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  • December 23, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Having fun reading and loving all your skin care secrets that are being shared! Keep them coming everyone! And don't forget to click the description box for more information on the giveaway. :) .

    +Chriselle Lim really great video also checkout my channel i hope you will find another very helpful video..
    The moment I saw her squeeze some lemon juice into her toner, I had to comment. Guys, please never EVER apply lemon/lime juice to your face. It can be very damaging to your skin in the long-term and any aesthetician with any sense will advise against using it. Also, fun fact! Coconut oil and olive oil, both commonly used in skincare, are rated pretty high on the comedogenic scale; looks like you can't always trust those beauty gurus or teen magazine articles. Argan oil seems really well tolerated, however..
    I've heard a lot of people rave about using lemon juice as a spot treatment on dark spots over night. That's fine right Since you won't be going out in the sun with lemon on your face.

    I used to have really really bad acne when I was 14, and that was when I started to get interested in skincare. I remember I dissolved honey in some green tea, then add some lemon juice and left it on my face for 15 mins and it helped me clear up my acne and scars..

    +Zamzam mohamed I just make some green tea, let it cool, then add honey and lemon juice. I then soak cotton pads in the liquid and place them on my face as a mask! You can also try this gel called "Hiruscar". It removes scars pretty well, though it states it's only for scars less then 2 years old. Try aloe vera gel too! It's good for acne and scarring too. You can also use products that contain AHA and BHA..

    I have a alo vera plant and i just take the gel from it and apply it to my face before i go to sleep and my skin is super acne free ❤😊.
    +seatha03 Didn;t u notice that, even the moisturiser and that sleeping mask, she put loaaaddssssss.... Termaric Powder +Milk + Lemon juice + Besan (Any flour can be used) Natural instant great mask. It brightens d skin and cure acne too! Its a classic Indian mask..
    Okay this may sound really stupid but, is cyder vinegar the same thing as apple cider vinegar It's all I can find (organically)..

    I use a lemon and honey face pack that helps to keep it soft yet clean. also I rub a slice of tomato on my skin once I'm done cleansing because it gives my face a glow..

    I have used the ice on my face as well! Helps with puffiness and calming things down. I do modeling for our business and our product, so I appreciate your great tips! Thank you :).

    I love to not dry my face with a towel after washing it but instead patting it dry with my fingers! It prevents getting wrinkles on your face and also prevents the germs from the towel getting transferred to your face!.

    coconut oil and tea tree oil are the best help for my skin, but i am going to try your tips! the video is so so so beautiful, the colors, the music, your voice, everything is just very sophisticated, love it.

    Aloe vera works wonders! I just used to cut the leaf in half and spread the oozy, smelly stuff all over my face. :) Oh, and I also use Moringa Oleifera oil for my face, from a plant that only grows in subtropic regions. Look it up!.

    Chriselle, Forgot to mention Nerium International just launched in South Korea and are breaking all sales records. wow.

    Women. Do. Not. Do. Makeup. Or. Skincare. For. Men. They do it for themselves. This is not a complicated fact to grasp..

    Hello somebody know how long the apple cider vinegar + water + lemon thingy last Can i put it for a couple months thank u!!.

    depends on what's your climate. I stay in a hot and humid country. I make enough for a week (I fridge it as well). then throw and make a new batch.

    This is more of a body-skincare secret, but I love making my own sugar scrub with just sugar and olive oil. The sugar is great for exfoliating, and the oil really traps all the dead skin together. After you rinse it off, just scrape the area with an old razor and you'll be shocked at how much dead skin comes off :).

    Thank you! I have a little bit of a problem with dead skin, since my skin is kind of sensitive and I could never take all the dead skin off, whatever I do my skin is left not only with some dead skin leftovers, but it is dry too so you can see it. :/ Especially my legs under the knee. But it sounds like sugar will be gentle and oil will help moisturize more. Is it like that How is it using this method long therm and how often do you do it.
    I use to have horrible skin, but my grandmother taught me to make artichoke water to drink almost everyday; and my acne cleared up! It's super simple to make boil some water, add an artichoke, let it sit in there until it cools down, add a bit of sugar (or honey ), and you're good to go! :).
    my skincare secret is using turkish coffee for exfoliating the dead skin and blackheads. then i clean it with natural rose water. it is perfect for oily and combination skins..

    I get dry patches around my nose and chin when the temperature changes in differnt season the only thing that helped me was a brown sugar and olive oil face scub i made at night time than i put raw honey on my face.

    Hi i love this video thank, I love having a routine for taking care of my skin, my secret is to drink lots of water during the day so the skin will not only look good looks healthy..
    Hi Chriselle, have you tired the Nerium Night Cream. It is amazing, and has REAL SCIENCE to back it up. I have tried every product on the market, really. The result I got from Nerium Night Cream me away. I research the heck out of it because I'm a Nurse and that is what we do- research. So impressed I became a Brand Partner with the company. Seriously check it out. Their products are the very BEST on the market today. check out my site and try it for 30 days money back guarantee. Cheers Hi!~ love your videos so much! They are so beautiful. Can you give me some advice i am sixteen. And i have problematic skin with pimples, blackheads and all that stuff. do you think i just should have some patience and overcome this age or i can do something about it i mean, is it worth to fight this problems or is it just a question of time. Thanks for the chance to win. I don't have any tips but I do have a question, any tips on getting rid of blackheads. This was a cool video full of useful information. I love using green tea bags with my simple gel face wash everyone and again. I also use the simple anti- aging lotion which also have green tea in it. But I do like to try out new products as I don't like my skin getting used to them and no longer working to fight my acne..
    Hey I wanna ask u if coconut oil good for acne scars Or if u know anything naturally to get ride acne scars fast.
    I had really bad acne and I used to use a turmeric mask (organic turmeric and water mixed together), oatmeal mask (blended oatmeal and water) and lastly organic honey and cinnamon mask. I also drank LOTS AND LOTS of water. Now I don't have as much acne as I did before..
    I love to take of my makeup with Extra-virgin olive oil.! Also put on Organic Honey Mask to give me smooth skin and an bit of extra glow.!!.

    Thank you so much for MAKIG this video I'll be sure to try these out! One of my skin secrets is a toner mask or better known as a lotion mask. Basically You take a clean cotton cloth and cut it into five strips. Then soak the strips with cold water after put UR toner onto the strips and then put it on your face. It will basically look like a mask on your face. Leave this mask on for three to five minutes and make sure to do it every morning and night. You'll notice how much more of an effect your toner has. It will make UR skin smoother, brighter and even toned. Basically everything a toner is supposed to do!!! Try it out and let me know what you think..

    My skin care secret is to not do to much to my skin, whenever I try to do to many things to my face I often times break out. So I like to keep it simple!!.

    Coconut oil also moisturizes my skin really well, if on budget then its a little expensive but it's worth it! :).
    i do not wear foundation, concealer or other makeup except for some violet eye shadow. I wear vitamin E based moisturizermixed with vitamin e pills at night, and 50 spf sunscreen by day, I use water based moisturizer as a facial..
    One of my skin secrets for acne is coconut oil! Just put some ORGANIC VIRGIN coconut oil on your acne before you go to bed for about a week and youʻll see definite results!.

    Love your videos! My beauty secrets are to keep it simple:) I would love to win, and try out the products that make your skin so flawless!!!.

    I save rice water when I cook rice to use as toner. I save it in a jar like your apple cider vinegar toner. It makes my skin soft and smooth..

    i'm 1st timer for the skin care routine and i don't know what is the best for me... please give a tips and this is safe.
    One of my secrets is to pamper the face 2-3 times a month1. Steam towel over the face 2. Cucumbers on the eyes 3. Peel mask4. Michael Todds organic products ❤️.
    i need this really...umm beautytip is that 1 tbspoon of honey with 3,4 drops of lemon can give a lighter skin tone.

    Hi Criselle, I have been dealing with minor acne also. I don't really have any face cleansing secrets but to just use face wash and toner regularly. Sometimes I also make a lemon and honey mask. Thanks for sharing your secrets. I'll try some and hope it works for me. .

    firstly i wash my face with water then i apply "potassyum crystal" all over my face to have a brighter face, after this i re-wash my face then i use a dove soupe and wash it off...then i apply with cotton a honey bio toner to protect my skin, and on all the little skars i apllay a snail cream and after that i put on my face almond and karité's butter. that's it.
    hello. i used to have bad acne late in my 20s. I had been using a lot of acne products but didn't got much better results. Until i discovered the daily scrub Clear Pore Neutrogena from a beauty on Youtube(so sorry i forgot her name) and its worked amazing for me. But acne scars couldnt go away no matter how much tried from expensive products to remedies. i has been using the Shesido products for a fewer years now and coundnt tell the diffrent anymore since i just had a baby and ít'd changed my skin alot. My skin now from an combination to Dry. Everytime i do make up i could see the dried flake skin on my forehead and i couldnt find any other product line to try if its fix my dryness skin and acne scars..
    Amazing video tempted to follow the regimen, I stay in India so these products are not available in my country but I so want to use them., any alternatives for these Thanks.

    I like to cleanse with a cleansing milk, followed by toning with rose water it's super soothing and way cheaper..
    I love to use aloe vera gel. My favorite brand is a korean one: Nature republic. Is fabulous and not expensive :). I had lots of acne and blackheads on my face and ofcourse it was followed by scars and dark marks. My tip is before sleep time take a potato peel the outer skin and then in same way keep peelin a few more thin layers of this potato. Keep these thin layers on various parts to cover the whole face and keep it on for half an hour atleast. Just in 3 days one can see lots of difference in their skin. This lightens skin and dark marks and makes a visible lightening of the scars and dark circles too.. I use aloe vera gel straight from the plant and it is softens and hydrates my skin so well. It's super organic (of course), so you don't get any harsh chemicals!. Hello! One of my favorite skin care secrets is using a thin slice of lemon and rubbing it on my entire face at least 3 times a week. After doing this for a week I realized my skin was less oily which made the acne more controllable. I've been doing this for 2 months now and I noticed my scars have lightened as well. :).

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  • January 2, 2016
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  • December 31, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    Jeunesse offers a Global Business Opportunity to sell and network in the billion dollar Skin Care and Beauty industry. If you like to start your own business and become a distributor click here: & "Join Now”..

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  • December 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Thanks for your top beauty secrets from around the world! 😊💕💖 It was very neat to hear some beauty secrets from around the world!.
    I avoid lavender. it mimics the body's natural hormones and can raise your chances of breast cancer. I learned this on Ted talks..
    Liked and subscribed! You added such a great, simple collection of the most effective kinds of things. Keep up the good work! ;).

    My favorite beauty tip that I use is to: 1) take out one egg and only use the white 2) rub it all over your face and let it salty there for 5 min. By the time 5 min. Are up your face will be tight and stiff, so don't worry. Its normal. :-) It will no only lighten your skin but it will also make you skin soft and silky! :-) :-) .

    Can you please do a room tour I really like your room Jen and would love to be inspired to design my room like yours! cx.
    Ooh! I want to try the strawberry and honey mask. That sounds divine! Q: What did you use on your hair to make it so smooth! Its gorgeous!.
    Can't afford that first one the Irish government are taking even MORE of our money and we hav high water taxes and my family aren't rich but thanks for the tips.

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  • December 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Is there a specific reason why she is always focusing on Koreans She says "asians" a lot too, but I somehow know that she only means korean. Are for example japanese products not that affective as korean products.
    +anticeon healthcare: korea/japan engineering: korea/japan machine/robotics: japan microchip/computer: korea china and taiwan don't excell in anything yet, at least not compared to japan and korea.. +Aireen Fitra I use a mixture of American, Japanese and Korean products actually! I'll just list my whole routine, makes it easier. I'll note which products are from what countries: Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil (Korean) Murad Clarifying Cleanser (USA) Shisheido White Lucent Brightening Balancing Softener (Japanese) Tony Moly Floria Brightening Essence (Korean) Murad Acne Spot Treatment (USA) Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion (USA) Shisheido White Lucent Anti-Dark Circle Eye Cream (Japanese) Shisheido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector SPF 42 (Japanese) The cleansing oil I use in the evening only and the sunscreen I use only in the morning. Once a week I use Tony Moly's Pearl Sheet Mask (Korean) - usually on the weekend - and the day before very very special events I use a hydrogel mask from Dr. Jart+ (Korean). Yes, I do all of that every morning and evening.. I'm mixed and my mom is black I can agree she looks like shes my age and she's 48 so 😂😂😂😂i got goodz genes i mean not everyday when you mother mistaken as your sister.
    this girl is so obsessed with korean skin care...and who says your complexion can only be nice if it's "milky" pretty ignorant and shadist....
    +Maria W Agreeable. Milky skin is skin that looks soft and delicate. I actually think darker skin looks really milky..
    No pimples, no pores, Wengie Where did you go in Asia that I didn't visit I lived in Korea for years and the plenty of skin there was a hot mess. Sure, there were some folks with good skin, but that was NOT the majority. I lived in Seoul, Chuncheon, Daejeon and Daegu all over the country essentially except for Gwangju and Busan, but seriously great skin Nope. That's why there are so many cosmetics shops: so the girls AND guys can lay on all of the washes, toners, creams, serums, lotions,moisturizers, etc. Good skin is a gift, but NO one group of people has a monopoly on it. My skin became horrible whilst in Korea, and I found the answer: Paula's Choice. That's real talk. :).
    No. It's the routine and time that Asian people take to caring their skin that makes it look so good. Of course no one is born with great skin. Cosmetic shops are there so people can make their skin look good, there is nothing wrong with taking time to take care of it. From what it seems, you seem to be condemning this skincare ritual that Korea has which is very ignorant of you..
    To everyone who is upset over this video. Get a grip of yourself, this girl has a point, although some of it may be generalisations this is fairly true as I have lived in Asia before. Asian people tend to have nice skin because of the time and care they put into their skin. The women in boyfriends family spend about 1-hour at least on their skincare routine daily and, yes, they have beautiful skin as a result. Genetically speaking, Africans and 'black' people have the best skin. They also age the least of all ethnicities because of the amount of melanin in their skin which also prevents premature ageing from the sun. The darker the skin, the more melanin you have, thus, the less likely you are to age. Likewise, second to Black people Asians including Indians and Middle Eastern people also age slower than Caucasians/white peoples genetically. That's not to say a lot of Caucasian people don't look young, this is just a scientific fact..
    +Vivien N Its very true. African skin as well as Asian skin have a thicker dermis than Caucasians thus delayed wrinkles.. I'm really grossed out by all the generalizations you have made about Koreans in this video. Please don't hold Koreans against beauty standards many of us are fighting against - Not all Korean women have this amazing, translucent skin you claim they have. It's very disturbing that you speak of Koreans as if they are perfect, mythical creatures between 0:27-0:45. Seriously - your gross generalizations are harmful to the Korean and overall Asian community. Stop..
    Sorry but Koreans overall have terrible skin aha it's just covered with 3kg of bb cream which makes it look great.

    I put on sunscreen, but I LOVE my tan skin... I hate it when Asian people think darker skin is not as pretty as lighter or MILKIER skin, even though everyone has their own opinion... I honestly think darker skin is WAY prettier than brighter or lighter skin, and no I'm not a racist.

    +helloyou749 Hypocrite. Why is it wrong for asian people to think paler skin is better but you thinking darker skin is better is fine I think paler skin is MUCH better :) And there's A LOT of cultural reasons why they consider pale skin to be more attractive so lmao Also you sound very insecure if you need to diss pale skin to praise your dark skin :^).

    +windwakerftw because of the history behind dark skin. Asians and other people of color with darker skin are look down upon in society and seen as unattractive whereas people with paler skin have always been seen as beautiful. it's been like this for centuries..

    Africans actually have some of the most smooth and pore-less skin, because the more melanin you have the more firm the skin is that's why darker people age better....
    If I go to Korea and I don't know how to speak korean, how can I get proper skin care products Are there any stores for diagnosing and detecting your skin situation. Ever since i got into korean culture i've been crazy about staying pale and out of the sun... People think i'm weird cause its such a big thing here to be tan. I'm lucky to be naturally pale but i have freckles and i want them to go so badly... Under the freckles tho i'm getting more pale and use sun screen all the time and i'm always hiding from the sun. meanwhile i laugh at people obsessed with being tan cause they'll look older sooner,get wrinkles and damage their skin.. +HellDiva i meant i laugh at ppl who tan too much and judge ME, cause they're there acting like what they do makes them look good when they're a few years older than me and i already see wrinkles in their faces, I dont laugh at ppl who dont judge me, + i dont laugh in their faces i laugh in my head.
    This helps me a lot. just want to have nice face,and this helps me a lot.Now I know what should I do for my skin.Thanks ^_^.

