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January 14, 2016

Comments about this video:
Hey! I'm really enjoying your videos on skincare. This was the first I came across and now I'm slowly binge-ing on your others. It could take a while... sending big thank yous from Italia!.
Hi... your videos are awesome and very informative.. I've only been using maxelder argan cream (w…..nyarganoil..c )for about 8 days, however, I can see the difference already! I bought this cream actually because I am 38 and was suffering from acne.I was able to see a remarkable difference...My skin looks healthier, more radiant, smoother, and the redness is going away. I love this and can't wait to see my results in 30 days!.

+Isabella Vitoriia It's amazing! It also moisturizes effectively. I washed my face and could feel the cream still on my face. Highly recommend.
Okay, I just tried your face oil formula(recipe) and I love it. I immediately noticed a nice glow to my skin. I think I'll add a few drops of vanilla oil to mine because currently the scent is very woody. Also can you please show us your new storage box that you were so excited about! I'm also buying a few pretty storage boxes for my growing oil collection. I want to stack them in my bedroom. Thank you =D.
Tammy, I have been watching you over the past year and my knowledge of what to do, the whens, the hows, the where and the whats - have helped me to take better care of my skin. I watch you towards the end of the day when the office is quiet and with pen and note pad in hand, I have acquired not only the knowledge but the some of these wonderful products that you review as well. I thoroughly enjoy your videos. You are a treasure!.
Thank you so much for taking the time to give us all these wonderful recipes. You make me want to go out and buy each oil you mentioned! Your skin is gorgeous and you look so vibrant and healthy. You mentioned that these oils can be used as medicine. Do you have a recipe list for minor aliments that can be helped with the oils I would love to see that if you do...thanks again..
Love this. Got into essential oils many years ago when I went to a folk medicine festival in a little TN town known for its healing sulfur springs. This was before internet and I was so intrigued. I learned to make my own soap after that first festival. Though I do have the spirit of a hippie, I guess. (my husband once said that I might be burned at the stake way back in another time :o)) These things and their uses have been here long before hippies and witches. LOL Ahh and Frankincense and Myrrh, were gifts from the wise men for the baby Jesus. So they must be very special indeed. I figure if it's good for Him, it's good for me too. Love your videos Tammy, and Merry Christmas..

I LOVE your videos. You are so bright and beautiful and very helpful.I have been binge watching all of your vids. I don't know why I am just finding you but, better late than never. I had to sub!!!.

Hi Tammy, I know you mentioned on one of your comments that your use oils on your dog. I have a chocolate lab, Tony and he has so many allergies. I have tried so many things to help him and nothing is working. Where you are so knowledgeable with oils and essential oils can you suggest something that will help him He is always biting his feet.I just bought the book by Valerie Worwood that you suggested. I love all your videos, YOUR LOVELY. I have to add this don't listen to some of those rude comments, it bothers me that people don't understand the time and work you put into your videos. You are giving such good advice, keep up the good work..
+Janet Rintone Thank you be honest, because dogs lick so much...I only use coconut oil on Bindi...paws and prepared to have little oil paws around the house...It doesn't bother me at all...I know it is making my girl feel better...I also will use bag balm on her paws.... Thank you so much! My love got me what I am basically calling a starter kit to start making my own blends and beauty products this Christmas (including blue, amber and dark green bottles, twenty different oils and jojoba carrier oil). Now I am going to order more carrier oils based on your recommendations and have gotten the book you suggested! Excited to get started! :).
i love your videos and bought the book The complete book of essential oils and Aromatherapy and it is awesome x im using doTERRA essential oils and they have changed my life ,i had dental implants 3 weeks ago and only the Essential oil [tea tree] took the pain away x.
Hi... your videos are awesome and very informative.. I love carrot oil on my face... in the blend you do for face beside all the essencial oil included in the mixture may I add carrots oil too.. Tammy - do you still use the oils and blends on your face Is lavender ok for the face I heard it breaks down the skin.
I am ADDING my TINY bottle of Frankencense to my Jar of COCONUT OIL,so as i ingest a tble spoon it really add's to value!.
LOVED LOVED LOVED your video ! Your skin is absolutely gorgeous! I am so excited to try your techniques. It may take me a while to collect all the carrier oils :) Thank you SO much for taking the time to share your success stories with us!.
Hi Tammy, I love your video! I just bought the book you recommended, and I am so excited to read it. I have some acne problems (Even I am not in my teens since a long long time) and I just figure to give it a shot at Essential oils. You are trully an inspiration and I hope to see more of your videos!.
im allergic to shell fish so the ones that have omega 3 puts pimples on my face or in my hair KUKUI oil has omega 3 in it omega is a fish oil right correct me if im wrong..
I love finding your videos!! I just started using essential oils in a diffuser. It works to relax & breath. Your videos are so much more!! Thank-you for passing on your knowledge!!.
Thank you for this informative video. I'm hoping this will help my sun damaged, liver spotted, deep set wrinkle mugg. God bless you for this!.
Hello.. I was very impressed when I saw your video.. you are beautiful lady By the way, if those eyes are yours, you have unbelievably wonderful eyes! Greetings to you in Norway... I love you princess.

