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  1. January 2, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Instantly Ageless - Anti Aging Cream - Jeunesse Global Review - Instantly Ageless - Anti Aging Cream - Jeunesse Global Review Instantly Ageless - Anti Aging Cream - Jeunesse Global Review instantly ageless,anti aging cream,jeunesse global,jeunesse global review,anti aging jeunesse,instantly ageless review,best anti... From: anmdgizmo67 Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 01:35 More in People & Blogs.
    +Kara Lewis Anti-aging method best today >>>, I feel very effective after 3 years of use it Hope help!!!.
    +anmdgizmo67 I am using this Anti Aging cream for years now and i look 10 years younger than before
    ...Hii people.....Maxelder Argan Cream leaves my face soft and silky smooth...I apply it after using my toner each morning before adding my makeup. and again before bed after washing my face. Absolutely best recommend for try w nyarganoil—c...
    In the colder months, my skin tends to get very dry. Freezage anti aging cream is really thick and absorbs quickly into my skin. As soon as it is absorbed, my skin feels so much better, I can definatley feel a difference since I have started using this cream. It moisturizes and also helps to even out the skin tone, and decrease wrinkles, lines..

    so far its awesome! My face feels younger and fresher than it has in ten years. So far no breakouts or sensitivity issues. I feel like, this freezage would be a gentle and organic option for so many. I trust that, its one of the best anti aging cream..

    Just started using it and its amazing. None of the side effects people are talking about. Ill bet the negative comments come from misuse or non use speculation.
    Just started using, bought one vial to try it out, OMG it is azazing. I have not had any side effects... can't believe how well it works. Would like to know about long term effects on the skin. So far, I love it !!!!.
    I love this freezage Anti Ageing Cream, it works well on my face, and I love the fact that can use it anywhere and it doesn't appear greasy..
    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!! IT CAN BURN YOUR SKIN! Save yourself the agony and read the reviews. This company is being sued. You look worse when you stop using it and it has harmful chemicals in it and is liquid glass!.
    +Consumer Health Digest The product you are reviewing above is not the same product in video. You are reviewing the company called instantly ageless. This video is about a Jeunesse Global product called instantly ageless. Two different products.
    This is a cult. Sure the bags under her eyes seem to magically disappear but what they don't show is her smiling. The puffiness gets redistributed to the sides of your eyes and the crows feet will appear deeper. me wrong. My guess is that won't happen. You're welcome consumers. Now put your money back into your pocket..
    +SxyCdnGrl You must remain expressionless for 2-3 minutes while the products dries and sets. After that you can smile away. Only lasts 6-8 hours. I can verify as I have actually tried the product and am not just speculating..
    If you do a google search on Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, the couple who founded Jeunesse, you would find that most of the search results on the first page are mostly about scams and lawsuits. Before Jeunesse, the couple previosuly founded Fuel Freedom International which was also an muti-level marketing company. Here is the quote from Wiki. It sells pills trademarked as MPG-CAPS, which are claimed to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and increase engine power when used as a gasoline additive.[citation needed]. The company says that the product was "originally developed by NASA for the 1970s space shuttle program",[1] although no documentary evidence is offered to support this claim. Anyone who is serious in joinning or buying their products should really do some research and think twice about it before making a decision..

    Anti Aging Night Cream Recipe - Soap Deli News
  2. December 29, 2015
    G.M. Collin Marine Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream helps to reduces and soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck, along with moisturizing and... i1
    Anti-aging cream for men.
  3. December 21, 2015
    Wrinkles are part of the natural aging process. Therefore they have to be accepted as such. However, there are thousands of products on the market which claim to... i2
    Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF...
  4. December 20, 2015
    Anti Wrinkle Cream at Walgreens. View current promotions and reviews of Anti Wrinkle Cream and get free shipping at $35. i3
    Mens Anti-Wrinkle Cream | Best Men's Anti-Aging... - RSVP
  5. December 28, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    All my friends were raving about this to me. I have been using very high end products and they swore this was better because it was custom made. Free bottle here I come ahahah .
    My sister has been using this for 2 months now. Her skin looks amazing! I just got the free dna assesment and free bottle! Thx! .
    I have always taken good care of my skin but this product was the icing on top. It has been my little hidden secret until now LOL! .

    Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Night Cream Review
  6. December 30, 2015
    Hands up everyone who remembers their mothers or grandmothers using Oil of Ulan with the distinctive pink lotion and powdery smell? :) I do. And I took a while to... i5 : Prevage Anti-Aging Night Cream 1.7 Oz...
  7. December 24, 2015
    Don't just dream about younger-looking skin. Do something about it with Olay Total Effects Night Firming Treatment, and fight 7 signs of aging while you sleep. Simply... i6 :: Product Style :: Anti-Aging Cream
  8. December 22, 2015
    This world class anti-aging cream is geared towards women 50 and over, but is good for anybody over 35 who is worried about wrinkles and skin firmness. i7
    Olay Total Effects 7 In One Anti-Aging Daily Facial...
  9. December 25, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    ..Hii everyone....I've been taking Maxelder argan cream ( you can find it in here w….nyarganoil….c) for a week now and I'm already feeling a difference. My skins feels supple and moist and I see a noticeable change in my complextion. I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin. Wish I explored this months ago.
    I’m in my early thirties but I have some fine lines and mild discolouration in some parts of my face.I purchased many expensive anti-aging products but they only worked a little or not at all. I tried Maxelder argan cream ( i get it in here w nyarganoil—-c ) and noticed a difference after 2 weeks of using the product Loved the ingredients and the texture and I love how it makes my skin look youthful and glowing. So far I’m very impressed!. Believing that cream can stop you aging is one of the most stupid things you can do. Genetics are at work here. You will age, you will get old and you will die. How you live your life is another matter, but trying to stay young is like pissing against the wind! Eat well, exercise, don't smoke or drink and keep people that are a drag out of your life, this will help but always remember, the clock is ticking and you will age, you will get old (if you're lucky) and you will die. Welcome to reality! Save your money, forget the cream!. Im so agree with u. I have auntie who already used expensive anti aging skin care since she was 20+, and now she is 59 yo. She looks old. And same with people without using expensive skincare..
    Anti-aging treatments aid in reducing wrinkles and grey spots. These kinds of spots are usually a direct result of deficiency of vitamins and minerals inside dermis along with pores and skin. For me the best anti aging remedy is Niacinamide cream because it helps me to retain moisture in skin..

    Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Night Firming Treatment, 1.7...
  10. December 31, 2015
    Anti-aging cream for men with dermatological-grade ingredients and antioxidants to fight wrinkles, fine lines and revitalize tone and texture. Free shipping. i9
    LifeCell Anti Aging Cream - DON'T BUY BEFORE READING
  11. January 1, 2016
    Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle Cream is the best anti-aging wrinkle cream for men. Reverse wrinkles, crows feet, and fine lines with our Organic mens anti aging wrinkle cream. i10
    Bionic Anti-Aging Cream - Sunday Riley | Sephora
  12. December 27, 2015
    Buy Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging Night Recovery Cream Moisturizer with free shipping on orders over $35, low prices & product reviews | i11
    Anti Wrinkle Cream |Walgreens
  13. January 3, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Your skin is glowing!!! Sounds like a nice moisturizer, and also not to mention cute!! Thanks for sharing :) Have a wonderful safe and Happy 4th of July. Much love and blessings to you oxoxoxox.

    I've always wondered if this product worked. I guess now I'll have to go shopping. Thanks! :D.

    Let me know what you think! I'm really wanting to try some of the others in that line now too because maybe I can get my line to go away completely! Thanks for watching!.
    Thanks so much for this review. I will look into this product. I have the same line between my brows. :) xoxo Laura. +Shake Up Makeup I try not to frown but I must do it unknowingly. It's so frustrating! Let me know if you try it out! xo. Let me know if you get anything! I have a few things I'm eyeing right now. Thanks for watching!. sweetheart if you want a fantastic moisturizer use 100% natural rose hip seed oil...u will love it!!!!.
    Awe, thank you so much! 😊 I just looked up the oil and can't wait to try it! I've been looking for a cheaper alternative to the Marula oil I ran out of and I think this will be perfect. I can't believe how cheap it is too! Happy New Year to you as well and thanks for the support!! 😍.

    Anti-aging supplements - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. December 23, 2015
    Anti-aging creams are predominantly moisturiser-based cosmeceutical skin care products marketed with the promise of making the consumer look younger by reducing... i13
    G.M. Collin Marine Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream (1.7 oz...
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  16. December 13, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Hey Ankita, thnku so much fr this video..I m looking fr a good night cream fr such a long tym..I think I m gonna go with this after watching this video..was confused whether to go fr Organic harvést night cream.. also, serum is supposed to b applied twice daily or just once in the morning do answer to my query..m looking fwd to buy serum, eyecream n night cream frm this range.. thanku once again.

    nice video I like there regenerist range as my skin is dam oily I was getting pimple so started using there regenerist night cream, I would say i really felt the difference and I m with 2 bottle so I love it... I have some darkness near the eyelid and under eye so can u recommend me any nice eye creams as the eye cream from this range is not working for me..

