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  1. December 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I’ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. Great product!!.
    This is Sarah Chapman, she is one of the UK's leading, most in demand facialist, she has her own range of best selling products for sale in Space NK & QVC, this lady knows what she is doing belive me! On her own site there are lots of videos for anyone interested..
    For all your foreverliving aloe vera products order in Oman call me my what's up is 0096892121432 lamia.
    What is this anti ageing facial exactly called so I can find out if it's available where I live to get this done often. .

    One fact was stuck in my head all the way while I watched this video, Dr. Sarah a skincare speialist, she is absolutely incredibly beautiful woman (she has gorgeous face) and I am very sad that I can't meet her in person :(.

    the heat and light boost circulation, which brings more blood and nutrients to the skin, causing temporary Erythema (redness) it will subside within a matter of 10min. .

    its about guiding your client step by step through the treatment (it can be scary for some) Most Facials come with a 20min facial massage and that is the part where the therapist shuts her mouth and you get to relax. .
    Not good to push things into the skin that have larger molecules than can actually soak into the skin...
    hi just like to know, do you remove the eye make-up with the initial cleanse or do you remove it before you begin the cleanse.
    who can tell me what lypmp massage brings to your skin and what about deep tissue...facials... .
    Interesting and loved seeing the ultra sound and the sound wave light effects. But we need to talk about you recommending only 15 SPF especially when someone already has hyperpigmantation-probably need a little more 20-30 and should wear a hat. There is no proof that sunscreens stop brown spots, melasma, or Roscea-Devra CEO Etsis Hats. Much Aloha .

    it's nice but the woman might want also to invest in a nicer looking top. She looks like she's going to try out to play Heidi. Really, wonderful facial, great advice... but how about a nice top also.
    one of the reasons she reason she is communicating to inform everyone whats going on, steps being tooking place and the purposes. Informing not only the client but viewers also. Some clients even complain when their esthetician is less comunicative. Even when their in a deep sleep! By far this was the best inspiring video i seen by far. Esthetician graduate oct 4 2012 from bsob -ae.
    2 dyrufzx yes i mean it this acne made me very sad Listen It was my unforgotable days when i use a effective acne removal method and still there is no mark in my face. all that changed to my acne free face is describing insdie this video. Have a look >>>

    Skin product companies desire as many people as possible to try their products to show how good they are. Have you ever noticed a cosmetics area set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products Well you must check out this website that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) You can get them here Anti-Aging Facial Oil: Health & Personal Care
  2. December 29, 2015
    Come check out our 16 best anti aging skin care products our readers love... 3 facial exercises that will give you glowing, toned skin and better cheekbones. i1
    13 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products - Total Beauty
  3. December 31, 2015 : ERH Anti-aging Facial Sheet Masks - Intensive Care Serum to Help Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Hydrate & Moisturize. i2 : ERH Anti-aging Facial Sheet Masks - Intensive Care...
  4. December 26, 2015
    Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask is a soft, single-use, 100% cotton mask that drenches skin to boost hydration, smooth fine lines, and restore . i3
    Hada Labo Tokyo Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial Mask
  5. January 2, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Maxelder argan cream ( you can get online w nyarganoil c) very good at reducing signs of wrinkles and evening out skin tone. I have used the more expensive brands and they are no better than argan cream they just cost more.. I have used an entire jar of maxelder argan cream & I really like the way it makes my skin look and feel, especially my neck area It works very well to moisturize, minimize fine lines & wrinkles, & does not irritate my sensitive skin. I will definitely purchase this product again w-nyarganoil c. Very unhygienic. Clip your nails, remove all jewellery and wear gloves... THEN START THE TREATMENT..
    2 Sparkle8309 Unfortunately, all ExpertVillage videos seem to be less than four minutes long, which explains why the techniques are so short. As for how relaxing it looks, trust me, have it done before you knock it - it feels lovely :).
    For all you know she may be in different country or maybe it's part of her culture that the jewelry has to be on always.. How do you know whether or not the demonstrator cleans her jewelry between clients It's very racist to assume that just because they don't follow your preconceived notions and have their own culture that they are gross or somehow unprofessional as so many of these self professed aestheticians like to comment (who can hardly spell their own trade, jeez). Besides, there is no need for hostility, you only come across as irrational.. sure, anybody can do our job...but not everyone can do it well. it takes a gift and passion. and its not about rubbing faces. there is a lot of science, health, and other knowledge needed to do this job. you have to know about products, contraindications, machines, skin types and how to work with each. so i think you are wrong. not everyone can do this job, willowgirl..
    each of her technique but I have doubts that the jewels are conventional and enjoyable for the client..
    First she has way to much cream on her models face, her nails are too long, needs to get rid of the the jewelry and the long sleeves..very unsanitary...and to do a legal facial like that you need an esthetic license or a massage therapy license..
    2 willowgirl127 so how come ur not doing it...esp since you dont need a license to do it..just a diploma...
    hi 4 putten nice facial tip...i want marry a beautytian woman...i have beautyperlar coustomar email adress...SANY20_BD2 YAHOO.COM. Dude0096- these indian women are beautiful- wht's the problem The basics for massage and facials come from many different cultures and I'm just happy to find out about them so I can lose some wrinkles;) I also have to agree with godiva: state licensures mandate short fingernails and no jewelry for estheticians and massage therapists. in india generally they use a lof of facial cream for massage its better more than to less and pulling skin... (anyone can comment on this!)Hey how did you get soooooooooo many views I just put my video up today and I only have 42 views and 2 creepy guys subbing me! D: so how do I get more views to people that want to see it thanks!.
    Just to add. The jewellery could have religious significance so perhaps that's why they are kept on..
    Firstly I’m sorry you have received so much abusive text from this. As a therapist and trainer I do have to take issue with your with reference and your comments to us professionals though. This massage is fine to use on friends and family but could not be used on the general public. As stated health and safety issues and insurance issues. not the USA but in the UK and Europe insurance is required. 2 burghese She works with the very tips of her fingers, the rings and braclet never even approached the face.. Firstly it sad you have received so much abusive text from this. As a therapist and trainer I do have to take issue with reference comments to us professionals though. This massage is fine to use on friends and family but could not be used on the general public. As stated health and safety issues and insurance issues. No this is not the US but when you charge people for a service in the UK and Europe I’m afraid you have to have public liability insurance .
    This is just a model to make a tutorial. I don't think some people watch this just to learn, some prefer watching the models; but that depends in what way..
    I'm sorry, but even if it's her culture, I wouldn't want someone working on my face wearing jewelry...and that's just my opinion...I realize it may not bother others.. It's not that much lotion, a facial massage requires slip and after that's going to be wiped away clean after anyway~. You are an aesthetician with your methods, she is one with her own methods. I went to a high end spa recently where the practicioner used just as much cream and if you look in later videos it gets wiped off. I'd rather have plenty of slip than have my face tugged on.. use only your finger tips or fingers not the whole hand coverd with a cream and pls remove yur rings and bracelet!.
    The people like this woman maybe do not have a license, but often they much better than people who got it. In UK dermalogica so popular and all beauty therapist are trained to work with this company and all they can do is - apply scrub, mask and moisturizer and this is all they can do..
    That doesn't make her any less qualified to do her job. There are plenty of people with licenses that practice poor technique.. VIEJA LOCA LO UNICO QUE HIZO FUE ENSUCIARLE LA CARA CON CREMA A LA POBRE MUCHACHA NO SABIA NI PORQUE ESTABA AHI jajajaja!!!. what is the cream that shes using The woman getting a massage has beautiful skin and I want to know what she uses.. Aww, it just lets them feel important, at least in the ir own heads. Having a license doesn't mean crap anyways...I've had "licensed" aestheticians put crap on my face that harmed my skin. If anything, the presenters are giving a facial I have yet to have as most aestheticians near me emphasize extremity massage for some reason..
    look when she does the massage at the nose, the primary fingers she uses have no nails. But I agree she definetly can't have a practicing license.
    how strange, normally indian women are VERY picky with what they use...the ones that i know would never use OLAY, but they like Pond's and various traditional Indian brands (especially oils). oh well.
    two o f the women are attractive. I assume this is in India. It is an ancient culture and they ve being this do for centuries. Still she needs 2 lose the rings..
    Wow- I was very impressed. You did not apply to much pressure or pulling. That was great!!Very good job. love the technique. I always feel as if the cleansing portion of the facial is just not sufficiant. dont see that problem here. Love the way you cleansed the nose area. being "ethnic" this is a problem area for me.Thanx!. Hey all To get a discount on Nu skin products just become a Nu Skin distributor, and you can purchase all the Nu Skin products at wholesale, saving 30%. Go to nuskin's website Choose country. Click sign up then individual and in the sponsor distributor Id write: USW9138137 Fill in the form and save up to 30% on all the products. .
    Seriously! Get some thing like " ARGANRain pure argan oil ",, or an off brand use it morning and night. There are plenty of inexpensive options at your local Wal-Mart, K-mart, or any drug stores. For your age I would try " ARGANRain pure argan oil ". it will help with wrinkles and acne. It is never too soon to start taking care of your skin!!! You can have more information here. .

    A massage is nothing without using the right cream. Wrinkles are not that easy to clear as many people imagine..
    please remove the rings and bangles first...looks at least disgusting, non hygienic and not safe being rolled over her face.. well if u really wanna see results for wrinkles call me 9654171404 Delhi and Mumbai... i have top salon make up artists and also celebrities of Bollywood . You know you're getting old when you start seeing wrinkles! I've had incredible results with this cream I found for free though (thank god for the internet!). I just paid $1.25 for shipping and nothing else, I think that deal's still going right now, it's at aabedinDOTcom/skincare (you have to replace the word DOT with a real dot, this thing won't let me type in the actual address!).
    This Anti wrinkle stuff don't work. I tried in in my scrotum for a couple weeks and they're still wrinkled..
    This Anti Wrinkle Stuff does not work!! I tried it in testicles a couple times and no change what so ever..
    I think these stuff don't work. I tried it on my nuts for a couple months and they are still wrinkled..

    Hydrafacial - Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine
  6. December 23, 2015
    An intense anti-ageing facial treatment that corrects the signs of ageing and protects your skin against the damaging effects of time. A double cleanse and deep. i5
    Anti Aging Facial Treatments Australia, Age Protection facials...
  7. January 1, 2016
    There are a variety of anti-aging facial treatments to select from, including those utilizing vitamin-infused serums, collagen creams, and rejuvenating facial massage techniques. Additional anti-aging solutions include light therapy facials, laser skin services, and microdermabrasion. i6
    Anti-Aging Facial Spafinder Wellness 365™
  8. December 24, 2015
    An anti-aging facial will have all the steps of a basic facial, but with ingredients that are targeted to aging or "mature" skin, which is usually age 40 and up. i7
    Local business results for anti aging facial
  9. December 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +VanityVain1 Hello! Can't remember but feel free to contact Terese at She is wonderful!. Maxelder argan cream I’m almost 40 and have small wrinkles on the forehead…*the cream smooths and moisturizes the skin very well and after using it* there is a very pleasant feeling w…..nyarganoil...c.
    Hello Emilia! We are in northern California. So is the "esty" that did this series of facial videos with Gigi. We appreciate you enjoying them!.

    Awesome :) I will be in Long Beach in October. I was considering the Bio-therapediuct machine but I am also looking into the Jade micro-current machine. I currently have the compu-lift from silhoutte tone. Time to upgrade :).

    Casablanca Anti-Aging & Laser Centre - Medical Spas - Bellaire...
  10. December 30, 2015
    Make your reservation today! Are the signs of aging becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalizing power boost with this treatment designed to. i9
    Houston Anti-Aging Facial - Massage Heights
  11. December 28, 2015
    Dozens of antiaging products hit the market in 2007, but do any of them truly deliver? WebMD asks the experts to separate the science from the hype. i10
    Top 6 Antiaging Breakthroughs - WebMD
  12. December 27, 2015
    CERAMIDE ANTI-AGING FACIAL - $160. This deeply plumping treatment uses a line of advanced, rejuvenating skincare. Smoothes lines, strengthens texture. i11
    CERAMIDE ANTI-AGING FACIAL | Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas
  13. December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Being a fairly skeptical person, I tried Maxelder argan cream with some reservations. However, having been on this for many months, I'm very happy to report that this product works - and works as promised. It only took a couple of days for the product to start working and I'm amazed at the results. You'll be happy you did w...nyarganoil….c.
    George exudes calm and relaxation...I'd drive 4 hours to Hatboro for a shave or face massage with him!. This guy is snoring. Lmao this must be a really good facial massage from the dude. Looks like I better pack of for PA.
    I liked your videos..I bought maxelder argan cream after hearing my 10 year old say how wrinkled my skin was getting. I used it for only six days, and she commented on how good my skin was looking!! This stuff works and I will continue to use it! Strongly recommend w…nyarganoil….c.

    Hahaha, I've watched this video a few times, as it's very relaxing and informative, never noticed the client snoring before. Great video!.
    I'm going to fly from Seattle to Hatboro to experience this someday. Very professional, and looks incredibly relaxing.. Ahhh man, why can't this barber shop being every town I've watched a whole lot of shaving videos of YouTube for relaxation, and I don't think any has ever topped this gentleman's mannerisms and calm demeanour..
    George is meticulous and calm. Does he ever take this seriously It takes a while, but looks relaxing !! I'd like to go to him. He seems to have this down better than anybody I've ever seen..

    best anti age is beard, it protect from uv light, dust and keeps the skin tight like roots of a tree and helps lock in those natural oils..
    stringent and toner are two different things, stringent is something to control oil production in combo to oily skins by combining salicylic acid and other ingredients like witch hazel and it also works to make the pores look more minimize; toner is something to balance skin PH by adding nutrients to skin like vitamins and antioxidants to fight free radicals and avoid dullness, dryness and unevenness... I love your videos but I don't think this was an anti aging facial. It is a common myth that pores "open and close." There are no muscles in the face to allow a pore to open or close. They just appear open after a steam towel because the serum and dead skin cells move closer to the surface. The pore itself never changes shape. With that said, this a great video and you clearly know your craft.. Lucky Lemon cleanser does not have lemon oils. Mineral oil Water Beeswax Petrolatum Sodium Borate Lanolin Parfum Glycerin Colour Fd&C yellow No. 5 I think Noxzema does a better job..

