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December 30, 2015

Comments about this video:
I bought revitalash after your video and seeing your lashes, how soon did you notice results I know it takes awhile but I'm excited .
+Maquillage79 Oh you will LOVE it! I think it was about at the 3 week mark did I really start to notice a big difference and then from there on it was drastic! Use it every night and you will see soon ;)) XOXO.
Very Informative information i really appreciate it very much, cause as i am 48 i am always learning and trying new products. I need all kinds of things i can get or try :) I know we loose moisture as we age, so mind you i kept hearing about Collagen and then the Hyaluronic acid alot. I am trying to think of the other word i hear alot about for skincare I am sure it will come to me much later lolol Thanks again much love and blessings to you :) xoxoxo. Great video, Bri. But, I'm confused when to use it. I heard to use the serum in the am, so it can be a barrier to the pollutants during the day. Then, I heard to use it at night, so it can be more effective while you sleep. Which do you recommend.
+monymony68 You can honestly use it morning or night or even both. Its beneficial at any time! ;)) XOXO.
Hi Brianna ! i love it the information about skincare in your channel , amazing. Please i need something for my aging chest, I try many brands and nothing works. Thanks. xoxo have a amazing weekend..
Thanks to you, I use the Skinceuticals B5! I normally mix it with the Skunceuticals CE Ferulic, because it helps the CE F glide around my skin better. Is it ok to Mix If not, which goes on first.
I use Refissa and vitamin c serum. Can I still use the hyaluronic If so, when should I use it I use the vitamin c in the morning and Refissa at night.. Yes you sure can! I use my vitamin c then my hyaluonic acid serum in the morning. Then at night you can apply it if you want before or after the Refissa. I also use it on my neck and chest as well :)) XOXO. Love your skincare videos! You definitely know what your talking about. I eventually would like to purchase one of these products. What is 1 other product from your site that you recommend. Combo skin, prone to acne (mostly hormonal) and I am 24 if that helps at all! Xoxo.
GADZOOKS! Bri, you are a double threat. Not only are you gorgeous, but you're smart too!! I just won a free B5 Gel from my derm's office!! Just finishing up Hyalis. I think I like B5 better. Should I use it both a.m. and p.m. My derm's office suggested at night I use resveratrol first, then hyrolaunic acid Not sure about that. Is there one for body use I could use a vat of it for my crepey arms and legs...Thanks so much. Love you..

Hi Brianna!! I have a question for you. I am 40 years old and have never used anything but dove bar on my face! I need please! A huge recommendation on what to use for me. I have normal to oily on the t zone. I've hear about something called retin a and refissa and all that. Can you please tell me what to use! And also from who should I buy it. I need a good skin care regimen. Sorry if I bother you!.
What do you think of the hyaluronic acid content in the skinceuticals phyto corrective gel If I have that, unused, should I still get the b5 gel or can they essentially do the same thing.
Since you recommended this product my skin is looking less irritated and more hydrated!! thank you Bri!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome advice! love ya bea.
Looking gorgeous!!! Brianna, how much hyalronic acid is in each of those 3..I tried looking for the amount in the SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel, and cannot seem to find it or I am just straight blind, lolol.. Brianna, I'm using hyaluronic acid, a vitamin c/e/ferulic serum, a 10% glycolic face wash, a benzoyl peroxide mask/wash, and a retinol night cream (I'll be switching to retin A in a month or so). I have a dark spot fade gel that I like to use too on my sunspots, but I have stopped using it because I don't know how it reacts with everything else. I also love (and miss using) AHA because I always felt it kept my pores clear, but I'm not sure how to incorporate all these things in a healthy way. Could you suggest a schedule to me for using these I have aging, non-sensitive skin with hormonal "monthly" acne breakouts on my jaw line and shoulders.. My three amigos; tretinion cream, vitamin C serum and hyaluronic cream. And hey 'hot mama' today. That blouse looks so sexy and look fantaatic !!.
+Lori K. Hahaha those are the three amigos...I like that hahaha! Thanks my friend! Have a great weekend! XOXO.

Hi. Love your vids. thx so much for sharing your knowledge :) What do you think about taking Hyaluronic acid supplements Do they help the skin as well.
Bri, I'm using Refissa at night and vitamin C in the am, I'm very dry and flaky, any suggestions what to use I layer few serums and a cream but still, when I apply foundation, it flakes on me even though I use beauty blender and all. Thank you 😘😘😘. How old is she Her skin is perfect!!! Goals!! And I use ton of skincare is there anyway you could do a video w maybe stuff similar but around like $60 dollar range!.
Hi B, you skin is so perfect!!! Beautiful, I have a HUGE!! Doubt, I apply at morning my Hyaluronic acid then Neo Cutis bio-serum and CE ferulic (let me know if I have the wrong order to apply) of course always finalizing with my sunscreen. At night I apply Retin A, and here my doubts, should I apply the Hyaluronic acid (Hyalis) and my Neo cutis bio-serum after the Retin A How about the moisturizer, can I apply then a regular retinol cream (avéne, eluage moisturizer) .

Great information. I absolutely loved it, please keep doing this kind of video. What age group can we start using Hyaluronic acid I'm 25 years old. Love ya! xoxo.
+melissa pintone Thanks Melissa! I show exactly what I do in my last AM skincare routine but basically I use my TNS serum, then my skinceuticals Phloretin Cf and then this ;)) XOXO. +Lori Arnold Thank you so much Lori! Oh yay! So glad you got that foundation too...its seriously the best!! ;)) XOXO. +CkJohnsonPhD Thank you!! You honestly cant go wrong with any of those, they are the best of the best ;)) XOXO. +miss mofa Awe thank you! I just did my AM and PM skincare routine a couple video ago if you want to scroll back and see what I use ;)) XOXO.
Thanks to you, I use the Skinceuticals B5! I normally mix it with the Skunceuticals CE Ferulic, because it helps the CE F glide around my skin better. Is it ok to Mix If not, which goes on first.

+Lisa Rose You could mix them I personally think its best to do one at a time, I would do the CE Ferulic first then the b5 gel ;)) XOXO.

you are looking good love that top! and your hair looks good! thanks for sharing the Skincare Benefits. xx.

The Hydrating B5 gel is a winter must have for me. I've gone through countless bottles. I wanted to save a dollars so recently I purchased the Paula's Choice verison. Big It wasn't the same..
+Latifah Davis That product is amazing for the skin! Hahaha I hear ya! Paulas Choice products are not great like people think they are...only people that have never tried actual medical grade skincare think so I guess hahaha ;)) XOXO.
+Gate Called Beautiful Thank you Susanne! Its actually a really cute Romper! I love the ruffles too ;)) Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO.
Thanks Brianna for the teaching video-appreciate your knowledge and sharing it with us. I love the B5 gel alot, it spreads so nicely on the skin. You look so pretty in that mint color-keep the skin care coming. Hugs!.
Great informative Video...You look amazing... I can not live without Neocutis Hylasis or the b5 gel love love love thank you for selling such amazing products ur the best Brianna...:) :) :).
+Jennifer Wright-Crowley Thanks my sweet friend! I know you love those products as well ;)) Love ya! XOXO. I recently purchased the some of the Epionce products from you and adding them along w/my Dr.'s prescribed gel for Rosacea. The combo has made all the difference!👍🏻😍👏🏻 That being said could I add the Hyaluronic Acid to my skincare regimen & if so when should I add it to my skin (i.e. before I add the epionce or after the epionce but before epionce cream/moisturizer!!). I'll be doing a review soon on the Epionce but wanted to give it a good 30-45 days before I did however, as I mentioned I'm loving it and my skin has been improving everyday!!👸🏼.
+1queenruler Thats great! Yes you can. You will want to use the Epionce Lytic (Im assuming you are using that) Then you can use the hyaluronic acid, then the renewal cream. Im just assuming those are what you are using ;)).

Ohhhh!!! Thank you for telling us the difference in the Hyaluronic Acid's!! I had Noo Idea!! I need to keep this skin of mine Hydrated! I tell you as the years tic toc on my oily skin is now more normal to dryish (and I am kinda lost) lol :).

+Brianna Stanko You too Sweet Girl! We are having a pool party with a bunch of 9 year olds (wish me luck lol).
Great video. Question what night cream would you recommend for combinations/ sensitive/ dry skin Having trouble finding one to replace l'occitine very precious night cream which doesn't work the same anymore. I use retina A, dry oils (off and on) and vitamin C with ferolic acid right now.. +Maryadine Washington Thank you! I would say the Epionce Intensive Nourishing Cream Its amazing for dry and sensitive skin and it makes the skin look and feel wonderful!! ;)). This is super helpful, thank you! Can you please do a video on covering up/treating melasma Mine is driving me crazy. :(.
+Emmy Ros Thank you Emmy!! You need to check out the Obagi Nuderm system! Its the best thing for treating and fading that Melasma. I did a whole video on it, if you search in Youtube for Obagi Nuderm you will see my video on it ;)) XOXO.
I couldn't agree with you more. I love my Neocutis Hyalis and Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 gel. I can see your still loving your Guerlain foundation. Have a great weekend Bri!.
Hi Peggy! Yes those hyaluronic acid serums are the best! I'm totally still in love with the Guerlain foundation! It's awesome! Have a great weekend friend! XOXO.
thank you for the great review, ready to order my B gel ,but I also need to ask you what can I use on my face to fade some sunspot and discoloration that will be safe to use while I am breastfeeding my baby thank you very much.
Love ya I always learn so much! Soooo...the skin around my eyes is taking a beating lately (mom is ill in hospital lots of stress for an only child plus, I am a BC survivor) what is the best eye cream I can use I do have sensitivity around that area...need something creamy and soothing...but "helpful"...Thanks, B!.
+D Smith Thank you so much! I would use the Neocutis Lumiere then. There is the Lumiere and the Lumiere Riche which is the most hydrating. Both are amazing though and you will see changes for sure ;)) Hope your Mom is doing better!! XOXO.
#Brianna if your using Retin-A can you still use hyaluronic acid Girl you need to help me out with my skin care routine!.

Is hyaluronic acid, TNS serum, and Skinceuticals phloretin Cf safe to use while pregnant and breastfeeding Cause I'm thinking about purchasing the TNS serum, Skinceuticals phloretin Cf, and Hydrating b5 gel from your site..

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December 25, 2015

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November 24, 2015

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December 23, 2015

Comments about this video:

Hello, so I am 41 and altho I am lucky enough not to have many wrinkles just yet I have noticed my skin isnt as firm as it use to be especially my chin and neck area and on my search for amazing skin care Ive come across your video and I have to say you have been more in formative than anything ive ever read or have come across in my skin care journey. I really want to age gracefully. I dont want to stay young as so many woman do I just want to be beautiful for my age. You have armed me with AMAZING information and I thank you for that. Also while Im watching your video I noticed your amazing skin on your hands and I tend to use my face care on my hands as well because I want my hands to look amazing as well then low and behold you answered that question for me as well. It has saved me so much time searching. Nice you included EVERYTHING that I was looking for all in one video. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of the perfect skin care to all of us other woman. So appreciated.

Awe thank you so much Dawn!! So glad you enjoyed the video and thanks so much for watching ;)) XO Bri.

Hi I would like to ask, for the clinical complex foaming cleanser, is it good for oily and acne prone skin Cause I have some redness on my pimples.

Hey Hun, I'm panicking over the sunscreen situation I currently wear a foundation that has spf15 UVA and UVB in but will I still be able to wear this over my obagi SPF I've heard u can't layer spfs I like my foundation dewy you see so I'm worried I'm not goin to be able to get the look I like anymore once I start the obagi xx.

Hey Emma, no need to worry, you can skip the Obagi SPF since your foundation has some in worries ;)) XO Bri.

I'm using ZO and my skin is peeling, dry, red and very itchy. Is that expected I don't like the burning sensation..
I'm using ZO Skin Health & Medical. I use the cleanser from normal to dry, exfoliating polish every night, Brightenex during the day, Sunscreen & primer SPF30 and at night, Growth Factor serum and a dab of Radical Night Repair Plus. Thank you for responding :) Your skin is so beautiful!. Hi Georgette, we carry all the strengths on our site, currently I am using the.05% with the Refissa one :)) XO Bri. How old were you when you started wearing sunscreen every day on your face I'm turning 20 this year and already have a couple sun spots on my face even though I've been putting an SPF on my face every day since I was 14.. I'm worried haha .
hi briana this has been soooo informative. can you please do a makeup tutorial on how to achieve the makeup look in this video we would all appreciate it very much..

Hi, thanks for sharing, can I ask you why do you pick the Clinicians cleanser & toner over Obagi's Thanks, Ale.
Hi Ale, I love the Obagi ones, I used them for years, but now I am just on maintenance with the Obagi system so I am free to add in other products and I use different cleansers and toners all the time now :)) XO Bri.
Brianna, Have you tried the Obagi Vitamin C for the eyes If you did is it comparable or as good as the Obagi Vitamin C 15% for the face.

So sorry to keep bombarding you with questions, but can I get my eyebrows waxed whilst using retin a If then how many days do I need to be off the retin a befor a can get them waxed xx.
I just purchased the obagi retin A from your website. Do I apply it to the eye area too tp minimize my wrinkles around the eyes. Or no Ive heard that if you apply it around the eyes it gives you more wrinkles.
I read you should not apply it around your eyes. It travels in the skin so there is no need to apply it directly around the eyes. .
Brianna, I've used my retin a since August. Blener off and but more on since last week. All well. Added exfoderm last week to my regime as well. JustFriday I added Clear. My skin is rosey and pink. I don't like that. Skin sloughing I can tolerate and expect. Is the pink coming from combination of all or is that a Clear thing I dint wanna be pink LOL :)). I want to use the tretinoin 0.1% do I have to start with the 0.25% or can I just start with the 0.1%. thanks for answering brianna i got the OBAGI BLENDER #5 when i apply the TRETINOIN do i also have to use moisturizer on top with the obagi blender #5. because she must be sponsored like every other channel on here:)) but regardless they are amzing products and really do work:)). +Crystal Cruze +Oralia S Nope, not sponsored. I work with a Dr and I know these products work :)). how long or often would you recommend using these products every day life long or just once in a while. I know that many people use retin a for years and years non stop, but Im wondering about the obagi nu derm products.. how long should I be using these products.
I have been using Obagi for many years. I used the whole system to start and now I just keep myself on the maintenance of it. So I use the whole system about 2 or 3 days a week and I also incorporate other products on the other days :).
omg thank you so much for taking the time to reply!..what products do you use during the off days thnx again!.
I just watched your top 5 nude lipsticks and love them all. You're fun to watch as well lol keep up the great videos !.
Hey Brianna! I'm Brian lol. Just noticed we had similar names. I just wanna thank you for making videos about skincare. I am on maintenance Obagi regimen and I found you talking about other products that you incorporate into your skincare routine. I just started using the Skinmedica TNS serum and wanted to know your thoughts on it Your skin is amazing and Obagi has transformed my skin but I am always wanting it to look even better! Guys care about their skin too...or they should! Lol. So glad I found you and I have subscribed. .
Hey Brian, Yes guys should care about skincare as well :) Yes the SkinMedica is very nice. We are actually getting that in here at Premier Look soon. I personally LOVE Neocutis, their products are similar to Skin Medica, and they really work!! Thanks for subbing!.
Hi Julia! Oh you will LOVE it!! I'm so excited for you!! Please let me know how you progress ;)) xoxo Bri. Hi Brianna! I am 55 and my skin is dry from using Retin-A. Currently in the morning I use Obagi Vitamin C 20%, Obagi Elastiderm eye Cream, Lancome Absolute Moisturizer. For PM Retin-A & Blender, and Obagi Elastiderm eye Cream. What would you suggest I had to my routine to help with dryness and combat wrinkles Thank you! Kristine. Okay thank you for your suggestion! I will go to your site and order the Obagi Lux. Is it okay to use it over the Retin-A I ordered the Obagi Elastiderm eye cream from you but I heard the other day that it cannot be used with Vitamin C or with Retin-A. Is that true Thank you! Kristine.
+Kristine Hughes You can use the elastiderm eye cream with vitamin c for sure! And for the retin-a, you do not want to put the retin-a to close to your eyes but you can certainly use that elastiderm eye cream with those products. And yes you can use the Hydrate Lux over the retin-a, just wait like 10 minutes before you layer it ;) .

