink milk. Rather do i eat much dairy, if any, and i still have severe acne. I understand where he is getting this from. But you can still have acne from others factors. . With breakfast if I don't have cereal and I have toast is that good or bad because bread has and butter both have milk but is it in a save serving size or should I have eggs or bacon instead.
    This is VERY true! I used to very bad acne, and drink plenty of milk.. mixed with protein shakes, and my acne would get worse and worse. Couldn't pinpoint the 'cause until I cut milk out and it's gotten a lot better. I've switched to almond milk..

    Is there any way to reduce sebum production Sorry if you did happen to address this in the video I didn't watch the whole thing..

    +Peter Eli Cutting back on oily food, food high in salt or fat and legumes/grains helped me with this a lot. Raw, fresh produce also helps to combat oil production and make skin naturally moist..

    Its NOT just Dairy, I encourage anyone who is suffering from acne to do your own research. Its anything that causes inflamation in the body, things that cause your insulin levels to raise. Things like starchy foods and carbohydrates like potatoes, rice, pasta, breads and sugars. Dr. Perricone's book the acne prescription really helped me. You also want to rid the body of Candida and do a cleanse to eliminate the toxins that are backing up into your blood stream and causing you to vent through your skin. Its not as simple as just eliminating dairy but if you keep your carbs low and eliminate sugars you will see a difference. Complex carbs like oatmeal, quinoa,and apples are OK in moderation but for the acne sufferer meat and veggies are the best way to go. Nothing fried of course..
    I'm 14 and i drink 3 cups of milk everyday for the last 8 years, I've been experiencing acne for the last 2 years, but at the same time i want to maximize my growth, what should i do.
    I wish dairy was my problem. I've been vegan for five years, so milk is not the problem for me. Darn. Well, it's probably the lack of water I drink. I hate water. .

    +jdstep97 Lack of lean proteins and too much sugar seems to be a huge cause for me, after I eliminated dairy. If I don't eat eggs now and then my skin flares up a little. Some protein/healthy fat is necessary for clear skin. Try eating more avocados and seeds. Also less grains/legumes seems to help me wonders with acne..

    +gremlins 347 Thanks! I may just consume too much in the way of grains and legumes, especially being vegan. I appreciate your suggestions. .
    Lmao this is bro science. It may be true but this guy has a whiteboard and thinks he can explain what doctors have been researching for years in 5 minutes. LOL nothing spills out of your liver lmfao... And all of a sudden these toxins make there way to an entirly unrelated gland in your body lmfao Dont think thats how it works my friend. . I don't drink milk.. But I hv coffée once in a day n I love cheese.. Wht can I replace for the dairy stuff .
    Omg :-o an year without cheese Amazing.. Seems difficult though.. But I hv to do it cuz I'm getting acne..Very mild though :-( .

    Soy cheese often tastes like real cheese, but its pretty allergenic so I try to limit how much soy/soy cheese I eat. If you love cheese and still crave it this can be a substitute. Eating a better diet overall can also help with acne on top of going dairy free. :).
    Please can you do an alternatives to dairy video and explain the different products you can have instead of dairy.
    Buhhhhhhh. Thank you so much like for real mean. You teach awesome. Wanna be my teacher You made this funny and educational. I love you man. .
    This guy has no idea what he's talking about. I don't drink milk but I still have sebum production.. I gave up dairy for 3 months, but it did not improve my acne. My acne is healing now because I stopped washing my face. When you wash your face with harsh soaps and hot water, it strips the skin of it's naturally occurring layer of protective oils. In response to this, the skin tries to produce more sebum to replace what was lost all at once, which leads your your pores getting clogged. Also, bacteria that would normally be prevented from entering your pores now has the chance to do so. Try going several days at least a week without letting water touch your skin. At first, it may cause existing acne to get worse, but the healing process after that is also accelerated. I also do this without even removing my mineral makeup. I just sleep in it and apply a little bit more in the morning. I think for some people, acne is gut related and dietary changes will help prevent acne. But, for me, that wasn't the case. Rather, I was just abusing my skin with harsh chemicals and heat without even knowing it. . Everyone has all these videos about all these factors that contribute to acne, if you listened to every single one you wouldn't be able to have anything except water lmao.
    2 guice dubz instead of complaining about his demonstration, why dont you just try cutting it out. It wont kill you, on the flip side it improves your health..
    i need help im only nine thats right and the thing is to start every day of my life i drink choclete milk. Im twelve in middle school and I have really bad acne like really bad please help meeeeeeee I hate looking at myself because im just grossed out should I use proactive plus or go on a diet I dont know what to do please help.. Try finding out what triggers acne But at your age, it's normal because you're going through puberty and causing too much hormone production.

    IGF-1 - Velsulin
  33. January 1, 2016
    IGF-1 is the Growth Factor of Youth. IGF-1... that low IGF-1 levels play a key role in the... that the real future of anti-aging medicine lies with IGF-1. i17
    'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life - Yahoo News
  34. January 27, 2016
    ... anti aging and bodybuilding... (that comes naturally with aging). IGF-1 significantly increases muscle... It is because HGH causes IGF levels to rise in... i18
    'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life
  35. December 4, 2015
    Home / Lifestyle / Anti-Aging / IGF-1:... IGF-1: Killer or Savior?... One recent study found that higher levels of IGF-1 are inversely associated with testicular... i19
    Testosterone Opposes IGF-1 Feedback in Older Men
  36. January 15, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    So this is terrible for vegan bodybuilders! igf-1 facilitates growth by using protein A vegan diet decreases this. +Josh Snell V - don't some body builder take an IGF-1 supplement even when on a non-vegan diet..
    As a Vegan bodybuilder, this is good news in deed. I don't go crazy on my protein but I do go over. Unless you are taking steroids and gaining 20+ pounds of muscle each year, extreme excess protein is just a waste. I would rather eat more fibrous carbs. It seems that when I do, I can work harder and my muscles look fuller and bigger. Especially beets..

    +Roy Carter - you body needs a source of energy. There are only three possibilities: fat, protein, or sugar. On Keto you burn fat, on a weight-loss diet you burn protein, and on a vegan diet you burn sugar..

    holy shit when i take plant... soy protein shakes should i space out shakes instead of having a 40gram shake in one sitting.
    “GH and IGF levels are both elevated dramatically following exercise” “IGF-I in children have been associated with higher IQ” “Its deficit can cause hearing loss. Serum level of it also underlies a correlation between short height and reduced hearing abilities particularly around 3–5 years of age, and at age 18 (late puberty).”. +Pankaj Duggal - you do realize, by this guys definition of cancer promoting, any life sustaining food or vital nutrient would be classified as cancer promoting. Why do you think plant protein generates less IGF-1 It's because it is not a complete protein.. +Pankaj Duggal - So to answer your question: Of course it's a loaded question. Are you about to say it isn't. i have to write a research paper on why the aztecs went to such an extent with human sacrifice and cannibalism and several of the people in my grade are going with the reason that protein deficiency may have been a contributing factor. i am citing this video in my research paper so that i can downsize that alleged 'clever' excuse as to why they ate the victims they sacrificed. i feel incredibly sneaky. :). This is wrong. Current studies have shown that soy isolates actually increase igf by 19 percent over animal protein. .
    +adam wittman You don't have to eat soy to maintain a healthy diet, and saying that soy is worse than meat and therefor you need to eat meat is like saying heroin is worse than cigarettes therefor you should smoke. your argument is invalid..