    I am a korsan myself, but like why are you so interested in koreans instead of other asains such as japanese and chinese How do koreans fascinate you than other asains.

    The great thing about korean dermatologists is that they really care. Many American dermatologists will look at you for two seconds then write a quick prescription..
    wow... some people in this comment box try so hard to prove they are korean! I do agree that some of Wengie's information can be exaggerated, but when she said "everyone", I understand it as "a lot of them" instead of taking it literally EVERYONE. Anyways... I enjoyed your video Wengie :). I like your hair!! You seem dye your hair often! but your hair looks healty and thick! :0 How to keep your hair healty!. It really isn't. After dying your hair a lot of times it becomes dry and split ends form, so don't be fooled!. Surprised she didn't mentioned it... A lot of Korean celebrities (k-pop stars, actors...) go through the skin care called "Vitamin C Iontophoresis". It costs a lot but is very effective, making your "tan" skin looks milky. Of course, it's paid by their agencies and usually don't mention that kind of skin care... I wish I had the money... _;; Un jour peut-être.... "Colder climates like Korea,even Russia" wait... Even RUSSIA Pretty sure Russia's is way colder then Korea. I personally though Korea was humid. I'm from canada, were like Russia's cousin, and from what I've heard from my friends over in Asia, is that it's always fairly hot! I have a friend in Asia who told me that the lowest she heard of is 10C. You want cold give -40 C ago. Not trying to freak out at ya, just the context of that sentence wasn't set up properly.. They seem overly obsessed with their skin. Meeting a dermatologist every week even if your skin is good Getting a procedure done often! Its like they are addicted or something.. am not korean my basic routin has cleansing exfoluating ( just an exfolutaing wash ) toneing mostrizing and protectio. Wengie, what do you use to get rid of black heads That's a huge problem for me, they go all across my upper cheeks and my nose.. No. Skincare products help prevent premature ageing. Sure, everyone gets old, who doesn't know that, but taking time to care for your skin and using the right products can help slow down the ageing process and prevent premature ageing.
    i like the way that you explain it... you are the firts person that explain to well... :) love it.
    Koreans' skin condition is largely genetic. The European Jesuit priests who accompanied the invading Japanese army in 1592 left a record about Korean people. They ate a lot, men did archery so well, and women had porcelain-like skins, much fairer than European women's.. I don't really have pimples but I am DARK T___T How to be fairer... Fine, I will be grateful for what I have... I must be proud of my skin tone!. You people are sick. It doesn't matter what colour of skin you have if your personality sucks you are nasty! Asian women are obsessed with vanity. A sin punishable and disgraceful!. I'd just like to say that the original BB cream was invented by Dr. Schrammek, a German. Although it was the Koreans who made a craze out of it, it was the Germans that invented it. No hate, just a fact:) I really enjoyed this video! it was very helpful.. Hi!!! Very interesting information. I am tormented by rashes on a face and skin. I found means which clears inside and you start looking perfectly besides also imperceptibly you grow thin!! It is healthy. If interestingly look according to the link)) As an American, I can confirm that going to the dermatologist regularly normally means you have an issue with your skin you want taken care of, typically a medical issue (i.e. Acne, warts, abnormal moles, skin discoloration, etc).. Not all koreans have a nice skin. I am half korean and some kpop stars have suffered with acne because of lack of sleep and eating habits.Example of Minho, Tiffany, Daehyun, Kai and other koreans. Some of my friends too have acne and black pores.. I'm American and I had a Korean dermatologist and he did wonders for my face (I have troublesome skin where I have a period of no acne and then all of a sudden I have a period of very sensitive, acne prone skin). However, he moved and I went to several non-Korean dermatologists and nothing they gave me worked. I know this was only one guy but I strongly believe Korean dermatologists know something other dermatologists don't..
    You are so beautiful, did you have your lower lids done I know it's a popular trend in Korea to have your lids done to look puffier and fuller, because it's believed to give a more youthful look..
    I just started using skinfood products this past summer and it has made a huge difference on my skin. I actually carried around a regular umbrella when it was really hot with strong sun light in England. People were confused because they thought an umbrella is just for rain... No way! I want a parasol now just to keep the sun off my face..
    +Autumn Sunshine btw, I'm not trying to be racist, I'm african american/native american anyways..
    Vershernjs2 yahoo.comPlease send me info. Would love to try night time water treatments.Thanks loads of love.
    Great video.. seems like you have researched a lot before making this video.. its very informative.. i got to know evrything that i wanted to.. thumbsup..:).
    in the beginning of your channel ( the first videos or so) you had really (not really) but pretty dark skin, how did you manage to make it so much lighter.
    I'm Vietnamese and guess what, I literally have pimples EVERYWHERE on my face. Like HELPPPP!!! 😨.
    amazing video i always wonder why Koreans have that clear skin not only women also men have good a big fan of south Korea. and i have some skin problems i don't know how to fix.
    Wengie: "How healthy you eat" Me: |Stops half way through eating chocolate bar| Hehe...yeah....
    Can u make a video about where can u buy the Korean skin care products and Korean tips about how to loose weight fast. I really liked your video 😘✌🏼️✌🏻💁.

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  • January 15, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    +Banana TV Muscles need protein to build though. Why do you say low protein I work out lots. I was told to have 1gram of protein every pound of body weight and day. Can you give me a sample diet I could try.
    Thanks for this video..I have used an entire jar of maxelder argan cream & I really like the way it makes my skin look and feel, especially my neck area It works very well to moisturize, minimize fine lines & wrinkles, & does not irritate my sensitive skin. I will definitely purchase this product again w-nyarganoil c.
    +Caroline Trudeau My skin feels refreshed then ever.. I have an overly sensitive skin and it is a perfect product for me. and the Vegetables and Fruits, dont give to adecuate minerals and vitamins you need You can say, why dont you buy organic, but the label says organic, but in reality the ground is so polutate, that you need aditionals suplements. +Axel Lefebre people don't believe I am 5-0, it's frustrating to have to prove yourself. Believe me I have 50 year-old life experiences. I thank God for the ability to age gracefully, mentally & physically :-) I believe she's aging gracefully :-).
    Here is a thought or possible connection relating to longer life and the eat your veggies kick that show in many people as a reversed aging effect. People assume its always the food, the fruits and veggies and surely part of it is. But what if there is more to it relating to microbes and bacteria then most assume, given such comes from the earth, the dirt, and as such you know some is always on or in these foods and ends up in your gut. So it may be fact some microbes and bacteria will surely kill you, but the reverse is also true that some will greatly benefit or extend your life. Of course take that as just an opinion and feel free to do the research on it, least you might be amazed what you find out..

    Well yes. Obviously. It's not just about the food as it's picked it's about the whole life of the food up to and beyond that time when it is then utilized to feed the body. That's why we don't want food growing with pesticides and herbicides and chemicals on it. Because the soil is affected the roots are affected and future crops are affected. so we want everything that could be considered nutrient rich for the body and life-giving for the body to be the best possible and that includes the entire life cycle of any crop..
    10% of your calories is the maximum. If you're eating like the Banana TV girls it will probably end up near to 5%..
    +frugoncino we say "low" protein because we compare it to the Standard American Diet. The Estimated Average Requirement (EAR) is 0.5-0.6 grams of protein per kilo of body weight. The Recommended Daily Allowance has been moved 2 standard deviations higher so that it covers most individual variations (98% of the population) which is 0.8g of protein per kilo of body weight. Basically, +GoustiFruit is spot on, you should aim for getting no more than 10% of your total calories from protein, Most people following a plant based vegan diet will have levels between 5-8% of total calories. Hope this helps to clarify and let us know if you have any other questions ツ .

    This woman is amazing. I showed my mom a video about her when I found her. It was enough to convince my mom that even when you get older you can still change your diet and get benefits. Shame her husband is sick and thinks he's to old to change..
    Thank you! Yes shes making big changes is her diet because she sees how good it works on me :) it is wonderful to share this lifestyle with her..
    Congrats +Frugi saurus! You're spreading the word and making a difference! Thank you ツ .

    Damn 70 she look like she's in her mid 30 and she had a nice walk I've never seen a grandma like that before .
    Yeah and you get bunch of vitamin deficiencies. This whole vegan fad is deceptive. You need fat and you need protein. Just think what is your brain is made out of People are uneducated and ignorant this days and it's so easy to sell anything to this type of people this days. It is very crucial to know the anatomy and physiology of your body.. +Chris Adams I was being sarcastic, Chris. It was the only way to get Julia to shut up. This was an idiotic post. I agree. Go VEGAN!!!. +Pamela Jean You know what's wrong with you people U scream of animal rights and u scream of tolerance year when someone speaks up their concerns and general research u just label them or call them idiotic. Okay, u don't like what I have to say. Then dispute that. let's talk about it, disagree with me, prove me wrong (that what shows intellect). Labeling, calling names and laughing it off is easy. I'm done here..
    Ups I don't know how to reply from the same comments box :( Will you please explain me, the 80-10-10 I have set with "cronometer" gives me total calories intake 2338 based on my weight (69 kg), with protein allowances about of 58 gr. which is about 2,5%. Now if I go for 10% of the calories, will be 230gr. of proteins which sounds too much. :) really hope I was clear. Thank you Michael .
    +frugoncino cronometer is great for counting calories but sometimes can mess you up when you are trying to keep track of protein, carbs, fat etc. because cronometer is ultimately based on a Standard American Diet. The thing to keep in mind is that by following the 80/10/10: - protein should be no more than 10% of your total calories, if you get less that is no problem! You don't need to be aiming for the full 10%. Same with fat. - carbs would be 80% or more! More is not a problem. For us some days it is more 90/5/5. Simply by following a plant based diet you will obtain the protein that you need without actively searching for it. Hope this answers your question and let us know if we need to clarify anything ツ . that's that melanin; notice Caucasian don't look like this on a raw food lifestyle. Doug graham doesn't look young..
    +butterfly9274 You can look great for your age as a Caucasian by staying out of the sun and taking D3, along with exercise and a pure, nutrient dense diet..
    Everything has to be in balance. Your diet has to be in balance. No need to go for all or nothing. Read, research and make your own conclusions. Think and don't let trend setters think for you.. +Chris Adams Am I killing Maybe your "wishful thinking" will fix that. U want them to stop killing DO SOMETHING. SPREAD THE INFO. That's the least u can do. Bring awereness to people. u clearly are not the smartest person in the world. so I hope u will take my advise and will do something about the cause, besides responding to utube comments of people u have no idea about..
    Thanks +Kmbrn84! I am originally from Canada but have traveled and lived all over the world so it's just a huge mix now ツ .
    10%!!!!!! I'm using cronometer, I set it on 80 10 10, total calories are 2338 and protein it says 58 gr.

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    When you think about it, the word
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    Comments about this video:

    If you are looking for an effective way to reduce wrinkles, Try this Argan Rain argan oil! This anti wrinkle product would be a good choice..
    Argan Rain Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment is the best moisturizer for my face and I have tried many for wrinkles. My only criticism would be that it is brown in color so be sure to rub it in very well as I have left the house on more than one occasion and noticed, once in better light, that it is discolored around my hairline where I did not rub it in well enough. This product is well worth the money.. I have used Ultra Organic Argan Oil Treatment for at least 2 years and I believe that it really works. Obviously I wouldn't continue to use if it didn't..
    Lol I remember the days - burn,peel and then burn some more. SPF WHAT SPF! HA HA. What drives me mad that a lot of young girls still do it, even with all the info they get now.Well they will regret it one day. How do you like your restylane do you think this is better than Juvaderm I am thinking of trying a bit of filler lol. I have never used retinol or glycolic -I am so late!!! When I have used my current skincare I am getting some glycolic skin care.Great advice Angie and your skin looks fab xoxoNisha.
    Hi Nisha~ I got Juvederm. I'm happy with it… no one's even noticed, but I see a difference when I get up in the morning. I just hope it lasts longer than my botox does!!.
    2 Jasmine Foster Yes it helps, i have tried it like 3 years ago and i’m still using it. remember that you can no expect any miracles when you are ageing, especially don’t trust any creams, serums etc. You need solve the problem from inside, not outside. This is one of a few things that helps and trust me I've tried millions of them because i need to look good/young for my job. And the brand you are talking about is great i’m using the same. It is expensive, but quality products are not cheap and this is your beauty and health we are talking about so don’t be cheap..

    Will starting a retinol/retin-a as early as in your 20's do anything Also, thanks for all these tips!.

    +HotandFlashy My skin under my eyes has started going very fine lined of late im only 24 plus they are dark hollowed underneath my eyes so they look very obvious and my concealer makes them look worse. Would a mild retinol be ok for me now or would it be a bit too early I think it might be my genes my mum doesnt have very good under eyes either..

    Do you have any pictures of yourself when you were 20 and 30 that you can share with us You look so young.
    I've used this product for years now!!! Have tried several diffe rent pro ducts and always go back to this one.. I use Ultra argan life Organic Argan Oil Treatment around the eye and lip area. I purc hase it from ebay..
    just an opinion... I find you much prettier without makeup. The first video I saw was one you weremakeupless, just a little eyeliner and mascara I think... :).
    I am really enjoying your videos. I just stumbled on them this weekend. I am wondering if you have a page or blog where you list the products that you use.
    I list all the makeup I have on in the videos in the information box below the video. I do have a blog also, you can find it here:
    Hi I just watched this video and it was really good! I am 43 yrs old and have oily VERY oily acne prone skin. I just started doing my rx script of Tazorac.05% at night again along with Aczone am and pm. Can you tell if you think I should still use this type of cleanser and in what order should you do vitamin C serum, sunscreen, moisturizer etc.. I love your videos! I was also wondering what you did when you were younger because you look fabulous now! It's hard to believe you haven't been using Retin-A for decades because your skin is in such great condition. .
    I have been using argan life pro duct for the past 2 years. I have tried using other wri nkle cre ams not hing works as well for me, just try Ultra Org anic Argan Oil Treat ment . If you want to see a miracle..
    I'm a 32-year-old women, and already noticing forehead wrinkles and little lines beneath my eyes. I want to know what my real options are. This hurts me particularly because my beauty and especially my skin is really important for me (it is by far the part of me that I get the most physical compliments on). I think botox looks horrid and i reject it. I'm 32 for God's sake! I'm too young to be old! Has anyone here heard of this brand Read a lot good reviews on the internet. Does it really help. love your tutorials, basically same to hear about hair products such as hair spray, have used Kenra good, but too crunchy though the hold is good, please advice...Thanks Martha. I haven't had great luck with hairspray yet :( But, I did just get a travel size of ElleNet, and I like that better than the Nexxus or John Frieda hairsprays I've used recently.. Hi ur video is very informative. I m 29 i m seeing so much hype abt Olay Total 7. Does it work Plz help. I wouldn't mind looking like you when I am your age. I am 33 now and these tips were great, thank you! .
    That was an excellent video! I'm going to pass it on to my 22 yr old granddaughter and my 43 yr old daughter both. thanks..
    Oh no, hated the dreaded 4 spf...didn't want any! If only we knew, right I wish we had the great self tanners back then because we had to have the tan look. You hit my biggest fault from my youth...squinting for years before I knew I needed contacts, pulling my eyes to no end trying to get contacts in and out and finally...not wearing sunglasses (couldn't have the raccoon eyes). Great info Angie!!!. While it was miserable to find myself with Rosacea I was soon diagnosed and treated. My triggers are heat and sunlight. isn't that fortunate Sun avoidance has become a blessing and my skin looks pretty great at 62. I love sunscreen and retinoids, particularly prescription Renova. I check skincare and makeup products on Beautypedia before buying them. Every Retinoid, BHA and AHA product that I apply to my skin encourages collagen production. I love my Paula's Choice and CeraVe skincare products..
    Hi I have question for you what age you think we need star using Retin A and how I can get this just going to my doctor. Thank you .

    Great job Angie. I was raised by a no sun MoM and never baked in the sun so I am blessed but I still had skin cancer removed with a 1 inch scar on my face. I am 53 now and have a similar routine as you do and get compliments on my skin when they hear my age all the time. I use coconut oil on my body for moisture too,I also live in Florida so I bath in
    Great video, Angie! Tips I wish I knew years ago when I was basking in the sun with baby oil...YIKES. XO. Angie, You are such a lovely wonderful lady. Thank you for all your vlogs! I'm one of your most avid followers. You're awesome! :).
    Yet another very informative and excellent video Angie! Some addtl info I will share from our favorite skin doctor:) Why to use Vitamin C Dr Neal Schultz explains: Why to use Glycolic Acid Dr Neal Schultz explains: Should you use Retin A Dr Neal Schultz explains: I am 39yrs old and I have elected to use all 3 of these anti-agers plus I boosted my suncreen up a few years ago. I will say that the only trouble I'm still having is determining the kind of Glycolic Acid to use and when. I have done peels and there are so many products on the market with glycolic acid that it can be overwhelming. Do we buy a cream, a gel, a cleansing pad, chemical peel, a daily face wash so many glycolic acids products to choose from its hard to pick what is best for anti-aging. I am researching now if just a weekly chemical at home peel is enough or if daily serum or toner or moisturizer or pad or whatever also needs to be used. You know Loves & Hugs!!.

