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December 12, 2015

Comments about this video:
Rejuvena Anti Aging Moisturizer - Recapture Your Youthful Appearance #antiaging #moisturizer #skincare .
This is the kind of product that makes the 70's the new 50's. We're getting younger not older!.

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December 6, 2015
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December 9, 2015
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December 17, 2015
A Collection of Age Defying Secrets, tips and techniques on how to Reverse the Aging Process. Top Secrets on how to look and feel younger within days. i3
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December 20, 2015

Comments about this video:
I lOve all Your video's on anti aging they are my favorites! what are the best neck treatment/creams You would recommend most of us neglect our neck area, what do You think about the laser treatments that tighten the neck area thank You for sharing 😊.
Hi Brianna, I love your channel! So many helpful tips! I'm turning 32and started to notice fine lines under my eyes. Would you recommend retinol A products for my age I'm currently using a Vitamin C serum and anti aging serum. Moisturizer and sunscreen as my routine..

hi grt video and tips thx again hunn i have bht a retin a cream/retnol frm ebay how can i tell if its reall or fake i do use it now and then but not sure if its the real thing. dose any 1 else buy these creams frm ebay.

Vitamin pills do not work. I will never give up sugar. I look good btw - I balance out the damage caused by sugar with other things..
I always mean to carry around a big bottle of water with me! I really do need to start! I'm def going to pick up that Sesame seed oil too : ) Love uuuu XOXO. what are your thoughts on rodan and fields i tried it for 60 days and returned it today, because i was using retin a before that and thats cheaper. atis furlic acid and what does it do you look great im will be forty in a couple of months not looking forward to it n i have sagging skin near mymouth area what is good for firming or elasticity.
+Brianna Stanko This is the latest in anti-aging study. We are closer to being able to take a pill or tablet that can actually turn off the main switch that ages us while making us younger. You might find this interesting. What I find interesting was transfusing the blood of younger mice made the older mice's organs (including the hippocampus) and tissues younger. There have been rumors about celebrities "donating" blood and getting a younger person's blood in return. I don't know how true these rumors are but they don't look any older to me lol..
Hi Brianna.. I'm so glad I came across your channel, u are amazing.. My mum is 52years old and she has wrinkles on her face, dark circle, and a dry skin also her hands are soo dry and wrinkly. Please I need to know a complete face regime she can using.. And the best hand cream for her. I want Something not too hard for the face but can work well. Thank uu so much. Would really appreciate It if u reply please.thanks. . +FIGARO WEAR Thank you! There are many ways she can can email me at bristanko2 to figure out ;) XOXO. +Brianna Stanko hey brianna, thanx for this helpful in formation ,, i want to ask you about this product is it good sorry for my bad english.
I love your advise particularly about the eye area and how to treat it differently. I recently bought this anti aging device (the Tripollar Stop) and mainly bought it for getting rid of eye wrinkles. I've been combining the treatment (which is basically like a warm massage that boosts collagen production and increases the lost elasticity) with an anti eye wrinkle cream and finally I'm starting to loose those horrid crows feet lines. If anyone else wants to look into it, radio frequency devices have really hit the anti aging market lately, there are a few types, some can be painful but the one I used isnt at all painful just a warm sensation you can get them from stop2pose online. Keep up the great work Brianna! .
I just discovered your channel and subscribed immediately! Omg!! You're FLAWLESS! I'm so so happy I found a channel like this! Thank you so much for sharing your secrets with us! I hope I'll find some information about how we can take care of the under the eye area.. I have fine lines and looks so thin :/ Much love!.
Hi, your lashes look amazing along with your skin. Are you blessed with these lashes or extensions Do tell... Thanks!.
Can you please listed the entire products you are using in this video. I couldn't catch it. I'm hearing impaired. Many thanks. Hi, Bri I Loved that you included lots of everyday things in this anti-aging segment !! It really is a multilevel task to keep your self looking younger ;-) one thing if haven't tried is the sesame oil... I will pick some up for sure. You're looking Amazing as alway !! xo Stacy.
Love your videos!!! Have you ever tried the baby quasar Or TCA peels or microneedling If so, would love to hear about your experiences!!!.

Amazing video Brianna, I am totally obsessed with your anti-aging tips. Could you please recommend the best undereye makeup which doesn´t crease I have some fine lines in that area and my concealer tends to crease, and it makes me look a lot older than I actually am. Also do you still recommend dermarolling Thanks! xoxo.
You look gorgeous Brianna, so any tips you are offering I am taking. Got my pen and paper here taking notes! Hugs and Happy Holidays. You look amazing!! Ah I'm 27 and you look younger than me! lol. Love your channel and your tips!! Thank you so much xoxoxo. loved these tips!!! i have to try the sesame oil - i have it in my pantry and will pull it out!! xoxo :).
Love theses video. Thank you. I am loving my skinceutials skincare. Love the neocutis also. I love the fact that I can get great medical grade skincare without making a long trip to the dermatologist and bypass all the sales pressure. 😊. Would love a video on the glo minerals blushes, swatches Thanks. .
Oh yay, so glad you are loving everything too! Medical grade skincare is the best! ;)) Oh Glo Minerals makes AMAZING makeup, I love a lot of their products! ;)) XO Bri. Great advice as always Brianna, I just started really using a peel on my hands and the difference is amazing, they still look like old lady hands,lol,but just not quite as much!. Hi Brianna! These are such good tips! I loved this video. Keep them coming...Kathy.
Thank you so much Jessica, I do actually have a skincare video...I actually have done many ;)) But I just did my latest skincare routine not to long ago if you back track in my videos you will see it not far back ;)) XOXO Bri.
Bri, this is outstanding!! Good "reminders" to those of us who watch you regularly. I use Citrix Vit C cleansing pads (rather than a toner) after I wash my face, then apply CE Ferulic (or Phloretin C sometimes). Is that enough Vitamin C I have been using the Obagi Nu Derm on my hands as well as face. What a great improvement! I also use the Nectifirm on my hands...hee-hee-hee. I figure, if it works on my crepey neck, it must be good for crepey hands, right .
Thank you Anmette!! Yes the CE Ferulic is enough vitamin C, that is a great product! Good idea for the hands ;)) XO Bri.

I love your videos!!!! They are the best. I change my whole skincare bec of u, and my skin loooks amazing. 😍😘thank u.
I really like this type of video. I will work on getting the sesame oil. I have been using coconut oil. Is sesame better Also, your hair looks so shiny and healthy. What are you using on it. Sesame is best for skin..for sure try it! I have been using a bunch on my hair hahaha! Certain things I feel are working best though..I need to do a video on that!! I think I will film that coming up real soon ;)) XO Bri.
Great tips, Bri!! I need to get some sesame oil now! Love that eye palette, it really makes your eyes pop! Love you!! Xo Nicole .
The best eye cream is the skinmedica TNS eye repair...its AMAZING!! Here is the link to check it out Also you can use the brianna15 coupon code :)) XOXO Bri. Bri, Please do a get ready video on what makeup ur wearing in this video Ur using a lot of different products I haven't seen u use! I'm very interested! U look gorgeous as always! I have a quick 4 u; I have really bad milia that has started under my eyes what can help with that Why does it happen It had never been as noticeable till the last few weeks I have lots of little dots under my eyes, it looks like chicken skin! R my eyes dehydrated In the past I had used a gel from Ole Hendrickson that was targeted 4 it but it had done nothing at all 4 me & an eye cream that went with it. Have u ever heard of this product: ISOMERS Two-Piece Intensive Renew & Restore System for Eyes This is the website: XO, Jamie. Hi...first time viewer and subscriber! Would you please recommend any Retinol products, that you've used and liked I've never tried any, but am at the age now that I need some more help. I'd appreciate it...thank you:). Hi and thanks for joining me! I would highly suggest the Refissa. Its more easily tolerated on the skin and the results ar amazing with it! I have used this for a long time now. Here is the link to check it out Let me know if you have any questions ;)) XOXO Bri.
Bri, that cashew beige foundation color looks AWESOME! Your skin looks pore less!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that yogi tea!!!!!!!!!!!!! great info my friend :) love ya!.

Hello Brianna thank you so much from the heart for this video you are so beautiful and very adorable really bless you we watch you from Dubai and look always forward seeing your videos from United Arab Emirates really!.
Awe thank you so much! This comment means so much! Thank you for being here with me ;)) XO Bri. I just want to Thank You for these anti aging beauty videos you have been doing lately! I got the obagi nu derm system because of you and in 3 days i already see a huge difference! I also ordered the refissa from your site its supposed to be here any day now and i cant wait to use it! I just cant thank you enough!! Please keep up the good work! :* . +Annette Barletta Yes i agree i ordered that same eye cream based on Brianna's suggestion and i absolutely love it, and the price on com is very reasonable considering the extra 15% off Brianna is offering! For the same price i used to get another high brand eye cream and the results ive seen in 3 days with the Neocutis one doesn't even come close! We just have to trust everything Brianna suggests, im a true believer now! I also would rather spend a little more money on skincare than makeup cause with good skin any price makeup will look amazing!.
+Brianna Stanko Thank-you so so much. I will be ordering some. From sounds of other's that have used this, this stuff is Amazing!! Thanks Brianna & Thanks to all the others who commented. Be talking with you soon Brianna!!.

Great tips something I have been doing for the last twenty years is treating my elbows like I do my hands I feel really good about my elbows too cause there are so many out there that would point out your elbows in a heartbeat lol!!! You look so great today !!! Hugs Debbie.

Great Video! Didn't know about the sesame Oil, Good to know. I need a Great Miracle Eye Cream Please! Hereditary Dark under eye circles, fine lines, wrinkles, eye area very thin skin, I am in my 50's, Yikes. The rest of my face is actually very good, its my eye area that really needs help. Suggestions Please.. Thanks for sharing this with us, very helpful info..
I just received my order - super fast shipping!! Thanks for the samples, and I'm so excited to try all my new products. I put in a second order because I forgot 2 items. You ladies need to order from this company! The product lines carried are cutting edge in the skincare industry. . Excellent video, I am adding some things to my winter skin care and you gave wonderful tips and suggestions. Thank you so much, Brianna!!!.
ok i feel like a dummy i just sawthe post before you said hitting 35 you look 25 im sooo jealous lol you know what you are doing... i love your videos so what should you use retinol and vit c and hyaluronic acid so many products what to use ahhhh... have you had any botox fillers or any other work done bc your FLAWLESS! GO PLAY THAT BEYONCE SONG GIRL!!!!.
Lol thank you!! Ido get botox, just a little around my eyes ;) So for hyaluronic acid, right now I am using the skinceuticals hydrating b5 gel and I LOVE it!!! And the vitamin c Im using is the skinceuticals c e ferulic and its amazing as well! Best, best products!! And yes a retinol or tretinoin at night :)).
you look flawless so beautiful even without makeup your hubby is such a lucky man you are ageless...i was considering botox for the number 11 i can't get rid of but i'm afraid of needles how was it does it hurt when you mean around your eyes do you mean where where crow feet happen what brand derma roller you use bc the younker one u wrote in the description box is red and the one u used was green thanks i was watching this clarisa patterson and to do facial exercises im looking into but she denys any botox or filler at over 50 what do you think given you have had it her face does not look like it moves my friend who is esthetician says she had to have botox and filler, i just don't want to expect to have results like her from exercises facial alone bc that would be unrealistic what is your opinion, i just can't stand it if someone lies and deceives their subbies hey we all need help i would do it too bc sometime creams exercises food etc does not overcome the forces of gravity on earth. she said i was being neg. for asking about if she had work done and she uses a size 5.0 mm dermaroller that is scary and every 2-3 days if you look at her dermaroller video..i mean im not expert but it does look like her skin is so taught it does not budge as my friend says that is what botox does she does not have one wrinkle im going to be 40 in aug and have tons more sagging jowls and wrinkles crows feet number 11 and when smiling lines ;( let me know what you think i trust your opinion.
If the oil has been refined then the nutrients have been removed/no longer bioavailabile in the . Yes your right, I meant unrefined...thats what I use. I didnt catch that I said that until you just mentioned it ;).

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December 11, 2015

Comments about this video:

The first woman looks 50 to me so only slightly younger than her age of 54, the second woman I would have thought 70 and the third younger woman...she looks 37 just like the audience said lol. So 2 out of 3 of them look older than their age...

My wife Elsie is 87 and she is better looking than all these women put together. I'm off to get laid..

+theory816 Usually most of the visible aging is a result of sun exposure. People with more melanin are better protected from the effects of sun damage and that's why (all factors constant), people with darker skin will age better than those with lighter skin. Having said that, factors such as diet, smoking, drinking, disease etc also affect how old we look. But if you take a black person and a white person and expose to the exact same factors, the black person will appear younger later in life because of better natural sun protection..
+theory816 I hope so...cause seing Annette Larkins gives big hope that taking care of health will also make you look good at least till your seventies...but then everybody says it´s because sh´s black skin which is better for ageing...snif sniff Hope we can all age as nicely, radiantly. I heard of a lot of anti ageing products, and i am looking for sometime, they are usually expensive, but i found a cream that delivers free trial, so i commanded one, and it works.. this is the one:, if you know some results, please tell me. it does works for me.

Good Housekeeping - Recipe Ideas, Product Reviews, Home...

December 15, 2015
Astronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of magnesium. Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by: Cody L Tags: astronaut research, anti-aging properties, magnesium i9
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December 7, 2015
Murad skin care products, including acne treatments and Resurgence anti-aging products. Get customer product reviews, free samples and free shipping. i10
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December 19, 2015
Astronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of magnesium. Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by: Cody L Tags: astronaut research, anti-aging properties, magnesium i11
Murad Skin Care Products | Official Murad Site

December 16, 2015

Comments about this video:
+Sandra Harris You cannot get rid of wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle creams work by tightening ur skin for a few hours, which is not good in long-term as ur skin gets more loose. The ONLY way to get rid of wrinkles is either by fillers such as botox or surgery. When being young, using a serum, moisturizer and sun cream are ur best topical wrinkle preventing weapons :).
Best Anti-Aging Tip is 'Meditation'. Proven by those who meditate, they all look much younger. I, myself meditate for over 25 years and in my 53, people say I look 35... of course I do yoga and I am vegetarian for 27 years. I never smoked and never taken alcohol in my life. No matter what products you use, and what kind of diet you have, if you don't connect with your 'higher self' it won't work. Because, soul is a source of energy and it is timeless, always full of joy... It is Love itself and energy of Love is forever young. It slows clock down when you live in that vibrational frequency. You can control your thoughts and emotions. Meditate to connect to your soul to be always happy, relaxed, stress free... Balance your 'trinity' - Body / Mind / Soul. Love and Light! PS: And It is Free!.

Go to this website that is where you can buy Phytocermides from. I have reduced my wrinkles since I have I have been taking the pills..
Brenda I ordered my bottle from the same website. I have a lot less wrinkles since I have been taking the pills every night before I go to bed.. Eat organic, be happy, give lots of love. I am a great grandmother and this photo is not that old I have recent on my page. I do not smoke, I do not eat meat. I take care of my health. Love his shows. TCM is based on the 2 manifestations of qi (Yin and Yang). If those 2 manifestations are in balance, then our health is excellent. Where and what is the qi qi is the mitochondrial energy status of each cell's metabolism. Every function in the human body is controlled by 2 opposite manifestations of the same qi energy (a) excitatory and (b) inhibitory. Just like the pH in between acidic and alkaline mediums whereas Yin is basic and Yang acid. Yin is reductive and antioxidant (cold) where Yan is oxidative and energy producer and consumming. In our brains we have Gaba and serotonin (Yin) while epinephrine and dopamine (Yang) play opposites. In a case of vitamins and/or minerals deficiency our body (as proposed in the Triage Theory) a compensatory process based on a self cannibalistic appropriation of vitamins from the manufacture of non vital proteins are removed and reassigned to more essential ones involved directly in our short term survival and reproduction (perpetuation of the species). What is the limiting or inhibitory force capable of inhibiting the Triage effect (a) the immune system's ability to destroy malfunctioning cell mutations (NKs, T cells) (b) our own cell's apoptotic self program or suicidal process. If those 2 systems (qi by nature) are overwhelmed by a strong Triage effect (self cannibalistic appropriation of nutrients needed to support them) then chances are that fatal diseases like cancer find the conditions needed to develop. Years before cancer could be detectable, a steady increase of cell apoptosis, weakening immune system and mal nutrition are likely to precede unchecked. In Physics we have the E-M force (for example), it is the same energy (electron) manifesting itself in two completely opposite ways. Taking this very simple to understand example, it's easy to understand that the energy (qi) comes in the magnitude of the frequency while the intensity of it is the result of the power of the source itself. In the particular case when health is compromised by X factors the frequency of the qi begins to fluctuate followed by a slow decreasing in its intensity. Depression, anxiety, fatigue are the first symptoms of the Triage, then sleep disturbances, brain fog and even allergies follow behind..
This man deserves the Nobel Prize! Through good eating we become intelligent and it is this intelligence that allows us, as individuals, to make the choices that lead to forgiveness, self acceptance and ultimately, contentment. Blessings to name covered, for in blessing we are blessed, and thank you Good Housekeeping, for in giving thanks we approach The Most High..
Go on the Ketogenic lifestyle !! It will help you a lot more then pills and creams that really don't work..
Consumer beware: I recently ordered a free sample of Duplicell P199 with $10 shipping and handling charge, and my wife used it for over three weeks, but it didn't work at all. After our trail period was end, our credit card was automatically charged additional $89.95. This company doesn't want to refund your money. Consumer beware!!!.
+sql2xl Thats an awful story, i order my products through piping rock for sure the best deals for various supplements..
Go at 22 to bed. Eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed Dont have to much sex Dont hear agressive or depressive music Dont use bad words Dont think dark Pray three times a day Sing sing sing Hygiene Laughing 15 Minutes a day drink water 2 l a day move your body rest no alcohol, coke, mars, snickers, tabbacco, drugs So all things which make fun for selfdestruction..
I wish I could find a man as warm hearted, smart and caring as him. And looks amazing for a 53 years old man.. sports sports, active lifes egg,meat,fruits,real butter,greens,olives,omega3,good sleeps,good sex,water,no smoke no much alcohol are all for you good ways,star today and stop sugar and white breads.... Hi name covered send me is LifeCell so I could test it on my eyes and face for my wrinkles I appreciate you could send me a sample today thank you me sasap. . #antiagingskincare products can certainly make a difference in our appearance. Choosing the favorites among top dermatologists, plastic surgeons and their celebrity clients is most important. Thank you for this informative video. .
I hear that apple stem cells, chaga and ganoderma are extremely beneficial for skin aging and internal health. So much so that they're being put in the world's highest quality anti-aging products and supplements such as that Iaso brand. All of their products are of supreme quality, very affordable and NOT mass produced. You have to special order so that tells a lot right there. I use their detox tea and lost a LOT of weight with it and QUICKLY! Very good product. Try them out. You will NOT be disappointed! Let me know if you need their info..