    +adam wittman That is true when the soy is not organic(95% of the soy in the world). In the china study found that organic soy do not cause cancer..
    so if soy protein is -0.04 and this number is accurate, why in the other video is too much soy protein just as bad as meat protein I would assume that if the number is below zero, it can never be higher than zero by multiplying it. what is missing in this logic. That sounds like total bs. If you acknowledge IGF-1 increases cancer growth, then you should also know it just increases growth in general with cancer growth as a unintended side effect. Cancer is not a normal body function. So there is a purpose to it being in the body. A healthy person should have no fear of IGF-1 then.. I've found a lot of conflicting information about IGF-1 on the web. Some studies say that animal protein raises it, however, other studies say that skim milk, but not meat, raises it. One study even showed a positive association between IGF-1 and citrus fruit. Regardless, vegans have the lowest IGF-1 of any group, so that's one more reason to stay vegan..
    -0.04 is not the level of soy protein it is the level of IGF-1 when eating soy protein and as shown in the video it went down by 0.04 when eating the soy protein compared to an increase of 0.18 IGF-1 when eating animal proteins. and i don't know what other video you're mentioning but all things in moderation is the best answer i can give to that, but also no 2 things are ever going to stack up as "just as bad as" the other, too many variables to ensure that..
    if your mouth salivated then your body wants it huh people salivate over all kinds of things they should not consume. that's just ridiculous. i mean, if i salivate over donuts every day does that mean my body wants it no. it means my mind wants it. my body desires to be nourished and treated well with nutrient dense foods, not stuff that is hard on it.. I just read a study that said we have more IGF-1 in our own saliva than we could get in 100 quarts of milk. And that we only absorb trace amounts when consuming dairy. But people with leaky gut etc could absorb much more. I can't find good info on whether fermented dairy significantly decreases IGF-1. just eat broccoli with your meat and don't fry or bbq it...enjoy...if my mouth salivates when I see a steak I know my body wants it.
    It doesn't increase MPS that's for sure...It may increase strength of connective tissue or something but not muscle growth..

    IGF-1+ Deer Antler Velvet Anti-aging Spray One Month Supply!
  37. October 29, 2015
    Anti-Aging: Research has shown... There are many reasons to consider boosting your IGF-1 levels and IGF-1 supplements can help if you use them correctly. i21
    DHEA and IGF-1 - HGH Talk | HGH, Anti Aging, and other...
  38. November 12, 2015
    Normal Hormone Levels... Rather than focus on what is considered normal for age we in anti-aging and functional medicine aim... (insulin-like growth factor #1)... i22
    VesPro Life Sciences : IGF-1 Max Anti Aging Supplement
  39. November 1, 2015
    IGF and Amino Acids and their effect on serum HGH... Amino Acids and their effect on serum HGH... HGH & Anti Aging i23
    Hormone Levels- Normal IGF-1, Estrogen, Testosterone...
  40. December 5, 2015

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    IGF-1 Anti Aging
  41. November 29, 2015
    The Inter-Relationship Between Growth Hormone... International Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine 1998;1:54... Insulin-like growth factor 1 in relation to prostate... i25
    Anti Aging Igf-1 Levels | Deer Antler Extracts
  42. January 6, 2016
    ... (insulin-like growth factor-1)... of GH and IGF-1 levels with aging... like growth factor-I with mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer in the... i26
    IGF-1 Levels. | MESO-Rx Forum
  43. November 19, 2015
    I have been reading many articles on HGH replacement and IGF-1 levels. Some of them refer to IGF-1 in... 1-29; TB-500; Anti... i27
    IGF-1 pathway: How to increase HGH by using Deer antler...
  44. December 12, 2015

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    Actually igf does cause cancer to grow. It may not cause the cancer in the first place but we know that igf drives growth of the cancer. .
    u wear talisman and use symbols do u think they r cool or do u know there original use.
    Raw veganism is the key to longevity, if anyone's having problems with their current diet. For one, you're tremendously reducing the amount of toxins vice versa dairy and animal flesh that intrudes your colon, etc. Animal meat = wrinkles. The fountain of youth = plant based diet. That's not to say there's people who lived over 100 and smoked cigarettes and ate bacon everyday for breakfast..

    Cancer cells are formed around your body every day. Lowering IGF-1 levels and increasing IGF-1 binding proteins is the result of a healthy lifestyle revolving around a plant based diet..
    I just started taking a peptide called IGF lr3. It's actual igf. Why not just go for the real thing instead of fooling around with velvet. lol.
    Although, I'd probably agree with you on colostrum being a good supplement to one's diet, it is VERY unlikely that you put on 15 lbs of muscle in 3 months. You might want to re-check your before and after stats, pictures or whatever you used to measure results to formulate that conclusion. lol.

