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  1. December 8, 2015

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    Advanced Purples by BodSmith 328.5 g. A delicious, anti-aging...
  2. December 19, 2015
    by Jillian Eugenios @jillianeugenios June 19, 2014: 9:38 PM ET... It turns out, the best kind of anti-aging treatment is inside one's own body, and the rich are. i1
    Can enough money buy you eternal youth? Anti-aging secrets of the...
  3. December 14, 2015
    Jan 7, 2014... You can't be really be turning 19 in a week?... I started using anti-aging cream at around 30, because I thought I might feel grateful for it when. i2
    How Early is Too Early to Start Using Anti-Aging Cream? - Man...
  4. December 7, 2015
    Aging 12, 23, 41, 86, 88, 121, 139, 186, 221, 259, 262, 279... Anti-aging 19, 27, 42, 45, 51, 55-56, 58, 61, 84, 93-94, 97, 100-103, 106, 141, 155, 219, 221, 279. i3
    Anti-Aging Secrets - Google Books Result
  5. December 13, 2015

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  6. December 12, 2015
    The top anti-aging foods to keep you looking great and feeling even better... Tracy Anderson Reveals the Secrets to Flat, Sexy... view gallery. 19 Photos. i5
    Best Anti Aging Foods - Top Foods for Anti Aging - Cosmopolitan
  7. December 16, 2015
    See Hair, styling texturizer for, 19 thinning, fixing/hiding, 30-31, 32-38 transitioning... See also Hair, styling anti-aging/youth-boosting, 50, 52-56 bangs, 56, 57. i6
    7 Years Younger Instant Makeovers: The Quick & Easy Anti-Aging... - Google Books Result
  8. December 15, 2015
    Cabbage Juice for Anti Aging Skin Care Cabbage is packed with wrinkle-fighting antioxidants. Application of cabbage juice on face is a good homemade. i7
    19 Best Home Remedies for Anti Aging Skin Care: Best Natural Anti...
  9. December 10, 2015

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    [Anti-Aging] I smile a lot and am getting expression wrinkle at 19, is...
  10. December 20, 2015
    ... Products In Your 20s. Thu, Mar 19th 2015... When Is It A Good Time To Start Using Anti-Aging Products?... This is when anti-aging creams work best. i9
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  11. December 11, 2015
    One anti-aging product is making waves on the market. Not only do some say you get instant results, the manufacturers say you can even make money selling it. i10
    Consumer Alert: Anti-aging product that's impressing the experts...
  12. December 17, 2015
    White charmeuse pillowcases, made of 100% pure mulberry silk which is weaved in Vietnam. High thread count ensures the durability of the pillowcase. i11
    19 Mm Charmeuse 100% Pure Mulberry Silk White Anti Aging Pillow...
  13. December 9, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Vanessa Bohemia Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen, and this article: It's so funny - before I ever started watching these videos I assumed Paulas skin type was dry and she used skincare that was nothing like mine. It was interesting to find out she's even oilier than me! SO THATS WHY I love her skincare so much. She gets it!.
    Paula ,eyeshadow doesnt age you you look fantastic :) And thanks for finally making a niacinamide booster!! Haha Id love to see you again :) .

    +RoccoBuzz Yes, I was thinking the same thing...she looks great with her eyemakeup on. I think it makes her look younger, NOT older! Sometimes I'm too lazy to be bothered putting on the eyeshadow, but after seeing how great Paula looks, I'm going to make more of an effort.
    +jonop37 Honestly, she's one of the funniest people I've ever met. Traveling with her is a hoot! Oh, the stories... -Bryan. Sometimes I'm to lazy to put on sunscreen liberally on my chest and neck thinking it isn't to much of a problem, I won't be in the sun anyway ect.. Also because I'm 24 and don't see any uv damage yet. But no longer. I will always hear Paula's voice in my head in the morning saying: Titsup! :).
    Paula, I also have sebaceous hyperplasia. (37:00). I found an aesthetician recently who did treat me with a salisylic facial mask after she "opened " them up. It did prove to greatly shrink the size of the bumps a couple of them that had been treated and zapped by dermatologists in the past are now gone. NOT all are gone but most. But will go for another try next month. I also have been frustrated for years that nothing worked. This, so far, is the best option..
    I so miss Paula! She's been a hero of mine since the 1980s. So sad to see her company go so "corporate greedy", though..
    I don't use scrubs but I do use a washcloth to cleanse my face most of the days. Would it be too much exfoliation to use AHA or BHA as well I enjoyed this video a lot,thank you very much for all the tips.
    What a great livechat episode! Terrific information (as usual) and I love Paula's humor and honesty!!.
    A special Thank to Chantal from ur European team who was sooo kind and helpful... Kisses from Paris, joyce.

    Q: When is it time to admit that you are not seeing results with your anti-acne product and move up a percentage.
    Paula looks amazing!!! I wish I would have found Paula 30 years ago...that is what I get for living under a rock (and I came out without sunscreen!!) I am 51 and Paula looks like my much younger sister!.
    I love Paula! I have been using your products for the past 16 years and have gotten friends and my Mom onto it. Your products cleared my acne and have kept my skin in excellent shape. Your products and advice have never steered me wrong..
    Sebaceous hyperplasia is tricky to treat but it can be removed by a skilled RN or MD using the Skin Classic electorcautery machine. The operated inserts the probe into the small hole in the the center of the SH lesion and using a small rotating movement reduces the lesion to a very small area that can be easily treated later. However the SH comes back after time and has to be retreated.. I love your products and i love Paula Begoun. She is incredible. I love how she tells her personal experiences and that she is so open and genuine. Admitting that she cannot use one of her products and has done some cosmetic procedures makes her trustworthy. i want her be more present in your youtube videos!. I found this serum that has vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) and vitamin A (retinyl palmitate). Their vitamin C is sourced from orange peels. I know that orange peels have shown to be photo-toxic and photo-sensitive. Will the vitamin C have the same effect. I use BHA and vitamin c on some brown spots I have and they seem to help. I have extreme combination skin though. Usually they recommend AHA for drier skin types.. QUESTION: I LOVE what dermarolling does for my skin, it vanishes my dark marks from past acne and kinda just gives me this even toned glow. Are these results only good for now but not worth future damage If it works for me now would it still make me look worse with time ALSO could you elaborate on how "bad collagen" overtime would negatively affect my looks, SORRY FOR THE LONG QUESTION LOVE YOU BOTH AND THE WHOLE TEAM.
    Thank u sooo much, i ve learned sooo much from u all, i started to use PC product a month ago and bought the clear line to my daughter for her acne, as i m used to glycolic acid and hated retin-A prescription i thaught well i will,try ur new Retinol clinical, so i use it 3 times a week in conjonction with glycolic acid and OF course BHA liquid 2%. I m happy with all my product and Will extand it soon... I really need to try the BHA 9% but we CAN t have it in Paris!! Kisses joyce.

    +Yami Diaz If it’s used only intermittently for a few days here and there to relieve symptoms then there’s no cause for alarm. Using cortisone creams indefinitely is the problem, not intermittent use to stop the symptoms and reactions so skin can begin to heal. Topical cortisone creams should be used until the flare-up has completely gone, and then you should stop the treatment and only use it again when another flare-up occurs. Also, it’s best to use the smallest amount possible that reduces the inflammation and itching; applying more won’t make it work any faster or any better. In some cases, it might require treatment for as little as one day; in other cases, it may take up to 14 days to clear a flare-up, if it takes longer you’ll want to consult your physician. In all cases, apply it only as needed, and keep in mind that the sooner you apply it when you notice a flare-up starting—before it gets bad—reduces the amount of time you’ll need to continue the treatment, and thus limits the risk of any potential of skin-thinning..
    so im using a glycolic product that seems to be working but its in a clear bottle. Does glycolic acid have to be stabilized like retinol and antioxidants. What a treasure trove of useable, trustworthy information. Paula is truly an incredible woman. Thank you for this amazing treat!.
    This was so much fun to watch! I enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to more of these videos! I have been a fan of PC for quite some time now and it's the majority of what I use! Dare I say it, I'm in the latter years of my 30's and using PC products has helped me with my skin health! I go absolutely insane for a new product release, so when you gave a slip of the tongue and mentioned a Niacinamide Booster, I lost it and will now stalk until it's launched! I will say that I do wish you would expand your cosmetics line to reach deeper tones, one can only hope!!.
    best video is amazing have her back on you should be on here every single week you look amazing at every age girl trend thank you for saving my skin big time fan of your work and team xoxo love you bitch.
    Paula looks so stunning and makeup is impeccable! Just wanted to extend a huge thank u and admiration for such an amazing woman and team of brilliant people! You guys changed my life!.

    My PC's 2% BHA gel smell differently after a visit to Australia in the summer. Is it still safe for use.
    this may sound odd but ive been using paulas choice for over ten years with the exception of my daily sunscreen and prescription retinol. however how do i know if my skin care routine is working for me my issue is that im still constantly getting little breakouts which is an ongoing thing but i dont want to stop using my products because of that. so i guess my question is, even with the best products and skincare routine is it still normal to have the things we dont enjoy such as breaouts, discolouration etc etc.. I want to purchase the Kirkland municipal. But was scared away. Big warnings that it was not for women! Explain please. Dear PC team. Can you please answer what should I use for my very sensitive, combination and acne-prone skin Regarding skincare and makeup. What should I avoid Thank You. Love, Tina. Keep coming back Paula! Your message and demeaner are captivating. I really feel like I learn something every time I watch you.. +Brandi Tingley We are working with Paula's schedule to ensure she can continue to participate in live chats with our team. -Bryan. Paula's Choice should have jar packaging not for creams but for cotton balls or capsules or something of that sort... :). Watching my second time... enjoy Paula so much! I have to disagree with her position on supplements, as I'm a believer. Would never want them to be regulated by "government." Yes, buyer beware, but I hope we always have freedom to choose and not just be limited to allopathic medical treatments.. +Savanna Berkley Thanks for the request! Perhaps not a video (we'll see) but we did recently revise our article on derma rollers and it will be posted on our site (in the Expert Advice section) next week. -Bryan.
    Hi, Paula! I love your videos, but as a pharmacist, I did want to comment on the safety of probiotic use. Probiotics are generally safe for use in healthy individuals, but in certain patient populations (immunosuppressed, taking medications that decrease the immune system, heart valve disease, certain active infections, poor underlying health) are at increased risk for developing bloodstream infections and even death. No medication or supplement is 100% risk free and its always a good idea to discuss with your doctor and/or pharmacist before you start a new product..
    +Janice Pan Excellent feedback and a very good point! You're 100% correct to bring this up, and we thank you for sharing! -Bryan.
    Hi guys, I have a question about Retinol: I started using the Retinol serum (the one for oily skin) around 7 months (or a bit longer) ago and until now my skin couldn't handle applying it every other day (I would feel a drying sensation and even mixing it with a moisturizer would still give me a drying feeling). Since I'm using the 4% bha every other day for some time now and I really want to incorporate the retinol as much as I can, I tried alternating days and somehow it's been working. Well, I have been seeing a couple of bumps on my skin lately as well, and they don't go away. I found that a salicylic acid gel works on them, but still... now watching Paula and Desiree talking about retinol and how Paula gets bumps, I'm starting to wonder if the bumps are from the retinol. Since I saw my skin got more "resistant" to it, I started using it every day for about 4 days now. I did see two new bumps. Should I just give up on trying to make me skin used to it so I can use it everyday I do understand how retinol is beneficial even if used once a week, for example. But I do confess I see my skin prettier if I use it every day and since the price of the serum can be a tad heavy for me, I feel like if I buy it, I need to be able to use it every day. I do love the idea of the new retinol booster thought. But I guess I can kinda do the same with the serum... Xoxoxo.

