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  1. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +rose gutsy I made this video a year before the cheek filler was on the market.. so I hadn't had it done yet. I liked the cheek filler and would recommend it but it is pricey!. Thanks a lot for your reply regarding PC Retinol 1%! It's extreply helpful information! I'm so happy I discovered your channel! Learning so much from you!.
    I used to have a pillow top mattress but switched to a rock hard mattress. Within a couple of weeks I realized I wasn't sleeping soundly, couldn't get more than five hours of sleep at a time (because it was so uncomfortable) and became ultra exhausted. When I'd lay down I'd notice I'd wake up a bit to turn over & the shoulder I was laying on would be hurting. I started mattress shopping & a gentleman who was helping me at Sears told me they used to think sleeping on a hard mattress was good for your back, but that is not true. Is there a possibility your mattress is too hard (even though you'll continue to sleep on your back I thought it might help to get a different mattress.) I checked out a Beauty Rest pillow top at Sears recently (hint: the mattresses contain TWO 'hardnesses; in each mattress to save room on the sales floor (one side is softer and one side is harder!) On the Beauty Rests I tried if you're standing at the bottom of the mattress & facing forward looking towards the top of the mattress the LEFT side is the softer side. I didn't know they did this and if the sales person had not been around to tell me I might have overlooked certain mattresses by 'trying' the 'wrong' side - for me.) To compensate the rock hard mattress I currently have while I'm waiting for delivery of the new mattress I went to Target and bought a Fieldcrest Luxury Memory Fiber Mattress Topper. BECAUSE my current mattress is like sleeping on a rock I did put a fluffy comforter down first underneath it to add some softness but the topper is really nice and I would recommend it. Just thought I'd share that with you and everyone because getting a good, sound, restful nights sleep changes everything. Thanks so much for your tips. I'm 49 & have never done anything to my skin & without your reviews I'd be awash in a sea of confusion between makeup & beauty products (ordering Retin-a in the.05% & the Paula's Choice product & the Vit C serum you reviewed above.) Thanks so much, again. It is a joy to watch your videos & take notes..

    Hi Angie, If you could please review this new product, I just heard about called: Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Duo. hand cream. Much of the time we focus on the face, which is great, but neglect the hands, which discloses aging immediately. Thanks so much..
    Hi Angie, you look great!! I heard about you from my Mom, who is in her 50's and looks great! I am 34 yrs old, and oh man, I should've listen to my mom when she told me to take care of my skin! I am desperately looking for products and things to do so my skin doesn't age too fast. I have been researching about those derma rollers. Have you ever used one I hear all positive reviews. Thanks again!! . So you're saying that you didn't apply the tretinoin around or under your eyes, however, it diminished some of the puffiness under your eyes anyway As well as you said that you placed it on other parts of your face and that the skin cells communicate to get to the parts of your face that you didn't apply it to, can that be true. Did you try Clinical Retinol 1% from Paula's Choice Would it be differetn from Retin A you can get by the dermatologist as producents are different Which one would work best you think.
    Maxelder Argan Cream goes on smooth, absorbs quickly and helps with the wrinkles with no odor and no irritation. There ya go! Try it if you want erase wrinkles w nyarganoil—c.

    hi angie just watch your video again can you go to your doctor and do the LIQUID NITROGEN on my face when using RETIN-A THANKS.

    Aloha Angie! I'm 67 and loving your commitment to anti-aging. Everything you post has helped me more than you know. I haven't been as diligent as I should have been the last 15 years. After 16 years of Hawaii living, my skin shows it (and I rarely "sat out" in the sun). My hands are looking better with just a few weeks of "remembering to splash a few drops of serum" on them. Thanks again for everything you are doing for us who are in our Hot and Flashy years and Beyond!.

    Like minded ladies should also check out the gorgeous Peta and her Renew Me face aerobics... Her amazing facial exercises really help define and lift your facial muscles and smooth the skin💋.

    Good evening! I am 55 years old with combination skin is very oily in the T and the rest of the face is very dry, with fine wrinkles, spots Figmntzih and dark circles under the eyes.. I saw your video and I'm very confused... I have to buy new products, but did not know what... I would be happy if you could recommend a nurturing and cleaning preparations skin day and night. From Nsinc great. I really enjoyed seeing the Srtoniic...
    Hi Angie - just discovered your videos! Love them! I am going to try Retin A again, I think I went too fast like you did and just gave up! Great tips!. This is what an adult can deliver, a tutorial to the point, clean, no giggling or wasting our time. Thank you for being efficient. I so dislike the tutorials from younger people that yap all the video and giggle and just waste our time.. You said Botox has worn off, I think your eyes look great in this video. No botox needed. I've only watched about 10-15 vid so far, Im a new sub, looked for foundation for mature skin. Nice information. But if you haven't done a video on cleansing comparisons, would be good, I find my pores get clogged yet cleansers dry out your skin too much, so flakey and blemishes. Or they do nothing, pores still clogged.. I might be a guy, but your information is so helpful and much appreciated. You look wonderful and seem so practical and down to earth! Thank you and keep up the good work! . I have been looking for a you tube channel exactly like yours and I found it!!! I LOVE your videos =D They are super informative and I like your personality! How much do you spend in juvederm use I want to try that. Also can you do a review on GREAT LAKES GELATIN, COLLAGEN HYDROLYSATE I have read great reviews on amazon and other bloggers sites (for wrinkles). thank you!!. Damn girl, lookin good!! I'm 32 and have inherited thin dry skin. I have crows feet and wrinkles on my forehead. I'm german (blonde hair blue eyes) and traveled to the tropical areas a lot when younger... Sigh.. Such good experiences, but have already had basil cell skin cancer. I like the way you look. People get too carried away in my opinion and they look very strange to me, with the surgeries and fillers. If I look like you in 15 years, I've succeeded. Made appt. for Retin-A prescription today :-). One of the most useful videos I have seen. Good tips and a time-saver! Thank you. You look gorgeous. For the ladies out there who asked where to get Retinol A I'd like to say that in USA you could ask your dermatologist for a prescription. In many other parts of the world, however you don't need a prescription to buy it and it costs a LOT less that in USA. .
    IMO Botox is worthless. I tried it once after using Dysport a couple of times many months prior and saw no improvement with Botox. Dysport works almost immediately and lasts 6 months or so. Great when you have an event come up unexpectedly for the weekend. I think if you switched over to Dysport, your results would last a lot longer than 3 months, and it's bit cheaper too. I'm not affiliated with any provider or drug company, so it's just my personal experience..

    Hey, Angie, thanks so much for putting yourself out there for all of us "Flashy" types to learn what's up as we grow older.I look so forward to all your videos! You said in you video that you're planning on just using a glycol acid mask once or twice a month, instead of daily. Which one would you recommend Thanks again for all you do to help all of US!.
    Angie, I love your videos and I just wanted to thank you for going through all these different things for ladies our age to see if it works or not. I have learned so much from you and using some of the products that have worked for you. I am now on the retin A from obagi and I am doing the once a week for a while. It's working fine so far. I was also a sun tanning fool when I was younger. So I am now having the damage I did show up on my face. Again, thank you so much for all your great tips and advice. .
    Great ideas, will implement immediately, I'm 62 and late getting in the game, however, better late than never... thanx for all your research... xoxo.
    Hey Angie! Have you tried the Micro Needling/Dermal Rollers yet I purchased one on Amazon and have used it a couple of months. Nothing show stopping yet, but it might be a great segment for your "show"! Keep the awesome videos coming! Because of you I have def ramped up my anti aging routine and just received a prescription for Retin A. Thanks for all your research and time you've put in. Hope the snow isn't holding you down up there in New England!! Susan, age 48 from central Missouri. I am confused, you said you got an eyelid lift from using retin a but you don't use it directly on your lids I know you said cells communicate, but, still. can you please clarify THanks.
    the part where you say that skin communicates and cells communicate with each other is very interesting. I have always worried about not putting Retin A near my eyes, but you said that it still gets there. Interesting. As for wearing sunscreen under make up, I don't know if I am putting too much sunscreen, but whenever I put sunscreen under my make up. Any suggestion Your videos are great .
    Hi Angie. I was hoping you could help me with something. I don't know if you remember me, but I've been using tretinoin cream for a month now~.025% Well, I'm having issues with flaking skin, which I expected, but nothing seems to help to alleviate it. First, I am slowly easing into it and am only using it 2x a week right now. I use the Olay pro x system which I feel does a good job on cleaning my skin, but it doesn't take off the flaking skin. Help.
    Would you ever consider a PRP facelift also called Vampire Facelift Just curious because it is supposed to be natural. Thanks.

    Hi Angie, I want to add my thanks for your informative videos. I'm already interested but you make it fun! I was very excited to learn that liquid nitrogen works with dark spots. I will definitely be trying that soon... On retinol; I have tried Roc before and noticed no difference at all. Perhaps the Neutrogena will work better. Thanks again. Charlie.
    Hi Angie, Have been in bed with flu and found your web page,it was worth being ill,I live in Australia and Iam 66 years old, love your video,s on all the supjects and product you share...I understand most people think Aussi live in the sun will Iam not a sun bunny,up until my 50s all I ever used was sunblock and a tub of $2 moisturiser for the last 5 years I have been useing THE DR LEWINN'S range...There is so much hippo about what women should and should,nt be useing on there skin its hard to know what is best at the least cost...Thats why I love your site, your a tell it as it is kind of girl...One thing us Aussi women is stuck with is the HIGH cost of skin care and make - up about 3 times as much as our friends in US Thanks again for putting it all out there..Glen.
    +Glen Marlow Welcome Glen, and I'm glad you found me, but hope you're feeling much better now! xo ~a..
    hey you look good - Im of mixed colour and nitrogen was used on my hyper pigmentation- it damaged my skin extremely - it scarred and i still have the scars- i use vit c, tretinoin, glycolic, sunblocks as well as peels - my skin is improving - big up on those.
    Love all you tricks tips and ideas...your honest realistic approach to anti aging is wonderful. You look fabulous. A warm hello from canada👍.

    These are good tips but sleeping on your back makes you more likely to have a stroke and sleep paralysis. .
    Very informative. Going to try the back sleep..I'm 53 and I don't have much wrinkles..I have been using ponds since I was 14 years's a very old cream but they have bought it back and have made differnt ones for other things such as a discoloration in skin, but I prefer my green top jar. So for my age I still. Look good well at least I've been told..but going to look into one of those things uve posted here..thank u so much for this info..I will def look into retin a first.
    Been struggling with some foundation issues due to aging skin & stumbled upon your best/worst foundations video. I have been so intrigued I didn't realize how much time has gone by after watching 10+ videos! Love your honesty! Thank you for sharing :).
    Wrinkles in the chest area can also appear from being dehydrated. Drink really good, clean water without chlorine or fluoride (not distilled) and you'll see a difference. A lot of our skin aging happens because as we age our skin doesn't hold onto water as well. . Retin A, Vitamin C e Aha our 3 best friend! thanks to remind of sleeping on the back... I try sometimes, but it's tough...Ok, I will consider as a new year's resolution. happy New Year Angie!.
    I am 35 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! Please keep them up! :) If I look half as amazing as you do at 51, I will be extremely happy!.

    +Michelle Wojciechowski guessing you are addressing to Angie +HotandFlashy...just because I'm 61 ahahahah have anice day!.
    Hi Angie! Love your anti aging advice. I live in Honolulu so the sun is always with us. Loved it in the past but try to avoid it more now. Your skin care recommendations are on the mark. Thanks from Hot in The Tropics.
    Great video and your skin looks fantastic! I have Retin-A however I have not used it for a while. I have been using a glycolic cream in its place and a sunscreen with vitamin C and the combination has been great. Your videos are very informative and when I go back to using Retin-A after I run out of my supply of glycolic I will go in more slowly. I dont want to use the glyolic and Retin-A together. .

    Retin-A has been my skin bf for more than 18 years. It works well. I use it more frequently every two years to have a new and better skin turn over. I use it sparingly as my pimple cream,too.Want to do Juvederm or LifetStyle lift next year, though.Thanks for your thorough search and research. I dread my slowly-getting-there aging look but I am happy that there are now many cosmetics, procedures and tools that helps...and there's you, our beauty angel!.
    I buy my RetinA (same as the tube displayed in this video) online from a pharmacy in Mexico and it's about $8-10 per tube with shipping. Agree that it's 65 year old skin is wrinkle free, thanks to this stuff. . can you give me the name of the website please,I've been. searching for so long on how to get it with out a doctor prescription.
    Of my family members have had skin cancer so I have to be careful. Anyway, she said that insurance doesn't cover it bc they consider it cosmetic. I'm in the process of working w my ins co now. If they dont pay its ok, but I thought I should still try. They have paid for my tags to be removed by another dr. Not worried, itll all work out :) thanks for getting back to me and for asking!.
    Love your videos, I found a pillow that's supposed to help you sleep on your back. I may give it a shot now. :) Also, I'm going to retry Retina using your method to slowly introduce it. Thanks!!. Have you ever tried a derma roller I have one being sent to me, I'm curious if you have any experience with them.. It's a bummer, we do everything possible to look pretty! You look great! Thank you for your tips Angy.
    Holy shit your 50 you look great I though you were in your 40's early hope I look that great at 50 .

    You are the best at reviews and explaining things in full detail more than any you tuber thanks Angie. P.S. you look FANTASTIC.

    Anti Aging Skin Care Products - Skin Energizer
  2. December 29, 2015
    The best age to start an anti-aging routine, the face mask Victoria's Secret models swear by, and Katy Perry's new hairstyle, all in today's Alluring Links. i1
    Anti-Aging: Daily Beauty Reporter: Daily Beauty... - Allure
  3. December 23, 2015
    Vita-Lift Anti-Aging Serum From Faces. For all skin types, Vita Lift Anti-Aging Serum repairs the skin, prevents future aging and leaves skin looking radiant, smooth... i2
    SKIN CARE & BEAUTY - Anti-Aging Products | Lip Enhancer
  4. December 27, 2015
    What it is: A 24-hour wear, creamy eye shadow primer that supports antiaging and ensures that eye shades stay vibrant and crease-free. What it does: i3
    It Cosmetics Bye Bye Lid Lines Anti-Aging Eye Shadow...
  5. December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Good review Julie. Thanks for sharing. I have been applying two creams and serums every night for the past four years to help reduce my wrinkles and stay beautiful without much success. It’s been hard to get out of bed and start the day not feeling confident in my looks. On the second day of taking Maxelder Argan Cream I felt much better with the results I got. Absolutely worth for price w nyarganoil-—-c. Awesome review. I have to get mine out. I have been trying it use up the original UD primer I have...almost done with it! Then I can start paying with some others. Really liked how you tested them on your lids, one on each. .
    Good job using up the original UD! I've officially given up on it. My biggest gripe is that I can't seem to blend very well over it. XOXO!.
    I couldn't choose! I would use both! Haha Lorac & UD are in my top favorite brands! However, I love your video! =P I have very dry skin too. I have to prep my skin 30 minutes before I put my makeup on. I know, that is serious. I am looking for better products. :) . Dry skin/eyes are no joke! I layer so many friggin' products. I only wish I were oily! DEFINITELY let me know if you find any great hydrating products!. Oh will do! The one thing that I do really like that hydrates, I know it sounds weird but the Bath & Body Works Shea Butter Skim Repair works amazing! I just wish they weren't fragrant because the fragrance is too harsh for the face, but it works wonders to repair the cracked skin if you are as dry as I am. .
    so glad you are sharing your experience with dry eye lids. rare, but exists. thank you. ill try the lorac. thank you so much..

    What is wrong with me that the Lorac made me super dry I'll pull it out and try it again, I was going to throw it out. .
    Huh, that is weird! Maybe you're sensitive to one of the ingredients so it made you dry/irritated. But maybe it's worth another try. +JuliesBeautyDish I am working on a project (experiment, LOL) and I will include that one!!! .
    You know something Julie I usually have oily eyelids, but lately and only sometimes, I have really dry eyelids. I have been alternating between the Nars Pro Primer and UD Anti-Aging one; and they have been working very well for me when I have those very dry days. I have the Lorac; haven't used it yet. But will keep in mind too. Thanks so very much for sharing this with us; it is very helpful my friend! P.S. Does Mac's Soft Ochre work for you Hugs, Cyndi.

    I've never tried soft ochre, but painterly didn't really work. It was a bit light and I got a lot of creasing. I love the paint pots, but not really as primers. For me, the Nars Pro Prime was so incredibly drying to my lids who knows! I've heard people with oily lids say it's a favorite. XOXO!.

    Thanks for sharing. Your review was very helpful. I have normal lids and am looking for a new eyeshadow primer. I currently own and use the original UDPP and I too find it difficult to blend my eyeshadows especially in the crease area. I'm planning to purchase UD's anti-aging version. I hope it works well for my lids. .
    I don't know what we did before primers. Well actually I know what I did before which was have super duper oily eyelids that wouldn't hold eyeshadow or eyeliner. My liner would transfer up into the crease of my eyes. Yuck. So good that we have so many choices now for all different skin types! Thanks for a great video!.
    That is sooo true. I honestly don't know I made eyeshadow work before primer. I wasn't as dry back then....

    This was such a helpful comparison and review. I used to have pretty normal eyelids until I started using Latisse. They seem to be a little dry now, especially right above the lash line. I'll need to try one of these primers if it gets any worse. Great video! XOXO! Sandra..
    I think you'd really like either one of them. So how is the latisse working for you It's so intriguing to me, but I don't know if I'm up for the expense. I'd love to use it on my puny brows!. +JuliesBeautyDish Latisse has been working wonderfully for me. I can definitely see the growth, still nothing like the beautiful look of false lashes, but since my eyelashes were close to nonexistent, I'm super happy w/ the results. I do use it on my brows too :-). Oh girl I feel you on the dry eyes. I love the anti aging UD primer I just purchased a second one the other day for backup. I've never tried the Lorac primer I'll need to look into it tho. Great review sweets! XOXO April. Haven't tried the new UD primer, but I do really like the Lorac one. My eyelids get very dry in the winter and the Lorac doesn't appear to make it worse like some primers do.. Exactly! That's all I want from a primer! When you run out, maybe try the UD, but like I said, they are both great.. I know I've said similar things to you in the past but wow I appreciate your creativity SO MUCH! You answer or talk about questions I have and topics I'm curious about. Your channel is such a breath of fresh air. I wish instead of doing umpteen hauls or favs a month more women in the beauty community would branch out some. I don't mean that in a negative or downgrading way at all, I just really love that I can count on you for real needed information. I do love your series though because again you do them in such an original way. like the what I bought and what I spent. I think those are conversations we should be having; meaning us makeup junkies :) Anyway thanks for this video it was very helpful and I really do appreciate the thought that goes into what you film..
    Wow, thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful comment! That means a lot to me. It's so hard to come up with original ways to talk about beauty products. I try to create USEFUL content above all else, and I'm just never going to be the person doing constant hauls. I know I don't appeal to everyone, but how on earth could I! If you ever think of a topic or question or ANYTHING, feel free to mention's so hard to gauge what people want to see! Thank you so much for watching!.
    Hi Heather. I have bone-dry lids, so I can't tell you from personal experience. I know a lot of people on YT who aren't dry use it and like it, but I also know some very oily people say Nars Pro Prime is the ultimate. Hope that helps!. Great review! I have both of these but lately have been using more of Elf and Milani. Not sure why but may have to switch up to see difference. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a great weekend! XXOO ❤️ Denise.
    You're the 2nd person who has mentioned Milani! I'm determined to try it soon. Thanks for watching, Denise!.