Hi Brianna! I'd love to order the Obagi starter kit! May I order it through you...and if so, can you send me the ordering info.
Hi! Yes we carry all the Obagi products and kits on our Let me know if you have any question ;)) xoxo Bri.
You are so right about's an amazing system...I live in Florida and have always had hyperpigmention and Obagi is the only thing that keeps my skin clear.... I want to order the marine collagen cream your makeup and the pics are beautiful! xo Rita.

Oh great! You will love it!! Yes it will help with firming to some extent as well ;) Did you get the retin-a with it That will make a big difference with the results from the system as well. If you have any questions let me know ;) xoxo Brianna.
Brianna, you are just AWESOME!!!! I spoke with you on last Thursday and you were so sweet, patient, and helpful! You answered all of my questions and helped me with my purchase. I also received my package super fast (on Monday) as you said I would and I LOVE the products. Just wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN and you are FANTASTIC! Can't wait to order more products!!!!!!!!.
I was your first comment!!! I have learned so much and now I look awesome as you! LOL!!!!! Love your videos! .
Great job girl! I'm excited for you to do a review on glo minerals soon!! Especially their foundation haha, you know how I love foundations! The lip color looks so pretty! :).
Hi Samar! Oh awesome, boys are the best! :) My hubby is going to Dubai next month! I will message you the names of products in my routine, to long to write here :)) Xoxo Brianna.

Thanks so much Tammy! I am going to do a tutorial using Glo Minerals, I am loving their stuff! xoxo Brianna.
Hey there Brianna, I absolutely love your videos. I watched your first skin care video on the Obagi skin care and you convinced me to get the system, I found a Dr. because I had some questions and now am using the system. I need replacement products and I am going to purchase them from premierlook. Thank you for putting the info on the eyes on also. Thank you again for your videos and all your help. Not sure about the Glo Minerals yet can you do a totorial on your look with the Glo minerals..
Hi! I love the Obagi too. I used it for years but I found the Clinicians Complex and LOVE it as well and you get like double the amount for the cost so it lasts me a lot longer :) Both are very good but since I am not using the entire Obagi regimen right now, I can switch up certain products :) xoxo Brianna.
HI! Yes were given permission to sell it because a cosmetic surgeon backs the site and works with the site. Very few can do this but because of the reputation of the Dr. Silver, we are allowed :)) Thanks for watching! Xoxo Brianna.
Hi Brianna, I'm so glad you had a lovely time at the wedding, you looked so pretty and you're children are beautiful. you have a lovely family. I would put thumbs up on face book but i don't have it. sorry. Hugs Dawn xx.
Hi Brianna, I just subscribed to your channel and this is the first video I watch, you look so pretty, I have two boys too, and my youngest got tubes as well, he is only 2. I'm interested on starting Obagi, I live most of the year in Dubai and we have Obagi over the counter, weird ha, but they have a consultant to help. Would you mind writing your routine I tried to make notes but was hard to keep up since you have morning and night and in between. I would really appreciate it. Samar xxx. Hi Kim! Omg, the Obagi line is beyond amazing! The starter kit will last anywhere from 3 or more months. Some products go quicker then others obviously, but it does last awhile and you will for sure see results during the use of the starter kit. People see results starting pretty quickly actually. It's the best :)) Xoxo Bri .
Thanks for this useful details Brianna. I live in London UK, not sure where to find all the products you are using here, if you know then please let me know if not will try and buy online but shipping from US is usually quite expensive.

I just found your channel.Loving it !! First time I have ever watched a videos and Subscibed after watching just one. .
Hi Jenny, its funny, I was just talking to another lady that works with Dr. Silver, she does all the peels and stuff and we were just talking about this product and she was telling me she doesn't like it and she doesn't think it works as good as other eye creams. I have never used it. I love my Obagi and Neocutis eye cream :)) xoxo Brianna.
I love your skin Brianna, am currently using Obagi c since am pregnant and cant use Retina a. what skin care would you recommend for pregnant women who still want to incorporate anti aging regime.
Thank you for your timely response ,will try the products you have recommend and will tell you all abt it in like a month.

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December 10, 2015

Comments about this video:

+Cesar Morteo I think you'd really like the MAC Brow Set in the color "Show Off". It's a super rich brown (burgundy in the tube but it oxidizes brown as soon as you apply it) and it works for almost everyone. Yes, it's called "Brow Set," but that doesn't mean it's strictly only for your brows. The brush on it is amazing, and it gives a completely 100% natural look that no normal mascara can give! It helps to volumize, color, lengthen, and separate. Super easy to remove, too. Another great one you might like is MAC False Lashes, it does the same things but is black and has a slightly fatter brush but nothing heinous..
Love ur skin care videos. I love the tns serums. Love ur recommendations and advice. Can u do and updated skin care routine video Love ur channel!!.
Can you do an updated skin care routine where you actually use them and not just talk about them. Please..

+carebearscooby Yes I always apply my retin-a then before I go to bed I put on my serum and then moisturizer ;).
Question: can you use tns products when pregnant/breastfeeding I know you shouldn't use retins, but is there anything else in the products you sell that you can't use during that time I want to get the Obagi normal/oily starter kit, is that ok Thanks SO much!!! 😊. i'm really interested in see the vitamins and supplements you take everyday. can you make a video with this topic love you girl! :D.
Hi Brianna, I'm new to your channel. I really like how you share a lot of information with all of us. Knowledge is power so thank you for that. I have spent quite a bit of money of anti aging products and I'm skeptical on spending anymore. I'm 45 and have fine lines. If there's one product that you highly recommend I might consider. I have dry skin now. Any advice will be greatly appreciated :-).
Bri, just had an op to watch this whole video. Outstanding! Filled with facts and info. Thank you so much for sharing your "wisdom" with us!. Brianna saw your new Skin Medical TNS products. would love to win your giveaway. I am getting older and have had several surgeries, so my skin is dry, dull and needing help. I tried your recommendation of Obagi products and liked them alot. I am excited about the Skin Medica TNS products. I need to change my skin and start to feel better about myself and how my face looks going forward. I appreciate all of your reviews and hope I can afford to get and try the Skin Medica TNS products.. For help with my eyes would the eye cream really help too I noticed their website says not to use the serum around the eyes so does the eye cream help plump and youth up that area Can you actually put the eye cream on the lid area or how does that work. What is the difference between the rejuvenative moisturizing and the replenish hydrating cream. Btw I bought the toner weeks ago and i love it!. I bought the recovery complex, and the eye cream because of you! They are so worth the money! My skin is so much more tight because of these!.
I have the TNS dual chamber, but you showed another one with it. said it was a serum, could you tell me the name please.

Brianna do you know if there are any lasers to tighten and plump facial skin that will actually make a difference. Im 27 and really upset with how my cheeks have fallen and loss volume. I cannot get injections. I have searched online and can not seem to find much. Thanks..
I've been interested in these products since I started watching your channel. Thank you for this informative video:) I've ordered from Premier a few times already. One of these will be my next purchase:). Brianna, I know you said you could use tns essential serum while breastfeeding..Could you use tns eye cream while breastfeeding as well thank you XOXO. excellent info. thanks. Are you a nurse at Dr. Silvers office How did you meet him. I hear hes great..
Great video! In terms of repair, how does the TNS work on skin depressions I have some depression due to prolonged used of steroid cream & as a side effect of severe facial inflammation. Can this product help (& to what degree) or are fillers my only option Thanks! xo.
The TNS Essential Serums is the very first skin care product that produced absolute positive changes in my skin, and yes, within a couple of months! It's expensive, but truly amazing. You look beautiful as always, Bri, and I was as excited as you were to see the lovely comment from Wayne Goss!. +canthemum I used it once a day, at night, for about two weeks. Then I started switching it up a few nights a week with my regular 1% retinol. Only two or three nights at most, just so it would last longer, and I like keeping my skin "guessing". It seems to respond to that. I still saw really good results, and that really impressed me, but it took 4-6 weeks to see. I'm about to finish up my first bottle, I think, and it's been about 3 months. Maybe a couple weeks more than that. The bottle isn't see through so you don't know for sure when it's empty until it is. That would be my only complaint. All I can say is that I would NEVER have purchased another bottle at that price unless I was mega impressed, and I don't impress easily. Hope this helps..
Wowza 💋💋Wayne Goss on ur page olalala yessssssss she is the Bomb!!!! Brianna is the best teacher ever !❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 💕💕💕💕💕.

Thanks for sharing! I read a paper in Nature( which is the top journal in science) talking about growth factor, Botox and anti aging process.I think a research group in Illinois university has a volunteer sign up for anti aging growth factor test! I love to sign up but sadly I live in Texas( maybe can still volunteer in a different state) and my husband objects.. Anyway, I thought that's cool that I would share!!.

Hi Brianna! Im so excited I just ordered the essential TNS and the TNS eye cream! So should I wash my face, use a toner, then put the essential serum Does that act like a moisturizer or should I still moisturize after the TNS Also, does it work just as well in the am even if you are wearing make up, or should I just use at night Thx so much for inspiring me to really take care of and improve my skin!!!.

+kurcins house You will LOVE!! Yes serum after toner then you still need a moisturizer after the serum. Yes I use mine morning and night alot ;) Keep me posted! You will love them ;)XOXO.
Can't wait for the TNS Essential Serum to get here...still can't believe I won!! Can I still use the Skinmedica AHA/BHA cream with it, and the Vitamin C+E Complex I never know if I should mix it all! 🤔.
+Angela Harris YAY!!! You will love it!! Yes the serum first, the vitamin c & e and then the aha/bha cream ;) Thats a great combo ;) XOXO.
I absolute love the TNS!!! Thanks to you 😘. I wrote you last week about what laser would be good for firming, have you had a chance to ask Dr. silver Thanks.
+melissa pintone Thanks Melissa!! No I havent had a chance I am so sorry. He was out of town and I have been so busy! But I will! XOXO.
I bought the serum! What a splurge. To see results how many times a day does one use the serum I was told by an aesthetician she recommends to her clients to just use it in the morning (and use a retinol or Retin-A at night). Is that adequate or do you have to use it twice a day to plump the skin. Lots of good info and wow Wayne Goss commented what a honor I really enjoy watching me too. You look fantastic as usual :)) Big Hugs Debbie. +Debnmakeup Thank you so much Debbie! I know I cant believe he said he loves my videos omg hahaha ;) Big hugs right back! XOOX.
+Julie Gardner Hey Julie! It can...I personally alternate nights though. Retin-a on one night then my serums and such on the next night. XOXO.

I love your videos. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I have a question for you if you don't mind. I been ordering a lot of stuff from your website and I want to order some stuff for my mother in low for her birthday. She is 70 years old. Thank you.

+Kardelen Thank you so much!! She can use anything ;) Everything we carry is anti aging and made for anyone at any age that is serious about anti aging products ;).

I use the TSN eye cream and really like it, now it is time to get the serum. TSN Serum instead of a new handbag! Thank you for your videos and may God bless..

+LindySellsHomes Hahaha I love that ;) Thank you so much and I know you will LOVE the tns serum...its really the best in anti aging ;) XOXO.

I've been using the TNS dual chamber serum for almost a month. The results are amazing!! Their Vitamin C & E lotion goes on like silk. It absorbs quickly and leaves a matte finish that is ready for moisturize. I've been using their Ultra Sheer moisturizer for day time, but have recently purchased the TNS cerimide cream with SPF20 and love it. I cannot express enough how awesome this skincare line is or how these specific products are changing my skin. Who knows I may venture outside the house without putting on any make up soon...because that is how awesome my skin is looking. Love ur channel Brianna.!!! I also love purchasing the reall deal medical grade skincare products from You always give us discount codes and throw in extra goodies with each order..

+Michele Coit This is the greatest comment..thank you Michele! And so glad you are loving Skinmedica too...they really are amazing skincare ;) XOOX.
Just a quick question. I have heard people comment about the TNS eye cream not being in a pump bottle. Does the eye cream stay stable in the jar. +sabrina stadnik Yes it is absolutely stable. Skinmedica knows what they are doing in terms of packaging and all of their products stay stable in the packaging they have designed them to be in ;) XOOX. No joke! The skin medica TNS line has changed my skin like no other product line I've ever used!!! And I've tried everything on earth!!! LoL I'm going to try some of the new products too! You look beautiful sweetie! Love you! Hollie xoxo. +Keikobabetoo Thank you Hollie! I know you love the Skinmedica too ;) Thanks for watching friend! Love you! XOXO.
I love to watch your informative I bought the retin A from your web side it really worked.. thank I'm considering to buy Tns serum...

