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December 25, 2015

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Anti-Aging | The Skin Guru's Blog - Ole Henriksen

December 24, 2015
Dec 22, 2015... I am experimenting with the idea of publishing it first as a blog.)... The future of medicine is the future of anti-aging medicine. I don't think. i1
Josh Mitteldorf | Aging Matters

December 28, 2015
by Cynthia Bailey, M.D. on December 14, 2015 in Anti-Aging Skin Care... Receive Dr. Bailey's two weekly blog articles to help your skin problems and skin . i2
Anti-Aging Skin Care Information - Dr. Bailey's Skin Care Blog

December 30, 2015
Dec 27, 2013... Diet alone cannot provide the body with all of vitamins and minerals needed to optimize a balanced anti-aging regime. Perricone MD provides. i3 | Dr. Perricone's Anti-Aging Skin Care...

December 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
Its about time someone told you the truth. Reality and aging sucks. The TRUTH About ANTI AGING Products: I'm 42 and have a lot of wrinkles. Part of it is genetic and a lot of it is from spending so much time in the sun when I was younger. It used to really bother me that I was getting old but almost two years ago I lost a friend to cancer. She was newly married and 8 months pregnant when she was diagnosed. She passed away when she was 38 and her son was 18 months old. Now I look at my crows feet and see all the smiles and laughter I've had in my life, and my skin that's starting to sag, well that's from fun and sun. And I am thankful that I am still here, saggy eyelids and all :) Every time I look in the mirror and feel like cringing at what I see, I think of the quote "Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many." I give my head a shake and tell myself, be fucking grateful you woke up this morning. Wrinkles aren't the worst thing that can happen to you. Not even close. . thanks for depressing the shit out of me Rhonda...xoxox. I totally agree with you 100%. I was scared to grow older but right now it doesn't bother me one bit. I'm happy with who I am..I'm not perfect..I'm have some wrinkles and I don't is what you make of it!. Noxzema user here. What can I say, I love the smell and I hate getting any kind of face cream in my hair..
OMG noxema in the blue tub is the best. hate the pump. I've been using it since I was 13. it's the BEST!!!!!.
100% agree with all that up there!! I ve seen several times they compare ingredients & SAME. EXCEPT $$$$$!!! I don't moist. Daily, nor remove my makeup til next day. And I do everything I'm not suppose to do. #imarebel2 lol Genetics!!! TRUTH BABY! . I gotta say never thought u was 50,I had u pegged at 41 u look great for ur age,i.'m a smoker(I know terrible habit)never had the willpower to quit tried many times,but I'm a sucker for all these so called"miracle creams" never had great results though so totally agree with u,my nanas 86 and all she's used is olay and she looks amazing so I think good genes plays a big part in the ageing process or a good plastic surgeon on speedial lol hugs xx.
jinx for moisturizer president! lmao seriously though, i think these companies take advantage of ppl who age like seriously life is life i agree with u.

Couldn't agree more! My grandmother used dove soap and ponds and looked terrific way into her 80's- good genes look great for your age as well, so screw all those potions for the fountain of youth...take care :).
Yeah for great genes! I told my mother about this product and how it did nothing and she said, I'm sure it would have worked because I have more wrinkles...priceless. Its funny I'm watching this tonight I have an appointment with my dermatologist for my rosacea tomorrow. I cant use moisturizers on my old saggy face because it aggravates my rosacea. Guess I'll have to grow old gracefully :(. +Purr0066 You guys are giving him an even bigger head than he already has. A Jinx vlog is coming up soon. .
Absolutely agree with you. All that stuff is just snake oil. Age gracefully or pay a plastic surgeon!.

You are hilarious! I use drugstore moisturizers because my skin feels so dry and uncomfortable without them. It is easy to get caught up in all the hype. My friend swears by plain old cocoa butter for a facial moisturizer. You can't fight your genes. I cannot tell a lie, I am tempted by all those fancy creams with all their claims but when I see the prices I just walk on by. .
It's really easy to get caught up in the hype. The minute I got close to 50 I freaked out and wanted to do anything I could to retain my youth. I'm so disillusioned by these company's and their lies making women think they have found a miracle in a jar.
You are so funny...I will say though that I have been using Retin A for many years for cystic Acne and it did make a difference in my pitted scarring, it's still there, but not as pronounced as it used to be. I still have wrinkles though, but I wonder if I would have more if it weren't for that who knows...I think this is an excellent video and you probably saved people a lot of money. xoxo.

Totally agree!! My mother had beautiful skin and all she would ever use to remove her makeup was Pond's Cold Cream! I have used Paula's Choice products (which are very affordable) for several years and at 54, I'm totally OK with how I look. ♥.
+Lu G My grandmother only used Ponds as well. I find it funny when these 20 and 30 year old girls/woman say, OMG, I'm getting a wrinkle. Ha Ha. I'm really fine with the way I look. Thank heavens for a great gene pool..
Okay, wait a minute; are you telling me that my miracle cream is not gonna make me look like I'm 25! I knew this was bad news! Ha, ha, just kidding sista! You look great my dear! Have a great week! Love ya:).
I agree! The best thing to do for your skin is to moisturize it. Even if it is with a.69 product. I haven't been contacted by anybody yet. And maybe I never will. If and when the time comes I'm going to seriously consider before agreeing to it. .
+ladybird925 I don't even moisturize. I'm bad, but I've never really done it and I only do it when I'm sent stuff to try. For someone who doesn't use the stuff, when you actually try the stuff, you would see results if it works, but I haven't seen anything on most products. .

Top Wrinkle Cream Reviews | Womens Blog Talk

December 29, 2015
Apr 10, 2014... Anti-aging skincare tips for your 20s, 30s and 40s. By Carla Snuggs. There are so many anti-aging skincare products on the market from day. i5
When to Start Using Anti-aging Skincare Products - Posh Beauty Blog

December 18, 2015
Dec 22, 2015... Anti Aging Lady, tips to stay young and healthy naturally. (by blogmeister)... I started a new blog for wellness tips for dogs and cats. This is not a. i6
Anti-Aging Lady -

December 27, 2015
May 14, 2013... I am no longer the spring chicken I once was. BUT with age, comes experience and all of these 'experiences' lead to just a few more wrinkles. i7
Jennifer's sweet lil beauty blog: Anti-Wrinkle: Eye Can't Get Enough...

December 23, 2015

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Beyond Resveratrol: The Anti-Aging NAD Fad - Scientific American...

December 22, 2015
Sep 9, 2015... TAGS: aging hands, Anti-Aging, broad spectrum sunscreen, dermatologist, Dr Zein Obagi, HEV light, pigmentation, redness, skincare, sun. i9
Anti-Aging | ZO Skin Health Blog

December 20, 2015
An Aesthetician Recommends the Best Anti-Aging Ingredients to Use by Age. By Michelle... Melanie Griffith Embraces Aging, Shows Off an Unfiltered Selfie. i10
Anti-Aging - NewBeauty

December 31, 2015
Shop for and get honest, constantly updated reviews on all natural skin care & anti-aging products from women at Truth in Aging. Shop or learn more today! i11
Truth In Aging: Natural Anti Aging Skin Care for Women

December 26, 2015

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AGINGSCIENCES™ - Anti-Aging Firewalls™ | A weblog on the...

December 19, 2015
Aug 16, 2013... The RAEviewer - A blog about luxury and high-end cosmetics... I have been using anti-aging products for several years now, and I attribute my. i13
THE TEN: Best Anti-Aging Skincare Products

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November 19, 2015

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Anti Aging Skin Care - AnteAge Serums

December 17, 2015
admin | December 17, 2015 2 Anti-Aging Secrets. How do you feel about the prospect of growing old? Most likely, you are not very happy with... i1
Anti-Aging & Skin Care Blog | NuFACE -

January 11, 2016
Anti-Aging / Age Management Medicine has been our mission since 1996. Offering personalized bioidentical hormonal replacement in the treatment of menopause... i2
The Center for Anti-Aging - Lexington, KY

January 3, 2016
Green Anti Aging blog explores natural approach to anti-aging. Green anti-aging books, green anti-aging remedies and green anti-aging supplements. More. i3
Anti-Aging Beauty Blog

October 28, 2015

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The Anti-Aging Analyst

January 26, 2016
This is the site for The Anti-Aging Analyst, where you learn anti-aging tips and tricks, read the best skincare product reviews, and learn about about cutting i5
anti-aging medicine from California Age Management Institute

November 5, 2015
Anti Aging Skin Blog reviews Derm Exclusive Fill & Freeze, Phytoceramides, and other anti aging products for women. i6
Anti-Aging (@anti_aging_blog) | Twitter

December 3, 2015
Get your daily dose of beauty tips, tricks, and news, sent straight to your inbox. i7
Anti Aging Archives - Dr. Mark Hyman

December 19, 2015

Comments about this video:
Cassy I'm literally obsessed with this video, favorite video of all time. 😁 Love the energy and color! .
For everyone else: "Train like a beast look like a beauty" For me: "Train like a beast... Look like a beast".