    Due to my irish skin, I burned easily in the 80's, so I stayed out of the sun. Only have a few wrinkles in my forehead, but have age spots/freckles that have increased. Guess genetics helped me out. Now, I spend my money on sunscreen & good skin care products instead of make-up. ANYWOO...I Just received my bottle from Timeless (thanks to you)! ! I had already been using the Paula's choice Vitamin C. Can't wait to incorporate the Timeless into my 50+ skin to see results. THANKS for the video to help sooooo many. Blessings ~ (formerly posted as 1092445).
    One of the best tutorials on YouTube. Thanks so much Angie!! I too used baby oil and iodine and toasted myself silly in the sun when I was younger. I hope the young ones take notice of your suggestions. Love your tutorials! xoxo Jodi. I'm your same age, these tips are great. As you said, if we would have known years ago! Thanks for sharing Angie. xo Angela. So great, Angie! You've helped me realize I don't need a prescription retinol yet. THANK YOU!. So informative as always, thank you Angie. I'm a similar age to you and remember the baby oil fry up :-( I'm not doing anything special other than good moisturisers with sunscreen,and eye cream but want to do more. My worst area is the eye area - sagging and wrinkling. I'm going to try the Vit C as it seems easy to get hold of. I wonder what would be best to try next My skin is fine and quite dry. I'm a side sleeper and I know that doesn't help my eye issues. Scrunchie face! Thanks Angie. X. Thank you, Holly! Very nice roundup for tge useful things. Btw, sleeping in make up is one of the biggest nightmares for ny skin. It gives breakouts right next day and worsens the skin firmness, so saaad. Never-ever should a woman sleep with make up on.. Great video as always Angie. You are Beautiful! What a thoughtful topic for so many. Yes, I remember all the bad things I did to my skin. Living in FL during my teen years and having skin that always burned but, I found a way to get a beautiful tan (Yup, with burn/peel and even cocoa butter Uggh). I am definitely paying the price with my genes and bad habits. I hope the younger generations will be smarter than us with the abundant knowledge available! Have a great week! XXOO ❤️ Denise. This video was fab! And I pretty much know this stuff, but you presented it in such a clear, concise, organized manner. Now I've decided to add in the vit C serum. Thanks for the great video!. Thanks for the video! Great tips! I'm in my 40's and I never used to wash my makeup off at night either. I wish we would have had Youtube back when I was a teenager :).
    I recently read that the worst aging food we can eat is sugar I just turned 50 and I do fillers, botox and I had a neck lift because of excess skin left over from a 50 pound weight loss. I play tennis and work out a lot. I just saw a new doctor who was shocked by my age because she thought I was 35. I have never been drawn to sugary foods, I love fried and salty foods I really think not eating a lot of sugar has helped me. Also I was always a heavy foundation wearer when I was young which in retrospect probably protected my skin from the sun. Loved the video, you look fabulous!.

    I'm 53 and I've know since I was 16 how important sunscreen was and I used it on my face under my make up starting at 16. Granted it wasn't as nice as it now but I used it every day. Even so, aging is genetic. Even doing everything right can't stop time unfortunately. I feel fortunate that I'm aging gracefully but I agree, the looking in the mirror gets harder every day :/ Your advice is spot on. .
    Oh yes, I think it's a good idea to let people know if they do use Retinol or Retin A, they should not get a wax. That will pull your skin right off. . Great points, I have three I wish I started in my 20's. Sunscreen, start using mild anti aging moisturizer and stay OUT of the tanning bed ( 10xs worse than the sun), they are not safe. . Hi have you ever tried any of the skinn products for wrinkles and anti-aging off of shopnbc. They seem really good and good for us. . Thank you for shining light on this subject! You have amazing informative skills and information. I feel like a sponge! .
    Such great advice but you know most young people do not think they are ever going to age. I was that way to. I used to love a deep dark tan, the darker the better. Thank goodness my skin is still in pretty good shape. I stopped with the tans at 40. I love the Cerave products. The hydrating cleanser from them is great. WONDERFUL ADVICE! awesome video. :).

    Wonderful video, I shared it with my daughter on Pinterest. Thank you!!! Hope you help countless young women take better care of their one and only skin. My mom tried to warn me about many of the same things but of course I felt I was bulletproof just like Patti described. Now we know better. Also, tell younger ladies to avoid mirrored sunglasses. I wore them for years, loved how cool they looked and that little extra bit of 'tan' I'd get from them too. Guess where some of my worst age spots are lol.
    Thank' look beautiful! I am near my 40's and the same of you i just started about 2 years ago with sunscreen.. I felt like you were telling my story - THE thing to do bake in the sun in Florida and have the darkest tan...WOW Great advice and suggestions, Angie!!! I turn 50 this year and the 1 thing I don't do is use Retin A. I've never been to a dermatologist either...on my list to check into. HUGS Kim.
    I'm 51, and like you, spent a lot of time baking in the sun with baby oil back in the day... many burns, and never any serious sun protection until late 30's. I'm going to share this video with my daughter (26). I've preached the same stuff, but hope it'll help more coming from someone else. I made the mistake of once mentioning SPF contains chemicals. She's into all natural, and spends a lot of time outdoors in the summer. I hope she'll listen to your great advice! Thanks, Angie!.
    Fab video Angie! Just one thing tho, eye cream! It makes so much difference. I started using it in my 20's on my mums advice and 20 years on I thank her every day! Love your channel, thanks for making great videos xx. I'm 50, have never used any fillers, botox etc.Since my twenties I've: 1:Used loads of sunscreen...everywhere. 2: If I sleep on my side, I rest my face so it lays smoothly on the pillow 3: NEVER apply make-up from the inside out. In other words, don't rub your eye area outward toward temples.3: I've rocked gently back & forth while listening to music for years & my neck has NO lines or sagging. Thanks Angie; love your channel :).

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  • November 29, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    +nakaharaindria In just 3 days this woman managed to lighten her skin by 5 shades. Click it hope it helps !!! Read here
    My mom never put any product on her face and she looks younger than she is (she is 63), she even put a little bit of make-up when she have to go out and she don't use anything to take it away when she comes home or at night.. she just wash it with soap sometimes or just use water.. but I.. OMG!!! I have put products on my skin and now I feel like my skin is not normal and I don't look older but my skin do looks so tired and affected. :/ I have tried everything but nothing seems to work :(.. I'm going to a professional to see if they can help me. (I now, my english is bad.. don't come for me plx... ).
    Watch your food intake. My bestfriend's mom looks younger and yes seriously looks younger than her age because of this. In fact that her sibling also taking care of the food intake and consumption, so both of them have healthy skin. Not by just the face, but the health as a whole. My friend and I tried to stop eating oily food (Fried Chicken and Fries) and yep! It helps! Watch your sleep. Drink more water because your skin needs it. (Drugstore does offer you a hydra-whatsoever skin product, but what's inside actually matter the most than what you apply on your skin face). Just my 2 cents. :) - I am currently struggling too. Trying to get a better skin health. And I have a very very bad skin now. Due to the mentioned reasons. Sleeps. Food. Lifestyle. PS: (Don't bother my profile picture, it was when nothing came on my face hahaha) :D.
    i don't really agree with a milk cleaner being 'too moisturising' for oily skin, as the more moisture, the bette, which will in fact help the skin to stop over producing oil to counteract the lack of hydration in the skin..
    just wish someone taught me these basic things a few years ago, since my skin's pretty much ruined by now, but useful info. i'll def be using these tips.

    +Samantha Graham It's a product placement technique. That's why I say they are expnsive,she promotes these produtcs so to make you buy them in order to have HER kind of skin..
    Idk if anyone will read this, but if I have a moisturizer with spf can I use it at night and can this routine be done at night and in the morning or just for a morning routine. Our skin pH level isn't 7, it's 5 something for women and a liiitle bit more for men. Google it. However, I think most products have "skin-neutral" written on them, which is fine. Old soups could be 7, which isn't good - it leaves your skin without it's acid protective layer. Lol I can't believe a cavewoman like me just contributed to a skin care thingy..
    hey,i hope you dont mind me asking,but what video editor did you use because i really liked the effects that were usedin this video! thanks xx.
    +Linh Nguyen cleansing just gets the remaining makeup off of your face, and exfoliating has tiny beads that remove the dead skin on your skin.
    Yes. She said after you wash your face, the cleaner throws off the PH balance in your skin, and using the toner will regain that balance.. you talk about flay skin, do you normally have the flaky eczema kind of flaking skin in your tzone seborrheic dermatitisthanks.
    so helpful! I was convinced of what you're saying, that's the reason why i subscribed to your channel..

    Bit late on this 😂 My skin routine wash with a rose face wash and tbh it has helped my skin a ton!! Its natural and doesnt make my skin dry. And thats all ik ik its really bad but my skin is oily/dry and moisturizer just isnt for me 😂 btw if you want to know the name of the face wash just ask me.

    i neeed your help with my skiiin i am struggling and seriously its making me sooo saad :'( plz i need your help i just cnt riid of those pimples and acnee i want my clear skin back its been 4 years and i am still struggling with it :(.

    I have extremely sensitive oily skin with of course acne. I'm currently disabled and unable to work therefore I do not have the sufficient funds to maintain skin care. Do you recommend any products that are affordable on a small budget.

    Acne Drugs And Antibiotics Can Make Your Acne Worse. Right now my skin is perfectly clear, for the first time in 3 years. It's been about 9 weeks and all my acne is gone. It is such a great feeling to wake up with clear skin. Welcome to :::
    Coconut oil works for me as a great eye makeup remover. Use a small amount, remove with a wipe, then wash your face as usual..
    hey Mia ever since I watched ur videos I hv bcme addicted to it!! u r like everything I wanted to know but dint know whom to ask!! hey gal can you help me in this one dilemma whch I hv!! My skin doctor suggested me a sunscreen if SPF 50+ but I really like my daily even n out cream. how cn I use both I mean if which one should be on top of other sunscreen first or the daily cream kindly teach me hai.
    I have rosacea and its SO sensitive. If I exfoliate it gets really really red, irritated and painful. .
    Free Presentation Reveals 1 Unusual Tip to Eliminate Your Acne Forever and Gain Beautiful Clear Skin Real People. Real Results. Over 138,000 Acne Free Customers

    I totally agree. It cannot be so simple! Hahaha for some, rinsing with water in the morning is enough. It varies so much! I hear that ppl should only exfoliate 2-3 times a week. I've tried that but light daily exfoliation works better for me..

    My skin is quite oily (especially on hot days) and I have some acne on my face especially on the forehead. What type of cleanser should use.

    "I dont even call it basic, it's pretty much like breathing, you have to breathe, you have to do those things." LOL MIA! I laughed so much at this!! You seemed so fed up with those three steps it was so funny and cute! ^____^.
    Free Presentation Reveals 1 Unusual Tip to Eliminate Your Acne Forever and Gain Beautiful Clear Skin Real People. Real Results. Over 138,000 Acne Free Customers
    Hi I am India, I am very much impressed with your video. After seeing ur video, only then I came to know that they are so many things to be done as I am a beginner & very new to makeup and all those things... can you help me out to start up using makeup... awaiting your reply....
    Hi I have really bad hair loss problem I don't know what to do I have tried lots of things but still. In cleansing, you've told only about oily and dry skins...what about normal skin can we use any time of cleanser...!!!!!!!. I went on holiday recently and eat a lot of junk...(slush puppies,burgers,pizza etc) and the day after I got home I woke up and had soooo many pimples and I can't get rid of them 😐 can some one tell me what to do or use to get rid of them They suck!. I think a charcoal, or clay mask should help. For the charcoal mask mix one capsule of activated charcoal, and how ever much aloe vera gel you need until you get a paste consistency ( a table spoon of the aloe vera gel should be good). For the clay mask just buy calcium bentonite clay and mix it in a non-metal bowl with a non-metal tool. Mix the calcium bentonite clay with an equal amount of water or more. If you don't want to do the masks, then just apply alcohol to the pimples.. I have quite sensitive sore, acne prone skin this seems like a lot for it! wont using this many products break me out.
    I have sensitive skin, i love using Gentle exfoliator by Elizabeth Arden I use this as my Facewash, it leaves my skin so soft as a baby bum, and its not at all harsh The exfoliating beans are almost like cotton Love it.
    Hey I see a mistake. Don't know why everyone has this idea that skin is in neutral ph. Normaly it ranges from 5 to 7 ph value. So it's more acidic than neutral. So why then we use toner. This is a very good video but if your dead skin cells surface on average every 28 days then shouldn't you be exfoliating every 28 days I hear a lot of people saying you should exfoliate daily but it doesn't make sense to me because surely you'll just be damaging your skin by trying to remove something that isn't there..
    I think it means that the skin renewal process takes 28 days, and within that timeframe, the skin is shedding old skin cells to make way for the new cells that will be fully formed on the 28th day. So in order to prevent a build up of old skin cells, it helps to slough them off by exfoliating..
    These tips are great, very well delivered and informative. This will truly help maintaining the glowing of our skin. Keep it up!.
    I have a question please. I'm from Morocco and we use an old way to exfoliate wich is basically mecanic. We use a very thick tissue and we rub it gently against our skin in cercles and we notice dead skin falling out. Is that way healthy.

    DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU HAD HELPED ME! I've been dealing with acne but was never sure of how to go about a basic skin care routine. Thank you!!!!.

    I'm sorry but I'm confused. Is Lancome Visionnaire Correcting Polishing Cream a serum or a moisturizer I'd really appreciate it if you would answer this question for me..

    Hi! Do you have a tutorial on how you curled your hair into waves here Helpful video, by the way! Love it..

    how to apply toner and how can I take care of my skin even if I am going out I m not really interested in makeups...

    Yes you do because the first signs of aging is from the sun so protecting your skin from the sun will help ur skin..
    I probably will, try finding a chemical exfoliater instead of physical (like scrubs or sugar ones) because they could be too rough and it could hurt. Try find a chemical exfoliater with AHA's as they are more gentle for the skin but still work the same way.. Maybe you over-exfoliate。what happens is your skin is too dry and produces more oil、blocking your pores and making you break out. Ok. You are not old. But we are all getting old. I'm sixty. What can I use safely. Very silicate skin..
    Discover How He's Cured Himself From Severe Acne and Taught Thousands of People Worldwide to Get The Clearest Skin They Ever Had:
    omg so much stuff to buy, it would cost me 100$ monthly to buy stuff that i don't need and called "basic stuff"...Just drink 8 cups of water or more daily, put on lotions,protect your skin when u go out, clean your skin weekly.and last but not least eat healthy!. Hi I'm a Filipino teen I had some issues about my skin back then when I was younger my skin tone is white as snow and now this past years I'm getting that dark skin type but I'm always at home I do not go outside when when the sun strikes. How can I get that fair skin again And about some dark parts my knees and my armpit is little bit yeah that thing how can I whiten it too I can't even wear a dress because of my dark knees and armpit. I'm so stress out please help me. . I would recommend exfoliating too remove the layer of dead skin that could be making you look darker. I would also recommend that you buy a sunscreen to wear AT ALL TIMES. Even when you are inside the sun's rays can peak through the window Along with a sunscreen a skin brightener would also help and try to look for a skin brightening body lotion for your knees. +Lovely Mae Lucena I am sure you are perfectly fine but I hear lemon is a natural brightener for dark spotting. I have an opposite issue I am too too pale! lol.

    Anti-Aging Skin Secrets - Sharecare
  • January 14, 2016
    Anti Aging: Anti Aging Secrets- Anti-Aging Medical Breakt... and over one million other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Learn more i13
    Anti Aging - How to Look Younger - 7 Years Younger
  • December 25, 2015
    Homepage / Beauty & Hair Beauty & Hair These top-recommended anti-aging tips for your hair and skin will make you look immediately more youthful. i14
    8 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets From Asia -
  • November 13, 2015
    Best Anti-Aging Diet Secrets: Brazilian Model Reveals 7 secrets to look younger, have more energy, and increase brain function - Kindle edition by Day Santos. i15
    Anti-Aging: Anti-Aging Secrets- Anti-Aging Medical...
  • November 11, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    ...Hello people.....Maxelder Argan Cream leaves my face soft and silky smooth. I apply it after using my toner each morning before adding my makeup. and again before bed after washing my face. Absolutely best recommend for try w nyarganoil—c...
    +RiceARonia Her name is Yoshiko Yamada (山田佳子). If you google it, you will see tons of info in Japanese..
    Sorry for being late. Her name is Yoshiko Yamada (山田佳子). If you google it, you will see tons of info in Japanese..

