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  • December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Tammy, I have been watching you over the past year and my knowledge of what to do, the whens, the hows, the where and the whats - have helped me to take better care of my skin. I watch you towards the end of the day when the office is quiet and with pen and note pad in hand, I have acquired not only the knowledge but the some of these wonderful products that you review as well. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. You are a treasure!.
    Okay, I just tried your face oil formula(recipe) and I love it. I immediately noticed a nice glow to my skin. I think I'll add a few drops of vanilla oil to mine because currently the scent is very woody. Also can you please show us your new storage box that you were so excited about! I'm also buying a few pretty storage boxes for my growing oil collection. I want to stack them in my bedroom. Thank you =D.

    Love this. Got into essential oils many years ago when I went to a folk medicine festival in a little TN town known for its healing sulfur springs. This was before internet and I was so intrigued. I learned to make my own soap after that first festival. Though I do have the spirit of a hippie, I guess. (my husband once said that I might be burned at the stake way back in another time :o)) These things and their uses have been here long before hippies and witches. LOL Ahh and Frankincense and Myrrh, were gifts from the wise men for the baby Jesus. So they must be very special indeed. I figure if it's good for Him, it's good for me too. Love your videos Tammy, and Merry Christmas..
    *I've used Maxelder argan cream for several months, old friends can't believe I'm not showing more wrinkles. I bought from w…nyarganoil..c *. Thank you so much for taking the time to give us all these wonderful recipes. You make me want to go out and buy each oil you mentioned! Your skin is gorgeous and you look so vibrant and healthy. You mentioned that these oils can be used as medicine. Do you have a recipe list for minor aliments that can be helped with the oils I would love to see that if you do...thanks again..
    Hey! I'm really enjoying your videos on skincare. This was the first I came across and now I'm slowly binge-ing on your others. It could take a while... sending big thank yous from Italia!.
    Great video! I really appreciated your cautions on safety... unlike others who claim that if you are allergic and experience a skin reaction, that it's just "toxins" coming out... lol.. I LOVE your videos. You are so bright and beautiful and very helpful.I have been binge watching all of your vids. I don't know why I am just finding you but, better late than never. I had to sub!!!.
    Hi Tammy, I know you mentioned on one of your comments that your use oils on your dog. I have a chocolate lab, Tony and he has so many allergies. I have tried so many things to help him and nothing is working. Where you are so knowledgeable with oils and essential oils can you suggest something that will help him He is always biting his feet.I just bought the book by Valerie Worwood that you suggested. I love all your videos, YOUR LOVELY. I have to add this don't listen to some of those rude comments, it bothers me that people don't understand the time and work you put into your videos. You are giving such good advice, keep up the good work..
    +Janet Rintone Thank you be honest, because dogs lick so much...I only use coconut oil on Bindi...paws and prepared to have little oil paws around the house...It doesn't bother me at all...I know it is making my girl feel better...I also will use bag balm on her paws.... Hi Tammy, I love your video! I just bought the book you recommended, and I am so excited to read it. I have some acne problems (Even I am not in my teens since a long long time) and I just figure to give it a shot at Essential oils. You are trully an inspiration and I hope to see more of your videos!.
    LOVED LOVED LOVED your video ! Your skin is absolutely gorgeous! I am so excited to try your techniques. It may take me a while to collect all the carrier oils :) Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your success stories with us!.

    hello, thx for all d lovely input. im new to essential oils. I made a close enough face recipe to what uve given n my face has reacted wid dryness. skin has gotten granular :( My skin had same reaction when i had used egg white ages bk. Pls help me wid tips. 1. can't we mix all/any essential oil v lik 2. when i had tried frankincense alone, had felt lil burning. so cud that b d reason 3. now how do i fix pls pls guide me... thank u.

    I love finding your videos!! I just started using essential oils in a diffuser. It works to relax & breath. Your videos are so much more!! Thank-you for passing on your knowledge!!.
    Thank you for this informative video. I'm hoping this will help my sun damaged, liver spotted, deep set wrinkle mugg. God bless you for this!.
    Hello.. I was very impressed when I saw your video.. you are beautiful lady By the way, if those eyes are yours, you have unbelievably wonderful eyes! Greetings to you in Norway... I love you princess.

    Hi dear, I did blend those following essential oils : geranium lavender lemon myrrh patchouli and ylang-ylang equal drops of 6 with organic jojoba oil as carrier oil. I just want to know if what I did was ok! Please advise me ^_^.
    I don't know if I said this already're my new school of skin care! I LOVE your videos! They're so educational! Thank you for reaching out to ladies of a certain age...keep doing these! The cooking, the skincare, spa tools...keep doing all of it!.
    This is one of my most favorite of your videos, and I return to it frequently to refresh my mind. I've taken notes, bought the book (LOVE IT!), and have my own bottles with my oil mixtures. I love it and they work well and make me feel better, healthier, even happier. Thank you so much for this and also the diy vit. C video. :) (Yes, rose essential oil is too expensive.).

    Great video as usual Tammy :) I love essential oils. I use Tea tree oil for my pimples when they pop up and it helps a lot. I also use Rosemary oil for my migraines..
    im 57 and have never used essential oils, i have all the signs of aging from not caring for my skin and not protecting from the sun. do you think my skin will improve if i start using these oils now My face has age spots and a good amounts of wrinkles. i doubt my skin will ever look as beautiful as yours but will some of the spots and saggy skin diminish great video. btw, this same post is below from Adam Mullins, well he is my 20 year old son and I didn't realize he was signed in on my computer! Sorry about that!.
    Hi Tammy! Watched this video a few times now (LOVE IT) and I am curious how you decided where to purchase your essential oils from My aunt sells Young Living essential oils and I am considering them, but I just compared the prices (young living vs. mountain rose herbs) of two (seemingly) identical oils and even at the wholesale price the young living oils are around double the price of the rose mountain herb oils! I wonder why Thank you for doing this video and all the information you listed. I digitally downloaded the book you recommended and I am enjoying it so much!.
    where do you get the recipes I keep hitting show more and nothing comes up - love the video btw, it was a wealth of information - would love to see your new box for storing oils. Tammy, I just found you and I just LOVE you. You are beautiful and your skin and hair say it all. I have watched so many of your videos and have learned so much in these last few days. I can't wait to watch the rest of them. I am taking notes on this one to order some of the products I don't have on hand. I love all things DIY. Please keep the videos coming. I know they are a lot of work but you are by far my favorite! I love how you teach and I love your awesome personality..
    Hi pretty Lady I would Lo e to kniw what oiks are best for strechmarks and little saggy stomach.Im using Sheabutter cocoa butter and several others but i don't see much of a difference ever since i had my Daughter 7 months ago i been using it.I'm a little upset i was using Nerium body firm for 3 months but i gave up it's to expensive! ! I'm looking forward to hear from u Thanks :).
    CMT! So I have taken your sage wisdom...and did purchase your recommended book and also use your face oil blend. For the past two months I've been using essential oils and carrier oils "gloriously"! (LOL- love the way you said that with a twinkle in your eye). I truly believe I have seen a difference...I also have nothing but great things to say about Mountain Rose Herbs and Bulk Apothecary as my main resources. I finally broke down and purchased the Sandalwood. I'm so excited! I feel like a well-informed, smart home spa chemist! I even have my own little frig in my office! I've been using a mix of carrier oils (Grapeseed, Hemp and Jojoba) as an under eye and lip treatment when I use my Retin A (every other night) instead of my true essentail oil blends and find that works wonderfully on my darkness & puffies too! :-) Love (you) and your channel so much! Wish you'd talk about your jewerly hobby - as I also really enjoy making jewels myself! Hugs and kisses! I'd love to chat offline...Daisyloohoo402 Just a note: There is NO grading level for essential oils, there is no such thing as a therapeutic grade. Mountain Rose oils are wonderful and they do state that they have "therapeutic quality" but there is no grade. Companies that tell you that their oils are of Therapeutic, pharmaceutical or any other grade is just using marketing ploys to get you to buy their brand. There are a couple of MLMs out there promoting their products by saying theirs are "Therapeutic Grade" and that they are GRAS and the FDA approves all essential oils for internal use. This is just NOT true. The FDA does not oversee the production or use of any natural products unless they claim the product has a medical use. There is no independent group out there testing oils and grading them. As I stated tho, Mountain Rose has wonderful herbs, oils and many other products. I order from there myself (along with a few other reputable companies)..
    could you please post the recipe you are using I'm hearing impaired and not able to understand the video...thank you so much.
    Sorry, you ramble on too much. 8 minutes and you are getting to your first blend. You lost my interest. I really don't care what year your book was wrote or which oil you don't like the smell of. Get to the point and you may get more followers..
    Thank you! I love essential oils but I have never used them on my skin! I can't wait to try your recipes!.
    I really enjoyed this informative video and have saved it for future reference. Question about the book...with it being 25 years old now, you don't find the information outdated or not with the current times and state of the EO market Just asking before I purchase it, I'm always hesitant to purchase older books that have not been updated in the last couple of years.. I have just ordered that book through Book Depository they ship free world wide. Valerie Ann Worwood also has another book that I love and use regularly it's called The Fragrant Pharmacy also on Book Depository web site.. I forgot to tell you how much i love your videos. I use EO's. I make soaps and also use them in my soap recipes and lotion bars. Tammy you are so great there is something in the way you are and you communicate that made me subscribe for the first time ever. Now this video of all is my best ever so much to learn from it. I love essential oils.Thank you for your passion, your kind and funny ways. You're beautiful and I absolutely enjoyed your video ( I currently don't have to time to watch it in its entirety)... LOVE the book by Valerie Ann Worwood! It has been an absolute Godsend for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone (from novice to expert) that wants to explore healthy alternatives to store brands/chemicals..
    I truly enjoyed this that I just stumbled on. My name is going to be google soon by my son. I am always researching something and I really like your style of presenting this and I at my age am looking forward to something new...Mary.
    im 57 and have never used essential oils, i have all the signs of aging from not caring for my skin and not protecting from the sun. do you think my skin will improve if i start using these oils now My face has age spots and a good amounts of wrinkles. i doubt my skin will ever look as beautiful as yours but will some of the spots and saggy skin diminish great video..
    Very informative video. I love essential oils and my favorite is rosehip oil. It's the best moisturizer for my skin..
    Barnes and Noble has this book on sale right now! Just ordered mine ;) I use essential oils all the time and they are such powerfully wonderful medicines but you do need to know how to use them. Tammy has given very good advice in this tutorial!.
    I find your video very informative and helpful... I have been making your vit. C serum and have been using it for 2 weeks it...not sure I see results yet but I know that takes time...and I do have dark spots that need lots of time to lighten...thanks so much for all the work you do...I will be trying some of these oils soon too!!!.
    love this video it is so educational I make my own blends too and I also buy from Mountain rose herbs and I LOVE Clarins for over 25 years AWESOME video.

    hi there. I bought mine (the book) and i am so glad i did. There are so many infos and directions on how to use essential oils. It's changed my life..

    great video! what do you think of adding essential oils to shea butter i love shea butter. ive been adding my essential oils to my shea butter. love it also mixed with coconut oils, smells so good!! thank you for showing the essential oil book i will look on amazon for it. God bless you, you look FANTASTIC!!.
    Dear Ms. Tammy, I have been watching all your skin care related videos for the past two days and I have to say that I am very impressed with your skincare routines due to which you have such glorious skin! hats off to you for showing such great respect for self and thus inspiring many of us. Ms. Tammy I am slightly confused now because in your videos you have been showing the use of so many products for example in some videos you have used Caudalie serum and other videos you use Skinceuticles serums and you also use essential oil concoctions. I know yo have mentioned that you like to try different products but it would be nice if you could make a video showing what products you have been sticking to for a long time. My other question to you is, do you use these essential oil concoctions (face, neck, hands) on top of the serums What are the day serums and night serums you absolutely cannot go without A lot of serums already have vitamin A, C. Does that mean we STILL need to add additional Vitamin A and C to our skin on top of those serums I would very much appreciate your kind response. Thank you. Yours truly, Rashmi from Minnesota. Hi! I love, love, love your videos! They are funny, informative and very interesting! I have a question. I do have a couple of questions. I've been following you for several months and I know you have made the vitamin C serum video which you use everyday. So how do you alternate between the vitamin C serum and the essential oils Do you use them both at the same time or do you alternate each week Does it affect your skin if you use both Next, it turns out I am allergic to Eucalyptus tree; therefore, based on your video I shouldn't use Eucalyptus essential oil, so do you have an alternate oil I can use Thank you so much for your time. Araceli :).
    Love that you talk about essential oils here. Learned a lot from you. Keep up the good work. I am also loading my channel up with natural and organic "life style" videos but nice to have others in this space. Let's learn from each other. : ).
    This is my all time favorite video, because of you I started to use different oils and my skin is blessed. Love everything you do!!!!! 👍👍👍 .
    I ordered the Rosehip oil to use on my face, can't wait to try it. I watched someone do a video on it and I knew I could go to your site and get even more information on the use of this product. Thanks for the enlightenment..
    ok. I know this question has been asked already, but why can't I use the same recipes for my neck and face or my whole body. I can understand the eyes because the skin is so thin. I am a little lazy sometimes and making all these small amounts of blends can be very time consuming..
    I am so happy I found your channel. I absolutely LOVE essential oils and I am going right now to get that book.

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  • December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I have gotten some Private Messages from friends about the Vibrations comment, and how I said to increase them by consuming raw organic LIVE Nutrients. Please know that when I say this, This is NOT anything "New Agey" as I do not care for labels first of all, and secondly, I am not of the new age anything. Vibrations are very very real. Tesla said what He said the key to the universe is learning of frequency and vibration. That being said(or wrote haha) Know that the earth has a frequency/vibration of 7.83 Hz, this is real and you need to look into this, and refer back to my other videos, the Sun is 136 Hz., and much Vitamin D Dapoxetine occurs when you go out into the sun. All fruits and vegetables that resonate out of the ground also have vibrations, These are LIVE nutrients, just as God designed them to be. Cooked foods do not contain nutrients, or the nutrient content is extremely low, BC they have been cooked. When you cook food the heat destroys LIVE nutrients in the form of enzymes. So if you want to start the healing process, and decrease inflammation and sickness in the body, you need to learn of all this, and learn to consume RAW LIVE NUTRIENTS in the form of ENZYMES. They go right to work to alkalize the whole body/temple. Start out with once a day, then gradually increase your juice intake, as the detoxing process begins. IF you DO this, you will FEEL BETTER. I DO NOT spread disinformation, and I have been doing this for a very long time, so I know what I am talking about, and also know there is no ego/pride involved with saying that, BC all I want to do with this information is share and help others regain health and vitality with God's divine nutrients in the form of enzymes, and this happens when you break the cell wall open and extract them by juicing. Thank you all. Please subscribe for more info. Have a glorious day!!! NO MORE SICKNESS...NO MORE PAIN>>>Learn to GET YOUR JUICE ON...haha. Thanks again for all your support.. Does it cure neuropathy I have neuropathy on my 2 big toes due to foot surgeries, unfortunately. I have been putting frankincense and lavender essential oils on my toes every morning and every night since July 16th (nearly 4 months now) and I have felt no difference. Do I just do it longer Or is this not a good combination to cure neuropathy. Music is tuned to 432Hz, as opposed to 440Hz, Please look into the difference of this today. The difference in frequency is real, and you need to find out why the standard tuning was changed, and what the change did to the entire music industry. Music is Matrix Breakdown...And Enya. Have a great day! Subscribe for more tips and videos. Thank you all!! Have a great day!!. Thought you might appreciate this... +5GreatDays WithHim Yes, Thank you very much for that. I also shared that through FB, for my friends to read. Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day~. +Sandra Rose I would say to do a patch test on the inner arm, using just a little bit. If NO reaction is had, then I would say it might be fairly safe for topical application. Frankincense really does not have many negative interactions, that I am aware of. Only people with really toxic dermal layers of skin, might negatively react to the actual PURE oil. IF a reaction is had, this might be an indication that the oil is in fact not pure, but we really should not be reacting to the pure organic therapeutic grade essential oil. Thanks~ How were you wanting to use it I would not recommend internal use for a young child, but I do know parents that have done this. Topical application should be enough, as we absorb the oil this way as well, and Frankincense can be so helpful for many conditions, in my opinion. I love this oil, and it really helped me a great deal, to heal my body. Thanks~ Hope you have a wonderful day.. Informative! All oils that I see come with a caution - 'Not for internal use' Is it really so.
    so many questions. How do i make cologne out of frankincense where would you recommend I buy essential oils How much should i spend are they good to use topically by themselves please help.

    great video! when you put the frankincense under your tongue does it work as a sedative i bet this helps with cramps and headaches..
    Thank you for this wonderful post. I was happy to hear you say YLEO's for Frankincense. I was such a septic and had done a lot of research on my own. I came to the same conclusion as you about Young Livings Frankincense being the purest choice. I have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis and was looking for help. I cannot believe the difference since I started to use it. Thank you again for all your positive words to help others become healthier. This as been a game changer for me!. +#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations yes!! You mentioned in the video which oils you use. I think it would be cool for you to do a video on making your own essential oil body spray.
    ok, no problemo~ Will do that at some point. Working on a copaiba essential oil video now, Thanks~ Have a great day..