    I'm 30 and while I haven't noticed significant thinning of my hair overall, i have noticed it's getting sparser around my temples as well. I also dye my hair. Can I use Monoxodil now.
    +ivanaishere Yes, you can use minoxidil now. In fact, starting this therapy at first signs of hair loss means you'll stand a much better chance of keeping the hair you have and slowing the process of it thinning and shedding. Just keep in mind its a daily commitment (like brushing your teeth); ongoing use is required to maintain the results. -Bryan. I have normal to dry skin... is it okay to use glycolic acid treatment along with micro dermabrasion at home kit. how far apart should i use them, i just don't want my skin to get raw or irritated..
    +Jen “Ms. Jen” M. I would skip the microdermabrasion entirely. If you're using a well formulated AHA exfoliant, particularly one in a moisturizing base, then the microderm will be overkill, potentially making your dryness worse due to weakening skin's barrier. If you like the feel of a manual scrub and can't see not using something like that, purchase one of the gentle face scrubs we recommend on Beautypedia and use that a few times per week, morning or evening, on nights you don't use the AHA. -Bryan.
    I've read that Minoxidil triggers the 7-year () hair-growth cycle which begins with the shedding of some hair, but sometimes new hair doesn't grow to replace it. Is this true that Minoxidil is a gamble that could make the hair-loss situation worse.
    +Lalopop We haven't seen any research indicating this would be the case, not to mention the 7-year growth cycle for hair isn't true. Hair on your head is in one of three stages (growth, rest, or shedding) at various times throughout each year. It doesn't reach one stage and then seven years later jumps to something else that would cause a drastic change. Sounds like that's another beauty myth! -Bryan.
    +Paula's Choice Skincare ive been told that milk of magnesia is a irritant due to its ph (i think) by one of your staff so i am confused if its worth using or not during the summer time..
    +p carey it can be irritating due to its ph but as once in a while thing is just fine, it does control oil a lot but can be drying and give you that cracked look. So be careful.

    is it okey to only use the 4% bha 2 times a week as an exfoliant and benzoyl peroxide every day. since acne can only controled by bp that i have tried..

    +ZanyDivine737 The biggest things I noticed was my pores improved significantly and my skin is more radiant and smooth. I didn't really have acne or brown spots on my face or neck so I can't say if it helps them or not..
    I'm confused over the alcohol in my Paula's Choice BHA lotion. PC team and even Paula in this video say that no alcohol is used in PC products (and Paula states that this is what makes it different from drugstore BHAs) but on my PC BHA lotion it lists Cetearyl alcohol as the second ingredient Is this form of alcohol not in fact alcohol. +mirandacontact Cetearyl alcohol is one of the good kinds of alcohol that Paula pointed out in the Live Chat, but you can learn more about it here: -Desiree.
    Are water-based facial cleansers (the ones with high ratings by beautypedia) enough to effectively remove sunscreen and foundation If not, what should be the extra step Thanks!.

    Anti-Aging in Lausanne - 19 results on
  14. December 18, 2015
    Dec 19, 2014... The anti-aging diet: 9 foods that fight wrinkles. By Julie... Published December 19, 2014... The key to aging gracefully is simple: Eat healthy. i13
    The anti-aging diet: 9 foods that fight wrinkles | Fox News
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  16. December 13, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Have been using Maxelder argan cream ( you can find in w nyarganoil—-c ) for more than 2 months now. And I am yet to finish my second jar. I do see some difference in my skin. I dont look 20 years younger but it just feels good Its a good moisturizer so I dont have to use another one but I do use a body cream. I am not sure whether or how much improvement will it show in another couple of months..
    fish and dairy are poison. Sure fish has omega-3 AND A TON OF MERCURY. eat FLAX for your omega-3. cheaper, better, no mercury..
    milk is no no no no good for you. its got 135 milligrams of pus perk up, steroids, antibiotics, bovine growth hormone, and is meant for baby cows not people. Also, grains are not good for you, they are dealt with pesticides now that cause more damage than anything..

    Greek yogurt The video makers are so incompetent. The birthplace of the yogurt is Bulgaria and it comes up with the help from the so called bacteria ,, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus''.So ,the best yogurt of course is the Bulgarian..
    Try soaking or fermenting at best all your seeds, nuts and grains to remove phytates, phytic acid, and other anti nutrients by predigesting via various methods for super health! This is the hidden secret that most don't know about, you can repair the dentine layer in your teeth (pre cavity weakness) with high enough minerals in your body. Look up how to do this, its slightly different per item. This greatly improves the mineral availability of foods..
    corn contains high levels of pestacides unless it is organic corn salmon contains mercury and radiation green juices are better and avacado for fat.
    Am young but started noticing some wrinkles on my face of lately. guess i will have to try out your suggestion.
    +laura marieta Laura drink plenty of water up to seven big glasses per day ,its probably the best anti aging product in the world ,.
    Lot of discussion about ageing and anti-ageing, living long etc etc.. but one question.. Is ageing a disease please check this:
    Been using Freezage Anti Ageing Cream Hypo-allergenic product for a few days and I haven't aged a bit since I started. It seems like I found the fountain of youth, It's my little secret..
    For me some other foods right there Do not put makeup Get a lot of sleep Be always happy The makeup and sleep is not on me I don't sleep at the afternoon..I sleep 11 when it weekends and wake up early everyday I always put makeup on myself even tho we are not going anywhere. Oh my gosh. I don't like your background music. Try to change it. Very distracting. #justsaying. These foods accelerate aging. I guess we need people lying to the stupid to help kill them off faster. Always focus on the positive with a taoist twist..
    im 24 iv been eating like this since i was 16. i guess this could be one reason why i still look 16 hehe ^^.
    Exercise and eating whole food are the best way to go! I can't do needles!! Great info and I will try more blueberries!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Ms. M. I loathe computer generated voices. They suck. As for the list corn oil is rocket fuel for cancer, and cholesterol does not clog arteries. That is cause by excess simple carbs such as watermelon.... whey proteine wtf is he talking about that is chemical unhealthy stuff and what about yoghurt that isnt healthy as you think too . Too much Whey Protein isn't good!..Coffee does get too bad a rep, but all the caffeine really isn't that good for you. Remember people, don't eat too much of any type of food, then most of these are good.. Instead of the "greek yogurt" for probiotics- it would be better to just eat cultured vegetables as they are packed w/ natural probiotics, enzymes and have NO lactose. Also a vegan option. Love the coffee, red wine and dark chocolate suggestions! ha ha Regarding "Corn:" they should mention to avoid the GMO corn.. i would like to know who writes/films fantechtv. i clicked on about, nothing comes up. i like to know the sources of what i read or watch. can you tell me about this channel thanks. seriously whey protein and red wine red wine is full of sugar and sugar breaks the collagen and makes you age and look much older than you really are. Red wine is made with the skin in the mix. It is in the skin of the grape that Resveratol is found; so, skip the alcohol & simply eat grapes, just don't peel them first..
    Greek yogurt is NOT meant to be eaten with sugars of any kind, but PLAIN, like it's eaten in Europe and everywhere in the world except America. Only plain yogurt can give all the nutrients that our bodies need. Plain liquid yogurt is even better for body's health, but it's NOT FOUND ANYWHERE to be bought in North America. Only in Europe. What a shame!.
    Comments about video; "20 anti-aging foods' From Website; BeyondLongevityUntoImmortality I eat this week 1/4 wedge of a lettuce head at 7am,11am,5pm,i didn't eat a lettuce leaf on a sub from the deli. with this lettuce are red grapes and watermelon., next week is to be 1/3 package of baby leaf spinach for the 3 main meals with watermelon and 1 small can of crushed pineapple., that's 3 small cans every day. I'am a vegan.
    The fact that anyone suggest you should eat Fish, which is a living animal, proves they do not know what they're talking about..
    Greek yogurt, whey protein, salmon and trout - These are the products of a cruel food industry; all are related to the Animal Holocaust. Avoid consuming them even at the risk of diminishing your prospects to die at the age of 101!.
    I shouldn't answer you, rascal, murderer, part of the Animal Holocaust, but I must tell you who you are!.

    +Kim W I'm delighted to hear about your good news. It's true : we can do so heal so much with the right foods. Keep it up! :).

    I have an awesome super greens vegan protein smoothie recipe, and how to build a great business with it Byron Bitcoin Facebook. Also DNA telomerase activation - anti-aging science. .
    My friend tried this product and amazing in just 10 days! you`ll be suprised.
    Added note...NON-GMO foods...for instance, Natural Corn, Good for you...vs GMO-Corn = causes cancers..

    They left out two of the HIGHEST rated SUPREME foods for total health improvement and maintenance; that's chaga and ganoderma. Chaga is the King of ALL the mushrooms and herbs. Ganoderma is right up there with Chaga. I'm surprised you all don't know about these. You all are missing out on truly Divine substances. The absolute BEST brand source people are buying is that Iaso brand. I use their wonderful detox tea and lost a LOT of weight with it. People, if you don't do anything else try them out. You won't be disappointed. Let me know if you need their info. I'd be happy to help..
    Don't get thinkin' you're a G, Star, just 'cause you're wearin' G-Star, buss' it up loud with the windows down, an' pop, pa-pop Vitamin C in your Tea, Star..

    Anti Aging Skin Care | Murad Anti Aging Skin Treatments
  17. December 12, 2015
    With age, the collagen and elastin content of the skin gradually decreases. As a result, the skin becomes looser, weaker, less elastic and drier. In addition, the fat... i1
    TA-65 and other Anti-Aging Products at Anti-Aging Labs
  18. December 30, 2015
    Rasayanas: Learn Anti-Aging Secrets from the Mother of All Health Systems 10/22/2009 - There is a plethora of anti-aging supplements that are newly derived and... i2
    Anti Aging Products & Reviews - Best Anti Aging Creams
  19. December 21, 2015
    Limited Supply Trial Pay Only $5.99 Our Anti-Wrinkles, Anti-Aging Serum is Superior! YOUR SECRET STRATEGY TO START REDUCING... i3
    Anti-Aging Websites -
  20. December 10, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I bought Maxelder Argan Cream ( w nyarganoil c ) after I noticed some things I didn't like due to getting older, it does work! Don't expect surgery results, but I noticed results immediately after the 1st use. I noticed the smile lines around my eyes weren't so noticeable, the laugh lines were less defined..
    I agree. I can't believe it. I've been spending $65 on Younique's Uplift and I sell it and it doesn't work like this (it does work a bit, though)..

    All Anti-Aging Skin Care | Murad Anti-Aging Skin Treatments
  21. October 13, 2015
    Start looking younger now - All about the Best Anti Aging Skin Care i5
    Anti-aging news, articles and information:
  22. November 6, 2015
    Anti-Aging / Age Management Medicine has been our mission since 1996 now relocated to Monterey, California. Offering personalized bioidentical hormonal replacement in... i6
    Autophagy - Anti-Aging Firewalls
  23. October 25, 2015
    Topical Pharmacological Agents with Anti-Aging Properties. There are two main groups of agents that can be used as anti-aging cream components, the antioxidants and... i7
    Anti-Aging |
  24. December 7, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    ..Hello people....I absolutely love maxelder argan cream ( website w...nyarganoil..c ) my face feels rejuvenated! It leaves your skin feeling soft, moisturizd and fresh. It goes on very lightly not greasy and no breakouts. My skin looks and feels great !..
    So the soft chambers have little or no benefit Or is this just a commercial ploy to try and come up with $20,000 per person to go to a clinic setting, which most that really need help cannot. Or is it a ploy from the companies selling soft chambers for not a little money, ($3,000 to $16,000 plus) for a product that really has no value. The real question here is not whether it has significant (soft chamber questionable) theraputic value but that it is unattainable for Severe TBI-Cancer. Very difficult and sad..

    Maxelder argan cream is a wonder product. ( check the website w…nyarganoil….c ) within a week the thin lines around the corner of my eyes have diminished my face is smoother and have soft touch to it. I will try out the entire bottle to see what other changes i will see..
    i am from NEPAL,,,dear sir previously i was suffered from hepatic cerrhosis. When i started deep nasal breathing or deep abdominal breathing from 4 year till now, my liver is in normal.