    Ankita I wana one suggestion...actually I have normal skin type with wheatish complexion and little bit sensitive skin. pls tell me the right bb and cc cream which is available in Delhi....

    Ankita... year back i tried olay day cream, i kind of felt some irritation on my skin... i pass the cream to my sistet thinking it is not ryt for my skin. i got the same feedback from my sister too. i heard the same from many others. Did u experience anything like that.

    +Mani Sharma Hi, I didn't face any irritation with any of these products. Maybe you're sensitive to certain ingredients..

    Surely not for my age. But would recommend it to my mum, She likes Esteè lauder more though. I really loved your makeup today. Fresh and glowing :)).

    hey Ankita one thing I want to tell u that last night I saw a dream that I am meeting u and m feeling so happy to meet you.. I dnt know whether I will u or not but that dream moment like a magic for me....
    hi ankita..I m New mother and mostly awake at very bad dark circles...Will this make difference..I seen one red packaged Olay...very thankful to u.
    its good to knoe your experience. i got my mom the entire anti-ageing range ladt year.. she has been quite happy with the entire regime as far as skincare goes. for the anti-ageing benefit, she says it may not reverse any changes, maybe just helps to slow down the process..
    i tired it bt it din suit my skin.. gave me bad irritating rashes but it did wonders to my mums skin she is loving it.... Even I use olay products coz my fathers works in P&G...So I have tried certain things from olay nd dey r grt!and suits my skin.
    hey Ankita u shared ur experience with olay total effects but I like this vedio bcz of u... I found that u did not use a single brand or product for long u keep changing the products to gain new experience this is good thing... I liked the vedio... thanks....
    hi ankitha... ur skin looks very dewy in this vedio, so can i know wats the product ur using for that dewy finish. hii ankita; I am 32 years I have very dull looking skin some sports too, pls give me some tips, somebody tolds me to do scrub everyday is that true.
    hi, your videos are very effective and i usually grasp every step and as long as i get time i do watch your videos....

    u r a life saver Ankita... i was looking for this review since a longggg time but couldn't find it anywhere.. so was skeptical about buying it... thanks a lot for such a nice review.. now i will go n buy... thanks a ton...
    Hey ankita nice reviewing...I will definitely try them... plz tell me wat brand u are wearing on your lips and nails..they were looking awesome..😃. Olay has been around since ages. Its a very good brand and products are worth the cost. Fragrance is its best point apart from non oily formula.. Can you please please tell one best bb or cc cream available in india which is like bourjouis cc cream as I am not able to find it.. I really need it as i am going for a vacation.. I have combination skin and medium to fair skin tone.
    hi ankita.. i used the day cream for few days. it made my skin oily. really been searchinv fir good day night cream, nothing has topped ny list so far.i have combination skin. dry and t zone oily!!.
    Yeah! i had commented on one of ur recent videos for skincare routine and this is up :D I have oily, breakout prone skin ankita and i'm 23 years old. Can u please suggest some skincare products for me please which would help with acne :).
    U'r sooo glowing! Why don't u share ur regular skincare routine! Plsss consider dis request!.
    Hey Ankitha.. Thank u fr the video.. Can you suggest me some other skin care products for an oily skin.... +corallista, Ive used Olay moisturizers in the past ,Although I liked how they highlighted my skin, Ive also noticed that it gets greasy.. Has it got the same effect on you . ankita please upload a video tutorial 4 ur makeup look in the olay video with complete product list. love how fresh n glowy ur makeup is here. thanks. hy di... mujhe apse ek suggestion chaiye... me bachpan se lekr last yr tk koi cream ni lagati thi... so mera skin bhut aged lgne lga h... m 17 but i look like 25... plzz suggest me a olay product or range... which i can use regularly... nd can reduce my skin age equal to my real age.... I am just 21 I dunno if i should start using anti aging products. but my mum uses day cream i am definitely gonna get her night cream for her.. thanx for the informative video.
    +shalu suresh If you feel like your skin is losing moisture and glow because of lifestyle/any other reason, you can start by incorporating the night cream in your routine..
    Wow ankita... Thankyou so much for your kind words...I can't belive my eyes that you replied me... In many channels they don't even bother to do so but you did and rocking...ummmmhaaz didi... Love you... .
    Its always pleasure watching ur videos ankita and you are looking so fresh n glowy today. Currently m using innisfree products they are doing really well for me but i'll definetly try night cream from this range..
    HEY ankita i'm 19years old n i knw those products r nt recommendable for me bt i hv very dull skin.want to know tht if the night cream work on me n brighten up my skin... Olay serum is my favorite product from a long time, I didn't try the day nd night cremes may be I should start using them..

    La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream, 1.7 oz. - Neiman Marcus
  17. January 8, 2016
    Find something great... Appliances. close; Appliances; shop all; Deals in Appliances; Refrigerators. Small Kitchen Appliances i1
    Boots No7 Wrinkle Cream : Target
  18. December 22, 2015
    Item: Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Oil-free Face Cream 1.7 oz. i2
    Total Effects Products | Olay
  19. January 19, 2016
    Treat yourself to the best skin products from Boots No7 skincare range. Products for skin types from normal to dry to oily skin. i3
    Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Oil-free... - Macys
  20. December 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    No7 | The Perfect Skincare for Every Age - Boots
  21. November 5, 2015
    Pro 7 Anti-Aging Cream Powerful Age Fighting Ingredients. Pro 7 Anti-Aging Cream has a variety of ingredients but it is hard to know exactly what they are since there... i5
    no. 7 in Anti-Aging Products for Skin Care | eBay
  22. December 2, 2015
    This increased accessibility and affordability is a plus for acne sufferers and those interested in anti-aging alike. Vitamin A promotes the formation of new collagen... i6
    anti aging cream number 7 - MedHelp
  23. January 21, 2016
    Free shipping, even faster for InCircle on La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Cream Sunscreen SPF 30, 1.7 oz. at Neiman Marcus. Shop the latest selection of top designer... i7
    Glytone Anti Aging Cream 1 7 Oz -
  24. December 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    hi cheryl, i just ordered the mad hippie vit c serum that you use, ce ferulic combo i used in the past was from skinceuticals but the price is you use the clarisonic what is your opinion on pharmaceutical versus over the counter skincare products i read that pharma products goes deeper into the dermis where as the over the counter just gets to only the epidermis... pharma is fda approved/ over the counter products are not. take care and keep those vids coming. namaste.

    +Roxane Nakamura Hey Girl!! I'm thinking about trying another round of Obagi Nu Derm as an end-of-summer brightener for my skin! But I do use the Vitamin C twice daily as a way of keeping melasmas and sun damage from occuring. Keep in mind that hydroquinone can thin the skin after prolonged use, so we never want to "stay" on Obagi, I know some people do but my dermatologist warned me about that. Take care!!.

    i've heard the same thing about thinning of the skin...check out brianna stanko on UT, she works for a dermatologist and also has great advice about skincare...TGIF .
    I think a lot of it is really in your genes. I'm going to be 49 and show no signs of aging in my skin...only thing I've ever used is Oil of Olay. Now telling my joints Im still young is a whole other story lol. I may try some of these anyway....
    I have!! twice (slight marionette lines around my mouth). My suggestions: Find someone who is highly recommended to do it and stay AWAY from lip fillers (IMO, they just do not look natural). Thanks for watching =).

    Wow girl,super great anti-aging favorites,love it.Also,check this website- anti aging creams for 2014;Anti-aging foods-promogranate,avocado,watermelon,berries,cinnamon,coconut,cucumber,yogurt,broccoli,sweet potato,green tea & white tea,red grapes & red wine;Anti-aging tips-get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night,exercise at least 150 minutes each week,consume high levels of antioxidants daily,balance & optimize your hormones,eat at least 9 servings of fruits 7 vegetables a day,have a blessed week,take care,hugs & kisses.
    I am also very impressed with Acure products-interesting-I have tried almost all of the products in the line except for the ones you just reviewed!! So now I will have to try those, too!!.

    Anti Aging Cream 7 -
  25. January 18, 2016
    Item: Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Oil-free Face Cream 1.7 oz. i9
    No7 | The Perfect Skincare for Every Age - Boots
  26. October 25, 2015
    Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Serum: What It Is? The Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum is an anti-aging skin care product manufactured by... i10
    new anti aging cream no 7 - MedHelp
  27. January 7, 2016
    Browse Olay Total Effects products with anti aging properties that, in just 4 weeks, make skin look up to 10 years younger. i11
    Anti-Aging Products | Olay
  28. November 6, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    These were just wonderful suggestions! You have beautiful and flawless skin. Thank you so much for doing this! I learned so much. Love to you, Melissa.