Thanks for the great information! My PS office sells this brand and I've always wanted to try it so I placed an order. Thanks for the discount! :).
Wayne Goss!! Whooo! Hi Brianna, I finally got the TNS dual one, and I LOVE it! The smell isn't great, but I will power through! I'm only using it at night, I don't want to use it up so fast because it's so expensive will I still get the same benefits only using it at night Would I use it 20 minutes after Retin A What about the Skinmedica Retinol, use the TNS before or after it I use the Skinceutical Phloretin CF in the morning, would adding the TNS recovery complex be good to use since I don't use the TNS serum in the morning Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to soak up all your wonderful knowledge! ;-) xoxo #snapchatfamily. +Sonia Bigatti Thanks friend! Yes you can use it once a day and still get results ;) So retinol first then wait like 30 min or more then a serum and moisturizer OR just alternate nights. I typically use retinol on one night then on the alternating night do my serums and moisturizers. Yes you could do the recovery in the AM with the Phloretin CF as well ;)) XOXO. Hi Brianna. Love your skincare videos. Regarding TNS serum, why does Beautipedia give it 1 star Any thoughts on that. Hey Bri how are You! I was wondering what U meant when U said, " if Your Skin can handle Anioxidants", because I have pretty sensitive skin and was just curious if the TNS Serum W/the Antioxidants might cause Me to break out! I REALLY WANT TO TRY A FEW PRODUCTS BUT ALWAYS GET CONCERNED I MIGHT PURCHASE SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME BREAK OUT!! I'll chat W/U More on SNAPCHAT about this, but really think I'm going to get one of the Serums and the TNS Eye Cream!!! Thanks for ALLL THE INFO U GIVE US!! U R THE BEST!!! U LOOK AMAZING!!! BIG HUGS MY FRIEND!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗. +meredith mohler Hey friend! Yes some people can not use antioxidants...their skin is just to sensitive for them. MOST people are fine with them though so its hard to say with you or know your skin better them me ;)) But yes you can try the recovery serum without the antioxidants as well ;) XOXO. Hi Bri, I just love these skincare videos...I can't tell you how thankful I am to have found your channel and in doing so, your website...these skincare products are literally saving my skin!! Ignore that rude customer you had yesterday...I own my own business too and some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed, but it always gets better. On to my question...haha...just repurchased the epionce Lytic Plus and Intense Defense Serum, should I have ordered the TNS instead And which eye cream should I order, the TNS or the Regenica...I'm 46 and have some crepeyness under the eye, right about the cheek bone. Oh I need a new moisturizer, about to run out of the epionce Renewal Lite. What else do I need Thanks, xoxo.
+Julie Spitzer Ok I would stick with the Epionce renewal lotion for now..that works perfect with all you are using. Yes the eye cream is a must and you can for sure add the skinceuticals phloretin cf int he morning too. I have been using the gel one and its my fave! You would put that on after the epionce serum and before the moisturizer ;) XOXO.

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You should really add a disclaimer in your description area, someone mentioned you on their channel..
+Christopher Baltzli I did actually ;)) I have to find that link. Its an older video but it there ;) XOXO. Brianna, fantastic video. So many girls jus don't know how to use this great cream ! Thank you for sharing !. Loved the video and it came in perfect timing because I was just thinking I needed to start using a Retin A. So you wait the 30 minutes after washing your face, and then you apply the Retin A, and after another additional 30 minutes, you can just do your full night time routine So toner, serum, night cream, and moisturizer all on top of the Retin A Or on the nights where you do a Retin A, should you just do like a moisturizer What products do you use on top of your Retin A I just want to make sure that my skin will still be able to fully absorb anything else that I put over a Retin A and I'm not wasting products.. Thank you for the great tips. You always do such a great job of explaning things. Debbie.
Briana, I need to email you but for now what eye cream would you recommend for preventing fine lines, is there a way to reverse fine lines already there Thank you so much for explaining retin A, I will add that in too.
I ordered my Retin-A from you, as well as the Blender, and my skin is already changing. I have been taking pictures and the post acne marks are already fading. I'm awaiting a shipment of the Epionce lotion and toner as well. I'm addicted!! :))). Hey Brianna,I know you also use epionce lytic plus. When do you use the retin a and when do you use the lytic Not at the same time I know lol Thanks so much.. What if your skin is too dry to wait 30 min after washing your face to apply retin a. I personally have to apply something moisturizing right away or my face will feel tight and uncomfortable. Is it okay to apply an oil or something before you apply retin a. as far as I know, you want your Retin-a to be the very first thing you apply, maybe a super light layer of a light moisturizer to the super dry spots. Idk if u air dry Pay it dry. I have dry skin and I can't let air dry or it will cause more dryness!! I've been told when ur skin does that ur getting micro cracks. I'm not a doctor so don't take that as Holly grail but that what I've been told. Make sure ur using a very mild cleanser. You don't want to experience that feeling after u wash ur face. That's where the micro cracks come in I believe. Just use a really gentle cleanser and pat dry. It should help with that feeling. As long as ur face is %100 dry u should be ok to apply the cream. Idk I hope this may help a bit. I know when I was using a more abrasive cleanser way back when and use to air dry it really messed with my already normal-dry skin..
Brianna, thank you so much for this video. I had some problems with seborrheic dermatitis during the cold months here. It was really bad. I had to go on major mediation but I now have it under control. I am back on my Retin A but am only using it once a week this month and I would like to add another day. I am happy to hear you tell us that you only use it every other day. What would you suggest for me I just love your skin care videos and the knowledge you share with us is so wonderful. Thanks so much..

Bri great informative video. I love Refissa and after you mentioned skin must be dry before you apply Retin A I had much better results. Hugs.
I thought that I knew everything about retin a, but I learned some new things about it. Great information! Thank you..
that's EXACTLY what I was thinking! I didn't know you could apply around your eyes, that scares me lol..

I've also heard that it'll absorb more into lines and dark patches that have a different texture than the rest of your face. So to be more careful where your eyes might crinkle and the corners of your lips when you smile..

You are the skin care guru. I love my skinceuticals.5 retinol. I was scared to try it because I have dry skin but I have never had a bad reaction! That being said I use it maybe once a week but it's better than nothing right! :).

As always great great video and wonderful advice on Retan a I'm wondering when you first start using Retin-A how long does it normally take before you start to see some results and where do you start seeing them first. Does it work on jowls at all..
Bonjour Brianna, I use since 1 year Tretinoin 0.5 % Obagi cream for wrinkles (2 nights/week). But my skin is sensitive. You say that can be applied 30 minutes after a soothing cream on the tretinoin cream. Can you give me the name of a softening cream that I can apply on obagi tretinoin cream I speak french and I do not understand what you say, you talk a little too fast for me (lol !) so excuse me. thank you very much. Bisous.
Great video Brianna! What are your thoughts on going up in strength with Retin-a I've heard that.05% is good for anti-aging where.1% is good for acneic skin. I'm 40 and don't suffer from acne. I'm using it for anti-aging purposes. Right now I'm using my.05% every other night and was debating on whether I should move up to the.1%..

Michelle, Here is a study I found on anti aging and Retin A. Hope that helps. :).

Tracy Dobbins- Thank you so much. That was very helpful. After reading it, I think I'll stick with my.05% cream!.

Thanks so much! I really learned something... did not know about applying Retinoic Acid to a dry face. Thanks again, Sandra.

Great video Bri, always good to know if we are doing things correctly. Wish I had the sense to start using retinA in my earlier years. Seems so many have questions about the correct way to apply this and your videos surely help everyone. Thanks!.
How can this be purchased without seeing a physician Do I need to fill out a health questionnaire or something before ordering. How did you know that I just bought my first tube of tretinoin! I can by it here where I live from the pharmacy and purchased the.025 strength. I'm 56 years old and have been blessed with good skin genes but find my skin needing some rejuvenation. Your video was very helpful and the tips are exactly what I needed to get my new skin regime started. Thank you!. I am so glad I watched that I have been using Retin A for years and obviously I have been using it incorrectly I never waited 30 minutes to apply and I believe I've been applying too much I am so glad that I finally know the correct way to use this product I would love to see continued videos of skin care. Very informative video!!! Enjoyed it very much! Also, the "Relenix CF cream&serum" work beautifully with tretinoin, the caffeine in it helps with the redness and irritation big time! I seriously couldn't live without my tretinoin! Because of it, I have no more fine lines, hardly any breakouts anymore and my pore size is almost nonexistent. You have flawless skin btw Brianna!!!. I'm starting with the skinmedica retionl complex.25. I have extremely sensitive skin. Hoping to work my way up to Retin-A. Are the instructions you gave the same for both product.. Thanks for the informative video. I have been using the Obagi.05% I purchased from your site for almost a month and I am already noticing a difference with texture and pore size. I followed your suggestion and started out 1-2 nights a week, waiting 30 minutes after cleansing so my skin is bone dry, and no exfoliation prior to use and I have not had any problems. You really helped me a lot because whenever I used Retin-A in the past I was doing everything wrong and getting so dried out and cracked around the nose. Keep up the great videos!. Thanks for sharing this information...last night I applied my Retin-A and moisturizer at the same time and I was wondering why my face felt weird.. Hi, Brianna. I was wondering if you could do a comprehensive video in regards to what we should be doing to have healthy skin along with treatments/skin care. Sort of like a spread sheet, but in video form. I am new to your channel and I appreciate your expertise..
2 BriannaStanko I just bought the Obaji retin a cream using ur link!! I'm so excited to use it!! I'm a skin care junkey & I love that I can get my fave brands threw ur website!!) I'll deff be back for more products in the near future♥️😘.

Hi my doc gave me.01 to start😁 for my acne and I am very red and flaky skin now how do I clam my face down and still get good results I was doing every night now 2 nights on 2 night off but after watching your video I will change that but any tips on how clam it down.
Thanks for this information ❤️ I just recently started using Retin A and you answered all my questions in this video. Thank you😊. Great Video! Is it ok to use products that have retinol on opposite nights Also I have bad skin texture on my arms can I use there or do you have recommendation on body products. I have a question about the eye area. Could retin a improve crepey eyelids Not applying it directly onto them of course, but maybe on the brow bone Could the product somehow lift or firm or benefit the eyelid area from there. I love you brianna,because you always answer my questions🙊...what it is the best method to contact you when i have questions about some products in your web!.
#BriannaStanko does #PremierLook sell these creams If yes which one do you suggest As always ❤️ your skincare videos 😊 xoxo~.
no wonder why I was so sensitive and dry I always applied my Retin A on wet skin...ugh. Live and learn Im going back on it now.. hello made a video about winter skin and the products you use i cant not find it and dont remember the title it was about a month or so ago i wolud love to find it as you gave a step by step of the products to use in the order to use can you help me find it.thanks...i love love love premier look and cant wait for my latest order to arrive. Any additional tips for acne use. My 14 year daughter was prescribed the.5% at night and Aczone in morning. Obviously she can't use the Retin A nightly. Can you recommend a good moisturizer and sunscreen for her as well that won't make acne worse Thank you so very much. It hurts a moms heart to see her daughter upset about her skin.. Can I use retinol at the same time meaning at the same day Or, if I am using retin-a, which I do, should I stop using retinol all at once Thanks for those informative videos, they really are helpful! Hugs, Marie xo. So retinoids exfoliate the skin..would using a regular exfoliator give the same end result as retinoid or what is the difference Thank you :). I usually don't feel like I need a moisturizer after, I actually find the Refissa very moisturizing but good to know! LOVE your skincare videos Brianna!.
Great video Brianna! I love my Retin-A, have been using it since I'm 16 for cystic acne (I'm 54) and I still need it - if I go a few days without it, my skin looks patchy, rough and breaks out. It truly is the best product out there that makes a visible difference in your skin. Your skin always looks beautiful no matter which foundation you wear! xo Lois.

Can you do a video like this about the obagi blender Are you only supposed to use it for 3 months Can you use it every night Like on the nights I'm not using my refissa with it can I still use it If you stop after 3 months how long do you have to wait to start using it again.
would this product help with break outs. I'm 24 and lately my skin been acting weird. I don't know why, but I have been breaking out. I never has this problem before, my face always been clear.. Very informative video! I also want to mention to never wax your eyebrows or upper lip when using Retin-A. Make sure you don't use Retin-A for 4 days before and after a wax..
Great video Brianna I had text you on that last video about the new skin care & the question was about retain -a I've started low & been on it for 1 year don't use it every day so should I continue same strength until everyday or am I ready for that higher strength that will be the second one .
It depends on what you are trying to achieve. If it is for acne then the strength is important, if you are using for anti aging here is a study I found and you decide what is best for you. Either way it is all about consistency, not stopping and starting that Brianna spoke about.

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Comments about this video:
I have a question please don't take this the wrong way I've had a bad experience with buying products from websites and they were not the legit product is everything your selling on legit like do you actually get them from skinceuticals and all the other brands I just want to know before I shell out all that money again I'm not accusing you of anything I just work hard for my money and I want what I pay for so please put me at ease so I can go ahead n order.
I'm just getting caught up on Your video's! I've always used hair removal on my arms/hands (nair/veet spray on) my friend just told me her wax lady said don't ever use nair on Your arms it removes layers of skin so after hearing that I'm so paranoid! Is it best to shave instead of nair.
hi beauty how many time you can use a product to khow if that works and how mamy time to have a result. 2 BriannaStanko please do a video on Botox and fillers the dos and donts!! Also different things like lasers and other procedures for firming the skin:)) 😊 thanks Brianna. Excellent video Beautiful! Thanks for explaining so thoroughly. Looking forward to your PM routine. Definitely need to revamp my skin care routines. Thanks again. ;). I've read great things about Glotherapeutics GloPeptide + Defense but I don't see it on premiers website. Do you guys carry it.
lol..ok..I have epionce milky cleanser, balancing toner, and epionce renewed moisturizer. I'm getting ready now to order skinmedica tns essential and the elta sunscreen for normal dry skin. I also started the refissa on Monday and used it on Thursday again. no reaction thank god. do I need to add anything else.
Hi Bri, I'm going to be contacting you in a few days. When would be a good time would talk, maybe I can FaceTime you I have some questions and concerns about my skin again! I'm still having hormonal cystic brake outs but I'm starting to become more aware of some aging in my skin and my red marks from the acne are not going away as fast as they were! I'm asking for skincare for the holiday's this year because I'm sick of having to wear make up when I leave the house! It's been very stressful this year and I'm now 32. It had gotten better when I first started the first year with the line you 1st recommend. I think my skin got used to it, then we switched it up and that did nothing for my skin. That I was trying more of a natural line from the spa by my parents. Then I tried more of a natural line from a homeopathic route and that was working for a few weeks and has stopped working. Now, I have been using less product's, but I need you! I want to have good skin again! XO, Jamie. I just ordered the Tns essential serum and I have the Tns eye about vitamin c serum. Hi Brianna. thx for explaining lytic plus goes before serums. I was using it over my serums as a replacement for moisturiser :) Also i was curious to try some at home peels but your sie does not carry any. What do you think of the Obagi blue at home peels. Yes!! .I have been waiting for this...Thank you, Brianna! You should do a video for body products...good exfoliators, etc! I watch your channel faithfully!.
soooooo Skin medica over obagi I may look into this...I am ready for a maintenance program that will continue to be you think I should switch.

+Joye Smith SKinmedica over obagi for some anti aging aspects...but obagi is still the best for getting rid of sun damage and age spots so it really depends personally for everyone and what their skin needs. One is not better then the other...both are the best for different reasons ;) Hope that makes sense ;)).

I just got the TNS Ceramide treatment cream. I was planning on waiting and using it when it got cooler. However, I have zero patience and used it this evening after the TNS Serum. Omg - I love it! I was expecting it to be more superficial and sit on the skin as a barrier. However, I love how it actually penetrated the skin and left no residue. great product recommendation! My skin care order tonight: Glotherapeutics 10% cleanser - Epionce Oily skin toner - TNS Serum - TNS Ceramide. Then, I had a cup of herbal tea, some vitamins and off to bed. Night! Thanks for the awesome product recommendations!.