    Good review Julie. My eyes are dry too so, I will keep this in mind. I think I told you that I do not like UD Sin or Envy primers but, this sounds promising. Thanks..
    +JuliesBeautyDish I am experimenting with eye primers - MAC, Lorac, NYX, ELF and, one I am really like is Jordana. Still haven't found my holy grail yet but probably need to use up a few :-) As for face primer (wasn't sure if that is what you meant) my Holy Grail is the Monistat Chafing Gel (feels exactly the same as Smashbox, Benefit or any of those silicone primers). . +Elle Is For Living Ah, you're a fan of the monistat! I've never used it but I RARELY use a face primer. Just some Porefessional on my nose if I can be bothered. I really need to start using the samples I have. I didn't know Jordana had an eye primer! People keep telling me the Milani is fantastic probably the same thing!. Can you use those primers under your eye to prevent concealer from creasing I dont wear eyeshadows but concealer is a must. So I reallly need a good primer under the eye.. No, they would be too drying for undereye. They're formulated for the lids. There are some undereye primers out there! Look at Smashbox or Mally, but there are others too.. I tried Smashbox and it did nothing for me. But I've never heard of Mally undereye primer so I will check that out!. I was surprised how moisturizing the UD anti aging primer felt! I don't have dry eyelids, but I do have sensitive eyes. I do like the Lorac too. I prefer the sample sizes :). Awesome review Julie! Thanks for sharing, I love the UD primer! But I am still all about my essence and Milani primers when my eye lids are dry xoxo Rochelle. Okay, I need to try at least one of those probably will pick up the Milani. I'm so curious. Done deal. Thanks for the tip! .

    Anti-Aging Facial Skin Care | Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey
  6. December 26, 2015
    IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lid Lines Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer is a treatment eyelid primer that you wear as a base under eyeshadow and foundation or just on bare lids.. i5
    Urban Decay Cosmetics Anti-Aging Eye Shadow... -
  7. January 1, 2016
    Not seeing the product you are looking for? Since not all manufacturers disclose their products ingredients online, some products may be missing from the database. i6
    Luxe Anti-Aging High Performance Eye Shadow Palette with...
  8. December 30, 2015
    Reverse the signs of aging with Reclaim skin care products with Argireline, designed to address all four causes of wrinkles. i7
    G.M. Collin Instant Radiance Anti-Aging Eye Patch (5...
  9. December 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I love this primer too. My eyeshadow doesn't crease, this is my second fave. You look gorgeous as always. :) .
    I have this eyeshadow primer but haven't used it yet :P I think I want to try it after watching this video! love your makeup here ganda! :) btw, thanks for subbing, I subbed back! Keep up the good work! :) .
    you're very welcome! :) thanks for the info girl! will definitey give it a try! ;). I have the original but hardly ever use it anymore... I'd love to use the antiaging... anything that says anti-aging I need to have it lol. You look SO YOUNG! I'm 32 and you look waaay younger than me! I need to start massaging my forehead hehe. awwww thank so much girl! whow you dont look 32! you look so young and so pretty!! I just recently asked my sister and mom all of them have forehead wrinkles..maybe the massagin helped me heheh. awwww first of,thank you so much for the comment eheheh I always wanted to apply more make up but most of the time I'm goin to the office after I film vids thats why I use simple mookies ;-) muah muah muah!. Love this video! I remember I had got a deluxe sample of the primer potion and ever since I've been hooked.
    I know girl,I dont know why but when I dont apply it I feel like the eyeshadow make up is not complete heheheh.
    +Anne prettyness yes lol I love the part when you said if I forgot to put it on before I have to start all over and I have that same feeling too!. maganda din ang Urban Decay all nighter setting spray feeling ko combination 0f that & this primer tumatagal talaga ang make-up the whole day ;-).

    The Ultimate Anti-Aging Eye Routine: Anti Aging:
  10. January 3, 2016
    A gorgeous, naturally pretty, Anti-Aging powerhouse palette of 12 Talc-free, hydrating, luxe eye shadows and one dual shadow/liner brush. The Luxe High... i9
    Anti-Aging Eye Cream & Anti-Wrinkle Treatments - Neutrogena
  11. December 20, 2015
    Natural Skin Care, Anti-Aging, Natural Beauty, Luxury Cosmetic Products, Dermatologist Recommended Makeup, Lip Plumper, Lip Enhancer, Organic Facials, Wrinkle Creams... i10
    Anti-aging cream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. December 25, 2015
    My top 5 anti-agers for 2013 plus a review of all the anti-aging things I tried this year! EXPAND THIS BOX FOR MORE INFO!! Style, Beauty, Anti-Aging... i11
    Anti-Aging Awards spotlight 22 products that really work...
  13. December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    your hair is straight! how preeeeeetty. I love the highlighting color, it does wonders on your cheeks. I dont mean to be a burden on you but i finally started my own channel! yay lol check it out if you want. thank you for the tutorial! :).

    2 funky1abc2796 :) sure will i only have foundation.. i dont have a skin care. tryi8ng to start one.

    These cosmetics are great. I have a lot of friends that use them and they look so natural. I have also read and heard a lot about its amazing anti-aging properties. Thanks for a great recommendation and excellent video. Keep it up Adriana :).

    Anti Aging Skin Care Products - Skin Energizer
  14. January 2, 2016
    The best age to start an anti-aging routine, the face mask Victoria's Secret models swear by, and Katy Perry's new hairstyle, all in today's Alluring Links. i13
    Anti-Aging: Daily Beauty Reporter: Daily Beauty... - Allure
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  16. December 13, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Great video! I have learned so much from you now. I have realized the past two weeks that I must wear some shadow with my makeup and not go without. I was just so tired of putting on shadow, and I don't like heavy makeup. What I needed was a change matte shadow and better application..
    You know, nobody mentions the damn fact that you just can't see to put the blessed stuff on! lol.
    Very practical and informative. I have enjoyed watching all your videos. I must say, that you look positively angelic and younger before you put on your mascara and lipstick. Love that clean look. .
    like your reviews just subscribed...some of these products I know but the others not heard of where can I purchase these products :::).
    I also like Rae Morris, she's an Australian makeup artist she has a few videos on YT but her basic eyeshadow philosophy applied to all ages and she has a book called Timeless Makeup which is good for anyone older and that's moi!!. Great makeup tips! But tah, where can I get that particular style/color of hospital gown your wearing Its a must for my wardrobe!. do you do/recommend facial exercises to stop muscles on the face getting slack would love to hear your thoughts... great video. Hi, Lisa. You have SO much knowledge to share with others! Have you ever thought about writing a book much like Bobbi Brown has with her Makeup Manual I think it would be FANTASTIC and I would purchase it in a hearbeat! What do you think.
    This vide made me happier. I've had hooded eyes all my life and it took me 10years to find the right place to put my crease color. The reason why it makes me happy is that I'll never be sad because I would lose my socketline :), I've never really had it. Just a random thought that popped into my mind..
    2 monocotoleydon yes it's definitely about addressing the individuals needs...shading and contouring will not be good for your mom. Light shades on her lid will work better along with a fresh rosy blush with a little shimmer on the apple of her cheeks will highlight and give the illusion of plumper cheeks..
    Lisa: Funnily enough, how I applied my makeup before wasn't giving me the look I want. Had to change foundation 2.( 50 this yr.) I tried your tip: smudging eyeliner into base of the eyelashes and it looks so much better. Ur tips r so helpful for those of us w the age factor: eye shadows, lip colors. Personally, I like the "natural" look too.LOVE the French look and am going to scout for that perfect red lipstick. Canadian viewer who loves your videos, tips and tricks!.
    My mum believes she has completely lost her beauty with age. She has the most beautiful and shiny big eyes. She makes no effort to make them stand out because her eyelids have changed. This video makes me want to do her makeup and bring out her natural beauty again. Thank you Lisa, you really have a solution for everything! x.
    Really interesting. I love doing my Mum's make up. So now I know some handy tips and tricks to make it look alot nicer! Thanks Lisa!.
    I love your lipstick pallettes. Did you put those together yourself Or did you purchase them and if so, where from Wonderful tips btw. I have been coaching my mom about makeup and you have some great tips that I can pass on to her. Thank you!.
    You rock, Lisa - that's all I have to say! :) Thanks SO much for everything! xxxxxxxxxx PS - Neck-scratches to the lovely Betty.
    MAC do some in the cool, ashy range which are very nice. Also elf makes a great brow kit in nice colors. Personally, I love the wax/powder combo over a pencil. Unless you really know what you are doing, a brow pencil can look harsh or over done. Good luck..
    I LOVE you videos so much, and as a 56 year old, this one was particularly helpful. Thank you, Lisa..

    Hi Lisa, Which LipFusion gloss did you use I've been enjoying clear one but would love your rec for a color. :-) TIA.

    Hi Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you are putting into these videos. Just love hearing you talk, too! .
    Very good tips, Lisa. Thank you. Вut I think that particularly you look prettier and younger without make up on your eyes. Your face is so shining and fresh - very pretty. .
    Hi, I'll love to have some advice about make-up over pigmented skin because, like u said in the last video, it makes you look older thatn wtinkles. I'm 27 and (thank God) I don't have deep expression lines, but OMG i have soooo many moles and freckes!! I live in Ecuador, the sun hit us perpendiculary, and for me is like summer all year long, my sking gets irritated with any sunblock, and i've tryed plenty, tell me something i can use for sensitive skin plz. Thank u.

    I love these tips. My skin tone and hair are similar to yours and I have been using concrete eye shadow by Mac on my eyebrows is this ok or should I be using another shade. I don't buy pencils because I have a hard time using them..

    2 CuteTinyDancer yes there is a full product list on my website with links too. See the link to my site underneath the video x.
    2 hannahvrose Mac face and body would be great yes. You might also want a few slightly heavier coverage ones too...or something like a palette of great slick foundations or concealers so you can add more coverage if necessary. Mac F&B is fab but fairly light x. there's a shop where they sell a lot of makeup and at times I see an old lady there working, she's kind of helping customers to find good products that fits them. But that old lady uses so much makeup it looks horrible so I would never take any advices from her .
    Dazzel get ready, 'cause it's going to happen. It will happen before you realize it. It happened to me. I just had to buckle down, put on my 'big girl panties' and work with what I've got now. That woman you see to the left is 60. .

    2 Tyllegirl the one in my video doesnt contain cinnamon or peppermint (which is why I like it). Like you, I dont like the ones that tingle like crazy because of the allergen affect. The fusion beauty one also contains titanium dioxide...its very good .

    omg this video is the bomb, love love love. i wont say my age but i'm losing volume so much already from my lips. really need to get that product. would also love your thoughts and recommendation for eye concealer and cheek highlighter. dont highligther highlght the crow's feet xx thank you so so much. i always need to pinch myself that someone like you, you know who's been on tv in 10 years youngers and stuff has got time for us xx thanks a million for what u do, xx.
    I'm amazed at how easy it seems to be...I wasn't far off with my colours. although after watching your videos I think I may chance a cheeky go at the more vibrant I get older (40) I'm not as shy as I once was and getting the odd look now and again doesn't really bother me. I have to say though that I totally get the foundation video in so much as having an epic amount of wrong shades! Finally getting it right was a 'light bulb' moment haha Thanks for all your help :) x .
    Hey Lisa! I love your videos! I have a question. I am 21 years old. And I think it's time for me to start taking care of my skin more seriously. I use makeup every single day, I don't use cheap products, and I do take care of my skin, but I am kind of worried of pre-aging. Do you have any advice or tip, for me, how to take care of my skin, and not get wrinkles sooner than I'm supposed to. Thank you! Kat.
    You have such a lovely presenting style, your vids are a joy to watch and very helpful they are too. I find Bobbi Brown have some great ashy browns that are great for eyebrow filling. Didn't know The Body Shop did an eyebrow kit, will check that out. Thanks Lisa. . Dear Lisa, it doesn't make any sense at all to put on anti ageing makeup on the 25-year old you ;).
    You should tell people to go vote for your blog for the Cosmopolitan UK blog awards. I was just gonna vote for Pixiwoo, but I saw your blog. I really like your blog and go on it. Tell others to vote for you! :) .

    can you make reviews on some cosmetics like which mascaras are good, foundations, powder, blushes, eyeliners, or lipsticks. or can you please do a like a comparison on some cosmetics.
    please can you tell me where you got your top :) I love it! and that brow pen looks great! My mum's gonna be having chemo soon so I'll have to look into that..
    I agree, when the first wrinkles do not want to accept.I feel better camouflage, because when I put my foundation fluid the small wrinkles of front are emphasized, that obsession, with the foundation are deeper.I have oil skin on T zone and think to use the foundation powder-shiseido pureness-matifying.In perfumery there are so many products to be used as a basis to fill the wrinkles, are validI hope understand me what I wrote.Sorry my EnglishThanks for everythings and for you patience to read.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to make these videos to educate everyone. I love your videos. I have learned so much watching them. You are so beautiful and natural looking! Happy Holidays!. Makeup brings a lot of women confidence and opens up taking pride in yourself which can sometimes lead to diet and exercise (if they aren't already). Your comment is rather limiting and insular in my opinion. Makeup does bring people of all ages a lot of pleasure and joy in their life. . Question Lisa...what does one do when highlighters for under the brow area and eye shadow shades tend to give a blue cast/tone/hue to them I use light beige as highlighter and then it looks light blue. I use purple eye shadow and turns navy Is this common.
    2 lauralikes I have hooded eyes too & found that once I learned the best way to highlight them (which is extremely simple), I felt much better. Take what you see as a fault and make it your best facial asset. You can do it, it's just a skill & a skilled that is easily mastered with practice :) xx.

    what colors do you have in your bobbi brown palette I think I spot heather in the top left (one of my favorites)!.
    I have really light brows and when I've finished with foundation they're barely visible.. At the moment I use eyebrow powder to go over them and make them a bit thicker but they sometimes look really fake. Any tips. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS THEY ARE SO HELPFUL YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL LADY AND I REALLY APPRECIATE THE TIME YOU TAKE OUT TO MAKE VIDEOS I THINK YOUR A GENIUS :). I'm American and I can understand Lisa's English more easily than the other YouTube gurus from the UK. I'm not sure why, but Lisa just sounds like a proper teacher, whereas the others sound like they have some sort of regional accents.. 2 polyester1000 oh i'm sorry to hear that...did you try using it for just a few minutes I guess its such an individual thing x. lovely videos..i am going to grow old gracefully and with a bang...plz do some tutorials using drugstore brands..lov from london..xx.

    Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Anti-Aging - Urban Decay | Sephora
  17. January 25, 2016
    What is it: An antiaging powerhouse combo! Luxe High-Performance Antiaging Eye Shadow Trio is all about intense pigment, in a naturally pretty look. i1
    Urban Decay Cosmetics Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion
  18. December 12, 2015
    I loved the UD Original Eyeshadow Primer from day one. It really makes my eye shadow last and not get into the crease after a few hours. When I saw the Anti-aging... i2
    Best Anti-Aging Makeup - WebMD
  19. January 20, 2016
    Urban Decay's bestselling Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion is now even better. UD upgraded the packaging and applicator, but kept the formula you know and love... i3
    Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti Aging - Hair Care
  20. January 24, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I love paint pots. But I dont rely on them as an eyeshadow primer. My eyeshadow doesnt I have to use an additional primer if I need too. BUt I can wear the pain pot alone it blanks out the blotchiness and things.. +Annie M Smolkin I've been wanting to try to layer a paint pot over the Tarte primer but my paint pot's so old and dried out, I need to get a new one... now to pick which color I want!.
    I've been using the Mac prep and prime 24 hour eye base lately and the jury is still out. I almost feel it makes my eyes look more crepey. I think I may pick up the Tarte Clean slate and try it in comparison. Thanks for the detailed comparison.. Angie, Thank you so much for this video and of course all of your others!! This Tarte Clean Slate 360 has revolutionized my ability to wear eye shadow!!!! I had truly given up on it (stopped wearing completely) because of how crepey it started looking at around age 38 for me. Now at age 43 I'm finally back in eye shadow and loving every second of it!!! ALL THANKS TO YOU AND THIS VIDEO!!! So fun and exciting to be able to do my eyes again (shadow that is)!! I'll blame my whole previous problem on being addicted to Urban Decay Primer Potion which seriously stopped working when I was 38 (and I just gave up). Thanks so much again!!! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!. " I am 52 "... what I would've have guessed 35-40. She doesn't look 50 at all. I hope I look that good. :). OMG Angie, are you keeping a secret You are looking more beautiful with each video. I want that sweater so my color and you look gorgeous in it too. I am going to look like shriveled up prune when I am 52 lol. I too prefer the Elf primer to Urban Decay. I have never tried Too Faced primer and Tarte can't get here. Great video as always sis. xoxoNisha. +SugarPuffAndFluff she has plastic surgery cat u see the scarline on her eyes plus looks like she got an eyebrow lift. so no she's not aging gracefully its called plastic surgery!!!!!! i hate people who lie.
    +Jessica G Angie is definitely not a lier, the creases you can see on her lids is where concealer has creased..
    So helpful, this really saves your viewers a lot of frustration and wasted money. I'm putting the tarte on my shopping list. I just bought the wet and wild fergie primer and my eyelids literally looked 30 years older 2 hours in. Scary! Thank s again..
    So yea Im here looking for a cruelty free primer...actually Im looking for mature cosmetics across the board...I figured if Im going to invest money I'd better find some comparisons and I could go to another site if need be for company ethics. Imagine my surprise when some of your first words were "cruelty free". That rocks!.
    Thanks for great vid, Angie 💋!! Have you ever tried Nars Eye Primer Would love to hear your opinion (because of I have to order almost everything online here in Europe :(.

    Thank you for being such a beautiful 'guinea pig' for all of us, Angie! You are terrific!! Love your videos. Keep 'em coming....

    My sister, who passed away a year and a half ago at 43, said that Aging Is A Privilege. I try to remember that when I am complaining about the natural aging process. .

    Angela, so sorry for your loss. Thank you for telling us that.. I will remember that the next time I complain about my laugh lines..
    Thank you, I had been use Too Faced shadow insurance for years and never had a problem then all of a sudden it started to separate on me I figured they messed with the formula (if it ain't broke don't fix it). So I went to the Milani primer when I get done with this tube which seems to be lasting forever and doing a great job I am going to try the Tarte one. Many hugs and blessings! Pat.
    Do you ever do trials with mostly Clinique products or work with them at all I have very sensitive skin and cannot use anything with scent, and a few other things. Its not always mentioned if your products have any scent, which makes me hesitate to try anything BUT the Clinique...thanks for all the great videos....
    NYX has an HD eyelid primer that is very good, and the Milani one is excellent. I've tried so many, and I don't like the high end ones, especially the UD.. Your video is so thorough and helpful! I really appreciate your honesty and in depth review in this video. I can finally decide on an eye primer after researching for a whole week. You look absolutely gorgeous and I'm so glad I've discovered your channel. Will definitely come back for more great contents :).
    Angie thanks so much for this review I am searching for just this very thing, we are about the same age, I am particularly searching for a good eye primer with long lasting ability & of course in this age we want "a miracle do it all"😜. So I'll be going to Ulta to purchase & try it out. I have been watching you off & on for a couple of years, I really noticed you have improved your over all techniques & presentation. And you have so much material that we are all interested in. Thanks so much for your reviews💁🏻👍.
    And my goodness you are thorough, and hard working... That video must have taken hours!! I've never considered primer before, but that was so helpful. Thank you🌺.
    You look amazing at 52! Congratulations! Excellent video! Helped a lot, specially because testing lid primers on a mature skin is the best test of all! Thanks for sharing! 😘.
    You look fabulous! Better than ever! I've been watching your vids for awhile, and have to say, honey, you've got it down! Your look is flawless- skin, makeup, hair color and style- 5 stars! Thanks for all you do!.
    Will try Tarte when my Mary Kay is empty. Not much talk/review about Mary Kay on You Tube but I've been very pleased with everything in the Mary Kay line. Thanks for the review!.