    Psalm 33:6-9 6 By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. 7 He gathereth the waters of the sea together as an heap: he layeth up the depth in storehouses. 8 Let all the earth fear the Lord: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him. 9 For he spake, and it was done; he commanded, and it stood fast. The reason we vibrate is because we come from a frequency: He spoke all things into being. Light is the most mysterious element there is. Well God spoke it into existence. Everything is vibrating and became as he uttered His thoughts from His mouth thus creating everything..
    like!!! i subbed immediately anyone that enthusiastic to help is definitely some one I want to get info from...thanks will be ordering from young living...namaste. +4swzb Thank you~ I am enthusiastic on ALL things nature provides organically, and you will hopefully discover this with this channel(Juicing, Oils, Herbs, Medicinals, Elixirs...Etc.) I enjoy helping people who are extremely ill, and dis~eased, so for this reason, I stay up to date on research, and am constantly seeking more knowledge... Frankincense is the king for a reason, and I imagine doing a third video on it again very soon, referring to the mechanism of action with how it works inside the body. I really just explained how I used it in this video~ So maybe others can learn to benefit as well~ But, I want to further explain why it works the way it does(phytonutrient components), in future videos~ Thanks~ Peace and love to you and yours~.
    i REALLY ENJOY the way you explain the oil methods, I am new in these material, but am Enjoying every Minute of it. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
    +Wanda Mazzulo Thank you for your kind comment~ I greatly appreciate the feedback. Will be doing many more oil videos in the future, and there is an essential oil playlist on this channel as well, featuring a wonderful lecture/speech from Gary Young called "The Missing Link", he explains that essential oils are the missing link, in modern medicine, and it is worth a listen for educational purposes, just letting you know this, as that video is very informative. Thanks so much~ Hope you have a wonderful day.. I had ordered some frankincense oil supposedly undiluted,, It does not smell anything like Now foods diluted frankincense. And it is watery like Should it be watery Neither does it feel oily And it dries right away.
    +msPlums7 make sure you buy it from a reputable company and is 100% pure, i would recommend PureSacra as its made with boswellia sacra.
    I love your videos thank you so much for them! I'm trying to make a blend to help my husband with his arthritis and bought frankincense, myrrh and a quite a few others. I'm curious what would you recommend to blend together for his everyday pain Thank you!!!. Hello, I just watched your video and subscribed! I appreciate your time and willingness/desire to help educate people! I just ordered some 100% pure Frnakencense essential oil from vitacost and it was their " Vitacost brand " and on the bottle it says 100% pure frankencense ( Boswellia carterii ) but it does not say therapuetic grade! Would this still be safe to ingest I have been using vitacost 100% pure lemon essential oil and putting 5 to 6 drops in my wter bottle daily and I hope I am not poisoning myself! I am excited about learning more about these wonderful oils and am thankful to have found this channel! Peace to you!. +sainteal Thank you for your wonderful comment. I really appreciate the support. Honestly I am not familiar with the vita cost brand oils, but I will certainly look into this for you if you want me to. I am sure lemon is fairly safe to ingest with many brands, as the lemon is much cheaper than frankincense. Many of the lesser quality oils, still make a decent lemon. We can even make our own lemon, by extracting the oil from the peel and the rind through a fully masticating juicer. This is what I do, and I encapsulate my own vitamin C this way combining it in a veggie capsule along with coconut and a few other oils. Our bodies do not naturally produce vitamin C, so we must get this from our diet, and we all need more Vitamin C. Most Vit C supplements are not absorbable, so I like to make my own that is highly bioavailable...As far as brands of oils, I really only like the brands that specify organic, and source where it comes from. Frankincense is not one you are going to want to consume internally, unless you know it is pure, and organic. Always do a patch test first and let it sit on your inner arm overnight to ensure no reaction, but just because there is no reaction does not mean it is pure and safe to ingest, it is just a helpful measure. IF we have a reaction this is an indication it may not be pure, but also the dermal layer of the skin, might be toxic as well, so take this into consideration. Oils do not always say "therapeutic" grade, but they may in fact be. I highly doubt this oil, if it is fairly cheap... Frank is rare, and hard to come by pure, as they will harvest this oil from scraping the bark of the frankincense tree more than twice a year, and this produces a lesser quality oil...More than likely it is cut with a glycol, or may be synthetic altogether, or it might be extracted with a heavy alcohol. If you want me to look into this for you, I am happy to do so. I will have some time tomorrow to research it. I only use the Young Living Frank, and DoTerra. There are a few other brands I like like native naturals, and a few others. Hope you have a wonderful day~ Thanks so much.. +Gina Haffie Thank you so much~ I am grateful for you watching/listening. Hope you have a wonderful day.. +#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations i meant can you use this w/ an oil nebulizer / ultrasonic diffuser. or you use it on your skin just like lotion cream like..
    Yes, absolutely. I do both, and think it is important both ways. Our olfactory system needs stimulated, and we get this when we diffuse. Very healing to diffuse it, as well as applying it topically and I recommend both, as this is how I personally find it beneficial. There are many many ways the frankincense is beneficial and diffusing, and applying topically are just a few. People with advanced stages of cancer, that has been through a detoxification process, can even begin to retain the oil rectally overnight, in a base of black cumin seed oil, combined with myrrh~ In my opinion it can be wildly beneficial in this form as well. Many ways we can consume/ingest this, Frankincense is the King for reason, as the terpenes can be quite healing for many conditions. Thanks~ Hope this answers your question. Feel free to ask more, if you want/need to. I do not claim to be the foremost expert, but I do know frankincense and found it very healing for myself, and many others have discovered the benefits it provides as well. I already have two videos on frankincense but am about to do a third, as more research has recently been done on boswellia, and feel this needs to be shared. Have a great day~ .
    Hi I have Fibromyalgia and it's very BAD. I hurt 24/7 and I'm so sick of this pain, I want my life back bad. I have ordered some Frankincense essential oil, do you think it will help me Thank you for your time. I also Subscribed to you. I love your videos..
    +Vickie Greer Yes, I do think it will help. How are you doing I missed this comment when you left it. Apologies for that. I find oils very very beneficial. Thanks~ Hope your day is great..

    +Irm Phillips Personally, I usually use a single drop. If pain is bad, or I have a headache, I may take two. But the oil is the Sacred Frankincense, not just any frankincense will be effective this way, as most are cut with synthetic chemicals, and these can actually give headaches, so just make sure the oil is pure would be my recommendation if you are wanting to do this. Also do a patch test with the oil before you decide whether or not you want to consume it in other ways. Often I will load up some veggie capsules with Vitamin C oil from the rind and peels of lemons, limes, and oranges, extracting them through a fully masticating juicer, then I will combine the Frankincense with it, in a base of coconut oil, and consume it this way. There are benefits of combining the Frankincense with synergistic oils and herbs which work in a similar manner. Frank needs to be dispersed, and it needs other enzyme catalysts to make it more effective for healing. Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks~.
    Love your videos glad I found you, can you mix multiple oils and keep for more than a week. I was told you have to mix as you needed.. +Bebi Amzad Although it might be better to mix certain oils right before you decide you want to use them, I mix big batches of oils and keep them for extended periods without issue.I do this all the time actually, as I love to combine oils together. If the oil is pure and good quality they will combine well with certain other oils, and keep for many many years. Please know the light and air effect the oils, so do your best to try to preserve the oils. I keep my oils in a copper lined wooden box, and this protects them from the DC currents(emitting from the outlets in our homes), Wifi, and radio waves, along with cell phone towers...All these Electromagnetic frequencies(EMF's) very well affect the vibrations of the wonderful oils, and can change the potency of the oils. Oils need to be protected as best they can for them to be most beneficial. So store it in a dark glass jar, and protect it with copper, if you can, and the oil will last you a long time combined this way. Have a wonderful day. Appreciate your support. Many more oil videos on the channel and will be doing more in the future. Thanks again~.
    +Magy magy Thank you~ Appreciate your comment and support of the channel. Means a lot. Hope you have a great day~ Feel free to chime in anytime on any of my videos with that positivity. Peace and love to you and yours~.
    You say you use it but how do you use it Do you mix it with a carrier oil Do you just put it straight from the bottle. +TexPR1 I have two videos on Frankincense and am soon to do a third. I cover most of how I personally take it, in one of these videos, but am happy to tell you directly through this comment. I take a spoonful of black cumin seed oil(nigella sativa, which in my opinion is a miraculous healing oil in EVERY way, and I have a video on the benefits of that as well) along with a drop or two of Frank, Myrrh, and Helichrysum nightly. I find it very beneficial this way personally. IF you are NEW to oils, make sure to do a patch test first on the inside of your arm, and make sure the oil is pure (organic, and not processed with hexane, glycols, or anything else unnatural) and that there is no reaction before you start consuming the oil medicinally. Safety is key with all these oils. Hope something here helped, but if I did not, feel free to ask more questions. I enjoy helping however I can. Hope your day is wonderful, thanks for commenting and watching. Appreciate your support.. Thanks for sharing. It’s so informative. I can’t wait to start using my recent purchase of Sacred Frankincense and other pure essential oils too. Btw I do meditation, so Scared Frankincense comes in handy to feel vibrations too..
    Yes, for sure, I do as well. Thank you so much for your comment. Please Please check out my part 2 on Frankincense, Bc I have been using this oil for years in various people I have helped w various stages of cancer, and I listed and covered much more info in that video. So please check it out!!! Thank you for your kind words, and support. Have a great day with your high Vibrations self!!.
    That was great, and I learned so much! We need more videos like this. Keep them coming, Jimmy. I loooooove Frank, and now I know more ways to use it!.
    I could probably talk about the frank for hours on end and all its amazing healing benefits...It is the KING of all the glorious oils....
    That sounds great! I bet it was wonderful. the sacra, or sacred is the rarest, and most pure form. Have a great day, thanks for commenting.. I just made the Frankincense part two, so check it out if you feel so inclined. Thank you!! Have a great day!!. im gonna watch part 2 now. i didnt know all this about this oil. sounds like we all need to be using this oil. what brand do you sell this oil how do i get this oil, i dont want a shit brand..
    +chris reasor Thanks man, appreciate your support and comments. Have a great day. I do not sell the oils, I would simply research who makes the best organic Frankincense with the highest level of monoterpenes, terpenes, sequiterpenes...Most American oil companies, do not do this oil justice and cut it w propylene glycol, and have alcholol in them and this will not be effective for the "king" oil...haha, so just research this very thoroughly and find an oil company that suits your needs, I would be glad to review any that you find, to let you know my Opinion, but also know I do not claim to know all about these oil companies, and my thoughts on the subject would be just that, my thoughts and opinion. Thanks again for all your comments, I am slow to respond to some of yours but will be doing so when I can. Thanks again!.
    +kimberly route Thank you so very much, I appreciate your kind words and support. Check out our little juice page if you want to. We have a little juice group started where we are all simply trying to help one another get healthy through natural means. and The Essential Oil Healing Page is Hope you are having a wonderful day. Comment any time on any of my videos, I may be slow to respond, but I will respond back to you. I enjoy helping others, and sharing what I know to be effective, in hopes to help others. Thanks again! Blessings to you.. You are so informative. Many thanks from the heart. I just went to Native American Nutritionals and purchased the frankincense essential oil. I would like to ask when will you be putting the second part of your frankincense video ☺. Well I will do that very very soon good sir. I appreciate your kind comments, and in the next video I am going to get more into the effects it has on the limbic region of the brain and how it helps repair damaged DNA, I love frankincense. I use it all the time, and i find it most beneficial. I will work on getting this posted soon man, for your request. Appreciate you, have a great day..

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    Homemade Anti Aging Wrinkle recipes: How to make face serum, eye serum, facial cleanser recipes, wrinkle cream. Natural remedies for anti aging skin care i6
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    Homemade Anti-Aging Serum - Dr. Axe
  • December 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    ...Hello all..!!My skin feels so light and fluffy and all thanks to the the maxelder argan cream.. ( you can find it w...nyarganoil…c ) at I use it during the night time before I go to bed.. My skin feels refreshed then ever.. I have an overly sensitive skin and it is a perfect product for me….

    I don't always say a wrinkle cream is amazing... unless it is amazing. I received a discounted sample of Maxelder Argan Cream in exchange for an honest review. My immediate reaction was that this anti-aging cream delivers its promise of firmer and tighter skin. My face felt cool in a refreshing way. My skin felt instantly tighter and firmer I'm excited to see results of long-term use and benefits of using the cream. Recommend w...nyarganoil.….c.

    Ditch the Wrinkle Cream: Anti-Aging Properties of Natural...
  • December 27, 2015
    How to Use Essential Oils for Wrinkles. Companies creating skin care products make a fortune each year on sales of wrinkle creams; however, most of the time the... i9
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    Save up to 50% on Anti-Aging Supplements to keep that youthful glow from leading brands like Whole Health, NOW Foods, Barlean's, and Arches Tinnitus! i10
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    Uma is a line of 100% natural & organic luxury skincare and wellness oils, that are grown, extracted, formulated and bottled entirely at a lush family estate in India... i11
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  • December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Hi - is this potent enough to be the only anti aging night time care or should i add other serums and night creams after applying this essential oil blend.
    Depending on your skin type, this could be suitable as your only anti-ageing product, however you may find that you need to add either Serums/Creams depending on the weather/hormonal changes to the skin etc. Jeni - courses2

    Hi Julie, we are delighted that you have found this video of interest. We have a wide range of Carrier Oils, Essential Oils and Anti-aging products on our website. Our expert aromatherapists are also at hand to offer their advice to any questions you may have..

    Essential Oils - California Academy of Health
  • January 1, 2016
    ... NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT EDIT when you CAN'T sleep at night...a few than's when it should be then...Oh well...ENJOY! **Remember...What you put out into... i13
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    Comments about this video:

    +Peggy Priddy Hi Peggy! I'm so glad you found me! Welcome and thank you for watching! I love neroli oil works well and it smells so good! xoxo Anne.
    I would highly encourage everyone to dilute the essential oils. 1% is safe and effective especially for facial skin. Sensitization can happen which is systemic, different from skin irritation. Any of your favorite fixed/carrier/veg/fruit oils may be used or even an infused carrier oil. 1% is 1 drop per teaspoon or 6 drops/ ounce. If you find you're not getting results you want increase gradually, but not more than 3%. In addition to Frankincense and Neroli, if one can get past the smell, carrot seed essential oil is great for mature skin. There is also a fixed carrot seed oil so be sure to read description. You should notice a price difference too. Rose is said to be lovely too and while costly so little is needed.. +Saven Maven Hi! Thank you for the great information! I have carrot seed oil and agree with you on the's a tough one to take and I end up not using it as much as I should due to the scent. It helps when I mix a drop or two with other oils to mute the smell a bit. Thank you for watching and commenting with the info, I appreciate it! xo Anne.
    You are so welcome. I have a skin blend from Plant Therapy and sadly only used it a few times due to smell. Reminds me of black licorice..
    +CMV Robison Hi! They help to tone up and tighten the skin which makes lines lessen a little, but they won't get rid of lines completely. My eye area is where my most wrinkles are and the oils do help but I haven't found anything to completely get rid of them (unfortunately). I do notice my skin does not look as good if I stop using the oils though, so they do definitely help :) xo Anne.
    Other anti aging from the inside: Brew of chicken bones or beef bone with organic animal bone ones if possible. Ad some white wine or apple cider vinegar in the cooking pot and make sure to not brought up to boiling point just at the limit of boiling point and cook for 4 to 6 hours. If it is a right cooking it should become jelly when cool off. Drink 3 cups per day and you'll never age!! Oh well almost !.
    +Helene Dinand Hi Helene! Very interesting! Thanks so much for watching and for the great suggestion. Happy New Year! xo Anne. How did you get to be so smart, Anne I have not used any oils on my face, or neck, yet. The skin on my face is still producing oil. I fear, if I should add oil, my body will not get the message to make oil, Does this make sense to you Timing is everything, and I want to be prepared it the oil faucet stops working. Loved this. Blessings...ME.
    +VictoriasRoses Hi Becki! They are my favorite facial oils and I have seen improvement to my skin. I would love to hear what you think if you get them and try them. Thank you so much for watching! xo Anne.
    +Ginger Tunstall Hi Ginger! My Now brand of Frankincense comes pre-diluted with a carrier oil and that's the only one that requires diluting, so I actually just mix a few drops of each of the 4 oils in my hand and then apply to my face/neck without adding any other oils to them. If you have sensitive skin though you might want to add a few drops of another oil like jojoba, avocado, grape seed, almond or coconut oil to the mix. Thanks for the wonderful question and for watching! xo Anne. +Irin Khan I'm surprised your even concerned about hair and beauty, your ugly face is probably covered up with your stupid burka everyday.
    Hello I'm a new subbie!! Been watching a few videos tonite love them. This one in particular, had a few questions how do you use these oils All together and when Where do purchase them Thank you:)).
    +melissa pintone Hi Melissa! Thank you for subscribing and welcome! I do use them all together (I just add a few drops of each in my palm and then apply to my face, neck and backs of my hands every night). I also use them in my body care and did a quick video on that as well ;) I get my oils at my local health food store, but you can also find them online (I like and they are on amazon as well). Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I hope you enjoy my videos! ;)) xo Anne. Hi Anne Marie! I'm going to try your essential oil recipe on my arms. After menopause, they got so crepey! I'm looking forward to learning more from your videos :). +Marissa Valdez Hi Marissa! Let me know what you think after you try it, I'd love to hear. Thank you for watching and for the wonderful comment! xo Anne.
    +canthemum Hi! Thank you so much! ok, I am no skin care expert, but I think if you can increase your collagen then your skin would be thicker and plumper. The topicals that I can think of that increase collagen would be: vitamin C products, also products that have Matrixyl in them and of course Retin A (this takes at least 6 months to see results so be patient well all of them take time). Beauty devices that are meant to increase collagen include the dermaroller. I personally use this device and think my skin looks better. Any topical products you put on your skin for up to an hour after using the dermaroller penetrate deeper into the skin as well so that would be a great time to apply any of the 3 topical products I mentioned above. I layer products every night and especially after dermarolling. I use a few drops of each of the oils that I mentioned in this video you commented on and then I use a matrixyl product and then follow it with retin A mixed with a moisturizer so it doesn't irritate my skin. I did a couple videos on dermarolling and those links are: and I know that the website for Timeless skin care sell dermarollers for under $10 and they also have some matrixyl serums. I hope this helps! xo Anne.
    The 2 essential oils I use most often for skin care are carrot seed oil and calendula. Both are very healing on the skin and the carrot seed oil in particular helps improve skins elasticity. Calendula is very healing in that it helps clear redness or rashiness. My favorite is rosehip seed oil, I use it instead of a serum at night. It's rich in naturally occurring retinol (vitamin A) and is most effective if used at night.. +amc tomy Yes, carrot seed oil is wonderful stuff. Don't be put off by the smell though, it's a bit strong and it does need to be diluted with another carrier oil but it does wonderful things for your skin, especially around the eyes. I make my own lip balm and in the winter I'll put more essential oils in it to combat drying and chapping. Calendula is great for that as well as Chamomile. It's to the point where no one in my family buys commercial lip balm anymore! Have a great weekend!.
    +helpfulnatural Thank you so much! I'm excited to try carrot oil (especially around the eye area!) Thanks again and have a fun weekend :)) xo Anne.
    Where is the best place to find these oils Are they commonly available or do you order them online Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I really appreciate you. I'm learning so much. .
    +Sherry Lee Yes, I just get them at my local health food store (I believe Whole Foods sells them as well). Thank you for watching! xo Anne.
    +Carol Zanatian Hi Carol! I hope you love the oils and find them very beneficial to your skin! I struggle with trying to make my skin look as good as I can with at home treatments and am more than happy to share any tips I come across that helps with anti-aging ;) I've been using a fade cream (trying 3 of them out) and will be doing a video on those soon as well since I think they help greatly to even the skin tone and make the skin in turn look younger. Thank you for watching and for the great comments and questions! xo Anne. Hi Anne, thank you for your videos. I look forward to trying some of your recommendations, oils, derma rolling... I recently ordered a 0.5 derma roller and am hopeful that I will be able to achieve the kind of results of great skin as you have. I have gone to a couple of aestheticians who say that derma rolling does not tighten skin just improves the surface texture and only offer micro needling with a derma pen instead. But basically it is the same concept of injuring the skin with tiny needles. The device is a Derma Pen. I have sensitive skin, allergy prone to irritants, break out in either hives or red pinpoint bumps with some products so and am a little bit apprehensive of putting oils or creams if I don't know how I will react so I need to approach carefully. What was your first experience with derma rolling and how did you start Any recommendations as to how I should begin Keep the videos coming, really enjoy and find so informative, All the best, Dee.
    +Dee Rodriguez Hi Dee! Thank you so much for watching and for the lovely comment. I do find using a lidocaine cream before I use my dermaroller helpful for reducing the discomfort of the needling (be sure to wash off the lidocaine cream before you use your dermaroller). Yes, you're correct it is the same concept (basically the same thing) as the derma pen (just less expensive than going in to have it done by someone else sometimes they go deeper than you might at home). I started slowly with the dermaroller...just using it once every 2-4 weeks with only 5-7 rolls in each direction. I roll only on my wrinkled areas or areas that I want more collagen produced (some people do their entire face but I don't). Be sure to sanitize the roller after each use with rubbing alcohol as well and I would just use what ever skin care you normally use at night time after rolling (I only roll at night because it does leave my skin red like a sunburn but is gone by morning). A couple of good creams that I find help with the irritation of rolling are: Weleda skin food (it's heavier and greasy but repairs the skin nicely and also Avene Citalfate repair cream) You probably already saw my videos on dermarolling and on post dermarolling products but I'll put the links here in case you haven't and are interested: and and one on the numbing cream: I hope this helps! xo Anne.

    YL oils are the purest oils on the market and the only ones I use. I love them. They have made a HUGE difference in my skin..
    Hi Anne...what type of carrier oil do you use I am new to using essential oils but would love to try them. Have you tried oil pulling for your allergies This has helped me so much. I also have a teaspoon of local honey every morning. These two "procedures" have made a world of difference. Loved this video and you look beautiful as always! xoxo Laura. +Shake Up Makeup Thank you Laura! I do have some local honey and will try taking a teaspoonful everyday and see if it helps :)) I actually don't mix mine with a carrier oil (if you have really sensitive skin you should though) I just mix the 4 oils together and apply (my frankincense oil is already diluted when I bought it and I think it is diluted with grapeseed oil). Some good carrier oils for the face are argan and jojoba (you don't need too much just a couple drops) or if you have the Palmer's face therapy oil you could use it as a carrier oil too. Let me know what you think if you give them a try :) Thanks for the great info! xo Anne. Hi beautifull Anne..I have just found you and what a lovely lady you are.I am definetelly checking out your other videos,,it is my kind of information... I looved what you had to say about essential oils! many times I pass them by but now I really want to try incorporate them into my skincare routine. Esspecialy the ones for the eye area and tightening skin..oh.. I need that! Your skin is just gorgeous..good job. Keep those videos coming...thank you...sending you a big hugg...Jana. +Jana Kleinerova Hi Jana! Thank you so much! I am so glad you like my videos and find the info useful! I'm glad you found my channel :) Hope you have a great weekend sweetie! xo Anne. castor oil is wonderful for the neck and forehead..amazing..without diluting.. of course, applied to the body it makes skin silky on the spot..Thanks for yr advice!.
    +Nevine. Abd Hi! I have and love castor oil as well. I usually put it under my eyes but will try it on the neck and forehead...thank you for the wonderful suggestion/advice, I appreciate it a lot!!! xo Anne.

    Hi Anne! hope you feel better, my allergies are so bad also i know the feeling :-) thank you for another great video and info (hugsss).
    +Evelyn C Hi Evelyn, I have combination skin (T-zone gets shiny) otherwise I tend to be more on the dry skin side. Thank you for watching! xo Anne. I thank you so very much for sharing this great information! I have to say this 'recipe' of oils definitely makes a difference. I saw this video 3 weeks ago and promptly purchased the oils, as well as rose hip seed oil, which I added in with the 4 you mentioned. I am pleasantly surprised with the results and have waited until now to post so that I had a few weeks of using it before saying anything. I can't exactly put my finger on what the difference is, but my skin looks better maybe fresher I don't know, but I am excited. And again, thank you for sharing! Your videos are so precise, not too long, very 'to the point', without over the top intros/outros, and I have been watching them on the edge of my seat. Thank you for being on Youtube!.
    +S Marczewski Thank you SO much! Your comment made my day :) I'm so glad you gave them a try and after using them a decent amount of time shared your results with us all! Try putting several drops of each of the oils in your favorite body lotion too it does the same thing for the skin on the body. I'm so glad you are enjoying my videos and finding some helpful tips. Thank you!!! xo Anne.
    +BeautyBy Anne-Marie Ok great, I will definitely do that with the body lotion thank you! Yes indeed, I am really, really enjoying your videos! :).
    +Krista Hamilton Hi Krista! Yes, myrrh and neroli oils both are good for crepey skin. I usually just get my essential oils at my local health food store and the vitacost website also carries them I believe (I order from that website as well and they have fairly fast shipping). I hope this helps! Thank you so much for watching! xo Anne.
    +Denise Marie Hi Denise! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you found my channel and are enjoying my videos! I'm 47 and feel the same way. I struggle to get enough sleep, it definitely takes a toll. I was an avid sunbather all the way up until just two years ago when I started getting skin cancer removals (including on my face) and now am trying desperately to undo some of the sun damage (not easy to do...) any tips or tricks I come across for skin care or makeup I pass on in my videos in hopes it helps others as well ;) xo Anne. I have a bunch of those already ( same brand too) and mostly used them for other things. I have extremely dry skin so this is great thanks.

    Anti Aging Essential Oils and Skin Tightening Blends
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    My most popular item! Check out the reviews to see how people have responded. (1) 2oz Anti-Aging Serum with 8 essential oils as well as Rosehip i1
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    Essential Oils: Aromatherapy - #1 Essential Oils Guide, Essential Oils for Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Natural Cures, Remedies and Essential Oil Recipes Natural... i2
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    Essential Oils. Essential Oils. Seed to Seal... Neroli Essential Oil. New and Seasonal; Essential Oils & Blends. Essential Oil Singles; Essential Oil Blends; Roll-ons; i3
    antiaging essential oils -
  • December 5, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I looked up the ingredients in the tube of gold and it is loaded with parabens. I'm very surprised that you would support something with these cancer-causing chemicals in there. Look it up and do some research please before making videos.. +Avery Petty The Gold I use has no parabens listed or any other synthetic ingredient on the tube; only turmeric sandalwood liquorice vetiver marigold grape seed oil and saffron! I do do my research!! Have a nice day. Wow thank you for the recipe! I would say the retain a is not good for the body but actually juicing carrots is very good for the beauty. Actually if you rad Daniel 1 God showed us raw foods, juicing were all the best for beauty.. Could you possibly post the recipe here I'm confused as to whether to mix the gold cream in or apply it separately You look so radiant!. +DebbiAnn2 1 to 2 tsp of any carrier oil or mixture of carrier oils i.e. rosehip, argan or avocado. 1 drop of myrrh, frankincense and another anti ageing oil e.g. rose, carrot. And then about 1 teaspoon approx of Gold cream, until you get a paste like consistency. Apply to visage!! The oils are also very calming and therapeutic. Enjoy. The one on Amazon must be a fake then. So sorry. I'd like to advise those to be careful where they buy theirs at and maybe you could give a mention to where you had purchased yours as Amazon does not carry the correct one. It does look like your tube and same name. Thank you !!. +Avery Petty Oh that is worrying...I noticed that on amazon a couple of people had mentioned in the comments they didn't believe it was genuine! I bought mine from Asda, but I cannot see it is available there now! I do see it on eBay and again looking at the ingredients list for that one it only mentioned all natural ingredients...however again on eBay can you trust it is genuine! Worrying! :-(.
    Hello, thanks for the video. Please could you please let us know where did you buy the gold cream from Thank you.
    yes girl!! you look amazing for 48! You look amazing anyway though, in general!! thanks for sharing. I'v ebeen using these same oils for my skin and love it to. Waned to show my husband how someone else will talk about it!!.
    +Donna Hampshire Thank you for the kind compliment and glad you are enjoying the oils. I love blending them myself...or use Kiehls Midnight Recovery concentrate which is very good too. Need to do an update on skincare Thank you for watching!.

    Enjoy your video - thanks! But just a note - carrot seed oil primarily contains the well-known pigment carotene, but does not contain vitamins A and E or pro-vitamin A, which are found in the root. So it's not providing any retinol, but that's ok because retinol isn't all it's cracked up to be anyway, and can end up causing more harm than good. However, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has been shown in studies to actually reverse aging in skin when applied topically (and of course it's great to take orally!). The problem with buying creams containing vitamin C is 1) they usually add toxic ingredients, and 2) ascorbic acid is extremely unstable - it oxidizes rapidly and quickly loses its potency. Since you are making your facial oil fresh each night, have you tried adding some ascorbic acid If so, have you found a good way to dissolve or emulsify it into the oil I have not had any luck with this so please share any suggestions you might have. Thanks again!.

    I ingest my essential oils as long as they are all natural pure therapeutic high grade. No problem at all with them. But keep them away from children..


    I'm sure you know by now,but you actually can ingest Essential Oils. Only in small quantities though. .
    have you tried Boswellia Sacra Frankincense essential oil is very powerful and great for anti-aging plus is 100% natural, i got mine from puresacra online store.
    I bought it in Asda. It's cheap as chips. Thank you for nearly 50! lol .
    About a level teaspoon...really just enough with the teaspoon of the oils to coat your face and neck. Thank you for watching :). I have not found any problems using Retin A with either oils or creams over fact is helps prevent the dryness, whilst still removing the skin cells. Do you say this because it negates its effectiveness Thank you for commenting...and watching :). Thank you Natalie...I highly recommend the book as it is easy to read, informative and not too long. I am having such fun with all just need to always proceed with caution using tiny amounts. My skin is fairly tolerant...and I haven't found anything yet that has reacted badly, but everyone is soooo different. Like I said, I will never go back to a shop bought skincare product. Thx for commenting :) .
    I really like the Fushi oils and the price is great. I received them quickly too...from the UK. I'm in the US. Oh! I also ordered the Really Good Cellulite Oil, and the brush with the nubbies on it. Too soon to notice a difference, but it feels like I'm doing something good. I ordered the Forever Young Book, but I haven't received it yet..

    I have been using this combo about 7 weeks really ever since my previous vid but Rosehip Oil I have been using for around six months. The rosehip + Retin A + vitamin C serum is a very good combination alone, but I am noticing the effects of the carrot oil, frankincense and Myrrh alot! Realistically, everything takes about six months to see vast improvements but my skin texture is the best it has been! My advice is research to find the oils best suitable for YOU, & then start with small amounts:).

    Thank you..that is very kind. You don't look like you need any anti aging advice to me though! lol :).
    Hi! I apply all over my face with a brush but only up to the socket bone around the eye then I pat with my finger to distribute it a little closer, and the oil naturally migrates anyway so you don't want to get to close as essential oils are very strong and you definitely don't want it going in your eye. I had always been reluctant previously to use any oil in the eye area but this combo doesn't make the eye puffy at all. cont.../.
    Hey Theresa! You won't regret it..but you are need to do some research. The book I recommended is very good, but there are lots on the subject. I am just enjoying have less "stuff" and less chemical overload!! lol Please let me know how you get on. I am loving festive season...I can never have enough turkey, lights and baubles!! Have a wonderful time yourself. :) xox.

    just thinking of you today. i asusing vit.c with rose oil... i wantd to asked you how do you see the progress with philips machine i bought only the one available in buenosaires ich is for hair...ipl light so i dont see that orks too much in removing hair but i also use it for the face to see if the light orks kind of a reaura... what do you think merry chritsmas..
    Thank you...I appreciate your kind comments. Fushi is a great brand...but I highly recommend you get a book on the subject because then you can really study what essential oils would benefit you and your skin type most. I cannot recommend natural skincare may take you a little while to get your ideal combination for you..but it is worth on your purse and body!! lol Have a great week :) xo. Yes both have very strong fragrances, as do all essential oils...but strangely in your skin after a minute or two the scent fades. But if you hate fragrance they are not for you! All oils have mental as well as physical properties...these I find soothing, but also enlivening! Thx for commenting. I am so pleased you like the oils because I think the are amazing. Re: the cellulite oil like I said on the vid...50 per cent reduction in 3 months and I will be happy. I have to realistic nothing is probably going to make it go completely...also I am actually enjoying using it (twice daily faithfully) and I have actually kept it up!! lol Have a great weekend :). You look amazing for 48! I have just started my channel and I am 44, it's nice watching someone of similar age. Thanks for the video. xox. I do like fragrance & I'm looking forward to trying them. Thanks so much for answering my question.. Hi, Great to see you back:-) I always look forward to your videos, I love how you seem to be heading more down the more natural/holistic side to skin care. I am too, and funny enough I was thinking about essential oils the last month or so, so I am happy you did this video. I am going to check out that brand Fushi. I am quite interested in the rosehip oil. I have started to notice very small fine lines under my eyes, but only when I smile. lol.
    It is so easy to believe the hype around the "newest" chemical but somehow I just never got the results I was after. I have seen such enormous progress since using oils; I love that they are relatively inexpensive and I love the creativity and control! I am so glad you are enjoying them...thank you about the pregnancy issue...I went and put an annotation on the video. Please keep in touch and let me know your experiences and any new ingredients you try. Thx for watching :).