    Get over myself how I was merely making an observation. I'm not saying you look bad, just that it given your before and after pictures, the statement that you gained 15 pounds of muscle makes me skeptical. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe you were just very skinny as a raw vegan. Also, all this really has nothing to do with health, nor did i ever mention that. There are a lot of "fit" looking people with terrible health. .
    I had 11% BF going into the program and 12% BF at the end of the 3 months. 1% of 150lbs is 1.5 lbs. So I guess I should rephrase what I said above, I gained 13.5 pounds of lean muscle in 3 months. The other info is all up in my videos, this isn't something that's up for debate. Keep the limited mindset if you want limited results in life.. The POINT is all of the information presented in this very succinct video. If you it's so difficult for you to sit, pay attention and take in information that's going to benefit your health for 10 minutes then we can discuss strategies for dealing with ADHD like symptoms in a phone consultation.. I once put on 5lbs of lean muscle in a month back when I was eating crappy food and using P90X, and only using a low quality whey. Although I have no evidence to verify my story. I think most doubters hear that it is impossible, therefor not even try to find out if it is. .
    What vegans and vegetarians seem to NOT understand is that all protein are NOT CREATED EQUAL... And it isn't ABOUT how much protein you get it's about WHAT protein you get...Because at the end of the day it is NOT protein that is the important part...IT IS AMINO ACIDS which is what we get from the protein... There are MANY amino acids we need and a certain amount of each to be healthy... Vegetarians THINK they are getting enough protein by eating beans, cheese, soy products BUT they are NOT...
    Funnily enough I started experimenting with colostrum a week ago. It's got me quite intrigued, despite Daniel Vitalis' over the top David Wolfe style marketing of it. So depending on who you believe, it is either going to give me the body of a Greek god or cancer. Watch this space.. and I have had nothing but positive effects. IGF-1 which is present in Deer Antler is surrounded in a matrix of Co Factors which I believe makes Deer Antler Tincture much more usable for cellular uptake in the body rather than isolated IGF-1 which the footballers were using here in Sydney. But as is always the case Deer Antler has been tarred with the same brush due to the fiasco here in Sydney!! Great video Govan!. Brilliant ! I've just found of applying colostrum topically ! It's incredible made my skin smooth out and plump up. I have so many more questions than do I have time within my potential life span. When reading about biology, my questions are not clarified, but are replaced with more detailed questions. I wonder if this is from lack of experience and/or lack of education within the field . I don't think I've ever spoken about acne on my channel ever. It's a complex issue and I see you've subscribed to the LoveVitamin's channel. It'd be better to ask her! I am still working out, not trying to put on a large amount of muscle so I'm not focused on grams of protein consumed. D.C. symbol was created by him in part as a protective seal to have on stage while they play.. IGF-1 is a bit of an antagonist to a full head of hair if you're sensitive to it. Colostrum however is extremely anti-inflammatory and the benefits outweigh the negatives on hair loss. If you search colostrum and hair loss there's a ton of info on how it has helped a lot of people slow down their hair loss. I'd do at least a tablespoon+ per day to get the full anti-inflammation effects from it. Also try the olive oil and cayenne scalp rub regularly I recommend in my hair loss video.. Excellent video ,this has been a big story here in Sydney Australia as you will see in the link attached its getting a bad rap at the moment. heraldsun./sport/nrl/cell-biology-expert-confirms-there-is-a-potential-link-between-growth-hormones-and-development-of-cancer-cells/story I suspect if your taking IGF-1 in concentrated form as in the article it may be some what of a issue but I have been taking Deer Antler for several years regularly,,,,. Lol, it can be a great addition to a workout program. When I did my bodybuilding thing where I put 15lbs of muscle on in 3 months I was doing 3tbsp a day of colostrum, but I was also doing a bunch of other stuff along with it..
    You're not making an observation, you have the audacity to make a statement about me when you're not me and can't possibly know what I've experience. "With that said, you made more like 2-3 lbs of muscle gains and even that's being generous." I'm telling you to get over yourself because you're speaking about something you know nothing about. Making the claim that you think I faked the BF% calculations or that I faked my weight on the scale when I have the evidence makes you look like an idiot..

    No I disagree with him on some things I don't think meat is THE BE$T EVER!! and I like conspiracy theories more than he does, actually I am A Life Long Vegan! his opinions are backed up by lots of research!! I just don't like meat so I use herbs to increase my IGF1, and yes me and Govan (his name is GOVAN!!!) are friends!!.
    They're limited thinkers and so they get limited results and thus think it's impossible because they base their perception of almost exclusively on their own experience.. Lol wow thanks, I guess I saw more than that because I thought I looked totally different when flipped..
    You've mentioned raw jersey cow dairy for acne that is hormonal. Is the rational that IGF-1 regulates hormones and brings them back into balance I' have a farm close by that has organic jersey cow milk/butter so I've been trying that. Also are you still trying to put on more muscle I'm about the same weight as you and I'm wondering how much protein etc. you take in and how many calories/day The raw dairy will help a lot with this I'd imagine.
    You have very symmetrical features, when you flipped the camera I noticed only the slightest slant in your nose. A sign of a good genetic foundation Nice video as usual, Zak..
    Also, people think saturated fat is bad but it is NOT it is VERY important..Of course tons and tons is not good for you but an adequate amount is... Saturated fats regulate hormone levels...And if your hormone levels are out of wack that causes a HOST for many potential problems...This can cause problems with heart, red blood cell count, testosterone/estrogen for man and women..It goes on and on.. .

    I'm very slowly learning how to navigate studies. For example, the following study links fat-intake before exercise to lower growth hormone response. I'm not even sure how to begin interpreting the meaning. What is it about the fat that effected the lower response How much fat What was the source and nutritional make up of the fat What about eating fat after exercise

    I thought this video was going to suck but you were actually correct... Coming from the bodybuilding world I can tell you that Growth Hormone (Which purpose CREATES high IGF-1 levels) DOES NOT cause cancer BUT if you have UNDIAGNOSED cancer cells within body it can 100% make it spread faster... BIG difference, does NOT CAUSE cancer but can make it spread faster though... Vegan and vegetarianism the WORST thing someone can do to their body to be honest....

    It's not that I dislike the fact of vegan or vegetarianism...It's just a fact... And from my experience MOST vegans actually lack the biological knowlkedge to understand what they are doing to their body... Not only is animal meat NECESSARY for OPTIMAL health but so is IGF-1 levels... People have to realize there is a HUGE HUGE difference between someone taking GH or IGF-1 at high dosages compared to an average person with high IGF-1 levels...They are NOT even comparable whatsoever....
    Also, Tool is a favorite of mine, especially D.C. drumming... any explanation behind the symbol I always wondered what it was.. Dear Goven thanks for another great video!! I'm fighting against a light baldness that stops, increases or slows down depending of periods. Still following the warrior diet, no grains, high fats high proteins diet, I'm avoiding dairy but I take colostrum, 2 Tspoons a day, animal proteins everyday and nettle root, fo-ti, nettle leaf, Rehmannia daily too. I do a light work out once-twice a week. Should I take less Colostrum Decreasing some proteins intake Do I need to lower down my IGF-1. And also, vegetarians need much more fat and carbs in diet to reach their caloric needs... Which again, is not good for you...High carb and fat intake is good for NO ONE... Funny when I see some vegetarians and they are fat..This is due to high carb and fat intake (Which cause high insulin levels)...And the fact that their hormone levels are not functioning properly or OPTIMALLY whatsoever... It is ALSO due to restricting caloric maintenance..By doing this the body wants to hold onto fat.... Since when does a person have to be THAT person to make a statement about them. 15 LBS of muscle in 3 months is a lot of muscle, but considering you were a raw vegan, it does make sense that you would immediately gain a lot of weight eating meat and dairy. My point was that it just doesn't look like you gained 15 lbs of muscle, and maybe that's being cruel and critical, but then again you're the one making bold statements and documenting your body through these vlogs. . The reason why this is true is because they are not getting COMPLETE PROTEINS which means they are getting all the ESSENTIAL amino acids in that protein.. And yes, they can MIX AND MATCH foods to make a COMPLETE PROTEIN.. ANd again, it isn't about JUST getting a complete protein or not..It is about how much ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS you are getting from that protein. And if you compare the amino acids from soy product or CHICKEN breast..You get MUCH MUCH more ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS pound for pound. I've seen your bodybuilding videos from awhile back. You definitely made some inevitable gains as a result of lifting weights (Colostrum probably had little to do with it), especially coming out of raw veganism. With that said, you made more like 2-3 lbs of muscle gains and even that's being generous. The rest was clearly fat.I'm not trying to diss you. Let's just be real.