    Great video Sissi. I wouldn't want to be without my vitamin C for sure! Your skin looks beautiful! Xoxo Laura.
    I was a lifeguard for years and I swore by that Ocean Potion pot. It's saved me years of damage. Great recommendation!! :-). These sound like great products! I love Paula's Choice and I use the Resist Antioxidant Serum along with my Retin A. Thanks for the reviews!.
    I am 62, and still have oily skin. I use #1, #2 SPF 50, plus Retin A. For me, the most anti-aging product I use is the generic Retin A. I can tell a huge benefit. I need to check out some of the other products you mentioned, Thank you for the links. Blessings..MaryEllen.
    +Beauty Geek these are paper patches with gum adhesive (think like an envelope seal that you lick and stick) so only 1 use at a time. You can find them on Amazon, and they're affordable. you get quite a lot! These type of products really do work. And the Frownies brand has been around a long time.. I will have to try the ocean potion. Usually my skin is soooo oily, but this winter I am struggling with dryness. Ugh. Bring back the grease! I don't use frownies, but I make my own "elevens" eraser with kinesio tape. Even did a video. lol You are definitely the frownie woman on you tube!! I, too, wear my tape every night and if I forget- I feel naked! It truly has prevented me from using expensive botox (which didn't make that much difference anyway) and many people say my elevens have all but disappeared. Great product review. Make Up Artists Choice (.com) has some great AHA and other glycolics. I should probably use them more frequently. PLEASE do a video demo on the WorryLess product. That is fascinating. I would love to see a side by side before and after. You look fab. I really enjoy your videos. (((hugs)))...Susan.
    Happy new year Sissi! I just went on a cruise and I was thinking about you. I got so sick when I got home but no balance or ear issues like you had, just " cruise crud". It still stinks to feel crappy!.

    Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Firming... - Boots
  29. December 1, 2015
    I would recommend Amaya Anti-aging and Weight Loss Clinic. They have locations in Katy and Sugar Land. My mother in law lives in Houston and it was easy for her to... i13
    Anti-Aging : Boots Anti Aging Skin Care Products : Boots USA
  30. December 6, 2015
    Changing lives 2 minutes at a time i14
    Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer, 1.7 fl...
  31. January 16, 2016
    Boots Number 7 sells for about $20 to $30 depending on which formula you purchase. There is an entire line of Boots Number 7 products, including anti-aging serum... i15
    Anti-aging cream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  32. January 15, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Total Effects Products | Olay
  33. November 4, 2015
    Find no. 7 boots no 7 from a vast selection of Anti-Aging Products for Skin Care. Get great deals on eBay! i17
    La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex, 1.7 Ounce
  34. November 23, 2015 : La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex, 1.7 Ounce : Facial Night Treatments : Beauty i18 no 7 anti aging cream
  35. January 26, 2016
    I had been using the Plantscription Lifting Cream for the last 3 months and I loved it, so I decided to try this because it has sunscreen. I used this and applied... i19
    La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream, 1.7 oz. - Neiman Marcus
  36. November 15, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Love your vids. Just found you! Subscribed and gave you thumbs up. We are about the same age (I know, yuck!), and addressing the same concerns - those f***ing wrinkles! I HATE them with a passionate vengeance! Will visit my dermie and see what she recommends - it's time to get on the Retinol bandwagon, also will do some research into the Obagi - NuDerm System - expensive, but if it works... .
    Thank you, Marcella! I just bought an AHA glycolic acid cream to try after watching Melissa's video. Melissa55. I need to do more research about Retin A and gut issues. Talk to your derm and see what's most appropriate for you. I decided against the NuDerm system because of how bad your skin looks for an extended amount of time. I guess it does work, though. Welcome to my channel! xoxo Joan.
    Looked into the Obagi NuDermSystem review, youtube, etc - would not touch it with a ten foot pole, even if it is free. I am 58 and HATING my skin. I am, however, considering, possibly, maybe, thinking about trying out Dr. Schultz's Progressive Glycolic Acid Peel: - in case you want to have a look. He "claims" that this is a less potentially irritating method of rejuvenating skin than using retinoids. Retinoids and glycolic acid are both exfoliants, and his contention is that the progressive Glycolic peel in considerably easier to tolerate than retinoids and results are just as favorable. Maybe you want to check out his blog.. Joan, you have beautiful skin, send me your address so I can send you a few samples sweetie of the very high end Mary Kay line called TimeWise Repair. It is amazing & the results are backed up by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval as well as a Money Back Guarantee!!! Not to mention all the happy customers I have... Try before you buy, I am certain you will be extremely happy with the results immediately - Hug, Gale The Happy Stamper :). Hi Gale, thank you! I am also a MK Rep and used the TW Repair before switching to the Retin A tretinoin cream. The tretinoin is a much stronger version of retinol. I'm not using any moisturizer as that inhibits cell turnover. All I'm using now is my tretinoin and sunscreen. Thanks for the offer. It is a great system! xoxo Joan.
    Joan, I have watched all your wig videos and have enjoyed every one of them. And now the face videos. My mother said it and I say it. There is no fighting gravity with creams. They are needed to moisturize the face and help prevent it from getting deep wrinkles and permanent creases while you sleep, by having enough on your face that it's not completely gone in the morning. And if you already have lines, thick creams help them not get deeper, by filling them with cream, so when you roll over, that movement on sheets is not as harsh. My mom used Nivea skin cream for this all her life and she was amazing looking. I was a single mom and single grandma and raised kids for 40 yrs. I had no money to spent on expensive creams. I used Nivea. When I sold my house and moved to my condo, I took some equity money and got my self a face lift. That was almost 15 years ago. Cosmetic surgery picks up the neck the eyes... Well you know what it does. And it was the only thing that could do what I really wanted to see in the mirror. It's permanent... A face lift lasts forever. A lot of women spend $50 a month on face products. Thats $24,000 over 40 years. That's enough to get a whole new body and face. Honestly, IMHO, some creams have merit, but really can't change aging. I spent my money well. I love the way I look. .
    Joan I think your bare skin looks very nice. I will be curious what she says about vitamin C. What sunscreen does she recommend and what do you use if you don't mind sharing. I hear some formulas of sunscreen are safer for your face than others as far as the chemicals in them. Thanks!♥.

    Boots No7 Wrinkle Cream : Target
  37. December 29, 2015
    Item: Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Oil-free Face Cream 1.7 oz. i21
    Total Effects Products | Olay
  38. January 24, 2016
    Treat yourself to the best skin products from Boots No7 skincare range. Products for skin types from normal to dry to oily skin. i22
    Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Oil-free... - Macys
  39. November 16, 2015
    Find something great... Appliances i23
    No7 | The Perfect Skincare for Every Age - Boots
  40. November 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thx, great info Mernie! I highly recommend Maxelder argan cream … I use it twice a day and I love the way it makes my skin feel like it’s refreshed… I feel that it has helped my facial skin to stay younger looking … My mom even stated that she thinks I look younger than my twin sister. I was upset when. I’m sure if you try it you will like it!! you can find it at w..…nyarganoil.….c. If you really want to try excellent anti-aging skin care, then you should try Dr. Hauschka - it is super expensive but worth every penny. For example try the "firming mask" - I apply a very thin layer underneath my regular day cream and all the fine lines disappear. Thank God I don't have deep wrinkles yet. Plus it is not tested on animals like most other cosmetics..
    Oh my goodness your dog sitting in the chair is adorable, what is his/her name I was listening to you and looking at that cutie.. lol.

    I am guilty as charged on the Chanel front. I have used it for years, in fact I was trying to think of something else I've used and felt as good on my skin. I have tried the Olay products in hopes that I may save some money but I actually do see a difference when I don't use high end skin care. It could also been that I have both sensitive and dry skin. I suppose this isn't much help, but we all have our splurges. I find that skin care lasts a long time so it seems cost effective in the end. Lately I have started using some Estee Lauder for daytime and the ultra high end cream that was $300 or 350 is now around $75 as I think it didn't sell very well. It's the Revitalizing Supreme in the gold jar and it is wonderful. I don't own a LV bag yet though so as I said we all have our things, this comment was probably very unhelpful. Sorry=[.
    That was an interesting study. My retin A, sunscreen, and tarte maracuja oil are my favorite anti-aging products.. Thx, great info! I'm always on the look for not that expensive eye & face serums, yea should have started in my 20's : ( Found to check out some that I haven't, keep them coming!!!.
    Thank you for the great information. I recently bought some Boots #7 after a recommendation from a friend. .
    Aw dog! Anyway my mom's fav anti aging cream is one called Monsia and it's apparently expensive but worth it. It's like a kit with cleanser, toner and night/day cream so you have this regime to follow. Just leaving it out there in case someones interested!. I have a question. I'm 23 years old and I've been looking at olay products for awhile. I have dry akin but not overly dry. I don't have wrinkles but I do need to start preventing them. Do you think the definity line would be good to use. i love to try more olay products and so as oiher brands as well. bt my problem is here in india, there r som limited products. or ty hv launched afew yet.i too hv dry skin. hope there will b mor in future. good job love ur vids.. I also recommend that any woman over 35 try Reclaim by Victoria Principal, the starter kit is only 19.95. It's a whole skincare system with cleanser, eye serum, moisturizer, the most awesome products I have ever used on my skin. If you don't want to be a club member, just cancel the automatic membership and keep the starter system. . Sorry-I get my hair professionally colored and I don't have the formula. I know she uses Aveda color..
    2 VictoriasRoses Hi Becki! I'm glad this video was helpful. It's interesting that the really expensive brands aren't the only way to go for skin care. Sometimes they're great, but sometimes it's just a lot of hype. Thanks for still watching-you were one of my first 20 subscribers!.
    2 hhjjhh09 It's from Target (their brand) and every time I wear I get a rash. I've heard from a few people that they have the same problem. :(.
    Great video! I am also a firm believer in science and think that I will follow the list. Thanks again for your research!.