    I made the mistake of trying the too faced in a yellow tone. It was horrible. I ended up throwing it away. The Tarte 360 works great. .

    Angie, this experiment was excellent! I have found that the UD makes my lids look so crepe...I have to ask, how long does it take you to put a video together like this Also what camera are you using to get such amazing closeup shots! I found this incredibly helpful! Thank you! Maria.
    I'm 37, no wrinkles at all but eyelids and drooping. I haven't watched this all yet, but I read the tarte was the best then the one I've ordered two faced.. Angie, I purchased the TARTE creaseless eyelid primer. It emphasized the crepiness of my eyelids especially on the inner corners. What's your thought Could a bit to much primer cause this problem Squeezed the tube, a bit to much came out and I may have over applied the primer. Also, the shadow didn't blend well and my 60 year old hooded lids appeared heavier. Like you, I have freckles/veined lids. Any suggestions Thanks..
    OMg, you said 'cruelty free'...OMGOSH! iM SO LOvin you and the animals think youre beautiful too! Woo Woo!.

    You are awesome. These comparison videos are my favorite. I will be 52 in about two months, so I feel ya..

    And by the way, I use the Mac fast response eye cream as a primer because it makes my lids smoother. I will buy the Tarte due to this video, but I'd be surprised if I like it any better. Still, thank you so much for these kinds of videos!.
    I was going to ask about this, too - I have slightly oily lids and dry vs. oily (or normal) can make a huge difference in the wear of eyeshadow and effectiveness/feel of a primer. I use several of these - Painterly is a favorite, and I have really enjoyed the Tarte 360, too. I don't have problems with the Tarte stick, either. I also use the Bare Minerals 5-in-1 BB shadows as colored bases - they're nice for covering over my discoloration and freckles, and can help intensify whatever colors I'm wearing in a subtle way. The one I tried and hated was the Lorac primer - it made everything horribly patchy - I couldn't blend anything with it..
    I have used the nyx jumbo pencils, urban decay primer potion and de slick, tarte, nars, mac paint pots, elf, one from bellapiere, maybelline tattoo eyeshadow, some others and I haven't found one that truly keeps my eye shadow.
    Glad to see my fav formula came out almost on top! I prefer the Too Faced Shadow Insurance in the yellow tone. I find it cancels out the redness on my eyelids to some extent and brightens them a little. I also apply it under my eyes and it cancels out the blueish dark circles, too, and keeps concealer from creasing. I can even wear it alone as an eye brightener on a 'no makeup' day. I was using the NARS Pro Prime for a while, but I think I'm allergic to it, so am back on the TF juice. I'm 49 and have crepey eyelids. Always have, even as a kid, but it course it's getting worse now. I've tried retinol creams but am sensitive to them.. I love the Milani and the Wet N Wild is also very good. Thanks for your thorough videos. ♥ Elle.
    +Sam Douglas I also have super duper oily eyelids. You feel that the NYX one is good for that Sad when you get nice eyeshadow and after 5hours it shows creases etc..
    I love the idea of this tutorial. Your thoughtfulness and attention to detail is great for this. However, I really wish you would have chosen different eye shadow. Shadow that is pigmented. It looked washed out no matter what primer was used..
    when I started to watch your video you had hooded eyes, (I noticed because I also have hooded eyes an dalso because you mentioned it) now they are not hooded at all, how on earth did you do that! :) also your teeth look whiter, are you testiing some teeth whitening system next Loved the video, as usual- very helpful, thank you x.
    She has had Botox, but says that is not what caused the improvement she says it is the Retin A that she believes helped. .
    She has a couple of tutorials on hooded eyes that are awesome, her technique is what I do now and what difference!.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this for me ; )I'm a 54 yr old blonde w/ your skin tone and I'm so glad I found your channel. I know exactly what you mean about the eyelids looking yucky. (I remember the first time I actually noticed that crepey-ness - ugh! that was a shocker that set me on the path to never ever! see that again!!) I'm currently using the UD age-defying and it's ok, like you said but now I am psyched to get the Tarte Clean Slate primer! Thank you again and I can't wait to watch more of your videos..
    Angie thank you for this!! You are to the point. I was watching some of your old video and omg your getting younger and younger!! Can you do a tutorial on this look I also got the naked basics 2😊. Btw are you still recommending the timeless vitamin c A lot of people are saying that the company is sending half empty bottles. Don't know if I should order. Please if you could let me know:))). Let me just say, you look great for your age. When you said that you were 52 I was amazed, you don't look older than 30#. Very good comparisons. I will try the Tarte one that won some time in the near future. What I have been using and that has been working for me isn't even a lid primer. I have been using the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles. The brightener / illuminator one. It covers the veins, it smooths the lids and works well to keep my shadows on all day. I don't notice it 'enhancing' the colors...but the true color shows up nicely on the lid. I think I got the idea from a Utuber. So I use it under my eyes and over my lids. A Twofer!. +Ann4U2000 Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try it! I'm always trying to shave of steps in my morning routine.. you are brilliant! thank you for this wonderful review! 1+ subscriber and that's me! keep doing what you do! love your vid!. have you ever tried Benefit eye primer it has a yellow color to it but it evens out the entire lid and I have never experienced creasing or problems. and I am 49 I've been using it for 3 or 4 years. I love it. Thanks for sharing.
    wow what a great review, I am leaning towards Tarte because it more natural and your results. Do you still use it and like it the best Thanks.
    +lizad777 I do still use it every day and love it… I've tried a few others since this video and IMHO it's still the best!.

    Anti-Age Smoothing Eye Primer | Best Primer - Cover FX
  21. October 30, 2015
    These Luxe High Performance Anti-Aging Eyeshadow... is the FIRST EVER anti-aging and age preventative shadow brush... Eye Shadow Tutorial... i5
    Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer - Medium - PRIMERS
  22. October 26, 2015
    Best eye makeup for older faces... Best eye shadow for older... I am the publisher of Simply Anti Aging and a web author researching and writing on all aspects of... i6
    IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Shadow Trio & "No Tug... - QVC
  23. December 9, 2015
    Like peanut butter and chocolate, this new combination from Dior is one brilliant marriage: an eyeshadow infused with anti-aging skincare ingredients. i7
    Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Anti-Aging - Shop...
  24. November 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thank you so much you have been so helpful I am going to be using the Sonia Kashuk neutral 02 palette do you have any suggestions how I use it the colors I mean. I can't afford Mac. Many hugs and blessings to you! Pat. +***** I love the SK Eye on Neutral Palette, you can get so many pretty looks with it! Here's a tutorial using it to make Blue Eyes Pop!:
    Such a helpful video! Thank you so much for sharing your techniques. I also use the MAC paint pot in Soft Ochre as a base and love the MAC eye shadows. You look beautiful!! Have a great week! XO Lauren.
    It's nice to see a woman of my age doing makeup. Most of the other tutorials for women over 50 I have seen have been younger women doing makeup on older women, but it was what the younger women thought they should be doing..
    I've pretty much stopped wearing makeup because It looks terrible. This video has helped me so I will be able to start again. Thank you!!!.

    I think all the dark liner under they eye makes your eye look smaller, although I really like the shadow. It does suit you well..
    That was very helpful. Question : I had ,my caterac so removed and worry about getting flakes in my eyes. Angie what do you suggest . +Eve Keith Be sure to tap any excess eyeshadow off your brush before applying and use waterproof mascara which flakes less. How was the surgery Can you see now without your glasses My dad had it done last year and he loves being able to see again!!.
    Love the final look but I get a little confused with the placement of all the shadows. Isn't the Sephora purplish shadow being blended over the Mac Malt... Or is the Malt color still visible- hard to tell the n the video.

    I love that you explain the brush techniques. I am also 50 mumble and still use a fair amount of color. I just use mattes and maybe a little shimmer or sparkle here or there..
    Not putting anything on the lid looks weird (to me). I use the sandwich method. Light colors on the lid and brow and a medium color in the crease.. Aloha Angie, I have to share a story with you and your viewers...I have a lovely friend who lives in Hawaii who, at 65, adores makeup and loves to get all dolled up. She looks beautiful. On one occasion she went over the top with eyes (shimmer and glitter), lips, cheeks, etc. I overheard a young man say to her that evening, "Are you dressed early for Halloween" How embarrassing and humiliating for her. How rude and insensitive of him!: And she was feeling so sexy! She learned that while she loved all that glitz, it just doesn't have the same effect as it used to. Soooo she's saving that for the younger gals. Thanks for another great video tutorial on subtle and classic beauty. :)))). +Aloha Leslie I always tell people to take a pic of themselves after putting on their makeup. Photos don’t lie. It’s also really easy for people to get stuck in their high school or college years (it’s when they looked great) and keep doing the same thing. What we could get away with at 20 is impossible at 50+ and I’m glad your friend finally got that message..
    Can you tell me what the names of the MAC colours are I somehow keep missing it, expecially the second one you apply..
    Hi! Thank you so much for your tutorial. I think they're just great. You explain things so clearly. I'm a big fan. xx. Hello Angie, what an incredibly beautiful lady you are and you certainly have the gift of demonstrating/teaching which helps us all so much. I am thrilled just to watch you work even though I know I do not have the kind of face to colour up these days, although I was very up to scratch when I was younger. Thank you and bless you for all these freebies. x x.
    Beautiful look, but very time-consuming. I don't have a lot of lid area, so the eyeliner alone would the all that shows..
    +Kimberly Holladay I’m 56 and doing my makeup has far fewer steps and takes about 5 minutes. I’ve also done makeup for others for a very long time. Be careful with eyeliner. We sort of need it for definition and making the lashes look fuller, but you want a very soft line. Not a hard line like that with liquid or even cream pencil. A dark brown eyeshadow or even an eyebrow shadow applied with a damp angled brush gives a beautiful darkened line and looks very natural. Don’t ever line the inside of your eye. Do the same thing just under the edge of the lower lash line and use a q-tip to gently smudge and blend. Less is more could never be a more true piece of advice at our age. No shimmer!.
    I have to tell you, I don't know how to thank you for posting this video! For the first time in YEARS, I don't look like the diagram on the back of an eye shadow package!!!I'll be 51 next week...and it has mainly been over the last couple of years that I've seriously known I needed to change the way I applied makeup; I just didn't know how. I recently splurged and purchased TONS of IT makeup (and their brushes), but didn't get the eye shadows. Do you think the "store bought" brands are as good as the others I use the Almay for green eyes and have had really good luck with that product. Just wondering what your thoughts are. I fortunately have a lot of real estate in the eye area and not much crepey on my lids at all. Again, THANK YOU and I'm going to have to go check out your other videos!!! :).

    I always did a smokey eye in my younger days, and will never forget the day I put it on and went AAAAAHHHHH! It looked awful and I was like what happened Oh yeah I'm over 50. Haha.
    Angie Hello I just spent over $40.00 on makeup and I wanted to buy some fit makeup, but I didn't know how to choose my colour. This was in Walmart and there wasn't anyone I could ask. Is there away to select the colour I need Thanks Cathrin..
    +Catherine Whittaker It's really hard to choose the right color at stores like walmart without opening the product but most are sealed. If you buy the wrong color you can return it so save your receipt..
    I really love the way you applied the eye shadow; it is also my favorite way to wear the eyeshadow, excepting the liner on the lower lid :). I have learned good tips from your video, color-wise and definitely the technique. :) Thank you!. Angie, you are awesome, and so lovely & pleasant to watch and listen to! Such well-made videos and great instructions! Thank you for doing these. I noticed you didn't apply mascara on bottom lashes. Is it better/more natural looking to skip the lower lashes. Hi, loved this! I'm over 50, debating buying an Urban Decay palette. They say not to wear matte shadows over 50, but I do like some you ever wear frosted. Angie while watching you tube to help my 12yo daughter with beginner makeup skills I found you and I thank my lucky stars I have totally changed my skin care to routine and makeup products. I did become a little obsessed buying products but I was just having so much fun I look and feel great 50 isn't so bad now.
    I would be concerned about bacteria with tight liner application and allergic reaction if one has sensitive eyes. i was taught in Aesthetician school to not apply eyeliner on lower lids for us over 45ish girls. That way the emphasis is on the upper lid; giving a more youthful, natural appearance..
    +Nicole Lee - Health, Beauty and more I have never liked dark lines in the wet line. I think it makes ladies look mean. And the older you are the meaner you look. That said when a lady has a large bulging eye, it does make her eyes look smaller without the mean look... just choose a lighter color like a charcoal grey, then smudge a little darker color just below the bottom lashes. SMUDGE not draw a line.. That's an amazing video! You look beautiful! I'm a beautician and I haven't really found any helpful make up videos for older women which is really sad. Your channel is really good! Thank you so much!!!. I really enjoyed this tutorial! You are beautiful and your make up tips have given me renewed confidence to try new colours and styles! Thank you so much! ~M x .
    I thought you were saying 'no tongue' crease brush! I need help with my hearing as well as my sight these days! Super video..

    Oh my goodness AGAIN...YOU'RE GORGEOUS and my new BFF!!!! I started with your "mineral powder" tutorial and came of here and am gonna KEEP MOVIN' ALONG!!! Perfect tutorial and I love, love, love your techniques!!! Thank You again and DON'T STOP POSTING...pleeeeeeez!!!!! luv ya, lynda A. .

    You are a gorgeous lady. But honestly, this is way too much makeup. Makeup is to enhance features, but that doesn't mean you need 15 different products to do that. I'm a certified beauty consultant and I think most of what you said is true however... I just have to say. "Less is more" for us older ladies. (or at least make it look less) I've seen women with caked on makeup and it just settles into their wrinkles and looks awful..
    Angie just wanted you to know while checking eBay for makeup I came across a seller using your before and after photos for Retin A cream since they are located in Thailand I'm sure you are not the spokesperson so just wanted you to know. That was the first time I have ever seen the lower lash tight lined. The silver color looked very nice. It looked like it went on very easily. I learned a lot about no tug brushes also. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge..
    You've encouraged me too wear eye shadows again. I stopped a few years back when my "hoods" appeared overnight. I have all the brushes so I tried it & WOW!!!! I can wear eye shadow again. Thanks for a great tutorial!.
    I wear any black liner around my eyes and they look old, really wrinkled. Even back in my young days. Looks good on you though. :). Hi! I'm not in my 50s yet, I'm 36. I'm fortunate enough to not have the skin of someone my age but I do have fine lines and my eyelids are thinning. I also have hooded eyes. I truly have learned how much a makeup brush impacts our makeup results. Great quality brushes are a must! Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, tips and tricks. So useful!. Very detailed information! Cant wait to try applying with your tips. I have very large eyes, with a very deep area from eyebrow to top of lid, even when younger my lids were the same. I had very thick eyebrows as a teen and made the huge mistake of letting a friend, pluck my eyebrows! Needless to say my eyebrows are now almost non existent. Due to my brow being sooo thin, I now have an even larger gap between the brow and lid. Please, if you have any suggestions on application of eyeshadow with these concerns, I would love your ideas. Thanks! I will b sure to spread the word!!!.
    Thank you! That last pic of you doing ALL of the make up mistakes was not only humorous, but accentuated the point exquisitely!.
    Thank You So Much!! You look stunning, when I'm dressed in female mode, I wanna look like you! xxx.. Great info. Really so sad I didn't have the resources when my eyes were younger to play with colors and feline flicks...those days have passed me now...still use subtle color in the same manner as you described but would love to rock a huge wing...sigh.... I just found your video, and I"m so glad I did. I just turned 50 in June, and I know its high time I updated my look. .
    Hi Angie, love your videos. I am in Australia and sometimes miss a few things because of different accents! :) can you please tell me the brand of the brushes - I couldn't catch it, sorry! .

    Buxom - Found at IT cosmetics - Found at or Sonia Kashuk - Found at

    Thanks so much for your tutorial. It's great! Would you mind posting the names and types of your brushes.
    Thank you! Yes I used to go to a dermatologist regularly. But, alas both my husband and I are out of work. Well, I am in process of starting my own business and it seems to be taking off slowly but surely. Fortunately I have always taken care of my skin so I don't have as many problems and some people do at my age but rosacea can be really tricky so I do need prof. help. Thanks again for all you do for us "older" women. Oh, and by the way, I love your logo name "Hot and Flashy"!! Very creative and perfectly on target!!!.
    Wonderful tutorial! You do a great job and I love your tip about closing your upper eyelid over the eyeliner pencil. Have to try that one! You look great! Thank-you!.

    Hi Angie, I'm 51 and was looking at ways to wear my makeup...I discovered your channel. Thank you so much for showing us mature ladies that we can still look wonderful with a bit of colour to make our eyes pop. I'm now a permanent follower:):).
    Can you list the Mac shadows you used. I can't quite understand the colors. Thanks!. HI Angie, I am loving all your videos, great job, and thank you for sharing your fantastic tips, you really do your homework girl, wow you work hard!.

    Eye Shadow Primer Potion Anti Aging
  25. January 14, 2016
    Do you have dark circles around your eyes or having trouble getting your Mahya mineral eye shadow to stay put through the day and night? This creamy, flesh toned eye... i9
    Let loose with an anti-aging eye shadow - Anti-Aging...
  26. November 13, 2015
    Details about DONNA MAC 'I anti aging eyeshadow eye shadow makeup palette w hyaluronic acid i10
    Eye makeup for older women | Simply Anti Aging
  27. January 12, 2016
    What it is: A 24-hour wear, creamy eye shadow primer that supports antiaging and ensures that eye shades stay vibrant and crease-free. What it does: i11
    Travel Size Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion -
  28. January 27, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Anti-Aging - Urban Decay -
  29. October 28, 2015
    Like peanut butter and chocolate, this new combination from Dior is one brilliant marriage: an eyeshadow infused with anti-aging skincare ingredients. i13
    Organic & Anti Aging Eye Makeup | Truth In Aging
  30. November 5, 2015
    Compliment your sensitive eyes without any redness or irritation with Afterglow Organic Infused Eco Eye Shadow. Infused with skin care ingredients and organic botanicals. i14
    Anastasia ILLUMIN8 Eye Shadow Palette: Finally Anti-Aging...
  31. January 10, 2016
    Prime Beauty Blog. Prime Beauty, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle for the Over 40 woman in her prime! i15
    Eye%20Shadow, Eye%20Makeup anti aging - Macy's
  32. November 1, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Thank you so MUCH...I was looking for somebody who knew more about the anti aging one and you are not I appreciate this SO much. Going to submit my order now!.

    it Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Luxe Anti-Aging Eyeshadow...
  33. December 3, 2015
    Best Anti-Aging Makeup. The blush of youth is one thing. But can makeup with retinol, antioxidants, soy, and other anti-agers turn back the clock? i17
    Anti-Aging Eye Shadows | MORE Magazine
  34. January 17, 2016
    Urban Decay found a way to make its legendary Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion even better. With revamped packaging that includes an applicator, Eye Shadow Primer... i18
    Organic Infused Eco Eye Shadow | Afterglow Cosmetics
  35. December 5, 2015
    Anti Aging Skin Care; Moisturizers; Cleansers... NARS Eye Shadow Soft Touch Pencil Corcovado Limited Edition... Deluxe Anti-Aging Eye... $22.75 40.00 + $2.99 shipping i19
    Best Anti-Aging Makeup - WebMD
  36. November 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I'd love to hear how these products worked!! Especially the hand cream. I turn 40 this year, I look young everywhere, except for my hands😔.