    Celebrity Anti-Aging Secrets - Better Homes & Gardens
  • December 3, 2015
    Blush is always anti-aging simply because it adds a pop of color to your face. But more specifically, cream blush adds to the dewy effect and applying it high on the... i17
    Best Anti-Aging Diet Secrets: Brazilian Model Reveals 7...
  • December 13, 2015
    HGH and Hormones, Human Growth Hormones. The Anti Aging Medical Clinic & Institute of the Americas has the best HGH and Antiaging Therapies. i18
    7 Best Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets - The Huffington Post
  • December 10, 2015
    When you think about it, the word
    Anti Aging Secrets - Anti Aging Products That Work
  • November 24, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    first off your skin is just as beautiful without makeup as it is with make up now that I have stated the obvious what was that product you were talking about in the first minute that cleared up your acne. Thank you so much,,Maxelder Argan Cream is nothing short of a miracle! ( if you need you can get from w nyarganoil c ) I've only been using it for about 2 weeks and I can feel and see the difference in my skin already. I use it before I apply my makeup in the morning and it's not greasy...soaks right in, but keeps everything uniform. I don't mind saying that I'm 59 but my skin looks 10 years younger - all recently - thanks to this wonderful product. I am GLOWING!. +Annie Appleby On the second day of taking Maxelder Argan Cream I felt much better with the results I got. Absolutely worth for price. When will beauty gurus stop saying "I'm sorry to scare you with my bare face" just embrace your natural beauty.. Is it true that it's not good to use vitamin C essesnce/serum when using toners/cleansers with AHA. But you can easily tell if someone is old, because of the facial structure, bone, and muscle The skin just gives the illusion of being young.
    +Asian Beauty Secrets Hey Mia, what age is appropriate to start using anti-aging products I'm 25 and I still fight blemish/acne here and there. Should I start using anti-aging products for like eyes or neck.

    that's actually a myth I've seen a lot of Asians who don't look good for their age tbh :/.
    Personally I think she's using way too many products. Overloading your face with products can actually do more harm than good.. She should lean toward more natural alternatives because chemicals are damaging in the long run. If you want an anti aging routine you should use OCM or limiting how many times a day you wash your face (I wash once at night with vitamin rich oils and my face never looked younger or healthier). . me, too...I also dont think that loading your face with too many products is a good choice for your face...It's like when u're hungry, you eat too much, more than necessary then you will cause harm to the stomach...Plus, those kind of products have chemicals, preservatives and/or perfumes in it, so besides good ingredients there are bad ones in beauty products, that's the reason why we need to be very alert. How do you remove you mascara and eye makeup Were you sent that Aspect Dr set or did you purchase it I absolutely love your head cute!!!.

    hi may i ask what the brand of the product that you shown that helps you get rid of your acne thank you.
    You look awesome... exactly how old are you I am starting to get a complex grrr lol... I was using vit A and vit E. I feel as though I am aging fast... Thanks for the advice!. Thank you so much ^_^ i just have a question.. At what age do you recommend using anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams .
    To pull out under the eye however gentle, isn't what the experts advise. When you're massaging the eye, that's not a good idea. Try the message as such: go inward and up around the whole area. That's best. .
    Hi Mia! I really want to tan in the summer and if I apply sunscreen I wont. And if I won't apply sunscreen I'll get wrinkles later.. What should I do. wow! so many products. They may be good for the skin...but where do they all go after doing their jobs LIVER!! And the chemicals we put in our skin ends up in there... putting lots of work to our poor liver. Why not try natural products instead.... oooh, have to have the headband with the ears!!!! My son would get such a kick out of it!!! Where may I buy that you look great. love your vids!!. Mia, you said you'd share the discount coupon but the only one I see is the one for sigma brushes. .
    Hi Mia, When would you recommend one to start using anti-aging products more especially for woman/girls who wear make up everyday #me .

    Is the first anti-acne product that you have mentioned in your previous empties the La RochePosay Effaclar Duo Anti- Imperfection Care.
    I know a lot of asian women want to know how to whiten their skin, but I was wondering do you have any suggestions on what products to use to reduce dark pigmentation Especially around the eyes and neck region. I am Asian-Indian and I know the dark pigmentation around the eyes is very common for my race, but mine seems to be getting darker as I got into my 20's. I would be grateful for any suggestions you might have..
    sounds like sleep deprivation. A lot of us have it :-\ Michelle Phan did a video on under-eye dark circles .
    I'll look into that thanks, but I don't have under-eye dark circles. It's more like my lids are getting darker pigmentation and that dark pigmentation is spreading to my under eye region..
    I don't feel her touch, but generally I see she did a bit much force on face, and since this is anti wrinkle, raising your eyebrows causes wrinkle on your forhead. And use the towel really gentle my dear. As an acne sufferer, I can tell there is a lot difference if you rub the towel or pat the towel. .

    What's the product that you held at the very beginning of the video that helped cleared your acne Thank you!.
    I'm sorry if this sounds rude, but its unnecessary to use the word literally as often as you are.. At which age do you start using anti age products Cuz im 19 now but ive heard that thay you should start when your about 25.. +Roxyhun I have nothing to said actually since everyone has their own opinion. That is just what I did for my skincare routine.. Do you mean for acne scarring To lighten acne scarring, you should exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week, and try some whitening masks, I think some of the Kao ones are good for this, they're more affordable anyway. If you're referring to literally lightening your skin tone via bleaching, that's probably not a good idea.. +Buchou Fujigaya What about for dark skinned people Should I use "brightening" products I always manage to even my skin tone on the front of my fact. But the edges and sides are still darker due to past scarring. The only acne I get is on my chin and nose.. is it ok to start using these anti-aging creams from now i'm 21 years old, but i started to notice fine lines under my eye area and it scares me... U put a lot of things on your face... So many routine... I dont have time to manage that on my face. Lol. I understand a lot of people might feel that way. Its really a matter of priority, so its totally up to you ^_~ .
    Hey love. I love watching your.informative videos! I first subscribe to you when I watch what cause acne if I'm not mistaken Anyway, Im here to request a video. I have an issue with my undereye. I have very sensitive eyes, and when I use eye cream it itches my eyes. Most of them does that. Except when I use oil such jojiba oil won't itch that much... I'm not looking forward to use eye cream just phobia it would itch again. Any tips or product recommendations I have alot more request for you ;).

    u r so good in talking. but i suggest:relax a bit. dont go so fast. its a bit too mechanical. let your speech goes with pleasure not like a typewriting .
    What was the product she said she mentioned in one of her empties The one that cleared up her skin at around 0:49 . Its not random at all...I have been working on it for a while now... I just need it to be perfect. Please bear with me... >_. honestly... doctors/dermatologist would should otherwise. I would say it really depends on the condition of your skin. If you are someone who is always outdoors, wear makeup frequently then there is absolutely no harm in taking good care of your skin now because your skin probably needs it. .

    Anti-Aging Secrets Stars Swear By - The Huffington Post
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    Fight aging and look younger with these tips, tricks and tools from our anti-aging experts. i21
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  • December 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    you know why I love your videos the most they're short, simple and still full of important information :).

    +chiutips dear I wanted to ask you is sweet almond oil good for skin...I use almond oil as morning massage.
    Hey! I love this video it's so great! :D I was wondering what lipstick did you use in this video it's sooooo pretty!!!!.
    Another thumbs up over here on this video!! Love these kind, and Love hearing about Mama Chiu's tips too!!!.
    I love all of tour videos,your such a lovely,pretty person and I love your voice,I have recommended you to lots of people and they all love you too x!.
    📽📽📽📽📽Hey did you guys if YouTube channel and it would be in the world to me for you even subscribe to ur or even just checked out my video! Thanks! 😘.
    +Jasey Rae Ingrown hair occurs when you shave/wax and skin grows over the pore. It forms a bump and can easily be irritated and may look like a zit. That's why it's important to exfoliate (not too harshly) before hair removal.. congrats on the makeover!! also just wanted to know your rates/where to contact you for collabs, great job on the video btw!. +Chantelle Faith I find that the heat from the shower can cause ingrowns, so I always shave outside of the shower! Hope that helps :) xo.
    This video just made me more motivated to actually wash my face instead of lying to myself and saying I'm gonna do it in the morning....
    love your videos jen... you are always so fresh !! I feel so fresh and motivated whenever I watch your videos. now, I HAVE TO try this green drink for sure.. thanks. x0x0.
    Ur SOO inspiring and helpful thank u SOO much for the tips!! In decently using them! BTW EDITING QUEEN! Love from Italy! Hope u respond! 💕😊😘.

    Anti-Aging Skin Secrets - Sharecare
  • January 11, 2016
    Spring, the season of newborn skin, how to better anti-aging, can come to learn these seven tips to anti-aging. 1, To protect your skin from the sun erosion i25
    Anti Aging Secrets - Anti Aging Products That Work
  • November 1, 2015
    Puffy eyes and sagging skin can be avoided with smart skin care. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of anti-aging secrets. i26
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  • October 25, 2015
    8. Chinese medicine teaches us to heal from within. While typical on the west medicine usually provides an immediate cure with pharmaceutical drugs, Chinese... i27
    7 anti-aging secrets - Weight Loss and Male Enhancement...
  • November 22, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    Dr. Perricone's 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity...
  • January 6, 2016
    These seven anti-aging tips will keep you feeling young as you age. Learn about seven anti-aging tips at Discovery Health. i29
    The Best Anti-Aging Secrets -
  • October 28, 2015
    Find out which beauty treatments dermatologists recommend to erase wrinkles, reduce brown spots and brighten dull skin. i30
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  • November 26, 2015
    Cayley speaks about the BEST ANTI-AGING SECRET!... Top Anti-Aging Secrets From 3 Women Who Look Decades Younger Than Their Real Age - Duration: 14:56. i31
    Anti-Aging Skin Secrets - Sharecare
  • January 16, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I'm tweeting these out, as everyone needs to watch these! You are still my favorite Liz! Jess. I love asmr and I love all witches and all villainesses who are truly wicked and with the wicked wisdom series I can have both combined, thank you so much you give me so many tingles. Wow, shipped from Neverland! I hear that's really expensive due to the rampant piracy in those waters..
    We've missed you! Thank you for doing this for us despite having all of the illnesses in Pandora's box get in your way 😉 you are wonderful .

    I do so love your extended role plays Liz! You still sound sick you poor girl..thank you for all your hard work even while you are under the weather. You are a gem!!! Feel better! .
    Is Lamia from a Disney movie Most of the vilenesses () in this series are from Disney and I've never hard the name Lamia before.
    +notananimal She's from Stardust (one of my favorite magical movies). She was portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie :).

    Anti Aging - How to Look Younger - 7 Years Younger
  • January 25, 2016
    Homepage / Beauty & Hair Beauty & Hair These top-recommended anti-aging tips for your hair and skin will make you look immediately more youthful. i33
    8 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets From Asia -
  • December 19, 2015
    Best Anti-Aging Diet Secrets: Brazilian Model Reveals 7 secrets to look younger, have more energy, and increase brain function - Kindle edition by Day Santos. i34
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  • December 1, 2015
    Harper's Bazaar gives you eleven of the best high-tech anti-aging products that really work. i35
    Celebrity Anti-Aging Secrets - Better Homes & Gardens
  • November 16, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    i thought you look 18..just barely legal. you have a delightful bouncy voice and of course a lovely face. I'm certain you never get tired of the compliment..
    ...You Only 30...Naw...Wait A Few Years...I Looked 21 When I Was 30....

    +Brandon me too I was still being asked to prove my age at pubs when I was in my early 30s ROFL And that was without facial yoga.
    What qualifications/study did you do for this I would be careful about pulling your face around unless you actually know what you're doing. Could end up with more wrinkles later. Hi Nish, you're so beautiful! thank you for sharing this..I'm gonna try this and can't wait for the results! :). Hi Nish, I enjoyed watching your video. You have a very beautiful face :). I am looking for exercises to combat nasolabial folds, please can you help.
    Hello, Nisha, great video. ¿Could you please do an updated face yoga video It would be great ;).
    If you have to exercise your body to keep things from going south, why would people think that working out the muscles in your face is a stupid idea I really don't understand the negative comments on here.. I've got a tropical getaway on the horizon in a few weeks and I'm definitely going to try these starting today! Thank you for sharing❤️. Hey Nisha, I just found your channel. I'm thinking of trying this. I'm only 43 and getting wrinkles around mouth, crows feet around my eyes and I'm starting to get wrinkles on the left side of my cheek I think it's cause I sleep on that side. The other side looks fine. But, I need help on this matter. So, I guess what I'm asking is has this been proven to make you look a little bit younger at all There's so many different ones. .
    30 is a young age... many look like they are in their earyl 20's... but you are really beautiful and shininig girl. Thanks for sharing..

    My face was just like you round and beautiful but TMJ distorted it I can no longer recognize myself when I look into the mirror even ppl i ddnt see for a couple of years they do not recognize me...I am of Asian and Arab origin too and as u said age shldnt and dsnt show at an early stage of life...maybe after 45 yes but since a year my face and skin elasticity show at least 12 to 15 years older and looks pale and ill and hollow...sunken cheeks and apparent jaw lines that ppl envy me on but the thing is due to tmj my cheek is deviated flatter than the other and has asymmetry too...result is face completely changed so you think doing such exercises would bring bk my full face.

    There are some important things you need to do is drinking at least 2 - 3 liters of water and eat plenty of raw vegetables and fruits. You can keep hair healthier, cleaner and softer with Argan life shampoo and apply it three times a week.The product made difference on my hair. .
    +Cesa Yoto I totally appreciate with you... I had a teacher his face is so tight but he is nearly 45-50 but he looks like 30-35. How can I get rid of wrinkles under my eyes I'm young and it is not pretty there are allot of wrinkles . Who looks old at 30 If you look 25 at 30 that's not unique. It's black that doesn't crack honey lol. However, facial yoga interesting..
    Does it really work I'm 26 and sometimes I look like 35, sometimes 20. I'm scared of getting older, i'm goin to start doing this thanks :).

    Hi NishUnleashed,i`m` 30 years old and people tell me `I`m look like 38 years old I have a big wrinkle between off my eyebrowns.Can u help me.

    omg wow you do look like you are in your early 20s! i'm so impressed! I'm fourteen but i'm going to start doing this right away!!! :D.

    You do a great job! I like your techniques, and I have been doing it for months. You are smart to have started doing this, young. Also keeping out of the sun, is another plus, to prevent, sun damage. Thanks so much!.

    To "THEPINKBLOODED" Your GAY. Hi Nish.. Thank you for an amazing facial exercises, I love them. Why bc ,as i was watching your video, I did the exercise with you & it felt really good &&&& bc I can see the results on you Amazingly beautiful face for evidence. off topic but your very beautiful. Everyone that watches this video should subscribe :) Thanks again.. .

    how cool. very impressed well done girl Nish. I am a lady 46 years old. always had good skin and cleansed toned and moisture every day. lately though from buying and using a product on line to reduce fine lines, I had a poor reaction. I am now left with some bad eczema around my mouth, in-between my eye brows and nose. just saying to my sister and we have decided to go for some NLP sessions in February. in the meantime I am going to try this to see what happens! I really believe this will help my skin. here goes..i will inform you of the results. Well done again you sparkle girl. keep it up x .
    TFS... I will try your face yoga... hopefully it will help me to took much younger too... GBU!.
    Isn't it saying something about society if 30 is considered past it There was me thinking we had moved past that....
    I can see why some people resort to Botox, but do I really want to inject poison in my face Not on yer nelly!. Norma Smith, there's nothing wrong with yoga. Why shouldn't they get an early start at staying toned. Thanks for sharing. That neck stretch at the end was KILLER. I carry wayyy more neck, jaw and facial tension than I should!!.
    I'm 30 and people think am 18 or 22...I get asked for ID to buy Alcohol or to enter
    Good exercise is needed for people over 40, not at young age, when everyone should be natural and, certainly, not yoga!.
    Never did this a day in my life and I'm 33 but people mistake me for 23-25 age. It's all in the genes. She's thinking it's the facial yoga but it's her genes as well. 60 %is in dnk...BUT THE REST IS WORK the body..u can have beautyy of body..but when ages comes...hmmm.i won t wait..i d like to see you..really.

    first of all you're gorgeous second i love that head band you're using to keep your hair out of your face, where did you get it or did you make it it looks knit so that's why i think you could've made it and if so you should share!! haha and third thank you so much for this informational video i will most definitely begin to use this daily along with other techniques i've picked up and will eventually let you know how well it goes for me :].
    hi Nish can you pliz reply to me if u r married or single and what are you currently doing I am dying to knw...frm yo accent i think u r frm England....
    Hey Nisha! you look awesome... I just came across this video and it looks very interesting. I am definitely going to try these exercises and hope to improve my facial skin a little bit. Btw I also watched your "25 things you do not know about me" video. very interesting. I was just curious to know which sector do you work forIs it sports related or fashion or something :) Keep rocking!.
    Love this! Thanks. I'm 19 but I get quite worried about forehead and neck wrinkles, I'm sure I can make time for this routine :).