Never got past 0:30 after the silly dancing and background music.."oh no..3 minutes more of this".
The Ultimate Super Food. Guide for super health +Amber W. Brock + It's a super slow process to lose weight, unless you understand These three things....
Love the recipes, love the bottles but i've done some research and it's not clear to me or anyone it seems what Tritan is truly made up of. If blogilates ever comes out with these made out of glass I will happily purchase!.

When are you going to put more in stock! I REALLY want the blue dream believe achieve one but you are sold out! Please make more!.
I'm so glad I bought one of these water bottles! I LOVE them so far. Do you guys think that strawberry and lemons would make good detox water Im thinking it would almost taste like strawberry lemonade. I've tried it before, I love lemon and strawberry! Unfortunately strawberries are quite expensive in Canada so I have to stick with orange and lemon.... Why would you want to curb your appetite That's restricting your calories which you need to function properly. Your body runs off glucose and carbohydrates, why are you making it seem like it's not necessary.
+Cosmogirl2013 you should go to website, I got my bottle on saturday and I just got by mail, they are cool..
Your videos actually are amazing. I love how colourful and vibrant they are which makes me want to get up and lose weight so much more. Thank you for these videos l love them so so much !.
+EiLeEN BeAN Yes, exactly the same for me! I think there mus have been different types and the other ones are sold out or something and the types we got are the only ones left so that's why we must have not realized there were different types....
i love those detox water. I been drinking those nonstop. Thanks for the recipes. you're the best!!😊😊. Here is a quick and easy detox method Just purchase our health kit from the website given above. If I can't fresh items because they may be out of season, can I use frozen fruit instead. It's hard to fresh strawberries during the winter..
I love the lime and strawberry with cinnamon. but I didn't put all water on it. half water half gin. put in a cooler.. wow so amazing, promise no hangovers..
I don't have the bottle and I'm 15 so I can't order it and my mom won't order for me :( can I use something else .
+PinkyBear181 I think you can just put the fruit/vegetables right in the bottle, or leave them to soak for a while then take them out :).
+Rupert Justin Fernando +nina lantin she sells them on her site blogilates. just google detox timer bottles!.
I really like your video,, my 10 year old son laughs at your goofiness, he really thinks you're funny and he wants to subscribe it. By the way where do you get those pretty detox bottles.

Hi there. Question : So after you're done with the water do you throw out the fruits or you can eat it Thanks. 😌.
Hey guys im new at this. I was wondering if i dont have those special bottles, can i do in any glass or normal bottle. +Vanne Carrera you totally can. You can put in a voss water bottle or even a mason jar. Good luck. :).

Best Anti-Aging - The #1 Blog For Independent Anti-Aging...

November 16, 2015
People are highly interested in all of the different subtopics that make up the topic of anti-aging. Their specific interests may vary. Some people want to know how... i9
HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Legal HGH, Anti-Aging

January 1, 2016
The latest Tweets from Anti-Aging (@anti_aging_blog). Informationen und News rund ums Anti-Aging i10
Anti-Aging: Daily Beauty Reporter: Daily Beauty... - Allure

November 9, 2015
The Anti-Aging Beauty Tips Blog covers everything to do with Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Beauty, Health, Happiness. and Longevity i11
A4M Blog

November 2, 2015

Comments about this video:
Dear Aden...I love buying lots of samples from Ebay in almost bulk before trying full size products...and because I do buy a lot...I also get a lot of samples:)...cheers...lIly. I got a few HOW samples, the Hwa Hyun Balancer and Lotion. They don't appear to be anything special, but they both seemed a great deal lighter in texture than the products you mention here. The balancer is interesting though. I've never tried a toner-like product that was quite so moisturizing. However, I really prefer doing double-duty with my essences lately, using them both as a toner and essence. My favorites right now are the Missha Time Revolution Essence - per your recommendation, and the Innisfree Soybean Energy Essence. I've been wanting to try the HOW CC cushion, too. Not for any other reason than the packaging looks so elegant. =).
+iamabeautyjunkee I find the Soybean essence works in a very similar way to the Missha essence. (Hoversjelly has a good review on both and several of the popular Korean essences.) The Soybean essence definitely smells better, not that that's really an issue for me. Also, just speaking personally, I believe I had fewer skin issues using the Soybean essence. However, I do enjoy alternating between the two products. .
Dear Cldcollector...thank you for letting me know...I think I will try to get some samples before purchasing full size:)...cheers...lily.
Wow you have so many samples! Where do you get them from Do some online sites bundle them with your package when you buy full sized items, then you save them and add them to your collection of samples Or do you buy them in bulk.
First and foremost, LOVE that you love Korean skin care! Isn't it just amazing I love Sulwhasoo and WHOO. You are right that WHOO is much denser, thick and rich in terms of consistency and application. Sulwhasoo absorbs SO FAST, and you definitely see results immediately. One thing I had to figure out with WHOO is like you mentioned, really REALLY massage and pat the lotions and creams into the skin. From what I've learned, all the ingredients in Sulwhasoo and WHOO are nano-sized, so however long it takes to absorb, the herbs will have already reached the deepest epidermis of the skin when applied. WHOO uses modern technology (i.e. vinyl crosspolymer for adherence and tightening) to allow some lifting particularly in their anti-aging serums, but all the creams work equally in terms of the herbal extracts getting into the skin. Sulwhasoo is just lighter and absorbs faster which is more convenient! Lol. The Seol Whitening line from WHOO is fantastic in brightening, I'd highly recommend it. And the Bichup Ja Saeng Essence from WHOO is phenomenal... it has strong amount of human and bioactive peptides to reduce large and deepened wrinkles! I'm glad I stumbled across your video! Many blessings. Xox!.
+mizz Lebanese Dear Mizz, thank you so much for the lovely letter! many of my viers have recommended to me to get the Seol Whitening line from WHOO and Bichup Ja Saeng Essence from WHOO I am absolutely buying these very soon! Thank you again for confirming these products for regards..Lily.

Anti Aging Skin Care - AnteAge Serums

November 10, 2015
admin | December 17, 2015 2 Anti-Aging Secrets. How do you feel about the prospect of growing old? Most likely, you are not very happy with... i13
Anti-Aging & Skin Care Blog | NuFACE -

December 4, 2015
Anti-Aging / Age Management Medicine has been our mission since 1996. Offering personalized bioidentical hormonal replacement in the treatment of menopause... i14
The Center for Anti-Aging - Lexington, KY

December 7, 2015
Green Anti Aging blog explores natural approach to anti-aging. Green anti-aging books, green anti-aging remedies and green anti-aging supplements. More. i15
Anti-Aging Beauty Blog