    I just want to tell you that you look absolutely beautiful with this hair style and don't change it.By the way,I love watching your videos:)All the best to you!!!.

    2 haulsandreviews Personally, I think I like the Regenerist moisturizer better than the definity. I'll probably go back to it once I finish it up. I really like the one with SPF 50 for summer..

    Hi Marnie! I am a new subbie; I found you through Nur and YOU ROCK! I saw the same article and sent it to my mom. I have been using the Boots N7 Beauty Serum and I like it. As for peels, I have had it 2 my estetician. At first I was scared too. But it made a difference in my skin. Before that, I had tried out the AVON ANEW CLINICAL glycolic peel pads. I like them and I still use them once in a while. Now not everybody shold get a glycolic peel. You should check with a professional first XOXO.
    Hi Marnie, Did you ever learn about other products that satisfy this need I wonder if any of the Neutrogena sunscreen and/or moisturizers would work. Thanks for all you do!. 2 arethavillebrun Yay! I'm glad it's working for you, and I like getting the feedback from people with different skin types than mine. Glad it's working out for you..
    2 Palettagirl I love it too and always get so many compliments when I wear it. It's a really old Target brand shirt..
    Hello I am a new subbie!! I am so happy that I found your are so natural, beautiful and funny (in a good way) this video thank you for sharing Veronica.
    2 4evryoung58 I don't know exactly how much older you are than me, but even if it's just by a few years I'm interested in finding out how the products are working for you. Shiseido is a great company but way too pricey for me. Any other products that you really like.
    Dear MsGoldgirl, thank you so much for the tips. You have really helped me. This was the information I was looking for, and you being budget conscious was a big plus. Sometimes you are just doing what you think you should and you end up being a kind spirit on someone else's path; I would like you to know that your were that helpful to me. And I would also like to reciprocate. I think that if you look for "skin care routine for flawless... By kandee Johnson" (You Tube - another sweet girl) you m.
    This video was suggested to me even though I'm still in my teens and not in need of anti-aging products yet. I watched it nevertheless and thought it was very informative! You remind me of my stepmom - which is a huge compliment because she's beautiful and lovely. You're the same age, and you both still look like you're in your 20s! My dad is in his 40s and I think people think he's a cradle robber sometimes based on how she looks, haha. You two are proof that anti-aging products can work! : ).
    Running out to get these products, been looking at olay for quite some time. I think you are so pretty and your skin looks to be great. .
    this video was really helpful. I was wondering if you have any advice as to WHEN you should start using anti aging products. I have tried to look up other videos on this topic but there aren't many that are helpful..
    Knowing you are female and a matte finish 'MIGHT' not be important, but it is very important to me. It is very, very hard to find a product that has a matte finish and is helpful to an aging face. I do have professional chemical peels every four weeks, and have never used any of the products you mentioned. However, if anyone/you can tell me if you know of a great moisturizer that leaves a matte finish on the face. I am male and cannot/will not wear make-up. Thanks,.
    I agree with Sunscreen, and be educated when it comes to anti aging products, many anti aging products actually put you on an endless cycle to needing them and actually dry your skin, they put tons of fillers like silicones and marketing hype..

    I hope u can help I have two white spots on my nose like where my sunglass cover what in the heck r they no matter what kind make up cover up I use they stand out hope u can help.
    2 MsGoldgirl thank you so much. In this case I will go to the store for find all that olay stuff especially the hydrating foaming, I am so curios to see how it works on me, cause now I am using La Mer cream at night but just make my face too oily. Thks for everything. Kiss and hugs, Oh by the way wich is your fav foundation ever (EL double wear or else). 2 sqlara You're not old-you're younger than me! Estee Lauder makes an excellent concealer that can also be used as foundation, so it's great for covering larger areas. It's called Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Coverage and I LOVE it! I will be reviewing it soon in a video but in the meantime go check it out in person at an Estee Lauder counter. They'll even give you a free sample!.
    2 sweetdosage I'm pretty sure they tested it on humans, but for all the details I would read the article. It should be mentioned in there (I hope)..
    I'm sorry, I don't, but I'm sure there is a list of it somewhere on the internet. At least, I hope so, as I'd like to see the list again too!. 2 veromiami Hi Veronica!! Thank you so much for subbing! I'm glad you're enjoying my videos! ~Marnie. 2 kumudvarghese I have very dry skin, and I love the Olay Regenerist Night Cream. It's in a little lavender jar. I put it all over my face and neck at night.. If you have dry skin, some of the drugstore moisturizers use petroleum based moisturizers and then tend to actually dry the skin. I have found that Alba (at Walgreens and Walmart), carry a "Jasmine facial cream" that is REALLY moisturizing and makes the skin very soft. It is organic which is good. The only drawback is it has no sun screen, which I have to do separate under my makeup..
    2 TheLucyLil Thank you Lucy!! That is very sweet of you to say and I am very glad I helped you, even if it was in a small way..
    2 griff2020 That sounds like heaven in a box! What's in it that makes it so good Oh-thanks for subbing! :). 2 bridgeyboo3 At Target-it's a bit pricier than regular drugstore stuff, but it's all very good quality.. 2 makeupveroefalso Absolutely Estee Lauder Double Wear. I love the coverage and I love the staying power..
    2 MacLovesMe Thank you! I have been using the Olay Definity and I love how hydrated my skin feels lately. Hope it works for you, too!.
    Hi... I use the pro x eye cream, and yes it is really really good, and not that expensive. Buying it on ebay is a way cheaper option, as it cuts the cost in half compared to purchasing in a store. Also the banana boat sunscreen for the body is good, and I use that also. just goes to prove that cheaper products can still do the job and not break the bank.
    I tried to go to the site you mentioned but it is no longer there. Do you happen to have this on your computer to print out. I would really like to read this. Thanks Karen.

    2 makeupveroefalso I went on the Olay website and yes, Olaz IS the same brand! YT disables links but it's. olaz. it. Check it out!.
    2 HollyRamblesOn Thanks-that's Bosley. He makes a few random appearances in most of my videos. He thinks this is his house and that he lets us live there. :).
    2 TBSulkin Hey Trace-there really isn't a great way to make your lips look bigger. I have a few tricks in mind...outline your lips a TINY bit outside your natural lip line (not a lot, or you'll look like a hooker). Also, put a lighter color in the middle and a bit darker on the outside of your lips. You know, I should just make a video, that would be easier!.

    no. 7 in Anti-Aging Products for Skin Care | eBay
  41. January 28, 2016
    This increased accessibility and affordability is a plus for acne sufferers and those interested in anti-aging alike. Vitamin A promotes the formation of new collagen... i25
    anti aging cream number 7 - MedHelp
  42. January 25, 2016
    Free shipping, even faster for InCircle on La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Cream Sunscreen SPF 30, 1.7 oz. at Neiman Marcus. Shop the latest selection of top designer... i26
    Glytone Anti Aging Cream 1 7 Oz -
  43. January 1, 2016
    Free shipping, even faster for InCircle on La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream, 1.7 oz. at Neiman Marcus. Shop the latest selection of top designer fashion at Neiman Marcus. i27
    Anti Aging Cream 7 -
  44. January 23, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    No7 | The Perfect Skincare for Every Age - Boots
  45. January 13, 2016
    Boots No 7 Protect & Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Serum: What It Is? The Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum is an anti-aging skin care product manufactured by... i29
    new anti aging cream no 7 - MedHelp
  46. January 17, 2016
    Browse Olay Total Effects products with anti aging properties that, in just 4 weeks, make skin look up to 10 years younger. i30
    Anti-Aging Products | Olay
  47. November 10, 2015
    Treat yourself to the best skin products from Boots No7 skincare range. Products for skin types from normal to dry to oily skin. i31
    Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Firming... - Boots
  48. December 19, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I'm 41, I have used it for the last year. It works for me for a quick minimal coverage. I do use lotion before I apply it tho..