One can never stop the aging process hard as humans try yes one can live longer but how long once any human gets to 85 to 90 then any human cannot expect to look and feel like you are 21 all over again truth is once any human gets to that point in life thats it that is the truth, read about it in Gods word...the bible.
this is good, but i think the most important factor for longevity is your genetic make up. i know a guy who has been smoking since age 14 and he is 92 years old and he doesn't know anything about these things.. name covered is nothing more than a modern day snake oil salesman who uses modern media to sell his wares rather than a horse drawn cart.. Do NOT BUY NOVUS V facial serum..their $5 trial is bogus! You will be charged $98 after 14 days AND automatically enrolls you in their recurring purchase agreement. You will have to pay $1.95 to cancel your subscription. What a RIPOFF! My 83 year old mother fell for this SCAM. Shame on you NOVUS and shame on the name covered show for recommending this shady company!.
the best antiaging system proabably now is the one from Not too expensive but very,very efficient,you can try it by worked by me.
Great tips, name covered! There are some great aesthetic procedures that can be done to correct aging skin and maintain a more youthful appearance: I FEEL THAT EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE ADVISE FROM name covered, HE IS A DOCTOR THAT CARE, ESPECIALLY WHEN IS TO PEOPLE.. HOW MANY PEOPLE AROULD THE WORLD THAT CAN'T EFFORT TO PAY DOCTOR VISIT BECAUSE IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE OR DON'T HAVE INSURANCE.. SERIALLY WHY'S SO MANY PEOPLE DIE SO YOUNG, BECAUSE NO ONE FOLLOW OR CARE FOR THEM SELF AND NOT TAKE ADVISE THAT WE GET IT FREE FROM DOCTOR, NOT FOR NOTHING BUT IT TIME TO GROW UP AND TAKE CARE YOURSELF, LIFE IT TOO SHORT AND YOU ONLY LIFE ONE TIME.. GOD BLESS THE WORLD. name covered I REALLY LOVE YOU SPEAK AND IS GAVE ME LOTS TO KNOW, THANK YOU... KEEP GIVING THE PEOPLE MORE TO KNOW WHAT'S BEST FOR HEALTH.... 1) hypertension cause blood pressure 2) smoking 3) the diet that i love: produce, veggie, fruit with rich color 4) stress management system. God I hate name covered... lol He really has nothing new to offer to the conversation. What a typical M.D. . Fish oil is rancid. Just type "Fish Oil Rancid" into your search engine and read all the reports on it. If you have them at home, open one of the capsule up and smell it. Fish oxidises once they are taken out of the water.. Sardinia, Costa Rica, etc... "they have one thing in common"... no, it's not community, although it is JUST a part of life in those places (the elder are highly regarded for their knowledge and contribution to life)...what they don't do unlike the rest of us in the US is...they don't poison themselves with "modern, advanced" medicine as we do! (or send their elder to die off in an "substandard way as we do in those adult care centers.") They will choose herbal or natural medicines before they chose to use synthetics. Our bodies are 100% natural, they are not made up of synthetic drugs. Wake up people, support your body, don't burden it with the un-natural laws of modern medicine. name covered, those bags under your eyes are telling you something... if unchecked cancer is in your future. Food for thought. Oh what a really good PR team and the right connections can do...influence masses of people and steer them slightly so away from the truth so they feel good about their ill state of health and feel they are doing what they should because the famous doctor on TV says so. People went crazy over name covered's segment on Red Raspberry ketones and his expert panel. The expert on his panel...a personal trainer who trained a celebrity and because of that little fact of having trained a celebrity - made them as expert. People, the media is manipulating you. If you train a celebrity you automatically become an expert So, if I teach name covered to do a sit up, does that make me the next fitness guru People, do your own research. DO your own research, follow the money and be surprised. . reading all your comments is so stressful..grrr...ok let me put in practice what MY doctor OZ said...before I strangle all of you! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. name covered great person. But he is a Muslim. Islam is an ideology for those you don't know is keeping non believers not knowing. You know very well in Quran it says about right hand posses, you know in haddith it says about 72virgins in paradise. In Quran it also says earth is flat, beating and sexual slavery is permitted. Apostates leaving Islam is punishable by death. Please anyone tell me which religion permits this in the name of god/Allah. Only Islam. Why for 1400years, Islam caused fear, death and destruction for humanity. Do you think the real god would want people killing and cause conflict to other innocent people. Please muslims read the Quran and haddiths and compare with other religions. Christianity says to show comfort and love your enemy. God created Jesus to communicate to us, heaven is a pure holy place no sex no pain only love and peace. Because it's spirit not physical world. So we all need to pray and ask the real god to reveal us to him and relationship with him, so I ask this question today....
Could you NOT HACK my pinterest account, please It´s the second time, I haven't money and job, so let me enjoy the pinterest in peace..
Guru What a joke. With all of his Health Tips...he looks older than his age..he gets a cancer scare with a precancerous poly and calls it "dumb luck saved his life" and anyone is listening to this guy I wouldn't take advice from him if he were the last doctor on the planet. He's an example that his advice DOESN'T work. And the colonoscopy is routine. He was suppose to be doing it yearly. He should know that!.
Actually name covered is very likeable and comes off as sincere. His advice is very conservative and correct. Finding a pollup and removing it before it becomes cancerous is extremely true. Getting a yearly colonoscopy along with lab work is only done if you have cancer concerns. Usually, getting it every 3-4 years after 50 is what is recommended if you seem healthy. YOU seem kinda bitter and its sad .

in response to carolyn f. i'm assuming you watch name covered show a lot to be able to make such a harsh covered works long and hard to bring the information from experts and yes he does look tired at times not unhealthy i'am as so many people grateful for dr.Oz and the work he does for the health of people there should be more doctors like him!....
Fortunately, I love blueberries and broccoli! I like what name covered says at about 5:10: "If your heart doesn't have a reason to keep beating, it won't." True...true....
I'm 60, and in this photo I'm 60 too, but really disappointed the doctor forgot the Blue Zone here in the US. It is where I live, but we live on fruits and vegetables, are vegetarians here in Loma Linda, and drink water...lots of water. name covered is cute, but too old for women in the Blue Zones. My fiancé is 37..

This guys is sold on information that is being pushed by the big pharms, 1) YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO REDUCE YOUR CHOLESTEROL!!!!! This is the biggest lie of all time. Research Stephanie Sennef's and Duane Graveline's stuff. Cholesterol is needed..., to form memories in the brain, ensure ALL cell wall integrity, is the root pathway for ALL HORMONES, and there is no good or bad cholesterol - there is only one type, and tests show that people who come into hospitals with heart attacks 75% had their cholesterol as normal and 50% has their cholesterol levels perfect. CHOLESTEROL IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE!!!!! 2) MULTIPLE HIGH QUALITY TESTS EVERYWHERE SHOWS NO BENEFIT TO OMEGA 3 especially in the area of COGNITION! And Omega3 consumption has been linked to prostate cancer in MEN! 3) Exercise yes, but not long duration cardio, it must be in intense short bursts. Long duration of low impact cardio type exercise has been linked to shorter telomeres, which SHORTEN LIFESPAN!!! do you know that the average couch potato, lives longer than the average athlete or medical physician HIITS everyone HIITS!!! .
Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check them out and will get back to you! +soneelita I don't know unfortunately :/ You should probably ask your GP. There is a recommended time and type of exercise (for instance, I've been told that I shouldn't be jogging or lifting weights) for your age, gender, medical background etc. /I know what you mean :/ Same here. It's not enough but I don't have any free time because of uni.. +Colin Maharaj So...I guess I shortened my telomeres while in Paris for 2 weeks I walked 9 to 10 hours every day for 2 weeks, from 10am to 7 or 8pm. I was shocked to discover, upon my return home, that I had lost only 2 pounds (it felt like 10!); the new clothes that I had purchased right before the trip no longer fit as I had lost A LOT of inches over those 2 blissful weeks in the most pedestrian-friendly city on earth. I had walked off all the bulges, the visible (and palpable) excess around my midsection. And I slept like a baby every night, even amid blaring French police sirens...nothing like a 'walking vacation' works miracles for one's waistline. However, I can achieve my absolute peak of fitness ONLY through a balanced combination of aerobic (walking, not running) exercise & resistance training (Pilates flex bands & weights) & a minimum of 6 hours of sleep.. nothing new about what he said ,but, he forgot to add that Sugar, salt,are two of the worst things you can eat,and its not just your greens that good for you..eating a bowl porridge a day will reduce your cholesterol by twenty per cent.also he forgot to add the cigarettes and alcohol!. Drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, exercise, eat well, love others, love yourself and you will live a youthful, healthy life!.
name covered, looks pretty healthy to me, we will always have haters its just a part of life. He is giving out valuable information. Don't hate participate..

Astronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of...

December 18, 2015
Anti-Aging Therapy. What Is Anti-Aging Therapy? Modern theories of aging are generally looked at in two theoretical ways; the damage theories and programmed theories. i13
| Anti-Aging News

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December 23, 2015

Comments about this video:
So the secret for your flawless skin is out!!! I'm gonna have to check it out! I personally use "only" Retinol by Paula's choice. I'm checking out her channel as well and subscribe too! What a beautiful box- so sad the pearls fell off. 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 you are so beautiful my dear and your selection of jewelry always gets me! That necklace is a dream and you are so elegant my dear! ❤️❤️❤️ Sissi. +Sissi Nuthman (Beauty4Free2U) Good Morning my Beautiful Sissi, thank you so much for stopping by and I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Oh these creams have really been game changers for my skin, I have noticed such a difference in just 6 weeks that I absolutely had to share. Hope you are having a great week my sweet friend. Love ya bunches!! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo. I am so sorry you had to have gum surgery. I can only imagine how awful that was. I hope things will get better and you won't have to have anything else done. You have the most beatiful and glowy and young looking skin. It's just flawless. I appreciate you sharing this. I'm off to see the channel you mentioned! Love you lots! Melissa. +Melissa55 Bon Matin ma belle Mélissa, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. I hope you have a fabulous week and remember that I adore my beautiful Southern Belle!!! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo.
Good morning beautiful Nathalie! I really enjoy your videos they are always so informative! You look absolutely stunning like always. I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful products, i'm just really getting into layering, through the years i've been taught a little differently. Have to check out Clarissa's channel as well, have a good weekend!.

+Lily Seymour Good Morning my Beautiful Goddess Lily, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Hugs, Nathalie xoxo.
Too bad for the lettering but I am really pleased that I was able to touch your soul because you've touched mine also ♥ Great video.. Very informative.. Love the precious info about all your skin care routine. Friendship really is a GEM xo. Good Morning, Nathalie! What beautiful gifts Natalie sent you, and how thoughtful of her. I thoroughly enjoyed our little visit here today and it was a great way to start my Sunday morning! Your skin looks absolutely beautiful! I will check out both of the women you mentioned. I hope you're feeling better after your dental work. Gum grafts sound painful. Have a wonderful week ahead, my beautiful friend! Sending you lots of love and big hugs! xox Colleen :-). +MsCavalier01 Good Morning my Beautiful Colleen, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Love you to pieces!! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo. Bonjour Nathalie! A cup of coffee with you this morning And I'm in Paradise! Natalie is So generous ! Thanks you for this informative vidéo of skincare! Big Hugs ! Xoxo Nathalie.
+Nathalie (BeautyOver40) Bon Matin ma belle Nathalie, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Bisous, Nathalie xoxo.

Good morning, Ivana! I did notice your skin looked smoother when I started watching. I'm going to go check out the products, I need a miracle! That notebook is gorgeous! I hope the rest of your dental work goes well. Love and hugs Joan.
+junbug1029 Good Morning my Ms Sharon Stone, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Love you to pieces!! Hugs, Ivana xoxo. I Love Clarissa. She is a Hoot and definitely a world of info. I have been checking into her products to see what else we can do to remain GORGEOUS!. LOL I am subbed to both and it's quite entertaining. You look FAB today my lady. Are you still doing the glycolic in your routine As usual, you have made my day. Love you my gorgeous sweet sista. Have a wonderful weekend. Take care of you. Big HUGS! xoxo Sharon. +Sharon Capehart Good Morning my Gorgeous & Glam Diva Sista, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Yes my mission is to seek the fountain of youth, and you are coming along with me girlfriend LOL... Yes I still use the Glycolic every day, I forgot to mention it in my video, but I will be doing an updated full skincare routine in a couple of weeks and will be better prepared!! Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Love you to pieces!! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo.
Nathalie..what wonderful gifts...I have watch Clarisa for some time now..and you are right...she has taught me so much..I have the Cacay Oil and I love it...she is so good at answering all my questions...She looks wonderful too!! You look pretty too!!! Hugs and Love Loretta.
+MrsLoretta Good Morning my Beautiful Mrs Loretta, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video and I am so happy to hear that you are already on the Clarisa bandwagon, she is awesome and such a wealth of knowledge. Happy Monday my sweet friend. Much love & hugs, Nathalie xoxo. Aloha Nathalie! I'm revisiting this video and wanted to make a comment on your Him. Salt Crystal Lamp, having had them before. Yes, they are beautiful and supposedly help neutralize potentially damaging "energy" emitting from computers, cell phones, etc. These lamps need to be on ALL the time. If you turn them off, the salt literally dissolves and eventually you have a mess! Take care...malama pono.... Good morning, Nathalie! A beautiful sunny, but cool, one here in Seattle. Malama pono...literally means Take care...BE in balance... And how can we NOT. Divinely created, BALANCE comes with our DNA territory! :))).
Hello there beautiful!!! Nathalie i will be honest, when i was watching your last couple videos, i noticed your skin was looking more vibrant and let me tell you. I have always thought and felt you have wonderful skin in general, thanks so much for sharing with us. This sounds wonderful, and i know skincare should come first before makeup. Without a good skincare, your makeup won't go on and look as good :) Love and blessings to you, have a wonderful day. xoxoxo.
+All That Beauty With Lori Good Morning my Beautiful Lori, thank you so much for stopping by and I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Oh these creams have really been game changers for my skin, I have noticed such a difference in just 6 weeks that I absolutely had to share. Have a great week my sweet friend. Love ya bunches!! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo. so glad to hear you're doing so well after your surgery! and you're looking wonderful, your skin is gorgeous. thanks for recommending channels, I have subscribed to them both. have a beautiful week! 💜💜💜.
+Margo Porras Good Morning Margo, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Hugs, Nathalie xoxo.
Hello Nathalie! Glad to see you're back. I enjoyed your video with a cup of coffee. That was a sweet thank you package you received and thanks for sharing the anti-aging products. have a blessed day, weekend and week ahead! :). +Ann Robinson (Awesome2beAnn) Good Morning my Awesome Ann, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Hugs, Nathalie xoxo. hey pretty lady, sorry I'm behind on watching, you know why ~~~ What a fabulous package to be sent, the notebook looks wonderful and that lava lamp is awesome! I love the sound of the cream you mentioned that is like Retin A, but it sounds like she only ships to the U.S.A & Canada, but what a great offer she has given. Your skin always looks flawless, I could never afford to purchase all those items to help my skin but I'm doing what I can ~~ You look beautiful as always and I love your FOTD, always perfection :) I hope you are having a great day my sweet friend, I love you bunches and I will check out the channels you mentioned, big hugs, Susan xoxo.
+Susan Fraser Good Morning my sweet Bestie from across the pond, my apologies for the late reply, I don't know how I missed your comment... I am in the process of editing my video which will be going up in a couple of hours. Thank you so much for stopping by, especially since I know that it is not easy for you to sit at your computer, I so appreciate it. I love you my sweet friend. Big hugs from across the pond, Nathalie xoxo.
You look fabulous! Will check out both Natalie's and Clarissa's channels. Thanks for sharing your newly found 'fountain of youth'! Lorna.
+lobiddibol Good Morning Lorna, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Hugs, Nathalie xoxo.

Just copied and pasted my reply which is marked 21 hours ago lol -here it is Well woo woo my wee houndstooth honeysuckle - not what I called you on the phone heehee - you look gorgeous and yes your skin does look plumper, plumpier, full of plumpness - it works!!!!!! Lovely gifts from the other Nathalie - this Clarissa really sounds amazing and I am sure you have helped many gals do wonders for their skin - I know what a mushball you really are and totally enjoyed this video - Happy Saturday!!!!! love you beaucoup xxxxx Suzy the Floozy, who used to be Boozy and feeling Woozy - unable to do the Watusi and feeling all Schmoooooozie :O) Reply ·.

+Suzy Clancy Darren is laughing is head off, I just read him your comment... I love you so much, thanks for always being there for me and for loving me for who I am. Huge hugs from my house to yours from your Tinkerhead xoxo.

Hi Lovely. It is coffee for me today as it is so early. I will go over and check out Natalie. Oh how lovely of Natalie to send all those beautiful gifts. Wow the products sound fantastic..
+Ada Solly Styling Good Morning my Beautiful & Elegant Ada, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Have a great week my sweet friend. Hugs, Nathalie xoxo.
Hello my lovely Lana!! Now your secret is out as to why you've had such a glow about you! :) TFS all the wonderful information. I'll have to check out both channels you mentioned today. They sound like lovely ladies. :) So happy that your dental work went well is healed. :) Too bad you have to go back in November for more work.:( UGH! So glad you now have the LMP2 and your eye look is so pretty. Can't wait for the tutorial! So glad to see you again today. :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!! Big hugs!! xoxoJanet.

+Janet H Good Morning my Beautiful Janet, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Yes the cat is out of the bag LOL, those two creams have made my skin so smooth and plump in just six weeks, I am so impressed. Oh I am loving my Lorac MegaPro2, it is a fabulous palette with endless combos!! Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Love you to pieces!! Hugs, Lana xoxo.

Her bio and credentials are not available anymore..The link doesn`t work on one and the other page...It either moved or doesn’t exist anymore. :(.

+Kelly McKelly Hi Kelly, I think I may have copied them incorrectly, just go on her site and if you send her a comment and she will provide them for you. Thanks for watching and I hope you have a great week. Hugs, Nathalie xoxo.

+ADoseOfPaula Good Morning Paula, thank you so much for watching and for subscribing, I just went over and watching one of your videos and I too subbed. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Nathalie xoxo.

Hello Nathalie I'm new to your channel and so far I love every thing you post. I noticed your hands and they are beautiful. I want to know your hand routine. Thanks..
+Claribel Velez Good Morning Claribel and welcome to my channel, I post a new video every Saturday morning at 5:30 AM and I am looking forward to getting to know you. For my hands what I do is I use a homemade scrub every other day, it is a combination of coconut oil and sugar with a little bit of lemon juice to banish any age spots, scrub my hands for 2-3 mins and rinse!! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo.
+Nathalie TheBeautyDiva Thanks for the beauty tip, I live in Puerto Rico an island in the Caribbean, I am 52 years and menopause is giving me a little hard time with skin problems, age spots and dry hands, face etc. Looking for tips and skin care tips in Youtube found your channel, I like it and enjoy your videos they are very informative. Thanks for sharing such great info. Have a bless day..

Look at you, lovely Nathalie! Your skin does look fabulous. Thanks for sharing your new products! ~Glory B..
+HowToDoStuffWatchHre Good Morning Glory, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Hugs, Nathalie xoxo. Hi Nathalie..!!! So glad to have your back. I know you are going to enjoy all those wonderful gifts. So glad you are enjoying your new skin care addition. I am just getting over some issues with my own skin. A week or so ago, I tried some rose hip oil on my face...and the results were really not what I I had a horrible reaction from plucking my brows especially on the right I have been sort of a mess...maybe I am a wuss when it comes to Retin A and retinol...I don't know...but I do have very sensitive skin...I had a horrible reaction to Retin A back in the late 80' these products just may not be for me. I think I am going to stick with the program I had been following before I added the rose hip oil and try to get things back to normal. I definitely don't think now is a good time to add anything new or try anything new. You look beautiful...the Lorac palette is gorgeous...I think I will pass this palette up...I have an earlier Lorac Pro palette the long and skinny one...and it is very nice. I also have the matte and metallic palettes from Lorac...and they are nice, too. I can hardly wait to see your tutorial...!!! Thanks for sharing your great skin care find...your certainly something is working...!!! Much love, Wanda xoxo :D. Good Morning Gorgeous, yes your skin is supposed to peel as your cells turning over, however my suggestion to you is cocktailing your oil with your night cream or serum, just combine the two together and that will ease up on the peeling. I love you my sweet friend, please believe me when I tell you that I truly cherish our friendship. Hugs, Nathalie xoxo. Nathalie, THANK YOU so much for your suggestion...I will do that...!!! Know that I feel the same way about you...I truly cherish our friendship...and I look forward to your videos so much...!!! No matter what you present, your presentations are are such a role model...who would not enjoy your channel...!!! There are always going to be those who we bond with more than others...but I certainly think you and I have bonded...and it makes me SO HAPPY...!!! Take care my beautiful diva...!!! You are so special to me...!!! xoxo Wanda :D.
I havé à Huge cup Of Delicious Paul De Lima Coffee ( from Syracuse, New York ). I love houndstooth ! May i Ask, do You follow àny spécial diet or so You enjoy french /Montreal style cuisine We visited Montreal / Québec multiple Times.. I havé so many wonderful mémories. Shopping at Olgivey's, Holt's ( tge point Of référence ). Lunch at Hôtel de la montagne etc And many others. My good friend lives in Westmount.. She uses Mac cosmetics, Annick Goutal, Fresh Perfumes And is a lifelong Erno laszlo devotee ! So good to see You ! I am loyal to la mer skincare And Chanel sublimage, modtly. I do Like By Terry And guerlain. For me, i choose to invest in my face And body First And Wear The same handbag or Coat... I Think whatever You Go, You must réceive compliments on yout look which can be summarized as radiancd ! May i Ask, did You ever show is photos Of yout béloved Mother or Sister ( Estee Lauder ) I hope i did Not miss It if You did. See you soon, Madelyn.
+Madelyn5454 Good Morning my Beautiful Madelyn, thank you so much for stopping by and having a cup of coffee with me, I am so glad you enjoyed my video. OH my dear Madelyn, we have so much in common, first of all I do not follow a diet whatsoever, I enjoy my French/Montréal style of cuisine way too much and life is too short LOL. I too much prefer investing in my skincare and makeup, the rest I make it work... a nice classic designer handbag never goes out of style, same with classic outfits... I just freshen them up with scarves and jewelry. I did do a video last Christmas in honour of my mother, I will see if I can find it and post the link for you. Happy Sunday my sweet friend. Love you to pieces!! Hugs, Nathalie xoxo Here's the link I was talking about both! Lol. Clarisa products and the Japanese hot towels, thanks for the 20% coupon, yeaaaaaaaaa. Hey Tinker, looking gorgeous and the products sound fantastic. I will go over and check her out for sure. So sweet of Nathalie to send you such beautiful gifts. Sorry I am so late watching but my son is here this weekend so you know I am soaking up every little bit I can with him. I hope you have a great rest of the weekend my sweet friend. Love you, Scarlet xoxo.