Great video! Super informative! I have a suggestion for a video for those of us (ME) that are new to skincare. I would love to see why you use certain products in the AM and different ones in the PM. For example, you use Skinceuticals Phloretin CF Gel in the AM but not in the PM, but you can use SkinMedica TNS serum in the AM and PM. I always learn so much from your vlog!!! Thanks so much!!.
I always love your videos and have purchased from your website always a happy customer I am 42 and have horrible hormonal hyperpigmentation along with previous sun damage I want a moisturizer but it must have a good SPF I was thinking of buying the skinceutucals fusion 50 What do u think I would wear this during the day alone or under makeup so I'm not sure what to use a bedtime Any suggestions I would appreciate! Yes I know the spill you were not a doctor you cannot prescribe don't worry I am a nurse and I've used many of the products that you sell on your website in the past 😉.
Hi Brianna! I have been alternating the Neocutis journee as my sunscreen as well as my moisturizer with the newer SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair sunscreen. What are your thoughts on that sunscreen and do I need to use a moisturizer before I apply it. Or is it similar to the Journee in which the moisturizer is combined with the sunscreen Thank you! You make this journey through the complex world of skincare a piece of cake. Before I had no clue what I was doing 😁.
I'm saving my pennies for the TNS Serum as a 40th bday present to myself! I absolutely love watching and learning from your skin care videos! I've aged 10 years in the past 2...excited to try and turn back the clock 😉.
When I use the TNS serum and the skin medica eye cream the eye cream balls up on me. Does this ever happen to you Even when I open the eye cream you can see all around the edges are crumbled I don't know if o got a bad one or what it's not even a month old.
Thank you my precious friend for your a.m. skin care routine. I absolutely love Epionce Gentle Foaming Cleanser, Epionce Balancing Toner, and the Skinmedica TNS Ceramide Cream.. whats is the best Retina to use for big pores and antiaging. I am 46 and my skin is falling apart lol. I ordered the Obagi one before and used uo to 3 all together.1% but it doesnt seem to be working as good as before thanks for answering Brianna.
Love everything! I purchased the tns eye cream and am in love! Now I've got my under eyes in process and looming better now around my mouth and lips is the problem!! Those lines though!! They are killing me!! I have an apt tomorrow to talk about filler/Botox.. I get Botox on the upper part of my face and some have told me they use a little around their smile lines, lips and laser VS filler Suggestion Ps- what reality show!!! I've googled but can't figure it out!!!.
love this video. incorporating your recommendations into my everyday has been a life changer. thank you for sharing all that you do. happy holidays to you Brianna! :). Hi Brianna. About a year ago i watched your skincare routine and you talking about medical grade skincare so i ordered the obagi system and then switched to skin medica and skinceautical skincare and i am never going back to purchasing anything over the counter! I wanna thank you for these videos you make, they are my favorites and they have changed my life!! My skin has never looked better!!! Especially everytime i use the Retin A which is amazing! You are a true skincare goddess!!! Love you beautiful!! Can't wait for the other skincare video!!!. I'm super excited, I just purchased the skincuticles hydrating B5 gel...I plan purchasing everything you mentioned, but of course a little bit at a time. Please tell me what should my next purchase be.
thank you so much for this video i have been curious about epionce products since i got a booklet in my last premier look order. i need something for my dry and patched skin for sure!!! also i will be getting the revitabrow very soon. i am seeing great results with the revitalash!!! love ya!!.
Your gorgeous skin shows your passion for skincare for sure!! I am a licensed aesthetician in St. Louis, Missouri and just love hearing "skincare talk" and all you share! Always look forward to all of your videos!!.
How long should you wait after applying skincare, to apply primers and other makeup products Thank you🙂.
I've watched a few videos on the fractional CO2 laser and involves too much down time. My skin is pretty good with just a few pigment patches on one cheek so I probably wouldn't go that way but I'm interested in something to rejuvenate. Peels Vitamin c Retin A So many choices. I'm over 50. What would be your holy grail. Love seeing new products in the medical grade skincare because like you, I love it. Had such great results with many of these products. Awesome.. Hi Brianna Its Claudia I hope you remember me. I could listen to you talk about skin care forever. I am going to be getting the TNS and eye cream as well. Also a few other products you spoke about. I did the obagi nu deem system like you suggested and it was amazing with rifissa. Thanks so much. xoxo. Hi Brianna, does your site ship to Canada I am 25 with oily, acne prone skin and large pores but I dont necessarily want to target that as much as i want ro target aging and the subtle wrinkles that are starting to form. What anti-aging serum for overall face and what eye serum/treatment would you recommend also when it comes to drugstore, what do you think is the best for anti-aging And what is your opinion on Korean skin care Please help! I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thank you 💛💛💛. Ok, I'm sooo glad you clarified that you change it up every other day. I was sitting here like, "geez, she uses a ton of products". I was one of the confused viewers you mentioned. Too funny. Thanks for the great video.. Love all your advice, can't wait for pm routine. I asked about mascaras last week, just got the chanel make up You were so right again! love everything I ordered. Keep up with the great advice girlfriend!!!!.
I LOVE my Epionce products on so many levels! I use the cleanser, lytic, and renewal lotion. I use Renova in the evening. I want to add a serum and was wondering if I can only add one right now, which would be THEE one that would be most beneficial for anti-aging that is still oily/combo.
Great video, Bri. What can you recommend for some surface broken capillaries under the nose area and the cheek area closest to the nose I notice now that I'm older (late 50s) that I seem to be noticing more and more of these capillaries. Thanks!. I need a good recommendation for an eye cream! I have tried several and none seem to work. I get little white bumps under my eyes and have very dark circles. Please help!!. You are the skincare QUEEN😘😘 Excellent video again!! Thanks for all your knowledge👍🏻 I think I'm ready to start adding in the the Refissa 1% now as I've been using the.5 % now every night now for months and have not had any flaking for months so I'm going be ordering it soon. Thanks pretty lady😀.
I know you said what is best from a Dr. What do you suggest that I can get over the counter for aging skin.

Thanks for this! You went a sample of the epionce moisturizer with my last order and I LOVE it. I need that, the lytic and the serum now..
great job on explaining your routine I never knew in which order to us what! Thank you so much! finally :-).
EPIONCE is fantastic!! Its actually the first product line I keep buying!!! That says a lot! We need lip care video for winter dry chapped lips!!! Product list please :)) oxoxoxoox bea.
+MsKilrb Thanks Bea!! I know..its SO good! Omg too funny, I just filmed a lip care video cause I have some tricks to keep lips hydrated ;) XOXO. I have just ordered the Tns serum and I have the Tns eye repair would you suggest vitamin c also or retina. Was so worth the wait! I love ur skincare videos!! Can't wait for the night time routine. Also now that I have been following u for awhile I only have to buy a few products have most of hem already:) thanks so much for sharing ur knowledge and honesty!!!. I love your videos! Just found your channel and I feel like I can relate better then other channels. Question, what do you recommend for fine lines under the eyes. When I smile I get fine lines under my eyes, hello aging. Any tips would be so appreciated. Thanks, and I'm going to look through your past videos for more tips..
+Maricela Hinojosa Thank you so much! I personally LOVE the Skinmedica TNS Eye Repair for fine lines around the eyes...use this eye cream for a couple of months and you will see a difference ;)) XOXO.
+hazakisangie142 h18142801 h18142801 You can long as your skin can handle it. Most can though ;) XO. Thank you for this video. Love how thorough you are on your description of the products. I must say that my favorite line and the line that has delivered the best results is SkinMedica TNS. Love your videos. Hugs!. +Lourdes Selman Thank you sweet friend! Yes skinmedica is beyond must have products! Glad you are using them and love them too! Big hugs! XOXO.
Hi Brianna, very informative video as usual. But I have a question about a Skinceutical product for mature skin called AGE Interrupter. I am not sure where this fits in a daily routine. It is listed under their "correct" products, but looks and feels like a moisturizer. Can you help Thanks..

Anti-Aging and Vitality Center of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA...

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The National Consumers Research Council named Dr. Harley one of the nation's top ob-gyns for three consecutive years. Nearly 25 years of medical experience has... i27
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Comments about this video:

I love your videos - please continue to make these skincare videos! I have been trying to use the TNS essential serum, even though I'm only 24, and I find that it feels like my skin is dry. I live in a dry climate and I heard that hyaluronic acid can be drying because it would pull water from the dry air. I also heard that moisturizers eventually make your skin dry but should a moisturizer be used after the serum And should a separate antioxidant be used as well, such as CE Ferulic.

Anti-Aging Wellness Of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA, (Georgia)

January 19, 2016
Dr. Monte Slater is passionate about Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment. Aging is a complex process in which cells become progressively damaged over time. i29
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Harley Anti-Aging in Atlanta offers professional spa, pellet therapy, radiesse, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Bio-identical Hormones, Ulthera, lipo-contour vaser, skin... i30
Atlanta Anti Aging - Atlanta Medical Institute

November 14, 2015
The National Consumers Research Council named Dr. Harley one of the nation's top ob-gyns for three consecutive years. Nearly 25 years of medical experience has... i31
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November 25, 2015

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Harley Anti-Aging Institute - Atlanta, GA | Groupon

January 23, 2016
A4M - American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine ; Home; Membership; About A4M. About A4M ; A4M Overview;... Hyatt Regency Atlanta, GA Friday, October 21, 2011 8:00am-6... i33
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January 26, 2016
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Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Atlanta & Warner Robins

November 13, 2015
The National Consumers Research Council named Dr. Harley one of the nation's top ob-gyns for three consecutive years. Nearly 25 years of medical experience has... i41
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Dr. Monte Slater is passionate about Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment. Aging is a complex process in which cells become progressively damaged over time. i43
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January 5, 2016

Comments about this video:
Getting the eye cream for sure and probably the serum...I just turned 35, so its time to get serious! :).
Thanks Bri! On rotation of products, can I use TNS serum one day, Neocutis the next, Regenica the next Or do you advise longer period between rotation Weeks, months Also, does Skinceuticals carry growth factor products I am getting all confusipated....
I love your skin care videos, I learn so much from you!! Thank you! Would you be interested on doing a video recommending your products by age categories For example I'm 25 and I'm starting to use anti-aging products, specially night and eye creams (it's better preventing that fixing the problem ) I find useful a video mentioning what products would be addressed to 25-30... 35... Or it all works for everybody I don't want to stress my skin with something too strong and its hard trying to find out what the one specially when the prices are higher you don't want to mess up and waste money. Thanks again!!! Love your videos.
Will be trying out the serum and eye cream. Great review of the products. Thanks for the discount. XO.

I'm going to have to try this line. You really know your products and explain how they work. I always look forward to your videos!.

Hi Brianna, have you ever heard of this line; Sanitas Skincare: Oily Skin System If you have what do you think about it I'm asking because I'm going back to AZ to visit my parents for two weeks and my my mom wants me to do a facial at the spa where they live and they just started carrying that line. When I was there the last time they carried a different line that it didn't do anything for me! My mom had asked me if I wanted a facial because my face has been acting up again and we're going to be doing a girls pampering day! She told me to hold off on buying product until I went for my facial and tried some of the line that they have. I've heard of it before but I've never tried it She said they have small trial kits, but I asked her how expensive the regular size bottles are and they are average compared to the products that you sell so there's not much of a difference in price. The would recommend what would work best for me. You're my skincare Encyclopedia, wanted you're thoughts.
Hey Brianna, question for you, do you have a product that I can use on my forearms to get rid of / lighten sunspots I guess I didn't use enough sunscreen there this summer!.
This line sounds like something my daughter needs. She has oily, acne prone skin but it's very sensitive which isn't a good combination! Do you think this line would work for her Thanks! I love these skin care videos..
I ran out of the clinician complex peptide serum which would you recommend I try next That isn't 200 pricey :0(. Brianna, have you tried the Teoxane line Gah. Amazing. I'd love to see that sold on Premier Look. I just started using Alphaeon growth factor. It seems to really correct things. Just ordered some AHA cleansers from Premier Look. Might just rely on AHA's in a cleaner instead of the AHA serum I've been using, which seems to be too harsh now, especially going into Fall (live in NJ).. Hey ! I really love watching all your videos...I just wanted ask you few questions I have dark Skin Iam looking for Good body moisture which can make skin brighter &radiant any suggestions Please Do a tutorial on Hair # hair products. xoxo. Hey Brianna! I have been using Regenica for over a year. I think it is fantastic! Apparently the lady that created the TNS in SkinMedica created the growth factor in Regenica. Regenica is a newer growth factor line than SkinMedica TNS and Neocutis. I have seen proven results with this line and it smells a whole lot better than SkinMedica!.
whats nail polish are you wearing It looks beautiful. I think the cdp foundation really suits you. it seems better than guerlain..

Hi, there's a company called key medical solutions here on YouTube, it looks like they have used your obagi skin care routine video, but changed your name..

Hi Brianna, I use both Regenica and RetinA. I use Regenica in the morning and RetinA at night. Am I doing this wrong Vanessa.
i am so trying this line next, i love my obagi but i would love to try this as well you look gorgeous bri!!!. This was great Brianna we learn so much from you!! How does this compare to the TNS serum Are the growth factors best for the skin Do you still Derma roll 😊. +melissa pintone Thanks Melissa!! It is similar to the Tns products. But obviously this is a different formulation. I will always LOVE my TNS products but these are in my rotation because yes growth factors are an absolute must for anti aging! I will never be without. I am filming a whole video on growth factors..what they are and why they are so important...coming up ;)) XOXO. +Cynthia Lopresti Thank dont have to use them all together can use which ever ones you want ;)) XOXO.
+Brianna Stanko love to watch you. true. I will keep my eye out. I have only herd great things about the line. omg i only wish I had your cheek bones. beautiful gal..
Finally a night cream in a tube with a pump! It's hard to travel with a big tub! I'll have to add it to my monthly order! Can't wait to try this new line, even though Skinmedica is my fav!.
+Donna Hicks Hahaha yes that is nice and unusual! I know...skinmedica is still my #1 but this is a really great line and good for alternating! The night treatment is awesome! ;)) XOXO.
Hey just watched a couple of your skin care videos why doesn't the web site where I would buy products that you recommend have any reviews from other people that bought them Cause really thinking about buying but want to hear others reviews as well.
+Brittany Johnson You want an anti aging serum...serum for sure! Eye cream, antioxidant and retin-a or retinol ;).
+Amanda Perez (amandaperez87) no not in stores...its on my site ;) Only available through certain doctors ;) XOXO.
You can honestly do it either way. Which you put on first will get the deepest in the skin. I usually put on my serum first then let it soak in about 30 minutes and then apply the retin a. I don't use my retin a every night though, I do every other, so a lot of times I just use my serums with the growth factors during the day and at night on the non retin a nights then alternating nights I use my retin a. Hope that made sense :)).
Thanks Brianna. I Always love your skincare videos. I ;have learned so much from you, and I just think you are such amazing person. Have a great weekend!!!.
+Tami Armstrong Thank you Tammy!! You are the sweetest thank you! I have lots more skincare videos coming up soon ;)) Have a great weekend as well! XOXO.
Is there any such thing as a product that thickens rapidly thinning skin, especially around the eyes. But also all over. I really need something economical but effective, I'm in my 40's but feeling much older and quite desperate..
Thank you so much for your information Brianna. I've been checking out the prices and they're so high I just want to double check one thing. Does it have to be TNS Essential Serum to get the 39% collagen boost or can I use the "Skin Medica TNS Recovery" to get a similar result since I'd save so much money that way Also these products do produce extra thickness around the eyes as well You're a truly beautiful, knowledgeable lady and I thank you so much for at least offering me hope there's something that can help this rapidly thinning skin..
+canthemum Thank you so much! Yes the TNS Recovery Serum is amazing as well. It will help boost collagen for sure because thats what the TNS does. As far as the 39%, that I will have to ask if it is exactly the same or not. The TNS Essential serum has the Recovery complex in it as well as anti oxidants and peptides but I do know the TNS is the main factor you want and I know the Recovery Complex is amazing as well ;)) XOXO.
Brianna, is the TNS illuminating eye cream as good as the TNS repair I'm fixing to reorder and like the idea of a pump better than a jar!! 😘😘.