hai... thanks for the video.. its very informative.. i have a question..from what i have read..some essential oil needs carrier oil to dilute cannot use pure essential oil on your skin because it may be harmful to the skin...does rosehip oil consider as carrier oil thank you.

Hi dear, I did blend those following essential oils : geranium lavender lemon myrrh patchouli and ylang-ylang equal drops of 6 with organic jojoba oil as carrier oil. I just want to know if what I did was ok! Please advise me ^_^.

hello, thx for all d lovely input. im new to essential oils. I made a close enough face recipe to what uve given n my face has reacted wid dryness. skin has gotten granular :( My skin had same reaction when i had used egg white ages bk. Pls help me wid tips. 1. can't we mix all/any essential oil v lik 2. when i had tried frankincense alone, had felt lil burning. so cud that b d reason 3. now how do i fix pls pls guide me... thank u.
Great video as usual Tammy :) I love essential oils. I use Tea tree oil for my pimples when they pop up and it helps a lot. I also use Rosemary oil for my migraines.. I don't know if I said this already're my new school of skin care! I LOVE your videos! They're so educational! Thank you for reaching out to ladies of a certain age...keep doing these! The cooking, the skincare, spa tools...keep doing all of it!.
im 57 and have never used essential oils, i have all the signs of aging from not caring for my skin and not protecting from the sun. do you think my skin will improve if i start using these oils now My face has age spots and a good amounts of wrinkles. i doubt my skin will ever look as beautiful as yours but will some of the spots and saggy skin diminish great video. btw, this same post is below from Adam Mullins, well he is my 20 year old son and I didn't realize he was signed in on my computer! Sorry about that!.
This is one of my most favorite of your videos, and I return to it frequently to refresh my mind. I've taken notes, bought the book (LOVE IT!), and have my own bottles with my oil mixtures. I love it and they work well and make me feel better, healthier, even happier. Thank you so much for this and also the diy vit. C video. :) (Yes, rose essential oil is too expensive.).
Hi Tammy! Watched this video a few times now (LOVE IT) and I am curious how you decided where to purchase your essential oils from My aunt sells Young Living essential oils and I am considering them, but I just compared the prices (young living vs. mountain rose herbs) of two (seemingly) identical oils and even at the wholesale price the young living oils are around double the price of the rose mountain herb oils! I wonder why Thank you for doing this video and all the information you listed. I digitally downloaded the book you recommended and I am enjoying it so much!.
Tammy, I just found you and I just LOVE you. You are beautiful and your skin and hair say it all. I have watched so many of your videos and have learned so much in these last few days. I can't wait to watch the rest of them. I am taking notes on this one to order some of the products I don't have on hand. I love all things DIY. Please keep the videos coming. I know they are a lot of work but you are by far my favorite! I love how you teach and I love your awesome personality..
Hello, Tammy! I just discovered you! Thank you so much for sharing all of this great information. You are so beautiful...I could watch your videos all day long. So very interesting. Love your presentation style. I'm a southern 62 year old woman...Going to retire in June and have decided to change a few things. After seeing this video I decided to dabble in some essential oils. Having so much fun! Are you still using your essential oils Could you update us on what you're still using Thank you so much..

where do you get the recipes I keep hitting show more and nothing comes up - love the video btw, it was a wealth of information - would love to see your new box for storing oils.