    Anti-aging cream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  25. November 11, 2015
    Anti-aging addresses medical and psychological ways to prevent, slow, or reverse the effects of aging and help people live longer, happier lives. It includes... i9
    Anti Aging | MORE Magazine
  26. November 4, 2015
    This homemade anti aging serum recipe will help the skin look vibrant and youthful while delivering vital nutrients, antioxidants and hydration! i10
    Anti-Aging Products (MCP-1107) - Global Industry Analysts...
  27. December 31, 2015
    The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine features anti-aging health tips, latest health news, and anti-aging research in regenerative and functional medicine i11
    anti-aging medicine from California Age Management Institute
  28. November 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    First anti-aging tip...Stop using make-up. But then again imagine being 50 years old and looking 20...who you trying to bluff.
    everyone hii.I’ ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It ’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way...Great product!!.
    Chiutips, I am a 79 year old gal and I find you delightful. I learn from the young all the time. I use a lot of different products with retinol is one of them. I also find a slant board is great for stimulation to the face and head. Coconut oil and vitamin E together is a great moisturizer. Thank you for your great knowledge..
    can we friends and i want to know more a tips on how to care my face skin and body skin and etc. so can you add me on facebook TRISHA MAE M. DANDAN. hope you add me. and i'll accept you ! thanks for the tips .
    The wrinkles and dryness in my skin has been a problem for the longest time and I never figured out a good solution After taking Maxelder argan cream ( Official website w...nyarganoil….c) for about 2 weeks, the wrinkles and dryness started receding and went away... This product does what it says!.

    When i first applied of Maxelder Argan Cream i put on it into my finger and rub it slowly into my face and neck,I was surprise because i felt the warmed on my face and neck, and in a few minutes i feel my face became tighter and i love the way i feel,very smooth and soft. If you need it recommend w….nyarganoil..c.
    I was so excited when I researched information on the Shiseido Bio Performance Super Restoring Cream, but unfortunately it contains quite a bit of parabens. :(.
    Exercising almost every day is essential but it doesn't have to be an hour a day. Intensity is more important than a long time..
    You are very pretty, love your sweet disposition and you are spot on with the self preservation tips... keep up the exceptional work....
    Your tips are AMAZING!!! I love your channel!!!!! Facebook: Siera Niatrap Instagram: Sarahpartainrulez Your voice isn't annoying like other tutorial makeup channels. I genuinely admire you!!!! Keep working hard!!! 😊👍 .
    I love your videos and I have only watched a few! I just subscribed, and all of your videos are so helpful and motivating! Thank you for making the end of my day happy!.
    I'm not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a google search ) Ive heard some great things about it and my brother in law got excellent results with it. .
    my secret is definitely to wear SPF 50 at all times! thank for the informative video, i learned a lot from you :) . Green tea is a great anti ageing secret. It has antioxidants and nutrients in it that have beneficial effects on your body. This includes improved brain function, weight loss and a lower risk of cancer! :) :) x. More ginger tea it is! :D I realize it too that sleeping on your side really ages your skin on that side. Funny story, whenever I sleep on my right side, i get monolids on that side. LOL. Never going to sleep with makeup on. And making sure to put SPF on neck chest and hands as well as face! :). Great tip on the Shiseido cream! Anything that works across 2 generations is good for me :) Hope that Arbonne line works out too!.
    I like using coconut oil because it's great for a soft skin. Also I don't have instagram, am I still eligible.
    Your grandpa is totally right :-) Day to day I love to drink warm water with citrus, it keeps my skin glowing, I would defenitely try to incorporate ginger in it. I love those kinds of old remedies and botanic cures, thanks for the video ^.^ .
    I always moisturise with coconut oil because it has vitamin E which helps for glowing skin, wear sunscreen, and eat lots of veggies and fruit high in anti oxidants which fight free radicals on your skin which cause wrinkles. I also love bee venom night cream to fight wrinkles..
    I always put sunscreen on before leaving the house, but I'll have to say I'm a strong believer in your grandpa's wisdom of living a positive, happy life to maintain a youthful spirit :) . I try to drink 2 liters of water a day - I even have a morning and evening bottle! I also try to keep to a clean organic diet and catching the right amount of Zzzz….'s per night ;) .
    My favorite anti-aging secret is drinking cucumber infused water and taking a day of the month all to myself. On that day, I take a longer bath, relax, do a homemade mask, and pamper myself :) thanks for the tips! Great video, like always! Xoxo.

    Thanks for this video.. My number one anti aging secret is to NEVER go to sleep with any makeup on.. No matter how tired i am i have never ever in my life (i promise) gone to bed at night with makeup on.. .
    I thout you would stop makeing videos.well if by any chance can you pick me if not then can you make alot of new videos i really look up to you.
    Also as for the anti-aging tip I think the absolute most important thing, like you said, is to never stress out about anything. Especially things you can not change. Your grandfather seems like a very wise man 😄.
    I missed you.thought you would never make new videos amd i would never see you again:( i dont want you to think that im just using you trist me im not like that but people use me. But Jen if you can can you pls pick me ive had you as a friend for many months your like a bff love you :-). Anti-Aging Medicine and Advanced...
  29. October 14, 2015
    Title Author Newest; How to Get Fuller Lashes in a Blink: by Genevieve Monsma : Dec/21/2015 : Slow Anti-Aging: The New Secret to Looking Your Best i13
    Homemade Anti-Aging Serum - Dr. Axe
  30. November 22, 2015
    Anti-aging cream for men with dermatological-grade ingredients and antioxidants to fight wrinkles, fine lines and revitalize tone and texture. Free shipping. i14
    Anti Aging -
  31. October 31, 2015
    Discover the 27 most effective (according to me) natural anti aging tips. They are simple, effective, and all natural. Are you ready to look awesome? i15
    All Anti-Aging Skin Care | Murad Anti-Aging Skin Treatments
  32. November 8, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Maxelder Argan Cream (w nyarganoil—c ) is thick, cool and my skin just eats it up!! My face already looks younger!!! Better than any expensive department store creams..
    Hello! Can you point me to a free software and how to make frequencies for my own problems Thanks in advance.
    Can one listen to several of these one after the other...or listen to just one at a time, then come back later, maybe at another part of the day Also, can you break a session in between for any reason Is there anything to avoid while listening to these Any tips.
    Hi! Great channel! Was wondering if you could find and post a frequency for Adenomyosis. I know someone who suffers from it and it's really debilitating for her. The Dr.s said there is no real cure other than hysterectomy and she is young and does not want to do that. Have been looking on other frequency channels so far but have found nothing. Your channel seems to be more knowledgeable and extensive than others when it comes to exotic disease. Thanks for reading! (Fingers crossed). Can I go with ya Daniel.. My honey passed away 6 yeras ago. He had a great big Harley 1300 had a V Twin on it. Dont know much about bikes in General but I sure love them. Guess I need to get one. Cause this one sounds like it runs great :P. New to these videos how often should one listen to them should you listen to more than one a day I'd like to try several of these video's out but unsure of how many and how often I can do them.
    How come with some sounds I get head aches.. this one not so much. But the one for muscle pain and the 15 Hz.. They both cause headaches so I quit for a while and come back to them. Is this okay.
    any other suggestions about what I can listen to for fibromyalgia and pain Also Third eye activation.
    +Jaxdia H You can try 2082 Hz it's among other things helpful for fibromyalgia, search my channel for it..

    Anti Aging Skin Care | Murad Anti Aging Skin Treatments
  33. October 21, 2015
    With age, the collagen and elastin content of the skin gradually decreases. As a result, the skin becomes looser, weaker, less elastic and drier. In addition, the fat... i17
    TA-65 and other Anti-Aging Products at Anti-Aging Labs
  34. December 20, 2015
    Rasayanas: Learn Anti-Aging Secrets from the Mother of All Health Systems 10/22/2009 - There is a plethora of anti-aging supplements that are newly derived and... i18
    Anti Aging Products & Reviews - Best Anti Aging Creams
  35. November 29, 2015
    Limited Supply Trial Pay Only $5.99 Our Anti-Wrinkles, Anti-Aging Serum is Superior! YOUR SECRET STRATEGY TO START REDUCING... i19
    Anti-Aging Websites -
  36. November 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I have a love affair with my skincare application...same goes for my mask...Completely in love with doing it all...Epionce is next on the list!.
    +uppiesbeads59 Its my favorite time of the day...morning and night doing my skincare hahaa ;)) XOXO.
    Great video(as usual) do you think you could perhaps do a skin care (anti aging) routine video for your body Like for preventing crepe skin on the knees, elbows, legs etc =). Hi Brianna, I've been using the Obagi skincare in Nuderm, it's worked great, but now what do I use to keep my skin hydrated and smooth without the bleaching and skin lighting.
    +Diane Reiser Hey Diane, you can email me at bristanko2 and we can go over what you can do now ;)).

    those cotton pads are the bomb!! I use obagi too..and i was wondering about the blender, I was nervous because I just started using obagi, beforehand i was using retinol though. thanks for the tip about the elta moisturizer. and the serums i am going to look into it..I been using Chanel Hydra Beauty Line during the day ooh thanks for the coupon codes!!.
    I love your videos especially the skin care! I'm at the age myself where I need to invest in some of these products. Thanks so much for bringing them to us. I'm tired of wasting my money on department store products that don't do the job!! So Brianna I have normal to dry skin is it ok for me to get the products you mentioned in each of your morning/night time routines Also like I said this will be an investment for me so I need to determine which to buy first and then add to my routine as I can afford. Would you mind helping me determine this I can tell you that I am concerned with my eyes and neck at the moment. Also I do have a prescription for the retinal is it as good for me Or should I purchase yours I sure hope you see this comment as I really want to start picking up some of these products but want to get the most important first. Thanks so much for all you do!! xoxo .
    I use the same bioderma and its excellent!! I wish I could afford at least some of these skin care products and get my skin right. They all sound amazing..

    I watched your daytime routine video. Do you have any suggestions for under the eye cream for someone who doesn't really need the anti aging part of it but will help with dark circles and puffy under eyes .

    Try soaking warm tea bags and putting them under your eyes! The caffeine will help decrease puffy eyes!.

    Brianna, have you ever heard of the microdermabrasion treatment called Dermasweep If so, what do you think about it I am thinking about having some treatments..
    The retina a is just drying my skin out so much I can't wear makeup even w higher end moisturizers using Clinique moisture surge plus other ones tried Estée Lauder serum help I'm 31. Checking out the website is it free shipping but my issue is small fine lines, pores around my nose, and small sun damage which would you recommend . Brianna, is it necessary to refrigerate your vitamin C serums I am using a sample that came with my TNS serum I ordered from Premierlook. . New to your channel. I'm 19 almost 20 years old (will be August 9th). I have struggled with acne since my 11th grade year. My face is now completely clear however, I have pitted acne scars. I have had 2 skin pens and they were doing well then I've recently had a chemical peel and it completely set me back and my scarring is worse. My dermatologist has offered to fix it for free, but in the mean time, is there any foundation you suggest to help cover Also, I've always had oily skin, but since all my procedures my skin has changed to sort of combination. .
    Can I use the Obagi blender with the RetinA from the pharmacy or I have to u se it with the Obagi RetinA Thank you for your videos very informative, Do you still use any of the Revision line.
    +greenorangeviolet The Epionce line would be great for you. The Lytic and the Intense Defense serum plus the renewal lite lotion would be a perfect routine for you! ;) XOXO.
    Two questions and I would appreciate your insight. The first one is the Obagi rep on their website told me "obagi requires that you don't use a moisturizer while on the program.." I am using a hyaluronic serum and that was fine by them as long as I waited 20 minutes. I see a lot of people use oils or moisturizers on YouTube though. So which one is the right way of doing it and will that interfere with the peeling process that causes new cell regeneration My second question is about the use of vitamin c and retin- a... My dermatologist as well as two dermatologists on YouTube believe it is fine to use vitamin c serum 30 minutes before using retin-a. Although it seems to be the popular belief that vitamin c should not be taken at the same night using retin-a! I would love to hear your thought. TIA. .
    I usually discontinue using all my obagi during the months of May-August even though I use daily sunscreen and it is also in my foundations because I am going to be in the sun more than normal and it scares me to be using all that with my summer exposure. Do you not feel like I need to discontinue it completly Also my most problem area(I am 42) is the skin under my eyes. Is there anything that works wonders for that I have fair, thin and freckle prone skin even though I can tan well I am trying to be careful. I would also love a good recommendation for lotion for thin crepe-y skin. It is not real bad yet but i can tell that is going to be a problem for me.Thank you for any advise you may have. Trying to decide what to order from your video.
    You are the best Brianna:) :) I love love love love all ur products...The Skinceuticals Renewal B3 and that Moisturizer WOWZA I must get next time...Excited for my order to arrive ur such a HUGE Blessing!!! You have taught me sooo much with skincare and FOUNDATIONS n Bronzers...I just can't say enough about ur channel...ur number one fan...ha;) :) :) :) : ).