+Angela Harris Skinmedica makes their products very stable though...they have so much science behind their products and packaging that you can feel very secure about buying their products that nothing in any of their packaging will not be stable ;).

Your awesome thank you for the review. I'm over 50 so very mature skin and I also have old acne pitted scars so I might try this. Thank you again for going into what the product does and is good for..
+Brianna Stanko They are skin toned just pitted. Yeah I didn't think anything topical can help. I was thinking about the new fillers. I saw on the doctors the other day the dermatologist did her scars on camera and she did this filler and then also took the needle under the scar to kind of release it. I had laser done but nothing really changed. and I don't have that kind of money to have several. but I had the c02 laser..

Atlanta Anti Aging - Atlanta Medical Institute

November 16, 2015
The National Consumers Research Council named Dr. Harley one of the nation's top ob-gyns for three consecutive years. Nearly 25 years of medical experience has... i45
Atlanta Anti-aging | Southern Plastic Surgery, PC

December 20, 2015
Feel Younger Today! Anti Aging Services In Atlanta Area, Including Botox, Juvederm, and Other Dermal Fillers. Call Us Today. i46
Harley Anti-Aging Institute - Atlanta, GA | Groupon

October 24, 2015
A4M - American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine ; Home; Membership; About A4M. About A4M ; A4M Overview;... Hyatt Regency Atlanta, GA Friday, October 21, 2011 8:00am-6... i47
Anti-Aging Doctors in Atlanta, Georgia - Find a Doctor in...

December 16, 2015

Comments about this video:
Yep yep yep. Another good one 😉 Hmmm.. Another skincare video idea would be an all-over body pamper routine for winter. ☺️. Your skin always looks amazing ! You should bundle some skincare products, for the holidays, on your website. Would make great gifts..
I have a request... I'm new to your channel and love you. Your skin is glowing, flawless. Since I'm new I don't know if you covered this but I'm sooooo curious, is your skin that gorgeous because of ONLY all the products you mention or is it also because of other treatments For example like: glycolic peel, facials, botox. I just want to know can I achieve awesome results with skin creams/serums/masks alone Or do I need to include as well skin treatments I'm 35 and have tried so many different products and never have noticed anything out of this world. I feel like all these great products are mentioned but my skin doesn't look as great as yours. Could you tell us your skin care history... the treatments you recommend, treatments that are not worth the money, treatments that gave you the best results Hopefully this makes sense. Thank you and you truly are lovely!!!.
Every time I watch your skin care video I place an order at your website.. Lol.. I love skin care! Can't wait for my new goodies 😁 xo, Daria.
Hi Brianna: I cannot afford everything. I use retin a, at night and alternate with a obagi gycolic. What is the best cream for me to use with the retin a What is the most important serum to use on alternating nights if I chose just one Love the skin care videos!.
love love love! as you can see by my recent orders I am getting more serious about my skin haha! thanks for the info!! can you also remind me where you get your necklaces on etsy love you girl!! xoxo. +Supriya Patel (beautybysupriya) Hahahah good girl!!! ;)) Yes I get them from neutralsinc on etsy...she makes the best jewelry ;)) Love youuuuuuuu! XOXO. Great video Bri, what product do you recommend for fading age spots I am dry and somewhat sensitive. Thank you💗. Can you do a video on under eye circles, tear troughs filler, laser options, etc. There's so much information out there and I need an "Under eye care for dummies" tutorial.. hi brianna. the nights you don't use retin a, do you use all the sums you mentioned at once the tnt, and the 2 skincueticles.
Love your skincare videos! I just ordered epionce for the first time. Would love to know is there anything from that line I shouldn't be using while I'm pregnant. Had to stop using obagi and I am currently dealing with pregnancy acne:( love some advice/recommendations for skincare to use while pregnant. Tried looking for videos and didn't find much on YouTube. I am 35 with oily skin and hormonal acne..

I like the idea someone had below of a gift set. I really want to order some of these...I am using La Mer eye cream now, so I don't need the eye cream. Was that a Retin A or retinol you were using... I need a retinol. What is TNS (I am a little afraid of using the human growth hormone in products) The AGE sounds good!.

I love your skincare vids! I'm 41 so I try to stay in the know about new products or ones I haven't heard about. 👍.
Just watched your day routine video and I have to say that all the work you have with your skin seems to worth because your skin looks amazing!!! I added that video to my favorite ones (probably will do the same with this one) and I have to take notes because there are so many information lol If you may, I'd like to know how much time you should wait until the next product since the cleanser and toner considering your day and night routine. Also, if you couldnt't buy all these products which ones (day and night skincare) do you consider essentials Do you combine the day routine with the night routine in terms of products rotation I mean if in the morning you use your epiance produtcs on the night will you use the retinol or the serums Thank you so much for taking the time to talk and explain about skincare..
So glad you did this video! I just ordered the TNS Serum and Eye Cream from your website and I am loving both of them. I've been alternating with the C E Ferulic and B5 Gel. Within one week of using the TNS Serum, I noticed a total difference in the texture and tone of my skin and my pores have disappeared. I love that it dries down so you can wear it during the daytime under makeup. I didn't know if I should put anything over the TNS Serum but now I will add either the B5 gel or the A.G.E. Interrupter (another miracle product!!). Thanks!! xo Lois.
Oh Brianna I am on my way to place my order! I was just waiting to see what you used in the PM. Thank you for another educational video.Debbie. Great vid hon...I always love your skincare vids...& the products are awesome!!!!!! My skin is so much better than it used to be...just by watching you:) Thank you hon.. Hugs..Deb:) xoxox.
I have extremely dry skin and the thought of letting my skin dry just after toner for 15 min makes me cringe lol. And applying retin a after toner and letting it sit for hours seems drying. What would you suggest someone with extremely dry skin do.
Thanks for another great video. I use and love SkinMedica products but I ordered the A.G.E. Interrupter cream to give it a try. I also use and love the A.G.E. Interrupter eye cream. Hugs!. Hi Brianna, I want to invest in a good serum & was hoping you'd recommend one for me. I'm 32 with true combo skin. I'm dealing with a little hormonal acne and have always had sensitive skin. My main desire is to use a serum that targets anti aging. I know you've already done a lot of videos but I'm just not wanting to choose a product that's not right for me. Thanks :-).
Hi Brianna - let's say you're a super lazy person like me and only want to stick to 1 set of products for skincare routines, how detrimental is that Also, I always wondered this, but I don't have time to do my skincare routine except right before long should I wait before hitting the sheets I'm a side sleeper and try to be careful not to smear my products into the sheets and waste them!.
Thank you, i learned a lot from these! Do you have opinions or recommendations for effective drugstore anti-wrinkle products Like olay or ROC 😘. Brianna: my insurance covers a $225 retin a & I've been using it for 2 years now. I also ordered the Obagi blender I ordered off of your premiere look. For some reason even after 2 years; my skin gets so dry from the retin a. I always wait at least an hour after washing before applying. Do you think my skin just can't handle retin a...its even worse in the winter time. I see women that have shiny beautiful skin from retin a...but mine just seems to be scaley...its not pretty. What do I do I will some times use only 2- 3 times a week...not matter what it seems every third day...i'm so dry. Help.
Thanks for the video, Brianna!!!! Also, thank you for talking about the importance of not using acids while using retain-a or retinol. Im the guy who was interviewing for the job at Saks, La Prairie. I got the job!!! Feels so great to be back in my world. I have been in skincare and cosmetics for 18 years. Your videos are really, really, informative and I think you touch on many things that are often left out while at the counter. :).

fab skincare & info as usual! that Glo Cleanser changed my skin! Found a few items online here - but limited in Canada as usual. Just got the 7% toner and a few other Glo Cleansers. Love the Obagi Pore Therapy toner on some days as well. Now I need that TNS serum & AGE Interupter. Plus the Epionce lytic/cream combo. Just ordered Revision tinted spf too and their vit.c lotion & DJEA eye cream. These with a rotation of a couple Obagi & retin A should help this winter too. Still love the Obagi Hydrate Luxe too but will grab the age interuptor & Epionce instead next time. Just ordered NeoCutis Lumier Riche for face & eye too since I love the Bio Cream! Bri your info is the best!.
Hi Brianna! Great video I can only afford one serum to get, which one do you recommend to get that's the best for aging skin with good results Thank you😊.
I have my list ready for December now !💜 I want to order all except the face wash and toner because i still have so many. Also is unbelievable that your hair looks gorgeous brown and or blonde! Love it! Saludos 🙋🏼.
Placing an order. B, is it 20 percent off all products I see a few I want already marked down. Merci!. Great Videos!!!! what do you think about oils Cleansing balms, Cleansing oils, oils like Luna by Sunday Riley, and the ingredients from Drunk Elephant brand what do you think about Paula's choice products btw are you going to have a black friday sale in your store thank you and sorry for my questions... I love your videos and your personality.. :).
Your skincare am/pm routines are always my favorites, since you are so aware of & use the newest products available. Thanks so much for sharing the info with us!.

Hi all beauties there! I recommend to shop only at Premierlook store, there is no other place like it. I just bought $70 cream and payed only $37 for my order. You need to use Biannas code ( now 20% off with Hydrate20) and anytime you shop there you are earning store credit which you can use at check out and save so much ,.

Hi Brianna, do you still use the Rodan and Field's microdermabrasion at home tool Would you recommend it thanks.
Hey Brianna, great video. I am really interested in a topic of retinol, retin A and tretinoin. What kind of % there are, what kind of products and what the differences are....
+Laurie Webb Yes you certainly can, I just would not do it every night or anything. The skin is more sensitive there but it can handle it :)).
Hi Brianna, great video as always! Your info is so helpful! When I finish my Neocutis products, I'll have to place an order for some TNS. My skin is doing great with Refissa without flaking and irritation following your advice. Thanks!.
Hey Brianna, what strength retinol do you use I am using Refissa now...should I stick to the same.5% if I switch to Skinmedica.
+Mandy Davis MUA I am using the.05% right now and will go up to the.1% next because I am almost out of this one ;) XOXO.
Where could I contact you to personalize a purchase I want to invest in medical grade skincare but don't know where to start.

+jessicajohn92 Sure you can email me at bristanko2 I am leaving to go out of town for the holiday so please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can ;)) XOXO.
Hi Brianna! I've been using the Obagi 360 1.0 retinol and was very happy but now looking to find something a little stronger. Would you recommend Refissa or Skinmedica retinol Thank you!!. +Sam Pamlanye Hi Sam! If you have normal to dry skin I would say Refissa or for all skin types the Obagi Tretinoin.05% Either of those I would go with ;) XOXO.
Thank you so much for all this info. I am slowly working many of these products into my routine and have noticed such a difference in my skin. A lot of people would charge a consultation fee for helping to put together a skincare regime and how to layer products. You are so good at getting back to me immediately to answer any questions I may have. My mom and I have ordered several times from your website. The shipping is fast and free and you always offer coupon codes. I can't thank you enough!.
Does applying moisturisers over retinoids lessen the effects of the retinoids I don't use any moisturiser over my face if I'm using a retinoid, but it's so drying :(.
+Emil Karlsson No they will not lessen the effect at all if you do like I was saying and wait at least 30 minutes after you aplly the retin-a to them apply the moisturizer ;) XOXO.

Hi Brianna...question about mornign routine. Do you do your skincare before or after you workout usually If i decide to workout int he afternoon is i worth doing am skincare.
+damini qazi I do my skincare after I workout...cause then I come back and shower then get ready :) XOXO.
+lindsaytalk The Neocutis Lumiere eye cream and the Revision Teamine Eye cream are both great for dark circles ;) XOXO.
Thanks so much Bri! Really appreciate you keeping us updated on your skincare routine. Thanks to you, my skin has literally transformed into healthy skin! I've spent so much money in the past on over the counter products that helped somewhat, but nothing actually CHANGED my skin like medical grade skincare. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!.
+Ginger0723 Thank you so much!! It really is so true and I am so glad you are doing great ;) Big hugs! XOXO.
Brianna, if I use the Epionce Lytic (morning routine as described in your video)can I still use the Skinmedica Retinol at night Thanks 😊. Yep that's right! Most people are fine doing that 😉 if your skin would get irritated then just alternate 😘😘.

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Atlanta MediSpa and Surgery Center can help you with your transformation. We offer many anti-aging services such as botox, chemical peels, eyelid surgery... i49
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Anti-Aging Treatments | Atlanta | Wellness Plus Clinic

December 26, 2015
Are Your Hands Giving Away Your Age? How many people do you know who have been celebrating their 30th birthdays for a few years now? Sure we may feel young in... i51
Atlanta Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatment

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Comments about this video:

David Sinclair's discovery must pose a threat to the monetary objectives of the Pharmaceutical companies, who are the greatest producers of synthetic toxic medicines on the planet which in turn contribute to rapid ageing..

+Portable PlatypusDotCom I'm afraid you're wasting your time. Most people under 35 think that if they want something it should be given to them and have no understanding of the concept of value or market economics..