    Best Anti-Aging Diet Secrets: Brazilian Model Reveals 7...
  • November 25, 2015
    HGH and Hormones, Human Growth Hormones. The Anti Aging Medical Clinic & Institute of the Americas has the best HGH and Antiaging Therapies. i37
    7 Best Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets - The Huffington Post
  • November 4, 2015
    When you think about it, the word
    Anti Aging Secrets - Anti Aging Products That Work
  • December 8, 2015
    Anti - Aging Secrets is on Facebook. To connect with Anti - Aging Secrets, sign up for Facebook today. Sign Up Log In. Anti - Aging Secrets. Health/Beauty. i39
    Anti-Aging Secrets Stars Swear By - The Huffington Post
  • November 20, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    i like your vids ive got the innisfree cleanser from one of your vids and it's doing a great a job thanks!. +bbnerdful18 try the etude house i need you mask, it's the first mask that doesn't leave my face tacky at all! ^^.
    I'm African American and I have light brown skin I heard some Korean product has bleach. Do sheet mask have bleach I don't wanna ruin my skin.
    Thanks boo! I bought some sheet masks on eBay a while back and am now down to just one. I need to buy more, so this was informative on helping me decide what kind to buy next ^_^. I love sheet mask very much. i almost use them at least 4-5 days a week. you dont need to buy very high end and expensive ones like skii. for daily use, most korean skin care brands are all good. But i love the brand " my beauty diary" from taiwan. they like $10 a box include 10 sheets. And they have so many choices to suit your skin type and they all work wonderful on me. love them. But it just bougt 40 sheets from innsfree website when they have buy 10 get 10 free promo last month. looking forward to try them out.. Do you find a difference in the quality or effectiveness in the different lines of the Leaders Insolution masks The 7 Wonders sheet masks vs the Skin Clinic sheet masks The cost between the 2 are very different so just wondering what your experience has been.. Woke up & can't fall back to sleep. I have a sinus infection. 🤒 I'm sharing your links on my Facebook! 🤓 my friends can follow you as well.. Other great masks (which may be slightly cheaper) are the My Beauty Diary masks (a Taiwanese brand), particularly the Black Pearl and Imperial Bird's Nest, the Etude House Vita Complex masks for brightening, the Innisfree It's Real Green Tea and Rice, and The Face Shop Real Nature in Kelp.
    I do agree with you I started the sheet mask and my face texture definitely changed... Tks for great tips!!.
    I'm using sheet mask. it's reely easy and comfortable too but I have never sleep when it's on my face. hope you enjoy your holiday in Korea and can you tell when is the best time to go there . Thank you so much for this!!! I was wondering about sheet masks and how they are actually used!! Very informative and detailed...especially the DIY masks (luv anything diy!!). Going to order some right now!!. I love sheet masks! I love the different varieties. Definitely a must in my skin care regime! When I lived in Japan, I would do them so often! I've definitely seen an improvement in my skin! :D.
    +TheBeautyBreakdown That's awesome! What's the base of the letter M made out of Wood or styrofoam :D .
    This was super helpful! Thank you so much Morgan! Have you considered vlogging while you're in Korea. i just wanted to say i watched this video a few weeks ago and i'm back again to go off of your favorite sheet masks while i search the internet to buy them! :) your videos have totally inspired me to care more about my skin.
    Sorry for the late comment, I realize this video is a few months old but I just discovered and subscribed to your channel while researching Korean beauty products before I make a birthday purchase for myself at BeautynetKorea. I am so excited to give new stuff a try. I had a question. Have you ever heard of or tried Nu Pore masks I find them at the.99 Only store, a box with 3 masks for.99 They seem to work well and cling to the face nicely. They have several varieties. They also sell moisture gloves and socks (like feet and hand masks). They are Korean. Just curious if the brand is any good. Thanks for having such an informative channel. I'm going to binge watch more of your videos tomorrow. =).

    +Allmadeupmama I haven't tried them! But that's interesting they have them at the 99 only store!.

    +TheBeautyBreakdown yes please do!!! im still on the hunt for my holy grail toner! i want to try a korean one :).

    Do you need to use sheet masks if you use clay masks How are sheet masks different from clay masks in terms of use and effects.
    In a sense clay mask are used for "detoxing" your face. While sheet mask adds more nutrients and nourishes your skin. I read online that sheet mask are pretty much an extra serum. :). +Whoopa Doopa Yep! Clay masks pull out impurities in your skin while sheet masks add moisture and other properties back into your skin!.
    What keywords should I look for since I have oily skin I don't think you mentioned it. Thank you so much. Tried many of your tips for skincare and noticed that my face looks better without any foundation and etc. ❤️.

    +Minelle Valdevieso Is your skin prone to breaking out because of the oil Then I'd say use ones that are designed for sensitive/acne-prone skin. I honestly think some people produce more oil because their skin is actually dry and over-compensating for over-washing, stripping the skin, etc. (it's the same concept as oily hair... the more some people wash their hair, the faster their hair gets oily because it's over compensating from being washed too much) I hope that makes sense. And some people just have oily skin and find sheet masks aren't as helpful! So you should try them and decide for yourself what works for you... everyone is different :).
    +TheBeautyBreakdown thank you so much Morgan 😃 really appreciate your tips when it comes to these types of things and yeah, I do get it. I'll try changing up my skin care routine in order to control the oil before looking for new face masks. BTW, You really do inspire me to take care of my skin since yours is flawless. 😃 Keep making more videos like this 😀. I had a jaw dropping moment towards the end of this video when u mentioned u had no makeup on ! That glow on ur face is no joke!! I've never used or heard of sheet masks before but recently I saw them in a chinese mall and then when I came across ur channel and saw u using them a lot, I became curious about their effects. Definitely gonna buy them now 🙌. I have a bunch of masks like clay masks, scrubs, and sheet masks and I want to use it altogether within the week (one each day kind of). Do you think that's okay or if I should spread this routine out throughout different weeks. +Bommie Yi I would definitely use them on different days! And be sure not to over-exfoliate.. so maybe only do that once a week!.
    Love sheet masks! I prefer the Hydrogel ones since they fit onto my face so well and don't slide around as much as the regular paper sheet masks. The only downfall is the Hydrogel ones rip easier...for me at least! My nail always ends up going through the gel lol. Have you ever had that problem Have a great trip to Korea!! :).
    Not sure if you reply to comments, but some of the sheet masks I buy say to rinse them after taking them off your face. I feel like I'm wasting the product by doing that but I don't want to get a reaction from leaving something too strong on. Please advise. :) KK. +KK TN If that's what the instructions say.. follow the instructions! lol. I've actually never heard of that though.. what kind are you using. Oh dear, I have no idea. I usually hit up TJMaxx, read the labels and find ones that have good "treatment" ingredients on the label, i.e., sodium hyaluronate, vitamin C, ceramindes, retinyl palmitate... I love them! They're like magic! Everyone I've tried (a dozen) said to rinse, though.. Hi Morgan! I love your videos! Within the past few months, I have been really trying to take care of my skin... because I'm about to hit the big 3-0 in April. I have been using Etude House Collagen cream, Laneige Renew Emulsion, and Etude House Wonder Pore Toner. Once in a while I will use various My Beauty Diary sheet masks. What sheet masks do you think provide the best help with anti-aging/wrinkle reduction properties Again... love the videos! Keep up the good work!.
    I just picked up the Tundra Antiaging one based on your recommendation... Thanks Morgan! You're the best... I'll let you know what I think!.
    Hi Morgan!! Absolutely love your're a doll and incredibly thorough. As a fellow hapa, half Korean as well, I love learning about Korean skincare. Just started using sheet masks and wanted to hear your thoughts on sleeping with them on. Particularly an aloe based hydrating mask. My skin has been incredibly dry so wanted to try mine as an overnight treatment. Which do you recommend would be best for overnight Forgive me if I missed when you said it in the video!. +Mikayla S. Campbell I've seen people sleep with them on but I like to let my skin breath! Plus, it can't be that comfy! I think sleeping masks that are designed to be worn overnight are better! I love the Laneige one!.
    By your past rekommendations of korean skincareprdoucts i Went online and bought a few of them. And they all clogged my pores and made White small bumps and pimples on my skin, both cleansers, a masks and a serum. I don't know why maybe it's because those brands are kinda drugstore-ish and cheap It's seems to work good on others. The only thing that worked good for me or at least didn't broke my skin out were a snail sheet mask.
    +bellosh123 You can find brands in Korea that are cheaper but definitely better quality than on the west ones.. I don't think it really has do necessarily do with how much they cost but there's some ingredient your skin doesn't like. You might have super sensitive skin and need to use products that are tailored for sensitive skin types... skincare is definitely a very personal thing that you have to almost figure out what works best for your own skin :) I wish you the best with your skin!. Oh okay Ive watched that :) but theres no leaders insolution can find in those websites though. I really love your videos :) .
    +Fariha Nawar Rahman Just use them once and then throw them away! They're only meant to be used once!.
    +TheBeautyBreakdown Thnx for ur feedback.Luv ur videos specially korean beauty products haul. :).
    +Kenia Leon-Mora All kinds of great stuff! You can google it, but it has tons of antioxidants and helps nourish the skin....
    I was just curious what you think about the Tony Moly sheet masks I always see them at Urban Outfitters!.
    +Lisa Califano They're good but see if you can buy them online like from asian retailers Because I think Urban Outfitters really hikes up the price! Haha. I always like to shop around :).
    Do I have to apply toner before sheet mask What happends if I dont, whats the difference Please help :(.
    +Luri Yep! Tone your skin before using :) And nothing really happens but the toner helps prep the skin so the mask can be more effective :).
    So I know you talked about acne-prone skin, but what about skin that's currently going through an acne explosion Like, I've had severe acne for years now, and I recently began to see a dermatologist so it's getting better. But do you think sheet masks could still benefit me, or should I stay away And do you know any good masks for skin with severe acne Thank you!!. +Adriana Ortiz If you're going to a dermatologist, you should see what they say! I know when you're getting a skincare regime designed by a dermatologist they usually recommend only using the things they tell you to use! So maybe ask them or wait till your skin clears up so you don't risk making anything worse... Good luck though I'm sure everything will get better.

  • January 26, 2016
    Get the latest health, fitness, anti-aging, and nutrition news, plus special offers, insights and more from! i41
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    ... The Miracle of Cellular Rejuvenation... Health and Longevity: The Miracle of Cellular... The seven anti-aging secrets you will find here are... i42
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  • January 4, 2016
    When you think about it, the word
    Anti-Aging Skin Secrets - Sharecare
  • November 21, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    +Homeschool Learn and Earn resveratrol has been found to be not as wonderful as once thought, and it's not a plant .
    +The Anti-Aging Analyst (Eliza) Eliza, I love your Channel here and Knowledge, But I as well do not care for S.H. after I witnessed him making Fun of Handicap people! And I Love Everyone... I'm also a Firm Believer in weight training. I Loved the Last Lady Body Builder! God Bless her and her Grandson! I'm not as healthy now as I was years ago because I stopped training! For it Benefits our Mind and Body. I hope it's not too late for me to start back! Thank you so much for this video!!!!.

    I LOVE this! I've been following Mimi Kirk for a while, especially after she published her raw food cookbooks. Lots of delicious ideas in her books!.
    It's not just their looks that make them appear younger than other women their age, it's their demeanor and attitude and the way they move, like someone much younger. If you followed them down the street, you'd think they were much younger from behind. The opposite is true for people out of shape. How many times have you walked behind a woman, generally overweight, and been surprised to see she was much younger than her walk would have you believe Mimi, the blonde, looks the same age as her out of shape 20-years younger boyfriend and will probably outlive him. None of these women look or act like a typical woman in her seventies.. wow, i'm 43 and people often tell me i'm 19. but these women made me wonder if i will look as young as they're when i'm in my 70s....
    These women are Amazing,I'm 50 and people still think I'm in my 30's and a dated younger men but I don't look for younger men they want me,Men my own age are boring and old,lol age is just a number! and my heart stays young.This was a fun show..
    Beautiful women, unbelievable healthy lifestyles + daily regimen, diet.. that their age does not reveal with their looks. i admire them.
    +Stephanie Meyer exactly!!! Raw food and organic non GMO foods are anti aging. Raw food is best, but if you have to cheat, cheat on high quality vegan food only. The injected pillow faces are awful. People don't even know anymore what real looks like. And the people who don"t believe naturally beauty aging happens with pure plant foods, go get themselves cut and injected for thousands of dollars yearly, paying to dummefy themselves. Toxins ages the brain. Lost your keys lately.
    Aging is all down to genetics. My grandparents are from Alabama and didn't have the diet. But they didn't have the best diet. Regular southern diet. But they are in their 70's and look no older than 50. My mom is the same way. she's 47 but looks like she's in her 20's. I myself am 26 but people think I am 13 years old. I'm not saying you should eat junk. Bur aging isn't just based on healthy eating. it is also down to genetics..
    Mimi looks the oldest out of the three. People are horrible at guessing people's ages and usually underestimate..

    Beautiful women, unbelievable healthy lifestyles + daily regimen, diet.. that their age does not reveal with their looks. i admire them.

    TBH I would NOT have put any of those ladies in their 40's or even 50's at all. From a distance they look in their late 40's but up close that is another matter. Yes they look younger than their years BUT not as young as was said and the oldest one (the blonde lady) looked a lot younger than the youngest lady (the body builder) I would have said the first 2 looked in their early 60's and the youngest one looked in her late 60's. Must admit it did make me laugh when it put up what the audience thought their ages were obviously it was from a distance and not a close up picture the audience saw The one thing I must admit they were all very fit and their bodies did not look their ages and could have got away with being the ages mentioned but certainly not their faces x.

    I love all 3 ladies so very much and Steve Harvey is a crack up. I've done so much research on this topic and what I have found time after time is raw food, juicing, and weight training I'd indeed the Fountain of Youth ♡.
    +Stephanie Meyer you're welcome you're free to invent a name for the male version. i just answered a question with common facts. i don't like people dating with much younger people. i'm pro equality. +steve hall A cougar is what they call an older woman who "preys" on younger men. A wolf is what they call a man who preys on younger women. Of course, their "prey" volunteers to be with them so there are no victims.. bait4state: May be enough for blood circulation, but not for losing fat. if the person is fat and wants to lose weight, only after the 30th minute of aerobics, your body starts losing the fat..
    For anyone interested in true anti ageing this is a must watch as it decisively and comprehensively deals with the root cause of ageing namely damage at the cellular and molecular level - it also need support
    Indias are vegetarian, even those who are meat eats al so eat we should be youngest looking people in the planet Genes also has a role to play. They dont look like the age that the audience said if people were able to look at their lines and sagging skin and the demeanor of their personality and character and other features of their face. Far away or non-face to face picture is hard to tell for sure. I am good at telling age and if I saw them in person would definitely look different that picture..
    all the women are amazing! i've been following mimi kirk for a while. her raw, vegan lifestyle is inspiring. i know i feel a lot better since dramatically reducing animal products and increasing my raw plant intake as well..
    i love how one of the ladies started body building at 40.It just goes to show, age is just a number and not to follow the social norm..
    Sugar should be avoided. As for the minerals etc in the maple syrup, you can get those from other sources..

    There will always be "outliers"...but eating, working out...and doing what "you're meant to do in life". Genetics has alot to do with their' outcomes...that's just life...other than is paramount...McDonald's food...just don't do it's poision...period..
    +BoracayADMIRER Be sure to research and get tips from those who have been raw for years. Not everyone does well on Raw diets. Some people are not able to digest certain raw foods, cruciferous vegetables can cause thyroid goiter and believe it or not some people put on weight at first when beginning a raw food diet. Juicing helps but eating to improve digestion is recommended. For those on Traditional diets: Remain active & exercise, Drink lots of water and getting plenty of Sleep; it's best to cut back on meat and eat MORE Vegetables & Fruits, Include Juicing, Eat lots of Seafoods & Foods rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids, Eat lean meats/Poultry, Cut out the Bleached processed Flours and Refined Sugars, Fast Foods and Junk Food... and you will look exactly like these ladies at 72-78yrs old. (A Great anti-aging skincare regimen with natural ingredients will help keep a youthful glow). No culture on Earth ate raw. Look up Daniel Vitalis to see how he felt after 10 years of eating raw. Put it this way, he's now eating meat again. It's not a long term solution. Juicing and exercising are good for you but don't feel you have to follow the raw foodt cult. But I'd love to see more of their tips. You ladies are definitely doing it right.. I get the first lady was very pissed off with being called 55! I can see Linda is her age when I take away what working out does to the body and face.. Well duh! That's why Linda doesn't look her age; she works out and lifts weights! The first lady with the blonde hair actually looks her age, but the other two look fantastic.. WOW they look phenomenal! Their attitudes are youthful as well - I think that makes a huge difference.
    This doesn't explain anything about looking young. I'm pretty sure these women had plastic surgery done there's no doubt about it. Lies....