    Hi Brianna~ Great Info, Thanks! On the nights you don't use your Retin A routine are you using a moisturizer, if so what are you using On the Retin A nights when you don't use the.1% what moisturizer are you using (I hope I didn't miss that in your video.) Dk 🙋.

    I loved this! Thank you. Can you recommend anything for broken capillaries on my cheeks I'm assuming it may be sun damages from years of tanning or possibly from old acne. I'm just starting to notice them and am wondering if there is anything non-surgical I can do. Thanks! :).

    Yes, hope you do the it tutorial with all the products you used in the Instagram pic😊. Love it products, I haven't tried the cc creme, but I might 😉.

    Dear Bri, I just cannot thank you enough for posting the last two videos!! You are definitely the BEST!!! Your skincare knowledge is phenomenal !! You have changed the way I look after my skin for better!! Thanks a million xx If you ever visit London please let me know, I'd love to meet you and do some shopping together:)) .

    Hi Brianna, love ur videos and i m à huuuuuuge fan of skinceuticals products, i have à question, i can t use Retin A it causes me breakouts so i tried instead glycolic acid and it made à Huge différenciée.

    +A Rose My Obagi Nuderm video is about that...just type in Obagi nuderm in the search and you will see my video ;)) XOX.
    Hi Bri. Thanks for a great tip.. I use retinA 0.01% and get a lot of a lot of peeling. I just got the elta, and hope this will take care of my problem because I don't want to give up my RetinA.. I am using your Obagi Blender mixed with Tretinoin 0.05, every other night, no flaking or peeling. At what point do I move up to 0.1 And which 0.1 brand should I purchase Thank you so much.. +LindySellsHomes You can move up to the.1 after you finish the.05% and the Obagi tretinoin.1% is what you will want ;)) OXO.
    Hey Brianna you said you alternate with refissa and 1%. How long will you that before doing just the 1% 3x a week.

    Thanks soo much for these two routines, Brianna! I watched them and wrote everything done in order(cause I always forget the order LOL) I already have some of the products and Definitely have my eye on that TNS eye cream-I know uppiesbeads LOVES it too and swears she will NEVER be without it either!! xoxoxo Kathy.

    +kyoungbare Thank you so much Kathy!! Yes the tns eye cream is such a miracle worker ;)) Hugs! XOXO.

    Bri, thanks so much. Love, love your tutorials. You have helped me maximize my skin care routine with these products. xoxoxoxoxoxo.
    Hi Brianna! If I'm the age of 29 with combination skin that is sensitive should I use retinol at night! I know skinceuticals makes some good retinal treatments... I started to use the skinceuticals age+blemish defense serum and I noticed remarkable improvements, so should I just stick with that for a good cell renewal products for my age or should I also introduce retinol to my skin as I think my skin could never tolerate rentin-a as it is very sensitive! Thank you beautiful! You've helped me a lot through your videos!!! Xoxo. +melissa akkurt Thank you so much! Yes you could for sure try a retinol! Another thing that you may want to consider is the Epionce Lytics we carry. They are just as effective as a retin-a.05% when used in conjunction with the Epionce Renewal moisturizer and the Lytics are made to be used on sensitive skin. They are awesome! I highly suggest that you do start on a retinol or even the Lytic because it will really help your skin in the future too ;)) XOXO. i love watching video of people who know value of very good skin care product, who understands it and know how to use it! Thanks again great video!. Hi Brianna. How long do you recommend using the.05% Tretinoin before moving up to the.1% My.05% is almost gone and I haven't had any dryness or peeling. I'm wondering if I should order one more.05% or get the.1%. Also, have you tried the new YSL Sun Kissed Blur Perfector I bought a shade darker than my skin to use as bronzer and the texture is amazing. The cream to powder formula just melts into your skin.. +Debbie A HI Debie, yes if you are not seeing any dryness or peeling anymore that means your skin is used to it now which is not a bad thing as you are still getting all the benefits and results but you can also move up to the.1% then as well ;)) YES! I love that bronzer too, I had that in a haul a few months ago...its a great one! OXOX. Hi Brianna, have u ever tried any of Revision skincare line before Do u sell them If yes does the coupon applies to their products. Thanks . You mentioned using Retin-A, but I could not find that on the website. Do you sell that Thanks!. +Valerie Torres Nevermind! I am such a dork! I didn't realize the Trentinoin and Retin-A is the same thing. I have the Refissa.05 already, but now I wish I would have purchased the.1% too! But, that will be on my next purchase along with the Neocutis and whatever else you recommend in the coming 6 months.. hahah.
    Hi Bri!! You look stunning! Ok so I always wait 20 min after my retinA & apply a moisturizer can I use a serum 20min after my retin A.
    +Joana Nativi Thank you! Yes you can use a serum then moisturizer 20 minutes after the tretinoin ;)) XOXO. +Stacy N You can, but I just don't ;) If you chose to you can add it 20minutes after the retin-a ;)) XOXO. +An Osigan because all orders technically go through Dr Silver since we are based out of his that is your prescription ;)XOXO. Hi, New to your channel and I have a question. I am 52 as you can see in my picture and I was wondering if there are any products in your am or pm routine that you either don't recommend for my age or if you would substitute for my age. Before I start investing in these products I was just wanting to make sure I am not getting something intended for younger skin. Can't wait to hear from you so I can start buying my new skin care am/pm products.. +Brianna Stanko But there was one product I am not sure if it was am or pm video you said was for your age 35 - 40, I cant remember the product. If you don't remember either I can re watch and tell you the product.. +Bleu Robin Youe thinking of the skinceuticals metcall was geared towards under 45 but many women of all ages use it and its great...the same product that is more hydrating and specifically geared towards older is the skincauticals AGE Interrupter...thats what your thinking of Im sure but its just preference ;). Sorry', as i said i loved glycolic acid i use it every other night, reservatrol or Advanced night repair for the Rest. Do u suggest anything else instead of retin A Thx kisses from Paris. Joyce.
    +UniqueJoy69 Thank you Joyce! Yes the Resvratrol is amazing and I know you would love it..its a great night time treatment! That one or the skinceuticals metacell renewal...those are my two faves ;)) XOXO.
    Oh my love these skin care vids honey...I sure wish my skin looked like yours though I am older...But with all of the products I have bought from you they have made a HUGE difference in my skin girl! Except...I want them ALL!!!!!!! LOL Your awesome hon! Hugs..Deb:) xox.

    All Anti-Aging Skin Care | Murad Anti-Aging Skin Treatments
  37. November 18, 2015
    Start looking younger now - All about the Best Anti Aging Skin Care i21
    Anti-aging news, articles and information:
  38. December 9, 2015
    Anti-Aging / Age Management Medicine has been our mission since 1996 now relocated to Monterey, California. Offering personalized bioidentical hormonal replacement in... i22
    Autophagy - Anti-Aging Firewalls
  39. January 6, 2016
    Topical Pharmacological Agents with Anti-Aging Properties. There are two main groups of agents that can be used as anti-aging cream components, the antioxidants and... i23
    Anti-Aging |
  40. December 6, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    As I am a vegan, this video is pretty much spot on when it comes to antioxidants and the health benefits of the fruit category. On an even higher note, berries in itself are extremely beneficial in our daily consumption (Blackberries are my favorite fruit). Thank you, Corrina, for spreading the health to others who may not have the experience or knowledge of this type of information..
    We are praising most fermented food for their probiotic value. Well, this is fermented grape juice, which could be considered a probiotic as well, as long as you don't get sloshed. ;=) Half a glass of red wine in the evening was the family docs advice for most grannies of old..
    Love this video!:) Thank you!I've been taking Maxelder argan cream ( you can find it in here w….nyarganoil….c) for a week now and I'm already feeling a difference. My skins feels supple and moist and I see a noticeable change in my complextion. I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin. Wish I explored this months ago.

    Thanks Corrina, where can we get the table you talk about The stuff about spices is really interesting..
    Crystal clear picture of beautiful berries Huge like! Also for the beautiful background, the informational value of the video, and all the professionalism included.. Wow! I watch her ASMR videos and I love her whisper voice!! It's so cool to hear her without whisper voice! Love this vid. You talk of "high levels of sugar" in red wine. Where did you hear that Fermentation consumes sugar, dear, and if there was a high level left in a mature red wine, you would surely taste it!. I was recently diagnosed with psoriasis so this is fantastic for me to see because I need a lot of anti-oxidants in my food right now! Thank you so much for the info xxx.
    Gojo berries purchased in Chinatown are a lot cheaper, are they just as good as the himalayan ones.

    Good, informational video. Only thing I would do differently is separate the selling of Matcha tea from the rest of the clip - it gives it a less scientific character..
    I'm glad to see you pointed out that the reason red wine is healthy, is because it's made from grapes. I stopped consuming alcohol more than 10 years ago, occasionally I eat fresh grapes and I eat raisins year round. I eat most of those healthy things you mentioned on a regular basis. I've tried raw cranberries, I wouldn't describe their taste as bitter, but rather more sauer than lemons. Allthough that mini mixer looks like an awesome Japanese gadget, from what I've heard when it comes to tradional Japanese tea consumption is that they want to be able to see the in-tact leaf in their cup, guess this is the modern way. Allthough I like green tea too, the last few months I've made most of my tea from fresh home-grown mint leaves and dried cloves sometimes I add basil..
    Oh man pretty good info except the whole "brain is made.of fats thing" the brain can actually only use carbohydrates as nutrients due to the fact that nerves can only use carbs for energy and fats don't actually pass through the blood brain barrier..
    No, I believe that fresh fruit has much more antioxidants since heat is not involved.. In addition, alcohol is something we should avoid since it puts much pressure to our liver.
    We are all getting old, get over it people! Your going to get wrinkles and die eventually, just accept it and enjoy your life!.

    Cacao and cocoa mean the same thing. Cacao is not going to have a chocolate flavour unless it has been roasted. It has a very sweet flavour when it's eaten fresh but it only turns into a cocoa or a chocolate flavour after roasting it. I saw the process done on a farm when I was on an excursion in Dominican Republic. I tasted it when it came right off the tree and I tasted it after they roasted their older seeds that were finished from sweating, fermenting, in the sun for several days. If your facts are true, why are your cacao seeds a dark brown colour The ones I saw were almost very white..

    I definitely had the same thoughts about red wine. Just because something has one good ingredient in it does not make it healthy for you. In fact it can still be very unhealthy rather then healthy. Alcohol messes up our body by stopping our intestines from to function properly. It prevents our small intestines to absorb the nutrients and the water content into our bloodstream. By the time it goes through our large intestines it is suppose to become a dry stool but instead it remains liquified called diarrhea. So there is nothing healthy about alcohol, in this case red wine..