    I just subbed to you and i used olay when i was 25 now im 30ish and need an everyday moisturizer that wont break the bank so i came back to olay bec my grandmother used this product from her 40s til she was 93 and died, bless her..She swears by this product because she had very ypgood skin even in her senior age 😊.

    Hello! Have you ever tried - Rovolori 97 Minute Week (do a search on google) Ive heard some incredible things about this way to arrest the rapid aging process and my cousin also got some excellent outcomes with it..
    My face is really bright and light. But I am not even use any brightening or whitening products. I guess sunscreen helped. I should start using sunscreen on my body. I think I am NC20 Not too sure. . BB Creams, not the Americanized ones but real BB Creams are much better and give better results. The only tinted moisturizer I like is Aveeno. Hello, I'm 28 years old,,, is it product can use for me and my skin has a little bit dry,, is it useful.
    Dear linkitty, have you tried the non-tinted total effect 7in1 moisturizer, would u recommend it :) .
    Is that necklace from H&M It's beautiful! I was debating if I should get it in silver or gold. Now I think I'm going back to pick one up! =]. Great video, we love seeing honest reviews. If you are interested in trying a natural anti-aging cream, email media (at) NaturaCel (dot) com. . I haven't tried it yet. My mom swear by it. It's her favorite skincare product. She has beautiful skin!.
    i am a 39 year old guy, has used this product since launch about 10 years ago. i can't live without it, day and night. For the foundation type, i have not used it before, but in the weather in Singapore, i dont think its suitable esp when we perspire. To re-apply again will definitely have colour differences. Though i am 39, i have received countless, at least a hundred, that i look young, commonly 10 yrs younger. i will continue to use this product..
    The color is too yellow for you because you have fair skin. For those natural yellow skin Asians this color is fine..
    Will it suit nc 25 What's your shade now Maybe oilier skin viewers and I like matte finish might like this pdt..
    Yeah I want to know if u like the normal Skincare one wo fdn. There is one for oily skin I think u should not try that since u are living in the us n it's still cold. I shall ask my mum how she likes hers. What's yr mum's review on this pdt Is it her main skincare I recall your mum has very good skin you previously mentioned..
    I bought this product today which is claimed its made in Thailand n I found that its not tinted but white,, I am confused cause I saw my mom used this one was tinted... is it changed or it differs country to country... .

    Anti-Aging : Boots Anti Aging Skin Care Products : Boots USA
  49. November 21, 2015
    Changing lives 2 minutes at a time i33
    Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer, 1.7 fl...
  50. January 9, 2016
    Boots Number 7 sells for about $20 to $30 depending on which formula you purchase. There is an entire line of Boots Number 7 products, including anti-aging serum... i34
    Anti-aging cream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  51. January 10, 2016
    ANTI-AGING DAY BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30 LA PRAIRIE GROUP AG- avobenzone, octinoxate, octisalate and octocrylene cream Temmentec AG Disclaimer: Most OTC drugs are not... i35
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  52. November 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex, 1.7 Ounce
  53. January 27, 2016 : La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex, 1.7 Ounce : Facial Night Treatments : Beauty i37 no 7 anti aging cream
  54. November 13, 2015
    I had been using the Plantscription Lifting Cream for the last 3 months and I loved it, so I decided to try this because it has sunscreen. I used this and applied... i38
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  55. December 20, 2015
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  56. December 9, 2015

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  57. October 26, 2015
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  58. January 12, 2016
    Find something great... Appliances i42
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  59. December 4, 2015
    Pro 7 Anti-Aging Cream Powerful Age Fighting Ingredients. Pro 7 Anti-Aging Cream has a variety of ingredients but it is hard to know exactly what they are since there... i43
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  60. November 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    anti aging cream number 7 - MedHelp
  61. November 30, 2015
    Free shipping, even faster for InCircle on La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Cream Sunscreen SPF 30, 1.7 oz. at Neiman Marcus. Shop the latest selection of top designer... i45
    Glytone Anti Aging Cream 1 7 Oz -
  62. October 29, 2015
    Free shipping, even faster for InCircle on La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream, 1.7 oz. at Neiman Marcus. Shop the latest selection of top designer fashion at Neiman Marcus. i46
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  63. December 28, 2015
    Item: Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Oil-free Face Cream 1.7 oz. i47
    No7 | The Perfect Skincare for Every Age - Boots
  64. December 7, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    For truly sensitive skin, maxelder argan cream is a life saver! Makes my facial skin look younger since it’s not reacting to chemicals most other creams. I suggest everyone w…nyarganoil….c. It's always best to seek out a good Esthetician to help you with your skin. My name is Ashley. If you have questions, please call or text 404-434-3102. Eight years experience as an Esthetician and I love what I do..
    Bull shit don't listen to these money making thugs who know fuk all about life and skin care synthetic fake shit and ahe chats about drugs that make u mental and commit susicide !.
    This is actually a good video. Informative. I love that you read the ingredients. And I love explanations.. The acne drug store products I like are noxzema, cetaphil, and neutragena oil free acne wash. But my Mary Kay products are the best.. Salicilyc acid can also kill you. On the news it says that the acid has killed lots of people. So go ahed use this deadly and deathly acid. And see if I care!!!!. There is a web site called Skin Deep that lists most, or all of the ingredients listed on this video as toxic. Are there any effective skin treatments that are not toxic.
    Skin product companies desire as many individuals as possible to try their products to show why they are worth buying. Have you ever seen the skincare section set-up in your local mall offering Free trials Well you must check out this website that will send Free trials to your home, its the best way to get free skin care :) Get yours here

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  65. December 23, 2015
    Browse Olay Total Effects products with anti aging properties that, in just 4 weeks, make skin look up to 10 years younger. i49
    Anti-Aging Products | Olay
  66. December 11, 2015
    Treat yourself to the best skin products from Boots No7 skincare range. Products for skin types from normal to dry to oily skin. i50
    Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Ageing Firming... - Boots
  67. January 22, 2016
    I would recommend Amaya Anti-aging and Weight Loss Clinic. They have locations in Katy and Sugar Land. My mother in law lives in Houston and it was easy for her to... i51
    Anti-Aging : Boots Anti Aging Skin Care Products : Boots USA
  68. December 14, 2015

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    Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti-Aging Moisturizer, 1.7 fl...
  69. November 12, 2015
    Boots Number 7 sells for about $20 to $30 depending on which formula you purchase. There is an entire line of Boots Number 7 products, including anti-aging serum... i53
    Anti-aging cream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  70. December 12, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I want to try this stuff. The cell turnover part sounds interesting. I've had a fruit peel before and loved the look after.. You look great!...and your eyelids look fuller and more lifted as well, did you use the tape method.
    +Deborah Bergen i'v never used them, i just watched some of here videos, and she talks about that being an issue for her.

    I´m 20 years old but I want to start taking care of my skin. Should i start using this product. Is it to early.
    How can you give an appropriate opinion of this product while using all the other products you use on your face!. if you notice she didn't really give an opinion. She left that up to us. I don't know. Kind of misleading. I'm like OK.... I've never been overly thrilled with Olay products. Am I the only human on earth that feels that way CerVae (spelling) In my opionion gives better results at a fraction of the cost..
    Are you still using this product everyday Since moving to Nevada last year, I am freaked out about how my beloved alpha-hydroxyl is causing to look dry all the time. I talked to a makeup artist, and she recommended that I stop the alpha hydroxyl, and use all natural oils instead. So if this Olay Regenerist stuff, in your opinion do you think it really will be far less drying than alpha hydroxy.
    Angie, I must have iron skin because I never seem to get the tell-tale flakey skin turnover. Wish I did! LOL I am now using all the anti-aging products you have recommended and am delighted with the results one month into them. Retin A is the using.05%. Also Alpha Hydroxy - 10%, Vitamin C, Metrixyll, and Vitamin A. Where have they been all my life!!! Thanks for all you do. So appreciate your commitment to Positive-aging and passing your wisdom on to the rest of us. :))))) Malama pono.... I think if you wanted to do a "true" 30 day review you should have done before and after pics without makeup and you should have stopped using retin A and some of your other products until the 30 days was up..
    I just bought this stuff & can feel something working (also got the serum) but am only a few days in. Great video & I love your skin, you are lovely..
    +Gabriela Suárez I believe Angie likes Timeless by Paula's Choice. But she may have found another one. :).
    I read so many good reviews on this cream that I went out and bought it (Oct 2015) I had to give up using it because it made my skin feel sticky. Very thick. It didn't absorb well. I used it for about two weeks and then I couldn't deal with it anymore. Disappointed. My skin was shiny when I used it. They must have changed the formula again, since this video was made..
    I certainly enjoy watching you. You are very detailed and honest about your reviews. If you don't mind me asking, what brand of foundation are you using Your make up application is very nice. It's simple, which suits you perfectly. You look very elegant. Have you tried NuFace Will you make a review on this product please Thx..
    I would love to find a review on the Loreal revitalift volume filler daily moisturizer.. I have only found 1 on the serum but none on the cream.. My sister just started using it a couple of weeks ago and when i saw her a few night s ago i thought she had gotten some work done ( which she swears she didn't ), only thing she says she can attribute it to is the Loreal revitalift daily volumizing volume filler cream. I would love to see someone else's experience with it to know for sure it does work..