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  • January 21, 2016

    Comments about this video:
    I am more motivated to take care of my skin. I will try harder to carry water around with me, as much as I take my iPhone around and drink more water!. Hi Brianna, I love your channel! So many helpful tips! I'm turning 32and started to notice fine lines under my eyes. Would you recommend retinol A products for my age I'm currently using a Vitamin C serum and anti aging serum. Moisturizer and sunscreen as my routine.. hi grt video and tips thx again hunn i have bht a retin a cream/retnol frm ebay how can i tell if its reall or fake i do use it now and then but not sure if its the real thing. dose any 1 else buy these creams frm ebay. Vitamin pills do not work. I will never give up sugar. I look good btw - I balance out the damage caused by sugar with other things.. I always mean to carry around a big bottle of water with me! I really do need to start! I'm def going to pick up that Sesame seed oil too : ) Love uuuu XOXO.
    what are your thoughts on rodan and fields i tried it for 60 days and returned it today, because i was using retin a before that and thats cheaper.

    atis furlic acid and what does it do you look great im will be forty in a couple of months not looking forward to it n i have sagging skin near mymouth area what is good for firming or elasticity.
    +Brianna Stanko This is the latest in anti-aging study. We are closer to being able to take a pill or tablet that can actually turn off the main switch that ages us while making us younger. You might find this interesting. What I find interesting was transfusing the blood of younger mice made the older mice's organs (including the hippocampus) and tissues younger. There have been rumors about celebrities "donating" blood and getting a younger person's blood in return. I don't know how true these rumors are but they don't look any older to me lol.. I lOve all Your video's on anti aging they are my favorites! what are the best neck treatment/creams You would recommend most of us neglect our neck area, what do You think about the laser treatments that tighten the neck area thank You for sharing 😊. I love your advise particularly about the eye area and how to treat it differently. I recently bought this anti aging device (the Tripollar Stop) and mainly bought it for getting rid of eye wrinkles. I've been combining the treatment (which is basically like a warm massage that boosts collagen production and increases the lost elasticity) with an anti eye wrinkle cream and finally I'm starting to loose those horrid crows feet lines. If anyone else wants to look into it, radio frequency devices have really hit the anti aging market lately, there are a few types, some can be painful but the one I used isnt at all painful just a warm sensation you can get them from stop2pose online. Keep up the great work Brianna! . I just discovered your channel and subscribed immediately! Omg!! You're FLAWLESS! I'm so so happy I found a channel like this! Thank you so much for sharing your secrets with us! I hope I'll find some information about how we can take care of the under the eye area.. I have fine lines and looks so thin :/ Much love!. Hi, your lashes look amazing along with your skin. Are you blessed with these lashes or extensions Do tell... Thanks!. Can you please listed the entire products you are using in this video. I couldn't catch it. I'm hearing impaired. Many thanks. Love your videos!!! Have you ever tried the baby quasar Or TCA peels or microneedling If so, would love to hear about your experiences!!!. Amazing video Brianna, I am totally obsessed with your anti-aging tips. Could you please recommend the best undereye makeup which doesn´t crease I have some fine lines in that area and my concealer tends to crease, and it makes me look a lot older than I actually am. Also do you still recommend dermarolling Thanks! xoxo.
    You look gorgeous Brianna, so any tips you are offering I am taking. Got my pen and paper here taking notes! Hugs and Happy Holidays.

    Hi Brianna.. I'm so glad I came across your channel, u are amazing.. My mum is 52years old and she has wrinkles on her face, dark circle, and a dry skin also her hands are soo dry and wrinkly. Please I need to know a complete face regime she can using.. And the best hand cream for her. I want Something not too hard for the face but can work well. Thank uu so much. Would really appreciate It if u reply please.thanks. .
    +FIGARO WEAR Thank you! There are many ways she can can email me at bristanko2 to figure out ;) XOXO.
    +Brianna Stanko hey brianna, thanx for this helpful in formation ,, i want to ask you about this product is it good sorry for my bad english.
    Hi, Bri I Loved that you included lots of everyday things in this anti-aging segment !! It really is a multilevel task to keep your self looking younger ;-) one thing if haven't tried is the sesame oil... I will pick some up for sure. You're looking Amazing as alway !! xo Stacy. You look amazing!! Ah I'm 27 and you look younger than me! lol. Love your channel and your tips!! Thank you so much xoxoxo.
    loved these tips!!! i have to try the sesame oil - i have it in my pantry and will pull it out!! xoxo :).
    Love theses video. Thank you. I am loving my skinceutials skincare. Love the neocutis also. I love the fact that I can get great medical grade skincare without making a long trip to the dermatologist and bypass all the sales pressure. 😊. Would love a video on the glo minerals blushes, swatches Thanks. . Oh yay, so glad you are loving everything too! Medical grade skincare is the best! ;)) Oh Glo Minerals makes AMAZING makeup, I love a lot of their products! ;)) XO Bri. Great tips, Bri!! I need to get some sesame oil now! Love that eye palette, it really makes your eyes pop! Love you!! Xo Nicole .
    Great Video! Didn't know about the sesame Oil, Good to know. I need a Great Miracle Eye Cream Please! Hereditary Dark under eye circles, fine lines, wrinkles, eye area very thin skin, I am in my 50's, Yikes. The rest of my face is actually very good, its my eye area that really needs help. Suggestions Please.. Thanks for sharing this with us, very helpful info..
    Hi Brianna! Your anti-aging videos are my favorite videos our yours to watch! I always learn so much. Because of you, I recently purchased the Revision Revox II and Nectifirm and I LOVE them! These are the first medical grade skin care products I've tried so far. I'm 44 and would like to try more. What Retinol cream would you suggest trying as a starter I have dry, sensitive skin. Also, can you please recommend an eye cream that isn't too out of this world expensive Thank you for making these videos! . Oh so good to hear Lisa!! I would either get the Refissa or the Neocutis Nouvelle Retinol. Both of these are amazing for dry sensitive skin. And start slow, like one or two nights a week to start. Well my two favorite eye creams are the Neocutis Lumiere or the Skinmedica Tns. Both will give you great results! ;)) XO Bri. Bri, this is outstanding!! Good "reminders" to those of us who watch you regularly. I use Citrix Vit C cleansing pads (rather than a toner) after I wash my face, then apply CE Ferulic (or Phloretin C sometimes). Is that enough Vitamin C I have been using the Obagi Nu Derm on my hands as well as face. What a great improvement! I also use the Nectifirm on my hands...hee-hee-hee. I figure, if it works on my crepey neck, it must be good for crepey hands, right . Thank you Anmette!! Yes the CE Ferulic is enough vitamin C, that is a great product! Good idea for the hands ;)) XO Bri. Thank you for the Tips...:) :) Your eyelashes are the bomb...You look gorgeous today..;) Hugs...hugs.... Thank you my friend hahahaha!! (had a little help with some Koko lashes today ;)) Love ya! Bri. I love that foundation this time of year. It doesnt work for me in the summer but for this time of year I like it ;) XO Bri.
    I just received my order - super fast shipping!! Thanks for the samples, and I'm so excited to try all my new products. I put in a second order because I forgot 2 items. You ladies need to order from this company! The product lines carried are cutting edge in the skincare industry. .

    Excellent video, I am adding some things to my winter skin care and you gave wonderful tips and suggestions. Thank you so much, Brianna!!!.

    ok i feel like a dummy i just sawthe post before you said hitting 35 you look 25 im sooo jealous lol you know what you are doing... i love your videos so what should you use retinol and vit c and hyaluronic acid so many products what to use ahhhh... have you had any botox fillers or any other work done bc your FLAWLESS! GO PLAY THAT BEYONCE SONG GIRL!!!!.

    Lol thank you!! Ido get botox, just a little around my eyes ;) So for hyaluronic acid, right now I am using the skinceuticals hydrating b5 gel and I LOVE it!!! And the vitamin c Im using is the skinceuticals c e ferulic and its amazing as well! Best, best products!! And yes a retinol or tretinoin at night :)).
    you look flawless so beautiful even without makeup your hubby is such a lucky man you are ageless...i was considering botox for the number 11 i can't get rid of but i'm afraid of needles how was it does it hurt when you mean around your eyes do you mean where where crow feet happen what brand derma roller you use bc the younker one u wrote in the description box is red and the one u used was green thanks i was watching this clarisa patterson and to do facial exercises im looking into but she denys any botox or filler at over 50 what do you think given you have had it her face does not look like it moves my friend who is esthetician says she had to have botox and filler, i just don't want to expect to have results like her from exercises facial alone bc that would be unrealistic what is your opinion, i just can't stand it if someone lies and deceives their subbies hey we all need help i would do it too bc sometime creams exercises food etc does not overcome the forces of gravity on earth. she said i was being neg. for asking about if she had work done and she uses a size 5.0 mm dermaroller that is scary and every 2-3 days if you look at her dermaroller video..i mean im not expert but it does look like her skin is so taught it does not budge as my friend says that is what botox does she does not have one wrinkle im going to be 40 in aug and have tons more sagging jowls and wrinkles crows feet number 11 and when smiling lines ;( let me know what you think i trust your opinion.
    Hello I am going to be 46 Fri and would love to know where to purchase the products you mention in this video. I have never used a retinol or vit C. I feel my face needs some serious products lately. Love your videos. .

    Hi! All the skincare I use can be purchased through That is the site I work on out of dr silvers office :)) xoxo Bri.

    I love all your videos but I expecially love all the skincare tips you have! When you recommend something I know I need to get it!!!!.
    Thanks! A lot of good tips! What eye cream do you recommend for firming, Especially upperlids Tried the revision one but didn't see any results. Thanks Brianna!. Thank Brianna! Is this better then the one Tammy from uppiesbeads mentioned I think it was the tns one!. +Maria Teresa Hey Maria, so I use the tns one too and I LOVE that one but for firming I hear that the skinceuticals is the best for that :). Thank you!! No I dont, but great idea! Some times in the videos they are my own eye lashes as well :) XOXO Bri. Brianna, I am wondering about the Retin A/Retinol. What type would you suggest and do I need to get it from a doctor.
    Hey Karen! If you never have used one before I would start with a.05% retin-a. And I would recommend the Refissa because it is more gentle on the skin. You can actually order them off my site, we are based out of the Dr's office I work at ;)) XO Bri.
    Thank you so much Jessica, I do actually have a skincare video...I actually have done many ;)) But I just did my latest skincare routine not to long ago if you back track in my videos you will see it not far back ;)) XOXO Bri. If the oil has been refined then the nutrients have been removed/no longer bioavailabile in the .
    Yes your right, I meant unrefined...thats what I use. I didnt catch that I said that until you just mentioned it ;).
    Great advice as always Brianna, I just started really using a peel on my hands and the difference is amazing, they still look like old lady hands,lol,but just not quite as much!.

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  • October 30, 2015

    Comments about this video:

    great video! I completely agree! what are your thoughts about carb cycling ie depleting glycogen stores and then having a day where you restore glycogen by eating a lot of carbs does it help with weight loss.
    I completely agree. Lots of people don't understand the sugar and grain issue. But it's totally true. It's VERY difficult to avoid the pesticides though. I ONLY choose USDA organic produce, but I think that's a bit of a scam now too. I've read they spray pesticides also, just at night time. Who knows... I would love to grow my own food..
    You shared such a great information, fortunately I'm already aware of all this but it's always good to keep listening to other nutritionists, dieticians, doctors for their views so thank you.

    8 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets From Asia -
  • December 30, 2015
    Best Anti-Aging Diet Secrets: Brazilian Model Reveals 7 secrets to look younger, have more energy, and increase brain function - Kindle edition by Day Santos. i53
    Anti-Aging: Anti-Aging Secrets- Anti-Aging Medical...
  • October 27, 2015

    Comments about this video:
    You look great. Sexy, young. I am curious to know what is your ethnic background. I am a man and i think i might try your protocol. Hmm, if only i can make my head hair grow again.. +robbiedaug Hello! I am Spanish. This routine is great for women or men, it just helps keep your skin healthier. You and a million others wish there was a way to make head hair grow back, maybe someday :).
    Hi! Boiling doesn't get rid of chemicals and impurities. I get my water from a health food store..
    I can see a big diference to my skin...I did exactly what you did and Im so happy !!!! Thanks Nigella !!! I. hi, thank u for ur video. i use ur vit's. c with the lotion, but it's sticky on my face and body. may be u could help me the solution. thanks.
    Can I make an assumption that this will also work on men I have moisturized since I was a teen and at 54years old people still believe I am in my late 30's or early 40's.
    i have been using it for a month but I don't see any change in my skin texture...same old same old.... You look amazingly beautiful and incredible young! So happy to find your video. I'm into my 40s and I feel is time to keep the "youth leftovers" as long as I can. I wrote the shopping list and give it a try :) . Thank you for the very informative video.I have been using Topical Vitamin C and it definitely works! BTW you do not look like you are 56 at all!. Thank you so much! I'm 59 now and still feel great about how my skin looks. I ran into someone I hadn't seen I hadn't seen in about 16 years, he said, "Jeez, you don't age at all." That was good enough for me. LOL. look stunning! I just find your video today and watching it 3 times !!! Sounds interesting to me...10Q for sharing preatty lady. I have a question too...If you use this serum only at night time, what are you using in the morning after you wash your serum offf Can I use my day cream like usually in the morning and use the serum at night For the body serum lotion can i use it at night time.
    ure not going to believe this bt i was looking for this video of yours since last 3 hrs. lol.. cz i saw it long time back and now when i decided to add vitamin C in my routine i couldnt find the vid.. all i remembered was ur beautiful face :) so now i finally found it and soon gonna add up vit c in my routine.. im 31 now.thanks sooo much for sharing ur secrets with us :).

    We dont have in Australia the vaseline body and hands creams fragrance free... I ordered them from USA... only one person from ebay deliver them to Australia... and the cost...$65 including delivery per item...preatty expensive...but....

    Hi, thanks for all your help! You mentioned you didn't like AHA's and retin-A etc because they made your skin feel thin. How do you feel about BHAs like salicylic acid (if you've used them before), do you find them thinning as well.
    You look beautiful, I hope I look good as you when I get your age. What do you think about facial exercises for you face and neck..
    What is your morning routine Or do you have a video of that Thanks again. Is the niacinamide cream continuing to work well .