    I'll be 42 this year and I don't have no spots or freckles at all on my hands (or on my face) Thanks to good genes and sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher :).
    They should push the SPF in the hand cream to 15 or higher as 12 is definitely not enough especially if you want to prevent age spots and wrinkly hands. (sun spots) :).
    i just have to say whatever you do to your hair - keep it up... you really have a great look. i wish i could find my perfect go to hair do. i have had long, short & a little of this & that. ( :.

    Gee, thanks. A long time ago, I decided to stop fighting my hair and find a style that works with my hair it makes like so much easier. Plus I have a great colorist and stylist who take good care of me :).

    Great video! Did you ever post a update on the UD Anti Aging Primer I just purchased a tube, but not for anti aging reasons...more for the way the Original UD primer dries out my lids, so I'm hoping this one doesn't. Of course I'm hoping it stays crease free, also :).
    No I have not, thanks for the reminder. I will definitely do an update on these two products I'm still using them by the way, so that says something.. Guess we'll have to see in the next few weeks. I do like the feel of it on the eye. Doesn't have that weighty feel like others i've tried. Can't wait to see more videos of yours.. That polish is from Clinique in Black Honey. The first coat goes on a little wonky, but the second coat fully covers that and it wears pretty well..
    Very nice review. Thanks for it. I just bought a full tube of the UB anti aging eye primer. I did last month get a little sample of it and was using it once in a while but now im going to use it everyday. I also hope it does what the packaging says. Now will i also be in the 100 percent group. I had also today just bougbt the UB vice 2 palette. So together i can't wait to try.again thanks for the rewiew can't wait to check another one of your reviews..

    Awe, that is my dear Lucy. She lived almost 17 years, which is a great life for a lab mix. I miss her every day. She was a beauty..
    Wow, thank you. I'm using the Revlon ColorStay Whipped foundation. Probably a tad light this time of year, but a bit of bronzer warmed it up. Such a luxurious foundation for the price. . Thank you for watching. I think it is a very nice primer I'm not so sure about the anti-aging claims however..

    UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube 0.2 oz (Anti-Aging) by primer
  37. January 26, 2016
    These Luxe High Performance Anti-Aging Eyeshadow... is the FIRST EVER anti-aging and age preventative shadow brush... Eye Shadow Tutorial... i21
    Anti-Aging Eye Shadows | MORE Magazine
  38. November 2, 2015
    Shop for and buy anti aging online at Macy's. Find anti aging at Macy's... Eye Shadow (3) EYE_CATEGORY. Eyeshadow Primer & Base (3) EYE_CATEGORY. Palettes (2... i22
    Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Anti-Aging - Urban Decay | Sephora
  39. December 27, 2015
    What is it: An antiaging powerhouse combo! Luxe High-Performance Antiaging Eye Shadow Trio is all about intense pigment, in a naturally pretty look. i23
    Urban Decay Cosmetics Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion
  40. December 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    This was a corrective case where the upper eyelid surgery had created a noticeable scar and had stretched her eyeliner so it was too thick. So doing this Eyeshadow handled both problems and she healed beautifully..
    i feel bad for the client. i am sorry to say. i dont like it. that doesent look good at all. she messed up big time. she couldnt stay in the lines. the shadow is all over. sorry that you lost out on this. all that pain isnt worth all that. i wouldnt have paid her. i know some people dont like me being honest but looks like crap. you are a very pretty lady though..
    I so love this video and I see, why she would want the permanent color is because for one she is getting older and my the washable eyeshadow do nit works good for her anymore and especially if u are somebody that love to where eye shadow for so long n getting up too early to just put your make up is not working for you I would definitely recommend this to a lot if older women or if ppl have scaring around their eyes.. Great job..
    The darkish green liner looks really good, but there needs to be better blending with the soft plum colour on her lids. The demarcation is too hard. Perhaps a paler, third colour to soften the edges.

    Is this the only color you can get or can you get a blending effect like us girls do when we apply eyeshadow and deepen the crease.

    Best Anti-Aging Makeup - WebMD
  41. December 22, 2015
    Urban Decay's bestselling Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion is now even better. UD upgraded the packaging and applicator, but kept the formula you know and love... i25
    Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti Aging - Hair Care
  42. October 27, 2015
    Let Loose With An Anti-Aging Eye Shadow. By Marci Robin, Senior Online Editor | January 14, 2011 i26
    Anti-Age Smoothing Eye Primer | Best Primer - Cover FX
  43. January 21, 2016
    These Luxe High Performance Anti-Aging Eyeshadow... is the FIRST EVER anti-aging and age preventative shadow brush... Eye Shadow Tutorial... i27
    Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer - Medium - PRIMERS
  44. November 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Shadow Trio & "No Tug... - QVC
  45. October 25, 2015
    Like peanut butter and chocolate, this new combination from Dior is one brilliant marriage: an eyeshadow infused with anti-aging skincare ingredients. i29
    Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Anti-Aging - Shop...
  46. December 10, 2015
    Travel Size 0.2 oz. Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion, Get 24 hours of vibrant, crease-free shadow and minimize the appearance of wrinkles in 8 weeks., This anti... i30
    Eye Shadow Primer Potion Anti Aging
  47. November 15, 2015
    Do you have dark circles around your eyes or having trouble getting your Mahya mineral eye shadow to stay put through the day and night? This creamy, flesh toned eye... i31
    Let loose with an anti-aging eye shadow - Anti-Aging...
  48. November 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Oh my goodness! Have you seen the price of the Timeless Vitamin C on Amazon$68.00!! I tried a different brand but it was yellow & sticky...returned it ! Oh well...will have to shrivel up! (60!!!).
    +delfina54 No, don't shrivel up! Just get it directly from Timeless for the same low price:
    Thanks for the tutorial, Angie. Great look! ..Maxelder argan cream product is great for my skin. It's very much helped my dry skin issues. I bought from w—-nyarganoil c. does the flat top brush take off some of your makeup also I've neglected to buy or use one because I don't use really thick makeup and don't want what I have on to wipe off..
    +kate hager I don't think it takes it off so much as really works it into the pores making a smoother finish..
    I love your videos. I'm 51 & enjoy seeing a grown woman of my age doing and trying different make up & brushes. Would love to hear your thoughts on the beauty blender..
    +Debby Hall Hi Debby~ I love blending sponges, but the original beauty blender costs too much so I never got one… I use inexpensive dupes that I find at Marshall's for $5..

    Hi Angie, A little off topic for a sec. I just purchased my 4th bottle of Timeless Vit. C. The same one you use. I thought the last few times I purchased it on Amazon it was $ as I mentioned, I purchased a new bottle- for $49! I'm I a crazy old lady that just forgot how much she paid or has it gone up Whatever it is, it's too late, I've already purchased it and I really think it's helped my skin...I don't think I'll ever go without itT hanks!! .

    +Denise G Hi Denise~ The Timeless and the Truth serum are very different. I wouldn't use the Ole H because it's loaded with citrus oils and my sensitive skin just can't handle those. Also, Timeless uses 20% L-Ascorbic Acid for the vitamin c along with ferulic acid and vitamin e which are supposed to make the vitamin c 8X more effective. I believe that L-ascorbic acid is the most effective form of vitamin c (although the least stable). Truth serum uses a mix of vitamin c sources but not L-ascorbic acid, and doesn't say what the total percentage of vitamin c is in there. It does contain vitamin e but not ferulic acid. That said, if you like it and feel it works, then keep using it. There's nothing wrong with it. xo ~angie.

    Wow you sure have helped me here to understand the differences to these 2 serums your awesome Angie I can't thanku enough dear!!! I may have to try yours as I don't see one at all sold through Sephora I just get nervous buying online is all I guess...xoxo Denise.
    This makeup look is just wonderful on you Angie! I think you gave a great advice here with the under eye concealer! I noticed as well that a concealer makes my fine lines there only worse. ❤️ ️Sissi . WOW!!!!!! SINCE YOUR FIRST VIDEO WITH THE RETIN A, THE FIRST VIDEO I STARTED WATCHING, YOU LOOK GREAT, YOU NEVER DID LOOK BAD BUT WOW YOUR SKIN LOOKS BOMB.... So Fun to see you do this. I just love that Haywire, it seems to go with everything! That SOS looks nice too. Sorry I'm so late to view - my internet is slow as molasass for some reason now. So nice to visit with you, hugs, Susan.
    I love when you do GRWM.. I never wear dark shadows. Can't get color to not look so dark. This helped. I like the color of on your lips here better than than the OCC. Great video! Happy Thanksgiving! .
    Wow! I watched this because I have to do my mom's makeup for my cousin's wedding. You have very intelligent observations compared to most of the younger youtubers..
    i do think that you look especially good with a more full on eye and even face, because as blondes sometimes we just tend to fade into the back ground and intensity does look especially good on us, even us older gals (i'm 52) i do a look like this (and more intense) every day and it doesn't look too much at all, i think our eyes and lips really need to be brought forward and sometimes that means intensity!.

    Angie, have you tried mixing your wrinkle serum with your concealer, I watched a old Estee Lauder video where a Mr. Pan mixed an eye serum with the concealer, I tried it and it works. You look absolutely radiant with those colors..
    Gorgeous Angie! I love this look that you did and I the pink lipstick looks great. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xoxo Carolyn. Did you see on Amazon that they raised the price of the Timeless Vitamin C serum So, now I just buy it directly from the Timeless site, the price has not changed, yet..
    Very pretty! I had to laugh when you said this was a lot of makeup, you should see all the stuff I put on! That lipstick is very pretty on you. I don't like plumpers and I don't see that they help me any. I'll keep a look out for that IT blush to come to QVC..
    Very pretty...more natural 'glam look'. I really have to have that It Cosmetic blush in my collection. I've been collecting a few of the It Cosmetic brushes ( at Ulta) and I really like the ease of use they have. Soft and very good at their targeted usage..
    What a beautiful look Angie. All the work was worth it, thanks for sharing. Have a Happy Thanksgiving..

    Beautiful look, Angie! Have you replaced the Timeless Vit C lately If I was looking at the correct product, it is now $69.99 on Amazon! It was $24.99 previously wasn't it Wow! Thank you for the video. Xoxoxo, Carol .
    This looks lovely...I was surprised that you put the bronzer & blush straight onto face...when I try without powdering first it seems to stick to foundation & I can't blend it properly !!!.
    I'm just thrilled I found your channel!! I'm 46 and experiencing full on menopause. Over the past 2 years, I've noticed that my skin care and beauty needs are completely different. I've been a makeup junkie my entire life and have quite a collection, however; menopause has stepped in and basically obliterated the relevance of most of my skin care and a lot of my color. My sweet husband is so confused as to why I'm buying so many new products. Anyone else have that issue Anyway, I loved your look! The silver in the waterline is an excellent idea and I'm definitely going to be trying that. Thank you so much and I'll be looking forward to more vids from you. By the way, you're beautiful and I love your's very calming. Happy New Year!! .

    It was time to reorder, and the Amazon price blew me away. Ordered it from the site using the 5off coupon. $19.95 including shipping. And, Angie, I always follow your tip about dividing it in half, and storing one half in the frig. Thanks!.
    That little brush you use for precision application of the under eye concealer is exactly what I need. I have the same problem with crinkles around my eyes.. Great tip. Thanks and happy thanksgiving! Sandra.
    What wonderful make up- you look so pretty. I am 54 so really appreciate your videos. You have beautiful teeth- I think a lovely smile really helps! These menopausal years are not easy- maybe you could do a video on how this life stage has affected you in life generally. People don't talk about these years much so it is lovely to see your channel! .

    Beautiful look. Its glam but not to flashy for work. Will be trying this soon. Thanks for all the detailed steps and tricks!.

    Do you ever use powder to set your makeup Also secret eye brightening powder by Laura Mercier works miracles under the eyes. It's expensive but lasts forever. Still looking for a face powder..

    Hi angie, I love your videos. Im from the rhondda in south wales and I cant wait for ypur next videos. Im 46 love bare minerals but have dry skin can you advise wot to do with it to stop the dryness when buffing or is there any other foundation you can advise that wont settle in my smokers lines and eye wrinkles kind regards paula xx.

    I love your videos. Have changed many of my buying habits since watching you. I have been a fan of most MAC makeups including paint pots - never have used Painterly though. Plan to pick it up tomorrow!!.

    Very pretty. Thank you for the bronzer tips. I tend to go to the temples not realizing of the hollow effect it can have. Thank you for sharing all of your pearls of wisdom :).

    Beautiful! You have me religiously applying sunscreen! Thanks! One of those things I know I should do but didn't. Love watching your videos! Vicki.
    all of that eye pulling is going to damage your skin...just look directly into a mirror and apply the liner before the shadow..if you get out of line or it is too much liner..just use a q tip to smooth it out. You look beautiful as always. I love the EL DWL. I just purchased the regular DW at a CCO and I love it too. The finish is more matte. I tried the It Cosmetics CC cream and Bye Bye Pores based on on of your videos but the CC cream didn't have enough coverage for my taste but the Bye Bye Pores is a new favorite! Thank you for yet another video!. Love this look Angie... I have yet to find an eyelash curler that fits my eye shape also. I'm with you regarding the CG clump crusher mascara, it really works well for me. I'm going to have to pick up the Sila Triggerfish liner, I have blue eyes and black seems too harsh on me. Love that lipstick color on you. OMG Angie you look beautiful u Look so well put together. Your eyes amazing, and I love the Estee Lauder Makeup. I buy so many good products (dior, Bobbi Brown, Mac) they all give a nice finish, but Estee Lauder looks like a great one. I running over the that counter. Of course not this weekend!!!! Def a will do purchase. Thanks. Hi Angie ! Just wanted you to know your hair never has looked better- at the end of this video!! A few long layers around the face!! . Love the look! I think I need to get some new brushes! Have you ever tried Too Faced's Better than Sex Mascara for a glam look Its a bit much for every day but it definitely is a game changer product when you are looking for something extra intense..
    Hey Angie...your skin looks gorgeous, love this look, so glad you did this tutorial for us gals...wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving, and take care..
    I've always been completely hopeless when it comes to makeup (and hair for that matter) so thank you so much for your tricks and tips. I've been doing the same old thing for years and years and now that I'm pushing 50 I needed to find a new bag of tricks. I think that most eye shadows just make my eyes look even older and wrinklier: it's better with the matte ones (I've stopped using shiny all together). Can't wait to try some of your ideas and see how it goes. . I don't think you put on a bunch of makeup, this is what I wear every day. You look great in it! You don't appear to have on a lot of makeup. You did a great job applying it!. Beautiful. I must admit that Flat Top Kabuki brush looks scary to me. I am not competent/confident enough to take it on!. I highly recommend Anastasia Dip Brow.. Expensive but worth it. Also the Hourglass Ambient Light in Dim Light is wonderful... Thanks so much Angie, I'll try the mascara and the search for foundation continues! Have wonderful holidays with your family! Mary Ellen.
    Angie, I absolutely love to watch your video's... I am 43 years old, and I have started to notice so many changes in my skin through this darn aging thing!! Boy, did I take my youth and my beauty for granted. I don't mean that pretentiously at all... It's kind of sad... I have hooded eyes, but they are most definitely getting heavy and less defined... I look tired, I guess. I think we look the similarly Do you see it I commend you for taking care of us more mature ladies, you are a wealth of knowledge. Also, I'm thinking about doing Botox Injections... It's so expensive! i'm scared... I'll let ya know. Anyway, I'll just jabber on all day! Love your video's! Enjoy your Holiday Season. Take Care! Jill.

    Very glam, Angie! You look gorgeous. I really enjoy your tutorials, because they're so thorough. The eyeshadow colors look lovely on you, as does that beautiful lipstick. .

    Hi Angie, i'm from Quebec and i love all your make up tips. I watch every video of you. Continu your good work you are my guru lol xx.
    You look lovely xx I love your tutorials I have just turned 40 and your trips and tricks are so helpful. X.
    Well done! Even though you think you used "a ton" of make up, you don't look heavy, you just look beautiful and naturally enhanced. Thank you..

    Eye makeup for older women | Simply Anti Aging
  49. January 9, 2016
    What it is: A 24-hour wear, creamy eye shadow primer that supports antiaging and ensures that eye shades stay vibrant and crease-free. What it does: i33
    Travel Size Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion -
  50. October 31, 2015
    Anti-Age Smoothing Primer reduces the appearance of undereye puffiness & binds concealer & eye shadow for long-lasting wear. Find your Cover FX Primer today. i34
    Anti-Aging - Urban Decay -
  51. December 23, 2015
    Like peanut butter and chocolate, this new combination from Dior is one brilliant marriage: an eyeshadow infused with anti-aging skincare ingredients. i35
    Organic & Anti Aging Eye Makeup | Truth In Aging
  52. January 6, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Omg you got the eye shadow i want the eye shadow so bad haha 😍😍😍I got the eyeliner, face mask and cleanser and mascara.

    lol Yesssss! Like show how we're using the past ones and what we think of the previous designs or something like that.
    Nice video, got the exact same products with the exception of your hand polish. I received the Clark's botanicals deep moisture mask instead..

    Anastasia ILLUMIN8 Eye Shadow Palette: Finally Anti-Aging...
  53. November 4, 2015
    Prime Beauty Blog. Prime Beauty, Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle for the Over 40 woman in her prime! i37
    Eye%20Shadow, Eye%20Makeup anti aging - Macy's
  54. December 24, 2015
    Urban Decay's Anti-Ageing Eyeshadow Primer Potion helps minimise the appearance of fine lines & ageing over time. Look no further for crease-free, vibrant eyeshadow. i38
    it Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Luxe Anti-Aging Eyeshadow...
  55. November 22, 2015
    Best Anti-Aging Makeup. The blush of youth is one thing. But can makeup with retinol, antioxidants, soy, and other anti-agers turn back the clock? i39
    Anti-Aging Eye Shadows | MORE Magazine
  56. January 4, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Organic Infused Eco Eye Shadow | Afterglow Cosmetics
  57. December 29, 2015
    Anti Aging Skin Care; Moisturizers; Cleansers... NARS Eye Shadow Soft Touch Pencil Corcovado Limited Edition... Deluxe Anti-Aging Eye... $22.75 40.00 + $2.99 shipping i41
    Best Anti-Aging Makeup - WebMD
  58. December 20, 2015
    Shop from a wide selection of anti aging & organic eye makeup including mascara, eye shadow & more at Truth in Aging. Plus, order today and get free Shipping on US... i42
    UD Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube 0.2 oz (Anti-Aging) by primer
  59. November 10, 2015
    These Luxe High Performance Anti-Aging Eyeshadow... is the FIRST EVER anti-aging and age preventative shadow brush... Eye Shadow Tutorial... i43
    Anti-Aging Eye Shadows | MORE Magazine
  60. January 28, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I didnt even know about "it cosmetics" till about a month ago.. And i am def. impressed!! SoOo awesome :).
    You make it look so easy! I can't wait to try this product. You really need to go in to sales!! lol.
    Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!Mwah! Mwah!. Those eyeshadows look ammmmaaazzzzinnnng! Wow! I seen only one swipe of the lightest color and oh my gosh !! Soooo pigmented!.

    Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Anti-Aging - Urban Decay | Sephora
  61. January 13, 2016
    What is it: An antiaging powerhouse combo! Luxe High-Performance Antiaging Eye Shadow Trio is all about intense pigment, in a naturally pretty look. i45
    Urban Decay Cosmetics Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion
  62. November 21, 2015
    I loved the UD Original Eyeshadow Primer from day one. It really makes my eye shadow last and not get into the crease after a few hours. When I saw the Anti-aging... i46
    Best Anti-Aging Makeup - WebMD
  63. January 22, 2016
    Urban Decay's bestselling Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion is now even better. UD upgraded the packaging and applicator, but kept the formula you know and love... i47
    Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti Aging - Hair Care
  64. November 12, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Donna, I loved this. Wish I were young enough to do this. Your eyes are so beautiful. Where did you get them Your eye color is very pretty. Love your tutorials!. You did a beautiful job on the GRWM eye look. Very detailed and precise. The look is the BOMB for the holidays girl! But you know me I would wear it in daytime. Thank You Donna for taking the time to share this with us. You are so gorgeous girl! Ya know I love ya, Sending you BIG HUGS! xoxo Sharon. That turned out really nice Donna :) I do that little trick with the shadow from the bottom lash line fact I think it's in my video this friday. I've never tried these NYX shadows but they do look really pretty. Have you tried the white base in the pot I wondered if it's easier than the pencil. I like falling leaves :) I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving my sweet friend! xoxox Mary.
    Very enjoyable video Donna... your eyes turned out to be very sexy and alluring! The whole look at the end was VERY nice and I loved the shade of your nail polish. Thank you and have a wonderful week!.

    I enjoyed this very much, Donna! I haven't use a damp brush for eyeshadow since I the 80's. Mary Kay eyeshadows were wonderful, and I always used them wet. This is such a unique way to use the facial cloths. Beautiful look!! And, you only used 3 brushes!! God bless you, and your. Blessings, prayers, and much joy...MaryEllen.

    Wow did your eyes pop after this! I have been hesitant to use satin shadows in the crease, but this one looked nice on you. Great look. Hey, that background music had a little porn vibe to it, lol. : D.

    +Kathy Aay ha ha haaaa. This is porn for makeup addicted women who cannot get enough makeup! LOL. That is too funny Kathy. Satin in the crease is different for sure but I like to break the rules. xo Donna.
    Hi Donna! I do the same thing with the NYX milk. Makes a great base and brightens up the eye area. I enjoyed your tutorial and hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Anne. +BeautyBy Anne-Marie Yes, the Milk is awesome as a base and brightener. Thank you my lovely friend. xo Donna.
    Hi Donna ! Thank you for sharing. I love NYX eyeshadows, i depoted them and now they are in my Z palette. You are gorgeous ! Kisses from FRANCE..
    +MAKEUP COLORS Depotted them is an excellent idea because the singles are more difficult to manage. Nice tip. xo Donna. New subscriber. Found you by a shout out from Mary Ellen Sensational After 60. Enjoyed your video..
    Good Morning, great tutorial and fabulous job, you do have gorgeous eyes with or without makeup, I hope you have a great weekend and thank you for this look! XOXO.
    Good morning, Donna! Such a lovely look you did here! I especially liked that first color you laid into your crease/transition area. Like you, I am a fan of the RT eye shading brush! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs..
    happy Saturday Donna! I absolutely love this look so very pretty! i enjoyed watching this this tutorial!!.
    Good Saturday Morning, Donna! I loved this tutorial! YouHave beautiful eyes, my friend! Thank you for sharing this with us! Have a great weekend! Much love, Colleen xox :-). +MsCavalier01 Thank you my friend; "better to see you with..." as the big bad wolf said to little red riding hood. I always loved that little story and not sure why it just came to mind. Weird. LOL xo Donna.
    Good Morning Donna, this was a fabulous tutorial, you are a pro!!! Love the look you created and I have said it before and I will say it again, you have absolutely gorgeous eyes!!! Thank you for this video and I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Much love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo.

    Hi Donna.. I love this tutorial! Love the colors.. I will have to go out and look for the shadows.. Beautiful! I really enjoy your videos! Have a blessed day! Linda xoxo.
    +Linda Gibbs Thank you Linda. You can use any colors you have and simply use this technique. I'm glad you enjoyed this video. xo Donna.
    Donna, Good morning beautiful friend. Having Saturday Coffee together how fun is that. Such a pretty look on you. Great tutorial. Love the power of makeup dont you. Hugs and have a wonderful rest of your weekend, Jennifer Xx.
    +SunnyBeachCouture I thank God for the power of makeup! LOL. It transforms me. :) Thank you for watching and commenting my friend and yes, it is awesome to share Saturday morning coffee with my friends despite the thousands of miles that seperate us. xo Donna.

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    Like peanut butter and chocolate, this new combination from Dior is one brilliant marriage: an eyeshadow infused with anti-aging skincare ingredients. i51
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  68. December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    OMG...great minds think alike. I was getting ready for an evening out and the TV happened to be on QVC. I always watch those shopping channels but have never bought anything. However, when I saw this set...knowing the cost of these items individually...I couldn't pass it up. So I placed my first ever order, and the set just came in the mail today. I've only swatched them so far, but man that Heavenly Luxe domed brush is amazing, it truly is the softest brush that I've ever felt. Now I want all the brushes..
    Thanks! Very helpful review. I'm passing on this since I have oily skin and need no help in illumination! Their brushes are amazing!. This is a steal. I have been want to try the bronzer, blush, and highlighter wheel. This way I get the CC cream as well. Thanks for sharing!.
    if that eye shadow brush doesnt blend the crease shadow, then the kis really not worth it for me. id get it for the brushes and be estactic with other stuff. anyone know about that eyeshadow brush.

    The clarity of your skin is absolutely incredible. I'm not one for liquid base products; I love my powder foundations. However, everyone seems to be tripping over this CC Cream, so I'll have to pick it up!! A wonderful review as always :) .
    I know the CC cream won't work for my due to the shade range BUUUUTTT I'm still tempted for the other pieces *shifty eyes*.. I know someone that has the disk and that is worth the money all on its own, it's very good quality and perfect shades. I'm going to get this, I prefer dewy foundation over matte, too. QVC also has the two installments payments of $29.98. such a great deal for all of these products! :). +faeriesmak If you were saying you are fair, get fair! Light is dark for fair ladies! I just bronze my neck and fake it in the spring, lol!.
    +aLoveTart ♡ Ok..thanks! I went with the fair color. That was a super deal. Thanks for sharing..

    +aLoveTart ♡ I should have said it more clearly- the bare minerals tinted complexion rescue gel It was you wearing it that got me to try it- and I think you stopped because you broke out and were not sure if it was that product or not. I love it but wonder how to pick the right color in this. OOPS Wrong vlogger lol! Sowwy!!!.
    Awe darn...I've been sick for a week so I missed this. You really have me wanting to try more from the line since it has some skin care benefits and I trust your reviews.. +KittenAtPlay The good news is that (though I heard some is sold out) the kit is available for under $70, still! Check it out :).
    Mary, like you I would just think these are average neutral shadows but I must say the eye look you came up with is gorgeous. Your eyes look so big and bright in this look and so pretty. I don't know if it's the colors of the shadows or the placement but it definitely works!.
    +Kimberly Williams Thank you Kimberly! I keep wearing them, they look so boring but they just aren't. How do these people do it lol! Color experts over there, me thinks :).
    I caved! I'm a sucker for the TSV! Their brushes are awesome. Curious how this CC will differ from the original. I was scrolling thru the tv listings and saw it on QVC, then came here to look for reviews. Glad I found yours!.
    +vix4x41 It's really great! I set it with a powder because DANG, it's glowy! :p Hope you love it!. They better pay you, because I bet I'm not the only person who has never bought anything from QVC until I saw this video. They owe you!!!. +Ivanna Y lol! I'm happy to share the love, these products have been great for my skin! I LOVED getting the chance to play around and chat about it! Thank you :). I just have to tell you how much I love your videos! Specifically how concise they are - I always watch your videos because they are good but also not 20 min long..
    Excellent, very helpful. I ordered, but forgot to use, Ebates. Grrr. Still an exceptional value. Thank you! .
    +Michele Bingham Argh, I'm always bummed when I forget to login to my miles account, I hear ya! know you will love it, glad you purchased the set. Seriously a steal!. Hi! Thanks for filming and sharing this video. Was just wondering how you got the opportunity to try these products for free before they were available to purchase. I contacted IT Cosmetics not too long ago, expressing my interest in testing and reviewing their products on instagram and you tube, and they responded that they currently dont have a program for that. Any helpful information would be appreciated. Thanks 😁.
    +pinkdervish Hi there! I wish I could help! I don't have any details on their program, but they reached out to me to review these guys. I'm very lucky! So happy to have an audience to share my thoughts with.
    Mary, thank you for another awesome review!! I love that you are back and posting on a regular basis. I picked this up in fair before it sold out!! Can't wait to get it!! . +Amy Lahti Woohoo! I love fair! I use light because this illumination cream is seriously great, but I wish I had it in fair too! I'm not quite at my summer color just yet, I have to seriously fake it with some bronzer on my neck :p. I ordered this for the brushes alone.. But the other pieces are a plus. I have been wanting the vitality disc so this kit was a no brainer alone .
    This is an awesome TSV and I have to get it.I am a big fan of this line and so curious about the illumination CC cream as dullness is my middle name,lol..
    I love It cosmetics original CC cream, not sure how I feel about the added illumination. One thing I don't like about QVC is the added tax and shipping that raises the price quite a bit. It's actually around $68 all said and done. I know it's still a good value but I think I'll pass on this one. Always love watching your videos!.
    +Angel Parker Isn't shipping just $3 & tax in inevitable, my friend! But of course it's what you feel comfortable with.
    Hi Mary, I love IT cosmetics especially their brushes. I would love to try this and hope to get it. Thank you for sharing. - Debi.
    Oooh I'm so excited! I ordered this kit in fair! I've wanted to try the CC cream forever but keep putting it off for whatever reason. No more, it's on its way to me! :) Thanks!.

    +Eyes On Allison This one is the ILLUMINATION one too! If it's too glowy, it sets great with the bare minerals pressed mineral veil, my fave.

    +aLoveTart ♡ I have dry skin so I can take all the illumination I can get!! :) Thanks for the tip!.

    I ordered this kit this morning, and I'm super excited (especially after seeing your review)! I am already a big fan of the original CC+ cream, so I'm curious to try the Illumination version. And I've heard great things about the Vitality Disc - can't wait to try it! .
    +Caroline Hankins YAY! I bet you will love it... I use a powder over the areas I don't need special illumination but it gives a great glow!.
    +aLoveTart ♡ Thanks for the tip! I might try using the original CC+ cream on my T-zone (which can be a little oily/shiny) and the illumination version on other areas that could use a little brightening up. I'm super excited to experiment! :) .
    +Sharon Kolze I actually really love the Bare Minerals Touch Up Powder with spf 15 over it, it really makes it look less makeup-y and super natural!. You temptress! Hee hee... Just ordered mine and their 3 lipstick trio (couldn't resist). I adore their line! Thanks for letting us know. I wouldn't have had a clue otherwise and been sad to miss out. The prices are fabulous!.
    +SuperStarfish44 I'm hoping everyone who would love to snatch this deal will hear about it through social media, etc. No missing out! :).

    Eye Shadow Primer Potion Anti Aging
  69. December 31, 2015
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    Let loose with an anti-aging eye shadow - Anti-Aging...
  70. December 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I like how you do your eyeliner! I'm not very good at doing it, so I just don't bother hehe :P. I want to check out the Physicians Formula Quads, but have not found them in a store yet. I want to check them out in person, instead of ordering. maybe they would take away my desire for the Kat Von D shade and light, which is so expensive to me. But I just love the colors in that pallet.. I found the PF quads at ulta this weekend. It was buy one get one half off. They only had two colors, but it happened to be the two I was interested in. The Nude and Canyon Classics. I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and smooth they are. The pigment is not intense though. But for those that want a 'no makeup, makeup' look. This would be what to get. I often like to go light on the shadows when it's just casual, hanging out kind of day. Since my favorite Stila In the Know Pallet is discontinued, I am thinking the Kat Von D might be something to get. I did manage to get one last In The Know pallet off Ebay for about 20.00.(hope it is authentic) I just love it. The only two colors that I rarely use in that pallet is the gray and black. All the others, use a lot. That is a big deal for me. Most pallets, I only use a couple of the colors. That is why I like to buy individual ones.. MaryEllen this was fantastic...your eyes are beautiful great job! I'm working up the nerve to do some more makeup on steps! Love ya lots...Cheers!xo.
    Just love your videos. Such a sweet soul and so beautiful too. Thanks for sharing your life with us and I just love your voice..
    I am dying over your hair today!! Absolutely gorgeous my sweet M E!! You know I absolutely adore you my fab friend!!! Muah!!!!!! Xoxo CAROL. Hi Me, I don't know how I missed this in my feed. Great eye look. Your skin is looking so good. xoxo Joan. MaryEllen, you look amazing with or without make-up, seriously. You made that eyeliner wing perfectly. Your lipstick also rocks. Thank you for sharing.I enjoyed the close-up :). I loved this tutorial MaryEllen you did a great job! Your liner is so well done, I am jealous:) xoxJerree. Hello my friend I think you did a great job and Yes all hoods aren't created equal lol I too enjoy watching people put on makeup your right it Is relaxing have a good hump day xoxoox love you .
    You deserve a big thumbs up MaryEllen. You did such a beautiful job with this eye look. I also am a big fan of the Physician's Formula mattes. My mom loves them too. The Jessie's Girl liner looks wonderful...I will have to order some. You did such a great job with your liner. Thank you for doing this is helpful to all of us. Have a wonderful day! Much love to you...Laura.

    This was very helpful! I think I have hooded eyes too (but not really sure). I definitely find a thiner liner looks better but never really knew why. Thanks for this great tutorial MaryEllen!!.

    MaryEllen what good tips you gave deserve a thumbs up on this I never would have guess you had any kind of a hood on your eye..I am sure going to try some of your tips..Thanks..Hugs and much Love..Loretta.

    hey pretty lady, I love how you did your eyes and that eye shadow colour looks fabulous, we don't get that brand here, nor do we get the JG, I wish I could do eyeliner like you did it, fantastic application, you made it look so easy! I have hooded eyes now and hate it, you could not tell you had hooded eyes after that demo! You look beautiful my sweet friend, big hugs, Susan xox :).

    Great technique MaryEllen :-) Love the lippie! And you look beautiful, as always! God Bless! xoxo.

    I really enjoyed this demo MaryEllen, you did a great job especially with that eye liner. I can never get both eyes the same. I just bought a Nyx felt tip dark brown liner today so got to practice. One youthful trick of mine is my eyebrows. I have very sparse eyebrows since chemo 8 years ago. But when I define them with a pencil in a shade darker than my hair, they look fuller and I do look younger. TFS xx Mairead from Ireland.
    Hi MaryEllen! Your makeup looks beautiful! I'm going to have to look for that eyeliner I like how skinny the tip is. Tfs I hope you have a great day hugs=). You have beautiful eyes MaryEllen and you did a great job on the tutorial, I love watching people put on makeup too, I always pick up a tip or two, that palette looks pretty on your eyes and you do a great job on the wing! Love and Hugs!.
    himary ellen.just catching up your vids.anyway you look lovely here as usual.i love the look.i again learn from you.thank you so much for sharing it to us my take care.xoxo.

    Hi MaryEllen! You look so pretty and your eyes are beautiful. Hope you're having a wonderful day. Love you, Jodi.
    I also have hooded eyes, I'm sure they will be more hooded as I get older. I feel you on the eye liner lol. The one you use looks pretty good, I love the tip of it. I am the same, I love watching people put on makeup too, even when my friends put on makeup I would just sit there and stare at them putting makeup on, they use to tell me to stop because I make them nervous haha. Thanks for sharing!. Awesome video. You look great as usual Was kind of out of commission. Working on getting a beauty blog up and running! The Retin-A has done wonders! I think its one of the best things out there! Thanks for the video! I can't put eyeliner on to save myself! Keep looking lovely!!. Pretty eye look! My eye shape is really different from yours but I still enjoyed watching and seeing the products you used..
    Hi MaryEllen, I do my shadow the same as well.. I have hooded eyes too so I bring my crease color above my crease.. My left eye makes me nuts..its much more hooded than the right eye and the left eyebrow is all spazed out as well.. LOL!... I would love to be able to use eyeliner on my lids but I am a COMPLETE and TOTAL spaz with it.. I get it all over and I can not make a wing to save my life.. I've tried so many times.. Also because my eyes are hooded the liner seems to take over and when I open my eyes it seems the liner is all you see :/ Really enjoyed this video :) XO.
    This was really informative! And I love that saying about the eyeliner! So funny and SO true!! This look really does look great on you, and I was surprised to see how adding that darker color slightly above the crease really did make your eyelids look bigger! Thank you for making this I hope I age as well as you, you are gorgeous! :). MaryEllen you did so beautiful I love that look!!! Jessie's girl Will be getting a look from me and I have a rite aid I've just never been in it!! That is something I plan to rectify LOL Great job!! xoxoxo Mary . I am the same way and enjoy watching others do their makeup. I sure wish I could do a wing like you. Your makeup looks beautiful. We do have a rite aid here so I will look for the Jessie's Girl next time I go in. Much love and Hugs, Carolyn xo. I love it MaryEllen!!!!! This makeup is so delicate and beautiful!!! I love the wings, I wish I could do it like you, I never can do it right. Lol. You always deserve thumbs up!!! Now I'm gonna get ready to go grocery shopping and later I'll catch up more of your videos. God bless you, you deserve to have a very big channel on YouTube, and I believe you will soon. Xoxo 😘💕.
    Thanks for sharing your trucks with us Mary Ellen. I'm starting to have to use tricks like this for my eyes too. I'm starting to loose lid space. Wishing you a very blessed day! Xo Linda .

    Good Morning my beautiful Mary Ellen, I must tell you that you look gorgeous with or without makeup. This was a fabulous tip and you did an awesome job demonstrating it. I love you my sweet friend and I hope you have a fabulous day!!! Hugs & kisses, Nathalie xoxo.
    I enjoyed watching you put on your eye makeup. I struggle with mine at times, too. I've got hooded eyes also and try to avoid them looking too heavy in the outer vee area. I always wear glasses so I believe that helps to mask it a bit. .
    Great video, I do have slightly hooded eyes so even though I'm in my teens this was still really helpful :) And you're looking as glamorous as always girl! I've recently posted a makeup hits and misses video if you want to check it out xoxo.