October 24, 2015

Comments about this video:
It's so good to see a non Korean woman who loves and adores Korean skin care products. I am a Korean girl who is living in New York City, and I miss all the great affordable products that are sold in Korea. When I go back to Korea, I would like to film those brands' stores and share it with you. Could you please tell me about your first experience of Korean cosmetic/skin care products How and why did you start using them Thank you so much! xoxo. Dear Nychelena...yes please film these stores..and upload is a big dream of mine to go to Korea:)...I fist got intrigued by snail creams...advertised on TV...which was actually a Swiss brand...Celltone...I saw it on TV shopping network...and then I started doing research as I normally do concerning many other Australia...US, UK, French, German, New Zeland, Korean brands that I have been using over the years...and this is how I first discovered Mizon website...and the it all snowballed from there:)...throughout my 19 years experience with Skincare...Korean Brands remain the best in terms of product and ingredient innovation, product quality and value for money combination...hence I remain Loayal to them for life ! regards...Lily.
Hi,and I'm a big fan of Korean products and really like your video.I use Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil,it is very very good ,tatally clean your make-up including waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Waiting your review abaut Scinic pig collagen.Thank you.
idk why, but your videos don't come to my subscription box even though i'm subscribed... :( this is a random question, but are you at all annoyed that some of the bigger makeup artists (most notably, lisa eldridge) are JUST NOW getting into korean skincare and makeup and acting like they've discovered it as the "new trend" i feel like a) koreans have been leading beauty and skincare for absolute decades and b) plenty of folks outside korea have been appreciating this, also for absolute decades. it made me think of you bc i feel like you deserve a bigger audience, but you have people like lisa "discovering" things way behind everyone else but then taking credit away from both korean beauty bloggers as well as bloggers like you who've used the products forever. additionally, bc lisa eldridge is creative director for brands like lancome and chanel, she's also copying the products and bringing them to the u.s. market, e.g. lancome just a few days ago released a cushion cream for spring 2015. anyway, sorry for the long comment! i wanted to also tell you really quickly that bc of your last video, i recommended the maybelline foundation to a friend and she LOVES it. so yay for your influence lol. ^_^.
LOL i like your perspective on the whole thing very pragmatic. i'm so glad to hear that, other than packaging, lancome isn't bringing much to the market. when my iope and its refill runs out, i may try the brand you mentioned above i have been liking cushion creams more lately. i think bc it's winter and they're so much more moisturizing. as much as i love your vlogs and consider myself lucky to benefit from all your knowledge, i'm really happy to hear that skin care will be your focus... your eye for quality combined w your knowledge is needed in the market. i plan on supporting you in that endeavor when i get paid on the 1st of the month (i wanted to wait so i could try all 3 at the same time bc why not). :) i'm also planning a quite massive koreadepart order with a lot of the products you've recommended: the honey mask, scinic & elzivecca pig collagen, the gold/serum exfoliating thing (i forget its name), the it's skin 10 serum, etc. so between all that and your oils, i will be swimming in fun new skin care! i will def let you know how i like the swiss skin oils, tho i imagine they'll get here long before anything from korea anyway lol..

Dear Kayce M. thank you so much for supporting me...I really appreciate your kind words and a total understanding of meyelf as a lady interested in beauty and using this knowledge to help girls preserve what we naturally already have...if you think about it...we are the most beautiful mammal creature on Earth:)
Happy new year lily. Did you read my mind I was just about to send you a message about cleansers and this uploaded. Thanks . Dear Niklaw56...I might have been a mind reader on a couple of occasions in my

The Anti-Aging Analyst

November 30, 2015
This is the site for The Anti-Aging Analyst, where you learn anti-aging tips and tricks, read the best skincare product reviews, and learn about about cutting i17
anti-aging medicine from California Age Management Institute

November 20, 2015
Anti Aging Skin Blog reviews Derm Exclusive Fill & Freeze, Phytoceramides, and other anti aging products for women. i18
Anti-Aging (@anti_aging_blog) | Twitter

November 1, 2015
Get your daily dose of beauty tips, tricks, and news, sent straight to your inbox. i19
Anti Aging Archives - Dr. Mark Hyman

December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:

Hey! I just wanted to know what the effects of each masks are With wich skinproblem is the one with potato flour better for example Thank you for the Video.
+Tiona Lawrence Best anti-aging program available on the internet is >>> I tried it and it works…. ===============================================================. Maxelder argan cream really nice moisturizer with little to no scent and very creamy. This soaks in and doesn't evaporate off and I feel like the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth have become slightly less noticeable This is a great moisturizer for day or night use. I bought it from here w...nyarganoil..c.
+Carol Kneece Loved the ingredients and the texture and I love how it makes my skin look youthful and glowing. So far I’m very impressed.

Is making our own oat flour by turn in oatmeal into flour the same thing as buying at flour at the store Will it have the same affect.
+IdunnGoddess after this what kind of toner and moisturizer/cream can I put on I have acne and an oily T zone. And I think combination skin on my cheeks and chin. .
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else trying to find out tips to have healthy skin try Jadonite Food Beauty Buddy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got great success with it..
+IdunnGoddess I checked comments, but there isn't any reply :) Ok, I ask you again: How can i use this mask, daily, weekly or monthly. Give 20 minutes to your skin to "breathe" after that mask and then apply any cream you want.. I love the recipes. Thank you! However, why would you not just mash the banana with a fork instead of going through the messy business of grating the banana :D It just seems so unnecessary. ;) .
OJAS is everything...What if there was a special substance in the body that governed ageing, immunity,radiant skin, vigor, mood, sleep, digestion, spirituality, and physical strength many factors can compromise the produciton of ojas, and many people have depleted ojas and lack the vigour, immunity, radiant glow and longevity they desire...READ this life changing book from Amazon to know more about Ojas... It is a life changing book…..Ojas book has many powerful information..all taken from ancient Hindu text.
That's so messy And would stinkkkkkk I use this combination of shea butter and argan oil from a natural beauty product company Argan oil anti aging with vitamins intense anti wrinkle aging acne cream Anaqah | eBay
It's always good to try home remedy skincare to help achieve healthy skin. Thanks for sharing! .

That's a good way too. But I prefer to grate banana because such kind of puree has no lumps ))).

Second tip: Tea Tree Oil!!! Great way to cure acne. Just wipe your face 2-3 times a day. And the third tip is an amazing anti-acne mask recipe – mix yeast (1 tablespoon) with warm boiled water (2 tablespoons) and few (3-4) drops of lemon juice. Apply to skin till it dry. Wash your face with cold water. I’ll shoot the video about it, but can’t promise when exactly. Good luck! :).
It will take some time to shoot the video u ask. So I’ll write you here few recipes u can make at home. They are simple. First: if your pimples r red (irritated skin), you can use worldwide popular eye drops Visine. It will remove red irritated parts of skin (but will not help with pimples). . can you please do a recipe of treatment for acne PLEASE I AM soo full of pimples I am getting tired of it.

Best Anti-Aging - The #1 Blog For Independent Anti-Aging...

January 19, 2016
People are highly interested in all of the different subtopics that make up the topic of anti-aging. Their specific interests may vary. Some people want to know how... i21
HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Legal HGH, Anti-Aging

October 30, 2015
The latest Tweets from Anti-Aging (@anti_aging_blog). Informationen und News rund ums Anti-Aging i22
Anti-Aging: Daily Beauty Reporter: Daily Beauty... - Allure

January 17, 2016
The Anti-Aging Beauty Tips Blog covers everything to do with Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Beauty, Health, Happiness. and Longevity i23
A4M Blog

October 23, 2015

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Anti Aging Skin Care - AnteAge Serums

December 11, 2015
admin | December 17, 2015 2 Anti-Aging Secrets. How do you feel about the prospect of growing old? Most likely, you are not very happy with... i25
Anti-Aging & Skin Care Blog | NuFACE -

October 31, 2015
Anti-Aging / Age Management Medicine has been our mission since 1996. Offering personalized bioidentical hormonal replacement in the treatment of menopause... i26
The Center for Anti-Aging - Lexington, KY

November 24, 2015
Green Anti Aging blog explores natural approach to anti-aging. Green anti-aging books, green anti-aging remedies and green anti-aging supplements. More. i27
Anti-Aging Beauty Blog

December 27, 2015

Comments about this video:
Maxelder argan cream!!!! ( suggest w nyarganoil c) Makes u look years younger!!!! I will definitely recommend to anyone that wants younger vibrant looking skin in just days!!! Love it!!.
Hello everyone..I have tried lots of anti aging cream in the past but none have worked as well and effective as the Maxelder argan cream Not only has the Maxelder argan cream managed to fight the signs of aging but has improved the texture quality of my skin.. I will continue using the Maxelder argan cream for ever!!!! You can get it from w nyarganoil—c...
Soooooooo brilliant as usual. I am a huge fan of that man. Keep up the great work Dr. Berg and inspire all the world. I know from watching your other videos that you LOVE kale but saying it is the most nutritious plant on the planet is stretching it. Especially when you compare it to beets, maca root, wheat grass, spirulina and plankton. I like your videos except for the ones that you are trying to sale supplements.. I've been thinking of juicing kale and drinking it every morning. However, I don't have time to juice every day. I know vitamin C wanes quickly after juicing, but if I juiced a large batch of kale, wouldn't the rest of the vitamins and minerals hold pretty well for a day or two if I put them in the fridge along with a bit of lemon. Thank Goodness for your message on synthetic Vitamin C and thwarting my plan to get a high intravenous dose. You are a life saver!. How would an athlete take all these points into consideration To avoid/minimise cooked proteins and refined grains, eg white rice, would mean staple meals such as rice w/ chicken (or fish or beef or mutton) would cut out. What would be healthy alternative to meet the carbohydrate and protein intake required I ask from a competitive swimmer (& weight training) point of view..
Gosh I love Dr Berg's work :)) You have opened up my eyes in a way no doctor EVER has. Thank you for the good work! :)) Excellent video..