You would think humans would be a little more concerned about the greatest threat to their well-being: DEATH. But it takes guys like this to raise awareness to an otherwise sleepwalking population resigned to degenerating into a pile of wrinkles and misery..
+Bodhi I must have misunderstood your comment then. It seemed to me that you were advocating not trying to extend our lives using science (mainly due to this: "It is unwise to fight against nature"). ..Hello people..I' ve only been using maxelder argan cream (w…..nyarganoil..c ) for about 8 days, however, I can see the difference already! I bought this cream actually because I'am 38 and was suffering from acne.I was able to see a remarkable difference My skin looks healthier, more radiant, smoother, and the redness is going away. I love this and can't wait to see my results in 30 days!.. +Twilla Watson The results I saw from just 3 days using maxelder argan cream was nothing short of amazing!. Old news. There's a lot of peer-review on pubmed that actually demonstrates that Vitamin D deficiency heavily contributes to age-related diseases (especially on a mental level - cognitive decline, bone issues, immune problems, muscular problems, etc.) Keeping people healthy in their 'old age' isn't really difficult with what we know without synthetic drugs. A plant-based diet (vegan) also has peer-review data correlating overall cardiovascular health for people in their 90-ies... coupled with exercise, etc. The RDA for Vitamin D was miscalculated to the point where it ended up 10x lower compared to what it should be - an article was published earlier this year on Sciencedaily and PubMed. The RDA for Vitamin D3 should be in the range of 10 000 IU DAILY (for some people, it would be double - depending on their age, weight, etc.) What I'm more interested in extending the Human lifespan beyond the 'paltry' potential 150 years of age. But then again, Humans might not have a fixed lifespan. The oldest known person died at the age of 122... and these numbers seem to be rising. Peer-review on pubmed also seems to correlate longevity with high glutathione levels in the body of people who live past 100 and 120. Intracellular glutathione levels can be raised via supplements using Alpha Lipoic Acid... though R-Alpha Lipoic Acid was stated to be more potent. On an overall basis, NAC seems to have the ability to restore glutathione levels in people in just 2 or 3 months at doses of about 6 to 9 grams per day. Combining that with Vitamin D3 - at least 10 000 IU daily (I do 20 000 IU daily) and curcumine inclusion in vegan diet with regular exercise should be ok. Vegan diet also according to peer-review can easily provide your body with everything it needs in abundance (B12 included - Nori/seaweed). Most/all minerals can be sourced from almonds, brazil nuts almonds, flaxseed, microalgae oil and chia seeds. No need to chow down on these all the time though... just include them to be part of your regular diet at least 3 to 4 times a week. Out of most supplements, Vitamin D3 remains one of the cheapest ones... so if NAC is not an option for you, you can improve your glutathione via healthy vegan diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Combine it with Vitamin D3 supplementation, and other food stuffs included, and see if it makes a difference for you. As for extending life beyond the paltry potential 150... could conceivably be done today via stem-cells alone. It could be doubled... which means youth, vibrance and health (physical and mental) at an age of 500 (probably well beyond that) - well, basic principles apply in terms of body maintenance, so you will simply need to be careful that you ingest the things that are beneficial to your body. Also, by 2030 or 2035, nanorobots will enter the picture which in combination with regenerative medicine (in the next 5 to 10 years) will likely enable biological immortality..
I highly recommend Maxelder argan cream … I use it twice a day and I love the way it makes my skin feel like it’s refreshed… I feel that it has helped my facial skin to stay younger looking … My mom even stated that she thinks I look younger than my twin sister. I was upset when. I’m sure if you try it you will like it!! you can find it at w..…nyarganoil.….c.

Being a fairly skeptical person, I tried Maxelder argan cream with some reservations. However, having been on this for many months, I'm very happy to report that this product works - and works as promised. It only took a couple of days for the product to start working and I'm amazed at the results. You'll be happy you did w...nyarganoil….c.
TED Talk: Gratuitous swipe at GW Bush w/ accompanying audience pleasure Check! Incantatory use of the word science Check!. Who the fuck wants to live to be 200 years old surrounded by imbeciles like the people who give talks for TED.
Think about it; from age 50 or so you start getting sick & everything will chronically hurt no sleep at night every night with brain damage as consequence. You simply get no rest even at night... Then you miserably get to age 80 & then you have 40% chance of getting dementia.. Life is truly about survival & old age takes up a big part of life..
Leave it to the government to blame old people for a rotten economy. Who set the retirement age Who signed NAFTA Who"s stolen the Social security. The last thing in the world pharmaceuticals want is cures for diseases. The bottom would fall out of their profit machine. If we cured cancer The American Cancer Society would disappear and those Doctors and scientist would be out a job and broke. Just one example. Pharmaceuticals want all Americans sick and on drugs. With plenty of profit. Pharmaceuticals HATE people like this man..
+Vince Cyril He also mentioned that his theory on resveratrol was definitively refuted. Yes, there are tons of "anti aging" supplements out there. The problem is, none of them have stood up to hard science. At the very most, you'll find personal testimonials like your own from people who "feel great" or who "take no meds." Or maybe you'll find a couple in vitro studies, suggesting that certain compound effect muscle tissue a certain way in a pitri dish, with no science whatsoever supporting the results of the compound in a living blood stream after having passed through the digestive system. Not a single supplement, pill, creme, elixir, super food, etc has been show in trials to reduce, reverse, or even slow aging in an actual living human being. Yes, vitamins acquired from food are beneficial to health, but not even multivitamins in pill form have stood up to scientific trials. Be careful how you spend your $$..
I wonder what eternal youthful, immortal human beings would do their life long. Doesn't life include death. Whole-food plant-based diet + High-Intensity Strength-Training will keep your body and brain strong. Work & play hard, like a young person, and die "young": at 100 years old.. I have found the method most effective anti-aging today from this book >>> Anti Hope help!!!. We can't stop but we can extend Human Life cycle up to 200 years then will plan to 500 years through Natural complex Medicine, for eg, double the life cycle of microbes and some animals in in vitro condition, but it will take some time to Human being. Human- Ageing is complex process but complex come to one end that is dead. now our task is one. so easy. Why live longer Is longer better Everything ages. Everything living dies. There is beauty in age and decay. Live with it. Who wants Doanld Trump to live forever Or Putin The talker seems to want everyone to die healthy. As Woody Allen once said, when I die, I want to be damned sick. I want a bloody good reason to die.. Neither here nor there Somehow I don't think these treatments will be used to keep beggars alive...or the working class...or even the middle class. Just the rich...those unwilling to let go of their possessions. The nice people. Realistically I think all we can do is eat healthily, exercise and hope for the best...curing diseases which shorten our lifespan if we can, of course, but not looking for ways to unnaturally extend our lifespans. Being mentally prepared for death is, I think, necessary for a happy life..
How about a dating service for people from long lived families. No I'm not kidding! Just think about it. I have an agricultural background and selective breeding works wonders in animals! But it has to be an individual choice and not something the government gets involved in..
It's simple why little is being done about aging, TOO MUCH MONEY IS BEING MADE OFF OF IT! When an older person falls or has a heart attack and has to be airlifted, you're looked at about a 10 thousand dollar bill. I've been around several older ppl who have probably spent MILLIONS of dollars just in health care. If ppl didn't age, doctors, hospitals, health care places, etc would lose a fortune!. Sorry to break the news, but we are not physical beings we are spiritual beings and are already immortal. Living forever in a physical body, takes away the opportunity of the spirit to learn about the physical world from numerous perspectives. It's how we learn as conscious beings. Make living healthier longer possible with the understanding that we are improving the living experience, but spirits don't need to extend our physical lives, cause we are already immortal. If we weren't we wouldn't be alive today. If you are conscious today its because you've always been conscious.. +Bodhi when you say "starbucks was created by man. we know it exists and we would know if we put one on saturn" you're implying that you know there's no starbucks on saturn. So how exactly do you know it to be true Your gut Doesn't sound very defensible to me. . Drug companies don't publish studies that fail. Drugs go onto market and we hear nothing until patients are injured and decide to hire lawyers. Side effects that are supposedly rare actually affect 40+%. So for a pharmaceutical company to reveal a study that failed tells you something about big pharma. This guy is a potential threat.. +goda161 exactly... so the older you remain and in good health means you can remain longer in the workforce and the retirement age will be raised, therefore you will have to work more and pay more taxes to your government, whichever your gov't is. . I am skeptical about this theory. I do not like the idea of having to take a pill in order to live longer. What kind of side effects would this come with I am not aware of a single pill that does not come with some kind of side effect. I believe there are alternative ways to try and increase quality of life such as getting enough sleep, staying active, and making good diet choices. There are also numerous ways to keep your brain healthy with old age. If we take away all the diseases and make all of our body parts function with the same amount of efficiency at our old age, then what will we eventually die of Will all of our organs shut down at once Also, not all diseases are age related. There are very young children diagnosed with cancer and various diseases every day. How long is he expecting this pill to prolong our lives I am just unsure that taking a pill every morning to prevent these diseases and aging is the right thing to do. If no one is dying, how will this affect our population growth and available resources. So wait, I'm confused. Was his theory debunked Or is it back on the table Did he debunk the debunk.
+IVXCLD I know there is a lot of work currently being done on resveratrol, I'm more just trying to understand the purpose of this TED talk. It seems like the thesis is this > "My theory has been proven completely false, but it's still a very promising theory. The end." lol.

+IVXCLD Well said. Wanted to make sure I'm not the only one who realized he's campaigning for the funding of a project with no legs whatsoever..

Vegan WHOLE FOOD DIET, LOADS OF FRUIT + VEGGIES + WHOLE GRAINS, eating organic, doing a consistent exercise that you love, Mindfulness, believing in your self, building a community and caring for all living beings, finding truth in the lies we've been fed, not giving a fuck about what people think and DOING WHAT YOU LOVE you will have a happy life and when you do you die then you die.. who cares what age.. our spirit lives on and go's back into the earth..and who knows into another body form.. once you realize were all interconnected then you will be at peace.
That matters to me so much, i don't want the big house, big typical family life, big car.. I simply love eating a vegan healthy diet, using my bike as transportation, spending my money on meaningful experiences in nature, living minimal and only having the essential material things, house shares rather then getting in debt with my own place ! whose with me :). I completely agree! Look at all the famous suicides in the past years. There is no true happiness in fame or wealth.. +Russ Kane Yes, click on More and the drop down menu allows one to choose the transcript. It is also close captioned..
Aging is the largest cause of disease. There can not be a cure for disease unless we cure statism first. Its the centralization of power of the government that enables the state created entity called the corporation to wield this type of junk science against us. You see the unintended consequence of big pharma is for David to dig in and prove them wrong. In the end they can't win but in the mean time we all suffer..

+CorpseCallosum Countries with socialized medicine don't seem to have a 'big pharma' problem. You sound like an indoctrinated neoliberal; These sort of videos are not for you..
David coming up against the evil of the medical mafia. If something looks like it will make us healthy, happy, and think straight, the oligarchs will come down hard on them..
A Scientist is not always a good Speaker. Sinclair wasted a lot of time talking nonsense about his daughter, grand-mom and so. However less than two minutes of this video is about the work of Genes, where he is clearly FAILED to explain and confused me. when he talked about Red, Green and suddenly talked bout Liver! IF anyone understood this part oof video at 10 to 11 minutes; please explain it for everyone in a simple language. Thanks.

I used to run the MIT track as a little girl. There is a diet called the MIND diet. It's a Mediterranean diet based on plants legumes whole grains wine and fish. Mostly plants real vegetables and fruits. That makes sense because there was once a saying -"let food be thy medicine" .
I would love to see a lavishly funded international life extension/immortality research and development program similar to the Apollo Program. We do not know what we are capable of. At the very least, my guess is that we can likely extend both the average and maximum healthy human lifespan, and that would be good.. Governments, and pharma companies will fight this - state pensions will be a problem, and so they raise the retirement age, and try to reduce pensions of valuable workers - teachers, firemen, nurses etc.. The answer is for people to live more "productively" as they age - I don't mean "work", but rather that they can "follow their dreams" - maybe a trip to the orient, run a marathon, do the ironman triathlon. All of this requires excellent health, obviously. Some people at 50 -60 are more or less static, and can really only watch tv comfortably. I am glad that these things are changing.... the longer we live the less need there is to procreate,we would have 50 billion people on this planet in a short number of years.
Government sad secret... Probably... So they probably do have a way of immortality well not that but at least keeping your cells longer than usual as in slowing aging. But no, the government is probably hiding it because of overproduction and food. Idk it's just things I keep in mind when my grandpa is going to pass... Just hurts me :P.
He says that these enzymes are stimulated by exercise, then he's like "Eureka! We need a pill that does this." I say we let the rewards go to people like me that are willing to put the hard work in. Eat right and exercise dumbass! There's your fountain of youth.. Once again a large pharmaceutical company {FDA backed} steps in. The scourge of the world. Once we find out who these rulers of mankind are we will cut the head off. These people hide in the shadows like cowards knowing what we will do to them. Hopefully one day we can cast them out to their private islands and force them, never to return to mankind. This company and the FDA I hope will be put on public trial one day. How to ride the world of this scourge To bad God won't do it for us.. I take his supplement it's working great, it's called Niagen. I made a video about it, because it changed my life. I lost 20 pounds in 6 months and I feel like I'm in my early 20s. I'm almost 40 years old..
We could solve the world hunger problem and eradicate old age simultaneously by feeding the elderly to the young (in liquified form obviously - like in the Matrix). If you make it to 40, congratulations, you get to be turned into coca-human-cola..
+IVXCLD Good points. Man will not bow down to any other animal, you're right. But he will bow down to another man with the will and the power to subjugate him. We've seen human enslavement throughout history... slavery is enough to humble any man. To know that your very life has a price, and is property of another man to use, abuse or destroy as he sees fit, that's humbling, humiliating and demoralizing all at once. Prisoners of war also suffered a similar status. POWs in Japanese camps were occasionally cannibalized. That's the type of humbling experience I'm talking about. Every human who eats animals should be exposed to such fear... soylent green time baby!. +IVXCLD Whether my words have been serious or in jest, yes, the driving force has been a vegetarian agenda. The hubris of mankind sickens me. But I know it's a lost cause... as poorly as we treat animals, many sectors of humanity treat fellow humans just as poorly, if not worse. If we have no empathy for others of the same species, then it's a dream to expect it for a "lesser" species. I suppose I should speak out against human cruelty before animal cruelty, it would certainly make more sense, yes. The difference, however, is that animals can't speak for themselves, so every single one of us (vegetarians) feels compelled to preach on this matter. We're an annoying group :p As for man's lack of wonder at the vastness, complexity and beauty of the cosmos... yes, we do seem to suffer from a sever case of tunnel vision. We only see what we're programmed to see... man's biology programs him to see and seek beautiful fertile women... and of course, food, shelter and resource acquisition... too few of us step out of that little survive and procreate mentality to progress the human race in other, more higher departments of thinking. But considering our short life spans, it's to be expected I suppose. I'm just as much a sheep as the next man in that sense..
Is this the same Ted 'X' Talks where Bill Gates promoted his vaccines to wipe out 15% of the world's population Don't you people know that Ted & all his elite-globalist-bankster cronies are part of a secret agenda to bring about a 1 world totalitarian dictatorship And yes, I'm aware of the army of internet shills hired by the globalist to down play these facts..

Anti-Aging and Vitality Center of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA...