    Love the title. Great video, you look beautiful and your makeup flawless. You always deserve a thumbs up lady..
    MaryEllen you always deserve a thumbs up so I always give you one. You did a great job with this tutorial. Wow, what a difference it made with your eye look! Thank you for sharing this with us. XOXO. You did a wonderful job ! I still haven't mastered the winged eyeliner but I continue to practice. Thank You for sharing this with us. I hope you have a good night ! xoxo Susie.
    Very interesting :) I've been trying to find a brown felt tip pen liner but no joy at all as they just are weird. The blacks are fine but not the browns. No pigmentation really. So still using my liquid liner from Collection in brown lol. You look great MaryEllen xxx.
    Good morning MaryEllen well do you know I have never ever thought you had hooded eyes I have no mobile lid visible any more and I do my eyeshadow in a the same way I have not got the hang of the outer V so dont do it as a rule. I think your make up looks gorgeous and love watching this. So a big thumbs up here my beautiful friend. With much love xxxx. Great demo, you did a really good job, I could really tell the difference, those colors look so pretty on you. Always love you lippie. .
    Very nice tutorial, MaryEllen! I not only have hoodies, but they are crepey, too. I'm not a big fan of the dark outer V either. I think that makes my eyes appear too small. I'm trying to master Nisha's outer 7 technique since that does seem to make the hood look lifted. The mini winged liner looks awesome on you. You could even pull off a bigger wing, just sayin! ❤️❤️.
    Hello my pretty lady. Love the eyes girlfriend. I really liked you eyeliner technique. Gotta try that with my small eyes. Keep it up, Mary Ellen.
    MaryEllen my goodness, I need you to come put on my eyeliner for me! You look lovely and did such an awesome job...even the "wing." LOve this! Peace :).

    Your eyeliner looks very neat. I have a problem with crepey eyelids. Is the one you used easy to apply if your eyelids are crepey. Great video.
    Thank you for this MaryEllen. I ordered Jessie’s Girl eyeliners from their web site last Friday. Brown & Black. I’m looking forward to getting said you loved them and when I saw the control you had, I was impressed! Looking lovely dear.. Good job Maryellen on your eye shadow, but I have to tell you I am so impressed at how beautiful and smooth your complexion is - must be that good Illinois water ;-). You did a wonderful job, MaryEllen! I also have a hard time making my eyeliner look the same on both sides. I can't wing out my eyeliner very far because of my eye shape/hooded eyes, but sometimes I try to do a tiny wing. My eye shadow technique is basically like yours. I change it up & put a darker shade on my mobile lid occasionally. Thanks for the tutorial. I really does help to watch other women apply their makeup.. Hugs, Michelle :). Hi MaryEllen. You did a great job on your makeup. Thanks so much for sharing this. Big Hugs and Love Jo. MaryEllen i think you might like the new eyeliner from Covergirl i just showed, just cause of the application on easy it was for me. And trust me that is saying a lot LOL I like putting a blue also sometimes, i think it does help the eyes very much so. Gives them a pop and more open too. Thanks for sharing i enjoyed this :) You did a great job, have a great week much love and blessings to you xoxoxoxo.
    Hi MaryEllen, you have such a steady hand! I can not put eyeliner on very well. You do such an amazing job! and wow, that lip colour is very gorgeous!.

    Your eyes don't look hooded at all. I'll have to try your technique. My eyes are so hooded that I can actually feel the skin when I open my gross is that! Love and hugs, G xox.

    Hi Mary Ellen, Yep! Very relaxing video to watch I enjoy watching others do their makeup and learning new ways to do it. Love the way you did your eyes, very beautiful.. My eyes are not very hooded my issue is dark circles from being I'll and puffiness. Getting concealer to not crease and actually disguise the circles without accentuating the bags is hard. Amy gave me some tricks that have helped alot. Going through chemotherapy I tend to do little or no makeup. My surgery was set for today but had to be reset for Thursday because my blood count was off. After surgery one more 4-6 week round (Not at Strong) and then we shall see. I have issues doing a outer V as well, but it depends on the color, if I'm using light colors in pinks I can use a mid tone darker purple and be ok! But a dark color brown etc, I get a muddy result no matter what brush I use. And me eyeliner skills well they are not the best. I don't know how to tightline, A demo on tightline would be great. I use liquid eyeliner and marker/felt tip. Great video beautiful lady Blessings and Hugs ☺💟 Betty .

    Those eyeshadow colors really flatter your lovely eyes, MaryEllen! You are so skillful with eyeliner! .

    Eye makeup for older women | Simply Anti Aging
  71. November 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Thanks for this tutorial... While I don't use the same colors the application tips made doing my eye makeup much faster. I wasn't going up as close to my brows as you suggested and the minute I did that my eyes looks less hooded. I subscribed to your channel because I want to go thru and look at the old videos as well as keeo up on any new ones you post.
    great video Angie ! I have similar eyes. have you ever tried Laura Mercier tightly new with the flat liner brush. one of my long time faves because it doesn't move or irritate on my deepset hooded eyes.. Thanks for uploading this Angie, hooded eyelids are the bain of my life! Will start practicing makeup techniques this weekend. Would it be possible for you to make another haircare video You have amazing hair and I am really curious to know what products you use and how you manage to keep it in such great condition. Bye the way hope you don't mind me asking but did you used to be a fashion model,you definitely have the height and looks.
    +Elaine James Sure Elaine, I'd be happy to... especially since my routine has changed so much since my last video on hair care... it's constantly evolving! I never did any modeling... I'm 5'7" and in the modeling world that's short!! ;).
    I am surprised you look taller. Look forward to the hair care video, thanks for agreeing to do one.:). I just came across your video while researching the bilateral plepharoplasty that I have been thinking about getting done for vision improvement. I have never been a "girly-girl," and have never given much thought to makeup until the last few years. I was totally astonished by how much of your looks can be changed by learning what kind of makeup to use and how to apply it (thanks to you!). I will be viewing many more of your videos in hopes to improve my looks. Thanks!.
    Hi Angie!! Thanks a lot for the tutorial.. that's what I need to know, I tryied it and my eyes looked 10 years young :).
    Such a soft pretty eye look, & I really like those boots! Did u get your necklace from Nordstrom too.
    Did you know most jewelry stores have wish lists You go in and pick out what you want, then send hubs in with instructions to pick something off your list! Not 100% romantic, but it works!.
    Looking good! I have very hooded upper lids and thought I couldn't wear any eyeshadow or it would accentuate the prob. Going to try this..
    I loved this look. Forgive me for typos my eyes are having some kind of issue. I can't read the description but did you list the style name of the hinge boots I'd really love to get those. Thanks .

    Love your video and so glad I found your channel! Especially love that you address skin/makeup issues for those of us in this stage of life!.
    Fantastic tutorial. I wonder how I've missed this one I'm going to need so much practice with this look but it's amazing the difference it makes to a hooded eye. Thank you!.
    How do you like the It cosmetics lip gloss stain I found them to be way too pink on me, almost fuschia..
    The gloss stain really does come out quite strong, and it's usually too much color for me (I only wear it if the rest of my makeup is really neutral). I love the IT Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss more, especially in "Perfectly Nude". I wish I had put it on for this video, I think the pink lip is a little bright with the pink eyeshadow.. Thank you so much. I am 59 yrs old and I have the droopy eyes. Just like everything else, they are headed south ! This is very helpful. I really enjoy all of your videos. .
    Thanks so much for sharing. I have the hooded thing over my eyes too :( I really hate it actually lol You are such a sweet lady :).
    Love your look. I'm 42 and have a similar face shape and hooded eyes like you. You give me some hope since putting on makeup can be very frustrating with the hooded eyes. I am still trying to learn how to apply eyeliner to upper water line. It does make a difference though. Love all your videos. . Wow, great look and good instructional video! Only thing I don't like is dark line on lower water line. Makes your eyes look smaller. Just my opinion. It's amazing how it takes care of the hooded eye look!. Hi Angie HotandFlashy, you look great !! Love the eye shadow tips! I was wondering where did you get your necklace in this video Love it!! Super cute!. Im so happy I found you! My mom has been struggling with her "hooded" or "aged" eyelids and this makes it much easier! she gets so frustrated buying makeup that she just barely wears any now! Will definitely sub and get my mom to! .
    I do have to say that lining the water line, truly makes a difference in the look (in a good way). I wish I could do that but, having had cataract surgeries, I'm not supposed to do this. Can you suggest another way to give the eyes as deep a look as the water lining, without having to water line Thank you. Love your videos! .

    I like the technique...I have been using meaningful beauty eye treatment..It does help with the droopy eye lids. I need more rest and less stress as well. Keep up the tips .
    I know that you have slim you have to have your boots taken in to fit snuggly around your calves I always have a problem especially since I have wide feet but slim calves.. That's a great idea... I haven't had my boots taken in, but you're right it is so hard to find boots for slim calves (it's the kind of problem people don't want to hear you complaining about!!) These were the result of a 16 month search. I'd like them to fit better, but it's the best I could find..
    Thanks! I've been applying my eyeshadow wrong! Meaning, while I was doing all the steps kind of right I was applying shadow only in the crease (not extending higher) so when I was done I actually looked older. The sagginess of my eyelid was actually being accentuated. I can't wait to try it as you told us!.
    I haven't been able to find the NYX "Let them eat Cake" palette in a local store. Do you know if they discontinued it I've rally been enjoying your channel...thank you so much!. Angie, you are becoming my favorite guru! I just can't get enough of your videos. I keep looking at your eye lids from a year ago and it is just astounding how much the Retin-A (as you mentioned) did for them. I ran out and got me some Retin-A...I don't have hooded eyelids, but if that's how much it helped you, I can only imagine how many other great things will come of my face! Taking the slow approach tho and that's ok! The results are worth it! Great tutorial!.
    Wow, great tutorial! I've always shied away from pink/burgundy shadows, but the Nyx primer and Maybelline Color Tattoo really make them look fantastic they are beautiful with your coloring and the purple sweater. Stay warm, Angie!.
    Your hooded eyes don't look hooded! This was very informative. Thanks for taking the time to show us how to get this look. Your eyes look very pretty. My eyes are hooded and I'm looking forward to trying this look. .
    Hi Angie, Thanks for sharing this! I'm going to try this look today! I need to get that NYX palette next time I'm in Ulta! I love those matte colors. I love the Revlon Colorstay in Charcoal for a liner. It's so soft looking and pretty! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Colleen xox :).
    Hi Angie! Love all your videos. Can you do a review on eye primers - especially Tarte's I have crepey lids and UDPP is a little too thick and creamy for me to apply evenly. I think Tarte's eye primer is more liquid.. Great tutorial and I loved the tip of starting in the middle of the eye with the shadow when making the arch. It's never too dark close in and works well for me. You are such a pretty woman...and thanks!.
    Love this look. Thanks Angie. I need all the help I can get with my hooded eyes. ♥ Elle.
    Yes Angie, you are right about this color combo looking bright and fresh on you. I think it must be your color if you have ever done the Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall color thing where you identify which colors go with your skin color and undertone..
    Who knew a hooded eye could look so pretty! The colors (make-up & sweater) look gorgeous on you! I love your whole outfit!! Thanks for the tutorial!.
    Hi Angie, loved the finished look, I wish we could get NYX here because I love that palette :) thanks for sharing your tips, I can never tightline! outfit is fab, you have the perfect figure :) ~~~ Susan xx. Here are links to some videos on fitness and diet I posted last year: What I Eat in a Day ~ Viewer Requested! It's definitely time to update them!. I love this color palette and technique. I have been doing a similar look using gold and browns which is also really nice. Like always, thanks for the great tips Angie!. Pretty, like color of palette, looks good on you I have brown you have green eyes or brown I also liked the tight line with pencil....
    Great video, I love when you get really close so I can see how you do it. Love the outfit, it is not fair that you are that slender. I used to be. lol :).

    What are your thoughts on Juvederm or other fillers to rejuvenate the hooded upper eyelid/eyebrow area.
    Such a pretty look for us hoodies! Love it! Thanks so much for the tutorial! And what I love about your videos is you are so detailed and you do your research. I really appreciate that and can completely trust your recommendations. Have a wonderful weekend!!!. the makeup is lovely and I am so glad you can find makeup at the drugstore that works for you! second; are you going to do a video on the room décor it'sso nice looking. finally; if you can shop at American are skinny and doing great! I can't fit their clothes at all...(body type).
    Angie, this look is so pretty on you. Thanks for sharing I have hooded eyes and any tips help. Love the look will have to try it. Have a great weekend...:-)...Debbie.
    I love your videos...I had juverderm in November...and Botox 10 months ago, so I found that video very interesting...if it were less, I would go more often being 56. . Great video Angie, I don't like pink on my eyelids ( though it looks great with your coloring) I'm going to do this using a bronze color instead, I appreciate you showing all the products and steps. Xo.
    The make-up really suits your colouring, looks very pretty on you Angie. Your entire outfit is something I'd wear, maroon is one of my favourite colours, but I love those boots especially!.

    Loved your video but how about one for puffy, sagging, wrinkling under eyes with dark circles How in the world can you cover that without making it look worse!!!.
    Angie, you look beautiful!!! Loved this look and great tutorial especially for us hooded eye gals. I am going to re create this look this weekend, I'm sure I have colors similar haha HUGS Kim.
    Lipsticks!!! Can you suggest some lipsticks, ex: colors, gloss, matte...etc. Thanks!.

    Travel Size Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion -
  72. November 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    im 24 and i have no idea why i'm watching this, haha, other than that it's something you hardly ever see and was really fascinating! what a beautiful woman, and what a great make up look.

    So nice to see a mature model who really is mature, so often they are about 45! This is far more convincing for those of us over 50. Thanks a lot for the tips..

    +Nanny Oggins glycerine & olive oil, ill try anything. To wouldnt trust these products shown on 30 year olds, if they think that age you need it then I must be past it at 64 lol though I'm very privileged t o look young for my age. Just wish I could find a cleanser that didn't sting my skin afterwards, any suggestions.
    At night, First Aid Beauty has a creamy cleanser that is very gentle and lovely. I like to follow up with a micellar water (the Simple brand is nice). The water cleanses off any remaining products and oils and also add lots of moisture to your skin. In the morning, you can simply use the water again to cleanse off any other products that you add to you night routine. I talk about all kinds of things like this as I am dedicated to mature women and having fun. Hope this helps you out. xo Donna.
    This made me so happy, I love the way that she isn't afraid to smile. I know that a lot of my clients have a hard time accepting their wrinkles, but wrinkles are a sign of a well lived life. Embrace them!.

    The model looks lovely! You showed honesty that we don't see too often...the use of a variety of makeup -not just one brand. Now if we could get a good line of makeup for skin over 60. Everything is made for the young. It gets tiring to constantly see wrinkle products on television and magazines that are advertised on young women. Makes no sense. There are beautiful older women who would be much better at demonstrating product results on actual wrinkles. But then, the manufacturers would actually have to prove what their ads all claim..

    I love how Lisa uses the bare minimum to just even out and add a few hints of color and shade. I'm getting a bit fed up with all the cakey mask builders on youtube. (to each their own) Lisa is a TRUE artist. Skin is beautiful. Just even it out, liven it up and let it show. This lady is the living example. Not a microgram too much on her. I don't think older people look 'worse' at all. The only thing that makes people look bad is tons of product and clownface covering, especially with tons of shimmer and glimmery highlights and jetpaint strength lipsticks in bold colors. Not to mention extreme face lifts. Not too flattering. I personally have never seen a person with little to no make-up whom i found ugly or unattractive. Don't we all look at people and immediately find their most attractive features and focus on that, or am i the only one here There is so much unneeded confidence struggle out there. That makes me sad. Mostly caused by people who always feel the only perfection out there is someone who knows how to skilfully HIDE! EVERYTHING! Lisa, you are incredible..
    most women doesnt realize it,and kept on focusing to looking young... under my opinion, i think a happy woman who aged well and gracefully, is very lovely and attractive even on her 60s 70s 80s 90s :). I came here because my mom likes me doing her makeup, I'm 17 while my mom is in her mid 50s, so I wanted to find a way to do her makeup without making her look rundown, and I must say, this has given me some ideas and also inspired me as well..
    Your subject has a natural beauty! Also at any age you can soften lines. You go plant-based eating, no tea coffees and eat lots of ripe and local water-rich fruit or soups. Eating with liquids help moisturizes the skin from inside!.

    Watching this so I can put makeup on my mum, have all the tools, the make-up, just need the right technique. Thanks!.

    2 4.00 hooray I was right. I'm in my 60's and use tons of eye makeup - always have done but now need it more than ever.
    yvonne is incredibly beautiful... i don't even have undereyes that naturally bright or cheeks that gorgeously flushed and i'm 18..
    She's a beautiful model in her own right, but she reminds me of a mature Kate Winslet in a way... just lovely. Beautiful make-up too. Thank you!.
    what a beautiful others have said it's refreshing to see a real mature woman being used rather than a 45 year old...thank you for a wonderful tutorial.... Beautiful! Blush has to be the most amazing makeup product ever, on everyone, when used lightly! I love the light brush of bronzer you put over her blush, it looks very natural. She has a great tone to her skin without any makeup..
    She looked amazing! (^_^) - I actually preffered he hair straight back and more edgy, that was even more youthful than the curls in the photo. Fierce! :) #advancedstyle.
    Wonderful vieo. Thank you. It's refreshing to find a demo using a real mature woman. I am her age and will use these tips...she looks relaxed, fresh and her true beauty comes through./.
    The model has Garbo like features, very attractive and likely drop dead gorgeous in her youth. I love the methods the artist prescribes to - very natural strokes in highlighting and color control minimizing all while playing up on her natural features to do the rest. Lovely ! I've subscribed : ).
    She is so beautiful to start with, has great facial traits and the make-up artist really knows what she is doing. Thumbs up both of you.. She kinda looks like Uma Thurman! She is obviously beautiful with or without makeup. However, i think applying coconut oil before going to bed will greatly help with the wrinkles. In fact her neck and shoulders still look great..
    Такая красивая женщина!!! Смотрела на неё и любовалась!!!Это живой пример того,как надо стареть красиво!!!.
    That is really lovely! I have the wrinkles between my eyes on the top bridge of my nose. My forehead is also slightly (ha, ha) wrinkled. Lips have lines also that when I wear any lipstick, it'll bleed. Sad...but I'm learning how to use my makeup as an older lady now. A must learning curve... Thank you for this tutorial!. +Michelle Lewis Yes, as we age, we have to learn new ways of application to keep things in place. LOL xo Donna. Yvonne is lovely, she has a beautiful smile...The makeup you applied is lovely as well. Thanks for the tips.. I'm so glad there's no music it's so annoying if some one is talking the last thing you want is noisy music.
    Lisa, could you do a tutorial for mature women with rosacea I have a difficult time finding the right foundation because anything with enough coverage for my redness will also settle into wrinkles and lines, accentuating them. It's very frustrating! I would love to use this Bobbi Brown balm, but it contains many known skin irritants and my face is so very sensitive..