The Anti-Aging Analyst

January 21, 2016
This is the site for The Anti-Aging Analyst, where you learn anti-aging tips and tricks, read the best skincare product reviews, and learn about about cutting i29
anti-aging medicine from California Age Management Institute

December 28, 2015
Anti Aging Skin Blog reviews Derm Exclusive Fill & Freeze, Phytoceramides, and other anti aging products for women. i30
Anti-Aging (@anti_aging_blog) | Twitter

January 15, 2016
Get your daily dose of beauty tips, tricks, and news, sent straight to your inbox. i31
Anti Aging Archives - Dr. Mark Hyman

October 26, 2015

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Best Anti-Aging - The #1 Blog For Independent Anti-Aging...

January 2, 2016
People are highly interested in all of the different subtopics that make up the topic of anti-aging. Their specific interests may vary. Some people want to know how... i33
HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Legal HGH, Anti-Aging

November 21, 2015
The latest Tweets from Anti-Aging (@anti_aging_blog). Informationen und News rund ums Anti-Aging i34
Anti-Aging: Daily Beauty Reporter: Daily Beauty... - Allure

January 24, 2016
The Anti-Aging Beauty Tips Blog covers everything to do with Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Beauty, Health, Happiness. and Longevity i35
A4M Blog

November 27, 2015

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Mi sono regalata la Neked 2 Basic x la befana...brava io😇 però adoro il Borgogna, dici ch'è troppo Complimenti per il tuo italiano☺brava brava. +Paola Menzolini asssolutamente!!ve ne faro presto un tutorial perché ho visto che piace a molte di voi!!!. Yeee! Ma quanto sei brava! Questo video lo sento dedicato a me😉 posso chiederti di mettere l'elenco dei prodotti nell' infobox Sono un pò lenta con l'inglese😆 continua così, non ti lascio più😚.
che bello Giuly!finalmente un make up tutorial dedicato alle "ragazze" come me...auahuahua!splendidi consigli come sempre!volevo chiederti...l'effetto luminoso sono d'accordo ma per chi ha la pelle misto/grassa come la mia non si rischia l'effetto lucidoadoro la Naked basic2! l'ho puntata finché uscita in Italia ho deciso l'acquisto!sarà che non solo perché sono ageè ho sempre amato il trucco Mat kisss :*.

ciau Giulia! bello il tutorial, mia madre l'ha guardato con me e ti fa davvero un sacco di complimenti. e anche io perché ho imparato (mi sa che però ero l'unica a non saperla!!) la tecnica a "c" per mettere il correttore! a proposito di correttore volevo chiederti che tonalità hai di quello della physician formula: il light-light o il light-Yellow grazie e un basus!.
+misslinuslucy c'è scitto solo light...quindi credo il light light!!!hihihi!grazie ad entrambe!!!un bacione.
Giulia...tesoro...grazie per tutti i tuoi consigli...e poi il tono deciso con cui parli mi ricorda che qualche erroruccio lo faccio quando mi trucco...ihihih...niente di io sta storia dell' opaco proprio non riesco a mandarla giù!!! I glitter no...non li ho mai usati neanche a 20 un satinato lasciamelo...gli opachi mi spengono lo sguardo.Bacione.

+Michela Scalise ovvio!!!io amo i satinati!se guardi la miniatura mi riferivo ad un target un po più age!!!e cmq io i satin per aprire ed illuminare l'occhio li esigo!!!hihihi.

Mi raccomando la skin routine...voglio imparare il più possibile :-) anche se la mia pelle è sempre stata problematica....

Che brava! Giulia sei proprio bravissima, bellissimo video; come ti trucco la vecchia è proprio ciò che mi serve! Comunque io grossi problemi di pelle nn ne ho, nel senso che ho pochissime rughe e nn ho il pori dilatati, infatti, grazie a Dio nn dimostro l'età che ho, mano male!!!! Comunque lo metto tra i proferiti e lo comdivido, davvero utilissimo! Un bacione.

Ho preso ai saldi il fondotinta di Sisley il Sisleya in pot, era al 50%, che ne pensi Non l'ho ancora provato!.

+nessy cristina io non posso usare fondi in crema perché sono troppo ricchi,ma secondo me vai sul sicuro!un bacione.
Bravissima Giulia...chiara e decisa!!! Ora proverò il trucchetto della C !!! Logicamente aspetto il tuo video sulla sei care per noi ragazze!!!. +Giulia Cova diciamo sui 10/15 euro x il fondo in questo periodo mi sono innamorata del Dream Wonder Foundation In Nude Maybelline cosa ne dici. esauriente ma semplice,brava come sempre,ironica e finalmente qualcuno che si esprime in un buon italiano.
+patrizia parenti yheee!allora il classico è servito!!!!ahahah un bacione e grazie mille.

Ciao, bellissimo video, il fondo di SHISEIDO è adatto per la pelle secca in inverno Vorrei comprarlo e visto il costo nn vorrei sbagliare. Grazie, un bacio!.

ciao Giulia, non sono mai stata così attenta davanti allo schermo di un pc (chissà perchè!!), a proposito di blur e siliconi, cosa ne pensi, possono essere responsabili di un invecchiamento accelerato e paraffina e parabeni io spalmerei silicone a quintali ma mi sembra di ipotecare gli anni della mia pelle, però se non uso basi siliconiche il trucco mi fa apparire anche più rugosa, grazie.
+concetta conci ciao bella!che carina!!!allora,in realta non c'è relazione diretta tra le due cose.piu che altro è un lproblema di traspirazione della pelle per i siliconi e le paraffine e di effetti collaterali di sensibilizzazione da parabeni1percio tranquilla,ci vuole solo misura e un po di attenzione negli utlizzi troppo prolungati e frequenti!un bacio.

Anti Aging Skin Care - AnteAge Serums

October 27, 2015
admin | December 17, 2015 2 Anti-Aging Secrets. How do you feel about the prospect of growing old? Most likely, you are not very happy with... i37
Anti-Aging & Skin Care Blog | NuFACE -

January 5, 2016
Anti-Aging / Age Management Medicine has been our mission since 1996. Offering personalized bioidentical hormonal replacement in the treatment of menopause... i38
The Center for Anti-Aging - Lexington, KY

January 6, 2016
Green Anti Aging blog explores natural approach to anti-aging. Green anti-aging books, green anti-aging remedies and green anti-aging supplements. More. i39
Anti-Aging Beauty Blog

December 10, 2015

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Aloha Max, seriously I would like to see what your skin looks like at 59, give me a break with over 29,000 views I think the video is pretty good for armature. Go ahead wash your face the way yu probably do and I bet your pores are huge- . How often can I use my 1mm d.r. please I'm new to the d.r. it is a titanium needle roller I have, I'm 34 years old, great video, I subbed..
You never mention what size the roller is. That is a huge deal. For topical penetration of products, yes you can use it 2-3 times a week. These are roller lengths under 1.0mm. Rollers 1.0mm and up are for wrinkles, collagen, scars, etc. and should be used no more than once every 4-8 weeks. Also you mention a hat as being most important to sun defense. Ummm...not true. A quality sunscreen used correctly in the correct amount (zinc oxide) is your first line defense after sun avoidance. A hat is very important but you still receive UV rays being reflected from the ground, ice, sand that bounce back up and age the face/body. m.

Hello, I'm planning on using the dermaroller, I ordered in a 0.5mm needle. Will this work for my discoloration from acne scars I also have icepick scars, big pores and a few dented scars from acne. I am still in High School, will my face swell up the next day I wouldn't want to go to school with my face burning red. .