    HGH and Anti Aging, Human Growth Hormone
  45. November 26, 2015
    IGF-1, the powerhouse... has long been praised for its anti-aging properties.The reason it is often regarded this way is because of... IGF-1 Levels Clinical Study... i29
    IGF-1 - Velsulin
  46. December 19, 2015
    IGF-1 is the Growth Factor of Youth. IGF-1... that low IGF-1 levels play a key role in the... that the real future of anti-aging medicine lies with IGF-1. i30
    'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life - Yahoo News
  47. November 5, 2015
    ... anti aging and bodybuilding... (that comes naturally with aging). IGF-1 significantly increases muscle... It is because HGH causes IGF levels to rise in... i31
    'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life
  48. November 27, 2015

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    Testosterone Opposes IGF-1 Feedback in Older Men
  49. January 4, 2016
    ... Studies showing that injected HGH provides anti-aging benefits do not... IGF-1 Max is one of the first IGF-1... (or Insulin Like Growth Factor-1)... i33
    IGF-1+ Deer Antler Velvet Anti-aging Spray One Month Supply!
  50. January 3, 2016
    Anti-Aging: Research has shown... There are many reasons to consider boosting your IGF-1 levels and IGF-1 supplements can help if you use them correctly. i34
    DHEA and IGF-1 - HGH Talk | HGH, Anti Aging, and other...
  51. December 15, 2015
    Normal Hormone Levels... Rather than focus on what is considered normal for age we in anti-aging and functional medicine aim... (insulin-like growth factor #1)... i35
    VesPro Life Sciences : IGF-1 Max Anti Aging Supplement
  52. October 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    'tis moot point now. More plants, less meats equals better health. Servings irrelevant. I quit counting anything.. LOL the Comments. Yea, how much is a serving and what of Some here said a Cup of soy milk is a serving. But a Cup of soymilk only Contains like 10 percent soybeans while a Cup of soybeans would obviously contain 100 percent. A Cup of Tofu 90 percent.
    I love these videos, Ive known about soy for a long time, I dont eat so much soy products because I know you can easily eat to much of it.

    According a comment on the website- A cup of soybeans and soy milk = 1 serving A half cup of tofu= 1 serving. .
    what do you have to say about the book "fiber menance" in wich it is explain how fiber, specially from grains, is very bad to our digestion system. I was on a diet on legumes and whole grains and it destroy my health. It was the worst thing i have done ever. I have read tons of research than shows how ppl absorb more zinc from a white bread than from whole wheat bread, how fiber have nothing to do in the glicemic load and how the % of iron absorbed from legumes is 1% of the total mineral content. Soy is #1 food for Estrogens, research if you are a male Promoting Legumes: whats about Phylates and Lectins. And in the previous video, Too Much Soy May Neutralize Benefits, the info given is that the insulin growth factor (cancer promoter) produced on eating animal products and also a diet *swimming* in soy ie. 17 servings per day, may be bound by insulin growth factor binding protein-1 for the soy foods, making it inactive which is a very good thing. Who eats more than 5 servings of soy per day anyway lol. Dr Greger, thank you. You are a hero! :-) . Non GM soy / organic soy is readily available. It's also important to avoid animal products since farmed animals are fed GMOs. On a healthy plant based diet, soy can be included or avoided, either. . You are right. Anyway, it might be around 250 milliliters which is the international (metric) mean for a cup, which equals a serving when measuring portions of food and not nutritional content itself in the U.S.. so im guessing that's half a block of tofu meaning having a block and a half a day seems to be fine. . My total daily intake of legumes is something like 110 grams (3,9 oz), more than half of which is mixed beans & lentils, just under a third sprouted mung beans and the remainder (13 or so grams) boiled soybeans. So, not much risk of an overdose here..

    Hormone Levels- Normal IGF-1, Estrogen, Testosterone...
  53. December 23, 2015
    ... the original idea behind IGF-1 supplements was to provide the general public with all the benefits of the elevated levels of IGF-1... as an anti-aging agent; IGF... i37
    IGF-1 Anti Aging
  54. October 30, 2015
    The Inter-Relationship Between Growth Hormone... International Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine 1998;1:54... Insulin-like growth factor 1 in relation to prostate... i38
    Anti Aging Igf-1 Levels | Deer Antler Extracts
  55. December 29, 2015
    ... (insulin-like growth factor-1)... of GH and IGF-1 levels with aging... like growth factor-I with mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer in the... i39
    IGF-1 Levels. | MESO-Rx Forum
  56. December 26, 2015

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    Good vid, but watch out cholesterol...testosterone is made from cholesterol! Try vunatias testosterone handbook which is a little more healthy.. 2 AlBorgChannel hmm..this is great to research more about. i will be on deer antler, and colostrum powder. i have GHD, was born premature, im 16, male, and 80 lbs. so i really hope both things work...
    2 PineGroveBird i think there are strong researches in this direction for the use of natural resources of IGF-1 not only for adults but also for children .

    IGF-1 pathway: How to increase HGH by using Deer antler...
  57. January 8, 2016
    Anti-Aging Supplements > Now IGF-1 + LipoSpray... IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1) A Polypeptide Compound Produced From HGH... i41
    HGH and Anti Aging, Human Growth Hormone
  58. October 31, 2015
    IGF-1, the powerhouse... has long been praised for its anti-aging properties.The reason it is often regarded this way is because of... IGF-1 Levels Clinical Study... i42
    IGF-1 - Velsulin
  59. December 3, 2015
    IGF-1 is the Growth Factor of Youth. IGF-1... that low IGF-1 levels play a key role in the... that the real future of anti-aging medicine lies with IGF-1. i43
    'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life - Yahoo News
  60. November 10, 2015

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    'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life
  61. October 24, 2015
    Home / Lifestyle / Anti-Aging / IGF-1:... IGF-1: Killer or Savior?... One recent study found that higher levels of IGF-1 are inversely associated with testicular... i45
    Testosterone Opposes IGF-1 Feedback in Older Men
  62. January 14, 2016
    ... Studies showing that injected HGH provides anti-aging benefits do not... IGF-1 Max is one of the first IGF-1... (or Insulin Like Growth Factor-1)... i46
    IGF-1+ Deer Antler Velvet Anti-aging Spray One Month Supply!
  63. December 24, 2015
    Anti-Aging: Research has shown... There are many reasons to consider boosting your IGF-1 levels and IGF-1 supplements can help if you use them correctly. i47
    DHEA and IGF-1 - HGH Talk | HGH, Anti Aging, and other...
  64. January 9, 2016

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    VesPro Life Sciences : IGF-1 Max Anti Aging Supplement
  65. January 16, 2016
    IGF and Amino Acids and their effect on serum HGH... Amino Acids and their effect on serum HGH... HGH & Anti Aging i49
    Hormone Levels- Normal IGF-1, Estrogen, Testosterone...
  66. January 10, 2016
    ... the original idea behind IGF-1 supplements was to provide the general public with all the benefits of the elevated levels of IGF-1... as an anti-aging agent; IGF... i50
    IGF-1 Anti Aging
  67. November 25, 2015
    The Inter-Relationship Between Growth Hormone... International Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine 1998;1:54... Insulin-like growth factor 1 in relation to prostate... i51
    Anti Aging Igf-1 Levels | Deer Antler Extracts
  68. December 1, 2015