    Hi I couldn't find the vitamin C powder in England for face...The only I found was multivitamin for eating not for face or the tablet could kindly recommend any other or tell me where to find vitamin C powder Thank you .
    +Naj Lost The only think I can tell you is that I get it in health food stores, you can also order it online. Hope that helps :). Hi Nigella, You look so gorgeous and thank you very much for this amazing helpful video. But I have a question & that is, my vitamin c is non acidic. Is the non-acidic vitamin c powder as effective as the other acidic one to use and make the vitamin C serum Pls help me answer. The name of my product is " SOLARAY" non-acidic Vitamin C Powder..
    Hi. Must say you sure dont look like 56 years old. And the way you present your rutines and how to do it, is more credible than all the skincare companies out there does. I have tried eveything from cheap creams to Obagi products. Nothing has worked. And my skin is red, my pores are big, and I got fine lines under and on the side of my eyes and forhead. and also from my nose to lips, and I am only 25 years old. I am male, 25 years old.Do you think I could use the same routine as you Due to my skin be a bit different Male skin is thicker I dont live in the US so I dont have access to the exact same products. Can you please write each product name, so I can try to find similar products .
    Vaseline lotion Vitamin c in crystal or buy in pill for and crush them in powder for so you can mix with water Neutrogena sunscreen spf 100 No matter where you live you can find all this products. Hope I helped you..
    What was the white brush-like thing you said u dont use too often cause it makes the skin thin My biggest problem is that my face got so much thinner and i haven't lost weight as a whole. Just my face :(.
    Hello...This is a great video, I have repeated watching it so that I follow what you do to the letter, I have started this since few days.. Thanks so much for sharing your success.. OMG!!! You are soooooo beauriful, im 35 and have baggy neck with very mark lines, just like moly mom, with out any treatment I have thin paper skin, I'm definitely trying this, THANK YOU FOR SHARING! At what age you star taking care of your skin and T what age you star using makeup XOXO.
    You also should thank your amazing Genes - indeed you look gorgeous! I worked in retail and have tried all the expensive mumbo-jumbo but I discovered that the drugstore stuff works much better. Thanks for sharing and stay beautiful!.
    I use a mask with just a little piece of banana for 10 min a day. It has natural anti-aging vit C in it and I think it was the magnesium that takes care if the pimples. And other stuff that is good for your skin. Anyway its the best facemask I have ever used. If you ate all your banana you can use the peel instead, haha.
    Hi, I'm happy to find your channel. I will be 63 next month, and I'm looking for the best things to help me not look it! I've been using Vit C, and it really helps. I'm going to give the Niacinamide a try too. Thank you for sharing with us. (I love my little grandson, Alex to the moon and back!!!!).
    By applying all those creams etc on your face is that not in a way massaging your face, and could the massaging of the creams on to your face be the main reason for your younger looks. The massaging if done correctly will stimulate blood to the skin increasing the nutrients to the skin. I think you are correct in saying that massaging by pulling on the skin would not be good, but instead by simply applying pressure as if you are fingerprinting the skin will help increase blood to the area and help increase suppleness to the skin. Also a good night sleep will help a lot. By that I mean that when you sleep you feel that you have been refreshed. A good healthy balanced diet will help in that. Thank you for you video I think is very help full. I'm going to trying and let see what happen..
    Señora Bonita!!! Waaao I've been seeing this video about 20 times... You look so good, and I would like to look as you do when I get your age... I'm 32 now... And I would like to know what brand of vitamin C powder is the one you use, since I've been looking at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart and I don't find it. :-(.
    Hello there, I bought mine at the Better health store. I'm sure they have one in your area :) or you could order it on online..
    How about your diet do you eat a lot of greens plus I read,that sugar can age the skin, that's why some overweight woman seem to have problem skin.Does your parent's have good skinI bet you don't eat much sugar or carbs which turn into sugar in the body,because your not overweight.And also I use to always use body lotion on my face and then I read that It wasn't made for the face,I would even buy the body lotion on purpose because it came in a bigger bottle,but I read if Its not face lotion don't put It on your face,because it can clog pores.I thought I damaged my skin when I read that.Well I know this video is 3 years old so I hope you are well,and will read this message..
    I am 35 and have been in the sun my whole life. I have recently developed some age spots on my face and shoulders. Do you think this will work for my spots Do you use a certain sunscreen on a daily basis.
    I love your skin care routine, it totally makes sense. Do u know if i can also add vitamin E with your remedy .
    Lori, I must say that I love your beauty tips, tricks, and advice for us over 50 gals! I have also been enjoying all the girl chat and rant videos - don't stop making these! I love using the niacinimide cream so I am going to try this Vitamin C serum and cream. It sounds like the niacinimide one you use at night more or less and that this Vit C one is more of a day cream Please keep on making your informative and enjoyable videos! BTW I am a Dollar Tree and thrift shopper from way back ;). I am 35 years old and been out in the sun my entire life. Recently, I have developed some small age spots and one that is larger and dark. Is it possible that vitamin c will help brighten my spots I am also curious to hear about your time in the sun. Do you always use sunscreen. yep you do look great! im 53 and always looked young I did nothing special, but started using oil of olay when I was 25 not everyday either but always looked younger than I was (so I was told) but suddenly it all caught up to me I have this gobble neck and I swear everyday I look older! everything cost so much to buy! you have any ideas i am not growing old gracefully....
    try using olive oil all over your skin or almond oil or just organic products in general for your skin! Olive oil helps prevent cell degeneration in your skin and it'll help hydrate and smooth your skin! my aunt who is around her late 50's has used olive oil for years and I swear she looks so young and has no wrinkles or loose skin. try not to use expensive products that everyone else is using like cindy crawford products. also, try making your own make up so you don't have chemicals on your face everyday. it's very simple =D.

    Hello nigella I was wondering if you can please tell me the brand and name of the vitamins c and where to purchase it would really be helpful thank you very much.
    Ascorbic acid powder is vitamin c, I just found it in my local natural store. Inexpensive, really. You are so beautiful too! Thank you for your advice..
    Hi nigella just wanted to say I'm a big fan. Thank you do much for sharing!!! Ur gorgeous. I just wanted to know what brand was the vitamin c. Thanks .

    Hi Nigella. I was wondering if blending a teaspoon or tablespoon of fresh Aloe Vera juice to the Vitamin C mixture would add to the benefits. We have a plant in our garden. Hope that its helpful idea for you as well..
    Do you put moisturizer/creams on before or after applying the vitamin c serum Your tips are amazing! .
    I'm intrigued Jane you look great. Off to buy Vitamin C tomorrow. Will contact you if any questions. thanks!.
    So this is something you do only in the evening and the lotion only use 3 to 4 times a week You do have beautiful skin:). Also, I have seen vit c powder in health food stores, but they don't protect in from light Is is still good Or does the oxidation begin when you mix it with something.
    hi thanks for the lovely video i just want to ask you that i live in England and its mostly cloudy and rainy in here it looks a bit weird wearing sunglasses during that time any suggestions about that plz thanks.

    +ann malik Hi, What part of England do you live I now live in Texas, and have done for 11 years and at 54years old do not recall it being continuously cloudy and raining!!!...mmmmmmm I used to live in Cambridgeshire, so I can only summize that you live near Manchester as I believe it is much wetter that side of the country..

    hi i said its mostly cloudy which means we do get some sun, i live in birmingham its still cloudy and rainy here these days thanks for sharing your experience.

    hi. you look beautiful dear. Keep it up! I just wana ask you can you use lemon juice on the skin directly.

    Hello! I tried that and I literally burned my skin. You have to be very careful when applying lemon juice straight to your skin, the acid is very strong..

    Celebrity Anti-Aging Secrets - Better Homes & Gardens
  • January 5, 2016

    Comments about this video:

    Hii friends..Great video.. Maxelder argan cream!!!! ( suggest w nyarganoil c) Makes u look years younger!!!! I will definitely recommend to anyone that wants younger vibrant looking skin in just days!!! Love it!!..
    this is a lie you cant control your collagen, as the years goes by the collagen is fade away the only soulution is fillers and botox..
    I believe that what you do in your 20s affects a lot afterwards. I didn't do anything, so now in my 30s I'm paying for it but I'm optimistic that I will delay more antiaging since I'm taking caution now..

    I masturbate 5 times a day an orgasm keeps you young,once in the morning, coffee break at work time. Then lunch break. when back to work i watch a little bit of porn on the work pc and do it again under the desk when no ones looking.!! Then on my way home from in the tube station i quickly go to the toilet lock myself away and do it again in the cubical. Then i get home i do it again. Then i eat my dinner go out and meet my girl friend and we have sex. I do this daily and i use my own sperm as moisturiser for my face at night washed off in morning Im nearly 50 and i look about 34. I am always taken to be be 34 not 50,some of this is down to the protein in sperm for moisturiser. My girl friend does the same as me and she also looks twenty years younger. The process of having an orgasm keeps your body young because if you have serious orgasms your body works out!!! It also keeps your sex drive very high as if you were twenty something have hard sex also keeps the body fit.
    Everyone knows that we are not getting any younger, that time marches on but what if I told you that they had discovered something that could make you grow younger, reverse the effects of aging, rebuild and repair connective tissue! Connective tissue problems = joint pain, sagging skin, wrinkles. Would you want to know more Most people want more information. >>> CHECK-OUT-RESULTS-see my website above next to my name!!. Great wrinkle relaxer;I have been using it for one year and everyone comments on how much younger I look than my actual age.I try to put it on several nights a week as I get ready for bed.It is one of my splurges. For the more info, you may visit w.arganlife..nnet. advertise for their products...that's all they do. no one says anything about the botox and surgeries and hair extensions...very disappointing.

    Best Anti-Aging Diet Secrets: Brazilian Model Reveals 7...
  • December 22, 2015

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    this video shows what a waste of money these treatments are. All these woman actually look older than what they really are. If you want to look young then it starts through diet and exercise and mental health. Don't be scammed with these treatments and creams etc.

    The first woman looks 50 to me so only slightly younger than her age of 54, the second woman I would have thought 70 and the third younger woman...she looks 37 just like the audience said lol. So 2 out of 3 of them look older than their age...
    +lovelyxskinny yeah, I thought the first one was fifty some ,the second one 70 and the third one thirty five.
    ..Hii everyone!....My skin feels so light and fluffy and all thanks to the the maxelder argan cream.. ( you can find it w...nyarganoil…c ) at I use it during the night time before I go to bed.. My skin feels refreshed then ever.. I have an overly sensitive skin and it is a perfect product for me…..
    +Sabrina Manfredi I'm surprised that it started working so quickly my guess is the collagen is being replinished quickly in my skin...
    +Martín Bedoya LOL...I agree. Those cheeks are a dead giveaway that they had fillers injected. I see it in older white women all the time and it looks horrible for the most part. The only woman I've seen it look almost natural is Christie Brinkley. The contours of that doctor's cheeks just scream fillers while Christie, though it's known she had them done, still looks far more natural to the eye..
    31 jesus christ I thought she was pushing 40! nothing about nutrition or exercise, its all botox and surgery crap. all these ladies look their age or older. very bad title to the video.
    My wife Elsie is 87 and she is better looking than all these women put together. I'm off to get laid..

    +theory816 Usually most of the visible aging is a result of sun exposure. People with more melanin are better protected from the effects of sun damage and that's why (all factors constant), people with darker skin will age better than those with lighter skin. Having said that, factors such as diet, smoking, drinking, disease etc also affect how old we look. But if you take a black person and a white person and expose to the exact same factors, the black person will appear younger later in life because of better natural sun protection..

    +theory816 I hope so...cause seing Annette Larkins gives big hope that taking care of health will also make you look good at least till your seventies...but then everybody says it´s because sh´s black skin which is better for ageing...snif sniff Hope we can all age as nicely, radiantly.
    I heard of a lot of anti ageing products, and i am looking for sometime, they are usually expensive, but i found a cream that delivers free trial, so i commanded one, and it works.. this is the one:, if you know some results, please tell me. it does works for me.

    7 Best Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets - The Huffington Post
  • November 18, 2015

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    ..Hello anyon e..Maxelder argan cream is a fab cream…My wrinkle formation has reduced drastically and I dont look older to my age any more.. I love the way I look and now just get loaded with compliments all the time. It has made this possible… Suggest everyone w...nyarganoil…c.
    Well you can reduce wrinkles if you take this anti aging pill I have had good results since I have been taking the pills.. Maxelder argan cream is like magic for your skin. from the first use, you will notice a big difference. your skin will be glowing and will look healthier. Suggest w nyarganoil—c. Best Anti-Aging Tip is 'Meditation'. Proven by those who meditate, they all look much younger. I, myself meditate for over 25 years and in my 53, people say I look 35... of course I do yoga and I am vegetarian for 27 years. I never smoked and never taken alcohol in my life. No matter what products you use, and what kind of diet you have, if you don't connect with your 'higher self' it won't work. Because, soul is a source of energy and it is timeless, always full of joy... It is Love itself and energy of Love is forever young. It slows clock down when you live in that vibrational frequency. You can control your thoughts and emotions. Meditate to connect to your soul to be always happy, relaxed, stress free... Balance your 'trinity' - Body / Mind / Soul. Love and Light! PS: And It is Free!. this is a big scam and they keep sending it and charging you and it does not work. Please make them accountable name covered. Go to this website that is where you can buy Phytocermides from. I have reduced my wrinkles since I have I have been taking the pills..
    Brenda I ordered my bottle from the same website. I have a lot less wrinkles since I have been taking the pills every night before I go to bed..
    eat and drink clean work out and be positive and happy. see positive in all that happens.surround self with lovely caring ppl. b good person and accept what God has done in your life. There is a hidden wisdom in everything. find true faith and be good with this. I follow everything and look yen yrs younger. everyone thinks I'm ten or more yrs younger. stay blessed. Happy Holidays..
    Eat organic, be happy, give lots of love. I am a great grandmother and this photo is not that old I have recent on my page. I do not smoke, I do not eat meat. I take care of my health. Love his shows.

    TCM is based on the 2 manifestations of qi (Yin and Yang). If those 2 manifestations are in balance, then our health is excellent. Where and what is the qi qi is the mitochondrial energy status of each cell's metabolism. Every function in the human body is controlled by 2 opposite manifestations of the same qi energy (a) excitatory and (b) inhibitory. Just like the pH in between acidic and alkaline mediums whereas Yin is basic and Yang acid. Yin is reductive and antioxidant (cold) where Yan is oxidative and energy producer and consumming. In our brains we have Gaba and serotonin (Yin) while epinephrine and dopamine (Yang) play opposites. In a case of vitamins and/or minerals deficiency our body (as proposed in the Triage Theory) a compensatory process based on a self cannibalistic appropriation of vitamins from the manufacture of non vital proteins are removed and reassigned to more essential ones involved directly in our short term survival and reproduction (perpetuation of the species). What is the limiting or inhibitory force capable of inhibiting the Triage effect (a) the immune system's ability to destroy malfunctioning cell mutations (NKs, T cells) (b) our own cell's apoptotic self program or suicidal process. If those 2 systems (qi by nature) are overwhelmed by a strong Triage effect (self cannibalistic appropriation of nutrients needed to support them) then chances are that fatal diseases like cancer find the conditions needed to develop. Years before cancer could be detectable, a steady increase of cell apoptosis, weakening immune system and mal nutrition are likely to precede unchecked. In Physics we have the E-M force (for example), it is the same energy (electron) manifesting itself in two completely opposite ways. Taking this very simple to understand example, it's easy to understand that the energy (qi) comes in the magnitude of the frequency while the intensity of it is the result of the power of the source itself. In the particular case when health is compromised by X factors the frequency of the qi begins to fluctuate followed by a slow decreasing in its intensity. Depression, anxiety, fatigue are the first symptoms of the Triage, then sleep disturbances, brain fog and even allergies follow behind..

    This man deserves the Nobel Prize! Through good eating we become intelligent and it is this intelligence that allows us, as individuals, to make the choices that lead to forgiveness, self acceptance and ultimately, contentment. Blessings to name covered, for in blessing we are blessed, and thank you Good Housekeeping, for in giving thanks we approach The Most High..