Shocking: Novus Anti Aging Facial Serum SIDE EFFECTS!

October 24, 2015
Say goodbye to tired, dull skin & hello to a younger-looking you! Browse top anti-aging products including eye cream, serum, moisturizer & more at i1
name covered: Christie Brinkley talks anti-aging tips, Cindy...

October 31, 2015
Astronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of magnesium. Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by: Cody L Tags: astronaut research, anti-aging properties, magnesium i2
Xtend TK & Phytessence Wakame - Natural Skin Firming Creams

October 16, 2015
The No-Knife Eye Lift Age-proof your eyes with these turn-back-time tips and treatments i3
All About HGH Fitness And Anti Aging - HGH HELP

January 6, 2016

Comments about this video:
Oddly enough, I've been watching you for a while and I actually think you look younger now! Your skin and hair look really youthful. XO. Great tips about the chest and hands.I found Maxelder Argan Cream to be a pretty effective ( Official website w nyarganoil-c) natural beauty product. Using this once or twice regularly has improved the overall texture of my skin & look of my face It’s less dry and the wrinkles around my nose, mouth, and eyes have started to vanish slowly. Having a great experience with this cream so far and will continue to use it daily..
I also love Rosehip oil at night under my night cream my skin looks amazing in the morning I really should try to do it every night..

Cover FX drops are another excellent way to turn your favorite serums, moisturizers, primers or sunscreens into foundations. These are all excellent tips! Thanks so much .

Great tips. I am in my early 30s and I am getting more conscious of how I look. I luved the last tip - trying something new and getting out of comfort zone. I have really been a very average person just following what my mother used to do and my mother following what her mother did and so on. I know now and understand how much it helps to try something new, I have recently started a YouTube channel and I until now had doubts, but after watching your video, you really inspired me and I am going to continue contributing my time to my channel with more confident..

This is really a great video with a broader vision of what it means to really take care of yourself as time passes. Excellent suggestions!.

good tips jodi...especially the try something new thing!!! love you!! stepping out of your comfort zone is so refreshing...& you are never to old for bright lipstick I agree!!!.
I thought once you hit 30s no more pigtails...but this year I said ''f'' it.. pigtails if I feel like pigtails :). My tip that i have noticed making a huge difference is calming down with heavy eyeliner and using brown instead if black. Don't get me wrong there is always a place for black liner with the right look. However, for everyday wear, I feel a brown liner is so much more flattering on my skin tone and appears more youthful. I agree about adding a subtle luminosity in or before foundation it really gives a healthy glow to the skin. I also feel diet plays a huge part in our skins health too, i try too steer clear of any processed food, no added sugars and particularly caffeine seems to make my dark circles intensify I love green juices and beetroot always feel like my skin glows when i drink them..
It's Max Factor Color Intensifying Lip Balm in Refined Rose- huge favourite! Tutorial linked at end of video (doesn't show on mobile devices...) or look for a recent Fresh, Luminous Drugstore Tutorial. Have a great weekend! Xoxox.
+Lisa Archibald It's Max Factor Color Intensifying Lip Balm in Refined Rose- huge favourite! Tutorial linked at end of video (doesn't show on mobile devices...) or look for a recent Fresh, Luminous Drugstore Tutorial. Have a great weekend! Xoxox. +SwapSeasons Yes, you are right! Brows make such a huge difference! Amazing what a mm difference does here and there.. Great tips about the chest and hands. Being in my mid 20s, I don't think about what neglecting those areas are doing to me in the long term. I've put spf on them both. I've also done your last make up look as my make up today and love it. Will have to get the models prefer highlighter has it look stunning on you. As always Jodie, stay beautiful.. +Candice Williams Thanks Candice for this feedback! What you do now will pay in spades in years to come! So pleased you tried the look and it's working so well for you - YAY!! Definitely love the Models Prefer powders! : ) Have a beautiful day xo. +shody321 Thanks Shodes!! It's a fave for me : Max Factor Colour Intensifying Balm in Refined Rose. Awesome awesome formulation and great shade. +Lilli Fitz Yay! Thank you!! It's linked right at the very end of the video xoxo (or if you look on my channel, it's a Drugstore Tutorial named "Fresh, Luminous" something or other! Enjoy xoxo. Another great video :) I love watching your videos, you are so positive and I love hearing your opinion on everything makeup and skincare. Big thumbs up to you Jodi, please keep your videos and ig posts coming I think they're fantastic! Xx.
Thank you for posting this. I just had my 44th Birthday and I have been a wee bit depressed. Tomorrow I am going to get a box color to cover my evil grey hairs. I'm also gonna get a fun, bright lipstick. Thanks Jodi!!!.

+JenniferBlackStern Yay! Jennifer - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I am so delighted to read how you are going to celebrate with the hair colour and bright lipstick - I'll be thinking of you with a huge smile on my face! xoxo.
+Efpol So pleased you enjoyed! Thanks for taking the time to let me know and for watching and commenting for such a long time! it's so wonderful to see you name come up - puts a big smile on my face! Have a beautiful day xoxox. I've been a subscriber for a while and I adore your videos. I also love that you are a working mother like myself and that makes it so easy for me to relate to you and I take your recommendations seriously. Also another anti aging tip you forgot was to smile 😁😁😁. Everyone looks better when they smile! Keep up the great work and keep the videos coming!.
+Gabby Star Hi Gabby- thank you so much for taking the time to let me know what you relate to and why you like my channel- I really appreciate it! I had a young lady comment on a video recently saying I blabbed too much and that like all middle aged mothers (!) on Youtube, we all just blab blab blab because we have noone else to speak to and nothing else to do! If any young lady knew what is on one's plate as a working mother, they'd refrain from making such ridiculous comments. Ah the luxury of young naivety!! Hope she enjoys it to the fullest while she can! You are so so so so right. SMILING is so important! So is peace, happiness and gratitude - best anti-agers EVER!!!!! Have a great day xoxoox.
+Kristin Robertson ooh this is so funny! I used that today and it worked very well. Have also been enjoying a new Undereye Brightener (in a pot) from Becca - for color correction and hydration xoxo. this was so refreshing! getting sick of all the 'hauls' and eyeshadow tutorials that seem to be all beauty bloggers are offering at the moment! furthering your 'try different makeup/techniques point, learning how to apply shadow in a flattering way to hooded eyes can make a big difference! and taking up running, not only is it good for you but it leaves the skin beautifully flushed and brings the blood to the surface which makes it look more plump. Thanks for the vid jodie :).
+Kelsi Lee Yes! That's a great point! did you learn about hooded eye makeup application from anyone in particular I know +missmai27 has done some really helpful videos there. GREAT tip about Running and exercise in general- you make an excellent point!! Thank you xoxoxo.
Great video as always Jodi. Also, we must not forget that what we wear can make a huge impression on how we feel and how other people see us. Great classic good quality pieces can make the wold of difference on how old we look. Take care.. Such a brilliant vid Jodi! So positive and empowering and just made me smile. Thank you for just being you ps You are looking fabulous by the way, loving your lighter, shorter hair, very youthful 😘.
+Bek Beagle Aw Bek, thanks so much for your kind compliments, and for taking the time to let me know how this video made you feel - I'm so glad!! Wishing you a beautiful day and thanks for watching! oxoxoxo.

This is too funny, you getting gray. Not fair I got my first gray at 18. A few years ago I had a nervous breakdown and the whole right side of my head turned gray. Now have to color every month. 😩😩 great video..

+Chrissy2blovely I'm dreading the day. I'm allergic to hair dye, so a lot of care is needed as if it touches my scalp my head and face swells up and my scalp weeps- eeeeruuuuugghhh!! Not fun! I'm hoping to keep them away just a little longer then it'll probably be blond all the way - ha ha! Thanks - so pleased you enjoyed the video xoxo.
Thanks! I turn 31 in a couple of weeks and I'm noticing fine lines around my eyes when I smile 😭.
Nice video, very informative, and lovely makeup look.. Can you please make a video talking about under eye problems/skin care; and good concealers to use when you have under eye fine lines, dark circles or BOTH !!.
+Haneen Nouraldin Thanks Haneen! So pleased you enjoyed. Now under eye problems would be one one enigma. There are a couple (and only one or two) eye creams that I have enjoyed over the years and I'm constantly trying something new. My dark circles remain and so do my concealer creases... i wish that was an area I'd mastered, but alas I haven't! I will definitley keep you posted if I make some great discoveries!! xoox.
Think about tinted car windows, there's also a clear sunscreen version. Well worth the investment especially in sunny areas..

+Monika Lafasto OOOH Yes, that's a good point! My husband and I are always having arguments about whether you get UV damage through glass and tinting... A clear sunscreen version sounds like an excellent choice!!!! Living in on the west Australia we need all the help to protect from the sun we can get! xoxoxo.

IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation with Brush...

December 19, 2015
A Collection of Age Defying Secrets, tips and techniques on how to Reverse the Aging Process. Top Secrets on how to look and feel younger within days. i5
Anti-aging, Tips, Staying Young, Herbs, Teas, Food for...

October 26, 2015
Around the Web. The Anti-Aging Diet   Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory Foods, and More. Anti-Aging Skin Care: Best Beauty Products to Fight Wrinkles and... i6
4 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Will Instantly Turn Back...

December 24, 2015
Check out Jennifer Lopez's skin. Seriously, right now, take a minute to really examine how glowy and radiant her face is. Same for Julia Roberts. We could call it a... i7
Shocking: Novus Anti Aging Facial Serum SIDE EFFECTS!

November 23, 2015

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First anti-aging tip...Stop using make-up. But then again imagine being 50 years old and looking 20...who you trying to bluff.
everyone hii.I’ ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It ’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way...Great product!!.
Chiutips, I am a 79 year old gal and I find you delightful. I learn from the young all the time. I use a lot of different products with retinol is one of them. I also find a slant board is great for stimulation to the face and head. Coconut oil and vitamin E together is a great moisturizer. Thank you for your great knowledge..
can we friends and i want to know more a tips on how to care my face skin and body skin and etc. so can you add me on facebook TRISHA MAE M. DANDAN. hope you add me. and i'll accept you ! thanks for the tips .

The wrinkles and dryness in my skin has been a problem for the longest time and I never figured out a good solution After taking Maxelder argan cream ( Official website w...nyarganoil….c) for about 2 weeks, the wrinkles and dryness started receding and went away... This product does what it says!.
When i first applied of Maxelder Argan Cream i put on it into my finger and rub it slowly into my face and neck,I was surprise because i felt the warmed on my face and neck, and in a few minutes i feel my face became tighter and i love the way i feel,very smooth and soft. If you need it recommend w….nyarganoil..c. I was so excited when I researched information on the Shiseido Bio Performance Super Restoring Cream, but unfortunately it contains quite a bit of parabens. :(. Exercising almost every day is essential but it doesn't have to be an hour a day. Intensity is more important than a long time..
You are very pretty, love your sweet disposition and you are spot on with the self preservation tips... keep up the exceptional work....

Your tips are AMAZING!!! I love your channel!!!!! Facebook: Siera Niatrap Instagram: Sarahpartainrulez Your voice isn't annoying like other tutorial makeup channels. I genuinely admire you!!!! Keep working hard!!! 😊👍 .
I love your videos and I have only watched a few! I just subscribed, and all of your videos are so helpful and motivating! Thank you for making the end of my day happy!.
I'm not sure but ,if anyone else is searching for natural skin care try Revitol Amazing Skin Treatment (do a google search ) Ive heard some great things about it and my brother in law got excellent results with it. .
my secret is definitely to wear SPF 50 at all times! thank for the informative video, i learned a lot from you :) .
Green tea is a great anti ageing secret. It has antioxidants and nutrients in it that have beneficial effects on your body. This includes improved brain function, weight loss and a lower risk of cancer! :) :) x.
More ginger tea it is! :D I realize it too that sleeping on your side really ages your skin on that side. Funny story, whenever I sleep on my right side, i get monolids on that side. LOL. Never going to sleep with makeup on. And making sure to put SPF on neck chest and hands as well as face! :). Great tip on the Shiseido cream! Anything that works across 2 generations is good for me :) Hope that Arbonne line works out too!. I like using coconut oil because it's great for a soft skin. Also I don't have instagram, am I still eligible. Your grandpa is totally right :-) Day to day I love to drink warm water with citrus, it keeps my skin glowing, I would defenitely try to incorporate ginger in it. I love those kinds of old remedies and botanic cures, thanks for the video ^.^ . I always moisturise with coconut oil because it has vitamin E which helps for glowing skin, wear sunscreen, and eat lots of veggies and fruit high in anti oxidants which fight free radicals on your skin which cause wrinkles. I also love bee venom night cream to fight wrinkles.. I always put sunscreen on before leaving the house, but I'll have to say I'm a strong believer in your grandpa's wisdom of living a positive, happy life to maintain a youthful spirit :) . I try to drink 2 liters of water a day - I even have a morning and evening bottle! I also try to keep to a clean organic diet and catching the right amount of Zzzz….'s per night ;) .
My favorite anti-aging secret is drinking cucumber infused water and taking a day of the month all to myself. On that day, I take a longer bath, relax, do a homemade mask, and pamper myself :) thanks for the tips! Great video, like always! Xoxo.

Thanks for this video.. My number one anti aging secret is to NEVER go to sleep with any makeup on.. No matter how tired i am i have never ever in my life (i promise) gone to bed at night with makeup on.. .
I thout you would stop makeing videos.well if by any chance can you pick me if not then can you make alot of new videos i really look up to you.
Also as for the anti-aging tip I think the absolute most important thing, like you said, is to never stress out about anything. Especially things you can not change. Your grandfather seems like a very wise man 😄.
I missed you.thought you would never make new videos amd i would never see you again:( i dont want you to think that im just using you trist me im not like that but people use me. But Jen if you can can you pls pick me ive had you as a friend for many months your like a bff love you :-).

name covered: Christie Brinkley talks anti-aging tips, Cindy...

October 12, 2015
Astronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of magnesium. Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by: Cody L Tags: astronaut research, anti-aging properties, magnesium i9
Xtend TK & Phytessence Wakame - Natural Skin Firming Creams

January 7, 2016
The No-Knife Eye Lift Age-proof your eyes with these turn-back-time tips and treatments i10
All About HGH Fitness And Anti Aging - HGH HELP

November 19, 2015
The longevity and anti aging diet plan depends on you eating lots and lots of vegetables while cutting back on milk and cheese. Working more vegetables... i11
IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation with Brush...

October 22, 2015

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good for me! Anti-aging. I have already started to think of anti aging in my late teens. LOL! after so many years, I guess I need to level up my anti aging routine..

+WISHTrendTV not enough! How I wish I can stay young forever until the day I die.. like vampire. hahahahhha!.
Thanks for the massage tips! The one for around your eyes is so relaxing too. I added that Jeju recovery cream to my wish list 😁 P.S. Euni you always look cute. I love your edgy style.
i think u miss something! sun screen, having sun protection is an important skin care routine for anti aging too!.
I'd really like to purchase the eye cream you mentioned but unfortunately I can't since I don't have a credit card of my own, I can only purchase products from sites that allow Cash on Delivery. The site I use carries brands like Etude House, Lioele, Skinfood, Skin79. Do you recommend any eye cream from those brands I really need to use this type of product because I have a LOT of fine lines under my eyes..
Eunice, this style suits You so well! and the background colour is super beautiful:) Can please do a video on how to grow hair faster I had a hair cut in a silmilar time as You and now they aren't even half of Your hair lenght :(.
This video was very helpful. ^o^ But I had a question about where skin devices fit on the anti-aging timeline, devices like cleansing tools (clarisonic and foreo luna), microdermabrasion (PMD), facials and masks, chemical peels, anti-aging lasers, clarisonic opal, nuface, etc. For the most part, this video covered things that you could do yourself without having to buy expensive skin gadgets but I want to use both methods ^^.
I am only a young teenager however I have been to a specialist and she said that I have some scarring on my chin They look quite dark and appear underneath my skin.. any tips.

"It already feels like winter in korea" :( we still have temperatures in the 80s! (oh farenheit lol, yeah americas weird...).
Hi Eunice/Wishtrend crew, I'm planning to add the facial treatment essence into my routine. I've been using avtives (AHA, BHA, Vit C). How should I incorporate this into my routine and which should go first I'm using the COSRX toner, AHA and BHA. Hope you'll reply. Thanks.. Can you say something more about forehead wrinkles and smile wrinkles I am 21 but I can see wrinkles in these areas. I use moisturize and massage but I don't see any changes..
how old is she she sounds like she's in her late 20's also her hands and face's skin tone don't match lolol..

i have really bad inner eye wrinkle that looks like Itachi from Naruto and I have no idea how to improve its elasticity. Do you have any recommendations for that type of wrinkle I have tried a few eye cream already but with no results. ) :.
I'm 30 and my skin is super oily! i think i can't use any of elishacoy's skin rapairing nail stuff because its say is for dry skin. What products can i use i'm very worried about aging.. Hi my name is saira and I live in New York City and I wanted to know if the products you mentioned are available anywhere in the city .
+saira rodriguez Hi Saira! Thank you for your comment. All the products mentioned in this video are available at We provide worldwide shipping, so you'd be able to get these products easily!.
the cocoon mask sounds good but are they cruelty free meaning are they tested on animals or made with any animal bi product. +Raven Von Krieger Hi Raven! All products sold on are cruelty free, and the Cocoon Mask contains extracts of cocoon proteins. Hope this helps!. Hi I'm 14 and I have under eye creasing right where my tear duct is. I switch off with different anti aging, evening primrose, oxygen cream and lavender oil and I even use the under eye patches, but I see no difference. Do you have anything that might help.
+Luxluna von Rettberg Hello Luxluna, thank you for your comment! Wrinkles are usually the result of a loss of moisture and/or elasticity in your skin. Hydration is key, so I would firstly like to recommend that you drink lots and lots of water! Also, the skin around your eyes is very thin and weak, so please be extra gently when you are wiping away your eye makeup. As for products, I suggest you check out the following eye mask and eye cream. The Berrisom Placenta Eye Patch contains collagen and placenta, which are the hot ingredients when it comes to wrinkle care. It also includes hyaluronic acid, which will make sure that your eye area stays hydrated. Here is the link: The Berrisom Hydra Firming Eye Cream contains 15% collagen, so that should help in preventing and reducing your wrinkles! Here is the link: Do keep in mind that you should keep up a skincare regimen for at least 2-3 months to see the maximum results! Hope these help.
I'm turning 20 in February and I'm already planning my anti aging routine. thanks for the video ~~. +Paola Vidro Hello Paola! I would say if you are under 20 years old! Then you don't necessarily have to start using anti-aging products yet so I suggest that you always make sure to keep your skin moisturized and make sure to keep a good condition to protect your skin barrier! Hope this helped:). Hello Eunice ! :) Question, It is the winter & my skin gets super dry very easily but I have problems with my pores. So sometimes some creams are to heavy & it causes me to grow acne which I don't want. So what can you recommend me for this winter, also a face cleanser that would be good for cold weathers Thank you!!!.
+Giselle LovesKpop Hey Giselle! Good question! Even though our skin feels really dry during this time because of the cold weather and probably all the heaters, it's important that we use a cream that has rich moisture in it. Sometimes we feel like we should use an oil product or something more heavy, but it's good to use a cream that has rich moisture in it. My personal tip is I put a very thin layer on and then I put another layer on for more moisture! And cleanser I want to recommend Klairs Charcoal soap! for especially the mornings! I wash my face with water lightly and then I use the soap for my t-zone only! I hope this helped:).
+Gabrielle Alderton Hey Gabrielle! I'm wearing Beige Lipstick No.101:Azalea Red! Here's the site for it:)
Eunice, what a great video, thank you for your advices. I thought dragging your fingers while massaging streched the skin, correct me if i'm wrong. Please upload more of massaging videos. I love them :).