CMT! So I have taken your sage wisdom...and did purchase your recommended book and also use your face oil blend. For the past two months I've been using essential oils and carrier oils "gloriously"! (LOL- love the way you said that with a twinkle in your eye). I truly believe I have seen a difference...I also have nothing but great things to say about Mountain Rose Herbs and Bulk Apothecary as my main resources. I finally broke down and purchased the Sandalwood. I'm so excited! I feel like a well-informed, smart home spa chemist! I even have my own little frig in my office! I've been using a mix of carrier oils (Grapeseed, Hemp and Jojoba) as an under eye and lip treatment when I use my Retin A (every other night) instead of my true essentail oil blends and find that works wonderfully on my darkness & puffies too! :-) Love (you) and your channel so much! Wish you'd talk about your jewerly hobby - as I also really enjoy making jewels myself! Hugs and kisses! I'd love to chat offline...Daisyloohoo402

Hi pretty Lady I would Lo e to kniw what oiks are best for strechmarks and little saggy stomach.Im using Sheabutter cocoa butter and several others but i don't see much of a difference ever since i had my Daughter 7 months ago i been using it.I'm a little upset i was using Nerium body firm for 3 months but i gave up it's to expensive! ! I'm looking forward to hear from u Thanks :).

Thank you! I love essential oils but I have never used them on my skin! I can't wait to try your recipes!.

Just a note: There is NO grading level for essential oils, there is no such thing as a therapeutic grade. Mountain Rose oils are wonderful and they do state that they have "therapeutic quality" but there is no grade. Companies that tell you that their oils are of Therapeutic, pharmaceutical or any other grade is just using marketing ploys to get you to buy their brand. There are a couple of MLMs out there promoting their products by saying theirs are "Therapeutic Grade" and that they are GRAS and the FDA approves all essential oils for internal use. This is just NOT true. The FDA does not oversee the production or use of any natural products unless they claim the product has a medical use. There is no independent group out there testing oils and grading them. As I stated tho, Mountain Rose has wonderful herbs, oils and many other products. I order from there myself (along with a few other reputable companies)..
Sorry, you ramble on too much. 8 minutes and you are getting to your first blend. You lost my interest. I really don't care what year your book was wrote or which oil you don't like the smell of. Get to the point and you may get more followers..
could you please post the recipe you are using I'm hearing impaired and not able to understand the video...thank you so much.

I really enjoyed this informative video and have saved it for future reference. Question about the book...with it being 25 years old now, you don't find the information outdated or not with the current times and state of the EO market Just asking before I purchase it, I'm always hesitant to purchase older books that have not been updated in the last couple of years..
I have just ordered that book through Book Depository they ship free world wide. Valerie Ann Worwood also has another book that I love and use regularly it's called The Fragrant Pharmacy also on Book Depository web site.. Tammy you are so great there is something in the way you are and you communicate that made me subscribe for the first time ever. Now this video of all is my best ever so much to learn from it. I love essential oils.Thank you for your passion, your kind and funny ways. I truly enjoyed this that I just stumbled on. My name is going to be google soon by my son. I am always researching something and I really like your style of presenting this and I at my age am looking forward to something new...Mary.
I forgot to tell you how much i love your videos. I use EO's. I make soaps and also use them in my soap recipes and lotion bars.
5:10 YOU ARE HILARIOUS !!!!! " I DO NOT WHO'S CALLING...BUT THEY BETTER DONT DISTURB MY VIDEO" HAHAHAHAA. Very informative video. I love essential oils and my favorite is rosehip oil. It's the best moisturizer for my skin..
im 57 and have never used essential oils, i have all the signs of aging from not caring for my skin and not protecting from the sun. do you think my skin will improve if i start using these oils now My face has age spots and a good amounts of wrinkles. i doubt my skin will ever look as beautiful as yours but will some of the spots and saggy skin diminish great video..
You're beautiful and I absolutely enjoyed your video ( I currently don't have to time to watch it in its entirety)... LOVE the book by Valerie Ann Worwood! It has been an absolute Godsend for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone (from novice to expert) that wants to explore healthy alternatives to store brands/chemicals.. love this video it is so educational I make my own blends too and I also buy from Mountain rose herbs and I LOVE Clarins for over 25 years AWESOME video.
hi there. I bought mine (the book) and i am so glad i did. There are so many infos and directions on how to use essential oils. It's changed my life..

Hi! I love, love, love your videos! They are funny, informative and very interesting! I have a question. I do have a couple of questions. I've been following you for several months and I know you have made the vitamin C serum video which you use everyday. So how do you alternate between the vitamin C serum and the essential oils Do you use them both at the same time or do you alternate each week Does it affect your skin if you use both Next, it turns out I am allergic to Eucalyptus tree; therefore, based on your video I shouldn't use Eucalyptus essential oil, so do you have an alternate oil I can use Thank you so much for your time. Araceli :).
Love that you talk about essential oils here. Learned a lot from you. Keep up the good work. I am also loading my channel up with natural and organic "life style" videos but nice to have others in this space. Let's learn from each other. : ).