According to many experts we've spoken with, you can use your skincare products immediately after needling. The needles allow the product to absorb into the skin better..
Is it your puffy eyes Have you tried using some of our tricks for under eye circles and puffy eyes We can recommend DHC revitalizing face masks. Devra and I (Mae, Social Media Manager) use them and love them. But those are night treatments. Highlighter, concealer and mascara and blush do wonders to perk up a face. Lisa Eldridge on YouTube (Username: LisaEldridgeDotCom) has great anti-aging makeup videos. Check her out!.
I have these, last year I was doing them quite regular, and of couse I got lazy and stopped, my problem is besides wrinkles at 63, I look tired, I look in the mirror and my eyes and face just looks tires, is there anything to purk it up maybe a mask, but what kind.

How long should I wait between using the derma roller and applying the anti ageing products Can I apply the moisturiser right after I finish using the roller .

Aloha, yes. The Dermaroller allows product to penetrate more deeply into your skin. The dermaroller should be 100% clean before you use it on your face. We'd recommend double checking any literature on use of the Dermaroller if you have large cystic acne..
Crows feet appear on the sides of the eyes near the temple. Devra does the temple areas. She is particularly sensitive to her undereye area, which is the most delicate tissue on the skin. A derma roller medical journalist said using a 1mm roller could be fine for crows feet & eye wrinkles, but you will want to be cautious with the amount of pressure you use if you should choose to use is under your eye area so as not to damage the tissues & cause more sagging/wrinkles there. Hope that's helpful!. Hallo, I would actually consult a dermatologist about this or an aesthetician. We are not skin care experts, just beauty junkies, and I wouldn't want to give you advice that would result in damage or make you embarrassed to go to school. We have a friend named Helen Vong who works with top derms in Toronto who might be able to help! She's on YouTube as well.. What does your instruction manual say I'd say you're probably safe with 2x a week. If your skin feels sensitive, downgrade to once a week.. Enjoyed watching this, you have a very nice soothing voice!! What sort of serum do you use I usually use a Vitamin C serum at night before my night cream, would that be safe Thank you . I have a question.. If we have to avoid the area under the eyes, why it is suggested fro people who have wrinkles in these areas.
Seriously if you can't say something nice then don't say it at all. In fact why not show a picture of yourself. I will be turning 59 in 2 months and look and feel great along with amazing skin and no surgery. Lets see what you look like dare to reveal yourself Doubt it.
hello, would you recommend putting some rubbing alcohol on the head of the roller in order to properly disinfect and sanitize it. no puffiness ,no dark circles, just a tired look in eyes. Just got my new Silkn FaceFX today, maybe this will bring blood to the face and make it look healthy again, thanks for your reply. I am on the Big Island Kona.. Aloha Danielle, thanks for asking and the nice compliment. I use skin care products by Dr Perricone. When it comes to Vitamin-C I squeeze fresh lemons use a Q-tip and dot on spots. Sometimes I add my lemon juice to one of my favorite moisturizers so yes perfectly safe to use your serum wait a few minutes then apply your night cream.With that said I also follow a gluten free diet and no sugar, soft drinks, although I do eat some dairy. . We have not heard about it, nor have we tried it, but if it's not super pricy and there aren't any huge known side effects, why not try it out.
2 qweradzxc12 - Yes, we would recommend rubbing alcohol or anything that would clean any skin cells or residue off the roller. Although if you use a toothbrush and soap and water for 20 seconds, that would also sanitize it..

hi.!how often can i use if i got 1.0 derma rollersome says twice a month,some says 2-3x a week.which is true.

Yes, but directly after using a roller, we'd suggest using your anti-aging products and skin care to let them penetrate more deeply into the skin. Once absorbed and your skin is dry, then you can use the Tanda Luxe! Tanda's red light can aid in healing the damage caused by the needles faster, and encourages ATP production in the cell which boosts collagen and elastin production! We have a blog post about it on our blog I will DM the link to you!.

Washing the Face a NOT enough, u have to disinfect it, as well as the roller !!! Gosh !!! At least be a good amateur.

Skincare companies would like individuals to give their products a try to show how good they are. Have you ever noticed a skincare area set-up in your neighbourhood shopping plaza offering free test products Well I discovered a website that will send Free trials to your home, its the secret trick to free skincare products :) You can get them here

The Anti-Aging Analyst

December 14, 2015
This is the site for The Anti-Aging Analyst, where you learn anti-aging tips and tricks, read the best skincare product reviews, and learn about about cutting i41
anti-aging medicine from California Age Management Institute

December 9, 2015
Anti Aging Skin Blog reviews Derm Exclusive Fill & Freeze, Phytoceramides, and other anti aging products for women. i42
Anti-Aging (@anti_aging_blog) | Twitter

November 28, 2015
Get your daily dose of beauty tips, tricks, and news, sent straight to your inbox. i43
Anti Aging Archives - Dr. Mark Hyman

December 13, 2015

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Best Anti-Aging - The #1 Blog For Independent Anti-Aging...

January 23, 2016
People are highly interested in all of the different subtopics that make up the topic of anti-aging. Their specific interests may vary. Some people want to know how... i45
HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Legal HGH, Anti-Aging

January 9, 2016
The latest Tweets from Anti-Aging (@anti_aging_blog). Informationen und News rund ums Anti-Aging i46
Anti-Aging: Daily Beauty Reporter: Daily Beauty... - Allure

December 21, 2015
The Anti-Aging Beauty Tips Blog covers everything to do with Anti-Aging, Skin Care, Beauty, Health, Happiness. and Longevity i47
A4M Blog

October 25, 2015

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Thank you so much for a lovely compliment are a sweet girl and so took your time to suggest a number of things. I am going to start with that pig mask..that really caught my attention and use my Hada labo religiously till I finish the bottle...once I finish my Neostrata products..I will definetelly look into that Sulwhasoo as it is time to invest in a better quality products...I used to respond to my skin care better but it has been last 3 years that things has started to change with my skin..and I want to fight me vein..but this aging process is not much fun... I am a in Toronto..but can relate to russian culture a lot...we are a lot simillar...Oh thanks for that tip with Maybeline apply it with a cushion sponge...I do have one from IOPE company..use it in summer for having such a high sun protection...that fundation is rather good...I was also pleased with it...another good one is Loreal infallible..demi-matt...the newest one from them...I love it..and I am usually YSL foundation gal...and one more thing we the love for Lash sensational mascara..I tell you it is my new holy grail mascara! Have yourself a wonderfull day...big hugg...Jana.
Dear Jana...i think a little Vanity is part of being a woman...if we didn't want to look our best...we would not have been the most beautiful creatures on Earth:)...cheers..lily.

omg i can't believe this i JUST bought a ginseng line two days ago! i bought it in person in the korean district here bc one of the women highly recommended it for dehydrated skin. (this is it here: ) i thought it was a sulwhasoo off-shoot brand, but apparently it's a stand-alone brand called "the history of whoo"... anyway, i've liked it so far, so i may try the whole range. on the same day, i also got a massage cream from charmzone called "pleasium control cream" also on recommendation for dehydrated skin. now that, i am OBSESSED with it's truly amazing and gentle, and it exfoliates me even better than cure natural aqua gel. i also love it bc i don't have to use a moisturizer after if i don't want to, which i've never encountered with my skin. idk if you've tried this or not, as i didn't see it on the blog, but it's very good..

Hi Lily,you are right,are high quality,buying samples is convenient ,I don't liked very much Essential Firming Cream because my skyn is normal to dry and this cream works better to combination skyn but Concentrated Ginseng and Goa is wonderfull.Thank you for your review.Bye bye.

Dear Catalina Tanase...thank you for sharing your experience with the line...and now I am even more excited to receive the Goa samples I ordered:)...this pack has the Treasure cream...and if Goa is even better...this is unbelievable then:) regards...Lily.
yes...I got it from Ebay from this store: she has many different Sulwhasoo sets...and is a great Ebayer...I highly recommend regard...Lily. Hello! I love your reviews. I was wondering if you could make the sound louder when you record though as it is always difficult to hear you. I have turned up my volume all the way and it is still very hard to hear. Thank you for reviewing these products 😊. Hi Lily. I've been watching your videos and reading your blog for a while now. Can I make a special request Could you please always make sure to say (and write) the name of the main products you are reviewing Sometimes I don't know which you are talking about, so cannot order them! e.g. The fifth cream in this Sulwhasoo set - the darker one that you are raving about - I have read your blog, enlarged the photos and watched your video, but I still don't know the name of this cream! Please tell me. Thank you :). It is a Time Treasure cream and also the Goa cream in the second set...both are gorgeous...but do also try the Original Concenrated Ginseng cream as well...these three creams and all the serums and other products from these lines are great:) regards..Lily.
Здравствуйте Lily! Именно так я и попробовала "Sulwhasoo"& "the histiry of whoo" (все продукты отличного качества) ginseng lines =))) + это гигиенично ( бумажные маленькие пробники) и очень удобно брать с собой в путешествия(ничего не треснет/разобьется или растечется)! даже не смотря на то что concentrated ginseng cream очень густой он прекрасно подошел моей комбинированной (с жирной Т-зоной) коже и не вызвал никаких breakouts. P.s.: "Sulwhasoo" & "the histiry of whoo" ginseng lines очень похожи но моим любимцем остается Sulwhasoo concentrated ginseng cream...а "sulwhasoo overnight vitalizing sleeping mask" мне показалась менее густой(хотя и заявлена как sleeping mask) так что я ее использую на день а ginseng cream на ночь =)) помимо всего остального=)).