    Anti-aging cream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  41. December 14, 2015
    Anti-aging addresses medical and psychological ways to prevent, slow, or reverse the effects of aging and help people live longer, happier lives. It includes... i25
    Anti Aging | MORE Magazine
  42. October 19, 2015
    This homemade anti aging serum recipe will help the skin look vibrant and youthful while delivering vital nutrients, antioxidants and hydration! i26
    Anti-Aging Products (MCP-1107) - Global Industry Analysts...
  43. November 25, 2015
    The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine features anti-aging health tips, latest health news, and anti-aging research in regenerative and functional medicine i27
    anti-aging medicine from California Age Management Institute
  44. October 30, 2015

    Comments about this video: Anti-Aging Medicine and Advanced...
  45. November 27, 2015
    Title Author Newest; How to Get Fuller Lashes in a Blink: by Genevieve Monsma : Dec/21/2015 : Slow Anti-Aging: The New Secret to Looking Your Best i29
    Homemade Anti-Aging Serum - Dr. Axe
  46. October 29, 2015
    Anti-aging cream for men with dermatological-grade ingredients and antioxidants to fight wrinkles, fine lines and revitalize tone and texture. Free shipping. i30
    Anti Aging -
  47. January 1, 2016
    Discover the 27 most effective (according to me) natural anti aging tips. They are simple, effective, and all natural. Are you ready to look awesome? i31
    All Anti-Aging Skin Care | Murad Anti-Aging Skin Treatments
  48. November 17, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Anti Aging Skin Care | Murad Anti Aging Skin Treatments
  49. January 7, 2016
    With age, the collagen and elastin content of the skin gradually decreases. As a result, the skin becomes looser, weaker, less elastic and drier. In addition, the fat... i33
    TA-65 and other Anti-Aging Products at Anti-Aging Labs
  50. January 13, 2016
    Rasayanas: Learn Anti-Aging Secrets from the Mother of All Health Systems 10/22/2009 - There is a plethora of anti-aging supplements that are newly derived and... i34
    Anti Aging Products & Reviews - Best Anti Aging Creams
  51. January 10, 2016
    Limited Supply Trial Pay Only $5.99 Our Anti-Wrinkles, Anti-Aging Serum is Superior! YOUR SECRET STRATEGY TO START REDUCING... i35
    Anti-Aging Websites -
  52. October 15, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Just looking at the ingredients of this serum, there is nothing remarkable. It is loaded with silicones, fillers and contains no less than 5 paragons That said there appear to be good humectants and antioxidants however these are very low down in the formulation list. This is a study done by a leading british university on a widely available british product. You would get far better and measurable results by using (1) a retinoid type product at night; (2) a vitamin c serum during the day (3) good barrier cream loaded with antioxidants morning and night (4) sunscreen during the day (5) light lactic or glycolic weekly peel..
    Your right, people fooled, silicone's and added fillers cover wrinkles. It is just a good moisturizer that's all..
    Sue here... Boots the Chemist is an awesome store and has been trusted for decades. I love their products. This is the cream for me... minimized my wrinkles. Great stuff! Oh, and in the US, you can find their products in most Target stores. Now I don't have to have family bring it over me!.

    so very sad how they use, trick and lie to women, if you look at the ingredient list you will realize this is silicone in a bottle and is actually bad for your skin, many women get clogged pores and it isn't anti aging..
    I used it for some time, I used one bottle, but I didnt really see any changes... though my is very well kept and I often do homemade masks and cleansings, could have benn all of it.. but Im sticking to the natural stuff. .
    well i have been using it for about 2 weeks. I have also changed my skincare routine in general (less harsh washing, cleaning skin before going to bed). I have also been eating really healthy and exercising lots. My skin has literally never looked better. My skin looks dewy and moist, without looking too oily. Jury is out as to whether it was the healthy diet and exercise or the new skincare regime. Or whether it was the product. But i am going to continue with it, my skin looks amazing!.

    I Totally agree with Morganna Lefay. Boot's product is some kind of mass cosmetic esp. No7. really doesn't work at all.

    This really works. I love it. So many of these products doesnt work but this is awsome I love this product. I use the Lift and Luminate and I love it. Does what it is promise..

    If you seriously want to burn fat quickly, you should look up on google "Lean Body Maximizer". They will help you get the body you deserve..
    Facial care companies would like everyone to try their new products to show why they are worth buying. Have you ever noticed a beauty product stand set-up in your neighbourhood shopping centre offering free samples Well I discovered a website that will send free samples to your home, its the secret trick to free skin products :) You can get them here

    All Anti-Aging Skin Care | Murad Anti-Aging Skin Treatments
  53. November 9, 2015
    Start looking younger now - All about the Best Anti Aging Skin Care i37
    Anti-aging news, articles and information:
  54. December 19, 2015
    Anti-Aging / Age Management Medicine has been our mission since 1996 now relocated to Monterey, California. Offering personalized bioidentical hormonal replacement in... i38
    Autophagy - Anti-Aging Firewalls
  55. December 11, 2015
    Topical Pharmacological Agents with Anti-Aging Properties. There are two main groups of agents that can be used as anti-aging cream components, the antioxidants and... i39
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  56. January 9, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    +Fruitful Morgana I can do a video on that soon, for sure~ Just for you! If you want me to reply some basic blends, before then just let me know. You can also friend me on FB. I have an Essential Oil Healing Page, and a Juice page. Just letting you know. Thanks~ Hope you have a wonderful day~
    Hi, what would you recommend for chronic lyme disease, depression fatigue and extreme headaches Thank you. +1983SMOGGY I have just taken a break, as I am helping many people in the city in which I live who are ill. But I am about to get back to it. I am working now on a lemongrass video, and several others, so PLEASE stay tuned. I am grateful you listen/watch. Also, if you have any request, please let me know. Thanks so much~ Peace and love to you and yours~.
    Been busy but always glad to hear your voice of health and well being working! Thank you again as always!.
    +Caroline5765 Thank you~ Hope you are doing great. Always appreciative of your support and comments~ Sun is shining here today~ I took sunshine to the creek, and we played in the water. It was a lot of fun~ Peace and love to you and yours~.

    Anti-aging cream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  57. November 19, 2015
    Anti-aging addresses medical and psychological ways to prevent, slow, or reverse the effects of aging and help people live longer, happier lives. It includes... i41
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  58. December 22, 2015
    This homemade anti aging serum recipe will help the skin look vibrant and youthful while delivering vital nutrients, antioxidants and hydration! i42
    Anti-Aging Products (MCP-1107) - Global Industry Analysts...
  59. November 15, 2015
    The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine features anti-aging health tips, latest health news, and anti-aging research in regenerative and functional medicine i43
    anti-aging medicine from California Age Management Institute
  60. December 2, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    I love any any ideas that can shine a light on what causes, even though fairly scientific, I think you will enjoy!. +Melinda Lee perhaps we are not near to prevent older people from dying (immortality )from aging now but we are surely near making older humans function as youth at least 200 years back people didnt believe that human can one day fly... but necessity drove development into making it a dream come true people wanted to fly so bad when ever i discuss aging with people only handful of them go about combating it the rest easily gives up...and shy away from the subject we need more focus on it...we need to make it important enough for all scientists to come together and make it happen...i hate to see my parent suffer from it.... A raw vegan diet and lots of exercise is the nearest to life extension I believe there is. Maybe there will be drugs and gene therapy that work better. Maybe there already are but the "elite" want us in debt, depressed or ill so we can keep their racket going.. If the mic cover was black everyone would just see a mic cover but when it's pink it looks like some kind of freaky tumour.. The idea of preventing aging and prolonging lifespan was something you'd read in science fiction books, now it's an actual possibility that could appear in our lifetime. Crazy..
    Stem cells can easily cause tumours when injected into patients.Also stem cells that are specific to certain tissues and cannot make cells found in other tissues. Cells have to be put in the place where they belong but some clinics inject the cells where they do not belong and disease can be introduced from contamination..
    This guy needs to read the book Ishmael. Oh, its not that I don't think aging is horrific, yet all animals are subject to it. It is a natural consequence of being alive, and countering aging is artifical. Many animals can live hundreds of years, but their lifespan is just elongated. At year 300, they look just as flabby and wrinkly as an 80 year old human. We don't need immortality. We need quality of life. I've seen women who would otherwise be attractive, being terrible unattractive due ot cigarettes, stress, beer, stress, and more stress, causing continuous damage to them, to the point that they look wrinkled and dry and unappealing at 35, when I can see that they otherwise would be very attractive. What we need is not immortality but quality of life. We need to prevent damage and disease to our body to live up to our 80's or 90's as if we never left our early 20's. Then we need to die to make room for other people, and to have rest. Living forever would suck. So does living long but having a diminished capacity to enjoy life. Death isn't really a problem. Diminishing life enjoyment is.. Dr Aubrey are you familar with the cellular/genetic research being done by Nuskin Int'l in the USA Their epigenetic and cellular metabolism research which they turn into non-prescription products that help the body combat the effects of aging is very similar in philosophy to your lectures. Dr. Demetrios Kydonieus..
    Is ageing a disease The problem is it is never been considered as disease... please check this..

    Very interesting. Moving on through time is inevitable. Becoming old is optional. Taking excellent care of body, mind, health is a wonderful practice. Be kind to yourself, kind to others,laugh as much as possible..

    To anyone interested in staying youthful just look at vegans! It's absolutely amazing. Every single thing he listed including erectile dysfunction and more can be reversed by veganism. But people care more about taste (which changes after being vegan for some time) than they care about aging, chronic disease, better mood, sharper mind, clear radiant skin, silky hair, weight, stamina and energy and so on! If you want youth, slowly cut out meat and dairy and replace it with whole nutritious foods..
    +kayjones87 "The vegan diet" is more than just cutting out meat. There is no single "Vegan diet". One thing is indisputable: we have more knowledge available at our fingertips right now and right here than was ever available in the history of our species, and in fact of our planet. Google is your firiend, and there is no lack of advice available online about how to find a vegan diet suited to your individual needs.. +accountnameyeahhhh i had to get supplements to aid things like b12 and mineralizing my teeth. not going to work.. So we wake up one day, & the news tells us doctors have an officially approved, immediately available, inexpensive, (or fully-insured), treatment to alter our DNA in such a way that: Our immunity to disease will be 100%. Our telomeres will lengthen to their original fullness. All symptoms of aging will reverse to make us appear age 18-28 forever. Our minds will be sharper than our previous best. Our strength, speed, coordination, pain-tolerance & will-power will be greater than our previous best./// Do we jump in & take that ride For those who see no downside, I suggest that the possible downsides are, as yet, unknown, just as many other approved treatment-downsides have been discovered too late. I further speculate that some of those downsides might be the true intention the treatment. Don't be surprised if it becomes a felony to refuse the treatment! Just trust your doctor, trust the media, trust the FDA, trust your government. Right.. I think humanity will achieve God levels in the future with just crispr genetic modification and immortality . Once dead were gone forever, will be forgotten like a distance memory. I for one want to live long enough so I can see the advances in technology!!! 🙏 .
    +David Gaffney do you donate to his charity this is perhaps the only way we will see it arrive within our lifetimes if more people support this!.
    Guys, lets say he do come up with a gene therapy which will make you live a very healthy life till age 150 - would you do that therapy or not.
    +Richard Wyant Sounds like a vague, philosophical attempt at expressing how superior you are because you want to die. Well, have at it, mate. No one's stopping you....
    I love listening to this guy, it's clear he has a handle on the topic of aging, but... I can't look at him without thinking of that Scottish Terrier down the street with a big beard..
    I just can't find something negative for the cure that can prolong our lifespan. It would be absolutely amazing..

    +Im Yu Diseases cause suffering. Suffering reduces resources. Prolonging lifespan requires reducing diseases. So prolonging lifespan also requires reducing suffering. So then prolonging lifespan also requires increasing resources. Suffering is bad. So prolonging lifespan requires reducing bad..
    +Tyler Vo And resource usage is due to greed not because of life extension. Also, short lives means short term perspectives and goals. The longer people live, the sooner people start realizing that long term goals are more important. Thus they will focus more on preserving resources..
    The best method is to simply lie about your age, I do this all the time. When asked, I confirm I'm 12..
    Dr John Yiamouyiannis, in his strong case agsinst adding fluoride to municipal waterr sources,"Fluoride, the Aging Factor ", mentions the natural fluoride in the Earth's crust, and it leaching into the air and water, as an unavoidable deterrent to mans immortality. To start, we must find a way to excrete all fluoride,beginning at birth.. I have no interest in living forever but i would very much like to feel like a 30 year old when i am 70...disease free is suffering free..
    We may very well one day unlock the potential of gaining the ability of immortality as we understand more and more. Why though would anyone want to have immortality Time. It's a simple answer that so few forget. They argue that they wouldn't want to spend many life times here on Earth, but at the same time most people argue that there isn't enough time. That their life is too short. What would you do if you knew that the ability to live multiple life times was coming soon.