    Thank you for this video! I was thinking of trying essential oils and now I will definitely do some more research. I have a couple of questions though: can you use them around the eye area and how long have you been using this particular combo before you could really tell it was working thanks again for the upload!! Hope you have a wonderful Xmas!.

    I am joining you from LisaLisaD's channel. I will listen to ANY anti aging advice you give, you look FABULOUS! :).
    Thank you Carrie...I hope you enjoy the Enami cream; which generally I use to mix with the essential oils. Forever Young is by Dr Nicholas Perricone. I cannot recommend this book highly is brilliant. I am 50 next year too...knowledge is power...and I don't now dread it quite so much!! lol Growing old, I realise, is a privilege! Have a great weekend. I haven't been using the ReAura for the last two months as regularly as I was (this is because I went abroad to a hot climate recently) & I always avoid using it if I am going to be exposed to too much sunlight. I think it is a brilliant product...but all lasers are not the same. I have just been sent a hair removing laser that I will soon be trialling on my channel. This is a totally different type of laser & would not be beneficial for skin rejuvenation. Thank you for asking & commenting. haven't watched you in a while & just returned. Couldn't believe that you turned to essentials oils, cuz I have started using them a few weeks ago and I love it! Besides the rosehip and Argan I am using grapeseed, evening primrose, pomegrenate and sweet almond. It is so fascinating learning about oils and will surely try this combination..
    Hi Liz...Yes I do...the cream I use is not oil based and it mixes perfectly. Look for anything with collodial Gold. This cream was very inexpensive...only problem is I can't remember where I bought it! Duhhhh!! Like I said..I make it fresh every day, this mixture is not for storage. Thx for commenting.
    Happy to have found you on youtube. I have been getting into using natural products and essential oils for my skin. I will be 50 in a few months. I watched this video and immediately ordered the Enami Gold cream. Just got it and I'm looking forward to using it tonight. I think I remember you recommending another book called Forever Young If you did, can you tell me who is the author. Thank you. Stay Young and Beautiful.
    Hi there...the carrier oils are Rosehip and Argan oil..equal quantities of each about 1 teaspoon of each oil; then one drop of Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils and a teaspoon of collodial gold cream (any brand should do...if you can get it). The brand I have is Emami and it was quite cheap. Thank you for watching and commenting. Hope you can get a good translation into Spanish!! :).

    Oh, I'm so happy I found you. Yes, I will try this mask soon as I get the ingredients. I use essentials oils for my body, but haven't tried them in a DIY skincare. Like the other viewers have commented, you do look awesome, even with NO makeup.. wow. I'm 51 yr.old w/sun damage and looking forward to these mask. Thank you for the info. You're a Gem!.

    I so agree with you. My skin is telling me that it loves essential oil mixed with carrier oils. I have been using rose hip seed oil as the carrier and one drop of Frankincense and one crop of Lavender essential oils, both am and pm. I will never go back to using expensive face creams with all the additives in them. You have to be careful though, and read up on what to do and what not to do. And if you are pregnant don't use at all..

    I really want to try this out, I love all kind of essencial oil for different uses. Thanks so much :-).
    So happy to see you again! You look so lovely (I adore the sweater!). Can't even tell you aren't wearing makeup! I've been wanting to get into essential oils/carrier oils, and this gives a nice recipe, thank you! I'm going to make myself run out of some items before I purchase though. xoxo Susan. Your beautiful skin is certainly a testament to the use of essential oils!! I need to look for that book... xoxo ~Natalie.
    I forgot to ask you, where can I find the Gold cream on the internet because I dont know of any store that carries it in Greece. Thank you..
    You look radiant! I would love to try this, and pick up that book. Thank you so much for this info. Hugsss.
    I'm so glad that you did this video, I have been considering starting a similar regime. Your skin looks amazing...I would like to simplify my skin care routine. I need to do some more reading and research before starting. I hope you are enjoying the season! Merry Christmas! ~ T :) xoxo.
    Thank you...I have added pomegranate seed oil to the arsenal recently which is amazing if your skin is super dry. I will do an update on skin care soon Thxx for commenting. Have a great week. Thanks for that. Iv just looked on the site and it says once opened has to be used withing 6 months do you think it will still be ok to use as it is big bottles. Sorry for all questions appreciate advice. Trust me I have alot of sun damage on my face too! This is now my everyday moisturizer is all I now use (I just skip or use less of the Gold!). I will do an updated Oils video I am also now using a few more and they are all excellent. Thank you for your lovely comment...I am glad you found me! :).

    The Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Essential Oil Blend - Herbs & Oils
  • December 11, 2015
    Here are 5 DIY Anti-Aging Serums that contain natural oils to prevent and combat wrinkles. i5
    Anti-Aging with Essential Oils Recipe | Yummly
  • January 20, 2016
    The joys of using oils instead of creams is that they penetrate the dermis more deeply. Meanwhile the brain is awakened and soothed by the aromas. i6
    Essential Oils: Aromatherapy for Weight Loss, Anti-Aging...
  • October 26, 2015
    Scent and smell makes products memorable, add anti-aging essential oils for aromatherapy in skin care to make your own lotion creations. i7
    Anti-Aging Serum: anti wrinkle skin care with Essential Oils
  • November 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    hi I myself have a dry dehydrated skin with mild acne can you tell whether this is a good combination For dry skin firming skin 15 ml of jojoba oil 10 ml of almond oil 10 ml of avocado oil 15 ml of rose hip oil man aged 36 tips are welcome.

    Thank you for taking the time to video this, I have been recently using oils for my skin and it has been a good decision..

    Glad to hear it, Tammy! Yes, the carrot seed oil makes all the difference, although just a drop as it smells weird otherwise. are you using that ingredient.
    hi! unfortunately i don't have an eye oil recipe at the moment, i use a great eye serum from no7..
    Hi there...this is interesting...could you tell me how much of the almond oil you used...or the size of the bottle please.
    Hi mistressshelly, almond oil has a shelf life of 1 year. I make this in small batches that last around a month, then you can refrigerate the rest of your almond oil so it lasts longer..
    Hi Kiki, yes, no problem! I use: almond oil as a carrier oil 3 drops of geranium essential oil 2 drops of rose (or rosehip can also be used) essential oil I've also included a link to the original blog post as well. Thanks for watching! Sundal x .

    Fabulous! a new video, and I really hope to see more essential oil videos on YT. Could you list the oils you use in your About description Great work, thanks tons..

    Essential Living - Anti-Aging -
  • December 19, 2015
    The good news is that there are many anti aging essential oils that will work to rebuild, tighten and restore your youthful glow. Make your own Anti Aging Essential... i9
    Anti Aging Essential Oils for Face | Organic Face oil | Uma
  • December 1, 2015
    Essential Oils The Beginner's Guide To The Miraculous Powers Of Essential Oils - With Essential Oil Recipes For Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Stress Relief And More! i10
    The Best Essential Oils For Anti Aging Skin Care
  • December 23, 2015
    Quick Links. 5 Steps of Safe Essential Oil Use. How to use Young Living Oils; About Shipping & Returns; Contact Us; Essential Oil Articles i11
    Neroli Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils
  • January 23, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    ANTI-AGING on Pinterest | Ageing, Anti Aging Tips and...
  • December 3, 2015
    Uma Anti Aging Face oil combines the best anti aging essential oils for your face. Every Uma product is created from high quality organic face oils, each targeted to... i13
    How to make an anti aging serum - School of Natural Skincare
  • November 6, 2015
    Anti Aging Eye Cream with 11 essential oils tailored to heal, rejuvenate, soothe, clarify, and increase the elasticity of your skin. DIY Recipe or buy. i14
    Essential Living - Anti-Aging -
  • October 29, 2015
    Essential Oils. Essential Oils. Seed to Seal... Neroli Essential Oil. New and Seasonal; Essential Oils & Blends. Essential Oil Singles; Essential Oil Blends; Roll-ons; i15
    Anti Aging Essential Oils and Skin Tightening Blends
  • November 2, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Omg!! I was confused about essential oils and wanted to start using it... thanks a ton for the info.
    Your children are lucky to have you. Essential Oils effect us all differently and many are accustomed to smelling synthetic versions without knowing. ~ If I may, I recommend only using the weak fingers near the eyes and gently press toward the nose vs out as this skin is the thinnest skin... California Plant Based Nutrition & Gardener, Herbalist, Aesthetician... go botanical and organic!. Hi Bhavna, I really enjoyed this health/beauty series. hope to see more of them in the future. thank you..
    great info...:) I'm using rose essential oil..its so great and amazing for gives a young looking skin..:) like you said I'm also using it with my night lotion(any milk base)..its so perfect for me... now I'm gonna buy and try frankincense essential oil after watched your video:)... thank you bhavna for the great tips :).
    what oil should I use for stretch mark.its parachute coconut oil that we can easily find in India 8 month pregnant.
    +Sabina S Frankincense oil works for most skin problems and can be dilute with coconut or almond oil for better result..
    hey bhavna... I really love n enjoy ur videos I have questions do u have any Ras malaye video... if u do plz send me the link thanku... lots of love.... +Shell I haven't posted Ras Malai but I did Angoori Rabri which is similiar, the only difference is the shape of balls. Ras malais are flat while Angoors are round. here is the link, Loved the video... Thank you so much... Could you please let me know if you have any idea on an oil which can help reduce stretch marks and firm the skin....
    +Rohini Iyengar Tupurani A good idea for that is to make a salve and rub it on the stomach, hips, and chest before bed. I used vitamin E oil mixed with whats called Bag Balm here in the U.S. as well as Aloe Vera if you can find it. Bag Balm has been around for a long time. It used to be used to keep the udders from chaffing on milking animals but it also to help keep them germ free. Aloe is wonderful hands down for skin and has many healing properties. The E oil helps the skin retain elasticity during pregnancy and can even reduce stretch marks after birth. My great grandmother also used what is called Marijuana in the U.S. She would simmer the leaves down in water until she had a paste. She mixed that in with the rest and used it to treat bad burns or different types of injuries. Another thing is to take fresh shaved coconut and diced ginger and just wrap about a tablespoon in a bit of cheesecloth and drop it into a hot bath. Wait for the water to cool a little and then relax in it. The heat will release the oils and antioxidants and help you as well as soften and clean the skin. Its also GREAT in a smoothy at least I think thats what its called nowadays lol. Sorry I am a bit of a talker lol, and Bhavnas ideas always get me thinking. Anyway I hope some of this helps. Have a great day dear. Julia.

    Hi Bhavna ,i think this oil is perfect for me can i get this oil at any store in Canada i''m really excited for your every video.I always watch all of your videos. I am gujrati too.Thank you.
    +Geetabahen Kayada I am not sure where in Canada but I have listed the link under this video description and they ship international as well with no cost for certain amount..
    hello Bhavna...thx for sharing the informative video...can u tell, which brand I can choose for Frankincense oil as there are so many brands in the market and its difficult to trust for purity....
    +Dipti Upadhyay I trust all Plant Therapy Oil and I am sure you will also love it. Link is provided under this video description..

    Essential Oils: The Beginner's Guide To The Miraculous...
  • December 12, 2015
    Essential Oils: Aromatherapy - #1 Essential Oils Guide, Essential Oils for Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Natural Cures, Remedies and Essential Oil Recipes Natural... i17
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  • December 27, 2015
    Essential Oils. Essential Oils. Seed to Seal... Neroli Essential Oil. New and Seasonal; Essential Oils & Blends. Essential Oil Singles; Essential Oil Blends; Roll-ons; i18
    antiaging essential oils -
  • October 30, 2015
    Learn how to make a rejuvenating natural anti-aging serum using potent plant and essential oils. i19
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  • January 22, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Anti-Aging with Essential Oils Recipe | Yummly
  • November 8, 2015
    The joys of using oils instead of creams is that they penetrate the dermis more deeply. Meanwhile the brain is awakened and soothed by the aromas. i21
    Essential Oils: Aromatherapy for Weight Loss, Anti-Aging...
  • November 9, 2015
    Scent and smell makes products memorable, add anti-aging essential oils for aromatherapy in skin care to make your own lotion creations. i22
    Anti-Aging Serum: anti wrinkle skin care with Essential Oils
  • January 9, 2016
    Anti Aging Eye Cream with 11 essential oils tailored to heal, rejuvenate, soothe, clarify, and increase the elasticity of your skin. DIY Recipe or buy. i23
    Essential Living - Anti-Aging -
  • December 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Hi Ann. Does it go bad after a month or so like vitamin C serum Just wondering. I was thinking about the vitamin c serum..
    Hi Shannon, no not that I am aware of. I heard the same thing about vitamin C, but haven't seen or heard anything about neroli going bad. xo Anne.
    It's a good one that I hadn't heard of until a month or two ago. Thank you for watching and commenting! XO Anne.

    Anti Aging Essential Oils for Face | Organic Face oil | Uma
  • November 15, 2015
    Essential Oils The Beginner's Guide To The Miraculous Powers Of Essential Oils - With Essential Oil Recipes For Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Stress Relief And More! i25
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  • January 18, 2016
    Quick Links. 5 Steps of Safe Essential Oil Use. How to use Young Living Oils; About Shipping & Returns; Contact Us; Essential Oil Articles i26
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  • December 4, 2015
    Essential Oils: Aromatherapy - #1 Essential Oils Guide, Essential Oils for Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Natural Cures, Remedies and Essential Oil Recipes Natural... i27
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  • December 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    How to make an anti aging serum - School of Natural Skincare
  • January 24, 2016
    Anti Aging Eye Cream with 11 essential oils tailored to heal, rejuvenate, soothe, clarify, and increase the elasticity of your skin. DIY Recipe or buy. i29
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  • January 14, 2016
    Essential Oils. Essential Oils. Seed to Seal... Neroli Essential Oil. New and Seasonal; Essential Oils & Blends. Essential Oil Singles; Essential Oil Blends; Roll-ons; i30
    Anti Aging Essential Oils and Skin Tightening Blends
  • January 3, 2016
    My most popular item! Check out the reviews to see how people have responded. (1) 2oz Anti-Aging Serum with 8 essential oils as well as Rosehip i31
    Essential Oils: The Beginner's Guide To The Miraculous...
  • November 18, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Fruitful Morgana I can do a video on that soon, for sure~ Just for you! If you want me to reply some basic blends, before then just let me know. You can also friend me on FB. I have an Essential Oil Healing Page, and a Juice page. Just letting you know. Thanks~ Hope you have a wonderful day~ Hi, what would you recommend for chronic lyme disease, depression fatigue and extreme headaches Thank you.
    +1983SMOGGY I have just taken a break, as I am helping many people in the city in which I live who are ill. But I am about to get back to it. I am working now on a lemongrass video, and several others, so PLEASE stay tuned. I am grateful you listen/watch. Also, if you have any request, please let me know. Thanks so much~ Peace and love to you and yours~.

    Been busy but always glad to hear your voice of health and well being working! Thank you again as always!.

    +Caroline5765 Thank you~ Hope you are doing great. Always appreciative of your support and comments~ Sun is shining here today~ I took sunshine to the creek, and we played in the water. It was a lot of fun~ Peace and love to you and yours~.

    Neroli Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils
  • November 5, 2015
    Essential Oils. Essential Oils. Seed to Seal... Neroli Essential Oil. New and Seasonal; Essential Oils & Blends. Essential Oil Singles; Essential Oil Blends; Roll-ons; i33
    antiaging essential oils -
  • December 24, 2015
    Learn how to make a rejuvenating natural anti-aging serum using potent plant and essential oils. i34
    The Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Essential Oil Blend - Herbs & Oils
  • December 7, 2015
    Here are 5 DIY Anti-Aging Serums that contain natural oils to prevent and combat wrinkles. i35
    Anti-Aging with Essential Oils Recipe | Yummly
  • November 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Great video and information. Maxelder argan cream!!!! ( suggest w nyarganoil c) Makes u look years younger!!!! I will definitely recommend to anyone that wants younger vibrant looking skin in just days!!! Love it!!. +Donna Ackah I get compliments from friends and relatives that tell me I look younger and I never got them before. This is amazing highly recommend.
    is this also for dry skin and also is it nessecary to add this essential oils i read some time ago that this is not good. would it also be possible withouht do you also have cream with aloe vera.
    Thank you so much for your video! I can't wait to make it :) Could you please share the brand of the oils and butter () you used and where we can purchase.
    Thank you so much I want to do it..., is amazing no chemical at all... Sharing is caring, i appreciated..
    When it melts down it will mix easily with a spoon. Once cooled you can use a hand mixer on it to give it a whipped body butter affect (check out my other video on whipped body butter for more info!) Hope that helps! ❤️. Not currently since I do not have a separate commercial kitchen. I am currently working on a book with over 50 easy, tested and affective DIY recipes like this and I am making more videos to match the recipes! I will post more info when the books is available for pre-order through Kickstarter 😄. hi I live in Texas.. very humid. I made the anti aging cream then whipped it to be creamy. But it does not want to stay that way it wants to go back to oil without being in the refrigerator. But then becomes more solid. Any suggestion on how to remedy this.
    +The Holistic Mother I'm not sure about this as I haven't made homemade skin care yet but have watched a few videos. I think one of the ingredients used was beeswax beads. That may help it hold it's shape. The lady used a regular mixer like you would use to make a cake to whip it an it became fluffy. It's here on Youtube somewhere..
    +Carol Moran There is a high % of coconut oil which melts at 76 degrees. Your options are to lower the amount of the coconut oil and add more, or another solid butter, Shea, Cocoa ect. or add an emulsifier or bees wax..
    +Miriam Hudson Yes this will work great on old stretch marks! I will post before and after soon! Thanks for watching!.