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    IGF-1 Levels. | MESO-Rx Forum
  69. November 9, 2015
    I have been reading many articles on HGH replacement and IGF-1 levels. Some of them refer to IGF-1 in... 1-29; TB-500; Anti... i53
    IGF-1 pathway: How to increase HGH by using Deer antler...
  70. November 15, 2015

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    HGH and Anti Aging, Human Growth Hormone
  71. October 25, 2015

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    Well I'm trying to gain more muscle so what about getting my protein from veg and not soy Would that raise my igf1 levels as well. Dr McDougall, there's a high chance that the vegan women in the first study you mentioned were eating soy protein isolate, so why did they have lower IGF1 levels than the non-vegans.
    Question, on the slide where it says 8 ounces of meat verses 1.5 liters of milk, the dairy raised IGF-1 levels by 19%. Are you saying that in the study, the participants were drinking 1.5 liters of milk a day That seems like a heck of a lot of milk..
    So igf1= ageing. The glucose from carbs eventually = insulin, ageing etc What are we supposed to eat for good ageing.
    I wonder what effect brown rice and pea protein have on IGF-1 levels. I take both together instead of whey....

    What makes you think this is propaganda Propaganda from the meat/dairy/egg industries are ALL around you, on almost every bilboard, on almost every advertisement....

    Correct all of them.But if someone wants to build some muscleThen what happensI follow a whole food plant based diet.But my diet has of course among TONS of legumes a lot of tofu,natto,soy milk and soy protein isolate.If you wanna build some muscle you cannot just rely on vegetables for protein consumption while at the same time you need to achieve positive nitrogen balance.Carbohydrates are SUPERMUST for anabolism but you need a solid ammount of protein also..
    +AnyaEightySeven Basically staying with few mucle mass in unhealthy and one of the biggest reasons of aging cause poor muscle mass=very slow metabolism and many other things.Muscle is not an enemy is a friend.I'm not talking about 20 30 kgs above your height of pure muscle (you cannot achieve that by natural means anyway) but resistance training has ONLY beneficial things to give.Training ONLY aerobically is not optimum for the general health.Having cancer requires a cascade of wrongly regulated genes and growth factors and protooncogene and oncogene activation and tumour suppresor genes deactivation which are difficult to happen JUST by a whole PLANT based diet,even if its high on protein.. Interesting, my cousin is the biggest dairy consumer I know, he's 6' 6" tall, but he's had more broken bones than anyone I know. I really doubt dairy is good for bone health. Bone growth yes, but bone density, not a chance..
    +Aaron Kenny But all soy milk contains some kind of preservatives... I drink Alpro plain soy milk, it's ingredients are: Water, Hulled soya beans (6%), Sugar, Acidity regulators (Monopotassium phosphate, Dipotassium phosphate), Calcium carbonate, Flavouring (), Sea salt, Stabiliser (Gellan gum), Vitamins (Riboflavin (B2), B12, D2).
    Dear Dr. McDougall, I have trouble sleeping for a long time and I want to change my sleeping cycle. I am healthy due to my exercise and eating habits but unhealthy due to my sleep. when I do not get enough sleep I feel my head is lighted. I have heard that if we sleep at the time 22.00pm-02.00am. it's the time that our body released the growth hormone. is it true how the body knows that what if you get 8 hours sleep but from other times like from 04.00am to 12.00pm, will the growth hormone released what if you travel to other time zone will the body recognize the clock/time zone differences looking forward to hearing your reply. Best regards, Jimlim . Hello Doctor My brother is suffering from growth hormone deficiency Is it possible to send you the medical reports And guide me what to do I am in Iraq and medicine in Iraq bad I need help and thank you. Great speech. It is time to end this protein malnutition tales. The real need for protein is much lower than stated nearly everywhere. Therefore we humans don't have a need for soy concentrates (what is a terribly processed food) and dairy products. If you are an athlete you need more energy and therefore you will eat more and that way you increase also your protein intake. And that reducing fat in your diet won't help you to get lean every child knows nowadays..
    You are a great educator! Asking questions, evoking audience emotions, giving relevant supportive peer reviewed data from scientific journals. Thank you..
    All this is getting really frustrating! Don´t it this don´t eat that. turns out everything has a downside..
    So I'm taking it that you're a man I'm 180 pounds at 6'2", I've been a vegan now for close to 20 years. Protein is one of those things people obsess about, we've been brainwashed into thinking that protein is the key to being strong. While it is true obviously that a bodybuilder is only concerned about gaining muscle and not about their health, you however are concerned about your health, so I would keep your diet clean and continue to workout hard and see what happens without protein powders..

    In 1 slide he says vegans & vegetarians have lower IGF-1 levels then says soy is 2x as effective as milk & therefore increases the risk of cancer, w/o resolving the contradiction. 1). The control & the SOY group ate an additional 20g of protein of unknown origin & therefore you cannot presume it's soy alone but a combination of soy & other protein. 2). The subjects are post menopausal women who have low levels of IGF1 & may respond more to proteins than other people. Conclusion:junk science.
    I'm interested in new, updated research. I wasn't even 5 years ago that we decided to change the food pyramid because it was off. This was close to 6 years ago, I wouldn't be surprised if he turned around and say that's the best thing to happen. . Is he saying the British vegans are healthier cuz they have a lower IGF...and at the same time they are big SOY consumers which is supposed to raise the IGF levels...which obviously didn't. He's probably a secret PETA guy.. Yes, there are many that use pea, hemp chia and rice protein that are vegan friendly. I prefer Garden of Life Raw Protein because t is 100% raw, 100% organic has no isolate (neither soy isolate or pea isolate), etc. Just google and have a look at the ingredients for yourself, I love to take a scoop and use it in my smoothies with almond milk and frozen, organic fruit with some ice cubes and a banana... AWESOME! If I want more protein I add a 1/3 cup of frozen organic peas for about 4 more grams.. 2 n00bzor86 There is so much evidence that milk shouldnt be in your body that it would take you months of research in order to cover the entire issue. The most alergenic food on earth..
    2 vanessatexasgal: in fact no food causes such a massive insulinresponse like meat. Fruit causes the LEAST. One quarter pound of beef spikes insulin as much as one quarter pound of table sugar (from the book The 80/10/10 Diet).
    Isn't IGF-1 a protein hormone, hence 100% digested by the stomach, as opposed to being a steroid hormone. I don't know what to say of his IGF argument, but I know that there is no really good reason for a person to be drinking milk. I think its fine, but if you find that you have some stomach problems or acne problems or yeast infections or something, then you need to stop drinking milk. There's no benefit in milk that you cannot get from an even BETTER resource..
    if he wants to be merely correlational then i could just as easy pull up research showing that for every 100nanogram of IGF-1 there exists a correlation to 3.19 IQ points. people with higher IQ live longer so IGF-1 lowers morbidity.