    I wanted to live forever, and I wanted to write the very first song. Then, in my teens, I heard on the radio somebody had done it already..

    Sometimes you have to overlook the quirkiness or appearance of the messenger and understand and enjoy the message. Very interesting talk..
    I'd feel better if Aubrey de Grey was a good advertisement for his work unless he is actually 80.. I want to be able to switch myself off when the time of dying instead of having to deal with those old people's deceases.. At 12:45 he says cells not dying "when they are supposed to" is a form of cancer. So, if we see humans as cells of the Earth's body, wouldn't extending our lifespans be a form of cancer for the planet. Aging and growth, isnt it the same thing We think of aging as the opposite of blossoming. We see it as decay but isnt it growth to We never stop evolving developing and that is also the problem. The life cyklus is a always a bit of corse so as the years go by the funktions get more separated. The boddy must evolve so if you gonna reverse aging you must reverse evolution it self. How the hell you gonna do that Its like making a butterfly into a larva without a pupa stage....
    +saltfan2 It's good to see that you associate growth with aging, but to understand the topic you need to get a clear understanding of the scientific definitions of these terms. Also I don't think you understand how evolution works, it's not something that happens just inside you. The goal is not to turn the butterfly into a larva again, the goal is to keep the butterfly at the pinnacle of his bodily and mental strength..

    His a great approach for fighting disease. Each of the 7 deadly things effects thousands of diseases. Fighting disease is fighting aging. DeGrey should sell his paradigm as a paradigm against a huge, nearly-all-encompassing class of diseases and conditions, not as "fighting aging" or even stupider, fighting death. I hope all of medicine sees the value of this very much broader theoretical framework. It's possible to slip this idea into the culture. Why aren't more problems tackled this way Why is everything about adaptation and not mitigation Why is the field not often attempted to be unified by broader theory such as his "7 deadly things"..

    yes its egocentricity. There was a time when I thought my impending death should be front page news, "we must find a cure." at 56 I am in the best shape of my life, ego again but I refuse to be one of those fat people sitting on a couch, and as I can no longer build muscles the way I used to I am thin, and in shape, its a compromise. But death will occur, and it will be as I was never here. There wont be memories of me when the Sun supernova's, but it is scarey if I'm being honest..

    let me get this staright this man wants to get the goverment to help him reverse aging when all they can scream about is over population and global warming if there was an truth to your theory the elite would have this exclusively.

    +Jacob Hoffman Canada only has an increasing population due to immigration. (otherwise we have a relatively older population distribution) We have more than enough room for people..
    Try curing osteoarthritis first. Medical science cannot yet repair tiny cartilage tears in the knee joint and cartilage is one of the least complex tissues in the body and yet they are talking about ending aging. Hello fellow Life Extension Enthustiasts! :) I have setup a fundraiser on GoFundMe at the link: The fundraiser is to setup a "" Real life group for Life Extension and Anti-Aging Research, specifically on the coast of Orange County, Southern California! This is for local fans to meet together, and especially to attract brand new people. There is a major lack of awareness in the general public, such as 9 out of 10 people know what an Iphone is... but not even 1 out of 10 people even know one single word out of this long list: Sens / Aubrey De Grey / Buck / David Sinclair / Cynthia Kenyon / and more. All funds go to the setup fee and printed paper flyers to be passed out by hand for recruitment. I am trying my personal best to create major Aging Research discoveries as rapidly as possible for the public. Thank you for taking the time to read this! :).
    They already have immortally for the 'right' people: David Rockefeller, at age 99, just had his SIXTH heart transplant. Hmmm, this number of hearts doesn't seem to be available for most guys in their 90s. So, the handful of ultra-rich who already control our lives, get to live, while we die. What makes anyone think the next technology of longevity will be available to them, when we're already deemed "unacceptable" for the current benefits.

    +Im Yu All you said I'm actually doing, I practice Kung Fu, my family comes from a farm, so I almost always eat organic food, I drink water a lot, I don't eat sugar, my family is numerous, all my family lived until 90 to 100, have uncles and unts that are between 70 and 80, one in his 90s, men in my family never got cancer(women though its kind of normal), my greitgrandmother just die last year at the age of 104, the thing is I'm not expecting science will make me healthy, I'm doing it myself, its another thing that I support life extension technology and thing that its possible and are opptimistic about it; and yes our self destructive behaviour is and issue, and we will have to pass it for the technology to have today to continue, but technology still advances until we actually press the button to detonate and fuck up the world, IF we do so that is, so I'll continue my wor outs and my opptimistics of the future..

    +MrTtvvt+MrTtvvt - He's got a PhD in Biology, he's also written a ton of articles for science journals (on his CV, which you can download on this page
    +MrTtvvt I would say Aubrey has an intellect of epic proportions; much of what he says is supported by other pioneers like ben goertzel and ray Kurzweil.
    They could start with trying to cure murder, but thats not a scientific problem, thats a sin issue. #ChristGivesEternalLife.
    Welcome the advance of the science - if this helps achieve a balanced life and death. I dont think we are talking about the life of Enoch!. First of all, there is nothing unnatural about ageing, nothing is going wrong that needs fixing from the outside in. The body is much more than an inert lump of organic matter which is there to be manipulated chemically. It is very important, in the interest of well being and natural longevity, to realise what we are and how our bodies work: when we see our bodies as an the extension of mind that it is, indeed, as the leading edge where mind interacts with the physical environment in a unison of trillions of individual points of consciousness which culminate and express as the 'you' that we are. You will then be in closer harmony to your natural rythm and will depart from physical when you are ready, just as you intended. .
    Oh shit. He's the guy that played Treebeard in The Lord of the Rings. Nice. Didn't know he was immortal..

    Lol this guy works on a much important problem and doing much more significant research than i am. I am working on manufacturing system problem while he is looking for solutions to achieve immortality..
    +Benny Schmidt Somehow, I doubt you're actually interested, but on the off chance.. here you go: . +Triggerfisk All of the discoveries listed in that table were discovered in the 50s and 60s before deGrey was even born. SENS was founded in 2009, and completely pivoted their model in 2013. De Grey has said that they don't do stem cell work in his lab; they are instead doing "research" on drugs and therapies. My problem is he seems to be spending all his time raising money and flying around the world (aka "research") and not actually working on the problem directly. Not sure if you know this, but de Grey is a multi-millionaire. The foundation has received millions of dollars in investments (including over $10 million from de Grey himself), and has yet to solve any real problems. "An article about SENS published in the viewpoint section of EMBO Reports by 28 scientists concluded that none of de Grey's therapies "has ever been shown to extend the lifespan of any organism, let alone humans".[44] The SENS Research Foundation, of which de Grey was a co-founder, seems to agree with the EMBO Report as it states, "If you want to reverse the damage of aging right now I'm afraid the simple answer is, you can't."[45] Nonetheless, de Grey argues that this reveals a serious gap in understanding between basic scientists and technologists and between biologists studying aging and those studying regenerative medicine.[46]" I just want it to be clear that he's a speaker, a lecturer, trying to change the way we think about aging yet he pitches investors as if he is actually developing products. He's not really a developing anything though, he's just a talker a philosopher. . Anti-Aging Medicine and Advanced...
  61. October 28, 2015
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    Homemade Anti-Aging Serum - Dr. Axe
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  64. November 26, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Anti Aging Skin Care | Murad Anti Aging Skin Treatments
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    With age, the collagen and elastin content of the skin gradually decreases. As a result, the skin becomes looser, weaker, less elastic and drier. In addition, the fat... i49
    TA-65 and other Anti-Aging Products at Anti-Aging Labs
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    Rasayanas: Learn Anti-Aging Secrets from the Mother of All Health Systems 10/22/2009 - There is a plethora of anti-aging supplements that are newly derived and... i50
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  68. November 2, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    A4M approach for me represents "Bridge #1" to optimize health proactively, on the way towards indefinite health life extension. "Bridge #2" is the full promise of biotechnology's advances of slowing/stopping aging "Bridge #3" is rejuvenation in body/mind via advanced tech of nanotechnology/genetic therapies. .
    Hello! Thank you for this helpful video. By the way, I notice lots of people keep on talking about Natoxoran Secrets (do a google search), but I'm not sure if it is good. Have you tried using anti-aging cream called Natoxoran Secrets I've heard many extraordinary things about it and my cooworker completely eliminate her wrinkle using it..

    All Anti-Aging Skin Care | Murad Anti-Aging Skin Treatments
  69. October 17, 2015
    Start looking younger now - All about the Best Anti Aging Skin Care i53
    Anti-aging news, articles and information:
  70. October 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Thanks for the video! I enjoy your videos. Is there a reason you choose timeless serum over other brands I saw on Amazon that they have other less expensive brands like matrixeyl.. +Lesa Smith I started using Timeless for their Vitamin C serum because it's ingredients were almost identical to much more expensive brand Skinceuticals. When i wanted to add in a matrixyl serum I bought from Timeless based on my satisfaction with the vitamin c serum.. OMG! Thanks for that info about the vitamin C and the free radicals in the sun! I use a vitamin c serum. .
    +Faye Reynolds Hi Faye~ Yes, I do get your comments and have replied to some of them answering your questions. I love interacting with my viewers so I try to answer as many questions as I can, but I get hundreds of comments/questions a day and unfortunately I don't have time to answer them all.

    Thank you so much for your fabulous videos! I just discovered them, and am eagerly devouring them! Of course, :), I never put much thought into skin care products until the one day (so it seems), I woke up to all these 'sudden' changes! So, I have been trying to do as much research as possible, and it is really hard to find objective, unbiased sources. Your research is going to save me a lot of time! I so much appreciate your honest reviews! We are so vulnerable to all the marketing with 'anti-aging' products, and I sure don't have unlimited funds; its so easy to get hooked into spending a lot of money on things that just aren't going to do anything, or just duplicate something else. One thing I am finding is that there is a lot of 'partial truths' thrown about - i.e. ingredients that sound impressive or might have some biologic effect, but not when just applied to the surface of the skin in a cream, etc.; so you really have to do your homework! Thank you so much for including inexpensive drugstore products in your reviews. You are so good, my big fear is that some cosmetic company is going to want to hire you, and we will lose our objective reporting!.

    Enjoy your videos very much! What skin cream do you use in the winter What changes do you make as the seasons change Thanks!.

    Hi Angie, thanks for all your informative videos:) Quick question, do you feel it's important to use the Vitamin C everyday vs possibly using it every other day As I just started the Vitamin C 2 days ago and using it in the morning with the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock. But, when I heard you say that the Vitamin C stays in your skin for 3 days, I was thinking, is it that important to use everyday then. I think also, I'm a bit worried that if it ever breaks down on my skin in months/years to come that I'll look so much older than I already am:)... Thanks and hope to hear back from you..
    +Marty Charlton I only saw that 3 day information on the Skinceuticals website, so I'm not sure if it's 100% fact, but if it is it seems reasonable to use it only every other or every 3rd day.. Just started using Timeless vit c based on your recommendation. The box says to apply in the pm. Does it matter when you use it Thanks. . Thanks angie for your great info. Good housekeeping rated amorie pacfica top eye cream. Tested 900 women over 35. Thanks, Jennifer .
    Angie! You rock! I found you when I was about to schedule several Photo Facials to erase age spots, etc. I now use Timeless Vitamin C Serum instead. So far, so good. A little tip for your watchers: If you're going to have any Laser treatments done, be sure to ask HOW LONG the results will last. I had an expensive laser treatment on my broken capillaries that worked brilliantly. A few days later, poof! They were all back. Thank you for helping us not waste our money!.