Do you really give all these products a try If yes how long do you actually use it before seeing any results.
+Asyh Isml Hi Asyh! I tried every single one of the products that I mentioned~ And to see results it really depends on each individual. But, I would say you might be able to see results within 1-3 months. One another thing I want to mention is that anti-aging care is basically more of preventing the fine lines and wrinkles! I hope this helped:).
+Rara Andawiyah Hello! All our products are available for worldwide shipping :) If you have any other questions, refer to our shipping information page: or email your questions to cs2 (Customer Service). Thanks!.
hi wishtrend, i have a Question, should i keep the mask sheet in the fridge all the time or its okey to keep it in my room .
+Rahaf Hammed Hey Rahaf! Good question! It's fine to keep them in the fridge but for extra cooling I keep them in the fridge mostly. BUT, these days it is getting a bit chilly so even if I do put them in my room, they are chilled enough for my sensitive skin:) Hope this helped~.

Wow Eunice looks younger every vid! Hope everything is going well with the WishTrend store at Skin Garden in COEX..
thanks for the tips, no offense but the sound of the zippers in your sleeve was a bit annoying. unless it was the mic..

Anti-aging, Tips, Staying Young, Herbs, Teas, Food for...

January 1, 2016
Around the Web. The Anti-Aging Diet   Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory Foods, and More. Anti-Aging Skin Care: Best Beauty Products to Fight Wrinkles and... i13
4 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Will Instantly Turn Back...

November 18, 2015
Check out Jennifer Lopez's skin. Seriously, right now, take a minute to really examine how glowy and radiant her face is. Same for Julia Roberts. We could call it a... i14
Shocking: Novus Anti Aging Facial Serum SIDE EFFECTS!

January 10, 2016
Say goodbye to tired, dull skin & hello to a younger-looking you! Browse top anti-aging products including eye cream, serum, moisturizer & more at i15
name covered: Christie Brinkley talks anti-aging tips, Cindy...

January 11, 2016

Comments about this video:
this is the second time i have watched this and Gosh I wish you had chosen a lady of our age I keep side tracking myself and telling myself, yes the lady isnt old but can i see the tricks working for me. Sorry, I can't I really do Need to see this done on a lady in her 50's +. Maxelder argan cream ( w nyarganoil—c ) has helped make my face feel fresh and firm -not tight The biggest difference I’ve noticed was when I put my makeup on my fine lines/ dark spots are gone. i just had a facial yesterday and was told to keep using this cream as it is excellent for the skin and this product is pure. +CAT G.Blondecat I think that it is not a great effort to find Lisa on yt, and she has some make up tutorials for the ladies of your age..
Many thanks and while I appreciate your work, I wish you had used a truly older women. And in my professional opinion, I respectfully disagree that darker lips on older women should be avoided. In fact this models lips are full and youthful, so its confusing for women my age to see this and then wonder why it doesn't work on their truly thinner lips. Lovely improvement on the brows. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion without any disrespect directed at you or your work..
+twominutetips I don't think that she said that dark lips doesn't work on older woment at all. She's just creating anti-aging, youthful look and dark lips really aren't making anyone younger, nvm what age the person is. They can look beautifully on everyone, but they won't take the years from your face, they can just add.. I'm 43 and I definitely do NOT look like the model in this video. This anti-ageing make-up, how can I apply it to me I mean, what tips can I use when u want to disguised ur age.
..Hello guyss..Maxelder argan cream is a great product... I use it reduce my wrinkles and moisture my skin. I had a rapid increase in wrinkles and dryness about nine months ago and this is the only product that will give me both moisture and wrinkle reduction. I suggest w….nyarganoil…..c.

Wow!! What a great tutorial! This just makes me realize I've been doing makeup wrong...or too much of it. 😊 Great tips, +Lisa Eldridge ! Especially the one about creating a socket since my eyelids are starting to droop and I need to learn how to effectively create a natural-looking socket. Thanks again for your tips!! 💕👍.

Great tutorial - at 44 it was surprising to see that I'm already using some of these "cheats" myself .

Lisa, Your tips for maturing skin are spot on. However it is not apparent what the actual effects are because the visual connect is not there. Using an actual model with mature skin would have been more effective in getting your message across. There is a lot said about "anti-aging" which is actually a misnomer term. We should not be "against" aging per se but embrace the aging process and then embellish your beauty with makeup. "Anti" anything sets up a very negative energy. How can one be "against" aging when one cannot stop the process. This term of "anti-aging" is a marketing hype to sell product. Most mature women should know this. Is there a better, more positive term that can be used when referring to maturing skin That would be a real winner if you could retrain yourself to use it and go with positive language. As you know Lisa, words are powerful. You are so very talented as a makeup artist and you care deeply about transformational beauty that comes from using makeup correctly. If you could combine your knowledge of application of makeup with positive language when speaking about mature skin and the process of aging, that would be a powerful approach. Aging is a good thing. It shows us that in the end to control the process is folly. Ah, so what we need to do is just love ourselves into our 90's and beyond. There is a huge market out there of women over 60 now with all of the baby boomers. Capture that and you have tapped into a gold mine. Positive language is one way to go. The best thing about aging is the gift of wisdom. A wise woman is incredibly powerful. So that's my story and, I am sticking to it!!! Eileen.

I agree that an older model would have been better because older skin behaves differently in many ways. I would have liked to know which products were used too..

the model is too young n luvly to be called n addressed as old an ageing over n over again ,it would kind of imbibe in her mind not a healthy or powerful thing to be given out to another human being,not very respectful towards her or any woman,she is luvly already..

Agree, felt she was repeatedly drumming the word 'older' into her making her lose confidence when the two don't look that different age-wise..
I love the way she does make up. I used to apply a lot of foundation to cover my pimples and everything and i felt like i was doing it wrong. It happens that i really was. Love the way she makes you feel natural but beautiful at the same time instead of changing the face completely. I admire your work, really, it's lovely. I'm nearly 61 so I'm always keen to learn new things with makeup, but as a few other commenters have said, I disagree about a red or dramatic lip, I do have a much thinner top lip now, and while I use a liner and your advise on 'cheating' or balancing the top lip, for me, the matt red lip still works. I also agree about our eyebrows, they also thin naturally so we need to leave them alone! lol I loved how you filled hers back in, it really is so much more youthful. So many things change as we age, but the desire to be and look the best we can remains strong! Thank you again for your advise..
Thanks for sharing. As you were using the products, I would have appreciated a lot if you showed and mention the name of the products.How are we going to know or expand our knowledge of products if you don't mention the products Great job, she looks like a young chick! Thanks.

Wow iv learned more in this 15 min video than I have in 5 years watching you tube clips! Love it ❤️ .

Very informative video. It would have been nice to have at least seen the colors of the products used. Additionally, I think the impact of the anti-aging techniques described would have been seen more clearly if a picture w/o makeup was set next to the finished look for comparison..

I'm 56 and still have an oily skin so still need to use powder, particularly on the T-zone. I find that Corn Silk's Original Satin is still the best as it mattifies but also has miniscule reflective particles to offset the deadness of an intensely matt look. I wish there were more products and videos for older women..
Thank you for the information 🍀you really explain nicely 🍀I love the way u explain 👍👍👍plz suggest me and foundation for dry skin in Mac or revlon 🌺🌺🌺🌺thank you.
Good video but I agree, it is infuriating to watch all that with no product information...not the colours just the product names. If it is something new (there are so many out there to confuse us!!!!!) it would help if we knew what Lisa was using....

Lisa must have a magic touch ,,,whenever i try to put blush onto foundation without first setting with powder it goes streaky or cakey ,,,and im not using cheap make up!!! hellllllp ; .

I really love how informative you are. It's great and so helpful, easy to remember when you try it yourself. Thanks so much for your videos, they really are priceless x.
After watching a lot of your video sales soulful ish I don't think there's 1 thing that I do right but again you're amazing and I am going to keep watching and probably feeling more flash nickelback much my video maybe I can take them on down. +Amelie Poulain Yes - that's the one. I use it and I love it - it goes well with every lip colour I own and is great for 'cheating' the lipline!. Witch. Fairy. Whatever word you want to use. She has a magical touch, her expertise, taste, and class is unmatched. . Lisa, what is that product you used in your 9/1/14 anti-aging tips for applying makeup. You used it before concealer. Love your work, Ellen. Thinking this video is quite old. Her trademark rings are not on her first and second fingers on her right hand. I've yet to see a current video on Lisa's channel without those two rings being worn.. Lov love love.very detailed and so professional. No doubt why she's on demand to an A list celebrities....
Just beautiful and wonderful to learn how to do all that. I have oily skin and hooded eyes. I just wish I knew the foundation she used. I've been on a quest for some weeks now looking and researching a foundation for my skin type without defining the fine lines. Just have a few breakouts sometimes on my chin. I have heard about so many foundations. But think the mattes that everybody says is good for me because I have one and hate it shows the lines so bad. I need one that is in between I guess. I just keep watching all these foundation videos. Anyone that can help please do. I do not have a sephora near me for samples. Would love a drugstore for oily that has a little lumi. Please please help me. .

Yey - I'm the first to comment. Love u Lisa... such a lady and very professional. When you've got a minute, come round and do mine for me pls xxx.

Xtend TK & Phytessence Wakame - Natural Skin Firming Creams

January 8, 2016
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The longevity and anti aging diet plan depends on you eating lots and lots of vegetables while cutting back on milk and cheese. Working more vegetables... i18
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A Collection of Age Defying Secrets, tips and techniques on how to Reverse the Aging Process. Top Secrets on how to look and feel younger within days. i19
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November 26, 2015

Comments about this video:
+rose gutsy I made this video a year before the cheek filler was on the market.. so I hadn't had it done yet. I liked the cheek filler and would recommend it but it is pricey!. Hi Angie, lol you are to cute! I sleep on my back too. I started sleeping on my back when I noticed chest wrinkles. since I've been sleeping on my back, I have no more wrinkles. my husband always says I sleep like a mummy Did you try Clinical Retinol 1% from Paula's Choice Would it be differetn from Retin A you can get by the dermatologist as producents are different Which one would work best you think. Maxelder Argan Cream goes on smooth, absorbs quickly and helps with the wrinkles with no odor and no irritation. There ya go! Try it if you want erase wrinkles w nyarganoil—c.
I used to have a pillow top mattress but switched to a rock hard mattress. Within a couple of weeks I realized I wasn't sleeping soundly, couldn't get more than five hours of sleep at a time (because it was so uncomfortable) and became ultra exhausted. When I'd lay down I'd notice I'd wake up a bit to turn over & the shoulder I was laying on would be hurting. I started mattress shopping & a gentleman who was helping me at Sears told me they used to think sleeping on a hard mattress was good for your back, but that is not true. Is there a possibility your mattress is too hard (even though you'll continue to sleep on your back I thought it might help to get a different mattress.) I checked out a Beauty Rest pillow top at Sears recently (hint: the mattresses contain TWO 'hardnesses; in each mattress to save room on the sales floor (one side is softer and one side is harder!) On the Beauty Rests I tried if you're standing at the bottom of the mattress & facing forward looking towards the top of the mattress the LEFT side is the softer side. I didn't know they did this and if the sales person had not been around to tell me I might have overlooked certain mattresses by 'trying' the 'wrong' side - for me.) To compensate the rock hard mattress I currently have while I'm waiting for delivery of the new mattress I went to Target and bought a Fieldcrest Luxury Memory Fiber Mattress Topper. BECAUSE my current mattress is like sleeping on a rock I did put a fluffy comforter down first underneath it to add some softness but the topper is really nice and I would recommend it. Just thought I'd share that with you and everyone because getting a good, sound, restful nights sleep changes everything. Thanks so much for your tips. I'm 49 & have never done anything to my skin & without your reviews I'd be awash in a sea of confusion between makeup & beauty products (ordering Retin-a in the.05% & the Paula's Choice product & the Vit C serum you reviewed above.) Thanks so much, again. It is a joy to watch your videos & take notes..
Hi Angie, If you could please review this new product, I just heard about called: Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Duo. hand cream. Much of the time we focus on the face, which is great, but neglect the hands, which discloses aging immediately. Thanks so much..
Thanks a lot for your reply regarding PC Retinol 1%! It's extreply helpful information! I'm so happy I discovered your channel! Learning so much from you!.
Hi Angie, you look great!! I heard about you from my Mom, who is in her 50's and looks great! I am 34 yrs old, and oh man, I should've listen to my mom when she told me to take care of my skin! I am desperately looking for products and things to do so my skin doesn't age too fast. I have been researching about those derma rollers. Have you ever used one I hear all positive reviews. Thanks again!! . So you're saying that you didn't apply the tretinoin around or under your eyes, however, it diminished some of the puffiness under your eyes anyway As well as you said that you placed it on other parts of your face and that the skin cells communicate to get to the parts of your face that you didn't apply it to, can that be true. Aloha Angie! I'm 67 and loving your commitment to anti-aging. Everything you post has helped me more than you know. I haven't been as diligent as I should have been the last 15 years. After 16 years of Hawaii living, my skin shows it (and I rarely "sat out" in the sun). My hands are looking better with just a few weeks of "remembering to splash a few drops of serum" on them. Thanks again for everything you are doing for us who are in our Hot and Flashy years and Beyond!. hi angie just watch your video again can you go to your doctor and do the LIQUID NITROGEN on my face when using RETIN-A THANKS.
This is what an adult can deliver, a tutorial to the point, clean, no giggling or wasting our time. Thank you for being efficient. I so dislike the tutorials from younger people that yap all the video and giggle and just waste our time..
I might be a guy, but your information is so helpful and much appreciated. You look wonderful and seem so practical and down to earth! Thank you and keep up the good work! .
Hi Angie, Have been in bed with flu and found your web page,it was worth being ill,I live in Australia and Iam 66 years old, love your video,s on all the supjects and product you share...I understand most people think Aussi live in the sun will Iam not a sun bunny,up until my 50s all I ever used was sunblock and a tub of $2 moisturiser for the last 5 years I have been useing THE DR LEWINN'S range...There is so much hippo about what women should and should,nt be useing on there skin its hard to know what is best at the least cost...Thats why I love your site, your a tell it as it is kind of girl...One thing us Aussi women is stuck with is the HIGH cost of skin care and make - up about 3 times as much as our friends in US Thanks again for putting it all out there..Glen.

+Glen Marlow Welcome Glen, and I'm glad you found me, but hope you're feeling much better now! xo ~a..

Good evening! I am 55 years old with combination skin is very oily in the T and the rest of the face is very dry, with fine wrinkles, spots Figmntzih and dark circles under the eyes.. I saw your video and I'm very confused... I have to buy new products, but did not know what... I would be happy if you could recommend a nurturing and cleaning preparations skin day and night. From Nsinc great. I really enjoyed seeing the Srtoniic...
I have been looking for a you tube channel exactly like yours and I found it!!! I LOVE your videos =D They are super informative and I like your personality! How much do you spend in juvederm use I want to try that. Also can you do a review on GREAT LAKES GELATIN, COLLAGEN HYDROLYSATE I have read great reviews on amazon and other bloggers sites (for wrinkles). thank you!!.
You said Botox has worn off, I think your eyes look great in this video. No botox needed. I've only watched about 10-15 vid so far, Im a new sub, looked for foundation for mature skin. Nice information. But if you haven't done a video on cleansing comparisons, would be good, I find my pores get clogged yet cleansers dry out your skin too much, so flakey and blemishes. Or they do nothing, pores still clogged..

Like minded ladies should also check out the gorgeous Peta and her Renew Me face aerobics... Her amazing facial exercises really help define and lift your facial muscles and smooth the skin💋.

Hi Angie - just discovered your videos! Love them! I am going to try Retin A again, I think I went too fast like you did and just gave up! Great tips!.
Damn girl, lookin good!! I'm 32 and have inherited thin dry skin. I have crows feet and wrinkles on my forehead. I'm german (blonde hair blue eyes) and traveled to the tropical areas a lot when younger... Sigh.. Such good experiences, but have already had basil cell skin cancer. I like the way you look. People get too carried away in my opinion and they look very strange to me, with the surgeries and fillers. If I look like you in 15 years, I've succeeded. Made appt. for Retin-A prescription today :-).
One of the most useful videos I have seen. Good tips and a time-saver! Thank you. You look gorgeous. For the ladies out there who asked where to get Retinol A I'd like to say that in USA you could ask your dermatologist for a prescription. In many other parts of the world, however you don't need a prescription to buy it and it costs a LOT less that in USA. .
IMO Botox is worthless. I tried it once after using Dysport a couple of times many months prior and saw no improvement with Botox. Dysport works almost immediately and lasts 6 months or so. Great when you have an event come up unexpectedly for the weekend. I think if you switched over to Dysport, your results would last a lot longer than 3 months, and it's bit cheaper too. I'm not affiliated with any provider or drug company, so it's just my personal experience..
Hey, Angie, thanks so much for putting yourself out there for all of us "Flashy" types to learn what's up as we grow older.I look so forward to all your videos! You said in you video that you're planning on just using a glycol acid mask once or twice a month, instead of daily. Which one would you recommend Thanks again for all you do to help all of US!.

Angie, I love your videos and I just wanted to thank you for going through all these different things for ladies our age to see if it works or not. I have learned so much from you and using some of the products that have worked for you. I am now on the retin A from obagi and I am doing the once a week for a while. It's working fine so far. I was also a sun tanning fool when I was younger. So I am now having the damage I did show up on my face. Again, thank you so much for all your great tips and advice. .
Great ideas, will implement immediately, I'm 62 and late getting in the game, however, better late than never... thanx for all your research... xoxo.
Hey Angie! Have you tried the Micro Needling/Dermal Rollers yet I purchased one on Amazon and have used it a couple of months. Nothing show stopping yet, but it might be a great segment for your "show"! Keep the awesome videos coming! Because of you I have def ramped up my anti aging routine and just received a prescription for Retin A. Thanks for all your research and time you've put in. Hope the snow isn't holding you down up there in New England!! Susan, age 48 from central Missouri.
I am confused, you said you got an eyelid lift from using retin a but you don't use it directly on your lids I know you said cells communicate, but, still. can you please clarify THanks.
LOVE this video, the back sleeping, hmm i wake in horrible pain, due to tossing from L to R all night, However when I am on m back I can tell its a good nights sleep.. I will be like you I am sure... I just found your channel thank god, we are the same age..! ;).

+Lori Frazer I know, when I slept on my side I tossed and turned all night with aching hips and would wake up with sore neck or shoulders... now no aches or pains!!.
Hi Angie. I was hoping you could help me with something. I don't know if you remember me, but I've been using tretinoin cream for a month now~.025% Well, I'm having issues with flaking skin, which I expected, but nothing seems to help to alleviate it. First, I am slowly easing into it and am only using it 2x a week right now. I use the Olay pro x system which I feel does a good job on cleaning my skin, but it doesn't take off the flaking skin. Help.
Would you ever consider a PRP facelift also called Vampire Facelift Just curious because it is supposed to be natural. Thanks.
Hi Angie, I want to add my thanks for your informative videos. I'm already interested but you make it fun! I was very excited to learn that liquid nitrogen works with dark spots. I will definitely be trying that soon... On retinol; I have tried Roc before and noticed no difference at all. Perhaps the Neutrogena will work better. Thanks again. Charlie. hey you look good - Im of mixed colour and nitrogen was used on my hyper pigmentation- it damaged my skin extremely - it scarred and i still have the scars- i use vit c, tretinoin, glycolic, sunblocks as well as peels - my skin is improving - big up on those.
Love all you tricks tips and ideas...your honest realistic approach to anti aging is wonderful. You look fabulous. A warm hello from canada👍.

Retin A, Vitamin C e Aha our 3 best friend! thanks to remind of sleeping on the back... I try sometimes, but it's tough...Ok, I will consider as a new year's resolution. happy New Year Angie!.

I am 35 and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos! Please keep them up! :) If I look half as amazing as you do at 51, I will be extremely happy!.