The Bestselling Anti-Aging Books -

January 15, 2016
The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) provides medical professionals with the latest Anti-Aging, regenerative, functional and metabolic medicine research... i1
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January 28, 2016
Anti-Aging Diet, antiaging, anti-aging, rejuvenation, rejuvenating foods... After you read this eBook you will hold the keys to natural anti-aging. i2
Anti-Aging Diet Books | Anti-Aging Supplements

January 21, 2016
Alternative Health Newsletter from Dr Al Sears MD Anti-Aging Pioneer i3
What Are the Best Books on Aging? -

January 17, 2016

Comments about this video:

Anti-Aging: 10 Ways To Cheat The Clock Starting Today

January 23, 2016
Anti-Aging Cookbook by Marios Kyriazis starting at $2.47. Anti-Aging Cookbook has 1 available editions to buy at Alibris i5
Anti-Aging eBook - The Garden Diet

January 19, 2016
Anti Aging Books from online store. Millions of products all with free shipping Worldwide. Lowest prices guaranteed. i6 Anti-Aging Medicine and Advanced...

January 26, 2016
World's most comprehensive textbook on anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Limited Commemorative Edition includes A4M Digital Archival Library. i7
Anti-Aging Books - Antiaging Systems

January 18, 2016

Comments about this video:

+horiphin I cannot tell you how often people tell me I look "so" tired. Since I have been using Maxelder Argan Cream my eyes look refreshed and bright! Its not greasy and is not heavily scented. I am am excited to continue using it to see it improve my crows feet! If you need here website w..nyarganoil.….c.

+˗ˏˋ L I V ˎˊ˗ Maxelder argan cream really nice moisturizer with little to no scent and very creamy. This soaks in and doesn't evaporate off and I feel like the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth have become slightly less noticeable This is a great moisturizer for day or night use. I bought it from here w...nyarganoil..c.
wengie uhuhuhu I still remember subscribing to your channel when you had 10k subbies and now you're close to a million hfbdjshsjdw you've improved so much and you're no longer shy haha! I'm so glad you removed your pink filter. How to look young: be asian. i bet if i go to america people will assume i'm 10 when i'm 17. ;b.
What's an AGE Actually don't worry I'll ask name covered, he's usually the go to guy on pseudo-science..
Dr. Greger promotes a plant-based diet. It is the healthiest for humans. And when you eat healthy you can actually slow down your aging process. . Why does he promote it Why is it healthiest for humans Furthermore, what evidence is there to actually substantiate those claims Also, what is an ageing process I'd like to see the actual evidence. .
+Alice n Bunny You opened with "fyi". Why are you giving me information you know I already have then I'm confused..
I showed to my mom this video and I asked her "how old do you think she is" She said "16" :^). I have a problem with looking too young, I'm soon 18 and I'm allowed to buy alcohol in my country but every time I wanna buy alcohol is the cashier always thinking I'm 13-14 years old ㅠㅠ and I need to show my id to prove I'm 17 soon 18. +nattenshusfreaken i'm in my last year of college (im 22) and people think it's my last year of high school since i look 18 haha.
Wengie please read The China Study, it will change your life even more! Watch Fork over Knives which is about what we eat and how it affects us, if you want to learn how farming is killing the Earth I recommend Cowspiracy ❤️.
+Amy Anderson You do realise even if everyone turned vegan,cropland would simply replace land used for livestock Deforestation would still occur. So sadly being vegan or vegetarian will not solve the world's problems. Only reducing the population can do that and unfortunately it doesn't look like that's going to happen. We should instead be promoting free range farming and informing people that they only need to consume 50g of meat a day to reduce overconsumption in the meat industry.. is life aging youmost likely. aging is normal and depending on genes affects people in different ways. alcohol consumption can lead to bags under your eyes but doesn't mean your ' aging ' your face literally..
also eating healthy in general o better for your skin. this 'A.g.e' stuff sound slike another calorie counting scheme..