+Кабакова Тамара Dorogaya Tamara, bolshoe spasibo za poddershku!...u menya kak i u vas kombinirovannaya kosha, i mne takshe podoshel Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng cream i Timlesss treasure cream (atot eshe shirnee no toshe prosto super)...I takshe zakazala eshe probniki 10 rasnex produktov is atoj linii i eshe nabor is 9 produktov ot Ohui (tut drugaya istoriya svyasannaya s institutom po issledovaniu chelovecheskix kletok i vse chto s nimi svyazanno tak chto shdu nedoshdus etogo nabora...i srasu podelus s vami svoimi vpechatleniyami:)...shelau priyatnex vehodneyx...s uvasheniem...Lilya.

Can you believe I actually wanted to ask you about these high end brands! I have recently bought some samples from sulwhasoo ( first care )and sum37 ( waterfull lotion ) and wanted to ask you if you have tried them! I really like how the sulwhasoo one feels on the skin..
+Shahrzadkl Dear Shahrzadkl, thank you very much for letting me know...I was also going to try Sum37...and will let everybody know my opinion on it...I can't wait to receive my 9 piece Ohui pack as well:),,,,,and samples from like 10 more Sulwhasoo products:) lol...cheers...Lily.
that's true Lily, i love the concentrated ginseng cream,used 80 little sachet last summer ( 1 ml *80), topinkgirl is a great seller too for sulwhasoo and su:m37 items.forthefairestsophia is fantastic, i suppose youre talking about her. going to read your blog post. good night, bye!.

Dear must be a Fortune teller:)!!!...I was talking about the topinkgirl Ebay is amazing that you knew exactly who I was referring to in the video even before I posted the blog...which is actually coming tomorrow:) regards...Lily.
+iamabeautyjunkee and yes I did order Ohui pack from forthefairestsophia Ebayer...cheers...lily.

Anti Aging Skin Care - AnteAge Serums

January 25, 2016
admin | December 17, 2015 2 Anti-Aging Secrets. How do you feel about the prospect of growing old? Most likely, you are not very happy with... i49
Anti-Aging & Skin Care Blog | NuFACE -

November 29, 2015
Anti-Aging / Age Management Medicine has been our mission since 1996. Offering personalized bioidentical hormonal replacement in the treatment of menopause... i50
The Center for Anti-Aging - Lexington, KY

December 1, 2015
Green Anti Aging blog explores natural approach to anti-aging. Green anti-aging books, green anti-aging remedies and green anti-aging supplements. More. i51
Anti-Aging Beauty Blog

January 20, 2016

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You can try an ounce a day for complete age stop, if youd like to further seek what I am talking about plz visit my channel info and videos, see for yourself what this magic juice does! In over 30 countries we are bhipglobal... STOPING illness STOPING wrinkles STOPING aging! Stop yours NOW! and take your mind,body and soul back where it was supposed to be. Start Your journey TODAY!.

The Anti-Aging Analyst

November 18, 2015
This is the site for The Anti-Aging Analyst, where you learn anti-aging tips and tricks, read the best skincare product reviews, and learn about about cutting i53
anti-aging medicine from California Age Management Institute

December 30, 2015

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Anti-Aging (@anti_aging_blog) | Twitter

January 16, 2016

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Anti Aging Archives - Dr. Mark Hyman

October 29, 2015

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Hi, Dr. Berg. Can you please correct the link to the slide deck It's not working. Thanks!.
I’ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. Great product!!. I cannot tell you how often people tell me I look "so" tired. Since I have been using Maxelder Argan Cream my eyes look refreshed and bright! Its not greasy and is not heavily scented. I am am excited to continue using it to see it improve my crows feet! If you need here website w..nyarganoil.….c. .Hii friends.Maxelder Argan Cream is very good product,, is the only one wich makes my skin feel and look alive without consecuences. Strongly recommend w nyarganoil—c.. thanks alot for the webinar. but do you really believe that anti-aging is real all kinds of living beings in earth are aging, this is one aspect of life, moving away the old and paving the way to the new. nothing is going to prevent aging whatsoever..
+Rosemary Worsley then you would need acupressure to that area of the body - if you get my massage tool, it comes with a book to teach you how to do this.
I have emailed you a couple of times and maybe you're not seeing them (You may have "people" who get your emails) I would very much like to schedule a call with you. Can you please answer my emails I have learned so much from you and trust that you can help the situation I'm in. I just don't know how to reach you. Thank you!. +Dee Smith Thanks Dee. I've had a few conversations with different members of his staff. They are the ones who gave me the email address to contact him "directly". I know he is very busy and has a lot of people who need his help. I am trying to be the "squeaky wheel"..
Dr Berg have you looked into using sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda) to treat cancer Dr Simoncini in Italy is showing complete cures. The problem is, if this low cost treatment does work, it will shut down America's existing cancer treatment techniques like chemo, so there appears to be pressure to "not investigate sodium bicarbonate" for that reason. I do know firsthand that Alka Seltzer cured my gout in a matter of days, when nothing else did (Alka Seltzer contains sodium bicarbonate)..
If you want a miracle food, do vegetable juicing using a low speed juicer. It will give you all the calcium, vitamins, and minerals that you will ever need in organic form. Include all the organic greens you can find, plus beets. No need for supplements. No need for medicine. Illness will fade away. For protein and fats include some local eggs, grass fed beef, grass fed beef liver, wild salmon, yogurt, coconut oil, fish oil.. I don't have a gall bladder, has emergency op Dec 2012. Am adding Swedish Bitters and trying to do gentle liver detox. any other ideas.
I have found the method most effective anti-aging today from this book >>> Anti Hope help!!!.

Recent research has demonstrated that the brain can also regenerate and revitalize itself. Why should it be any different to any of the rest of the body's cells.

The brand-name of the herbicide glyphosate (manufactured by Monsanto) is Roundup not "Roundup Ready." Many GMO crops are called Roundup ready, because Roundup will nor kill them. It would be logical to conclude that it is not a good idea to eat anything sprayed with any chemical herbicides or insecticides. Thanks for informing people about the possible dangers of Roundup and the lack of long term safety studies. "California to list chemical in Monsanto's Roundup as carcinogenic." Thanks for the videos!.

Unfortuntelly anti-aging doesn't exist.There are some unique people who have genetical anomally and have longevity in their DNA to live over 100 years and those people usually don't do anything special about food or nutrition intake.I wish there is some 100 years old person on youtube to give advices about longevity and its story.There are none ! I think you do have great advices how to stay healthy,but everybody is unique and has unique genes to determine life span..Yes we can make life shorter,but reverse aging!! I don't think so..

Is it necessary to mix the live probiotic flora with water, yogurt or kefir Can't I just take a tablespoon alone without mixing.

I am having difficulty downloading the powerpoint file. I would love to have it for future reference..

What you said about absorbic acid and spider veins was interesting. I'd never heard that before..
Chard is not a cruciferous vegetable. It is related to beets, parsley, and spinach - none of which are cruciferous vegetables, but all of which are high in oxalic acid. Thanks for the videos!. If you eat a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables and things like sea kelp would your Organic Cruciferous Food supplement be beneficial.
I think you cover some great content with respect to nutrition and related topics ans I have enjoyed many of your videos. However, saying "conventional medicine is the number one cause of death" does upset me a bit, especially when mentioning antibiotics in the same breath. I think that much disease can be prevented by augmenting nutrition and personal behaviors. But not seeing the fact that antibiotics save more lives on the scale of many, many magnitudes seems a bit like missing that there is gravity Otherwise please give a solid reference. It's just upsetting to me, because I am doing really well these days and it's evidently because of brilliant medicine that turned my life from practically unlivable to completely normal. Sincerely from Switzerland.