+Michelle Wojciechowski guessing you are addressing to Angie +HotandFlashy...just because I'm 61 ahahahah have anice day!.
These are good tips but sleeping on your back makes you more likely to have a stroke and sleep paralysis. .
the part where you say that skin communicates and cells communicate with each other is very interesting. I have always worried about not putting Retin A near my eyes, but you said that it still gets there. Interesting. As for wearing sunscreen under make up, I don't know if I am putting too much sunscreen, but whenever I put sunscreen under my make up. Any suggestion Your videos are great .
Very informative. Going to try the back sleep..I'm 53 and I don't have much wrinkles..I have been using ponds since I was 14 years's a very old cream but they have bought it back and have made differnt ones for other things such as a discoloration in skin, but I prefer my green top jar. So for my age I still. Look good well at least I've been told..but going to look into one of those things uve posted here..thank u so much for this info..I will def look into retin a first. Been struggling with some foundation issues due to aging skin & stumbled upon your best/worst foundations video. I have been so intrigued I didn't realize how much time has gone by after watching 10+ videos! Love your honesty! Thank you for sharing :). Retin-A has been my skin bf for more than 18 years. It works well. I use it more frequently every two years to have a new and better skin turn over. I use it sparingly as my pimple cream,too.Want to do Juvederm or LifetStyle lift next year, though.Thanks for your thorough search and research. I dread my slowly-getting-there aging look but I am happy that there are now many cosmetics, procedures and tools that helps...and there's you, our beauty angel!. Hi Angie! Love your anti aging advice. I live in Honolulu so the sun is always with us. Loved it in the past but try to avoid it more now. Your skin care recommendations are on the mark. Thanks from Hot in The Tropics. I buy my RetinA (same as the tube displayed in this video) online from a pharmacy in Mexico and it's about $8-10 per tube with shipping. Agree that it's 65 year old skin is wrinkle free, thanks to this stuff. . can you give me the name of the website please,I've been. searching for so long on how to get it with out a doctor prescription. Great video and your skin looks fantastic! I have Retin-A however I have not used it for a while. I have been using a glycolic cream in its place and a sunscreen with vitamin C and the combination has been great. Your videos are very informative and when I go back to using Retin-A after I run out of my supply of glycolic I will go in more slowly. I dont want to use the glyolic and Retin-A together. .
I've had a series of 6 REACTION treatments and it did very little. I noticed a slight difference in my jowls, but really nothing for my neck and it was very expensive. I hate throwing away money like that. I rather save my money and perhaps have something a little more permanent down the road. .
51!😲 I would never of guessed that! I have friends that are my age (35) and your skin knocks there's out the park I'm not kidding Ang you look amazing! Thanks for sharing all this info I'm going to get all my skin care products next week so you've given me some ideas. I started with Botox 2 years ago & I love it Xx. Love your videos, I found a pillow that's supposed to help you sleep on your back. I may give it a shot now. :) Also, I'm going to retry Retina using your method to slowly introduce it. Thanks!!. It's a bummer, we do everything possible to look pretty! You look great! Thank you for your tips Angy.

4 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Will Instantly Turn Back...

October 14, 2015
Check out Jennifer Lopez's skin. Seriously, right now, take a minute to really examine how glowy and radiant her face is. Same for Julia Roberts. We could call it a... i21
Shocking: Novus Anti Aging Facial Serum SIDE EFFECTS!

December 30, 2015
Say goodbye to tired, dull skin & hello to a younger-looking you! Browse top anti-aging products including eye cream, serum, moisturizer & more at i22
name covered: Christie Brinkley talks anti-aging tips, Cindy...

December 31, 2015
Astronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of magnesium. Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by: Cody L Tags: astronaut research, anti-aging properties, magnesium i23
Xtend TK & Phytessence Wakame - Natural Skin Firming Creams

January 5, 2016

Comments about this video:
+SquishyTheTitan aw no don't feel bad. Anybody who lives a healthy lifestyle can "slow down" aging & look younger. .
+KarmaKing Alex My father is over 50 and looks like 40. I guess Asians look old when they hit 60 or above..

If I don't kill myself before I'm 30 that would be awesome. Btw I hope this gets lost in the comments because it's really depressing. .
+Parker Potato your friend is caught in a lie. Be his damn friend and play some video games, go to the movies, chill at the mall with him..
That sucks dude. Being in that pit of despair. He's believing his own lies. That kind of mental torment just twists people violently into a circle of self defeat. I do hope your friend can see past his own lies. He IS worth it. .
So basically modern technology has pussified the rich west so hard that they can't eat meat Lmao hilarious. +That Atheist I stopped believing in aging when I became 18. So yeah, you tried to rek me but you failed. Lol not trying to say anything but... My family's black and my mom is 37. When she goes to the abc store (alcohol store) she still gets carded. Even when she has me, HER TEENAGE DAUGHTER, with her. Just saying....
These uhh "anti-aging" foods are basically just foods rich with anti-oxidants. Wow! We live longer if we eat stuff that keeps our insides all clean and healthy! Would never have guessed!!.
so is fish unhealthy for you just as much as any other meat... if anyone comments. try not to be a jackass. just enlighten me. +Ava Carroll Might is the keyword in your sentence. If you are going to talk on a subject you should present facts not what ifs. Yes fish have mercury, but not an unhealthy amount. I've said my piece so I'm done..
Idk. The only fish I eat is salmon, and that's the healthiest fish you could eat. Has Omega 3 and lots of good stuff so I guess it depends on what kind of fish you're talking about..
im sorry greg... i was literally eating bacon right when you said "you're probably eating bacon." ;o; sorry bacon is just too damn good ;0;.
My dad is 63 and doesn't have a single grey hair on his head. His secret you ask Stressing about work, never working out and don't even think about eating healthy. You'll live a good life..
Vegetarian diet, sunscreen every day & year round, eliminate toxic people, 7-9 hours of sleep every night, and don't have kids too young..
Greg: You're probably eating bacon right now... Me: sits awkwardly Whispers I'm a vegetarian..
Yeeess... Red meat is bad for you... Protein and iron are just SOOO unhealthy... INDEED. THE LOGIC IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE.. Animal protein is bad for you, idiot. It increases IGF 1 which is a cancer promoter and the acidity leeches calcium out of bones, which makes your bones weaker. Green vegetables have lots of iron, educat yourself. you sound so retarded.. I love you Greg, but you don't need to be forcing your beliefs on us, that's the only thing that bugs me about some of your videos. Im going to continue eating meat, and I don't care if that makes me an asshole, but Im not a dumbass for liking bacon. I have tried being a vegetarian, but its hard. Quitting eating meat is sort of like quitting a drug, its hard to do and it hurts my body significantly. Well, MY BODY, I don't know about other people, but that's just me. And before people get on my ass about this comment, I want to add that I am TRYING to cut SOME meat from my diet, as in, I plan on eating less, not actually cutting ALL out. So far I have successfully been able to stay away from chicken and fish, but hell, if its going to make me look younger, then I will eat more now.. +Kay Smee Honestly, if you're going to eat meat, fish is very good for you. Low in calorie, high protein, high in Omega 3. Chicken is lower in some fats and calories than beef and pork, but if you look at a Ketogenic Diet it actually prescribes the fats in red meats - fat to burn fat. I'd suggest continue to stay away from chicken and just lower your red meat count while raising other healthy fats like avocado and coconut... Actually I'm eating Mash Potato...because I don't eat meat either...okay that was kinda a lose/lose situation.
Yeah, we don't eat red meat anymore. Instead of regular bacon and regular burgers, we eat turkey burgers and regular bacon. sometimes Sometimes turkey hot dogs but those things are gross.

Fish is meat. People just think it's meat because like meat it's the corpse of something that used to think and feel.
my "anti-ageing" secrets are the same as jared leto's: become vegan, orgasm often, don't breed and embrace getting older = you look 20 years younger than what you really are by the time you're 40 . I love his laugh. It's contagious. And that avocado statement almost killed me. I never tried it and now I don't think I will.. Really Onision why are you telling people to not eat red meat we all know that you are a vegetarian and you say that we kill animals for food what if this is just a what if there were only flowers no foods that vegetarian people eat and you were deserted on a island there was only fish and you probably wouldn't eat it cos your a vegetarian and you would starve to death and meat has the most hormones that's why your voice is so high..
"You are a dumbass" At least we aren't the ones trying to make other people stop eating food that is perfectly fine. .

+pokefan4ever Just about everything on the planet can cause illness. Also why the fuck do you need to tell people what they can eat. Get the fuck out of here you piece of shit..
+Connor Boss There is a new invention of a cooked kelp or something that taste like bacon look it up.. "You're probably eating becon right now". My fruit jelly doesn't agree with You ^^. I've been trying to become a vegatarien but my mom hates the idea and pretty much banned me from the idea. Basically I'm getting fatter and dying within every meal.
Greg, I would like to become a vegetarian but I'm worried (since I don't like beans) that I won't get enough protein... Any suggestions.

You'll be fine, just stick with fruits and stuff.. Idk I'm not a vegetarian.. But no one replied to you yet, so.

I'm 22 and look like 16 so..don't need it too much. Muahahaha..but still healthy eating and exercising is good for you. :) Love your videos!.
Watermelon help with anti aging and then he said that explains alot he was referring to us black people.
I am not concerned with aging I still look 12. I am 20. I probably won't look 20 until I am well into my 40s. Both side of my family look young. My parents look to be in their early 30s and are getting to 50. My one grandma is 75 and looks to be in her mid 50s. My other grandma is 68 and looks to be her early 50s..
Multiple people have pointed out that red meat contains proteins that you need but guess what bodies aren't intended to eat red meats. Your stomach acid isn't capable of breaking it down and it sits in your stomach or days. It literally rots in your stomach, and fyi there are loads of vegetables that contain protein especially beans so quit trying to prove him wrong when he's right just because you don't want to Ty and be healthy . I agree with you about the watermelon...I'm black and watermelon is my fave but I think it's cuz it has a lot of water in it.
I'm actually a Vegetarian. It wasn't even hard either. I actually rarely ate meat to begin with so I hardly miss it. I could probably never be vegan though. The amount of things that I like that have some kind of animal or dairy product in it is ridiculous...
I idolize you onision. I recently became a vegetarian (2 days ago) thanks to you. I'm already starting to have more energy and thoroughly enjoy life a lot more. Thank you onision..
+subhim2 Ah say an insult and reply with no explanation. Why am I retard Oh wait there is no reason other than you being an idiot..
Greg I'm thinking of becoming a vegetarian can you do a video more about the benefits of being one.
I don't eat chicken, turkey, or red meat, but the only meat I eat is fish it's because I don't eat a lot of vegetarian foods that have a lot protein, I just don't like them.

Actually, I'm eating animal crackers, Greg. Don't assume! Just kidding. I always assume :P.

well, according to +subhim2 im already doing it so. +Flaysoft +OnisionSpeaks +UhOhBro +OnisionArchive +OnisionEncore +Onision.

All About HGH Fitness And Anti Aging - HGH HELP

December 8, 2015
The longevity and anti aging diet plan depends on you eating lots and lots of vegetables while cutting back on milk and cheese. Working more vegetables... i25
IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation with Brush...

November 8, 2015
A Collection of Age Defying Secrets, tips and techniques on how to Reverse the Aging Process. Top Secrets on how to look and feel younger within days. i26
Anti-aging, Tips, Staying Young, Herbs, Teas, Food for...

October 29, 2015
Around the Web. The Anti-Aging Diet   Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory Foods, and More. Anti-Aging Skin Care: Best Beauty Products to Fight Wrinkles and... i27
4 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Will Instantly Turn Back...

October 30, 2015

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Shocking: Novus Anti Aging Facial Serum SIDE EFFECTS!

November 2, 2015
Say goodbye to tired, dull skin & hello to a younger-looking you! Browse top anti-aging products including eye cream, serum, moisturizer & more at i29
name covered: Christie Brinkley talks anti-aging tips, Cindy...

November 10, 2015
Astronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of magnesium. Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by: Cody L Tags: astronaut research, anti-aging properties, magnesium i30
Xtend TK & Phytessence Wakame - Natural Skin Firming Creams

December 18, 2015
The No-Knife Eye Lift Age-proof your eyes with these turn-back-time tips and treatments i31
All About HGH Fitness And Anti Aging - HGH HELP

November 27, 2015

Comments about this video:
where can I buy this I live in the USA and can't seem to find this product anywhere on the web to purchase.
I am using Maxelder argan cream My drowsy skin freshened up and stretched. Works brisk and gives you the best results. This cream makes my skin look amazing. It works great in both oily and dry areas to balance out your skin. It is perfect, I Love it. Check it w...nyarganoil…c.
Great video,thx..I love Maxelder argan cream! ( I bought from w...nyarganoil…c ) I have really dry skin, and this cream leaves my face feeling smooth and soft. Diminished fine lines is visibly noticeable!. A fistful of various nuts,10~20g per a day, is perfect. Maybe 3~4 walnuts, 10~15 peanuts and 10 almons will be enough for a day. There are probably food enterprises that sell packages for daily amount of nuts!.
Hey Eunice, i have a question :) What does whitening really mean I live in austria (west) so not in asia. And i already had skin 79 vip gold edition bb cream and i loved it! But i read that this bb cream (and all the others from asia) do whitening. So does it mean my skin becomes more "white" so that the skincolour changes on my face So far i really really love the bb creams from asia, but i just dont know what whitening really does to my skin, if i can use it even if im not asian and if my skincolour changes Would be so nice & helpful if you could answer my question or maybe talk in a video about it :).
Products have no frontier. It doesn't matter you are Korean or Austrian. The important aspect of choosing a perfect cosmetic is suitability to your skin. Actually I didn't use the skin 79 bb cream, but the whitening function means that products have ingredients that helps your skin brighten. However, the most important function of BB is to hide facial blemishes and make your skin looks gorgeous. The whitening function of BB is additional so if you want to see the real effect of whitening, it's better to find the whitening skin care products!I hope this will be helpful for you Q!:-). +WISHTrendTV thank you so much for answering my question! :) So i can use bb creams which does have whitening function in it cause it does not change my skintone - they just brighten my complexion :) Thank you so much eunice! :). #Eunice what anti aging serum is good for Senstive Skin also the person is 31 yrs old. Luv your videos 😊 luv #WishTrendTv 👌.
When shall people start having anti aging products Im 19 and I want to prevent wrinkling as much as possible so when I become older in future I would look younger than others of the same age... Any suggestions.
+Cindy Hu Im 19 too and I use some anti aging products (especially eye cream). I heard its best to start early.. Great Video, the tips seem very useful :) For a future video, would it be possible to talk about some tips regarding plastic surgery (double eyelid and rhinoplasty) I do not mean this in any negative way, but rather was wondering about the different types of procedures, after effects, and things to watch out for someone who is interested in any cosmetic procedures.. Wishtrends new products look very tempting that is for sure! I am only 21 but even at this age I have noticed the quality of skin starts to show signs of aging which is why I have become such a skin care enthusiast :) Great informative video! Love wishtrend tv!.
hi eunice...i always look forward to ur videos, they give a lot of info plus they are pretty easy to follow. wish u could make a video on hair washing too n wat are ur views regarding dermaroller, scar treatments...wish u could give some tips on removal of deep scars formed due to acne..
Thank you for replying me. Btw, are those skincare products oily I have an oily face and i wanna try 'em out! . MAUME products are very fresher than other sticky 한방 cosmetics, so they are not oily that much. But if you have an oily face, do not use all the line at first, just try one product of MAUME first. That must be better for your worry. Thank you. :-).
omg i actually need this (I think) I'm turning 23 this year but I already have wrinkles around my eyes since few years ago and my neck looks bad TT^TT thanks though for making a vid like this. I'll definitely try getting my hands on oriental eyecream in Korea when I go there :).

+Syndra loves Well...Actually when i was in teens, I use that kind of products as well. Redness means lack of nourishment and moisture in your skin. MAUME products will be helpful even though you are young. Facial oil will be helpful too. Thank you :-).
Thankyouuu for these tips! I'm 20 yo but i feel my skin show signs of aging because of stress and lack of sleep :'( thanks.
Thank you for this video! Now I want to know more about the oriental medicinal herbs! That's look to be very great for the skin! This is very interesting and new for me! This video is really helping, thank you again!.

please visit any cosmetic dermatologist and share the trends that most korean women do to their skin especially the instant whitening and treatment of acne & hyperpigmentation.
Eunice congratulations for your video. I really like your english, it is well structured and so clear and easy to understand. Another fact that I like is that I note that you really know what you are talking about. Please keep posting so profesional videos!. This is why it's great having a more mature MC as well. Especially one that embraces her age the way you do! I enjoyed the video! Can you talk about how to minimize dark spots and/or acne scars.
..that was a great vid!!! i will follow your advise about neck...i always put cream there just in a random way((..but you touched the botox theme, can you please tell more about When it is good to do, is it pricy in korea Or is there any other trend of antiaging by unnatural way It is really interesting, as i know a lot of korean girls tend to make plastic surgery... ..Thank you for great vids Eunice!!! ^^.

I am 28, and I feel my skin sagging already. I also have very large pores on both of my cheeks. It is those empty pores there's nothing inside. Very different from nose pores. I hate it. Everyone notice it at any time of day. Please tell me products or show me how to shrink it. Thank you!! .
Yes, eating nuts is superhealthy. I also eat a lot of veggies and fruits, because they're great for your health and skin too! ^.^ But I've a question Eunice: I've very pale skin and my dark circles are always visible because of that. Do you maybe have some advice of how to get ride off my dark circles ;___;.
Really great videos :) please can I have some advice. Can you recommend a product that works in the same was as Cure Aqua Gel but better :) thank you so much. Ps you look brilliant .
When should I start using anti aging product because I'm 16 and I already have fine lines under my eyes and deep wrinkles in my neck with the wrinkles around my mouth. The time to start anti-aging is different from individual to individual. Although you are 16, you have to prevent wrinkles. Do a regular exercise or stretching and eat nuts! Nuts is very good for anti-aging. Detailed cleansing and skincare are also needed. As though your skin type is easily wrinkling, these little effort helps you reduce aging procedure. 화이팅!.
The wrinkles around your mouth are called "laugh lines" sometimes it good but a lot of people don't want them :) .
Please do a video on fast skin whitening! For example, how did Hyuna get so pale fast from her Bubble Pop days. Oh yeah... Hahahaha! Did not think of that! Although, I think it is a natural tan because in other videos leading up to Volume Up her tan was fading!. Great tips, I never thought steady exercices could do anything for anti-aging^^ For anyone wanting some organic anti-aging, I recommend organic argan oil : it contains fatty acids and omega 3, so it makes the skin very elastic, moisturized and therefore less likely to get deep wrinkles. That's why people with dry skin get wrinkles faster: cos they don't have a supple, "elastic" skin..
A famous Korean dermatologist said that skin is like a wrap of body. The wrap covering decayed meat, it looks bad and stinks. As that context, if a body is unhealthy, the skin is bad too. Omega 3 is a perfect recommend. Thank you so much!:).

IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation with Brush...

January 9, 2016
A Collection of Age Defying Secrets, tips and techniques on how to Reverse the Aging Process. Top Secrets on how to look and feel younger within days. i33
Anti-aging, Tips, Staying Young, Herbs, Teas, Food for...

December 10, 2015
Around the Web. The Anti-Aging Diet   Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory Foods, and More. Anti-Aging Skin Care: Best Beauty Products to Fight Wrinkles and... i34
4 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Will Instantly Turn Back...

October 18, 2015
Check out Jennifer Lopez's skin. Seriously, right now, take a minute to really examine how glowy and radiant her face is. Same for Julia Roberts. We could call it a... i35
Shocking: Novus Anti Aging Facial Serum SIDE EFFECTS!

November 16, 2015

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name covered: Christie Brinkley talks anti-aging tips, Cindy...

October 19, 2015
Astronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of magnesium. Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by: Cody L Tags: astronaut research, anti-aging properties, magnesium i37
Xtend TK & Phytessence Wakame - Natural Skin Firming Creams

December 17, 2015
The No-Knife Eye Lift Age-proof your eyes with these turn-back-time tips and treatments i38
All About HGH Fitness And Anti Aging - HGH HELP

November 24, 2015
The longevity and anti aging diet plan depends on you eating lots and lots of vegetables while cutting back on milk and cheese. Working more vegetables... i39
IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation with Brush...

December 12, 2015

Comments about this video:
We are praising most fermented food for their probiotic value. Well, this is fermented grape juice, which could be considered a probiotic as well, as long as you don't get sloshed. ;=) Half a glass of red wine in the evening was the family docs advice for most grannies of old.. As I am a vegan, this video is pretty much spot on when it comes to antioxidants and the health benefits of the fruit category. On an even higher note, berries in itself are extremely beneficial in our daily consumption (Blackberries are my favorite fruit). Thank you, Corrina, for spreading the health to others who may not have the experience or knowledge of this type of information.. Love this video!:) Thank you!I've been taking Maxelder argan cream ( you can find it in here w….nyarganoil….c) for a week now and I'm already feeling a difference. My skins feels supple and moist and I see a noticeable change in my complextion. I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin. Wish I explored this months ago. Thanks Corrina, where can we get the table you talk about The stuff about spices is really interesting..
Crystal clear picture of beautiful berries Huge like! Also for the beautiful background, the informational value of the video, and all the professionalism included..