    Hi Angie! I just discovered you and Im beyond excited that I did!! and just ordered my Vit C! Im turning 50 this year so need all the tips i can get!!lol.

    Hi, I have been following your videos and thank you cos they are so helpful. Just wanted to tell you that I decided to try the Olay regenerist serum and my Cerave AM is balling up on top. Don't know why that is cos apparently you don't have this problem. Any idea.
    Question. You said this is more your spring/summer routine. What would you change or is different for fall/winter routine. I would love to see you do a yearly update on your AM and PM skin care routines. I watched these several times but then found through some of your other videos you have changed some products and quit using your Mia2...and I adore the fact you keep your routine simple and fairly cost conscious. I just started Retin-A last night and am so paranoid about what products I can and can't use, that I basically have copied your routines because I know you do your research and have been using the Retin A for a good while now. I am sure the structure of your skin care routines are pretty much the same but nice to know I am still doing the right things for my skin and learning from your experience. Oh, question, you put Retin A on the backs of your hands and down your neck and chest, do you also need to be using sunscreen on those areas during the day even if your being in the sun is limited maybe to just going out the door to go to a store Pretty sure i know that answer lol, just looking for reassurance I suppose. Also, how does the Retina A do now you've started getting it on closer to your eyes, underneath them. Thank you for considering doing an update if you do toy with that idea. Love your videos and advice!. Thank you for sharing this amazing video with us. I am quite young to follow an anti-aging routine but it doesn't hurt to start early right :) I use the Philosophy Vitamin C powder with Vitamin E cream from the Body Shop at night and Cetaphil Moisturizer with SPF 50 in the morning. I do not step outside without wearing a sunscreen not even for a 5 minutes walk. I also like to use a Clariosonic cleansing brush at night to remove my sunscreen. I am looking forward to start my Retin-A again. As soon as I am done using Cetaphil Moisturizer with SPF 50, I am planning to switch to your Cera Ve with SPF 30. I hope it works well with my skin. Have you received a C02 laser before If so, how was your experience :) . +Julia Rose Goe Hi Julia~ I'm so happy to hear your using sunscreen daily! I haven't had a CO2 laser treatment, but might get one done in 2015. Thanks for watching!.
    I read that you you are not supposed to use Niacinamide along with Vit C, Retin a, Aha's or Bha's because it creates a damaging nicotinic acid..
    You should rub your serum or any cream from the base of the neck upward. This will also help with gravity fighting wrinkles..
    Also iam getting ready for my first derm going to ask him bout the retina love you videos.

    Hi angie, I love your videos, I have learned a lot and am taking your advice in a lot of things. I have started the Vitamin C and had read it takes 6 months to start working, wonder if you have heard this too And btw I had a clarisonic but was only using it once or twice a week, now I use it every evening. Your skin looks radiant...
    Hi angie, Thank you a lot for sharing some of the product you are using for anti aging especially...I will try to same product as soon as possible and am hoping to have a good result to my oily face,,,if you don't mind where can I buy/order thiese srums u are usingthnx.
    Angie, thanks for the videos. Very informative. I started using timeless vitamin C months ago after seeing your comparison video. Timeless was actually my favorite over that other super expensive product. I found it less sticky and saw the same results. However lately I've been running into a problem ordering it on Amazon. The supplier there is no longer selling the product...the ones that are now are selling it for double the price and reviews shows ppl who bought it notice a change in the product. Where else can you find timeless Vit C that is reputable .
    +Rita Fabiano You can buy directly from Timeless. Here's the link:
    Love it, I turned 50 this year and I really do not want to ruin my skin. Great advice, great tips, I did not realize that the vitamin C could do more damage than good if not covered up by a sun screen!! Thank you so much for posting!.
    Thanks. You definitely have to be careful with "other sellers" on Amazon. I have never had a problem ordering a product from Amazon itself but definitely have when ordering from "other sellers." It's sad that Amazon doesn't better police who it allows to sell on its site..
    +HotandFlashy I just ordered the Vitamin C serum from Amazon last night. Hopefully it's the real thing!! Wish I had seen this post prior to ordering mine. For future orders I will definitely order directly from Timeless. .

    You look amazing! I just found your site as I am 44 and all of a sudden it seems that my whole body is under eye dark circles in particular. Also, i have always been in great shape but suddenly have put on 12 pounds:(. I am using Retin A now for the last month every night .05% and am going to purchase the serum as well that you recommended. Two questions...first what is your go to for info on perimenopause and hormones at this stage and second can you recommend or demonstrate a good product for dark circles that doesn't look cakey. Currently I am using Bobby Brown corrector and concealer but it does not do a good job and looks obvious;( .
    +big mama I hear you on all the changes happening all at once! Unfortunately, I'm not going to be much help with your questions. I don't have many menopause symptoms yet, so I haven't done much research into it, and I don't have darkness under my eyes, just puffiness. Bye Bye Undereye is good for coverage, but you have to use a tiny tiny amount so it doesn't look cakey, also Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in the Peach shade corrects without caking... it's expensive but lasts forever!. Hi Angie, I started using timeless vitamin c serum about a month ago and I noticed my skin is getting super dry and dull. I'm still using the same sunscreen and moisturizer as usual. you heard of anyone having problems with it .
    I haven't heard that about it... it does contain some Benzyl alcohol (3rd from last ingredient so probably less than 1%), which can be slightly drying..

    Hi Angie, Love you videos, thank you ! About the Vit C serum. Do I need to purchase one with C & E ferulic acid, or is just a Vit C Serum fine thanks again, Susan.
    Clinical studies have shown that combining vitamin c with vitamin e and ferulic acid can increase the efficacy of vitamin c 8 fold..
    Hi, I'm 57 and just wanted to say how much I love the Timeless Vitamin C serum. I've not only used it on my face but also on my arms and legs. It works really well removing scarring. Thank you for the tip!!.

    do u believe that these products and other drug store brands are just as good as high -end brands. i usually go for the higher price ones bc that is all i hear about . mom on a budget :) thx.
    I wouldn't use them if I didn't think they were as good (if not better) than the high end brands. This is the actual stuff I use daily, I'm not just hawking products. My dad spent his career in cosmetic chemistry so I know from an insider that it costs the same to make a drugstore serum as it does to make a department store serum..
    Hi I am 53 and unfortunately an just starting to reslly care for my skin. I love you videos they are so helpful...I was wondering if your diet is anything special as I believe beauty and healthy skin needs care from the inside and out.
    I eat a heart healthy diet to control my cholesterol... lots of fish, turkey, quinoa, fruits and veggies. Here's the link to my "What I Eat in a Day" Video if you're interested: What I Eat in a Day ~ Viewer Requested!.
    Just found your blog and love it!! I think you tutorials,info and life attitude is so relatable for so many of us gals in our mature years, lol! I'm 58 and started really feeling the "heat" and uncomfortable realities of this decade a few years ago but this past year it has really impacted me. So, thanks for all the spirit, humor and valuable info you are sharing with all us girls!!!! Be well and thanks again! BTW, i live in New England too and laughed about the medicine cabinet being cold!!!!.

    I know! It's too much! I've been sick with a cold since Christmas and all the huge temp changes are not helping! Spring is right around the corner! I started using Vit C, got it on Amazon after seeing your video. Love it! I have been following a similar skincare routine to yours and enjoying it. I am insane about my new Clar. Mia my hubbie gave me as an early bday present. So, thanks for all your wonderful skincare advice. I always enjoy your videos..

    the funny thing is women tend to wrinkle above their lip and men don seem to at all! I love these kinds of videos.
    GOod question but i think it is just down to his gender, otherwise I think everybody would be shaving. I know that shaving exfoliates but I dont think that that helps to prevent wrinkles, I think it probably slows down the development of them and minimizes the look of them but not to the point that you see a man who has the smoothest baby skin above his lip. I think if a guy had a mustache pretty much all his adult life and suddenly, shaved, we would see that he had little to no wrinkles. It is crazy how smooth the skin of a mans is in that area. Like crazy...but hey they are lucky I guess :p.
    Angie, I was considering adding a 5% Niacinamide (B3) serum to use with the Timeless 20% C+E and Ferulic Acid Serum I have. I thought it might help with the extra redness I get on my cheeks and chin and also with the overall dryness of my skin. Your thoughts, please! Once my Vitamin C runs out, I could replenish with a 4 in one serum that I found containing all these goodies. I really trust your opinion and would to know what you think. Thank you for yet another wonderful video and for all your time!.
    You are such a dear! Thank you for responding so quickly. I am extremely thankful to you. Your advice has been life changing. I follow a regimen very similar to yours, but have only done so for about 1 week and already, a huge difference in how my skin looks and feels. I cannot express enough how correct you are about maintaining your regimen. One missed nightly care routine and your skin goes right back to crap!! Keeping it simple, while ensuring effectiveness, is the key. Thank you for your advice, but more importantly, for truly believing in your message and for caring so much to share it the way you do!. I make my own vitimin c serum, and on all the videos I have seen, its advised to use it in your night time cleaning routine. But you use it in the morning.. is there any reason why some people advise evening and some (like yourself) use it in the morning is there a difference . you can use it both evening and morning. Thats what I did and it works great as a makeup pimer...i don't seee what the concern is about just use it at night and in the morning if you want..I used it twice for maximum benefit. now I am on to other types of serums.
    Hi it's Steph from several months ago! I've been so busy lately and haven't been making/watching videos, but I've been on a break from work (I teach) and have been tuning in to some of my fav YTers. Nice info and you've given me several new products to consider trying! :).

    Gotta Seems like sunscreens make it hard to put on my foundation like theres no slip to my skin especialky under my eyes it drags ive not tried the cera ve am do u notice this too Do u like cera ve better than sheer nutragena spf 70 i saw on ur other videos thanks for all great videos.
    I've not had that problem. I think you'd like the finish of the neutrogena spf 70 better for applying makeup over, it's mainly silicones which is what most of the makeup primers are made out of so it makes a great base. I like both products but just use them based on my amount of sun exposure.. Hi Angie! You look fantastic. I was wondering if you could recommend an effective eye cream for my deepining crows feet and dark circles I have been using Kollagen Intensiv for a couple of years now, at first it was working and now i'm not so sure. I live in Europe and am unable to buy it from the actual site, so i but it from amazon. I think they might tamper with the product as its constancy and colour is also slightly different. Thanks:).
    I'm not sure there is an effective eye cream for crows feet or dark circles. I just use an antioxidant serum with hyaluronic acid to moisturize and fight free radical damage (Olay Regenerist Microsculpting Serum), but it doesn't do anything to make my crows feet less visible. I'd be wary of buying from resellers on amazon. There are lots of fake products and some are made with harmful chemicals, so always make sure you're buying the real thing..

    Autophagy - Anti-Aging Firewalls
  71. January 3, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Brava, Sharon! (Although I am curious as to why you'd want to "help to change the paradigm shift a little faster" maybe that was just nerves ;-) ).

    Best thoughts ever I turned 63 last week, and though hmm middle age.Then Ithought yeah, if I live to be 126. I am no longer an older woman, I am an old, vibrant, interesting, complex woman who is, as you say, kinder!.
    I dont buy magazines - I don't measure myself against others - HOWEVER, I have been fanatical about caring for my skin all my life. I am 56. Yesterday, my daughters friend who hasn't seen me for 17 years visited - she was aghast - I looked " the same" whilst her own mother had "aged: in comparison. Caring about how you look isn't a crime and you can only spend what you can afford to spend - some can afford more than others - thats not a crime either. With regards to "cruelty free/" - if the company sells their products in China , or its been made in China, its been tested on animals because in China, its the law. Who do you think pays for that testing The company. I look at pictures of my Mum at 56 and me at 56 - theres a good 20 years disparity there. Why is that Product and education and a life less stressed than my Mum's was. . Love this Sharon! However, I'm embarrassed to say that I've fallen victim to all this nonsense! I'm only 39, but I feel like I'm not aging well at all. I've already entered menopause, started graying when I was in my late teens and I know I look a good 5 years older. I feel very self conscious.It consumes me at all times, and I know it's wrong. I have a husband who is in love with me and still treats me as the beautiful 22 year old he married, and 3 beautiful kids who love me. I just want to enjoy living, instead of feeling like there's something wrong with me all the time.Thank you for taking a stand and inspiring others love themselves in whatever stage they're in. I'll try my best to take a stand as well! Keep these awesome videos coming! 👍.
    YES YES YES,,,,,,lets all follow Sharons great example ladies!!!...Its so depressing we are often made to almost feel ASHAMED of the aging process!,,should we all sit in a corner and eat dust!!..NO we all have so much to offer.LETS DO IT!!! BRAVO SHARON.