    Anti-Aging Facial Los Angeles Sonya Dakar
  14. January 3, 2016
    If you're looking to get rid of wrinkles or age spots, these anti-aging skin care products can help. Try these face creams and wrinkle treatments that are. i13
    Anti-Aging Facial Skin Care | Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey
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  16. November 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thank you so much for doing this video, I do it every day it is so relaxing and it works:) so happy I found it!.
    +Mary Kreager Hey guys thank you for watching the Ageless Body System. Our Ageless Body System works on Men and Women of any age. Our goal is to preserve our youth. The Ageless Body System is the Answer to all of your problems or concerns. here is the website >>>

    ..Great video.....The wrinkles and dryness in my skin has been a problem for the longest time and I never figured out a good solution After taking Maxelder argan cream ( Official website w...nyarganoil….c) for about 2 weeks, the wrinkles and dryness started receding and went away... This product does what it says!..

    thank you for this! the one for between the eyes has even given me instant results both of the times i've done it today, and that was the area i was most concerned about. so happy i found this video!.
    +Mayada Elsabah Thank you! :) In the video I used Nude's cleaning oil but now I use Melvita's cleaning oil. the lip balm is by Living Nature. Have a great day!.
    Hi Lisa, I love your video! I've put a link to it on a blog piece about aromatherapy. Here it is: Thank you for teaching me how to do this. x.
    how much pressure should one apply in the face for this massage Lastly, I generally apply almond oil in the night and leave it like that and wash my face in the morning, is that a good practice . really nice video! i am giving my mom this massage and she is very pleased! i am 18 years old can i give myself that facial massage using almond oil. hi Iam 25 years old I hav oily skin pimples on my face nd wrinkle can I use almonds oil on my face plzz tell me what to doooo....
    +zoya yes is boy hi, Zoya, yes you can use almond oil. I had acne when I was young and I wish somebody had told me to sort out my diet first. With loads of veg and greens and healthy oils and no sugar and dairy. It's great you use an oil on your skin as stripping your skin of oil can make it worse. XXX L.
    No, I buy my essence masks from random stores. It's literally a mask that soaks in essence! They're very popular in Korea, inexpensive, and come in such a wide variety! I've never thought about making my own essence, but that sounds like a good idea. I'll have to look up some recipes :). You have the most beautiful skin ever! I just turned 25 but I began giving myself facial massages about a year ago and I love them and have noticed a big difference in my contours. Thank you for sharing with us your different techniques. Xoxo. Hi im 56 years old and i am disabled. I also had cancer in my top lip full thickness so they removed a v section from under my nost to my lip it was the width of my nose. Also because of my medication i have dry mouth and all my teeth have snapped off, im also an ex smoker so all these things have affected my lips i am noticing a lot of lines round them especially the top one that was stivhed together. Yhe surgeon did a great job. Im in the uk so cold wearher isnt helping if anyone can comment on tgis please do. Is tgere anything i can do ti help get rid of tge lip lines xxxAnnxxx.
    Great massage, except for the rubbing back and forth above the upper lip- this is possibly one of the WORST movements I've seen used for the nasolabial fold area. It seems to have a temporarily positive effect on you because it increases blood flow to the area and you already have fairly firm skin with good elasticity. But in actuality all you are doing is encouraging those folds and lines to form. Anyone with existing nasolabial folds, or the beginnings of sagging in that area, will see an immediate deepening of the lines from nose to mouth after doing this exercise. Repeated tugging/overly brisk rubbing on an area of the face can potentially damage collagen and elastin fibers. It doesn't just look rubbish, it is rubbish. Apart from that, this would be a perfect facial massage..
    Yes, I think so. gentle massage will still stimulate blood flow, without the risk damage that the brisk rubbing, tugging on skin can do..
    i hope people dont mind,its just that i wanted to share what i remember after seeing this video... this is the exact way we muslims do ablution 5 times a day just before praying....

    Oh my god, I watched this whole video and cringed every time your hands touched your face. ONLY because I have acne prone skin and know how important it is to keep your hands away from your face if your skin is like mine. This would be a sure way to make me break out, especially right after a shave (I'm a male). Wish I could have skin like yours! You obviously don't need to worry about acne ^_^ Love your routine, looks like it really works for you!.
    I liked your routine a lot! I found your ideas as fresh and very useful! I will definitely practice that! And I visited your site... It is beautiful and has much info about healthy food! I am becoming your fan, indeed! :)) My respect! Thanks!.
    This is just magical- simple and effective- Thank you so much! Also, what is the name of the cleansing oil that you use amy.

    Thank you so much for watching! In the video I used Nude cleansing oil, but nowadays I use Melvita Cleansing Oil. XX.
    one advice to give you for your eyes... you look fab bt! dont worry about being careful around your eyes to make it clear and young looking, use castor oil and massage ur eyes away from your nose bone!. +Ayat El Sherif Hi, I think it works :) but it's also about what you feed your skin with avocadoes and loads of water is great! X .
    Love this Lisa! And the effects of this are very apparent on your glowing, youthful face! What cleanser do you use x.

    anti aging facial cream | eBay
  17. November 14, 2015
    Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy offers Anti Aging Facial to cleanse,brighten and smooth your skin. Let us help you to slow the aging process, i1
    Facial Masks: Anti-Aging, Skin Tightening & Detoxifying...
  18. December 25, 2015
    Discover a more youthful you with our invigorating selection of anti-aging facials - sure to keep your skin glowing i2
    Anti-Aging Facial -
  19. January 13, 2016
    This powerful anti-aging facial uses organic Eminence products including an enzyme peel plus a microcurrent facelift to provide immediate results. i3
    Serenity Day Spa: Anti-Aging Facials - Skin Treatments
  20. December 15, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    hello Yasuko, your Video is Effective for me ,been doing it for three weeks now with your Video in front of me and it was funny when you did the fast forwarding. I found out. am also in hurry in that part :-D Thanks let's get young together yepee. Dipa SD, in general you should not massage over the area that is broken. The regular massage helps to tone your face and it shouldn't cause wrinkles if you do it right as long as you have much to tone..
    Great video and clear inistructions! By the way, you don't look old (even though I don't know your age), you have a beautiful skin !.

    Hi, thank you for this very informative and easy to follow video! I'm only twenty one but I am subject to face bloating (particularly in the summer) and I wanted to know if that massage was suitable for me and would help me with that :) thank you so much for answering.
    I m 24 years old ,my cheeks r broken and i dont have too much muscles on my cheeks area ,can i do this.if i do this excercise regularly will there be any problem like seeing wrinkles after a certain time.
    It's been said that honey, lemons peeled ,garlic ,flaxseed oil blend it store in airtight container consume 3 times before food for 3 months I came across shared tell me whether it works .
    I've been doing this massage since the beginning of this year and it's wonderful! Keeps the face in beautiful shape, skin graceful, jaw in it's proper posture and also purifies my breathing. I didn't know of Tanaka's death, that's so sad. On the brighter side, she left us with something really great and miraculous! May her soul rest in peace. ♥. You're very good at what you do & FUNNY as well. It'll be hard to be that combination in any industry. Doumo. I can't wait to get started! so happy to have found you! can't wait to see more of your videos & anti aging techniques. liked & subscribed...thanks so much!.
    facial fat is good. if you have it, appreciate it!! also, you are certainly not being bombarded by signs of aging..
    Los masajes no los has hecho bien :( debes mirar mas detenidamente los videos de Yukuko Tanaka pero gracias por tu esfuerzo!.
    I love how my face feels after this massage - it's tingling and feel alive. I hope it helps get rid of the pockets of fat and loose skin that are beginning to show on my face. I recently lost 60 lbs very slowly but still I have some pockets forming around my mouth and the slight bags under my eyes and my cheeks seem to falling. I did a series of facial exercises before I did your massage technique. Do you also recommend the facial exercises Thank you for this video..

    Congratulations on your amazing weight loss! I don't know what the facial exercises are but I would continue if you think they are helpful. I hope this massage helps you too!.
    Thank you so much! 💙This video is very helpful and concise, I immediately feel my skin softer and lifted after doing it. I have really sensitive skin and this technique is gentle enough for my skin type, just make sure to put lotion or oils, I use a mixture of aloe vera gel, hemp, olive, rosemary and lavender essential oils.. Can't thank you enough for all your commendable and extremely helpful videos Yasuko..Would you suggest something for menopausal symtoms as well dear. +Sapna Mukherji Any specific symptoms I have done acupressure for hot flashes before (Massage Monday #87).. Hi, thank you for this very informative and easy to follow video! I'm only twenty one but I am subject to face bloating (particularly in the summer) and I wanted to know if that massage was suitable for me and would help me with that :) thank you so much for answering.
    +Alpagaa If your face bloating is caused by water retention this massage should definitely help. Let me know how it works for you. Good luck!.
    i had been using the original video for the tanaka face massage, but i'm glad i came upon your video. i found it easier to follow...thank you. can't wait to see what other things you suggest for 50 and over, anti-aging. btw, sorry to hear of miss tanakas' passing. it is a great loss!!!.
    +Lei Moore I know I was hoping to learn more from her! I was glad to find the shorter version too ;-).
    Oh, no! I had no idea she had passed away! How very sad. Beautiful lady, inside and outside. Very intelligent and giving. Thank you for sharing.. Because of your video, the texture of my skin feels so much better and so much clearer. Many, many thanks, Ms. Kawamura. You are an excellent teacher.. Hi.ive been searching over the internet on how to make my left cheek proportion to my right cheek.(my left cheek is a little bit fat than my right thinking if tooth exraction-second upper and second lower teeth affected my left cheek to look a little bit fat than the other)would this face massage help me make them appear proportionalid be glad to hear from you pleassseeee.
    Maybe The only way to see if it helps or not is to try it but I would wait until after the swelling is gone..

    Thank you for sharing, and I think you sharing offer me different perspective to take care of myself..

    Amazing results in just 2 days, I'm glad I chanced upon your video Nd I wish you all the energies to continue on your chosen path.Thank you..

    Thanks so much fir this video, do we are suppose to do this Tanaka massage every day. Thanks and bless 🙏.

    +VanityVain1 Thank you for watching! You can start with once a day and if you see the results reduce it to few times a week or as necessary :).

    Hi!!!Yasuko thank you for this I will start today. Can you please translate some more videos from Yukoko Tanaka for us. I find it on the internet but they are all on japanese. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    +TheBones193 Thank you. This is a shorter version that I found. I found the English version of the longer DVD here: (they translated the Chinese version into English version and the name is displayed wrong in the video) Good luck!. +Yasuko Kawamura (Bliss2Massage) I think 50 but you look beautiful. I started this massage last week, I am by the way 33 years old..
    I m late but just saw this video n u did a great job. I hv some confusion can u plz show the exact "Ear Point" And als while pulling it downwards does it not creat lose skin downwards Plz reply .
    You don't need pressure to do the lymphatic drainage from the ear to the collarbone. Just caress gently on the sides of your neck rather than pulling the skin. Which ear point (what part of the video) are you referring to. Thanks again for sharing this massage technique. In approx. one month, my face has started looking slimmer and younger. The best part is that there is no puffiness when I wake up from sleep. However, the double chin and two faint jowls are taking their time to disappear!!.
    +Kalpana Padhi In case you haven't seen it I covered a massage techniques for double chin that you can add to your routine in Massage Monday #258 ;).

    Thank you so much for your video. I think it was very clear and easy to follow you. It feels wonderful. Hope to see results in the near future!.

    I've found your demonstration very clear. After only a couple of days I can feel my skin is toned and glowing 😀 Thank you very much!.

    thank you very much.I have been doing it twice a day for 2 weeks and I can already see the results.Excelent!.

    I just liked the video and subscribed. +Yasuko Kawamura the technique was well explained, informative and included all parts of the face. thanks for sharing this.

    +Yasuko Kawamura thank you. My face looks much better now and I want to tell you that I am doing massage for my face for 18 days already and I started to see good results. It has become a daily routine and it feels good..

    I have been doing this everyday for a month and the results are amazing. I feel good and healthy and my face glows! Thank you. :).
    Can anyone with facial fillers perform this massage safely Would this remove the fillers on the face. I felt my face tingling after just trying this once. I will def continue doing this. Thank you for the video. and you sound good. pls do more :).
    Hi there great video you explained that well you look amazing by the way I take it your my age group. .
    I'm 58 but having applied this technique for 10 weeks now, I do look ten years younger! This is what my relatives and friends tell me. At this age you are careful not to stretch your skin without a good reason; it's amazing that the stretching you do while massaging your face with this technique seems to firm the skin, not the opposite. Thank you so much for these instructions!!. +TheChiesa Thank you for sharing your wonderful results!! It's real and must feel great when others notice ;-) Thank you for trying it so diligently..
    you can use olive oil but keep in mind not to be exposed to the sun afterwards. better to rinse the face afterwards. do not use coconut oil unless it is good for your skin since it caused breakout on my face. it is not good for acne prone skin..

    How does this compare to gua sha scraping with tool on face Looks like similar process Same benefits .
    Thank you for this video. I started today. I will post back in a week ;) excited. Btw your video is clear ;). thanks for sharing! very clear instructions! i hope i can still improve my face at my age ( i am 64yrold).
    Thank you very much, i love massage monday!!! I had results immediately and i keep on looking about the next month... Thank you, Yasuko !.