Wow! I watch her ASMR videos and I love her whisper voice!! It's so cool to hear her without whisper voice! Love this vid.
You talk of "high levels of sugar" in red wine. Where did you hear that Fermentation consumes sugar, dear, and if there was a high level left in a mature red wine, you would surely taste it!.
I was recently diagnosed with psoriasis so this is fantastic for me to see because I need a lot of anti-oxidants in my food right now! Thank you so much for the info xxx.
Gojo berries purchased in Chinatown are a lot cheaper, are they just as good as the himalayan ones. Good, informational video. Only thing I would do differently is separate the selling of Matcha tea from the rest of the clip - it gives it a less scientific character..
I'm glad to see you pointed out that the reason red wine is healthy, is because it's made from grapes. I stopped consuming alcohol more than 10 years ago, occasionally I eat fresh grapes and I eat raisins year round. I eat most of those healthy things you mentioned on a regular basis. I've tried raw cranberries, I wouldn't describe their taste as bitter, but rather more sauer than lemons. Allthough that mini mixer looks like an awesome Japanese gadget, from what I've heard when it comes to tradional Japanese tea consumption is that they want to be able to see the in-tact leaf in their cup, guess this is the modern way. Allthough I like green tea too, the last few months I've made most of my tea from fresh home-grown mint leaves and dried cloves sometimes I add basil..

No, I believe that fresh fruit has much more antioxidants since heat is not involved.. In addition, alcohol is something we should avoid since it puts much pressure to our liver.

Oh man pretty good info except the whole "brain is made.of fats thing" the brain can actually only use carbohydrates as nutrients due to the fact that nerves can only use carbs for energy and fats don't actually pass through the blood brain barrier..

We are all getting old, get over it people! Your going to get wrinkles and die eventually, just accept it and enjoy your life!.
Cacao and cocoa mean the same thing. Cacao is not going to have a chocolate flavour unless it has been roasted. It has a very sweet flavour when it's eaten fresh but it only turns into a cocoa or a chocolate flavour after roasting it. I saw the process done on a farm when I was on an excursion in Dominican Republic. I tasted it when it came right off the tree and I tasted it after they roasted their older seeds that were finished from sweating, fermenting, in the sun for several days. If your facts are true, why are your cacao seeds a dark brown colour The ones I saw were almost very white.. I definitely had the same thoughts about red wine. Just because something has one good ingredient in it does not make it healthy for you. In fact it can still be very unhealthy rather then healthy. Alcohol messes up our body by stopping our intestines from to function properly. It prevents our small intestines to absorb the nutrients and the water content into our bloodstream. By the time it goes through our large intestines it is suppose to become a dry stool but instead it remains liquified called diarrhea. So there is nothing healthy about alcohol, in this case red wine..

Anti-aging, Tips, Staying Young, Herbs, Teas, Food for...

October 13, 2015
Around the Web. The Anti-Aging Diet   Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory Foods, and More. Anti-Aging Skin Care: Best Beauty Products to Fight Wrinkles and... i41
4 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Will Instantly Turn Back...

December 4, 2015
Check out Jennifer Lopez's skin. Seriously, right now, take a minute to really examine how glowy and radiant her face is. Same for Julia Roberts. We could call it a... i42
Shocking: Novus Anti Aging Facial Serum SIDE EFFECTS!

December 25, 2015
Say goodbye to tired, dull skin & hello to a younger-looking you! Browse top anti-aging products including eye cream, serum, moisturizer & more at i43
name covered: Christie Brinkley talks anti-aging tips, Cindy...

November 21, 2015

Comments about this video:
If you are looking for an effective way to reduce wrinkles, Try this Argan Rain argan oil! This anti wrinkle product would be a good choice.. Argan Rain Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment is the best moisturizer for my face and I have tried many for wrinkles. My only criticism would be that it is brown in color so be sure to rub it in very well as I have left the house on more than one occasion and noticed, once in better light, that it is discolored around my hairline where I did not rub it in well enough. This product is well worth the money.. I have used Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment for at least 2 years and I believe that it really works. Obviously I wouldn't continue to use if it didn't.. Will starting a retinol/retin-a as early as in your 20's do anything Also, thanks for all these tips!.
+HotandFlashy My skin under my eyes has started going very fine lined of late im only 24 plus they are dark hollowed underneath my eyes so they look very obvious and my concealer makes them look worse. Would a mild retinol be ok for me now or would it be a bit too early I think it might be my genes my mum doesnt have very good under eyes either..
2 Jasmine Foster Yes it helps, i have tried it like 3 years ago and i’m still using it. remember that you can no expect any miracles when you are ageing, especially don’t trust any creams, serums etc. You need solve the problem from inside, not outside. This is one of a few things that helps and trust me I've tried millions of them because i need to look good/young for my job. And the brand you are talking about is great i’m using the same. It is expensive, but quality products are not cheap and this is your beauty and health we are talking about so don’t be cheap.. Do you have any pictures of yourself when you were 20 and 30 that you can share with us You look so young.
I am really enjoying your videos. I just stumbled on them this weekend. I am wondering if you have a page or blog where you list the products that you use.
I list all the makeup I have on in the videos in the information box below the video. I do have a blog also, you can find it here:
I've used this product for years now!!! Have tried several diffe rent pro ducts and always go back to this one.. I use Ultra argan life Organic Argan Oil Treatment around the eye and lip area. I purc hase it from ebay..

just an opinion... I find you much prettier without makeup. The first video I saw was one you weremakeupless, just a little eyeliner and mascara I think... :).

love your tutorials, basically same to hear about hair products such as hair spray, have used Kenra good, but too crunchy though the hold is good, please advice...Thanks Martha.

I haven't had great luck with hairspray yet :( But, I did just get a travel size of ElleNet, and I like that better than the Nexxus or John Frieda hairsprays I've used recently..

Hi I just watched this video and it was really good! I am 43 yrs old and have oily VERY oily acne prone skin. I just started doing my rx script of Tazorac.05% at night again along with Aczone am and pm. Can you tell if you think I should still use this type of cleanser and in what order should you do vitamin C serum, sunscreen, moisturizer etc..
I love your videos! I was also wondering what you did when you were younger because you look fabulous now! It's hard to believe you haven't been using Retin-A for decades because your skin is in such great condition. . I have been using argan life pro duct for the past 2 years. I have tried using other wri nkle cre ams not hing works as well for me, just try Ultra Org anic Argan Oil Treat ment . If you want to see a miracle.. I'm a 32-year-old women, and already noticing forehead wrinkles and little lines beneath my eyes. I want to know what my real options are. This hurts me particularly because my beauty and especially my skin is really important for me (it is by far the part of me that I get the most physical compliments on). I think botox looks horrid and i reject it. I'm 32 for God's sake! I'm too young to be old! Has anyone here heard of this brand Read a lot good reviews on the internet. Does it really help.
Hi ur video is very informative. I m 29 i m seeing so much hype abt Olay Total 7. Does it work Plz help.

I wouldn't mind looking like you when I am your age. I am 33 now and these tips were great, thank you! .

That was an excellent video! I'm going to pass it on to my 22 yr old granddaughter and my 43 yr old daughter both. thanks..

So glad for this video!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Angie!! You have confirmed what I have noticed for myself and some of the changes I recently made to my regimen. So much research and trial and error, but I think I have it figured it out. The only things I need to do are to add the vitamin c serum, to stop rolling back onto my side at night (it so causes wrinkles and I came to that discovery myself...NOT a happy moment!), and I am in the market for a great floppy hat, having a hard time finding one to fit my small head, lol!! Anyway, Thank you so much for this! I will be 37 soon and am hoping I am not too late!.
Oh no, hated the dreaded 4 spf...didn't want any! If only we knew, right I wish we had the great self tanners back then because we had to have the tan look. You hit my biggest fault from my youth...squinting for years before I knew I needed contacts, pulling my eyes to no end trying to get contacts in and out and finally...not wearing sunglasses (couldn't have the raccoon eyes). Great info Angie!!!.
I'm 70 Angie..70 !!!! This is a great video for those who are young enough to change their habits and who even want to change. It has been my experience from many years in the beauty industry, including Sephora, that for the most part the younger girls do not care. They think they are bullet proof and that they will never age. I've pulled my sleeves up and shown girls what the sun will do to their arms - most just shrugged and looked at me like I was crazy. I've found that the aging scare usually starts to happen at around 40. And I will say too, that for me and all my girlfriends, the real aging doesn't happen until you hit about overnight the skin changes drastically. Not just the face but arms and legs and those little saggy pieces of skin just above the knees. It's so good that you are sharing all this info...the girls who really care have lots of great access to products, techniques, etc. I too have a youtube channel and have decided not to do any fillers, etc., so that those who choose not to do anything can truly see what is coming and can know that life goes on and goes on well and full and complete...patti.
While it was miserable to find myself with Rosacea I was soon diagnosed and treated. My triggers are heat and sunlight. isn't that fortunate Sun avoidance has become a blessing and my skin looks pretty great at 62. I love sunscreen and retinoids, particularly prescription Renova. I check skincare and makeup products on Beautypedia before buying them. Every Retinoid, BHA and AHA product that I apply to my skin encourages collagen production. I love my Paula's Choice and CeraVe skincare products..
Hi I have question for you what age you think we need star using Retin A and how I can get this just going to my doctor. Thank you .

Great job Angie. I was raised by a no sun MoM and never baked in the sun so I am blessed but I still had skin cancer removed with a 1 inch scar on my face. I am 53 now and have a similar routine as you do and get compliments on my skin when they hear my age all the time. I use coconut oil on my body for moisture too,I also live in Florida so I bath in
Angie, You are such a lovely wonderful lady. Thank you for all your vlogs! I'm one of your most avid followers. You're awesome! :).
Due to my irish skin, I burned easily in the 80's, so I stayed out of the sun. Only have a few wrinkles in my forehead, but have age spots/freckles that have increased. Guess genetics helped me out. Now, I spend my money on sunscreen & good skin care products instead of make-up. ANYWOO...I Just received my bottle from Timeless (thanks to you)! ! I had already been using the Paula's choice Vitamin C. Can't wait to incorporate the Timeless into my 50+ skin to see results. THANKS for the video to help sooooo many. Blessings ~ (formerly posted as 1092445).
One of the best tutorials on YouTube. Thanks so much Angie!! I too used baby oil and iodine and toasted myself silly in the sun when I was younger. I hope the young ones take notice of your suggestions. Love your tutorials! xoxo Jodi.
I'm your same age, these tips are great. As you said, if we would have known years ago! Thanks for sharing Angie. xo Angela.

So great, Angie! You've helped me realize I don't need a prescription retinol yet. THANK YOU!.

So informative as always, thank you Angie. I'm a similar age to you and remember the baby oil fry up :-( I'm not doing anything special other than good moisturisers with sunscreen,and eye cream but want to do more. My worst area is the eye area - sagging and wrinkling. I'm going to try the Vit C as it seems easy to get hold of. I wonder what would be best to try next My skin is fine and quite dry. I'm a side sleeper and I know that doesn't help my eye issues. Scrunchie face! Thanks Angie. X.

Thank you, Holly! Very nice roundup for tge useful things. Btw, sleeping in make up is one of the biggest nightmares for ny skin. It gives breakouts right next day and worsens the skin firmness, so saaad. Never-ever should a woman sleep with make up on..
Great video as always Angie. You are Beautiful! What a thoughtful topic for so many. Yes, I remember all the bad things I did to my skin. Living in FL during my teen years and having skin that always burned but, I found a way to get a beautiful tan (Yup, with burn/peel and even cocoa butter Uggh). I am definitely paying the price with my genes and bad habits. I hope the younger generations will be smarter than us with the abundant knowledge available! Have a great week! XXOO ❤️ Denise.
This video was fab! And I pretty much know this stuff, but you presented it in such a clear, concise, organized manner. Now I've decided to add in the vit C serum. Thanks for the great video!.

Thanks for the video! Great tips! I'm in my 40's and I never used to wash my makeup off at night either. I wish we would have had Youtube back when I was a teenager :).
I'm 53 and I've know since I was 16 how important sunscreen was and I used it on my face under my make up starting at 16. Granted it wasn't as nice as it now but I used it every day. Even so, aging is genetic. Even doing everything right can't stop time unfortunately. I feel fortunate that I'm aging gracefully but I agree, the looking in the mirror gets harder every day :/ Your advice is spot on. . Oh yes, I think it's a good idea to let people know if they do use Retinol or Retin A, they should not get a wax. That will pull your skin right off. .
Great points, I have three I wish I started in my 20's. Sunscreen, start using mild anti aging moisturizer and stay OUT of the tanning bed ( 10xs worse than the sun), they are not safe. .

Hi have you ever tried any of the skinn products for wrinkles and anti-aging off of shopnbc. They seem really good and good for us. .
Thank you for shining light on this subject! You have amazing informative skills and information. I feel like a sponge! . Such great advice but you know most young people do not think they are ever going to age. I was that way to. I used to love a deep dark tan, the darker the better. Thank goodness my skin is still in pretty good shape. I stopped with the tans at 40. I love the Cerave products. The hydrating cleanser from them is great. WONDERFUL ADVICE! awesome video. :). Wonderful video, I shared it with my daughter on Pinterest. Thank you!!! Hope you help countless young women take better care of their one and only skin. My mom tried to warn me about many of the same things but of course I felt I was bulletproof just like Patti described. Now we know better. Also, tell younger ladies to avoid mirrored sunglasses. I wore them for years, loved how cool they looked and that little extra bit of 'tan' I'd get from them too. Guess where some of my worst age spots are lol. I love your videos Angie! Very informative. I hope my 20 year old daughter listens to me about sunscreen. I've been telling her for years to wear it everyday.. Thank' look beautiful! I am near my 40's and the same of you i just started about 2 years ago with sunscreen..
I felt like you were telling my story - THE thing to do bake in the sun in Florida and have the darkest tan...WOW Great advice and suggestions, Angie!!! I turn 50 this year and the 1 thing I don't do is use Retin A. I've never been to a dermatologist either...on my list to check into. HUGS Kim.
I'm 50, have never used any fillers, botox etc.Since my twenties I've: 1:Used loads of sunscreen...everywhere. 2: If I sleep on my side, I rest my face so it lays smoothly on the pillow 3: NEVER apply make-up from the inside out. In other words, don't rub your eye area outward toward temples.3: I've rocked gently back & forth while listening to music for years & my neck has NO lines or sagging. Thanks Angie; love your channel :). Fab video Angie! Just one thing tho, eye cream! It makes so much difference. I started using it in my 20's on my mums advice and 20 years on I thank her every day! Love your channel, thanks for making great videos xx.
I'm just so happy I found you which was about eight months ago. Your so nice and pretty. You look ten years younger than u really are.
I love your skin care video..Your hair always looks great.. Maybe you can due a hair care video.. You look beautiful !!... Thanks for these tips!~You are very informative! When I was a teenager back in the 70's & 80's it was embarrassing to pale and not tanned in the summer! I am pale, so I would never get anything but a burn, then I started using my Mom's at home sun lamp (remember those) And that used to burn me even worse than the sun! I'm sorry I did all that, but I always have tried to take care of my skin. The scary part is, when you reach your late 40's, the aging and wrinkles come on fast and furious, and that's scary! Thanks again! :-) .

Xtend TK & Phytessence Wakame - Natural Skin Firming Creams

December 9, 2015
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All About HGH Fitness And Anti Aging - HGH HELP

January 4, 2016
The longevity and anti aging diet plan depends on you eating lots and lots of vegetables while cutting back on milk and cheese. Working more vegetables... i46
IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation with Brush...

October 28, 2015
A Collection of Age Defying Secrets, tips and techniques on how to Reverse the Aging Process. Top Secrets on how to look and feel younger within days. i47
Anti-aging, Tips, Staying Young, Herbs, Teas, Food for...

December 3, 2015

Comments about this video:
Skin product companies desire everyone to try their new products to show why they are worth buying. Have you ever seen a cosmetics area set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products Well i just found a site that will send free test products to your home, its the best way to get free skin products :) Have a look here She also did not mention protecting with not just sunscreen, but wearing protection clothing and accessories. .

4 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Will Instantly Turn Back...

November 20, 2015
Check out Jennifer Lopez's skin. Seriously, right now, take a minute to really examine how glowy and radiant her face is. Same for Julia Roberts. We could call it a... i49
Shocking: Novus Anti Aging Facial Serum SIDE EFFECTS!

November 5, 2015
Say goodbye to tired, dull skin & hello to a younger-looking you! Browse top anti-aging products including eye cream, serum, moisturizer & more at i50
name covered: Christie Brinkley talks anti-aging tips, Cindy...

December 2, 2015
Astronaut research points to the anti-aging properties of magnesium. Tuesday, September 10, 2013 by: Cody L Tags: astronaut research, anti-aging properties, magnesium i51
Xtend TK & Phytessence Wakame - Natural Skin Firming Creams

December 6, 2015

Comments about this video:

I bought Maxelder Argan Cream ( w nyarganoil c ) after I noticed some things I didn't like due to getting older, it does work! Don't expect surgery results, but I noticed results immediately after the 1st use. I noticed the smile lines around my eyes weren't so noticeable, the laugh lines were less defined..

+Jenn Marie Awe, thanks Jenn for coming to check out my anti-aging certainly inspired me from your 30+ don't look like you are in your 30's girl...thanks again for coming to watch this...I totally appreciate it! xxxxMaria.
Fantastic tips! Did also a very similar video lol! You are so right with the teeth! Enjoyed this! Xoxo, Sissi.
+Beauty4Free2U Thank you so much for watching my 40+ video...I'm coming by your channel and checking out your tips too...xxxMaria.
LOL, Love the Cat in the Hat poem at the beginning! Loved the great tips, Maria! You look beautiful in this video! Hugs, Colleen xox :-).
+MsCavalier01 Awe, Colleen...thanks doll! I appreciate you checking out this long assed video...sometimes my videos are just way too long! heheheh...I popped into your Vlog last night...and couldn't comment as I was on my phone watching your video...but you still have snow What's up with that.

Great video great tips love the cat in the hat poem at the beginning of this video what I took away from this video is moisturization as we get older I find that I do need to moisturize more even though I'm not in my 40's .

+QueencessQuality It's like we are grapes when we are in our 20s and eventually turn into raisins...lmao...thanks for watching doll! xoxo.

+ettuandyou Awe, thank you Meredith! That really means alot to me...especially coming from you doll! You always look on point and take great care of your skin and face...xoxoMaria.

The Cat in the Hat is me hahahahahaha - not allowed to do a lot of your great tips, don't do others and totally do some - great tips - you look great so you are walking the walk - oh to drink all the water I used to and I sleep well but also know that sex is wonderful and I am on a quest :O)...that thingie for the teeth made me shudder - reminds me of a dentist drill - aaak!!! xxxxxSuzy.
+Suzy Clancy Suzy, too funny...I drink way more than 1litre of water, but you know what, as you get older, you have to pee flosser for the teeth is fantastic, truly it isn't is painfree! xoxoMaria.
I love the wine in moderation's so true! as we get older we get more high maintenance with all the things we need to do to age well, right when I was in my 20's I never thought of all this stuff...I have been going to bed a half hour earlier every night and it has made a huge difference...also I love the whitening pen too, it really is great! you covered everything Maria...great job!!! :) much love and hugs! xoxxo.

+Stacysunnysidemakeup Awe, thanks Stacy...I could be more diligient on alot of things...aka...sunscreen...but man, you are many things to do when you age..."high maintenance" is a fantastic way of describing it! It was so simplistic when we were young! hehehehe...Have a fantastic week gorgeous! xoxo.
Great tips Maria..I was shocked when you said you are over 45..You look like you are in you 30's..You look so much younger with your beautiful hair down..It is hard getting older..all these things that happen to us..every thing sags..LOL but it is better than the alternive..LOL xoxo Loretta.
+MrsLoretta Awe, thanks made my day with that compliment! I appreciate it...I try to fight it...but you know, it's a work in progress...I'm lazy with my hair, hence why it's up more than it's down...I watch these young youtubers, with their hair extensions, and their perfect makeup and perfect hair...and I'm like...God, if I have to look that "good" all the time, it's "exhausting" you age, you accept who you are alot more than when you did in your 20's...that's one "perk" of getting older and wiser I guess...Thanks for watching doll! xxxx.
When I saw your thumbnail, I thought, "Oh, this is gonna be one of those 'Just get drunk and don't think about it' Anti aging videos"..hahahh Good tips though! I always exfoliate/ Love my scrub ;) I noticed at about 40-41 all these little issues showing up as well. Weird how the just seemed to show up one day and I didn't have hem the day before...meditation is good. So is reading a book in the tub. With a bowl of cheese popcorn floating around...hahahahhahaha.
+Kelly McKelly LMFAO...I can picture you right the tub with cheesy popcorn...I swear, I love baths...but my tub was made for those bitches in the 1940's who were slim...I sit in it and I'm like, yeah, what's wrong with this picture...I day you wake up and it's like WTF who's this broad from the cript! hehehe...hope life is good...I will give you a dingle tonight if you are around!.