    Essential Oils: Aromatherapy for Weight Loss, Anti-Aging...
  • January 26, 2016
    Scent and smell makes products memorable, add anti-aging essential oils for aromatherapy in skin care to make your own lotion creations. i37
    Anti-Aging Serum: anti wrinkle skin care with Essential Oils
  • December 17, 2015
    Anti Aging Eye Cream with 11 essential oils tailored to heal, rejuvenate, soothe, clarify, and increase the elasticity of your skin. DIY Recipe or buy. i38
    Essential Living - Anti-Aging -
  • November 28, 2015
    The good news is that there are many anti aging essential oils that will work to rebuild, tighten and restore your youthful glow. Make your own Anti Aging Essential... i39
    Anti Aging Essential Oils for Face | Organic Face oil | Uma
  • January 1, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    The Best Essential Oils For Anti Aging Skin Care
  • January 12, 2016
    Quick Links. 5 Steps of Safe Essential Oil Use. How to use Young Living Oils; About Shipping & Returns; Contact Us; Essential Oil Articles i41
    Neroli Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils
  • January 27, 2016
    Essential Oils: Aromatherapy - #1 Essential Oils Guide, Essential Oils for Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Natural Cures, Remedies and Essential Oil Recipes Natural... i42
    ANTI-AGING on Pinterest | Ageing, Anti Aging Tips and...
  • December 2, 2015
    Uma Anti Aging Face oil combines the best anti aging essential oils for your face. Every Uma product is created from high quality organic face oils, each targeted to... i43
    How to make an anti aging serum - School of Natural Skincare
  • January 8, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    That's great. So happy that you can run again. Do you think that the clove oil would help just as much at the thyme oil.
    That is totally amazing. Good for you on figuring out what oil to use and getting back to running. Enjoy :-).
    can a person over do the anti-oxidants is there any ill effects to using too much clove oil internally or exterally.

    Didn't it sting or hurt when you applied it directly to your knee The guy from a essential oils store told me not to apply directly to my skin because it will most likely be irritating and i'll get a rash from it..
    Facial care companies desire everyone to try their new products to show how good they are. Have you ever seen a cosmetics section set-up in your local mall offering free samples Well i just found a website that will send Free trials to your home, its the secret trick to free skincare products :) You can get them here 2 dlewis1498 Thank you for this comment. I didn't mention this in the video. Antioxidants are also known to be powerful pain killers through their anti-inflammatory action. I have now updated my blog post..

    Essential Living - Anti-Aging -
  • January 13, 2016
    Essential Oils. Essential Oils. Seed to Seal... Neroli Essential Oil. New and Seasonal; Essential Oils & Blends. Essential Oil Singles; Essential Oil Blends; Roll-ons; i45
    Anti Aging Essential Oils and Skin Tightening Blends
  • November 19, 2015
    My most popular item! Check out the reviews to see how people have responded. (1) 2oz Anti-Aging Serum with 8 essential oils as well as Rosehip i46
    Essential Oils: The Beginner's Guide To The Miraculous...
  • December 29, 2015
    Essential Oils: Aromatherapy - #1 Essential Oils Guide, Essential Oils for Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Natural Cures, Remedies and Essential Oil Recipes Natural... i47
    Neroli Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils
  • November 13, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    antiaging essential oils -
  • November 7, 2015
    Learn how to make a rejuvenating natural anti-aging serum using potent plant and essential oils. i49
    The Ultimate Anti-Wrinkle Essential Oil Blend - Herbs & Oils
  • November 3, 2015
    Here are 5 DIY Anti-Aging Serums that contain natural oils to prevent and combat wrinkles. i50
    Anti-Aging with Essential Oils Recipe | Yummly
  • January 2, 2016
    The joys of using oils instead of creams is that they penetrate the dermis more deeply. Meanwhile the brain is awakened and soothed by the aromas. i51
    Essential Oils: Aromatherapy for Weight Loss, Anti-Aging...
  • November 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    2 mizz prettyladi Thank you! I ordered the carrot seed oil and it was delivered today looking forward to trying it tonight! Thanks for the great suggestions. xo Anne.
    I have used Maxelder argan cream ( w…nyarganoil….c ) for a couple of months now and I have noticed that my pores are much smaller, the crows feet around my eyes are gone, my skin tone looks great, and any pimples that pop up go away within 2 days.
    +Eve Watkinson Hi! I've never heard of it but will look it up. Thanks for the suggestion. xo Anne.
    hey Ann Marie...check is light 2 is my small handcrafted beauty blends line... the love is l8ght serum has 13 seed oils high in A C E... rosehip amala seabuckthorn moringa meadowfoma black seed argan hemp pumpkin tomatoe carrot..what makes super potent and unique is..ormus oil..ormus is monotomic restores the skin on a deep cell level bringing vitality and energy to the cells and potinizes what ever it is with...also shilajit oil...shilajit is a resin from the caves of the Hymalaina rich in fulvic acid...this brings what ever is with it to the core of the cell...penetrating all 3 layers of the cell and also energizing the cells...and lots of essential oils 9f clove lavender heavenly!!!....
    +Narayan sacheabea Hi! I'll have to go check out your website. The oil blends you do sound wonderful, thanks for sharing them! xo Anne.
    When i first applied of Maxelder Argan Cream i put on it into my finger and rub it slowly into my face and neck,I was surprise because i felt the warmed on my face and neck, and in a few minutes i feel my face became tighter and i love the way i feel,very smooth and soft. If you need it recommend w….nyarganoil..c.
    If you don't use fillers/botox, you are aging flawlessly! Just beautiful. I added the oils you suggested to my amazon cart. I'm new to essential oils and have thick skin, no wrinkles, but I'm prone to breakouts on my jawline and milia on my cheeks/forehead. I started using frankincense, tea tree and eucalyptus but haven't noticed any difference in my skin. I look forward to trying the oils you use. :-).

    Thank you for share with us!! Love your videos they are very interesting!! I going to buy them (oils) hugs .
    Hello, you are a stunning lady. ThankYou for sharing your skin routine. However, I am a bit confused after watching your oldest video you only mentioned Tamanu oil, them Tamanu, Neroil & Palmers skin therapy, the newest you list Patchouli,Myrrh, Frankincense & Neroil So what happened to Tamanu & Palmers or do you switch it up Could you also please provide the link to where you buy these. Thanks M3. +MALGOSIA66 Hi, yes, I still use all of them and just switch it up. They are all really good oils. I just kept finding good ones that I love so I thought I'd share them all with you and let everyone know a little about what each one does and their benefits to the skin. I sometimes just mix all of them in my palm (a few drops of each) and then apply to my face and neck. I get the Now brand essential oils (patchouli, myrrh, frankincense and neroli) at my local whole foods store or local health food store. The tamanu I order online: (this website, vitacost should sell all the oils I believe except maybe the Palmer's) and the Palmer's oil I purchase at my local Walgreens store or online at I hope this helps! Thank you so much for watching and for the wonderful question/comment. xo Anne. Thank you Donnalynnhope! I do have some wrinkles mainly around my eyes and forehead (I spent way too much time sunbathing with baby oil for a few decades). I hope you enjoy these oils as much as I do! I'd love to hear what you think after you try them. xo Anne. Any oils, moisturizers or masks that I use on my face I also apply to my neck (and backs of my hands). I also try my best to sleep on my back to help minimize wrinkles on my face, neck and chest. Hope this helps, xo Anne. These sound great! Thank you for sharing. I have just been reading about rose hip seed oil, also, that is supposed to be great for smoothing fine lines and dark spots. I have been using coconut oil to wash and hydrate my face and lashes, at night, and I am new to using some of the Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Serum, also. .
    Hi Cara! I also love coconut oil as a makeup remover (I use either oils or vaseline to remove my makeup and hydrate). Rosehip oil is one of the 10 oils in the Palmer's skin therapy oil and like you, I have heard it is wonderful for the skin. There are so many oils to choose from, each with great skin benefits, I think it's all a matter of finding ones that work best for you and that you see the best benefits from. I have tried a bunch of oils and the 3 that I recommend in the video are the ones that I have seen noticeable skin improvement from for myself. You'll have to let me know what you think of the Olay Regenerist! I have also heard great things about that! Thanks so much for watching and commenting! xo Anne.
    Hi, I saw another video you did that talked about coconut oil for your face. It was liquid coconut oil. I was just wondering why you used that instead of cold pressed organic virgin.. +Cinder Roxy I use the liquid coconut oil to remove my makeup (I also use vaseline as a makeup remover and did a video on that too). Cold pressed organic is the best coconut oil to use, but I just found it much more convenient for me as a makeup remover to use the liquid. xo Anne :). Ah, that makes sense! I've been using the Cold Pressed for under my eyes and all over my face and I'm quite amazed actually. I have lines under my eyes, but they look sooo much better at my almost 50 years of age after using it for about a month and a half. I really want to try some of the other oils, but they are so expensive..
    I just started using Argan oil, I will have to let you know how it works. Thanks for the suggestions, new subbie. :).

    Anti-Aging Serum: anti wrinkle skin care with Essential Oils
  • November 24, 2015
    Anti Aging Eye Cream with 11 essential oils tailored to heal, rejuvenate, soothe, clarify, and increase the elasticity of your skin. DIY Recipe or buy. i53
    Essential Living - Anti-Aging -
  • December 13, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Love the product very much. I had very bad wrinkle on my forehead and after using it for almost 2 weeks i can see result..

    Anti Aging Essential Oils for Face | Organic Face oil | Uma
  • November 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Great video...I use essential oils in everything in my life, from face to body, to cleaning my house...for my health and well being...
    What I am finding because I am new to essential oils is that the condensation of oils from the leaves if not organic can be very toxic. I had never thought of it before. There is a difference between pharmaceutical grade and a truly organic product..
    I loved this video so much! I still have some of the Ananda thyme oil you gave me and I've been using it in a hair mask for my sister, her hair has been falling out since discovering she was diabetic (I think from stress but we are waiting on her lab results to see if it's something else) and it's been helping so much! I have Valerie Worwood's book and I love it but I need the others you mentioned. :) .

    I really want to get into essential oils in the near future! This was so helpful, adding this to my favorites for future reference. xoMelissa.
    U must make more of these! Doesn't look like there is anybody out there talking about it. And as honestly as u do! ( brands and etc. ). OH YEAH! Great book to purchase...Modern essentials...Tells you everything you need to know about the Doterra oils!.
    Very good video, but it's hard to hear past you calling me "you guys". It sounds juvenile. Kurt Schnaubelt has several very scientific books out. I choose Original Swiss Aromatics, Essential Oils, which he reccomends because he's done the science and work to know the best products. It's expensive because it's the best brand. I say that based on his science, and my experience. He teaches practitioners. His isn't from one source, but from many. He supports farms that have been producing oils for generations. Most locations can't afford to produce the highest quality because of the cost of living, but the long enduring farms OSA uses are located in regions where farmers can afford to grow the highest quality. What about Terragon It's my favorite because it calms me. Even when I have drug side effects, it helps!.
    I live in chronic pain from spondylolisthesis as well as a slipped disc sending pain down both my legs. It's hard to believe the hype of essential oils until I was so desperate I would try anything. I started a blog to hopefully help others in their journey to a better life. Hope this helps you guys! Great video. I would suggest that you never Buy Saje. They may have a few good items, but honestly a horrible company.. I love lavender. You look amazing in this video. I'm not too into essential oils but I am going to check out some that you mentioned. Thanx Kristin :-).
    Love your channel and We have we a question for you. When you have a chance can you please email us at Scents2
    I am not fond of the Auracacia brand either. I love using Living libations oils and Veriditas botanical oils.. great video. I really enjoy Edens Garden oils! They seem to get a lot of good reviews:
    Great video! I just received the Valerie Ann Worwood book as a gift, it is amazing! I am starting my collection of essential oils as well. Do you have any favorite oils for your diffuser (besides those that help for coughs) Thanks!.
    +Samantha Sonnich So glad you're enjoying the Valerie Worwood book! There are so many good recipes in there. I use thyme in my diffuser when I sleep (diffuser is next to my bed) when I feel like I could be on the cusp of a cold/ getting sick. I really feel like it helps. Sometimes I diffuse lemon and lavender to calm and freshen my home. Also, I have an oil from Ananda that is called purify. It's supposed to clean up the air (if other people are sick in your home). I feel like it's a stimulating oil though. Ive tried it at night and both my husband and I had a hard time sleeping! But sometimes when I use it during the day I feel a little pep in my step.. Hi Kristen Kay. Is organic important to you. Just to let you know, Essante Organics is 100% organic, certified no chemicals and wild crafted. You can check them out at Organic oils do make a difference!. Gotta love melaleuca (meh-la-loo-ka) essential oil! I've mostly been using Doterra. Coconut essential oil is great for diluting the stronger oils when appling them on your skin, like with tea tree oil (melaleuca)..
    +Hardstyle Otaku (Kissislove17) I've been using tea tree oil lately on my skin to help with some acne spots! Love it :) Thanks for sharing.
    I really enjoyed this video! I LOVE tea tree oil. I actually mix it with water and apply it to my face! I'd really appreciate it if you have the time and could check out my channel and subscribe back if you like it. Hey there! I just came across your video by chance and I loved listening to you! Doterra and Young Living are the best of the best!!! I have both and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! I first started with Doterra, I have a high functioning autistic son and their oils have changed and helped him 100%! I also use a ton of E.O in my skincare and LOVE it:) I started to buy from young living as well because some that Doterra do not offer Young Living does:) AND last but not least...With Doterra and Y.L essential oils you can take internally, you cannot do that with any other E.O company. You will never be sorry!!! Emily.
    Thanks Kristen, I really appreciate the information. Here is the web site, Their Thieves Oil is called "Germ Therapy". I will look for that book. I have The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, by Valerie Ann Worwood. You know health is priceless so I am trying to find the actual best oils to use as essential oils are a lot cheaper than doctors and hospitals and you get to live a happy healthy life. Thanks for your response!.
    Hi...i just found this really good website to buy oils...i haven't tried any yet but may be ordering some this week, depending on what shipping is from Canada to the USA...they seem really honest...they even put negative reviews from their clients on their website, which is interesting, but most reviews are positive, they have a lot of oils to choose from...the seem to imply that their stuff is organic, but some of the oils are labeled organic, maybe that means they are Certified organic, but the unlabeled oils are maybe uncertified organic...i don't know. Plus they are a Vegan company and don't test on animals. This is the site ~ i'm sorry for mentioning this but the makeup that you use, all those companies test on animals. Unless a company says "we do not test on animals", then they do...and certainly all the most mainstream brands do...also many other kinds of companies test on animals...all mainstream products, shampoo, soap toothpaste, tea, even clothes companies...apparently, some aromatherapy companies test on animals too, unfortunately.... +Dawn Marie Hollen Thanks for sharing about that company Dawn! I like that they keep negative reviews from their buyers; it keeps things transparent. I'm going to check them out :).
    I love love love Stress away. Something about the Vanilla and Lime that works so well
    Wow! You know your stuff! I love essential oils and I like to mix orange essential oil with jojoba oil to use as an body oil. 🍊🍊🍊 ️Sissi . you reminded me that I need to order more jojoba oil for my husband! He uses it on his face at night. Thanks for sharing sissi! I bet your lotion smells divine. Hi ladies,quick question :) could you please tell me essential oil / carrier oil ratio for instance how many drops or ml of essential oils needed to add to 10 ml of carrier oil Thanks.
    +Hakan Akin I havent tried making perfume before. Have you tried mixing with coconut oil as a carrier oil it may blend better.