    Its an Irish Product where im from, i sent for the TIMELESS Vit C and added your coupon but it didnt allow me use this coupon which is not good, i look forward to getting it from timeless.
    AMAZING CREAM...I have used it for several years. Many compliments on my skin...I am age 69...look years younger.. Angie, love you. Why doesn't P&G market products much like the type you provide. You explain the product; they promise the product. You should get paid.. when is the best time to use this cream do i use this cream with the olay moisturizer too(i mean put the olay moisturizer first then the olay regenerist) pls respond back. thnx Helen C..
    +HotandFlashy you don't look a day past 30 i just purchased this and i have to say, a little goes a loooong way! over all i noticed my face was brighter and more plump..
    I used to wear Clarins but the cost was driving me nuts. For the past 8 years I have been using regenerist and I am happy to know you are using this also. Being 47 I think you have it targeted to what mature women need on their skin. You are my "go to" beauty adviser for mature skin..
    I really like this product too. I've purchased after watching your review. I was lucky to get both the regular and the fragrance-free on sale. Fabulous.I can see this being my staple in the cosmetics wardrobe. Have you ever tried Elysee products. Seem to be popular on the shopping channels.Kindest Regards, Margaret.
    Thanks, Angie...I am a new subscriber and I love your channel. So are refreshingly honest and I love your advise on what works and what doesn't... Keep up the videos...I will be reviewing all your past videos and look forward to the next ones... Thanks again!. Just bought the Oil Of Olay Skin Energizing Duo Pack from my local Walmart that contains a 1.7 oz jar of Regenerist and a 6.5 oz jar of Detoxifying Pore Scrub. $24.97. I also bought a 0.5 oz of Micro Sculpting Serum ($9.94) Costing a total of $37.13. Got home and used the Detoxifying Pore Scrub first, then the Micro Sculpting Serum and last (according to directions) I used the Regenerist. I like the way my skin feels and looks after my 1st use! It looks instantly hydrated and moisturized. So far I'm loving it!. Update!! As a long time sufferer of Seborrheic dermatitis (psoriasis/eczema) and using these products on my skin Not suffering anymore! My long time ordeal with this itchy, flaky, reddening embarrassing skin condition has virtually disappeared! By cleansing and sealing in my skin's own oils, it is no longer aggravated and itching! I can hardly believe it! It is totally amazing and such a freaking relief, I tell you because it seemed as time went on, the medicated shampoo and topical cream wasn't working and I got so annoyed and fed up with having to apply them every day. I haven't applied anymore and my skin looks terrific! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oil of Olay!. +Help The Homeless! I just stumbled on this. I have the same problem. And I was prescribed the shampoo as well. I hated using it. I'm going to the store tomorrow to try this..
    In my last Walmart beauty box I received a sample of this cream. I haven't tried it yet but after hearing you talk about it I will! (I am overwhelmed with skin care items from Memeboxes and subscriptions so I have new products in rotation all the time. Pushing this to the front of the line is on my agenda. I prefer to buy locally instead of always doing mail order.) Your skin looks great! I can't wait to try this and hope I have good results! :).

    I always tend to think that there's no real magic bullet and that what we put into our bodies is our best defense..
    But does vitamin c serum alone stop the aging process For example if you use vitamin c serum alone can you be 60 and look 40.
    You are so sweet and endearing, it's so refreshing to see a woman with substance, charisma and personality ! You rock ! Thank you for a great review ! .

    I love this, too, and have used it for years. I also throw in the occasional use of some natural carrier oil/essential oil products. Nice review, AS ALWAYS! xoj.

    I want to encourage you to look into Nerium AD. It's pretty amaxing stuff. Olay can't touch it!.

    Nerium AD made my skin get red and basically inflame after applying it. Watch out for anything that inflames your skin, it's aging it regardless. There's nothing great about it and it's expensive.
    68 degrees and nothin but sunshine here! ^^ OH thank goodness! Perfect timing! I have been waiting for your review to see what you thought and am I relieved as I am almost out of my moisturizer. So glad you love it. I was so disappointed in the previous formulation but now can't wait to try this new version! HUGS and Yee Haw Alohas! ^^. HI Angie! Your skin looks great! I just started trying the microsculpt cream and you are so right on! Thank you for your thorough review:) I will try your other suggestions too (vitamin C and retinol serums). My skin too is fair and sensitive and so it is great to see that this product worked for you. Many times I've tried age defying creams, my skin has burned look and feel but this does not. It left my skin smooth and I already feel my fine wrinkles are lightening up a bit (this is day 4 though so a bit too early to really tell). Thanks:).
    This is really stupid. How can u review a product while you are using 2 other products at the same time Your forehead doesn't move so with botox on top of that your reviews are pointless..

    Harsh. She does cover that in the video by saying "Hard to say which product is actually providing the benefits" If you want to talk about "stupid", calling this review stupid is stupid. She's not a scientist working to cure cancer, she's giving her opinions about a beauty product. I for one appreciate hearing other women's opinions before I buy a product. .

    I feel your review is misleading, since you said you use other products besides Olay. It would have been nice if you used only Olay for 30 days to give us a review solely on that. Otherwise I did enjoy how much you shared about the products texture, ingredients and price range..

    I love St Ives Collagen Cream for my 61 year old combination skin, it can be as light or as heavy as you want it to be! I use a Vitamin C serum, and mix the St Ives with and anti-oxidant cream Avon Dramatic Firming Cream, the thing I love is the St Ives is like less than 6 dollars, and the jar is humongous!.

    Great review! I have been using Glycolic pads by Dr. Denese as well as her Dream Cream and some serums. Have you ever tried her products.

    I live in the Midwest and have been using L'Oreal Golden Balm for moisture and it is GREAT! Keeps my dry skin nice and hydrated..
    Yea, your skin looks really healthy and glowing. You deserve it as you do all you can to care for it. You continue to put out relevant honest content, Thanks!.
    Just came across your channel. Great info on aging skin, thanks for sharing. I'm in the hunt for a good moisturizing creme, will try this..
    Lower 80s here in FL. Angie, you look so incredible! I think you are an inspiration to most, if not all of us here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us.. Hello New England from TN :) I'm 43 yrs old n I've been using Origins for my daily face regimen but, I'm always curious about "drug store" moisturizers. Thanks so much for the review, very helpful.. I was going to buy Paula's choice, however my local pharmacy had Regenerist at 30% off, so I thought I'd try it first. I'm about five days in and at this stage I haven't noticed any difference. However I did a review on my first Regenerist product (anti-aging eye roller) a couple of days before I brought the cleanser, serum, micro sculpting cream AND the CC cream (which I love, by the way) so I will review these products in a few weeks and take snap shots from my previous video to use as "before" pics to add to the review. One thing I have noticed and Im not sure if its the serum, MS cream or both, but even though my skin feels velvety, it does seem to feel a little tacky afterwards. If it makes me look even 3 years younger...I can deal with that! lol. Thanks again for the in depth, insightful, review. :-).
    I was influenced to try this cream when I saw you mention it in a previous video. I already use the Olay serums, Night Elixir, and Total Effect Mature Therapy and love them, but did not try this cream because Paula only gave it an average rating. Well, I really love this cream as a daytime moisturizer and find it works fantastic under my makeup. Because I have dry/mature skin (age 47), I can skip primer when using this cream. The Mature Therapy is more hydrating, so better as a night cream..

    I love ur video and you're skin looks flawless ^_^!!! I have a question do you think it might work for dark spots .

    Sunny and 70F here in Austin, Tx. I use the Perricone M.D. Blue Plasma at night. It exfoliates very gently, and turns this skin cell over. I love it!.
    Angie love your videos. I use this cream too and love it. Did you know they also reformulated the micro sculpting serum as well. Its newly packaged as well. . I will have to try this!,I am 57,and need some help with my dry to normal skin. Thank you for the tip!. I really enjoy your vid's!. Texas Lady :).

    Total Effects Products | Olay
  71. December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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    La Prairie Anti-Aging Night Cream for Unisex, 1.7 Ounce
  72. December 10, 2015

    Comments about this video: no 7 anti aging cream
  73. January 6, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    Girl you are such a beautiful woman but obviously your under eyes are not cooperating. I have bad under eye bags and people would always ask me if I sleeped, am I tired, are you mad blah blah blah. I recommend Eyefixxer and Yes to Cucumbers eye serum. Those helped my eye bags. .
    And for the darkness it looks like that would easily be taken away with a darkspot remover I recommend cocoa butter or Shea butter. .