I'm currently reducing the amount of soda I consume in exchange for water & stevia instead of sugar. I also want to start using stevia extract (organic) for coffee, baking, etc... I wonder how many AGE's are in coffee/espresso. T_T.
All the comments telling her to go vegan.. kindly think about it again. She was never a vegan and she still looks like 18! Obviously, what she's been eating her whole life (NOT vegan) has been working for her already. Maybe going vegan will be better for her, maybe not. You guys make it seem like vegan is the one and only way to age gracefully haha. Let her eat whatever she likes :). +minji Ooo thanks for the sites, the comments section in the second one was particularly interesting to read. You know what :) There is absolutely no point arguing with each other about our diets. You continue being vegan and I'll continue eating whatever I like. I don't care what you eat, seriously, but what pisses me off is you vegans promoting your veganism and putting down other people who don't eat the same food as you. Kindly stop shoving your beliefs down other people's throat like religious fanatics. Being vegan doesn't always mean you're a better human being. A man can be vegan and physically/emotionally abuses his family everyday, while another person can be an omnivore and gives free food to homeless people his entire life. Get what I mean Enjoy eating your plant-based diet. Just letting you know I just ate a beef fried rice and it was pretty fricking delicious ;). +minji Animals have the ability to feel emotion like humans, yet you won't hold them responsible for the fact they eat meat just like us.. Well I was raised a vegetarian so I got that going for me. The other day I met a lady who was 101. She had great hearing and a good voice and was very alert and honestly if she told me she was 65 or 70 I'd believed her. I asked about her diet. She said vegan. ALL THE WAY. Emphasis on that...I have trouble being vegan buuuuut I'm a figure skater and I want to skate longer than people say I should (they think I'll shut down at 30. It hasn't happened yet!!) thanks for putting this video up I'm going to look into this more. Also, j was really upset some one said "your 30 Ew. Bye". That's disgusting behavior. I wish we could break down these walls. Life doesn't end at 28..
stop eating meats, diary, processed foods, GMO, and drink only purified water and breathe clear air and you will look younger and live longer..

This is great great information! :D What about your skincare, can you make an updated skincare routine I'm turning 30 this year as wel!!! Desperate times :p.
you just helped me with my stomach problem. you can make more videos for better living with food I've been cutting out beef and pork and eventually I will cut out chicken and turky. I can't have dairy but the milk substitutes are gross so I'm still technically still drinking milk from a cow but it's lactose. Do any of you have an idea for a good none dairy brands.
Oh c'mon Wengie! I'm a big fan and I do agree that what you put in your body can affect how fast you age. However, there's a reason you can't move your top lip. Please be honest with us- Thanks (These healthy food tips you're giving us are great though!).

oh i had no idea a.g.e's were even a thing lol, my diet is full on crappaty crap crap atm T_T so i mist be full of a.g.e's lol.
Well I'm set! I've been vegan for two years, mostly vegetarian since 2008 and rarely use high heat. :D Hahaha I had someone in my age group ask me "if school was canceled" when I was about to turn 26 last year. XD. Gonna replace french fries and hash browns with baked potatoes! Also, I'm going to hold off on buying oil for as long as I can after I use up the rest of the sesame oil I have. +TheBentoBuff too much of potatoes isn't all good either ! the most people forget that potatoes are a side dish. one or two each dish is enough. +Mia Crivitz Carbs are very important for energy. That said, I'm not constantly stuffing my face with French fries or hash browns for that matter. I tend to follow a more Japanese style diet, where rice is a huge staple along with fresh produce. She asked what switches we were going to make and so I commented with a couple of changes I'm going to make..
too weird! I have celiac disease, so not eating gluten is already enough next to not eating dairy and almost no sugar because that is really unhealthy.. also too much salt is no good..

I agree eating healthily is good.. but I would want to enjoy my guilty food once in a while... I only live once :).

poached instead of fried eggs for me now on. i actually like them better so now i have a reason to do it more..

I really wish I could have time for cooking and what;s more: cooking a healthy food ;-; so maybe you do have some easy and quick recipes you could share with us -.

Thank you for this video Wengie, Im already a vegetarian, i don't drink alcohol, coffe, energidrinks or smoke anything and i like to eat my food raw, so often are my meals vegan as well :D I love to be informed about those kinds of things!.
I thought I had subscribed long time ago because I always get to see your new videos.. actually it's just that it always appears in my homepage. Shame on me I dunno how to use youtube sometimes xD subscriber here !. What I took from this video is that basically a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is much much healthier. So I think I'm gonna try going back to being a vegetarian. At least to see how it affects my body and if I'm living a healthier lifestyle. This video is soooooo helpful. Better than reading tons of various articles on this stuff, thank you❤:). I use Beauty from Vision as anti-age prevention and also Millenium Neo Gel anti age moisturizer :) Biologically active food supplements are awesome to increase the body protection system or shield against free radicals and all :). he says (in the book) that you just have to stay away from processed foods in general, and i think it's better than being concerned about AGEs, but AGEs is an interesting thing i never knew about it. I've been poaching my eggs and eating more raw veggies and less meat and dairy in general. I haven't seen any changes really in my skin, but I feel like I have lots more energy! I think little changes are good at a time so it becomes a lifestyle. I know it's helped me. Good luck everyone!.