    I'm a huge fan of doTERRA essential oils! The co-sourcing aspect of the company also makes me feel positive about purchasing :).
    +Kristen Kay I use the doTERRA, but do not like the marketing aspect, but I love them in the oils that I make for my clients. +Heather Small :) I think I'm going to try to use up some of the oils I currently have and then invest and try some DoTerra (wish they weren't MLM :/ ).
    Hey, I just wanted to share this with others. This is a great downloadable beginner course on mixing essential oils and aromatherapy. Really good!.
    I just purchased a Young Living diffuser and wanted to start putting essential oil in it. I am not educated on this subject at all and have been doing tons of research. I am still confused as to what brands are better, how much you really to need to spend on it and which ones are of the highest quality. I didnt want to get DoTerra or Young Living as they are pricey, but I may consider it if they are one of the best. I ended up getting the Now brand essential oil at my local health food store and according to them, you do not need to spend a lot of money for the DoTerra or Young Living, its just a brand name thing. Then I spoke with others who are selling DoTerra and they say do not get your essential oils from the health food store as you cannot guarantee their purity. So that left me still confused. I have this bottle of Now oil and I would like to use it in my diffuser. Maybe I should just try it for myself and make my own conclusion.
    +Jackie Simpson AMEN JACKIE SIMPSON! I agree whole heartedly! People need to get past this MLM stuff..I dont look at doTerra that way at's for my needs and how I can help others heal and feel better! THATS WHAT WORKS FOR ME! I have a fulltime job...this certainly wasnt about making money! LOL But I do get a good discount...thats why I say...hey join for $35 and get them at WHOLESALE!! you get points for all you sell or buy and get free products with those points! That WORKS FOR ME! lol Take care and thank you for your post!.
    +julie stayrook I am totally with you on not enjoying pushy sales people. It leaves such a bad taste in my mouth and has caused division in friendships before (friends trying to push me to buy their items and join their team and I don't want to). This isn't regarding doterra, just MLM in general. Thanks for sharing Julie! :).
    I was never one to buy essential oils until a nursing student that I worked with told me she hadn't had an asthma attack in three years due to the thieves oil she'd been using. I asked her about it; she told me that one of her Native American clients had given her some, and the recipe to make it. She, in turn, gave a bottle to me along with the recipe and made me promise to share it with another person. It's expensive to make, but for the past six years, I've given dozens of bottles of thieves oil away, along with the recipe, in hopes that it would help other people. That's all I've really ever done with essential oils, but I really want to learn more. Can all brands be taken internally I know all oils can't because some are toxic to ingest. I'm just wondering if each brand is different. Thank you for this video. 💘 Please continue to make more videos about essential oils. I just subscribed. 😉.
    Most definitely. It'd be awesome if you could give more specific benefits and uses for individual oils. I'll also look into his books. Thank you so much!!. +Jennifer Hochstetler Hi Jennifer! That really sounds amazing! I started out with the Native American brand but found they used alot of mixtures and I prefer the CPTG (Certified PURE Therapeutic Grade of doTerra. I dont know about alot of the others but on doTerra bottles it will say Supplemental Facts on it if it can be taken internally. If it doesnt say that on the bottle, I would hesitate taking anything internally. This is what I love about it all is that you can learn so much from so many different people! They can all be expensive! Depending on what you are getting and what your need is...however with doTerra, I feel they are only a few that are expensive but because of my chronic pain...its well worth it! Also, like I mentioned before if you check it out and like their oils, you can join for $35 (does not include a kit unless you want to purchase one of the 5 kits they offer) and you can get them at wholesale price. I personally bought the smallest kit and it had ALOT of the most essential used oils. Then i'm hooked! From the toothpaste which contains Xylitol which is the ONLY thing that kills bacteria and the tooth pastes they sell in the store DO NOT have this in it! I was shocked to notice this in the doTerra tooth past after my dentist recommending Trident regular chewing gum and Ice Breakers "FROST" mints which both contain xylitol. I actually took the tooth paste to them and they were surprised and happy! New customer! :) I just try to share with others what works and what will help them with what their needs are! No pushing...I wont sell ANYTHING I dont believe in! Good luck in your search and if you want to check out doTerra, please do! M website is Or you can email me at Stayrook582 Good luck and I hope you can find other helpful oils! They are truly amazing! :). hi kristen!! i loved your video :)... also i want to say that i love essential oils, and i use doterra, i really like the quality of this oils but are willling to try cheaper but without sacrificing quality, i will defenitly give your recomendations a try, thank you so much!.
    +Marie licea I like Ananda Aromatherapy (and they don't seem as expensive at the DoTerra). Most of my oils are Ananda.
    +Kary Seach Thank you for sharing! I havent tried Young Living, so it's good to know Ananda are just as good. I've been using the narrow leaf Euch and Thyme a ton lately (kiddo is sick)..
    Essential oil company's that claim there products to be "therapeutic" grade is just a marketing tactic. There's no actual grading system for them as they aren't a regulated product. As long as it's pure from the plant (best is steam distilled - at least from my research) and doesn't contain any additives they're basically all the same. Loved your video! I'll have to check out these books. They look like little encyclopedias for aromatherapy! .
    +Jennifer Hall It's CERTIFIED PURE THERAPEUTIC GRADE! Meaning it is pure from the plant with no additives...that's what makes it grading system. You have to look for the PURENESS as you mentioned which is why I believe in doTerra and I have tried several brands. Thx.
    Julie, my point was certified pure is only a DoTerra registered trademark. No outside company has certified them as there's no such thing as a certified therapeutic grade. At least in North America. I didn't mean DoTerra wasn't pure or high quality! Sorry for any confusion..
    I enjoy learning this as well. I recently purchased some from Eden's garden, native American nutritional, doterra, and young living. I'm still trying to figure out the differences. I hate the prices of the mlm oils and unsure if its because its mlm that they are higher than others. Great video. Thank you!. I have a ton of doterra but the more I learn about oils the less I like MLM companies. I have found some quality oils that I now use like barefut.
    +Octavio Ochoa I'm so glad this video was helpful! The books I mentioned have a lot of great info and discuss how to use the oils in various ways. Thanks for watching :).

    Thank you for sharing. I'll find it, the online wellness store where I buy launched a new line of pure essential oils that's why I'm very interested in learn more about it. .
    What I use for myself: pine for a dry cough (in a diffuser). For a mucusy cough I use rosemary (verbenone type), and Eucalyptus with a base oil (rub on chest), or use in diffuser. I highly recommend checking out the Advanced Aromatherapy book, so many recipes and great explanations. I am all about getting into essential oils right now and was so excited to see that you did this video. I just ordered a ton from Amazon from Fabulous Frannie to get started. Wanted to make sure I loved it before spending a lot on each oil. I love the Grapefruit one right now. Totally helps perk me up!.
    +Kristen Kay I already added that book to my Amazon wish list!! Can't wait to grab it! I am not sure if Fabulous Frannie is Amazon only, but they say they are 100% pure therapeutic grade oils. They are super affordable though. The grapefruit is amazing!.

    The Best Essential Oils For Anti Aging Skin Care
  • December 14, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Hello! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I hear a lot of people keep on talking about Natoxoran Secrets (search on google), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you tried anti aging cream called Natoxoran Secrets I have heard some incredible things about it and my mate completely eliminate her wrinkle using it..

    Neroli Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils
  • December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    ANTI-AGING on Pinterest | Ageing, Anti Aging Tips and...
  • November 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    2 jane h icant reply to you hon...your settings are closed! But filming several now and neck was first one! watch for it and THANK YOU!. Jane, thanks for the tutorial. I found it very helpful and informative. Keep it up girlie...;). +michele kirkland Thank you!! Ill be returning soon and having a few epic giveaways to thank all those that not only stuck with me while I was gone this last 8 months..but those that came and subscribed KNOWING I wasnt even actively filming right now.I appreciate it more than any of you could possibly know. Im hoping these few giveaways will convey that gratitude. Blessings to you and yours dear and how to see you around!.
    take 24000iu vitamin A for 1 week. then 2 weeks. then permanently... take porches at weekly intervals. you will lose 10 years of the age of your skin, even your hands and arms, in one months time. ILLUMINATE FROM WITHIN!.

    Great video...I'm 48 and have chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E. It and stress are making my skin so dry and ageing. Refreshing to see someone a similar age to myself with similar issues. Glad I found you xx.
    You said you put remaining oil on your smoker lines… Does it actually deal with smoker lines I'm thinking of getting some coconut oil and almond oil. If it'll work around the lips I'll do it. I don't really have any at all, but who's to say it won't start showing later on with aging.. Because I used to smoke. I just quit permanently and am not quite 30 yet. Glad lol.
    +DamarisSeeks Hi Damaris! LOVE your name!! My favorite Food Network attendee EVER is a God fearin', southern gal named Damaris! This isnt the only thing I use around my I make a special serum that I absolutely SWEAR by. Im 47 and only quit a couple yrs ago. After 30 yrs, you'd think mine would be much worse than they are. I DO have them, but its nothing you're going to notice unless your close enough and if you're up in my space that much, you're someone in my life that could care less. I have never used straws either. That is a BIG thing if you drink alot of fluids. I see gals at the gym hammering down on their bodies...chuggin down bottles of water through a sipper top. (the tube/funnel built into lid that acts like a straw) I wanna go tell them...that fine ass doesnt deserve a NO STRAWS!! I have a deep scar middle top lip that runs from inside of mouth to just under my nose. That appears as a ferocious smoker line sometimes. Ive tamed it 90% over the years with my own serum, which is essentially this same blend...but with an oil as a base, instead of a cream. Same essential oils but I amp em up a drop or two as the skin around my mouth isnt as tender and sensitive. The oils in this videos' recipe are the absolute BEST for aging concerns. I WILL be uploading again soon. Hope to see you around!.

    Great video...I'm 48 and have chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E. It and stress are making my skin so dry and ageing. Refreshing to see someone a similar age to myself with similar issues. Glad I found you xx.
    Ahhh, Julie you're a real Joy!! I enjoyed your video very much and sure appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge and ideas with all of us!! I'm totally going to get on making some of that Wonderful face/eye cream of yours, right away!! Thank you so much!! :).
    +Shawna Hood Thank you Shawna! Im SO sorry I havent gotten back to you sooner! Im juuuust trying to get back Ya know I thank and appreciate you stopping by my channel and taking some of your OWN time, to watch my video! Its seriously humbling I tell ya. I dont think Ill EVER feel differently about that aspect of doing this. No matter how 'big' I get (and I will...just had a critical set back..) I feel...well, humbled, I cant think of a better or different word, EVERY time someone leaves a comment on my videos. Anyhow...this is a very good blend and it works nicely around the mouth too. Have you seen the video for the coconut oil hair mask I hope to see you around darlin!.
    hello julie. I randomly saw this video and was interested in your DIY oil serum. I have trouble with my undereye circles and I'd love to try this. I'm also surprise you have Lupus because I also have lupus. I can very much relax to you regarding the complications with lupus. it's nice to know another person who has lupus too and is finding natural solutions to the problems lupus brings. I hope to see more wonderful recipes you have. thank you for your wisdom and sharing :).
    Hey from another Julie :) Love the video and information you give us in it.. you are a vibrant, lovely woman. Good to "meet you!".

    You should check out Young Living Essential Oils. They are also really expensive but they are really amazing.

    Wow, I'm so lucky to have found you. Your charming & are so smart with all of this. Hoping to learn more. Thanks a lot..
    Wow!! Thanks Ziggy! I bet I feel luckier that I see a new face here commenting on my video!!! Thanks for watching darlin!!! I hope you stick around!. Sounds good...sure be searching for a good one...I do believe in essential oils...Now to actually do it...:))) Martha.
    Just found your video! I, too, created my own eye serum based on the ingredient list I found online of my fav (expensive) eye serum! Thanks for the links, there were a couple of more I was looking for. And the books look FAB. Thanks for all your research. I plan on subscribing!.

    I'm sorry...I just have a problem with grown women trying for that "16"ish look. It is SO not appealing..

    I just sent you a friend request via facebook. I am looking forward to trying your eye cream recipe! Cant wait to try more of your stuff. Thank you for taking the time to post and share..
    Thanks so much for your recipe, I couldn't believe when you showed those books, I have that first one you showed about essential oils, I'm still reading through it and marking stuff. I'm still building my collection of oils. Thanks again . Like your video. Do you have any diy for face cream or srum for sensitive skin that will brighten and even out skin tone .

    Love this video, I've always had a keen interest in Essential Oils, I'm definitely picking up the oils to make this eye cream, thank you for sharing. Love that necklace you're wearing, is there a link as to where you bought it. Happy Saturday. Hugs, Heather.

    Thank you so much Heather!! I had to actually look back in this vid and see what necklace it I made that! Its just auroa borealis stones (from a surplus I order from online) strung! .
    Wonderful video-Thank you:)! Regarding your concern about "jowls" I highly recommend Cynthia Rowland's "Facial Magic" exercises! I ordered her starter kit over a year ago and I promise you it really works! It comes with a booklet and DVD. Once you've ordered the starter kit you can join her weekly live classes via the internet and let me tell you they are amazing! Cynthia actually walks you through the exercises and does them with you! These classes are very economical as well-only $25 a month! Anyway, I hope this helps:) Thanks again for the lovely eye cream recipe:)! .
    Love your honesty and that your not 18 years old talking about anti-aging! Do you have a recipe for under eye bags.

    Hi thank you for this video. I am a believer in essential oils as well. I bought that book last year and your right its excellent. Can you make a neck oil DIY video thanks so much Jane~.

    Jules, this is a GREAT video. I love oils and this is an woderful tutorial. I have a challenge for you- to make your own version of the Rodin Olio Lusso! It's a luxury blend of oils that retails for 150$ for (are you ready for this..) 1oz,! Linda Rodin, the creator of the blend, did it by experimenting with oils in her kitchen until she came up with the winning recipe. Given the fact that you have experience with essential oils, i think you can make a blend that's pretty close to that product. As for people leaving your channel just because your conclusion that the ELF product is as good as the MAC one, well, it's completely illogical and doesn't make sense. I suspect that they left because of your giveaway rules, not because of the comparison video, So don't feel bad, they're not the kind of subscribers you want, if you catch my drift. xoxo.

    oh my!! lol...that IS a challenge! LOL Especially considering ill NEVER buy it to 'dissect'! Ill have to dig around on that! And i agree on the subs!! Thank you for your support Rinat!!.

    Miss Julie, it's lovely to see how passionate you are about Natural Oils... you look like someone who knows what she is talking about. I came online to look for a good DIY Eye Cream video, so that's how I stumbled upon yours. Gosh, you are very well equiped, I have to say. I don't have the half of the oil collection, let alone the spoons & droppers and such. It needs more preparation than I thought... HAHA! Well, I'm still waiting for the part when you start mixing the cream but the video is almost ending. What I want to know is what kind of foundation/primer you have on your face. It's glowing! Not shiny or glittery but that glow is perfect. # Haha, you were so funny in the beginning, "I swear to God it's the same damn' thang". Haha! It could very well be indeed. We can't figure out the exact ingredients these companies REALLY put into the jars we buy, right! :-) # BTW, for the lines on the forehead I have a tip: Alpha Hydroxy Cream by Studio 35 Beauty!!! I'm in Europe but ordered one from the States online, because it delivers VISIBLE results. I promise you, you will have the clearest, softest, wrinkle free, even skin ever. You'll SEE difference within just 5 days. Your oils will enter the skin even better... and it only costs 8 dollars at Walgreens!!! Go get one! :-) Here is Melissa's video about it. That's how I got to know it 4 weeks ago. Check our comments below her video... EVERY-ONE is raving about it! Every girl from 16 to 62... The results are ahhhh-mazing! xxx BEST WRINKLE CREAM !! ~ & IT'S AFFORDABLE! ! MUST WATCH!! 2014.