    TWO: Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-1 and interleukin (IL)-6 promote the proliferation and survival of multiple myeloma cells. Did you mean hiv instead of hv; because hv is the Mitochondrial DNA Haplogroup HV. or Planck's constant times frequency in physics!.
    I like most of Dr McDougall's ideas but I see on his web site forum that so many "McDougallers" seem to want to microwave their food! This is terrible. McDougall himself (in his recipes) appears to recommend microwaving for convenience sake. This is bad advice. Microwaving your food is not natural in any way. . 2 zenmachinefilms watermelon is the best protein it might have less but its highly absorbed we dont need much just right source. So, if you're not supposed to eat much dairy, and you're not supposed to eat much isolated soy protein, what (other than meat) do you eat to insure you get complete protein . I read a Bloomberg article stating Amazon deforestation was recorded jumping sixfold last year in Brazil, specifying this was due to expanded soy cultivation. Call me a tree-hugger, but I'd say all soy should be avoided.. Resveratrol is a derivative of Japanese Knotweedand, black tea, grape skin and peanuts, to rev up an all natural combatant diabetes fighting metabolism; and also has claims to lower hypertension ALL NATURAL FOODS!. You don't even know where you are and your talking about "truth". For your info, there are just as many studies that claim higher IGF-1 keeps you younger and is more desirable. So, don't talk "truth" cause you don't have a clue what the best diet is any more than the rest of the world.. basically a plagerized china study...mice metabolize proteins in a similar manner to human beings but are by no means as complex, so to use this as a basis to bash peptides and other growth hormones is unfounded. .
    2 GrandMasterJuan it does not, he is the first time ive heard that, common sense, if it promotes growth and healing then it regenerates you. if you look at older people who start to take straight igf-1 they become rejuvenated. and grow musle easier and faster..

    so his study compares soy isolate to dairy protein gram for gram and shows igf1 increase in soy protein moreso. that just says drink milk instead of soymilk. there is another study that compares animal protein with soy protein gram for gram. that study shows igf1 increases more so with animal protein. that says eat more soy dairy protein> soy protein > animal protien. google Protein Intake & IGF-1.

    2 MicahLeviClark It is good in the early stages of life when we need to grow from a child to an adult, but when it is constantly added into the diet when you would otherwise not be drinking mothers milk, it increase your risk of getting cancer. =).
    Milk will increase your risks of almost all diseases of affluence which we fear today including cancer and heart disease, so most likely kill you faster..
    You are right soy is in a lot of processed foods. Corn and soy are subsidized by the government. I had eczema for 3 years on my hands and while trying to figure out what the heck was causing it, I learned a lot about the food supply. It ended up being corn. That was when I stopped eating procssed foods. I now eat mostly fresh fruits and veggies..
    2 nggdsb umm thats completely wrong, you've generalized the entire video then took that out of context. Its when the body overproduces IGF-1 that the likelihood of cancer is increased substantially. Also, being a very large and complex organism, we are predisposed to the chance of developing cancer cells some time in our life. .
    I know more than you think sweetie. smooches. Diet isn't the end all. Bless your little heart, and have a nice day..

    2 manasRoyal in one study on mice,a compound responsible for increased secreation of igf-1 in muscle fibers was administered. ther was a average increase in strenght in the injected muscle as compared with non-injected muscle. it was also found to prevent aging of the muscles. muscle mass and muscle fiber were similar to the levels found in younger muscles.these effects are most likely due to the ability of igf-1 toactivate satellite cells, therefore stimulating rejuvenation.
    Then there's that goofy slide about tall people mortality & blames it on IGF-1, but not the fact tall people's heart's work harder, they have poorer circulation & are more likely to die from a fall due to their height/mass. Maybe it does indirectly like when you're 12 & grow to be 6'7" but that means nothing to a 5'7" adult. The study he refers to is on post-menopausal women & how soy helped bone mineralization, which contradicts his comment on calcium loss and soy protein. . i know soy protein increases it, but how does rice, pea, and hemp protein compare with meat and a cup of beans. Yes. There are hemp, rice, pea and others. Plant protein sources are sometimes blended to improve their amino acid profiles. A downside for a student like me is that these sources are generally MUCH more expensive, in terms of (mass protein)/(mass serving), than dairy and soy protein powders. Just search for products like PlantFusion and Vega to see. . But what about all the phytoestrogen in soy, wouldn't that offset growth Especially bone growth.
    2 1imesub Oh thank you, I appreciate that. So basically, you're saying that it's the ISOLATED SOY PROTEIN AND DAIRY which makes all the difference. But I figured that isolated soy protein gives me better weight management and is equally, if not MORE effective than regular whey protein..
    2 ChrisL101 I didn't say don't listen, I said you don't have to listen, two different meanings. This man saved his own life with his diet. A stroke at age 18 and obesity to go along with it because of the food he ate growing from childhood. This could be a good reason to listen. But, you are free to do what you want, as I previously stated. I'm not trying to convert you. I know how good I feel on this diet, and I hope for others to feel this good also, but I don't care if you change or not..
    2 tooropforce Don´t make up excuses. Abusing on the consumption of plant foods does not get you cancer, on the other hand people die every day from abusing dairy..

    I no longer trust McDougall or his sources. Not because I want to eat soy protein isolate (there's plenty of other stuff I can eat) but because he has a habit of scrounging for lesser known research and then clinging to it fervently. I think he's more interested wowing people ("You think you know what's healthy.. Well I've got news for you!") than in actual truth..
    The thing these guys don't tell you about IGF-1 and cancer is that this only happens when the IGF-1 isolated and extracted and taken in an "unnatural" form. If you drink lots of milk or take colostrum supplements which are high in IGF-1 you aren't going to get cancer. . I don't really get his point. Maybe he wants to say that once you hit your final height, you need to cut down on the dairy products AND the soy proteins It's new for that soy is more powerful for growth hormone than calcium thought. Anyway....

    IGF-1 - Velsulin
  72. November 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    no one can barely hear you. and they call it the "fountain of youth" for a reason. danggggg. lol.

    LMAO!!! Would U say "grey hair" is better that green or purple hair I would definitely say that is unreasonable!! White hair is a sign of WISDOM..Just like a dreadlock is a sign of a PRIEST in accordance with Numbers 6:6...To some "grey hair" is better than No Hair... Would U agree.

    STOP HATIN MAN!!! I bet he's pulling more hoes than U!! Plus he is in L.A.!! Action on California girls!!!.
    Don't be fooled by this bullcrap. He seems to believe that growth hormone is a "cell" (2 1:10).
    I'm not hating. And I don't want "hoes". I just want to know why he has grey hair considering what he is selling. Is that... unreasonable.
    Obviously not well-informed about HGH legal uses. A rather weak and stumbling presentation. The video spokesperson might want to take some HGH and smart drugs, and rev up his synapses so he sounds lucid..
    No, I'm not keeping it to myself. It is a legitimate question. Why would someone talking about anti-aging have grey hair.

    But U could have kept that to yourself...I know a GANG of CRACK DEALERS that don't smoke CRACK yet they SELL the HELL out of it...even if it's twisted with wax...I am sure the are some managers that work for McDonalds that don't eat meat...STOP THE HATE!! U would HATE is a brotha walked up and slapped the DOGSHIT out of U for absolutely no reason...And U would call the police,FBI and CIA to plead your case...SO STOP HATIN!!!.

    'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life - Yahoo News
  73. January 18, 2016

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    'Anti-Aging' Hormone May Actually Shorten Life
  74. November 30, 2015

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    2 da2dan06Yes protein and pre workout supplements are safe to take and recommend both. I use muscle milk as my primary protein and I mix Arginine, BCAA, Glutamine, and a little caffeine as my pre work out drink. I recommend any velvet antler product that is in alcohol extract and is a sublingual. Reason being is citric acid in velvet antler sprays destroys IGF-1, and if its an oral pill, stomach acid will do the same.Pure Solutions for Velvet Antler and muscle for cheap aminos.
    2 junfatzoid It could if you started taking it at a young age, but once you have reached your 20s it is probably to late. If you are looking to grow and inch or too, look into rolfing, it expensive and painful ( I know from personal experience), but extremely effective for realigning your body. A lot of athletes use this type of therapy. Some times you spine can become compressed and your posture is bad, and this corrects both and that is why some report a inch or 2 in growth. .

    2 dtjrealmc I agree def switch up protein. Some people have allergies to egg or whey based proteins. I am using a hemp protein and colostrum mix right now. I also use Xymogen detox protein pricey but good...I always keep it to one of these shakes a day,no more then 32 g of protein at a time and source most of my calories from whole foods..

    2 bobheadzeek They are available now call 1.800.895.4415 and they will find you the closest store or online site to order. FYI load the product into your system for the 1st week by taking 2 doses a day one in am,the next in late afternoon, from there on out resume one dose a day preferably in the AM. All The Best!.
    2 badkarma1043 Yes, I do daily for over 3 years. I recommend the morning, because you have more receptors available on empty stomach, and when you wake up its generally been an 8hr or more fast. Some times during intense training days I will take a second dose around 5/6 pm. IGF-1 half life is 20 hrs verse HGH that is 20-30 mins and is completely gone by 6 hrs. There are several days a week I take a combo of zinc, magnesium, b-6, melatonin, velvet antler before bed. THX for the and commment .
    2 EACH0NETEACH0NE IGF-1 is not a steroid, it is a hormone that is naturally produced by your pituitary and metabolized in liver. You can buy a synthetic steroid version of IGF-1, just like you can with any other hormone. The synthetic version is IGF-1 LR3, this form is a different structure then what your body naturally produces or what is is found in super foods like colostrum and velvet antler. IGF-1 is also the metabolized form of HGH..

    So this product is safe and legit to buy and take for the hardcore bodybuilder Hardcore meaning 2+ years of experience in dieting and exercise. What would be the biggest benefits (if any) for a bodybuilder to take Quicker recovery How comparable to HGH/testosterone is this natural velvet antler extract Thanks in advance. .
    This is the safest and best alt to synthetic isolated hormones. There are many body builders using it now. BB will get the same gains they could get from HGH shots( lipolysis, fast recovery, strength increase, optimized hormone production, increased muscle maturity) but wo h20 retention ,or swollen joints. Even if someone is taking juice or just did I would still take this bc it will allow you to retain gains, prevent negative hormone feed back and protect organs lk kidney/liver from damage. .
    2 Metalshop242 Yes, we use the actual antler. It is the only organ in the planet to regrow every year. It does not hurt the animals, it actually does the opposite. Most farms are converting over from hunting and meat facilities to strictly velvet antler farms, because it is a renewable source of income. The process causes no stress or harm, and this is proven by taking blood pressure/heart rate during the procedure. This antler is cut when it is covered in velvet before it calcifies into a bone. .

    Testosterone Opposes IGF-1 Feedback in Older Men
  75. November 4, 2015

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    IGF-1+ Deer Antler Velvet Anti-aging Spray One Month Supply!
  76. December 6, 2015

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    Yep the Kidneys, capital K (not kidneys in the on the west anatomical sense) are a number of organ systems that work together in concert. I would however work with an ear specialist for that issue..
    Sht, I am 20 and look like a 14 year old. I hate looking this young. All I ever ate in my life was junk food except for the last few years..
    The annotation is in there as I accidentally skipped over it when reading my notes. I make a variety of different length videos depending on the topic..

    You mean "short periods super dosing" on Colostrum Man, try a tbsp of Coconut oil and combine it with a tbsp of will prpb understand where I am coming from. And it makes all the elixirs taste super yummy. I actually contacted the company and learned that - once again damn it - it os individual...As I understand, Daniel himself takes about 4 tbsp a day... What about Maca PS And thnx for magnesium oil, already using it for sleep:-).

    I've only seen the first 4 minutes of the video but if what I'm a out to say is not included, it should be.. As we age, our DNA replicates and as it does, the Telomere strand on the ends of the DNA shorten every time. Our DNA creates our hormones by catalytic reactions. When the telomeres are gone, DNA is distorted and some hormones are distorted and pretty much unusable trash in the body..

    Show 1 single study showing colostrum from cows having a negative effect on humans. It's a challenge that no one has been able to stand up to as of yet. Every single food and herb every animal, humans included, eats on this planet was originally meant for something else. If it has a beneficial effect and can be collected in a sustainable way, it's perfectly suitable for consumption..
    Have you done a video on gynecomastia (man boobs) Are there any herbs for removing gynecomastia(man boobs) Thanks!. Thanks, yes I am from Canada :) I don't know much about allergies at all. It hasn't been something I've looked into much. In Chinese medicine functions of the ear are connected with Kidney health so that would be the first place I'd look..
    I have a condition that just won't go away. I was diagnosed with eustachian tube dysfunction. Basically my ear works like a speaker, and has a lower tolerance for high frequency sounds. It starts popping and eventually making my eyes tear when high frequencies hit my ears at even semi-loud volumes. I also found that I can hear lower frequencies than a cat (under 30 dB) as a by-product of this condition. But it's painful to hear clapping or cheering and my career involves a lot of that. Kindeys.
    Oh Zack, I really need your help: a client of mine that I advised to consume Colostrum for leaky gut and general health promoting food, just e-mailed me with her concerns about Colostrum and IGF promoting cancer...and that it is dangerous. I know that I heard DV address this concern long time ago, but can't explain this to her myself. I need some kind of scientific/concise article that would help her ASAP...PLS HELP!.
    im going to sound soooooooooooo vain right now, but when am i not lol...what can women do to increase physical beauty rosey cheeks, beautiful plump skin, hair nails, clear eyes, rosey lips. etc etc....
    Interesting, I was actually restricting my Maca to 2 heaping tbsp a day, but truth is that I crave it and would love to have a few TBSP... I already do this with Daniel's Colostrum - 4 tbsp a day for sure! Did you try to have that much of either Maca or Colostrum It kind of goes against all the recommendations.... There is a free program called F.lux that dims your computer screen when the sun sets.It really cuts out that bright glare..
    Hahaha yeah I have done short periods of super dosing on it! Magnesium oil would be the one thing I'd use to raise DHEA. It's lowered so much by stress and other factors that gobble up magnnesium in the body..
    Only thirty likes I think you're deserving some recognition. This video was very useful to me; even more so than everything else you upload. Thank you.. Yeah I've tried super dosing on both. I did 6tbsp of maca a day for a week once a few years back: /watchv=dohytkBpqOI It was pretty damn fun!.
    Hi Zak, I am looking to buy some of the Kelp Powder you recommend. It says only to take for 2 weeks at a time. Is that what you do Also there is no nutritional data that i can see. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    I enjoyed your zesty clap at the start of the video. :) There's a low frequency metallic echo when you're speaking. It's like your voice is resonating with a bowl or object in the room. Anyhow, excellent content in this video, and I fully agree that The Pill can wreak havoc on the female body in many cases. Among many other bad effects I won't get into, it pushed my blood pressure from my optimal 90/60 way up to 147/110 which is dangerous hypertension levels. Monitoring is very important..
    *Facepalm, I had it written down in my notes and I even included a link to it in the description but yeah I completely skipped over mentioning it. Son of a....