    +Amy Eades - I'd also like to see this. I've looked at one of Lisa's videos on a lovely looking girl with rosacea, but she was very young and had no other issues other than covering the redness. Trying to find a foundation with enough coverage, but uses Zinc oxide and / or Titanium Dioxide as the sunscreen, and doesn't sit heavy on the skin or sit in lines is certainly a bit of a challenge!!.

    +Amy Eades I too have rosacea and wrinkles and find it difficult to find the right foundation but it can be done. xo Donna.
    Very much enjoy your tutorials. I'd like to compliment you on your work. Very, very nice.Joy..USA.
    Isn't this wonderful. As I novice I could see how beautifully Lisa prep the skin to glow. how lovely she lifted and open her eyes chosen the perfect light shadow to match Yvonne!s hair. she chose simple natural colours on the lips. The model was shy at the beginning than she beamed with a big smile when she saw the new look. 👍💕.
    I wish Hollywood would take note of this. They won't allow lead actresses to show their real, aging faces. They undergo botox, facelifts, lip and cheek implants etc but always look waxy, frozen and unappealing to me. Men are suffering from a form of agalmatophilia when they fantasise over those weirdly deformed faces. Grow old gracefully, ladies, there is nothing wrong with an aging face... real faces are wonderful. This lady looks lovely..
    With or without make up, she is very, very gorgeous. What a wonderful Beauty. Wish looking like her, when same aged!!! 😍.
    What a lovely lady!! I feel so much better about aging! I am 54 and I refuse to stop wearing makeup and feeling good about myself! Thank you for this look and these tips!! Very helpful!. I love the way you list every product with all information to order or shop. I seem to have slowed down in the last few years. So many are quite excellent make up artists but speak so much faster than I hear! And wave the product too quickly to get a good look. I'm mentioning to you because you did a lovely job. Maybe some will read my message who need it. I can't bear for people to write snotty hurtful messages, so if no one reads this who needs the suggestion, I've given you a compliment. Your model is so beautiful also!.
    +Jeanelle Ray You are a sweet person and I agree with everything you said about hurtful comments. Sometimes, slower is better. Younger people want to rush through videos because it is hard to keep younger peoples attention. xo Donna.
    +Ey El I would set with a light powder and use a ton of moisturizer prior to applying foundation. However, if you use very very little foundation, like here, probably no need to set it. xo Donna. I am mature and follow makeup trend and tips. This makeup is very very nice. I like that you put on a more evening lipstick on in the end of the video. I would have liked a little more "party" makeup on the eyes too, if I could wish for anything more. Especially for those of us with glasses, since it tends to hide our eyes a little. The model is absolutely stunning! I googled her and found out she has a twitter account I will follow, as 2 misyvon..

    Anti-Aging - Urban Decay -
  73. November 7, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    girl just bought this palette TODAY it was on the self and i had to have it!! I do makeup at sephora actually. I subscribed btw!!.
    I like you video! You say burlesque "burr-lessk" Haha I don't know if that was helpful. You've probably heard of a burlesque show, it's where ladies are dancing sexual but not actually showing the good stuff. I am thinking about buying this palette, I am such a huge fan of all of the Too Faced products. This palette looks beautiful :) I love this tutorial btw, you are stunning!.
    +xoxojuliana101 Thank you! and i do love this palette! I say go for it because its a really fun and sexy palette! And the packaging is adorable! lol and I LOVE TOO FACED TOOOO!.
    Thanks so much for this tutorial!!! I totally rocked it and got so many compliments :) so glad I got this palette! Def a fav❤. Are too faced sending out these palettes to beauty youtubers For review and tutorials.I know a few have had this palette for free.. This was a nice tutorial as I've seen a lot of theses lately this and a few others really stood out for me! Can you please let me no the lip color your wearing it looks similar to macs heroine if not it's a really beautiful color :).
    Hey Hun I love what you came up with. U really demonstrated the palette nicely. I don't own any of these little palettes and not sure which one to get. If there was one you had to pick which one So far I'm leaning towards this one and the natural eye one. .

    +sandyrellamidnight Im so sorry for replying so late:( But if i had to get one of their palettes it would have to be the Natural Eye:) Especially with their new packaging it is perfection:).
    +MakeUpBeautyfully No worries on the late reply, I can't always get to mine o ntime too. THnaks for responding though. . Hey hunny, just found you... n think u are soooooo pretty and LOVE this make up look!!!! Thanks soooo much for this video... can't wait to see more of your videos!!!! ~ Corinne. I am really loving the eye makeup. If you havent done so, you should check out the Colour Pop cream to powder eye shadows. They are only $5 and they feel freaking amazing!. +MakeUpBeautyfully the brand is called Colour Pop. That have tons of eye shadows. It feels like mousse. The shadows are really soft..

    Organic & Anti Aging Eye Makeup | Truth In Aging
  74. November 6, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I am not a Dr and would suggest a dermatologist for treatment. I offer the finest in anti-aging skin care..

    very funny Cherry lol I am 52 and offer help as a makeup artist...tip and tricks are used as needed so I hope you find them helpful to you.Check out my website for my Natural-Radiance skincare and Take care and God bless! Darlene .
    Hi Marina,Thank you so much for your comments! I have some new videos on contouring that may be helpful for you also. All the best, Darlene.

    Anastasia ILLUMIN8 Eye Shadow Palette: Finally Anti-Aging...
  75. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I can only repeat myself by saying that I hope I'm going to look half as good as you do when I'm your age, dear Angie! You are such a timeless beauty, I love how you keep your skin in check and how radiant you look in every video! Keep on going :). +geekNchic Thanks so much! You're a sweetheart for saying so. You take great care of your skin and you look great now, so I'm sure time will be kind to you. xo ~angie.
    +HotandFlashy Did you ever think you'd get a comment like that when you were in your twenties, "I hope I'm going to look half as good as you do when I'm your age" Lol.You can easily pass for 40. I love your videos-I never wear eye shadow because my eyes are quite large and in the past, while visiting the makeup counter they get all excited that I have, "large lids" and they make me look like alien. This is simple and pretty. Thanks for the great tutorial. Btw, I just discovered, "Cinema Secrets Color Corrector", it's fantastic..

    You're such a God send. I've been wanting to know how to apply eye shadow since my lids have dropped and I'm now really hooded. Thank you for your great explanations and reasonings. I'm subscribing. 😊.
    Hi Angie.This is a great tutorial ,thank you. For some reason I think it would be great to see you ans Nisha make a video :) I think you are both fabulous.My retin A came today and I am afraid of it lol.I'd be more happy holding a cobra :) xxx. If you wait 15 minutes after washing your face, put on a small pea size amount for your face, avoid eye area, lips and nostrils you should expect no reaction at all! maybe a little flaking and maybe a couple breakouts but that's about it. .
    Angie, can you explain why you choose which brushes. I noticed you switched brands & styles of brushes for this tutorial. I'm just getting into applying eyeshadow & feel behind the power curve on what brushes to use. Thanks, Jane.

    On the topic of brushes; I was cleaning out my collection today and rediscovered my all time favorite brand for eyes. Heaven knows why I forgot I had them because I love them and they perform extremely well. They're from the Laura Mercier line and I'm confident they're still available because they weren't a limited edition. Have you tried them and, if so, do you prefer the IT brushes Thank you!!!.

    Ah ok great advice! This certainly helps me to make better purchasing decisions. Thank you for your input!.

    I finally took the plunge and started holding up my eyelid. My shadow application and results are so much better. Damnit! I was trying so hard to just lift my brows or as Nisha says "act surprised". I guess I am going to be an eyebrow lifter upper. I love you. I hate you -).
    'Eyebrow Lifter Upper'...I love it! Love that term! I'm in the same boat...going to have to start lifting mine...especially my left eye as it is more hooded than the other due to a scar...wish I could get this 'fixed'!. Beautiful look Angie. I like the colors u combined. I have this pallet and want to try this look. I do not have "hooded" eyes, but the skin is kinda saggy. Do you think this same technique will work for slightly saggy, but not "hooded" eye lids.
    I have that palette kicking around here somewhere...I really need to pull it out. Thanks for the ideas!!.
    Angie, this is a gorgeous look! I'm definitely giving it a try. Your lipstick and blush are beautiful, too! Thanks for explaining your techniques for applying your eyeshadow. . Oooo I like this look a lot Angie:) I have blue eyes and am always looking for colours to accentuate them! You look amazing:) xoxJerree. Your eyes are beautiful! Thank you for showcasing drugstore makeup. I so wish I could use it. Unfortunately, it seems my skin has a mind (and a very posh one) of it's own and anything that costs less than $20 causes irritation. However; after seeing how well the SK eyeshadow blended, I may give it a try, on top of my very pricey eye treatment products, of course. Ha!! . I'm not very good at makeup but due too old, hooded eyes I really need to try harder to lift those peepers up! The circle motion on the last shadow that you applied is very helpful. I've never tried that but think it will really help me to recede that hood. Thanks for simplifying it for us. I need a tutorial titled "makeup for dummies"😘. Angie, those colors and placement look beautiful on your eyes. I love purplish taupes! Have a great weekend! Sandra. Very pretty, Angie. BTW, did you use your new hair wave iron thingy to style your hair in this video I love the way it came out with the loose waves. For the life of me, I can not master the new hair wands (the ones that you use your hands to wrap the hair around the wand) and I'm wondering if the kind of hair thing you demo-ed a few months ago would achieve the look I want. Loose waves. Thanks.. WOW!!! Beautiful look on you Angie and great tutorial. Your techniques sure make a difference. Love the colors. Thanks so much for sharing. Will you give us an update on your acne clearing/skincare journey. Your skin looks beautiful in this video. Priscilla :).
    Thanks Angie, I think this is one of the best tutorials for basic eye make up for the "rest of us". LOL! I enjoy watching..

    This make-up tutorial was fantastic! I also have hooded eyes and never could get my eye shadow to look even/good. Thanks for taking the time to show all of us how to do this. Also, your blush and lipstick look very pretty on you. The colors go so well with your complexion and just look so natural yet polished. Happy New Year to you!.
    Your eyes look beautiful! I have blue eyes, as well as hooded and I'm going to try this. Thank you for the tutorial Angie..
    Helpful, thank you! Never tried that circular motion and I like the effect of it; one for my try-out-technique list ;-).
    Hey Angie... what about brown eyes Do enjoy your videos and trying products. Ive gotten a lot of great ideas.. I have this eyeshadow pallet and love it! I have never used the brownish mauve shade you used last but will do so now. I, too, have hooded eyes (which I hate) but it is so helpful to see tutorials showing HOW to make them look their best. Thanks so much for posting the helpful hints! You're the best!. Hi Angie, I seen you on Nisha's channel, and I wanted to ask you, do you need a script for the retin-A And I will subscribe to your channel. Nisha speaks highly of you. Sorry but I do not do video's. Maybe when I do the smaller bedroom and fix it up, maybe I will be more confident to do video's. Have a great day! ~ Pat.
    Hi Angie I love & always so enjoy your tutorials as I seem to learn a new tip or trick from you! I have this palette right now I haven't been giving it much love though. This look is so pretty would you please do a look for hazel green eyes Would really appreciate it so very much!! Right away I see one thing I don't do & that's holding up my eyebrow I can see how it helps!! What a nice easy but pretty look Angie. As always your so good at these love watching them...hugs xoxo Denise .

    Angie, love this look on you. Question: although all you used on your lower eyelid was the silvery wet n wild in the bottom waterline, you have nice definition on your lower lashes and lashline as if you used darker liner or mascara or shadow but not too much that would close up your eyes. How do you achieve this.

    Hi Angie! I have been following you for the last several months and have learned several things from you. Thanks! Quick question, I like your make-up. You look polished but not over done. I have the opposite coloring as you, auburn hair and light brown or hazel eyes. Can you recommend another over 40-50ish beauty blogger that may have similar coloring as me I am still working my way through the list you posted months back! :0) .
    Really pretty. I have blue eyes and they are also hooded. Will give your application tips a try..
    Love this look, thanks so much for sharing! Your blush and lipstick really compliment it well too!.
    Hi Angle, my question is actually about a lip product. I love the wet an wild lip color on you. when I went and got Bare it is almost orange! It is this horrible nude shade. I trashed it. Wonder why the shades seem so different.
    Hi Angie. Do you use the lighter shades of liner because your eyes are blue I'm curious as my eyes are dark brown. Also, your ring is very nice. Can you share where you purchased.

    Angie, I have several eyeshadow pallets, high end and drug store. This one is by far my favorite. It is so versatile and easy to blend that makes it my most used pallet!.
    Tomorrow I'm going to try this technique; especially want to try the hold-eyebrow-up part. I love neutrals alot and your eyes looked how I'd like mine to look tomorrow. Thanks again!. Angie, what happened to the Miss Manga Awhile ago it won your mascara trial, but now you're back to the Clump Crusher. I'm almost ready to buy mascara again... need to know. .
    Love this eye look! I get so many tips and tricks when watching your tutorials:). I have brown/hazel eyes but love using silver in my waterline...thought I was the only one!...Lol!.
    The eye make up is really lovely and it does make your blue eyes pop :). I love the lipstick too, looks great on your lips very natural but enhancing them. And great tutorial too :) Kate . Hi Angie, do you find the eyeliner on the wet line wears off quickly Mine does. Any suggestions Thanks!.
    +Dizzy Lizzie I haven't had that problem with it… it lasts quite long on me. You might prefer the Sephora Contour Eyeliner Pencil. It's waterproof and lasts even in the waterline. It comes in a nice silver and a darker metallic grey..
    Using Tape Under the Eye when there are So Many Other Ways to Reduce/Prevent Fall Out. Just a little Tip... Press each Piece on the Back of your hand First then Gently Pull Off b4 using under the Eye. This will make it less Tacky and Not Pull on Such a Delicate Area. You can also Do the Same by Applying Tape to Each Side of the Eye b4 Applying Shadow Itll give you a Nice Clean Look. Just Make Sure to Follow the same Step b4 Applying. HTH. Looking as gorgeous as ever. Thank you for the great tips. I have one IT Cosmetics brush and I love it. I need more! . Loved this tutorial! I never knew you could take a piece of Scotch tape and remove fall out with it... awesome! :). +Dianne Bryant I do sometimes put liner on the top waterline, but my eyes have been really irritated lately, so haven't been doing it much recently..
    Hi Angie! I just love all your makeup tutorials! I have watched almost every one you have posted. I have also hooded eyes, so thanks a lot for all your nice ideas on how to create o nice make up for hooded eyes. I have one question for you, Have you been a model before or a make up artist I think you have soo many good make up ideas!! Have a nice weekend! Best regards Marina from Stockholm, Sweden..

    +Marina Isaksson Oh, thank you Marina. No, I wasn't a model or mua, just learning as I go and lots of trial & error!.
    I find this eyeshadow drying and aging...go look at yourself at cvs or wal green lighting ,bc it's pretty in regular home lighting. Btw I'm 42 and young looking for my age.. +ScarlettKriss Ok thank you. Also those stores typically have such harsh florescent lighting, so maybe what you saw was just that Angie is soooo thorough with all her 'testing' I'm just betting she's either checked that out or at least thought of all the lighting options one might experience. I know when I was still working in an office, sometimes I would have a product on my face and go to the restroom and think HOLY GEEZ! why didn't someone tell me I look like a clown!! haha...sometimes it is just the lighting, so I guess it all depends on where you plan to spend most of your time.Good observation, so thanks for your input! Let us all know what you find after using a primer, I'm very curious to know. xoxo C. +ScarlettKriss The SK eyeshadows are decent quality for the price, but using a good primer makes all the difference in the application and wear. I don't think overhead fluorescent lighting is flattering for much and probably isn't good to judge product by.. +Cheryl Blue Thank you! I used the InStyler… here's a link to my "beachy waves" tutorial:

    Eye%20Shadow, Eye%20Makeup anti aging - Macy's
  76. October 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Nisha I have a bit of a problem and wonder if you can give me some advice please. Like you I have normal to dry skin and last week my foundations started being very patchy with some clinging to my eyebrows, some of my hairline, at the outer corners of my eyes and between my eyes above the bridge of my nose but between my brows. As I do every morning I wash my face before applying Olay Regenerist 3 Point Super Serum and let that soak in for 5 minutes then I apply my moisturiser which is Olay Regenerist 3 Point Treatment Cream as a moisturiser. After I have let all this soak in for about 15 minutes while I get dressed. Then I start applying whatever foundation I fancy wearing that day. This is where my problems start asi mentioned before. Up until I started on this Olay Regenerist range there wasn't any problems when I put my makeup on but now I dispare. Just out of curiosity I only applied the serum this morning with a different moisturiser to see if the problem was with either the serum or moisturiser. My foundation today went on ok no problem. Tomorrow I will not use the serum but I will use the Olay Regenerist moisturiser again to see if the problem is with the moisturiser that I have started to use. The problems only happen if I apply both the serum and the moisturiser from the Olay Regenerist 3 Point treatment. Any ideas on how I can get both to work with my foundation as I do not want to get rid of any of it if I can. Could you try using both the serum and the moisturiser under your foundation and see if you get the same problem please.
    +Christine Hulmes I don't use any of the Olay products, but I know they are great skincare, but sometimes good skincare products don't work so well under foundation. So my advice would be to try to use some sort of foundation primer after you have applied the Olay products.xoxo.
    You know Nisha..I'm always changing my skincare too. Not because I don't like something but just that I need to change !!! Glad I'm not the only one. xoxo patti :).
    I have been away and oh my goodness!!! You are looking gorgeous..I need to go back and catch up!!! But starting with your lastest skincare routine!.
    Hi Nisha! Thanks so much for sharing your routines! Your skin is beautiful, my friend! Much love, Colleen xox :-).
    Hi Nisha, Firstly, I love your T-shirt. You look fantastic so whatever your doing, it's working. My goodness though, it takes an apothacary, doesn't it. LOL Take care..

    Nisha, it might be a good idea to stick with products that you know work while going through these hormone changes on the peri menopause. I say this because with the hormone changes going on you need to know if its a product that upsets your skin or whether its your hormone changes. xx.

    The name for the product is Advance Night Repair Serum from Estée Lauder. Try the one for your eyes, and see the reviews here on YouTube for this product..

    Love your videos, you always look brilliant. I was wondering if you have tried the product, SKINN by Dimitri Jacobs. He is amazing, I've been using him for almost 2 years both make up and skin care but I don't solely use just his make up although it's lovely. If I could recommend one thing to try is his Am, Pm skin care. I too wear a lot of make up and it literally takes everything off especially mascara like nothing yet so gentle and nourishing to the skin. Just amazing line and rather inexpensive but not cheap for sure. You can use the Pm cleanser as a mask as well which I do often. I order it primarily through evine on line because I can always get package deals but I can order from his side as all. There are other products I use in my skin routine strictly from him and I just can't rave enough. Anyway thank you for your videos and sharing with us. Britt ;-) .

    This vid was appreciated,thank you...I can't keep up with all the stuff on the shelves these dayys.!!!!! The only thing which I'm a bit dubious about= How do we know if anything is working to maximum effect if we don't stick with it for at least a month .