January 21, 2016
From Our Editors Anti-Aging and Vitality Center of Atlanta is excited to treat your medical needs with alternative medicine in Atlanta. i53
Anti Aging Doctors in Atlanta | Anti-Aging Doctor - AMI

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Comments about this video:
I LOVE this! I've been following Mimi Kirk for a while, especially after she published her raw food cookbooks. Lots of delicious ideas in her books!.
Whatever you eat, eat less of it, say cut down by 40%, exercise 45 minutes a day, drink plenty of water, eat raw vegetable and fruits as part of your daily food intake. Remember, we have many mussels, use them or lose them!.
+Bait4State It is impossible for your body fat to start to melt down if you do less that 30 minutes. I do agree that some may need around 15 mins but the majority who are very overweight, won't get anywhere with 15 mins a day.. +mastermind It is not impossible for my body fat to start to melt down with only 15 minutes. Interval sprinting. All-out sprint for a minute, rest for 3 minutes, repeat 3 times. This has been proven to be better at burning fat than jogging for 30-45 minutes. Of course it's not meant for everyone, which is why I said "some need as little as 15..." "SOME" incase you missed it again.... It's not just their looks that make them appear younger than other women their age, it's their demeanor and attitude and the way they move, like someone much younger. If you followed them down the street, you'd think they were much younger from behind. The opposite is true for people out of shape. How many times have you walked behind a woman, generally overweight, and been surprised to see she was much younger than her walk would have you believe Mimi, the blonde, looks the same age as her out of shape 20-years younger boyfriend and will probably outlive him. None of these women look or act like a typical woman in her seventies.. +Homeschool Learn and Earn resveratrol has been found to be not as wonderful as once thought, and it's not a plant . +The Anti-Aging Analyst (Eliza) Eliza, I love your Channel here and Knowledge, But I as well do not care for S.H. after I witnessed him making Fun of Handicap people! And I Love Everyone... I'm also a Firm Believer in weight training. I Loved the Last Lady Body Builder! God Bless her and her Grandson! I'm not as healthy now as I was years ago because I stopped training! For it Benefits our Mind and Body. I hope it's not too late for me to start back! Thank you so much for this video!!!!.
These women are Amazing,I'm 50 and people still think I'm in my 30's and a dated younger men but I don't look for younger men they want me,Men my own age are boring and old,lol age is just a number! and my heart stays young.This was a fun show..
Black women never age...they have better skin than white...maybe it's more thicker or something...they do take longer to age...totally :) Hate people who use botox and have surgery they always look worse!. Beautiful women, unbelievable healthy lifestyles + daily regimen, diet.. that their age does not reveal with their looks. i admire them. +JAKE AWAKE Anything is possible. But only if you believe. You are what you eat for example... they are health and beauty like the food they eat. Everyone else is cheap fake crap, like what they eat. It is scientifically true that our food influences the way our genetics behaves, whether people believe or not. . Aging is all down to genetics. My grandparents are from Alabama and didn't have the diet. But they didn't have the best diet. Regular southern diet. But they are in their 70's and look no older than 50. My mom is the same way. she's 47 but looks like she's in her 20's. I myself am 26 but people think I am 13 years old. I'm not saying you should eat junk. Bur aging isn't just based on healthy eating. it is also down to genetics..
wow, i'm 43 and people often tell me i'm 19. but these women made me wonder if i will look as young as they're when i'm in my 70s....
Beautiful women, unbelievable healthy lifestyles + daily regimen, diet.. that their age does not reveal with their looks. i admire them. TBH I would NOT have put any of those ladies in their 40's or even 50's at all. From a distance they look in their late 40's but up close that is another matter. Yes they look younger than their years BUT not as young as was said and the oldest one (the blonde lady) looked a lot younger than the youngest lady (the body builder) I would have said the first 2 looked in their early 60's and the youngest one looked in her late 60's. Must admit it did make me laugh when it put up what the audience thought their ages were obviously it was from a distance and not a close up picture the audience saw The one thing I must admit they were all very fit and their bodies did not look their ages and could have got away with being the ages mentioned but certainly not their faces x.
I love all 3 ladies so very much and Steve Harvey is a crack up. I've done so much research on this topic and what I have found time after time is raw food, juicing, and weight training I'd indeed the Fountain of Youth ♡.

+Stephanie Meyer you're welcome you're free to invent a name for the male version. i just answered a question with common facts. i don't like people dating with much younger people. i'm pro equality.

+steve hall A cougar is what they call an older woman who "preys" on younger men. A wolf is what they call a man who preys on younger women. Of course, their "prey" volunteers to be with them so there are no victims..
For anyone interested in true anti ageing this is a must watch as it decisively and comprehensively deals with the root cause of ageing namely damage at the cellular and molecular level - it also need support
Indias are vegetarian, even those who are meat eats al so eat we should be youngest looking people in the planet Genes also has a role to play.
bait4state: May be enough for blood circulation, but not for losing fat. if the person is fat and wants to lose weight, only after the 30th minute of aerobics, your body starts losing the fat.. They dont look like the age that the audience said if people were able to look at their lines and sagging skin and the demeanor of their personality and character and other features of their face. Far away or non-face to face picture is hard to tell for sure. I am good at telling age and if I saw them in person would definitely look different that picture..
all the women are amazing! i've been following mimi kirk for a while. her raw, vegan lifestyle is inspiring. i know i feel a lot better since dramatically reducing animal products and increasing my raw plant intake as well..
i love how one of the ladies started body building at 40.It just goes to show, age is just a number and not to follow the social norm..
Sugar should be avoided. As for the minerals etc in the maple syrup, you can get those from other sources..

There will always be "outliers"...but eating, working out...and doing what "you're meant to do in life". Genetics has alot to do with their' outcomes...that's just life...other than is paramount...McDonald's food...just don't do it's poision...period..
+BoracayADMIRER Be sure to research and get tips from those who have been raw for years. Not everyone does well on Raw diets. Some people are not able to digest certain raw foods, cruciferous vegetables can cause thyroid goiter and believe it or not some people put on weight at first when beginning a raw food diet. Juicing helps but eating to improve digestion is recommended. For those on Traditional diets: Remain active & exercise, Drink lots of water and getting plenty of Sleep; it's best to cut back on meat and eat MORE Vegetables & Fruits, Include Juicing, Eat lots of Seafoods & Foods rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, Eat lean meats/Poultry, Cut out the Bleached processed Flours and Refined Sugars, Fast Foods and Junk Food... and you will look exactly like these ladies at 72-78yrs old. (A Great anti-aging skincare regimen with natural ingredients will help keep a youthful glow). No culture on Earth ate raw. Look up Daniel Vitalis to see how he felt after 10 years of eating raw. Put it this way, he's now eating meat again. It's not a long term solution. Juicing and exercising are good for you but don't feel you have to follow the raw foodt cult. But I'd love to see more of their tips. You ladies are definitely doing it right.. I get the first lady was very pissed off with being called 55! I can see Linda is her age when I take away what working out does to the body and face.. Well duh! That's why Linda doesn't look her age; she works out and lifts weights! The first lady with the blonde hair actually looks her age, but the other two look fantastic.. WOW they look phenomenal! Their attitudes are youthful as well - I think that makes a huge difference. This doesn't explain anything about looking young. I'm pretty sure these women had plastic surgery done there's no doubt about it. Lies....

Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine Atlanta & Warner Robins

November 22, 2015

Comments about this video:
I stated aging after 55. After 60 it really start to show. I'm still strong in my breath. I can walk for hours untill my arthritis kicks in. I feel healthy sometimes. I know the reasons why it only sometimes, and that is sugar and toxins in house and no harmones...This year I'm giving it my all.. I absolutely love maxelder argan cream ( website w...nyarganoil..c ) my face feels rejuvenated! It leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturizd and fresh. It goes on very lightly not greasy and no breakouts. My skin looks and feels great !.
The best meditation of all is reading your Bible, Preferably KJV. My mother is 83 years old and doesn't have one wrinkle. I think the fountain of youth is asking Jesus into your heart, gets rid of tons of stress, because you can pray your worries away, with faith, that Jesus will answer your prayers and he cares about your health mentally, physically, and spiritually. Try it! :).
What type of meditation do you practice What do you actually do during your meditation sessions What does meditation involve.
1) Sit in the lotus position, half or full whichever you can manage 2) Recite a mantra or follow your breathing in a style as taught by Ajahn Brahm or Thich Nhat Hanh (I recite Om Mani Padme Hum) 3) Recite the name of Amitabha Buddha to be reborn in the on the west Pure Land if aging and death truly disturb you, after rebirth upon reaching the Land of Ultimate Bliss you will have attained infinite life and can reach Buddhahood in the most nurturing environment without experiencing the sufferings of Samsara, Namo Amituofo 4) Eat as much as plant-based foods as you can, take tonic herbs, superfoods, practice qi gong and tai chi to gain as much time in this life to progress in your meditation practice which will keep you young 5) Sorry for all this I felt compelled to share it!.
Maxelder argan cream is a fab cream… My wrinkle formation has reduced drastically and I dont look older to my age any more.. I love the way I look and now just get loaded with compliments all the time. It has made this possible… Suggest everyone w...nyarganoil…c. +Andressa M. _Lonely It works great in both oily and dry areas to balance out your skin. It is perfect, I Love it..
+Andressa M. _Lonely The cream is hydrating but not too thick or oily. I’ve noticed my eyes don’t look so tired in the morning and I have a natural glow..
+Global Healing Center Hi & thanks for your video it was extremely informative. I would very grateful of your opinion on the Amino Acids L'Arginine & L'Ornithine as an-anti aging supplement..
+James Henry Hi and thanks for watching. I am glad you are thinking about detoxifying your body. I believe that all illness starts and ends in the gut. We are constantly hitting our bodies with millions toxins everyday from our food and environment. If you are thinking about cleansing I suggest you start your journey here Here is a list of several different resource, scientific, and clinical studies related to cleansing As always I suggest you do additional research on your own. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy cleansing!.

+James Henry Wait..."Dr." Group wrote all those """""scientific""""" studies! Hahahahahahah There are no references in his """""scientific""""" studies, no graphics, no numbers, no evidence of real research, experiments. Smells like fraud. Keep your eyes open..
Man !!I thought you was 26!! I'm in shock! I thought what this young boy is taking about aging he's to young for talk about that..
+Cesar Morteo Thanks for your prompt answer. He looks amazingly young! No wrinkles! A very intelligent man - it's the least I can say. .

what do you think of puritan's pride Probiotic I was told by my therapist ht that was a good one and it's affordable. What do you think.

You're 50! Thats insane. Most if not all young looking 50 years olds look like a better version of 50 but don't actually look younger; you actually look younger. What is there right now that we can take or do to reverse aging Is NMN available what are the findings so far.

Also, how much of a ratio of distilled water/apple cider do you suggest I hope it's a small amount because it's doing to be very difficult to down that! ;*).

+hdangelo1 I usually suggest at least 2 teaspoons per 8 ounces. I encourage you to increase the amount once you have become more accustomed to the taste..

This is truly amazing. I will definitely adopt some of these, since I can see that my health declined in a matter of a year. I can see on my face, and on my skin. I believe everything has been due to a lot of stress at work, and my personal life (toxins and toxins). I am hoping I can undo some of the damage by following some of these tips. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!.
Holy crap, young man, I learned here more than in my 12 years of college! Actually, listening to pervert professors ages you faster than fast food toxins! One more thing you need to define is what is "stress." That word is very misguided and non-english speaking people do not understand this crazy word. The "stress" word is too general and should be voiced as "worry" ,"fear", "trauma", "wrong beliefs", all without the hope that is described in the Bible. For example, sometimes, the Israeli soliders would lose a battle if they went out to fight with fear because of focusing at the more equipped & bigger enemy and not believe the prophet's message that their God will be with them..
I'm very grateful for this very interesting Theseus about our health protocols... I'm 63 years young and I intend to live to the time God gave man found in Genesis 6:3... My major disappointment is to learn that many won't even reach 100 by the toxins developing in their bodies... Science says when someone dies around 80 that they died from natural causes. I also know the FDA traveled to Japan to witness their claim they have developed a machine that cures diabetes. After witnessing this first hand they decided NOT to endorse it because it would disturb the drug empire's money that actually controls our countries budget...This is nothing short of murdering many people for the almighty dollar....
I love his videos but wow 10 min into this, just giving facts and no solutions and what anti aging solutions you have,. how many mintues in the video does he stop giving reasons and backstories When do you get the solution.
hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover how to keep youthful looking skin try Jadonite Food Beauty Buddy (do a search on google ) Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got great success with it..

22:00 Dr. Goup mentions stress as one of the major factors of aging He never mentions the difference between good stress and bad stress. As those do exist..

Thanks for this...exactly my thoughts. My friends all around me are aging faster than I can even count-no dissing any one though. You put everything I know in correct perspective. Aging is a programming at a cellullar, subatomic level. Complex but it all comes down to individual choices...attaboy!!.
he's not a real doctor. he's a doctor of chiropractic and naturopathic doctor. a physician at absolute most.. This is packed with the latest info about aging. Your brain is so sharp to remember all this awesome stuff. I'll have to listen to it again and even take notes. I can see why you have so many thumbs up - of course nobody wants to look unhealthy with aging. Thank you!. 58 years old...and told frequently that I look like I'm still in my thirties...still feel as good (and even stronger now) as I did in my twenties. HOWEVER: you remember how old you are when you look at a video like this...and you've noticed all the doctors, cops, and lawyers now look like kids!!! LOL. I'm sorry but...blah, blah, blah, blah and no back-up to his statements. Skin turns over every 24 hours Good your sunburn should be gone in a couple of days. How about a couple weeks. Trillions spent on cosmetics How about the estimate is under 100 billion world-wide. The skin has 7 layers How about 4-5 depending on the area. That's all just in about 5 minutes. Go elsewhere for real knowledge..
You mention good and bad cholesterol 1 hour 12 minutes and 52 seconds into this video. But there is no such thing as bad cholesterol. LDL cholesterol, the so-called bad cholesterol is produced naturally by the body to respond to injuries. When the cause of injuries are chronic and sustained LDL stays on the cite forming plaques to prevent enlargement of the injury. As such, these LDL plaques may clog arteries and other cites because the cause of the injury such as eating foods high in processed sugars, wheat flours, vegetable fats, refined salt, chemically treated animal meats remain in the diet..

+Rachel Aspögård But aging well provides many advantages: including quality of life of those later years..

I have been living a fairly healthy life, I eat most of the foods you mentioned. I've been eating organic or locally grown foods for many years. I oil pull as well and use only flax seed, hemp seed, olive and coconut oils in my salads and cooking. I limit my milk intake because I do like greek yogurt for the probiotic live enzymes. Here's my question: You mentioned not eating whole wheat because of the gluten. White flour, white bread is very unhealthy also and I like to buy my bread organic or freshly made. I usually get breads that are high in grains, cracked wheat, oats, etc. Are you telling me that they are not healthy or is it just ones made with whole wheat flour What should kind of bread should I eat And are grains good for you I love your videos and think you are giving us very good advice..

according to aubrey de grey diet really isn't going to extend life or at least extend the "quality years" but rather will extend the elderly years. As a mma fighter approaching in my early 30s I would like to keep training into my 50s (ie bernard hopkins in boxing). What do we have now that can accelerate recovery from getting hit and allow one to recover like someone younger than 25. Also, why does the body start to break down in terms of v02 max, lactic acid production, etc., from the age of 26 And is there a way to counter this effect.