    Wellness Spa | Cosmetic Surgery | Anti-Aging Center...
  21. December 24, 2015
    Specialties. Ultra Anti Aging Facial Lifting Treatment (Non-surgical Face Lift); Orbital Microdermabrasion Facial; Skin Hydration Facial with Hydro-Mask; Tummy... i5
    Anti Aging Facial Center - Facial Treatments
  22. December 23, 2015
    Browse Olay Anti-Aging products and discover the best skin care products for you. i6
    Anti Aging Facial Look Younger and Feel... - Scottsdale Spa
  23. October 31, 2015
    Our Anti-aging Facial helps to turn back the clock with this anti-free radical treatment. Bask in rich vitamin C and firming elastin, formulated to help aging skin... i7
    Anti Aging Facial Center - 18 Photos - Skin Care - Fairfax...
  24. January 9, 2016

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    Anti Aging in Houston, TX | Healthy Aging
  25. November 10, 2015
    Best Anti Aging Serum-Organic-Natural-Anti Wrinkle Cream With Peptides... # 1 Best Seller in Facial... Shop for
    Anti-Aging Facials | Nancy Taylor Day Spa & Salon...
  26. December 29, 2015
    This anti-aging treatment begins with cleansing and a facial massage. Ultrasonic peeling cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin. This treatment helps to increase... i10 anti-aging face cream: Beauty
  27. December 10, 2015
    Shop for facial masks and skin care masques at Find a mask for your need: skin tightening, anti-aging, detoxifying, refining and more. i11
    Levela Antiaging Serum - Levela Anti-Aging Serum
  28. October 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I received maxelder argan cream and have used it for several days. As I was driving home I wondered why my skin felt tight. It was this cream! It's amazing! It also moisturizes effectively. I washed my face and could feel the cream still on my face. Highly recommend w...nyarganoil...c. I love maxelder argan cream. I have combo acne prone skin & it doesn't break me out. It has smoothed out my wrinkles & my skin feels plump. Try it you will see difference w...nyarganoil…c. +dorowin frameworks Best anti-aging program available on the internet is >>> I tried it and it works….... Hi Sneha..I' am using Maxelder argan cream My drowsy skin freshened up and stretched. Works brisk and gives you the best results. This cream makes my skin look amazing. It works great in both oily and dry areas to balance out your skin. It is perfect, I Love it. Check it w...nyarganoil…c. +Melanie Brown I'am surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin....
    Can you make a video on how to grow eyelashes back because i had a bald spot on my lash line and now i have a bald patch..

    I love your videos.. sneha di Its just amazing... Each n every remedy i hv used.. Bt plz make a video dat Which product you use every single day.. Fr example which face wash, moisturizer cleanser, u use everyday.. :) thnkew ♡.

    Hi sneha, can I replace egg with anything else which also has skin tightening quality..please reply. Many thanks.

    Hi sneha! It has beeen long time you have not uploaded any DIY video.. Feeling sad. Dear I have a mature skin. My face is OK...but only chin is uneven with granules type acne and dark. Kindly suggest me a fast diy which work great on my chin. And also forbopen pores! I feel awkward to go out. Help me dear. Love.
    Hi sneha.pregnancy ki waja sy mry face py frekels or blackheads bht ziada ho gaye hain.colour bht dull ho gaya hai.plz koi acha sa mask bta dein..
    +Mehwish Tariq rice powder tomato paste and honey mix them together nd apply it on ur face for 15 to 20 minute :).

    #Sneha Can you do a video on How to grow back eye brows when I was young I used eye brow shaper and accidentally took my 1 eye brow out and it hasn't grown yet.. Please help!! Also please do a video on How to grow back thick long eye lashes :) love all your videos... 💖 xoxo-.
    it would be helpful if you post all the ingredients you are using, all your viewers would appreciate it. thank you.. Very nice video luv hands are very darker than my face plz suggest some remedy for that thank u. could you please list the ingredients used and quantities required to make this mask English is not my first language and I'ms truggling to follow :( Thanks!.
    My skin is super oily so is this pack will b good for my skin...n honey doesn't suit me at all wen ever I applied honey on my face itches n turns out red....

    Hello can do a face mask for pigmentation and facial hair please.your videos are so nice love watching them.x.

    Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine - Houston Botox, facial...
  29. December 1, 2015
    Welcome to Sousan Med Spa in Houston, TX! We offer medical treatments & spa services to improve how you look and feel. Anti-aging treatments & more! i13
    Houston Botox, facial fillers, juvederm, skin tightening...
  30. November 11, 2015
    A Simple Solution to Signs of Aging. Anti-Aging Houston. We have to face it: Everyday, our faces are getting older. Many individuals are unhappy with the onset of... i14
    Anti-Aging Treatments Houston, TX | Cellulite Reduction...
  31. January 25, 2016
    Offering deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and facials, Massage Heights inspires you to elevate your everyday. Schedule your appointment today! i15
    Anti-Aging Facials: What to Expect When Getting One
  32. December 6, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    ..Hello guys!!..I' ve only used Maxelder argan cream for a few days and I love it This cream makes the skin around my eyes look refreshed and smooth. It is not oily and it doesn't burn my eyes in any way unlike other creams that I've tried in the past. It also helps with my puffiness. I highly recommend this wrinkles cream w.…nyarganoil….c...
    I don't always say a wrinkle cream is amazing... unless it is amazing. I received a discounted sample of Maxelder Argan Cream in exchange for an honest review. My immediate reaction was that this anti-aging cream delivers its promise of firmer and tighter skin. My face felt cool in a refreshing way. My skin felt instantly tighter and firmer I'm excited to see results of long-term use and benefits of using the cream. Recommend w...nyarganoil.….c.
    do I wash the oil off after massage when do I do this after toner or do I do this -wash it off and they do the whole cleansing+lotions thanks. It's ANTI age massage. It's to prevent the skin from aging. I dont know why so many people think ANTI age is for people with already saggy and wrinkled skin. Basicly, it's too late by then to start preventing.. Revolutionary Night cream proven to reduce the effects of stress and aging : Remove up to five years of damage in as little as four weeks. Visit for more details. Don't hesitate! Receive FREE shipping with your qualifying order today!!!. Facial care companies desire people to try their new products to show how good they are. Have you ever noticed a skin care section set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products Well I discovered a site that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) Have a look here
    well, if we want to get technical about it she got most of these techniques from a book called The Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki lol great vid to show how to do the methods in the book, but Fuzkittie might have mentioned where she got her routine from....

    there is nothing special about this video like many other facial massage...I didn't learn anything new...:-(.

    anti aging facial cream | eBay
  33. December 16, 2015
    Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy offers Anti Aging Facial to cleanse,brighten and smooth your skin. Let us help you to slow the aging process, i17
    Facial Masks: Anti-Aging, Skin Tightening & Detoxifying...
  34. November 4, 2015
    Discover a more youthful you with our invigorating selection of anti-aging facials - sure to keep your skin glowing i18
    Anti-Aging Facial -
  35. January 19, 2016
    This powerful anti-aging facial uses organic Eminence products including an enzyme peel plus a microcurrent facelift to provide immediate results. i19
    Serenity Day Spa: Anti-Aging Facials - Skin Treatments
  36. January 7, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Hey guys! Thanks for watching!! I'm giving away 12 jars of Ponds Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle cream. For a chance to win, simply leave a friendly comment below. =) The Giveaway Ends April 16th. Hope you have a FABULOUS DAY!! kisses, Rachel Talbott Maxelder argan cream is a fab cream… My wrinkle formation has reduced drastically and I dont look older to my age any more.. I love the way I look and now just get loaded with compliments all the time. It has made this possible… Suggest everyone w...nyarganoil…c. Iam 35 and ive moisturized my skin since i was remember my mom giving me lectures about how we should moisturize and my skin look freaking great but ive noticed iam starting to see small lines around my eyes and i was like o_0 NOOOOO!.
    +Rachel Talbott Thank you! Ive received the product and ive been using it every single day,i must say its AMAZING! my fine lines are less noticeable i also noticed that the elasticity has also has a bit of a smell but after it dries that goes it! I will deffinetly keep buying it.Thank you.♥.
    I loved Maxelder argan cream! Very gentle, doesn't have annoying smell. None of my wrinkles had disappeared of course, but overall it's a great night moisturizer. You can find it in w…nyarganoil ….c. +Juliana Demarch The results I saw from just 3 days using maxelder argan cream was nothing short of amazing!. I just turned 27, and skincare is something I've really got to start focusing on! would love to try ponds! . +HAYLOxoo Now is as good a time as any! CONGRATS, you won one of the FREE Ponds giveaways! Send me an email with your full name and address so I can get that sent over to you. My email is: checkinthemirror2 Be sure to tell me how you like the product once you've given it a try!.
    Rachel..what do you think of drugstore products like ponds vs products that are natural and can you do a video on inexpensive natural shampoos and cleansers (without parabans and sulfates).
    Being in my early, approaching mid 30's, these are some great tips for me. I've just started noticing some fine lines around my eyes. I'll have to give them a try.. +Carrie Rojas Hi Carrie! CONGRATS, you won one of the FREE Ponds giveaways! Send me an email with your full name and address so I can get that sent over to you. My email is: checkinthemirror2 Be sure to tell me how you like the product once you've given it a try!. I'm only twenty one and I already have fine lines around my eyes. Including laugh lines. Well one single laugh line. -.-. Unfortunately, Ponds contains fragrances and parabens, these ingredients tear up my skin. But I'm definitely going to try the homemade scrub. Thanks for sharing. . +efroggys Same here, my doctor has flat out said "no" to the chemicals in these mainstream skin products. Too hard on the Liver and lymphatic system. Natural all the way. The impact these chemicals have on the body over time is simply not worth it. The scrub she showed looks great though! ^_^. Have a blessed day! I throughly love watching your videos! They're so informative and make me feel relaxed. 🌸. My favorite skincare products are hands down manuka honey and rosehip oil. I like to slather the honey on my face for an hour before bed and it helps with breakouts and scarring and hyperpigmentation, it's so good. The rosehip oil also helps with scarring and pigmentation. Also face oils are just the bomb in general. :). Have you ever tried Cod Liver Oil If you are kind of sick of Salmon I ised to eat it every night) try a teaspoon in the morning. Tastes awful so I wash it down with probiotic yogurt drink..
    Rachel ! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ your videos I always end up buying the products that you show on your videos I trust your reviews 100% they ALWAYS work on my skin.

    I'd love to know what some great sunscreens are! I never use it on my face because of how heavy/clogged up they make me feel! .
    I really loved this video!! Motivated me to get back to taking care of my skin like i used to. Def going to try the Ponds cream! Keep up the great work Rach!! . +Jemima Sanchez-Rivera I'll get help get you started! CONGRATS, you won one of the FREE Ponds giveaways! Send me an email with your full name and address so I can get that sent over to you. My email is: checkinthemirror2 Be sure to tell me how you like the product once you've given it a try!.
    Hi rachel, i stumbled across your chanel while looking for anti aging creams and at hone treatments and i just love your videos. Its so hard to make tume for yourself when you're my age with a family and a child with ADHD. so going out for some ME time is a hardly ever situation so thank you for this very informative video. I will def. Give these DIY's a try!.

    I ordered some on Amazon (we don't have it here in least where I live). So I can't wait to try it!!.

    Hi I was wondering if you had any suggestion for suddenly sensitive and acne prone skin Is this product good for acne prone skin +Rachel Talbott .

    I have always wondered about the Ponds products. I am a new mommy and I agree that using a single product for the neck and face is a bonus and a necessity in my life! Thank you for sharing. Also, thank you for the link to the Argan Oil cleanser! :).
    Be careful your moisturizer is suppose to plump up your skin so putting it under your eyes can make them dark..

    My grandma has been using ponds for decades and her skin is pretty amazing considering that was the only product she ever used. It is a very overlooked brand even though is has been around for such a long time, I actually love using it to remove my makeup!.
    I tried ponds, the results are fantastic, but I wish my skin agreed 100% :'( I have oily to combo skin, so when I used it I always felt like it was sweating it & it was sitting & not absorbing.. :(((( Glad it works for some, considering I'm having such a hard time finding a great moisturizer with collagen in it.. . Thanks for the recommendation Rachel. I just ran out of moisturizer and was looking to try something different.. Hi Rachel :). Well, loving all your videos! And really hope I can win a jar of the cream ;). I'm at that age (27) so it's about time to start firming that skin. Lots of love xo.
    Great video! Informative and fun as usual..its never too early to start preventing wrinkles. Thanks Rachel!.

    Great video. I have been looking for years to find the right face cream and not having to spend a ton since living on one income, and would love to try this face cream. .
    +fiakittyy I am sure even with clean eating you can't avoid that. I do try to avoid it where I can especially if it is putting it on my face as a daily routine. Just looking for other paraben free options if anyone has any suggestions..
    +Mo Gilmore I don't know what kind of product you're looking for specifically, but Michael Todd True Organics is all natural and organic skincare and they have tons of different products for different skin types, and they're super effective and I feel good about using them on my skin. Definitely check them out online! :).

    Love the video! I just turned 26 and I was just thinking about changing my teen skincare routine and tailor it to fit some of my actual needs such as dehydration, oil control and wrinkle prevention. Also, i agree on the meal approach for a healthier skin. Ive been skipping milk for the past week and I already notice the difference on my face, less acne spots and I find myself using less foundation to cover up which is great..
    I'm 26 too. What products are you using/thinking of switching too I use a lot of First Aid Beauty which I don't think lean toward anti aging but they are great for dry/sensitive/dehydrated skin! ☺.
    Ohh im so busy wid my son tht i dnt get a chance to watch u hmmmjst wanted to ask u abt ur suncream i always break down from it .
    What a lovely video! I love your videos, they are short and concise, but still full of information. Being on a very strict budget myself, I love the drugstore options and the DIYs. Thank you for your videos, you are so pretty and seem so sweet! I've never heard of manuca honey before, how is it different from regular honey Lots of love and take care. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for posting these amazing YouTube videos! They are so helpful and fun to watch! . Today I am binge watching your videos, I find them quite interesting and full of helpful information. Keep up the good work :).
    As always you look beautiful your skin is perfect!! I definitely need to try the Ponds wrinkle cream... .
    I love the tips and tricks you do that can help me better my skin day by day. I always smile whenever I see your videos! Thanks for doing what do (:.
    I can't say it enough rachel I love your vids!! I can always count on accurate information! 🙌🙌.
    +brandipan Thank you so much for the support! CONGRATS, you won one of the FREE Ponds giveaways! Send me an email with your full name and address so I can get that sent over to you. My email is: checkinthemirror2 Be sure to tell me how you like the product once you've given it a try!.
    I've always wanted to try pond's products but never got the chance to. Anyways, how was your Easter.
    Hey Rachel, I'm turning 25 this year and want to start taking better care of my skin. I love watching your videos and find all of your tips so helpful! Thanks for allowing all of us to see a little glimpse into your life. Xoxo from Canada. Hey Rachel, I think you are the most honest beauty guru here on YouTube. And I love your video like always..
    I love watching your videos. I light up when I see a new one. I like your clothing and overall style. Thank you for making videos!! .