    Go on the Ketogenic lifestyle !! It will help you a lot more then pills and creams that really don't work..
    I wish I could find a man as warm hearted, smart and caring as him. And looks amazing for a 53 years old man.. Go at 22 to bed. Eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed Dont have to much sex Dont hear agressive or depressive music Dont use bad words Dont think dark Pray three times a day Sing sing sing Hygiene Laughing 15 Minutes a day drink water 2 l a day move your body rest no alcohol, coke, mars, snickers, tabbacco, drugs So all things which make fun for selfdestruction.. Consumer beware: I recently ordered a free sample of Duplicell P199 with $10 shipping and handling charge, and my wife used it for over three weeks, but it didn't work at all. After our trail period was end, our credit card was automatically charged additional $89.95. This company doesn't want to refund your money. Consumer beware!!!. +sql2xl Thats an awful story, i order my products through piping rock for sure the best deals for various supplements.. I hear that apple stem cells, chaga and ganoderma are extremely beneficial for skin aging and internal health. So much so that they're being put in the world's highest quality anti-aging products and supplements such as that Iaso brand. All of their products are of supreme quality, very affordable and NOT mass produced. You have to special order so that tells a lot right there. I use their detox tea and lost a LOT of weight with it and QUICKLY! Very good product. Try them out. You will NOT be disappointed! Let me know if you need their info.. #antiagingskincare products can certainly make a difference in our appearance. Choosing the favorites among top dermatologists, plastic surgeons and their celebrity clients is most important. Thank you for this informative video. . One can never stop the aging process hard as humans try yes one can live longer but how long once any human gets to 85 to 90 then any human cannot expect to look and feel like you are 21 all over again truth is once any human gets to that point in life thats it that is the truth, read about it in Gods word...the bible.
    Fortunately, I love blueberries and broccoli! I like what name covered says at about 5:10: "If your heart doesn't have a reason to keep beating, it won't." True...true....
    this is good, but i think the most important factor for longevity is your genetic make up. i know a guy who has been smoking since age 14 and he is 92 years old and he doesn't know anything about these things..
    name covered is nothing more than a modern day snake oil salesman who uses modern media to sell his wares rather than a horse drawn cart..
    Great tips, name covered! There are some great aesthetic procedures that can be done to correct aging skin and maintain a more youthful appearance:
    Do NOT BUY NOVUS V facial serum..their $5 trial is bogus! You will be charged $98 after 14 days AND automatically enrolls you in their recurring purchase agreement. You will have to pay $1.95 to cancel your subscription. What a RIPOFF! My 83 year old mother fell for this SCAM. Shame on you NOVUS and shame on the name covered show for recommending this shady company!.
    This guys is sold on information that is being pushed by the big pharms, 1) YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO REDUCE YOUR CHOLESTEROL!!!!! This is the biggest lie of all time. Research Stephanie Sennef's and Duane Graveline's stuff. Cholesterol is needed..., to form memories in the brain, ensure ALL cell wall integrity, is the root pathway for ALL HORMONES, and there is no good or bad cholesterol - there is only one type, and tests show that people who come into hospitals with heart attacks 75% had their cholesterol as normal and 50% has their cholesterol levels perfect. CHOLESTEROL IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE!!!!! 2) MULTIPLE HIGH QUALITY TESTS EVERYWHERE SHOWS NO BENEFIT TO OMEGA 3 especially in the area of COGNITION! And Omega3 consumption has been linked to prostate cancer in MEN! 3) Exercise yes, but not long duration cardio, it must be in intense short bursts. Long duration of low impact cardio type exercise has been linked to shorter telomeres, which SHORTEN LIFESPAN!!! do you know that the average couch potato, lives longer than the average athlete or medical physician HIITS everyone HIITS!!! .
    Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check them out and will get back to you! +soneelita I don't know unfortunately :/ You should probably ask your GP. There is a recommended time and type of exercise (for instance, I've been told that I shouldn't be jogging or lifting weights) for your age, gender, medical background etc. /I know what you mean :/ Same here. It's not enough but I don't have any free time because of uni.. +Colin Maharaj So...I guess I shortened my telomeres while in Paris for 2 weeks I walked 9 to 10 hours every day for 2 weeks, from 10am to 7 or 8pm. I was shocked to discover, upon my return home, that I had lost only 2 pounds (it felt like 10!); the new clothes that I had purchased right before the trip no longer fit as I had lost A LOT of inches over those 2 blissful weeks in the most pedestrian-friendly city on earth. I had walked off all the bulges, the visible (and palpable) excess around my midsection. And I slept like a baby every night, even amid blaring French police sirens...nothing like a 'walking vacation' works miracles for one's waistline. However, I can achieve my absolute peak of fitness ONLY through a balanced combination of aerobic (walking, not running) exercise & resistance training (Pilates flex bands & weights) & a minimum of 6 hours of sleep..
    Hi name covered send me is LifeCell so I could test it on my eyes and face for my wrinkles I appreciate you could send me a sample today thank you me sasap. .
    I'm 60, and in this photo I'm 60 too, but really disappointed the doctor forgot the Blue Zone here in the US. It is where I live, but we live on fruits and vegetables, are vegetarians here in Loma Linda, and drink water...lots of water. name covered is cute, but too old for women in the Blue Zones. My fiancé is 37.. name covered, looks pretty healthy to me, we will always have haters its just a part of life. He is giving out valuable information. Don't hate participate.. the best antiaging system proabably now is the one from Not too expensive but very,very efficient,you can try it by worked by me.
    1) hypertension cause blood pressure 2) smoking 3) the diet that i love: produce, veggie, fruit with rich color 4) stress management system.

    God I hate name covered... lol He really has nothing new to offer to the conversation. What a typical M.D. .

    Fish oil is rancid. Just type "Fish Oil Rancid" into your search engine and read all the reports on it. If you have them at home, open one of the capsule up and smell it. Fish oxidises once they are taken out of the water..
    nothing new about what he said ,but, he forgot to add that Sugar, salt,are two of the worst things you can eat,and its not just your greens that good for you..eating a bowl porridge a day will reduce your cholesterol by twenty per cent.also he forgot to add the cigarettes and alcohol!. Guru What a joke. With all of his Health Tips...he looks older than his age..he gets a cancer scare with a precancerous poly and calls it "dumb luck saved his life" and anyone is listening to this guy I wouldn't take advice from him if he were the last doctor on the planet. He's an example that his advice DOESN'T work. And the colonoscopy is routine. He was suppose to be doing it yearly. He should know that!. Actually name covered is very likeable and comes off as sincere. His advice is very conservative and correct. Finding a pollup and removing it before it becomes cancerous is extremely true. Getting a yearly colonoscopy along with lab work is only done if you have cancer concerns. Usually, getting it every 3-4 years after 50 is what is recommended if you seem healthy. YOU seem kinda bitter and its sad . Sardinia, Costa Rica, etc... "they have one thing in common"... no, it's not community, although it is JUST a part of life in those places (the elder are highly regarded for their knowledge and contribution to life)...what they don't do unlike the rest of us in the US is...they don't poison themselves with "modern, advanced" medicine as we do! (or send their elder to die off in an "substandard way as we do in those adult care centers.") They will choose herbal or natural medicines before they chose to use synthetics. Our bodies are 100% natural, they are not made up of synthetic drugs. Wake up people, support your body, don't burden it with the un-natural laws of modern medicine. name covered, those bags under your eyes are telling you something... if unchecked cancer is in your future. Food for thought. Oh what a really good PR team and the right connections can do...influence masses of people and steer them slightly so away from the truth so they feel good about their ill state of health and feel they are doing what they should because the famous doctor on TV says so. People went crazy over name covered's segment on Red Raspberry ketones and his expert panel. The expert on his panel...a personal trainer who trained a celebrity and because of that little fact of having trained a celebrity - made them as expert. People, the media is manipulating you. If you train a celebrity you automatically become an expert So, if I teach name covered to do a sit up, does that make me the next fitness guru People, do your own research. DO your own research, follow the money and be surprised. .
    name covered great person. But he is a Muslim. Islam is an ideology for those you don't know is keeping non believers not knowing. You know very well in Quran it says about right hand posses, you know in haddith it says about 72virgins in paradise. In Quran it also says earth is flat, beating and sexual slavery is permitted. Apostates leaving Islam is punishable by death. Please anyone tell me which religion permits this in the name of god/Allah. Only Islam. Why for 1400years, Islam caused fear, death and destruction for humanity. Do you think the real god would want people killing and cause conflict to other innocent people. Please muslims read the Quran and haddiths and compare with other religions. Christianity says to show comfort and love your enemy. God created Jesus to communicate to us, heaven is a pure holy place no sex no pain only love and peace. Because it's spirit not physical world. So we all need to pray and ask the real god to reveal us to him and relationship with him, so I ask this question today....

    Could you NOT HACK my pinterest account, please It´s the second time, I haven't money and job, so let me enjoy the pinterest in peace..

    in response to carolyn f. i'm assuming you watch name covered show a lot to be able to make such a harsh covered works long and hard to bring the information from experts and yes he does look tired at times not unhealthy i'am as so many people grateful for dr.Oz and the work he does for the health of people there should be more doctors like him!....

    Anti Aging Secrets - Anti Aging Products That Work
  • December 7, 2015

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    Anti-Aging Secrets Stars Swear By - The Huffington Post
  • January 7, 2016

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  • November 12, 2015

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    Hi, I know it has been a while since you have done this video, but I was wondering if you would still recommend imedeen as a supplement for the skin I am using this product and have been for a year, but am wondering if i should use it long term … thank you..
    I'm glad that you shared your secrets. You look absolutely young and beautiful !! Retin a ,sunblock and a cheap moisturizer are the topical things that I've stuck into.I've taken vitamin C, B complex and omega 3 regularly but after watching your video I'm going to invest in Imedeen.I would love to see another review of Imedeen and how it's been working for you.. it would b nice if u have ur video without make up and hair tied up for us to really guess how old u look :) Thank u for being honest though. .
    Thanks for sharing, I agree with u about water, my other is sunblock and I take 2, 500 vit c a day really makes a difference. About Imedden I used to use it and I really notice the diference on my skin, so now that I am 46 and I looks more than 10 years young I will invest I Imedden again!!. Bless.
    Wow! You do look younger than your age. I'm going to be 35 next month and will start doing the three things you suggested! Thank you for the helpful information :).

    7 Best Anti-Aging Beauty Secrets - Sharecare
  • December 23, 2015

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    ...Hii there....I’ve only been using maxelder argan cream for about a week, and my skin looks nice… I’m using it as a preventative measure for no wrinkles so I haven’t seen major results because I don’t have wrinkles yet… It doesn’t dry my skin out and there is no weird residue on my face the next morning. It’s a decent product. Highly recommend w..…nyarganoil….c.... Does she think that every american is stupid... She just advertised exactly what she said at the start. ! name coveredz is such promotion based program.
    Oliver oil or coconut oil is better eye makeup remover. cactus oil is amazing for ur hair too. products are bs..
    There is no worries about the money. All you have to follow the step. Following the success footprint will definitely lead you to where your dreams are! ;) #thtw you can contact me by clicking on my personal website and shall meet you once you finish go thru or Fb dylon lee.
    Products way too expensive for me. Thanks but no thanks, imaa have to find another solution to mi wrinkles.

    +laura marieta I'm over 65 and my skin is lovely! I use African Black Soap and Golden Yellow Shea Butter... Reseach these products online...all natural organic....
    why pay 3$ for coffee to rub on your skin when you can pay 40$ for a fake coffee cream with 30000 chemicals in them.. beware of company called "dermal set", in fl. they offer a free 30 day trial, sends you a 60 day supply. you authorise payment $4.95 s/h for the 30 day trial. your credit card is charged almost $180. for a sixty day supply. when confronted with the deception they hang up on you. I found under name covered... I feel certain that's another deception.. This woman is retarded. Just rub vitamin E onto your face and all is solved. She is no doctor with those kind of info. While genetics do play a major role in dark circles, the appearance of dark circles may be lessened with the right product. . It's so ironic how that lady is tweeting you not to spend money on expensive products and on the other hand telling you that nothing will work for your skin so go pay a dermatologist a s***load of money and get laser treatments and plastic surgery ==". I 43 years old I try everything for look better and joung But I steel feel and look old and and sick Getting this bad pain look like muscle spasm and all my body😭😭😭.
    +Dylon Lee hi Dylon, no. tried Usana for 5.5 months. No results. You can email me at angel_song2 so I can send you info.. you want to get rid of dark circles instantly ageless cream i promise will get rid of them contact me if interested.
    Lemon juice! Mix it with your cream or chamomile tea to sooth out the lemon juice. Never apply directly on face, works wonders.
    Looking for an anti-wrinkle cream Want to Moisturize, Lift and Tighten while you sleep Time for some LUNA! Apply every evening and watch the lines fade away. Powered with Apple Stem Cells and Ganoderma! PLUS ***Syn-Hycan!!! First of all people should know that genetics play the major role. I make home made soaps and I made some with peptides and coffee gounds and baking soda and it's amazing for the face and body. I don't do anything now but there are some new things that "DO" work so when I think I need them I WILL try them because it's smarter and cheaper to spend for botox and fillers once a year let's say then these creams and kits which cost tons of money all the time, do the math over the years and see how much it adds up to. I would advise anyone to eat less overall, exercise, stay out of the sun but get 15 min outside in in gardening or something, take vitamins and be happy with who they are in their hearts and spirits because what is on the inside will start projecting out. If a particular product/s work for YOU keep using it but going from products to products is bad for your skin so until you find them keep it simple and exfoliate with baking soda/genle cleanser, mix baby oil and salt and use as a body scrub (your skin will feel like electic velvet!. I make my own line! And I add loads of beneficial ingredients, while avoiding the nasty and often toxic chemicals or preservatives found in all these products that are actually carcinogens in long run! Saving BIG money and really works on face,! Back to Basics=Back to Nature. Love n Light.
    the best answer have a man shoot his hot load of protein enriched cream all over your face daily! lol the best free daily facial a woman can receive!.
    I agreed with the Olay cloth cleanser. The product works wonder on my skin and give me a glowing effect.. Ladies make sure to stay away from any products with "Sodium Laureath Sulfate"!!! This will do the opposite effect especially as you grow older! Natural is the best way :). The video mentioned numerous products. How would you like JUST ONE PRODUCT that does what all these do, & more ALL-PLANT-BASED, hypoallergenic, NO SYNTHETICS/CHEMICALS/POISONS. See PROOF it works, BEFORE & AFTER PICTURES, talk to these people on facebook! It also is healing severe acne, scars, wounds, eczema & rashes. Email me & I’ll send you links: undotime.heal2 Put “ŪTH” in subject line.. You are s right Darris. I use olive oil and I just started using coconut oil. I noticed a dramatic improvment on the pores on my nose. Both oils moisturize. I have never tried argan oil, though. oh lol. I was being funny because I thought the original poster was being facetious. I didnt realize dragon's blood was something real! lol I just googled it and now see what he/she was talking about. funny :) .
    ARganlife organic argan oil has Smooth and creamy texture. I don't like wimpy creams, this one is just right. Have used about two weeks, like the results so far. “Argan life net” is the best solution..

    i LOVE Argan oil, But I also now use My Chelle products, I lOVE them, Vega, Gluten Free no chemicals...
    Mac cream is SHIT!don't pay 30 $ to it,i got it does nothing,pay 4 $ get a ROSEHIP oil!it works 100% and most important NO CHEMICALS !. Really I thought retinol reduces the chances of skin cancer by increasing cell turnover. That is disturbing news.... There is no need to use ANY creams or lotions created in a lab. Use olive oil, raw, virgin coconut oil and Argan oil just to name a few. . Those are good emollients, but I don't think those oils target photo ageing or skin's firmness... . I used their eye cream roller, which was supposed to reduce puffiness, and I got red scaly eyelids! Bad reaction....
    interesting choice in words...have you been to the Amazon and or have you used it Sangre de Drago saved Nicole Maxwell's life. read THE WITCH DOCTORS APPRENTICE. since then MILLIONS of dollars have been spent researching the alkaloids in that tree sap...the taspins they found in it have been proven to regenerate fibroblast cells. it sounds like someone hasnt done their homework! .
    The Garnier has retinol in it which can increase your changes of developing skin cancer. Retinol is suppose to be used at night for a reason which is being ignored by the cosmetic industry. How completely irresponsible of Doctor Oz to promote this as an item to be used during the day. Did Garnier pay name covered It's obvious his goal is money and not your health.. You are soooo right about drinking more water! I'm not great about this but when I am there is a huge difference in my skin.. Actually I make up my own concoction for my face of; argan oil, sea buckthorn oil, rose hip and pomegranate seed oil. 'jetsfan' alluded to "something else".. my husband and me both agree that coconut oil is an excellent 'personal lubricant' ; ). Limit sun exposure and eat a mostly raw vegan alkaline diet for youthful skin. I'm 58 years old & haven't used commercial products on my skin for years. Proof is in the pudding ; ) I use ONLY natural oils as I stated above and others. One can choose to use commercial products, which is what this woman is hawking BTW, she works for a SHOPPING rag! Follow the money and don't be duped. Unless you're paying a dermatologist for skin peels, etc., there are no retail products that will work miracles. .
    Skin product companies desire people to try their new products to show just how good they are. Have you ever seen the skin care area set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products Well I found a website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free skincare products :) Get yours here

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    This free order thing is a rip off. They send you the product, maybe it's the right one, but they continue to send the next month and the next all the while billing my account, and charging higher rates. They don't want to let you out from under this free money they are forcing you to pay. I am so pissed off right now, I'm gonna post this on every revitol video. Don't ' do it, just get you some coconut oil, save yourself the headache.. If you really want some, just let me know, I have about 3 jars of the crap unopened, I mean really, 1 a month, I must need to just cut my head off if I'm in such bad shape to use up one of those jars in a month. Assholes..
    My anti- aging secret is no secret. So good I have been using this regiment for 6 years now..No more searching for me. Learn more about The Timewise Ultimate Miracle set at

    Have you experienced Trim Fat Maximizer (check it out on google) It is a quick way for you to burn off fat fast..

    Skin product companies desire individuals to try their new products to demonstrate how good they are. Have you ever seen a skin care section set-up in your neighbourhood mall offering free test products Well i just found a website that will send free samples to your home, its the best way to get free skincare products :) Have a look here

    Hello, have you tried "AcneverAgain" (do a Google search for it) On their website you will find a nice free video showing how you can treat acne easily. This helped Kevin to have gorgeous clear pores and skin in thirty to sixty days. I hope it will help you too..
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    If you want to look 10 years younger without paying for overpriced skin creams then go here:\16oN1be.

    Hello, have you considered Simply copy and then paste this URL and visit their website. On there you will discover a useful free video showing the best way to treat acne fast. This made it easier for Edith to have attractive fresh pores and skin within 1-2 month. Hopefully it works for you too..

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