    Am so greatfull finding your videos, you have such amazing knowledge that i admire, keep up the good work, its very much appreciated .
    I would have thought Pine Pollen might have been included in your suggestions for increasing testosterone .
    Great Video. I am confused. I read on the net that a Vegans have higher testosterone. Thanks The study measured testosterone levels in 696 Oxford University men. Of the study participants, 233 were vegan (ate no animal products) and 237 were vegetarian (ate milk and dairy products). The remaining 237 subjects were men who ate meat on most days of the week...vegans had higher testosterone levels than vegetarians and meat eaters." British Journal of Cancer, 83(1), July 2000 .
    Going back to what I just said... If you want to be healthy as you age... Start now. Because you won't have the ability to do so once most of your telomeres are shorten. To reduce the shortening effect of your DNA, keep your general well being in top form physically, mentally, and eat real food, not the old GMO junk from the grocery store or packaged foods which can distort the duplications of DNA and ultimitaly shorten your telomeres quicker.. You're from Canada, aren't you I can tell from the accent. ;) Thanks for posting this BTW. Excellence information. You really have studied health and nutrition thoroughly, which is good to see. . I wouldn't take more than a tbsp per day and only that much if you knew you were super deficient or something. 1 tsp per day covers the daily iodine needs.. When I win the lottery I want to hire you as my nutritional specialist. Do you know anything about allergies and their effects on ear sensitivity to sound/eustachian tube dysfunction.

    DHEA and IGF-1 - HGH Talk | HGH, Anti Aging, and other...
  77. November 8, 2015

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    VesPro Life Sciences : IGF-1 Max Anti Aging Supplement
  78. November 16, 2015

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    i get most of my superfoods & herbs from the Amazon Herb co, very reputable company. Purity Efficacy & Integrity is their motto. they never irradiate, fumigate or chemically alter their herbs are Wild, Raw, vegan, kosher and have all the minerals intact as they're grown in Virgin soil. AHC also work with the tribes, economically empowering them to preserve their ancestral lands, THE AMAZON. after 19 years of studying and practicing holistic medicine on myself, this is the best Nutrition i found!. Uh.. well.. uh.. maybe uh.. since you find like the uh.. secret of life.. you could uh.. take some uh motherfucking initiative and uh.. maybe take some samples and uh... prove what you say is true under laboratory settings... uh.. and it's cryonics.. by that definition every single non-extinct species of plant or animal on the earth is 'strongest', so in essence he's saying nothing. if you want to imply that THE AMAZON is especially cut-throat and produce superplants, there's still no reason to suppose that a given plant would magically be good for ''rebalancing" the human endocrine system' much less REGENERATE his body. This man is delusional.. Watch my videos to learn about one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of our lifetime! Chances are you've never heard of this before... but you will. This is huge!.
    hey you said you don't need to work out... you do walk and hike and sex and so forth though yes either way, i've read that visualizing exercise yields half the results of actually doing them.

    genetics that have become the strongest to survive out of the many plants and insects in The Amazon. look into biodiversity.

    Hey Troy! Really enjoy your video's. Heck I would just like to find the third dimension, but to master it Yikes! Are you a superhero Loving the herbal information. Can you refer me an herbalist here in San Diego Bill Z in SD Bill / San Diego.

    my hubby grows stevia in his Eden-like garden. I should start using it. I hardly put sugar in anything, but like it in tea. I could brew the leaves with the tea, how to counteract the bitter after flavor though.
    yes brother, i actually prefer to do testing on myself and take the dialog right into the public. i feel humanity needs a holistic re-education on life itself and i'm willing to stir the pot to stimulate the shift. what we have created with all this incredible technology is an un-sustainable habitat and i take responsibility for that. How did you like my video.
    wild stevia is 100X sweeter than sugar but assists in balancing the blood sugar...miracle huh intelligent design from the life is a miracle! fda hasn't approved that statement, there to busy approving chemicals for the food supply. blessings.

    Check out astragalus propinquus (Chinese: baiqi.. bye-chi) - Geron Corp. just optioned it as a source of a chemical signaling molecule that activates telomerase which resets telomere lengths in cells. I'd like to hear more, subscribed...
    Wow, u look in fine condition for 42! What is your base diet, tho - aside from all the supplements And what other key factors do you attribute your "anti-aging" to And what do you think about Li Ching-Yun and his purported use of he shou wu to allegedly reach 256.
    i consume the wild Stevia in a product called SUMACAZON from AMAZONHERBSITEdotCOM. it is a god sent, your muscles feel full, spine and penis erect and relentless core energy. women love it too, my wife is almost back to her original weight 10 months after the baby..
    Amazonian powerful plants give NUTRITION not available in the current mono cultured crops and denatured soil. this availability of powerful nutrition creates a biological terrain for a body to build it's own hormonal precursors. eating GMO mono cultured crops CLEARLY creates obesity and diabetes or weak DNA, but i am only a certified nut so you should not listen to me the TV has better info for you..

    Hormone Levels- Normal IGF-1, Estrogen, Testosterone...
  79. January 2, 2016

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    IGF-1 Anti Aging
  80. Anti Aging Eye Mask
    Anti Aging 60 Minutes
    Anti Aging Jeunesse
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    Anti Aging News
    New Chapter Probiotic Anti Aging 90 Capsules
    Anti Aging Hand Cream
  81. 04 April 2016

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    Anti Aging Hormone Test Panel for Men | Level I
  82. 03 April 2016. Could 'anti-ageing' hormone shorten your life? | Daily... ( ould-anti-ageing-hormone-shorten-life-Higher-levels -hormones-reduce-effect-bodys-natural-defences-agai nst-diseases.html) IGF-1 is the Growth Factor of Youth. IGF-1... that the real future of anti-aging medicine lies with IGF-1... IGF-1 improved energy levels and...
  83. May 01, 2016

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    IGF-1 Insulin Like Growth Factor – The Anti-Aging Powerhouse
  84. April 30, 2016. IGF-1 | ( E-Newsletter No. 77. Serum levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) decrease with age. Recently Inma Castilla-Cortazar, M.D. at the University USP-CEU in Madrid...

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