    I'm shocked that you love this stuff, mostly because I've never heard anybody talk about it! By the looks of you skin girl I'll take your word for it being good stuff! .
    My whole family has used this ponds lotion but I never thought of using it! I think it's time to try it out :) you should do more of healthy eating receipts that'll help with things such as skin and dark circles ! .

    Wellness Spa | Cosmetic Surgery | Anti-Aging Center...
  37. January 20, 2016
    Specialties. Ultra Anti Aging Facial Lifting Treatment (Non-surgical Face Lift); Orbital Microdermabrasion Facial; Skin Hydration Facial with Hydro-Mask; Tummy... i21
    Anti Aging Facial Center - Facial Treatments
  38. January 18, 2016
    Browse Olay Anti-Aging products and discover the best skin care products for you. i22
    Anti Aging Facial Look Younger and Feel... - Scottsdale Spa
  39. January 24, 2016
    Our Anti-aging Facial helps to turn back the clock with this anti-free radical treatment. Bask in rich vitamin C and firming elastin, formulated to help aging skin... i23
    Anti Aging Facial Center - 18 Photos - Skin Care - Fairfax...
  40. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Anti Aging in Houston, TX | Healthy Aging
  41. November 30, 2015
    Best Anti Aging Serum-Organic-Natural-Anti Wrinkle Cream With Peptides... # 1 Best Seller in Facial... Shop for
    Anti-Aging Facials | Nancy Taylor Day Spa & Salon...
  42. November 23, 2015
    This anti-aging treatment begins with cleansing and a facial massage. Ultrasonic peeling cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin. This treatment helps to increase... i26 anti-aging face cream: Beauty
  43. November 16, 2015
    Shop for facial masks and skin care masques at Find a mask for your need: skin tightening, anti-aging, detoxifying, refining and more. i27
    Levela Antiaging Serum - Levela Anti-Aging Serum
  44. January 27, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Hiya ! Thanks for the video's ! Just out of interest what Peel was used for this lovely lady :). Hello, thank you soooo much for sharing. I have been collecting everything I need at home before I rent my office for facials. any advice for an upcoming aesthetican.

    Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine - Houston Botox, facial...
  45. December 13, 2015
    Welcome to Sousan Med Spa in Houston, TX! We offer medical treatments & spa services to improve how you look and feel. Anti-aging treatments & more! i29
    Houston Botox, facial fillers, juvederm, skin tightening...
  46. January 21, 2016
    A Simple Solution to Signs of Aging. Anti-Aging Houston. We have to face it: Everyday, our faces are getting older. Many individuals are unhappy with the onset of... i30
    Anti-Aging Treatments Houston, TX | Cellulite Reduction...
  47. December 3, 2015
    Offering deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and facials, Massage Heights inspires you to elevate your everyday. Schedule your appointment today! i31
    Anti-Aging Facials: What to Expect When Getting One
  48. January 11, 2016

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    anti aging facial cream | eBay
  49. November 24, 2015
    Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy offers Anti Aging Facial to cleanse,brighten and smooth your skin. Let us help you to slow the aging process, i33
    Facial Masks: Anti-Aging, Skin Tightening & Detoxifying...
  50. December 17, 2015
    Discover a more youthful you with our invigorating selection of anti-aging facials - sure to keep your skin glowing i34
    Anti-Aging Facial -
  51. December 4, 2015
    This powerful anti-aging facial uses organic Eminence products including an enzyme peel plus a microcurrent facelift to provide immediate results. i35
    Serenity Day Spa: Anti-Aging Facials - Skin Treatments
  52. December 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Great vid. Thanks for sharing; Maxelder argan cream product is great for my skin. It's very much helped my dry skin issues. I bought from w—-nyarganoil c.
    +Nana Bayin Maxelder argan cream is a great product. I use it reduce my wrinkles and moisture my skin....
    I don't know why the newscasters sort of snicker at the end of it... why wouldn't it tighten your face if you repeatedly exercise the muscles there These same idiots go to the gym and tighten their abs and biceps with exercise. I've been doing my own flavor of this for years, not even diligently, and I look 10 years younger than others my age. It's just common sense.. Of course the doctor disagrees, because any non-surgical or non-injectable "product" means less business! Nice try, Doc! People aren't idiots... .
    Omg i think it works because non of them had wrinkles. I tried 1 exercise and omg it looks soooooo good already. If I do this every day. Dayyyyymnnnnnn the rest will be history. .
    I have just found out that pure essential oils will work at a cellular level - one drop each of Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Elemi, Patchouli, Rosemary and Sandlewood mixed with a little bit of V6 carrier oil works instantly. I found all these therapeutic grade oils at
    Facial exercises does work. Do we honestly expect a man who does facial surgery for a living to admit that it works To admit that would be like burning his own money!.

    That Dr. that boo who this concept is nothing more than a money grubbing reedy practitioner that just doesn't want natural perspectives to put a dent in his business. We exercise our heart with cardio, our legs, but muscles ,back and arms but forget about our face, exercising your face can also help strengthen your eyesight and having a good arm weightlifting regime can strengthen your neck jowl muscles and hairline, it works but you just got a do it..

    Surgeons tell you don't do this so they can make money off of you because they know you'll sag and want to go to them for their services. .

    I've tried facial yoga and I must say that it works definitely! I'm 18 years and look quite young for my age (Generally people in my family age very slowly, so no surprise) but I had hanging eyelids. I'm doing eyelid exercises for 3 weeks and I can say that they almost stopped hanging! Now just a bit but it's not comparable with before. So yes, face yoga does work, at least for me. I still prefer doing some exercises that cost nothing instead of paying a high amount of money for cosmetic surgeon.. I'm not suprised that this doctor said something critically. People today prefer eating thousands of pills and surgery etc. instead of trying it with natural things... if the natural thing doesn't work, then you can try it with the common medicine, of course..
    It's true, these funny faces really do help you stay looking younger! I've been doing them for a few months and my face looks better than ever. I'll be 40 this year so it's about time. I got a great DVD and so worth the $12... .
    Anybody can end up getting acne breakouts. My own older friend had acne as badly as his young boy. Each had been able to remedy themselves after they discovered the Acne Executioner (Google it). Many people won’t be as fortunate as them but find out about it if you like..
    I would rather look ridiculous for a few mintues, than look ridiculous for the rest of my life. I'm getting both of their books.. Haha, of course the plastic surgeon is going to say it doesn't work. Information like this would take some money out of his pocket. It's amazing what a little exercise can do, even on the face :). You are exactly right about the plastic surgeon, and most doctors are the same, they will refute anything that takes a new set of golf clubs away from them. If you know any trumpet players or musicians that plays a horn or flute...look at their facial definition, they have tremendous facial muscling. And no wrinkles around that area. just muscle.. Great video thanks! And a shout-out to Chris Wragge from CT - old Channel 30 viewer misses you! :).
    The surgeon says it won't work, so don't do it. Riiiiight. :-/ Ignore ANY doctor who tells you that exercise won't work. Personally, I've seen the results of this form of exercise, and it really does work. As with any exercise regimen, get all the information you can and concentrate on doing the exercises properly..
    Of course the cosmetic surgeon would say it doesn't work, why would anyone go get a facelift when they can strenghten the muscles and tone up themselves I have been them for three years, am 45 and most think I am in my early 30;s,.
    Senta Maria Runge published her book "Face Lifting by Exercise" in 1961.This book is available through Amazon. She also had a tv program in California. She used white gloves to prevent slippage and cream around the eyes to prevent wrinkles.Get her book. She's the one in 1961 who came up with these exercises. She retired in 1989..

    These exercises have worked for me and I tell everyone I know about Cynthia. I do her exercises everyday. 3 sets of 10 twice a day. .

    Stupid Medical Doctor! Like I would even trust anything in the medical industry says. I only trust holistic medicine and I am healthier than anyone my age!.
    It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these normal people do it so easily with "RushMax Muscle" (Look it up on Google).. Cynthia Rowland has obviously had facial surgery, but she still looks llike an old hag. If she thinks she looks young, she has some serious psychological issues, too. Just because she is crazy is no reason for you to participate in her denial exercises. Remember 'Granny Goodwitch' That's her!. Skin care companies would like as many individuals as possible to try their new products to show why they are worth buying. Have you ever seen the skin care section set-up in your neighbourhood shopping centre offering free test products Well i just found a site that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free skincare products :) You can get them here

    Wellness Spa | Cosmetic Surgery | Anti-Aging Center...
  53. November 17, 2015
    Specialties. Ultra Anti Aging Facial Lifting Treatment (Non-surgical Face Lift); Orbital Microdermabrasion Facial; Skin Hydration Facial with Hydro-Mask; Tummy... i37
    Anti Aging Facial Center - Facial Treatments
  54. January 28, 2016
    Browse Olay Anti-Aging products and discover the best skin care products for you. i38
    Anti Aging Facial Look Younger and Feel... - Scottsdale Spa
  55. December 18, 2015
    Our Anti-aging Facial helps to turn back the clock with this anti-free radical treatment. Bask in rich vitamin C and firming elastin, formulated to help aging skin... i39
    Anti Aging Facial Center - 18 Photos - Skin Care - Fairfax...
  56. December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    hi vanity good morning 1:40'am dubai uae... im good vanity..ok I will se you in email thanks take care your self always..bless u. Your very welcome Eddie! Wow Dubai! I lived there for 10 years! I just move recently to America and still home sick from my Dubai! Ok go back to sleep ! Best weather now in Dubai! Bless. so far the weather was going good a bit cold and getting more nice thanks again.I will sleep now again vanity..thanks for a quick reply.tsup bless u. So sorry for the late reply! I learn in school clockwise, but some people do it both way, little confusing when I started reading more but I stick with my training from London holistic school, thanks and bless 🙏 Namaste.
    hi vanity good evening, how are you im eduardo romero im 55 yrs old now my problem is my laugh line it was so deep, my forehead lines, and last my eyebag, is there any chances to remove it please teach what to do, awaiting for your replay thanks in advance bless you...eddie romero.
    Hi Eddie how are you! If you want can you please contact me at my business email, vanityvain12 Sending you bless, love and light always 🙏 Namaste.
    Hi. I tried all pressure points for about 4 months. I didn't notice any change.In fact it worsened the condition..

    Hi Kuldeep, I always have excellent results with facial acupressure, did you apply gentle pressure clock wise, remember if you strech the skin or if you are to ruff in your skin is going to have opposite benefits and is just not only this you have to control stress, drink water, have a good cleaning routine for your face, exfoliate the skin, sleep well and the position that you place your face in the pillow. Is a lot of factors in our day that integrate with in. If you want you can email me at vanityvain12, I can help you anytime, I am sending you bless and light 🙏 namaste..
    Thank you so much for these great tips and i will be doing the to help my skin and to relax my face an tension. Happy Holiday .
    Good video, you look very beautiful and your voice is so sweet and calming. I will try to do this every day now. Thank you xxx.
    Thanks so much! I am so glad you like it! Bless always, and please give it a try! Trust me it works! Ciao Bella..
    Yes, very helpful video, good to see you after long time, keep doing more videos...looking good pretty lady!.. keep up the good job... I will be waiting for more of your videos.
    +Clarisa Patterson yes is getting more longer, this week I will my bang and change my hair color little liter, wish me luck, make up is very simple, I really don't like to much make up just soft, besos!! . +VanityVain1 Yeahhh..!! getting you hair lighter... I'm so will look even younger..I can't wait to see you with you new hair....
    Hi vanity, did you end up buying the stimlight device for the face and neck If so, how is it working for you .

    Hi Eva, I purshased the slight ism machine, I really love it because the device is big and cover the face very good, when I use it I really can see the results.
    I will start using the device more consistent now like 3 times a week, I am stepping up my anti-aging routine, 47 in July, thanks so much for visiting my channel Eva, bless. Thanks so much, I am glad that you like it and please try it at least everyday for 2 weeks! And don't cost nothing,please let me know your experience! Bless Hunt. +VanityVain1 I will try to start doing your techniques.. thank you so much for sharing it with us....
    Hi Vanity - You have such a lovely happy positive nature and I'm sure you give everyone who watches your videos a real 'feel good' factor which is so important. I very much enjoyed learning your techniques for facial acupressure and look forward to hearing more of your tips. Keep sending out those wonderful vibes. We all need much more of that. Sending lots of Love and Positive Energy back to you. June xx.

    Awwww! You really make my day ! Thanks so much for thoses kinds words we attract what we are, stay positive always big hug and bless, namaste my friend,.

    Anti Aging in Houston, TX | Healthy Aging
  57. November 29, 2015
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  58. December 7, 2015
    This anti-aging treatment begins with cleansing and a facial massage. Ultrasonic peeling cleanses and gently exfoliates the skin. This treatment helps to increase... i42 anti-aging face cream: Beauty
  59. November 25, 2015
    Shop for facial masks and skin care masques at Find a mask for your need: skin tightening, anti-aging, detoxifying, refining and more. i43
    Levela Antiaging Serum - Levela Anti-Aging Serum
  60. January 22, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    I love this video, after having had a facial, now I really understand the Clarins method. My skin is more radiant and smoother and firmer. Clarins for life. This guy making such a rude comment must be a angry miserable person..

    Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine - Houston Botox, facial...
  61. January 2, 2016
    Welcome to Sousan Med Spa in Houston, TX! We offer medical treatments & spa services to improve how you look and feel. Anti-aging treatments & more! i45
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  62. October 25, 2015
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  63. December 2, 2015
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  64. November 9, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Jeanet Cadavid Hello Jeanet! Feel free to contact Terese Eastman at She is the aesthetician performing the facial. You can also Google "high frequency" devices. Thank you!.
    Daniel.. please get advice from an ophthalmologist or dermatologist depending on where in the "eyes area" you are referring to. .

    anti aging facial cream | eBay
  65. December 21, 2015
    Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy offers Anti Aging Facial to cleanse,brighten and smooth your skin. Let us help you to slow the aging process, i49
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  66. November 15, 2015
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  67. January 17, 2016
    This powerful anti-aging facial uses organic Eminence products including an enzyme peel plus a microcurrent facelift to provide immediate results. i51
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  68. November 12, 2015

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  69. December 19, 2015
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  70. December 20, 2015

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    Its still surprise me, how some people do not know about Natoxoran Secrets (do a search on google), although a lot of people completely eliminate their wrinkle with this anti-aging cream. Thanks to my cousin who told me about Natoxoran Secrets, I finally eliminated my wrinkle for good by using natural ways..