If you're allergic to milk, stop eating grains and see what happens. I became lactose intolerant late in life. Stopped all grains; and now I have all the milk I want..
Dr Berg, would you also do a video on copper zinc and how these minerals effect the skin and hair These two are supposed to be great for acne. They're also needed for collagen production, maintenance of vein elasticity (spider vein prevention) and hair pigmentation..

Best Anti-Aging - The #1 Blog For Independent Anti-Aging...

December 16, 2015

Comments about this video:

Thank you for sharing your routine. You look amazing! I am the same age and I am going to try Metamucil. I find that Co-Q-10 and Ginseng give me a tremendous dose of energy also..

I'll be 60 in July. Thanks for the Metamucil and juice plus tips. I love watching your videos. You have motivated me to the gym to tone up. I was going and slacked off, but you are right. It does make you feel better.

I just got up and got a glass of water. Ha, ha.. I don't drink enough. I turn 54-years old in September 2014 and am trying everything to help. It is a journey and can be fun and challenging at the same time. I try to go the healthy route for all of my choices..
"look at that big puppy" lol lol lol..." They taste like pure open a**! BAWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Girl you are crazy! lol whew! lol btw sooooo true about weight bearing exercises and exercising period. You are so right..
Lana I'm a big believer in taking your vitamins and keepin your plumin hummin as you say. I also swear by the biotin. My hair has never been so long and healthy. About four months into taking it is when I really noticed the big change in my hair. It had grown about four or five inches in that time seemily without me noticing it. It is long, strong and healthy and I always get compliments on it. .

Embrace your age, Lana. Just remember that a lot of people never even make it to your age. You're lucky and there's nothing embarrassing about living. .
I'm going to try the Juice plus! I'm a 46 yr old woman and and carry mail! I get run down and tired so we'll see if this helps, thanks for the info (:.
Thank you for inspiring us women to take care of ourselves. I'm 55 I do everything you said and I agree with everything you said. You should try Centrum liquid its gentler on the tummy. Those hard Centrum pills make me nauseous. Love your videos keep them coming. .
Taking all the vitamins together may result in one of them may kill the effect of the other. Fishoil is s Norwegian thing, incredibly Good for Your health. What would we do over here during dak and Cold winters without vitamin A,E and D.. Hi Lana :) Have you ever tried Miralax It's a tasteless powder you just add to your water (HONEST NO TASTE!) and keeps your plumbing going too! ::flush:: :). Thank you Lana. I cannot wait for your skin care routine!! :) I have done all the Strivectin and Lancôme serum you use. It works!!! So I cant wait to hear what you have to say! :). I'm a new subbie and I'm so glad I stumbled onto your channel. I just adore you and your outlook on life/personality. Were almost neighbors, I live in Ohio : ). I take GNC Vitamin D-3 2000 once a day prescribed by my doctor. The label reads "essential for calcium Dapoxetine and strong bones". I am 56, I don't have a calcium deficiency yet...but I do have a Vitamin D deficiency. Since take this from calcium is fine and Vitamin D is good. .
Great tips! There are several ones you've suggested I might try. I can always use the inspiration...or kick in the pants :D .
You look wonderful! I thought you were going to tell us about your diet. That's an awful lot of pills..
Great to meet you Lana, and hi from Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada! Wow, I adore your videos, and this one was wonderful too. At 64 and alone, plus not working now - it is hard to remember to stay peppy like you are. I love your INSIDE beauty as much as your OUTSIDE beauty - and you always give me that 'get up and go Girl' feeling! You are such a fabulous role model (yep, better than just skin-deep). Thanks Hon for making my day - woohoo!.

I hate water too. I have MS and I have to drink something with caffeine in it. I am so so fatigued.. :( .
Happens to me if I took vitamins causes dizziness, but take plenty of fruits and vegetables, it is natural.. I just found you are so adorable! You are so open and honest...I thought here is a classy lady...then I hear "open ass" awesome, you sold me on your videos! You'd be so fun to hang out with! :). You crack me up! We have a saying in common, Tastes like ass!!!! Lol!!! I almost peed myself from laughing!!! Love you girl! xoxo. Have you ever had any sort of filler Botox or rejuviderm Your forehead looks SO smooth! I'm 17 and it looks smoother than mine!! HOW! D:.
Thanks Lana, I take vitamins but I know I don't ear enough fruits and veggies. I'm going to take your suggestion !.
There was a report here in the UK that it may cause Prostate Cancer in men so I would tell your Dad steer well clear. Not heard of any effects on females though I do plan to check as I take it everyday for my brainfog. .
Today is my 54th birthday and what a lovely gift to see a video from you! Glad to see you well and happy! It does get better! ♥.

This 53 year old Aussie applauds you Lana! Great advice. Exercise, sensible nutrition and sufficient water is key. Personally I love drinking water - I am grateful every time I drink a glass of crystal clear water. I marvel at how lucky I am to have easy access to such a precious commodity! xo.

my dr. said fiber supplements are not necessary with a high fiber diet. lana try getting daily fiber the natural way thru fruits, veggies & whole grains!!! glad to see you back (((hugs))).
What does the juice plus provide Like is it good for vitamins mainly cuz if it is I think I will just buy gummy bear vitamins..
Lana, make sure you take those chewable vitamins back to GNC and get something else or your money back. They are very good about taking things back (:.

Gosh I adore you! You are such an inspiration to me, Lana! I'm a health nut myself but you are just so full of energy and encouragement, it's a joy to hear you talk about all of this..
I'm going to find the Juice + vitamins! I need them and haven't been able to find a vitamin I love. Great advice Lana. I have a heck of a time getting in enough plain's weird cuz I used to drink a ton of it. Oh yes! I look forward to an updated skin care video. I'm approaching my 50th birthday in December and need all the advice I can get! Lol! Have a wonderful weekend my dear! (((HUGS))). Google Suzanne Somers on You Tube. She is the Goddess of Menopause. She put me onto bio-identical hormones and they work! You would have to find a Doctor in your area who specialises in Bio-Identical hormones.I use them in a cream form which i put on my skin twice a day. I would never take HRT because of the cancer risks. Suzann Somers has written several books on Bio-identical hormones which are a wonderful wealth of knowledge. Highly recommend! Good luck!! xx . Lana...I love your videos. I have a pink pill box for all my vitamins, etc. I want to do the metamucil and your juice sugguestions. Thank you for sharing all your tips. It is good to have you back. I checked every other day for a post from you. I know you've had life altering changes. I am glad you are taking care of YOU.. Did you have your teeth fixed They look amazing. You always used to joke about your snaggle tooth, lol. Are they fixed now. Lana you look ao great!! Missed you videos. 58 y old You look like you are 40 !! Congrats on looking so sharp. Lana, you are such a sweetie! I love your vids. Are you working as a flight attendant again You may have spoken about this already and I missed apologies if I'm out of the loop. If it is a privacy issue I will understand if you don't answer. I am just curious as I am wanting to change careers at 54 and it is scary to contemplate what I have to offer on another path altogether. Have a super day! Alyson.
Great video, Lana! I definitely have to get some of the Juice Plus. I'm really looking forward to the skin care video. Have a wonderful weekend. Love-Sue.

Try any of the no calorie Drops, that you put in water...I switched from Diet coke to water with grape drops (Dasani), I drink at least 4 bottles a day with ease.
I am 57 yesterday- its sucks LOL- gimmee my 40s back! o well... ait gonna happen! omg I hate water- I cant do any kinda juice either- I do like ICE carbonated green tea blends!- my gym is my little 5 yr old grand daughter London she works my butt off!! up in the tree house- down to the ground- go for a walk- in the pool out of the pool ride the bikes-play hopscotch- phew thinking about it wears me out! love your vids beautiful!! x shelly. I started taking alive! Women's gummy vitamins. I was trying to remember what the juicy ones were but I forgot. The alive ones are good too.
you need 18 servings of vegetable and fruits. It's impossible to take anough fiber. I'm from Asia, our diet is mostly vegetable and it's still not enough..