    La Prairie Anti-Aging Neck Cream, 1.7 oz. - Neiman Marcus
  74. October 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Just looking at the ingredients of this serum, there is nothing remarkable. It is loaded with silicones, fillers and contains no less than 5 paragons That said there appear to be good humectants and antioxidants however these are very low down in the formulation list. This is a study done by a leading british university on a widely available british product. You would get far better and measurable results by using (1) a retinoid type product at night; (2) a vitamin c serum during the day (3) good barrier cream loaded with antioxidants morning and night (4) sunscreen during the day (5) light lactic or glycolic weekly peel.. Your right, people fooled, silicone's and added fillers cover wrinkles. It is just a good moisturizer that's all..
    Sue here... Boots the Chemist is an awesome store and has been trusted for decades. I love their products. This is the cream for me... minimized my wrinkles. Great stuff! Oh, and in the US, you can find their products in most Target stores. Now I don't have to have family bring it over me!.

    so very sad how they use, trick and lie to women, if you look at the ingredient list you will realize this is silicone in a bottle and is actually bad for your skin, many women get clogged pores and it isn't anti aging..
    I used it for some time, I used one bottle, but I didnt really see any changes... though my is very well kept and I often do homemade masks and cleansings, could have benn all of it.. but Im sticking to the natural stuff. . well i have been using it for about 2 weeks. I have also changed my skincare routine in general (less harsh washing, cleaning skin before going to bed). I have also been eating really healthy and exercising lots. My skin has literally never looked better. My skin looks dewy and moist, without looking too oily. Jury is out as to whether it was the healthy diet and exercise or the new skincare regime. Or whether it was the product. But i am going to continue with it, my skin looks amazing!. I Totally agree with Morganna Lefay. Boot's product is some kind of mass cosmetic esp. No7. really doesn't work at all.
    This really works. I love it. So many of these products doesnt work but this is awsome I love this product. I use the Lift and Luminate and I love it. Does what it is promise..

    If you seriously want to burn fat quickly, you should look up on google "Lean Body Maximizer". They will help you get the body you deserve..
    Facial care companies would like everyone to try their new products to show why they are worth buying. Have you ever noticed a beauty product stand set-up in your neighbourhood shopping centre offering free samples Well I discovered a website that will send free samples to your home, its the secret trick to free skin products :) You can get them here

    Boots No7 Wrinkle Cream : Target
  75. November 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +orca610806 I'm a beautician and I can tell you that It's recommended that people start using anti-aging products from the age of 20 and up. Prevention is better than cure. Keep that in mind..
    I hope you don't have kids with you're boyfriend good god i am just going for plastic surgery not botox injections you stupid bitch I can afford plastic surgery and a top cosmetic surgeon too You really are a mean little bitch here aren't you saying at your're age I hope your're boyfriend fucks off with another man and married him because he is gay!. +Amanda Jayne Bristow You need some science in your life is all I'm saying lol. Just an old bitter female. Not once have I attacked you or called you out your name, that's all coming from your side, and clear to see once you reread the replies on this post :) If you can afford plastic surgery then why are you so mad about spending money in general (Cosmetics to be more specific..) I have absolutely no interest in arguing with you as I have previously stated. But you on the other hand.. Continue to spit and dribble your nonsensical, invalid, illogical, inaccurate rubbish/moronic views, and spread that disgusting, fowl disease of stupidity all over the internet. When in reality, your experience with cosmetics is only based on just that, 'your own experience'. You have countlessly failed to do your research, and gain knowledge in order to support your argument, which is also the reason as to why you have failed with the overall health of your skin, AND this argument. Further more, none of which you have stated in your side of the argument have even once been factual or in relation to the REAL effects of skincare or cosmetics. Even when you have been given numerous opportunities to do so each time you hit the reply button and begin typing. They are all merely just complaints and bitching - because you're bitter. And I hope you do not have children my dear. In this day and age, (haha see what I did there ;) it would be an absolute disappointment to spread that infectious disease of stupidity I spoke on priorly. This earth is already riddled with uneducated creatures such as yourself, and we don't need anymore. You should be ashamed of yourself. I'm not going to reply any further, but feel free to do so yourself; so everyone can see how silly you sound. Good bye :). why does it matter about age many young girls can have damaged skin from the sun! dont be so negative. Also she isnt in her 20's... i hate women you are haters when other chicks look better then them..
    But who knows, maybe a miracle cream really is in the works. Just make sure you do your research first before wasteing your money.
    name covered said on one of hiis shows that he doesnt endorse any products for sale or on tv or online so this is fake stop using his name. Seems like I am the only one that appreciates you talking fast. I hate it when people upload their videos and talk so freaking slow slow and take forever getting to the darn point. I'm like, I don't care about your day, what you been doing, or your life, just review the &*%$ing product!!! LMAO. Ain't nobody got time for that!! Good job :). What about sun damaged type exposure small wrinkles on the shoulders. Use Pro-retinol or vitamin A or something. Now if this was a mature woman giving this demonstration then it would mean something. But this girl is in her 20's so it proves nothing..
    I am 52 and its a bit insulting to watch this kid who has no wrinkles do this...lets keep it real people!.

    An anti-aging wrinkle cream (the kind that actually works) is a must-have in the fight against aging. However, in and of itself it can only do so much on your skin..
    I believe you will never get lines around the mouth, because you talk way too fast. I thought I talked fast. This wasn't even enjoyable.. If you have been trying to lose weight quickly, you should look up on google "Lean Body Maximizer". That can help you get the body you deserve..
    Argan Oil…The Eraser… This Argan Oil has acquired tremendous fame as a preventive and curative cosmetic product against stretch marks…It is very easily penetrable and absorbable oil leaving a silky feel…Rich in antioxidants…Argan oil is naturally formulated to work in synergy with other essential components to substantially and quickly reduce the stretch marks… Here is a good site for pure and organic argan oil .

    Total Effects Products | Olay
  76. November 20, 2015

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    Watch my videos to learn about one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of our lifetime! Chances are you've never heard of this before... but you will. This is huge!.

    Origins Plantscription SPF 25 Anti-aging Oil-free... - Macys
  77. December 31, 2015

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    I just bought Boots No 7 Stay perfect Foundation, for my Halloween costume, in shade much lighter than I would usually wear. I bought it in Target in the US. I have got to say, I love this product just as much as I do my Laura Mercier and I spent about $20 less. I have never shopped in a drugstore for cosmetics but I am glad I took a peek today..

    No7 | The Perfect Skincare for Every Age - Boots
  78. November 3, 2015

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    ..Hi there....Maxelder argan cream ( w nyarganoil—c ) has helped make my face feel fresh and firm -not tight The biggest difference I’ve noticed was when I put my makeup on my fine lines/ dark spots are gone.... i just had a facial yesterday and was told to keep using this cream as it is excellent for the skin and this product is pure...
    A lot of people are delighted to have seen disappearing their dark circles bags under the eyes and their in record time, they recommend you to test Instantly Ageless!!! Of numerous stars one dropped the botox for the powerful pipette Instantly Ageless!!!!
    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out about natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a google search ) Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got great success with it..
    Hello there! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Natoxoran Secrets (search on google), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you considered anti aging cream called Natoxoran Secrets I have heard many great things about it and my friend completely look younger and defying her age using it..

    no. 7 in Anti-Aging Products for Skin Care | eBay
  79. November 1, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Dawn, I have never heard of this ingredient and I really thought I know my stuff. Peptides:yes for me! I will have to check this out. I'm also interested in the serum you used the dropper of as you said it makes pores vanish What was that one called You got a new subscriber here for sure! Interested in your thoughts. ❤️.

    +Sissi Nuthman I bought maxelder argan cream after hearing my 10 year old say how wrinkled my skin was getting. I used it for only six days, and she commented on how good my skin was looking!! This stuff works and I will continue to use it! Strongly recommend w…nyarganoil….c.
    Just found this last night, so glad I did. A few days ago I ordered the Darsonval High Frequency Generator. I am very interested in the products you talk about in your videos. It would be most helpful if you could list them, where they can be purchased. I've taken notes but can't seem to get one product down when you've moved on to the next. I want to do the hair and hand treatment as well as the face. Despite my age, I still breakout if I wear foundation and I've tried many. I mostly use a tinted moisturizer but I don't get the flawless look I want. So many products, so little time..
    Dawn Love your videos I just had to tell you I have been using the syn-hycan ever since you posted this video! You weren't kidding! AMAZING stuff I'm getting some for my Mom! Hope you are well & thank you Thank You THANK YOU!!!!.
    Hi Dawn - Lotioncrafters is sold out now in SYN®-Hycan. Do you have another source for this ingredient I've been using Bell-Evolve, but would really rather just get the ingredient as you recommended so I can dermaroll with it. Is there another company you would recommend ordering from XO.
    I'm definitely going to order this...I'm worried though that the product will degrade if shipped in the hot summer heat. Maybe I'll wait 'til it cools down a bit to order..