    Anti Aging Facial Look Younger and Feel... - Scottsdale Spa
  71. December 26, 2015

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    Anti Aging Facial Center - 18 Photos - Skin Care - Fairfax...
  72. November 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I really don't like mychelle from whole food. One time I bought it and when I opened the box, the bottle was leading and the liquid was discolored. after all my research on BEST Serum. I like Kiehl`s Vitamin C the best. My skin was dry and yellow after having the baby, after using Kiehl`s after a week, I look like I am in my early 20`s again, It is not sticky, nor greasy. .

    Facial care companies would like people to give their products a try to show how good they are. Have you ever seen a beauty product section set-up in your local shopping plaza offering free test products Well i just found a website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free skincare products :) You can get them here

    Really good information but you should also consider deep meditation combined with this info. This can help you release all of those anti-aging hormones like; HGH,DHEA, and Melatonin..

    Anti Aging in Houston, TX | Healthy Aging
  73. January 3, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I know but like I said - Josie Maran is a brand I admire and trust. All of her oil comes from co-ops of Moroccan women who make a living from deriving her product :) .
    I’ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. Great product!!.
    Thank you so much for this video!I’ve only been using maxelder argan cream for about a week, and my skin looks nice… I’m using it as a preventative measure for no wrinkles so I haven’t seen major results because I don’t have wrinkles yet… It doesn’t dry my skin out and there is no weird residue on my face the next morning. It’s a decent product. Highly recommend w..…nyarganoil….c. So I used to be addicted to the Josie Maran Argan Oil. I recently purchased their limited edition one during a sale at Sephora and it made me break out really bad :( I don't know if it was the limited edition 'scent' or what! Makes me sad lol.. You should try the white packaging of the Glamglow. I am not a fan of the black on either but the white one works great at clearing out skin. Also the blue one I leave on overnight. . There is no need to spend $50 to get a bottle of Josie Maran's argan oil. You can buy the same organic, pure, cold pressed oil at Wholefoods, or most other natural stores for less than $15. Josie Maran is disgustingly greedy, unfortunately.. I have to agree with the BM Cream Cleanser. I have a tube that I have had for at least 1 1/2 years, it is almost gone but you only need a tiny amount. It's great & a great value!.
    Loved ur video it's amazing can u also make an video like what all to be use in day/night cream/Serum etc step by step 👍🏻.

    Is she over 20 Then this is the exactly right time to use anti aging products! Prevent Prevent Prevent :).
    I have a Clarisonic but I only use it about once a week because it dries my skin out really fast! So I use my hands for cleansing..
    I have that same oil! Now, I know what to do with it!! Your complexion is very clear! Thanks so much! Ms. M.
    I'm 20 and I have dry skin. I hate that skincare for people under 30 is always supposed to be for acne prone oily skin..
    I'm the same way about buying stuff from amazon and eBay - especially skincare! But recently I just switched from Josie maran Argan oil to's Glonatural 100% Argan oil and comes in the same dark colored eye dropper bottle (obv Josie's bottle is more quality) but the oil itself is the same! You should try it ! :) loved your video - thank you! .
    It's honestly almost never too young to start taking care of your skin. My mother told me at 11 "take care of your skin and stay out of the sun". I'm 63 now and can pass for late 40's. So take care of your skin ladies - I wish the technology was available 50 years ago that is out today - there are so many excellent options now and so much more research. There's options for all skin types so start early and you'll be thankful later!. +Gypsy Laine If that's you in your picture then you definitely look young and fresh. I'm glad your skincare is working well for you. Although I would be careful about using anti-aging products at a young age, my cousin tried using anti aging creams and serums at 17 years old and it triggered a severe allergic reaction that caused her skin to produce severe cystic acne that she suffered from even though she's almost 40. She had to spend a lot of money on dermatological procedures to get of her hypertrophic and icepick scarring and hyperpigmentation from her years of cystic acne..
    I can't find the firming eye cream anywhere... the only thing close is a firming eye treatment :/.
    The hydrating mask you can wear for ages! I always do! you can also use it as an overnight mask! :) xo.
    Thank you for making this video! I am obsessed with skin care ;) I love that Josie Argan Oil it's does make such a big difference. Hope your having a great school week so far... Mine is loaded with tests :(.

    Do you wear the argan oil by itself at night or under a night cream. I use the origins drink up over night mask every night because my skin is so dry. Would the oil work under it.

    The green glam glow is for removing makeup not a mask, you apply it to your face when you have makeup on thats why it turns into an oil after and then you wash it all off.
    Hmm, I don't think I would use it that way. Seems like a waste On the Sephora site it says to apply to clean dry skin.. Don't watch you ever before!! but your amazing! Love your happy voice and im happy about your bareminerals videos! Subscribeeeeee! 😜😃😅. I bought the trial size set of the Bare Minerals Elixir line because of your suggestions and I am SO pleased with these products. They are so nourishing and work really great alongside my trusty Murad products. I have also bought so many other products because of your suggestions (Tarte BB Primer is one that I especially am loving right now), and am so happy with all of them! Thank you!. I want to go out and try all of these products now! Thanks for posting! Were you able to find that girls channel that you mentioned in this video . So many chemicals you're putting on your skin, scary! Try all natural skin care and you'll get even better benefits.. Great video on skincare. I just bought the Josie Moran Argan oil this past weekend and already see a difference in my skin. .
    Great suggestions! And it's never too young to start caring about your skin! I have my own skin care routine that I love and swear by (philosophy/Lush/Bare Minerals/L'Occitane), mostly because it's nice when your skin feels nice, but I always remember what my dermatology attendings have said- be a vampire and wear sunscreen every single day. Am still working on that one; I feel like the majority of the wrinkles I have now were from all those days jogging in the hot Texas sun saying, "I'll remember sunscreen tomorrow!" I mean, I know it's common sense, but it always bears repeating :).

    I totally agree with you about splurging a little on skincare as I really do believe proactive action is better than reactive when it comes to anti-ageing! It also means that we don't have to wear as much makeup and can feel more confident in ourselves without having to pile on a lot of foundation & concealer! Great video as always Shelbey :) Much love xx.
    I agree about the bare minerals skin products. I use the cleanser, eye and neck cream. I also use the Active Cell Renewal Night Serum and Pure Transformation Night Treatment. I am going to to the Mix It Cleanser too. Remember to use upwards motions on your face accept for your nose. It helps push up the skin. If I have eye makeup on I use olive oil. I learned a tip from Tati to coat your lashes in it to get off all the mascara so your lashes are totally cleaned off and the olive oil nourish your lashes. I also do use a tone. I just use Witch Hazel. I get it at Wal-mart in the Pharmacy section by the rubbing alcohol. It only cost a 1.44 and it works great. I do use Josie Maran oil cleanser in the morning. I have a lot of people guess my age as early to mid thirties and I am in my mid 40's. I do have good genes but the products help a lot. .
    Loved your video! I also have dry skin and at 25 I can start seeing wrinkles on my eyes! I'm definitely trying some of the products you're recommending. Do you have any recommendation for undereye dark circles I've ALWAYS had undereye dark circles and feel so insecure without makeup - so going out without makeup is a no-no! I would love to see your recommendation!.

    Idk how you don't have more followers. I always look forward to your videos! Thanks for this off to slather on some Josie Maran Argon oil. :) .
    I follow glam glow on Twitter and they have mentioned that it's totally fine to wear the thirsty mud all night or all day! I think it was designed to wear before getting on a plane. I'm sure I read that somewhere lol. Shelby, I actually sleep with the Glam Glow Thirsty Mud about every third or fourth night. It's soooo good!! .
    Yes, I've heard of several people doing that. I'n not sure I could though - I would feel weird haha picky problems.

    Hi Shelbey! :) How do you use the Bare Minerals Mineral Elixir Cleansing Oil to remove mascara I am waiting for this cleanser which I have just order, however I do have another cleansing oil that is supposed to be very good as well. I have tried removing my eye make up with it, but I don't feel like I get it all away. And I get the oil into my eyes leaving me half way blind for half an hour :-P Thank you for many great tips!.

    I just massage it gently into my lashes. It does leave a bit of oil residue in the base but it wipes off immediately with a towel!.
    +Shelbey Ashburn Thank you so much! :) I am really excited about trying this product out - hopefully it will arrive soon! I hope bareminerals will launch more skin care products, that's always needed!. Hi i wonder if u hv tried bobby brown soothing cleansing oil. I hv super dry skin that can turn to dry patches around my mouth and cheeks too. I found that bbrown soothing cleansing oil just melts away makeup n dirt without stripping moisture from my face. I tried boscia( the green label).. and bodyshop oil cleanser that amelia liana raved about... It dried my face like a hoo...i.have nvr tried bare mineral oil cleanser. Sounds wonderful. I am a huge fan of jose maran argan oil too. Sometimes i use it on its own..sometimes i mix a few drops with my moisturiser or body cream..heaven.... Maybe try a cleaning balm rather than oil if you don't get on with oils I personally love The Body Shops cleansing oil and have no probs with it. I follow with a cream cleanser though so maybe it is drying my skin out slightly but I don't notice Lol. Emm hmm...guess i m gonna use the bodyshop on my body instead of face. I suspect it is the fragrance that may be harmful to our . You should try Murad skin line there very good and its created by a incredible Dr ,I'm a certificate Aesthetician soo i got a lot of knowledge on skin and yes you should always be very concerned about your skin and aging just make sure you use the right one.You skin looks really good for what i can see in your videos.. I have tried Murad before but a lot of their anti-aging products contain glycolic acid, which my skin can only handle in VERY small amounts. Any recommendations from the brand that don't contain GA. Try the Resurgence line and the glycolic the whe use in the products the we sell its minimum, we only used the most in our treatment room. Go to any of Massage Envy and get a facial, the will tell you which one it's right for you type of skin.I lived in Las Vegas NV if was closer to you i will give a facial and i could see under the mad light exactly what you need. But I'm pretty sure you will like our Resurgence line it's all about anti-aging and the toner it's wonderful to. .
    Great recommendations; I have combination skin and I am all about the oils and heavy creams. Don't forget to apply a cream to your neck and décolleté as well! Never too late to delay the aging process. I wish I would have started when I was 22! :).
    I also wanted to start anti aging skin care (I'm 22 !) but my dermatologist told me it was not a good idea since your skin is going to get used to it and the product will not be as effective when your skin will really need it at the age of 30, 40 or 50. . Was she talking about retinol/retin-A Shelbey for the most part is just mentioning hydrating products. Hydration is obviously very important to reduce aging signs. I believe you can "overdose" on retin-A though to the point where it does more harm than good. I'm not a dermatologist but I've done some amateur googling trying to understand retinoids. Just do as much research as possible and get lots of opinions. Everyone's skin is different :).

    Anti-Aging Facials | Nancy Taylor Day Spa & Salon...
  74. December 12, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Brianna, Thank you for this awesome video... I ordered the ,Clinicians Complex Tissue Growth Factor 30ML... And I LOVE it! It's so luscious and feels amazing on my skin. I'm planning on ordering the clinicians Complex hypotonic serum too. Thanks for all the awesome videos you offer. Love the segments with your sister. Toni P.s. Hautelook is my favorite shopping site too! The best app on my phone. Lol.
    thank you so much I am taking all of your recommendations im 27 and now researching how to balance my skin scare after years of wearing makeup I need some of these products in my life asap. Hello Brianna! You are magnificent. You are my skin care mentor! I appreciate all you teach us! What is your skin care regime for AM and PM How do you recommend using these products in regime on daily basis Could you do a video on this. +Christine Frandrup Awe thank you! I have many skincare routine videos if you scroll through my videos ;)) Big hugs! XO. Will Retin - A help with forehead lines and deep crows feet I have Lyme disease and don't think my doctor would approve of any kind of injections as Botox has aggravated the illness in many Lyme patients. Thanks, Elaine. Hi Brianna, Love your videos, thank you for sharing!! Does the Obagi Tretinoin/Retin-A help with broken capillaries :o).
    Hope you can really answer this.!!!!How long does it take to see results using retin-A at night once a week .
    Can you use all this at once Like do you put them all on at night or rotate these products I am so going to try these I'm 48 and I really need to start using some good products thanks!. +SheRam Yes you rotate them...serums before moisturizer. Alternating days...they are wonderful ;) XOXO.
    Also these products are backed by science growth hormones send the message to our cells to repair and regenerate...

    hi, i'm 25 and under my eyes i have dark circles. under my eyes were the dark circle appear, were the skin is sensitive, it looks like for the last 2 years i have lost that tissue that makes it look fuller and healthy and now it looks more drained and unhealthy. what can i use to rebuilt that tissue that i've lost .
    Start taking collagen internally. As well as Vitamin C. Use an eye cream with collagen and peptides..
    Hi Brianna, I recently purchased Obagi Retin-A 0.05% cream from your website. Will I get the same benefit if I mix Retin-A with my moisturizer and apply it after my serum Or should I use it directly on my dry skin to get the benefit and take my chance with possible skin irritation Your expert advice will be greatly appreciated..
    +Karineh Lalaian Hi, I want to buy the products online. Was it long before you received the product Thanks.
    Hi Julie, No it was not long before I received the products. It took maybe 3 or 4 days. Karen .
    To get the retinA I need a prescription Or can I just buy it from your links You said we wanted to get it from a Dr.... Can I asked you something about this product How long that your skin looks different and have better skin What're the product help your skinand How'swork I really want to know. Thank you.. Hi Brianna just love you and all the infor you bring us here on you tube! Please don't ever stop making videos ! Quick I never used a retinol or retinA product before ! Honestly I don't used much of anything and I know I should ! I'm 52 yrs old ! I just now bought a vitamin c serum!!! From skin medica ! Where do I start ! Should I first buy something over the counter and slowly ease my way into some kind of retinol or should, I just buy the 0.25% least amount of retin A from obagi ! So confused HELP LOL . I have a question, is it possible you could take the hyaluronic acid, vitamin C with ester and your favorite face cream add those three products together and wouldn't it work together or does it have to measured out correctly, to be beneficial to the skin .
    Hi Brianna fantastic video. I hope you could make some recommendations for me please I am 34 years normal/combo skin. I am just thinking about looking after first signs of aging now. Want to try refissa perhaps.ore worryingly due to a big amount of Weight loss I am struggling with a bit of loose skin on my neck giving me the look slightly of a saggy chin. Sounds worse than it is I promise! But being quite conscience of it, is there anything you could recommend Thanks doll xxx.
    How do you use them all together First layer, second layer, etc. Are there any you shouldn't mix together And what about the eyes Are all of them safe to use around the eyes .
    Question, I'm a guy and of color, medium to lighter brown complexion with a bit of hyper-pigmentation especially on the side of my face, would the "Obagi Tretinoin" be of help in my case and do you recommend any other products that may be of help as well.