Hi Lana, You look amazing! Thanks for sharing your nutrition and anti-aging secrets! I take the fish oil capsules too and they are huge enough to choke a horse. lol I do the Centrum Silver, Vitamins D-3, and the fish oil. I'm not good at drinking water, but drink about 4 cups a tea, and some juices and milk during the day. Looking forward to your skin care video! Have a great weekend!! Hugs, Colleen xox :).

Thanks Lana for the great tips ! It's always a fight to get my son to eat his fruits and veggies. Those gummies sound like something we need to try :-).

HGH, Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Legal HGH, Anti-Aging

December 8, 2015

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Thanks guys! Be sure to save those coffee grounds...wait do you drink coffee Maybe tea leaves will work too :).

Anti-Aging: Daily Beauty Reporter: Daily Beauty... - Allure

November 17, 2015

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Buying the 2% BHA liquid was THE BEST thing I could have done for my face. I’ve used it for about a month and a half and my acne has diminished significantly, my skin looks brighter and smoother, and my acne scarring is fading. The product is moderately expensive but you can get a really great discount. The full size for this product is normally $28. Since PC lets you double up coupons online (they are always floating around), I was able to pair up a referral code and a 20% off code I found on the internet. In the end, I was able to buy the full size with FREE shipping and three complementary product samples for a little over $12. Using a referral code link automatically takes you the Paula’s Choice website and gives a $10 discount. My code is
i was just checking out her website and these products resist, great info, are you still using the products have a wonderful day...aloha.
2 rox0459 I am still using the products- just actually received my most recent order two weeks ago! Still loving the Resist line and am also trying some of their other products. I will do an updated Paula's Choice video soon.. 2 clintonwcarl Thanks for your question. I just checked the website and watched Paula's video on the product- she says it can go over or under the Barrier Repair Moisturizer- so the choice is yours! I've been using it over the moisturizer but I will try it under and see if there is any difference. As a side note this works great as an eye 'cream' too!. I have been using their entire system for my skin type and I see no difference in my skin. I have clogged pores on my forehead and still have uneven skin tone and texture in some places on my face. Flakey skin and acne are new things that I have now that I have never had before. I have fine lines..i think they are the laugh lines becoming more prominent now. I thought my skin would get better but its not. .
2 Enchanteralle The daily smoothing treatment with 5% AHA would probably be the best thing to get. My skin started acting up recently due to a different product I was using and started to break out. I used the aha from Paula's Choice and it helps diminish the problem significantly. But Paula's Choice also has an entire line devoted to acne- I would check out their website. Good luck!.
2 sj1605 I'm really sorry to hear that this line didn't work for you. I always hesitate to recommend beauty products because what works for my skin might not work for others'. One thing that might help your clogged pores is a Clarisonic. Have you ever used one before It worked wonders for me. I would try a different line of products- perhaps get a professional consultation. I also like Sibu Beauty and Benedetta- those lines are all natural and might be better for your skin. Good luck!.
The cleanser is more creamy and does not lather. Paula's Choice has a great return policy if you don't like the product. I would give them a call! .

2 sj1605 I don't know too much about retinA or the lines around the mouth- wish I could help more there. I know that this resist line is great for antiaging but it didn't work well for you... I would definitely go seek the help of a professional. Go to a dermatologist or get a facial and ask for advice on what would be best for your specific skin condition. Good luck!.
2 sj1605 If there is one beauty item to save up for it would be the Clarisonic- even if it takes a year of saving It will solve all of the problems you highlighted above. I waited 2 years to get it because it was so expensive but it has paid for itself and my skin is soo much better. Good luck!. 2 sj1605 thats what I was wondering. Lot of people love it. Maybe I will buy it one day. Do you think using retinA is good for clogged pores I dont know what to do. My skin is is so high maintenance. My sister-in-law doesnt even wash her face properly and she has no skin issues. I spend hours trying to use everything in the paula's choice skin care system and this is what I get. Do you know what can get rid of the lines in the corners of the mouth caused by perleche .
2 TheDailyConnoisseur clarisonic is so expensive. So thats out of the question. Yea i think I should try the natural stuff..

A4M Blog

November 14, 2015

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+Anti Aging the rats died at the same time because the researchers killed them at the end of the experiment..
On September 4, 1985 Harold Kroto, James R. Heath, Sean O'Brien, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley discovered C60. There us also C72, C76 and C84. Keep in mind that all of the studies on C60 have been studies that were created in a Labratory and not the Natural form of C60. If you want a better understanding of C60/Fullerenes and Shungite; I suggest a book titled: SHUNGITE - Protection, Healing, and Detoxification by: Regina Martino. You can find it on Amazon.... Thank you! This was a great video. I agree with you that with a study like this to err on the side of caution is only a natural response. Some of the aspects of the experiment just didn't add up to me. Like killing the last rat in the experiment. What other corners were cut Makes you wonder....
This was great! You have a very good presentation style. I wonder how one so young got interested in anti aging Also, do you do consultations ( not about C60, but some other supplement I'm trying to find out more about) 😍 I would pay for help with this. Good luck. Thanks. .

As long as the mchanism of a substance that we contaminate our bodies with isnt understood, there for sure are legit concerns of what might happen in the very long term. There might be houndreds of benefits on the first look, but never get blinded, science is not that simple. For older people those carcinogenic aspects might play a minor part but especially if it comes to young persons that might take this substance for decades, we have no clue what might happen. I am not judging Fullerenes at all, they obviously have great features, but please never allow you to get addicted to this tunnel view one tends to get when masking out potential down sides. Just to keep scientific sanity ;) .
+Andreas Gerstmayr from air and food we ingest thousands of substances like detergents, pesticides dyes chemicals and preservatives and so many then suffer from conditions labeled IBS, altimers, cancers ect.. if you dont go out of your way to avoid those 1 more substance that has no toxic elements couldnt be all that bad. i have heard it could possibly alter dna, and this is worrying.. perhaps the longer lifespan was a result of slowing/inhibiting dna replication i very much respect your side of caution, but the world is imperfect and we dont have the knowledge or will to make it so.
It's great stuff, C60. (By the way, watching your videos, you're obviously brilliant. If I were your age I would expect to retain my youth far better taking it.) I've been taking it since August, 2012 and can attest that it does amazing things, with the only negative effect being that it greatly reduces the buzz one gets from alcohol and reduces that buzz even with great amounts of alcohol, as has also been reported by numerous people on Longecity []. It has reversed wrinkling of my facial skin, according to several of my friends, as well as causing three significant facial scars to fade to invisibility. As to the reason some thousands of us take it, there are numerous studies, some that are referenced in the paper on rat longevity, that show potential reduced risk of Alzheimers, cancer, reversal of hair loss and more. The totality of studies infer that it is the closet thing known to an anti-aging elixer. Have you read those studies yet, Razor .
+Michael Mooney the olive oil is to carry the c60 and absorb it better as oppose to water you just be drinking it and peeing it out .
+Michael Mooney Thank you for your informative, convincing and motivating post. Ill be investigating further to meet my specific application..
You really should get over to Longecity. That's where everyone discusses c60 olive oil. There are thousands of people taking it. The C60 forum at Longecity is Science & Technology -> nanotechnology -> C60health.

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November 8, 2015

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Anti-Aging & Skin Care Blog | NuFACE -

December 22, 2015

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4:00-4:17 Are you proposing that genes don't automatically upregulate or downregulate based on life events, but that people generally become less interested in fecundity (staying in shape, eating right etc.) after their children are born and then grown, thereby causing "longevity genes" to downregulate If so, under this theory, would people be able to resist this by delaying reproduction or otherwise trying to do things likely to extend fecundity; for instance, doing things to maintain secondary sex characteristics so that a person remains competitive in sexual selection If the above is an accurate summary of your theory, I believe it's viable. I've always thought this theory was viable. Of course, for most people, this is more easily theorized than achieved, because a person has to do a lot of things right. In humans, it's obviously a more powerful theory as applied to males who are often able to reproduce late into life. Has evolution left a window open for males If so, why.

The Center for Anti-Aging - Lexington, KY

November 15, 2015

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Revitol Anti Aging Cream seem to be a much more important idea that most give credit for. Next time you see or think of Revitol Anti Aging Cream, think about what you just read and realize what is really going on. It is likely you under valued Revitol Anti Aging Cream before, but will now start to give the credited needed and deserved.

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Anti-Aging Skin Care Blog | Hot off the Presses!

06 April 2016. Recent Posts - Anti Aging ( The Anti-Aging Beauty Blog keeps you up-to-date with new research and anti-aging articles.

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