    Well, here I am via Patti rxstrmom :) I am only about 6 months late and lots of $$$ spent on "buying" into the YTube "beauties latest hauls and alas I still don't look like a 20 yr old or a 40 yr old or even a 50 yr old LOL. So thanks to your video (and i will be watching them all now) I will give a lot of high end makeup that doesn't work for me to my beautiful 19 yr old granddaughter to enjoy and do it justice. I am ready to embrace my 65 years and strive to be polished and healthy and happy. I never thought beauty had to be so time consuming as I have begun to make it and honestly was made to feel that it should be that way by the "gurus". Not only are you spot on but you can do it in 2 minutes!!!! These 30 minute plus videos GEEEZZZ, time to get a life!.

    I believe it's okay to try and be the best you can be, which includes eating right, exercise, exfoliating, moisturizing and sunblock. If it makes you happy, go for it. Surely none of use are naive enough to believe a $100 cream will turn back the clock. If you are wealthy, lasers and surgeries can take years off, but they can look fake be dangerous, aka Joan Rivers. If we're lucky, we'll all turn 80 and be healthy and happy. I do believe lighter colors look better on the lips as we age and less foundation because it gathers in the crevices. Gray hair is great to embrace especially when it is complete like yours. When it's sticking out like wires in my brown hair..not so pretty. Color makes me feel better..

    You are absolutely fabulous! Continue inspiring people with your intrinsic beauty. I am merely in my twenties, however, I aspire to one day be as graceful and knowledgeable as you. Wonderful videos..
    I love your message, strength and courage to be so out spoken. I agree with every word and will try to follow your example. You are an inspiration. Thank you. . Trying to prevent wrinkles is not ever going to happen, lol. People need to embrace aging. Many believe that they can prevent them by buying into the hype these companies put out. If everything they said was true, I would still look like a 20 year old. As for the YouTube community, I enjoy watching the tutorials. I can't use just any color on myself as with age, not much of those bright colors look good on me anymore. We can change them to suit those of us that are going gray, but let's face it, electric blue isn't one of them. With transitioning into the silver or white hair, everything else must transition. I took an important step yesterday, I got rid of lots of makeup colors I know that no longer look good on me. Most of it was lipstick that hurt the most. LOL.. Bravo Sharon! Great rant, had to share it on my Facebook Wall. I appreciate all you do to help women age with grace and look good in doing so.. Hi Sharon! Just set up a google account so I could post a comment and subscribe to your channel. Am so glad you got on your soapbox!! I have been feeling this way for a while about the "anti-aging" business. I also refuse to buy "anti-aging" products. There is nothing wrong with getting older, sure beats the alternative!!! I too just want to look my best for the age I am now. Presently 3 months into my journey of transitioning to silver. I think it is going to look fabulous! Looking at your beautiful hair really helps keep me motivated. Great channel...Luv Michelle.
    Hey Sharon, just catching up on some of your videos. I agree that we should be proud of our ageing process and own our age, however, I do also believe that, for me at least, it is important to keep myself as youthful and glowy looking as possible. I guess it's a question of pride. Grey hair in lots of us ages considerably, and today we do not have to settle. I love finding new improved products that give results, but that's just me. I like to maintain as much as possible:) It's fun for me. xoxJerree.
    +hellojerree I hear you. And no matter what age you are you can always look glowing and lovely. The trick is adapting to our changing faces and hair with line, weight, form and balance.. I am so over it I tell myself this when the noise gets to loud it's a privilege to age not all of us get to do it. Great job Sharon . Thank you for this video as I feel the same! Watched all your makeup videos and love them! Now, my question is about the cruelty cosmetics trends and are they just as effective, better than Maybelline, Loreal brands I purchased Mac Naked Lunch!! Love it! Take Care!.
    2 patty sartin. Re the cruelty free "trends". I have to keep focused or I could go off in so many directions and not keep skilled in a few areas. I leave skin care up to gurus like Paula Begoun who does great research and has wonderful products. Correction, camouflage and character makeup are my strengths. I leave hair colouring to those experts in the field to as my strengths are styling (especially updos) and hair pieces. I would suggesting researching with the the gurus. AND be advised that additive free does not last. The products I use and suggest are ones I've used for years and to my knowledge they are cruelty free, however, its not something I've looked into extensively. Thanks for the question..

    Oh Sharon. Could write a book about my thoughts on aging, consumerism and self esteem. But then I can not place all the blame on the media. Consumerism has been rampant in US society since the Industrial Revolution. Ageism did not get addressed in any form until 1967 so we are still relatively new to that obstacle. It is easier for self esteem issues to rear their ugly head with age when some have spent a lifetime basing their self worth primarily on appearance. Totally kills me to see 30 yo women getting fillers and botox. I want to look nice for my age but anti aging nor my appearance are my raison d'etre. My career and my life have been about service. No one in need ever cares about what color lipstick you have on ;) I have written letters. Although I have yet to receive a response to them it will not stop me from writing more. "Do not go gentle into that good night" (Approaching 7 months with no color-woohoo :) .

    Bravo and congratulations. OK we have to put our heads together and be smarter about what WE want and DON'T want. We may not have economic equality, but we certainly have economic power by what we do and don't buy..

    Oh forgot...those of us (and I include myself although I've been trying hard to back off of it) that these companies are using, whether or not we make videos, to promote their product for free. This industry has exploded as the youtube beauty community has grown over the past few years. They are laughing all the way to the bank! It has been on my mind to do a similar "rant" type video about companies taking advantage of us for just the reasons you talked about. I love my's just that my brain has not yet caught up to my real age!!!! hugs patti.
    Oh I hear you Patti and totally agree with you. As a viewer I'm getting tired of the advertising - in fact I don't watch them except for people I have come to trust.. A concern for me is that a good many teens and twenty something gals are buying these anti aging products meant for women twice their age! Younger women seem to be the primary target of advertising by companies making beauty products and I am betting it is because younger gals spend money more impulsively. Still, it would be nice to see more mature women used in these ads using things that are appropriate for their age without having to have had a few face lifts to do it! I agree that I am tired of the anti aging label slapped on just about everything I see in the beauty aisle. It generates sales, IMO, because women respond to it in such a Pavlovian style. It really is up to us, the consumer, to respond differently. So, I applaud you for picking a different response!. This is a great vidio, I want everyone to hear this. I am getting older and when I first saw my face changing, I started to panic because the world does not embrace older woman's beauty (not yet)! I started to buy Anti Wrinkle creams, but, I had to accept that I was not going to find a miracle in a glass jar, not matter how much money I spend. I want to have a different attitude, I want to take care of myself, but, I don't want to be afraid of getting older, I want to enjoy getting older. Thank you Sharon!.
    +twominutetips Yay for getting on the soapbox Sharon - thank you. It's refreshing to hear this from a beauty channel because I think the change in attitude has to start with us and when a woman who teaches beauty also teaches inner beauty and respect- wow. I find I love my skin more than ever right now - I have so much respect for how all of my body works and am pretty much weary of the idea that it's okay to beat ourselves up to look a certain way. Perhaps only time gets you to that place but the idea that we should be fearful and treat this as a war is completely the opposite of how I feel. I was trying to think of a new term we can use for anti-aging product - like maybe "i love my skin" care or "thank you beautiful skin" care. Thanks Sharon! x Sue.
    Hi Sharon! I just subscribed to your channel...I was referred to you by Patti at rxstrmom! I am also a mature woman (going on 63) and embracing my age! After coloring my hair (I was a stylist) for many years, I've gone natural and I'm LOVING my "wisdom" highlights! I also get so many compliments on my hair and I'm saving lots of money to boot! I agree with you...let's all stop making ourselves look older, by trying to look 30 again! Let's just enhance what we are already blessed with! You are a beautiful woman and you already have inspired me! Thank you! xo . +megablessedgram Many thanks for you kind compliments and I'm thrilled that you feel inspired and join the ranks.. This was a wonderful video! I am a 62 almost 63-year-old hairstylist still working in the industry with younger stylists and trying to compete!I do keep my hair colored because after all I'm selling color and I try to keep my skin and make up looking nice but I agree with you I have earned every wrinkle, crows foot, mole, age spots etc.I always fear that someone's going to say I don't want that older lady to do my hair! Sometimes people don't look past your outward appearance to know that I have a wealth of experience training and skill. I'm watching your video thing how beautiful you look with your gray hair and thinking very seriously letting mind go ahead and turn. I think just you putting this video out me watching it along with others and me passing this information along will go along way and changing peoples attitudes on aging. Thank you Sharon so much for sharing. I am so enjoying your channel. . +DebbiAnn2 Thank you Debbi for saying so and I'm glad it has inspired. Please share and let's spread the word and take back our healthy self-esteem.. Love it Sharon you can get on your soap box anytime and I listen... I appreciate your authentic voice. I feel the same way aging with grace is so much fun. Healthy lifestyles make for an attractive body mind and spirit where its really at... Keep em coming please! Sharing..
    +Maureen Sherman Well now you've got me thinking Maureen. I'd like to have a skype or google hangout session soon and perhaps we can discuss it there..

    This makes a lot of sense. New subbie sent over by Patty from xrsmom. Been thinking about what you are saying but it's quite difficult I find. I'm almost 48 and things are changing. Working on accepting it, but still want to look my best, so need to change the mentality that looking my best is looking younger. Will keep on watching to learn how to look good at my age..
    +Natalie Drapeau Right on Natalie - "looking good at any age" - its a paradigm shift and it would appear that only we can make it happen. The more of us that are gathered in this pursuit the quicker things will change..

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  72. October 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:

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    Love the product very much. I had very bad wrinkle on my forehead and after using it for almost 2 weeks i can see result..

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    ..Hii everyone....I've been taking Maxelder argan cream ( you can find it in here w….nyarganoil….c) for a week now and I'm already feeling a difference. My skins feels supple and moist and I see a noticeable change in my complextion. I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin. Wish I explored this months ago. I’m in my early thirties but I have some fine lines and mild discolouration in some parts of my face.I purchased many expensive anti-aging products but they only worked a little or not at all. I tried Maxelder argan cream ( i get it in here w nyarganoil—-c ) and noticed a difference after 2 weeks of using the product Loved the ingredients and the texture and I love how it makes my skin look youthful and glowing. So far I’m very impressed!. Believing that cream can stop you aging is one of the most stupid things you can do. Genetics are at work here. You will age, you will get old and you will die. How you live your life is another matter, but trying to stay young is like pissing against the wind! Eat well, exercise, don't smoke or drink and keep people that are a drag out of your life, this will help but always remember, the clock is ticking and you will age, you will get old (if you're lucky) and you will die. Welcome to reality! Save your money, forget the cream!. Im so agree with u. I have auntie who already used expensive anti aging skin care since she was 20+, and now she is 59 yo. She looks old. And same with people without using expensive skincare.. Anti-aging treatments aid in reducing wrinkles and grey spots. These kinds of spots are usually a direct result of deficiency of vitamins and minerals inside dermis along with pores and skin. For me the best anti aging remedy is Niacinamide cream because it helps me to retain moisture in skin..

    Homemade Anti-Aging Serum - Dr. Axe
  78. December 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    I can really see a difference!! You're so pretty! I'm going to check it out right now! :) xoxox.

    Anti Aging -
  79. November 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Doctors...especially those in this field, should be clean shaven. There is a charlatan taint with the facial hair on some of these fellows!.

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