    Hi Beautiful !! I meet Dr Obagi when I was in my early 20ths at he's Chula Vista California office my older cousin used to work for him, So I star using he's creams, I was so young !! I remember he give me, Accutene whoww my face turn so beautiful, So now he is very expensive for me, And I used Dr. Nowak creams, but they also selling Skin Medica, but TNS Essential Serum I star used for the last 2 week and I got pimples..Ohh Noooo I don't know what to do I 'm so clean, my face look's ugly now What should I do Please help me !!!.
    my skin is very sentive would this work for me I'm 63 years old & trying to mantain what i have what are the 2 best i can start with that work well together and by the way the info you give was amazing. + Briana Stanko can i use the retina cream, i have very dry senditive skin plz let me know. Thankyou.. +Anusis Aman You can. We carry one called Renova, its the lowest strength and made for sensitive skin and if you start slow like one night a week you should be fine ;)) XOXO. Hello Brianna- I am new to your videos and I only wish I would have found you sooner! I have spent so much money and I feel like I am only getting older looking!! (I am 39) I recently finally sought after the help of a dermatologist. It seems like I got one thing right because he put me on the Tretinion cream. (low dose) but he also put me on DCL glycolic cream and that was it None of the other stuff you mentioned. My question is 1) do you think the glycolic cream is good to add to the routine you have here. If so, where would you add it At night After Tretinoin cream Before Tissue growth factor cream It seems like I am missing a tissue growth cream and also a Hyaluronic cream Also last question, have you ever considered doing a "budget skincare video" or are there no good ones out there thanks so much for your response!!.
    Hi, you are not afraid to buy from this website I mean it is known that most of this product are prescription only so this can be fake. .

    Brianna, I just discovered your youtube channel and think you have amazing looking skin and was overwhelmed with the amount of products you use. You look great though. So, your website sells all these prescription facial products...I was just wondering how are we able to purchase your products without a prescription .
    I have prescription Retin-A in a tube from a dermatologist... should I get the Obagi instead I am 21 but concerned about aging and moisturizing since I have dry skin except in the T zone. I actually use the cheapy Pond's cream as my day cream since it's super thick, combined with Neutragena SPF 50 in the morning. Is this okay to do or should I get a different moisturizer that combines the SPF Also, I do the same thing at night except applying the Retin-A and no SPF.... Hi Brianna, I have tried SkinMedica's TNS Essential Serum and loved it, but its pricey. How is Clinicians Complex Tissue Growth Factor in comparison Thanks!!!.
    +Krista Krom Hi Krista! Its very good but not as potent as the Tns serum. Have you tried the Neocutis Bio Serum Its a little less then the TNS and still very potent as well ;).
    Thank you so much for your fast response! So informative and your skin is beautiful.. You are! Can I use the renova on my neck, also I will be going to your site for the renova:))). Thank you!!!. Hi Brianna. I am so thankful for your video. My concern, as is others, is very dark circles, some dryness & irritation around my eyes. Could you please recommend a eye product I'm 43 and African American, so fortunately my skin is soft and supple with only one wrinkle on my forehead and very little large pores around my cheeks 😂😂... Thank god for that. And thanks for this great video. . +sensleep Thank you! I would use the Neocutis Lumiere RICHE eye cream. It made for very dry under eyes and will help fade dark circles with continued use as well ;)). I just received a tube of Refissa and I love it! I have only been using it for a few days and I see such an amazing difference..
    Between the NEOCUTIS Hyalis 1% Hyaluronate Refining Serum and the pure marine collagen which one would be better .
    Hmmmmm that's a hard one cause they both do pretty much similar things so it's up to you. I have used both and both are amazing :)). Hello Brianna, I'm A New Fan Of Your Videos. I'm fixing to be 40 This Year. Could you please tell Exactly On Where To get all the products that you are talking about in this Video & How Much Do I Need to apply on my face. Hi and thank you so much!! Glad you joined me ;) All the products are linked if you open the description box or can be found at ;) XO Bri.
    Brianna, I've just discovered your channel and am enjoying a total marathon. Ok, I am really trying to take excellent care of my neck. I've started to see some aging and am not happy. I have the Nectifirm and love it. I swear I am seeing a difference. Can retin a be used on the neck or should it be I have received a script from my MD for Retin - a micro.. I've not started yet and am concerned about sensitivity because I have red hair and fair skin. Is there benefit to just using retin a even twice a week Thank you! Love your channel:) .
    +Bonnie W Hi Bonnie and thank you so much!! Yes there is for sure a benefit to using retin-a even twice a week! Also, with you being sensitive you should be using the renova. It is on my site, Its a retin-a made specifically for more sensitive skin and you start out with one night a week. Do that for 4 weeks and then go to 2 nights a week and so forth like that ;) But for sure look into the Renova ;)) XOXO Bri.
    Thank you!! Always serums before creams. And like the retin-a that is just at night and only like 2 nights a week to start. So you pretty much use most of these day or night with the retin-a JUST at night ;)) XO Bri.

    Thank you for your quick response. Would the Neocutis Bio Cream RICHE the only item you would recommend.
    +Liza Conway Sure :) I would say that and the Neocutis Hyalis for sure! You would want to use the Neocutis Hyalis first then put the Neocutis Bio Cream Riche on top ;)).
    Hi Brianna, I just watched your video and love your recommendations. I just wanted to ask, I am using a prescription strength bleaching cream (due to sun spots) and am over 40. I have naturally dry skin and with the bleaching cream/tretinoin use my skin is super dry. Will these products work well given my dryness.
    +Liza Conway Hi Liza, yes they will! The Neocutis Bio Cream RICHE is amazing for super dry skin, I would recommend that for you over just the regular Bio Cream but yes these all are hydrating ;)).
    Yes all the time. I sell it on my site premier look. It's one of our top selling's amazing stuff.
    +Brianna Stanko Fantastic! I'll look for it on your site. Thanks so much! :) . Hi Brianna, I am new subscriber of yours and I have a question for you. What can you recommend for freckles and hyperpigmentation Thanks for your informative videos..
    +Nalini Maraj Retin-a is amazing or your skin but it doesnt do it all...other products are a must to ;)) XO Bri. anti-aging face cream: Beauty
  75. November 13, 2015

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    Levela Antiaging Serum - Levela Anti-Aging Serum
  76. December 31, 2015

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    Milk gives you a a mini rash on your face. What about milk though thats seems less bacteria infested. Wash your face with milk (at night) to get the alpha hydroxy. Powdered milk works and it is a lot cheaper. Your skin will be beautiful - forever BeautyBuyNature.
    can you tell me of a product with retinol, that has the true ingredients, I am using neutrogena right now, is this a good product .

    i really love taking Vitager, it's really effective and no side effects, it's all natural. my wrinkles and fine lines are diminished..

    Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine - Houston Botox, facial...
  77. January 23, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    You look great. Sexy, young. I am curious to know what is your ethnic background. I am a man and i think i might try your protocol. Hmm, if only i can make my head hair grow again..
    +robbiedaug Hello! I am Spanish. This routine is great for women or men, it just helps keep your skin healthier. You and a million others wish there was a way to make head hair grow back, maybe someday :).
    I can see a big diference to my skin...I did exactly what you did and Im so happy !!!! Thanks Nigella !!! I. Hi! Boiling doesn't get rid of chemicals and impurities. I get my water from a health food store..
    hi, thank u for ur video. i use ur vit's. c with the lotion, but it's sticky on my face and body. may be u could help me the solution. thanks.
    Can I make an assumption that this will also work on men I have moisturized since I was a teen and at 54years old people still believe I am in my late 30's or early 40's. i have been using it for a month but I don't see any change in my skin texture...same old same old.... You look amazingly beautiful and incredible young! So happy to find your video. I'm into my 40s and I feel is time to keep the "youth leftovers" as long as I can. I wrote the shopping list and give it a try :) . Thank you for the very informative video.I have been using Topical Vitamin C and it definitely works! BTW you do not look like you are 56 at all!.
    Thank you so much! I'm 59 now and still feel great about how my skin looks. I ran into someone I hadn't seen I hadn't seen in about 16 years, he said, "Jeez, you don't age at all." That was good enough for me. LOL. look stunning! I just find your video today and watching it 3 times !!! Sounds interesting to me...10Q for sharing preatty lady. I have a question too...If you use this serum only at night time, what are you using in the morning after you wash your serum offf Can I use my day cream like usually in the morning and use the serum at night For the body serum lotion can i use it at night time.

    ure not going to believe this bt i was looking for this video of yours since last 3 hrs. lol.. cz i saw it long time back and now when i decided to add vitamin C in my routine i couldnt find the vid.. all i remembered was ur beautiful face :) so now i finally found it and soon gonna add up vit c in my routine.. im 31 now.thanks sooo much for sharing ur secrets with us :).

    We dont have in Australia the vaseline body and hands creams fragrance free... I ordered them from USA... only one person from ebay deliver them to Australia... and the cost...$65 including delivery per item...preatty expensive...but....

    Hi, thanks for all your help! You mentioned you didn't like AHA's and retin-A etc because they made your skin feel thin. How do you feel about BHAs like salicylic acid (if you've used them before), do you find them thinning as well.
    You look beautiful, I hope I look good as you when I get your age. What do you think about facial exercises for you face and neck..
    What is your morning routine Or do you have a video of that Thanks again. Is the niacinamide cream continuing to work well .
    Hi I couldn't find the vitamin C powder in England for face...The only I found was multivitamin for eating not for face or the tablet could kindly recommend any other or tell me where to find vitamin C powder Thank you . +Naj Lost The only think I can tell you is that I get it in health food stores, you can also order it online. Hope that helps :).
    Hi Nigella, You look so gorgeous and thank you very much for this amazing helpful video. But I have a question & that is, my vitamin c is non acidic. Is the non-acidic vitamin c powder as effective as the other acidic one to use and make the vitamin C serum Pls help me answer. The name of my product is " SOLARAY" non-acidic Vitamin C Powder..
    Hi. Must say you sure dont look like 56 years old. And the way you present your rutines and how to do it, is more credible than all the skincare companies out there does. I have tried eveything from cheap creams to Obagi products. Nothing has worked. And my skin is red, my pores are big, and I got fine lines under and on the side of my eyes and forhead. and also from my nose to lips, and I am only 25 years old. I am male, 25 years old.Do you think I could use the same routine as you Due to my skin be a bit different Male skin is thicker I dont live in the US so I dont have access to the exact same products. Can you please write each product name, so I can try to find similar products .
    Vaseline lotion Vitamin c in crystal or buy in pill for and crush them in powder for so you can mix with water Neutrogena sunscreen spf 100 No matter where you live you can find all this products. Hope I helped you..
    What was the white brush-like thing you said u dont use too often cause it makes the skin thin My biggest problem is that my face got so much thinner and i haven't lost weight as a whole. Just my face :(. Hello...This is a great video, I have repeated watching it so that I follow what you do to the letter, I have started this since few days.. Thanks so much for sharing your success.. OMG!!! You are soooooo beauriful, im 35 and have baggy neck with very mark lines, just like moly mom, with out any treatment I have thin paper skin, I'm definitely trying this, THANK YOU FOR SHARING! At what age you star taking care of your skin and T what age you star using makeup XOXO. You also should thank your amazing Genes - indeed you look gorgeous! I worked in retail and have tried all the expensive mumbo-jumbo but I discovered that the drugstore stuff works much better. Thanks for sharing and stay beautiful!.
    I use a mask with just a little piece of banana for 10 min a day. It has natural anti-aging vit C in it and I think it was the magnesium that takes care if the pimples. And other stuff that is good for your skin. Anyway its the best facemask I have ever used. If you ate all your banana you can use the peel instead, haha.
    Hi, I'm happy to find your channel. I will be 63 next month, and I'm looking for the best things to help me not look it! I've been using Vit C, and it really helps. I'm going to give the Niacinamide a try too. Thank you for sharing with us. (I love my little grandson, Alex to the moon and back!!!!). By applying all those creams etc on your face is that not in a way massaging your face, and could the massaging of the creams on to your face be the main reason for your younger looks. The massaging if done correctly will stimulate blood to the skin increasing the nutrients to the skin. I think you are correct in saying that massaging by pulling on the skin would not be good, but instead by simply applying pressure as if you are fingerprinting the skin will help increase blood to the area and help increase suppleness to the skin. Also a good night sleep will help a lot. By that I mean that when you sleep you feel that you have been refreshed. A good healthy balanced diet will help in that. Thank you for you video I think is very help full. I'm going to trying and let see what happen.. Señora Bonita!!! Waaao I've been seeing this video about 20 times... You look so good, and I would like to look as you do when I get your age... I'm 32 now... And I would like to know what brand of vitamin C powder is the one you use, since I've been looking at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart and I don't find it. :-(. Hello there, I bought mine at the Better health store. I'm sure they have one in your area :) or you could order it on online..
    How about your diet do you eat a lot of greens plus I read,that sugar can age the skin, that's why some overweight woman seem to have problem skin.Does your parent's have good skinI bet you don't eat much sugar or carbs which turn into sugar in the body,because your not overweight.And also I use to always use body lotion on my face and then I read that It wasn't made for the face,I would even buy the body lotion on purpose because it came in a bigger bottle,but I read if Its not face lotion don't put It on your face,because it can clog pores.I thought I damaged my skin when I read that.Well I know this video is 3 years old so I hope you are well,and will read this message..