    Eh, who cares if you lose a few subscribers for stupid reasons. You will gain some (like me) new subscribers for good reasons, like the quality of your videos and the information you dish out! This one was excellent and I love how down to earth you are. Good luck with your channel!.
    EXCELLENT VIDEO ,,, I TO AM INTO OILS AND I AM GOING TO MAKE THIS EYE CREAM UP, THANK YOU, HUGS FROM AUSTRALIA ,,KAT XO. Great video! How do you prepare the containers Clean with alcohol is what I'm thinking... Thanks!!.
    Very very informative vid. I'm going to get those books ( or similar) fo' sho'. I have seen lots of essential oils at TJ Maxx but I don't know enough about them to use them. Serums can be so expensive and it would be worth the initial investment to make them myself. This way I can hook up all my girlfriends, too!.
    Very informative video I would love the eye cream but I am lazy will keep your recipe with all the recipes I saved but never use. Xoxo Rose.
    I absolutely LOVE my oils in my night time routine so was very excited when I saw this video. I go through Gardens of Wisdom. I had no idea that Coastal Scents even carried oils! Rose oils are my holy grail. Interesting idea to mix the oils with the cream. Good video Julie. ♥ Elle.
    Goodmorning sweetie. :) Got a question... At one point in the video instruction 'Vitamin A scrolled' across the screen, but I don't see it in the listed ingredients below. Is my post menopause kicking in...or did you mean to leave it out lol! I'm copying all this down because I love the idea of making my own eye crème with these essential oils. Thankyou for going through this trouble for us. I don't get people sometimes. One of things that has kept me coming back to your videos is your 'realness'. You don't put forth fakeness. You're funny and you really do seem to enjoy this medium. Plus you have a wealth of knowledge from years of being a MA. I know it has to be upsetting to you to lose people, especially if you think it's something you said. But please believe me when I say that you don't need those subbies if you have to walk on eggshells. Sheesh! It's setting sprays for goodness sakes! You keep doing you. I'm for one am here for the duration! ( you poor thing!), lol.. YoU'RE such a sweetheart Ann! Im HAPPY to have you for that duration! omitting the vit A was a mistake that i just fixed. lol THANK YOU for catching that! . I have a couple of those oils, but I am going to order some of the others. Would like to see your Vitamin C serums at some stage. I have made one Tammy from(Uppiesbeads) has on her channel and it works ok plus cost effective..
    I hope you decide to share your recipe soon Julie. I made up a little bottle of Vit C serum this afternoon. Might change the ratios next time. .
    I didnt know about the it line. Thanks! Will definately be looking into it. I did just figure out that I'm allergic to the silicones that that start with cy and end in xane. There are like four or five and in everything. Its been a real challege to find products without. I'm ok with dimethacone though. .
    +mlmapot You DEF need to look into IT Cosmetics then! Go check a few of my earlier videos out hon! I demo a few of their cover products when the butterfly rash is BAD! They're are fanTASTIC. The line has literally givin' me my self esteem back!.
    Great advice. I will check out the 2 books. : ) This looks to be a great recipe (quite a variety of different oils in it!) and the TJ Max special priced creams look great as bases. Great idea about the Target Burts sample size creams. I love that you demonstrated on yourself and showed your before/after pics. We have similar "lines" locations, lol. Thanks Julie!. The books are FANtastic. The best on essential oils on the market..and I've gotten them ALL Im pretty sure! lol. Thanks hon!.
    Good! I didn't want to put it there then find out I shouldn't but I knew already it prob was just making sure .

    That was great! I have a question, what area did you find the oils in at to max, sometimes things there are in places I wouldn't expect. I am going to start collection those oils. Tammy from uppies beads also mentioned one of those books a while ago. Have a good week!.
    Mornin Julie! I always get em in the small skin care section...across from soaps/bubble baths and body oils. And YES! Tammy talks of Valarie WOrwoods book. How could anyone be offended by information It's make up for Christ sake not your first born! If you lost anybody because they can't handle you saying something is as good as Mac then they are not really material for the perpetual exploration that is the spirit of this youtube cosmetic community. Don't sweat it. Be proud you are open minded, not afraid to say it like it is and not controlled by cosmetic snobbery. You're awesome don't change a thing!. Hi Julie, I would love to make this eye cream once my schedule permits, and am thinking I'll have enough supplies left over to make Christmas presents when the time comes. Btw, I love the side by side vids!! D D ( or Denise :) ). Thank you DD! It'd be a GREAT Christmas gift if you know someone that could benefit it! Heck...I make all kinds of serums and scrubs and give em as gifts...they are LOVED too!.
    Its weird that people would unsubscribe over an opinion,if they liked you enough to subscribe then what difference does it make if you put up a video they don't like Its not like you are only going to be all anti-mac from now on.I really enjoyed this video,I have been looking for a good diy eye cream and plan to make this one up as soon as possible.Thank you for sharing your recipe.

    How to make an anti aging serum - School of Natural Skincare
  • October 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    If you need Frankincense, please know that I personally do not sell it, nor am I trying to push it, as that isn't the reason for this video, I love Frank! Love it, My passion is stuff like this and spreading the good word on all things healing and juicing and divine nutrients... But my mom does(sell the good stuff, the Omani stuff Sacra Boswellia), and if you need some she sells the highest grade oil on the known planet. So reach out to me if you need some, and I will get this hooked up for you. Many companies claim that they sell the best, but there are only two sources of the Frankincense I refer to in this video that comes from Oman. Anyway, I am not trying to push anything on anyone, I just realize not everyone may have access to the good stuff, and I know a source. Haha, Have a great day!!!.
    +lee heng chong and use #3151412 to order either Sacred Frankincense or Frankincense. I use it all the time. It has helped with SO many things.. +SuzMichael his mom sells YoungLiving. You can go to and sign up yourself as a distributor (you get 11 free oils including Frankincense and other samples plus a diffuser) or order retail (24% more in price) using #3151412. Thank you. I lLOVE their oils!. are the oils pictured in this video and also the one he uses and the ones his mom sells. I use them as well. When ordering use #3151412. You can order Sacred Frankincense or Frankincense or any other over 200 essential oils..

    Frankincense Apoptosis & Anti-Aging Part Two Video Link Referring to: CELL Protection- NOTE: 95% of cancers are NOT genetic. They result from damaged DNA. Our cells are damaged through: a) Toxicity e.g. through environmental pollution and free radicals (a lot of which is beyond our control but is IS happening to your body) b) Poor Nutrition- Low vibratory foods, cooked foods often times do not contain nutrients in the form of enzyme catalyst that fuel our every cell in our body, when you cook your food, often times all nutrients are cooked OUT of it. Our BODIES are ELECTRIC, and they are designed to run off of divine healing LIVE nutrients in the form of Enzymes, which act as catalyst to FEED every CELL in our BODY. Raw ORGANIC foods (Fruits & Veggies) that resonate up out of the 7.83Hz Earth, have vibrations, when you put HIGH VIBRATIONS in the body/temple, you resonate out HIGH vibrations. Research what the 7.83 Hz Frequency is in which I refer, as this is REAL, and cooked foods, packaged foods, Microwave radiated foods, fast foods, GMO Posioined foods, Flouridated water which calcifies the Pineal, where one does not secrete melatonin and serotonin, bottled preserved juices and supplement drinks, ALL ACIDIFY THE BODY, and DO NOT CONTAIN LIVE NUTRIENTS in the form of ENZYME CATALYST that feed our cells in our body. You only get this when you consume raw organic foods, and through breaking the cell wall open and you extract those Divine HEALING Nutrients in the form of Enzymes, through JUICING...It is hard to talk about cancer without speaking on that which causes the cancer, and I share this in the video. This is the KEY to longevity here people, DETOX your liver, as your liver is your regulator, for all of your other organs in your body, then after doing so, you will begin to benefit the most from the Anti-Oxidant Monoterpenes found in Frankincense, and only then will you truly begin to benefit, These Monoterpenes signal Apoptosis, which is CELL Death of cancer cells. c) Introducing stress and oxidation into our bodies Free radicals is the metabolic waste/toxicity that is emitted from our cells. The enemy of free radicals are anti-oxidents (the good guys!). Anti-oxidents work by donating a missing electron and therefore neutralizing the free radical. Vitamin C, D, E are antioxidants. Polyphenols are up to 70 times more potent/effective than vitamin based antioxidants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Boswellia Sacra strain of Frankincense contains approx 70% monoterpenes. We need to care because: - Monoterpenes stimulate apoptosis (damaged DNA response) - Monoterpenes increase the level of liver enzymes involved in removing carcinogenic toxins - Monoterpenes have been shown to interfere with cholesterol synthesis, thereby slowing down and reducing potential tumor formation. In the particular case of cancer, increased research (initially in Puerto Rico and more recently at UCLA Berkeley) has shown the ability to repair DNA once it becomes damaged. Frankincense greatly helps with this and stimulates the damaged cells to repair! How wonderful is this information guys about these divine sacred Oils!!! Please stay tuned, Because I will do a Frankincense part three featuring the glorious Myrrh which I have already done a video on, btw guys I have an essential oil playlist on my channel, so check it out if you want, I do not claim to be all knowing of oils, I just have a passion for knowledge and many things are being discovered about Frankincense on a daily basis, many of the components of oils have not even been fully identified, and this excites me! Imagine the possibilities with this! Guys I am not a doctor and none of the info in any of my videos is intended to treat or diagnose, If you take toxic prescriptions(all prescriptions are toxic to the liver) you would need to check with your medical "practitioner" before learning to use divine sacred healing oils. One can not just learn about an oil in a book for example to truly understand and know an oil, and I even find others who say they are "Aromatherapist" who attended a weekend seminar to acquire this title, often do not truly know the oil. To know the oil you have to resonate in oneness with it, and feel the vibrations of it and learn how it interacts with your own personal vibrations, and how it can personally benefit you. Also with saying this I know of many Aromatherapist who practice the Art Form in love, and help share there knowledge, but unfortunately not all are knowing of oils, who say they are. Oils that are good for me to use combined, may not be suitable for others, bc each one of us is unique just like a snowflake is unique and we are all divinely blessed in different ways, So when you begin to learn about oils after the liver is detoxified, then you can learn to resonate with them better, as they will be more effective after the alkalinity, and intestinal flora, is balanced and the liver is flushed of toxins. These divine oils have the ability to in fact cross the blood brain barrier and can in fact work to regenerate and repair oxidated stress done at the cellular level, in my opinion. Thank you for all your love and your continued support, I appreciate all of you greatly. ! Join the Juice Revolution 2 Also My Essential Oil Page is PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel for all the updates and Check out some of my Juicing Videos, and Learn to get your JUICE on baby... Here is the Link for my Frankincense Video, guys this video is very close to my heart, so please watch it, if you would be so kind, this is not a new video, I did this about a month ago, but am sharing it again! Thank you..
    Can frankincense be used brown spots on the skin from years of sun damage If so, should I pair it with anything else. Those are YoungLiving oils in the video, and I use them as well. You can go to and use the number 3151412 to order.. Go to and use #3151412 to order Frankincense and/or Sacred Frankincense. He uses YoungLiving, and they are pictured in this video.. Hi, I Really Like your videos... I have a question for you, I'm 31 yars old man and I take Frankincense Sacra internally, I take one drop in the morning with my smoothie and one drop under my tongue before I go sleep. Taking Frankincense helps me with my IBS I feal a big diffrent, I dont feel my colon as bad as before! So what is the safe limit to take Frankincense Internally Can I take like this for longer time or I need to make some brakes Cheers.... +phillip carl Yeah, the lighting was a bit crazy in this video. Quite a lot going on in the background...Haha. Have a great day.. To my current Subscribers, I tried to upload this video w an intro, but could not get my editor to work properly, I always have issues uploading when editing...Not complaining, bc I am going to figure this out, but I am telling you bc you will probably see another version of this same video w the intro different and I am going to title the other one totally different. Haha, as to get maximum exposure. I think I will title it something more exciting. Thank you guys, have a great day. Thank you for all your support and kind comments.. I would like to know where to get the Sacra Boswellia. My husband was in a terrible motorcycle accident last year and he suffered a severe head/brain injury. He has been in a coma ever since. I know Frank is good for the can i use it on him to get the most benefit thanks!. Everything I have read suggests that you diffuse it, apply to the base of his skull where it meets his neck, and put a drop,or 2 under tongue or inside of cheeks, and roof of mouth. Do this every 4 hours or so..
    Thank you!! I've been doing that and since then he has been responding to us!! : ) He can't talk yet but he answers with his eyes!! I know he will continue to improve and will be talking on his own soon : ).

    Hello, I want to thank you first for all the important info, what you do helps others a lot! It's fantastic! I have a question regarding restoring the skin of a Lichen sclerosis atrophicus, I'm already detoxifying my body and liver with juices and eating raw, getting rid of candida, getting my body alcaline, I feel a lot better, but I hope that the damaged skin part of my penis will heal one day. Would you know a secret mix recipes or anything that could help restore the skin Would Frankincense do or even better the sacred one Can the sacred one be also applied on mucous Thank you so much for your help. and use #3151412 to order Sacred Frankincense and/or Frankincense. These are the oils he uses. Those are the oils pictured in this video.I do too.. Hey Jimmy I have heard you repeatedly recommend the use of zeolites. Please read this article and then comment on your take on this confusing product. Some say its wonderful and now this article. Confused ! ! ! !. +LE LDE You can read my response to Mike at natural news on my zeolite video. I copied and pasted it there. Mike has of how clinoptilolite works on a molecular scale, and actual chemist have chimed in on his post to correct him, but he will not listen, also the companies that I have recommended do NOT crush the cage, so zeolite passes through like sand would, and it removes toxins along the way. Mike is starting to make his own zeolite, and he will be selling it. Funny how he attempts to discredit everyone else's zeolite, then decides to make his own. Even if the cage was crushed, the aluminum would have to be heated to such a degree, that it is impossible to absorb. Mike needs to be more focused on sharing about the metals raining down in the air we breathe, or the water we bathe in than companies that process the zeolites incorrectly. Also funny how that article makes ALL brands look bad, when he only tested a few, and did not give out the information on the companies that are in fact making it incorrectly. I discussed this in my zeolite video, that it would not be good if the cage was in fact crushed, and that many companies do not know how to make it... If mike truly cared he would disclose the companies that make it incorrectly, but he will not do that. He would rather make them all look bad across the board. Mike shares and spreads fear porn, and I do not subscribe to his nonsense. He makes a lot of money on spreading fear, and this is exactly why I do not listen to a word he spouts. According to him, we are to expect a nuclear fallout any day now...OH brother... Thanks~ Hope your day is great~. Awesome video. Love all of the in dept information. Can you also do one on Myrrh, Geranium, and Oregano. Thanks..
    this is real good. this video should be passed around and shared. thank you for u r knowledge and for sharing this to us. more ppl need to see this..
    +Kelley McLeod Milk Thistle is wonderful to aid in detoxification of the liver, as well as juicing beets. I have video's on both of those, as well as the ESSIAC Tea, and Pau D'Arco, both of which also help remove toxins from the liver. Often times it takes a while to remove years, and years of toxins, but those that begin a basic juice program find that the toxins eliminate fast in the presence of many live amino acids. Thanks~ Hope you have a wonderful day. If you need links to the milk Thistle video just let me know, I shot it a few months after I made this one, in hopes that others would take some information from it, and begin using it to detoxify the liver, as well as blood sugar regulation that it provides. Thanks again~. +#Peace, Love, Positive Vibrations Thank YOU so much for the reply!!!!! I would love a link to the milk thistle video; perhaps I can search and find it too. I am looking forward to learning more from you particularly found the OMAN link to getting essential oils helpful as I am trying to decide whether doTerra, Young Living, and Now AMEO Oman appeared to be a more direct source. I want to start juicing - but find a juicer I can afford. Do you use all organic ingredients when you juice. So, awesome to have reply from you you are so kind to write back to me!!!. What a great video, Jimmy. Frank is so awesome, as you know. As a constant migraine sufferer, I've got to say this is one of the best natural help for my headaches, especially after detoxing off of Tylenol. I love me some frankincense, ginger, cayenne, and St. John's Wort! Thank you for this video. I know you were excited to make it and it shows. Can't wait for part three!. Powerful brother. good info. i watched you other video last week, but this one is real good. your excitement for this gets me excited to. im going to go get some of this for my mom, and my boys. my kids always need to calm down lol. keep this up bro. we all need to share this video, people need to here this information that you know aobut all this stuff. ive learned alot from you just in the week or so i found your videos. thank you, and my boys thank you.. +Redheadedlady 63 Thank you for your kind comment~ Really appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful day~.
    outstanding. like this even better than part 2. great information you share from that head man. great job..