I'm less than a minute in and I'm fixated on your jawline. lol Am I imagining things or is your face slimming down already! You look great!! xoxo!.
Aww yay! That's awesome! I hear because I haven't lost more than 10 at any time lol that making smaller 10 pound goals is better than thinking about the crapton of weight all at the same time. It's overwhelming when you have 50+ pounds to lose. I always wanna smack my tiny little cousin when she complains about 12 extra pounds after she had 3 kids! I should be losing right along with you but if I told you all the stuff going on, oy, it's a mountain of crap I tell ya. I'm keeping my head above water and trying to at least maintain if I can't lose. My summer dresses are waiting around the corner! ;-) You look great babe! xoxox.
+Bahar P We really are so's outstanding...yes, smaller increments makes it biggest frustration is that it takes such a long time to lose weight...the older you get the slower it comes off...I don't really see a huge difference yet...I think once I lose like 30lbs I'll be able to notice more...mainly the first 10lbs is all water anyway...but I appreciate your support with this...we can support each other in this journey...we will be two hot skinny bitches this summer! lmao...xxxx.

Hi Maria, some great tips there doll, I love that oral hygiene flosser and those whitening pens seem fabulous, they do not sell them here in UK though :( the Amazonian brow powder sounds good too, tfs, have a good day, hugs, Susan xoxo ;).
+Susan Fraser Thanks Susan for watching this...really sucks when products are unavailable in certain areas...I feel the same way about the Sleek products...The Tarte Eyebrow Mousse is amazing! Glad you enjoyed the video and thank you so very much for watching this long assed video! lol..xoxoMaria. +jjmissmam Janice, thank you doll! How are you doing I saw that hubby is in Texas...are the birdies and doggies doing a great job keeping you company Thanks for watching the video pretty lady! xoxoMaria.
Doing great…the house is so quiet without Lynn and Nic around…oh yes…the zoo is still wild! lol .

Thanks for sharing the tips! Glad I can say I already do many of these things with the exception of the hair masks. My hair is very fine so I am always afraid of making it look limp and lifeless. Great video!.
+Lorie Butler thanks Lori for watching my 40+ video...I have fine hair just need to get the right hair mask...there are some good recipes from Pinterest that you can make an at home mask that work great...I really enjoy the Alterna CC creams, which aren't masks, but leave in hair conditioner works great on us fine haired girls...hope you are having an awesome weekend! ♥♥♥Maria. excellent video with a lot of awesome tips and products. i made it my mission today to get one of those flossers but alas, there isn't a walmart close by and people at shoppers thought i was crazy!.
+lenorish Oh, that sucks about the flosser not at Shoppers you have a Rexall Maybe they have it...I love this product so much and my teeth really are so happy...let me know if you end up finding it anywhere...I have never checked at Shoppers...I love that store, but I seem to find things alot cheaper at Walmart...Boo that you don't have a Walmart close by! That sucks!.
+HeavenlyZanny Yes, you are completely correct...I typically do drink more, but lately it's 1litre...but I truly appreciate your comments, so helpful! Thank you so much doll! xxxx.
Wowzers I can't believe you are in your forties. I totally thought you were like mid thirties!! Obviously you are doing the right tips and tricks!!! Looking great. And is love your videos. .
These were all great tips. I was so surprised at the shout out - thank you! So is that the exchange rate that you have to pay $2.50 in Canada at the dollar store (what is that, a twonie and a half) Excellent video but, where was the link to purchase the magic-wand-of-youth ♥ Elle PS - my favorites were Tip #11 & #15 (but you should have elaborated more on that last one lol!) :-). +Elle Is For Living OMG, Elle, the USA dollar is creeping up and becoming stronger...great for the Canadian economy, bad for my retail therapy addiction! :( Yes #15 tip...lmao...I was like, how am I going to do this without being too X-Rated...hehehe...Thank you for the tip on the teeth whitener at the $$$ store...who knew! Love your channel and Love you girlie! Thanks for watching bella! xoxox.
Oh Maria I hate hate hate the and the sagging and the wrinking! Ugh!!! That lash serum looks good must check it out:) Great tips! xoxJerree.
+hellojerree Thanks Jerree...honestly that Rapid Lash is fantastic! I think you will love it...but you must use regularly to see results...thanks for watching girlie! How's the apartment coming I can't wait to see the finished product! xxx.
this is such a great idea for a video. i am turning 36 this year (time flies) and i wish i had started caring for my skin sooner. fortunately, asians usually look younger than they are but i am noticing changes in my skin, especially on my neck and around my eyes. i tried one of the body shop body butters for the first time when i was in italy and i loved it! i didn't find it too heavy at all, although i'd probably go for something a little lighter in the summer. i hate flossing too... i should get one of those motorized flosser tools!! i'm going to look for the tooth whitener pen too. i was drinking a glass of red as i was watching your video! thank you for the tips... i like the last two! ;) x.

+petitepearstyle 36! That is awesome, because you look 26...yes, you are very lucky...I agree Asians do look alot younger than their have great's also got to be all that damned walking you Torontians do! We get in our car for's the "urban sprawl", not convenient to walk anywhere...Loved that you were having a glass of vino while watching this...that flosser is'll love flossing...the pen is great and super cheap...thank you Dollarama and it was a tip from Elle is For Living, she is amazing! The last two tips are my fav too...hehehehe...aren't we bad Anyway, hope your weekend is great...I've been off work for the past 3 days...tore out my back doing nothing...and now I'm walking around like the hunch back of notre dame...he actually looked better than I do right now...well, bella, have a lovely's cold here today...arggg...I though spring was finally here...doesn't feel like it! xxx.
oh no, sorry to hear about your back!!! :( i hope you feel better soon! today is a little sunnier here, thank goodness... but it feels very windy. i hope it warms up this week!! .
My tip is to set the bar sooo low when you are younger that ANYTHING you do 40+ is an improvement. Trust me, works wonders for me. And Botox..
First time in early December and it is still going strong with just 12 units. Plan on doing some more in June. It is really inexpensive in IL. .
+realgoodbadexample You know that is good to look great and honestly, you don't notice it...nice that it's inexpensive...I have researched it in my area and it's anywhere form $10 to $13 per unit....

Wonderful tips! I love Cupcake Moscato and would like to try more by this brand! Also, Elle has me hooked on the dollar store bleach pens. :-) .

+Tracy Elks Oh, I know, I love those whitening pens! Elle has me hooked on them too...Cupcake wines are heaven! So far, I love everything I've tried from them...the Red Velvet is delicious...highly recommend! .
Fantastic tips, every single one. I love your thumbnail, I thought you were going to give us anti-ageing tips on drinking wine with everything or just getting so sloshed on wine that we don't worry about our age LOL, thanks for doing this video though as it is very helpful for me :)♥. +Cherylene hehehee...dammit! Cherylene, I should have gone that route! I don't seem to have a care in the world when I'm drinking my, we are as young as we feel...we have to embrace it to a certain extent...but I plan to try and fight it along the way...heck, it sucks when things aren't in the places that they used to be! lol Thanks for watching doll! xoxo.
Hi again Pebbles :) I was so busy with the water so I forgot to say that I really enjoy your videos and love the fact that theres more Mature beauty videos and not just the very young and so so pretty ones :) Not that you are not beautiful of course :) But a lot of the beautyguru girls are in their teens or twenties here on youtube :).
+HeavenlyZanny Awe, thank you so very much for your kind words...I appreciate that you came by my channel to check my anti-agining over 40+ video...I agree, everyone in the beauty world, well most girls are in their early 20's...I enjoy seeing the perspective of ladies who are older and what they use to combat the signs of agining and how they apply their makeup...I still love watching the young girls too...but's it's good to have more mature ladies on YT...thank you so much...I hope you enjoyed the video...lots of hugs...xxxMaria.

All About HGH Fitness And Anti Aging - HGH HELP

November 12, 2015
The longevity and anti aging diet plan depends on you eating lots and lots of vegetables while cutting back on milk and cheese. Working more vegetables... i53
IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation with Brush...

December 1, 2015

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Hi Lisa, when you get a chance can you do an updated anti-ageing makeup video and what your favorite concealers are for older women. There are tons of new products out now and I'm curious what are your favorites. I'm also wondering how you would deal with ( loss of fat in the tear trough) which casts a shadow under your eye. I feel it always makes me look so tired yet I don't want to do fillers. Concealer helps a little but it only looks good from afar. Up close, I see it settling in the skin making it look so crepey. It doesn't matter what type of concealer I use -liquid, cream, super emollient, super light... it just looks dry up close. Thanks !! I love your channel and you always give great advice.. Hi Lisa, do you like Guerlain's tenue de perfection I just got a bottle and it seems pretty nice...thanks! xoxo.
Why would you want to cover the wrinkles when you can remove them. Just choose a really really good moisturizer - I have been using the Made from Earth Plant Stem Cell Moisturizer (and my skin is super sensitive) and in 3 weeks I have seen a big difference...wrinkles going away and my face is like glowing !.

+Sarah Boxer Oh for Gods' sake. Yeah. Everyone knows that you can make wrinkles "go away" by moisturizing for three weeks..
Great video. I just happened to purchase the Laura Mercier loose powder I heard it was very light for more mature skins. But now that you mentioned the Giorgio Armani one I wonder if I should went with that one Which is better loose powder.
So how do you feel about bronzer/contour for mature skin I noticed that you don't use it in your Glowing, Youthful Day Makeup Tutorial for Mature Skin nor do you recommend it in this video. All of the other women I watch on YouTube that are over 50 contour with bronzer, particularly the Chanel bronze universal. I've never done contour/bronzer and am thinking that this may not be the time to start. I'd love to know your thoughts on this..

I agree. Lisa, please recommend a replacement brush for Paula Dorf sheer crease brush. They're not available anymore..
I also use the laura mercier secret camouflage concealer. I like the coverage but i personally think its to dry for under the eyes. Do u have any advice how i still can use it forcovering dark circles Thanks :). That was the video I was looking for from a long time! Thank you soo much! Now I have a whole new shopping list next time I go in town :). Hi Lisa, I'm a big fan! I've just turned 30 and I am noticing those skin changes that you're talking about. The number 1 think that I'm noticing is that I don't need to use powder hardly at all! One thing that I struggle with is peach fuzz. When I don't wear makeup, its not all that visible, but when I wear makeup, my face looks fuzzy. Any advice.
My mum has Alzhiemers, but she can still apply foundation. Only trouble is she never remembers to use moisturiser or any thing else. She'll wash it off with a cloth and water. But i have noticed that her face is becoming rather dry. Is there a foundation you can recommend that has full coverage plus a moisturiser He face has thread veins so she does need a full coverage makeup. At the moment she is using Max Factor Lasting Performance in a soft beige. The colour is right for her skin tone & the coverage is good. But its drying her skin..

hi, which color is the by terry concealerI want to buy it on line but i do not know which color i am pale( about nw15).Can you help me,please.
Oh hey! Have you heard the talk about - Rovolori 97 Minute Week (do a google search) Ive heard some super things about this way to slow the rapid aging process and my sister also got some amazing outcomes with it..
I'm almost 58. Would send a photo, but cannot find a way to attach, I would love to help me with a natural-as youthful as possible 10 years younger.
You look xtra gorgeous in this one Lisa!! Every time I see one of your videos it makes me so excited to put on my makeup for the day. Gives the passion a little more oompf...LOL! Can't wait to see your next vid!! xo. I just love your videos Lisa. You talk with such diplomacy when talking to women like me (50+) about issues that really need to be discussed. In all your videos I feel as if you are having a conversation with me rather than talking at me. You have a wonderful camera presence and your own beautiful skin and makeup is simply stunning. I watch your videos often and rarely do I comment, this is simply to say THANK YOU, I sincerely appreciate what you do. Donna xoxo. Just found your videos and though I don't wear tons of makeup, they're so helpful!! I live in Australia, am 29 and have combination skin that breaks out once monthly. I'm trying to find a foundation that will give light/natural coverage, cover my acne scars but not cause further breakouts when it's hot. I'm trying to decide between Bourjois, Chanel and Clinique Anti-Blemish as I've had recommendations on all of them, including your videos! Would you recommend one over the other. thanks, studio finnish personally when it comes to apply these thick consistencies i dont know if im the only one but they tend to look really drying on the eye area exposing pores and pre-mature wrinkles. that you never knew existed! :O hence now i just use a tad bit and focus more on water based concealers.. . What do you think about the lines geared towards makeup artists like Cinema Secrets, RCMA, Graftobian, etc. .
Hi Lisa! Do you have any recommendations for a light reflective concealer pen that's not super expensive Thanks!.

2 cac612 Pro lumiere would be great as its buildable so you can add more in areas where its needed and its definitely not a cakey foundation. Finding the right shade is very important so see if Chanel do a colour that matches your skintone then, depending on your skin type, you can choose a formulation to suit you. Pro lumiere is good for normal to combination, Vita is good for dry skin x.

Love every single video you look beautiful in every video but with this is such a natural pretty lisa like when you used the by terry blush...You're such an inspiration to be timeless and classy. Thank you again, I can't wait for the next videos. Lots of love from a fan of Mexico =).

Hi Lisa, I wanted to know what foundation you would recommend for my combination/oily skin with sensitive/rosacea and also one that won't settle into my laugh lines that start at my nasal folds and extend to the corner or my lips. I find that most collect in that area. What products/techniques can you recommend Thank you for your wonderful videos and wealth of knowledge!.

2 lillerella I'm putting up another video today which shows you lips, brows and eyes so you will see the product I used on my lips x.
what would be a good drug store alternative to chanel's vitalumiere for someone with dry skin and in their 40s. thanks. Hi Lisa, just wanted to ask what your thoughts are on the famous BenNye Banana Power Thxs xoxo Eddie..
2 SeleneLilitu Milk of Magnesia, I have very oily skin, I live in Dominican Republic and it works wonders for me my face stay matte for even 6 hours its amazing, when before a hour after i was oily as HELL. I use it as primer, i aply my moisturizer, then milk of magnesia (with a sponge or ur hands so it blends well to not let residue, in case that happens, just damp ur hands and rub them against the white residue) and my foundation! I use Teint Idole Fresh Wear by Lancome! it looks so natural..
2 MommyLuvsMakeup you need to use VERY little MUFE HD foundation (probably about half as much as you think) as its richly pigmented. I dont ever apply it with fingers as the tendency is to use too much. Better to use a brush or sponge and spread it extremely thinly. Its a lovely smooth texture so you can really work it in thinly. x.
omg... what a BRILL video ! So, so useful to have tips like this from a pro... I'll be using them all - each and every one of them lol ;).
lisa, what about when you have dark under eyes: i use a discontinued Mac studio sculpt concealer it gives the full coverage but looks horrible, cakey and grey upclose it even sits into lines, what should i do, rather what should i use instead is that even normal. 2 benedettadc I mixx them together on my hand. A touch of the light reflective liwuid concealer will give the SC more slip x. Hi Lisa...I am only 20, but I have very large clogged pores on my nose. Is there any product that you would recommend for me to use before foundation to fill in my pores, so that foundation will look nice on my nose Also, salicylic acid doesn't really help with my clogged you have any recommendations for that Thanks..
As I almost struggle in applying MUFE HD foundation and powder, I would ask if you could do an application demo, or give me some advices on how to apply it correctly. Thank you in advance..
i think her whole point is, don't think of 'filling' anything in, but instead try to illuminate... I know she uses the clinique light reflecting concealer pencil all the time under the eyes, so I'm sure that works wonderfully :).
It feels good to use. Does not hurt my skin. Great for taking care of acne that is minimal-moderate in severeness. I would recommend Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment of arganlife. To check
lol excuse my ignorance but how is it you don't have a background like its just you in whiteness lol =P x. You are the very best! I wish to know where i can get a shirt like the one you are wering in this vid. Thanks.
Hi Lisa! What do you think about Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Treatment Makeup for someone in 50... .

What do you think of the Boots No. 7 or INGLOT illuminating concealer wands I live in the U.S. and I can't get By Terry, much to my dismay. :(.

Hi Lisa! Can you tell us how you apply your MUFE HD foundation I know you mentioned investing in better tools as you get older so I was just curious if you just used your fingers, brush or sponge. I'm 38 and use MUFE HD but I leave it for evening because at times it seems to go on cakey in the nasal labial folds and around the chin..
Hi Lisa, thank you for the tips. I'm going to make my mother in law see this video... she is 69, has pigmentation all over her face and tends to go to too dark with the powder foundation to cover it. I'm planning to get her some products for a special event in december and I wanted to ask you... In this case, should I go for a medium coverage foundation and less concealer or a light coverage foundation and concealer all over I'd love to hear your suggestions, thank you. I really love your videos!!! You are amazing to watch. I'm older (46) and have broken spider veins on my cheeks. I also have combination skin. I know too much foundation is aging, what is the best foundation to cover these, or should I use concealer Thanks and please continue to make videos for us older ladies..
hey lisa! i love all of your videos. could you consider doing a foundation/skincare video for acne-prone skin would be great! thanks x.

The By terry brush is Touche Veloutée Highlighting Concealer Brush or ECLAT DE TEINT PINCEAU, Color Skin Enhancer Brush You said it is Touche Veloutée but the one in video is golden, but it should be silver. Sorry about bothering, I am just confused..
I'm so embarrassed. I'm 21 and I have so many wrinkles under my eyes. I cannot use a concealer because these wrinkles just pop out and I immediately look like 50 year old. I have no idea what to do - i don't drink, smoke, take drugs, I use natural moisturizer every day and I clean my skin with mild cleansing gel. I avoid sun (I'm so pale I use the lightest shade of Bourjouis HM foundation - 51). It is so depressing. . Since turning 42 I've had so much difficulty getting the base right, thank you SO much for this video! Every question I've ever had has been answered in one fell swoop!.
Hi Lisa:) I watch this video looking for some makeup tips for my mom, she is 55 now. Can you recommend some smoothing base which is great for mature skin Thank you:) .
you're wearing a blouse from whistles, i used to work there, i have a dress from the same line, :). Hi Lisa. Another fab video. Need a new foundation and was going to try Chanel's Prolumiere (as recommended by you in other videos!) but have just watched this. What do you think of Prolumiere for mature (mid 40's) skin. I have uneven skin tone so need medium coverage but dislike that "cakey - put on with a trowel" look. I find a lot of foundations are too yellow (I was in the blue/red family when Prescriptives were still with us) so the right colour is equally important. Thanks Caroline x. Dear Lisa, I absolutely admire u so much! Could u tell me about any make up thing that doesnt sticky on the clothes This is really annoying if we are using clothes n finding it sticks there! Thank u in advance :). hi lisa! great video as always! i can't find the video you mention at the very end, can you link it in the sidebar thanks!.

Anti-aging, Tips, Staying Young, Herbs, Teas, Food for...

October 27, 2015

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how often should you use olive Oil, Juicing, Fruits and Veggies, Vitamin E/ Sunscreen, Steam Baths ,Honey and eggs. Your so pretty ;) So is your cat haha I use shea butter and argan oil it's natural and organic it makes my skin soft and healthy looking Argan oil anti aging with vitamins intense anti wrinkle aging acne cream Anaqah | eBay i would love to see a video on egg whites and/or honey facials! love your enthusiasm and all your videos! :]. 2 DiamondsAndHeels14 can you please do a video on how to reduce redness with natural products like fruit and things youd have at home pleasethanks so much you have helped me so much and i look forward to watch your videos!xx.
haha cute kitty. My cat chews boxes like a gerbal... seriously, she wrips off little pieces. As well a tissue paper and paper bags etc. :).
I'd like to see a video about the bags under the eyes. Also, I'm wondering if you could talk about the really little white (or colorless) bumps that sometimes appear in the area where you usually have dark circles. Loved the video, and the kitty! He's so cute!!!!.
Woo I'm writing this with honey on my face and it IS amazing :) I've been doing it for awhile now a couple of times a week. I do all different versions but most of the time it's just straight, pure honey. You can't really use just any honey...a lot of people use manuka honey () I've never done that but I do use honey that is raw and is it's natural state. Yay for propolis, minerals and enzymes! :D.