    I am 35 years old and been out in the sun my entire life. Recently, I have developed some small age spots and one that is larger and dark. Is it possible that vitamin c will help brighten my spots I am also curious to hear about your time in the sun. Do you always use sunscreen.
    I love your skin care routine, it totally makes sense. Do u know if i can also add vitamin E with your remedy .
    Lori, I must say that I love your beauty tips, tricks, and advice for us over 50 gals! I have also been enjoying all the girl chat and rant videos - don't stop making these! I love using the niacinimide cream so I am going to try this Vitamin C serum and cream. It sounds like the niacinimide one you use at night more or less and that this Vit C one is more of a day cream Please keep on making your informative and enjoyable videos! BTW I am a Dollar Tree and thrift shopper from way back ;).
    I am 35 and have been in the sun my whole life. I have recently developed some age spots on my face and shoulders. Do you think this will work for my spots Do you use a certain sunscreen on a daily basis.
    yep you do look great! im 53 and always looked young I did nothing special, but started using oil of olay when I was 25 not everyday either but always looked younger than I was (so I was told) but suddenly it all caught up to me I have this gobble neck and I swear everyday I look older! everything cost so much to buy! you have any ideas i am not growing old gracefully....
    try using olive oil all over your skin or almond oil or just organic products in general for your skin! Olive oil helps prevent cell degeneration in your skin and it'll help hydrate and smooth your skin! my aunt who is around her late 50's has used olive oil for years and I swear she looks so young and has no wrinkles or loose skin. try not to use expensive products that everyone else is using like cindy crawford products. also, try making your own make up so you don't have chemicals on your face everyday. it's very simple =D.
    Hello nigella I was wondering if you can please tell me the brand and name of the vitamins c and where to purchase it would really be helpful thank you very much.
    Ascorbic acid powder is vitamin c, I just found it in my local natural store. Inexpensive, really. You are so beautiful too! Thank you for your advice.. Hi nigella just wanted to say I'm a big fan. Thank you do much for sharing!!! Ur gorgeous. I just wanted to know what brand was the vitamin c. Thanks . Hi Nigella. I was wondering if blending a teaspoon or tablespoon of fresh Aloe Vera juice to the Vitamin C mixture would add to the benefits. We have a plant in our garden. Hope that its helpful idea for you as well..
    Do you put moisturizer/creams on before or after applying the vitamin c serum Your tips are amazing! .

    I'm intrigued Jane you look great. Off to buy Vitamin C tomorrow. Will contact you if any questions. thanks!.
    So this is something you do only in the evening and the lotion only use 3 to 4 times a week You do have beautiful skin:).
    Also, I have seen vit c powder in health food stores, but they don't protect in from light Is is still good Or does the oxidation begin when you mix it with something.

    hi thanks for the lovely video i just want to ask you that i live in England and its mostly cloudy and rainy in here it looks a bit weird wearing sunglasses during that time any suggestions about that plz thanks.

    +ann malik Hi, What part of England do you live I now live in Texas, and have done for 11 years and at 54years old do not recall it being continuously cloudy and raining!!!...mmmmmmm I used to live in Cambridgeshire, so I can only summize that you live near Manchester as I believe it is much wetter that side of the country..
    hi i said its mostly cloudy which means we do get some sun, i live in birmingham its still cloudy and rainy here these days thanks for sharing your experience. hi. you look beautiful dear. Keep it up! I just wana ask you can you use lemon juice on the skin directly.
    Hello! I tried that and I literally burned my skin. You have to be very careful when applying lemon juice straight to your skin, the acid is very strong..

    Houston Botox, facial fillers, juvederm, skin tightening...
  78. December 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    im 22 and ive been doing some of these things since i was probly 12 or 13 but some of it im pretty bad about like drinking water, smoking and not pulling on the skin. hopefully its not too late for me!. 2 sdoc2sq maybe i can help serums are lighter than moistursizers so wouldnt be so much of a problem :). Hi, yes it is. Anti aging creams usually contain retinols and alpha hydroxy acids. These are not necessary for someone of your age as they sensitize the skin to sun exposure and increase cell turnover which you don't need yet. The best thing you can do is use a moisturizer in the wrinkle spots (around your eyes, etc.) at night and a face cream with sunscreen in the day. Defense is your best offense at your age. You want to prevent those wrinkles..
    Hi, I recommend Olay Complete all day moisturizer because it has an SPF15 and it's noncomedogenic (won't clog pores or cause pimples)..

    U hve gr8 skin! I have a question, I am 15 and I want to start early preventing wrinkles.. What spf cream should i wear Right now I wear spf 50 on my face every morning, is that good And My night routine is I remove makup, wash my face with Clean and Clear, but always change my cleanser to different brand once i run out, dry face, apply The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream, then I have this whole jar of vitamin E cream, so I rub that on my face.. could i do anyhting to improve my night routine .
    Thank you for the great tips!! Olay is a fantastic product, especially the 7-signs.I will have to try the cleanser you mentioned. One thing I do everyday is I put Vitamin E oil around my eyes (morning/night) and have absolutely no lines or wrinkles. Thank you for mentioning staying out of the sun, that is so important! I used sunbeds/sunbathed and developed skin cancer because of it. Love the video!. hey, what is the name of the night cream your using again and where can you purchase it Please let me know, thanks. I'm so glad you liked the video! Thanks for sharing your tip about the 7-signs product and the Vitamin E oil. I've used Vitamin E oil too and I agree with you, it's terrific; you reminded me that I need to get some more and start using it again. I'm going to try the 7-signs; sounds like a good one. Thanks again! :) :). If you are happy with your cleanser, by all means, keep using it. However, if you ever want to switch Purpose Cleanser is wonderful.. This ultra organic argan oil treatment is amazing!! I saw results in days, alothough i dont think this is normal. My strech marks are still really new, but it works wonderful. I would recommended this to friends and family it is an amazing product!!! So glad that I found it. order it from w/arganlife/net. I love your videos soo much! You look so young but your eyes tell your wisdom, would you mind sharing how old you are You just look fantastic :) Keep up the good work, I love it!!. i noticed lots of good information on here. I haven't used the brand you named though. anyone used Hippocrates anti aging please leave a comment if you have. thanks.
    Hi, you are so welcome! I love sharing my tips with you. I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub. I love it! It's oil free and has beta hydroxy which penetrates deep into pores to remove dirt and oil. It cleans with gentle microbeads. I use it about 3 times per week. I also use St. Ives Apricot Scrub, also oil free. I only use it about 2-3 times a month. You have to be more careful with it and use it gently because it is more abrasive..
    I just heard about collagen supplements. What's your take on it I imagine it would be an issue with vegetarians/vegans, though I'm not one.. you can also sleep on a satin or silk pillow instead of cotton cause cotton pulls on your skin wile you sleep. Hi, you're very smart to be using sunscreen daily to protect your delicate skin. It is not bad for your face at all. If you find that you break out from it, try a brand made for faces only that's noncomedogenic. If you have no problems with it, then by all means keep doing what you're doing.. Hi, very often when skin is dried out too much, lines can become more pronounced. Perhaps you can use an oil-free moisturizer that is non-comedogenic on that area, or perhaps you can use your acne product every other day to give your skin a chance to replenish the skin cells and moisture in between.. 2 sdoc2sq Hi, you may want to purchase a face powder than is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores or cause pimples). You can dab it on throughout the day to absorb excess oil. It really helps to keep you looking fresh. If you have enough facial oil, you probably don't need a moisturizer, except maybe a touch around the eyes.. Best wrinkle prevention tips are: Don't sunbathe, don't drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks, limit sugar and salt, eat HUGE amounts of fresh produce, get enough sleep and fresh air and use the most natural products you can afford - I recommend LUSH. I'm 40 and look younger than some 25 year olds...=). Hi, thanks for sharing! You don't have to worry about the Purpose Cleansers that I recommended to wash your face with. They are dermatologist recommended, soap free, oil free, hypoallergenic and absolutely will not clog your pores. It really is wonderful. I've used is for many years and it was recommended to me by my dermatologist back when I had acne.. Thanks for the tips. omg i didnt know that...its a real bad habit of mine. Yeah i notice i sleep like a baby when i drink milk before bed. thanks again ur really helpful.
    can i just mix up my daycream with suntanlotion isnt that the same thing then just waisting money on an other cream .
    I agree u are never too young to start taking care of ur skin! Start young! Please stay outta the sun and #1 do not smoke!This will age u terribly! Great video Thanks!. You're very welcome!! Again, the name of the cream is Nivea Visage Q10 Advanced Wrinkle Reducer Night Creme. I love it! BTY, you can also use the raw unprocessed shea butter (in my smooth feet video) instead of Vaseline over it before you go to sleep. :) :). Hi...i am ur big fan n now my mom also is in ur fan list...she is 49 and has normal skin...but its lil loose. so is there any home remedy for skin tightning... I luv all ur videos and i am religiously following all the stuff...and its working wonders...keep doin it...luv :). 2 camocarlee Hi, thanks so much for your wonderful feedback! I'm so glad to hear you are helping others learn about protecting their skin from the sun. Many young girls don't realize that what they do in their teens and 20's does count when it comes to their skin. I love that you and your daughters tune in to my channel! Thanks so much for your continued support :o).
    I hear many say that that petroleum jelly is not good that it blocks the pores. What is your take on it Right now I am using the clinique 3 step its pretty good. In the morning I do use the oil of olay spf 15 moisturer for sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing all your tips:).

    Hi, no I don't because there are areas of my face that produce enough oil that I don't need it like my forehead and nose..

    im 16 would you recommend me starting this I pull on my skin soo much...especially to whip my eyeliner off. I just use my finger and pull on it with saliva...I should probably stop. and I have a problem with darkness under my eyes. I have a hard time sleeping because of my late night eating... I am loving your tips. You should Give some shaving advive..legs..face..arms..=].

    Hi, I have a video up on acne. Go to my channel and type acne into the search bar when you have time. Thanks for commenting..

    Hi, I'm assuming you mean loose skin on her face. If so, overall exercise helps tighten and firm your skin and bring blood to the area. Also, you may want to give facial exercises a try. Please tell mom to see my YouTips Forum video on double chin exercises..

    i love Vitager, it's the best anti aging pill. i love that it made me look younger. the energy is great too..
    My mom purchased REGENEVIVE exfoliating gel for me. It mosturizes skin and you don't break out. It also works good as a facial wash!! It prevents anti aging and lightens the acne spots. hii... my skin is very much oily and sensitive. when i use any kind of sunscreen lotion spf 40 or someting.. my skin get become rash and pimples and more oily.. what can i do. Hi, this is very common for your age because of hormones. Be sure to keep your hands off your skin and hair and make sure the hair near your forehead is clean and free of products. Cleanse your face twice a day with Purpose Liquid Soap and apply acne medicine before bed each night to help skin heal. Be careful not to overclean your skin because you can cause more irritation.. Hi, ask your dermatologist for a recommendation if you cannot find something suitable for sensitive skin that you can tolerate. Have you tried Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30. Eucerin products are recommended by many dermatologists including mine. Hope that helps!. Thank you for your suggestion! I'll keep it in mind for future videos. You should definitely stop pulling on your skin and saliva is a no no; can result in bacteria in your eye and cause infections. Buy some Maybelline eyemakeup remover and wipe off your make up residue after you wash your face before bed. That could be contributing to your dark under eyes. Snacks are fine before bed, but keep it light - maybe cereal with milk. It will help you sleep.. You look really good. I'm 21 and starting to think about preventing aging in the future good tips. . how do i get rid of my pimples (im a 15 year old girl) i mostly have pimples by the hairline of my forehead, nose and by the eyebrows, i do eat healthy but once i let myself have some chocolate or something sugary it all shows in my skin! help. thank you so much is it ok if i dont use there cleanser becasue i use a neutrogina invigorating daily cleanser.
    : now i live in uk and i was attacked horribly with acne,then i met a doc who suggested me Quinoderm which s a great product. it is actually helping my skin to get rid of acne but horribly making my skin dry and flaky. i wanted to put moisturizer but then again i thought if the quinoderm cream and the moisturizer gets contaminated and reacts in my skin thats y i didnt wear moisturizer. but now my housmate told me that im having some wrinkle in my forehead. i am only 23+ and m really worrying. .

    2 greenandsweet Hi, I think using vitamin C products are beneficial, but they can be expensive especially due to the nature of the sensitivity of the life of Vitamin C in a product. What I recommend is what I do: using fruit masks. I have a great video about Facial Masks. It talks about using homemade ingredients to make a facial mask. You can use many different fruits and they help stimulate collagen production in the skin. Please check out my video, I think you will find it very helpful..

    Hi, considering the sensitivity of your condition, I do think it's best to ask you doctor for a recommendation..

    love the channel stay bless and always keep faith at what u do ur good, sub back if u like i did to show sum love at what u do =].
    Be sure to wear sunscreen and limit sun exposure on your face and don't smoke. Nothing ages you faster than smoking. When you get into your twenties, then consider one of the anti wrinkle products. In my video I recommend Olay Complete Daily moisturizing cream. It's terrific and has an spf of 15. Won't clog your pores, so it's good for oily acne prone skin. That should be perfect for you! Kudos to you for being concerned about your skin. You'll reap the benefits when you're older..
    Hi,I known there is conflicting info on petroleum jelly, but published studies have shown it does not clog pores. I have been using it most of my life with no proglem. It really is a superior product for locking in moisture and healing dry skin. I wouldn't put it on pimples though. Thanks for your comment!.
    I really appreciate your videos! oh, but if anyone has trouble with acne, or even a few pimple, they shouldn't use a bar soap or a lathering face wash. If a face wash lathers this means that it contains detergents, which can irritate and clog your pores..
    Hi, I have a video up on how to keep your chin and neck in shape. Please check it out when you have time. It's called YouTips Forum Part One Exercise for Double Chin. Always be sure to put sunscreen on your neck as well. Many people remember their face, but forget about their neck. This will help prevent premature aging and wrinkling of the neck..
    I thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful info with the rest of us. I wanted to ask what scrub do you use. I have difficulty with sun protection and anti ageing (i'm nearly eighteen but I want to find a night cream) because I have very sensitive skin and around my mouth I have peri-oral dermatitis which means i can't put creams there unless prescribed from my doctor. Should i ask my doctor for a sun protection or it there a one available in stores that will work. Hi, yes, it's always good to use a moisturizer after you shower on your body, and after you wash your face around your eyes and any other dry spots like around your mouth area..