    Hi, Nisha. Do you ever tried from Estée Lauder the Night Recovery for eye I'm like you, have bags under my eye, and use this product for three weeks, and I'm in love with it, this reduce my bags also I'm using the Night Recovery Serum for my face and it's a fantastic product. Have a nice week, and thanks for share..
    I just ordered the microdermabrasion crystals on eBay. So glad you recommended them - they look super interesting and I'm anxious to try it out!! -Susan.
    I love skin care vids...always looking for something new to try!! Love you eye look!! Thanks Nisha...Cheers!.

    I'm so happy to have found you. Just discovered you yesterday also! I absolutely love your routine. You are beautiful! Thank you so much for all your great advice! XO.
    Hi Nisha! I love videos, thank you for sharing your experience! I was wondering if you could do a video with the new Bravura London glycolic and salicylic acid! Ou might have done a video on it already, sorry if I'm being a nuisance! Thank you só much! xx Marta. You are so lovely. I enjoy your advice and I love that you run through your thinking process of deciding what you like and why. Thank-you for your words and your willing to be vulnerable. Best..
    Hi Nisha. I have discovered a site which sell Milani and LAgirl its called Beautycrowd (formally the Elfuk distribution site) They have a good selection. Love the video and please do a tutorial on the eye look. .
    I really love your eye make Nisha,I hope you will do a tutorial on this look. I look forward to you experimenting with a different eye cream and hope you discover something wonderful, if you do I will be trying it too. xoxo. +Elaine James Thanks Elaine, I did a similar tutorial about 2 years ago, but I might do it again as a lot of people liked it.xoxoNisha.
    Always a delight to see your updated skincare routine from one of my most beautiful you tubers!! I like how yours is simple quick & to the point not like some here that has so many items it'll take an hr to do all the For eyemakeup removal I love the Sephora brand works amazing! I've got to get that vit c e & ferulic serum asap I know you & Angie swear by it! I'm still on the hunt for an eye cream or serum that will actually make my late 40's eyes look better but still haven't found anything that I think is good enough. Loved that you shared this with us & it's working for you cause your skin looks amazing Nisha!! Big hugs xoxo Denise.

    Hi!! I am a new subbie and just wanted to say I love your videos! You are so beautiful and classy! Also thanks to you I got the LM Ritual and love it!! Have a great weekend :D.

    Hi Nisha, I LOVE your necklace !! I also love your hair up, looks so youthful !! I love all your videos!! xoxoxo...Carla.
    Hi NIsha, loved this vid as always, would you do a 'get un-ready with me' using the things you've talked about to remove your makeup and ready your skin for night... not all of them of course, but the things that you'd use in your normal regime Please xoxo. I love your channel. The info you give has been extremely helpful.. I saw you talking about the Salvere vitamin C serum and purchase it from Amazon and absolutely love it, however I just went to order more and it is unavailable and they indicated it might not come back. Is there another site that I could order it . I do live in the states. Thank you for all you do..
    Hi Nisha, great video as always. I love seeing what other women use and love for their skincare. I love the entire Cera Ve line of skincare; I've been using them for a couple of years now and am quite happy with them. Thanks for sharing your goodies. XOXO, Annette🎀.

    Hi Nisha,Really like the look of CeraVe am moisturiser. It seems all the decent face stuff come from other countries xx.

    Hello Nisha! Thanks for sharing this. I tried the CeraVe AM a little while back. The pump was faulty, which was annoying from the start, but as far as your comment on the suitability for skin type, I agree with you. I have normal/dry skin and it was OK for my skin type use in the summer, but it would not have been rich enough for the colder months here in the UK. xx.

    Great video Nisha, as you are always on the lookout for new products to try you may be interested in checking out Caroline Hirons here on YT, she is a skincare expert and also has a good blog. X.
    Hi Nisha! I found your videos about a month ago and I love them! You have been so helpful to me. I'm 52 now and I use to be the girl that would not leave home without my face done. Well in the last 6 years or so with back pain and depression due to that fact, I quit caring about myself. now I'm off depression meds I have found me again and also your YouTube channel a month ago. I too have hooded eyes and just needed to know how to do and apply makeup again. My skin care product that I'm in love with is dermalogica. Have you ever tried this product I highly recommend it. Thank you for your time and honesty in making these videos. You are a doll! Just so you know, I'm a southern girl who lives on the gulf coast of Alabama, USA. . Thanks for getting back to me Nisha. Latest in the saga of my skincare with Olay. Yesterday I applied the 3 point super serum then a different brand of moisturiser, then primer then foundation. Everything was ok and the foundation went on a dream. Today I did not use the 3 point super serum but user the 3 point moisturiser, primer then foundation. Again my foundation went on brilliantly. My problem is when I use both the Olay 3 Point Super Serum together with the Olay 3 Point Daily Moisturiser. When I use both sparingly my foundation (whichever one I apply) clings to every dry spot and I have one heck of a time of it to use my beauty blender to go over these spots to get an even base. It does not matter if I use a high end or a drug store foundation the result is always the same. I have decided to keep using both the daily and the night time Olay moisturisers but find a different serum to use. Can you recommend a drug store serum or a high end serum that I can use with my moisturisers I am pulling my hair out with this as I have not come across this problem before. Oh incidentaly I need to use a moisturiser every morning and every night but I also need a serum to tackle the wrinkles and fine lines that a 57 year old lady gets.. What are your thoughts on the moisturizer that is in a jar packaging. I have read that anything packaged like the neutro that once u expose all those great ingredients to air and exygen they start to disentegrate. I am asking this for the second time, it's about your necklace, could you please tell me where you purchased it from, I would greatly appreciate it. Love, Pat.
    +Trishanaclo You should always look in the description box. it says in there where my necklace is from-

    Hi Nisha, I love your make up in this video, looking very fresh and light :), I have a question. Are you applying your Vit. C Serum & Retinol Fusion PM under your eyes area Have a great day :) Gosia.

    +Gosia Mikolajczyk Yes I do, not right up to my lash line, but definitely over my eye bags.xoxo.
    Nisha need help! I am looking for a waterline eyeliner. Nothing stays on...nothing! The Avon supershock liner is it waterproof Any suggestions.
    +BJ LIVIGNI I don't know if the Avon is waterproof, but it stays on me OK, If you have a problem with your liner staying on, try to smuge it in your lower lashes as well as the waterline, so if it wears off the waterline you will still have some left in your lashes.xoxoNisha.

    it Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Luxe Anti-Aging Eyeshadow...
  77. November 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    i like how this turned out on the tutorial and instagram! you did a great job and i cant wait to see what is next!.
    I definitely love the way you do your makeup. I'm currently learning how to do mine as clean and good as yours. Your tutorials are helpful. :) Thanks for the inspiration :).
    Loved this video and your channel is so cute! Definitely subbed!! I make beauty videos too! You should check my channel out!(:. A beautiful Barbie doll. I love this summer glam look. I think I will be trying this out. BTW I checking out those anti-aging products. TFS and stay blessed:-).
    Thank you love! I'm glad you enjoyed! Derma E products are my absolute favorite! Let me know how you like them!.

    This is so pretty...I'm a highlight junkie, I may gave to give in and get a GC highlighter. LOL!.
    I hope you keep up with the hair, skin, and makeup videos bc its your time to shine, you really are an amazing youtuber...i learn so much from you!. Hey HUN, loved your video.. you are so beautiful.. and your makeup look's amazing too... xoxo... SIMOR. You truly have the face of an angel! As, you have such amazingly beautiful skin. And, the makeup look that you did is such an absolutely fabulous one! Love it! 😍😍😍.

    Anti-Aging Eye Shadows | MORE Magazine
  78. December 16, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I love this look very much and I thought about it last night to film these kind of look because I saw Kathleen lights did this and I felt so inspired then I saw you did this it surprises me but anyway I love this look of you cute stunning I will do this in my future video girl xxxx. she is awesome check her out the thing is I don't have the electric pallet so I don't know if it will look the same as that but it will be inspired by that look so its ok xxx.

    Organic Infused Eco Eye Shadow | Afterglow Cosmetics
  79. December 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    im 22 and ive been doing some of these things since i was probly 12 or 13 but some of it im pretty bad about like drinking water, smoking and not pulling on the skin. hopefully its not too late for me!.
    2 sdoc2sq maybe i can help serums are lighter than moistursizers so wouldnt be so much of a problem :).
    Hi, yes it is. Anti aging creams usually contain retinols and alpha hydroxy acids. These are not necessary for someone of your age as they sensitize the skin to sun exposure and increase cell turnover which you don't need yet. The best thing you can do is use a moisturizer in the wrinkle spots (around your eyes, etc.) at night and a face cream with sunscreen in the day. Defense is your best offense at your age. You want to prevent those wrinkles.. Hi, I recommend Olay Complete all day moisturizer because it has an SPF15 and it's noncomedogenic (won't clog pores or cause pimples).. U hve gr8 skin! I have a question, I am 15 and I want to start early preventing wrinkles.. What spf cream should i wear Right now I wear spf 50 on my face every morning, is that good And My night routine is I remove makup, wash my face with Clean and Clear, but always change my cleanser to different brand once i run out, dry face, apply The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream, then I have this whole jar of vitamin E cream, so I rub that on my face.. could i do anyhting to improve my night routine . Thank you for the great tips!! Olay is a fantastic product, especially the 7-signs.I will have to try the cleanser you mentioned. One thing I do everyday is I put Vitamin E oil around my eyes (morning/night) and have absolutely no lines or wrinkles. Thank you for mentioning staying out of the sun, that is so important! I used sunbeds/sunbathed and developed skin cancer because of it. Love the video!. hey, what is the name of the night cream your using again and where can you purchase it Please let me know, thanks. I'm so glad you liked the video! Thanks for sharing your tip about the 7-signs product and the Vitamin E oil. I've used Vitamin E oil too and I agree with you, it's terrific; you reminded me that I need to get some more and start using it again. I'm going to try the 7-signs; sounds like a good one. Thanks again! :) :). If you are happy with your cleanser, by all means, keep using it. However, if you ever want to switch Purpose Cleanser is wonderful.. This ultra organic argan oil treatment is amazing!! I saw results in days, alothough i dont think this is normal. My strech marks are still really new, but it works wonderful. I would recommended this to friends and family it is an amazing product!!! So glad that I found it. order it from w/arganlife/net. I love your videos soo much! You look so young but your eyes tell your wisdom, would you mind sharing how old you are You just look fantastic :) Keep up the good work, I love it!!.
    i noticed lots of good information on here. I haven't used the brand you named though. anyone used Hippocrates anti aging please leave a comment if you have. thanks.
    Hi, you are so welcome! I love sharing my tips with you. I use Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Scrub. I love it! It's oil free and has beta hydroxy which penetrates deep into pores to remove dirt and oil. It cleans with gentle microbeads. I use it about 3 times per week. I also use St. Ives Apricot Scrub, also oil free. I only use it about 2-3 times a month. You have to be more careful with it and use it gently because it is more abrasive..
    I just heard about collagen supplements. What's your take on it I imagine it would be an issue with vegetarians/vegans, though I'm not one..

    you can also sleep on a satin or silk pillow instead of cotton cause cotton pulls on your skin wile you sleep.
    Hi, you're very smart to be using sunscreen daily to protect your delicate skin. It is not bad for your face at all. If you find that you break out from it, try a brand made for faces only that's noncomedogenic. If you have no problems with it, then by all means keep doing what you're doing..
    Hi, very often when skin is dried out too much, lines can become more pronounced. Perhaps you can use an oil-free moisturizer that is non-comedogenic on that area, or perhaps you can use your acne product every other day to give your skin a chance to replenish the skin cells and moisture in between..

    2 sdoc2sq Hi, you may want to purchase a face powder than is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores or cause pimples). You can dab it on throughout the day to absorb excess oil. It really helps to keep you looking fresh. If you have enough facial oil, you probably don't need a moisturizer, except maybe a touch around the eyes..

    Best wrinkle prevention tips are: Don't sunbathe, don't drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks, limit sugar and salt, eat HUGE amounts of fresh produce, get enough sleep and fresh air and use the most natural products you can afford - I recommend LUSH. I'm 40 and look younger than some 25 year olds...=).
    Hi, thanks for sharing! You don't have to worry about the Purpose Cleansers that I recommended to wash your face with. They are dermatologist recommended, soap free, oil free, hypoallergenic and absolutely will not clog your pores. It really is wonderful. I've used is for many years and it was recommended to me by my dermatologist back when I had acne.. Thanks for the tips. omg i didnt know that...its a real bad habit of mine. Yeah i notice i sleep like a baby when i drink milk before bed. thanks again ur really helpful. can i just mix up my daycream with suntanlotion isnt that the same thing then just waisting money on an other cream .
    I agree u are never too young to start taking care of ur skin! Start young! Please stay outta the sun and #1 do not smoke!This will age u terribly! Great video Thanks!.
    You're very welcome!! Again, the name of the cream is Nivea Visage Q10 Advanced Wrinkle Reducer Night Creme. I love it! BTY, you can also use the raw unprocessed shea butter (in my smooth feet video) instead of Vaseline over it before you go to sleep. :) :). Hi...i am ur big fan n now my mom also is in ur fan list...she is 49 and has normal skin...but its lil loose. so is there any home remedy for skin tightning... I luv all ur videos and i am religiously following all the stuff...and its working wonders...keep doin it...luv :).
    2 camocarlee Hi, thanks so much for your wonderful feedback! I'm so glad to hear you are helping others learn about protecting their skin from the sun. Many young girls don't realize that what they do in their teens and 20's does count when it comes to their skin. I love that you and your daughters tune in to my channel! Thanks so much for your continued support :o).
    I hear many say that that petroleum jelly is not good that it blocks the pores. What is your take on it Right now I am using the clinique 3 step its pretty good. In the morning I do use the oil of olay spf 15 moisturer for sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing all your tips:).
    Hi, no I don't because there are areas of my face that produce enough oil that I don't need it like my forehead and nose..

    im 16 would you recommend me starting this I pull on my skin soo much...especially to whip my eyeliner off. I just use my finger and pull on it with saliva...I should probably stop. and I have a problem with darkness under my eyes. I have a hard time sleeping because of my late night eating... I am loving your tips. You should Give some shaving advive..legs..face..arms..=].

    Hi, I have a video up on acne. Go to my channel and type acne into the search bar when you have time. Thanks for commenting..
    Hi, I'm assuming you mean loose skin on her face. If so, overall exercise helps tighten and firm your skin and bring blood to the area. Also, you may want to give facial exercises a try. Please tell mom to see my YouTips Forum video on double chin exercises.. i love Vitager, it's the best anti aging pill. i love that it made me look younger. the energy is great too.. My mom purchased REGENEVIVE exfoliating gel for me. It mosturizes skin and you don't break out. It also works good as a facial wash!! It prevents anti aging and lightens the acne spots. hii... my skin is very much oily and sensitive. when i use any kind of sunscreen lotion spf 40 or someting.. my skin get become rash and pimples and more oily.. what can i do.
    Hi, this is very common for your age because of hormones. Be sure to keep your hands off your skin and hair and make sure the hair near your forehead is clean and free of products. Cleanse your face twice a day with Purpose Liquid Soap and apply acne medicine before bed each night to help skin heal. Be careful not to overclean your skin because you can cause more irritation..

    Hi, ask your dermatologist for a recommendation if you cannot find something suitable for sensitive skin that you can tolerate. Have you tried Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30. Eucerin products are recommended by many dermatologists including mine. Hope that helps!.

    Thank you for your suggestion! I'll keep it in mind for future videos. You should definitely stop pulling on your skin and saliva is a no no; can result in bacteria in your eye and cause infections. Buy some Maybelline eyemakeup remover and wipe off your make up residue after you wash your face before bed. That could be contributing to your dark under eyes. Snacks are fine before bed, but keep it light - maybe cereal with milk. It will help you sleep..
    You look really good. I'm 21 and starting to think about preventing aging in the future good tips. . how do i get rid of my pimples (im a 15 year old girl) i mostly have pimples by the hairline of my forehead, nose and by the eyebrows, i do eat healthy but once i let myself have some chocolate or something sugary it all shows in my skin! help. thank you so much is it ok if i dont use there cleanser becasue i use a neutrogina invigorating daily cleanser.
    : now i live in uk and i was attacked horribly with acne,then i met a doc who suggested me Quinoderm which s a great product. it is actually helping my skin to get rid of acne but horribly making my skin dry and flaky. i wanted to put moisturizer but then again i thought if the quinoderm cream and the moisturizer gets contaminated and reacts in my skin thats y i didnt wear moisturizer. but now my housmate told me that im having some wrinkle in my forehead. i am only 23+ and m really worrying. .

    2 greenandsweet Hi, I think using vitamin C products are beneficial, but they can be expensive especially due to the nature of the sensitivity of the life of Vitamin C in a product. What I recommend is what I do: using fruit masks. I have a great video about Facial Masks. It talks about using homemade ingredients to make a facial mask. You can use many different fruits and they help stimulate collagen production in the skin. Please check out my video, I think you will find it very helpful..
    Hi, considering the sensitivity of your condition, I do think it's best to ask you doctor for a recommendation.. love the channel stay bless and always keep faith at what u do ur good, sub back if u like i did to show sum love at what u do =]. Be sure to wear sunscreen and limit sun exposure on your face and don't smoke. Nothing ages you faster than smoking. When you get into your twenties, then consider one of the anti wrinkle products. In my video I recommend Olay Complete Daily moisturizing cream. It's terrific and has an spf of 15. Won't clog your pores, so it's good for oily acne prone skin. That should be perfect for you! Kudos to you for being concerned about your skin. You'll reap the benefits when you're older..
    Hi,I known there is conflicting info on petroleum jelly, but published studies have shown it does not clog pores. I have been using it most of my life with no proglem. It really is a superior product for locking in moisture and healing dry skin. I wouldn't put it on pimples though. Thanks for your comment!.

    I really appreciate your videos! oh, but if anyone has trouble with acne, or even a few pimple, they shouldn't use a bar soap or a lathering face wash. If a face wash lathers this means that it contains detergents, which can irritate and clog your pores..
    Hi, I have a video up on how to keep your chin and neck in shape. Please check it out when you have time. It's called YouTips Forum Part One Exercise for Double Chin. Always be sure to put sunscreen on your neck as well. Many people remember their face, but forget about their neck. This will help prevent premature aging and wrinkling of the neck.. I thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful info with the rest of us. I wanted to ask what scrub do you use. I have difficulty with sun protection and anti ageing (i'm nearly eighteen but I want to find a night cream) because I have very sensitive skin and around my mouth I have peri-oral dermatitis which means i can't put creams there unless prescribed from my doctor. Should i ask my doctor for a sun protection or it there a one available in stores that will work.
    Hi, yes, it's always good to use a moisturizer after you shower on your body, and after you wash your face around your eyes and any other dry spots like around your mouth area..

    Best Anti-Aging Makeup - WebMD
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  82. 03 April 2016. Anti Aging Eye Shadow at As We Change ( hadow) Urban Decay's bestselling Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion is now even better. UD upgraded the packaging and applicator, but kept the formula you know and love...
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    Anti Aging Eye Makeup - 7 Years Younger
  84. May 02, 2016. Anti-Aging Eye Shadows May Smooth Wrinkles ( Best eye makeup for older faces... Best eye shadow for older... I am the publisher of Simply Anti Aging and a web author researching and writing on all aspects of...

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