    great video ! Have you come across Pure Sacra Essential Oil, its made from Boswellia Sacea Frankincense which is a more superior grade of Frankincense.
    +Harriot Hawkins Yes, I agree about the P.Santo. I burn the wood often. You just gave me an idea for a video on that~ I will work on that in the next few weeks~! I really appreciate your comment, it really means a lot. I am grateful. Have a wonderful day. Peace and love to you and yours~. I watched your frankincense videos and many of your other videos several times to really make sure I am absorbing all the information deeply.😃 I can't wait for part 3 or even a part 4 lol. Thanks for all the info... I'm extremely excited for oils... Q. Once one has found a good frankincense oil (I have chosen Native American Nutritional ) I also have an Aromis diffuser... Can Frankincense be taken internally with water as I understand many oils can not or should not and if so then extremely low dosages What are the most effective ways to use it Other than juicing, what other things can one do to detox the liver Is there an essential oils that help this process specifically Can one rub the frankincense on the tummy or lower back to help the liver detox If so then for how long You also spoke on boosting the benefits of frankincense, can one add another type of frankincense to blend 2 types together and would this be a good idea Is there an oil that frankincense should not be mixed with Thanks..😊 -Pete.
    Hi Jimmy! Nice to hear from you brother! I'm so happy you like the brand. I've been really reading books and also searching the web on essential oils and learning on how to use them. I've been doing well thanks for asking. First off I would like to say thank you very much for helping me and many others. I have been watching your videos and referencing to them and many other videos for health. Your a major motivation and a positive person and I can attest by saying, many people watching your videos is providing/doing good service by sharing your amazing knowledge. Not many people have the type of knowledge/wisdom you have ( your a blessing ). I have even watched your Illuminati videos you posted as well. I have been studying for many years on illuminati and many other topics as well just like you! You and I share much in common.😊 I have been watching world events video's, corporate america video's, new world order, our food ,music, television, healthcare videos and much much more and the information you share to others is extremely valuable information. Your awesome and keep posting. As for my health, my lower back soarness has almost gone away completely! I've been using essential oils and juicing to help my condition and its made a huge difference for me. I have tried 5 different types of frankincense essential oils to review and noticed a big difference between all of their qualities from different essential oil companies and what a difference they are. I rub them on the bottom of my feet on the lower part of my back and sometimes all over the body. I also have an amazing diffuser which I really enjoy and believe it's helped me out tremendously. Tonight I just purchased more oils and books. I'm trying Native Americans Nutritionals myrrh oil to mix with the sacred frankincense. PLEASE make a video on myrrh.😀 Talk also about the best oils to take internally. How often would they be taken as well... Write back friend... P.S. how's your new dog Me and my girlfriend are planning on getting a puppy soon. Lol .
    +Pete Pagan Thanks for the comment and all the compliments you leave, I never grow tired of reading them, haha. Much love to you and yours man. Get a Lab! I love mine, very loving and smart dogs, and very loyal. I am really enjoying Sunshine(name I have given him) Ive got a video that is private of me singing to my dog, I can share w you if you wanna see it. I kept it private bc it is a little cheesy, and I am trying to keep this channel just about the divine nutrients...Also I am about to launch a new channel I think, so I can just put the oils on that channel and keep this one just about the juicing What are your thoughts on this Always appreciate your feedback, and value your opinion. I take both the frank and myrrh daily under the tongue, just a drop or two of each, and I do this two to sometimes three times a day. Start w those two though, and dont get too carried away w putting to many oils under the tongue in the beginning, then after a few weeks you can add additional ones as well, also know I include various oils in my salad dressings as well, I kid you not, Organic Lemon for example, and it also helps to preserve it longer and taste great. i use oils for all sorts of stuff and hope to relay this soon in videos. I just stay very very busy, but I am trying to get the myrrh video done asap. Should be out in the next day or so...Have a great day man!! Thanks for everything....
    How many drops under the tongue do you recommend. I am in love with Sacred Frankincense from Oman by Native American Nutritionals.
    Yeah, I am as well. I have done two videos on this wonderful oil, and will soon do a third. I would recommend only starting w one drop, and then build from this. But check with your dr. first if you take any prescription medications, bc the frank. w the boswellic acids is very potent with its effects. Thank you for watching the video, and commenting. Appreciate you.. Ive got Cerebral Palsy, I read Frankincense gets past the Blood Brain Barrier. Im gonna get EO of Frankincense soon rub it in on my spine. What about Myrhh. +IRONlIONOFZION87 Within the next few days, I will be doing a video for you man, just hold tight, these essential oil videos take a bit more time for me to do over the juicing videos... But I have not forgot about ya man, I will get this done soon..
    Thanks, I just order some Oman frankincense, Myrrh and cinnamon bark EO. I would be good to get some tips especially concerning motor neuron deficiencies. .

    Wanted to say thank you again for such an informative video. God has blessed you with great knowledge brother. I agree 100% with all the information you've given. I'm trying to implement a better diet and high quality oils into my life. I'm now on a quest to find the best lol... I have compared many oils and hope to have found a good source called Native American Nutritionals. Have you heard of them Jimmy, keep up the awesome work you do. You inspire me... Your videos are so inspirational, filled with positive energy as one can feel the good you provide from the heart. Keep them coming friend.😆 .

    If your serious about it though you need to seriously look into the Young Living Oil brand. Not many make pure 100 percent ORGANIC, they may say 100 percent pure on the bottle but it may not say organic, and if these oils that come from the earth are somewhat polluted from the environment, then this lessens the effects of them. Often so many frank and lavender is synthesized as well as lemon, well lets face it most of them are synthesized now and I find this utmost frustrating, bc this goes against all the divine oils stand for. To chemically put together something in which was divine perfect harmony just as it was created, makes no snce to me just to profit off people, to sell them a lesser grade oil. this is why oils get a bad wrap, people say "this didnt work for me" or "i dont like the lavender" this would be bc it would be synthesized. USA gets rejected lavender, from rotted field, which France won't use so sells to us, so we can cut it w propylene glycol, and sell it for 12 bucks for a big bottle of it. Real Lavender is a bit more expensive, most lavender found on shelves are not lavender at all..But young living isnt the only one and I dont want you to think i am just pushing those, bc i have many many brands in my collection, I do find however that one brand may make a top notch lemon, but they do not the Frank for example, and this is why I also have many brands in my collection, bc i can not always afford the young living and I know of the other brands that are just as effective..
    Lemon is like the sun, like the glorious ray of light that brings forth warmth and joy. Lemon is an emotional oil, that provides comfort, joy, peace, happiness. It is the closest one can actually get to the frequency of the sun, by learning to get to know this oil...,you can learn of an oil by reading of it, but knowing the oil is something quite unique and special. With oils it isn't the oil that heals, the oil only stimulates the bodies natural response to healing. This is how the oils work, they stimulate the bodies frequencies to create harmony with nature. when one gets grounded in the earth, it provides comfort, just as the sun provides warmth and joy and the lemon brings in oneness harmony of all things divine..

    Essential Living - Anti-Aging -
  • December 21, 2015

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    Anti Aging Essential Oils and Skin Tightening Blends
  • January 25, 2016

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    +melissa pintone Hi Melissa! Yes, I think you can use Tamanu with anything. I'd let one soak in a bit before applying a layer of something else though. Thanks so much for the great question! xo Anne.

    Definitely want to try...I have 2 age spots on the side that the sun hits when I'm driving. I drive all day for work & I do wear a sun screen..but still getting dark spots..
    +Tanja P Hi Tanja! It's a great oil and does help to lighten dark spots. I use it and also recently started using a fade cream as well (I have one from the health food store and also one from the drugstore). Thank you so much for watching! xoxo Anne. +Theresa Erdmann Hi Theresa! Thank you I've never heard of it and will look it up! Sounds interesting! xoxo Anne. Avocado oil is amazing...tried many oils I'm 63 and found this to be one of the best, better then argan, coconut..let me know what you think... +susan ptashkin Hi Susan! I do like avocado oil as well. I love it as a makeup's also nice to use in the hair as a conditioning oil. I use the tamanu oil in smaller areas (on wrinkles mainly). There are so many wonderful oils (carrier oils, essential oils etc) and many are good for specific conditions. I think argan oil is extremely moisturizing but takes longer than avocado oil to soak in (also coconut oil I mainly only use to remove makeup as it dries out my hair more than avocado and monoi even though monoi is a variation of coconut oil and coconut oil takes a long time to soak into the skin at least on me). Do you use anything else with the avocado oil for anti-aging I tend to layer products at night and have my oil or essential oil blend as a serum before adding anything else. I always love hearing what others love to use for anti-aging. Thank you for your wonderful comment! xo Anne. I haven't yet tried it either, I also heard many great things about this and just thought I'd mention it to you :) However, after watching a lot of ur essential oil videos, I may just skip tryn the 150$ oil and try ur suggestions first. What do u think How much do ur oil suggestions cost Have u tried any tatcha products Sorry 4 all the questions . +Theresa Erdmann Hi! The essential oils I get at my local health food store (I usually just buy the Now brand) are typically around 10-15 dollars each and last quite a long time since I just use about 5 drops of each of them and mix them together. No, I've never heard of Tatcha products, I'll have to google them. Have you tried them Like them xoxo Anne. I just started watching your videos & love them!! I'm 53, and can't wear all the looks the younger girls do. I really am interested in essential oils for skin. I've been using Argan oil for a few years and love it. I hadn't thought of the other ones, but will order them as soon as I can afford them, thanks for a great video.😻😻😻. +Gina Miller Hi Gina! Argan is a very moisturizing oil (I love that one) and there are so many great oils for anti-aging (my favorites so far are: tamanu, neroli, frankincense, myhrr). Lots of good things to add to our shopping list (my want list is long with beauty related products LOL...good thing for the internet where I can look up product reviews etc and see if I still want to buy after reading what others think and watching videos on the products). Oh I hear you on not being able to do the looks the younger girls do. Thanks so much for watching and I'm so glad you are enjoying my videos I have lots of them on anti-aging topics and makeup applications for mature skin! xo Anne.
    my son is using it for shingles and it is taking some of the pain away and is lightening the areas of the rash. thank you for your video. I shall try Tamanu Oil for my skin and brown spots and see how it goes. Take care..
    +virginia dewitt Hi Virginia! I hope you like it! I think it's a wonderful anti-aging oil and I mix it with my other oils that I use as well (or use it alone). I hope your son is feeling better! I've heard shingles can be miserable, I hope he has a speedy recovery! xo Anne.
    I got Argan oil from the health store so much cheaper than Josie maran (I think u pay for the name with that one).

    +Dee Manfre I'll try one from there after I use up my Josie Maran one. Thanks for the tip! xo Anne.
    Thank you so much Anne, I just watched it, it was very interesting now I going to see if I can find them online or at wholes food thank you again Dear :-) atte. Helen. Hi Ann! I just found your channel and I'm enjoying all your videos! I have a question please. Do you put the tamanu oil straight on your face, neck and hands or is it in a carrier oil I look forward to watching more of your videos. thanks. xo Cherie.
    +Cherie Wheatley Hi Cherie! I'm so glad you found my channel :) Yes, I put tamanu oil straight on my skin (face, neck, hands). Just be careful not to get it too close to your eyes as it can make them water. Sometimes I mix my tamanu with my other facial oils in my palm and apply them all at once. I've been using tamanu oil for the last 15 months and love it! Thank you so much for watching my videos and for commenting! xo Anne.
    thank you so much for your reply. A few months I started my anti-aging skin care journey. Gotta do something to fight this battle. LOL I think I will try to incorporate tamanu in my routine. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!!. Im glad Ann!!! Make sure to use little and pat it into your skin. Add more as nevessary. Use it in your cuticles, hands, hair and any rough dry patches. I've been looking all over for the physicians formula lip glosses with no luck. Donuou know who carrirs them I've been st Ulta and Target. Also how can i inconporate the Weleda skin food in my routine, can i use it as an intensive mask since i use tetin A every other day I know this has been a long comment and response. Let me know also how do u like the AO once u start using it. Thanks, xoxo. +Marie Ayala I used the argan oil last night and it is very moisturizing! I like it a lot! I put the argan oil on over my other oils (after they soak in for awhile). I got my physicians formula lip glosses online ( I believe). Other drugstore plumping glosses that I love are the hard candy ones (at walmart) I'm planning on doing a video on them this week. The drugstore ones have enough plumping to smooth my lines and fill out my lips a bit (non drying). Yes, I use the skin food over my retin a (it really helps my skin not be irritated from the retin a). I put the skin food over any and all my skin care products as a final layer at night (and on the backs of my hands as well), when you wake up your skin is nicely moisturized I love it. xo Anne. Thank you!!! I will be looking fotward to the review on the lip glosses since i bought the "fancy one" for $46.00 at Amazon and it was not a big deal, at least for me, i have nothing bad to say about it, just the price, and that is why im looking for other choices. I've tried Buxom, from bare minerals, lip injection from U.D and NYX. I will definately go and buy the Weleda, i knew it had to be good since there was a sample and i tried a bit on the top of my hand and i was OMG! Again thank you fir taking the time on reading my comments and reply, i really enjoy your videos. Keep up the great work. xoxo. +Marie Ayala I think all of the lip plumpers give minimal volume, some do slightly better than others, but what I like is with mature lips they give enough to help smooth the lines and make the lips hydrated better than other lip color products that aren't "plumping" ones I think :) Let me know what you think of Weleda skin food if you try it (it is a little greasy being a heavier cream moisturizer so I only use it at night) I love it though! Thanks so much for watching and commenting. xo Anne. Awww so sweet, thank you that emotive me to continue learning English, well my first language is Spanish I am from Guatemala and I came here 5 years ago, I met my husband in my country in 2007 and we married in 2009 so I came to live here because he is from here (United States) :-) now you know i little bit about me. Hugs!! :-). Thank you for sharing some about you I love getting to know others who are on youtube interested in the same stuff I am. Your English is very good! Congratulations on your marriage (you are still kind of newlyweds!) and welcome to the U.S.! Thanks again for watching my videos too! xo. Hi! Thank you so much! I do have rose hip oil and use it at least once a week. It's one of my 6-7 oils that I use on my face (I alternate them or I mix a few together at night before bed). My oil collection right now consists of: tamanu (I always use this one), neroli, myrrh, frankincense, patchouli and rose hip. Is rose hip your favorite oil Do you use any other oils as well Thanks so much for watching and commenting! xo.
    What products do you use to style your bangs Any tips or tricks you do when blowing them dry Love your videos! LeAnn.

    Hi LeAnn, Thank you! I just use my fingers and a blow dryer to start. I pull them as I dry them in the direction I want them (straight down). Then I just use my flat iron on them and finish it with a little hairspray on my fingers and put it on the ends of my bangs to get them to kinda group together in sections and to have some texture. Once the hairspray is dry I use a comb or my fingers to fluff it. I like to style my bangs straight down and then take some hair on the top of my bangs and do a curve or bend in them with the flat iron just to add some movement. I hope that makes sense and helps. Thank you for watching! XO Anne.

    LeAnn, I just did a video showing how I style my bangs...thought it would be easier if I showed you ;) Thanks for the suggestion! XO.
    Thank you so much for answered my question, well you know what I do use another oil beside my rose hip oil I been using chia oil and is very rich in omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants and rich in vitamins, You should try it :-) hope you understand my English because is my second language. Can you do a video about your oils Please please!! Anyways you look so beautiful and your skin looks very radiant :-) .
    Thank you very much! Yes, I will be happy to do a video on the oils that I use. Your English is really good, I would never guess it wasn't your first language! What is your first language if you don't mind me asking I have never tried chia oil, I'll have to look into it though sounds like it has a lot of good benefits. Thanks for the suggestion! xo.

    Hi, I just did your requested video on my facial oils. Here's the link to that video: Hope you enjoy and find it helpful :) xo.
    Great video. Have you tried Argan oil, the Josie Maran one That's the one i've been using since it came out and it is amazing, greasy at first but your skin soaks it in and is pure. Good for your hair, cuticles, feet etc. i usually use it when the weather starts changing and starts getting cold. The downside is that it is expensive. If you have tried it, do you mind doing a comparison. I only use it during the day since i use retin A at night. Thanks 🎀. I have not yet tried it, but will look into picking one up and doing the comparison video. Thank you so much for the suggestion and request! XO Anne. +Marie Ayala I finally picked up the Josie Maran argan oil today and can't wait to try it! Thanks again for the suggestion :)). I actually use josie marans argan oil over my retin A.. but I wait for at least a half hour or longer before pressing it (not rubbing) into my skin to counteract the drying effect of the retin A... I still can't put Retin A on every night even with the.025 strength!!!. Retin A is irritating on my skin even with moisturizer over it (I have fairly sensitive skin). Best I have tried over Retin A (or mixed with it) is shea butter. I haven't tried the Josie Maran argan oil, but will have to! Good idea to use it over the Retin A Thanks for the tip! Anne :).

    Essential Oils: The Beginner's Guide To The Miraculous...
  • November 4, 2015

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    What brand of frankincence did you use and where did you buy it I just ordered some from ebay for $6 an ounce.. Hi there! Hey just an FYI you should try Rosehip seed oil. LOVE IT:)! It reverses sun damage and has huge amounts of vit A and C in it...GREAR for anti aging. Emily.
    Where do you get Frankincense Did you comparison shop for the best price and how much can one expect to pay for a bottle the size of yours...or an ounce worth.

    Neroli Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils
  • December 30, 2015

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    Top Anti-Aging Essential Oils - Dr. Axe
  • 06 April 2016. The Best Essential Oils for Skin - Sorted by Skin Type ( l-oils-for-skin/) Use them as a carrier oil and then add these essential oils to nourish aging skin: ... I think most of us need some form of anti-aging, because the clock only.
  • April 30, 2016

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    Anti Aging Essential Oils | Aromatherapy in Skin Care
  • May 01, 2016. Aromatherapy: Essential Oils Vitality Guide: 33 Advanced... ( y-Anti-Aging-Longevity-ebook/dp/B01BSU9TJI) Another essential oil that works miracles for skin is helichrysum. It is great for rejuvenating, scar reduction, anti-aging, firming, bruises, etc.

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