    Anti-Aging Treatments Houston, TX | Cellulite Reduction...
  79. December 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +rose gutsy I made this video a year before the cheek filler was on the market.. so I hadn't had it done yet. I liked the cheek filler and would recommend it but it is pricey!.
    Hi Angie, lol you are to cute! I sleep on my back too. I started sleeping on my back when I noticed chest wrinkles. since I've been sleeping on my back, I have no more wrinkles. my husband always says I sleep like a mummy +Marsha Balderrama I found the best anti aging program on the internet all you guys should try it here is the website >>> ___.
    Did you try Clinical Retinol 1% from Paula's Choice Would it be differetn from Retin A you can get by the dermatologist as producents are different Which one would work best you think.

    I used to have a pillow top mattress but switched to a rock hard mattress. Within a couple of weeks I realized I wasn't sleeping soundly, couldn't get more than five hours of sleep at a time (because it was so uncomfortable) and became ultra exhausted. When I'd lay down I'd notice I'd wake up a bit to turn over & the shoulder I was laying on would be hurting. I started mattress shopping & a gentleman who was helping me at Sears told me they used to think sleeping on a hard mattress was good for your back, but that is not true. Is there a possibility your mattress is too hard (even though you'll continue to sleep on your back I thought it might help to get a different mattress.) I checked out a Beauty Rest pillow top at Sears recently (hint: the mattresses contain TWO 'hardnesses; in each mattress to save room on the sales floor (one side is softer and one side is harder!) On the Beauty Rests I tried if you're standing at the bottom of the mattress & facing forward looking towards the top of the mattress the LEFT side is the softer side. I didn't know they did this and if the sales person had not been around to tell me I might have overlooked certain mattresses by 'trying' the 'wrong' side - for me.) To compensate the rock hard mattress I currently have while I'm waiting for delivery of the new mattress I went to Target and bought a Fieldcrest Luxury Memory Fiber Mattress Topper. BECAUSE my current mattress is like sleeping on a rock I did put a fluffy comforter down first underneath it to add some softness but the topper is really nice and I would recommend it. Just thought I'd share that with you and everyone because getting a good, sound, restful nights sleep changes everything. Thanks so much for your tips. I'm 49 & have never done anything to my skin & without your reviews I'd be awash in a sea of confusion between makeup & beauty products (ordering Retin-a in the.05% & the Paula's Choice product & the Vit C serum you reviewed above.) Thanks so much, again. It is a joy to watch your videos & take notes..

    Hi Angie, If you could please review this new product, I just heard about called: Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Duo. hand cream. Much of the time we focus on the face, which is great, but neglect the hands, which discloses aging immediately. Thanks so much..
    Hi Angie, you look great!! I heard about you from my Mom, who is in her 50's and looks great! I am 34 yrs old, and oh man, I should've listen to my mom when she told me to take care of my skin! I am desperately looking for products and things to do so my skin doesn't age too fast. I have been researching about those derma rollers. Have you ever used one I hear all positive reviews. Thanks again!! .
    Thanks a lot for your reply regarding PC Retinol 1%! It's extreply helpful information! I'm so happy I discovered your channel! Learning so much from you!.
    So you're saying that you didn't apply the tretinoin around or under your eyes, however, it diminished some of the puffiness under your eyes anyway As well as you said that you placed it on other parts of your face and that the skin cells communicate to get to the parts of your face that you didn't apply it to, can that be true. Aloha Angie! I'm 67 and loving your commitment to anti-aging. Everything you post has helped me more than you know. I haven't been as diligent as I should have been the last 15 years. After 16 years of Hawaii living, my skin shows it (and I rarely "sat out" in the sun). My hands are looking better with just a few weeks of "remembering to splash a few drops of serum" on them. Thanks again for everything you are doing for us who are in our Hot and Flashy years and Beyond!. hi angie just watch your video again can you go to your doctor and do the LIQUID NITROGEN on my face when using RETIN-A THANKS.
    This is what an adult can deliver, a tutorial to the point, clean, no giggling or wasting our time. Thank you for being efficient. I so dislike the tutorials from younger people that yap all the video and giggle and just waste our time..

    I might be a guy, but your information is so helpful and much appreciated. You look wonderful and seem so practical and down to earth! Thank you and keep up the good work! .
    Like minded ladies should also check out the gorgeous Peta and her Renew Me face aerobics... Her amazing facial exercises really help define and lift your facial muscles and smooth the skin💋. Good evening! I am 55 years old with combination skin is very oily in the T and the rest of the face is very dry, with fine wrinkles, spots Figmntzih and dark circles under the eyes.. I saw your video and I'm very confused... I have to buy new products, but did not know what... I would be happy if you could recommend a nurturing and cleaning preparations skin day and night. From Nsinc great. I really enjoyed seeing the Srtoniic...
    Hi Angie - just discovered your videos! Love them! I am going to try Retin A again, I think I went too fast like you did and just gave up! Great tips!.

    I have been looking for a you tube channel exactly like yours and I found it!!! I LOVE your videos =D They are super informative and I like your personality! How much do you spend in juvederm use I want to try that. Also can you do a review on GREAT LAKES GELATIN, COLLAGEN HYDROLYSATE I have read great reviews on amazon and other bloggers sites (for wrinkles). thank you!!.

    You said Botox has worn off, I think your eyes look great in this video. No botox needed. I've only watched about 10-15 vid so far, Im a new sub, looked for foundation for mature skin. Nice information. But if you haven't done a video on cleansing comparisons, would be good, I find my pores get clogged yet cleansers dry out your skin too much, so flakey and blemishes. Or they do nothing, pores still clogged..
    Hi Angie, Have been in bed with flu and found your web page,it was worth being ill,I live in Australia and Iam 66 years old, love your video,s on all the supjects and product you share...I understand most people think Aussi live in the sun will Iam not a sun bunny,up until my 50s all I ever used was sunblock and a tub of $2 moisturiser for the last 5 years I have been useing THE DR LEWINN'S range...There is so much hippo about what women should and should,nt be useing on there skin its hard to know what is best at the least cost...Thats why I love your site, your a tell it as it is kind of girl...One thing us Aussi women is stuck with is the HIGH cost of skin care and make - up about 3 times as much as our friends in US Thanks again for putting it all out there..Glen. +Glen Marlow Welcome Glen, and I'm glad you found me, but hope you're feeling much better now! xo ~a.. Damn girl, lookin good!! I'm 32 and have inherited thin dry skin. I have crows feet and wrinkles on my forehead. I'm german (blonde hair blue eyes) and traveled to the tropical areas a lot when younger... Sigh.. Such good experiences, but have already had basil cell skin cancer. I like the way you look. People get too carried away in my opinion and they look very strange to me, with the surgeries and fillers. If I look like you in 15 years, I've succeeded. Made appt. for Retin-A prescription today :-). One of the most useful videos I have seen. Good tips and a time-saver! Thank you. You look gorgeous. For the ladies out there who asked where to get Retinol A I'd like to say that in USA you could ask your dermatologist for a prescription. In many other parts of the world, however you don't need a prescription to buy it and it costs a LOT less that in USA. .
    IMO Botox is worthless. I tried it once after using Dysport a couple of times many months prior and saw no improvement with Botox. Dysport works almost immediately and lasts 6 months or so. Great when you have an event come up unexpectedly for the weekend. I think if you switched over to Dysport, your results would last a lot longer than 3 months, and it's bit cheaper too. I'm not affiliated with any provider or drug company, so it's just my personal experience..
    Hey, Angie, thanks so much for putting yourself out there for all of us "Flashy" types to learn what's up as we grow older.I look so forward to all your videos! You said in you video that you're planning on just using a glycol acid mask once or twice a month, instead of daily. Which one would you recommend Thanks again for all you do to help all of US!.
    Angie, I love your videos and I just wanted to thank you for going through all these different things for ladies our age to see if it works or not. I have learned so much from you and using some of the products that have worked for you. I am now on the retin A from obagi and I am doing the once a week for a while. It's working fine so far. I was also a sun tanning fool when I was younger. So I am now having the damage I did show up on my face. Again, thank you so much for all your great tips and advice. .

    Great ideas, will implement immediately, I'm 62 and late getting in the game, however, better late than never... thanx for all your research... xoxo.
    Hey Angie! Have you tried the Micro Needling/Dermal Rollers yet I purchased one on Amazon and have used it a couple of months. Nothing show stopping yet, but it might be a great segment for your "show"! Keep the awesome videos coming! Because of you I have def ramped up my anti aging routine and just received a prescription for Retin A. Thanks for all your research and time you've put in. Hope the snow isn't holding you down up there in New England!! Susan, age 48 from central Missouri. Would you ever consider a PRP facelift also called Vampire Facelift Just curious because it is supposed to be natural. Thanks.
    Hi Angie, I want to add my thanks for your informative videos. I'm already interested but you make it fun! I was very excited to learn that liquid nitrogen works with dark spots. I will definitely be trying that soon... On retinol; I have tried Roc before and noticed no difference at all. Perhaps the Neutrogena will work better. Thanks again. Charlie.

    hey you look good - Im of mixed colour and nitrogen was used on my hyper pigmentation- it damaged my skin extremely - it scarred and i still have the scars- i use vit c, tretinoin, glycolic, sunblocks as well as peels - my skin is improving - big up on those.
    Love all you tricks tips and ideas...your honest realistic approach to anti aging is wonderful. You look fabulous. A warm hello from canada👍. Retin A, Vitamin C e Aha our 3 best friend! thanks to remind of sleeping on the back... I try sometimes, but it's tough...Ok, I will consider as a new year's resolution. happy New Year Angie!. I am 35 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! Please keep them up! :) If I look half as amazing as you do at 51, I will be extremely happy!.
    +Michelle Wojciechowski guessing you are addressing to Angie +HotandFlashy...just because I'm 61 ahahahah have anice day!.
    These are good tips but sleeping on your back makes you more likely to have a stroke and sleep paralysis. .
    I am confused, you said you got an eyelid lift from using retin a but you don't use it directly on your lids I know you said cells communicate, but, still. can you please clarify THanks.

    the part where you say that skin communicates and cells communicate with each other is very interesting. I have always worried about not putting Retin A near my eyes, but you said that it still gets there. Interesting. As for wearing sunscreen under make up, I don't know if I am putting too much sunscreen, but whenever I put sunscreen under my make up. Any suggestion Your videos are great .

    Been struggling with some foundation issues due to aging skin & stumbled upon your best/worst foundations video. I have been so intrigued I didn't realize how much time has gone by after watching 10+ videos! Love your honesty! Thank you for sharing :).
    Very informative. Going to try the back sleep..I'm 53 and I don't have much wrinkles..I have been using ponds since I was 14 years's a very old cream but they have bought it back and have made differnt ones for other things such as a discoloration in skin, but I prefer my green top jar. So for my age I still. Look good well at least I've been told..but going to look into one of those things uve posted here..thank u so much for this info..I will def look into retin a first.
    Retin-A has been my skin bf for more than 18 years. It works well. I use it more frequently every two years to have a new and better skin turn over. I use it sparingly as my pimple cream,too.Want to do Juvederm or LifetStyle lift next year, though.Thanks for your thorough search and research. I dread my slowly-getting-there aging look but I am happy that there are now many cosmetics, procedures and tools that helps...and there's you, our beauty angel!.
    Hi Angie! Love your anti aging advice. I live in Honolulu so the sun is always with us. Loved it in the past but try to avoid it more now. Your skin care recommendations are on the mark. Thanks from Hot in The Tropics.
    LOVE this video, the back sleeping, hmm i wake in horrible pain, due to tossing from L to R all night, However when I am on m back I can tell its a good nights sleep.. I will be like you I am sure... I just found your channel thank god, we are the same age..! ;).

    +Lori Frazer I know, when I slept on my side I tossed and turned all night with aching hips and would wake up with sore neck or shoulders... now no aches or pains!!.

    I've had a series of 6 REACTION treatments and it did very little. I noticed a slight difference in my jowls, but really nothing for my neck and it was very expensive. I hate throwing away money like that. I rather save my money and perhaps have something a little more permanent down the road. .
    I buy my RetinA (same as the tube displayed in this video) online from a pharmacy in Mexico and it's about $8-10 per tube with shipping. Agree that it's 65 year old skin is wrinkle free, thanks to this stuff. . can you give me the name of the website please,I've been. searching for so long on how to get it with out a doctor prescription.
    Great video and your skin looks fantastic! I have Retin-A however I have not used it for a while. I have been using a glycolic cream in its place and a sunscreen with vitamin C and the combination has been great. Your videos are very informative and when I go back to using Retin-A after I run out of my supply of glycolic I will go in more slowly. I dont want to use the glyolic and Retin-A together. .
    51!😲 I would never of guessed that! I have friends that are my age (35) and your skin knocks there's out the park I'm not kidding Ang you look amazing! Thanks for sharing all this info I'm going to get all my skin care products next week so you've given me some ideas. I started with Botox 2 years ago & I love it Xx. Why not use a dermapen/dermaroller, facial yoga, to deal with the wrinkles and keep the muscles active to fill in the face. Im on the retain A like you for the last 2 years and love the results too but, I need to find out more info from my Derm about the liquid nitrogen...thanks. Love your videos, I found a pillow that's supposed to help you sleep on your back. I may give it a shot now. :) Also, I'm going to retry Retina using your method to slowly introduce it. Thanks!!.

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