Some really great information. I love your delivery of the information. Very easy to listen to, and absorb what you are sharing. Thank you. I was recently introduced to the information concerning telomeres and I am fascinated by some of the science going on right now with the development of anti-aging supplementation. Very promising stuff..
Trying to get my health back. Had breast cancer in 99 and went through chemo. I'm now 59 and just had part of my colon and lower intestine removed. I also have Lupus and Sjogren`s syndrome. What should I take. Thank you for your words and asking him ill start adding you to my prayers i got sle lupus and they just found nodulars on lungs i also got barrettes esophagus i just found this man on line he seems to know what hes talking about but i didn see him answer anything concern I this wished he did i guess the best thing is start detoxing the system did you also see his video on castol packs its very interesting Hope ur doing well god bless you. This Guy is exciting to listen to.. His provides a wealth of very helpful information that gives insight and understanding to the listener. Here"s to Hope and HEALth.... where is the list of companies with nutrients at this end of the video that he said he was going to post. Thanks a lot 4 this wonderful presentation ( webinar... ). Especially appreciate your testimony about meditating w.o.w. ( have 2 try it...). +Chase S I was a Chiropractic student at Palmer College due to go into practice with a cousin. When I saw what a scam Chiropractic was I pursued another career path. The problem is the one must keep going to keep symptom free. Back then insurance was not involved either. Respect.. +Aixa V Maybe because he's not a real doctor. Did not spend his time studying and working hard. Maybe, actually, he's not even 50...This guys is selling lies.. the funny thing is he only pretend to the doctor by wearing medical scrubs. if you notice it says all these weird letters but never said MD anywhere, these people are complete frauds..
Okay I understand better what you're saying now but you also have to realise that the medical field is corrupt. When my father worked at MD Anderson cancer center for a couple years he took note greatly in how they took care of patients. One was noted is that although they do cure patients they don't fully tell everyone all the ways to assist them in their problems because if they did, MD Anderson and a bunch of other companies and people would lose business and their jobs. Although yes there is no cure, there are things that people are being hidden from. There is a possibility that what the guy in this video is not true, yes. Yet the idea of a healthy detoxified body being able to prevent and cure problems is obvious. Just look up the wonders that detoxification can do to you. Look up: eye color changing after raw veganism. As a vegan myself and a friend of a raw vegan I've experienced the wonders that detoxification and a healthy diet can do for you, so look into it a bit more, you'll be surprised..

Hi how much water can a person on dialysis drink and how can he lower his creatinine thank you i like all your videos have a bless day.
Dr Group how do you think about astaxanthin it is said that astaxanthin is number one antioxidant, and it's effect is 800 times stronger than coq10,how do you think about puting it into your supplement. All those product advertised are all the same more or less just read the ingredient..they work but it takes a long time to see the difference a year and more a bit everyday.. and it is never that visible just that there is a difference but it is so subtle...I have not try this product I couldn,t see what is in it.. .
This guy is not a real doctor. I looked him up. His buzzwords and grammar are horrible. His need to shoot videos in front of his "degrees" show his need to perpetuate the lie that he's qualified to speak about anything medical, which he is not.

+Rod Thompson Fiction bitch. I wouldn't call a 3 day certification hippie retreat in the desert a real degree..
What do you not understand We know a chiropractor is not a regular doctor. What's your point. As a chiropractor trains longer than a regular doctor.   Stop being pathetic with words like hippie. Are you jealous .
The fact is, eating a staple diet of factory processed manufactured foods does cause premature aging. Add living in a toxic environment and premature aging is sped up further. Add a life of daily native stress and fear and premature aging soars..

I can't thank you enough for sharing this information! I've been practicing anti-aging methods for years. Thanks for putting the pieces of the health puzzle together. I've learned a lot and will take these steps today. : ).

Anti-Aging Treatments | Atlanta | Wellness Plus Clinic

November 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
It works I know banana works.. I used to this before and i would get so many compliments cuz skin plumbs and looks beautiful and youthful with it... so going back with this treatment... thank you!.
Thank you so much Himani..I have used Maxelder argan cream ( w…nyarganoil….c ) for a couple of months now and I have noticed that my pores are much smaller, the crows feet around my eyes are gone, my skin tone looks great, and any pimples that pop up go away within 2 days.

I enjoy listening to your voice and watching the way you articulate your words. N of course your awesome au natural beauty tips is the reason I keep watching u! .
Definitely gonna do this. Thank u for sharing😊. Btw, you're so gorgeous and i love listening to ur voice. ur eyebrows. They are perfect. 😀.
Thank you so much!! I have been using diy natural masks for a while from recepies I find on YouTube but there's is so much out there is quite difficult to decide which one to use. I find that you explain very well why they are good and what specific situation. You also seem like such a genuine girl. I'm glad I found your Chanel :) you are doing a great job.

Just discovered your channel and I love it! I have recently started using oils for my skincare routine and it's made a big difference but do you have any advice for puffy eyesIt seems like no matter what I try nothing helps..

I need to try this but I cannot stand bananas. Not the smell, not the taste, nothing! lol Great video though!! xoxo.
Aww that's a shame, Krystal.. You can add a bit of honey. It might make it easier on your nose. ☺️ Much love xo. +Himani Wright This is so smart Himani I really love this channel and I have a question : I have a blackheads on my nose how to get rid of them and I have a kind of oily spot like forehead and nose area how I can prevent my skin from getting pimples in those area and I have troubles choosing moisturiser for my face I am only washing my face with water plz help me Thank you and waiting for your reply ^^. Aww thanks, Maria! ☺️ I have a video on DIY blackheads treatment that'll also prevent acne. It'll really help!! Here it is- Hi Himani I am a huge fan of urs... N m simply crazy about ur videos.. i do share ur tips to my frnds as well... we all love u so much... thankyou for sharing all d ancient n easy home- made remedies...these not just work amazingly on our skin bt it also gv us motivation to stay beautiful.. N hey u r looking gorgeous,,Luv luv luv lots of love to u...
OMG your so beautiful and you look better in every vedio you make. Thank you so much for the amazinf vedios !!.
Haha.. thank you! :) You are so kind, and I'm SO happy that my videos are helping you out!! Much love xoxo.
This is so wonderful. I'm a banana-holic. I wonder if that is why people can never guess my age
Hi, thank you for all the help I have received with your videos. It really has change my life. Do you have any advice to improve the neck skin, specifically when you are close to 50th years old Thanks.
I tried it & my skin feels so soft..I just ate the other half..I'm sure if it's beneficial on my putter skin it helps from within as well..Ty for sharing your beauty secrets ;).
i put the banana in the fridge in a container & i turned brown is it still safe to apply to face!.
Hi Himani, I love your videos! I was wondering if you have any DIY natural tips for skin redness and rosacea. make helpful videos and love your simplicity...looking beautiful..can you make a video to loose weight easily..and the chubbyness and double chin
hii himani...I like ur videos.N superb skin aging tips. bt want to know either only banana restore in ice cube or honey N how to apply rub into the face.

Heyy! :) I just watched your older videos and realized that you've got wavy hair, but your hair seems so much straighter now. Did you straighten it or just let it grow longer to weigh your curls down They look beautiful btw 😍.
Can u make a video on toothpaste plz there is a article on colgate cause cancer so do u know how to make any organic toothpaste plz. Bananas! I had no idea something so simple could help so much. I am going to start using this right away. Himani, I haven't shared before but I want to let you know how much I appreciate your tips. I have forwarded many of them on to my daughters. Thank you for giving us great and practical beauty tips..
I hardly use soap on my face after joining you I use your DIY face wash and it giving me amazing results to my skin. Actually you make me confident these days. Definitely going to try this mask. Love you Himani.
I'm SO happy that my videos are able to do that, hun!! If there's one thing that I want my videos to do the most, it is to help women feel empowered to love themselves and feel confident in their own skin. Thanks for your beautiful comment! 🙏😘.
What if I freeze it then how to apply I should defrost it in microwave or I can apply directly cube on my face .

You can take a cube of this face mask, and then thaw it out by leaving it out. Once it melts fully, then you can apply it. ☺️.
MY GIRL!!!!!! love u mama u r amazing and sooooooooooo freaking sweet am sure peter is the most spoilt husband on earth lol love u heaps and thnxs for the tip mama will try this later in the day mwahhhh xxxx.

Anti-Aging Wellness Of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA, (Georgia)

January 8, 2016

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hello Yasuko, your Video is Effective for me ,been doing it for three weeks now with your Video in front of me and it was funny when you did the fast forwarding. I found out. am also in hurry in that part :-D Thanks let's get young together yepee.
Dipa SD, in general you should not massage over the area that is broken. The regular massage helps to tone your face and it shouldn't cause wrinkles if you do it right as long as you have much to tone.. Hi, thank you for this very informative and easy to follow video! I'm only twenty one but I am subject to face bloating (particularly in the summer) and I wanted to know if that massage was suitable for me and would help me with that :) thank you so much for answering. I m 24 years old ,my cheeks r broken and i dont have too much muscles on my cheeks area ,can i do this.if i do this excercise regularly will there be any problem like seeing wrinkles after a certain time. Great video and clear inistructions! By the way, you don't look old (even though I don't know your age), you have a beautiful skin !.
It's been said that honey, lemons peeled ,garlic ,flaxseed oil blend it store in airtight container consume 3 times before food for 3 months I came across shared tell me whether it works .

You're very good at what you do & FUNNY as well. It'll be hard to be that combination in any industry. Doumo.
I've been doing this massage since the beginning of this year and it's wonderful! Keeps the face in beautiful shape, skin graceful, jaw in it's proper posture and also purifies my breathing. I didn't know of Tanaka's death, that's so sad. On the brighter side, she left us with something really great and miraculous! May her soul rest in peace. ♥. I can't wait to get started! so happy to have found you! can't wait to see more of your videos & anti aging techniques. liked & subscribed...thanks so much!. facial fat is good. if you have it, appreciate it!! also, you are certainly not being bombarded by signs of aging.. Los masajes no los has hecho bien :( debes mirar mas detenidamente los videos de Yukuko Tanaka pero gracias por tu esfuerzo!.
I love how my face feels after this massage - it's tingling and feel alive. I hope it helps get rid of the pockets of fat and loose skin that are beginning to show on my face. I recently lost 60 lbs very slowly but still I have some pockets forming around my mouth and the slight bags under my eyes and my cheeks seem to falling. I did a series of facial exercises before I did your massage technique. Do you also recommend the facial exercises Thank you for this video..
Congratulations on your amazing weight loss! I don't know what the facial exercises are but I would continue if you think they are helpful. I hope this massage helps you too!.
Thank you so much! 💙This video is very helpful and concise, I immediately feel my skin softer and lifted after doing it. I have really sensitive skin and this technique is gentle enough for my skin type, just make sure to put lotion or oils, I use a mixture of aloe vera gel, hemp, olive, rosemary and lavender essential oils..

+Yasuko Kawamura (Bliss2Massage) I think 50 but you look beautiful. I started this massage last week, I am by the way 33 years old..

I felt my face tingling after just trying this once. I will def continue doing this. Thank you for the video. and you sound good. pls do more :).

i had been using the original video for the tanaka face massage, but i'm glad i came upon your video. i found it easier to follow...thank you. can't wait to see what other things you suggest for 50 and over, anti-aging. btw, sorry to hear of miss tanakas' passing. it is a great loss!!!.

+Lei Moore I know I was hoping to learn more from her! I was glad to find the shorter version too ;-).
Awesome!!! How frequently can this be done I mean doing it daily, is that ok Also can a cleanser be used for massage instead of a moisturizer.
+huma rasheed Yes daily is fine if you feel that's needed. The cleanser should be fine as long as it doesn't give your skin a problem..
Hi.ive been searching over the internet on how to make my left cheek proportion to my right cheek.(my left cheek is a little bit fat than my right thinking if tooth exraction-second upper and second lower teeth affected my left cheek to look a little bit fat than the other)would this face massage help me make them appear proportionalid be glad to hear from you pleassseeee.
Maybe The only way to see if it helps or not is to try it but I would wait until after the swelling is gone..
Thank you for sharing, and I think you sharing offer me different perspective to take care of myself.. Oh, no! I had no idea she had passed away! How very sad. Beautiful lady, inside and outside. Very intelligent and giving. Thank you for sharing..
Thank you so much for your video. I think it was very clear and easy to follow you. It feels wonderful. Hope to see results in the near future!.

Amazing results in just 2 days, I'm glad I chanced upon your video Nd I wish you all the energies to continue on your chosen path.Thank you..
Because of your video, the texture of my skin feels so much better and so much clearer. Many, many thanks, Ms. Kawamura. You are an excellent teacher.. Can't thank you enough for all your commendable and extremely helpful videos Yasuko..Would you suggest something for menopausal symtoms as well dear. +Sapna Mukherji Any specific symptoms I have done acupressure for hot flashes before (Massage Monday #87).. Hi!!!Yasuko thank you for this I will start today. Can you please translate some more videos from Yukoko Tanaka for us. I find it on the internet but they are all on japanese. Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
+TheBones193 Thank you. This is a shorter version that I found. I found the English version of the longer DVD here: (they translated the Chinese version into English version and the name is displayed wrong in the video) Good luck!.
I've found your demonstration very clear. After only a couple of days I can feel my skin is toned and glowing 😀 Thank you very much!.
Sorry I'm late! :p Awesome awesome video! Even though I'm 15 I've been looking for something I can do from now to prevent aging. Would this work for me as well I dont have any imperfections in my skin yet, so will this massage help prevent any in the future .

I m late but just saw this video n u did a great job. I hv some confusion can u plz show the exact "Ear Point" And als while pulling it downwards does it not creat lose skin downwards Plz reply .

You don't need pressure to do the lymphatic drainage from the ear to the collarbone. Just caress gently on the sides of your neck rather than pulling the skin. Which ear point (what part of the video) are you referring to.

hi how are you Im eddie romero Im 55 yrs old problem is my laugh line it was deep fore head and my eyebag is there any chances to remove it please advice what to do...thanks awaiting for ur replay bless you.
Thanks again for sharing this massage technique. In approx. one month, my face has started looking slimmer and younger. The best part is that there is no puffiness when I wake up from sleep. However, the double chin and two faint jowls are taking their time to disappear!!. +Kalpana Padhi In case you haven't seen it I covered a massage techniques for double chin that you can add to your routine in Massage Monday #258 ;). Thanks so much fir this video, do we are suppose to do this Tanaka massage every day. Thanks and bless 🙏.
+VanityVain1 Thank you for watching! You can start with once a day and if you see the results reduce it to few times a week or as necessary :).

thank you very much.I have been doing it twice a day for 2 weeks and I can already see the results.Excelent!.

I just liked the video and subscribed. +Yasuko Kawamura the technique was well explained, informative and included all parts of the face. thanks for sharing this.
+Yasuko Kawamura thank you. My face looks much better now and I want to tell you that I am doing massage for my face for 18 days already and I started to see good results. It has become a daily routine and it feels good.. Can anyone with facial fillers perform this massage safely Would this remove the fillers on the face. I'm 58 but having applied this technique for 10 weeks now, I do look ten years younger! This is what my relatives and friends tell me. At this age you are careful not to stretch your skin without a good reason; it's amazing that the stretching you do while massaging your face with this technique seems to firm the skin, not the opposite. Thank you so much for these instructions!!.
+TheChiesa Thank you for sharing your wonderful results!! It's real and must feel great when others notice ;-) Thank you for trying it so diligently..

Hi, thank you for this very informative and easy to follow video! I'm only twenty one but I am subject to face bloating (particularly in the summer) and I wanted to know if that massage was suitable for me and would help me with that :) thank you so much for answering.
+Alpagaa If your face bloating is caused by water retention this massage should definitely help. Let me know how it works for you. Good luck!.
thanks for sharing! very clear instructions! i hope i can still improve my face at my age ( i am 64yrold).
Thank you very much, i love massage monday!!! I had results immediately and i keep on looking about the next month... Thank you, Yasuko !.
you can use olive oil but keep in mind not to be exposed to the sun afterwards. better to rinse the face afterwards. do not use coconut oil unless it is good for your skin since it caused breakout on my face. it is not good for acne prone skin..

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