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January 16, 2016
The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is a United States registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes the field of anti-aging medicine and... i9
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January 25, 2016

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the best anti aging book Being 61 years of age you can imaging how many cleansers, creams, serums, masks, vitamins, etc, etc, I have tried on face over the years.

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50 Anti Aging Tips: You Wish You Knew! (Anti-Aging, anti...

April 27, 2016. Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant... ( g-Method-Radiant/dp/1455548901) What Are the Best Books on Aging? By Kavan Peterson, Editor, How the Anti-Aging Industry Made a Disease Out of Getting Old-And Made Billions;

April 22, 2016
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Anti-Aging Books People around the world are living longer. And there are more and more books being written about: Aging, Life after 60, Income in retirement...

April 25, 2016
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Anti aging e-books downloadable collection of natural healing remedies for systemic health slowing down the aging process restoring metabolic balance for optimal health.

April 29, 2016
Anti-Aging: 10 Ways To Cheat The Clock   Starting Today. 12/03/2012 02:19 am ET | Updated Dec 03... In

April 30, 2016

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Books Anti-Aging - Food Diet - Beauty - Health - FoodTrients

April 23, 2016
Anti-Aging Books, CD's & DVD's - UNI KEY Health i5
Textbook of Lifespan and Anti-aging Medicine. This is THE textbook on anti-aging medicine: Heavily referenced textbook on lifespan and anti-aging medical therapies...

April 28, 2016
Anti Aging e-books, Downloadable Self Help of Natural... i6
ANTI-AGING THERAPY BOOK By Ping Zhang. This book promotes ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine healing wisdom – healing the skin with natural synergy from body...

April 24, 2016
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Get the latest health, fitness, anti-aging, and nutrition news, plus special offers, insights and more from!

May 01, 2016

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Age Gracefully: The Top Tips From 23 New Books - MORE Magazine

April 26, 2016
The anti-ageing diet that will help you drop a decade... In this exclusive extract from her new book... your skin starts to wrinkle... i9
Gary Null's Ultimate Anti-aging Program Book by Gary Null...

July 09, 2016

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Gary Null's Ultimate Anti-Aging Program - Google Books

July 06, 2016. Anti aging ebooks - Skin Care Recipes and Remedies ( aging-ebooks.html) best anti aging books When part passes phytoceramide oral pills through the due supplies 48-year to the size of the joint, it can produce a racist ore.

July 05, 2016
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Anti Aging Medicine Books

July 11, 2016
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anti aging books Healthy Skin Hydration Phytoceramides Reduce The Appearance Of Age Spots, Foods High In Phytoceramide Firms And Lifts Facial Skin, How Safe Is...

July 08, 2016
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Now revised and updated with over 100 breakthrough anti-aging recipes. Would you like to look younger, feel better, and live longer? We begin to age the moment we are...

July 07, 2016

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Renewal: The Anti-Aging Revolution: Timothy J. Smith...

July 12, 2016
new anti aging books You can choose to disable or selectively turn off our cookies or third-party cookies your browser settings, or by managing preferences programs... i5
Best Foods for an Anti - Aging Diet - WebMD

July 13, 2016
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Anti-Aging Books -

July 15, 2016
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Anti aging e-books downloadable collection of natural healing remedies for systemic health slowing down the aging process restoring metabolic balance for optimal health.

July 14, 2016

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Dr. Sears Products: Anti-Aging Books... - Al Sears, MD

July 10, 2016
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New Anti-Aging Revolution: Stop the Clock: Time Is on Your...

August 10, 2017

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The Best Anti-Aging Creams | Prevention

August 13, 2017. Skin and Facial Anti-Aging Creams & Lotions | ( ging) Anti Aging Medicine Carson City NV - Primary Care Physician Dr. Frank Shallenberger specializes in Anti Aging Medicine and Alternative Medicine. Our practice serves...

August 08, 2017

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Testing Anti-Aging Serums - Consumer Reports

August 11, 2017. Anti-aging Ingredients - - Lotioncrafter - Premium... ( ingredients-anti-aging-ingredients/) Anti Aging Supplements Like Resveratrol, Melatonin, Folic Acid, And Alpha-Lipoic Acid Are Essential For The Purpose Of Life Extension And Anti Aging Skincare!

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