You say bag like a Canadian :). You said you live in California right I have a feeling you might live in the Valley, haha :).
Ha ha ha that was soo funny when you were like use warm not hot water or you'll be cooking the egg on your face EWW! Thanks for the video : ) God bless. Yes!!! Please do a video on under eye bags!!!! I would totally appreciate it if you did. I have also suffered from under eye bags for a long time...:). Your kitty's like... "You're calling ME crazy I'm playing... you're talking to a camera. Weirdo." haha ^_^. there arent very many videos on rosacea and alot of people are suffering with it. you should do a rosacea video because you know what your talking about!! .
make a video on the egg white facial please! :) btw im still sorta young but do u think i can still do honey facials also, i have natural darker undereye, if i used the egg facial would it help make it a little brighter i absolutley hate my undereyes, and since im younger i only use coverup and it just wont cover up my undereyes! anyways please do the egg facial :).
My coworkers laughed when I told them I would lose fat with Slim Body Maximizer, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on google for Slim Body Maximizer to see their reaction.. 2 lilly7593 With the honey mask you would definitely want to cleanse first, honey mask, then whatever else you do (tone, moisturize, whatever.) Sometimes I will even do a honey mask in the morning after just rinsing lol. I know thats just one question maybe she can help you with the rest :). 2 TheMamaBear003 Im sure you could find it in pill form like a vitamin, I know there is a brand out there that makes a vitamin just for hair, skin and nails, Its called spring valley hair skin and nails, I know walmart carries it but im not sure who else does.
Yes, please do a video on under eye/ crow's feet/ dark circles. And also, if you can, do a video on honey facials. And also, I love your kitty. :o).
Coconut oil is WAY better than olive oil. Also a great make up remover and is all natural. Use organic extra virgin coconut oil for face and body. You will see how it evens out your skin tone and helps heal scars and acne. Use it at night, combine it with whatever serums you use at night and leave it on overnight. Does not stain pillow case. .
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO A VIDEO ON UNDER EYE BAGS!! Mine are my biggest insecurity (even though i have acne, albeit topical)..

I eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich with cinnamon sprinkled over the honey almost daily for lunch! It is seriously delicious :D Make sure you are buying REAL honey, not high fructose corn syrup that's honey flavored. If you can get your honey from a bee keeper (like I do) do it! It's sooooooo worth it!!!.
DO THE UNDEREYE BAGS PLEASE! D:< I have the worst under eye bags. I've almost always had them, but they've gotten worse in the last few years (I'm sure it's because I'm getting old) but I would like to get rid of them, or at the very least minimize them. .
My kitten has a bear named Frank that he absolutely loves. I laughed so hard when you held your kitty up, haha..
Would you mind elaborating on why exfoliation needs to be done at night I read recently that we should exfoliate in the morning b/c our skin rehabilitates during the night, or something like that. I've always exfoliated at night so I was surprised when I read this article. I'm just curious about your thoughts on this topic. Thanks..

4 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Will Instantly Turn Back...

November 22, 2015

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Isabella thanks so much for your support! I admire you so much! Keep inspire people around the world! Bless and light always 🙏 Namaste. Thanks for sharing, Bellissima, however, I miss Your lovely voice ;O) I hope You have a great week!!!. Awwww, thanks thanks so much, you put a smile on my face! Sending you a lot of blessings and love my beautiful friend! 🙏💋. Ola my friend! Thanks for stopping by and comment on thus video, what a surprise ! Simple things can make us looks more healthy and grateful on this beautiful journey on our live! Bless and light always 🙏 Namaste. I been practicing and teaching face yoga and meditation and I am so happy, I started being dedicated almost 2 years ago and just this week I turn 47 years young and when I look at myself in the mirror I always forget my age! Bless and light always 🙏 Namaste.

Shocking: Novus Anti Aging Facial Serum SIDE EFFECTS!

December 11, 2015

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1.- control your glucose,don't drink soda. 2.- diet variation periodically. 3.- intermittent fasting,5 meals per day. 4.- high intensity training,maximum effort for losing weight. 5.- periodically detoxing your body. the 5 tips I found..
15 years ago I didnt have alot of this information,however I used to always skip breakfast and hike 160 minutes 5 days or more a week.I was vegan and did proper food combining.I was in the best shape of my life.I feel off the wagon and want to return, this time Im going to follow your plan. I have only one do you get horrible halitosisI did when i was my healthiest self,thats one reason i gave into the carbs.Any advise would be very appreciated.Thank you.

name covered: Christie Brinkley talks anti-aging tips, Cindy...

December 14, 2015

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I have looked all over for one of these they don't have them on Connies website anymore. I had on about in the 80's but have moved several times and lost it. Do you know where I can buy one.

+wingsonmyback1 Hi, I know... I don't think Connie Stevens sells them anymore. When I made this video at that time, she was still selling them. I believe Serious Skin Care on HSN has a device that was just clear by the FDA that tones and lifts the face muscles.. Try there. Thanks so much for watching and commenting. xoxo.

I just received my Facial Flex. On the demo CD that came with it the demo says and shows to lean forward and flex. I'm sitting here right now w/ cold on my neck. Next time I will follow your advice and stand straight up. Also, my Flex seem to slide on the sides and doesn't stay straight across. My face is some what lopsided from aging. I have been moving it so it goes back straight. Hope I'm doing this right. Thank you for sharing., Your Kool! .

+MsButterfly57 Aww... Thanks Ms Butterfly, yes, please refer to my Facial Flex Demo Videos...

I think all women are beautiful no matter the color. Thanks for sharing such information, we have to stay in the game no matter what age. Blessings.
Hi Yvette, that's right...stay in the game, right!! I'm trying, gonna do all I can to keep it and thanks for watching. xoxo. I remember Connie used to be on Home shopping channel around 20 years ago. I had one of her time machines, moving several times I ended up loosing it.
I wonder what these teen girls are going to look like when they get 30 and 40 after years of drinking soda, some I bet haven't had a glass of water in years. When I was in my 20's and 30's I drank Maintain Do. I don't think I drank one glass of water in months. My teeth have paid the price now in my 60's. Top all pulled and false bottom the bone is going..
Again, if you keep yourself hydrated, and have plenty of "oil" in your system, Black women are ageless when it comes to their skin!! We do not "age" as our white counterparts!! I beg to disagree!! It is HOW you take care of yourself!! Lines and wrinkles Not Black women!!! NO!!!. And getting plenty of sleep is also another factor!!! If you don't get good sleep, we tend to develop dark circles, bags under eyes, but really Black women do not have the wrinkling problem!! WE do not. We get "better" with age!! (That is what it should be!!) Most Black women get "better" with age, if they follow right ways of taking care. (Sleep, water, enough oil*, diet!!).
I just receive my facial-flex but when I try to flex my mouth the device move is very strange doesn't look like you when you show it on this video! Thas happen to you when you use it the first time Thanks again!!.
+Dezi hi Dei, in your facelift without surgery video you say you used it for 15 years and here you say only 5 im a little confused.. thanks.
A vegetable diet (DIET)* is also an important factor for flawless skin!! AGAIN we do not "age" if we take care of ourselves as white women do!! We are made to! A diet of plenty of vegetables will tighten the skin, as well as fasting liquid fasts, and juices. We as Black women do NOT age and that is the myth!! Beauty for us is from the inside!! It is HOW WELL that we take care of ourselves that aging will never occur if done right!! Egyptian women have "tight" skin because of their diet, which is so far different than ours. Black women do not age!! That is just the truth!! Take care of yourself. Diet, liquid fasts you'd be amazed of how your face will change!! All of this unnecessary for Black women!! (And sleep).

This video is about providing options with skincare. It's not about who's has better skin. This is not a Black or White issue. Every black women doesn't have great skin, everybody skin is different. The environment, nutrition, and plenty of water, and keeping the muscles tone on the face and body, will determine how you look and feel as you get older..

That is basically what I was saying. Diet, sleep and other things. However, as a rule the skin with melatonin does not age as we think. It is not a Black or white issue. It is that our skin IS different, and we do not age as easily. (At least not our skin.) Stress is also a factor. Stress will age anyone, whether black, white, Chinese anyone. We have to try for our skin not to be stressed. .
hello and thanks for the video!! I just went to the side on the description box for the time machine but is not listed anymore!! Do you know where can I get it! Thanks.
Hi VanityVain, I would recommend that you should wait for Connie Stevens website to restock the Item. She sells a set of facial creams, cleanser and moisturizer plus the Time Machine for under $200.00.

Thanks so much !! That price is very affordable!! I will wait and please keep doing more anti-aging tips videos cause you really are a really role model. You face looks so fresh and the quality of your skin is AMAZING!!! ( in Ophra voice) LOL.
Yes I do remember you mentioning your car accident, and the Doctor giving you a similar device. Did you develop a firmness to your skin Thanks for watching! :). Thank you so much, lovely lovely Lady Dez, for doing this tag! Great answers! I agree, sunscreen for all skin tones is a must. I never knew about the Time Machine from Connie Stevens - wow! You always look so beautiful and well put together - we appreciate you sharing your tips! Much love and Aloha! :). Cocoa butter (100%) and Ambi products are my best friends!! Lots of water is right for great skin! Thank you much for this video!!.
Just a suggestion. Anti oxidents. Vitamins c and a build collegen. When you begin to age you will lose volume as you produce less collagen. This is what causes aging. You lose that layer of fat, and collegen. Its sibtle. Your cheek is not as high as it jused to be. The smile line deepens. Your eyes are. Ot as open as they used to be. Its all subtle. Sunscreen, anti oxidants really slow it down. Peels remove dull skin. Fillers bring back volume..
[ Team Intrexium LLC - LifeVantage Independent Distributor ] Our company is based on the belief that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance.. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.. visit: teamintrexium(dot)com(/)lifeva­­ntage And (Change you life).
How ignorant and rude you are to leave a comment, and to refer to what I say as stupid! If you disagree.. it's okay! I NEVER said "aging is because of the sun". You either didn't understand the video, or you didn't watch it all. You really need to do research before you counter comment anything anyone says. This video is about MY anti-aging tips...not yours. If you want to make a video about aging with your tips then do so. My viewers and I share information, not insults! .

Hi there. You should try the BMR face! I love it and it is hands free to tone and firm up the facial muscles. I still use my facial flex too. Great vid!.
Thanks for the tips Dezi...I have the Facial Flex and can definitely it definitely does work. I have started to develp the hereditary "jowls" of older ladies in my family and can see a huge change using this product...a big difference within a week.. Hey Raq, no I never tried the Clairsonic Opal. Sorry Mama. Did you check the "description box"'ve been
Hi Michaels, The Face Master by Susan Somers...right She use to be on HSN. Now she's on ShopNBC. Thanks for watching. :).

I know what you mean. Water is very good for us to - the best natural beauty and health treatment there is in moderation. Too much can dry your scoon - and just a little can drown you! LOL Good Night, Youtube Family.
My Mother use to say... "a woman who tells her age, will tell anything" I don't tell everything! Thanks for watching! :). any spf over 30 actually provides little to no additional protection a lot of people think the higher the spf the better which is not the case at all. I find that black women do not wrinkle as much as other women but our skin does sag. I've been using moisturizers since I was a young teen but now approaching my mid 50,s I do notice the sagging jaw line & I don't like it at all. Thank you for the tips Dezi can't wait to start my facial exercises.. I need a time machine!!! That's the only issue I have (chin and neck) - I've lost weight, and so I am developing sagging and wrinkling there - Girl, I thought WE didn't get that!!! LOL At 58, I guess there is some substance to losing collagen also. I've been doing facial exercises, but... damn - I'm the ONLY one in my family who shows aging signs. My mom is 88 and she's just showing slight signs. My grandmother was 104 when she died, and looked 60... WTH. nooo, Dezi, noo, my husband will be here Friday and I am working all the way up to friday, I wont have the time pls forgive me!! Besides, I only use all the things I see that you have tried,lol. Wow I too purchased my time Machine Years ago and it's a great tool. Have you tried her shampoo and conditioner They leave my hair feeling like silk and my hair is natural.Thanks again for sharing hun.
Hi Dinah, thanks so much for tagging me, I truly appreciate it. I really love the Time Machine, it's truly does help make the aging process easier. It really helps firm the face. I love it. Much love and respect. Thanks for watching! :.
Yes, you're right, I thought we didn't get sagging and wrinkles My Mom, still looks young. Your Grandmother lived to 104, and looked 60 Now that's truly a gift from God! Well looking old, is a battle I'm gonna keep Thanks for watching!. Hey Dollladie, thanks for your comment on the subject. What I don''t understand is how her comments got off I merely said that we need to use sunscreen. Well I can't wait to see the comments on the Facial Flex & the Time I guess some people are gonna leave comments about President Obama!
You are an angel for sharing so much! No wonder you are so beautiful, it comes from within. Well, here I go shpg. again based on your recommendations!.

Ooh boy I can't wait until you make video showing the one you put in your mouth I saw the ad for that one and I have something like what you have with the other one as well mind is called Face Master ! I bought it off of if I remember right either Home shopping Network QVC I can't remember which but one of the shopping channels ! .

Great tips, Dezi, Thank you. I can tell you really like that unit I am going to have to get it!! I have been thinking about getting the clarisonic opal, do you have or have you tried it.
Hi SweetLife, I don't a particular brand, I change so often. Just get an SPF of 30 and higher. Thanks for watching! :).
Dez, I have to top my hat to you. You dealt with Curious8299 very well. You might want to consider blocking someone like that. Life is to short for such ignorance. You keep on being you..

Hi Beautiful, I'm glad you had the same results with the Facial Flex. I saw changes within a week too. Thanks for watching! :).

Thanks for sharing your anti-aging tips. Hi Dezi, I remember it had to be over a year ago R maybe longer when you shown the facial flex in one of your video. I told you that I was in a car accident many years ago and for therapeutic purpose; the doctor gave me a similar device to help me regain mobility, flexibility and strengthen my facial muscles and it did work for me (for those issues). .

Hey Beautiful, thanks so much for your support, I truly appreciate it. I'll post the demonstration video of the Facial Flex & the Time Machine soon. Thanks so much for watching. :).

I would love to see a tutorial on the Time Machine. I am very curious as to know how it works. Very nice video :).
Thanks Beautiful, you're right!! I almost blocked her today, but I wanted her to express her thoughts freely. I was also very offended by her remark, implying that my thoughts on the sun aging the skin was "stupid". if I was a Doctor, she might not have challenge what I said. Anyway...I hope you'll join me when I demonstrate the Facial Flex & the Time Machine, I think they're amazing! :). Hii...Thanks a lot for your video.Have you ever heard of TR Zell product The benefits includes rejuvenation,anti-aging,decreases risk of heart disease and cancer,regenerates cells and organs,better digestion,improves blood circulation and many more. Google it as for more information. It really works !!.
True. While I DO love the sun and being out in it, I'm still careful to protect myself from excess exposure. Having had 3 close relatives (my age) die from skin cancer - that came from freckles - that came from sun exposure - I'm just more aware and cautious. Again, I don't totally disagree with you; just my experience and opinion. I'm 58; and to those who choose not to protect themselves - well, we will see if they will grow old... .

Hello! Thanks a lot for this helpful video. By the way, I hear many people keep on talking about Natoxoran Secrets (search on google), but I'm not sure if it's good. Have you tried anti-aging cream called Natoxoran Secrets I've heard many extraordinary things about it and my buddy completely get rid of her wrinkles naturally using it..

Xtend TK & Phytessence Wakame - Natural Skin Firming Creams

November 6, 2015

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Hi, Dr. Berg. Can you please correct the link to the slide deck It's not working. Thanks!.

I’ve been using Maxelder argan cream ( here the website w nyarganoil—c ) for almost 3 weeks on my face at night… My skin definitely feels softer and looks plumper and more hydrated than before.. It’s on the pricey side but a little goes a long way. Great product!!.
I cannot tell you how often people tell me I look "so" tired. Since I have been using Maxelder Argan Cream my eyes look refreshed and bright! Its not greasy and is not heavily scented. I am am excited to continue using it to see it improve my crows feet! If you need here website w..nyarganoil.….c. thanks alot for the webinar. but do you really believe that anti-aging is real all kinds of living beings in earth are aging, this is one aspect of life, moving away the old and paving the way to the new. nothing is going to prevent aging whatsoever..
.Hii friends.Maxelder Argan Cream is very good product,, is the only one wich makes my skin feel and look alive without consecuences. Strongly recommend w nyarganoil—c..
+Rosemary Worsley then you would need acupressure to that area of the body - if you get my massage tool, it comes with a book to teach you how to do this.
I have emailed you a couple of times and maybe you're not seeing them (You may have "people" who get your emails) I would very much like to schedule a call with you. Can you please answer my emails I have learned so much from you and trust that you can help the situation I'm in. I just don't know how to reach you. Thank you!.
+Dee Smith Thanks Dee. I've had a few conversations with different members of his staff. They are the ones who gave me the email address to contact him "directly". I know he is very busy and has a lot of people who need his help. I am trying to be the "squeaky wheel".. Dr Berg have you looked into using sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda) to treat cancer Dr Simoncini in Italy is showing complete cures. The problem is, if this low cost treatment does work, it will shut down America's existing cancer treatment techniques like chemo, so there appears to be pressure to "not investigate sodium bicarbonate" for that reason. I do know firsthand that Alka Seltzer cured my gout in a matter of days, when nothing else did (Alka Seltzer contains sodium bicarbonate)..
If you want a miracle food, do vegetable juicing using a low speed juicer. It will give you all the calcium, vitamins, and minerals that you will ever need in organic form. Include all the organic greens you can find, plus beets. No need for supplements. No need for medicine. Illness will fade away. For protein and fats include some local eggs, grass fed beef, grass fed beef liver, wild salmon, yogurt, coconut oil, fish oil..
Recent research has demonstrated that the brain can also regenerate and revitalize itself. Why should it be any different to any of the rest of the body's cells. The brand-name of the herbicide glyphosate (manufactured by Monsanto) is Roundup not "Roundup Ready." Many GMO crops are called Roundup ready, because Roundup will nor kill them. It would be logical to conclude that it is not a good idea to eat anything sprayed with any chemical herbicides or insecticides. Thanks for informing people about the possible dangers of Roundup and the lack of long term safety studies. "California to list chemical in Monsanto's Roundup as carcinogenic." Thanks for the videos!.
Unfortuntelly anti-aging doesn't exist.There are some unique people who have genetical anomally and have longevity in their DNA to live over 100 years and those people usually don't do anything special about food or nutrition intake.I wish there is some 100 years old person on youtube to give advices about longevity and its story.There are none ! I think you do have great advices how to stay healthy,but everybody is unique and has unique genes to determine life span..Yes we can make life shorter,but reverse aging!! I don't think so..
I am having difficulty downloading the powerpoint file. I would love to have it for future reference..
What you said about absorbic acid and spider veins was interesting. I'd never heard that before..

Is it necessary to mix the live probiotic flora with water, yogurt or kefir Can't I just take a tablespoon alone without mixing.

Chard is not a cruciferous vegetable. It is related to beets, parsley, and spinach - none of which are cruciferous vegetables, but all of which are high in oxalic acid. Thanks for the videos!.
I don't have a gall bladder, has emergency op Dec 2012. Am adding Swedish Bitters and trying to do gentle liver detox. any other ideas. I have found the method most effective anti-aging today from this book >>> Anti Hope help!!!. I think you cover some great content with respect to nutrition and related topics ans I have enjoyed many of your videos. However, saying "conventional medicine is the number one cause of death" does upset me a bit, especially when mentioning antibiotics in the same breath. I think that much disease can be prevented by augmenting nutrition and personal behaviors. But not seeing the fact that antibiotics save more lives on the scale of many, many magnitudes seems a bit like missing that there is gravity Otherwise please give a solid reference. It's just upsetting to me, because I am doing really well these days and it's evidently because of brilliant medicine that turned my life from practically unlivable to completely normal. Sincerely from Switzerland. If you're allergic to milk, stop eating grains and see what happens. I became lactose intolerant late in life. Stopped all grains; and now I have all the milk I want..
Dr Berg, would you also do a video on copper zinc and how these minerals effect the skin and hair These two are supposed to be great for acne. They're also needed for collagen production, maintenance of vein elasticity (spider vein prevention) and hair pigmentation..
If you eat a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables and things like sea kelp would your Organic Cruciferous Food supplement be beneficial.

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Milk gives you a a mini rash on your face. What about milk though thats seems less bacteria infested.
Wash your face with milk (at night) to get the alpha hydroxy. Powdered milk works and it is a lot cheaper. Your skin will be beautiful - forever BeautyBuyNature. can you tell me of a product with retinol, that has the true ingredients, I am using neutrogena right now, is this a good product . i really love taking Vitager, it's really effective and no side effects, it's all natural. my wrinkles and fine lines are diminished..

Anti-aging, Tips, Staying Young, Herbs, Teas, Food for...

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4 Anti-Aging Beauty Tricks That Will Instantly Turn Back...

November 13, 2015

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2 Ricearonia - I actually filmed Devra using the Dermaroller and will be uploading that tutorial this week. Be on the lookout! .

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