    Dawn...can you apply the syn-hycan directly onto your skin or do you have to combine it first with a cream How much would you use at a time.
    +Donna Schwab It is super concentrated, so you have to dilute it first. I would just add one or two drops to a small amount of cream then apply. :). Can this Syn Hycan be used with my Vitamin C and E mask I use at night Or would they interfere with each other. If they'd all work together I'll do it. Also would it interfere with a serum with Growth Factors, the TNS Recovery serum. I bought the Syn Hycan from the place you recommended. I love all your advice! You really know your stuff and look amazing.. +canthemum Thank you! Yes, you can use with almost any product. Syn Hycan is a peptide, so it mixes well with most ingredients. :). Hello Dawn, I interested in purchasing the SYN- HYCAN, I went on the site and as I was looking it had a formula page for it. MY question to you is this : Do we have to follow the formula or can we use it straight out of the bottle as is . Hi Dawn. Your videos are so informative! I apologise if you've answered this before, but I'd like to know if all the products you've mention are vegan friendly If not, which are.
    Could I still use my tretinoin at nite how would I use it Also I checked on the site what size should I get Do you still sell the roller on Amazon Want to get started on that too 😊 how many times a week do you do it Thank you so much!.

    +Maria Teresa Yes. You could use your tretinoin, then wait a half an hour and use your serums and creams. My roller will be back up in mid August. I would start out with once a week and build from there. :).

    HELP! I checked the site and it says to do this: "Storage: Should be stored in the original sealed containers protected from light in a clean place at a temperature between 2 and 8°C (35° - 46°F). After opening the container add Nitrogen or Argon (or Lotioncrafter OxBlox) to protect the leftover in the original container, protected from light and in a clean place. May be refrigerated as before." Do you add Nitrogen or Argo to yours.
    Oops meant can you tell me the name of the day creme you use and the c serum you like When do you use the c serum.
    Dawn, do epidermal growth factor serums help you keep your current collagen and elastin and increase the production of both for connective tissue.

    Would this be OK to use on eyelids (mixed with an eye cream of course ). I need major help with crepey eyelids.

    Hi Dawn, Hope you are well. Im really interested in this so I'm curious. What size bottle should I buy to insure freshness I saw the prices and it gets rather expensive. Say I were to purchase 4 oz. How long should I expect that to last using it twice per day (just a "ballpark guess") Thanks! Sorry if someone has already asked these questions, but I didn't see them..
    Hi Dawn. Not aure if you are associated with th is company but after ordering and providing my email for confirmation I have been inundated with spam like 500 emails. Its ourltragepus. Is there a way to make it stop.
    I have no association with this company. I have never had this issue. Usually when ppl send u marketing material through email their is an unsubscribe button at the bottom..
    I went to the link and the product is out of stock, is there another place you recommend to get the product. thanks for your videos. Just wish you had more hours in the day to make more! I've been using the sun-hycan since viewing this. love the results. my question is, should I also incorporate syn-coll, syn-ake, syn-tacks and syn-tc along with the syn-hycan thankful you're on yt. +Andrea Bradley Reich I have not tried that combo yet, but most peptides blend well together. Yes, I wish I had more time too!!!:). +Sabrina Martin No, oil would not be a good carrier into the skin, since the molecular structure is larger. :). Dawn with this new product Syn-Hycan do you know use this instead of the peptide you used in your dermaroller/skin protocol video. +Nanette Niece Yes, you can either add it to your current peptide cram like I do, or add it to another favorite cream.. Yippeee! Can't wait to try it! Thank you Dawn...Great to see you back and as always, looking fantastic!. hi dawn I have a question about eminence products I got a few of them on amazon and the red current cleanser didnt have a seal on it and the I got the cantaloupe spf moisturizer and the seal was kinda half off already and I used the moisturizer today on my face and my face feels so dry and tight and I have oily skin so im wondering if this is normal and if the products are suppose to be sealed thanks.
    +Michael Walters It is against Eminence policy to sell their products on Amazon/Ebay. They are only quality guaranteed form an authorized seller. They have all authorized sellers on their website. No that is not normal..
    +Dawn Amador thank you! I have been trying to find where to order them. thanks again! getting my money back. Hello! Is there any device that help me to lose chubby cheeks or fat from the face! I'm trying to gain weight (healthy way) and my face gets even chubbier. Please help me!.
    Facial devices usually tighten the skin since fat is what makes you look youthful. Most fat melting devices are medical, and for the body. You might want to consult a plastic surgeon. They might have some solutions for you..

    Dawn, you look lovely as always! love the bib necklace! Thank you for this video. I'm not sure if you've ever talked about under eye wrinkles and puffiness I'm battling both of those as well as large pores. When you have time can you please make a video Thanks Dawn..
    +Embrace Your Curves Yes! My allergies have been terrible this year, so it is something that I am struggling with at the moment. I will do a video soon on what I have been trying!:)xo. Just ordered it!! Can't wait to try! I have used EVERYTHING you suggest and have not yet been disappointed! Love ya Dawn! Make sure and follow her on Instagram as well to see fantastic fitness workouts! xo. The storage instructions of syn-hycan says to add nitrogen or argon to it after opening it. Can you share specifically how you protect and store this product Thanks!!. Hi Dawn, just wondering if you heard of the product, Vida Glow. Its a marine collagen. I've been looking at the reviews and it seems to be an amazing product. I trust your opinion and wonder if you have any info on it. Thanks, Sue :). Dawn, I see that in the description of SYN-HYCAN it states...helps to fight sagging skin by boosting hyaluronan...consist of a long sugar chain that can bind up to 1,000 times its weight in water. When using the product to help with sagging jowls do you think it should be applied ABOVE the sagging area and upward on the jawline toward the temples avoiding the actually spot of the sagging I was wondering since the product binds up to 1,000 times its weight would adding it to the area that is already sagging increase the weight/heaviness on the sagging Thank you for this video..
    +Ann Smith I just add a few drop to my night cream and apply it all over. Syn-Hycan is usually an ingredient added to high end anit-aging creams. :).
    Hi again, I can't wait to order this, just wanted to say thank you n thank you again...I ordered the eminence skincare products that u recommended and I luv them...I'm also reading your book, n absolutely love it...I can totally relate to 😉.
    On the website it suggest keeping in the fridge and to add something to preserve...I wonder if it will stay fresh without If I keep in fridge .
    Hope you see this as it is older post but What are your thoughts on mixing synhycan with matrixyl 3000. Hi Dawn! Was wondering if Syn Hycan could be put in foundation Also have you tried the products specifically the copper one that nuface sells If so what is your opinion about it Thanks so much for your info. I have Lupus and am very careful about what I use on my skin. Which you could visit me every morning!! Lol.
    +Denise lubken Hi Denise! :) Yes, you can put Syn Hyncan in anything as long as it is not oil based..

    +Denise lubken..I have Lupus also. Im about to be 50. Was diagnosed at 28. Constantly battling small breakouts and oily skin. What products do you use.
    Great information! Thank you! I am such a fan of Eminence Organics, and I don't know why the brand doesn't receive more accolades on YouTube.. +Something2entertain I mix it in first. It is super concentrated, so you just need a few drops mixed in with your cream..
    Hi Dawn, I love your videos and really want to try this but how many drops should to what amount of cream..
    Can't wait to order the Syn Hycan once its back in stock! In the meantime, I read your 7 Day Diet plan and was inspired! The 16 hour/8 hour fasting/feeding is great!! Thanks for sharing!.
    Yay!!! So glad to see you back again and doing reviews!! Does the Emminence serum you mentioned make you break out I am addicted to their products but I have never used that one before. Great video!!!.

    anti aging cream number 7 - MedHelp
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  81. 04 April 2016

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    Olay total effect 7 in one Anti Ageing Night Cream 50Gm - Buy Olay...
  82. 05 April 2016. No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced serum is the best wrinkle ( s-research-shows-25-miracle-serum-better-thought-be auty-editor-hail-reveals-s-best-wrinkle-cream-EVER. html) May 13, 2015 No 7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced serum has been causing a positive... Clinical studies published this week show this anti-ageing marvel has real... who was first to hail it, reveals why it's the best wrinkle cream EVER.
  83. April 30, 2016

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    Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Aging Eye Treatment, 0.5 oz...
  84. April 29, 2016. Skin Care Products by Collection | Olay ( n-ca/skin-care-products) Add my positive thoughts. On 7/1/13, I will be 72. I have been using Lifecell for the past month. I couldn’t see the change, but, my sweet husband sure did!